Malicious Mind Games (2022) Movie Script

I hate these things.
We're closed.
Is someone there?
Where are you, I can't?
Ma'am, are you all right?
Are you okay?
You were screaming.
Yeah, I guess I had a nightmare.
Sometimes, I fall
asleep standing.
I didn't know that Cameron
hired a new security guard.
I live across the street,
haven't seen you before.
Yeah, Monday was my first day.
I'd appreciate it if
you didn't tell Cameron
I fell asleep at work.
Your secret's safe with me.
So, I guess the
theater's doing better?
Cameron's had a rough
couple years.
She was in a bad car accident
and one trouble led to another.
Well, like money trouble
among other things,
but I'm sure it's all
in the past.
I'm not really one of gossip.
Oh, of course.
Anyway, oh crap.
I gotta go.
My hospital shift
starts in an hour.
Long night?
It's one of the perks
of being single.
You sure you're okay?
I'm fine.
All right.
One more thing.
You should grab a chair from
Cameron's office to sit on.
As long as you put it
back before you leave,
she won't care.
Be a lot more comfortable
to fall asleep on.
That's a good idea.
All right,
new cameras are up and rolling.
Call if you have any problems.
Of course.
Thank you.
Okay, so all of my backups
are right here.
Much more secure.
And this is our portable
monitor, all right?
I have to go.
I'll see you later.
Cameron, wait.
Can you show how to work the
new system before you leave?
Sure, right quick.
So right here,
all the cameras are on the
outside of the building.
We have cameras on the alley,
the backstage, front of
the house, and theater.
So you just have to click
here to see each view.
Go ahead.
Who's that?
I'm so sorry.
Let me just.
Excuse me?
Rosaline, what are you doing?
Can I borrow it?
It's real leather.
Can you imagine how cool
and mysterious I'd look
if I came into school
with this tomorrow?
I'm sure you would, honey,
but this is a place of business,
not your personal closet.
Sorry, Cameron.
You know what?
Just take it.
It'll look great on you.
And I'm sure it'll make
quite an impression,
that is, if your mom says yes.
Just don't touch the costume
jewelry in this case.
Some of them are pretty fragile,
Thanks for the jacket.
Thank you, seriously.
And thanks for the job.
I think a new job and a new
school would be a fresh start.
When did leather jackets
come back in style?
Who knows with kids.
Stay awake, Izzy.
Stay awake.
Hey, hey.
From the corner store.
Best espresso in the
whole neighborhood.
Oh, let me just...
No, no, no, please.
It's a gift.
I know how brutal the
night shift can be
before you get adjusted.
And after you get adjusted.
Well, in that case.
Mm, that is good.
It's amazing, right?
My daughter and I just moved
to the suburbs near here
and don't really know anyone
or anything in the neighborhood.
Well, now you know where
to get good coffee.
And now, you know me.
Are you studying to get
your masters?
Yeah, I am, an MBA in
theater management.
It's one of the reasons I
took this job,
to get some peace and
quiet to study.
Be careful what you wish for.
You know, you should try
listening to classical music
when you study.
I used do that back in
medical school.
That's a good idea.
Any recs?
Yeah, actually,
Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture
will definitely keep you, yeah...
It's got the cannons at the end.
You know, I actually won a baton
that belonged to Tchaikovsky
at a charity auction last year.
And now that I'm saying
that out loud,
that is the nerdiest thing
I've ever said.
I'm so sorry.
Well, everybody has a hobby.
Anyway, how's the job going?
No complaints.
No reason.
It's just, well, the
local high school theater
puts on their fall play here
and Cameron barely
charges them anything,
which is totally nice.
But she gave a key to the
building to the old director,
but she barely knew him.
I got kind of a creepy vibe.
Well, she gave me a key
and barely knows me,
but she did a background
check on me first.
Well, I'm just kind of
worried about her.
There's been a lot of
people coming
and going at odd hours recently.
I mean, the whole
neighborhood's talking.
Mr. Adams, he owns the
diner down the street.
He thinks that it's loan sharks.
Loan sharks, like people who...
Bust your knee cap or slice
your face if you don't pay.
I know, scary.
Anyway, on that note,
I gotta go,
but enjoy your coffee.
We'll talk soon?
I'll be here.
Oh, and thanks again for this.
Of course.
You have everything you need?
Phone, keys, EpiPen?
Mom, yes.
We've been through all
this already.
Show me.
Stop worrying.
How are you?
Work's okay?
Of course, honey.
Working nights isn't
the greatest,
but I get to spend time
with you during the day.
Lemons into lemonade, right?
No coffee.
- I passed you a soda.
- Sheesh, mom.
That's more than
enough caffeine.
God, it's just coffee.
It's not like I'm
asking to do drugs.
Caffeine is a drug, thank
you very much,
and it's just as
dangerous as any other.
Plus, I packed like three
energy shots in here.
You don't want it.
Oh yeah, that's not
dangerous at all.
No wonder you've
been so jittery.
It's fine.
I'm fine.
As for you, you should get
a good night's sleep tonight
instead of chit
chatting on the phone.
I miss my friends.
I know, honey.
You'll make new ones.
All right.
Knock 'em dead, honey.
I always do.
