Mamasapano: Now It Can Be Told (2022) Movie Script

Ryan? Are you behind us?
- Negative, man.
- What?
What's happening?
Our truck stalled three times
since we left camp.
For fuck's sake.
I don't feel good about this.
This isn't going to end well.
We just got to the drop off point.
You okay?
Thank God the truck's getting fixed.
Glad to hear it.
Told you not to worry too much.
Besides, you've got
your lucky charm with you.
Your lucky charm.
The toy soldier your son gave you.
Of course, buddy. It's here in my pocket.
Then you're all good.
- See you tomorrow, then?
- All right. Be careful.
Kams. Astro.
Kams, you're with Lozano.
Astro, you're with me.
Remember, boys,
we're not in their territory yet
but that doesn't mean we're safe.
No other point of entry?
There wasn't any.
The area was filled with armed men.
Our boys can only move in the cover
of darkness while the enemy is asleep.
Their last and biggest challenge...
was to cross a wide river.
Water that was neck-deep
with a hide tide current.
Raymund Train?
- At around 3:45 in the morning...
- So, Franco?
- Are we in Pidsandawan?
- ...only 13 had crossed the river.
Not even half.
The roosters will start crowing
any time now.
Yes, sir. We're almost there.
Only half a kilometer to his hut, right?
We can smell them from here.
That bastard Marwan.
I've been hunting him for five years.
I've been tailing him
for three months, sir.
You know the way, Franco?
Yes, sir. I've memorized the video.
The video from your asset
was taken during daytime.
It's still dark. It won't be accurate.
Don't worry, sir. We have night vision.
Boys, clean up your night vision goggles.
...where were the SAF's support team?
Add in the river crossing,
they could be two hours away on foot.
They're finally firing at Marwan.
It's about damn time.
Seaborne's two hours behind.
It's Usman!
We should have passed
through Pidsandawan by now.
We're in a dangerous spot.
I wonder how the 45th, 42nd,
and 41st are doing.
Have they caught up behind us?
Boss, we're in a rough spot.
What's the news?
How are the fish?
The fishies are still swimming.
Two of us were wounded. Over.
Usman got away.
Sir. He has so many cellphones.
For calling his contacts from ISIS
and Jemaah Islamiyah
and for detonating bombs.
Our hard work paid off.
By the way, sir. It's almost 5:00 a.m.
Muslims have started praying.
Right. And don't forget, boys.
There's a rebel camp
just 500 meters away from here.
So move it.
Get going. Double time, boys.
- Hang on.
- Wrap it up.
We can't drag his body with us.
It will slow us down.
Sir, what are you gonna do?
Will you cut him up?
I'll cut a finger off.
Fuck you.
Let's respect the dead.
...what was going through your head,
Director Napeas?
That it's the end for me, Mistah.
I'll repeat my question,
what was going through your head
after the Seaborne killed Marwan?
If the operation had ended there,
then mission accomplished.
I've hunted Marwan for five years.
But his accomplice got away.
Usman. Isn't that right?
Usman isn't as important.
It just so happens that the US government
placed a higher bounty on Marwan's head.
Five million dollars for Marwan.
One million dollars for Usman.
Is $1 million a small amount to you?
...but we've rattled Usman.
It'll be easier to take him down
in the future.
...when I was still a deputy director...
So we knew he wouldn't let us
take him alive.
Unfortunately, on their way out
of his rathole,
that's when things went sideways.
We all saw the body bags on TV.
But what I'd like to know from you...
Why were there so many casualties?
Congrats to all of us.
But stay on your toes, okay?
We still need to get out of here.
Stop, don't fight back, all right?
Sir Pabalinas, what do we do with him?
Tie up both of his hands.
- Put a gag in his mouth.
- Got it, sir.
Cempron, we're in a vulnerable position.
You're right.
And the locals are waking up.
I'm sure there are others with him.
Lalan! Cempron!
Go back across the bridge.
Secure the place so when
the Seaborne get here, they'll be safe.
Okay, sir.
Soldiers. Soldiers.
Soldiers. Soldiers.
Sir, there are people on the other side.
How many?
Just two, I think.
They thought we were soldiers.
Were they armed?
I didn't notice.
Might be civilians.
They didn't fire at us.
You're right. There's two of them.
Looks like they're unarmed.
- Let's stand guard for now.
- Yes, sir.
Wear your night vision goggles!
Let them guess where we are.
Of course.
