Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) Movie Script

Tie it off, come on!
Hey, guys!
Guys, I think we should turn back.
And lose good money?
Not a chance.
Stay close.
Here we are.
Get on his back.
Hurry up.
There he is.
Go get him.
Oh, you'll pay
for that.
No. No, please.
Please, no.
Hold it there.
I only got one...
but he's a fine specimen.
- That's all?
- Yeah.
That shroom bit me twice.
Tomb Bloom.
Once upon a time...
or perhaps twice upon a time,
for you may
remember this story...
there was a powerful Fey
named Maleficent.
For some reason,
the mistress of evil
and protector of the Moors...
was still hated
after all this time.
True, she had cursed
the princess, Aurora...
but that was before
she found light
in the heart
of a human child...
and raised the girl
as her own.
After all,
it was Maleficent's love
which broke
that very same curse.
But that detail was somehow
mysteriously forgotten.
For as the tale was told
over and again
throughout the kingdom...
Maleficent became the villain
once more.
It's time, guys.
Come on. Let's get everyone.
It's the big day!
- Come on.
- Let's go!
Wake up. Wake up.
Come on.
Hurry up, wallerbogs!
It's time!
Do you both remember
the secret plan?
I've got it
all right here.
When do I tell the queen
the secret?
You must be patient,
Do you think Queen
Aurora's awake yet?
Well, she's not
"Sleeping Beauty" anymore.
I see what you did there.
Next item of business,
the missing fairies.
I've sent more sprites
to search
the Tomb Bloom field.
They'll report back to me
at nightfall.
We will keep searching
until we find them.
Please don't raise
your roots at me, Lief.
Crushing humans with branches
is not going to help.
Diaval, you're supposed to be
on my side.
Well, I'm Queen of the Moors,
and I am a human.
We must all learn
a little kindness.
Coming through.
Excuse us.
Official pixie business.
A word,
Your Majesty.
- Maybe two.
- Aunties...
you need to wait your turn
like everyone else.
- No!
- This can't wait, Your Grace.
Not for a moment.
Or I might burst.
Truly, I might.
Is that...?
She's come
bearing gifts.
The first sap
from the warming trees.
It's for the big day!
Quiet, Thistlewit.
What big day?
Hey! My crown!
I'm not in the mood for this.
Come on.
Where are you going,
I don't have time
for games, Pinto.
What's gotten
into all of you?
Oh. Uh-oh!
There she goes,
Your Majesty.
Come back here.
Pinto. I've had enough
of your games for today.
Look at me.
What are you doing here?
I was looking for you.
- Oh, well, hello.
- Hello.
I'm really sorry,
I can't talk right now.
The Moors have turned
to madness.
I've got a castle
full of complaints.
- I know how busy you are.
- Oh!
I wanted to
ask you something.
Do you think there
could be a union
between Ulstead
and the Moors?
A union?
To connect both lands.
To bring harmony
and peace.
I've been imagining a bridge.
Oh, a bridge.
Yes, a bridge.
A union's
a wonderful idea...
if both sides are willing.
Well, I'm working
on that part.
He's going to blow it.
Give him time.
He's warming up.
That's your formal coat.
You're in on all of this,
aren't you?
If you're busy,
I could always come back.
No. No, no.
I'm not busy at all.
No, because I'd hate to...
Really. All ears.
What did you
want to talk about?
You're right.
He's blowing it.
Five years ago,
I thought I lost you forever.
I've decided to reclaim
this day for us.
I've loved you
since the moment I met you
and every day since.
If love has a truth,
here is mine.
There is no magic
nor curse
that could ever tear me away
from you, Aurora.
Are you sure
this is a good time?
Oh, Philip.
Oh, he's on his knee.
He took his sweet
time about it.
Will you marry me?
- Yes?
- Yes.
Yes! Yes, just stand up.
Kiss me.
We're having a wedding!
A secret surprise wedding.
Of course,
we have to tell our parents.
Do we?
I have
a little bit of news.
Well, on with it.
It's nothing
of any real consequence...
and it's certainly
no reason to overreact.
It's just that...
Prince Philip has, um...
No. Philip has...
Yellow fever?
No, wait!
No, Mistress.
Prince Philip has asked Aurora
if she'll become his...
ruin my morning.
Mistress, please.
Stay calm!
So, tell me, sire...
am I to be a best man,
or did you choose a
creature from the Moors?
if that's your way
of asking me if she said
yes, then I, uh...
