Man of Men (2019) Movie Script

- He's coming? - Yes.
Can you park properly?
My car is expensive.
Should I wear two parking places.
Use your brain. No wonder you failed three times in the entrance examination.
If sahamku soared in value, I want to buy a car without a roof.
I'm soaking up the sun while driving.
You buy stocks again?
Already told you not to take part in order to get rich quick scheme.
We've run out of savings.
You always wear a plaid shirt.
Do not know how to dress.
Look at this.
If your parking right way, I do not have to move my car.
No way. Parking own wishes.
Do not go away.
What did you say?
If you do not park here, do not need you to move.
You stupid.
- How I give lessons? - Stop.
I'm late for class.
Did you hear that? Sign in to your car.
Feel this. Come on.
All right. We go.
Do not be noisy.
Stop it.
Oh, shit.
Do not worry, just relax.
Of course I'm afraid. You forced me to wear ...
... money secretly office at 700 thousand dollars.
Money should be invested.
If the money is saved, it could rot.
It matters to the boss, not the problem.
Why are you angry continue?
Should I buy hollow seat that ass ...
... not itchy in the summer?
To hell with your ass.
Today there was a meeting of shareholders.
Come prepared.
Yellow. The color characteristic.
Wake up.
Why go early in the morning?
Bosses come. Standing upright.
Button up your coat.
Welcome, sir.
Dressing right.
- Thank you for coming. - Congratulations.
Get off you.
Why do so many flies here?
Be careful, man.
It's a good choice.
Yours sincerely, Bos.
Do not grin like that to your boss.
Sit down.
We start the 12th meeting of the shareholders Ligers Holdings.
Ligers elected realtors to Kaiserland, ...
... the best condos in Asia.
We have established a subsidiary called Ligers Partners.
Specialize in selling condominiums.
Tn. Choi Ki-tae will become CEO of the new company.
- What is wrong? - You do not know?
Choi will be the head of sales agents.
What has happened? How can this be?
Yes, he was getting ready.
He will attend the meeting as planned.
I'll be with him shortly.
As a nurse, it's the first time ...
... I have to dress in a patient.
Instead, I was fired for not wearing a tie properly.
He should be wearing a patient gown.
Just change the tie.
Why carry stock here?
We have accounting audit.
Do not pretend you're the owner of the company ...
... if there is President Han.
The owner did not work, the company is dying.
Keep your words.
But he was right.
We never rejected another company ...
.... that this small dividend.
How could you say something like that.
You know the condition of Mr. President Han.
We do not want to dwell on.
Can we demand you to hand over management rights.
Please stop.
- We ask our part. - What?
Who will take urinku?
I have to pee 30 minutes.
Who wants to take?
I will consider all of them first, ...
... a new decision.
If you do not agree, file a formal complaint.
You know President Heo Sung-jin and President Lee Kang-jin?
- Yes, sir. - Treat them well.
Relax, my friend.
- What do you mean? - Follow the show.
Attention. They all come together.
Wake up.
Are you really a gangster?
Who does not have insurance at work here?
No one has, sir.
Do not stand there like a gangster. Fill your glass.
If I said, "Ligers", you replied "hurray."
Good, Sir.
But we are gangsters.
Already, not noisy.
Choi boss, please.
Wait. Now I'm the President Choi.
Please you who led a toast.
Thank you sir.
- Ligers. - Hore.
Your wealth and assets of the cash has been donated everything.
Which remains the only status as CEO and insured.
So how much does the insurance value of my soul?
1.2 million dollars if it died of illness.
2.7 million if the death was an accident.
Scholarship Foundation wants to make a statue of your chest, sir.
What do you think?
I think it was nice also left a memento of me.
I who serve drinks and lick ...
... all municipal government officials for the sake of that contract.
Good my work, but he ate the whole thing?
I'm not a pizza deliveryman.
I have to defecate.
Listen to me, man.
Loser it.
But dear, what Chang-Deuk stronger than you are now?
What do you mean?
One of his men said so in the next room.
- Is he here now? - Yes.
- In this my club? - Yes.
Is that true?
They actually provoking anger.
- What the hell? - Sorry. Forward play.
Who is that?
- Who is calling? - Come sing.
Where did he go?
- Stir once. - Call the police.
Police? There were people killed. Quick come here.
God damn it. Already told you not to mix the drink.
That's because he's the mix.
Wait, Officer.
I have not finished talking to them.
Shut up. Do not be noisy.
Come here. Will catch you.
I can not. Stupid.
If I go out, you will die. Stay there.
Shoddy. Shit.
Why so narrow path?