I know that there's a ceasefire...
Problem is, the rebels don't care
if it's a police operation.
Police or military,
both are armed and wearing fatigue.
Did you inform the military
about Oplan Exodus beforehand?
SAF were only informed when
they reached the target area.
Here's the thing.
...there's always missing intel.
That's why Marwan keeps getting away.
So is it true that
Interior Secretary Mar Roxas...
...PNP OIC Leonardo Espina
were not aware of this?
That is correct.
I know, but that wasn't my decision.
If that's the case, who has?
Hey, Alan.
I'm having a fantastic morning.
My pulse is regular.
I hope you have good news for me.
I knew it. You're here to ruin my day.
Is this about Oplan Exodus?
What happened?
The operation has been aborted, sir.
The SAF boat sunk.
How many operations have
you had against Marwan?
Eight, sir.
Aren't you the elite Seaborne
who trained with the Navy SEALs?
What happened to that?
We've shared a long and close friendship,
that's why I gave this to you.
You're suspended, right?
I shouldn't even be giving this to you.
That's why you need to deliver.
- Leo.
- Sir.
We've struck out nine times.
I thought you had that last one in the bag
because our boys got rubber boats?
Our troops encountered some
difficulties and were forced to abort.
Do you know that
you're losing your president's favor?
Our intel's been compromised, sir.
Our Commander-in-Chief's
losing respect for me.
You should feel ashamed too.
Come off it.
You're sure SAF can handle this?
Sir, we've identified
Marwan's new location.
Our assets have the area on video.
The terrain's challenging,
but boats are not needed this time, sir.
We've got the terrain leading
to the target area all mapped out.
Are you sure?
Don't forget, this will be
our 10th operation.
And quite possibly our last chance.
Absolutely nothing should go wrong.
You know I'm supposed to be suspended.
Sir. This time, our intel is
more solid and credible.
And we've studied the mission down to a T.
What do we name the operation?
Oplan Exodus, sir.
Yeah. Talk later. Let's go!
Ma'am, we're sorry.
The BOI session is off-limits.
Sir, who is General Magalong interviewing?
Is it General Napeas?
That's confidential, ma'am.
Then how did I know?
Then why are you asking us, ma'am?
You're a funny guy, sir.
I'll remember you.
Sure, but please clear the way.
We don't want to get in trouble.
We were rushing for nothing.
You accompanied Senior Superintendent
Mendez and PDG Purisima to Malacaang
to present the details
of Oplan Exodus to the president.
What did the president say?
He wanted coordination with the AFP.
He was bothered that we didn't
include the military in our plans.
I explained to him
that there should be no leakage in intel
for the operation to be successful.
He agreed with me.
Did he really?
He didn't insist on his wish for you
to coordinate with the AFP?
He was silent about it.
He simply told me to call in more forces.
And then?
Then he spoke privately with PDG Purisima
and Senior Superintendent Mendez
and I left the room.
PDG Purisima approached me.
He told me something important.
He told me not to inform
Secretary Mar Roxas about the operation.
He said that?
And Spine too.
He's not our Mistah, but we know him well.
Same batch as PDG Purisima.
PDG Purisima also told me
that he would take care
of AFP Chief General Catapang.
Usman passed through here.
There's a trail at the back.
We can still catch them.
That's not the mission, Franco.
We need to meet back up with 55th.
It's so hot.
Are we still not allowed in?
No one's allowed in yet.
Sure, I know you.
So there's nothing going on yet?
There is. Just behind closed doors.
I'll just text General Magalong.
He'll run out of luck
at the Senate Hearing.
The Senate is tough.
Miriam will eat him alive.
Remember, we only have
one month to complete our report.
Well, we already sent an invitation
to Malacaang...
That's his prerogative
if he doesn't want to explain.
What if he still won't budge, sir?
...and give us a record of his
text conversations with the president.
Miriam and Enrile will roast him.
Down to the bones.
Circle 'round back. The media's out front.
Mary Ann, how did you get in?
I have my ways, sir.
Investigations have just started.
We still have a lot to do.
Okay. Come with me.
Thank you, sir.
We've been waiting but it's okay,
you have a cozy office.
Do I?
Sir, our questions are ready.
Can we do the interview now?
I only have five minutes for both of you.
I'll give you each three questions
but I'm telling you now...
...because the details of
our investigation are still confidential.
I'll go first because we're all set up.
Benny? Roll the camera.
