Man Apart, A (2003) Movie Script

The Mexican cartels have
1,500 miles of border between them
and the greatest drug-consuming
nation on earth...
... separated
by a 15-foot-high fence
which starts at the Pacific Ocean
and travels the distance
of four states.
They flood our streets,
day after day, week after week,
at an average of 20 tons a month.
That's enough to provide
a line of cocaine
for every man, woman,
and child on this planet.
- Yeah?
- It's me.
What's up?
I've got tickets
to the Tuesday game.
- Is that right?
- Row 10, seat 14.
14? Oh, I'm with that!
I'll see you there.
From 10 tons
a week ago in Colombia
to one bump tonight in L.A.,
worlds away from the men
who run
the whole goddamned show.
And remember, no one must
make all the arrests.
We book them downtown,
and the extradition will
take place from there.
Are we clear?
We're clear that you wouldn't be
going in there without us.
You heard the man.
Let's get ready to move.
Demetrius, let's have the gun.
- Est loco.
- You gotta be kidding me, Frost.
We are on their turf.
Isn't that right, Sean?
Come on.
Memo Lucero was a Colombian
who saw opportunity in Mexico's
northern border towns.
He set up shop in Tijuana
and built the busiest,
most lucrative drug pipeline
the world has ever seen.
Lucero never slept
in the same place twice,
so no one
ever knew where he was.
But after seven years,
we finally tracked him down.
Let's go.
Frost, this is stupid.
They call us down here.
They take away our weapons?
They expect us to go
into a building
full of drunken
cartel gunmen unarmed?
I mean, that isn't fun.
You're not getting paid
to have fun.
Good luck, gentlemen.
Ay, chingado.
All right.
Stay down!
You have no idea what kind
of mistake you're making.
Put your hands up!
Things are only
gonna get worse, for all of us.
Do me a favor
and shut the fuck up!
Come on.
Boss, let me go home
and see my wife.
- I'll think about it.
- I can't go home and see my wife?
I'll think about it!
Get out of here, you knucklehead!
Hey! Good job!
Damn right, good job!
Seven years, dog!
We got him!
- Where are you?
- Honey, I'm still down here.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
It was a little crazy,
but I'll be home tomorrow
or the next day.
... what are you wearing?
One of your old jerseys.
Not that blue one that you
look incredibly sexy in.
Yeah, the one that
smells like you.
- Is that a good thing?
- It's a great thing.
What are you doing right now?
Making candles.
Is that pine or evergreen?
It's my favorite one.
Of course it is.
Oh, I miss you!
Two months ago,
with the arrest of Memo Lucero,
we finally dealt the Pacific corridor
its first substantial blow.
We didn't talk like cops,
we didn't look like cops,
we didn't act like cops.
For that matter, we never
hung out with them, either.
We had an edge that came
from growing up on the streets.
That's why were
the most successful
anti-narcotics crew
in law enforcement.
We made the dent that
the naysayers said we couldn't make.
From this day forward,
things will be different.
By taking out Lucero,
we have cut the head
off the dragon.
And now we are sending
an emphatic message
to anyone out there
who may have designs
on filling the void
left by Memo Lucero.
The cartels know now
that the U.S. Will not stand by idly
while they pollute our shores
with their narcotics.
What's happening, homes?
Peace will be restored,
and the flow of cocaine will stop.
I'm happy to announce
that, effective today,
their business
in Southern California is over.
To the men and women
of our undercover units,
enjoy the accolades,
because you've certainly earned them.
They want to play in a tournament.
They want to ball against us, dog.
Against who?
Ramon Cardena
was killed yesterday.
- Who, Lucero's guy?
- Yeah, state's attorney's.
I'm not gonna shed
any tears over it,
but I am concerned
about one thing...
this could get a little bit messy.
Frost, this is for you.
It's eucalyptus, for enlightenment.
Baby, he's a senior citizen.
- Give him the Viagra candle.
- Sean!
Big Sexy!
What's up, dog?
What did I tell you about smoking?
I got you, dog.
You don't want me to
put you in the sleeper hold.
