Mamamoo: My Con the Movie (2023) Movie Script

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We went to the place
where we held our first concert again
after 10 years of working.
Back then, that stage felt enormous to us.
But this time, we were like,
"Oh, was this stage this small?".
We felt so many different emotions.
It's so nerve-racking.
We got so nervous this time as well.
I don't know why I still get nervous.
Every concert has a different meaning
and each one is special.
But since it was a concert
held after several years,
I guess it became a special concert.
It was mysterious somehow.
When we had our first concert,
we saw the cheering sticks for the
first time when we appeared on stage.
I guess we didn't expect that
we were gonna feel the same emotions
we had when we did our first concert.
I guess you no longer get nervous
because you did a lot of concerts,
but how do you feel?
I'm nervous.
Are you using that concept again?
He's struggling to adjust to it.
I feel nervous 24-7.
Why aren't you saying
something after that?
after that and a bit of slow motion.
We've been forgetting about
this sense of nervousness.
But all four of us got
so nervous in this concert.
At the back of the stage
when the opening song begins,
all of us get talkative
when we get nervous, you know?
We were chatting until
right before we appeared on stage.
Everyone thinks that MAMAMOO
doesn't get nervous.
But we get crazy nervous and talkative.
You could obviously see that
we get nervous if you look at us.
In a way, if I was all by myself,
I don't think I would even
be able to overcome that nervousness.
But since I'm with my members,
I get to think that our members would
just smile even if I make mistakes.
I guess I slowly start to relax
because it's not some scary place.
Guys, you know
what's my favorite thing?
For the very first album,
our objective was
to project a distinguished image.
But from the next album, we kept trying
to take a step further and so on.
I'm not sure if the members remember,
but I said that
it's not necessary to win first place.
Even in times when we were doing good.
But I didn't expect that
we'd be this successful.
I went to a broadcasting company
to choreograph another singer.
I remember that all those singers
came out to see MAMAMOO
because they were about to rehearse.
That's how good they were.
To the extent that
other singers recognize their talent.
I guess they matured even more
in terms of skills and maturity.
They're like fine wine that
gives a deep and flavorful taste.
They've become a team with greater depth.
Our members are so talented, you know?
So I thought that our members
would do well wherever they were.
I've never said this to our members,
and I swear I'm not lying.
There's a song named,
"Peppermint Chocolate",
and the album cover is a photo of MAMAMOO
standing under a signboard.
I looked at that picture and thought,
nobody can beat these girls
at that time when I saw that.
Our members could also transform
small mistakes on stage
into something fun.
I think they're a team
that does music that's alive.
They're not a team that expresses a standardized
frame, facial expressions, or choreographies,
but one that expresses music
with ad-libs, wit, and quick reactions
in different situations.
I guess that's why their stage
and live performances are vivid and great.
They practice super hard.
I think that the members
work harder than any other new group.
There are many people who think that
their relaxed look on stage comes naturally,
but that's absolutely not the case.
But to seem relaxed and have fun on stage,
they practice for hours.
But they're able to shine on stage
thanks to the skills they honed
for countless hours.
All the members are
involved in producing the album.
That's why they're able to arrange
and express the stories to the fullest
during live performances.
It's what makes them cooler I think.
I get nervous
when we perform "Mr. Ambiguous".
It's the only song that
has kept it's place
since our first concert.
It has never been excluded
from the set list.
Just hearing the first few beats
makes me nervous.
Are you guys interested in me?
You guys were
waiting for this for so long, right?
Shout out loud, everyone!
Make some noise!
We got to see you all
after a year and a half.
I'm so happy we got
to have a good time like this.
Although we had a concert last year,
it was online,
we couldn't hear the cheers
and only heard fake ones.
- We even had pre-recorded answers to questions.
- Like, "No".
- "Did you do something?" and "Yes" or "No".
- "No". That's true.
To be honest,
we felt like we had become a cyber group.
- Right.
- It was a little strange, you know?
- It was the least fun concert for us.
- Yes.
- We're so happy now.
- Right.
- Yes, it feels so good.
- That's right.
We are finally
meeting each other again, everyone!
- You all waited for so long too, right?
- Yes!
Okay then, we're gonna continue our
next stage with this mood.
Let's go.
You're mine!
Like this.
