Malevolent (2018) Movie Script

[phone rings]
[man] Angela.
[man chuckles]
[man] Yeah.
You going to help me load this or not?
[woman chuckles]
Jackson, you better help load up.
[Jackson] Yes, I will, I will.
Go, go help them.
[man] Be careful with that, Jackson.
- [woman] Ange, can you grab my purse?
- [man] Be careful.
El, relax. Uni's got insurance.
[El] But we still gotta get it
back on Monday in one piece.
- [whistles]
- [woman] Thanks.
[Jackson] Elliot!
Let's go. Time is money.
[engine starts]
GLASGOW - 1986
[doorbell buzzes]
Jackson. We spoke on the phone.
[man sighs] Pleased to meet you.
[Jackson] So, yeah. This is...
- My sister.
- [man] Of course.
The one with the gift.
Ah, yeah.
I read what you did
for that family in The Herald.
Yeah. There she goes, she can feel it.
- There's something.
- [man] Yeah.
Hi, there.
It's okay, darling. You can say hello.
We're gonna talk to your mom.
And we're gonna get her back to heaven.
We're gonna make everything all right.
[static crackles]
[woman] El...
Elliot, it's not working.
[El] Hang on a bit.
Should be up.
Try now.
[woman] Yep, got it, El.
Did she have any nicknames? Pet names?
[man sighs] Maddy.
Everyone called her Maddy.
[device beeping]
[man] What's that? What's he doing?
It's an EMF meter
measuring electromagnetic fields.
Are you getting anything?
[Jackson] Definitely. Especially
in the basement. Really hot down there.
She used to spend
all of her time down there.
We're running a tailoring business
out of the house for years.
I'm sorry.
It's just been really hard for us.
Susie especially.
[man sighs]
How long has it been for you?
Since your mom?
Uh, five years,
this December.
Must be very difficult.
Okay, Angela, I'm gonna send you in.
Take your time.
Remember, you need to be thorough.
Got it.
Any trouble, we're right here.
[softly] Stop it.
[softly] Sell it.
We filming something today?
[Jackson pats]
[El] You okay?
Are you on something?
- You are.
- [both chuckle]
[Angela] Let's get this over with.
[door opens]
[Angela] Maddy?
My name is Angela Sayers.
Your husband Frank, he called me here.
I've come to see if you'd consider
leaving this house.
Your husband, your daughter...
they miss you so much,
but they need to move on.
[static ends]
[woman's voice, distorted] Frank? Susie?
Did you hear that?
You heard that, right?
Is she-- is she there?
Can she see her?
It's an auditory gift.
[woman on tape] Frank, now please.
[Angela] She's gone.
- She's at peace.
- There it is.
- Maddy has left the house.
- [El] Oh, my God, Jackson.
You could just pay Beth.
And, uh, I have to check on my sister now.
- This really takes a toll on her powers.
- Yeah.
Yeah, of course.
[El] Ange...
you okay?
What happened?
[panting continues]
You can stop.
["I.O.U." by Freeez plays]
A-E-I-O-U-U, I sometimes cry
You tell me that you love me every day
When we're alone I really feel in love
To the Scots...
and their haunted land.
You treat me bad
I feel like second best
I want your love
I want your love
Show Elliot the ad
you've been working on. The flyer.
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
"From tragedy to triumph.
Angela inherited her mother's gift."
I don't know. What would you want me
to say about it, Jackson?
We are gonna take this place over.
I thought we were losing
the mom-daughter thing.
Why, because Ange wanted to?
Look, yeah,
but I'm in this for the filmmaking.
[Jackson] What do you wanna do?
Wanna go off to Hollywood?
- [El] No. I think this is bullshit.
- [Jackson] El! Go to Hollywood right now.
We are gonna stay here
and make shitloads of money.
- [Angela whispers] You're such an asshole.
- Ange, wait up.
Want me to put it on?
[Beth chuckles]
You know, earlier in the basement,
you seemed pretty upset.