What's up with all these
damn narc cars out here?
Is this a police convention?
Supposed to be
a damn barbecue, dog.
Believe me, you're cool here.
You're with me. It's my house.
I sure hope
it's cool to go through.
- Thanks.
- Hi.
What's up with that?
What's up, my Main D?
Yo, Sexy,
what's going on, boy?
Man, it's cracking out here.
Check that out.
- Yeah!
- Oh, my goodness!
Talkin' to me!
Imagine she was like us...
just wanted to fuck,
you know what I'm saying?
Right here, right now.
Why can't women think like that?
Sometimes a man
got to get his fuck on
without love getting
in the way of it, that's all I'm saying.
Can I get an amen up in here?
- Amen.
- That's what I'm talking about.
Now, I'm sure that my man Sean
feels the same way, right?
- Yes.
- Huh?
- Yes.
- Get the hell out of here!
Why you trying
to do that to me?
Hey, dog, his girl
got him whipped, dog, for real.
- Oh, you're not whipped?
- No. I'm peeping right now.
You still got the game?
No, no, I'm just joking.
We're having a debate about
the survival of the species...
You're having a what?
Both of y'all whipped!
Look at y'all!
What are you guys
talking about?
You see what I'm talking about?
All changed!
Want to help out your pops?
Give me...
D.E.A., punk. Don't move,
bitch, or I'll blast you!
No, that's enough of that.
Don't be teaching her that
funky armlock and curse words.
I didn't make her do it.
Hicks taught her that, not me.
- You didn't teach her that?
- I just taught her to...
- I love watching you with her.
- Do you?
You're so sweet.
Sounded rough to you?
Yeah. I know you taught her that.
I love you.
Want me to kick everyone out?
You read my mind.
- Who loves you?
- You.
Qu pasa, homes?
What's up?
What do you think, homes?
What do I think?
Got equipment or what, man?
Good shit, man.
I think we should
let the games begin.
I'll take care of him.
I'm so proud of you, baby.
Who is it, baby?
Get down!
Stay down!
Hey, you fuck, you come
into my house while I sleep?
You can't kill Diablo.
What did you say?
You cannot kill Diablo.
Stace, call 9-1-1.
Get up.
Are you...?
...Im okay.
I got 'em. I protected you.
You okay?
- You hit?
- I am.
I'm okay.
9- 1-1.
All right, baby...
...look at me.
What's the nature
of the emergency?
I'm fine.
What kind of assistance
do you require?
I'm okay.
I can't understand you, sir.
Can you speak up?
Are you there, sir?
It's all right.
Say hi to Uncle Sean.
Hi, Sean.
It's all right, dog.
Just rest.
Where's Stacy?
Where's my wife?
Look, man, um...
You've been out for a while.
You lost a lot of blood.
Where is she?
They buried her, Sean.
Where's my wife?
Calm down.
Calm down, now.
I've got you, man.
I've got you.
I'm here for you, man.
Fight on, man.
We'll take care of you.
Which one is it?
Right over there.
This prisoner is
in for two life sentences.
He's got nothing to lose,
but that doesn't matter.
You and I both know
who this guy is
and what he is capable of,
so you stay ten feet away
from him at all times,
and do not touch or threaten
the prisoner at any time.
- We clear?
- Clear. Open it up.
You've got five minutes.
You didn't expect
to see me again, did you?
Ten feet, Vetter!
- This good?
- Yeah.
You tried to have me killed...
...and you don't want
to talk to me?
That's okay. I have
all the time in the world.
Get him out of here!
You didn't think
I was gonna get to you?
Is that your family?
All right, fuck the talk.
Let me just ask you a question.
Did you kill my wife?
Did you kill my wife?
Answer me, motherfucker.
Answer the fucking question!
Vetter, step away
from the prisoner!
Vetter, damn it, I told you!
Get away from him.
Get away.
I was just
asking him for a smoke.
Get off me.
I got a smoke for you.
If I wanted you dead... would be.
That's enough.
Let's go, Vetter.
Come on. Come on!
Come on!
Okay, okay, okay.