I know
she said yes, sire.
What human wouldn't want
to leave that place?
What do you have against
Moor folk, Percival?
"Moor folk"? Is that what
we're calling them now?
Winged beasts,
murderous trees.
Guard your tongue,
You know nothing about them.
I know that Maleficent
is a killer of men...
destroyer of armies.
Or so the story goes.
She's not like that.
It's my job to protect
this kingdom.
And I will do so,
old friend...
without hesitation.
Walk on.
Open the gates!
Your Majesty,
spoils from the annexation
of the Midlands have arrived.
No. We have no need of arms.
Our days of war are over.
you see where
I've had you placed.
Right behind me.
And that's
where I'll always be.
Ingrith, I said
we had no need of arms.
One can never be too careful.
Your Majesty, it's cocked.
Is it, now?
- Father, Mother.
- Well?
What did she say?
She said yes.
That is wonderful news. Oh!
Two kingdoms united
at last.
Perhaps I've
been selfish...
looking at this
the wrong way.
You've made your choice.
Now is a time to celebrate.
I'm glad
you finally approve.
Much more than that.
I am ready to welcome
your fiancee with open arms.
She shall come to dinner.
That would be incredible.
Under one condition.
She will bring her godmother.
Your Majesty, I strongly...
We will meet the one
who raised her
right here in this castle.
The queen is right.
I'm not sure
her godmother will...
No, but I insist.
After all,
we will soon be family.
Well, let it be known
throughout the kingdom...
that my son
is to marry Aurora.
And Maleficent
is coming to dinner.
I shall send word
Hold on to your petticoats!
Well, well.
Philip asked me to marry him.
Poor thing.
He'll recover.
My answer was yes.
- No.
- Yes.
I wasn't really asking.
Nor was I.
What's next?
You'll turn him into a goat?
Why don't you like Philip?
Well, for one thing,
he's human.
I'm a human.
And I have never
held that against you.
Until I fell in love.
Love doesn't always
end well, Beasty.
I'll have you know
Prince Philip is a prince.
A very handsome
and charming prince.
I'm just asking you
to trust me.
Please give him a chance.
Let us prove you wrong.
Philip is thoughtful...
he's very kind...
Kind of what?
The king and queen
are celebrating tonight...
and they have invited
both of us to the castle.
You want me
to meet his parents?
It's just a dinner.
They don't want me
in Ulstead.
Why on earth would I go?
Because his mother
wishes to meet mine.
I want you
to wear this tonight.
Your sword?
Because of you,
Ulstead and the Moors
will be united at last.
my love for Aurora
has nothing to do
with politics.
Yes, but your love...
will ensure peace
for generations.
Now take it.
And wear it...
to know that you will
never have to use it.
Oh, my son.
I've never been more proud.
And what about Mother?
Is she okay with this?
Your mother will learn
to love who you love.
Tomb Bloom.
Tomb Bloom.
I'm losing my patience.
Your Majesty.
You need to move faster,
Yes, Your Majesty.
Aurora said yes.
It's all coming together...
Try it with
a little less fang.
How's this?
Try the greeting.
How kind of you
to invite me this evening.
it's not a threat.
So very kind of you
to invite me this evening.
- Yeah. Better.
- Oh.
Try it with a curtsy.
We can skip that part.
She really loves that boy,
you know.
You're doing her
a great kindness.
Doesn't she look lovely?
I have something for you.
For your horns.
I just thought
it might make
Philip's family
feel more comfortable.
And you, as well.
Maybe it's a bad idea.
No, it's...
It's all right.
I'm so excited.
Mmm... It's more
than I can bear.
It's Maleficent!
- Humans are hilarious.
- Mmm-hmm.
- It's getting better.
- Hmm.
Anyone leaves
their post gets hung.
Yes, sir.
They're here.
Have you ever considered
turning me into a bear?
I think I'd make
quite an impressive one.
Look at their claws.
They're so strong.
Why are we
talking about bears?
Presenting Queen Aurora
of the Moors.
Thank you.
You look wonderful.
I'm so happy
to be here.
Aurora, this is
truly an honor.
Welcome to Ulstead.
Such a beautiful girl.
I can see how you stole
Philip's heart.
Your Majesty.
The flowers
in your hair.
I'm allergic.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, no. No, no.
It's all right.
They're beautiful.
