Malik (2021) Movie Script

Don't make him eat
too much, Ramla.
He's already over-weight.
Mother loses her memory
when it gets dark.
It's due to the medicines.
But it's scary for
those who are watching.
Isn't that home-nurse with her now?
How far can she
take care of her?
I'm not having food.
I'll leave after meeting him.
I've told Ali Ikka that
we haven't informed Mother.
He told me many times
that he wanted to meet her.
Ali Ikka shouldn't know that
Mother didn't agree to meet him.
You should tell Mother...
that I am going for the Hajj
pilgrimage, with legitimate money.
Aren't you afraid, brother
to step out of this place?
I have quit all
my ungodly work.
Whom should I be afraid of, now?
And if someone above Him
is ready to kill me,
I am ready to die.
With the last Uroos festival,
13 years have passed.
I have to meet my Ameer
at least now, right?
Did you see Roselyn? - She's upstairs.
Do you want tea? - No.
Can't they turn straight to the airport
road, after crossing the Gandhi statue?
Stopping at the old Mosque
in between is risky.
He's going to Mecca
anyway, right?
Then why does he want to
go to the Mosque here?
Roselyn, we can drop Ali
Ikka at the airport.
I've arranged another car too.
Hameed Ikka, from the time he leaves
the house, till he comes back here,
Ali Ikka's faith will protect him.
And it's better to go in a bus with the
group, rather than going in any other car.
The Hajj committee list with Ali Ikka's
name on it, got leaked a long time back.
You're aware of that, right?
Why are you looking at me?
She has grown up seeing us, right?
That's the son of Yusuf, the liquor
baron of Manakkad.
If we make her understand now,
it will be over with this.
She has raised her hand today.
Tomorrow she'll start
speaking against us.
Did you call Mani Swamy?
To invite him for a feast,
is this my second marriage?
Swamy might have felt
like having some Biriyani.
Let him eat and go.
This is all a joke for you.
If Swamy has come with Abu,
he wants to get something done,
before you leave.
Do you have to give so much?
Beema Beewi lost her three children,
during the last Ockhi cyclone.
She has applied for a job at
the fisheries department.
She's still staying at the camp.
You should resolve her problem.
This is for you from
Ali Ikka, Umma.
We'll sort that Government job soon.
What say?
Sir, my house is still a concern.
Officers built a fence and
closed the only building we had.
There's no place even to change
clothes in the camp, sir.
The building's construction
is almost over.
Lines are being pulled
for electricity & water.
Don't say that I'm not following up.
We have no other go, sir.
Please do something quickly.
You understood what I said, right?
I will solve everything,
really soon.
I'm from Edavathura.
My name is Shirley.
The child is hungry.
Give him to me.
You don't have to be scared to tell him.
No one will harm you.
Whose child is it, Mom?
Boil this.
Both of you go outside, please.
Since when did you start raising
your hand against the people here?
Should I keep quiet when
my friends are insulted?
Who is your friend?
Who is it?
You saw him, right?
Yusuf uncle who does liquor business?
His son, Asif.
Dad is not too far behind, right?
I came back to this
house for you!
Did you forget that?
Sir, this is Ali Ikka's daughter.
A meeting is going on inside.
Do you have to go in now, dear?
Ramla, how are you?
I didn't see you earlier.
Aren't you upset that your
father is going for the Hajj?
You also went for Hajj, right?
Were your children upset then?
You are Ali Ikka's blood indeed!
Who will take care of all this
for the coming week, dear?
I've made arrangements
for that earlier itself, Uncle.
Mom slapped me.
Dad is in a discussion, dear.
Did you have dinner?
Then take your mother and go eat.
I'll come.
You promised the people of this coast,
during the last Ockhi cyclone...
that you'll construct a new
building in the next 6 months.
What is this, Ali Ikka?
The building is almost complete.
Maximum 3 months.
The construction will be over by then.
Didn't you say the same thing
after the Tsunami too?
Kerala's financial budget itself
runs by rolling money, Ali Ikka.
Taking from there and showing here...
Taking from here and showing there...
And it's not because we
have all that money!
The stay on that harbour project
will be settled within 3 months.
Then some corporate company
will take away all that land.
If we give it to Swamy in the auction,
the land would stay with our people.
Just that you shouldn't
object to it, Ali Ikka.
How's the Biriyani, Swamy?
Is it good?
Then Jaleel will serve the
rest of the Biriyani outside.
The fishermen who were
staying in that area...
Aren't they waiting outside,
trusting you?
As long as I'm here, you won't take
even a pinch of sand from here.
If you bring such people here
ever again, you know me, right?
I'll kill you & dump
you in the sea.
Forget it, Ikka.
When Swamy asked me for a favour...
I'll send him away now.
When you're asking me
to stop everything,
ungrateful people like
him will sell off our whole area!
All these poor people haven't come
here expecting a feast from us.
They trust that Ali Ikka
will be there for them.
Do you want me to leave,
ruining that?
No Ali Ikka is above God.
How did you gain the trust
of all these people?
By sacrificing our son, right?
Just 10 days.
At least for the sake of our Ameer,
go and come back.
Peace be upon you.
- And unto you be peace.
P7 Calling.
Control answering.
The vehicle in which Sulaiman is
travelling, has left the Mosque compound.
The vehicle number is KL 01 AD 5544.
Is it clear?
Message is clear.
The vehicle has passed through beach
road, now. Control, is it clear?
Sulaiman's vehicle has
entered the airport compound.
Passenger confirmed.
Ahmed Ali Sulaiman travelling
from Trivandrum to Jeddah,
on AI 751 departing 2:30 AM.
Gate 2B
High alert given to
airport security, CISF and Armed Forces.
Arrest warrant issued
against Sulaiman under TADA.
Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act.
Mother did everything she could,
back when she was healthy.
Now she can't do that.
She has memory loss.
The only strong evidence we
have against Sulaiman even now,
is a witness statement your
mother gave against him in '91.
Wasn't that case rejected back then
since there was no evidence, sir?
Then why now?
No one tried for an
appeal back then.
Sulaiman is an accused in the firing
that happened at Ramadappally.
This arrest was made for that.
But if the case has to stand, someone
should testify against him.
Eat it, mother.
Don't just keep looking at it.
Did you find only my mother to testify
against my brother, in all these years?
You know that better than us.
Since the case is more than 20 years old,
it got expired. That's why.
We need at least a
statement from your mother.
I told you already, sir.
It's difficult for my mother to do
the rounds of courts, at this age.
Come, sir.
Are you sure that you've
caught him this time?
You shut up.
Let me ask them.
We have arrested him.
He's on remand
at the sub-jail now.
Then don't allow him
to come out again.
Even if he has to die for that,
it's fine.
Can you come to the court?
I've done many rounds
of the court back then.
Now I can't.
No one should die in
Ramadappally again,
because of my son.
What happened?
Will she come?
