Malicious (2023) Movie Script

(upbeat instrumental music)
(bell ringing)
(people chattering)
(punches booming)
(people cheering)
[Announcer] The count
is eight, nine, and out .
(ominous instrumental music)
(ominous instrumental music)
(disembodied wailing)
Thank you, honey.
Hey, you okay?
- Yeah.
- I know.
It's right here.
- Oh, thank you.
(ominous instrumental music)
Thank you, honey.
(ominous instrumental music)
Do you like it?
Erin, what do you think?
I'm gonna check out downstairs.
[Lauren] Okay.
Beautiful Lake.
[Lauren] It's nice, right?
I read it's the deepest one in
the state.
It's the best one I could
find on such short notice.
I'm gonna unpack.
You like it?
(ominous instrumental music)
[Erin] Service sucks. No Wi-Fi?
C'mon, we can all do
without it for a weekend.
Now why don't you go
settle in and unpack too,
and I will unload the food
and start prepping dinner.
What's on the menu?
- It's top secret.
(ominous instrumental music)
[Erin] Mom, I'm gonna take a
[Lauren] Okay, just don't
use all the hot water!
[Erin] I won't!
(door knocking)
What the hell!
Sorry! I thought you were in
the shower.
Ever heard of knocking?
Well I did knock.
Look if you're gonna take a
don't take too long, okay?
I don't know what the hot
water situation is here.
I know, Mom told me!
Okay, Jesus!
Please get out, now.
Fine! I'll knock louder next
time, okay?
Just don't, next time!
(ominous instrumental music)
(footsteps approaching)
Erin's in the shower.
I accidentally walked in on her,
and she just about bit my head
Kid's got an attitude.
Maybe we should have a
talk with her this weekend.
Oh, please just let it go.
She's just going through
something right now.
(ominous instrumental music)
I literally just dumped
into her college trust fund,
and she behaves like this,
She appreciates it, Will.
We both do.
I give, and I give, and I give,
and I get respect from every
single person in my life,
except from your daughter!
Please look at me.
I'm sorry, you have my full
And when we became a
family, was I wrong to expect
that same respect from her?
No, honey, you're not wrong.
No, I didn't think so.
But she's a teenager, right?
You have to take that into
It's a difficult chapter in
Don't you remember when
you were a teenager?
I do, I was a dick.
But still, Lauren, she has
everything she could ever want.
She should be more grateful.
We'll talk more about
this after dinner, okay?
I love you.
- Me too.
(hard rock music)
(liquid trickling)
(music tempo intensifies)
(toilet flushing)
(pool balls colliding)
(ominous instrumental music)
I got you now.
So look, I'll have my secretary
touch base with you soon,
and we'll move things forward,
Least I can do for the veterans.
Are you there?
Fucking idiot!
Lauren, where's my whiskey?
Thank you.
Where's Erin?
I see her out on the boat.
She'll probably be back in a
little bit.
Hello, young lady.
- Hello.
Come here often?
Mm, only on weekends.
You want this tonight?
Mm, maybe.
How about right now?
Mmm, come to daddy.
Will! Not right now.
Come on, it'll be quick.
-I'm cooking!
Later, Will. Please!
Don't you want to make me
Yes, of course.
C'mon, you know that your
happiness means everything.
[Will] Okay.
[Lauren] Oh!
(both moaning)
Come here. Turn around.
[Will] Hm?
Stay down!
(both moaning)
You like that? Hm?
- Yeah!
(heavy breathing)
(clock ticking)
(click whistling)
(moaning ceases)
(ominous instrumental music)
(soft instrumental music)
(branches rustling)
(ominous instrumental music)
[Michael] How far?
Yo, kid!
How far is it?
14 miles.
- Good. I'm tired of trees.
This way?
- There!
Yeah, That way.
[Gary] Let's just get
the job done.
[Television] After several
tech companies slashed
their outlooks, and revived
worried about
a stalled economy at close
of business yesterday.
Around 9:20 AM, eastern
time, the two-year note
rose 1.75 points, 99
and four yielding 2.17%.
The five-year note gained
five-eights of a point
to 100.10, which would yield
The benchmark 10-year note,
rose one and three quarters
points, 101.8, pushing its yield
to 4.21%.
And the 30-year bond
gained one-quarter to 103,
over the yield of...
[Will] What are you looking at?
[Erin] Some guy, looks
like his car broke down.
[Lauren] Why don't you go see if
he needs some help, Will?
