Mamula (2014) Movie Script

It's rude to stare, you know?
- Do you hear that?
- Hear what?
It's a -- a song or something.
It's probably from some club nearby.
come look at this...
C'mon, man, you're freakin' me out.
Help! Help!
Help! Help! Sergej!
Oh, my God, oh my God...
Help! Help!
Something attacked my friend!
He's still in the water! Please!
Help us please.
He's still in there! Help me,
please! Sergej! Oh my God...
Stop it!
Stop what?
That! You haven't stopped checking
it since we landed.
It's my editor and when he says
"Jump" I say "How High?"
Is he hot?
No. He's 48, overweight,
and has some major
personal hygiene issues.
Good. Then ignore him.
I thought we came here for a time out?
We did.
Well what's the point in us being here
if you're not going to at least try and relax?
He wants me to write an article
on the town for the magazine.
I'm sorry, you're working now.
I'm so sorry.
I haven't said yes yet.
Good. Then put the phone down or I swear
to God I'm gonna throw it in the pool!
If you do that I will kill you.
Fine. Happy now?
Did Alex get in touch?
Is he still gonna come?
He should be here soon.
And how do you feel about that?
About what?
Come on!
It's one thing to stay in touch with
your ex after, what, seven years?
It's whole another thing to actually
come all the way here to see him.
We were just kids in college.
It was a long time ago.
I was with you in college
and we were not "just kids".
Well, we're just friends now. Okay?
And that's it!
Whatever you say, Luce.
I hear there are two American girls
in town looking for a good time.
And a tall, handsome,
Serbian man.
Did you get a boob job or something?
I swear they were smaller in college!
Alex, adorable as ever.
it's been a long time.
So, how was your trip?
Not bad.
We're a little jet-lagged,
nothing major.
We are ready to party.
Oh, guys...
It's really good to...
Guys, this is Yasmin,
she's my fiancee.
Yasmin, these are my friends,
Lucy and Kelly.
Hi. Yasmin. Nice to meet you.
Sorry, my English is not that good.
Well you speak American just fine.
Gosh, this is so beautiful!
Yeah, it is!
You guys are in the right
place for a good time.
Let's have a drink!
So what's this elaborate plan Lucy says
you've been orchestrating for us?
I thought we'd soak up the sights,
then take you two to
a place not far from here.
It belong to my family.
It's really small, but cousy.
You'll gonna love it, I'm sure of it.
I'm sure you invited some
cute guys for us, right?
I don't remember
you being like this in college.
Who are you and what have
you done with Kelly?
You obviously don't remember
much of college.
Okay, don't worry,
we'll find someone for you.
Hey, and what about me?
To new friends and old.
You alright?
Yeah. I just didn't realize
this was part of the plan.
It'll be okay, I promise.
I'll be right there next
to you the whole way.
Everything okay?
We're fine.
Good. Come on down then
and let's get going.
This is Rose.
Looks beautiful.
It's very small;
just a few houses,
and it's really a quiet place.
- What's Ahab's problem?
- Who?
You know,
Moby Dick over there.
I don't know.
I've not seen him before.
Maybe he doesn't like tourists?
I bet he knows what
you did last summer.
I think everybody knows what
I did last summer thanks to you.
Well it was a really good article.
Actually she came back, and we spent
the rest of the night talking.
We were so
oblivious to everything
we didn't even realize that
all of our friends had left.
Oh, that's so sweet.
Isn't that so sweet, Luce?
Very sweet.
Oh my God.
Slow down, baby.
I'm fine.
So tell me,
what was Alex like in college?
What do you mean?
Well, he was quite the catch.
Half the campus was in love
with him -girls and boys.
Must that accent. So strong.
Kelly, really?
No, I'm not jealous
I'm just trying to realize who
my future husband really is.
What's that supposed to mean?
Well you told me Lucy and you
were best friends in college.
I can see there was more
between you two.
How do you call it, Kelly?
Woman's intuition, right?
So, what do you wanna know?
Kelly, come on.
Look, they were just friends,
if that's what you're asking.
- Right, Luce?
- Yes!
Do you think she's prettier than me?
Okay, what are you doing?
These are my friends.
let's dance a little bit.
Well... What tha hell?
I think you're both great,
and I wants us all to be fr --
Well, that went well.
It was a long time ago,
he should have just told her.
That back there was not your fault.
Look, if this is going to be too much
let's just go back to that hotel?