Help, help me!
Help me!
Stay away from her!
Come on, Izzy, get a grip.
Mr. Cho, I'm Rosaline's mom.
We have a meeting?
We had a meeting at 4:00.
Now, it's nearly 5:00.
I really need to speak with you.
Ms. Richardson, Rosaline
skipped my class,
was caught making
out with a boy,
and didn't submit an
essay she was assigned.
She has detention and
that's final.
I understand
and I'm very sorry I was late,
but I wanna speak with you
about Rosaline's behavior,
not excuse it.
we both have been having
a difficult time
with the death of her father.
My husband.
He died last year.
Sorry for your loss.
After he died,
Rosaline's been acting
out, skipping school,
running off, but she's
not a bad kid.
We moved here for a fresh start,
you know?
Have you considered a therapist?
Rosaline had brief counseling
for a few months last year,
but I haven't found
anywhere here yet.
I can get a referral
from the school counselor
and you should encourage
her to join some clubs.
Maybe she can audition
for the Fall play.
Thanks for the suggestion,
but I'm not sure Rosaline
is much of a theater kid.
Are you sure?
This year's play is the
"Twelfth Night."
It's very funny.
The kids always love it.
Well, I'll see if
she's interested.
If she decides to audition,
maybe I can pull some
strings and get her a part.
I know the director.
Kidding, everyone gets a part.
It's not a very big
theater club.
He's the one your daughter
was getting friendly with.
Definitely have to talk to
her about that.
Anyway, I'll let you know.
Ms. Richardson.
Call me Isabel.
In that case, call me Henry.
I'll see you around, Isabel.
Hi, mom.
Maybe you could introduce
me to your friend.
Mom, this is Jonathan.
Jonathan, this is my mom.
It's nice to meet you, Ms.
Nice to meet you too,
although it would be even nicer
if you and my daughter hadn't
gotten detention together.
I should probably get going.
My mom's waiting.
Oh, maybe you could
introduce me.
Mom, hey.
You're practically
grounded for...
Ms. Richardson, this is my mom.
Mom, this is Rosaline
and her mom.
They just moved to town.
Yeah, it's good to
see you again.
It's good to see you again too.
Oh, you guys know each other?
Well, we never officially
exchanged names.
I'm Isabel.
Well, I guess we'd
better get going.
Nice to meet you, Jonathan.
I'll see you soon.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Super cute.
No, I'm just trying to help.
You really wanna help?
I need another loan.
I'm sorry, I have given
you all I can give.
Do you have any idea
what they'll do if I can't pay?
You owe me!
I'm the one that used
my connections
for your posh apartment.
I'm the one that introduced you!
This is a private conversation!
- Cameron?
- Go.
I'm sorry, the door was open.
Sit outside and stop
drunk people
from peeing on the front
steps or something.
I don't pay you to eavesdrop.
I didn't hear anything.
Okay, I need to scale
back on these.
Help, help!
Somebody's being murdered
at 1739 Harwood Street,
third floor, downtown, across
from the Regent Theater.
Hurry, third floor.
Can you give us a
description of the victim?
Yes, she's maybe about
five seven, white, long hair.
No, no.
Chin length hair,
wearing a white shirt
and red pants.
This is the police,
open the door.
Officers, can I help you?
It can't be.
Ma'am, someone reported screams
coming from this apartment.
Do you live here?
I do.
I was actually watching
a scary movie earlier.
Could that be what they heard?
What are those scratches from?
Oh, my cat.
I was trying to give him
the bath earlier
and he hates water.
You're welcome to come in
and take a look around.
Oh, well, keep the TV down.
I will.
I'm so sorry about that,
Have a good night.
Ms. Richardson, are you
sure you're all right?
You look like you've
seen a ghost.
I saw a woman get murdered.
I did.
She was pounding on the
window, screaming for help.
Someone put a rope around
her neck, dragged her away.
But when we opened the door,
there she was.
Look, I know how
crazy it sounds,
but I couldn't make this up.
Are these yours?
All of them?
It's a new job.
It's been hard to stay awake.
You know caffeine is a
powerful mind altering drug.
That's what I always
tell my daughter.
Add in all the chemicals
in these energy shots
plus the sleep deprivation
that has you taking them,
your mind can play
tricks on you.
What are you saying, detective?
I'm sure this was scary for you,
but no one was killed.
You made it up, imagined it.
I know what I saw.
24/7 energy boost can
have strong side effects.
And like I said...
Lack of sleep, I know,
but that's not what's
happening here.
It felt real.
Not just felt, it was real.
I know it was.
If that's the case, then
where's the evidence?
When your shift is over,
you should go home and
get a good night's sleep,
Ms. Richardson.
I'm a single mother of
a 16 year old daughter.
I'd be lucky to get five hours.
At the very least, ease
off the caffeine
and get some blackout curtains.
They really do help.
Thank you, detective, really.
Morning, mom.
How was work?
What's wrong, honey?
Nothing, I was just
saying good morning.
Not like you ever listen
to anything I say.
Rosaline, I am absolutely
not in a mood for this today.
Oh, Mr. Cho said that I can
take a test for extra credit
if I come in this morning.
Our conversation isn't over,
you know?
Yeah, I think it is.
