Man of God (2022) Movie Script

[uplifting music plays]
-[man] Under the canopy
-[choir] Under the canopy
Under the canopy
Under the canopy of God
My savior will cover me
Give me security
Under the canopy of God
[rings bell]
[congregation] Amen!
Oh Lord!
[congregation] Oh Lord!
Let the airplane of my enemy
[congregation] Let the airplane
of my enemies
crash into the sea!
[congregation] crash into the sea!
[in Yoruba] Pray!
[all praying]
[prophet in English] Every man,
take the position that suits you.
-[all praying]
-[prophet chants]
Fall! Fall! Crash into the sea!
Into the Atlantic Ocean!
Crash into the Indian Ocean!
Crash into the Pacific Ocean!
Crash! Crash!Crash!Crash!Crash!
In Jesus' name. [rings bell]
[congregation] Amen!
-[prophet] Oh Lord!
-[congregation] Oh Lord!
Let every evil pregnancy
conceived against me
[congregation] Let every evil pregnancy
conceived against me
[prophet] be aborted by fire!
[congregation] be aborted by fire!
[in Yoruba] Pray!
[congregation praying]
[feedback whines]
[praying continues]
[rings bell]
[in English] In Jesus' name we pray!
[congregation] Amen!
Wait, wait, ten has passed now.
Ten has passed!
I will beat this darkness out of you!
-Rod for the back of fools!Fools! Fools!
[mother] Daddy Samuel!
[prophet] Only a rod of correction
will drive it far.
-[in Yoruba] Now, speak! Speak! Speak!
-[screaming in pain]
-[mother exclaims] Oh! Ah!
[in Pidgin] Do you want to kill him?
You will kill him.
-[gentle music plays]
-[boy continues sobbing]
[mother in Yoruba] Sorry, my child.
[boy continues sobbing]
-[strikes landing]
-[boy sobbing]
[in Yoruba] The child who says
his father will not sleep,
he will also not find sleep.
[mother in English] Samuel,
can you hear me?
Listen, this must not happen again.
It must not happen again.
[clicks tongue] Look at you.
When are you going to
make the decision to change, eh, Samuel?
One day, I will leave this house.
[sniffles] And I will never return.
[mother sputters]
What are you saying, Samuel?
-[crowd cheering]
-[mother] Samuel! Can you hear me?
[band playing funky music]
-[MC] And you shall be called
-[crowd cheering loudly]
[band] Fela, Fela, Fela
[music intensifies]
-[crowd continues cheering]
[in Yoruba] Boss of all bosses!
[song ends]
[crowd cheering]
[indistinct conversations, laughter]
[all cheering]
[in Yoruba] Thank you.
[in Pidgin] Baby, you did great.
Let's go home.
[in English] Eh So you can wait
till we reach home?
What happened to us doing it
at any dingy corner we can find?
You know I'm trying to be a better person.
Ah You? [chuckles]
-I'll be right back. Let me get my bag.
-Okay, okay.
-[man in Yoruba] Abami?
-[in Pidgin] Someone's looking for you.
-[upbeat music plays]
-[woman exclaims] Ah, ah
Ah, ah
-Sam, Sam!
-[in Pidgin] What's up?
[in English] Ah, ah, I see you now.
-What's up?
-Here's the material I promised you.
Don't be angry.
I forgot we had that tutorial.
It's fine. I'm not angry.
I mean, if you want to fail
Dr. Dede's course again, it's your party.
There's no need for that, now.
I had this gig tonight. Calm down.
-Mm-hmm. Sam, I said I understand.
-[clicks tongue]
I mean, a gig is so much more important
than a tutorial that will
help you avoid another carryover.
You owe me 30 bucks for that printout.
Oh! Almost forgot.
My mom gave me
this letter to give you from your mom.
Take it now.
[in Pidgin] Come on.
[in English] I hope to see you
at the next fellowship.
I'll come.
Do we still have that test tomorrow?
[scoffs] Sam, Sam, Sam [chuckles]
[music continues]
[woman smacks lips]
[in Pidgin] Guy, please wake up.
Help me zip up, please.
[Sam grunts, clicks tongue]
-[woman sighs]
[in English] This girl
[zips up dress]
Where are you going to
this early morning?
-Are you jealous?
-Jealous about?
[in Pidgin] Calm down, silly.
[woman grunts]
[in English] Hope you know
that all your goods, they belong to me?
[in Pidgin] Please
I'm going to hustle.
[in Pidgin] We need to pay our band.
The gate fee we get isn't enough.
[in English] Hustler!
[in Pidgin] That's me!
-[in English] I'll be back in the evening.
[woman] Mm.
Try not to miss me, yeah?
[in Pidgin] It'll be hard, but try.
[in English] Bad girl! [laughs]
[in Pidgin] That's me.
[in English] Number one.
-[Sam chuckles]
-See you.
-[door closes]
-Oh shit.
[mother] My dear son,
I don't know
if you've been getting my letters.
I am sending this one
through Deaconess Ajayi's daughter.
Samuel, my son,
it's been almost three years
since you have come home.
-[music playing over stereo]
-You and your devil music!
There's a way that seems right to a man
and the end thereof is destruction!
Never again!
[mother] I miss you, my son.
Please, come home.
[mellow hip-hop music plays]
[Teju and Sam laugh]
[in Pidgin] But seriously,
did you find the test difficult?
[in English] I
You don't study.
You need to stop cheating off me.
-[in Pidgin] Who said I haven't studied?
-[Teju scoffs]
[in English] For what now?
[in Pidgin] Please, be on your way.
I'll see you later.
[Teju in English] Are you sure?
Get out! Bye.
[Sam] A-student!
[woman clicks tongue]
[books thud]
I've been waiting inside this car
for over ten minutes.
Sorry, now. Ah-ah. Mm!
[in Pidgin] Dr. Dede wants to kill us
with tests this semester.
Stop lying. It's not Dr. Dede.
So it was Dr. Dede you were talking to
for over ten minutes?
[clicks tongue] Get out, please.
What does that girl want?
She keeps following you
everywhere like a fly. What is it?
[in English] She's my friend. Calm down.
-Your friend?
-You know. She just wants--
[in Pidgin] Really?
[in English] Wants me to go to fellowship.
[in Pidgin] She wants to save your soul?
[laughs] I die! I die!
[in Pidgin] My guy, she wants to fuck out
your destiny, not save your soul.
Go and fuck her.
Give her something good, quick.
Take her to a corner.
She'll leave you alone.
-[in English] I swear, I hate you.
I love you too.
[Teju] Joy!
We're going to be late
for fellowship again.
-Teju, I'm so sorry.
Mm. I hope I'm not late for Rapture
because of you.
You can never be late for Rapture.
[in Pidgin] Never.
-[in English] We still have to freshen up.
-I know.
So, tell me about the boy
you wanted to invite.
-The family friend?
Ugh, he's not coming.
[Joy] Thank you all for coming.