Sir, why do you think
you were chosen to head the BOI?
As you know, I was a former SAF director.
I'm currently the CIDG chief
so it's not a stretch to think
that I can do the job.
We got some great coverage.
Pretty, right?
That's breaking news.
So conceited.
Trying to one-up us.
Where's our ride?
I don't know. It's in the parking lot.
- The van!
- You haven't called yet?
- Should I?
- You're the producer...
Am I the driver too?
- Don't answer back.
- Sorry. Calling him now.
Your eyes are always wandering.
Look. The Senate conducts its own inquiry.
So will the House of Representatives.
So what's the point of the BOI?
Let them have at it.
Theirs are just for show.
The BOI is ours.
I doubt very much that we can force
the AFP to cooperate with us.
Considering there's different versions
of what really happened in Mamasapano.
Let's not force them
if they don't want to.
All I'm saying, Benjie, is that...
But Spine is the Officer in Charge.
Don't you have any plans to promote
him to full chief status?
Why tell me now?
Is everyone here, Franco?
We're running out of time.
Do we have news yet?
Where's the 55th?
Are they moving on?
Still no update, sir.
Maybe they're at the drop off point.
Son of a bitch! It's almost sunrise!
Yes, Mike. Why are you calling?
Sorry if I woke you up, sir.
No, but I haven't had my coffee.
Isn't this a little early?
Call up Sir Nap!
Tell him the Seaborne
are engaged in a fire fight.
Sir, Irania of the 55th.
Here, sir.
Sir, the Seaborne have been engaged.
We can hear the gunshots.
I see. Are you near their location?
Maybe about two kilometers.
Where are you now?
We're still in the cornfield, sir.
We're at waypoint 11 and 12.
Why haven't you left that spot?
The locals are out and about, sir,
and we're standing guard for the Seaborne.
They've got eyes on us.
There was only six of them,
but more are coming.
Are they armed?
Civilians, sir, but it looks suspicious.
Hostiles across the river!
This is our land!
You're not getting out alive!
You're not getting out alive!
This is our land! We'll run you down!
Shit, why isn't it working?
- Call them! Call them!
- Yes, sir!
Go home!
We're pinned down in the cornfields.
Hold your position.
Back-up's on their way.
Don't let them scare you!
Put holes in them!
Irania from 55th
is your best friend, right?
Yes, sir. We grew up in Zamboanga del Sur.
Same as you, right, Villanueva?
Yes, sir, but we're from San Pablo.
Irania and I are from Dumalinao.
They're so close that people
mistake them for a couple.
Get out of here.
Am I wrong?
- Sir.
- What are you doing?
Please respect the dead.
He's still a human being.
Where's that coming from?
Sir, that's the 55th's position.
At the cornfield beside the bridge.
They couldn't get to us.
Shit, looks like they're trapped.
Got a text from Irania.
Five of them are dead.
Must be why Pabalinas
isn't answering his phone.
Sir, weren't you on the phone with him
while we were on the highway?
Yeah. Their truck got stalled three times.
Pabalinas said this is
the first time he's nervous.
We're lucky though.
- Marwan's dead. Mission accomplished.
- Agreed, sir.
That's where you're wrong.
That was earlier.
Things are different now.
We've disturbed all of Mamasapano.
Sir, all the enemies are up.
55th's in a bad spot.
What's your location?
Sir, we're still at the highway.
What? Why aren't you behind the 55th?
We're trapped. They've got snipers.
You can't go forward?
It's too dangerous, sir.
Where the fuck are your snipers?
They are too many.
We're against the sunlight.
You gave us a start.
Sorry about this, Colonel.
We've killed Marwan.
- Congratulations, General Talio.
- Thank you.
But we didn't expect them to be held up
on their way out of the target area.
Colonel, we need your help
for the extraction.
I already informed my boss.
What did General Pangilinan say?
He's just concerned how this affects
the ongoing peace process.
I'm counting on that.
Thank you. Looks like you have
no issues with lack of prior coordination.
The AFP and PNP are not enemies.
- Kams, you okay?
- Buddy, are you okay?
You got shot.
I thought that took you all out.
Thought so too, sir.
It's not our time yet.
Yeah, but I'm going deaf.
Move over here to the left.
There's more cover.
You good, boys?
Yes, sir!
- Okay, let's go!
- Move!
- Can you get up?
- Yes, yes.
Reniedo, tell the rest to catch up.
