Man and a Baby (2017) Movie Script

Concentrate, Pasanen. Concentrate.
Keep calm. Search. Search.
There! Colors and shapes.
Beans. Beanie beanie beans.
Vinegar, cream, sugar.
Where's the milk? Milk?
Bloody slipper!
I need to know the name of the
stuff that comes out of the tits.
For babies. What's
the trade name?
Mother's milk.
What do I buy? What's
the trademark?
Have a milkie. Have a tittie.
Have a babymoo. Have a sucky.
Have a babywhey. Have an oasis.
Fuck buckskin buckskin fuck.
Goo-goo. Goody-goo.
Sorry but I need to talk to your wife.
We're the neighbors.
Why? - We live there.
For two months now.
We've met once, at
the garbage cans.
It was amiable. Like hi, hi.
Why do you need to talk to Anna?
Cause I have one of these. A baby.
- What?
- A baby.
You have a few yourselves.
I'm this one's daddy.
My wife had some complications.
Anesthesia. Surgery. Stitches.
I can't explain the details.
She'll be home soon. But
I left the bag behind.
- What?
- I left it there.
What? -A bag of breastmilk.
In the hospital.
We've only been
home a few hours.
We were going to the
shop but didn't.
What if I'll go to the supermarket?
The baby can stay here.
Were you at the delivery?
Didn't have time.
Too busy at work? - just
didn't have the time.
Pia forgot to tell me.
That she's giving birth?
- Yep.
- Okay.
For the record, a newborn never
goes home without the mother.
- No?
- No.
Not even under exceptional
Welcome home-sign, check.
Vacuuming, check.
Dusting, check.
Mobile, check. Breastfeeding
pillow, check. Baby alarm.
Do you copy? Copy.
Cot. Pushchair.
Sausages and chockies, in the
same bowl, yuck, check. Yummy.
Hospital bag, Pia's bag.
Check. Check.
Aw! Check.
Howdy, daddy here, to
take you home. Hi.
- Where's the boy?
- What?
- Where's the boy?
- Not here.
You get the hell out of here.
The stress relief -
and the burden of having
a baby make her afraid.
New mothers can be
irritated, restless.
But soon they sense
the baby's needs -
and grow to motherhood.
Never lose your humor
in the childbed.
Later, you'll laugh at
all this, together.
I'll give you three pieces of
advice and they are crucial. First:
make him burp.
Second: make him burp.
Third: make him burp.
- Roger that.
Come here. Let's see the safety
seat daddy has brought here.
Where the fuck is our car?
At the parking lot.
Can't park here.
I'll get it. just
keep an eye on these.
Daddy will get the car.
We drive dada's car.
Like this!
I can't fucking do this.
Do what?
This whole fucking deal.
The car's right there.
Pia! What the hell?
Are you going to be OK?
We're not buying anything. We're
not believers. Thanks. Bye.
Hold on. This is
an agreed visit.
The deals made by my wife
don't apply with me.
I'm Ulla. From the child health centre.
Didn't Pia mention this?
You must be Antti.
We've never met.
You never came to the
prenatal clinic.
Do you want me to join you?
- To the prenatal clinic.
- What?
OK, I'm on my way. Close
the door, I'm cold.
Work. A lot of work.
Almost four kilos. Any
problems with breastfeeding?
How come?
Artificial milk everywhere.
I'm out of tit milk. This
is the artificial stuff.
The tits have gone jogging.
The tits go where Pia goes.
When is she coming back?
Oh, she can run for hours.
So soon after labour? She never
told me she's an athlete.
When did she leave?
Right away.
Come back!
Just before you came by.
I have to go now. I have
two more house calls.
Too bad she wasn't around.
Things are under control here.
Oh, I'm not so sure. I've been busy.
Here you are. Resource
Fill them out. Come see
me next week, all of you.
I'm not sure. I
might be working.
Just tell her when and where.
As soon as she walks in.
Do you have any questions?
Yes! Yes!
- Nothing special.
- Bye then.
Don't go!
I'll let this cool for a while.
Mirkku will tell what's the problem.
Markku flies away! Whoo!
Mirkku flies away! Whoo!
Ignoring your own needs, check.
Be present, check.
Be a man, check.
Grow up, check. Become
a father, check.