Should I come back?
It is okay. Please begin.
Okay. In that case,...
... I start recording the medical plan renewal older.
Are you Mr. Han Jang-su, was born in 1974?
You push fitted ventilator ...
... to extend your life?
True, I do not like to look sloppy.
As a result of all the treatments and drugs, ...
Do not cut too many edges.
Do not cut too?
Sir, I can record it when you're finished haircut.
I reject all of the conditions. I hate delays.
Begin New Life Now
The defendant was sentenced to two years probation ...
... and 150 hours of work to community service.
See son of a bitch.
Policy stupid son of a bitch.
Eat this.
It was the most delicious idea here.
Three hours I drove specially bought out of it.
Society service?
Do not want. I do not want to do it.
- You are stupid. - I do not care about the law.
The boss made a deal with Chang-Deuk for the verdict.
You know how they are dislodged teeth?
You're promoting implant dentures?
Did you have fun? Young-ki, we tread slowly career.
No, I'm going straight to the top.
How is the value of your stock?
Its value rose slightly.
I told you, is not it?
Can we sell the shares now?
I was so scared.
First patient.
Value will increase by 10-fold.
That's about 7 million dollars.
- We are penetrating the upper level. - Oh, hot.
Seven bucks you do not have any.
Please eat.
- Let's go. - Good, Sir.
- Thank you. - Madam?
I asked for corn.
Feel this.
Damn you. Stop.
You're the one who decides not want to undergo treatment.
If you change your mind, let's try life extension.
488 GTB. The car was good.
But I think it is best Ferrari 360 Modena.
Since the series 458, Ferrari lost its wild sensation.
For me Ferrari is not a car that can only be fast.
You have to get ready. There's not much more.
I'm talking about Ferrari.
Go faster than the others. That's my style.
So I prescribe painkillers again to end it.
Come on, little brother. Wait until the end of the month.
Alright then.
Where's my car?
Kang Jung-ki.
Where are you?
You sold my car. Lancang all.
I have to pay for your tuition and rent, ...
... but you're not here.
I should be compensation to the people who you're beaten.
If your car does not sell it, you're still in prison now.
You should ask for forgiveness from me.
- I'll kill you. - Get a grip, man.
When did you stop playing at?
Kubayari you're taking a course in speech.
Now you are always advised.
How dare you talk.
What to do with you?
I must be crazy. Forgive me, dear brother.
Keep the change.
His travels far enough.
I think you deliberately spun away so high argonya.
Tn. Kang Young-ki?
We at the Center for Palliative Care ...
... rated best five consecutive years.
We give the opportunity for people ...
... are required to perform community service.
Wait, clothes looked uncomfortable.
These spandex materials.
Tn. Han? This is me.
I would like to introduce to you a social worker.
- Sir? - Shit.
I'm ready to serve you.
She would not even get up to greet guests?
Who thug?
She was a social worker for you.
I signed your papers, then get the hell alone.
- Where are you going? - Back home.
He said he wants to sign my papers.
You reject the public service obligations?
This means that you violate probation, you will go to jail again.
He said he wants to sign my papers.
If you come to the office, you should be ready to work.
- Do not touch me. - I did not touch.
- pesky mosquitoes. - What?
What are you doing?
Since when do you like this?
I see you move your finger before.
You can not move to another?
Too bad.
Mean yours could not "get up"?
You poor thing. Impossible.
Right. This paralysis.
But you can find a solution. Wait.
You can not wake up? Does not make sense.
This is the most recent video from Japan.
- We will see. - What are you doing?
Concentration first. We test and see the results.
This is not your favorite? You like girls West?
I also got the film. They are so beautiful.
Go away from me.
This film can heal.
Get lost you. You are crazy.
- Encourage yourself, try this. - Get rid of that tool.
You can not knock?
What are you doing?
Please do not make him angry.
Anyway, I'm just trying to help one's soul.
You came from Seoul?
Although you are required to do community service, ...
... please treat him with respect.
Should I tell you I'm going to file a formal complaint.
"Should I tell you?" How cool language.
Forward play. What are you staring at?
Tn. Park will be a legal challenge to take over the management.
I prepared a team of lawyers to deal with their demands.
Did I watch porn at a time like this?
Come in.
You're too old to make them angry.
I know you're upset about Kaiserland transaction.
To succeed, we need the company of people ... pull or push others.
You told me to push the hoodlums, sir?
I've got the right position for you.
Current concentrations nightclub just manage it.
I'll give you the condo property rights, so put behind it.
- Dae-guk. - Yes, Sir.
Fetch the financial books Ligers Capital.