We should say stuff like, "Scream!".
SOLAR looked diligent
when I first saw her briefly,
so that's why I told her
to be the leader.
We'll have the two
dancers dancing over here.
Her actual personality is
perfect for the role of a leader.
She's very diligent, responsible,
and always so passionate.
And she tends to move forward without turning
back once she decides to do something.
The song will stop,
so just keep your positions.
You can say something like, "Let's go".
Her vocal skills are solid
and it's powerful too.
Those are the things that
grab others' attention.
"Pretty fool" is one of
her nicknames.
She's passionate and quite strict.
But she shows a bit of clumsiness too.
That's a cute point of hers for us.
She has a friendly charm.
It's here. Start now.
In my opinion, Yong Sun unni is the
strictest when it comes to self-management.
She tends to keep practicing
on something that she thinks she lacks in.
So even if there's something she's
bad at, it won't show on stage.
She does well to make
sure it's not obvious.
We'll try again from here.
Usually, Hwasa likes to stay quiet
and listen to music.
But she's so flamboyant on stage.
She's got a duality
about her in the best sense.
It's been that way
since she was a trainee.
- Congratulations, congratulations
- What is it?
As many know,
her charismatic and proud image on stage
was there since she was a trainee.
So it's very familiar to me.
But people find that interesting
and feel embarrassed somehow.
I guess she's got that unexpected charm.
- Let's try "Starry Night".
- "Starry Night".
There's a way of expression
that only Hwasa does.
She has a thick
and heavy style of singing.
She expresses things sort of rough.
Those are her strengths.
And then, once she starts
singing in falsetto,
she makes quite smooth
and sexy sounds.
She's got such various styles,
that she switches around into.
She tends to get spunky
and tough on stage.
She's good at
leading the performances.
I think that's what makes her
such a charming artist.
She has been a close friend
of mine for over ten years,
so I feel most comfortable
when I'm with her.
It really makes me feel like
we went back to the past.
Even when we make silly childish jokes,
it's just fun with Hwasa.
What should I do?
I got 30 points.
It took such a long time
for me to memorize this.
Pulling off our outfit was
the hardest part.
First of all, all the songs
we gathered are title songs, right?
I guess I was focused on changing all those
songs into my style within a short period.
Personally, when I put on
Moon Byul unni's oufit,
I couldn't raise my arms!
That's how military uniforms are.
Seriously, while I was performing on stage,
- I wanted to rip everything off.
- Hey!
- I felt so suffocated when dancing.
- Right.
- It was so tight. There was no wiggle room.
- Yes.
The outfit was so tight.
- I felt some joy though.
- Why?
Seeing Hye Jin in an outfit like that.
- Me too!
- I felt ecstatic.
I know what you mean.
But it was so difficult for me
to perform on stage.
Because I couldn't raise my arms
in that outfit.
- I was dancing like this.
- Right.
That's why you danced like this.
- It's normally like this.
- I went like this.
- The ending was CGI.
- Right.
She was doing that only from here.
She was dancing
only with her index finger.
- Like this.
- You're totally right.
Actually, you want me
to tell you something?
She was supposed to wear a
white shirt under that uniform.
It was supposed to show this
white collar here.
- Oh, really?
- I even wore a shirt.
My goodness.
Then let me try to just attach these.
- Only here?
- Yes.
- Oh, if she's gonna do that...
- You're gonna use a trick?
For the solo exchange stage,
I sang Wheein's "Water Color".
I was satisfied with it 20 percent.
But my satisfaction rate kept increasing
with each day I think.
It was because MooMoos loved it,
so I got more confident.
And I guess I was able to
enjoy it with them.
One thing which was difficult for me
when I was preparing this song was
about how to express
that song in the same style.
But I wasn't able to do that well.
So, I tried to make it my own style.
While trying not to interfere with hers.
I guess that was most difficult for me.
I felt like I wasn't able
to make it mine,
I would give 30 out of 100 points.
So, I've been dancing while
taking a shower, eating something,
inside the car,
and while I was using my phone.
But it felt lacking despite all that.
I performed a song called "Twit" by Hwasa.
Hwasa and I have completely
opposite concepts in our team.
Even our spots are at the edge.
To that extent, her concept
rarely overlaps with mine.
And that's why I wanted to try that more.