Rosaline, I don't wanna
fight with you.
Then why won't you let me
date boys, mom?
Is that a rhetorical question?
It's us against the world,
not us against each other.
Yeah, but mom, you don't
even know Jonathan.
Well, when you get your
English grade up,
we will discuss it.
Why are you sitting in
the dark anyway?
You don't want to open
up the curtains,
get some light in here?
Have you been
sleepwalking again?
No, I'm fine.
And thank you.
For what?
Taking my advice about
joining the theater club.
I think it'll be good for you.
Yeah, we'll see.
Oh, the parent-teacher
conference is this afternoon.
Can you be there?
Of course, honey.
I'll pick you up from school
and we'll drive over together.
Sorry I'm late.
You work here?
Well, she's...
That's cool.
Are you a manager?
I'm a security guard, but
maybe one day.
My mom is studying to
be a theater manager.
All right, let's all
head inside.
After you.
I'll be right back.
So cute, he used to wear
his shirt just like that.
For you.
Oh, I don't drink coffee,
You don't, since when?
I'll take that coffee, mom.
Nice try, kid.
Stop calling me kid.
You're embarrassing me.
I'll stop calling you kid
when you stop being one.
You know what?
It's early enough.
I'll take it.
Thank you.
Good, 'cause I wanted
to pay you back
and to apologize for
the other night.
- Henry.
- Henry?
Hey, nice to see you again.
You too.
Good afternoon, Rosaline,
Jonathan, Ms. Everett.
Hi, Mr. Cho.
Told you, "Twelfth Night,"
it's hard to resist.
Yeah, thanks for
that suggestion.
Okay, everyone.
Can we make our way
into the theater please?
Thank you very much.
Half these kids look like
they're sleep walking.
They could use a good
dose of that 1812.
1812, the Tchaikovsky
Overture you recommended.
I'm sorry, I don't know
what you're talking about.
Are you okay?
Oh, yeah, I'm fine.
I was gardening the other day
and I tripped and fell
into my rose bush
and got all scratched up.
It's kind of embarrassing.
You know, I'm gonna use
the ladies room.
Is everything okay?
Oh, yeah, I was just
admiring the architecture.
The theater has such a
beautiful design, right?
It isn't my place,
but that seemed like a
pretty intense argument
with you and Cameron last night.
Cameron can be a bit
intense sometimes,
but she's harmless.
At least, I think she is.
You sure you're okay?
You seem different.
You know, I'm just dealing
with some old wounds
that have been
reopening recently.
My ex-husband, he's,
well, we got
divorced a year ago.
He was sleeping with
the secretary.
That's horrible.
I know, and so cliche too.
Anyway, he's been wanting
to spend a lot of time
with Jonathan recently,
and just afraid he is
gonna be a bad influence,
you know?
Burden of being a parent.
So what about you?
Are you married, divorced?
My husband died last year,
Oh my god, I'm so sorry.
Tell me about him.
If you want to.
I mean, you don't have
to if it's too painful.
It's been 13 months
since the car accident.
I wanna talk about him.
His name was Finn.
He was the funniest person
I've ever known
or ever will know probably.
We were best friends
from the moment we met.
You must really miss him.
I do, but I have to keep
moving forward for Rosaline.
He would've wanted that.
Sorry if I've been a bit nosy.
I just really
appreciate your kindness
and wanna make sure you're okay.
These nights can be really long
and seeing your cheery
face each morning
with a coffee in hand,
it's a lifesaver, so thank you.
Well, I'm really glad I met you.
I'll see you downstairs?
Wait a minute.
The security footage.
Is somebody there?
Whoever you are,
you're trespassing.
Leave before I call the police!
Isabel, what are you doing here?
I work here.
What are you doing here?
I left my wallet earlier,
came back to grab it,
heard a noise.
Are you all right?
What happened?
A few nights ago, I
witnessed something.
A crime, a murder, or I
thought it was,
but the police don't believe
me and I don't have any proof.
But look, that's
where it happened.
It might have been
caught on camera,
but someone attacked me,
destroyed the hard drive.
If nothing happened,
then why did someone bother
to destroy the footage?
I sound crazy.
You've had a shock.
We gotta call the cops.
So you believe me?
When you've eliminated
the impossible,
whatever remains, however
improbable, must be the truth.
Sherlock Holmes.
You really are an
English teacher.
It's incurable.
Just go to the ER,
get your head checked
out just in case.
I'm fine, really.
That's why I said just in case.
I agree with Cameron.
It can't hurt, right?
Detective, can I talk
to you outside?
This is connected to what
happened the other night.
Ms. Richardson, nothing
happened the other night.
Someone hit at me over the
head and wrecked the office.
It can't be a coincidence.
Look, the safe is open.
Whoever broke in was
looking for cash,
got mad when they
couldn't find any,
and trashed the place.
You still believe there
was a murder,
and what, a coverup?
You saw the so-called murder
victim with your own two eyes.
Ms. Richardson...
I know something
happened that night.
I know.
Good day, Ms. Richardson.
I'll meet you up there.
Rosaline, what are you doing?
Nothing, just cleaning
up, hanging up clothes.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
It looks like you're trying
to pick out an
outfit for a date.