Yeah, I could kill Jackson.
Could have used a warning
when she attacked.
- When who attacked?
- Come on!
Wh-- [chuckles]
What, did you guys sneak in before?
Rig some pulley system to make her move?
[El] No.
I've got no idea
what you're talking about.
Forget it. [chuckles]
You okay?
Dear Mr. Sayers, ...discuss the discharge
of your daughter... in our hospital.
I should be glad to assist
you and your daughter...
[Jackson and Beth moaning]
[phone rings]
[phone ringing]
[woman] Is this the medium service?
Uh, it is, yeah.
How soon could you come out?
Where are you located?
Off the A77. The Green Estate.
- [high-pitched whining]
- I cannot get them to stop screaming.
Get who to stop screaming?
The girls.
I can hear them every night.
Okay, we--
We're not available at the moment.
We're quite busy.
So I don't think we can. No, sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- [high-pitched whining stops]
[phone rings]
[man on tape]
Follow this simple technique.
- [phone ringing in distance]
- Find a quiet place with a mirror
where you will not be interrupted.
Look at yourself,
- and focus.
- [ringing continues]
It's a gift. She has a gift.
She has a gift. She has a gift.
Angela, do you see a future in psychology?
You've missed many assignments,
days of class.
Yeah, I haven't been
feeling very well recently.
This is just a little extra money
on the side.
If you're not serious about this program,
another student
will gladly take your place.
No, I am, I've been dealing
with some family stuff. [sighs]
Have you considered
talking to somebody about it?
[man whispers] Angela.
It's nothing to be ashamed of,
we have excellent school counselors here,
- trained to help.
- I don't want to talk to anyone.
- [high-pitched whining]
- Well--
I can't pass you on good intentions.
Okay, is there something I can do,
any extra work I can do?
- [woman] How about this?
- [doorknob jostles]
For starters, show up.
You have potential. Embrace it.
Don't be afraid
to really throw yourself into it.
You might surprise yourself.
- [man whispers] Angela.
- Angela.
Sorry, you have...
[buzzing fades away]
[man] Who are you?
Grandpa, you can't joke about that.
[both chuckle]
Jokes are all I've got left, Angie-pie.
[softly] Hey Barney.
- How's Grandpa holding up?
- [jazz plays on radio]
Is he remembering to walk you?
[man] Hey, I heard that.
And I heard that.
[softly] Is that a no?
[man] Oh, here.
[turns up the volume]
Your gran loved this song.
[whispers] So...
How's university?
[Angela] Hmm?
It's good.
It's okay.
[man] So why didn't you bring
any of those wee cakes
you bought the last time, eh?
She was always your favorite subject, eh?
Would you tell my grandson
he still owes me 500, from the last,
get-rich-quick scheme he had?
[man on tape]
Confidence is an armor against the world.
A confident man is a successful man.
Tame your mind and master your thoughts.
If you can control your mind,
you can influence others.
[engine shuts]
[car door opens]
[car door slams]
[baton clangs]
[Jackson groans]
[Angela] What was she like?
Before it all went...
Your mother...
pushed everyone away.
Drove your Gran mad, she was never here.
Went to America, never told anyone.
Started that...
god-forsaken business.
Met your father.
I don't know what happened after that.
So she disappointed you?
[grandpa sighs]
[Angela sighs]
It was a nonsense.
Locking herself away for... years.
Talking about...
voices in her head.
Nose bleeds, talking about people
that weren't there.
[dog barks]
And then, she has to go and end it.
Your mother was afraid.
If she had...
more strength...
she'd still be here.
[phone ringing]
Yeah, this is Sayer's Medium Service.
No, we're available.
Who told you that?
- What happened to your face?
- Don't worry about it.
What did you say to that old lady?
Old lady?
Jackson, seriously,
what are you messed up in?
She called back.
Said you turned her down.
[Angela] I just...
can't, it's too much.
Whatever happened to coming here
being a fresh start?