Don't give up! You're happy, I'm happy.
We're happy.
Don't give up! What the hell?
Why am I skiing?
This is Antti Pasanen's show
and he reaches the line...
This is a weird dream. This has to stop.
This is a nightmare.
Hey, that's Pia. This
is a happy dream.
Have you ever thought what a
fucking dreary person you are?
Hi. Came to see how you're doing.
And found one of these.
- Haven't killed her.
- Who?
My wife. She just left me.
And the boy. Us.
Now you know. Come in,
I'll make some coffee.
She's not answering her phone.
It's turned off.
Did you notice anything?
Things not being OK?
How exactly was it?
No, I didn't. No signs at all.
Is there a place she could be at?
With her parents?
Don't think so. They live in Spain.
Don't think so.
With a friend?
She doesn't have any.
She took some distance when she
got pregnant. From everyone.
Even from me.
Then we moved here. We've
been married only a year.
A quick decision.
Too quick, I guess.
- Reponen.
- What?
You could ask around a bit.
No, you just go on.
Reponen. At work.
Right. I could ask
around a bit at work.
Right. OK.
- Nothing.
- What nothing?
We have no knowledge of her whereabouts.
Not us or the hospitals.
What can we do then?
When it's an adult
we can't even
report her missing.
But she is missing.
When a healthy person
leaves her family -
it's not the same as
literally going missing.
You just have to think
where your wife has gone.
What else do you think I'm thinking?
All the time.
Don't know. I'm a policeman.
Not a mind reader.
I'll make dinner for the kids.
The second I think about
those days I feel sick.
Didn't you want to leave your husband?
To split?
Not once. But murder came
to my mind a few times.
How long do you think
she needs you home?
A few weeks. To get
back to her feet.
I feel for her.
I know that breastfeeding
can be hell.
When the babies get their first
teeth, they're like vampires.
Be a mother's little helper for a
while and then we'll re-evaluate.
Was it so easy? Are you
going to be OK without me?
No way. The whole company will go belly up.
As you can see.
Say hi at home. My condolences.
Thanks. I'll pass them on.
- Bye.
- Bye.
That went well. Really well.
Except I ate a cookie
from the floor.
Peippo? Peippo! Up here!
How do you like the new place?
Pretty OK...
How's, what was it again?
A boy.
- How's the boy?
- O K.
- But Helena's not well?
- Pia.
To say it straight -
- she's insane.
- Helena?
She's gone mad?
Yep. Quite insane.
I see. My girlfriend
was at the funny farm.
- What?
- Yep. For over 10 years.
What the hell?
I had no idea. How is she?
Your girlfriend.
Quite well, I guess.
- Must be tough.
- To whom?
To you, damn it. To her.
Don't know.
How does it feel when your
partner goes mad? -Who?
Your bloody girlfriend. -She's not mad.
What makes you think so?
You just told me.
No. She's a nurse.
She was there 10 years
ago when we were dating.
That was before I flipped
and she left me.
What? You flipped?
Yep. Quite mad.
- What?
- Can you see it?
See what?
One day there'll a boat here.
That could be our
mutual dream...
I'm pregnant.
One day.
What's all this hullabaloo?
Sorry. I'm late. How was it?
OK. Lucas ate some rocks. But
the baby slept the whole time.
- Here. Thank you.
- Thanks.
This is a nice place to come
to when he's a bit older.
Shake. Straighten. Fold.
Pull. Fold. Very good.
- Dad!
- And me.
Hi, Janne. -Came to see you.
You don't answer your phones.
He doesn't speak yet. Won't need a
phone before he goes to school.
No, you and Pia.
Your mailbox is full. The
newspapers are sticking out.
- We had all sorts of thoughts when we drove in.
- What thoughts?
Nothing. It's only a saying.
When you drive in, you get thoughts?
- We brought flowers.
- I noticed.
Why don't you give me the
flowers and empty the mailbox?
The flowers are for Pia.
Give them to me. Take the keys.
Empty the mailbox.
An important assignment for you.
- Where?
- Where, what?
Where do I empty the mailbox?
Just bring everything to me.
How has Pia been with the boy?
Must've been tough for her.
Have you thought about the name?
Haven't had time for that.
Look, clad. A nice card.
- I...
- Come on!