No, we can't do that to Alex.
It's fine, I'm a big girl.
Sometimes I wonder.
I'm gonna take a walk.
Wanna come with?
I would not be able to walk a straight
line right now even if I wanted to.
Okay. Get some sleep.
And don't push me in the water please.
Where's Kelly?
She's gone for a walk on the beach.
Thank you.
How's Yasmin?
She's sleeping. She'll be okay.
Come on, don't laugh.
She was just trying to be...
She was nervous meeting you guys.
I mean, it's kinda funny
it was kind of funny!
Look, I'm so sorry about that.
I really should have told her, but
thought it was easier not to.
Look how that worked out for you.
Can I ask you something?
What was up with Kelly
on the boat today?
God she'll kill me for telling you...
Her brother drowned when she was ten.
She couldn't swim,
so she did what she thought
was best and ran to get help.
By the time she got back
he was already dead.
That's horrible, but look around you.
We're surrounded by water.
Oh, she can swim.
She made her parents
teach her after that,
but that doesn't mean she likes to.
I don't think I've actually
ever seen her in the water...
Have you set a date?
A date?
For the wedding?
Not really,
but Yasmin wants it to be
sometime next Spring.
And what do you want?
Honestly, I don't know.
I'm not sure I'm ready.
Good. Maybe you should tell
her that and not me.
Excuse me.
I'm fine. You know,
maybe Kelly was right.
Maybe it was a bad
idea for us to come here.
I'm sorry...
Thought this was going to be easy, huh?
Yeah, I kinda did.
It's not,
you know that?
I know.
Good morning
I went to check on you when I got back
last night and you weren't in your room.
We went to town to buy groceries.
Do I look as stupid as that story sounds?
I left my phone back at the house.
You and that phone...
How you feeling today?
You okay?
Fine, thank you.
By the way--
I'm so sorry about last night,
I didn't mean to be such a
Forget about it.
I think we all had far
too much to drink last night.
See that over there?
That's where we're headed.
It's an abandoned army base.
You're kidding, right?
Nope, it's pretty cool.
It's actually an old submarine tunnel.
What's that?
That's Mamula,
it's an abandoned prison.
Are we going there too?
No, it's not possible with this boat.
They built it back in the seventies when
this whole place was part of Yugoslavia.
Now it's just a tourists' place.
But we are not going to get in there,
No, there's nothing in there to see
other than a mile of darkness.
And it's really not safe,
it's full of rats.
Is it safe here? Should we at least,
I don't know-
Why don't you tell us, Lucy!
Oh my God,
something grabbed me!
Are you okay?
It was probably a fish or something.
No, fish don't grab people!
Maybe you should get out of the water.
Got you!
You bastard!
Sorry, ladies, if I scared you.
I'm Boban,
but you can call me Bob.
You know, like the actor,
Bobbie DeNiro?
- I'm I'm Lucy.
- Hi, Lucy.
- Kelly. Charmed.
- Kelly, hi.
How did you get here?
With my boat,
but when I saw you out here
and thought I'd surprise you.
Well, you certainly did.
You're crazy, Boban!
Would you like to join us
for a drink around six?
Sure. See you later then.
I need to catch my lunch.
Who was that?
Just a friend of Yasmin's.
He's a really funny guy.
I know him since forever.
I think I'm gonna give a booze
a rain check tonight.
That sounds like a good idea.
That place you took us to
was really cool...
So what's next, Alex?
Lots of things.
But we'll have to go there by boat again.
If that's okay with you, Kelly?
Yeah... Of course.
Why would you say that?
You told him, didn't you?
Look, he asked and I'm sorry but this is
Alex and I figured he should know.
It's fine, it's fine, really.
Actually what was that place
we saw from the boat, that island?
What was it called again?
It's not for tourists.
Why not?
Ladies, ladies, ladies!
Yasmin said six o'clock,
so here I am.
Am I am in time for the party?
What would you like to drink?
I'll take a Coke.
All set, thank you.
Alex, you?
I'm fine.
Why do you look so
uncomfortable around him?
I'm not uncomfortable,
he's just annoying is all.
Of course, right...
Hey, baby.
Hello, gorgeous.
So ladies,
are you having fun yet?
Yes. Having a great time.
So, what's the plan for tomorrow?
We were talking about
that island Mamula.
That's a cool place.
Kind of like Alcatraz, you know?