You know, give him a hand.
[Will] He'll be fine.
I'm sure he has a phone to
call a tow if he needs one.
(ominous instrumental music)
(door knocking)
[Will] I'll get it.
Hi, Can I help you?
I'm hoping you can.
I'm Jesse.
Ah, I hope you don't mind,
I parked in your driveway.
My truck broke down on 507
Any chance I could use your
You don't have a phone?
I do, it's just dead,
and I don't have a charger.
Bad new, Jesse, no cell
service here, at all.
Hey there.
Was that you in the window?
You could try my phone.
It's in and out,
but worth a shot.
Yeah, if you don't mind, sure.
Thanks, my buddy's a
mechanic in town, he'll tow.
Quick call alright?
Just take your time.
Oh, by any chance
you got a smoke on you?
She doesn't smoke.
No, I don't smoke.
You don't?
[Lauren] You're smoking?
I don't believe this.
Geez, guys, it's just a
It's a bad habit, kiddo, but
Two minutes.
You know a local mechanic you
- Appreciate it.
[Jesse] Yeah, save it for
So, uh, you're from the area?
What's that?
Are you from--?
- Hey, Rick!
It's Jesse Bloom.
What's up, man?
Get back inside!
Good, good, good, uh
not so good actually.
My truck broke down
and took a shit on 507.
I pulled into someone's house.
I need a tow.
Um, what's the address?
It's 633 Hillcrest Road.
633 Hillcrest Road.
You know where it is?
All right, no, no, it's
cool, I'll be here.
Nah, nah. That | s cool.
All right, thanks, man!
Yeah! He said he'll be here
in about an hour and a half,
so uh, I'm just going to
wait and sit in my truck.
I'm Lauren.
Jesse. How you doin'?
Yeah, it seems like you're
in a bit of a jam, huh?
[Jesse] Yeah, I'll be okay.
Ah, actually, guys, I hate
to ask this, I really do,
but I drank a Big Gulp on the
way here.
And you know, you mind
if I use your bathroom?
Of course, come on in.
- Really? Thanks so much.
You're a doll, I appreciate it,
thank you.
(ominous instrumental music)
Wow! It's a beautiful house.
Something smells amazing.
Oh, just whipping up dinner.
Whipping it up, huh?
Hey, where's that bathroom
Down the hall to the left.
- Down the hall.
[Erin] Yeah, to the left.
To the left, thank you.
[Will] Be quick!
[Jesse] Oh, oh!
(liquid trickling)
(Jesse grunts)
(toilet flushing)
[Jesse] Whoo! Huge thanks
for that, guys.
I appreciate it.
There was no towel, so I used a
blue shirt
that was hanging up.
Hope you don't mind.
It's my golf shirt!
Oh, you golf!
Yeah, I played a course or
College scholarship, semi pro
for a spell.
You play?
Does mini-golf count?
Not really.
You got me there.
Ah, wow, that smells really
Lauren, you must be a hell of a
That's nice to hear, thank
you, but I'm really not.
I do enjoy it though.
I like my family eating good.
Well, your family must be very
Okay, well, it's been a
Thank you.
What was your name again?
Erin, that's pretty.
Um, by some chance my friend
Rich calls me with an update,
wanna let me know?
I'll be sittin' in the old
[Erin] Yeah, sure.
- Did you say Rich?
Uh, I thought you said Rick
No, I didn't
All right, well nice to meet
you Jesse.
[Lauren] Wait a minute,
this is just silly.
You said the tow company
would be here in an hour
and a half?
- Yeah, it's okay.
Well, no, you should just
stay here, and eat with us.
Right, honey?
No sense you sitting out
in the cold that long.
[Erin] Yeah, just stay.
He's being respectful.
You want some coffee?
Cup to go?
I don't want to go sit
in my truck but it's okay,
-I don't want to get in the way.
-Listen, listen.
Lauren will fix us some coffees.
We'll go outside, we'll relax-
I don't drink coffee!
But, thank you, really.
Nonsense, you're staying,
Erin, take his coat.
(everyone chattering)
[Jesse] Okay. (chuckles)
No, thank you, it's all right,
I'm fine.
[Lauren] Uh, can we fix you
a drink?
Ah, you guys are too much.
Really! Thank you!
Ah, yeah I'd love a drink.
(ominous instrumental music)
That's a cute dog.
[Will] Yeah, it's
probably dead.
[Jesse] Wow, that's a hell of
a view.