Hi Antti 62 baby. I'm sorry. I thought
I could do that but I couldn't.
I wanted out, it just wasn't me.
Now my eyes are open. I'm starting
to know who I am and what I want.
I can't be a mother, to anyone.
I can't and I don't want to.
To be married, to have children.
It's not my cup of tea.
Sorry. Greetings, Pia.
A pretty picture. Not from Finland.
A sea and a beach. Not from here.
No, it's from Spain. Fuengirola.
Who sent it?
- Pia.
- Nice!
Real nice.
Can you look after the baby for a sec?
Me and daddy, we'll go outside.
Can I also look elsewhere? If
my eyes get tired. -Of course.
I thought she'd come back -
before I have to start
making excuses.
I didn't even know things
were so bad between you two.
Neither did I.
I see.
I don't know anything anymore.
Don't know at all what to do.
But I do.
The dishes get clean when you wash them.
I'm going to be a dishwasher.
Janne got a job. At a lunch
restaurant, run by a foundation.
Starts next week.
What good is all
that rushing around?
Prevents the baby
getting an asthma.
Good for you, Janne. -From the
first salary, I'll buy a car.
Why don't you buy an airplane?
No, a car!
I'll start putting the bookshelf together.
You pull yourself together.
Let's see who's ready first.
If you keep things in place,
your head stays sane.
Is that the reason our house was so
spick 'n span when mommy passed away?
She didn't pass away. She died.
That's right.
- Bye.
- See you.
Look at them ants.
Off to work. To hobbies.
To shops. To families.
Oh no. That's not our thing.
The rat race.
Never knew how much
I miss my work.
I want to work. So badly.
I want to work!
OK. Our employment
office is not here.
Shall I pack these for you?
I want fuck with people.
To swear when I want!
I want to be a man! Fuck!
Now, daddy didn't mean that...
Mommy, mommy!
Hold on! Hold on!
So they leave, mothers!
Another fine example of that.
Things lose their
meaning so fast.
Doesn't matter what time it is.
What day it is.
A nice bum.
Your whole reality -
is to rock the baby gently.
Heat up the milk. Give the pacifier,
wash the bottom. Change the diapers.
Put on the cream. Talcum, zinc.
Vitamins. Clean the
belly button -
wash laundry every day.
Suddenly, they're the most
important things in the world.
You have to write
everything down -
so you remember
what's been done.
Cause you don't sleep,
your brains don't bum.
Your brains, brains don't bum.
A bum. A bottom.
I know that bum. I've
seen you around.
- Hi.
- Hi.
The District Court has received
a divorce application.
We ask you to submit your
statement of opinion -
on the petition of the spouse...
What the fuck?
"I am filing a divorce petition after
the reconsideration period..."
"visiting rights... alimony..."
These are not the forms I gave you.
No, they're not.
No wonder you look like that.
Real bad.
I'm tired.
Exhausted. And a bit tired.
Do you need any
help or something?
Do I? Sure as fuck I do.
I need sleep. Down time.
Work time. Free time. Solitude. To
sit in a bar until the last call.
Lie in bed the whole day.
Watch the "Lord Of
The Rings" -trilogy.
I need to get laid. And a sailing boat.
But first, to get laid.
No, I don't need anything.
Therapy? We have a good psychologist.
Pia should have seen her.
Then you have to report his name to
the magistrate. He has a name, right?
How's your support network?
You must have relatives
who can help in babycare?
Sorry, I don't have anyone.
I don't know anyone here.
Anna next door, they
have four kids.
Going back to work.
Anna, not the kids.
The youngest is going back to
the nursery soon. Starting it.
The other kids are going
back, not the parents.
They're going to school. The parents
work, the kids go to school.
The tallest might be
in secondary school.
He is between 11
and 14, I guess.
Or the girl who's not that tall.
Can't remember.
Here you are.
What is it? -A baby meeting. For
young parents. You better show up.
You will. It's nothing special.
Coffee and conversation.
You'll meet people who are
in the same jam as you are.
I wonder how many of them really
are in the same jam as I am?
Let's go.
Come in, Terttu.
She doesn't want to talk to you.
I know. That's why
I'm calling you.
I can't be a messenger
between two adults.
Quite an overstatement, an adult.