Presenting Maleficent.
Maleficent, it's wonderful
to see you again.
This is my father,
King John of Ulstead.
And my mother,
Queen Ingrith.
Welcome to our home.
It's so very kind of you
to invite me this evening.
Don't smile.
And, um, I would like
to introduce you to Diaval.
I trust you had no trouble
finding the castle.
Why would I have trouble?
He's making small talk.
I'll explain it later.
No trouble at all.
Your Majesties,
ladies and gentlemen,
dinner is served.
Please, make yourselves
at home.
Is there a problem?
It's iron.
Majesty, as you are
sensitive to flowers,
she is averse to iron.
I had no idea.
Take it away at once.
I trust you'll be comfortable
using your hands?
Such a warm
spell of weather, isn't it?
It certainly is.
Well, we have a small gift
for Philip and Aurora...
to celebrate their
glorious future together. Hmm?
Oh, I simply can't wait
to have a little one running
through the castle again.
This castle?
Yes, of course.
This will be their home.
I hear Aurora has
a castle of her own.
Yes, sir, I do.
I'm curious. How did Aurora
become Queen of the Moors?
- I made her queen.
- Her castle is
quite stunning.
You must see it.
Yes, but in fact,
she has another castle.
Does she not?
One in the Moors,
and one left behind
by her father.
King Stefan,
was it not?
That castle was never my home.
It was given to the people.
So, you're also
a true princess.
Even though Stefan died.
Was killed?
Remind me, did he die
or was he killed?
Yes, you're right,
it is very warm recently.
Because I remember
the story of a baby.
A baby cursed to sleep...
and never wake up.
Who would do
such a terrible thing
to an innocent child?
Well, there are many who prey
on the innocent.
I'm sure
your kind would agree.
What do you mean,
my kind?
She means humans.
There are fairies missing
from the Moors.
What I'm missing
is some wine.
Stolen by human poachers.
That's the first
I've heard of it.
Someone gave the order.
It sounds as if
you're accusing the king.
No, she never said that.
Wait... Sorry,
who would steal a fairy?
Your Majesty,
I must report
that two peasants
were found dead...
just outside the Moors.
They'd been missing
for several days.
I see.
Yes, we all see.
The borders are open,
but humans are not welcome.
Isn't that right?
What exactly are you implying,
Your Majesty?
Innocent men are being
slaughtered on the Moors...
and she's talking
about fairies.
Contain your animal.
Or I will.
If I didn't know better,
I'd say you were
making a threat.
Well, do you?
- Do I what?
- Know better?
Put her down.
Please, put her down.
We're here to celebrate.
Forgive me, he's right.
Let's not forget
why we're here.
The start of a new life
for Aurora.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
You have done an admirable
job, Maleficent...
going against your own nature
to raise this child.
But now...
Aurora will finally get...
the love of a real family.
A real mother.
Because the one thing
I regret...
is never having a daughter
of my own.
But tonight changes that.
I consider Aurora my own.
We have opened our home
to a witch!
There is no union.
There will be no wedding.
- Maleficent!
- We must protect the king!
Maleficent, please, stop now.
John, I'm so frightened.
What has she done to me?
We go home.
It's a curse.
It's a curse!
Maleficent has cursed
the king!
What have you done?
I've done nothing.
Aurora, we go home now.
Wake him!
Wake him, please.
Stand aside!
To the bedroom!
This magic, we have
no tools to reverse it.
There must be a lesion.
Proof of her witchery.
leave His Majesty his dignity.
We all saw what Maleficent
did to him.
I'm so sorry.
A curse upon our king
is a curse upon this kingdom.
All he wanted was peace.
This is all my fault.
You have nothing
to apologize for, my dear.
Maleficent is a threat
to everyone.
Especially you.
We'll do our best
to protect you.
There must be a way
to reverse this.
Mother, could you
try kissing him?
True love and all that.
I doubt
that would work.
It could save him.
- A kiss is just a kiss.
- Please, Mother.
Very well.
You wanted peace...
now rest in peace forever.
I told you.
This is no fairy tale.
I have to return
to the Moors.
It's the only way.
Wait, wait. Come here.
I have to find her.
It's the middle
of the night.
She will break the curse.
I know she will.
Okay, well,
let me come with you.
No. You should stay
with your family.
You are my family.
Let her go, Philip.
Maybe she can save him.
Please come back.
She's not in the Moors.