There was still time before the next quarter.
Why now, sir?
I made a 2 million dollar investment in Seoul. Prepare the book.
Good, Sir.
Young-ki, come here.
You're an executive of the company. Why dress like that?
Buy a suit.
- Now, sir? - Go.
There should not be anyone to interfere in my style of dress.
Gangsters who wore suits tier three now?
Who cares?
He told me to take the financial books.
We have to sell stocks or expiry of us.
We sell now while capital we could still intact.
We can not stop the operation.
Do not worry, I can handle it.
Wait a minute. we will be a big profit.
My head has been broken first.
Come drink, celebrate the new me out of jail.
Cheers? Kiss?
- You are stupid. - I love you, dear.
Hey, gangster.
Wake up.
Wake up now.
- Wake up. - Good, Sir.
What are you doing in my house?
What are you doing?
You've already eaten, sir?
See you later.
Let's eat soup pengar relievers.
I did not swearing, sir.
- I'm just saying "shoes". - Dah.
Will prepare for, sir.
Soup What is this?
It did not taste good.
Hey, water.
Correct honey. I have a number of shares.
The company name Big Cell Bio.
If the stock value goes up, let us travel to Italy.
Are you interested? Very nice.
Now I'm doing community service tasks.
I care for men who can not get up.
Right, take care of yourself. I'll call you later.
What is wrong?
Share Big Cell Bio.
Forget it. What stocks to a gangster?
Do you want to shut the fuck up for good?
You're kidding bit huh?
Not just a little, it's a lot.
Want to taste?
I wanted to, but could not.
Forget it.
Koo Dae-guk.
What happened?
This stock fraud.
We were ripped out.
This is the end of us.
This phone from Bos.
What should I do, Young-ki?
Should what happens now?
Boss promised condominium ownership?
What he expressed his promise in formal writing?
You want me to give you money for a condo with no proof?
I have a reason in itself to see you.
You know the value of its shares would have soared.
Tell me their current value.
Do not smile.
Can or can not you do it?
If you ask, of course I can do it.
CEO Choi Ki-color
Will I prepare the money, but I ask you a favor first.
I'm too busy to wash my car.
Can you wash my car?
Do not change the subject.
Feel it.
Okay, I'll wash your car.
Maximum loan amount $ 1,400, 45 percent APR
It's the first time I did not answer the phone from Bos.
What should we do?
Tn. Kang? Why is hard to call you?
If you're not here today, will report you ...
... and you go back to jail.
What the hell?
What a cracking cell phone?
My mind is cracked.
The view was incredible.
The air is delicious, refreshing.
Not really.
I was bullied a lot of flies.
If so, then I fly annoying.
But lalatnya sparkling like gold.
Can fly or not, I want to shine like gold.
Hand over management rights to me.
If we face a lawsuit, ...
... Can you challenge it until the case is finished?
Got a bad style is also a disease that is incurable.
If you no demand, you should bring a gift.
You think I'm asking you, sir?
Who are you?
Do not mind me.
We're talking. Go away.
They told me to come, and then expelled. What is going on today?
You do not know who I am?
We have just met.
Like I shamans, can know ahead of time?
You hired lackey to manage the company?
It's against the law.
I'm here because it is required by the government.
Hi, Mr. Messenger.
Banish that fool.
If you want me to sign the document.
It's illegal. Stop.
Go. He did not want to see you.
He never came asked me for money.
He must have made a mistake.
Follow him secretly.
Good, Sir.
Do I look as ridiculous as that?
Will be repaired, sir.
You're stupid.
The boss will be suspicious if you're avoiding his phone kept.
Create a compelling reason.
Could not she use her brains?
What is this?
This you?
I stress once now.
But look at that grin. What is this?
Statue not stuck in the base?
How much money did you donate that statue made?
I really envy you.
You're jealous of me?
Yes, you know my dream?
Put a Ferrari in a large luxury apartment.
Then do sex on it. That's my dream.
- a nice dream. - Yes, is not it?
By the way, can you lend me money?
I want to invest in order to get rich quick, ...
... but I cheated again.
Do you think you can live comfortably with the money?
Of course.
The dead man left what? Name?
No, just a corpse.
We are definitely going to die, so I want to get the perfect life.
By the way, can I get a loan without interest?
I just need 700 thousand dollars. That is all.
Why can not? You're rich.
What is left behind when someone dies?
I know, of course I can.
Tn. Kim. Come on ..
Your business I bring a profit for many years.
I'm asking to borrow a little.
He hung up the phone. Shit.
Please wipe it with a cloth.
