Mallari (2023) Movie Script

Hurry up, Ponce!
Enough with the fireflies.
You know strange things happen at night.
Mother, you just want to reach
the pawnshop
in time to hock the candelabras
you stole from Don Diego.
Quiet, child.
Let's go!
You startled me! I wondered who it was.
Please, here, taste my rice cakes.
Not the child, Father.
Your mother loves you.
Let's all stay quiet
so we can surprise her.
Okay. Oh, wait.
Doctor, she's here!
What's going on?
What are you doing here?
I know how much you love these kids.
So you don't get to back out.
Are you sure?
Why wouldn't I be?
A person is the sum of his decisions.
I'm sure.
Say yes so we can eat noodles!
Then it's a yes!
Time for some noodles!
- Let's eat.
- Thank you.
- Help yourself to some noodles.
- All right.
This is all my fault.
Agnes isn't lucid anymore.
This is the end stage for her.
This is all my fault.
I never thought
he could do this to me.
You'll live.
I'll make sure you live.
Hey, bro.
You okay?
Here, water.
Did you have another nightmare?
Was it about Agnes again?
It's always the same dream, Lucas.
I propose to her, and then...
It'll be okay.
She'll recover from this
if it's God's will.
Maybe you could introduce me to Agnes.
So I could...
Lucas, I told you,
Agnes isn't going to die yet.
So I can pray over her.
I'm still a deacon.
I'm not yet allowed to anoint the sick.
Looks like we're here at Balen Melacuan.
Fine, I'll help you,
just don't forget your promise.
I've got your back.
They're here!
Aunt Mes!
Aunt Mes!
Aunt Mes...
Don't say a word.
What is it exactly
that you're looking for, Jonathan?
Just something.
Sir, how are you?
Amal! Been a while.
Last time I saw you, you still had lice.
Where's your Aunt Mes?
Aunt Mes is at home in bed.
Someone had a stroke while she
was livestreaming, you know.
What an addict!
Isn't it ancient?
It's been around since the 1800s.
Why'd Dr. Jonathan suddenly
decide to come home?
He needs to find something
before the house is sold.
- What kind of thing?
- I don't know.
Sir, are you okay?
Jon, where'd you go?
Excuse the mess, sir.
All these things are up for sale.
For sale?
As soon as Sir Jon signs
the papers, all this?
Excuse the stench,
smells like pussy in here.
Sorry, Father, I forgot you were
the ears of Papa Jesus.
I'm still a deacon. Brother Lucas.
Brother Lucas...?
Oh, you're the guy Fr. Mac told us about!
You'll give us catechism lessons
so we can get confirmed.
Good thing you drove in with Sir Jon.
Sir, wait!
There you go.
Sir, that woman is the grandma
of your great-grandma.
Doa Facunda.
She's even got her resting bitch face on.
And this man is Johnrey Mallari.
He's like the uncle
of your great-uncle, Sir Jon.
He filmed documentaries
during World War II.
Indie filmmaker. So cool!
You skipped the guy in the middle.
that's Fr. Juan Severino Mallari.
Doa Facunda's son.
A parish priest
who was hanged.
Are these saints for sale as well?
What a waste.
Brother, look at this.
An old projector.
I wonder what's in it.
"Johnrey Mallari, 1946."
The guy in the painting.
Sir, if people ask why you came home,
will I just say you're here
for the foreclosure?
Why would anyone ask?
To gossip.
The descendant
of Severino Mallari has returned.
The killings might start again.
Drop it, that's inappropriate.
Let's go. I'll walk out with you.
Bro, I'm off to report to
the parish church.
- Let's go.
- Bye, sir.
Where do you get off,
spreading gossip like that?
Where is that?
Where can that room be?
You may begin your confession.
Fr. Mac, I think that I'm non-binary.
You don't even know
how to spell non-binary.
The church doesn't approve
of changing what God
has given us at birth.
But, if that's what gets you closer
to God, then go for it.
Didi, why did you leave?
We are not yet done with confession.
You hear that?
A priest approved
of someone being transgender!
You're in trouble now, Father.
You'll be trending online!
Hey, give that back!
If that Father says being transgender
is banned,
that proves how backward the church is.
Hey! Are you ready?
Let's go!
Di, I'll pay for your cell phone.