As I close this service,
may God continue to always bless you.
[congregation] Amen.
I'll see you next week.
-Hey, Teju.
Where are you rushing to?
I promised my friend
I'd go for their social night.
-Social night?
You know what happens at those places.
You can't go alone.
-No, it's okay.
-No, I'm coming with you.
-[upbeat music plays]
-[crowd cheering]
-[band playing final note]
[crowd applauding]
[crowd cheers]
[in Pidgin] Baby, I'm coming.
[prophet in English] Samuel!
This is never going to work for you.
[mysterious music plays]
You are a Covenant Child.
[in Yoruba] You are a Covenant Child.
[in English] Never call me that again.
There is a way that seems right to a man,
but the end thereof is destruction.
I'm not a Covenant Child!
[mysterious music plays]
[Teju] Sam.
-You didn't think I would come, did you?
-Did you?
-Ah-ah. Don't you see me standing here?
I didn't see you in the crowd.
How am I sure you didn't come in
after the concert ended?
-How dare you?
-We were here, right on time too.
[enchanting music plays]
Sam, this is my beautiful friend, Joy.
Why are you smiling?
I don't know,
if someone pointed you out in the crowd
and asked me to guess your name,
I'd have said "Joy."
[chuckles] Why is that?
What makes me a "Joy"?
I can't tell.
But there's just something.
[music fades]
[clears throat]
I'm here to confirm
that our deal is still on.
I agreed to come to your show.
Now you agreed
to come to our next prayer meeting.
Anyway, Joy Obah,
it's getting late. Let's go.
Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey.
-Joy Obah?
Two more syllables to yours
and you have my last name.
Will you be at the fellowship?
[Reks clears throat]
Hey, Reks!
Okay, so, um,Teju--
-Teju and Joy.
-[Sam] Let's Yeah.
[in Pidgin] I bought fuel, let's go home.
[in English] All right, let's bounce.
Can you imagine?
[mellow music plays over stereo]
[Reks grunting playfully]
[squeals happily]
Oh, my God!
[in Pidgin] We have made it, my guy!
[in English] Remember a deal
I told you about a few weeks ago?
Sam] Um
-Sorry, which one?
-[clicks tongue]
The repackaged drugs one.
-My guy, I just got a supplier now.
All we need to do
is just deliver to those chemists,
then we take our cut.
-Get it?
-How much?
[in Pidgin] In two months,
you can make up to one million naira.
-That's a lie.
-I swear.
Know what we can do with that money?
We can leave this dirty hostel
and buy a new car.
Plenty of things! Let's enjoy life!
[in English] Reks!
[yelling playfully] Criminal!
[in Pidgin] That's me.
-Number one!
-[in Pidgin] Of course!
-Go-getter! The baddest!
-Give me your cigarette, let me smoke
-Take, take, take.
[in Pidgin] A lion
doesn't give birth to a goat.
I don't have parents, I have to hustle.
My sister, I don't judge you.
Who's your sister?
After proper love-making,
you'll know I'm not.
-It's you and I.
[upbeat music plays]
-[Teju and Joy laughing]
-Abami! Abami!
-[Teju in English] What do you mean?
-[Joy] Be on time.
[Teju] Yes!
-[conversing indistinctly]
-[dreamy music plays]
[Sam] Yo, Teju.
[in Pidgin] What's up?
[in English] You're missing
too many classes.
[in Yoruba] Look
[in English] Didn't know we had class.
Well, if you were at the last one,
you would know about this one.
See? That Rekya girl,
she's a bad influence on you.
[in Pidgin] Leave Rekya out of this.
She and I are close.
[in English] Why are you
giving me attitude?
[in Pidgin] What's wrong with you?
[in English] 'Cause I didn't come
to fellowship?
No. But why did you miss it?
I'm busy.
I have gigs. I have rehearsals to plan.
[in Pidgin] I'm hustling.
[in English] I promise,
next one, I'll come.
-You prom-- For real, really?
-I promise.
-But only one condition.
Give me Joy's room number.
-[in Pidgin] Please!
[in English] Yes.
[Sam] Teju!
Teju, now!
[music playing over car stereo]
Hey, Joy girl!
[laughs] She remembers me!
I'm surprised you remember me.
You're the most unforgettable person
in the world.
[laughs] Story.
Hop in. Let me drop you off.
I don't know.
[in Pidgin] Please come. I won't bite.
[in English] I promise.
Would you like me tochange the music?
Why? Because I'm a Christian,
I can't listen to Fela?
Well, do you?
Yes! My dad was actually a radio man
for several years.
He worked at FRCN, and he had so many LPs.
We even used to have this big old thing
in our living room, a radiogram.
We used to have one.
That radiogram became
my personal property at some point.
I would listen to record after record.
-Jimmy Cliff, theEverly Brothers
Skeeter Davis, Christy Essien-Igbokwe,
Oliver De Coque.
-Oliver De Coque?
[both laugh]
You don't look like someone
who's into all that old stuff.
Oh, I listen to everything.
I love music.
I don't really have a good singing voice,
but I like to torture them
with special numbers at the fellowship
from time to time.
But, you know, the Bible did say
you can make a joyful noise to the Lord.
[both laugh]
Oh But my dad, he has a marvelous voice.
-[Joy continues speaking indistinctly]
-[Sam] Man I'm in trouble.
I inherited
I can't even breathe properly
just looking at this girl.
-She's not even my spec.
-But I remember
So skinny.
Yet I'm losing my mind over her.
He was telling stories
Jesus, what am I going to do?
-I'm fucked.
-Michael Jackson.
-Michael Jackson?
-[laughs] Yes.
-[both laugh]
-He interviewed Michael Jackson.
-You're lying.
-I'm telling you!
I think it was, actually, maybe,
when he had just released "Bad,"
or maybe it might have been [laughing]
[Joy inhales, sighs]
Hey, Joy
this might sound crazy, but, um
I like you very much.
Like, very, very much.
Thank you for the ride, but I have to go.
Wait, hold on.
I know this may be
all so sudden, you know?
[exhales sharply]
I feel like there's something, you know?
And it's even, like,
frightening for me, the
"bad guy,"
"bad boy."
You're not a bad guy, Sam.
You know what?
Let's be friends.
For now.
I'd be cool with us being friends.
Would you do that for me?
-Joy girl
Good night, Sam.
Good night.
[chuckles softly]
[singing in Yoruba]
-[in English] Daddy Samuel.
I want to go to Lagos and look for him.
[continues singing in Yoruba]
[mother sniffles]
[continues singing]
[laughs, continues singing]
[Joy] Teju!
Teju, hey, wait!
-Teju, what's going on?
You've been avoiding me
for two days now, or ignoring me.
-Have I done something wrong?
-Joy, I-- I'm fine.
-I just want to be alone for some time.
-Be alone how?
Teju, you-- I'm coming with you
whether you like it or not!
Joy, please, just-- just leave me alone.