Who's the lucky boy?
Okay, mom, I...
Rosaline May Richardson,
you did not ask out
that delinquent.
Mom, it's one date.
What's so wrong with him, mom?
It's not him exactly.
How well do you even
know him or his family?
And is it the best idea
to start dating someone
so soon after the move?
Okay, look, I know I
freaked you out before,
and you want me to stay
out of trouble,
and I have been, but
now I can't meet people?
I mean, come on, mom.
Didn't you go on dates when
you were in high school?
Well, of course I did.
Then what's the problem?
Is it dad
or you're lonely so everyone
else has to be lonely too?
I'm sorry, but seriously.
You know if dad were here,
he wouldn't be so
weird about it.
You're bound and determined
to go out with him,
so go ahead, but I'm driving.
No, mom, come on.
Oh, mom, come on, no.
That's the deal.
- Take it or leave it.
- Fine.
Do you have any shoes
that'll go with my dress?
You're sure they live here?
Yeah, why?
I thought they had an
apartment in town.
I don't know, mom.
Maybe they have two.
Your skirt's a little short,
isn't it?
Hi, Ms. Richardson.
Ready to go?
- Mm-hmm.
- Sure.
Actually, can I talk to
your mother for a minute?
Oh, she's not here.
I think she had a meeting
with the lady who
owns the theater.
Oh, Cameron?
Well then, let's go.
Love this jacket on you.
Looks like she's quite
the gardener.
I don't see any rose bushes.
We don't have any rose bushes.
And you don't have a cat,
do you?
- Mom?
- No.
What are you doing?
Come on, we're gonna be late,
come on.
Right, let's get you guys
to the movies.
I actually won a baton
that belonged to Tchaikovsky
at a charity auction last year.
My shift just ended,
came in to say goodbye.
Thanks, Isabel.
Is there anything else?
I wanted to ask you
about the case
with the costume jewelry.
I thought maybe we
could move it.
No, don't touch that.
It's very valuable.
I'm sorry.
It's just that it doesn't
quite fit in the case.
I didn't notice it before.
Have you had it for a while?
No, and it's not gonna be
here for long.
Where'd you get it?
You ask a lot of questions.
It was a gift.
Someone gave that to you?
My gosh.
Listen, I'd appreciate
it if you kept this quiet
kind of like how I've been quiet
about your so-called
study habits
when you were supposed
to be working.
Are you sure you're okay, mom?
Oh, of course, honey,
nothing you need to worry about.
You can tell me things if
it's money or something.
I'm old enough to get an
after school job.
No, no, no, no, we're fine.
I appreciate you offering.
Love you, mom.
Right, have a good
day at school.
Pull yourself together, Izzy.
Stake outs seem a lot
more fun in the movies.
Make no compare
between that love a woman
can bear me and
that I owe Olivia.
Aye, but I know.
What dost thou know?
Too well what
love women to men may owe.
In faith, they are as true
of heart as we.
My father had a
daughter loved a man.
As it might be, perhaps,
were I a woman.
I should, your lordship.
That's great, guys.
Let's skip to the end for a bit.
Jonathan, wanna start
on line 2415?
One face, one voice, one
habit, and two persons.
Let's actually take 10, guys.
Awesome work.
Good job.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to
interrupt your rehearsal.
No, it's fine.
They needed a break anyway.
Are you here for the parent
fundraising meeting later?
Henry, I basically live here.
I'm here for a lot of things,
but I did wanna talk to you.
Oh, about Rosalie?
Not about her, per se.
You'll think I'm a
horrible gossip.
Come on, I teach at a high
school in the suburbs.
I promise you I've
heard worse gossip.
How well do you know Megan?
She's really helped with
the theater club this year
after Mr. Branson left.
Mr. Branson?
The old 12th grade
English teacher.
He ran the theater club
until he retired last year.
To be honest, I would've been
really lost without Megan.
She made all the
arrangements with Cameron
to rent the theater out again.
She's the one who made the
arrangements with Cameron?
Well, Mr. Branson
started it all,
but she took over as
school liaison.
Why do you wanna know?
Rosaline and Jonathan
have been spending a lot
of time together
and I just wanna know who
she's hanging out with.
Especially after what
happened with the two of them?
Maybe I'm being a
helicopter mom,
but after the year she's had,
I just wanna make
sure she's okay.
I get that.
Megan is tenacious.
Her ex had great lawyers,
but she still ended up with
custody, alimony, and the house.
She's someone who gets
what she wants.
Did you hear that?
Look out!
Are you okay?
Tell me what happened...
It's so irresponsible.
I have no idea.
I have no idea.
I cannot believe that that's...
- Still on the stage?
- Yeah.
Do you know what
happened at the stage?
You know, I don't know.
One of the lights fell down
and I'm not sure how
it happened.
It's so terrible, isn't it?
It's unsafe.
It's scary.
I'm Elena.
This is Sharon, Kelly, Megan.
Oh, Megan and I already
know each other.
So I hear you're the
ones to talk to
if I wanna get Rosaline more
involved in the theater club?
That's right,
even though I don't know
how much more involved
she could be.
I mean, she's already
the star of the show.
Well, it's not really
about the theater group.