It's fine, Father.
I stole that from one of my customers.
I'll replace it.
Next time, let me livestream you.
Brother, you shouldn't have
done that to Didi.
What are the woke kids going to say now?
But thank you for saving me
from excommunication.
You are too kind to them.
Acts like that should be punished, Father.
Didi is almost a lost cause.
He's a streetwalker, you know.
You know what they call Didi?
- What?
- Dicklicky!
Just a joke!
Here's your room.
It has not been cleaned
since my last seminarian left.
What happened?
He fell in love with an altar boy.
I'll take care of
cleaning the room, Father.
We'll only be here a few weeks.
Jon is just finalizing
the papers for the sale.
You are incredibly loyal
to the Mallari family.
When he came back,
you dropped everything for him.
Of course, Father.
The Mallari family has been
helping us for decades.
Jon's mother sent me to school
at Holy Angel.
Do you know where that is?
So, you're from
the Alarcon clan of Guagua?
Actually, Father,
the reason I came along was because
I wanted to know
what happened in that house
what the story of Fr. Severino Mallari is.
- What? A statue of...
- That's from 1812.
Fr. Severino was
the newly assigned parish priest.
Why is it in here?
You want me to display it?
The parish priest who killed 57 people,
most of them never found?
Brother, I don't want to be canceled.
Just store it in the back.
But, you know, people said
that Fr. Severino only killed bandits,
cruel landlords, and crooks.
A serial killer who was a vigilante.
- Amazing, right?
- Ouch!
What the...
It's Angelus!
Naruto forgot the bells again!
What happened to you, Father?
How did it all begin?
My camera is blurry
because my other phone
got destroyed by a priest.
Sorry, Mr. Horlick.
Ugh, it's so dark!
Wait a minute.
Someone's getting a free show.
- Faster, I'm in a hurry.
- I'm going to the fields after this.
I told you to tie the statue to the cart.
Please forgive me, Seora.
We will present that statue to my son,
the new parish priest of this church.
Doa, you may step down from the carriage.
I need to spit out this betel nut.
- Mother!
- My son!
Thank God
you had a safe trip from Bacolor.
Just in time!
The new servants for the house are here.
This is Maria Capac, the head servant.
I'm Maria, your head servant,
Doa Facunda.
I vow to serve you
for the rest of my life.
do I have to put up
with that woman's face?
Here is the church, Mother.
I sent you to
the University of Santo Tomas, no less,
and this is what they gave you?
A chapel?
I know that you'll be pleased, Mother.
Your favorite patron saint,
St. Bartholomew, the apostle.
Doa, your betel nut?
- Idiot.
- Mother...
I will not chew betel nut
in front of my patron saint.
Do you know why
St. Bartholomew carries a machete?
Because he used it
to cut down all the pagan heretics
from Armenia to India.
And in revenge for this,
his enemies skinned him alive.
Very good.
Very good indeed.
I love you, Mother.
Thank you, Mosang.
Mother, you'll ruin your eyes.
It's almost done.
Brava, Nieves. That's enough for tonight.
Maria Capac makes a good blood stew.
It was slimy.
You couldn't tell what organs she used.
Perhaps human entrails.
How horrible! Don't say such things.
What if it's true?
Didn't you notice that
the folk healer inside the church
sold black candles?
So, the people here must be
practicing witchcraft.
Then why did you buy one of the amulets?
Oh, Mother.
The star apple tree might
harbor a hairy troll.
The bamboo grove might have a werehorse.
I have to go.
Why do you have to leave? It's late.
Mother, a parish priest
sleeps in his church.
I'm off to Manila tomorrow
to get the rest of my things.
Farewell, Mother.
Tell Juancho to return immediately.
There are no men here in the house.
Yes, Mother.
Maria? The chamomile tea.
How rude!
Who are you hissing at?
- Doa!
- Severino, help me!
Severino! Help me! Help me, please!
I'll send this to your patients
so they all get heart attacks.
I'm just doing my duty
to my number one heart patient.
- What is it you want from me?
- Lots and lots of children!
Eight! All at the same time.
- Eight?
- With curly tails.
Curly tails. Are you saying
that I look like a pig?
Just kidding!
- I look like a pig?
- Just kidding!
Babe, you're the best.