Okay? Just go.
[gentle piano music plays]
You are far
Far as the sky
You are always on my mind
You are far
-[Joy] Praise the Lord.
-[congregation] Hallelujah!
My brothers and my sisters,
a lot of times in life,
we start out on a journey
filled with optimism and energy.
The shoe starts to pinch,
and the sun starts to hammer your head.
But, my brothers and sisters,
be anxious for nothing.
Maybe I miss you
Maybe I miss you
[Joy] In Philippians 3, verses 13 to 14,
Paul said
You are far
Far as the sky
You are always on my mind
You are far, baby
Far away
You're always on my mind
Always on my
-[song ends]
-[clicks tongue]
[slow clapping]
That was all for me?
[clicks tongue]
[Sam] Babes.
-Where have you been, now?
[feedback whines]
[Reks] You have a letter
from your mama again.
-[in Pidgin] You won't reply?
-[in English] Stop.
But I don't understand, now.
You used to tell me about your papa
beating you, disgracing you,
humiliating you,
so I understand, I understand,
you don't want to talk to your papa.
[in Pidgin] But what'd your mother do?
Why're you punishing her?
-[in English] I'm not punishing her.
-Then reply. She's worried about you.
She doesn't want my letters, Rekya.
She wants me!
She wants me to come back home.
I can't go back.
I thought you understood.
[scoffs] I don't understand, though.
I told her to forget about me.
Or that she never gave birth to me.
[in Pidgin] What?
-[in English] Because I'm even dead.
[snaps fingers] You joking?
[Sam] I'm not the son she prayed for.
She named me "Samuel."
-Rekya, Samuel!
Do you know who Samuel is?
A biblical prophet.
That's not me.
And that will never be me.
[in Pidgin] Sam, do you have any sense?
[in English] You listening
to what you're saying?
Your mother should pretend you're dead?
Are you joking? For what?
Why can't you just pretend
to be what they want you to be?
Will it kill you?
Everybody does what they need to
to survive.
If it's to pretend
for that dumb church girl,
you'll follow her like a fly,
up and down, fellowships, bible studies.
-Everywhere you go--
Listen, don't you ever make reference
to that girl's name in your life again.
I love her!
And I would do anything for her.
[Reks scoffs]
You hear me?You hear me?
[door opens, closes]
[clicks tongue]
[in Pidgin] Nonsense.
[in English] Rubbish.
[seagulls squawking]
[man] Sister Joy.
Oh, uh, Pastor BJ!
Wh What are you doing here?
Oh, I was just, uh,
passing by and I saw you.
What are you doing here?
I'm just waiting for someone.
[chuckles softly]
Sister Joy, is that someone,
in any way, Brother Sam?
Or should I say, Brother Abami?
You and I both know that
that boy is no brother of yours.
-But you've been hanging out with him--
-He's just a friend.
The Bible says in the book of James 4:4
that friendship with the world
is enmity with God.
A boy who smokes, drinks, womanizes,
and performs the devil's music
at worldly gatherings?
That's someone you call your friend?
Uh Pastor BJ
[hesitates] I don't know
what you think is going on,
-but I'm just trying to--
-Save him?
Sister Joy, do you know who that boy is?
What do you mean?
Have you ever
heard of Prophet Josiah Obalolu?
My mom used to watch his TV services.
Samuel is his first son!
That boy is a total disgrace
to his father's name.
-And pain in his mother's heart.
-[tense music playing]
He was brought up in the ways of the Lord.
But ever since he came to this university,
he has totally forgotten the Lord.
That is someone you want to save?
[clicks tongue]
All he's going to do
is pull you from the light into darkness.
Focus on the Lord, Sister Joy.
-Focus on the Lord.
-[Sam] Hey! Pastor BJ!
[music fades]
Sorry I'm late.
Babes, what's wrong?
I can't meet you again.
[sad piano music plays]
[in Pidgin] Why?
[in English] I don't understand.
Meet me how?
I didn't know
you were Prophet JosiahObalolu's son.
You didn't tell me!
Why did I need to tell you?
Are you dating me or my surname?
-Because I'm some prophet's son?
-"Some prophet"?
Joy, please, speak to me,
wait, what's going on?
Talk to me.
[in Pidgin] Are you with me or not?
Speak your mind.
[in English] Sam
If you can hide
something like that from me,
what else can you hide?
Babes Babes, babes, wait now.
I was not hiding from you.
-Sam, I can't do this.
-Babes, babes, I wasn't hiding--
-I need to focus on my faith.
[mellow music plays]
[Reks sighs]
Welcome home. [giggles]
Babe, this is us. This is us!
-Look now! We did it!
We did it!
This is for us, babe! This is ours!
-Come, let me show, come! Come!
[in Pidgin] Look at it!Look at it!
Look at it, my guy!
-[in English] Flat screen!
-[in Pidgin] Of course.
You haven't seen anything yet.
[in Pidgin] Yes, it's me.
This house, I paid in cash.
-Cash! I paid it!
-That's a lie.
[in English] I swear! Mm! Me!
-[clicks tongue]
[in Pidgin] Guy, I'm hustling.
You're reading books.
Guy, forget school stuff. I dropped out.
Are we together?
Yes, we're together.
Will you drop out?
Leave school?
-I don't know.
-You don't know?
[in English] No problem, now.
[clicks tongue]
[in Pidgin] Anyways, I'm leaving Nigeria.
Forget all that school stuff.
So, where are you going?
-What'll you do?
-What's it got to do with you?
You're not leaving.
[clicks tongue]
Me, I'll leave Nigeria, like
Somewhere with blue skies, nice music.
Men that have money.
[in English] Ah, God.
[in Pidgin] I will enjoy this life.
I will enjoy it. Ah
["Shoot Your Shot"
by Tchella and Dannybeats plays]
I tell you
Say I like you
But you reply me with emoji
I'm writing sweet songs for you
Giving you melody
I be like, say you don't want this
'Cause a lot of times you don't notice
[Sam in English] My dearest Joy,
I know that there are
so many differences between us.
You're perfect and I'm broken.
You light up the world,
and I am a shadow.
Now you are getting me confused
'Cause my emotions have been bruised
So you better speak up
'Cause I'm about to give up
[Sam] I have nothing to give you
except my heart and this promise,
that where you go,
I will go.
I need you, Joy.
You better shoot your shot, oh
Better shoot your shot
Load up, load up
Pick the phone up, phone up
Just tell me what you want, oh
You better shoot your shot, oh
Load up, load up
Pick the phone up, phone up
Just tell me what you want, oh
You better shoot your shot, oh
So I'm giving you space
And I'm runnin' my race
'Cause I'm done with the chase
Oh, girl, I don't tire
I don't tire
[song fades]
I love you, Joy.
I know.
-[Sam] Oh.
-[Joy] That's good.
-[both laugh]
-Instead of going to class,
they're here dancing.
Here, bust-- bust some moves out.