I guess I was expecting a reaction like,
"Wow, what is this?"
It was most difficult for me
to pull off her outfit.
So, I worked out a little
before I got on stage.
Wheein! You should work out on your abs.
This is so difficult.
Solar said the choreography
isn't that hard.
She said that I'd be able to get it quickly
as it's not that hard.
So, I thought
I'd learn it quickly.
But, there were so many
movements that she forgot about.
I guess that's why it took a long time
for me to memorize all those.
In the end, I think I finished
the stage satisfactorily.
I don't think I can do it.
This part will be in the preview.
I'm going to work hard.
That's what I'm going to do.
Wheein, let's go!
I don't think we can do this.
I'll work hard...
- Proceeding the songs.
- Yes.
I would sing each of those songs
without proceeding in a non-stop way.
Wheein has always been a bit of strategist.
She's quiet and rarely
voices her opinions.
She tends to follow opinions
given by others.
And she quietly accepts
opinions given by the producer.
She's so talented
in both singing and dancing.
It looks like she didn't practice at all,
so I'm always worried when record,
but she has everything memorized.
And her recording time is the shortest too.
I love her tone and voice.
Listening to her sing is
therapeutic to me.
She seems like such a pro on stage.
She always looks perfect.
You should raise it higher
and balance it well.
Oh, you're not supposed to drop this.
She's very playful off the stage.
She loves playing around
and she's very bright.
I find that very charming about her.
Since she's got excellent
vocal capabilities,
she can express whatever she is given.
If we ask someone
to sing Wheein's part,
everyone would sing it like her.
Her strength is that
she can make anything her own.
- Something like that.
- You'll cover your face
- and pretend to be Hye Jin.
- Yes.
Wheein is
like a pillar.
There's a sense of stability
about her when she's on stage.
Although WHEE IN seems to act
in an easy-going way,
she still takes care of herself well.
She tries not to show
any inconsistencies on stage.
She always tries
to give a perfect performance.
- Maybe one thing could-
- In 1, 2, 3, 4.
- Black
- That's the one?
Moonbyul has changed the most
out of the four members.
Now, she reveals all of her personality
and performs songs
much more passionately.
In addition to her roles as
a rapper and performer in the team,
she's even great at talking now.
She has changed the most,
and her role has grown a lot.
Moonbyul has a lot of
neutral-looking charm,
like a tomboy.
As I see it, she's got an unusual style,
and in terms of
her clothing styles and others,
she does it so well in matching them
to make herself look better.
She clearly knows how to make the
songs or choreographies
fit perfectly with her on stage.
She's like a five-year-old boy.
She's so playful
and charming in that way.
The chord will change three times.
Does everyone copy?
I personally think that she's
got excellent diction.
So, that's why she can deliver
so clearly when rapping.
I guess people's minds are touched by that.
And also, she expresses her cute charms
in her own way, you know?
Although it's a bit cheesy and tough,
there's a cuteness about it.
She treats me like an older sister
as well as my friend,
so she plays along well
and takes care of me too.
She's like my second oldest sister
who treats me so comfortably.
Moonbyul has an epicene charm.
Her voice tone is a bit low too.
Although she's a rapper
in the team originally,
she's also good at singing
when she's asked to sing, you know?
Moonbyul unni is an artist
who can check the emotions
of our fans at the concert
and can delve into those emotions.
It's not too heavy, and
not too light either.
She's playing an important role of
raising the fans' energy levels
from the center.
When I went to a vocal competition,
the thought that there are instructors
who could teach me all the different genres
made me feel so pleased.
So, it made me think that
they're really close to me, and that
such cool people are beside me
while I was performing in the competition.
Please give us a speaker
so we can monitor our voices.
Can we get two wedges?
I would say it's "Paint Me".
If I ask anyone, "What's the most memorable
song from MAMAMOO's concert?",
everyone I know picks "Paint Me".
They just say that the song
keeps popping up in their heads.
They just say that it's the song
that reminds them of MAMAMOO concert.
It felt so great, you know?
I realized that once again
in the concert this time.
I was like, "Gosh, has "Paint Me" always
been this good? This song is great".
It just makes the singer feel so good
when singing the song.
I guess the song "I Love Too" is
a memorable one.