We're doing the same shit
we did back home.
- You agreed to it.
- [Angela] Because you made me.
And you said
it was going to be for a little while.
- When's it going to end?
- How do you think we've gotten by?
Fresh starts are not cheap.
We don't have the equipment
to cover a place that big, anyway.
I've been calling El.
He'll have to gear up to sell it. Hey!
We'll cheat it. She sounds ancient.
She won't know the difference.
Scary shit has happened
in that house, Jackson.
- Where?
- [Angela] Little girls were murdered.
- [Beth] Little girls?
- [Jackson] Come on!
It's going to be like every other gig.
"Oh, my dead kid.
I miss her."
"My dead wife.
She won't leave us alone."
Boo-fuckin'-hoo. All we gotta do
is put on a damn good show
and she sleeps better at night.
- That has nothing to with this.
- [Jackson] What's your issue?
She wants to pay us double our rate.
So she can move on.
It's a no-brainer.
I don't know.
I'm not a hustler like you and mom.
You really wanna go there?
- Jackson--
- Ever since mom killed herself,
all you've done is judge me,
about how I dealt with it
or didn't deal with it.
Mom scratched her eyes out
because she couldn't handle reality.
This is our reality.
She left us shit.
All we got is grandpa who barely knows
what day of the week it is.
He knows how much you owe him.
I've been trying to make this work.
But you don't make it easy.
You think mom was some victim.
She wasn't. She left us, remember?
You better take control
of whatever's spiraling through
your little head right now.
Otherwise, you're gonna end up
a nutbag just like mom.
And we all know how that turned out.
[Angela] Fuck you.
Ange, please. I need the money.
- We can find another way.
- I can't do it without you.
They're going to kill me.
[muffled screaming]
- [Jackson] What are you doing?
- Going.
Going where?
Back to London. With or without you.
[Beth sighs]
Jackson, they know where we live.
I swear.
Please, I pay off Craig
and then we're gone.
I promise.
[woman whispering] Angela...
[woman] I need you...
[woman] Angela...
I can't find your brother.
[gasping, panting]
[footsteps approaching]
I'm in.
Thank you, baby sis.
[no audible dialogue]
This is it.
[Beth] This is it.
What you looking at?
That's where they found the girls' bodies.
- Where? In that building?
- Elliot, don't point.
[Beth] Her son left them all
sitting in a circle.
Propped up. Facing each other.
[Jackson] All right. Game faces.
Let's go say hi.
- [Mrs. Green] You must be Jackson.
I am indeed. Mrs. Green, pleasure to--
- [Mrs. Green] Who did that to you?
- Your gardener, he hit me with his locks.
- Handsome and funny.
- [chuckles]
[Mrs. Green] Victor's quite harmless.
This is Elliot, out technician.
And also Beth. Also very technical.
Come in.
You look very pretty.
Thank you.
Go on. On the table.
[Beth] Okay.
[Mrs. Green]
They're a wee bit under-baked.
That's how my girls liked them.
Girls first.
Thank you.
It's a great place, Mrs. Green.
It was much easier to manage
when my husband was alive.
Then we had a... housekeeper, cook.
- And a landscaper.
- Is it okay, actually,
sorry, if we get this part out of the way,
what we agreed to.
Well, yes. But...
After the job's done, correct?
I'm sorry.It's kind of awkward,
but, uh... it'd be great to just, sort it.
That's what you say on your flyer.
Oh, you've got the flyer, right.
- Where'd you get that?
- You said you heard screaming?
to start with. And giggles.
But then...
angry, taunting.
It's been 15 years
since we discovered what Herman...
Is it true that he murdered all the girls?
That was a tragedy, Mrs. Green.
And that's what we're here to help with.
I wish I'd seen the signs earlier.
He was a curious child, my son.
I failed them.
I loved those girls.
It wasn't your fault.
I just want a quiet house.
[Mrs. Green sighs]
Okay, we'll need that one.
Yeah, just put into that...