- I can really do this.
- Of course you can.
But, babe, why do I have to
learn to shoot?
Just trust me.
Sir Jon, did you eat the food
I left for you?
There's frog adobo
and fried crickets.
Sir Jon, make sure you eat it. Bye!
What are you staring at?
What happened to you?
What are you doing on the floor?
Wait, why are you here?
It's late.
Broken projector?
Screwdriver, soldering iron.
We can fix the projector now.
That was my official documentary.
But this, this is a personal matter.
I just need to say all this to you.
Since I was a child,
I've known there was something different
about our family.
I hoped that one day,
I would discover the secret
of the Mallari family.
Listen. The next two reels
will prove what I discovered.
This is important for you, Jonathan.
Lucas, stop the reel.
Huh? What was that?
Rewind it! He said my name. Jonathan.
It just warped.
Rewind it.
I would discover the secret
of the Mallari family.
Your mother wasn't even alive back then.
How would he know your name?
This is important for you, Jonathan.
Father, may we take up some of your time?
- Sergeant Vizbal, Sancho. What's up?
- Can I bother you for a second?
Where were you last night
from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.?
I was with Dr. Jonathan.
We watched a film in his house.
We drank.
You didn't head out after?
You or Dr. De Dios?
Why do you ask?
Didi Malapungas of Barangay Ungot
was found chopped up.
Isn't that right?
Father, how do you know?
We haven't released any names yet.
Chief, I'm a priest.
I beat all the gossip sites.
And everyone knows.
The children are wearing garlic.
Sancho, show them the file.
Good grief. This is similar
to what I see online.
What do you call it? Copycat murder.
But, Chief, this was Didi, often out for...
We know that Didi was a sex worker.
We're looking into a sex crime angle.
We're checking on
the alibi of Dr. De Dios.
Brother, have a word with your friend.
He's too feisty.
We were just asking questions,
but he got so mad.
Rest assured, I'll talk to him.
You were being accused and you had
the nerve to answer them back?
You sure love trouble.
They could plant crack on you here
and you'd be dead.
Let's head back to Manila.
I'm still looking for something here.
What are you looking for
that's more important than your life?
It's more important to me
that Agnes lives.
What's her connection to all of this?
I know I can find the solution
to Agnes' illness here.
In the middle of nowhere?
Is it a herbal cure?
It's not medicine.
I don't know what it is.
You don't know what it is.
Seriously now,
what's going on with you?
Tell me, please.
When I was a kid,
I saw a secret room here.
My grandmother's grandmother,
the woman in the painting...
she was eating something to stay alive.
I don't understand how, but I saw it.
Your grandmother from 1812?
What secret room?
There's no God at night.
There's no God at night.
There's no God at night.
There's no God at night.
There's no God at night.
There's no God at night.
There's no God at night.
There's no God at night.
You're the man in the picture at...
Yes, that's me.
Who are you?
Jonathan Andrew Mallari De Dios.
There's no God at night.
Jonathan, you shouldn't be here.
Great-grandmother is doing something
so she can stay alive.
Who is there?
Who is there?
Great-great-uncle, I'm scared!
You can see them too?
Let's go.
But you can't remember what happened next?
I was still a child.
Don't you see that when I find out
what she was doing to stay alive...
So what is this? Is it an oracle?
A spell? A spirit? A curse?
It seems to me that
you're so desperate to cure Agnes
that you're hallucinating
all these things.
It really happened. I clearly remember.
I was four or five years old.
In a secret room that isn't here anymore.
A room that doesn't exist.
Because if there was a secret room here,
we would have already found it.
Facunda Mallari,
1761 to... hmm,
it doesn't say when she died.
If you really saw this
great-great-grandmother of yours,
she would be around 250 years old.
Johnrey Mallari.
1912 to 1948.
This great-uncle of yours died in 1948.
If you had seen him, he would have
been around 100 years old.
What you're saying is impossible.
They have been dead for ages.
If that's true,
why do I still have this?
The communist rebels?
Son of a bitch!
Another one.
And put my suitcases in my room.
Yes, sir.
Oh, Seorito.
I just closed my eyes for a bit to pray.
Are you here with Conching?
Conching is my great-granddaughter.
I'm Maria Capac, the head servant
here at the Mallari house.