[Sam] You have dreams, Joy. So many.
I have only nightmares.
I have nothing to give you
except my heart and this promise,
that where you go,
I will go.
And where you stay, I will stay.
Your people will be my people
and your God my God.
[chuckles softly]
-Hey, babe.
What's wrong?
[chuckles softly]
What's wrong?
I don't know.
It just feels like
we've been distant of late.
Sam, you know I've been busy,
and I'm sorry I haven't been
spending much time together.
These finals, I've been stressed out.
-I mean--
-And here I am adding to your stress.
No, not at all!
Not at all.
It's just
I wish I were graduating too, you know?
If not for that stupid carryover,
we'd be together.
you know we'll always be together.
Travelling the world,
preaching the Gospel, doing the ministry.
It's our destiny.
[chuckles softly]
[sighs] Fellowship, your last one.
[Joy] What's happening here?
It's not time for fellowship yet.
[chuckles] Look.
What?! A surprise grad
Sam, did you know about this?
Ah, Pastor Joy, please come.
I'd like you to meet our guest minister
for today's special graduation ceremony.
-All the way from Abuja, Pastor Zach Agu.
-[chuckles] Ah.
Oh This is the pastor you told me about?
[BJ] Yes, of course.
-[Zach] It's such a pleasure to meet you.
-It's nice to meet you too, Pastor Zach.
This has been such a surprise
for me and all of us graduating students.
-God is good.
-[BJ] The work she's done--
[Sam clears throat]
-[BJ] And, oh, of course, Brother Sam.
-I'm Sam.
Uh, hi. Nice to meet you, brother.
-[Joy] Thank you.
-[Zach] Is it okay if she shows me around?
[BJ] Ah, but of course!
Please show Pastor Zach around
while I make the final preparations.
-You don't mind?
-Yes, I don't.
-I hope you don't mind.
-No. Not at all.
-[Zach] Wonderful.
-[Joy] We can make our way.
[BJ] Ah, thank you very much,
our wonderful choir,
for that amazing ministration.
-[BJ] Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Now, brothers and sisters,
the moment we have all
been waiting for is here.
And I will need you all
to get up on your feet
because we need to show him what we're
made of in Amazing Grace Fellowship.
-[people] Yes!
-[BJ] Now, with a resounding applause,
let us make welcome
our guest speaker for today,
all the way from Abuja, Pastor Zach Agu.
[all cheering]
[BJ] Praise God, somebody!
Praise the Lord!
-[man] Hallelujah!
-[BJ] Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you, thank you.
Keep it coming! Keep it coming! Yes!
-[Zach] Somebody say, "God is good."
-[all] God is good!
-[Zach] Say, "God is good all the time."
-[all] God is good all the time.
[Joy] I had so much fun.
[both chuckle]
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
[gentle music plays]
Hey, but what did you think
about that fake pastor?
Pastor Zach?
How is he a fake pastor?
I don't know.
I just could see through his fake acts.
"Coulda, woulda, shoulda"
I mean, who talks like that, you know?
Uh, I I didn't notice.
[exhales] It's fine.
Tonight is about you and I.
I'm gonna miss you, Sam.
I'll miss you too.
I know we'll see each other soon.
[Sam chuckles softly]
Hey, I got you a gift.
Come here.
[breathes deeply]
[chuckles softly]
Every time you wear it,
I want you to know that you have my heart.
You're beautiful.
[music continues]
[continues typing]
[Sam] It's been four months.
Four months of sending her emails,
writing her countlessly.
She's not replied once.
-It's like I'm going crazy or something.
Don't say that. [snaps fingers]
You're not going crazy, in Jesus' name.
Ah, but, Brother Sam, uh,
correct me if I'm wrong,
the last time we had this conversation,
you made me understand
that you guys had been in touch.
-What's up with that?
-I lied.
Eh, but, please, anything you have,
number, address, what--
I just need to contact her.
I can't keep living like this.
[in Pidgin] Please.
[smacks lips, sighs]
[in English] Brother Sam,
the first few months of Youth Service
is always very challenging and tough.
Give me a few days.
I'll ask one of the sisters in the church.
I'm not giving you any guarantees.
But if they've heard something,
I will let you know, okay?
Thank you.
-It's okay, Sam.
-[in Pidgin] Don't forget.
[in English] It's okay.
Remain blessed, Brother Sam.
Where is Joy?
Excuse me?
You've been avoiding me.
You still don't know?
I'm going to be upfront with you.
Joy is married.
[in Pidgin]What?
[in English] Joy is married.
[laughs] Hey!
Listen, listen, Brother Sam,
I can't help you with this.
[in Pidgin] Who she marry?
Who did she marry?!
I messed up!
[in English] Listen, listen,
Brother Sam, Brother Sam,
it's obvious Pastor Joy
has moved on with her life.
Do the same,
and find Christ while you're at it.
Fuck you!
Black sheep.
[knocking at door]
[Teju] Sam!
[grunts, knocks at door]
Sam, can you hear me?
[knocking at door]
[Teju sighs]
[door opens]
[footsteps approaching]
Sam! Sam!
Sam! Sam!
Wake up!
Are you okay?
-[clicks tongue] Oh, Sam
-[sobbing softly]
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
-You got it?
Let me see.
The answer is
You got it!
Well done.
[laughs] You got it. Stop it!
Thank you, Lord.Thank you, Lord.
Thank you, Lord,
for waking us up this morning.
Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to get
to and from our destination safely.
Thank you, Lord, for protecting us.
In the mighty name of Jesus,
Lord God, we thank you.
We thank you for this Sunday service.
We thank you for allowing us
to get here safely.
Allow the Spirit
to move within my husband--
[Nonso] Mr. and Mrs. Obalolu.
-[in Pidgin] I will marry.
-Guy, you're playing with me?
-You're playing with me!
-Is that how sweet marriage is? [laughs]
[in English] You look good.
-[in Pidgin] How are you?
-Fine. Uh [clears throat]
-[in English] Reverend wants to see you.
[in Pidgin] What's she want?
[in English] Don't know,
but you need to hurry up.
Service is about to start, all right?
[organ music playing softly]
[music stops]
Good morning.
Minister Sammy!
Yes, Ma?
Bishop's chair?
Sorry, Ma.
Are you mad?
There has been concerns
about the song you have been singing.
-Not spiritual enough--
-Not spiritual enough?
Let me finish!
[clears throat] What song
do you want to sing today?
It's an original song.
Can't you people
sing simple Nigerian praise songs?
But we perform Nigerian praise songs.
That is another problem.
That is so carnal and disgusting!
Minister Sam,
we don't pay you a fat salary
for you to dress fancy and ridiculous.
We pay you to lead us
into the presence of God.
Please, change the song.
Ahem, Minister Sammy,
before you glide back,
remove those things from your neck.
It is too shiny
and it's entering the eyes of girls.
-Before you minister. Do you hear me?