Let's lie low for now!
Where are the reinforcements?
I've been texting Sir Naps nonstop.
He keeps saying they're on their way!
When are they coming? Tomorrow?
When we're nothing but corpses?
Calm down, Cempron!
We're still alive. Keep fighting!
Good news, boys. Message from Command.
From Sir Naps, sir?
From Senior Inspector Espe.
Lyndon, sir? What did he say?
The joint peace panel's talking with
Commander Guma of the MILF.
Finally. Thank you!
I heard there are now 11 SAF casualties
in Mindanao.
Are the numbers confirmed?
I don't know yet.
...through Brgy. Tuka.
It is not that easy.
So, did you fix our radio yet?
But it's okay, I already texted
our grid coordinates to Command.
Did you request for reinforcements?
Three times, sir.
Sir, Reniedo's getting paler and paler.
He's not in good shape.
I hope reinforcements arrive soon.
Yeah, he needs
to be rushed to the hospital.
Fuck! What the fuck,
I thought there was a ceasefire command!
Franco! Franco, what are you doing?
Franco, where are you going?
Franco, you bastard, come back here!
Franco, come back here!
Son of a bitch!
Franco, you bastard, come back here!
Nacino, go with him.
Let's lie low here for now.
Rest while you can.
Get some rest.
Come here. I need a word.
What the fuck were you doing earlier?
- Nothing, sir.
- The fuck you mean?
Have you gone fucking crazy?
You really think
the reinforcements are coming?
I feel like we're all going to die here.
You pull another stunt like that again,
I'll strip you of your rank.
- How's it going, Reniedo?
- Sir.
- You good? How are you?
- I'll pull through. I'll pull through.
Don't worry.
Our reinforcements are on their way.
They'll come.
Okay, sir. I'll keep hanging on.
Just don't leave me behind.
No one's getting left behind.
We're brothers.
- Sir Train?
- Villanueva.
Do you think
we're getting out of here alive?
Have we had a casualty?
No, we don't have casualties.
You see, I promised my wife, Yvette,
and my daughter that I'd come home
safely to them.
There you go.
- You made a promise, right?
- Yes, sir.
Don't break it.
Tabdi received a text earlier.
The 55th already lost 11 men.
- Eleven, sir?
- Eleven.
That was hours ago.
The number's probably gone up.
We wouldn't know.
Medic! Cempron got shot! Medic!
Is there a medic out here?
Fuck. What are our chances against them?
From morning to noon,
what were you doing
at the Tactical Command Post
while the 55th were dropping like flies?
Mistah, what do you think we were doing?
Staring into space?
Playing Mobile Legends?
...the artillery support
the army promised us.
And we heard about
the ceasefire negotiations.
We were counting on that.
What happened to the SAF reinforcements?
Since 55th couldn't move,
the rest of the blocking forces
couldn't forward.
And you had an additional 300 SAF troopers
in Maharlika Highway...
They promised they would help
but by noon, they gave us nothing!
So I thought, "What is going on here?"
He told us you spoke
with General Catapang.
He told me that the AFP would
be sending artillery and air support.
But I got that text from him
in the morning.
He was in Zamboanga at the time.
Having photo ops.
The helicopter was waiting
to take him to Maguindanao.
Then things turned to shit in Mamasapano.
No. He only texted PDG Purisima.
The president was with General Catapang
in Zamboanga.
So I assume he already told him
about the situation in Mamasapano.
What do you think the Commander-in-Chief
told the Chief of the AFP?
Mistah, God knows I did everything
to save my men.
But there are things beyond my control.
You bastards!
No one's coming to save us!
There are no reinforcements!
There's no ceasefire!
We're all going to die here!
We're going to get buried alive!
We'll be buried in this cornfield!
That was at two in the afternoon.
We had been in a fire fight
for more than eight hours.
That's when I knew that
we were going to die in that cornfield.
And that I had to do something
if I was to get out alive
and see my family again.
Advance! Advance!
Lalan! Find a way to get out!
At least one of us should make it out!
What are we going to do, sir?
Hide in the river!
Sir, I need to take off my vest
to go under water.
- Who's going to cover me?
- I will.
No, Meo.
Buddy, I'm almost out of bullets.
My wound is really bad.
I feel faint. This is where
I'm going to die.
Tell my family what happened here.
How this day went down.
- You're not gonna die here!
- You should move.
Let's just wait for a break.
As soon as I get up, make a run for it!