It's more that I'm worried
she's not making any friends.
We just moved, you know,
fresh start.
Well, you picked a great
place to live, right, ladies?
My daughter Therese,
she plays Olivia,
she's having a slumber
party this Saturday.
I know she already
adores Rosaline.
She'd be welcome to come.
That sounds great.
I appreciate that.
You know, you're welcome
to hang out with us too.
We all go out to a bar
when the kids are together.
Sounds like a plan.
I can't believe Kim wore
that to a fundraiser meeting.
That's what happens
when your husband finds
out you're having an affair
and then leaves you
with the electric bill.
Hi, ladies.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I love the bow.
- Oh, thank you.
Ladies, let's go to
the bar area.
I like that idea.
Let's go.
That's why I'm saying we
should just have a bake sale.
Oh, come on, Kim, not
another bake sale.
Last year's bake sale
raised a thousand dollars
for the fall play.
And it was barely enough
to build the sets.
And besides, come on, everyone,
raise your hand if
someone in your family
has some sort of
dietary restriction.
Sorry, bake sales are a
waste of time.
Okay, then what's
your great idea?
Black tie fundraiser.
We invite the whole
community, even the kids.
That's not a bad idea.
Okay. And where
would we have this?
Maybe one of our houses.
I'll volunteer my house.
Oh, we could charge for tickets,
but still have a silent
auction, a dance portion.
Maybe even a dinner.
Just do a whole event.
Well then, shall we put
it to a vote?
All those in favor of my
brilliant idea, raise your hand.
Mm-hmm, that's great.
Oh, come on,
Kim, don't leave like that.
You can bring your
snickerdoodles to the party.
Queen Megan reigns supreme.
So, you excited for
your sleepover?
It's not a sleepover.
It's not?
So I should come pick you
up after the movie then?
No, I mean, I'm
sleeping at Therese's,
but it's not like a sleepover,
Those are for kids.
Right, 'cause you're so grown.
Mom, come on.
And even if it were
a sleep over,
I can't act like I'm excited.
That's right,
'cause you're pretending to
be all cool and mysterious.
I'm not pretending, mom.
I am cool and mysterious.
I'm sure you are, honey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, Therese hasn't talked
about anything
except Rosaline for the
past two days.
Aww, she really likes her too.
Therese tells me
that Rosaline is the
coolest girl in school,
and clearly all the rest
of them agree.
I guess it's all
about confidence.
Fake it til you make it, right?
Girls, you can put your
bags up in Therese's room
and then we're gonna leave.
Jonathan, is your dad meeting
us at the theater or here?
The theater, I guess.
All right, cool.
All right, let's get going.
- So I'll see you later?
- Definitely.
Have fun, honey.
Oh, Jonathan, I could use
your help in the kitchen.
Hey, you're not gonna
go to the bar with us?
No, thanks.
Tonight's my night off,
so I just kinda wanna go
home and get some sleep.
Come on, I know the long
nights at the theater
must be pretty lonely.
Come on, I'd really like
to just know you.
You know what, sure.
- I'll see you there.
- Great
So sorry I'm late.
I had to, it doesn't matter.
I just, I'm here.
Did you order?
Is everyone else still
on their way?
Right, no, actually.
They decided to stay and
watch the movie.
Pretty sure they're just trying
to be like slick chaperones,
so it's just us.
Oh, well, okay.
That's great though.
We can have some good
one on one time.
Mm, thank you.
Here, have some.
Oh no, I'm fine.
I'm allergic to shellfish.
Rosaline and I both
are actually.
I'm sorry, should I not
have ordered this?
Oh no, no, no, it's fine.
I just can't have any.
Okay, sorry.
So, how is the theater?
It's fine.
You sure?
What do you mean?
No, I just know
that the theater's had
some financial problems,
and Cameron's messed up
with some bad people,
and I'm just worried about her.
It's fine.
She's fine.
Good, 'cause the theater's
been a lifesaver for Jonathan
with the whole divorce.
It's been really
helpful with Rosaline
and the death of her
father also.
Yeah, you know,
you and I are
actually a lot alike.
You think so?
I don't think we are
very much alike.
Well, we have more in common
than other parents at school.
How so?
Well, you're a widow
and I'm divorced.
We both know what it's like
to lose the life we were
supposed to live.
What do you mean by that?
Nevermind, you probably
wouldn't understand.
No, no, try me.
I want to understand.
I want to understand you.
Okay, well, I was adopted.
I never really knew my
birth parents,
so I don't remember
them or anything,
but my adoptive parents,
they never really cared
about me much.
I wasn't even a kid to them.
It was more of a tool
or a pawn really
just to help elevate their
status in life.
That's awful.
Yeah, it was.
I played the role I was
expected to play.
I married my high
school sweetheart,
I had a baby, I stayed home,
all of that.
You know, it was never
like I thought it would be.
But now that's gone, and
now I'm the divorced mom,
and I don't even know what
I'm supposed to do next.
I know life plans can
change in an instant,
in a fraction of a second,
but you still have time,
don't you?
Oh yeah, time for what?
Time for whatever, anything,
whatever you want to do.
It doesn't matter.
It's not like you've
made any huge mistakes.
You still have a chance, right?