[Angela] So, um... I was wondering
if you might have some photos.
- Photos?
- Of the girls, something I could use
- to connect with them.
- I see.
It helps me address them directly.
Forms a better trust.
[Mrs. Green] Here's us, all together.
There's dear Missy. There.
And the tall one, Tammy.
And that's sweet Claire.
She was such a sweet girl.
See the teddy.
Herman gave her that.
She was the first one to go missing.
And that's...
[Mrs. Green] Herman. Yes, my son.
The newspapers called him a monster.
But he was my boy.
[man on tape]
Your mind is a powerful thing.
- If you fill it with powerful thoughts...
- [Jackson] Fuck!
...your life will start to change.
You can't always control
what happens in life,
but you can always control
what happens in your mind.
If you can control your mind,
you can control your attitude
and how you handle a situation.
Then you can begin
to control the situation.
Repeat your goal in your mind.
Visualize it.
Make it happen.
Be proactive.
Take charge and remember
that you are amazing.
[Jackson] Mrs. Green says skip
the East Hall due to repairs,
so that helps us,
but we'll need to pick
our staging areas carefully.
Otherwise we'll wind up here till Friday
trying to make this feel legit. Got it?
[Beth] Okay. so let's just start
with the areas she's comfortable with
- and take it from there.
- Yeah, I'll go hook the mikes up.
- Okay. You got those new voices, right?
- Yeah.
- [tape player starts]
- [woman laughs]
- Beautiful.
- [Beth] And wait for it.
[woman whispers] Mrs. Green.
[woman screams on tape]
Love it. All right, so, babe, I'll give
you a tap when it's time to cue Elliot.
We'll start with giggling
and then amp it up from there.
[girl humming]
[Jackson] Ange...
your nose is bleeding.
Excuse me.
[Angela] You're okay. You're okay.
- [Angela gasps]
- [device beeping]
[sighs deeply]
Why are you creeping up on me?
'Cause I'm a creep.
[object clatters]
[El] You all right?
[clattering continues]
[Angela] What was that?
[breathing deeply]
[door creaks]
[El] Ange...
[door creaks]
[object clatters]
[Ell] What are you doing?
- [girl laughs]
- [Angela gasps]
[Angela breathing rapidly]
[door slams shut]
[El] Ange, what's going on?
[Angela gasps]
[girl's voice, distorted]
[Beth] Ange...
Can you hear me?
[Jackson] What happened?Did she fall?
I'm okay.
[El] She said she heard something,
and then, I don't know if she crashed out.
Maybe-- Maybe we should just go, you know?
You know, come back--
- She's said she's fine.
- But she just passed out.
I'm-- I'm okay. [breathes heavily]
Okay, good.
Let's get back to it then.
Do you need anything?
- Uh... Can I have some water, please?
- Yeah.
El, get the gear.
Get the gear.
Thank you.
Are you all right?
You know I love you, right?
I know I can be a dick but,
I do love you.
Don't forget that. Don't ever forget.
Come on.
[static crackles]
Yeah, I'm all plugged in up here, so...
Can I ask how
this is all going to work, exactly?
Yeah, sure.
Angela's going to sweep the house.
That might take some time but when
she establishes a connection and--
Is this your usual routine
for all your clients?
[Beth] It's not up yet.
Stop the showmanship.
I'll check the wires you were after.
Must be lovely
to be working with your sister.
Family together. There's no greater joy.
What's happening?
We're waiting on them.
You saw something.
What is it? What did you see?
I'll believe you if you tell me.
The only reason...
I said I'd do this, I like my gadgets,
but when I found out...
you was doing it,
I thought it was pretty cool.
I thought it was pretty cool
to hang out with you.
- Is it obvious?
- [chuckles]
- A little bit.
- Yeah.
A big bit.
- [Angela chuckles]
- Um...
[Beth] We're ready. All feeds are live.
[Jackson] Are we filming something today
or not? Can't remember.
