Mamba (1930) Movie Script

But you always... you always think
that you are right now.
Now there you are. That's progress.
Now just look at
the little devils fight.
You know, if they weren't Black,
I'd mistake them for Irish.
Help me put an end
to these festivities, will you?
Now get over there
where you belong.
Wait a minute, what's the idea
of all these shenanigans, eh?
Haven't we been trained to teach you
that it's wrong to fight, now haven't we?
We're Deutsch, he's England.
What? What did he say?
You're a great help.
Now I shall explain
in correct English.
Oh, that would be lovely.
If they're still down
there playing soldiers.
The one borderline,
they're German.
The other borderline,
they're England.
Oh, is that so? Well now, here, you get that
idea right out of your heads, all of you.
You never see us fighting
over any borderline.
Do you?
No, sir, and what's more,
you never will because...
...Germany and Great Britain
are fine friends.
Aren't we?
Now, you see. Now throw away your swords
and your pop guns and be like white men.
Why, there's millions of us
all over the world,
but we never fight, do we?
No, sir, we don't.
Now come on, run along, will ya,
before I give you a tanning
for the bad boys you are.
Come on, on with you,
on with you.
Go on, take them things
out of there.
You see? When they're young, we've got
to teach them that scrapping is wrong.
There's too many Blacks
here in Africa.
There's too few of us whites
to ever be able to hold 'em in line.
Once they get the fighting idea
into their heads, and never forget that.
I'm going to find out what that means,
and if it means what I think it means,
I'm gonna take that glass eye of yours
and I'm gonna hide it on you.
You know, I can't get used
to these.
Doing their own goose step.
Yes, it is amusing.
Splendid, Major von Shultz.
They're a fine body of soldiers.
Good fighters, too,
Colonel Cromwell.
Well, I sincerely hope
we'll never need them for that purpose.
I hope so too.
What do you say now to a nice, cool
drink of beer over at the canteen?
- Thanks.
- Jack, that sounds grand to me.
You know, you make me
look forward to these visits.
I have a wonderful time here.
Please. Baby.
Baby, no food.
Your baby. My baby. Oh!
This dog, Bolte,
consistently bites
on the very thing
we try to teach our natives,
respect for the white man.
Yes, I know, I know.
Don't... don't let it upset you.
Ah, what do we have here?
The British lion,
eh, old chap?
I... I suppose you saw
what just happened, eh?
We did.
All this begging money.
I only pushed her a little.
I had to to make her let go.
And my Blacks were starting,
and I was afraid she might have fallen
and hurt that baby, you know.
Your concern for that baby
was quite apparent.
Hey, boys, let's have
that Susanna song, huh?
"O Susanna"!
O, Susanna.
O, Susanna.
I suppose you and your ladies
are coming over
to our annual regimental dance
tomorrow night?
You can depend
on the ladies, Colonel.
- Oh, you can count on us.
- We'll be there.
- Thank you.
- We'll all be there.
You know, Colonel,
you are quite popular with my men
and, uh, with the ladies too.
Ah, you... you flatter me.
Colonel Cromwell,
I hear you're going to give a party
tomorrow night at the post.
I am.
And those that I have the honor to call
my friends have received invitations.
- Why, Doctor.
- Why, hello.
- How are you?
- How are you? I'm glad to see you.
I'm glad to see you.
You're looking splendid.
Hello, boys.
How's things?
Give me a bottle of champagne.
The best is not too good
for August Bolte.
Boys, try this one.
Do you remember?
We're the soldiers
of the Queen, my lads,
who've been, my lads,
who've been, my lads.
In the fight for Britain's glory, lads,
when we have to show them
what we mean.
And when we say
we've always won,
and when they ask us
how it's done,
we'll proudly point to every one...
We're the British soldiers
of the Queen.
Ah, that's for sure,
you need the disinfectant.
Come on, boys, more beer.
You Black pig!
Carve a little bit off the top
for me, for me.
Just a little bit off the top
for me, for me.
Saw me off a yard or two
and I'll tell you when to stop.
All I want is
a little bit off the top.
Get me a drink.
Right you are, governor.
Right you are.
Damn that Shultz.
Shut up!
Get out!
I'm not good enough
for them tin soldiers, eh?
Me, August Bolte,
with more land and money
than any man in East Africa.
Why, the...
I could buy and sell
the whole army.
Did you hear me?
Y... yes, sir,
I heard you, sir.
I could buy and sell
every one of them.
Y... yes, sir.
I... I guess you're right, sir.
You could buy anything with...
...with your money, sir.
What's that?
