Mall (2014) Movie Script

Malcolm, will you eat now?
I made fish sticks
with mashed potatoes.
Did you hear me?
Says Can not find what you want,
I decide for you.
The older you get,
the more you look like your father.
What did you paint? What is that?
Did you just say,
what I think you did?
Oh, Mal! Who should
clear this up?
How you doing here?
- Fine.
- Remove the cap.
- What's your name?
- Harry Haller.
This is private property.
Do not have an errand, go.
Pull yourself together.
You will not be arrested.
You know that.
You, I can drive you.
- I'll move me.
- Thank you.
I just think it's sad.
That you brainwashed into brutal Isere
you by brutal leverage other.
And the people that I
can not sit where they want.
Come on.
- Big Brother is watching you too.
- I have no idea what it means.
Why would you do that?
Pull your pants up.
- Hi, Jeff.
- What happens Adelle?
Where are the others?
- What would cop?
- I do not know. He was bored.
- He said "pull your pants up"?
- Of course.
Probably the smartest, he said.
It is, as Orwell said. We live
in a big machine. All the figures.
It does not require torture to put me
place. I have no choice.
And that is what they want.
That one adds up.
Think of rats and fearlessness.
Do you know what I'm saying?
Forget it. See.
They built the center so it looks like
a place where people are stimulated.
But it's not real. Nobody goes
on their soulless paths.
No one takes care of their
dystopian landscape architecture.
It's like a cardboard figure
of a shopping center.
Our world is
generated by computers and companies.
The imitate
real human experiences.
Artificial scented candles.
Artificial sex appeal.
Cultural simulation.
Fictitious memories.
Fabricated happiness.
Cake, straight from the oven.
Like those mother never cooked.
They smell good.
"... Is a bad joke,
a brutal miscarriage of urmoderen."
"For steppe wolf, we are not part
rational beings, but gods dren
Towards the complete
and immortality. "
- Do you have a bookmark in it?
- Yes. So I do not get lost.
That's sweet.
Steppeulven? Acting on
on a wolf, as "Wolf Dog"?
No, not really.
- Smoking is forbidden here, sir.
- Fill them with octane 95
- It is not appropriate for lawnmowers.
- I'm not mow.
He's cute. He has beautiful eyes.
But his voice is very light.
He sounds like a girl.
Wait, Cherise.
There was a madman. moment.
- 48.50 with petrol.
- And a pack of Marlboro Reds.
Will you give me the matches?
You giving me a bag?
You should lose weight.
You are a little overweight.
You stink. And have bad breath.
- You think so?
- Yes.
If you think the spirit is poor, taste
my cock, when it's in your ass.
My sperm is probably much healthier
for you than the bad, you've eaten.
Would you like it?
Suck on my dick covered with shit?
So if someone gives you a piece of advice
be polite and follow it, and say thank you.
Thank you.
Just press the red button.
But be prepared for the consequences.
For now I will simply speak. Believe me,
I can do much more than that.
One day the kid suddenly realize
that he does not hate his kone..
..but his mother. But since he married
with her mother, it is too late.
Where do you get that stuff?
- I collect observations.
- Write them down. Write a book.
I will do.
Let me hear more observations.
Okay. Do you see that guy?
He thinks hostesses like him.
They just give good service.
Had a brief affair with the secretary,
and it was too weird.
He loves his wife, but has not
had sex with her for six years.
Since they got their youngest son.
He has gone out with
underwear models since then.
It started with catalogs,
when his wife made food..
...and the daughter was practicing
on his trumpet.
He began to recognize
models in various catalogs.
He took on various scenarios.
Ski Holidays.
10,000-meter team.
He recognized the girl on the poster there.
He ??saw her in a different catalog.
She enjoys being taken back.
What about her?
She just quit smoking.
Yesterday she ate a pint of ice cream.
Her child slept for dinner, and the man
as "Monster truck" on TV.
So she led after the butts in the waste
and found one.
She sees herself in the mirror
every night.
She still think
that she is sexy.
But it seems the man is not.
He ??does not understand her appetite.
- Sugar get her in a good mood.
- Shoot me if I get that.
She is thinking about dusting
off strangers up and bun at motels.
She knows that she will do it.
But alcohol problem is cleared.
She has not fallen in
next dinner party last year.
is actually the Steppeulv,
I often call me.
stray animals, which is not
a home or happiness -
- in a world that is strange
i and incomprehensible to him.
The man was the biggest, baddest
kid in the neighborhood, in Haiti.