As for the process
of making the song,
I wrote the lyrics of the chorus
on my birthday and released it in advance,
and Moonbyul wrote the rap part
and revealed it,
followed by Hye Jin writing the lyrics
and revealing it.
The song was completed after
each of us made a part of it, you know?
That's why we feel more
affectionate about this song.
My heart feels painful
when I perform it on stage.
It's the song where I can see
the eyes of MooMoos' most clearly.
When I see their eyes, I could
feel so many different sentiments.
So, this song gives me lots of strength.
It was beyond my imagination this time.
For me, the paper planes
felt quite strange.
I got to feel so many
different emotions like,
"Right, there are so many
people who love me".
It was as if the paper planes were
confessing its love for me,
The paper planes were carriers of love.
I felt those emotions
because of that love we got.
In the case of the paper plane event, it's been
a while since we received something like that.
So I wasn't expecting it.
But I got emotional that day,
so I cried
because I couldn't fight back my tears.
Let's sing it together.
It's the driving force
for us on stage,
expressing it in one sentence
has always been hard for me.
They express themselves so much by
saying little things here and there.
Those words obviously
encourage us a ton.
The eyes of MooMoos watching us,
and I guess their presence itself
really gives us strength.
Honestly, I just want to hug them
and hold their hands
when I see them.
We're so grateful that
they've been listening to our songs
and coming to our concerts
for over ten years.
I guess we always feel grateful.
- I can't imagine us separately anymore.
- Exactly.
And as time passes by,
I guess we're trying to understand
and consider each other more.
It feels like we're getting much closer,
so I guess that's good.
Okay then, it's the last one!
It's like the last hashtag.
Our last performance.
What can we do?
We have to do it.
I got it, the last stage.
What is it?
We've come all the way
to the last concert.
No, they're asking us to share
our feelings.
We have to reflect.
I'm supposed to say what I've felt.
How should we say the last one?
- Last one, last one, last one.
- Let's go, Hye Jin.
Last, last, last one!
It's not the last one
So, don't feel disappointed,
come on, come on
MC, stop!
If you shout loud enough
and if this hall starts shaking,
then we don't know
what might happen.
We would appreciate it
if you continue to look forward to MAMAMOO.
We hope that we could
have many opportunities
for us to breathe and communicate
with you all like this.
With the energy we received today,
we'll do our best on our world tour.
Thank you so much everyone.
- There's no last one for us.
- Everyone is freestyling.
So everyone,
let's enjoy this moment and have fun.
Thank you for coming.
I hope that we don't get sick,
and make good performances and stages
happily together from now on as well.
Let us see and love each other
a lot from now on as well.
Thank you.
That sounds serious, you know?
"What does the stage mean to me?"
Why can I only think of stuff like this?
Even if I get tired, exhausted,
and physically drained,
once I go up on stage,
I feel energized.
It's simple for me. It's my everything.
I sort of want
to stop obsessing so much over it.
I've been living
as if that's all of my life.
To do this job,
you need to think of it lightly.
But I guess I get sick
because I try to bet my everything on it.
To be honest,
it's a love-hate relationship for me.
It can't always be good, right?
Regardless of how much
we like what we're doing.
It's a space were I can express
my charms or energy.
I feel so joyful and happy sometimes,
but sometimes, I get scared
and I want to avoid it.
I guess I feel complicated
emotions about it.
I thought that the stage was
about fear in the beginning.
But that fear has changed to my
joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure now.
In a way, it became a part of my life.
I guess the stage has become
a part of my life, to the extent that
it would become meaningless
if it disappeared from my life.
- Good. Let's go.
- Okay, let's get going again!
Let's go.
To our members,
I'd obviously like to say that
you guys have been working so hard,
and I think that we're much closer
to each other than
our friends or families, you know?
So that's why I want to say,
let's not change our friendship
and stay together until we're old and gray.
And although my low
and downcast period lasted long,
since I've overcome it a lot now,
I would like to say to myself
to enjoy the small things
in life for my happiness.
Since we've been
seeing each other more than
our families for half of our lives,
my members are aware of some aspects of
mine that even my family wasn't aware of.
Just the fact that they're with me makes
me feel that I'm with someone inside here.
So I want to say to our members
to just continue what we're doing now,
and to me, I want to tell myself to
just try, and quit if it's not fun.