I said, there isn't
a thing in the world
you couldn't buy
with all your money, sir.
Ah, well.
What do you think of her?
Blimey, sir!
Why, she's a real aristocrat.
She's got quality.
Ah, wouldn't those stiff-backed soldiers
with their stuck-up, smart women
bow and scrape to her,
a noblewoman?
Well, wouldn't they?
I certainly would, sir.
Yes, governor.
I'll make them bend their backs.
To me, too.
Take a cablegram at once.
Yes, sir.
In answer to your letter,
I am leaving for Germany at once.
Here she comes.
Oh, Helen, you are exquisite.
- Thank you.
- A vision in that gown.
Oh, you look beautiful.
I can't wait to meet
the lucky bridegroom.
Think of it.
Oh, you're such a lucky girl.
It's beautiful.
And how are all the beautiful ladies?
You should not be here.
Ah, fine.
My bride.
Girls, my fianc,
Herr Bolte.
- Glad to know you all.
- This is indeed a surprise.
Yeah, I thought so.
Well, I want you all to come
to my place in Africa.
- Oh, what a time you'll have!
- Really?
Why, sure, I'm a king there.
I got my plantation
as big as Berlin.
Quite large, I'm sure.
Sure, I got 2,000 Blacks
working for me.
Some payroll, eh?
And Frau Bolte, as my wife,
you will be queen of Neu Posen.
All right, boys,
put it there, will you?
- Keep the change.
- Thank you.
Pretty nice, eh?
Well, when you got the money,
you can buy the best.
We rest a little, eh?
Mein frau.
Frau August Bolte.
Please, if you don't mind,
I'll go on deck and get
a little fresh air.
I'll come too.
I'll put on the other shoes, huh?
There's a wonderful calm tonight.
Too calm for me.
Permit me, delicate frulein.
Thank you.
Oh, not at all.
I have been hoping for
an opportunity to speak to you,
but you seem so... abstracted.
I do not know you.
No. No, that is very true.
Indeed, my... my action
might seem rather forward
if it were not for the fact
that we are related.
- Related?
- Well, yes, you see,
according to the steamship company
advertisement, we are all one big family.
Will you therefore please allow me
to present myself?
Major von Reiden,
returning to Africa to take over
my command at Neu Posen.
Your destination, may I ask?
Neu Posen.
What a happy coincidence.
I throw a kiss to fate.
Is this your first visit
to the Dark Continent?
Yes, it is.
Oh, I'm sure you will like it.
It has glamour, romance,
a mysterious intrigue.
You paint it so differently
from the picture I see.
Oh, now, you mean that,
as a soldier, I'm a good painter.
Of course, Neu Posen,
like all places,
has its disadvantages also.
One of our chief troubles there
is a large, fat pig.
A two-legged pig.
he's on this boat returning now,
and I'm afraid he's coming over
to speak to me.
Well, well, well.
This is a great pleasure.
Major von Reiden, my husband.
So you're going to Neu Posen too, eh?
We're old friends, you know.
Good night, my dear frau.
Good night.
Nice fellow.
No, no, please.
Oh, a little timid, eh?
No, thank you.
Well, here is to the bride.
And to the groom too.
Ah! That's good wine.
Oh, of course.
Too much light.
Why not?
You're my wife, aren't you?
- Well?
- Yes, yes, I know.
Maybe you think
I'm not good enough for you.
I paid the money, didn't I?
And you're going with me
to Neu Posen?
Maybe I'll never reach Neu Posen.
Oh, so that's your idea, eh?
Well, easy.
Keep me locked out.
When I reach Neu Posen,
I'll put a big bar on your door.
But when I want you,
all the locks in the world
won't keep me out.
Garrison Neu Posen in place.
Very well.
- All right.
- Return to the barracks.
Company, enter!
My soldier friends.
That's a friend of yours over there.
He came especially to greet you.
Why, Cromwell, my old friend!
- Cromwell, I am glad to see you.
- Glad to see you.
Hello, Mac, how are you?
I'm fine, sir.
Top of the morning to you, sir.
Thank you, Mac.
Oh, you remembered
my little weakness, eh?
- What do you call them again?
- Piccadilly.
- Yes, a Piccadilly.
- Piccadilly.
When I heard you were coming back,
I tripled my order.
Oh, there's Bolte,
and with a beautiful woman.
Ain't she charming?
There you are,
Beauty and the Beast.
Now that shows you
what you can do with money.
Come, my dear.
I heard that he went home
to get married.
Is it possible that she's the bride?
Ah, day, governor.