Come on, Vetter, let's move.
Come on.
The order to hit my home
had to come from the top,
but to find that person,
you have to start at the bottom
and work your way
up the pipeline.
Somewhere along the line,
someone will talk.
- Yo, "T," what up?
- What's up with you?
Chillin', man.
Where Sexy at?
- In the house.
- Okay.
Yo, Big Sexy.
What's up, boy?
What's up with your D-Max?
- Chillin', dog.
- I'm glad you came.
I didn't know y'all was rolling.
Sean. What's up, man?
If you need a place to stay,
you are more than welcome.
All right?
Hey, man, we've got to
get at you about something.
So what's up?
We need to know who
out there moving major weight.
What kind of weight
y'all talking about?
Distribution level.
Some real shit.
Guys who are hooked up
with this new network.
Why you drinking out
the milk carton? Get a glass, man.
Sexy, for real, man.
Talkin' about this weight,
we need to know who movin' it.
Those niggas
over in Ghost Town.
They movin' major weight
over by that church, man.
You still runnin' that dog?
You know, with your little dog?
I got the dog thing goin'.
Sean, I'm thinking
that could help us out.
You down with
hitting them fools up?
I don't care much about
them niggas on that side of town.
- Let's hit 'em up.
- Yeah, like tonight.
I heard you came by the hospital.
Sorry, man.
I appreciate that.
That's cool.
I'm telling you, man,
we should have brought
the D.E.A. Dogs out here.
Come on, D,
don't insult me like that.
Capone will sniff a roach
out of the ashtray
out of any damn car on the block,
you know what I'm talking about?
- Well, get to sniffin'.
- Chill, chill, chill.
- We ain't got all night.
- Come on, boy.
Go get 'em, boy.
Come on, Capone.
All right, cool.
Go on, baby.
What's taking so long?
We ain't got all night, man.
Ain't in that one.
Come on, Capone.
- He got it.
- You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure!
He got it, man.
Hey, wait a minute! Wait a minute!
What you call yourself doing?
This ain't your car!
You get away from here.
Easy, ma'am,
I'm just doing my job.
You assholes ain't got
nothing else to do
but come harass innocent,
hardworking citizens with this crap?
This is an honest,
blue-collar neighborhood.
Why don't you take your fat ass
up to the Palisades?
They could afford to pay
those $130 tow jobs.
This is an official impound.
It has five tickets.
My man, we got this.
Is this your vehicle?
It could be my vehicle.
Who are you supposed to be?
This is who I'm
supposed to be, right here.
Sexy, pop the trunk, man.
Dog, what you doin'?
Pop the trunk!
Hurry up!
Fuck is going on? Come on.
Now, is that your shit?
Is this your car or not? Is it?
Come to think about it...
No. That's Monroe's car.
- Monroe?
- They call him Overdose.
- Where he stay?
- Right over there.
All right.
Go on back in the house.
Ain't got
enough time for this stuff.
Tow the car, nigga.
Yo, Sexy,
you've got to come here.
I ain't meetin' y'all
over here like this!
- Sexy, roll, man.
- Careful, man.
We got dope.
Aw, shit! Fuck!
Hold your fire!
We're police officers!
Get the fuck out of my house!
- You got to chill!
- "Chill"? Fuck you!
You want me to chill
so you can ice me?
Fuck you!
Get the fuck out!
Yo, listen, I said
we're police officers, so relax.
We're here to help. That's all.
I'm coming up, all right?
Do your thing.
I'm reloading my shit.
Sean, hold your fire.
Now, look, man, I'm coming up,
so you've got to stop shooting.
Don't try nothing, homey.
Just take it easy, all right?
If we were the cleanup crew,
we would have finished you off
from down here, man.
Wouldn't be sticking my head
in here trying to get shot.
Just want to talk, all right?
Now, I'm coming up.
I put my gun down, all right?
I know you scared.
I know you don't like the police...
Damn sure talking
to a police in an attic.
Back in the day,
I couldn't stand the police.
They used to fuck with us
all the time.
Me and my homies would be
rolling down the street.
They'd pull us over jackin' fools.