Clean with a share of the Big Cell Bio.
Now the value is the same with waste paper.
What did you say?
I once defended the company's owner.
He can not be trusted.
He fraudsters who steal from fools like you.
You just told me now? Basic crazy psychopath.
I've decided I do not want to interfere other people's business.
Soon I die.
My lungs stopped working.
Maybe my age two months away.
You want kutemani cross over to the other world?
Do you really want?
I will pay your losses in shares.
Kujadikan you my insurance insured.
But you have to help me do a number of things ...
... before I die.
You want me to be pesuruhmu until you die?
Are you insane?
How much is your insurance? Do not lie to me.
Least 1.2 million dollars, a maximum of 2.7 million.
Stop. Do not forward.
What's it worth now?
If I die like this, 1.2 million dollars.
2.7 million dollars if I died because of an accident.
Gosh. Basic you.
What the hell? Does not make sense.
Maybe you so.
I want to die without regret.
And in my own way.
Consider my offer. This opportunity of a lifetime.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
Can we talk about this more?
He is a former prosecutor of Seoul.
He opened a law firm here in Busan.
Revenue was $ 50 million a year.
He's cunning lawyer.
For the sake of money, he can deliver the slayer.
Why did she give you so much money?
You know what happens if we want free candy.
I think this is a gift from heaven. I'm so lucky.
Consciously, man. You're being deceived by him.
Should we participate gambling with indemnity insurance?
You die.
- Come conscious. - Ouch.
I can be the opportunity of a lifetime.
Why make it as insured, sir?
Did he threaten you?
I will not give my insurance money to the gangsters.
I invest in the rest of my life.
Just sign.
In time you'll be the recipient of the insurance money.
Now do your job first.
It's OK. Just two months, right?
My first task what?
- Baseball Stadium / Swimming Pool - This is it?
It was easier than I thought.
- We start with that. - Okay.
Which baseball team?
Nexen support team in Busan? It was crazy.
Who always triumph in Busan is Lotte team.
They are always in the last position.
Very nice.
Stop it or you could get killed. Sit quietly.
If I'm dead, you can fast money.
Nexen life.
- What is he doing? - Find apparently dead.
Attention, citizens of Busan.
He is very ill. Please note.
- Living Nexen. - Shut up.
Let us cheer, friends.
Lotte life.
He's a psychopath.
I was almost beaten to death.
But you know, we should be friendly to the rich.
I will still be paid nonetheless.
I'll call you later.
What is good?
Why is he acting like that?
Who? Your girl?
I knew it.
Luxurious pool like this?
You often bring the girls and get drunk.
Then you have used deceit them. I understand.
Daughter, Ji-eun.
Do you have a daughter?
Where is he?
With his mother.
I'm starting to get it now.
You got a lot of money, and then had an affair ...
... you divorce your wife, and lost custody of the children.
Want to get in the pool?
It feels good. Come swim.
By the way, the lawyer of Seoul's ...
... what he's married?
I like the way the girl spoke Seoul.
I do not like the accent.
"You want your teeth dislodged kuhajar?"
Why do not you have any tattoos? You're a gangster.
Tattoo just for cheap thug.
Gangster top like I do not need it.
Hey, thugs.
What the hell?
You guys, gangsters.
There are no children here. Play elsewhere.
- Who would that be? - Is he crazy?
You do not know who I am?
Stupid. Do you want to pour your blood?
He Bos Young-ki.
Why so many tattoo?
Do you want me to clean? Hide your tattoo.
Good, Sir.
- Please swimming. - Take care of yourself, sir.
Not bad.
You stupid.
Watch where you're going, big boy.
I'll show you where. You create a nice letter.
It is not in the list of my activities.
Do not move.
Right here.
Wait, hold.
Even stamped pigs before slaughter.
This is the best tattoo studio, so trust me.
Wait a minute.
It is okay.
- Do it. - Very nice.
He said the effect of contact collarbone.
I do not feel anything.
You'll be fine.
What does this mean?
The top floor.
Top rate
I did not find ramen curry.
I can be the flavor of the meat.
Do not buy expensive foods continues.
Do you need anything else?
Well, study hard.
My sister tried to get into medical school.
Weight for student finance.
He was draining my money.
Why did you bring me here to buy the food your brother?
I realize we do not know each other.
What zodiakmu animals?
I thought, you look just like a cat.
We are almost the same age.
Zodiakku naga.
Tiger and dragon friends.
As a friend, I want to offer a business proposal.
How do you say?
This project to good faith. Listen.
If you die like this, the insurance of 1.2 million dollars.