He was good at that, so gangsters
made him a debt collector.
Then he fell in love. He would have
a new life, so he moved here.
They both work
as security guards in an IT company.
They worked hard, and every night
two o'clock they ate lunch together.
But she died.
He has an emptiness inside.
He ??began to pray to the Madonna
for forgiveness.
He vowed to make amends by working
hard and never hurt anyone again.
Every night he goes home to his empty
..Eat fiskestuvning
and dreams about her Mary.
And every night
he lies down on his knees and pray.
His brain is full
of snakes and demons.
He looks forward to tomorrow so he
can get up and go to work.
What about this guy?
He inherited tuxedo shop
from his father 20 years ago.
He hates tuxedos
almost as much as his life.
But he knows the industry.
Goes a tuxedo down in value, he sells
it to a shop in a poor neighborhood.
He knows that most people only
goes in tuxedos twice in life.
First, the school prom.
And when their child gets married.
He dominates both markets.
He had a meaningless, difficult
affair with his accountant.
He fucked her the night before
her wedding. Good for his ego.
But it was a long time ago now.
Jeff! Hello!
What is this? What are you doing, man?
- Do you smoke?
- No.
See Him...
- Hi, Adelle.
- Hello. Will you watch a movie?
- What?
- Well. The one with... that guy.
- Shel's in the box.
- Sure.
- I heard that it is bad.
- Jas.
- Shall we eat? I'm starving.
- It depends on whether Jeff has money.
- Yes, Jeff, what do you have?
- Nothing.
- I have not paid your loan.
- Now you're frugal, man.
Jeff. You can find out about the
money later, but right now...
- You can have my fries.
- I do not eat saturated fat.
Buy a smoothie to me, okay?
You always do, as the hooker will.
Do not talk like that about her.
Yeah, whatever.
Come on, man.
I have something for you.
Do you have any?
He looks familiar.
- Sir... What are you doing?
- What?
Come on, let's go.
Now we go.
Is it ecstasy?
It does not look it.
- This is it.
- I think it is acid.
- I do not know.
- Come on.
It's not a good night
and kind of disheartening.
Why not?
I do not know. I just want
hang out, talk with Adelle.
Skid at Adelle! She is brain dead.
What's with you two?
- She is nothing.
- She is not nothing.
Have you ever talked to her?
She thinks not. She smokes only.
She is also incredibly beautiful.
Is she?
Yes, she is.
I've certainly never
thought of her looks before.
She has charisma.
She is not like other girls.
- Charisma?
- Energy.
She knows what she wants.
- You are skewed.
- No.
You know what your problem is?
You believe in a kind of life energy.
- Not this again, Beckett.
- You are superstitious.
Come on.
- I will not take it alone.
- Then do not.
I have already done it.
Do you?
Can you feel anything?
No, it's only
half an hour ago, I took it.
So never mind.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
- I forgot your smoothie.
- It's okay.
Something happens! I smoke, and cop
led a man out in handcuffs.
He stood at the changing rooms
to see pussies.
- Did it him?
- Sure. Come on!
- Are not you coming?
- I do not see a pervert.
- Neither.
- Your losses. Come on!
How are you?
- What?
- How are you?
It goes.
Are you married?
Your wife can pick up the car.
- Right now you have the right to remain silent.
- Come on! To arrest me?
Do you think you can do that without
be taken? You have the right to remain silent...
Wait a minute! Come on, I saw her!
I just went over. She...
- Do you understand your rights?
- She did it on purpose!
- She had sex, right?
- Yes! Okay?
I'm just a human being.
My niece was raped last year.
Get in the car!
Good grief! Yes, yes.
Pervert bastard.
No, I saw him put into the car.
There he is!
Hello! Do you enjoy what you see?
Come on! Pervert!
You were taken!
Life is terrible. We can not do
something, and yet we are responsible.
Man is born and is immediately guilty.
Absolutely! Tomorrow!
Son of a bitch.
We're closed!
I said...
Come on!
Is it really you, Malcolm?
God! Let me see you.
It's been a while, my friend.
It should be at least 4-5 years.
You look really good!
You have grown.
How's your mother,
for the rest?
Mal, what is it?
What are you doing?
What's up, man?
Do you want to rob me?
Come on! Want tuxedos are?
Just take them.
Do you want money, you know
where they are. Same place as before.
I do not care, I'm insured.
Take what you want and go.
You heard me.
Take the money and go.
Ad back door. Okay?
Guards may be here anytime.
And I must go now.