- You po-po.
- I know.
We used to complain that police
didn't do nothing for us.
And we was right, they didn't.
I got tired of complaining.
I made a choice.
I'm trying to help.
But what you doin', man,
you ain't helpin' us.
By the way things look downstairs,
you need to think about
getting into a whole 'nother game.
Only one alternative...
you put that gun down,
or my partner downstairs,
man, trust me,
he will take you out.
Now, do the right thing
and just put it down.
Since everything went down
with the big man,
shit has been major slow,
know what I'm sayin'?
He went up to,
like, $20,000 a ki.
I couldn't do nothing
with that, man.
This new dude was
supposed to hook me up...
- Who's this new dude?
- I don't know his name.
He contacted me, say he had
this, that, and the other.
He said he had kis for $14,000,
so I'm thinkin' everything's velvet.
- Right.
- But hell no.
Then this stupid motherfucker
gonna call me back,
telling me some shit about,
he want $20,000 a ki,
and I got to buy it?
I'm like, man, you stupid!
Who you think you talkin' to?
You kiss my ass.
- So what happened?
- What you mean?
Why you still alive
and your homies are dead?
I was in the attic.
- Doin' what?
- Hidin'.
What kind of coward shit
is that, man?
You see homey
in there in that chair
with his tongue
pulled through his neck?
You'd better get real.
Reflexes too slow.
Enough of the bullshit, dog.
The name... the new guy,
what is his name?
I ain't tellin' y'all shit else.
Nothin' else.
I'm cool with y'all.
These motherfuckers ain't no joke!
They would scalp me and send
my braids to my momma!
What y'all gonna do,
take me to jail?
Take me, then.
I'm cold anyway.
Give me a fuckin' coat.
Put me in the car.
We got us a hardhead right now.
- You sure about that?
- Actin' like you want to, man.
You're not gonna
tell us anything else?
Nothing else!
- You don't want to talk anymore?
- He ain't gonna talk.
You sure about that?
Here you go.
You think you a player
'cause you got an S600?
Not because of those
wack-ass dubs on that piece of shit.
Oh, yeah.
Does he think 'cause of this tatt
he's a gangster?
Get your hands off me.
Not 'cause of
the played-out platinum.
You don't think you're
crossing them over, do you?
Back in the day,
I would have taken this from you.
You think you're a man because
you move a ki here and there.
That ain't weight! Did he think
that was weight in that piece of shit?
Let me tell you something...
the real motherfuckers
don't move a ki here and there.
They move
50 metric tons a month!
I'm gonna ask you...
Get your gun
out of my face, man.
We'll do it like this.
Now, I'm gonna ask you
one more time.
What's the name?
I don't know their name!
Hey, man!
I'm gonna ask you again.
What the fuck is his name?
Hey, man!
- What's up with your people?
- What's the fucking name?
I don't know, man!
Motherfucker named
Hollywood Jack, man!
Hollywood Jack, man.
My name Monroe Johnson.
I don't want no problems
with y'all, man.
The rest of the dope
in the gray Monte Carlo.
We got it, man. Come on.
We got ten pages on this thing,
all from the same number...
Soleil Tanning Salon.
Tanning salon?
You know damn well
you don't need no tan.
Slow down!
I think that's him.
Looks Hollywood to me.
Yeah, that's definitely him.
Ricky Martin, move over.
Here comes Hollywood Jack.
Hold on.
Yeah, we got you.
All right, I'm back.
Yeah, all right.
Yeah, I can do that for you.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah. Good-bye.
Hello. How's it going?
Good. Hey... long has that clown
in the truck been out there?
I don't know.
I'm gonna check him out.
- Just go easy, all right?
- I'm just gonna talk to him.
Let's make this quick.
- I like this car.
- Hey, nice truck.
In fact, I was thinking
about trading this one in
for, like, seven of those.
I like it better than the S600.
Let me get your license
and registration, please.
May I ask what I did?
Yeah, your mud flaps.
You got no mud flaps on this.
It's a fuckin' Porsche.
You won't have to worry
when you trade it for the truck.