I was young when I first served
under Doa Facunda.
It's our family vow
to serve the Mallari family.
You served my great-grandmother?
But that makes you very old...
The people in my family
have always lived long lives.
Who would have guessed that
I would live to serve you,
the newest generation of Mallari?
I'm lucky, Seorito.
The people are waiting in the cellar.
You let them use your film machine.
The projector?
Wait, I never lent that.
Biltik, that's you, right?
There, there, that's me!
I'm barely recognizable!
Thank you for letting me watch this!
We're free!
Your eyes are sticking out!
- That's my husband!
- That's my brother!
- Look at them, watching us!
- My husband!
Thank you for letting us watch your films.
We were all so eager to watch them.
- I haven't shown it at the embassy yet...
- Look! It's you! It's you!
How many times do I have to tell you that
there are no other people here?
There is no cellar.
You must have been dreaming.
Who is the old woman here?
I'm the only other person here.
There was a woman. The old...
Young girl, water, please.
Weren't you supposed to wait
at the Manila Hotel?
Sir, I didn't know you had a wife.
What is it to you?
Yes, Conching.
Ms. Felicity doesn't look
American, does she?
My mother came from the pineapple fields.
A servant, like yourself.
But me?
The doctor says I'm three months along.
I swear, we're going home.
Just a little bit longer.
There are still weird murders.
One at a time.
- Right, Conching?
- Yes.
Nobody knows who is responsible.
More than one hundred years
after they hanged Severino.
Who is continuing these killings?
There is no God at night.
There is no God at night.
There is no God at night.
There is no God at night.
There is no God at night.
There is no God at night.
There is no God at night.
Mother, there's no need to do that.
You too can travel, Jonathan.
What year is it?
You don't know? 1990.
I'm from 1948.
Do you know what year we are in now?
Listen. In our family,
there are a few people like us
who can travel.
What are we, Great-uncle?
We are travelers.
I don't know how,
but we can go back in time
through our dreams.
We can travel to the past.
Maybe we can travel to the future.
But only through our dreams.
- Can I come back and see you in my dream?
- Don't ever come back.
That young Mallari,
he can do what I do.
I have his blanket.
That means...
that means I can go back with...
If I was able to bring the blanket,
I can bring this too...
Answer the phone, Agnes.
Father, can I ask you something?
Get out of here!
Records of all those who died.
I'll leave you to it.
We were about to tell you,
that's the graveyard where...
I already saw it.
What's in there, Father?
It's for those
who were not pardoned by God.
But that was before
the Second Vatican Council.
According to the records we found,
Felicity Sullivan Mallari asked that...
- He made me leave.
- Who did?
The guy buried there. Johnrey.
Here are the records you asked for, Doc.
Photocopy what you need.
I have to get back to my plants.
I'll leave you to it.
See you, Father.
Bro, I told Fr. Mac
that I'd leave the seminary
to help you out.
Why would you help me out?
Don't you need someone with you?
Aren't you looking for a cure for Agnes
but have no idea where to look?
Don't you hear your name
in old film reels?
Someone was killed in the village
and you're the main suspect.
And now you hear a voice from the grave.
Is this still about finding
a cure for Agnes?
Because it's starting to look like
you're the sick one.
And you still don't want me around?
Why are you so concerned about me?
What is it you want?
- Good morning, Brother Lucas.
- What do you...
What are you doing here?
My daughter Linggit said they would study
at the doctor's home today.
Is this really a ghost tour?
Get inside, quickly!
Nobody scream, okay?
Hurry up.
Entrance fees later, okay?
I don't think any of this is real.
It's not scary in here.
Just you wait...
There's no ghost. You're lying.
Just look around you,
there are ghosts in here.
Get away, or you'll end up
breaking something.
Who's there?
- What happened?
- There's someone over there!
- Where here?
- Right there!
There's nothing here.
Is that Linggit?
Linggit, let's go!
Linggit, it's time to go!
Serves you right, kids.
Go home!
Take over from here.
They wanted you to have this.
We're heading out
to arrest your caretaker.
You mean Aunt Mes?
Otherwise known as Bargain Bes,
livestream scammer.
Her last victim was so upset
she had a heart attack and died.
Where is that tricycle driver?
Why isn't he answering his phone?