Move it! Help him.
Help him!
You sons of bitches!
We're all going to die!
You bastards!
Keep firing! Don't stop!
Shoot all of them!
We'll bury you here!
You're not going nowhere!
I hid among the water lilies for 11 hours.
I waited until they retrieved
all the bodies from the cornfield.
That morning they told us
the military was coming in to help us.
They promised a tank,
artillery, helicopter from the Air Force.
We waited for so long.
Someone got shot!
- I got shot!
- Medic!
Fuck! Cordero!
Cordero! Fuck!
You bastards!
Fuck! Cordero!
You bastards! Fuck you!
Come at me!
It's okay now.
They say it was 4:00 p.m.
when total ceasefire became official.
If that's true, then why did
Ged Tabdi have to die at 5:00 p.m.
from a bullet wound through his head?
...who laid down their arms by 4 o'clock.
the support that the AFP promised
appeared in the sky.
It was just a dummy explosive.
Just sound and light. No fatal explosions.
And just like that, the enemies ran away.
If that was all it took to save our men,
why did we have to wait for a whole day?
If it had come in the morning, then...
maybe Nacino would still be alive.
Villanueva, Tabdi, Tayrus, Cordero,
What happens if this investigation
leads directly to the president?
Aren't you a strong contender
for PNP Chief?
What's your plan?
What's your plan?
Sir, it's this way to the cornfield.
Do you think we'll survive here?
- Where's our reinforcements?
- When we're nothing but dead?
I made a promise to my wife and daughter
that I'd come home safely to them.
- We're all going to die here!
- The reinforcements aren't coming!
There's no ceasefire!
Love you and baby very much.
We'll die here.
They're going to bury us alive!
I feel faint. This is where I'll die.
- I'll love you even in the afterlife.
- Tell my family about what happened.
- No one's coming to save us!
- Daddy, I'll wait for your return.
Well, we had to assess the terrain
to know what challenges the SAF commandos
had to face while on their mission.
35 of the fallen 44 died
exactly where we're standing now.
But we'll also speak with individuals
involved while we're here in Maguindanao.
Could you tell us the names of the people
to be interviewed by the BOI?
You ask questions like Mary Ann.
Looks like there's a network ceasefire.
Sir, will you visit Marwan's hideout?
I'm sorry. That's impossible
because per our intel,
Marwan's hut has been burned down.
Do you have any leads on
who might have done this?
I was surprised to see him.
He was naked and muddy all over.
He only had fatigue pants on.
He was a bit skinny and not that tall.
At that time,
the government officers must have
finished retrieving the bodies of the SAF.
Most of the MILF had gone back
to their homes.
When I saw him,
I thought he was one of the MILF.
He went to the mosque.
He must have thought
it was an ordinary house.
It's a mosque. I had four others with me
inside resting after their prayers.
He shot at them while they were sleeping.
How do you know they were sleeping?
I was just in there.
I was praying before I took a shower.
But hold on, you said you escaped
when Lalan chased after you.
Yes, ma'am.
Then you couldn't have seen them sleeping.
I heard the gunshots.
Sir, are the rumors true?
- What is it?
- That the MILF will sue me for war crimes.
Well, they're saying that the four MILF
were sleeping when you shot at them.
They weren't, sir!
They were firing at me too.
Well, for now, we don't know
if they'll charge you.
Not so tough now.
- Sir.
- Thank you.
Why are you still here in Maguindanao?
Looks like you don't want to see
your family anymore.
I'm still looking after some friends
at the hospital.
I have two guides under my care,
if you remember.
Kams was killed in action.
He was shot in the head.
Astro has a fatal wound,
so I can't leave him in the hospital
until he gets better.
I owe him that much.
So what's your plan?
We heard a lot of SAF men from
your company are planning to quit.
I understand why they wouldn't
want to risk their lives. Again.
They've served their country.
What about you, Franco?
I can't blame them, sir.
I get where they're coming from.
As for me, I love my job.
Besides, I promised Sir Train
I wouldn't leave the SAF.
I remember when he left the house, I said,
"Daddy, you should stay behind
because you're not well enough yet."
He replied,
"Darling, you don't understand."
"Daddy, please don't go.
The bad guys might get you."
What I don't understand
is why Captain Pabalinas
chose to position the 55th company
in that cornfield.
He still had an hour
before the enemy trapped them.
It's basic stuff.
You need to secure the perimeter
before establishing the position.