-[funky music plays]
-Somebody say, "Yeah!"
-[congregation cheering] Yeah!
He be the god
Of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
He be the lion for the people of Judah
Elohim, Adonai
[continues singing]
-[congregation cheers]
-[continues singing]
[continues singing]
[congregation cheering]
[music fading]
-It was amazing.
-I know.
-I felt the Spirit in todays' service.
-And the song.
-In fact, I need to speak to Sam.
-Well, he's-- he's over there.
-I know.
-[woman] Thank you.
Um, Reverend wants to see you.
-[Sam] Mm-hmm?
[in Pidgin] What does Reverend want?
She want my blood? Ah-ah!
[Nonso in English]
Leave these girls alone.
[in Pidgin] So you don't get exposed.
[Sam] I can't take it anymore.
It took every ounce of self-control in me
not to punch that bitch in the face.
-Ah, Samuel
-You're not listening, and you never have!
[in Pidgin] When it comes to church,
you don't care!
[in English] You don't have to
deal with her as a boss.
Three years?
Three years of dealing with that bullshit!
Samuel, the kind of language that comes
out of your mouth sometimes
That woman is an anointed woman of God.
-You have to be careful.
-Anointed, my ass.
Jesus! Samuel!
See, Teju, you know me.
You know my story.
Three years ago, when you told me
to do this church music director bullshit,
I told you I don't like church business.
Well, actually, you tell me
every single day, actually.
-Every day, you tell me.
So, now I'm telling you for the last time.
This time for real.
I'm not going back there.
I'm sorry.
-Okay, so then what are you going to do?
Anything. We'll figure out something.
Anything's better than that church thing.
Teju, please,
let me have my afternoon nap.
Mm, Sam, Sam
-Are you listening?
-[clicks tongue]
-I already know what you'll say.
-Are you listening?
-I'm listening.
Six months.
-Just stick with it.
Just another six months.
Between now and-- and December, that's it.
You can use the time to plan
and to think about what you want to do.
Save, a new business
Just-- Just six months.
-Six months?
Six months.
Just plan before that time I don't
take a gun and put one in her head.
Sam, you can't say that kind of stuff.
[both laughing, kissing]
Marrying you was
the best decision I ever made.
[Teju giggles]
[gentle music plays]
I did it, Sam.
I left Zach.
It was a mistake
leaving you and marrying him.
Biggest mistake of my life.
But, what about Teju?
Shh. She's gone too.
Oh, Joy
Good morning, baby.
[groans contentedly]
Let me go make you some breakfast. Hmm?
[both sigh]
[Reverend] Some of you have been
in this church for more than five years.
Yet there's nothing
to show for it in your lives.
-You are a disgrace to the body of Christ.
-[congregation exclaims]
[reverend] Yes!
When we tell you what works,
you say "no", you will do it your own way.
"Sow seed."
[in Igbo] "No."
[in English] "Pay your tithes." "No."
"Give to the building project."
-[congregation exclaims]
How can the work of God go forward
without your money?
[congregation] No!
[reverend] Yet you want God to bless you.
-[reverend continues indistinctly]
it is time.
Time for what?
It's time to clean up.
I am asking all of you. Are you a fool?
[congregation] Are you a fool?
Somebody, praise the Lord.
Church business
is big business now, my brother.
-Bigger than oil and gas.
-[in Pidgin] What can we say?
-[in English] Amen to Jesus.
-[congregation] Amen!
Thanks, everyone, for your contribution
towards the success of today's service.
We recognize and we appreciate what you do
towards ensuring that the work of God
is advanced in this assembly.
And guess what?
God Almightyrecognizes you too.
That is why we should strive for better,
so that our God will be further glorified.
[all] Amen!
-Amen. [clears throat]
-Eh, Mummy?
[clears throat]
Like the Bishop has already said,
we appreciate you people.
The only problem is
there are things
we have spoken about in the past
that are still cropping up today.
It's as if you people
are dense on purpose.
Why are you looking
at yourselves like that?
Don't make me angry today.
Yes! Sound people,
it's as if you people are demonic.
Yes! I mean,
all throughout the message today,
there was one whining sound
coming out from one of the speakers.
-Daddy, didn't you hear it?
[reverend] Eh.
We pay you people a lot of money,
and yet,
we cannot preach God's words
without one demon
crying from one of the speakers.
-Mama, it's not-- We're not--
-[reverend] Excuse me, let me finish.
Minister Sammy thinks I am funny.
I've become a comedian.
[in Igbo] Right?
[in English] I am, uh
What is that comedian?
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.
-I'm sorry, Ma.
-[reverend] Ah, you're sorry?
You are not sorry.
I have given you a long rope,
and you will soon hang yourself with it.
Look at yourself.
He thinks he's he's Michael Jackson,
dressing very carnal.
Please. You people
should just pack your stuff and go.
I am done.
I don't want you people
to kill me before my time.
Uh, hey, Minister Sammy and Sister Teju,
come back, your own case is different.
[bishop] Uh-huh.
[clears throat]
A very serious matter has been
brought to our attention, Minister Sam.
As it is, you are under investigation
for sexual misdemeanor
with young female members.
Eh! Our sources are reliable.
And, uh, Mommy and I,
we have had calls in the past
to observe some things.
It's only that, uh,
the evidence is, uh, not quite enough
to go on at the moment.
[bishop] So, Minister Sam,
you are advised to conduct yourself
with uttermost discretion
for the time being.
This matter will be visited again soon,
pending the outcome of the investigations.
-You may go. Mommy, they can go, right?
-[reverend] Yes.
[bishop] You may go.
[Teju] All I am saying
is that there is no smoke without fire.
People wouldn't just make stuff up,
they must've seen something!
-[Sam] Seen what?!
Who told you
that there's no smoke without fire, eh?
So people don't make stuff up anymore?
People have been jealous of you before.
Oh, it's because they're jealous.
Is that why you stopped sleeping with me?
Don't fucking do that,Teju.
You want to investigate me
when we should be investigating you!
Every day, every Sunday!
Tithe, offering, give,
give, serve, serve, church seed.
You want to investigate me, fuck you!
-Sam, please just calm down.
-Shut up!
You call yourself my wife,
but you believe them over me.
If it's true, where's the evidence? Hmm?
Where are the ladies
that are accusing me?!
[softly] Sam
[sputters] Sam, I didn't say
that I believe them.
I just feel that
We need to understand
why they came to such conclusions.
-That's-- That's all I'm saying.
You know what?
I cannot continue
to endure a marriage without trust.
Sam, where are you going?
[sad piano music plays]
This marriage was a mistake
from the beginning.
[inhales, exhales shuddering breath]
[music continues]
Sam, are you home? Sam?!
[music continues]
Sam, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[music fades]
[woman] Hello, Brother Sam.
-Yes, we need to talk.
-[Sam] Talk about what?
What are we going to do?
The baby is growing.
Who is "we"?
-Listen, Jojo.
