Man of Aran (1934) Movie Script

Hello, Patcheen. Pull it up!
Go to it, Tiger.
- Pull her up.
- Up she comes.
- Keep her moving.
- This time, lads.
Steady there.
Upwards and all that.
Pull up, Maggie.
I was nearly drowned at that time.
Heave her up now.
Up she comes.
Come over up here.
Where are you walking to?
We're hauling now.
All right now.
That'll do. Turn her over now, boys.
Over with her now.
We took our rest in it, Coley.
Hold on to that.
- Pull her over.
- Nice and gently now.
Lift her up.
Up now.
Come on.
Mind yourself going up there, Coley.
Go easy, boys.
That's a chilly wind.
Down, Stephen.
Put her down.
Out now.
Out, Patcheen.
Eh, you're good fellows.
It ought to be great here.
Oh, that's no good.
Oh, hurry!
- Hurry!
- Come on, Patcheen!
Come on dear!
Pick it up!
There now.
- Drop it.
- Watch yourself!
Look out, Stephen.
Pick it up. Come on.
I thought she was going in.
Go on. Got it now.
Look out, Maggie. Be careful.
Come on now.
Pick it up. Come on.
Grab it there in that corner.
Hurry! Hurry!
Let it go. Drop it. Run up.
Run up!
Come on now. Come on now. Come on.
Pick it up. Quick! Quick!
Look out there! Look out, boys!
Climb onto the rock, Maggie.
Get up, Maggie. Come down, Patcheen.
Lift her up. Lift her up.
Come down, Stephen.
Get your feet over here.
Come on,
before the sea carries you away.
Get up. Come on.
Come on, lift her up.
Eh, you did it. Don't mind me.
Lift it up, boys.
There, there.
Come on with you.
The net is gone to the devil.
It's torn to pieces.
Oh, never mind, Colin.
I showed the ween what to do.
We have nothing left but the cots.
You got a great drenching, Michaelin,
didn't you?
By God, I never saw the sea so!
Pick yourself up, Michael.
Let's pull ourselves together.
I'm doing my best, aren't I?
Eh, leave him alone, Colin.
Lift up that net. Lift it up.
It is caught there on that rock.
It is there, Colin.
Lift it up.
We have it. We have it.
We're all right now.
We are, thank God.
That's it. Now, go on, Maggie.
A little bit more.
That'll do now.
- That's good now.
- You're fine and strong. God bless you.
Well, I thought I was going to get
drowned that time but I wasn't.
I'm sorry I got you by the hair.
But I didn't want to lose you.
It isn't as though
you're about to lose me, Colin.
Go on.
Go on.
If it's like this tomorrow,
we should have enough.
Well, if we'd have five or six loads
more we ought to have enough.
Not quite.
I'd say we'd want ten loads more.
- As much as that?
- Yes.
Are you going to put
the seaweed out tonight?
We'll do our best.
We'll put some of it out.
- Go on!
- Oh, look!
Look, I'm drenched.
Go on.
Go on!
Go on.
Up with you.
There's much more down there, Patch.
A couple of baskets more.
Let us lift. Go on.
Good boy, Mike. Good boy.
Drop her down.
Good man, Patch. Good man.
- Haul it up, Mike.
- Haul it up.
Haul her up.
Come on, then. Hup.
Haul her up.
- Keep it going.
- We are, Patch.
Listen, if it's too heavy for ye...
Up with it.
Up she goes.
Up she goes.
The sooner we're out, the better.
There's a lot of them there, though.
There is, and they're heading in, too.
Look at them.
Come on.
- Did you strike him under the fin?
- Aye, I did.
Mind your back.
We stand a good chance now, so...
- Hang on now, boy. Hang on.
- Handle her carefully now.
Give him plenty clear.
Give it to me.
Get the harpoon out.
When do I turn her?
Nothing out.
I think we stand a good chance.
Handle him. Handle him!
Grab me a line.
Check him, boys.
Take him with this.
Watch that line now. Watch the line.
- Make a lot of room for him.
- Careful now.
The boat's in line there now.
Stand clear of the line.
Stand clear of the line there now.
You'll go over the side if that
catches you. Stand clear there.
Stand clear. Let it out.
Stand clear. Stand clear.
Steady now. Steady now.