But be 1.2 million dollars if killed in an accident, right?
I had a good friend.
He is good at using a knife. Quick and neat stitches.
We do it later after we completed all our missions.
After that I ask for your help ...
... stab deep enough to kill you.
Now you're also dying. We just doubled his money.
That good faith, huh?
So you can 2.7 million and luxurious life, huh?
You are selfish.
Your friend could stab me without pain?
He could be stabbed in the part that does not hurt.
We make sure you die comfortably.
Basic you.
Please select one.
Here there are all sizes.
What if the package 2 to 1 that you stabbed too?
Why not?
I love your sense of humor.
See-see when driving.
It was not on the list of my activities.
Consider it a bonus.
I will satisfy thirst for pleasure.
What is this?
You're dressed like this on a hot Friday?
Go to a nightclub especially for older people.
What is our fault? You just want to have fun.
You had no right to refuse guests.
The club is not for the elderly likes of you.
Do you want to got beat, huh? How dare you say that.
I beg you to go alone.
Call manager here now.
Discrimination. Article 24 Paragraph 2.
Entertainment and cultural establishments should provide access ...
... so that people with disabilities can enjoy cultural activities.
If you do not comply with this Act and discriminate against guests, ...
... sentence of three years in prison or a fine of 30 thousand dollars.
I came to have fun, but subject to discrimination from you.
- But .. - It's called discrimination.
Injustice must be eliminated from Korea.
Now I enter.
You stupid.
Two men enter.
Clean this place.
Come on you guys out.
Hello, sir.
Where's the Boss?
He's not here. Want me to call him?
Why did you become a gangster?
Question suck.
I'll give lousy answer as well.
Everyone had a burning desire in his heart.
Being a gangster is a dream.
He wanted to make love over Ferrari.
Do not dirty-minded continue.
Then what is your dream?
When I was little, my dad fishing in the deep sea.
People said it was a low-class job.
But my father was tall, dark, and powerful.
I think he's the coolest guy.
My dream is to become the captain of the ship.
I want to buy a nice boat ...
... and around the world to catch fish with my father.
That's my dream.
- It sounds good. - Of course.
But a week after my sister was born, ...
... my father was killed in an accident.
The dream changed since then.
Becomes what?
My dream was to kill my mother.
My mother always beat us, drunk-drunk ...
... and a fight with a neighbor.
I can not stand, and run away from home with my brother.
I also suck at school.
But I can fight, so I got in the gang.
What about your mother?
My mom..
My mother died of a stroke while working in a factory.
However, I still come to see his body.
His back was bent due to work hard like this.
What an idiot.
After the cremation, he left only a wallet.
It contained three dollars, and there are pictures of me and my sister.
More bad ...
... I had no money to bury or ashes.
So I shake my mother's ashes in Mount Hwangyeongsan.
Now the dream is not a miserable life like my mother.
Who cares if you use illicit money?
Money is still money.
I want to have money and live comfortably with my brother.
That's my dream.
Let's drink to that.
I can not pour a drink ...
... but I'm happy to have a drink with you.
- Thank you. - Cheers.
You're sure it's okay to drink soju?
Would you like shrimp?
How about eating octopus?
drinking soju
- Greetings, sir. - Okay.
Sit down.
What are you doing?
- I can dream lucky. - Do you buy lottery tickets?
The main prize of 500 thousand dollars.
You're rich, why buy a lottery ticket?
Either 50 cents or 500 thousand dollars, money is still money.
If you take good care of your money, will be increased.
You win, sir?
You buy a lottery as well.
Yes, Sir. I will try.
If you lose, you die now.
Yes, sir, I will try my best.
You laugh?
You think I'm kidding?
Fifty cents.
See, right?
If you take good care of your money, your money will double.
- Young-ki. - Ya?
You know I'm so keeping the best interest of a lifetime.
If anyone touches my property, ...
... would have cut their hands and kulumat pulp.
Except you.
Why do not you work?
I undergo community service tasks.
Do not do anything stupid, do your job.
Or, Pak.
I'm inspired by something.
Can you do anything you want in 2 weeks ...
... in a neat and clean?
If you must die, there's nothing wrong booting.
I agree.
But this is too slow train overpass.
Let's ride sports car only.
Sports car? Yeah! Why not?
This is not a sports car.
It's a toy car.
I hope you're not offended.
How dare you make fun of him.
The chair faster.
At least this Mercedes.
Basic you.
You do not want to drive this car?
The car is difficult to obtain.
- Approved by the Top Level? - Right.
Let's go.
Kupon Online
Do not sing.
Relax, man.
You know the car of my dreams?