And you're parked
in a handicapped spot.
Did you know that?
Oh, really? No!
Aw, shit!
- You can get out of your car.
- Thank you.
Beverly Hills dispatch.
2-1-6. Run this plate
for me real quick.
You can go ahead and get out.
Stand by.
I said get out of the car.
This is fucking ridiculous!
When in the history of mankind
has anyone been harassed
for their fuckin' mud flaps?
Watch your language.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Let me rephrase.
Fuck you!
Aw, shit.
I'm out, I'm out!
Damn! Chill, dog.
What does the name
Overdose mean to you?
- Over who?
- Overdose!
There's a human being
named Overdose?
Answer the fucking question.
2- 19-54.
What the hell is a 2-1-9-5-4?
Subject has
a warrant for jaywalking.
Tell me why you paged
some drug trafficker ten times.
I didn't page anyone.
That's your salon, right?
The calls came from your salon.
Ninety percent of
my clients do narcotics,
and they all use that phone.
I don't know.
Why would Overdose
refer to you as his supplier?
You're Hollywood Jack,
aren't you?
- Come again?
- Hollywood Jack.
My civil rights are being violated
'cause some jig drug dealer
named Overkill or Oreo
or whatever the fuck his name is
mentioned a guy
named Hollywood Jack?
Call my lawyer, you cocksucker!
Call your lawyer?
Can you guys see this?
You don't know who that is?
I'll call your lawyer.
I'll beat the shit out of him
after I beat the fuck out of you!
What the fuck
does Overdose mean to you?
What are you doing, man?
You've got to chill.
Damn! Chill, boy!
Get the fuck back in the car!
What's wrong with you, man?
People could be videotaping!
Chill out!
Get back in the car, man!
All we got on this guy
is a warrant for jaywalking.
That's it.
That's all we got...
a fuckin' jaywalking ticket!
Yo, Hollywood, how'd you know
Overdose is black?
Correct me if I'm wrong,
but you called him a "jig," right?
Don't stupid fucks like you
call black people "jigs"?
You fucked up.
My lawyer is gonna have
a field day with you, psycho fuck!
Your lawyer?
I'll strike him, too!
Is there a problem?
Get back in the fuckin' salon.
Everything's okay.
Everything's fine.
Can I help you with something?
Get in your truck, man!
Everything is fine.
Get the fuck
in the truck, man. Damn!
Hey, sleepyhead!
What the fuck, homey?
I just want... whoa!
I was crashed out, man.
I'm sorry, man.
I just wanted to ask a question.
Could I get a beer or something?
Yeah, get a beer, man.
What were you doing
down at the salon
paging some ghetto rat's
crack pad, like, ten times?
I fucked up.
Oh, no, hey, fuck it.
Don't worry about it.
It's no big deal.
what is a big deal is,
I spent my afternoon with cops...
specifically, the cop
you were supposed to take out.
Stupid ass.
When I was little... brothers and sisters and me...
...we all slept in the same room.
There was no electricity,
dirt floors.
When it would rain...
...we couldn't sleep 'cause
the raindrops on the tin roof
were too loud.
What did you
call me down here for?
I might be able to help you.
You had your chance to talk to me.
They killed my wife...
...and my son.
When there's a change at the top,
they start over,
build their own pipeline.
They'll be looking for new buyers.
So if you could come up
with enough money,
you'll flush him out.
I can't do anything about him,
but you can.
Come on, baby, slide over here!
We've been hurting for product
ever since these fuckers
took down the sale.
And you hear all this
stupid shit about Diablo.
I don't want any part of Diablo.
I just need to get
back to business.
Diablo's been pulling
some bold fuckin' moves.
He's been clipping
the lower-level guys,
cutting 'em clean out.
Bam! Gone!
Streamlinin' the pipeline.
Now, with us, they've got to
walk on eggshells.
They fuck with us,
they got problems in the jails.
We'll kick their wetback ass
in every jail in the state.
It's like
an insurance policy for 'em...
we get Central and NorCal,
they get SoCal. Simple.
Don't worry about us.
We don't deal with California.