Hang on. Hang on to him. Hang on.
He's in a bad way there, now.
Most of your rope. Lower the rope out.
And draw your line forward over the
bollard again. This line goes there.
Now, boys!
- Careful, now.
- Hold him now.
- Tiger's over.
- He's not.
Stand clear of the line, will you?
- Come on, then.
- Move your leg.
Clear below, Patch.
Steady, now. Steady.
Don't cut it yet.
Don't cut it yet, Patch.
Take her down.
I got it! I got it!
- Haul it in. Haul it in again. Come on.
- Grab the knot.
Terrible big monster on that.
The way he pulled that.
Well, they have
thundering strength to them.
Look at how twisted it is.
Easy now. Slack up that line to me.
It's all slack. It's all slack.
Wheel her around.
- Back water, Tommy.
- All right. All right.
He's a master of that fellow.
A bigger fellow in front of you there.
Get ready for him.
Hey, hey! Hold on to him!
Hold on to him!
Come on, Michaelin.
- Do you think they'll get it?
- Sure they will.
- Keep her head up, Patch.
- Right ahead.
- Direach sin.
- All right. Don't be shouting too high.
Right. Don't splash me. Don't splash.
All right. Steady, boy. Steady.
All ready.
Careful now.
- Careful now.
- Hang on a minute.
Bring the bow on to him.
A good throw. Hit him!
Strike it out! Strike out!
Here's the rope. Clear the line!
Clear the line.
Clear the line.
I've got a second turn on it.
Give him line. Give him line.
Slash away. Slash away.
There he is. He's going.
Close him down.
Try and hold him.
Close him down.
Well, he's on the bottom now.
Well, I hope that this...
Row her out.
He's coming.
We have him!
How much have we got to get?
We'll get no inch of him
now for a while.
Hold what you got. Hold what you got.
Hold what you got.
Steady now.
There's too much strain on it now.
Turned fish on the end of it.
That side?
Down that way.
Have you any sight of him there, Tommy?
He's down this way.
- See him, Coley?
- Yes.
I see the way the rope is going.
- The line.
- He's holding on the bottom now, Pat.
- You thinks so?
- He is.
I tell you now,
watch for those bubbles.
Watch for those bubbles, Coley
and have your harpoon ready.
See the bubbles and before
he makes a dash for the open sea...
Look out. He's going
to make a drive. Look out.
He's on this side now again, Pat.
Get the second harpoon out.
We have a good chance.
See him?
Yes. I see him. I see him.
- Pretty close now to you.
- I know.
Steady yourself down.
Pretty close.
Round the stern, he's there, Pat.
I'm working around the boat.
- Another little heave.
- There he is!
Here he is. We have him.
Here he is.
Go for that tail there now, Coley.
He looks pretty weak, I think.
Here he is.
Steady now. Steady now.
Easy piece of meat.
- Do you think?
- Yes.
Watch the tail, you, anyhow.
It doesn't matter how weak they are.
A blow from that'd kill you.
There he is.
He's shook.
Played out, I think.
About time now.
When you see your chance.
When you see your chance.
- He looks about played out, I think.
- I'm trying to get a hook into him.
Go for that tail.
Go for that tail there.
Look out. Mind yourself.
- Ah, I think he's about.
- That he is.
Now turn.
- I'll get another harpoon in.
- Go on. Make a good drive.
Drive it! Go!
Let it go!
Give him line! Give him line!
Give him line!
We're in for the long haul now anyway.
What the devil are you doing, Mike?
I'm going with you.
- You can't come with us.
- I want to go.
Back with you now.
No, I must go.
Our hands are full enough
without you. Back with you.
Be a good boy now and go home.
Hurry on, Mike.
Did you think that you could
go without your harpoon?
Good boy, there.
Right you are, boy.
Just the harpoon, Stephen.
Shove it up there.
I'm going with you today.
- No, you cannot come with us.
- I want to go.
- Good boy, now. Go home.
- Oh, let me go.
There might be big sea in it and
I don't like the looks of the weather.
Come on, Michael, quick!
Michael, come on.
That's it!
Mind the rock!
Mind the rock!
Mind the rock!
Mind the rock!
Get that rope!
Come on, Colin!
Let her go!
Michael, run!
Let's go.
Come on and fetch the line. Come on.
God bless you!