We should go there!
Yeah, the five of us should go
and check it out.
Why not? Could be fun.
At least something different.
Come on, you want to show these
two lovely ladies a good time, don't you?
But then, I thought you said
we couldn't go there.
I did. It's just an old rock,
there's nothing to see there.
Besides, it's too dangerous
and full of snakes.
Come on, Alex!
You're scaring the girls.
Don't mind him, I'll take you
there if he's too scared.
Okay. But we are gonna go
with your boat,
because It is impossible
to approach with my yacht.
Aye, Aye Captain!
Mamula it is then!
Guys, is it a little weird?
It doesn't even show up on a map,
it's no even on here on the map...
True places never are.
You don't want to go there.
That island is drenched in blood.
Built as a fortress and used by
the nazies during World War Two.
When those bastards
got their hands on that place,
they turned it into a concentration camp.
Behind those walls they tortured
and murdered men,
women and children.
So much blood, and around here
blood attracts blood.
Stay away from it.
It's not safe.
And you two young men
should know better.
"Now Scylla snatched six men
from our hollow ship,
the toughest, strongest hands I had,
and gasping as Scylla
swung them up her cliff
and there at her cavern's mouth
she bolted them down raw,
screaming out,
flinging their arms toward me,
lost in that mortal struggle.
Of all the pitiful things I've had to witness,
searching out the pathways of the sea,
this wrenched my heart the most"
Mamula is a dangerous place,
there are so many other things
for you to see around here.
C'mon, old man.
Drop that stupid story.
Just go somewhere else.
Who was that guy?
I met him just yesterday,
he said his name was
Niko or something like that.
He's been around here
a couple of days now.
He asked me if I'd seen his daughter.
She was somewhere around
Boka Bay with a friend and he hasn't
seen or heard from her since.
Here, take a look.
He was handing these out.
Hope she's okay.
She's probably off
partying somewhere.
There's nothing to tie the boat to,
so we're going to have to swim.
You're kidding, right?
Hey, you said you wanted to
come here, so we're here.
- Alex!
- What's the matter?
Put your stuff in here.
You can't walk around
barefoot on the island.
Really? The phone?
Yeah, that's it.
You're the next one.
C'mon Kelly, let's go!
Come on ladies,
your adventure on Mamula awaits!
I can't. I'm sorry, I just can't.
Pull us a little closer
so she can jump across.
Come on. I'll catch you.
Not a fan of the water,
Something like that...
wasn't that bad, was it?
I guess I'll live.
So, the other night,
you and Lucy
Did she say anything to you?
We were drunk,
it was stupid, I know that.
I can't believe it.
You know what, I didn't know.
I just wanted to see which one
of you would give it up.
Wait, what?
You guys are morons,
you know that?
Your fiancee was sleeping
in the other room, Alex!
You both make me sick.
What's wrong?
There's no signal.
We're on an island
in the middle of the sea,
of course there's no signal.
And I thought you said you were
only using it to take pictures?
Well I guess I lied,
didn't I Luce?
Hey, Bob,
are there any interesting stories
you could tell me about the island?
Something that's not
written in tourist books.
I'm writing an article about Rose.
You're a writer?
That's very cool.
This place was built it in
the mid 19th century;
it's been through two wars
and it's still standing.
It's still standing...
C'mon, Kelly.
And Yugoslav army declared it
off limits
and It's been abandoned ever since.
Did I do something?
I don't know.
Why don't you ask Alex?
This is something else.
Nice and quiet.
It's good.
Hey! Hey, guys!
Remember I told you I saw someone in that
tunnel you took us to the other day?
- Yeah, so?
- That's the same guy!
What is he be doing all
the way out here?
He's headed for the yard.
Let's go.
Are you for real?
You wanted adventure, didn't you?
You're in the right place!
C'mon, let's go.
What is that?
I don't know.
He's gone. He's gone.
Alex, I really wanna go home.
We will.
We need to get out of here.
Just point the way.
Kelly, your phone,
- it's got a flash on it, right?
- Yes, of course.
I need you to point it down that well
- What?
- And take some pictures.
No way! You're crazy!
The only place I'm go is
the town and call the police.
I know!
That's why I need you to take the pictures,
so that we can be sure.
Now come on!
- Kelly, no!
- I'll be right back.
Stay here with Lucy.
Is it too dark?
C'mon, Kelly, we need to go.