It's not funny, man.
What are your plans for the fall?
I'm moving to New York.
I should be a model.
Think like this.
It always comes new modeling
...and one need not be traditional
sex, it can be interesting.
I think you're beautiful,
in a traditional way.
I think,
that in the worst case it becomes porn.
In the worst case it becomes porn.
Do ecstasy deaf?
No, I just...
- How did you know?
- What do you think?
Beckett did it.
So of course you do.
But Adelle, frankly,
it would be terrible.
I was joking. God.
Yes, yes!
I was serious,
when I said that you are beautiful.
Are you saying that you think of me?
- Uh...
- As you want to go out with me?
- Yes.
- And fuck me and such?
- Is that what you're saying?
- No, no.
- Do not you fuck me?
- No. I...
- You're kidding me, right?
- No.
I just wanted to hear
if you wanted to fuck and such. You know.
This is very strange.
What's weird?
You thought I was beautiful.
When a guy likes a girl,
he will fuck her or not?
- Yes, but...
- And so.
What do you mean, "and so"?
Afsutning, licking anal,
lick your wallet, you know. The kind.
- Please.
- Can I lick your purse?
- No!
- Why not?
I just want to be with you.
I think I'm in love with you,
Are you okay? Did I hurt you?
It's just...
We've never actually
spoken before now.
Do you love me truly?
Do you?
Can I say something?
Do you promise that you will not be angry?
You really are not exciting.
This is crazy.
Malcolm? Are you listening?
Look, I have money.
You can get what you want.
But you must go,
for the police.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
I would not say
I recognize you, I swear.
Want a chance to Barry?
Do I want a second chance?
Yes, that's what I want!
What the hell was my second chance,
when you fired me, fucking gay! What?
You ruined my life!
I Destroyed Your Life?
You have no respect.
I Poured your drugs down your throat?
I stole the box?
You gave me no choice.
I have a company to think about!
Not anymore! Fucking idiot.
Do you hear me, Mal?
Move away from there.
Destroy now not all that paint.
Do you hear!
You can take everything I have, Mal!
Do you hear!
No, do not!
All units to the mall.
- Suspected believed to be armed.
- Device third We are there and check it out.
Copy, unit 3rd
I take the handcuffs of
and gives you a summons.
- Really?
- Yes, today is your lucky day.
Those who want music
instead of noise.
Happiness rather than enjoyment.
soul Instead of foolishness.
They find no home
in our mundane world.
I want more.
I'm not happy with
to be happy.
I was not made for it.
It is not my destiny.
My destiny is the opposite.
He walked on two legs.
had dressed, and was a human.
But in fact he was
a stepper brush wolf.
He had learned much.
He was a smart guy.
But what he had not learned
was this:
To be happy
with himself and his life. / in
He knew all along that he
was not really a man.
We report...
A disgruntled employee. He sat
fire to the place and killed view a.
- Did they get him?
- Nah. He is perhaps still.
Exciting. If they come here,
we invite all to a glass.
I hate the mall.
I hope it burns down.
- I'm kidding!
- Okay.
- My name is Donna.
- Lenny.
Hey, Lenny.
- Do you come here often?
- No, I'm staying at the hotel next door.
I'm just a housewife.
Another housewife,
bored in America, ha ha ha.
- How are the rooms?
- Posh. Not the worst.
A to! It must be serious.
- What kind of name is Lenny?
- It was said my grandfather.
It was probably five sirens.
You might see better
from your room.
I do not know.
Let's see.
Will you excuse me a moment?
I have the boy space.
I'll be right back.
- Ed, where's Tom?
- He was here just now.
- Damn!
- It is he that pervert!
- Fled you, man?
- He's in shock!
- Are you in shock?
- He handcuffed and burned.
You, cop car was blown.
He ??flew enough away and landed here!
- Awesome!
- You all right, mate?
- Show me the handcuffs. Does it hurt?
- Do not do that.
We can kill him.
No one would notice.
It's him,
who viewed the changing rooms.
- He will see pussy.
- Show him your pussy, Shel.
- Want to see my pussy?
- No, I want to go home.
Do you not handcuffs,
you may never be free.
Trapped on a desert island,
starving perhaps death.
That's how it was for slaves.
- Which slaves?
- My ancestors from Africa.
- Are you still stoned?
- There is I. What the hell?
It is he who perverts. He fled
probably because idiot blew up the car.
- It's like it is in Arizona.
- I heard that he was hiding in the woods.
- He has a flamethrower.