No, sir. She's evading
it citing health issues.
He must have threatened her.
The people of Ramadappally will
start their protests and strikes now.
Sulaiman comes under
the TADA bracket.
Why do we even need
this discussion?
Sir, TADA and all
are very complicated.
We'll have to hand him over
to some central agency then.
Have you been to this
Ramadappally area, Shivaram?
Yes, sir.
Sometime back.
I had gone there as
part of a piracy raid.
Were you able to
confiscate any discs then?
You won't get it.
Not just you. Sulaiman won't allow
any policeman to enter that place.
It's an area where two minority
communities are staying in large numbers.
Should we deliberately create
a communal riot there?
Sir, the Government's
stand is very clear.
We don't want any riots.
Either you consider all
the legal possibilities,
and get life imprisonment
for Sulaiman.
Or he should die naturally
within this remand period.
To declare 144 at Ramadappally, the
people living here are goons or what?
This Government has
betrayed our community.
They are planning to enforce TADA upon our
Ali Ikka who has never hurt a single soul,
TADA means...
the offense is that
he had weapons in possession.
What weapon?
Apart from the weapon called
human compassion,
what else does Ali Ikka have?
He is at Poojappura
sub-jail now.
They were planning to take him
to Viyoor in the morning.
They dropped that plan
due to a security problem.
Call the advocate.
... they can't even touch Ali Ikka.
We should stand together,
at this hour.
To retaliate against
such communal forces,
we should even be ready to take
arms in hand, if the need arises.
Hey Freddy!
Shibu, he's sleeping
after working all night.
Don't wake him up!
Listen to me!
Hey! Don't wake him up!
- Hey! You do one thing.
Hide this in the school.
Don't disturb him.
Get out, Shibu!
Freddy, stop!
- Move, aunty!
- Stop!
Listen to me!
- Freddy!
Didn't I ask you to stop, Freddy?
Shibu, don't take him with you!
Freddy, my son.
Don't go with them.
Listen to your mother!
Shibu, don't take him.
Son! Freddy!
I won't let them keep Ali
Ikka on remand for 14 days.
I want to go in
there and meet him.
Don't tell me that you
weren't aware of this arrest.
Roselyn, TADA is a
non-bailable offense.
They need a separate court
and cell, as per the rules.
We shouldn't let them
shift him to Tihar jail.
If they touch Ali Ikka,
we should burn this place!
Isn't this what you need, Abu?
Don't think you can keep Ali Ikka
behind bars until this happens.
Roselyn, it is a Government programme.
Even if it is against you, as a minister,
I'll have to participate in it.
Didn't you become a minister
after winning from this coast?
He had decided to quit
everything and go for Hajj.
No one has to kill each
other here, in his name now.
Stop the car.
Are you coming?
police will come inside now.
What should I do?
Peter, police has reached the school.
It's Freddy. What should we do?
He has the stuff, right?
Ask him to throw it!
Did you hear that?
You never listen to me, right?
You haven't learned even
after seeing your dad?
Sir, Freddy is my son.
He has just crossed 17.
He's a minor.
Send him to the juvenile home, sir.
David, your son threw
a bomb at the school.
An ASI is at the hospital,
in critical condition.
Minor rules have changed.
This is not just a petty case now.
Don't hit him!
Why are you creating
a scene here, Dad?
They aren't going to
do anything to me.
Shut up, you rascal!
Once you go to the sub-jail,
I won't come to meet you
or get you released.
I tried to keep at least him
away from all this!
You people won't allow
even that, right?
Are you happy now?
One of you go in and do it for us, man!
How much do you want us to beg you?
Get lost, sir.
Don't ask us to finish Sulaiman.
So your grudge against him is over?
When we are facilitating something,
do you even have the spine
to make excuses, Peter?
Do you have that spine, sir?
Why can't all of you cops
do it yourselves?
Even we have families, sir.
How can we sleep peacefully at
Ramadappally, after finishing him off?
Sir, we can't finish him for nothing.
What will you give us?
I have 9 cases against me in total.
4 warrants too.
If you settle all of them and
give me my passport, I'll do it.
We don't have to kill Ali Ikka to settle
the dispute between the communities.
It's because you old men aren't dead, that
we aren't able to do anything.
Damn it!
Sir, I don't want to stay here.
I want to go to Malaysia.
If you settle my case and give
me my passport, I am ready.
Write his name on the list, sir.
I'll get permission
from the Magistrate.
Aren't you David's son?
Have you also chosen
your dad's path?
Why do you care?
You scumbag!
I'll finish you in there!
You aren't even out of school yet.
Talking too much
even before that?
Why are we going this way, sir?
Shouldn't we take the road above
to reach the sub-jail? - Shut up!
You brought the
van here to take him?
Is he a VIP or what?
Hey! What's your problem?
- Shibu Anna!
When did this happen?
I didn't know.
When did they catch you?
Yesterday, bro.
Didn't you ask me to throw it?
Oh yeah! Remanded for
how many days? 14?
Yes, bro.
Don't worry.
I'll also be in there, right?
We'll have fun for 14 days!
Hey! I'm saying this to all of you!
This is my boy!
No one will do anything to us.
You listen to me.
What is it?
I'm going to jail
to kill your uncle.
The police have asked me to do it.
So whatever I say,
they would listen to me.
Say what?
Don't you want to come back
to Ramadappally then?
Who wants to come there?
I've asked for a Visa to Malaysia.
If I do this,
I'll get my passport back.
Within 3 months, I'll leave.
It's all cool in Malaysia.
We can do anything we want there.
Once I get settled there,
I'll take you too.
This sub-jail is a very lucky place.
They don't beat you up when you enter,
because the IG office is next door.
Scissors, please.
Give him an anesthetic shot.
Shibu's body has been shifted
to medical college mortuary.
The postmortem is
scheduled at 3 PM.
We will have to send
someone from here.
The information got leaked because
of your carelessness. How else?
The Home Secretary is after me!
He has no interest to wait
till the remand is over,
or to present Sulaiman in court.
One of you do it yourself.
Otherwise how can
we resolve this?
What are you saying, Madam?
If us cops do it ourselves,
will Sulaiman's people outside spare us?
We won't be able to live!
It's risky for the policemen, Madam.
No one will do it deliberately.
Then why don't you
suggest someone?
He is perfect for this, Madam.
We can make him do it.
Isn't he a minor?
It's really cruel to make
this boy do it, Madam.
What's your problem, Rishabh?
Check the records.
He has spent 4 terms at the
correction center itself.
And what did he come here for? For throwing
a bomb in front of his own school.
How's that ASI doing?
He's still in the ICU.
They can shift him to
the ward, day after.
His family's condition
is really bad, Madam.
See! Today he threw a bomb.
Tomorrow, he might rape someone.
And finally, he'll be a headache
for us with many murder cases.
He is perfect.
So how are you going
to execute this?
He is at our medical
wing's casualty now.