Uh, okay. Hold on.
[El] Three little donkeys
went up a tree,
and none of them listened to me.
[Beth] Okay.
Starting in the north hall.
[Jackson] Ange will normally tell us
exactly the specifics of the voices
- and what she hears.
- Can you see from her face, huh?
I can normally tell.
The girls, if they're talking to her.
They'll be able to tell her
where they are,
they'll lead Ange to them.
- [Mrs. Green] Uh-huh.
- And when they've made the connection,
they'll be ableto discuss further
what action will be taken.
- So that they can leave the house.
- Uh-huh.
- One by one?
- One by one.
That's how she does it.
She'll make contact with each of them
and ask them one by one to leave.
[Angela] Claire.
My name is Angela Sayers.
Mrs. Green has called me here.
I've come to see
if you'd consider leaving this house.
[song playing distantly]
You hear that?
[El] What?
I'll check these out.
[girl giggling]
[Angela] Something's here.
[Jackson] Elliot, where's she going?
- [song continues playing in distant]
- [door opens]
[woman] Who sings for the dead only?
[song ends]
[Angela] Tammy.
You really don't see her?
[El] I can't see anything.
She wants us to follow her.
[El] Okay.
[Mrs. Green] Where are they going?
[Jackson] Ange, can you sense a presence?
Are they going to the East Wing?
[Jackson] Can we stick to the plan, guys?
Elliot, what's happening?
Ange, you copy?
Turn back.
[girl giggling]
[Angela] Tammy?
Where are you?
What are you guys doing over there?
[floorboard creaking]
[Angela] Elliot!
What happened?
- [Jackson] Ange, what's going on?
- [Angela] Shit!
Jackson, the floor just gave away,
he fell-- Shit.
Elliot, can you hear me?
Jackson, he's not answering.
I think he's hurt bad. Okay, Elliot...
- We should go help.
- No.
- [Angela] This is bad, Jackson--
- I'll go check.
[Angela] Elliot, talk to me please.
[girl crying]
[man whispers] Stay there.
Elliott, can you hear me?
Are you okay?
[Elliot whimpers]
[El] It's my ankle.
I heard something pop.
Shit! It hurts!
[El grunting, gasping]
[shouts] Oh, fuck!
[El breathing heavily]
El? El, talk to me.
- [El] Humpty Dumpty...
- Everything's going to be okay.
...sat on a wall,
- Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
- [Angela] Jackson's coming.
[El] All the King's horses
and all the King's men...
[Jackson whistling]
[El gasping, crying]
What are you guys up to?
- El, you alive, man?
- [El] Yes.
I think I'm going to need
to go to hospital though.
[Jackson] We'll get you outtta there.
Just hold tight.
Did you call for help?
We're going to have to carry him up,
all right. We'll just keep going.
- We need to finish this job.
- Jackson.
If we call an ambulance here...
- We're screwed.
- Dammit, Jackson. It's Elliot.
[Beth] Is El okay?
Can you ask Mrs. Green
if we can find a ladder?
And maybe a rope.
- What, you don't trust me?
- The maple tree behind East Hills?
I was 12.
Yeah, well, my knee
still clicks weird when I walk.
- This is great. I love working with you.
- [scoffs]
Hold it.
- [El grunts]
- It's okay. It's okay.
[El breathing heavily]
- [El groaning]
- Ew. That's fucked.
[Jackson] At least he wasn't faking it.
[El hissing]
[El breathing shakily]
[Angela] Jackson...
The girls were kept down here.
Jesus Christ.
Look at the mouth.
She wanted us to find it.
[Jackson] Who?
And Tammy is...
I know this sounds nuts.
But ever since our last gig,
I have been...
- seeing things.
- [sighs]
Jackson, I'm not joking.
[El] She might be right.
It could even be Herman's ghost,
running around here,
- trying to kill us all off for revenge.
- I saw those girls.
And their mouths are sewn up,
just like the story said.
Ange, it's just a house.