-No. No, no, no, no, no, no.
-I've already arranged what you should do.
Don't call me again.
[line beeps]
[music resumes]
[exhales shuddering breath]
[knock at door]
Uh, good day, Ma.
-I have a delivery for you.
-Uh, okay, is that it?
-Yeah, that's all.
-Okay, thank you.
-All right, welcome. Bye.
[music continues]
[woman] Hello, Sam,
I've been trying to reach you,
but obviously you've
made yourself unreachable.
Well, I've decided to do what you wish.
After all, what will I do
with a baby at this age?
[music fades]
[phone ringing]
Hello? Sammy King.
Reks, you're in this country?
You're in town? You're alive?!
[mellow hip-hop music plays]
-This is your house?
-Yes, of course.
[Sam chuckling]
You, eh? You've always been a bad bitch!
[Reks] You know, now.
You know me, babe. Come on.
[Sam] Hey!
[both laughing]
This, babe!
So, you've been abroad all this while?
Ah, guy, the first opportunity
I could take
-[in Yoruba] I left immediately!
[in English] Guy, it was risky!
I had to transport some sensitive stuff,
but as God would have it
[in Pidgin] We've made it!
[in English] I'm enjoying life now.
-[both laugh]
-I'm enjoying, I swear.
And now?
I'm into music.
Yes. [chuckles]
Guy, I have like two songs on radio,
trust me!
I'm becoming a star.
I'm having a video shoot in two weeks.
[in Pidgin] Will you come?
Of course I'll come.
-[in English] Anything for you.
[sighs] Ah.
-God! You look so different.
-You look different too, now.
Wait, what?
It's been like nine years since
Ugh. God! I feel old.
[laughs] No, now, that's not what I mean.
So, church? You?!
[laughs] A church boy?
[in Pidgin] Oh, please!
You, this criminal!
[in English] I can't believe you married
that cringey church girl.
Stop, don't do that.
At the end of the day, man,
I was at a very bad place,
and Teju was there for me.
-[in Pidgin] You left me.
[in English] It's that girl
that messed you up.
-[clicks tongue] Ah
Eh! Joy!
That's the girl that fucked you up.
That's her.
-[both chuckle]
-[in Pidgin] She's a witch.
[Reks clicks tongue]
[in English] You see that church matter?
-Biggest regret of my life, I swear.
-Are you joking?
But there's money in church!
[in Pidgin] The kind of money
in church business
surpasses prostitution, politics,
gambling, anything!
[in English] Church is where the money is.
Guy, if I could be a hypocrite,
I'd become a pastor myself. I swear.
[in Pidgin] Pastor Reksy, you get me?
[both laugh]
But, guy, you can do this thing, now!
You can! Like [clicks tongue]
Pastor Sammy King.
[in pidgin] Guy, it'll work, I swear!
The kind of money you'll make,
don't waste this opportunity!
Guy, don't overthink it, just do it!
[mellow music playing]
[music continues]
[music fades]
[crickets chirping]
[in English] Teju?
-Teju, wake up.
What's wrong? What's the matter?
Teju, I just heard from God.
I just heard from God.
He called my name three times.
"Samuel. Samuel. Samuel."
Are you serious?
Told me to get into ministry,
just like my father.
Oh, Sam.
I've always known
that there's a calling on your life.
Ever since we were kids.
You know, I've run away
from this for so long.
-I've said yes to the Lord, finally.
[kisses] Sam
I can't do this on my own.
I need you.
Sam, of course.
-You're in?
-I'll always be here, always.
Oh, thank you, Jesus!
Thank you, Lord!
[mellow dance music plays]
Put this one up there.
"Enemies of Satan Ministries."
-[Sam] Ah!
[Sam chuckles]
-You're not taking this thing seriously.
-I am! I'm very serious.
[Sam] I wrote a couple down. Let me
[Teju] Lay it on me.
-"Run For Your Life Ministry."
-[Sam] "Helicopter of Jesus Ministries."
-[laughs] What?! No! That does not work.
Okay, okay. "Atomic Bomb
Bible Brigade Ministry."
[laughs] Does that even
sound right to you?
-[Sam] "Laboratory of Christ".
[Sam] Whoa! Teju, I'm tired.
"Vineyard of Love Ministries".
I like that.
"Vineyard of Love Ministries".
"Vineyard of Love Ministries".
I love that.
We got it.
[woman laughs] Mm
-Hello, ma'am, welcome.
-Good day.
-Good day, welcome.
Ah! Senator Bolaji!
-Good morning!How are you?
-Good morning!
-Please, uh, come in, sir.
-I have heard about this church.
-Oh, really?
-I've been looking forward to coming.
-That's why I'm here today.
-Oh! Great to have you here. Dear, please.
Of course. Welcome.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
[hailing] Man of God!
[squeals] Babe!
Babe, I can't believe you actually did it.
[squeals] I'm so proud of you, I swear!
[in Pidgin] Look, this level
that you've gotten to,
we're going to take it higher.
-We will cash out!
-Reks, you've come again!
-What happened? Who are they?
[in English] See, you just landed
the juiciest gig of all time!
-Eh? In the name of God PLC!
-I didn't get into this thing for money.
[in Pidgin] Don't try me tonight!
I'll hurt you!
-[both laugh]
-Don't try me tonight!
Where are you going?
[both laughing]
Whoever doesn't own a church
is in big trouble!
You'll cash out, I swear.
[in English] Ah Gosh!
[in Pidgin] Money is so sweet! Trust me.
-[both chuckling]
-It's sweet!
-[Sam in English] Praise the Lord.
-[congregation] Hallelujah!
You know, the Bible does say that we shall
not despise the days of little beginnings.
And so today, I want to take the time
to specially appreciate
every single one of you
for worshipping with us here
at the Vineyard Of Love Church.
-Put your hands together for yourselves.
Now, I want you to tell your neighbor
to tell your friend to tell another friend
that great things are happening here
at the Vineyard of Love Church.
Thank you so much
for starting this beautiful church.
Oh! Glory to God.
They're lots of us, you know,
from Triumphant Church.
Triumphant Church?
We came straight here
when we heard you started this church.
Amazing! God bless you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you. God bless you. Thank you.
A face from Triumphant Way, if I reckon?
Never been.
But I reckon, you know a few young ladies.
[ominous music plays]
Oh, pardon?
Uh, I mean
I just like your church,
it's youth-oriented.
It's nice.
Thank God-- God bless you.
Hello, sir.
-Hello, Pastor.
-Hope you enjoyed service?
-God bless you, Daddy.
Inspector, sir, I just want to understand
what you mean when you say "evidence."
I mean, she was my sister,
and I was aware she was dating Sammy King.
And I'm also aware
that he was the one that got her pregnant.
I mean
[sobs] I just wish
I could have done something more.
-I just wished I could have--
-Miss Es Miss Esiri!
Calm down, please.
But I'm trying now.
I'm trying.