[Will] Yeah, not bad.
(gas flame burst)
[Lauren] Why don't you have a
[Jesse] After you.
[Will] You like whiskey, Jesse?
- Yes I do.
All right, on the rocks or
Ah, neat please.
[Will] The way it should be
drunk. Here you go.
It's a single malt, 18
years, the good stuff.
Huh, well I guess a
toast is in order then.
To you and Lauren and Erin!
[Will] Sure. This guy's meant to
be savored, true quality.
Yeah, I always gravitated
towards quantity.
Oh! That's jolly, wow!
Yeah, you can have another,
I mean only Will drinks it.
Yeah? You don't mind?
[Will] Not at all.
[Jesse] All right.
[Jesse] Erin, you ever tried
this stuff?
No, I haven't.
[Will] She wouldn't appreciate
it; she's a little young.
Actually, I would appreciate
being asked
if I wanted to try it.
[Will] Yeah, so you
don't have to sneak it.
I don't sneak it.
Come on, Will, what's the big
I've had alcohol before.
Honey, what time is it?
Um, it's a quarter to eight.
Getting toasty in here.
[Jesse] Guys you know what?
I used to bartend and
I make a special drink
that I know you're gonna love.
It's really simple.
Lauren, by any chance,
do you have any vodka,
sugar and cayenne pepper?
Uh, I might, let me check.
[Jesse] Great, uh,
last one, Will, okay?
You know I have some other
A nice smokey cinnamon mix--
No, no, no, no, this is
plenty wonderful,
I appreciate it.
[Lauren] looks like I
have everything.
Great, Erin, you want one?
[Will] No.
[Erin] Sure!
[Will] No, I'm good thanks.
Er! Check your phone,
see if anyone called.
No one called.
[Jesse] You know what? Let me
fix this drink and then ah,
I'll grab that phone and call my
Push on him a little bit.
Jesse, I'm fine, thank you,
I don't much like mixing.
[Jesse] Will, come on man.
I owe you a favor here.
Let me just get this to you
and you'll be good to go.
You know, I'm a whiskey guy.
I don't really like the sweet
Ah, come on Will, just try it.
(Jesse faintly singing song
Okay, here we go.
One for you.
- Thank you.
One for you.
- Thank you.
And that's for you.
[Jesse] And...
Let me know what you think.
To family.
- To family.
To the family.
Wow, huh, that's not bad.
A little sweet, but it's good.
It's good.
[Erin] This is incredible.
Yeah, it's really good, Jesse.
Thank you.
I'm glad you like it.
Let me get that phone really
Yeah, here you go.
I may not know how to golf,
but I got a couple skills up my
[Lauren] I should probably go
check on dinner.
Erin, why don't you give me a
[Jesse] Damn reception's
in and out.
I'll give a try again later.
Last, last one, Will.
There you go..
So, Will, uhh..
What do you do for work?
I wouldn't call it work per
It's more of a service to the
I'm the governor of Hill Valley.
Second term now.
It's an extreme commitment.
Long days and nights,
actually, that's why we | re here.
A little weekend getaway with
the family
before the new term kicks in.
You're a governor?
Man, that's somethin'!
Let me ask you, I always
wondered about this.
As a politician, I'm assuming
there's always people
that aren't happy with your
so I'm guessing what,
you just focus on the majority,
Well, yes, I mean decisions
affect everyone differently,
some people more than others.
And some people are
affected negatively too?
I'm sure it just happens.
Well, there's always people
who are going to criticize
the decisions we make.
You're obviously a man of high
How do you handle that?
Handle what?
Knowing you're trying
to make the best decision
but essentially hurting
people at the same time,
I try not to focus
on that aspect, really.
[Jesse] What aspect?
On the people who don't
from the decisions we make.
Oh, okay, I get it.
You just focus on the good,
Yeah, absolutely.
There's always gonna
be victims of decisions.
Whether those decisions are
meant for the good of the people
or just, you know, for a good
It is what is it.
"It is what it is."
[Jesse] And here's to the
victims and complainers
that stay quiet.
Thank God most of them know when
to keep their mouth shut, right?
Honey, how's that dinner
coming along?
[Lauren] Almost ready.
You know, it's getting
a bit hot in here.
Can you turn the heat down
I'm lookin' at you, Governor,
and I swear I've see you before.
Yeah. Yeah. Have we
crossed paths, bro?
Ah, I don't know, maybe you've
been to one of my conferences?