No one's seen her.
I'm so happy to see you.
She's nowhere to be found.
What if she
never comes back?
I could be stuck
as a human forever.
I have to find her.
She's the only one
who can break the curse.
Tell me she's dead.
The iron pierced her flesh.
She fell into the river
and went over the falls.
Then where is her head?
There was something else.
Another creature.
It pulled her from
the depths of the sea.
What did it look like?
It carried her
up into the sky.
Hmm. A wounded animal
lashes out
and now she's not alone.
We must be ready for war.
Maleficent has
cursed the king!
Stay inside!
Maleficent has
cursed the king!
If Conall hadn't
found her, she would be dead.
They tried to kill her
with this.
Do you hear it?
Do you hear it?
It's a message
from the humans.
I hear it loud and clear.
Time for us to die.
Humans have used iron
against us for centuries.
And we are almost extinct
because of it.
Killing peasants
on the Moors
will only lead
to more conflict, Borra.
They've pulled the iron
from the earth...
made their swords and shields,
drove us underground.
But this...
This will finish us.
Our people are safe
here for now.
But for how long?
The humans will find us.
They will not stop.
I call for war.
I call for war!
Right now!
There are
too many humans.
Too many kingdoms.
they will keep finding
new ways to destroy us.
We can't win.
We can't win!
Not this way.
No. You're wrong, Conall.
We have something
they didn't plan on.
We have her.
She holds powers
none of us possess.
She is wounded, Borra.
Who are you?
You reek of human.
Maybe I was wrong about you.
Or maybe Conall should have
left you for dead
at the bottom of the sea.
It's there, isn't it?
It's inside you.
You see?
You see what's inside her?
That is what will save us all.
You saved me.
Let me show you who we are.
We're Dark Fey.
Same as you.
We're all that remain.
Unseen here,
far away from mankind.
As more
human kingdoms emerged,
we went into hiding...
from every corner
of the earth...
doing what we had to,
to survive.
But many were lost.
Only a few
generations ago...
our kind roamed
every part of the world.
The tundra.
The forest.
The jungle.
The desert.
Now, our only refuge
is here...
in this cave.
Our nest of origin.
Play in the wind.
Those children
should be soaring
over the trees and rivers.
they are raised in exile.
I could protect them.
How? By waging war
against the humans?
I've been at war with them
my whole life.
Not all of them.
There was one you raised
as your own.
Maybe we don't have to hide
from the humans.
Maybe we can exist
without fear...
and war.
Find a way together.
That will never happen.
Ow! Oh.
Welcome to your new home.
We've been worried
about you, dear.
Your Majesty.
I couldn't find her.
My heart breaks for you.
She has brought
a cloud of darkness
upon your happiness.
I know she was
against this marriage.
Never trusted your
instincts as a queen.
When I saw her at dinner...
with her horns covered...
bent cowering...
Well, it's no wonder
that she lashed out.
I just don't know
what to do.
You do truly love him,
don't you?
My son.
It is love
that will heal you.
It's what heals us all.
Let's move
forward together...
as a family.
To all who live
on the Moors...
What is that noise?
...and kingdoms
far and wide,
the king and queen
invite you...
to attend the wedding...
of their son Philip to Aurora
in three days' time.
All are welcome.
And all are expected!
Did you hear that?
We're invited to the castle!
I knew Aurora
wouldn't abandon us!
I always knew
I'd be invited.
Just glad you two
made the cut.
Who's getting married?
Aurora, we don't have to think
about the wedding right now.
The queen is right.
We owe it to everyone...
especially the king.
What about Maleficent?
She's gone.
The Phoenix.
It is said the Dark Fey
began with her...
evolved over centuries.
You are the last
of her descendants.
Her blood is your own.
You are her.
In your hands,
you hold the power of life and death...
destruction and rebirth.
But nature's greatest power
is the power
of true transformation.
You transformed
when you raised Aurora.
When you found love...
in the middle of your pain.
I'm asking you
to take all of your fury...
all of your pain...
and not use it.
Help us broker peace
with the humans.
Because peace...
could be the Dark Fey's
final transformation.
The Moors are our last
true nature on earth.
And yet you named
a human as queen.
A daughter you cared for.
I have no daughter.
She has chosen her side.
We've just heard.
There's going to be a wedding
at the castle in three days.
Humans will come
from all over.
That's when we attack.
We'll kill the king
and queen of Ulstead...
and their young prince.