Welcome home, sir.
Just one of my servants.
Bring the grapes, boy.
Who is she?
A lady.
Come. Come, boys, let's go.
Oh, uh, Major von Reiden.
I'm giving a reception in honor
of Frau Bolte Friday night.
I'm sure you'll like
to honor the bride
and welcome her
to Neu Posen.
We are honored greatly.
And accept our invitation.
I thought so.
You see?
That's what they think of me.
Yes, dear, I see.
- You, where have you been?
- Over here, sir.
Come on, help me.
Yes, sir.
Ah, these shoes.
These clothes.
Well, I guess it's worth.
I've forgotten to tell you, governor,
the orchestra has come.
They've come a thousand kilometers.
It cost me plenty.
But I waited a long time for tonight.
Listen, go down and see
if the roasts are cooking
and if the champagne is on ice.
I want everything
to the queen's taste.
Meine Liebe.
I want to speak with you.
Well, that's nice.
But I want you to put on
that gray one with the low back,
you know, and the long train,
so when those stiff-backed officers
see you, they die of envy.
Very well.
I see you use the lock
I fixed for you
in the daytime
as well as in the night.
- Yes, I do.
- That's good.
I might remember sometime
that you're my wife and, uh...
well, you understand.
I think we understand
each other perfectly.
That's right, sure.
That's why you better use the lock
and keep it locked, nein?
And where does madam wish
the flowers, please?
It doesn't matter.
Get a move on here, will ya?
Put it over here.
Put it over there, that's the idea.
Say you, put that tablecloth
on there right, you understand?
Yeah, we are gonna have company
fit for the king, absolutely.
- Joe?
- Yes, sir?
After the party,
when all my fine friends have gone,
I want you and all the other servants
to leave the house.
You understand me?
Yes, sir.
Frau Bolte and I
want to be left alone.
Yes, sir.
Oh, governor, sir,
poor Hassim's daughter
has been here every day, sir.
She wants to see you, sir,
and I can't drive her away, sir.
I've told you I didn't want to see
that woman in the house anymore!
Bwana! Bwana!
Baby. Baby's sick.
Please, no food.
I told you to get out of here!
Get me a drink.
Yes, sir.
Get me a drink!
Listen, I want you all to have
the best time you ever had in your life.
Sit down.
Come on, come on now,
get in line, hurry.
And listen, hold your tray
like that, okay?
If one of you drops it,
I'll bash ya, and believe me,
you'll never live
to pick up another.
Right you are, governor.
Right you are.
Just wait till you see what's coming.
Very good, eh.
Now, fill up the plates,
you make a nice serving.
Yes, governor.
I can't understand why we're here.
Simply to honor his wife, my dear.
After all, she's a noblewoman.
Eat and drink!
Don't be afraid!
I got plenty of it.
And the best champagne
this side the Rhine.
Serve the people,
make it snappy, will you?
Having a good time, eh?
Yes, thank you.
I know you Britishers like scotch.
You're rather observing, Mr. Bolte.
I got plenty of roast beef too.
The best I can find.
So, don't be afraid.
Thank you, sir.
Don't mention it.
Ah, Doctor!
I want to speak to you.
Well, well, Dr. Webber.
- Come on, have some wine.
- Don't touch me, Bolte.
Hassim's daughter, she is dead!
Well, that's too bad.
But why talk
of such gloomy things at a party?
Come on, Doctor,
your friends are here.
I warned you before.
There is a limit that can be reached,
even by such dreck like you.
Now you have reached it.
Come, my dear.
We are leaving at once.
Please, please, please.
May I suggest that, perhaps,
the most considerate thing we could do
would be to take our leave.
You're quite right, old chap.
I quite agree.
A lovely time we've had.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Mrs. Bolte, I'm sorry,
but we must be going.
Thank you.
Come over and see us
sometime, will you?
So they've gone, eh?
Stupid swine.
Listen, don't forget
what I told you before.
You and all the other servants
leave the house.
I want to be alone with her.
I understand, governor.
I'll show 'em.
I'll show everybody, her too,
who's master here.
Where is she?
Gone to our room, I suppose, huh?
I don't know, sir.
I can't say, sir.
Well, go and find out.
Yes, governor.
I cannot leave you like this.
I will not.
- Oh, what?
- No, no, no.
It is the natives.
They are beginning
their moon dance.
There, won't you let me
take you to see them?
They are just close by.
Perhaps it will help you to forget.
Oh, forgive me,
I should not have said that.
I want to forget.
We are very fortunate
to be able to see this.
It is the most sacred
of their dances.