My friend is a police inspector,
he'll believe me.
What's that supposed to mean?
Because you're full of shit that's what.
What are you talking about?
You really need to see this!
Go! Go! Go!
My phone!
Those were gun shots, Kelly, go!
No, there was a girl down there,
I saw her.
- We need to go,
- Let's go. I now!
The boat. It's gone.
He shot the boat!
We have to find another way
off this place.
What other way?
We're on an island!
I'm thinking, alright?
This was your idea!
Maybe you should tell
us what to do next, huh?
It was your idea to get here
on my rubber boat,
because You didn't want to
scratch your fancy yacht.
Stop it! Enough!
Oh shit!
This way! Go! Go!
This way!
This way!
What are we going to do?
Get inside! Get inside!
- Shoot him! Boban, shoot him!
- Shut up!
Don't you move! Don't do that!
We just want to leave.
Just please let us leave!
Don't do that!
Come on, we need to keep moving.
We need to find the others
and to help that girl.
What girl?
The girl! The girl down in the well.
Kelly, there was no girl.
You're imagining things!
We need to get the hell out of
this place and off this island!
I'm not leaving until
we find everyone. All of them!
Here, follow me.
To find Yasmin and the others
and help that girl.
Thank you.
Are you alright?
I'm fine.
Where's Kelly?
I don't know.
She's with Alex. I think.
We have to find them, Boban.
I know. Calm down.
Let's go this way.
Alex, slow down. Slow down.
You're starting to freak me out.
Do you hear that?
It's like like someone's singing
I don't hear any singing.
I just know that we are lost and we need
to find the others. C'mon!
Maybe it's that girl?
The one you saw in the well?
What, now you believe me?!
It has to be her!
Let's go this way!
Alex! This isn't funny.
This isn't funny!
Alex? Is that you?
- Kelly, it's her! It's the girl! She's inside.
- Are you sure?
Come on, help me! Yeah, I'm sure!
She's in there. Look!
See for yourself.
Hello? Oh my God.
We'll gonna get you out of there,
I promise!
Maybe I can crawl through,
try find a way out on the other side.
That voice? It's beautiful...
Do you hear that voice?
I don't hear anything, Alex.
There's somebody coming.
C'mon. We'll come back for her later.
You go.
She needs me!
Maybe he's gone?
Well, you saw him
leave that room, didn't you?
He's hunting us,
Can't we just swim
back to the mainland?
No, it's too far.
We're just going to have
to find another way.
What other way? We're
stuck on this stupid island, Boban!
Come with me.
- Where?
- Just go!
Alex, we need to go!
Alex, c'mon, we'll come back for her later!
Get off me, bitch!
You're crazy! You are crazy!
I'm here...
Why are we back here?
That guy's been living on the island,
he has to know something we don't
about how to get back to the mainland.
You two, go and check there. C'mon.
All these people are missing.
He killed them!
He killed them...
Oh my God, that's that's him...
That's him,
that's the guy who's after us.
And that's the man from the bar.
What the hell is going on here?
Listen, I found this.
I think it's some kind of a...
Somebody's coming!
Kelly, it's okay! It's us!
Where's Alex?
We found the girl.
What girl?
The one from the well.
He wouldn't listen to me,
he stayed there...
Stayed where?
Down there.
Let's go this way.
Yasmin is that you?
Boban, I'm so sorry,
I'm so sorry...
It's my fault.
All of this is my fault.
Boban, it's not your fault.
How do we get off this place?
What is this?
I think it's a map of this place.
This! This is our way out.
There were stories that
the military built an underground passage
from the island to the mainland
so they could move munitions
safely back and forth.
Okay. But we have to find
Alex and the girl first. Okay?
We will!
You two go and find a weapon,
anything we can use to get through the door
and kill that son of a bitch.
The room we were in,
the one I found the map in,
there's bound to be something there.
I'll wait for you here,
I'll only slow you down with this leg.
Go, girls, you need to go.
Kelly, I'm really scared right now.
Listen to me good, Luce.
I'm not going to let
anything happen to you. Okay?
I promise. C'mon let's find
something so we can end this.
Oh my God. It's her.
The girl from
the photo that Boban showed us.
It's that guy's daughter.
Do you think she's...
I think they're all gone.
I think they're all gone.
Okay, c'mon!
What's he doing?
What's the matter with him?
I don't know.
- Bobbie. Bob.
- Get away from me!