Their kingdom will fall.
And the Fey will rise again.
The fairies made it.
I wore it when I
married the king.
I'm sure it's perfect.
So am I.
Your Majesty,
she's absolutely lovely.
how she was raised.
By the same evil witch
who cursed her.
It's a miracle Prince
Philip came along.
It's a miracle
the poor child is
alive at all.
Thank you so much.
It's exquisite.
When I'm older...
I'm going to live here,
in the Moors, with you.
Then we can
look after each other.
- Tell me what's troubling you.
- It's nothing.
Aurora, I know you
better than that.
This jewelry...
my hair...
all these rules.
I can't breathe.
I feel like I'm not
Queen of the Moors anymore.
I feel like
a different person.
I fell in love with a girl
in the forest and only her.
You don't have to change.
I don't want you to change.
I should have never asked her
to wear that scarf.
Ah, yes.
Does it work?
I only have a handful
of fairy specimens
to work with...
and the extraction process
is painstaking.
Extraction from what?
Tomb Bloom flowers.
They grow from
a fairy's grave,
contain their very essence.
When you mix the pollen
with iron powder...
the resulting dust
ends a fairy's life.
We will need thousands more.
Show me.
Show me.
Very well.
the Moors will be mine.
No more fairies.
Stay alert, men.
This is where
I found them.
But what if
the winged one returns?
Don't you worry about that.
We'll be ready.
Take the Tomb Blooms.
Get to work!
Sentries, stay alert!
Keep your weapons on hand.
Move it!
This is where
we bury our dead.
They've destroyed it.
This is what
the humans do.
They're nothing but locusts
that swarm the earth.
We have to stop them.
You spent years
caring for a human...
now it's time
to care for your own.
Reload! We go again!
There's another one!
Everyone, stay together!
We're about to leave
the Moors.
Grab the hand or the wing...
or the tail of whoever
is closest to you.
Hey, over here!
Yeah, over here!
Hold formation, guards.
Hold formation.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Stop right there.
I'm with the bride.
We've been told to let
the, uh, other kind
find their seats first.
But I'm not a human.
- I'm a raven.
- What?
A raven. The black bird.
Mmm. This rice is delicious.
You're supposed
to throw it
at the bride and groom.
What? And waste good rice?
What's the hold up?
Let me in!
Why can't humans come in, too?
Why can't we come in?
I know it's bad luck...
but I had to see you.
For you.
A Tomb Bloom?
Where did you get this?
From my mother.
The sun's up.
It's our wedding day.
From my mother.
Where should we sit, Flittle?
On the left.
We're with the bride.
Yes, we are.
But the groom's lovely, too.
Mmm. Yes, he is.
I'm with both.
What's this?
Nobody is allowed in here
except me.
And I'm already here,
so go away!
Maleficent, please stop.
She didn't do it.
Get out!
Before I call the guards!
The missing fairies.
I said get out.
Did you hear me?
What have you done?
You're a pixie.
How dare you call me that?
I'm Lickspittle,
the nobleman...
and I serve the queen.
She took your wings.
We have to release them.
They belong on the Moors.
As you do, Aurora.
A human who has betrayed
her kind.
You put the curse
on the king.
Oh, dear.
You may be queen...
but you are very young.
Ruling humans is a bit
more complicated...
than running around barefoot
with flowers in your hair.
When I was young...
my family's kingdom
bordered the Moors.
And one particularly
harsh winter...
our crops died...
and the people
began to suffer.
And as we looked
over our walls...
we could see
the fairies thriving.
My brother and I believed we
should take what we needed...
while my father, the king,
sought their kindness.
Choosing peace
over our people,
he sent my brother
to do his bidding.
He never came back.
Those savages...
creatures who could
barely grunt,
let alone engage in talks,
killed him.
I don't believe that.
Our people became fearful.
They overthrew my father.
The land fell into chaos.
I was cast out.
Forced by fate into marriage
with King John of Ulstead.
Another weak king
speaking of
tolerance and civility.
And now, my own son...
corrupted with visions
of harmony.
But peace
will not be our downfall.
Now lock her up.
A war is coming.
No! No!
I wish you could be here
with me.
Conall wanted peace...
and they filled him with iron.
Now, we will have our war.
Our fight begins now!
We will rise together!
We fight together.
And we will show them
no mercy!
Come on! Go!
Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!
Where are all Philip's guests?