Considering Pia's recent actions.
Has she any name suggestions?
He needs a name -
cause he exits. Regardless his
adult parents getting a divorce.
I'll ask.
Hello. No suggestions.
So, she doesn't care what's the name
of our mutual child? -I'll ask.
Couldn't care less.
Her exact words.
Tell her in that case,
he'll be fucking called...
Fine by her.
How have you raised your kids?
Don't blame me.
She spent her childhood
with her aunt.
I have no idea how
to be with kids.
Tell her... -I won't go running after her.
She's having a smoke.
When has she started smoking?
She always has.
Hi to Paavo!
Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!
Tell her...
Yep, Yep-
The pacifier's here to stay,
it won't take the hunger away.
- Hello.
- Is this Antti Pasanen?
Speaking. Not a good
place, even a worse time.
So if you are offering -
some jolly, special deal,
forget it this time.
This is E era Karhula, from
Helsinki City Social Services.
Hi. -! am a child
welfare officer.
Are you home now?
We're here, both of us.
I'd like to suggest a meeting.
In one hour?
I guess it's OK.
See you soon, then. Bye.
Paavo, clean up. The
place is a mess!
We'll make you to do what you're good at.
Have a nap.
Have a seat, please.
Thanks. We had a
nail day yesterday.
Sit down, please.
The coffee's ready soon.
Would you like some?
No, thanks.
Well, what's going to happen?
You're taking the child away from me?
Because the mother left?
I am on paternity leave.
Things are under control.
It's not my bloody fault if
my wife's suddenly unstable.
This book has all the feedings.
Last night he ate
at 2 AM, 4.45 AM -
and 7 AM. Good quantities every time.
Fourth time just before you came in.
We sleep, eat, socialize.
Take baths. I dry
him, dress him.
Change diapers. Give him milk.
Put him to sleep.
Change him after every pee.
So he won't get a rash.
And if he does, I'll
apply the cream.
I'm sure you know the drill.
Oh, that. Don't even look.
I'll fix that later.
They're not important.
If you stop and
think about this -
you'll see why we're all here.
Not a typical situation
for a newborn. Is it?
Where is the little guy anyway?
Just woke up.
I have to say I don't see any
need for child protection.
Things seem to be
well under control.
Only one thing I'd
like you to answer.
What happens after the paternity leave?
Who'll look after him then?
If and when you're getting a divorce.
! f and when? How can I know?
How can I make them stamp
an approval on my papers.
Right. A good question.
- Would that be possible?
- What?
To stay home. For
at least a year.
Now, keep a straight face.
They are trained to read
minds and facial movements.
Act naturally. You
can't catch me.
Try to read me. Confusion.
Let's shuffle the cards.
I wonder what's their work like?
To get into broken homes.
Kids screaming,
houses full of puke.
Maybe I should go with them.
Peippo could take
pictures and blur them.
What the fuck? They're staring.
Oh yeah.
Would that be possible?
Sorry? -Do you have a chance to
take a nursing leave? For a year.
- Of course.
- Very well.
What did I just say?
Stay cool now.
It won't happen. My boss
won't buy this. No way.
No way it's possible. It sort of came
out of the blue. A whole year...
It's quite all right.
Listen up, everyone!
Let's give Pasanen a big hand!
He's staying home with the
little monkey for a whole year.
Way to go, Pasanen!
I'm proud of you. I
could never do that.
You're not a young man any more.
Very uplifting. Thanks.
Paavo Antero Pasanen.
I thought it'd be nice to keep
the name Antero in the family.
Thanks. Where did
Paavo come from?
A long-time development process.
History and all.
- Are you scared?
- What?
Now that it's been decided.
You have to live with it.
We can still change the name.
No. A whole year?
Are you going to be OK?
Don't think so.
Maybe we'll move
to a garbage bin.
Have you blown your nose too hard?
Here you go.
Right away. Right away.
Good you could come in on a short notice.
Couldn't get anyone else.
I need to go to a dentist.
You have poo on your wrist.
No, it's not... it is.
When he wakes up, give him this.
No improvisation, are we clear?
- Is it that?
- What?
Is that him?
No, he's Kenneth.
Take care.
First private time for months.
Have to make the most of it.
Light always has a direction.
And a character.
What does that mean? It means you
have to be in the right place.