I can't find her anywhere, sir!
Did you see von Reiden hanging around?
Yes, governor.
I always get what I want, don't I?
Yes, governor.
That you do, governor.
She'll be back.
She better.
And when she comes...
Helen, there is something
I must tell you.
After tonight,
I feel I have to...
Please, don't tell me now.
So you're the one
who was too good for me, eh?
Now listen to me.
You're my wife.
You understand?
And what's mine
I don't let anyone else use.
Wait a minute.
You got a lesson to learn.
Whatever belongs to me
carries my mark.
I'll show you.
Major von Reiden.
Major von Reiden, pardon, sir,
we have a message
with the instructions
to deliver it to you without delay.
Excuse me.
Beg your pardon.
I'm sorry.
I must leave.
But before I go,
allow me to present you
with this little... souvenir.
At the slightest pressure
of the finger,
it fires.
Company front!
Attack battalion in place.
Ready to march.
Your god is Allah,
but do not forget,
our father is the emperor.
England has declared war on Germany
and her allies.
The third and fourth field battalion
will be ready to march
together with the first battalion
of artillery
and the first machine gun company
within an hour to the border.
Let us not forget
that our friends of yesterday
are now the enemies of our fatherland.
The friends of yesterday
become the enemies of today.
England expects that every one
of her subjects will do their duty
with loyalty, obedience,
and courage.
King's African Rifles,
mounted infantry,
and machine gun section
will prepare to move at once.
Carry on.
Command, frontward face!
Herr Bolte.
Herr Bolte.
Herr Bolte.
- Karl.
- Helen!
Helen, we are leaving at once
for the border.
I know.
I've heard.
Oh, Karl.
My dear.
Please, you will be careful?
Oh, keep out of danger.
I will be all right.
Everything will be all right.
Auf wiedersehen.
Hey, you black dogs, where are you?
Jambo, bwana.
Jambo, bwana.
Hitch up my carriage,
the fastest team they got.
And get it out in front, quick.
Pack my bags, quick,
and put them out in the carriage.
Yes, sir.
Crying again?
For your tin soldier.
Well, you'll never see him again.
Come on, we are going to get out of here.
What do you mean?
- Where are you going?
- We're leaving.
I'm sick and tired of this
play marriage anyway.
- Come on.
- What are you talking about? Let go of me!
A letter for you, Bolte.
Strikes me as how you might
have to go to war, governor.
So they got ya, huh?
I'm not going.
They can't make me go!
Oh, they can't, eh?
That's one thing your money
can't buy, governor.
Governor? Plllt!
Wait a minute!
I've been waiting to tell you this
for a long time!
You're nothing but a dirty,
lowdown, bloody spy!
Auf wiedersehen!
All right, put them on the carriage.
Come on, we can still make it
across the border.
I'm not going with you, let go of me!
You're the lowest thing
that ever lived.
You contemptable coward.
Coward, eh?
Well, I'll remember you for that.
Stop it, let go of me!
I'm not going, I tell you!
Stop it!
I'm not going with you!
Get in!
Quick, across the border.
Mush, now!
Greetings, Bolte.
Sorry to detain you.
Major von Reiden
wants to have you fitted for a uniform.
White soldiers leave.
, did you bring
your supplies down here?
The British hold that point.
My boy, it makes very little difference
whether the British
are at this point
or whether they're over here.
We will get all our supplies
through just the same.
- "...In great danger."
- It has...
"Send help at once."
"Natives in rebellion,
burning fronds."
Are you all right?
, you must get a detachment
through to them.
But we can't spare a detachment.
But good God, man, you...
Our forces are outnumbered.
Besides, the trails swarm
with the British.
Then I go alone
with your permission.
- Help me.
- Hold on.
I can get through the jungle.
But good God, the jungles are alive
with the savages.
All right, come on.
Good luck.
Auf wiedersehen.
You go over there...
A white soldier
coming through the jungle.
- And the troops?
- No, he's alone.
Open the gates.
Close the gates.
Did you get our message?
Helen! Helen.
My dear!
Oh, you are hurt, Karl.
You are hurt.
Have some water.
Don't fire till you get
the word of command.
The Maasai are coming from the river.
They've joined with the Kanuris.
God, there are thousands of them!
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Nothing's gonna hurt ya.
Fall back, fall back, company!
Karl, the troops are here.
We are saved!
Troops, yes.
But they're British.
...Prime Minister.
And it's a long while
since we've smoked a Piccadilly together.
Allow me.
My respects, ma'am.
I feel I could not leave my prisoner
in better hands.