That is a classic car of my favorite films.
For a long time I was looking for it.
Funnily enough, I can not find everywhere, ...
... but when finally found, I've been very ill.
I got a call from Texel, Netherlands, location of the car was found.
You know the saying goes, ...
Men smoke to conceal their complaints.
The sentence tacky but reasonable.
Hide with this.
Come on. Just take these cigarettes.
Forget it.
You have a big complaint, huh?
You must be vented at the right time, not restraint.
The impact you're going to suffer if too long withheld.
Let's go. I had to return the car.
Wait, you want to steer while back?
- Find Homes For We Threesome - Take a look at the list.
Looking for a home?
Why buy a house now?
For the three of us?
You want to have sex threes?
Also obscene thoughts.
Another person male or female?
- It is not that? - Definitely not.
Then who is this third person?
Someone I need to see before I die.
Easy, visited him.
If so easy, I do not need your help.
You're an expert to find people.
You're coughing up blood?
Swatch that person immediately.
Is there anybody out there?
Contact our men there and find him.
People do not die so easily. Do not say that.
I have to go. Find him.
He got nothing? Sit down.
I'm afraid to see blood.
It was a severe pneumonia. Where have you been with him?
If your service period has been completed, ...
... stay away from him.
I just wanted the insurance money.
You do not know shame.
That money should be donated to the poor.
So that he can award the Nobel Peace in heaven?
Do not sanctimonious.
At first I did not want to comment ...
... but I hate to see him hang with thugs like you.
You think yourselves as pure as an angel ...
... while I wallow sin?
Could just picked up the money and run.
Brother, if you become a doctor ...
... would you be embarrassed had a brother like me?
True, you would be embarrassed.
A doctor with a gangster brother.
It's a shame, is not it?
Sister, do you know what makes me jealous ...
... during a visit to a friend's house?
The scent of their mother's cooking.
The sweet smell of freshly laundered clothes.
The smell of normal people who go through life.
But from you that I smell is the smell of blood ...
... and the smell of perfume female entertainers in nightclubs.
Although we stayed in the barn, ...
... you know why I never complain?
Because this is my fault.
You're living like in hell because of me.
Sister, I do not need a fancy house or car.
Now, I just want you to feel comfortable.
Dad wants to go again?
Sorry, Ji-eun, Father urgent business.
Dad immediately returned. Play with mother.
Tomorrow we go to the pool, huh?
Dad would buy me a banana milk?
Go from there.
Please go away.
Heo Seok-hyun was born in 1964. He worked at Young-do.
He went to prison a year ago.
You really do not know anything?
This case can be bad.
Why? Give me the details.
He was a widower with one.
His job was a taxi driver.
One day, her daughter raped a young asshole.
But the father of the bastard that is the CEO of a large company.
He asked the law firm to defend his associates.
The court ruled the defendant not guilty.
The youth smoking and abroad.
Firma was forcing the father of the girl with money that did not appeal.
The father of the girl so berserk.
He rammed his cab car to the lawyer.
The lawyer was so lame.
You know who that lawyer.
But that's not all.
Come in. I'll walk you to the hotel.
The wife and daughter of the lawyer in the back seat.
They were killed in the collision.
Where there are people paying expensive for such work?
He wants you to find out the girl's father to kill him.
He memperalatmu for revenge.
What do you want? Stab him, then I threw her body in the sea?
Do I look too desperate?
That I was willing to do anything for money?
That is not true.
You prefer money than I do.
Why do you defend a rapist when ...
... you have a daughter, too?
How dare you.
You know what? You do not know anything.
You want to show who the real me?
Okay. Because you're a gangster ...
... I was going to tell you to kill him.
If you want some money on my life, at least do it first.
How? True, I had to kill him.
Because I'm a gangster.
But this is a big job, I do not want to pay that amount.
I asked for 10 million dollars, will kill him.
He was acting suspicious, so I followed him.
He was fiddling with company money.
It embezzlement.
You have to take care of him for the sake of company, sir.
I do not care if he dies or not.
Why do you see me?
We're done here. You do not like to sit down with gangsters.
Forgive my words were harsh.
You made him a lot of smiles.
Can you see her again?
It's just a misunderstanding that can be cleared.
Alright. Whatever.
- Are you asleep? - Yes.
Listen, what if ...
Life time of only two months. How do you feel?
They will kill you because it eliminates the money?
I warned do not play the stock.
Not me. There are others.
Some people pay you to kill?
However, you're not a murderer.
They will not care about your future.
Go back to sleep.
I want to expose all that I held for a long time.