In regard to the
circumstances of this world.
Do you see, Kenneth? Cause
reality can be hard. Complex.
I know, these are distressing things.
I've been thinking about them.
And that took me
to a funny farm.
Hello all fresh mothers.
And good luck. You're
going to need it.
I'll give the floor
to our government.
Direct all your
interpellations to her.
Like, a government.
And interpellations.
She has a fresh bun in the oven.
The new muffin's clue next summer.
A 'yoke, a 'yoke, a 'yoke.
Hope no one minds. I'm a genius
when it comes to genitalia.
Did you get that?
Cause I'm a man.
Men also have genitals.
I was more referring
to ladies' labia.
The main thing that's getting
us through is the fact -
that my husband helps
a lot in babycare.
I recommend that to all of you.
A man that takes part is
the best help! Right?
Can we all get his phone number?
Way to go, Satu, Markku and Ada.
Didn't bother to check her
diapers before leaving home?
Why didn't you bring a
change of nappies? -Why me?
You're her mother.
You're her father.
That's not 100 % certain. She
doesn't even look like me.
Eat shit!
That's what I'm fucking doing.
We've met.
- I can't remember.
- Wait.
Does this ring a bell?
Right. Now I remember.
- Do you want some milk?
- What?
In your coffee. I can bring you
some if you look after her.
I'll have mine black, thanks.
I'm Enni.
Antti Pasanen. And Paavo.
You live next to the park? In the middle?
How did you know?
We live across the street.
You often have
lights on all night.
Second floor from the top?
I know the window.
I better warm these up.
You wait a bit.
Okay. I didn't see this coming.
- You can help then?
- What?
In the feeding.
- Your wife.
- Rig ht.
Paavo feeds from the bottle.
Terttu won't have that.
Do you feed him at nights?
Yeah, that's my department.
- Bye.
- Bye.
That went well. Really well.
Let's go.
- You want one?
- Yep. Thanks.
- What are they?
- For Paavo.
Can we walk together?
You're as funny as your trousers.
What else is new? -A funny
thing happened the other day.
I had been shopping and left
my car in the parking hall.
Closed the trunk -
jumped behind the
wheel and drove off.
At the first intersection
I had this funny feeling.
Looked at the back seat.
It was empty.
Oh my God, I have a kid! I'm a father!
Where's my kid?
Can I ask you something?
Of course.
When I see you, it's only you two.
You never talk about anyone else.
Where's his mother? Your wife?
Pia? Let me guess. I like to
guess people's professions.
- Not now.
- Pia could be...
She's never home at nights. Sounds
like she's an airline hostess.
No? Not a stewardess.
She's a taxi driver.
No. Pia, wait, Pia...
What do I say? Nothing
too embarrassing.
Let's just say that... Pia is dead.
Died at childbirth.
Right. Really embarrassing.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry. I'm really...
No problem. I'm over it.
What do you mean?
Over the initial shock.
We just live day-by-day,
the two of us.
Respecting her memory
by getting through.
Sorry. Wait.
Be strong.
Come to the park if you feel like it.
We're there every clay. -Wait.
I don't want people to
talk about this, anywhere.
I want to tell Paavo myself
when the time is right.
Of course. I understand,
really well.
- Bye.
- Thanks.
Paavo, you're a half-orphan now.
And I'm a widow.
Have you had enough milk?
The stupid journalist has
underestimated the situation.
Enjoy your jail time.
I hope you'll walk out of
there with your own legs.
Do you see, Paavo? One clay,
our boat will be here.
All good, he's growing
as predicted.
How's Pia?
Must be working on her tan.
Would you like some domestic help?
Say, twice a week?
A few hours so you can
catch up on your sleep.
I'm sleeping just fine. -You don't
look like it. You're losing weight.
- Was it this one?
- I guess.
It has a name. Your situation.
It's called day-to-day tolerance.
Nor many fathers have to deal
what you're dealing with.
- Our life is wonderful.
- Is it?
Yes. -There has to be something
else in life than Paavo.
I don't miss anything else.
Except anything else!
Give me something else!
Take a night off. Here's some numbers.
You'll get babycare help.
But it'll cost you.
Pasanen! Now do as I say!
I don't even feel
like going out.
A night out.
