Malignant (2013) Movie Script

Do you remember being
upset when you came here?
Yeah, I was quite upset, wasn't I?
What was it all about?
I don't know.
I seem to have forgotten.
It doesn't seem important now.
Bite down.
Sir, you have to leave now.
We have to move the body.
The train's coming!
- Come on!
- Wait.
Come on!
- I don't know if it's safe.
- It's fine.
Yeah, yeah!
It's gone now. Come on.
Were you scared?
You crazy lady.
You're gonna comfort me
If I can be there in time
I'm not claimed
Enough to feel
Enough to see now
And enough to know
No, no, no, I'm not claimed
I'll have one more.
Mm. Mm.
Happy anniversary.
I love you.
Who are you?
We met at the bar.
Don't you remember?
Open it.
J'ai tout papillon noir.
It's a French expression
for having dark thoughts.
"I have black butterflies."
Whoever you are, just...
Just leave me alone.
I want to help you.
You want to help me?
I want to help you stop drinking.
Don't you want help?
Look, I got to go to
the emergency room.
Right, just cover
for me, all right?
I-I'll be in as soon as I can.
Well, you already have stitches.
I know. That's why I'm here.
What exactly happened?
I don't know.
You don't know?
You know, blacked out, I think.
I've never been here.
You won't find me on...
Well, you were here last night.
You came in drunk,
cut by a knife in a bar fight.
They gave you 11 stitches.
No, this thing is wrong.
You'll need to see a doctor
in a couple of weeks
to get the stitches removed.
- Aren't you gonna help me?
- You've already been helped.
No. This thing's wrong!
How would you know?
You blacked out.
If you'll excuse me,
there's a room full of people
who actually need my help.
The usual?
Let's just keep it one, though.
Hair of the dog.
You got it.
You shouldn't have gone to the bar.
It's you.
Well, why did you cut me?
I was only doing what you asked.
Don't you remember?
Well, uh, that's bullshit.
I-I didn't ask you for anything.
You asked me to help you.
But you fucking cut me.
We've already started.
- W-what do you mean, started?
- Started what?
The treatment to help you.
Our experiment.
Don't drink.
Don't black out.
You do, they die.
Man, fuck you.
All right, I don't drink
and drive no more.
Don't drink, Allex.
Fuck you.
Ow! Aah!
Did you watch it?
What did you do?
That's you, Allex.
No. I would never do that.
But you did. I made you.
When you black out,
you're no longer yourself.
That's bullshit.
It's your choice.
Stop drinking, no one else dies.
What did you do to me?
When you're cured, Allex.
And don't go to the hospital again.
I promise you you won't
make it there this time.
I was there last night.
That's where you did this, huh?
Is that what the
medical records say?
For your own good, no
hospitals, no doctors.
I wouldn't want to have
to forward that e-mail
to the police.
Look, tell Sean I'm sick
and I'm not coming in.
Chad. It's Allex.
Hey, man. How you doing?
Uh, I need to talk to you.
- Sure, what's up?
- Not over the phone.
I got to talk to you in person.
You're still messing
around with electronics
and microchips, right?
You know it. Come on over.
Hey, dude.
Come on in the back.
It's like a snuff film.
So, it's real?
No, I-it can't be.
Snuff films are all fake.
Somebody's messing with you.
I need to know if somebody
else is doing that,
or if it's really me.
You couldn't do that.
If it's me, it
wouldn't really be me.
It'd be somebody controlling me.
Is it even possible?
I don't know.
You said there was metal in there?
That could be an implant.
You could have wires
leading up to your brain,
sending electrical signals.
That's kind of how the
brain-pacemaker thing works,
and that's been around for years.
Brain pacemaker?
Yeah, it uses deep
brain stimulation
to treat epilepsy and
major depression.
So, you're saying it's possible?
They're not even sure how
the pacemaker works,
and it's a different
form of control.
But maybe this thing can do it.
Man, you're talking some
seriously complicated shit.
Your guy would have
to be some kind of
combo scientist/tech doctor genius.
What you need to do
is get to a hospital
and see what the fuck
is inside of you.
- He said no hospitals.
- You have to.
What other options do you have?
Don't worry about this video.
It's got to be fake.
One whiskey coming up.
Yeah, make it half, will ya?
A half?
All right.
Oh, hey, Charlie, um...
You know, say, like, uh, you
do a crime and, you know,
somebody's controlling you,
but you don't remember it?
You... you wouldn't be
responsible for it, would you?
- What are you talking about?
- Hypnosis?
I don't think anyone's
gonna buy that.
I mean, your body does the
crime, you're guilty, right?
Yeah, I guess.
It's all about the fingerprints,
not the mind-prints.
- Hey.
- Hey.
It has to be fake.
Help me!
Please, please.
Please help me.
Ow! Ow! Aah!
Now do you believe me, Allex?