We're in a basement
and someone was doodling on the wall.
- That's all there is to it.
- She led us right here.
It's no coincidence
that we ended up down here.
[El] I don't think it's a coincidence.
I don't think any of this
is a coincidence. Us being in here,
in life, in general,
none of it is a coincidence.
Good talk. Let's get up.
[scoffs, groans]
[Jackson] Hey, buddy.
Drop the camera, will you?
- El, drop the camera.
- [El] Jackson.
[breathes heavily]
This is my responsibility.
[El panting]
[Jackson] Okay.
All right.
Let's finish the job.
Fuck you, Jackson,
and fuck this scamming shit.
I'm done.
You've got a serious attitude problem.
[Angela] I know what I saw.
[Jackson chuckles]
You've fucking lost it, Ange.
Quit the jokes, Jackson.
[Jackson chuckles]
You actually believe in this shit now?
[Angela] Believe in it?
This was all your idea.
[Jackson] If you just stuck to the script
instead of wandering off
like a crazy person...
[Angela] I'm not crazy.
The girls are real, this is real.
[girl, whispering]
Are you being our friend?
[Angela] Jackson,
they're trying to tell us something.
- [girl] Angela.
- [Jackson] You sound just like Mom.
Well, maybe Mom wasn't crazy either.
[girl] Jackson.
[door creaks open]
[door slams]
Hey. Mrs. Green,
we're just having a slight hiccup.
Nothing to worry about. Uh...
We're going to cleanse this house.
I promise you.
I'm afraid you have failed.
Mrs. Green, I assure you
we'll be able to get the voices out.
You have my word.
- No way--
- Be quiet.
I really thought you could help me.
It's not real, is it?
Any of it. It's all an act.
Angela's gift.
I thought if you could hear the voices too
you'd be able to stop them.
I want you out of here immediately.
[Jackson] It is real.
But you can't control the unseen, okay?
[Mrs. Green]
I wanted to give them a happy future.
I tried to give them everything.
So that maybe they'd thank me later,
and think of me as their mother.
But they wouldn't listen to me.
They would not be quiet.
Herman was a sweet boy.
The girls were to blame, not him.
Those little monsters...
Beth, pack up. We're getting
the fuck out of here.
[El breathes deeply]
It's like...
I don't even think you're a freak.
And I know that everyone at uni
obviously thinks you're a bit weird.
That's kind of something
I always liked about you.
You know...
[Jackson] Ange, pick up.
I'm coming to get you and Elliot.
Beth, we're leaving.
[girl] Angela...
[girl] Angela.
[Tammy] Jackson.
[panting continues]
[Angela] Jackson!
Jackson, get down here now.
[Jackson] Beth, meet us at the car.
- [El] No, no, stop!
- [Jackson] Beth, can you hear me?
Meet us at the car!
[El groaning]
[Jackson] Get up, now.
[Angela] Elliot.
Come on.
[El grunting]
- Come on.
- No.
Beth, where are you?
Beth, can you hear me?
Ange, what are you doing?
Is that...?
[both gasp]
Did you see her?
Beth, where are you?
I need to follow her.
Take Elliot and meet us at the car.
I love you. I'm sorry.
But we're supposed to stick together.
[girl giggling]
I found you.
[girl giggling]
[El groaning]
[Beth muttering on monitor]
[Angela] Beth.
[indistinct garbled static]
Beth. Beth, baby.
[Beth groaning]
You okay?
It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
We're gonna get you up. It's okay.
[Angela] No.
[Beth groaning]
Elliot? Elliot, wake up.
Okay, come on. Come on.
[Angela grunting]
[El grunts]
[Angela panting]
[Jackson] Get the door!
[Angela] Who did this to her?
Who did this to her?
Jackson, what happened?
Give me the keys, Ange!
[engine starts]
[engine revs]
[tires screeching]
[woman's voice repeating] Jackson.