[sniffles] I'm trying.
And I cannot let that murderer
get away with my sister's death.
As I have said times without number,
we cannot just make a case
out of Mr. King cheating on his wife
or getting your sister pregnant.
If you can prove
that Mr. King forced your sister
to have an abortion against her will,
then we have a case.
Not with word of mouth,
but with evidence.
What about phone conversations?
Do you have any pictures
of them together?
Did your sister keep a journal?
Miss Esiri, I would love to help you, but
you need to come to me with one of these.
If I can lay my hand on any of them,
I promise you, I will reopen the case.
[phone chimes]
Oh, no, no, no.
Nothing. It's-- It's fine, it's just
I mean, it's, uh Tito is in town.
Oh, okay. That's nice.
Yeah, I just wanted to find out
if there were any mistakes
about the money
that came into the account.
[Reks] Is that why you called me?
See how you're shaking
just because of 50 million naira.
Yeah, I know, but,Reks, it's
What kind of business are we into?
[in Pidgin] Please relax.
[in English] Don't worry, you'll never get
that chicken change from me again.
[Teju] Is everything okay?
Yeah, yeah. No problem.
Pastor Tito is in town,
he's visiting our parish soon.
That's nice.
["Dice" by Prodigal plays]
[Teju] Mm.
Dicey, dice, yeah
[sirens wailing]
Nah, this one the story
Let's go
The story starts
Like all the men that came before
But none compare
To all of the man that I'm gonna be
That's why I'm asking God
To guide me through the mud
I wanna release the body
This is the life of a prodigal
I want it all
A runaway
A warrior
They gonna fall like dominoes
I'll get back up
[Teju] Praise the Lord!
[congregation] Hallelujah!
People of God,
are you ready for the Word today?
[congregation] Yeah!
Then put your hands together
-for your pastor
[congregation cheering]
my husband,
Pastor Samuel King.
God has been good.
[applause and cheers continue]
[Sam] God has been good to us.
[band starts to play softly]
God has been good.
[congregation agreeing]
But first of all, I feel honored
to be in your presence this morning.
You all look beautiful
in the presence of the Lord.
Put your hands together for yourselves.
God is good
He has done me well
Oh my soul
Rise up and praise the Lord
[choir] God is good
He has done me well
Oh my soul
Rise up and praise the Lord
Can I open my eyes now?
[both chuckle]
[Teju gasps]
-Welcome to your new home.
[squeals happily]
[both laugh]
Welcome home, baby!
-My God!
-Babe, look at-- look at the view!
[Teju squeals happily]
Babe! Babe! [gasps]
And it's fully furnished!
[squeals, laughs happily]
I love it! It's gorgeous!
Oh, my goodness, babe! Babe!
-You like?
-Oh, baby, I love it!
Whoo! Let's welcome Sister Jane to Church.
[Sam] Today, we're going to be
talking about money. Somebody say "money."
-[mellow music plays]
We're not poor in this church,
and my goal is to raise
1,000 millionaires in this church.
[congregation cheering]
-[Sam] Amen?
-[man] Glory!
I own the gold and the silver.
-I own the cattle on a thousand hills.
-[congregation cheers]
And if my God said it,
and if I am His son,
He's my father, then it means
that I have an inheritance.
[choir] Hallelujah
[Sam] Even if you sin
from now till eternity,
you can never out-sin the blood
that Jesus shed on the cross of Calvary.
[choir in Pidgin]
Jesus, you be number one
All other gods are fake
[Sam in English] Now, say it with me.
-[man] Jesus!
-Paid it all!
-[man] Paid it all!
I said Jesus paid it all for me!
Hallelujah! Come on,
put your hands together
-for the best choir in the world!
[music fades]
You know my wife?
[mysterious music plays]
[Joy] Uh, Zach, this is Sam.
[Sam] Zach, you're the sound engineer.
[chuckles, laughs]
Nonso, come! Come meet, uh,Zach.
Oh, Teju, just in time.
Look who's here. Come, look.
[Sam] Life
Oh, hi, Joy. It's been a while.
Good to see you again.
So good to see you,Joy.
It's good to see you too, Sam.
It's a It's a nice place you have.
Oh, please, um, join us. Have a seat.
-Sure, sure.
-[Sam] Yes.
Who would have thought, right?
Sam becoming a pastor and doing so well.
You know, that-- that church is
That church is impressive.
Hi, Sam, uh, I'm fine.
How are you? Uh, how's your wife?
Pastor Sam,
it's such a pleasure to meet you.
I'm Bolanle Austen Peters,
my daughter attends your church.
-Oh! We love parents at our church.
-[chuckles] Thank you for all that you do.
-Oh, you should come--
-Thank you so much.
Thank you. Oh. [chuckles]
-See you later.
-Peace be with you.
I don't know why I'm here, Sam. I
I shouldn't be here.
Thanks for agreeing to see me.
This is so unreal.
You look and seem so different.
[Sam chuckles]
You You look the same.
Age hasn't done anything to you.
You look beautiful.
[enchanting music plays]
-Sorry. I
-Joy, relax. Mm?
We're just two old friends
catching up, eh? [chuckles]
-Sorry if I seem a bit uptight.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
This is all just a lot.
I mean, seeing you in that big church
[both chuckle]
pastoring so effortlessly. I mean
Don't be surprised,Joy.
You planted the seed in me.
You said that I was
destined for great things.
[music fades]
I did, didn't I?
You also said
that we were destined to be together.
That was such a long time ago,
and everything happened so quickly and I--
No! Joy, Joy,
don't-- don't beat yourself up about it.
-[melancholy music plays]
-[chuckles softly]
Yes, when you left, there was
that pain made me who I am today.
So, thanks to you.
So, um how is Zach?
He's still a pastor, right?
How's the ministry?
Well, uh,
after a few years,
Zach grew more and more disenchanted
with pastoring at the church.
Money was tight, and, um,
it just became more and more impractical
to rely on tithes and offerings
for a living, so
One day, he said he was quitting.
Joy, I'm so sorry.
I know how much ministry meant to you.
But, Joy, Joy, look at me.
It's never too late to turn around.
Head in the right direction.
Sam, I'm so happy for you.
I really am.
-[Sam] Joy?
And I'm sorry
for how everything turned out,
but I'm committed to Zach.
He's my husband and I love him.
-Joy, don't go.
-I shouldn't have come.
-This was a mistake.
[music fades]
Pastor Sam,
this man says he's your brother.
[Daniel inhales]
Oh, Danny
[ominous music plays]
All these years
But you didn't look back once.
You've made it very clear
that you no longer wanted
to have anything to do with your family.
And we've respected your wishes
all these years.
The only reason I'm here
is because our mother made me promise to.
How is she?
She died.
[sentimental music plays]
Mama is dead?
I just want to know.
What is your problem?
What did they do to you
that that was so unforgivable?
All these years,
you didn't look back once.
You never even came home.