I'm gonna use the ladies room.
Cameron, I'm starting my shift.
Oh my god, Cameron!
Oh my god, hold on.
Hold on, I'm gonna
call somebody.
You're gonna be okay, okay?
Anything else you can tell me?
All right, I'll check
with the daytime guard
and see what else I can
get from them.
We don't have a daytime
security guard, just me.
Troubles, I got that.
I have to see if Cameron
has any family to call.
I can't believe the cameras
were disconnected again.
Don't beat yourself up.
Cameron may have done
that on purpose.
We received an anonymous tip
that a valuable baton
had been stolen
from a resident
across the street.
That may have been what
you saw that night,
Cameron breaking in.
We think she took it to
cover her debts.
You really think she stole it?
We'll do some further
I'll see myself out.
Celine Russell?
I'm a private investigator.
Your family hired me.
They just wanna make
sure you're okay.
My family?
Yeah, I guess they would be a
little worried, but I'm fine.
You can tell them that.
They didn't need to hire
a private investigator.
Well, they're more than a
little worried.
I think if you told them
yourself that you're okay,
it would go a long way.
They just wanna know
what's going on with you.
Nothing's going on with me.
I just don't wanna
talk with them.
They should respect that.
Well, they're concerned.
Your father gave me a message
to pass on if I saw you.
He doesn't understand why you
quit your job at the hospital,
but said, if you need money,
you can always come to him.
How nice of him.
Well, no one's heard from
you in a month.
Surely, you can see why they
may wonder what's going on.
If you're unhappy or hurt,
there are people who
want to help.
Well, I'm fine.
You're an investigator.
You found me.
Your job's done.
I do have one last
message from your family.
Your mother told me to
ask you if I found you
if all of this has anything
to do with your sister?
I said, I'm fine, all right?
I just don't wanna talk to them.
They should respect
that and so should you.
Look, I don't know why
you're angry with them.
Maybe you have a good reason,
but if you cut yourself
off from your family,
be certain that's really
what you want.
That wound takes a long
time to heal.
That's none of your business.
The next time I see you,
I'm gonna call the cops.
- I understand.
- Yeah, great.
What did you wanna
talk to me about?
Said you needed my help
with something.
Did it have something to
do with the light
that came crashing down?
Not exactly.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't have
asked you to come here.
Isabel, no, of course
you should have.
What's wrong?
I'm sorry, this was a mistake.
I'll see you at the fundraiser,
Oh, there's Jonathan, and
Therese, and everyone.
He looks so cute.
Go have fun, honey.
I'll talk to you later.
All right, I'll see you
when the auction starts.
As long as you don't expect me
to buy you one of those
expensive aromatherapy baskets.
- Just one.
- I love you, but not that much.
Hey, Isabel.
Hey, Sharon.
You know where the bathroom is?
I've never been here before,
but I just saw Megan.
Let me go look.
Oh no, no, no.
She's probably hosting.
I'll find it myself.
What are you doing?
Henry, hi.
Am I interrupting?
Oh, Megan asked me to come
here and look for something.
Celebrity headshots
for the auction.
Oh, I wasn't aware that
Megan collected headshots.
Yeah, her ex-husband's
cousin was a collector
and they got all of her
things before she died.
Huh, that's very generous of
her to donate to the auction.
Yeah, yeah.
What are you doing here?
Oh, came to drop off my coat.
Can I help you look?
Oh no, you don't have to.
No, I insist.
You don't need to do it
all by yourself.
Oh, it's fine.
I got it really.
Megan, are you in here?
Oh no.
Oh, hi.
Hi, Kim, Mrs. Bradford.
You can call me Kim.
It's okay, Mr. Cho.
Sorry to interrupt.
I was looking for Megan.
She's not here.
I can see that.
Well, I'll leave you
two to it then.
What was that?
I misled you about why I'm here.
You mean lied.
Isabel, what's really
going on here?
Remember when I told you
I thought I saw a murder?
Well, Cameron's involved
and I think Megan is too,
but I'm not sure if it was
a murder or something else.
You think I'm crazy?
No, Megan's been acting
really strange lately.
Something's up with her,
I know it.
But why would she do this?
Oh, she's involved in
Cameron's money troubles,
but I'm not sure how yet.
I tried to get into her
apartment the other day,
but she was there so I'm
looking for evidence here.
You know what?
How can I help?
Check that box.
You know, I think we
need more grapes.
Do you have some more?
Of course.
- Let me get that for you.
- Okay.
What are we even looking for?
I don't know.
Maybe it's just a fools errand.
Megan and Celine reunited
after all this time?
Who's Celine?
And why is her half missing?
- Call 9-1-1!
- Oh my gosh, Rosaline!
She just collapsed
all of a sudden.
I don't know what happened.
It's all right, it's okay,
it's okay.
It's okay, you're okay.
Come on, okay, okay.
Will Rosaline be okay?
For now, but epinephrine
is only temporary
so I have to get her to the
hospital before it wears off.
Are you okay to walk?
Okay, come on.
Come on.
Is your daughter all right?
She's fine.
We're waiting on some
labs to be processed.
Ms. Richardson, if...
Megan Everett
poisoned my daughter.
Rosaline has a deadly
allergy and she knew it.