He should have noticed that only
500 meters away behind the cornfield,
there were tall coconut trees
better suited for a defensive position.
If Pabalinas had done this,
they would not have been massacred.
...we all know that hindsight is 20/20.
It's easy for us to say
that Captain Pabalinas
should have done that strategy.
But as one of those
in that battlefield, sir,
I understand why Pabalinas
was not able to foresee
that the 55th would be trapped
like they did.
There's a lot
to consider in these operations.
...many people had many shortcomings
in what happened in Mamasapano.
If you think about it, sir,
there's plenty of blame to go around.
We should point fingers at each other
rather than lay blame on the dead men
who gave up their lives.
SP04 Bill Fernando Jumalon.
Mr. President, why are you blaming us,
the SAF?
We're the ones in the shitstorm,
we're the ones who lost our brothers,
and yet it's our fault?
Now, wait a minute.
You asked for a bull session
with your Commander-in-Chief.
But you complain to me when
I say something you don't like?
The problem is, you left us there to die.
You spent the whole day in Zamboanga
while we were out there
dropping down like flies in Mamasapano.
You didn't do anything to help us.
You don't know what you're saying.
Let me ask you this.
When did you ever say that
you blame the rebels?
You let us get wiped out
because your peace process
was more important to you.
SP04 Jumalon?
That's okay.
I've said all I wanted to say.
Anybody else have a question
for the president?
Mr. President, I am SP01 Allan Franco.
I won't ask questions
but I'd like to share
a wonderful project
by the Department of Education.
We received so many letters
from young students.
It warms my heart to read the letters
expressing gratitude for our service
to the people.
Mr. President, if I were to be asked again
if I am prepared to take on a mission
as dangerous as Mamasapano,
I would answer you
with a resounding "yes!'
And I'm very confident
that my colleagues would answer the same.
Because while there are innocent children
who believe in our sacrifice
for the country,
I'm ready to offer up my life
to serve my beloved Philippines.
Thank you, Mr. President. That's all.
How are you, Mistah?
Not so bad.
You heard my successor say his pledge.
I really hope so, Mistah.
I'm happy for you.
You have no idea.
My career's in danger too.
I was pulled into this mess.
- Mistah, is the BOI report ready?
- Yes.
It's ready for printing. We were supposed
to submit it to Talis on Monday.
What can I do for you?
Benjie, I think you know why we're here.
Is this about our Commander-in-Chief?
This is all Alan's fault.
That's right. He took advantage
of his friendship with the president.
So you're saying that PNoy
allowed himself to be manipulated.
He is too loyal, that's why
he got tangled up in this mess.
Be direct with me.
I know a little bird whispered
in your ear to come and convince me.
I appreciate that you came in person.
We're here for the sake of your future.
I know. Thank you.
Bottom line is, if you decide to release
the BOI report,
you can forget about being PNP Chief.
After the PNP Board of Inquiry
released the results
of their investigation
into the Mamasapano encounter,
President Noynoy Aquino summoned
BOI Chief Police Director
Benjamin Magalong to Malacaang yesterday.
According to Magalong,
the president is dismayed by the findings
of the BOI report
which says that the president
is largely responsible
for the bloody encounter in Maguindanao
that killed 44 commandos
of the Special Action Force.
Magalong said that he and the
president discussed how he bypassed
the chain of command when he independently
planned the mission in Mamasapano
along with the suspended
PNP Chief Director General Alan Purisima
and previously fired
SAF Director Getulio Napeas.
If only that were possible, sir.
I swear there was an order.
As early as 7:00 a.m., he knew
that the SAF were sitting ducks.
But what did he do?
He carried on with his goddamned
picture-taking in Zamboanga.
As if there wasn't a battle
going on 500 kilometers away.
Before lunch, General Guerrero asked him
what the military could do
to save those men.
Obviously, he didn't know what to do.
What was he thinking?
That he's playing Call of Duty?
At around 2:00 p.m.,
General Guerrero approached him again...
But what did he do? He dilly-dallied.
We all know that no order
means a stand down.
President Noynoy Aquino instated
Police Director Ricardo Marquez
as the new
Chief of Philippine National Police.
Marquez faces the challenge
of the still unresolved investigation
into the gruesome massacre of the SAF 44
in Mamasapano, Maguindanao
and the serious damage it has inflicted
against PNP leadership.
He will also take charge
of the preparations for the security
of the next presidential election in 2016.