You're looking at a shipment
like that every month.
He can do 18 per.
Eighteen? You gotta be
kidding me, man.
- What?
- You're wasting my time.
All right, all right. Wait up.
- Sixteen.
- Sixteen?
I can't believe I just said that.
- Who pays them prices, cops?
- You got some nuts on you.
You want to do business
with me or not?
Aw, fuck, man,
you're killing me here.
All right, look, we can do fifteen.
You know how fuckin' tight
it's been around here.
Anything less than fifteen,
I'm cuttin' my own throat!
We could do fifteen.
All right. Jesus!
Hey, guys.
Want a dance, honey?
No, thanks.
Joe, buy him a dance.
We need to loosen him up.
He's so... serious.
Get the fuck off my lap.
Fuck you!
You should have
more respect for yourself.
What's your deal, bro?
You a faggot?
What did you just say to me?
You call me a fuckin' faggot?
What the fuck you standing up for?
We got a problem here?
The fuck you looking at?
There's not a problem.
Come on, sit down.
You kill me, man.
I'm hoping
you're a good businessman,
'cause if you are, there's
a whole lot more business for you.
There's nobody else
out there right now.
But don't ever talk to me
like that again.
Don't ever try to disrespect me.
I don't care who is around.
Where I'm from, you talk like that,
you get punched in the face.
It's just business.
Now, look, here's the deal...
you get a car, something clean,
meet me 2:00 Friday
at Utro's by the harbor,
right there near berth 73.
My people will be there.
You switch keys with them...
- Who loves you?
- You.
The man that runs this organization
calls himself Diablo.
This man is Jack Slayton.
Everything we have leads to him.
What the fuck are you reading?
Does that have anything to do
with what we were talking about?
If you don't want
to be here, get out!
Get on with it.
The second move...
The second big move is to flood
the whole entire West Coast
with more coke
than we've ever seen before
in a straight-up hostile takeover.
If that happens, we're
right back where we started.
We shouldn't have
gone to Mexico.
We can do this.
We can shut them down
before they become
the next dominant cartel.
It's very important to me.
They're ruthless.
Come into your fuckin' home.
This is Mobile One.
entry point unsecured.
How's it going?
Where's your clowns?
They wanted to
meet up with you later, man.
You all set?
Yeah, I like these rims.
Yeah, thanks, man. Pull in.
I got the all right.
Everybody in place?
We got Mobile Two
on the waterfront. That's covered.
Exit road is secure.
This is C.R. Team,
behind Utro's. Got it covered.
There's your boy.
How you doin'?
Just making sure
you're not wired, that's all.
What are you doing?
I'm not wired, man!
That's what every cop says.
Where do I know you from?
You don't know me.
You want to do business or not?
- Is that all of it?
- All there, to the penny.
You're lucky, you know.
Yeah, I'm lucky
to be back in business.
We're taking over the corridor.
You know that, don't you?
Anybody who fucks with Diablo...
Come on. Fuck.
Remember that cop
who took down the big man?
We took care of
his stupid bitch wife.
So you took care of
his stupid bitch wife?
Any bitch who marries a cop
has got to be stupid.
The keys are in the car.
Take care.
You killed my wife,
you motherfucker?
Red is on waterfront.
Get in here!
You mother!
Hold on.
We've got
an L.A. Sheriff's unit coming in.
Think we ought to move in?
- Stay in place.
- This one ours?
That's not our guy.
I repeat, that is not our guy.
It's not one of ours!
Move in!
Code 13!
We've got an officer down!
Fuckin' son of a bitch!
Fuckin' monkey cocksucker!
Fuck you!
Oh, shit!
Boss, you wanted to see me?
Yeah, Sean, come in.
Sit down.
Sean, you're done.
- Boss, it was a setup.
- It was a disaster.
You lost it
in the middle of an operation,
and now
three officers are dead.
Boss, I'm sorry.
I know I fucked up,
but you can't take away my...
This is all I have left.
I'm sorry, too, Sean.
I'm sorry about...
I'm very sorry about Stacy...
She was like a daughter to me.