That's a serious accusation.
You how easily
cross-contamination can spread.
What's your daughter
allergic to, milk, nuts?
I picked the food and made sure
there were none on the menu.
Look, I don't expect
you to take it on faith,
but I made everything
except these.
Those were Megan.
If you test one, I'm sure
you'll find shellfish residue.
Even if I find traces
of shellfish,
it could be a coincidence.
Just run the test please.
Ms. Richardson, we just can't
run lab tests on a whim.
Do you have kids, Detective?
I have a daughter, Claire.
How would you feel if
someone tried to hurt Claire?
What would you do?
I wouldn't rest until I
was sure she was safe.
I know it's a big ask.
If the tests turn up nothing,
I'll stop bothering you
about all of it,
but I have to keep
Rosaline safe.
I'll see what I can do.
Look, I'm not supposed to talk
about ongoing investigations,
but we found the loan shark.
It turns out Cameron
paid in full,
so whoever harmed her,
it must have been for
another reason.
How much did she owe them?
Around 30,000.
But like I said, she paid it.
I'll let you know about
those test results.
Henry, over here.
What are we doing?
I don't want anyone to see us.
I got that.
Thanks for playing
hooky from work.
You said you needed my help.
Is Rosaline okay?
She's fine.
She's just afraid she
lost her cool girl cred.
She went to school,
but I can't promise
she's actually in class
and not hiding under
the bleachers.
No, the kids love her.
I'm sure it'll take more
than last night
to knock her off her pedestal.
You okay?
I'm fine, I'm just tired.
I was up all night at
the hospital.
Any idea what happened?
I think Megan poisoned Rosaline.
You what?
So I have to figure out
how to get into that
apartment building
and find the evidence.
Hold on there, "Rear Window."
Are we breaking in?
If you don't wanna help me...
I didn't say that.
Look, I saw what happened
last night just like you did.
I'm convinced there's
something strange
going on around here.
I can't pick the lock to
the front door,
so we have to wait till
someone comes outside.
Like him?
I thought you said you
couldn't pick locks.
Just the front ones of
the building.
I may have watched a
lot of online tutorials
on how to pick locks.
Got it.
Internet's finest.
I'll check in here.
You can check down there.
Isabel, I think I
found something.
This must be Celine.
So there were two people in
the apartment that night?
Is something wrong?
It's Detective Novac.
He had the brownies that
Rosaline ate last night tested
and he just told me that
the results came back
positive for glucosamine powder,
which is made with shellfish.
It's a joint supplement,
not a baking ingredient.
That has to have been
added on purpose.
If she did that to Rosaline.
This curtain, it's new.
Why would she redecorate
if she wasn't planning
on coming back?
Because the original
curtain was the perfect size
to wrap up a body.
We should go.
Good call.
Where's my phone?
I must have left it.
Stay here, I'll be right back.
Henry, wait...
Wait, wait, ah!
Henry, oh my god!
9-1-1, I need an ambulance.
Where were you?
I called you like 10 times!
I had to get a ride with
Therese and her mom.
Rosaline, you might
wanna sit for this.
You'll probably hear about
this at school,
but I want you to hear it
from me first.
Mr. Cho is in a coma.
Is he gonna be okay?
The doctors aren't sure when
he'll regain consciousness
or if he ever will.
That's horrible.
First, your boss and now Mr.
Wait, how do you know about
Mr. Cho being in a coma?
Well, Henry and I.
Henry and I?
What's going on between you two?
We'll talk about that later.
For now, there have been some
strange things going on lately
and I don't wanna have to
tell you this,
but I think it's Jonathan's mom.
I believe she's behind this,
your anaphylactic shock,
and even the light falling from
the ceiling in the theater.
That's crazy.
Yeah, I know it's a lot
and I don't wanna have
to suggest this,
but I think you should
avoid Jonathan for a bit,
just until things
straighten out.
Are you kidding me?
Is this still about me
seeing Jonathan?
Rosaline, of course not.
No, no, no, you're crazy.
That's crazy.
I told you, I told you
that all those energy shots
were bad for you.
They scrambled your brain
up or something.
Well, hold on now.
No, you're telling me
that my boyfriend's mom
tried to kill me and the
theater director?
Mom, that's nuts!
What's her motive?
Why would she have
done any of this?
Well, she's after me
Why, what did you do?
I didn't do anything,
but I believe she
killed somebody
and I saw it happen.
No, I don't believe you.
You're hallucinating,
sleepwalking like you
did right after dad died.
And you're doing it again, mom,
ruining my life with your
overactive imagination.
And if dad were still here...
Rosaline, that's enough.
I know your father isn't here
and I wish every day
that he was,
but I can't bring him back.
All I can do is try to
keep you safe,
so I'm asking, stay away
from Megan and Jonathan.
Rosaline, I made you
dinner if you're hungry.
I'm really sorry about all this,
I think we just need
to stay away
from the Everetts for a bit.
Rosaline, if you don't
wanna talk to me,
you don't have to,
but at least come out
and get something to eat.
All right, I'm coming in
Rosaline, honey, I know
you're mad at me,
but you can't just sneak out.
Hello, Isabel.
What did you do to my daughter?