Conferences? Hell no.
The fuck would I go to
one of those things for?
(ominous instrumental music)
It's on the tip of my tongue.
Lauren, you don't look so good
Why don't you sit down?
Go ahead.
It's comin' to me, it's comin'
to me, it's comin' to me!
Yeah! Got it!
Rebecca Michaels.
Yeah, she's a friend of mine.
You know her right?
And um, oh, Beth Matanski,
another friend of mine.
Um, Lauren Tate, Crystal
Rowe, you know these women,
right, Governor?
[Erin] What is he talking about?
Who the fuck are you?
What did you put in that fucking
I'm the guy that's gonna get
the truth out of you tonight
if it kills you, or them.
I can see right through you,
like a dirty piece of glass.
Now he's gonna wipe some shit
and get down to that
honest part of ol' Will.
(Will gasping)
So when you wake up from your
we're gonna have some fun.
In the meantime, I'm gonna
hit the rest of this nasty
whiskey and go bang your
wife while you're sleeping.
Nighty-night, mother fucker.
(heart beating)
(ominous instrumental music)
(knife scraping)
(Jesse moaning and chewing)
[Jesse] Hmm. Yum. Hmm.
Lauren, these fucking Brussels
(everyone groaning and sobbing)
(Will groaning)
Where you going?
[Jesse] So, this is how
tonight | s gonna go.
Hopefully, Mr. Governor.
(table banging)
I'm going to ask you
three simple questions
that I already know the answers
Hopefully you tell me the truth.
I know that's going to be
It is not something you do
vey well.
But tonight, you got a big
We're going to find out what
kind of man you really are,
and Erin and Lauren are
going to hear everything.
So a little but about me.
I'll be right back.
All right.
(table and dish clatters)
All right, kids, let's
get this party started.
(blinds closing)
Isn't that somethin' else?
So, contrary to what you might
I'm actually a nice guy.
I just don't do nice things.
Much like you, Mr. Governor,
I provide a service
for the people as well.
But the service I provide
is for the victims,
not the popular vote.
It's for those who are unable,
or they don't have the means,
the financial resources, or
they're bullied into remaining
hidden and quiet.
I like to think I give
them a voice, an iron fist,
an opportunity for redemption.
Unfortunately, for you, Will,
I am very good at my fucking
That's quite the woman you got
(muffled crying)
It's too bad you don't
appreciate her more.
You appreciate
your daughter more.
Erin, you're cool.
I'm really sorry about how
this is going to go down.
I feel connected to you.
(laughs) It's weird.
I'm going to hurt you, and your
if big Will here can't tell the
Gov | nah! A little whiskey?
You're gonna love this!
One condition.
You gotta down it like a man,
like me.
Down the hatch.
Let's get this outta here for
you big guy.
Let's get this thing outta there
for you!
Oh! There ya go!
(Will gargling)
Yeah, that was piss.
Really good stuff.
Aged in my balls!
Not wasting good whiskey on you!
Relax, relax.
You okay?
There you go.
(Will coughing)
You gonna make it, Governor?
Oh, before I forget, one more
Will, Lauren, this is gonna get
It's gonna get really rough,
so because I have the
utmost respect for ladies,
I'm gonna give you an out.
If at any time, you want this to
it'd be my pleasure to make love
to Lauren.
It's gotta be consensual though.
At either one of your request.
I know it sounds crazy, but,
I think I'm in love with you.
And I think I can please you in
that semi-pro golfer never
Over my dead body!
(Lauren screaming and crying)
If that's the way it's gonna be?
That's the way it's gonna be!
Erin, Lauren, you good?
Cool. Here we go.
Eh em...
Stop cryin', stop!
William McCabe.
Question one!
Have you ever been brought up
on sexual harassment charges?
Six to be exact.
That you or your office have
bullied or settled outside
of the court system.
(ominous music)
(everyone yelling)
[Will] Stop, stop, stop!
[Lauren] Stop, he said stop.
Sorry, Lauren, I got carried
away there.
(Will screaming)
(Will choking)
Answer that wrong again,
and she gets it next.
In order to get to question two,
we have to resolve question one.
Sexual harassment, yes or no!
[Jesse] Good boy. (claps)
Thank God, I really didn't
want to hit your wife again.
Relax, come here.
[Will] No. No.
What are you doing?
[Jesse] Get ready, Will!
[Erin] Wait!
- Stop.
Please don't take her.