What you need is
some time to grieve.
You're going to take six months.
We'll do a psych evaluation
at the end of that time,
and then we'll see
where we're at.
I remember
when you gave me this.
How proud it made me.
You said I was part of the family.
I grieve every day.
You know what it's like not being
able to go into your own home?
I don't know
what the hell I'm doing.
This takes time.
Yo, Sean.
Yo, man,
what the hell was that?
They said it was a setup.
What do you think?
I let my emotions take over.
I lost it out there.
I can't help this anymore.
They took my badge.
You're beating against
a billion-dollar business.
You alone are trying
to bring down a monster.
As a cop, that's impossible.
You must become a monster.
She must have been
a good woman.
She was a wonderful woman.
And a wonderful wife.
Met her when I was 15.
I don't know what
would have happened to me
if she hadn't come into my life.
She was all I ever had.
What's the one thing a man
like me won't touch in this business?
The end product, the end result.
The money.
I know where the money
is being safe-housed.
You'll have to follow it to Mexico.
But in Mexico, you'll be alone.
But you must give me your word
you'll get me out of here.
I'm not safe here.
I need a transfer.
Tell me where it is.
- You haven't painted this place yet?
- You sound like Candice.
I'm gonna come by this weekend
with a couple of cans of paint.
What's going on, man?
I just staked out the place.
I need four guys.
Staked out what place?
I found out where the money is.
Sean, you should let
the department handle this.
I'm gonna be back for you
in a little while.
You should really
let Frost handle this.
Have you
seen Rachel anywhere?
I haven't seen her.
She's probably in the house.
All right.
She doesn't want me here?
Things ain't been
so cool around here.
You know when we came
to visit you in the hospital?
That freaked Rachel out.
She asked me
when was daddy next
to be laid up there in the hospital,
tubes all in my face
and my chest.
I'm sorry
about the family thing.
Big Sexy's in.
You went and got Se...
No. Let me
tell you something, man.
We ain't no gangbangers no more.
I know we're not gangbangers.
Then what's with Sexy?
I'm using
whatever resources I have.
Let me tell you something...
I just came here to get you.
I'm gonna be back later.
We'll work this out.
Don't bother to come and get me.
I'm not rollin'.
That's right. You fuckin' up.
You out of control, man.
How am I fuckin' up?
Everything you do is messy,
and I got to clean up
after your sloppy ass.
But that's not my fault
if somebody gets out of line.
I'm not fuckin' with you.
How could you turn your back on me,
as long as we been rolling together?
You fuckin' up, and I'm
not about to risk my family!
What the fuck would you do?
Ask yourself that.
You talk about the hospital,
the nightmares.
What would you do if she died?
Hi. You've reached
the Vetter residence.
We can't get
to the phone right now.
Sean, knock it off!
We're a little busy,
but we'll call you back.
Yo, Sean, it's "D." Pick up.
Yo, Sean.
Yo, man, trust me,
you gotta think this through
before you make a move.
I'm tellin' you,
think it over, man.
You hear me?
Yo, Sean, what up?
You got all your people here?
Man, we ready.
Yo, you don't have to
go through with this.
This is how we roll.
Stacy was like family.
Plus I got some new shit
I want to test out.
I can't let you
roll without me, man.
It's on, dog.
I got some extra vests in the car.
Let's move!
Get the fuck down!
Get the fuck down!
Everybody stay down!
The fuck...?
Move! Move!
Stay down! Stay down!
You thought I wasn't
gonna find you?
The fuck, man?
Get up, fucker!
Stay down!
- Yo, watch these motherfuckers!
- I got these motherfuckers!
When are you
dropping the money?
I don't know.
When are you dropping
the fuckin' money?
- Soon as I make the call!
- Get up!
Make the fuckin' call.
Use the satellite phone.
God damn!
Hurry up, man!
And don't try that smuggler talk.
I speak it fluently.
New York Pizza.
Yeah, we're having a party.
I'd like to order some pizza.
Cheer the fuck up!
You want it right now?
Party already started.
We've got some really
hungry people here.
That's just excellent.
What would you like on your pie?