Oh, oh, do you wanna know?
Don't you hurt her.
We're at the theater.
Come alone.
Rosaline, Rosaline, oh my god.
I'm gonna get you out of here,
I'm gonna get you out.
Where's Megan?
What? What?
Mom, she's behind you!
Mom, mom, no, mom!
No, what are you doing, mom?
Please wake up, please wake up.
Baby, did she hurt you?
Mom, I'm so sorry.
Mom, I'm so sorry.
Mom, she texted me from
Jonathan's phone.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Just had to make sure you
didn't bring anyone with you.
Well, I didn't want you
to hurt my daughter.
Well, I didn't wanna hurt
your daughter either,
but unfortunately, here we are.
What are you gonna do?
Oh, are you scared?
Does this scare you?
Don't worry, I'm not
gonna kill you with these.
That's ridiculous.
I have a better idea.
Imagine the headlines,
security guard and her daughter
parish in a tragic fire
at the historic Regent Theater.
Consider how old the wiring
is, I think it's pretty smart.
Don't you?
Ms. Everett, please don't
do this, please don't.
Oh, Rosaline, Rosaline.
Please believe me when I tell
you I don't want to do this,
but your mom just wouldn't
stop even after I warned her,
even after I got rid
of the security tapes,
even after I got rid of Cameron.
She just wouldn't let it go.
So you did hurt Cameron?
You're the one who hit
me in the head
and trashed the office.
But how did you break in?
No, you didn't.
You have a key to the theater.
Henry told me how helpful you
were with the theater club
when Mr. Branson was head.
That's pretty much the one thing
that being a suburban
housewife taught me
is to use your connections.
You know what?
Let's just get this over with.
I'm tired
and I'm gonna have a long day
tomorrow consoling Jonathan.
Please don't do this,
please don't do this.
I don't have a choice.
It's too late.
It's too late for what?
I know you killed someone.
That was her name, right?
But why, what happened?
Why did you kill her, Megan?
Oh my god, you just
have to know, don't you?
You just have to know.
She was my sister, my twin
sister, Celine Russell.
God, what a stupid rich
person name, right?
We were adopted out separately.
You know, I didn't even know
I had a sister most of my life
Until I met Cameron.
And then she told me
about a woman
who lived across the street
that looked exactly like me.
We were so excited to
meet each other.
We'd been living in
the same city for years
and we didn't even know.
That night, she invited
me over for dinner.
She wanted to brag
about how she just passed
her medical license exam.
Now, she was Dr. Celine Russell.
Gosh, she was always
doing things like that,
always rubbing it in my face,
always bragging about
how perfect her life was,
but she said she wanted to
celebrate her accomplishments
with her sister.
A bunch of garbage.
She had all these fancy
things, fancy friends,
people who actually
cared about her.
And now, she had a
fancy new career.
She had such an
interesting life,
stories to tell about how
she traveled the world
and rubbed elbows with
the social elite.
And I had none of that.
All I had was a jerk
ex-husband, an annoying son,
and a circle of fake friends
that will laugh about me behind
my back any chance they get.
Was that all I had to
show for my life
because I did what was
expected of me
and Celine didn't?
And then, oh, and then
she had the nerve to say,
"I can't believe how
perfect my life is.
I'm so lucky."
I didn't mean to kill her.
I snapped.
It was a split second decision
that I will carry around
for the rest of my life,
but I couldn't stand to see
the smug look on Celine's face,
not for one more second!
I was just looking for my phone.
I thought I left it
here earlier.
You killed someone.
Jonathan, let me explain.
Just listen.
And now, you're trying
to kill them.
Baby, I have to.
They know what I did.
I won't let you.
I'm sorry, I have to.
No, mom, stop.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to kill Celine.
I'm sorry.
It doesn't matter if you
meant to do it,
you killed someone.
You heard her, boys.
Megan Everett, you're
under arrest for murder.
Glad you could make it.
Jonathan, look at me.
You were right about one thing.
You will carry this for
the rest of your life.
So, how was school?
Mr. Henry announced the
spring musical.
I can't believe you talked
him into "The Music Man."
So corny.
Hey, I'm managing the Regent
now that Cameron's in
physical therapy.
Well, I'm so grateful she
gave me this opportunity.
No more overnights and
no more energy drinks.
But why do you even like
"The Music Man?"
Excuse me, it's a classic
and it's Cameron's favorite.
I told Henry that the school
was gonna be renting the space,
it has to be "The Music Man."
And I wanted to do
something nice for Cameron
for when she's back.
Wait a minute, wait, wait,
wait, what's up with all this?
You're just smiling
and cheesing.
No, I'm not.
Jonathan's moving back.
I mean, and we can be together
if that's okay with you though.
Hey, Jonathan's worst
influence is behind bars,
so I'd say I'm fine with that.
And hey, maybe we can
all go on a double date.
Mom, I'm not gonna go on
a double date with you,
my English teacher, and
my boyfriend.
No, no way, that's annoying.
Wow, thanks.
But I'm glad you're my
mom, even through it all.
Even when you told me
I'm ruining your life?
Even then.
You know, other people
aren't so lucky, so.
No, they're not.
And I won't let you forget it.
Love you too, mom.
All right, let's go.