You said it would make me suffer if it continues to help it.
I think you're right.
I do not have much time to live.
So for me to reveal everything.
Please bring him to me.
So sad. Just like me.
Hei, Tuan.
Could talk for a minute?
Who wants to see me?
Honor the last wishes of the dying person.
She's dying. At least you hear what he would say.
I came because I want to say something.
Your daughter is okay?
I know this is sudden ...
... but kusisihkan money for him as compensation.
Use this money for college your son ...
... or buy a house if he is married.
Supposedly I gave earlier.
My son died.
He committed suicide a year after I was imprisoned.
But now you just give money?
I do not need money from you unclean.
It is unacceptable.
You make mistakes.
You should apologize to me too.
But now I could not say a word.
I can not be forgiven.
I did not know it would happen.
I never thought they would die.
He must be worried about me. I often met him in my dreams.
My daughter, Mi-yeon, you remember him?
Forgive me.
I forget the beautiful daughter.
At that time I did not pick should be the case.
I will pay my sin in my death.
I'm sorry.
Dae-guk, find one more person for me.
Excuse me.
Can I help you?
Dr. Lee Choong-won here?
He was with a patient.
- Here? - Yes.
Lee Choong-won. Let's pull the tooth.
You can not get into.
Please make an appointment and come back later.
Not my teeth but teeth.
Why pintarmu brain is not used?
Your soul is rotten.
You must implant surgery.
Good afternoon.
It takes time to carve your name here.
When do you need this?
As long as possible.
Work with neat and nice, thanks.
Urn it was the house that you intend to buy?
But why are we here?
There are stars in the sky and on the mainland.
Is this beautiful first?
You sent your mother here.
I do not even remember.
Already 20 years ago.
Has changed a lot.
Mrs. Kang.
- Are you crazy? - You're in a great place.
The scenery is incredible here.
Will I meet you soon ...
Please. Sapa him after 20 years.
He's been waiting for so long.
Let your mother heard the sound of an adult son.
If my friend here to heaven, let him take care of you.
This person is very rich.
Have him buy many luxury bag for you.
Entice him do anything he could not do yours.
He will pay for all you messages.
I will be back.
I'll bring your favorite cookies and I brought Jung-ki.
This. Did you have fun?
Very nice.
Is not there one remaining mission?
"We Threesome Together" like that?
You can not do that mission.
The point is I was with my wife and my daughter in heaven.
How you sure you can meet them in heaven?
Why not visit their graves?
You're doing great. It is over.
I like that too.
Insured Name Change. New name: Kang Young-ki.
It's the last day of my work in public service.
I am out.
I am tired. Go now.
By the way, there is no chance of an accident you die?
Can 1.2 million dollars was nice ...
... but with 2.7 million I could buy a luxury home.
Go away, do not ever come back.
No problem.
Welcome, sir.
I heard President Ko defraud the company.
Head affiliate stealing money from the company.
It was a bad example.
There was no way he was acting alone.
But he said only he did.
I can not believe he gave all his money to a bar girl.
Sir, I have nothing to ..
You're rude.
Remain in place, Young-ki.
You do not have anything?
You're rude.
Why did you introduce me to the lady crazed treasure?
Kang boss, you do not know anything?
No sir.
I'll return the money, sir.
Will I changed all of his money.
Why would you pay for Koo?
I know Dae-guk is already 20 years old.
I do not want to see it die.
If word gets around that the head of the gang was beaten, the impact will not be great.
You're talking about?
You think this is a criminal gang?
I investigate corrupt subordinates.
Who can I make with a capital of 700 thousand he stole ...
... at least threefold.
Can you make 2.1 million dollars?
Yes, sir. I will do it.
Do not give empty promises.
You must fund your sister school ...
... and pay for his wedding.
You've got three days.
If you do not succeed, your life is over.
Until the end I did not mention your name.
Cool, is not it? As a true gangster.
Shut up, fool.
Do not mock the disabled. Now I'm also disabled.
It is now easier to get a parking spot.
Why do you say will replace the money?
We had 2.1 million dollars.
There is a need what are you doing here?
You're awake?
Want a breath of fresh air?
Late night?
Yes, now. Let's go.
There is an urgent need?
I used the prosecutor ...
... shame if stabbed by gangsters.
Let's get some fresh air.
Once paid, you will have the capital set up a small shop.
Then stop forever from gangster activities.
You're living a high-risk wild, unpredictable what eventually.
You think you know who I am? You know how my life?
After living on the streets with my sister, eat garbage ...
... to be a gangster, we can be real food.
You've lived like me? definitely not.
Young-ki, hear.