Is that gonna be cash,
check, or charge?
Cash, check, or charge?
What's your location?
Devil's Playground.
That's gonna take a little
longer than 30 minutes.
I'll see you there.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please put your seatbacks
and tray tables
Into their upright position.
We are about to make
our final descent
into the middle
of fuckin' nowhere.
Qu pasa, Joe?
Is this fuckin' beautiful or what?
I think I'm gonna open a salon
three miles north of here,
'cause people
all around the world, Joe,
they just want to look pretty.
'Cept for you, of course.
Don't move, Joe. I'll get the door.
Man, I don't know
how you stayed alive this long.
Get the fuck in the car!
Get in the car!
All right! Jesus!
Big Sexy, get rid of him
and come back for the truck!
See ya, Joe.
So you're not a hairdresser.
You tellin' me this punk is Diablo?
- Whoa. I'm not Diablo, man.
- Shut up.
No, he's not Diablo,
but he's gonna take us to Diablo.
Yeah, I'm gonna
take you guys to Diablo...
or not.
What are you gonna do, man?
You gonna shoot me?
Fuck you!
You're not gonna do shit!
Push comes to shove,
you're just a fuckin' cop!
What did you say?
Don't bury me! Come on!
Don't want to
tell the truth, do you?
Okay, bad fuck!
So you say
you never seen him before?
I've never seen him.
I don't know his name.
- But you ran drugs for him.
- That's the way it works.
He's fuckin' lying.
...the way it works!
Assuming this worked,
what was gonna happen next?
Assuming this worked,
what was gonna happen next?
The airstrip...
They have a house
south of the border.
I drop the cash, I just walk.
It would have been a done deal.
It's still gonna be.
Sean, money's ready.
When we get there,
you keep that personality thing
going, all right?
You understand me?
Qu pasa, fellas?
Oh, just "turbulencia,"
you know.
Get that for you.
Oh! I didn't tell you?
My girlfriend
lives near the airstrip.
Yeah. And we went to the Red
over there in Barstow...
Some drinks...
Cerveza, nachos,
couple of laughs.
You guys need to relax.
No, you got to...
Let's go! Let's go!
Straight ahead.
They stopped.
I thought we
closed this place down, man.
I know a way in.
We separate,
we meet back here.
Shut up!
I'm going left.
Yo, man,
if anything happens to you...
I'm going left.
Nothing's gonna happen.
You're going home.
So this is what
the devil looks like.
Why'd you take my wife?
You think I am the one.
You should have stayed
out of Mexico,
and perhaps your wife
would still be alive.
Come on.
Let's go.
It's not over.
Sean, come on! Keep moving!
Stay with me. Come on.
Stay with me.
Shit! Come on.
Keep moving!
Come on. Let's go.
From the wreckage,
officials believe
the gunmen attacked
with semiautomatic weapons,
killing two
Bureau of Prisons officers
and injuring several others.
The specifics are being withheld
until the investigation
is complete,
but we believe that
the gunmen were able
to spring cartel leader
Memo Lucero,
who was serving
two life sentences
for a string of murders
and trafficking of narcotics.
The prisoner
was being transferred
to a maximum
security prison outside L.A.
I signed the transfer.
It is not your fault
that Lucero busted out, okay?
but I recommended it.
They say he's
somewhere in Mexico, man.
He's not in Mexico,
How do you know that?
I'm taking Frost's advice.
I'm taking a little time.
Sean, where you at?
Don't worry. I'm in a good place.
I'm recovering.
Just give me
a call soon, all right?
This will only take a second.
I got all the time in the world.
I tracked you for seven years.
You never went
to the same place twice.
Until you came home.
I told you you had no idea
what you were
getting yourself into.
If you'd stayed
out of my business,
your wife would still be alive.
Your arrogance killed her,
not me.
Like your arrogance coming here!
Do you think you can come
into my domain and kill me?
If I wanted you dead,
you would be.
Finish the job.
I know that you're
with me in spirit.
But I still miss you.
You okay?
Who picked the stone?
We all did.
Yeah, she would have
liked that.