- Stop, stop!
[Jesse] Turn it off!
[Erin] Mom!
- No, please don't take her!
[Jesse] The truth, Will,
the truth!
[Erin] Mom!
Fuck you! Fuck you!
It's your fault, you fuck!
(ominous instrumental music)
(water running)
How's your hands? They okay?
They're a bit uncomfortable.
(short breaths)
(car stopping)
You be a good girl.
Be smart.
(ominous instrumental music)
(door knocking)
- Hold on!
(gun cocking)
Hey there!
Is this 633 Hillcrest Drive?
Ah, shit, you know, I couldn't
tell ya.
I came up with my lady friend
She drove, it was dark.
Oh really?
[Michael] And you see, um,
we're looking for an old buddy
of mine.
This looks like the
house, so I don't know...
Yeah it's just me and my
girl. I wish I could help ya.
Oh, what, uh let me guess,
a romantic getaway, right?
Yeah, something like that.
She's not your type man.
And what type is that?
A dude?
He's just fucking with you.
It's okay.
You're a funny guy.
We're sorry we bothered you.
We're going to leave you.
Have fun with your lady, buddy.
All right.
[Gary] Hey, wait.
[Michael] What?
- That's strange.
Isn't this your friend's car?
That looks a lot like my
friend's car.
Lemme guess...
He parked it
overnight, right?
Car was here when I got here.
Okay, well, if by some
strange chance you meet anyone
named William, let him
know that Gary and Michael
are looking for him, all right?
(door closes)
(ominous music)
How 'bout you untie me too,
See what happens!
[Jesse] Oh, man.
I'm being tested
right now.
I'm being tested.
Thought I was doin' the
right thing,
(exhales) but it | s okay.
It's okay.
You know what, Will?
Let's just get right down to it.
What do you say?
Question number two.
Have you had sexual intercourse
with other women since pledging
your infidelity to Lauren?
Okay, okay, okay, okay!
Two down, two down.
You fucking pussy.
[Jesse] Good.
All right.
I gotta threaten you to tell the
That's somethin'.
A real man would just fess up to
his sins.
That's what a real man would do.
Right, Lauren?
Real men!
Real men!
A real man!
Let's just go right into three.
Get it over with.
Then I'll let you guys be.
And it should be a quick answer,
because I know the truth of this
And here's how we're
going to play this one.
If you lie to me on this
one, I'm...
going to...
bite you.
Okay, here we go.
Question number three.
Did you ever rape anyone?
There were accusations--
(everyone screaming)
[Lauren] No!
Ah, fuck!
You motherfucker!
You fucking little mutt!
I'm going to fucking tear
you apart, you little fucker!
Going to have you hung by your
fucking dick, motherfucker!
Chopped into fucking pieces!
I told you I was going
to bite you.
[Will] Do you hear me?
Is that a yes or a no?
(Will screaming)
Is that a yes or a no?
- Yes!
(Will screaming)
My favorite fucking shirt,
Your ear's next.
And I'll let you pick, 'cause
I'm fucking nice like that!
Now you got me, boy!
Erin? Baby, this is going to
be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
How is this okay?
Not gonna let anything happen
to you.
I'm not going to let
anything happen to you.
Shut the fuck up!
Rape? Rape!
Who the fuck are you?
Let's just get through this!
We'll be okay.
What are you doing?
Stop! Stop it!
What are you doing?!
Stop! William, he'll kill us!
What are you doing?
No, don't, don't!
You fuck!
You fucking pig!
(ominous instrumental music)
(Will gasping)
(Will panting)
(Will screaming)
(men grunting)
[Jesse] Enjoy your walk?
[Will] Ahhhh!!
[Jesse] Get up!
I'm not done with you.
Get the fuck up!
Get up, walk!
[male voice] Everything okay
over there?
[Will] Errgh!
[Gary] Easy man. We met at the
house before, remember?
Will, is that you?
Jesus! What's going on tonight?
Please, help me, my family's
being held-
What's your friend's names,
I said what's your friend's
Looks like it's been
a long night for Will.
Maybe you should let him go.
[Jesse] Can't do.
- Why's that?
You guys should mind your own
or there's gonna be a fuckin'
[Gary] The only problem we have
here is that good old Will here
is our business.
Is that so?
[Michael] So look how 'bout
you let him go?
You walk away, go have fun with
your wife,
and you'll never see
us again? Sounds fair?
Like I said, can't do.
Too bad.