I guess I want to say that
to myself from now on.
Looking into my members' eyes
gives me strength.
Even without them saying anything aloud,
so many words are contained in their eyes.
Although other people
might think that it's nothing special,
but for me, I feel those
ambiguous emotions.
I get so much strength
when I see their eyes.
Because we've become more intimate with
each other than our families and friends.
I want to keep getting along
well each other just like now,
and I hope everyone would be happy.
Regardless of what may happen
or what obstacles get in the way,
I'll always love them in the end.
I want to say that.
And I want to tell myself
to think more simply.
Be more simple.
How can I say this?
I wish I could live by relieving
the burdens inside me.
Alright, there's a cheering method
for this song, everyone.
- It's on the screen, so don't stress.
- You guys have it all memorized, right?
Come on! Let's go!
Guys, do you know "Um Oh Ah Yeh"?
I know!
You're gonna sing it with us, right?
Are you having fun?
Make some noise!
Continues on.
Alright, we're gonna introduce
our band members
who played the instruments
fascinatingly until now.
Please give them
a big round of applause.
- Lee Hwa unni!
- Let's go.
Hoon on the bass.
Our cool Hoon oppa!
Jaepil oppa on the guitar.
You're so good, Jaepil.
Alright, the last one.
Our pillar Ha Hyung Joo!
Let us introduce our dancers.
Let's go!
Hyo Jung, Ha Won, Hye Bin! Come on!
Next, Jin Sol and Yeo Reum!
Do Yoon, Nam Gun, Seung Min!
Guys, thank you for coming.
Our group was so thirsty for it.
But we felt so happy,
like it quenched our thirst.
And we're looking forward
to our remaining performances on tour.
Everything that MAMAMOO
has gone through is
in fact very important and meaningful.
We've accomplished something amazing.
But I even I forget that sometimes.
I think it became an opportunity
that reminded me of that once again.
And it feels like the members
realize that every time they perform.
We get to realize that a lot
once we finish doing everything.
So, I guess it's quite meaningful for me.
Our status and everything else
will naturally follow anyway.
We've been gathering our capabilities
to make an influence somehow
for ten years, right?
So, with our experience,
we want to become an artist
that gives positive influences.
We want to sincerely express our music
in different perspectives,
and not by focusing on ourselves only.
could do it like that from now on.
We're determined
to perform like it's our first time
no matter which country we visit.
I think we should communicate
all the more with our overseas fans
since we didn't see each other
for a much longer time.
We've never been on a world tour,
so many overseas fans
reached out to us.
We feel so grateful
and we said that we're gonna visit them
without setting a date with our fans.
But this time, we can confidently say,
"We'll go see you. Please wait for us".
Which makes me even more excited.
They're the best group
when it comes to dancing,
singing, rapping, and performance.
That's the reason why
I came to like them.
Their styles were completely
different from other idols.
Who would show up with mustaches
from the beginning?
But it was MAMAMOO.
MAMAMOO's songs
are really pleasing to our eyes and ears.
And my body moves with them
whenever I come to their concert.
I just took my CSAT exam.
My stress is completely relieved
after coming to MAMAMOO's concert.
It's the best getting
to spend time with them.
because they're so charismatic on stage,
with great stage presence and vocals.
I came here all the way
from Malaysia just for MAMAMOO.
Hello, I'm a MooMoo from Singapore.
I like MAMAMOO because they compliment
each other so well, they're like a family.
And it feels really warm to view them.
MAMAMOO, I love you.
MAMAMOO is really pretty,
good at singing, looks so cool,
and I like everything about them.
They're like home,
they're really like my home.
Thanks to MAMAMOO,
I overcome really difficult times,
learned many different things,
and smiled a lot.
MAMAMOO is the morning.
MAMAMOO is life.
I hope you guys to stay healthy
while you're on your world tour.
Although I'm in Korea, I hope they would
know that I'll keep cheering for them.
Please work hard on today's concert,
and I'll be cheering for you guys
on your world tour from far away!
Please cheer yourselves up on the world
tour although it must be difficult.
I'll cheer for you.
MAMAMOO! Please visit Australia.
- In 1, 2, 3. Hey!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- In 1, 2, 3. Hey!
[Mamamoo continues on]