Answer your phone!
Pick up already!
Didn't you say that Agnes
was fighting for her life in the hospital?
And we're here to find a cure for her,
What are you trying to say?
Bro, there was a woman driving around
in circles at the plaza.
Obviously lost.
Wasn't it enough that you ghosted me
after we got engaged?
- And now you're telling...
- Lucas.
...Lucas that I'm dying?
This is the part where
you explain yourself.
you really will get sick.
In the future.
In the future?
In the future!
Wait a minute.
I think this is the part
where I start cursing.
The last time we saw each other,
you were a doctor.
Now, you're a fortuneteller?
Agnes, I don't know how I know.
I just know somehow.
It won't happen now, but it will happen.
I was there.
I saw you, and I saw myself.
I don't know why or how,
but I know I have to do this for you.
A dream?
So, all this time you were
lying to me as well.
Why are you even interfering?
You asked to come with me, right?
What swamp did you crawl out of, Lucas?
You are just the grandson
of one of our servants.
My mother sent you to school, that's all.
And now you're the one stalking, inserting
yourself in everything that I do!
Are you obsessed with me?
Agnes? I...
Fuck you, you elitist prick.
I was trying to be a friend to you.
Are you embarrassed about my being
a grandson of one of your workers?
Is that why you wouldn't introduce me
to your girlfriend?
Is that why you talk down to me?
Is that why...
That's why I asked you
if you were sure, Jonathan.
It looks like you're not sure about me.
Did you just want to leave me?
No! Please, you're all that I have.
If you leave me, I'll go crazy.
Then why did you suddenly disappear?
I didn't want to be
the cause of your death.
And now that you've followed me here,
you've come closer to the danger.
You know, Jonathan,
I don't understand you.
I must really be stupid...
I believe you.
I know that in your heart,
all this is true.
It's all true.
Believe me.
You told me about the accident
your parents were in.
The car crash.
How it might have been intentional.
You said the incidence of suicide
was strong in your family.
What are you trying to say here?
That I took after them? That I'm crazy?
In fact, I'm impressed
at how you changed your destiny.
You chose to be a doctor.
You chose to save lives.
So, Jonathan, please,
don't walk that dark path.
I just need to make sure that my visions
about you don't come true.
If I need to walk into the darkness,
I will.
Please, wait for me.
Jonathan Mallari De Dios,
I can walk with you,
even into hell.
We're together in this.
I know that you'll come back.
So, I'll show you what I've seen.
Heed this as a warning, Jonathan.
This was shot in 1948.
He already knew who you were in 1948?
Jonathan, look.
Filipino lives
were so different back then.
This was Magalang in 1812.
That's impossible.
Cameras were invented in 1890.
But this was in 1812!
What if this was set up?
Special effects?
How would they even get hold of that?
This is our home, Casa Mallari.
This is the priest's mother, Doa Facunda,
back when she was strong.
Fr. Severino didn't start out evil.
He even defended the poor
during his weekly homily.
But before long, Doa Facunda's health
worsened, until she was at death's door.
After a few weeks,
I heard that someone had been murdered.
I returned to the house of Doa Facunda.
I couldn't believe what I saw there.
A different Doa Facunda,
beautiful and lively.
This is what I was telling you about.
The hidden family secret.
What I've long wanted to discover,
so I could save you.
Now, we need to...
Wait, where are you going?
- I'm going back to Manila.
- Manila?
Are you leaving me?
Leaving you?
I'm getting a substitute doctor
for the pediatric department.
Then I'm going to find an expert
and come back here.
Expert in what?
Jonathan, that film shows
19th-century rural folk medicine.
Will it come to that?
And you'll find a way?
For you.
I don't want the father
of my eight children
to have a hole in his heart
that he can't fill.
I want the Jonathan that I marry...
to be whole.
I'll look into everything.
You should already have found
the third reel by the time I'm back.
It's a sin for the landowner
to be cruel to his poor farmers.
"Whatsoever you do to
the least of my brethren,
that, you do unto me."
What is he talking about?
Be kind. Always remember
to love your fellow man.
We should never treat others badly,
as this may come back to us.
What does God say we should do?
What else must we do?
What else?
Don't forget to blow out the candles.
Yes, Father.
Seorito Ruizmayor...