First time since
my boy was born.
Not the wildest night
of the week, Tuesday.
OK with me. I wasn't planning
to paint the town red.
I could grab a
pizza, to take away.
But, first a beer and a...
This your mailbox. This my mailbox.
That's why the key not work.
the most important thing -
the core is...
Salami... Bolognese...
Hey, sorry.
Where are you taking him?
Where are you taking him?
To the drunk tank.
- What has he done?
- Nothing.
Why are you taking him then?
Could you just take him home?
- No. Why?
- I know him.
His wife died at childbirth
some 6 months ago.
- And the kid?
- No.
Paavo's fine. This Antti
is a single father.
The comfort factor is 4/5.
The pillow's a bit hard...
What's the story here?
The same old story.
Found this one at the bar. We're
taking him to the drunk tank.
Just heard he has a kid.
Most likely, home alone.
Must call the social services.
To check out the kid's OK.
Does the fallen hero has any ID?
Don't know but she knows him.
Antti Pasanen.
I know where he lives.
And I know where the baby is. In my house.
The guy's our neighbor.
His son Paavo is on a sleepover.
This is his first night off.
Familiar names...
A fine shape he's in!
Say hello...
I'll look after him. Can
you give me a hand?
- Hey, how about the pizza? It's been paid already.
- What pizza is it?
egg-jalapeo. Sliced.
It's yours, Ahlstrm!
Always happy to save a pizza!
You ride with me. You
can tuck Pasanen in.
Why me? I'm not a
babysitter for old drunks.
To the car. Police orders.
I have a free night.
If you know this guy, you also know
what he's been through lately.
A little humanity now.
- Zagreb? 09?
- What?
- You're that karate girl.
- What?
European Championship
silver in 2009?
Here we go.
I remember your match against Iliewska.
This is my stop.
Lie down. Shoes off.
I guess you'll be OK from here.
I must go back to work. -What?
See you tomorrow, Pasanen.
Bye now.
Bloody hell. How
shitfaced was I?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Had fun last night?
Not too bad.
Paavo just went for a nap. Oh no.
Have two of these.
Anna is a pharmacist. Knows
terribly much about meds.
Better stay friendly with her.
I'm going back to work next month.
No point in huffing like that.
You get bored, you go to the park.
Always lurking alone in that sandbox.
Not alone. With my son Paavo.
You know what I mean.
He could use some
fresh company anyway.
No. We like it best as it is.
Just the two of us.
Right. Same deal with us two.
Oh oh oh.
Could I have a cup of coffee?
It absorbs to the scalp
when you rub it in.
That's why you can't use
it when you're pregnant.
Don't give him those.
- You want some?
- Thanks.
- Don't take them!
- Hi, Paavo!
A friend's cousin -
had an apple under the
couch for months.
It was completely unchanged.
Even the aroma is
perfume and chemicals.
Don't take it. Wouldn't
give Paavo any of those.
At least, think about it.
Bye, Paavo!
How do they all know my kid's name?
See you!
We won't bee seeing each other.
Good bye, woman.
Nice, isn't it?
God damn it.
Come here.
You can't be sure.
As sure as sure is.
Anyone needs anything
from the mall?
- Look what I found.
- Lovely.
Pyry will need new shoes.
Nea will have tubes.
- Tubes? Where?
- In her ears.
Don't take!
- Just have one.
- Don't take.
I don't like cats. I wonder why?
Like the woman who plays a cat on Kid's TV.
Looks a bit like this.
Yeah, that catwoman?
I'd screw her.
When we go to bed, I can sleep.
No matter what my man is up to.
I can list a 100 things more
interesting than sex with my man.
Go ahead. I can't think of one.
Haven't seen Enni around lately.
She's up north. Visiting her parents.
In Jyvskyl.
Terttu had a bad case of
chickenpox last Xmas.
Tore out all the scabs. The scars got
infected. Rotten. A terrible disease.
Rotten? -Yeah. Thankfully
there's vaccines nowadays.
Our kids will never
be vaccinated.
Arcenicum C, melted...
Your brains have melted.
Our vaccine program is
the best in the world.
Your greenie shit will stop -
when despite all the
spruce sprout syrups -
your kids die of
an ordinary flu.
You can say what you want to me.
But remember who's
there next to you.