Our father has sat at the gate,
day after day,
waiting for you to come back.
Our mother died of a broken heart.
But look at you.
-[sobs softly]
-Their almighty firstborn son.
Is this it?
This is why?
[clicks tongue]
I'm sorry.
Please. I'm sorry I failed you.
Forgive me.
Please, come.
[both sobbing]
Why? [sniffles]
Samuel, why?!
-[Sam sniffling]
Why?! [sobbing]
Oh, Daniel.
[sobbing] Why?
-[Sam] Listen
I need-- I need you to go get Dad.
Go get Dad.
Whatever Whatever you need.
Do you need money?
Are you-- Are you listening to yourself?
You're even more foolish than I imagined.
Now, listen to me very carefully, Samuel.
You have very little time
to change your ways,
your time is coming.
[stifles sob]
[Daniel and prophet] There is a way
that seems right to a man,
but the end thereof is destruction.
H-- How dare you say that to me?!
How dare you?!
[melancholy music plays]
[Reks] Mm.
[clicks tongue, grunts]
God, Sam! What's up now?
What's up? You're so distant.
What's going on?
[music fades]
[sighs, clicks tongue]
Talk to me, now.
I need money.
[clicks tongue] That's why
you don't want to give me--
I need a lot of money.
A substantial amount of raw cash.
Like, how much are you
How much are you talking?
-Enough to leave the country.
[in Pidgin] What happened?
[in English] Do you have
any opportunities coming soon?
Things are on ground, but it's not small--
I want in. I want in.
[in Pidgin] Slow down, now.
What happened?
[in English] See, look
[in Pidgin] Give me the details.
Shit. Tell me.
[in English] It's not
all these small play.
It's not powder business again, it's--
Reks, I don't care about the details.
Just let me know how much I can put in
and how much I stand to gain.
But I need this money, like, yesterday.
-[birds chirping]
-[phone chimes]
[clicks tongue]
Sam, please stop.
Just stop texting me.
I'm committed to Zach.
Don't text me again.
[line ringing]
-[clicks tongue]
[Zach] Hey, babe.
Hi, darling.
-[Zach] Are you okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
Who was, uh Who was that on the phone?
[clicks tongue, sighs deeply]
-[glass clinks]
sit down.
[sighs heavily]
We need to talk.
I heard the phone call.
Zach, I've never cheated on you.
-I've never!
-I'm not
Let me talk, please.
The truth is
none of us are perfect.
Especially not me, and
I know I killed your dream
when I left the ministry.
And somehow I didn't see
how unhappy it made you.
Obviously, Sam did, and
I guess he sought to take advantage.
Babe, I I need you to understand.
Okay, me leaving the ministry, it had--
it had nothing to do with
letting you down or just
I just couldn't do it anymore.
'Cause it was too much for me.
I couldn't The
The pressure to just be that person
that everyone wants you to be.
That-- That man of God
who's the best dressed,
has the biggest church,
uh, newer technology,
bigger buildings. It's just
For me,
it was too much.
And I couldn't handle it.
I felt like I was getting
to that point where
[chuckles ironically] I would be
manipulating people for money,
and it just--
it just didn't sit right with me.
I felt like I could serve God just as well
from the congregation as from the pulpit.
But that was my decision. I should've
I should've thought about
what it would do for you as well.
And I'm sorry.
And we'll figure it out.
[gentle music plays]
No matter what.
Whatever you need
I'm going to pay attention.
I love you.
I love you too.
[melancholy music plays]
[dramatic music plays]
[phone ringing]
-[Sam] Yes?
-[man] Pastor Sammy King?
May I speak with you for a few moments?
It's regarding your acquaintance
with one Miss Rekya Danbo.
You're familiar with this name, right?
Miss Danbo is dead.
[music intensifies]
Re Rek Rek Rekya?
Miss Danbo was involved with a drug
and human organ trafficking syndicate.
We called because your name appeared
on a list we believe to be
her client contacts.
Officer, I'm a pastor.
What will I have to do
with drugs and human trafficking?
-You know?
-That's what we're trying to find out.
Pastor Sammy King, when was the last time
you were in contact with Miss Danbo?
Reks Dan
Miss Danbo and I were friends
from-- from school, university.
And, um she only just comes to church,
you know, from time to time.
All right. Thank you for your time,
Pastor, we'll be in touch.
Meanwhile, please do not leave town
pending the conclusion
of our investigation.
No problem.
[exhales angrily]
What's going on?
Who were you talking to?
Uh, wrong number.
I overhead the phone conversation.
Why were you denying knowing Rekya?
The same Rekya whose name is all over
all of these disturbing documents.
Samuel, I've seen and read
all the text messages.
[dramatic music plays]
I mean what is this all about?
About what?
About the papers!
Your passport was there.
Who's relocating to Canada?
The church bank statements What
Sam, what is happening?!
Teju, you're confused.
I'm confused?I'm confused?
So you're really leaving?!
You're really leaving?!
Without me?!
After everything I've done for you?!
Huh? Joy?!
I know about all of them.
[music softens]
But I did that for us.
I did that for you and me.
Because I thought
that you were redeemable.
[music fades]
Oh, the least you can do
is give me answers.
Sam! Give me answers!
[ominous music plays]
I'm leaving.
I'm leaving you,Teju.
I'm leaving you,
this church,
the house, this country, everything!
I'm miserable.
I'm miserable!
-I want to be happy!
-[dramatic sting]
Is that too much to ask?
[gentle music plays]
Go be happy Sam.
Because I'm done!
But please remember
[dramatic music plays]
I made you.
And I
have the power
to destroy you.
[music intensifies]
[phone chimes]
[phone rings]
[ominous music plays]
Who is this?
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone!
Who are you?! Leave me alone!
Leave me!
[melancholy music plays]
[dramatic music plays]
[car alarm beeps]
[Teju] Inspector.
I think you're going to need this.
I have evidence that my husband
is into money laundering
and human organ trafficking.
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music intensifies]
[prophet] From our sermon
[music fades]
if anyone of you has 100 sheep
and loses one,
will he not abandon
the 99 in the open field
and go after the one that is lost?
[hopeful music plays]
And when he finds him,
he-- he-- he joyfully picks him
and puts him on his shoulder
and goes home.
When he gets home, will he be quiet?
He will call his family,
his friends and his neighbors
to come and celebrate with him.
I have found my lost sheep!
Glory be to God.
He loves us all equally.
Even when we sin and walk our ways,
even when we break His heart,
even when we
You can care
That I've been gone for long
And I can tell
That I have missed so much
But I have learned my lesson
I'm a better person
[hopeful music continues]
I'm glad I'm home
No place like home
I'm home
I'm glad I'm home
No place like home
[song continues]
You can tell
That I've been gone for long
And I can tell
That I have missed so much
But I have learned my lesson
I'm a better person
[song continues]
I'm glad I'm home
No place like home
I'm home
[upbeat instrumental music plays]
[music continues]