"It's a sin for the landowner
to be cruel to his poor farmers."
You son of a whore!
What kind of a homily was that?
What are you planning?
A revolution?
your workers are starving
because of your extortion.
And you raped the daughter
of one of your farmers.
Is there truth to any of this,
Seorito Ruizmayor?
Who told you this?
The gossips in your house?
Beware. I hear that Maria Capac
hides a demon inside her.
She spreads word that
St. Bartholomew roams the night,
cutting down men such as myself.
Yet, here I am,
alive and well.
You'll have your time...
What did you say, servant?
You'll have your time
to speak longer to our parish priest.
But as of now...
...Doa Facunda is unwell.
Look after your mother.
Why did she suddenly get ill
after moving in here?
I've only been in Manila a few weeks, but
I return to find my mother has taken ill!
What happened?
Did somebody poison her?
You can ask her yourself.
I have to attend to something
in the kitchen, Father.
Come back here, you insolent women!
My son,
- don't get mad at them.
- Mother...
I'm happy.
I have a son who is a disciple of virtue
who can wash away my sins.
Your sins?
Doa Facunda is tired.
I have to put her to bed now.
Mother! What is happening to you?
She'll die if you don't save her.
I'm not a doctor.
How do I save her, Maria?
What should I do?
Your mother is cursed.
You have to kill in order for her to live.
You need to be like St. Bartholomew,
cutting down the sinful during the night.
I have someone for you to kill, Father.
Do it so she may live.
Feed her the entrails of a human.
She will remember nothing after.
I don't want to kill.
I won't.
You won't be a killer.
You will be a savior.
Because when you kill evil people,
you save their future victims.
Shouldn't we be more like God?
We are helping God cleanse the earth.
It is not in our hands
to pass judgment and punish.
It is in God's.
you do not love your mother.
I love my mother.
I love my mother so much.
But it is a human life that I will take
and I will go to hell.
You'll go to hell...
but your mother will live.
You choose.
Take Ruizmayor,
tormentor of the poor.
Wait, wait...
Wait a second.
I need to take a leak
and the damn toilet is outside.
He always has to pee before doing it.
So I noticed.
- Every time.
- Stay right where you are.
Adela, Meding, here I come...
My God!
Father, forgive me!
there's no need to do that.
Don't be angry, Father.
Your mother hid her lung sickness.
Her days were already numbered.
She moved here
to be with you in her final days.
The night you left for Manila
was the night that she discovered us.
How rude!
Nieves? Who are you hissing at?
There is no God at night.
There is no God at night.
There is no God at night.
There is no God at night.
There is no God at night!
Maria Capac?
What are you doing?
- Severino! Severino, help me!
- Doa...
Severino, help me!
Help me! Help me, please!
I don't want it!
You made her a monster
so you could use her!
What's wrong with being useful?
We have been used by the likes of you
for centuries...
I will kill you all!
Then who will take care of your mother?
Who else knows how to take care of a...
My son?
What are my servants saying about me?
I slept like a baby.
Nieves, play us a tune.
Sure, Doa!
I want to dance with my son.
I haven't felt this well in ages.
Nieves, start playing.
Where is that third reel?
Aunt Mes?
Aunt Mes?
Is that you?
Aunt Mes?
You'll be next.
Dr. De Dios!
Dr. De Dios.
Sir, are you all right?
Besides the church and your home,
have you been anywhere else
the past two days?
Why do you ask?
Mes was killed out in the fields.
You think this was my doing again?
We asked Brother Lucas here as a witness
and to get your statement.
We would also like to apologize
because we know you aren't the killer.
How do you know that?
We've been watching you
the past couple of days.
You didn't leave the house
the night Mes was murdered.
You've been watching me?
Maybe I should thank you.
killings started when I came back here.
Do you have any idea
what the killer wants?
We might be next on his list.
Are you a bad person Dr. De Dios?
Do I look like a bad person?
Let's just say, both victims
were a plague to society.
The killer is both judge and executioner.
We'll be on our way.
Lucas. Lucas, wait.
Sorry about what happened.
- Forget about it.
- Wait.
I just want to let you know that
I'm not ashamed of you.
You were still in the seminary
when Agnes and I got together.
That was when my nightmares began.
That she would die.