No worries. Paavo has received
all the standard vaccinations.
Hey, you don't have to explain.
- Explain what?
- Nothing. At all.
Enni. Hi. How are you?
OK. How are you?
We've been going
to the park a bit.
Nice and cosy they all know
everything about me and Paavo.
Have you told them something else
besides our names? -Nothing special.
That you're a widow.
You've told them that?
I thought I'd warn them. Why?
Cause it's a lie.
Listen. You should know one thing.
I'm not a...
I know. Of course I do.
I understand.
Not one of my better days. I know
that you're not over her death yet.
You can't hide that although you try.
You have to give time to sorrow.
I'll tell you now if you listen.
You don't need to explain.
If the love of my
life was dead -
I couldn't look at
our photos, either.
But I wouldn't be cutting
the heads off, either.
Too weird. See you.
Enni. Stop.
Right now, I can't. Bye.
Paavo's boat. Daddy's boat.
Your boat.
Paavo's boat. Paavo is driving.
You're here already?
He told me after 3 o'clock.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
Pasanen. Our kids can
babysit tonight.
5 euro's per hour or 20
for the whole night.
OK. 20 for the whole
night, right?
DeaL - Fifty-fifty?
You have felt marker
on your face.
Yeah, we were making a card.
Me as well.
Won't come off. Ever.
It'll wear off.
My husband found a new woman.
She's also Tiina. With one Tina.
Cause she's Swedish.
Think. Tina. Tiina. Tina.
Tiina. Tina.
Finally he sent a text
message to the wrong Tiina.
I'm not sad anymore. Just amused.
How about you?
An ordinary, dull divorce.
Paavo's better off with me.
Pia lives in Spain.
Spain's wonderful.
I really like it like this.
Like, how?
You can leave Paavo here.
Pick him up tomorrow.
No, we're going home now.
He's awake.
Would you like to have dinner
or see a movie sometimes?
Movie, dinner, yes!
Dinner, movie, yes!
I'm pretty tied up with him.
But I guess I could
fix it somehow.
Send me a message then.
Yep. Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
We forgot to change numbers.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Bye.
- See you.
A man as a single parent...
It shows commitment. But
it's also a bit pathetic.
Also, courageous. All these
things women find hot.
Just flash some baby
pics in a bar...
Make your own babies. Don't use
his pictures to score dates.
The pity points go down
as the child gets older.
How do you know?
My daughter's studying up north.
What? You have a child?
Yep. Why?
- If he sang?
- Samuli Edelmann?
- Absolutely.
- I'd screw him.
Colin Firth?
A bit old but I'd screw him.
No way. -Of course not.
How about Ryan Gosling?
I'd love to screw him!
- Antti Pasanen?
- Who?
No way. No offense, Pasanen.
Me neither.
Don't take it personally. But a man
looking after a baby is a wuss.
Single fathers just are not
sexually interesting. Right, Enni?
Wouldn't screw him, no.
Excuse me, dear ladies.
I haven't been able to
look after my sexuality.
Been too busy looking
after my child.
What do you want? A medal?
For looking after your own
child for a whole year?
History is made! Wow!
What do you think we all are
doing here, clay in, day out?
Cause you happen to be a man, doesn't
make it any more worthwhile.
Do you visit Pia's grave often?
- You just can't?
- No. I can't.
Is she at the local cemetery?
- Pia.
- No, she's in Spain.
- Oh, shit.
- What?
Well, her ashes
were thrown to sea.
Scattered in the Mediterranean.
- Why?
- Right. Why?
Her parents live in Spain.
It's not a topic I'm
willing to talk about.
Can't think of more lies. Can't
even remember the old ones.
Iiro split when I was
six months pregnant.
Terttu's father.
Lives out of town.
Doesn't want to have
anything to do with us.
I may be a bit out of line -
but I think it'd be easier to be in a
situation like you. -In what sense?
It'd be easier to tell her
that her daddy's dead -
instead of that he split and
never wants to see you.
Do you see it?
I do.
I can see her here and imagine
her on the high seas.
Heeling to the wind.
The sails are snapping. Salt
water spraying to the eyes.
Stinging on the skin.
The sun is shining.
Hard to see -
where the sea ends
and the sky begins.