Now do you understand that
the experiment is real?
The other one?
Is real.
I didn't read anything about it.
Do you really think
society will miss them?
They were carefully chosen.
Gail, she drank. That's all.
She was a hopeless drunk.
She would have killed herself
or others soon enough.
What about him?
A drunk, too?
What, you think it's okay
to just kill people?
I'm not killing anyone.
You are.
I have high hopes for you, Allex.
Your recovery can pave
the way for others.
And that's how you're
stopping me from drinking?
I am motivating you
to cure yourself.
I suggest you clean up.
I don't want your treatment
interrupted by others.
Be thorough.
The experiment has
to stay controlled.
- What's up, buddy?
- Chad.
Uh, I need you to
come over here, man.
- What's wrong?
- Just... just come over, please.
Yeah. Whatever you need, man.
- Did you go to the doctor?
- Look...
I don't want to talk
about it on the phone.
Dude, that is me right there.
H-happened right up there.
Explain it.
Maybe he did it, and then he set it
up like you did it in the video.
That's me.
This is real.
She's dead. They're both dead.
If they're dead, then
where are the bodies?
Why is there no blood?
I do... I don't know, all right?
I don't know.
See? It's bullshit.
What about this? Huh?
He's controlling me, man.
M-maybe he just put
some metal in there
that would trigger
the metal detector.
We need to get to
the bottom of this.
Let me set you up for a C.T. scan.
He told me no doctors.
I know people.
We can do this under the radar,
and there's no way he'll
find out, I swear.
- All right.
- Then what do I do till then?
- Nothing.
- I want you to do nothing.
I want you to sit
tight till tomorrow.
I've got an idea.
What's that?
It's a camera.
It'll send a signal to your laptop.
It's motion-triggered, so if
anyone goes in or out of here,
we will know.
Let me see your phone.
- Why?
- Just give me your phone.
I'm downloading a tracking app.
So no matter where you go,
it will track you
whether you remember...
Or not.
I have a present for you.
Safety's on the bottom so you
don't fry your balls off.
Be careful.
My design packs a wallop.
The hell are you into?
Some overseas shit.
No crime, no foul.
Just remember, you get in trouble,
you use that.
Where have you been?
Sick. I called.
Didn't you get the messages?
You were hung over.
- That's it.
- Don't bother coming in tomorrow.
I'll have your stuff
shipped to you.
Do you hear me?
Allex, do you hear me?
No way.
Where'd I go?
Are you admiring your work?
How did you know where I was, huh?
Just don't leave any fingerprints.
I didn't black out, though!
But you drank.
I do appreciate your
cutting back, though.
And that's why I gave you a reward.
A reward?
I let you kill someone you
might find more deserving
than your beloved drunks.
You did this, not me!
But it's your body.
Hello? Hello?!
- Hey.
- I'm getting out of town.
Where the hell are you going?
I can't be near anyone, all right?
It's gotten worse.
I think I killed my boss.
Listen, I need you here
to be checked out.
- It isn't safe.
- Just find out what you can.
Aah! Aah!
Yeah, you're alive.
Let me help you.
Come here.
I'm gonna turn you over, okay?
- Uh-huh.
- Okay? Huh?
It's okay.
Go slow. Go slow.
- I'm gonna get you out of here.
- Come on.
I'm so sorry.
- Don't be afraid.
- It wasn't me.
Don't be afraid.
I didn't do it.
I'm here to help you.
It's okay. It's okay.
Oh, no.
No. I'm gonna save you.
I'm gonna save you.
No, you're not gonna die.
You're not gonna die!
Come on.
I tried.
I tried.
What the hell happened?
I got it out.
At least just part of it.
Just take it.
Oh, shit.
How'd he find me?
Allex, wait.
Why do you have these, huh?!
Why did you choose Allex?!
You sick fuck!
Why didn't you tell me?!
Come on.
Come on.
You shouldn't have
done that, Allex.
It's all in my hands now.
I'm gonna fix you.
I haven't given up.
What are you...
What did you put in me now?
- Nothing.
- I just took the rest out.
You already ruined that experiment.
Why don't you just leave me alone?
If I had left you alone,
you would have died.
He's fine, no thanks to himself.
I thought you'd be pleased
with the selection.
I always do my research,
and I researched you and
your friends thoroughly.
You should be thanking me.
Curing him will be a bonus for you.
You were never so
inquisitive before.
And... what did you
think I was gonna do?
And you didn't care as
long as you were paid.
Why are you doing this?
To help you.
Help someone else.
I already have.
You are my second experiment.
So, it's real...
That disk.
You we controlling me.
Control is a bit of
an overstatement.
I was...
Guiding you using basic commands,
and then, when the time was right,
I triggered a violent response
by simultaneously stimulating
portions of your brain.
It doesn't work
unless the patient is
unconscious past R.E.M. sleep.
That's something that
happened quite frequently
with your blackouts.