Upon reflection, it's useless you live in the path of violence.
And more...
Needless covered in blood for food.
Kukhiri now? My shirt so tangled.
Come on, push me know.
You can not?
You stupid.
This is your chance to live as a normal person.
He has a lawyer. Fearing ...
... touch the company money, he tried to trick him.
But I think, Young-ki could not come to bring money.
I'll send my men ...
Is Kang boss is your friend?
How dare you, call your boss to use the name only?
Go there.
You have to drown, then I die.
I have to die so that you continue to live.
You know the difficulty of rescue workers search for bodies later.
I'm sorry for them.
You're attention once apparently.
Now what?
I'm going to die. Who cares?
If I could move, would kuhajar you.
I'm scared. Can you fight?
I studied judo for 8 years. You will fall in 15 seconds.
Sports and street fight is very different.
- Access bridge Busan - What are you doing?
You want to die?
This special track car.
Skip us.
What is this trolley brakes?
There is no. Let us die.
Okay, let die.
Come dead.
You were not invited here. You just go home.
We are fed up treating you as a senior member.
You know why always left behind? You can not set the time.
You know how important today's event?
Do not know. Chasten you.
That's enough for today. Forgive me.
Antar our guests out.
Please. Let's go.
Close the door.
Boss Kang Young-ki.
Never mind. Who's the boss?
I want to stop being a gangster.
Is that so?
I have come to count.
Forget it 2.1 million dollars.
I took 700 thousand dollars.
You promised me a condo.
It costs about 500 thousand, so the remaining 200 thousand.
I was ready to be beaten for it.
You can take the rest.
Hold her.
Wake up.
You are okay? You badly hurt?
How is your hand?
Not as bad as I thought.
Listen to me.
I have to talk to you.
You do not know I'm right-handed, huh?
Let's go forward.
Let beaten.
What do you mean?
We accept it blows them.
I asked one last time.
You're really going to leave this company?
You're going to ignore me? Are you sure?
Although I was forced anyway ...
... I can not wear a three-piece suit.
Please, boss.
You remember? You, him and me.
It's been 20 years we worked together.
That's a long time.
Before he was injured getting worse, stop.
Would I changed the money in any way.
Please let us go.
Be thankful I'm not a real gangster.
If yes, you would not have survived here.
You let them go? No, sir.
Forget it.
Die you.
You think I can not beat you?
You jerk.
He yelled.
My money's worth already you take.
I assume breakeven with broken legs.
And severance pay for you ...
... during 20 years of working for me.
You understand?
Now go away from me.
May you remain prosperous prosperous, boss.
Let's go.
Tread lightly.
Where do we go from here?
Do not talk.
Hold on.
, Dae-guk ...
... a lot of which we have experienced together, huh?
Of course.
We have fun.
Then everything is all right, is not it?
Certain. Hold on.
I'm going to sing.
You are crazy. You're scaring me.
Keren, ya?
- You want to smoke? - May.
Akan kunyalakan.
Sip cigarette.
Come suction cigarette.
You scared me half to death.
- Basic asshole. - I mengerjaimu again.
Dont do it again.
I'm so sleepy.
You are okay? Do not fuck with me.
Do not joke around anymore.
This time for real?
He died at my side.
Young-ki, good-bye, my friend.
I'm glad to have known you.
Shoddy. Again, again.
You're scaring me.
We've memorized the song.
You do not sleep?
You're still alive?
You're still alive too.
Why are you here? I forbid you to go back.
I have come to attend your funeral.
Let's go together somewhere.
It will not be long.
You know I'm an expert to find people, alive or dead.
Hi, I am brother Jang-su, Kang Young-ki.
You're more beautiful than he described.
Your name is Ji-eun, is not it?
Your father missed you so much.
Now I know why, You're beautiful.
Greet your family. Been a long time.
How are you?
My dear son, Han Ji-eun.
Dad finally came.
Sorry I'm so late.
I was too scared to come here.
Forgive me.
This time should not be too fast.
Enjoy the scenery is missed.
Go there. Climb the car.
The top floor?
True, you're in the top level.
Take care of yourself, my friend.
See you again.
The announcement of exam results today, huh?
Will be announced this afternoon.
If you fail again, you're dead.
You eat rice, kimchi, and ramen at once.
Once the exam results were announced, call me.
- Understand? - Okay.
"We Threesome Together"
"We Threesome Together"
Tn. Han left this for you.
He said this was to avenge your services.
Thank you very much.
What is wrong?
What the hell?
Basic I shit.
Very perfect.
Jin-woong FOR
Jin-woong FOR