It will take 3 days to
shift him to the cell.
Did you recognize him, sir?
He is David's son.
That's great, Madam.
The families are already at loggerheads.
He'll definitely do it.
Whatever it is,
I want to see the result.
Doctor, can you step
outside for ten minutes?
The dressing is not over yet.
He's bleeding a lot.
You can do that later, Doctor.
He's still alive, right?
We need to take his statement right away.
Please step outside.
Get going.
Please go.
How are you now?
Just sit up straight. Let me see.
- Your chest hair is all burnt, huh?
- Where does it pain for you?
- Let it be.
We will refer you to a
senior doctor soon, okay?
Hey! Hey!
Your dad didn't come
to bail you out.
What will you do?
That ASI Gopan will die
any moment.
What will you do then?
You will be in jail
for 14 years then!
It's not 14 anymore, sir.
It's 28 years now.
Is it?
- Of course.
What will you do?
Hey! Your family
doesn't need you.
The people of Edavathura
also don't need you.
Hey! Hey!
Do you even have the money
to go to a good doctor?
If you do something for us...
we'll get you out once
the remand period is over.
Will you do it?
Hey! Hey! We will heal all
these wounds of yours...
... and shift you to another cell.
What say?
Got it?
Over there, you should
kill someone for us.
You know him.
All of us here are aware about
the feud between your families.
If you do this for us,
you can get out of here,
as soon as possible.
No one will know anything.
Hey! He is my patient now.
Your interrogation can wait until he's
shifted to the cell after his treatment.
If you want to call
someone, do it now.
You might not get
this phone again.
The boy is still in the
shock of Shibu's death.
We can make him do it, sir.
You don't worry.
Guys like him will do it, if we
make his family demand it.
Got it, sir?
They won't give any
security for our Ali Ikka.
We have policemen loyal
to us in there, right?
They will take care of Ali Ikka.
Despite having so many people, why didn't
anyone know about this arrest alone?
Hameed, let me
talk to sir first.
You can meet Sulaiman at the
special jail, tomorrow itself.
I've consulted with the minister
and sanctioned it.
As asked in the petition, we can send
the air cooler & medicines inside.
But, increasing the security
would be difficult.
Don't say that, sir.
There are many threats
against Ali Ikka's life.
You know how a guy got killed
in front of that jail, right?
See Mrs. Sulaiman, don't
co-relate that with this.
Special jail is the maximum security
prison we can give him in Kerala today.
Well, sir... If you can give him some
more security inside an isolated cell...
To give him Z or X category
security, who is he? A VIP?
A local goon.
What else?
There's a limit in asking favours.
Didn't you hear what sir said?
We can only give him that much security.
I don't want Kerala Police
to be humiliated again,
after what happened
outside the jail.
That's the only reason why I
gave the request here, sir.
If you're not even
interested in hearing that,
you can suffer for
the next 13 days!
The students of Ahmed Ali school
are all goons now or what?
I heard that the policeman who's in the
ICU because of you, is critical now.
It's done.
Now try to get up and walk.
I don't know if this
size would fit you.
Wear this for now.
Consider it as a gift from a senior who
studied till 5th grade in your school.
It's not out of mercy for you.
This place is really dusty.
If you walk around shirtless,
the wounds would worsen.
Hold it!
Did you eat anything
in the morning?
Abu was also aware of
the arrest, right?
You were the one who
trusted him so much!
You know what he called you in
front of the Police Chief yesterday?
A local goon!
You should tell Hameed that our
people shouldn't face any problem.
You move somewhere else
with our daughter, for now.
I'm not going anywhere.
Hold on here for
12 more days somehow.
And then come out.
There's a lot that has to be done.
I'm not sure.
It's better to get
buried at Ramadappally,
than spending the rest
of my life in jail.
Your mother is coming to the jail.
Sit down, mother.
Did Mother know
that I'm under arrest?
When will she come?
She's destined to meet me only when
I'm in here, every single time.
Aren't you done with the dressing?
The prisoner has a visitor.
Please step outside, Doctor.
You don't understand!
Mother doesn't remember anything from
the past. She would blabber something.
Didn't we ask your mother's
permission before bringing her here?
Her doctor also
certified this visit.
We needn't talk anymore about this.
Doctor, is Freddy's condition stable?
He's okay, sir.
Mother is not
coming to meet you.
David's son is here.
She's coming to meet him.
They have asked
you to kill my son!
He won't be able to do it.
You don't have to be scared.
He had almost died when
he was 6 years old.
I wish he had died then!
I came to the Mosque for the first time,
with my husband and children,
who had a never-ending fever.
Rufaida Beewi didn't
have to check much.
They both weren't breathing,
when they were brought there.
Allah didn't let him die.
The Mosque committee
gave us a house to stay.
Since I was educated,
Moosakka got me a job at
Puthanthura St. Thomas school.
Unlike now,
the people of Ramadappally
didn't have a school back then.
A time when the children of both
Edavathura and Ramadappally,
were studying together,
sitting on the same bench.
Gradually, he also started
to smell like them.
He began stinking of fish.
David Christudas...
Peter Esthappan..
Hameed Mohammed...
The four of you
should meet the priest.
They hit him saying that he
didn't wash the toilet properly.
Why did you have to
do all that work?
You have Jameela Teacher
to make food for you.
We go to study only for the money
we can make working in the school.
We have to hit
him back tomorrow.
He isn't the only one
who's hitting you, right?
That was the first time
Sulaiman went to jail.
He never went to
school after that.
A case for selling
marijuana to tourists.
A case for stealing
petrol from the Mosque.
And finally, they started
smuggling, as well.
There were people to get them
released, for each case.
People who benefited from them.
The Arabian Sea
What is this, David?
You've caught only so little?
Take what we've brought.
This is not for you.
Put it there.
This price isn't enough for me.
Everyone has only one price here.
I'm not buying fish from here,
to make profits.
This is not even 10%
of the market price.
We won't give you fish unless
you raise it by 25%.
You don't interfere in this, David.
He has been fooling
us for a long time.
If not us, who's going
to buy this from you?
If we know how to catch it,
we know how to sell it too.
Who asked for your help?
Shut up!
You calm down!
Then show me how you're
going to sell it.
All of you heard it, right?
We're going to sell this fish here.
Return their receipts.
She's my sister, Mr. Chandran.
Forgive her this one time.
Why do I care?
I got what I wanted.
Then why would I have a problem?
You can sell it or eat it.
I don't care.
Finally don't come crying to me.
Are you happy now that
you've ruined the sales?
We will sell it.
You just want money, right?
- Where are you going to sell it?
Are you out of your mind?
We'll set up shop in front of
our houses and sell it there.
But who's going to
come to the Mosque?
It isn't Friday either.
Whom are you people trusting?
Take it.
Look at his smile!
Go inside, Dad.
You're stinking of toddy.
You sit there, Dad.
She's acting foolish!