[girl giggling]
[crashes, windshield shattering]
[air hissing]
[car door opens]
[Jackson panting]
[Jackson] Beth. No.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[El sobbing]
No, no, no, please!
Please, no!
Please, please!
No, no! [screams]
[breathing heavily]
[breathes quavering]
Okay. Okay.
Elliot, come on. roll over.
- [sighs] Over, come on. Over.
- [El grunts]
Come on.
El, you need to wake up, okay?
El, come on.
Hey, where's Jackson?
Elliot, where is my brother?
[El coughs]
[El] He took him.
[Angela] Who took him?
Elliott. Who?
[El] He took him.
[sinister music playing]
[Mrs. Green]
Oh, dear. We have woken you.
We do apologize
about your pretty little girlfriend.
You see...
I could not risk having
the wolves at my door.
Not again.
[Angela panting]
[girl] Angela.
[girl giggling]
My mother taught me well.
She'd use the belt on me.
Garden sheers.
She'd burn my privates.
If those girls had just listened.
[Jackson groans]
[Jackson whimpering]
[Angela] Claire?
- [Mrs. Green] Hold still.
- [whimpering]
This part is very tricky.
Hold still.
It's quiet time now.
[Jackson groans]
[Jackson sobbing]
- You remind me of my girls.
- [sewing]
[muffled whimpering]
They wouldn't stop talking.
Whispering around the house.
I told them.
Every family has secrets.
But after little Claire...
they had to be silenced.
Hush, now.
There. All over.
Now go and get the others.
[breathing sharply]
[Angela exclaims]
[whimpering, gasping]
[Mrs. Green]Herman.
- Stop staring at her.
- [inhales sharply]
[muffled grunting]
[Angela inhales]
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry I couldn't help you.
[Mrs. Green] Look what you and
your brother have made me do, Angela.
- It was all an act, wasn't it?
- [Angela] Mrs. Green.
Please let us go.
[Mrs. Green] You know I can't do that.
Herman, take him to the shed.
After you've dealt with him,
bring back the other boy.
No, no.
No. Don't you fucking touch him! No.
Jackson, no, no! No!
He's the only thing I have left.
Fucking bitch!
[Mrs. Green] Shh.
Hush now.
[El groaning]
[Angela whimpering]
[Mrs. Green] Shh, shh, shh!
Hold still.
[Angela whimpering]
[muffled whimpering continuous]
[muffled groaning]
[El] Leave her alone.
[Mrs. Green] Herman, grab him.
[El grunts]
[Mrs. Green] That's it, hold him!
[El gasping]
- [Herman groaning]
- [Mrs. Green] Herman?
[El breathing heavily]
- [Herman choking]
- [Mrs. Green crying]
Hey, hey, hey. Come on. Hey.
It's all right, Mommy's here.
I'm here for you.
I'm here. I'm here, okay?
I'll not let anythinghappen to you.
I promise.
[Mrs. Green] Herman.
[Mrs. Green screams]
[muffled panting]
[breathing heavily]
[Angela] No!
[El screaming, grunting]
[Mrs. Green] He was all I had left!
[Angela] No! Stop!
[Mrs. Green] You hurt my boy.
[Angela] Leave him alone.
[Mrs. Green] He was my boy.
- Please help.
- [Mrs. Green huffing]
Help us, please.
Please, please, help us!
Help him please!
[El shouting, grunting]
Please, help us!
[El coughing, crying]
[Mrs. Green]
Now it's your turn to be quiet.
[Angela] Please!
[high-pitched screaming]
[sobbing] No!
[screaming fades away]
[sniffles, breathing shakily]
[object clattering]
[breathing sharply]
I'm gonna go get help. Okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
[breathing raggedly]
[Angela] Jackson?
Have you seen Beth?
I can't find her.
[woman] Angela...
It's okay to see him now.
[Grandpa] It's a curse.
I should have seen it.
It's my fault.
There's nothing you could have done.
Jackson, he--
I'm coming over.
You can't be alone now, Angela.
I'm not alone.