The same dreams again and again.
Do you know who she kept saying
would hurt her?
I didn't think
he could do this to me.
It was you, Lucas.
I don't know when or how,
but you will hurt Agnes,
and I cannot let that happen.
Brother Lucas, are you heading
back to the church?
I'll see you, bro.
You remember how I told you
we were travelers?
We travel through our dreams.
Our dreams, Jonathan.
In America,
they call it astral projection.
But we're different, Jonathan.
We can astral project
to the past and to the future.
That's how I saw him when I was a kid.
That's how I dream of Agnes
in the hospital.
You remember how we met
when you were a child?
We both astral projected at the same time.
I told you not to return
because it was dangerous.
Listen. In our family,
there are a few people like us
who can travel.
What are we, Great-uncle?
We are travelers.
But I was able to go back
to when we first met.
I had your blanket.
The blanket you had with you
when we saw Severino Mallari.
So, whenever I want to return there,
I take your blanket with me.
I need to control my dreams.
I need to return to
the time of Fr. Mallari.
What can I hold onto?
Hang on.
Son, wake up.
Why are you sleeping there?
Why am I here?
How would I know?
You have the amulet that
I sold to Doa Facunda.
People are leaving.
There have been too many murders.
Sir, do you know where the house
of Doa Facunda is?
Doa Facunda?
The mother of our parish priest?
They live over there.
At the end of the lane that turns left.
A murder will take place at her house.
Fr. Severino Mallari will kill someone!
Fr. Severino?
He's our parish priest.
You've lost your mind.
- Is it far?
- No, just walk.
Good evening.
Please come back tomorrow, miss...?
Agnes Salvador.
With Dr. Jonathan De Dios.
Brother Lucas mentioned you.
I would like to talk to you
about something.
Oh dear, I'm rushing to a meeting
with the archbishop
about the crimes happening in our parish.
Sorry, I would have made an appointment
but I left my cell phone at...
I was going to take hibiscus cuttings
from his garden and grow them here.
What did you want to know?
Is there a history of...
faith healing here in Magalang?
No, none at all. I'm running late...
What about witchcraft?
Sorcery? Black magic?
I know about Fr. Severino.
I need to find out why.
You should ask Brother Lucas about
witchcraft and black magic.
The Alarcons are whispered to be
intimate with the dark arts.
That's why I was overjoyed when I heard
that Lucas had joined the seminary.
Lucas is descended from the Alarcons?
The head servant of the Mallari household
was Maria Capac.
Or Maria Capadocia Alarcon,
ancestor of Lucas Alarcon Segundo.
Didn't the doctor ever mention this?
I don't think he even knows.
He doesn't know?
The archbishop texted, sorry.
I need to go.
If you need to talk to Lucas,
he's in his room.
Thank you.
Hand me the knife!
This woman asked for her servant
to be killed, Father,
for having an affair with her husband.
The girl was pregnant.
Silence, Maria!
You think I give a damn?
I only care for my mother's life,
not your demonic justice.
It is demonic justice, perhaps,
yet you are our demon.
What would Mother prefer?
The liver or intestines?
Doa Facunda will eat the liver rare.
tomorrow I'll turn the intestines
into a blood stew.
She is hungry.
The creature is healthy.
What are you doing here?
Jonathan's dream was right!
You're going to hurt me.
I won't hurt you, Agnes,
if you don't force me to.
We actually need you for our cause.
There are more?
You'll see...
We have a plan
and you can't stop us.
What's happening?
Let's go!
Go call for help! I'll go find Jonathan.
My keys!
You'll soon be dancing
with Doa Facunda, Father.
What's taking her so long this time?
Nieves, go get my mother.
I'll do it, Father.
I need to wipe the blood off her.
Nieves, the towel.
Who are you?
Don't hurt her!
Don't hurt her!
Who are you?
Why do I look like you?
Let go of my mother!
Calm down.
He is also a Mallari.
How is he a Mallari?
Where is he from?
According to him, he is from the future.
You! Don't lie to us!
200 years from now,
you will not be known
as a celebrated priest,
or as a saint as I had dreamed.
You will be known
as a murderer.
Son, why did he say that?
Are you a murderer?
you don't remember.
he says you feed me the
entrails of... humans?
You were vomiting blood.