Did I send you to college, to
sell fish in front of the house?
The bus is about to come.
Get up and go to college.
Can you sell this fish, Mom?
- Get lost!
As if I have no other job!
Listen! Just pay
something and take this.
This is enough for us.
What did you gain
by trusting her?
Are you happy now?
You could come only now?
I had work at home.
I saw you selling fish there.
Didn't I tell you in the morning,
not to sell it to them, David?
Go away.
Don't make me slap you!
Where did you go after
instigating all of them?
I have to go to college, right?
You're studying with the money
made by selling this fish.
They couldn't sell even 5 Rupees worth
of fish, despite sitting here till noon.
Listen! We've paid fair
prices to everyone.
If you talk too much again...
They are able to get their daily bread,
with the money they make each day.
It's not enough if you gather people.
You should be with them
and show them how its sold.
Get in, Ali. Why do you
even have to talk to her?
Dump the fish, man.
Why carry it till the town?
What are you waiting for?
Dump it.
What are you doing, man?
Didn't our people catch
it with great effort?
Who's going to buy
these rotten fish?
The women got their money, right?
Then what's your problem?
Dump it, man!
Sulaiman had a reason
to feel upset then.
His father's grave was
somewhere under all that waste.
What can we do, Sulaiman?
The Mosque doesn't even have the money
to build a fence around this place.
People stopped coming to the Mosque because
this place is stinking of all this waste.
There's no use complaining
to the Panchayat.
They would have cleaned it long back,
if it was a temple.
Moosakka, people are dumping waste here
without the Mosque's permission, right?
We can only tell
them not to dump it.
If they aren't listening, we should
dump all this back in their houses.
What are you saying?
Make it clear.
Look at this, Moosakka.
We can get the addresses of the
people dumping waste here, from this.
What if we dump it back?
Half the kids are already
picking scrap here.
Now you want to do this
and mislead them further?
Hameed, if we do this a single time,
people will think twice
before dumping waste here.
Do whatever you can.
The Mosque shouldn't suffer because of it.
That's all I have to say.
Who asked you to dump the
waste from here in the town?
Who asked you to do it?
Ali Ikka.
Who among you is Sulaiman?
Who gave you the rights to
dump waste at the Secretariat?
Why did you have to
challenge Chandran, Ali?
We were making
good money, right?
You've ruined everything!
You can talk business
outside this house.
All of you please leave.
Why are you blaming us, Teacher?
He's the one who did all this.
That's enough.
Leave, all of you.
Ask her if she has
anything more to sell.
Ali Ikka is asking if you
have anything more to sell.
Chandran has started bringing fishermen
from Kollam and Alappuzha, David.
It would be hard for us
to control this coast now.
Our people are losing their jobs
because of you guys.
Since when did it become
your people and our people?
Then what?
Your Mosque's issue
has affected us too.
David, stop it.
Do you still trust us?
Why would I come here
otherwise, Sulaiman?
Then just support us.
We will smuggle the
goods ourselves.
Shut up, Ali.
Chandran controls the
entire Coast Guard.
Forget the goods. They won't
even let us catch fish properly.
We can make arrangements
for all that.
Just tell me if
you guys are ready.
That's how Sulaiman started
bringing smuggled goods,
to the houses of Ramadappally.
I won't let you bring stolen stuff in here.
Take it out.
Keep quiet, Mom!
It's not stolen.
We're going to sell this.
What are you looking at?
Go back to your houses.
Go ahead!
Open them!
How's that possible?
Fix a deal, take it
outside and open it.
How are we going
to take this out?
Cops would be waiting
for us to take it out.
You don't understand what I'm saying.
- Shut up.
Don't teach
me how it's done.
It would be a problem only
if we take it outside, right?
Move from here
Mackerel for 2 Rupees!
Ikka! Ikka! Come here.
How much does this cost?
What's the price?
- How much is it?
Mackerel for 2 Rupees!
Fifteen! Fifteen! Fifteen! Fifteen!
Fifteen! Fifteen!
One bottle for Fifteen Rupees.
Fifteen! Fifteen! Fifteen! Fifteen!
Ikka, please come here.
Mackerel for 2 Rupees.
Ikka, if you want to
buy perfumes from here,
you have to buy fish
from there too. Can you?
Do you want anything else, Ikka?
Fifteen! Fifteen! Fifteen! Fifteen!
What's the price of the Mackerel?
- 2 Rupees.
All of you should buy fish as well.
Mackerel for 2 Rupees!
Look how the sales happened.
How was that?
No! It's on me.
You can take it.
We don't need money.
How's that fair?
She also made money, right?
Pay the price and take it.
This is a men's spray.
I need women's spray.
Does this have gender?
This is a women's spray.
That's a men's spray.
The spray that you sold
for Fifteen Rupees?
It's sold for 75 Rupees at
the fancy store in the town.
And you're saying it now?
Why didn't you tell us earlier?
How can I?
Your man was shouting like
he was selling fish here!
Who's going to hear it then?
You sold an item worth
75 Rupees for 15 Rupees?
As if I was in Dubai
to know its price.
Shouldn't we enquire
with someone.
How do I know?
- Didn't I tell you that we should find out the prices!
Allah is the Greatest!
Hameed, go and inform Abu.
Looks like there's some problem.
What is it, sir?
Is there any problem?
Who owns these shops?
Me and some of my friends.
What about these electronics items?
We buy the goods stuck with the
customs department in auctions.
There's nothing illegal here.
I'm just back after
offering prayers, sir.
If I lie standing in
front of the Mosque,
I won't be able to
look you in the eye.
Do you have a National
Panasonic washing machine?
Yes, sir. Fully automatic or semi?
I'll see all options.
- Come in, sir.
Hameed, get tea for sir.
Don't worry about the guarantee, sir.
It's all okay.
Are there other models,
apart from these two?
Not here, sir. We have more in the godown.
We'll bring it here.
Let's go there then.
It's nearby, right?
I can see all the models, right?
It's near the sea-bridge, sir.
I'll come with you.
You come with me in the car.
We'll go in this.
Sir, is it an arrest?
If so, I need to inform the Jama'ath.
It's nothing.
Get in.
Give directions to the driver.
Stop here, brother.
Peter, it's the police!
- Wait, guys!
Sir has come to purchase stuff.
They are doing the sales, sir.
Sir wants a washing machine.
Is there a tuition centre here?
We don't have a proper
school here, sir.
Then how can we have tuitions?
She teaches them to
read and write, sir.
I'm from Edavathura.
That's my sister, Roselyn.
She's the only one who has been
to college from this coast.
Is this fine?
You didn't really come
to buy the machine, right?
You came to find out what's
happening here, right?
Sir, I told you, right?
We don't do any smuggling.
We're training these kids here,
to make a living by
doing some business.
I'll buy the washing machine.
Is there anything else
you want me to do for you?
Cover your nose, sir.
It stinks out here.