Don't do it.
(guns firing)
(guns firing)
(Michael grunts)
(gunfire continues)
(men grunting)
(heavy breathing)
(head crunching)
(gun firing)
(ominous instrumental music)
(distant dogs barking)
Sit down!
Put your hands behind your
fuckin' back.
[Will] Ack!
(Will screaming)
(Will crying)
Are you okay?
I can't do this anymore.
(object clacking)
(ominous music builds)
(men grunting)
(knife stabs)
(Michael screaming)
Stab him!
Fucking stab him!
Do it!
Erin, no, no, no, no, no!
- I'm going to kill you!
Stop, Erin, stop!
Stop, stop, stop, Erin, stop,
Stop! Look, she's a fucking kid!
She | s a fucking kid!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Come on, come on.
(ominous instrumental music)
(music artist faintly singing
Play it loud.
I'm growing over you
Growing over you, each and
every day
I'm growing over you
Growing over you, each
and every day
Been a hell of a night, huh?
This next question is a tough
one, Will.
I really don't want to ask.
I'm not looking forward to
it, but I kinda have to.
Hope you don't mind, Lauren.
[Lauren] You said three
questions, right?
When is enough, enough?
[Will] Look, I'm sick.
I have a problem, I know.
If I could take it all
back, I swear, I would.
That's why I came here this
To start over.
I want to be a better man.
I want to be a better person.
I know that I need help,
and I'll get it.
I will, I promise.
That's good, Will.
But what's done is done.
This next question is very
but it has to be said just
to get the truth out there,
'cause I don't think Lauren
knows who she's married to.
you ever force
yourself on your daughter?
- What?
Did you ever force yourself
on your daughter, Will?
No, No, oh, God, no!
Answer me!
Look, she's not even
my fucking daughter.
[Lauren] You fuck, you fuck,
you fuck, you fuck!
(Will groaning)
Hold on, hold on!
How much do you want?
Whatever you want, you can have
it, Jesse!
You just name your price!
Let's go, boy, come on, boy!
Come on.
(Will grunts)
Come on.
(Will grunting)
Come on, boy.
(Will grunting)
Come on.
Come on, boy.
(Will grunting)
(Will whimpering)
That's it?
(Will grunting)
[Will] Help me.
H-help me.
(bone breaking)
(Will grunting)
Stop. Jesse.
I want you to stop.
You can have me, okay?
(Will screaming)
[Jesse] Hear that, Will?
(Will coughing)
She wants me!
This is for me, not you,
you son of a bitch.
(ominous instrumental music)
(dramatic fan blades spinning)
(Will exhales)
(ominous music continues)
I don't get it.
Pieces of dog shit like you,
you commit these disgusting
All you fucking suits.
You think you're in positions
of power 'cause you got money.
You think you're invincible,
You actually convince yourself,
for whatever delusional
reason that you're allowed
to prey on people.
And guys like me,
get locked up for
getting into a fight,
or smoking weed in my car.
I got unpaid fines I can't
fuckin' afford,
'cause I can't find a job.
And then motherfuckers
like you,
you guys walk away scot-free,
with your head held up high.
I fuckin' hate people like you.
How's it feel to be powerless
Huh, Will?
I love seeing you like this.
(boot kicks face)
I never loved you.
I knew you were cheating on me
since the day we were married,
but I wanted to give her a
better life.
At the time, I actually
appreciated you taking her in,
even though she wasn't yours.
And that was the only
reason I stayed with you.
I took the cheating,
the shame,
the embarrassment.
You know, when we first arrived,
I was conflicted.
This was only supposed to be a
good idea
for me to get a legitimate
and take you for everything you
But when I found out you
touched my little girl,
who was too ashamed to tell me
I now have a question of my own.
Did you think I wouldn't be
able to kill you, William?
(ominous instrumental music)
(clock ticking)
[Lauren] I read it's the
deepest one in the state.
[Will] Hi, can I help you?
- I'm hoping you can.
Lauren, by any chance you got
vodka, sugar and cayenne pepper?
I might, let me check.
- Great.
Last one, Will, this is great.
It's time.
What'd he do to you?
(Erin winces)
You didn't know?
No, of course I didn't know.
[Jesse] How could you not
[Erin] Dad!
Get the car ready?
- Yeah.
That's my girl.
Anything you want to say to him?
(loud splash)
(intense music)
(pulsing music)
(pulsing music)
(music begins to fade)
(music more faint)