I'm sorry about this.
What the hell!
You were acting just like
Alex was down there.
How did I get here?
I was standing over there and
the next thing I know you hit me...
I know, I'm sorry. But c'mon,
we need to get out of here!
Let's go!
That's it.
Alex, where are you?
What the hell's wrong with you?
What is that?
It's her.
Are you okay?
Where's our friend?
I left him down here with you...
Boban, get away from her!
No, no...
Move! C'mon, c'mon!
What the hell was that thing?
She was my best friend.
Are you okay?
I'll be fine.
It's just that song.
Like it was calling me.
The song? The song!
That's exactly what Alex said.
He said that somebody was singing.
Singing to him.
It's like she hypnotizes you.
So why it hasn't happened to you?
I don't know, I don't know...
There's the door that leads
to the underwater passage.
Come on, Kelly!
There! Go!
I I can't, it's locked!
He's coming!
I told you not to come here!
Where are your friends?
They're gone, they're all gone.
Where are we?
The old submarine tunnel.
My boat's nearby. Come with me.
I saw you, I saw you in the picture
with that monster.
I will explain everything later,
but now we must move!
Get in!
In that?
Would you rather stay here?
We are pretty close.
But I need a rest.
I told you that terrible things happen
to anyone who sets foot on that island.
We thought you
were just trying to scare us!
I knew there was something wrong
with that island.
There is a darkness hidden beneath it
and I think the people
in this town know about it.
That creature in the well,
what is it?
Sirenum Scopuli...
I've heard that before.
What does it mean again?
It's Greek.
Sirenum Scopuli
were three small islands where people
once believed mermaids lived,
luring sailors to their death.
It was said that these three islands
were located near Capri,
but the maps were wrong.
One of the three islands
was actually Mamula.
That's crazy.
That's stuff written in books, myths.
We found her more than thirty years ago
and she is very real.
Who's we?
My men and I.
There were seven of us,
we were part of a diving crew
that built that underwater passage.
That's when we found her,
an ancient forgotten creature of the sea.
She was alive, and she killed my men,
one by one. Six died.
I was the only one who survived,
at least that's what they had
me believe after they found me;
before they discharged me,
shut that place down and covered
the whole thing up like it was nothing;
like we were nothing.
I thought I lost a friend that day,
but I was wrong.
That man back there.
That was your friend?
Yes. My Lieutenant.
I thought that he was dead,
that she killed him
but she kept him alive,
made him do things.
The legend says that sometimes
the mermaid spare a man and sometimes,
just sometimes,
it falls in love with a man,
and that man will do anything to protect her,
to keep her a secret.
And you knew this all these years?
I didn't believe it until I saw him alive
with my own eyes in that tunnel
when I was looking for Ana,
my daughter,
so I came here to wait for him,
to confront him.
He must have been living there on that island
with the creature, feeding it...
We were once as close as brothers,
he and I,
but now he's a monster,
a monster that must die.
How can any man be in love with such
a discusting creature?
I know it's hard for you to believe
but once she gets
inside your head it
I remember the feeling,
I almost couldn't stop her.
Why can't I hear the song?
Count yourself lucky
that you're a woman.
She's here!
Take this, when you see her,
you shoot!
It's too dark,
I don't see anything.
She's underneath the boat!
Where did she go?
Hold on.
She's playing with us.
Watch out! There she is!
Watch out!
Give me that!
I got you!
Take the rope, get in the water
and pull us to shore. Now!
Kelly, you can do it. I know you can.
The string is going to break!
Swim! Fast!
No! Boban!
Come here. I got you.
Can somebody help us? Please!
Get the spear!
Kill her! Kill her!
No, no, no,
Niko! C'mon! Stop it!
Listen to me please! Stop it!
Stop it! C'mon!
I have to, I have to stop her...
From hell's heart
I stab at thee; for hate's sake
I spit my last breath at thee...
It's over.
I thought that
maybe you would want this back.
Thank you.
Now the Sirens have a still more
fatal weapon than their song,
namely their silence.
And though admittedly such
a thing never happened,
it is still conceivable
that someone might possibly
have escaped from their singing;
but from their silence
certainly never.
Something is wrong.
What is it?
Her sisters are
coming for vengeance.
I am not ready to die.
Living as a slave, like him,
is a worse fate than death.
Maybe we'll all die,
but at least
we'll kill all those monsters,
one by one!
Starting with you!