This is all the Mosque's land, sir.
And this is our curse, as well.
If you want to do something for us,
just get all this waste
cleared from here.
It's the dream of the
people of Ramadappally.
A school exclusively
for our people.
Just get this cleared, sir.
We will build the school.
You're quite impressive.
I came here getting a report
that a Bombay-model grey market
has started in Trivandrum.
Do you have the money
to build a school?
Even if we don't
have the money now,
we have the health to earn it, sir.
Ask the Mosque committee to get
a plan ready for the school then.
I'll get this place cleared.
Moosakka, the school is
for Ramadappally, right?
What are you saying, Abu?
The school is for
both communities.
Muslims and Christians
should both study here.
But since the school is on the Mosque's
land, it belongs to the Mosque, right?
Shouldn't it be
named accordingly?
You were the one who struggled
so much to make this happen.
And your father was
buried in this land.
Let this school be
named after him.
They have come with a
proposal for Roselyn.
I know.
We just dropped by to
see what's happening.
Get them something to drink, mom.
Let's go.
Look, Ali.
Our school is quite something,
when we look from here.
The guy who came to see her,
is from Neyyattinkara.
Just because he has a Government job,
his demands are crazy!
Have you fixed it?
What else can I do?
She's educated too.
She won't like anyone
from here, right?
Don't you understand anything,
seeing Jesus standing like this?
What should I understand?
He's standing with his arms open,
like he stands everywhere else.
It's not that.
Did you notice where
Jesus is looking?
Got it?
Jesus is waiting to embrace
the people of Ramadappally.
I shall marry Roselyn.
Even Jesus has agreed.
Then what problem do you have?
Ali... but she...?
If she doesn't like me,
would I ask this to you?
Get out!
Ali, run!
Stop there, you!!
He went to jail for locking
our Priest in the toilet.
Shut up, mom!
I won't give my daughter to him!
Stop! Stop there, I say!
I did it when I didn't
know any better.
We have a school now, Father.
You should come and pray for us,
during the inauguration.
You guys carry on.
I'll join you.
We're starting a school in
front of the Mosque, Mother.
It's in father's name.
You should be doing the
first lecture there.
Only once in my life, I felt
happy that I had given birth to him.
Hey! Hey!
All of you go back home.
Your mothers would curse us.
Go! Go!
- Yes!
Send all the kids back
and lock the place.
Okay, brother.
Hey! Hey!
Go home!
I'm going to have a drink.
Will you get ready and come quickly?
- Yeah, man!
David, stop the bike!
Stop it!
Turn around!
You people started doing this sacrliegous
business in front of the Mosque,
and Allah has
punished us for that!
We can bear it if the
sea takes our children.
But their fate was to die like this!
It was done by Chandran's people.
He was settling scores.
Come, Teacher.
This is Latheef.
He's the new secretary of the Jama'ath.
This is Shereef.
You have the required force, right?
The public shouldnt...
- What is it, sir?
Why are the cops here
in front of the Mosque?
It's the school's
inauguration today.
I have only respect
for you, Teacher.
Your son and his people have
brought Chandran in here.
Police won't leave
until they get him back.
Talk to him if you can.
You can come in alone, sir.
Let's talk this out.
I know that you've
brought Chandran here.
I'm saying this out
of my concern for you.
Send him out.
He burned our children to death.
We didn't see your concern then, sir.
Sulaiman, if Chandran has done that,
you should surrender him to the law.
Send him out.
You can tell his family, sir.
Chandran won't be coming back.
Stop messing around
and send him out.
Why can't you understand, sir?
We killed Chandran.
We chopped him up
and threw him in the sea.
I stood for you guys.
If you have killed Chandran,
you should come with me
when I leave from here.
I've told you earlier, sir.
I'm saying this in
front of the Mosque.
If I'm lying,
I can't look you in the eye.
I killed him.
If you can take me from amidst
the people of Ramadappally,
take me, sir.
Not just the police, whoever wants to enter
this place, they need our people's permission.
It's the fishermen here who stood
guard to this coast, so far.
We know how to protect our land.
Allah is the Greatest!
I gave my word to that officer,
on that day.
Whoever objects,
if it was my son who
committed that murder,
I will testify against him.
Do you want some water?
- No.
I want to move a little forward.
Sulaiman deserves to die.
But that should happen
in a righteous way,
by serving his punishment.
That school you tried to destroy?
It was built by my son!
No one from Ramadappally
should kill him.
you are all living in a land that
he has developed.
Damn it!
Come on!
Doctor, can you
give me your phone?
Whatever you tell me,
I won't come.
Dad, please listen to me.
The cops are asking
me to kill uncle.
Are you sure that
all the parts are metal?
After Chandran's death,
the police put out a look-out notice
with Sulaiman as the first accused.
Since we couldn't stay
in Ramadappally anymore,
we went to Minicoy.
Roselyn also came with us.
I didn't stop her.
Even if I did, she
would have come with us.
How can I breathe,
wearing all this?
It should be a modest dress.
That's all Allah has asked for.
Your modesty is on
this face, right?
Shouldn't everyone see that?
Only others should
see it or what?
Don't you want to see it?
It was Ramadappally which
taught me how to live.
I won't ask you to cover your
head or get converted.
But I want to raise our
children as Muslims.
I need your permission for that.
Go away!
What are you doing here in the night?
Go home!
Whatever it is, we should bring
her here for her delivery.
Not possible, Mom.
How can she come here,
leaving Ali behind?
The police are looking
for him everywhere.
The whole coast has been
suffering because of you
and your Muslim brother-in-law.
Police were on a rampage here,
and made many of our women pregnant.
How are you going to escape from
the curses of those children?
What is it?
- We want to meet Anwar sir.
Who are you?
Anwar sir knows us.
Sir is over there.
Go ahead.
What's the matter?
You remember the favours I
have done for you, right?
My problem is not with you.
It's with Sulaiman.
Ask him to surrender.
There's no point in
meeting me until then.
Come to my office on Monday.
Namaste, sir.
Come inside.
You alone!
Give him tea.
Sit down, David.
Sit down, man.
You taught Sulaiman
all this, right?
But their people got
all the benefits!
Their Mosque developed.
They got a school.
What did your people get?
Don't bring up
communalism here, sir.
We have no animosity
between each other there.
It's your policemen who
are ruining the coast.
It will all be solved
if Sulaiman is captured.
You know that, right?
I also pray at that Mosque.
But I don't differentiate
between people.
You should ask him to surrender.
There won't be an end to
this problem otherwise.
He will be behind
bars for 15 years.
Then you'll be the only hope
for the people of the coast.
Don't discuss what I said with
the one who's waiting outside.
It's your people
who would suffer.
I was really confused
while going back.
Whatever said and done,
Anwar sir was right
about a few things.
Both communities shouldn't
suffer because of me.
If it's me whom the cops want,
I'll come back tomorrow itself.