- Humans are poor timekeepers.
- Mmm.
Start the music.
Come on! Come on!
She's gone.
It's a trap! Get down!
Your Majesty...
they're coming from the sea.
She escaped!
Down this way, come on!
Your Highness.
Upon my command.
Check every room!
She can't be far!
What's going on?
They look just like her.
Pull back!
starting a war.
First my father,
and now this.
She didn't curse him.
- Maleficent.
- What?
She never cursed him.
It was your mother.
What are you saying?
It was the spindle.
The curse is still in it.
Your mother used it
against your father.
It's the same.
She's locked the Moor folk
in the chapel.
This isn't a wedding.
It's a trap.
Remember where
you came from.
Remember who you are.
I've made my choice.
You'll have to make yours.
Stay low!
Follow me!
- Ignite!
- Ignite!
Aunties! Aunties!
It's too heavy!
Diaval! You're here.
Oh, what's happening?
Weapon change!
Weapon change! Go!
You have to stop this.
We are at war.
This isn't a war.
It's a massacre.
you don't understand.
These creatures stand
between us...
and everything
we need to survive.
You're wrong.
We can stand together.
Well, you're a fool
to believe that.
You don't know what it takes
to fight for our kind.
You lied to me.
I am protecting the kingdom...
and your throne.
What about Father?
Were you protecting him, too?
The prince
is not feeling well.
See him to his chambers.
Sire, stop!
Yield! Yield!
My mother cursed the king
so she could destroy
the Moor folk.
Your men are paying
heavily for it.
We have to do something!
Goodbye, girls.
No, come back!
Flittle! No!
Hey, you,
stay with your own!
Run, Aurora, run!
Let him go!
No! No!
For Flittle!
We've got her!
Go! Go!
This way! This way!
Stand down!
This is not my fight.
My mother wanted a war,
and you're giving it to her.
I won't allow her hatred
to ruin my kingdom or yours.
There will be no Fey blood
on my hands.
This way!
This way!
Maleficent's back!
She's going for the queen.
Yield! Yield!
Stand down!
Lower your weapons!
There's the evil
that I promised them.
Your kind is more predictable
than humans.
Well, almost.
I'm sorry I doubted you,
but this isn't you.
There's another way.
I know who you are.
I know you.
You do not.
Yes, I do.
You're my mother.
Do you know what makes a great
leader, Aurora?
The ability to instill fear
in your subjects...
and then use that fear...
Your Majesty.
...against your enemies.
I spread the story
of the evil witch...
and the princess she cursed.
It didn't matter
who woke Sleeping Beauty.
They were all terrified.
And the story became legend.
I know you think
I'm a monster.
But what I did to the king,
to Maleficent, to my son...
I did for Ulstead.
You are a traitor
to your kind,
and you will pay for it.
Maleficent is dead!
We will never again
live in fear!
Get back here!
Ulstead is free at last!
Let me go!
What's happening?
Well, well.
Hello, Beasty.
I missed you.
Did you bump
your head, then?
I did.
Do you love my daughter?
With everything I have.
I believe this belongs to you.
Curses don't end.
They're broken.
It ends.
There will be
no more fighting.
Ulstead will never attack
the Moors again.
And from this day on...
we move forward...
and find our way...
in peace.
there will be a wedding.
Not just a union
of two people...
but a union of two kingdoms.
And all are invited...
all are safe...
and all are welcome.
Hello, there.
We cannot live
amongst monsters...
Someone should
really cover those horns.
If only Conall could see you.
it's time to come home.
Can you come here?
Will you give me away?
Will you walk me
down the aisle?
Apologies to anyone
I might have mauled today.
Is that...?
She can change her back.
I suppose.
Only if we wanted to.
I'm so glad to see you.
I've dreamed
of this moment.
Two kingdoms
united at last.
And it's because of you.
I'm so proud of you.
So proud.
She looks better
in green.
Pink, you mean.
No, in green.
- Green.
- Pink.
It's perfect.
Let her go.
Pull yourself together.
We are here to join
two kingdoms...
divided by fear.
Today, you teach us
we are not defined
by where we are from...
but by whom we love.
The bands, please.
Do you, Philip,
take Aurora...
I do.
And do you,
Aurora, take...
I do.
Then I pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
You're smiling.
It's a new day.
It is.
Will you stay awhile?
A little while.
But don't worry...
I'll see you
at the christening.