That's why you picked me.
I can sedate anyone.
I chose to help you.
It's out.
Just leave me alone.
Let me go.
Wouldn't be much of a scientist
if I just let my
experiments run away.
Whatever you are...
You are no scientist.
Shut up.
Shut up! Shut up!
Maybe this is for the best.
Sometimes the old ways are better,
tried and true.
A transorbital lobotomy
through the eye socket.
There's no need for drilling.
It avoids such complications.
It's a delicate procedure,
takes a bit of finesse,
but in the right
hands, it's very safe.
Patients are up and
about in no time,
productive members of society,
free from hyperactivity,
depression, and addiction.
- You're mad.
- Really?
Well, it's a lot more fair
than experimenting on rats.
Or the homeless.
Or children.
You have no one to
blame but yourself.
You already checked out of society
before your liver gives out.
The least you can do for this
world is be a little useful.
What is that?
It's an old E.C.T. Machine from
my grandfather's practice.
Three short bursts
of an electric current,
and you will be under long enough
to complete the procedure.
You won't remember a
thing when you wake up.
But then, you're already
used to that, aren't you?
A couple of taps of the hammer
to breach the frontal bone,
and then I simply push
in a couple of inches,
twist the tip around
to sever a portion
of the prefrontal lobe.
You're fucking crazy.
There have been over 40,000
lobotomies in the U.S. alone.
That's a very tested procedure,
on human beings, no less.
Rats and monkeys are so 20th
century, don't you think?
Fuck you!
I'll kill you.
That's the alcohol
withdrawal talking.
How you feel?
I'm not sure.
See if you can sit up.
Good. Good.
Now try standing up.
Take your time.
Excellent. Excellent.
Full motor control.
You see?
You're still yourself.
You're not a zombie.
You're not a vegetable.
You still have control
over your actions.
I know...
I know it's a needlessly
vilified procedure,
but one that has hopefully
cured your addiction.
What are you doing?
I'm taking you home.
What are you doing?
You're not even trying.
You have to at least
make an effort.
Come on, get up.
Get up.
You're determined to not make
this easy, aren't you, Allex?
This is bigger than just you and me.
Society can't function
without functioning people.
Our citizens are our
greatest resource,
and this country can't afford to
have that squandered anymore.
My grandfather understood that.
He knew that each person
had to face his demons
and make their contribution.
And that's why he took care of me.
My father couldn't...
Because of this.
It corrupted his mind
and his body.
There are consequences.
There are always...
My brother, Samuel,
Sam... I saw this.
My father... my drunken father
took something from
him that wasn't his,
and you want to know what it was?
His life.
A boy can't forgive.
The dead can't forgive.
But the living can be helped.
My grandfather showed me that.
He gave me that gift.
And you have to realize
that your actions
have a tangible...
Don't expect me to be passing out.
With that thing cut out,
I wasn't sure how you
were tracking me.
I figured this would bring you out.
You know, your friend's
a minor genius
when it comes to designing
and assembling components.
It's too bad
you couldn't hold onto it.
You need to stay quiet!
Stop it!
I told you to stop it!
Don't make me come in there!
You want another treatment?!
It's okay.
Sorry about that.
Wha... what... what...
What are you gonna do?
You were wrong about lobotomies.
- No.
- They mess you up.
They change you.
I can still remember who I am,
or at least who I was.
I remember what I decided to do,
and that's to kill you.
I don't feel like there's
anything to hold me back.
I'm trying to help you!
And now I'm going to help you.
- I don't need your help.
- It's already been done.
I've already been cured!
It didn't go deep enough.
- Hello.
- Thank God.
I... I've been worried
sick trying to reach you.
- Where are you?
- I'm in the desert.
You're still there?
My car is stuck.
Can you come help me?
Sure. Send me the pin
of your location.
What he do to you?
It involves an ice pick.
You're coming with me.
- No.
- I'm serious.
With that thing out,
no one's controlling me anymore.
Allex, I want to help you.
Then follow me.
Where the hell is your car?
Over the Ridge.
Did you find out where
those things came from?
I've been trying.
They're comprised of a bunch
of different components,
most of them manufactured in Asia.
Who put it together?
- I don't know.
- Your guy, I guess.
What are you gonna
do if he comes back?
He's not coming back.
So don't expect to be
shipping any more orders.
You lied to me when
I came to see you.
No, I didn't.
I didn't know what
was happening to you
had anything to do
with those disks,
not until you showed me the
one that you took out.
Don't act so innocent.
I'm not acting innocent.
I just designed them to
his specs last year.
I didn't know what they did.
- You volunteered me.
- No, I didn't.
He thought experimenting on you
was some type of reward for me.
He's a sick fuck!
Allex. This isn't you.
Allex. Help me.
Help me!
Where are you going?!
Allex, you're not a murderer!
It isn't you, Allex!
Help me!