How long will Ali Ikka be
in jail if he surrenders?
The lawyer said that the
case would never stand.
Who's going to testify against him,
from Ramadappally?
What if the case
turns against him?
Then we will raise the child.
Even we have the capability
to raise a child.
Don't lose sleep
thinking about it.
We have to leave
early in the morning.
How is she related to the accused?
I am his mother.
I came to know only then
that it was Jameela Teacher who
was going to testify against him.
Ali failed in front of
his mother on that day.
The court adjourned the case.
Sulaiman was sent on
remand for three months.
You bloody wretch!
Are you even a mother?
Are you happy now that you
brought your son to court?
Don't hurt my mother.
You should say the truth at least for
the sake of our people.
How else can we get out of this?
Sulaiman did it for my brother.
Aren't you ashamed to
ask me to betray him?
Peter had his own reasons.
Because Sulaiman had done
it for his brother Francis.
Who's with Roselyn?
Fill this and give it at the counter.
Any name for the child?
Is it a boy or a girl?
- It's a boy.
Edavathura fishing colony.
The day Chandran was murdered,
that is on October 26th, 1989,
did the boat called 'Francis' which
you own, go to sea?
Was Mr. Sulaiman with you on that boat?
- Yes.
So you have seen Sulaiman killing Chandran.
And you helped him dump that
body in the sea from your boat!
Sir, it's true that we went to sea,
and Sulaiman was with me.
But we had gone fishing.
My Lord, witness turning hostile.
But My Lord, I don't have
any further questions.
Sir, we fishermen keep a
record of our daily catch.
You can examine that.
Sulaiman is a fisherman
who comes fishing with me.
Allah is the Greatest!
I want to see my Ameer.
In the name of the Father,
the Son,
and the Holy Spirit,
I hereby baptize him.
It's done.
What the hell are
you doing, David?
Who gave you permission to baptize the
child without informing his father?
He is my sister's child, Abu.
We will decide how to raise him!
You don't have to
interfere in that.
I had gone with this scoundrel
to the Collector's house.
And he took him inside
and treated him royally!
This scoundrel
betrayed you for him!
Have I ever asked you
to change your faith?
Do you need their permission
to raise him as our Ameer?
That was the end of my
relationship with them.
I have only stood for
our community ever since.
The Arabian Sea
Didn't you say that
the cargo is moving?
Where is it then?
- Believe me, sir.
Sulaiman's people are smuggling stuff.
That ship won't stay
here until now otherwise.
David, don't waste my time.
Why can't we see anything then?
Eagle calling base.
Please proceed.
That was wrong information.
There's no movement visible in the sea.
Pull it.
Come on, quick.
Slowly, boy!
We opened it because
it was too heavy, Ali Ikka.
Haven't you seen what's
happening in India on TV?
We can't say when our
people would need it.
You can hide it inside the Mosque.
No one will catch you.
I had spoken to Abu.
So you're saying that we should make our
people learn how to hold guns as well?
Is it?
Consider it so, Ikka.
Then hear this too, Shahul.
If anyone takes a gun from here,
the first bullet
would hit your head!
Bury this without
anyone noticing.
If you dump it in the sea,
the boys would find it.
Sruvival is really difficult.
You should speak for us.
They've brought a land mower to Kanithura
and they're excavating the whole coast.
Police is also with them,
not letting people go there.
If a big wave hits the shore,
all the houses would be under water.
You should do something soon.
Remove those planks.
If you want a bridge to go back,
put back the sand
you took from here.
It's for the Highway project.
We have the MLA's permission.
It's a Government order, Sulaiman.
I've told you long back itself, that
we'll handle things here ourselves.
No one has to build a road here,
submerging our people in water!
I'll let you know.
Did you allow the officers
to take sand from Kanithura?
Shouldn't highway should
pass through our coast too?
It is for the road works.
They won't take it anywhere else.
Are you going build roads by destroying
houses of the people of the coast?
If the waves destroy
those poor people's houses,
will your Government
build it back for them?
Everyone knows why you're
encroaching all the houses,
in the name of the roads
& harbour projects.
If you also have a hand in it,
I won't wait until
the next election.
Ali Ikka, don't count
me among them.
I'll do only what's beneficial
for our people, after consulting you.
Many things have started reaching the
shore without consulting me, Abu.
I've stopped the sand-mining.
But what will I do about people who send
arms to create disputes between communities?
Shahul did it out of haste.
It won't happen again.
Please forgive him.
But the sea didn't forgive
the people of the coast.
On the next day of your
fourth Christmas, at 8 AM,
a Tsunami hit the coast.
Peter, hold him.
Peter, give the child to me.
There's no place
inside the mosque!
We can't allow people from
other religions inside.
You're talking religion,
when our land is suffering?
No one has restricted you here, Ali.
This is the decision of the Jama'ath.
None of these are my
decisions, Sulaiman.
Jama'ath is under the
influence of politicians now.
Humanity should win.
That alone should win.
If you had the ability to come
outside and talk,
I know what decision you'd
have made, Moosakka.
I'm going to do
that for you now.
As long as Moosakka is alive, none
of your decisions are above his.
The Mosque has always given
refuge for the homeless.
I also came like that.
Religion never mattered
for that, till date.
Now you needn't make people fight each
other, in the name of the Mosque!
Peter, bring the truck inside!
He will open the gate!
I know how to take
care of my family.
Don't try to fool me, like you've
been fooling the people of the coast.
He will betray you!
He will definitely betray you!
Come on!
What did I do?
- Just come.
Hey! Give it here.
I feel sad to see you in
this condition, David.
Haven't you had enough
of torturing us?
What's left at this coast now?
I shouldn't have stood
up for Ali then.
He thought only about himself.
I want to help you
all, at least now.
Some decisions of the Jama'ath
would be against you people.
That shouldn't happen.
I'll be at the guest house,
until the inspection is over.
You should come there.
Make way.
Why do you have to think so much?
After all, he's the MLA
of this area, right?
Shouldn't we re-build
our broken house?
Don't we have to do some
job and make a living?
- I have come to meet Abu.
That's enough.
Sit here.
You won't believe me
if I say the truth.
Police was waiting for something like
this to happen, to enter Ramadappally.
Even then, the loss is for
the people of Edavathura.
The seawall was sanctioned
along with the highway.
It should be built
at around 10 feet.
Had it been there, this disaster
would have reduced by half.
Ali got that stopped, as well.
Because, even if there's no
seawall, Ramadappally is safe.
It's your place which
is by the sea, right?
Funds are going to flow here
in the name of rehabilitation.
I have to send officers
inside for the survey.
Sulaiman will stop them too.
He will steal the money
that's coming too.
In between all these problems, the Jama'ath
wants to conduct the Uroos festival.
No one will conduct Uroos here,
after submerging us in water!
They shouldn't.
Is it right to conduct the Uroos, when the
people of the coast are in so much pain?