- What? It comes on TV!
- All over the world!
- We're on TV.
We do it!
Handcuffs gotta hurt.
All is well.
Let me help you up.
I just want to help you, you
it has been not so good.
- Come on, people! Share you up.
- Six here, three in the middle.
Officer down!
- Hey, you're at the mall?
- Yes.
What is this? They do not say much.
A cop is killed, maybe more.
- Yes, I have also heard.
- Hope it's not someone I know.
Well, anybody know him.
What are you drinking?
- On the house.
- Thank you.
I came here often with my
parents before they divorced.
My dad always ordered steak,
light pink.
My mother always ordered fish,
as if it would improve her.
She was always in the process of self-help.
I never noticed any changes.
Are you okay?
I just saw a man on a stretcher.
I think he's dead.
It's damn hard.
So why are you sitting here for yourself?
People are bad,
I hate people.
- Yes, especially the masses.
- I hate them also separately.
Hate is a strong word.
I do not hate anyone.
Are you okay?
Your eyes are quite... you know, weird.
Yes. I'm fine.
I just hang out, you know.
Hanging you out?
You look pretty serious,
I think.
Do I?
He smiles.
I enjoy hanging. Relax.
We relax together.
- I thought you did not like people.
- You're not people.
- What's your name?
- Jeff.
Hi, Jeff.
- What's your name?
- Never mind. Are you a student?
- I go to college, yes.
- Jas, what are you reading?
- Literature.
- Jas?
- What is your favorite book?
- Steppeulven.
Steppeulven (Steppenwolf).
No, it was written by...
- forget it.
- I love me anyway for movies.
But I think about that book...
... about vampires in New Orleans.
- Anne Rice?
I really... New Orleans
is a very sexy place.
And I love
it is crazy voodoo stuff.
- I'd better be careful.
- Yes, you may.
Sure you feel good?
Yes! I'm fine,
I have just drunk a lot.
You need to see a little air.
Life is a bad joke.
A brutal abortion of urmoderen.
A hopeless, barbaric
natural disaster.
Wake straight up!
You act antisocial.
Can I ask you something?
If you could travel anywhere you want,
where would it be?
- Vienna.
- Why?
This is where Freud and Beethoven
hung out.
I would like to go there
and feel the history.
I think about.
Brand history.
My husband would never say that.
Are you married?
You should look for a girl
a ring when you talk to her.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
He's not here,
he is at home with the kids.
- Do you have children?
- Yes.
Are you surprised?
No, it's just...
You look so... young.
I'm maybe too.
Maybe I'm younger than you.
Do you think I'm attractive?
What are you thinking?
That I might... kiss you?
It's funny.
I thought the same thing.
Do not worry, soldier. I am married.
- I'll call in ten minutes.
- Where are you going?
Just answer when I call.
It is Alonso. Who is it?
Hi, Sheila. I'm coming.
You must be Alonso.
- Yes.
- I said room 302
Why did it take so long?
- Elevator.
- Well, hurry up.
Do you want beer, vodka, wine?
- It's probably not so good.
- What about chocolate?
It gives you a lot of energy...
It disappeared quickly.
Are you nervous?
- Do you watch porn?
- Porn?
They have it in every room,
to all the lonely sellers.
I do not like porn.
That's sick.
Well, Alonso...
Do you like it here?
- Si.
- Si.
Now you're talking my language.
You are a very naughty pool boy.
Fuck me, Alonso.
I have seen how you look
at me from the cabana.
Yes, with your sweaty body.
You own me. Yes, you do!
- Is this your car?
- Yes. The keys are in my pocket.
- Thank you!
- You're welcome.
I open for you.
If you drive me to the police station...
... so they can help me
with handcuffs.
If you are not on the run?
No, they let me go.
- Do they hurt?
- Yes.
- Do you have a pin or something?
- It only works on film, fool.
Yes, true enough.
Oh, damn!
- Is it too tight?
- Yes, it hurts!
Why did you do it?
Move them back.
- It is not.
- Move them back.
I can not.
It hurts.
Why do me harm?
Why would I hurt you?
I can do much better things.
What would you do?
- What do you want me to do?
- Take the handcuffs.
And if I can not?
So just let me be.
Go away.
Do not you think about me?
Yes, I do.
What should I do to you?
You are my slave now.
Is not it amazing?
You probably bought whores.
- No, never.
- Nonsense. You're a businessman.
You are often associated with prostitutes. I know
guys like you. I know what you're doing.
I never do anything with hookers
or masseuses, or something!