You'd be long dead if I hadn't...
If not for the...
The monster?
Is there a monster inside me?
Am I now a monster too?
Enough, my son! Enough!
Now she knows, she won't eat anymore!
She is better off dead!
She will not die as long as
the creature is inside her!
You have condemned her to a living hell!
Enough! Please!
Why did you even come here?
Why didn't you stay in your own time?
Jonathan, I know who the killer is!
Why haven't the killings stopped
in the future I'm in?
I have not killed anyone in your time.
Those murders weren't done by me.
If it wasn't you, then who was it?
Don't hurt Jonathan.
That's him!
He killed my mother!
It wasn't me!
It was him!
Agnes! No!
- Why did you do it, Lucas?
- What, bro?
What I did to Didi? To Mes?
The ones I killed one by one
in the seminary?
They're worthless. A plague on society
who prey on the innocent.
We could help each other, Master.
We could.
With what? Killing people?
With cleansing this earth, brother.
Just like our ancestors!
Like Fr. Severino.
Like St. Bartholomew.
Why now, Lucas?
The house will soon be lost.
I need to find the creature, our monster.
Your monster?
The entity that we use on your family.
A duty my parents passed on to me
that their parents passed to them.
The promise to watch over you
and to restore the old vow.
We don't know where the monster is, Lucas.
That creature cannot die.
While evil resides in the world,
it will continue to live in the shadows.
We can use it.
Help me find the creature.
Come with me to the police, Lucas.
Can't you see?
The Jonathan Mallari De Dios
whom I served since childhood,
whom I loved like a brother,
the one destined to save us, to defend us,
to seek justice for us,
just turns his back on us?
Either you join us or you die.
Answer me, Master!
Hands up, Father!
Hands up, now!
Agnes! Don't leave me!
Agnes, no! Agnes, I'm here.
- Be quiet!
- Felicity!
Stop right there!
What are you doing to my wife?
how are you still alive?
They won't allow me to die.
They hanged and killed Fr. Severino.
Doa Facunda is almost 200 years old.
She's too old. She cannot carry on.
We need you, sir, to keep the old vow.
You must let us pass on
the creature to Felicity.
And all you have to do to keep her alive
is feed her the evil people of this world.
You'll be helping the downtrodden.
People like us.
Why not me?
Why her?
If we have Felicity,
we have you to do our bidding.
Johnrey... our baby... don't...
Please, Severino, let me die.
I want to die
I'm not Severino...
Everyone is Severino.
Sir, don't!
Seorito, don't! Seor!
Don't come near us!
Why did you do that, John?
Don't come near. Don't.
The creature is with him.
It's with Johnrey!
Sir, what happened?
Amal, come here!
You'll live.
- Sir! What happened?
- Put pressure here!
You, call an ambulance!
Don't do it...
Listen to us! Heed our warning!
Do not release the curse! Have mercy!
Don't do this...
Don't do this.
I need to.
It's the only way to save Agnes.
For decades I've been buried here alive.
Everyone I loved has lived
and died without me.
All so that the creature in me
could not escape.
And you'll just set it free?
Agnes will become a monster.
Do you want that for her?
And you'll become a monster, just like me.
But you did what you needed to do.
That's what I thought.
Turns out, I gave my mother
a fate worse than death.
She lived while her soul burned in hell.
To lose the person you love
is worse than hell.
Which is why you'll set the curse free?
Isn't loving someone also a curse?
You'll live.
I'll make sure of it.
You'll live, Agnes.
No, don't.
Agnes, you will live.
I bought the house back
and fixed it up.
It's mine again now.
It's nice out here, Miss Agnes.
It's quiet.
Who are you again?
I'm Amal.
Amalia Alarcon.
Brother Lucas was my uncle,
may he rest in peace.
I can see it now.
This is where we'll get married.
We'll have lots and lots of kids
and grandchildren.
- And this is where we'll...
- No.
There'll be no wedding.
No children.
But wasn't it your dream
to have lots of children?
Monsters cannot have children.
You know, Jonathan,
I love you,
but you should have let me die.
Didn't you once say
that a person is the sum
of all his decisions?
But isn't a person
only the sum of the people he loves?
A person is only the sum
of all his mistakes.
A full moon.
I'll be hungry tonight.