For that, I have to
send the police inside.
You and your people
should be with me.
The ruling Government had appointed
Anwar Ali as the Collector again.
For him who knew our
coast really well,
it was a golden opportunity.
We can't send much force in there,
without any provocation.
I have to get a complaint
from there, about some issue.
If you can create any kind
of tussle at Ramadappally,
I can take action regarding that.
You just have to get it started.
I'll execute the rest
according to what sir wants.
Sir, if I'm caught,
they won't spare me.
I am telling you, right?
Those who are fasting for Uroos,
won't touch you.
It's Uroos, right?
So you don't have to pay today.
Why are you giving a bill
to us alone, Shanavaz?
Not for them, huh?
I don't take money from pilgrims
coming from outside for the Uroos.
Then we've also
come from outside.
We're all from the same town, right?
It's Uroos, right?
I won't let you
celebrate Uroos here,
when our people are on their
deathbeds due to the Tsunami.
If you don't have money, give it tomorrow.
Peter, take him and go.
I don't want alms from you!
I won't let you celebrate
Uroos here at any cost!
Don't argue. It's a good day.
- It's not at all a good day!
You won't conduct
the Uroos here.
[arguments intensify]
Leave me.
Let me see how you
celebrate Uroos here!
Leave it.
Let's go!
David has stabbed Nawaz.
Don't let them go!
I went there to
start a small fight.
But I didn't know a huge
riot was about to start.
The people of our coast
should remain calm.
I've informed the
police and fire force.
Until the police comes,
no one should create any problem.
Make way!
Make way, please.
- Make way!
Nawaz was stabbed, Ali Ikka!
That poor guy was washing
dishes in the kitchen.
It was David, Ali Ikka.
He challenged that he won't
let us conduct the Uroos,
did this and escaped!
The State is arranging a special
bus service to the Mosque at 8 AM.
You should gather your people
and stop that as well.
We won't let anyone
celebrate Uroos here.
No one will conduct Uroos here!
You can't conduct Uroos here!
Move all of them!
No one has to come here
to celebrate Uroos!
[arguments continue]
This protest is illegal.
Kindly disperse.
Yes, sir.
Kindly disperse immediately.
Commence fire!
Party ready!
Sir, ask them not to shoot.
Arrest them both!
And file a chargesheet!
Don't hurt them!
Sir, ask them to stop!
Don't stop here.
Take it to the back side.
Take care of the child.
Don't go anywhere.
Okay, sir.
I'll wait here.
Kerala Police Manual, 1970.
Prevention of riot control.
What's written in that?
If a violent mob doesn't disperse,
first a Lathi charge.
Then, warning shots.
If they can't be controlled even then,
water cannon & tear gas.
After that, what is it?
Controlled firing with rubber bullets.
Isn't that right?
You haven't followed any rule mentioned in
the order I signed. You'll go to jail!
You report it, sir.
I've only obeyed the S.P.
and chief of Police.
If I'm trapped,
everyone will be trapped.
Bring Peter & David, who
were arrested from Edavathura.
Yes, sir.
Is this a communal riot?
- Move away.
Let's go.
You wait outside.
What the hell have you done?
Do you have guns in your houses?
Sir, how will we have guns?
Then how did a counter firing
happen from Ramadappally?
It wasn't from our side, sir.
Sulaiman's people have guns.
Have you seen it?
Have you seen it?
One of the consignments that
came for us had guns in it, sir.
Where did it come from?
How many?
They were all machine
guns from abroad, sir.
I was also there, when we buried
them, so that no one saw them.
You've ruined everything!
Send them out!
- Sir.
If you die at the
hands of those guys,
your families shouldn't
come here asking for help!
[The Opposition has alleged that the
firing by the police was a wrong move]
[According to the Police Manual,
the Executive Magistrate...]
We've got evidence that
they had guns in possession.
Based on that, arrests
would be made soon.
Do you have an accurate
estimate of dead people?
We've left from the station.
He is with me.
At the Church?
Okay. We will come.
What the hell did you
gain, working for Ali?
That scoundrel even brought
guns to the coast!
It's only for my sister's sake.. Otherwise
I'd have finished him then itself!
There is some betrayal in this. This
won't happen with Sulaiman's knowledge.
Go fall at his feet!
Haven't you had enough
of licking his feet yet?
What's your problem?
Look straight and ride!
Can't we go straight?
Can't go there!
They've declared 144 there.
I'll take you there
through the back side.
Put your rosary inside, brother.
You ride the auto.
Don't teach me what to do!
I said what I had to.
Do whatever you want.
Won't you carry Christians
in your rickshaw?
Then you go walking.
This is all I can do.
Stop, I say!
If you can't come, why are
you riding the auto?
- Calm down, David.
Will you ride your auto tomorrow?
Let me see how you do that, scoundrel!
I'll break your legs!
- Come here.
Subair, it's David!
Don't spare them!
Your father's leg still carries...
the rest of the bullet that
Sulaiman sent for him!
I am still burning inside, son.
I had wished that at least you
shouldn't become like me.
But this isn't like that, son.
This is a way that the Lord has
shown us, to take revenge.
Not for us.
You should do this for all our
people of the coast who died.
You should do this
for your mother.
He will do it, sir.
Just take him to Ali somehow.
Open it.
You wait outside.
- Okay, sir.
Hey! Stop it.
I have nothing to do with
this arrest, Ali Ikka.
Don't make me part of this.
I didn't know about it.
What's happening?
Has construction started
at Swamy's new property?
Ali Ikka, when the Government gave it
to Swamy in the auction, what can I...
Yeah right!
We have to be scared when your
Government says something, right?
Which Government were we scared of,
while living there for 20 years?
Has anyone come to evict
our people from the coast?
Have I allowed them?
Have I?
How much did you take?
How much did Swamy give you?
Ali Ikka, don't make up things.
- Stop it!
Should I tell you what your
commission was for the auction?
After taking all the land
in these 10 years...
Is it up yet?
Your harbour?
After fasting together,
and taking you by our side,
you learned only to
stab from the back?
Sulaiman, who helped you
start this business?
If you intend to give a statement against
me, I know how to finish you in here.
If I know how to bring this
into your Government's jail...
try and finish me here!
If you tell this
to anyone outside,
I'll say that
you gave it to me.
For them and the
people of Ramadappally,
we are still friends, right?
I want to meet that boy as well.
David's son, Freddy.
- Okay, sir.
Sulaiman prays 5 times
a day, without fail.
He wouldn't eat anything
so early in the morning.
So his sugar level
would be quite low.
So if you pull him
from behind with this,
he'll be gone in a jiffy!
Yeah, the boy is with me.
I'll bring him now.
1265. Radhakrishnan
240. Suresh
447. Prathapan
631. Rajashekharan
Your dad told you
everything, right?
Are you scared?
He will do it, sir.
We're giving him all the
necessary training.