- I have not hurt you!
- Jo.
What are you doing now? Damn!
I do not think that you're lying.
- Will you kiss me?
- No!
Do you want to kiss me?
Okay, okay.
It hurts! My arm!
You're breaking my arm!
Take me! Yes!
A wild longing for strong emotions
and experiences sizzles in me.
Anger against this tone loose, / i
fall, normal, sterile life.
I have a wild impulse
to smash things.
Maybe a stock or a cathedral.
Or myself.
To make outrageous things.
To destroy worshiped idols.
No, stop! Do you hear!
- It's too late for that now, right?
- Stop, do not torture me.
Do I make you come?
Stop now.
Say: I am a pervert.
Say it.
- I'm a pervert.
- Say it again and again.
I'm a pervert. I'm a pervert.
I am a pervert.
I'm a pervert.
I'm a pervert.
I'm a pervert.
I'm a pervert.
- Where are you going?
- Hello! It was nice.
Those who loved him,
so that only one side.
They loved a fine, educated man
and were disappointed when they saw the wolf.
Harry wished that all thinking
beings to be loved completely.
So it was for those he loved most, / i
he could at least hide the wolf.
Would you do it again?
Well, give me your phone number.
- I mean now.
- I'm going home to the husband and the kids.
Yes, I'm stuck in a traffic jam.
Yes, it's very painful.
Yes. No, that's fine.
What did you give him?
Fried chicken has
many nutrients.
Do not close Nacho into.
He ??has been in the swamp and sucks.
I'll do it tomorrow.
Okay. Love you.
What happened?
I should probably figure it out.
- Eight people have died.
- Oh dear!
They strapped him into the woods.
He ??may have a tuxedo on.
It's fucking weird.
I must go.
I paid by credit card,
so do not ruin anything.
- Why would I do that?
- I do not know.
You... dusting maybe
an innocent girl up at the bar.
Or... ravaging the bed.
I'll just lie here.
You are a very naughty boy.
I will not be able to go tomorrow.
Goodbye, tiger.
Ride on dick
- Jeff
- Jeff, are you okay
- He's completely gone.
- Jeff, what are you doing?
Hello! You there. I'm talking to you.
I have an M-4
directed towards your head. Come here.
What are you doing here?
I go.
Are you a fucking jokester?
Do you know who I am?
And who are you?
Do you know that a fucking negro
watchman shot me? Fat it.
900 mgstrmere out there,
but a negro watchman shoot me.
Now you must help me.
I saw the fire.
I saw dead people.
How did they look?
- Most.
- Was that all? Most?
Why did you shoot them?
Because they were there.
I have worked in the mall.
You could have shot me.
Jas? Where did you work?
Taco Tonight.
Yes, maybe.
I worked in Tuxedo Time.
You do not have anything amphetamines?
No. I had a little ecstasy,
but Beckett took the rest.
I hate fucking ecstasy.
I hate fucking ecstasy.
Yes, I too.
there is a kaliber.45 in my bag.
And you must take it.
Why? So you can kill me?
No, you idiot. So you can kill me.
Do you want to be him,
who shot the deranged killer?
- I can not do it.
- You will get so much sex, Jeff.
This is one of those moments,
who changes your life, Jeff.
You are ready to die, you coward.
is not ready to live.
I'm not a coward in the forest
with a weapon.
He caught
in his man-wolf -dikotomi.
many more components than that.
is not captured.
is free.
- You, you can see everything!
- We have to send it to his wife!
You, what's your wife?
- What are you doing?
- God!
This is the perverse!
Come on, give me my phone!
Get out. Go to hell!
- My phone.
- Relax, we fooled around just a little.
Are you okay?
No, my...
I can not feel my arms.
What happened?
It's a long story.
- I just...
- No, do not.
Why do you have a seat belt on?
So I could not escape.
I just...
Are you old enough to drive?
Do you think you can take me home?
Not to a hospital or police,
and get handcuffs?
- I would just like home.
- I may find the tool.
If you could just...
Do you want to be nice
to drive me home to my wife?
And help me with my pants?
Do you?
Oh, thank you.
Okay, thank you.
- I get your wife?
- No. You'd better go now.
Tell me something.
Do you know of a red-haired girl
about your age?
She often go around the center.
Is she a friend of yours?
Honey, I'm home.
Have you had a fun evening?
Nacho, your stinky dog!
Come here.
Come here! Cheat coat.
One day I would
get better at the game.
A day
I would learn to laugh. ' / i