When you close your eyes, you can
imagine yourself on the deck.
A terrible storm.
The oxygen rushes to your mouth.
Can't say anything -
can't even think.
You just feel free.
More than ever before.
Pretty good.
Maybe we should go?
Terttu won't sleep at night if
she catnaps a minute longer.
Look, a cute family.
How about this?
How are you feeling?
Pretty outstanding.
Mommy, mommy, look at this.
Nice. Let's go.
Right, the anniversary of sorrow.
Widow. Widow. Widow. Widow...
You're doing just fine.
That's for 8 years old and over.
Yeah, it's for me. Let's
get something for Paavo.
Not a word about Pia.
Why not?
The topic's still a bit sore.
- To whom?
- To me and Paavo.
- Tell Reponen too.
- What?
Not a word about Pia.
How about Helena?
Helena who?
The fad that he's
such a strong lad -
and celebrates his
first full year -
is more his own strength
than his daddy's credit
in his upbringing.
Paavo, congratulations. One
year down, many more to go.
Congrats, Paavo.
Can you take these?
I'll open the door.
Hi. Is that for Paavo Pasanen?
Do I need to sign somewhere?
OK, thanks.
"Happy birthday, Paavo."
Now you can be in touch with
your mom whenever you want.
"Love, your mother Pia."
A cell phone? Who's so dumb to give a
phone to an 1-year old? A relative?
Don't know. You're right.
Don't know.
You don't know? There's a card.
It doesn't have a name? Show me.
Enni, don't. - "Love,
your mother Pia."
- The one who's dead?
- What?
Isn't that Pia dead? Ashes scattered
in the Mediterranean? -I'm not dead.
She is. Principally.
And she does swim every
clay in the Mediterranean.
Have you been lying to me?
I had to.
But I can explain.
We're divorced.
You, shut up!
Go inside for a moment.
We have to go through
this among ourselves.
What are you... -This looks a bit
more dramatic than it actually is.
It looks a bit unpleasant.
I, I can explain.
Go ahead. Explain.
Well, Paavo...
You're so sick.
You make me puke.
Have to say, I'm
disappointed in you.
As a policeman, but
also, as a man.
- Go after her.
- What? After who?
- Enni.
- Why?
Not you. The other idiot!
- Okay!
- Peippo. Wait.
You take this.
- Enni! Wait!
- Go to hell.
Let me explain.
I don't want to hear.
I've seen a lot of shit in my time.
But this... fuck!
It's a misunderstanding.
I was trying to help you.
I thought you were lonely.
Everyone tried to help.
Had to think about every word in
the park because of the dead wife.
Can't you see I've been admiring you?
Sitting up there, a 100 times.
There he sits, with a baby and a
bottle and won't even complain.
Now I now where we stand.
Being an asshole is a man's privilege.
Don't be like that!
If you ever touch me again...
You never told me you know karate.
Why would've I?
I don't even know you.
Don't even want to know you.
It can't be like this. Enni?
Not a pleasant
surprise, I guess?
What do you want?
I've been putting myself back together.
Ah. And?
I'm in much better mental shape than...
well, you know.
Came all the way here to tell me that?
On Paavo's birthday?
I'm not trying to make a comeback.
First I thought I'd mail the present.
But then I realized I want to see my child.
Did I hear correct?
- My child? My child?
- Yes.
What do you mean, my child?
He's my son! Not yours!
He's mine as well. I want to see him.
No one says a word!
Not a single word!
Listen, Paavo.
There's a lady out there
who'd like to see you.
This is only a start.
Our next year together
will be something else!
- What?
- Daddy.
What? Did you say something?
Did you say daddy?
- Did you just say daddy?
- Daddy.
Soon we can talk
about everything.
You'll tell me you
want to be a seaman.
You'll miss me but
will come back.
Paavo? Paavo!
- Paavo!
- Pasanen!
Daddy's right there.
No problem, no problem.
I was so hot, had to take a dip.
Very refreshing, the sea.
You know, Paavo
spoke to me today.
Guess what he said?
Some unpleasant lies to your face.
If he's your son.
You could've told me the truth.
I didn't have the nerve.
And when I did, it was way too late.
And way too much fun.
Can I tell you the
whole story now?
- Tell me.
- Well...
To start with there was
this funny incident...