He's a venom who brought
destruction to you, your family...
and the people of Ramdapally.
For the well-being of the
people of both coasts,
without fear...
I'll see to it that you
don't face any problem!
That's a promise I
made to your dad.
When are you going to shift him?
The order is ready, sir.
Mostly tonight.
Or early morning tomorrow.
What is this, sir?
Are you going to interrogate me?
I know you only from what's
written on the records now.
It's written in that, right?
That Sulaiman is a murderer?
While trying to protect
some people and their land,
I was compelled to do that.
Those people are still standing
guard for you, outside this jail.
That's the only reason why I
felt like saying this to you.
You will be killed by tomorrow night.
But people will know about
it, only as a suicide.
Sir, I'm someone who's not even sure
whether I would live even for one night.
But this isn't like that, Ali Ikka.
In an hour, an accused who's on
remand will be shifted here.
The plan is to make him do it.
Are you talking about
David's son, sir?
He won't be able to do it, sir.
You cops are just trying to
threaten these kids and...
Get going, sir.
I was the one who brought your
mother to meet Freddy.
Only when I heard what she said,
I realized the reason
behind your actions.
At least for her sake,
you should give me a written request,
to shift him from this cell.
Sir, I was upset that my
mother didn't agree to meet me,
before leaving for Hajj.
I wanted to stand before my mother
as an innocent son, at least once.
At least she told you that I had
my own reasons for everything!
If it's not too much trouble,
can you get me a cigarette?
He won't do anything to me, sir.
He can't do it.
No one from Ramdappalli can do it.
Lift it.
Are you scared?
Hey! Hey!
You're serving dinner
after 9.30 PM?
Don't you have the rule book with you?
It's not his fault, Pillai sir.
I asked for a late dinner.
Shouldn't we follow
the rules, Ali Ikka?
It's not like earlier now.
There are cameras everywhere.
Hey! At that corner!
Did you recognize him, Ali Ikka?
He is David's...
I am his uncle, right?
Do I need you to introduce me to
my own relatives?
What did you do,
to be brought here?
I threw a bomb at Ahmed Ali school.
Do you want to
know anything else?
Hey! Hey! Hey! Shut up!
Shut up!
Look at his arrogance!
Lower your eyes!
Lower your eyes, I say!
How can I put him
anywhere else, Ikka?
If he's with you, he'll
learn some discipline.
Close it.
Has your dad told you not to
accept food from me?
He has told me that when you feed
with love, it would be to kill!
Your dad must have told you that I'm
a loser who got his own son killed,
and not to sleep even for a bit
while sharing the room, right?
What David told you is true.
He is in this condition,
because of me.
My dad has only taught me not
to beg in front of my uncle,
whenever we were starving.
There hasn't been a day
when he slept without pain.
My mom works as a housemaid
to feed my family.
You used my father to save the
people of your faith, right?
Freddy, my dear son...
I don't want to
lose you as well.
Allah is the greatest!
[chanting continues]
Allah is the greatest!
Ameer! Ameer!
Roselin, stop!
- It's our son, Ikka.
That's Ameer!
Go inside!
Ameer! Ameer!
My son!
Ikka! Ikka!
Ikka, my son!
Our son!
Ikka, our son!
[prayers being offered
for the departed soul]
Police entered this place
and killed so many people.
And you're saying you
didn't know about it?
Will I be complicit in killing
our people, deliberately?
It's clear that
David started it.
I know that he did it
to bring the police here.
Who asked the police to fire?
You would know at
least that, right?
It was the Collector
who gave the order.
And the police made use
of that opportunity.
I came to know about this after the
Christians started rioting here.
It was a riot created
by the police.
There was no riot between the
Christians & Muslims here otherwise.
All of you step outside.
I want to talk to my husband, alone.
What justification
do you have now?
Your hands are
stinking of blood.
Don't touch my child
with that hand.
My father who raised me and my son
whom I raised, died on the same day.
Whom will I ask the reason
why they were killed?
It was your brother who got them killed.
Go ask him!
It was David who turned the people against
each other and helped in the killings.
Go and ask him!
He knew...
... that the police would
shoot our child,
that a riot would happen here,
and his own father would die in it.
Take our daughter with you.
At least she should
escape from all this.
While trying to help my people,
I couldn't save my own son, right?
How dare you come here
after getting your father killed?
They didn't even let me see my son.
If I don't see my father as well,
why should I stay alive, mother?
Your brother is on
his deathbed inside.
Go and see him also.
I have him now!
I will raise him to
settle our scores.
And I'll make him do what
his father couldn't.
Peter, at least you tell me.
Did David know about this?
He was aware of some of it.
Did David know that the police
would fire and people would die?
Your dad is still alive,
just because she
requested me to spare him.
Your dad didn't tell me...
.. that they would kill my Ameer.
If he had, I wouldn't have
sent my son alone that day.
Call the ambulance.
Time of death is 5:45 AM.
You want the reason to be
death by suicide, right?
My report would state that
it was a suicide by hanging.
If you could tell
me where and how...
Your father is no more, dear.
Ali Ikka...
Ali Ikka is dead.
The policemen who reached Sulaiman's
isolated cell in the jail at dawn today,
saw the accused hanging dead
from the fan inside the cell.
This happened while the court
was about to consider the bail plea of
Sulaiman, who was arrested in
relation to the Ramadappally riots,
on the 27th of this month.
The jail officials confirmed that
the accused has died by suicide.
The Ramadappalli action council has alleged that
this is an unnatural death and
demanded that the conspiracy behind it
should be investigated.
Dad, please stop.
Stop, dad.
Where are you going?
Your mother has made
breakfast at home.
Carry on, dad.
I'll be back soon.
Don't go inside the Mosque.
Listen to your dad!
They will kill you!
You were also complicit in
killing his son, right?
What did I know?
Those people told me.
I did it.
If you also leave,
whom do I have?
What did you think, dad?
That I killed my uncle?
Can anyone from this coast kill him?
You get going.
Let me do what you couldn't.
Those who promised us
are saying now that...
he committed
suicide inside the jail.
How can Ali Ikka commit suicide?
Out of what guilt would
Ali Ikka commit suicide?
This is clearly a political murder.
Even though it was
orchestrated by the police,
it was done
by the representative
of a section which is
against our community.
But they have forgotten something!
The ideals that Ali Ikka created,
can never be destroyed by anyone!
Every Muslim standing in
front of this Mosque,
has the same ideals!
We have the same emotion!
- Catch him!
As the accused in the Ramadappally
riots has committed suicide in the jail,
what do you have to say, as the Collector
who gave the firing order that day?
Ramadappally firing was
created by the police.
There wasn't any animosity between
the communities there.
The police created it...
... along with support from the
Government which was in rule back then.
Back then, I had the charge of the
Additional Magistrate as well.
I repented my decision of signing
on that firing order, later on.
Even today....
just like the people
of Ramadappally,
I am also suffering
its consequences.