Man of the Match (2022) Movie Script
Open the Door, dont play with me
Hey, open the door
Hey, open the Door
Nata, I will not spare you
I will settle the score with everyone
why are behaving like this?
don't behave like a fool, come here
we will show you
what we have done since morning
what will you show now, Sonny?
-Come man I will deal with you first
come let me deal with you first
Oh God...
Hey be cool...
Sridhara leave me, I will not come there
leave me else I will hit you
-Dharma be cool
Sit down, calm...
why are you behaving like an insane?
Dharma, sit down calmly, I said be cool
Sit down I say
sit down calmly
Sir, play it
First see what has happened...
then you can shout at me
Hey, get a match box
Just a minute Sir
where is the Camphor?
Sir, right on top of the coconut
Why the Director has called
for so many Cameras for Audition?!
I think he wants to fulfill all
his obsession in the Audition itself
the cameras are rolling dude
Sir, Matchbox
light the match
okay lights...
-just hold it with me
Okay dude...
All the Best Dharma
will I get back my investment?
but not sure how much you will get back
Dudes are the Cameras ready?
okay Boys, let three cameras be here...
the rest can be taken out
keep the backup batteries handy
okay Sir
Sridhara, you have to lead now
-sure Dude
listen carefully
today many artists will come for audition
what happens inside isn't the only Audition
whatever happens outside is also Audition
every often I will be
passing instructions to you
you follow the artistes,
and capture the events
whether one is aware are not...
cameras should be on the roll
in the process if you come across
something interesting keep me informed
-okay Sir, okay Boys
I hope you understood what I said
no camera should stop
-camera should be rolling
everything should be recorded
everyone must be alert, okay?
Nata, what are you up to?!
will do something, be cool
voice receivers are ready?
yes Sir
Sir, all the cameras are in sync, right?
okay Boys...
don't miss any opportunity
don't miss even a single reaction
Boys, in hurry don't harm yourself
Sir, do we have to capture everything?!
I will be updating everything on Walkie
be alert
done Sir,
-okay Sir
Sir, can I view this camera?
Sir, the other angle
Sir, check for other cameras
this one...this too
this one too
and this and all...
what is this Nata,
only a handful of Artistes?
one who waits will prosper
okay let's wait
-Sir, give me the other camera
I can see only the wall
and above all this lady here
when nobody has come for your Audition...
can we expect audience
to come and watch your film?
above that you have booked
this huge floor for Audition
are you aware of the rent of this floor?
hey, come on, people will come
Have you posted about Audition on FB Insta
and other social media platforms?
yes Sir
-dude it is done
people have come here looking at my profile
if a producer incurs loss
after a film it's okay dude
if a producer incurs loss after Audition
will it not be a history dude?
listen, people yearn to become history
why are you worrying?
Nata, I am not talking
about the other history
look, Mr. Gandhi has just come in
wonder who told him?!
if I complete this film,
I will ---------- for my life
I am seeing it symbolically here
Nata, I think he is the only one
who has come after seeing your profile?
Hello Sir...
I heard the Audition was at 9.00 today
Has the audition begun?
Sir, come here
first register here
Sir, Name please
I haven't come for the Audition
Just came to check whether there is
a vacancy for Assistant Director's job
then, why in this getup?
I resemble a little like Gandhi
if there are any political meetings
or protests...
I am called during that time
and I organise people too
today morning there was a procession
I just finished it and came straight here
Mr. Bapu...
being a jobless Assistant Director
to a jobless Director...
why do you want to do this jobless job?
don't you have any job?
Sir, forget about my story...
even I had an ambition to become a director
but luck is not with me right now
got it
so whenever a debutant director
announces his film
I will be there to support him
of course, you should support
his preparation is all top class
but the situation doesn't sound nice
Mr. Gandhi, you said
you organise people, right?!
do you know people
who have fascination towards films?
Sir, I am in this Industry
for the last 10 years
I have come across many people...
how many may come
in response to your call?
if you agree I can call
about 100 people right now
he has agreed
go ahead Sir
very important keep this with you
this is voice receiver
keep it with you till the end
we will record all voices from this
keep it on all the time
Praveen, come here
don't worry, I will take care of everything
-where are the Boys?
Bapu please come
sit down
Sir, has he done any work before?
Have you seen the film Rama Rama Re
I have heard of it,
but haven't seen the film
it's on YouTube, first watch it
He is the film's Hero
later he did two more films
a very good Actor
but things didn't work out for him
Now he is venturing into Direction
and you know about me
yes, I know about you Sir
everyone in the foreground
know my background
even then, I will tell you
I am Producing this Film
Oh, Sir you are doing a good job
-isn't it?
I hope you both together will make a film
which will be appreciated by Audience
I don't assure a film
which is appreciated by people
but will sure make a film which makes Money
because money is important than appreciation
maybe this is your view
you begin your work
I will call the artists
are you sure?!
-yes, Sir Sure
you aren't lying right?!
sir, I have donned Gandhi's role
how will I lie?
I have trust in Gandhi, but I doubt you
did you all finish your breakfast?
yes Sir, just finished
Audition is yet to begin
you have finished your breakfast
lucky guys
Hey Dharma, what are you talking?
what to do Sir, I am tired of this guy
hey Vaibhav...
you were the only one missing for breakfast
hey, shut up
welcome Music Director
come on Man
the set is very huge and Magnificent
Hello Producer Sir, all the Best...
How are the preparations?
-very nice
ask him
Oh, great Kemparaju sir is here too
will hand over the pen drive to him
-okay fine
Sir, copy the files from this drive
the Music and themes are in this
-why Music, now?!
for our film dude
Audition is yet to begin...
you are talking about film,
who asked you to do the Music?
I will not pay for it
oh, what a torture...
I can't bear anymore
Hey Dharma
rejection before implementation
is itself a deceit
what dude?!
rejection before implementation
is itself a deceit
if I join hands with you two
you will surely disrobe me
is this called comedy?!
Vaibhav the line is impressive
can you sing this along with our tune?
How to convince him?
once you sing, he will be convinced
no chance
dude cool...
can you play the chord?
rejection before implementation
is itself a deceit
hurdles are in plenty always
a sure hit song, your investment
will return in double
are you sure?
-yes sure...
okay start...
rejection before implementation
is itself a deceit
hurdles are in plenty always
if you down the curtain
before the start of a play is also deceit
the Universe is the same everywhere
everyone is ZERO at Birth
one who fights and wins is a HERO
we forgot who we are
we don plenty of roles
Vaibhav, what a lyrics Man
hey, now listen to my lyrics
why did God the Creator of this Universe
gave this camera to the Humans
everyone here is a crazy actor
one is crazy than the other here
Mr. Director Artists
have come for the Audition
many are on the way
your job will be great
hey, participants are coming
Vaibhav you are our lucky charm
hello Super
Director says Action, Cut
Director says Action, Cut
perform sincerely in front of Camera all day
the Creator is watching from above
don't plan anything
whichever way lucks confronts you
don't leave it hold on to it
without second thought withstand
all the troubles
opportunity is God here, respect it
we can play the match anytime
let's be the MAN OF THE MATCH
living cordially with content is life
let's be the MAN OF THE MATCH
Sir this one
these visuals...
Artists are here for Audition
Sir all the best to you
Mr. Gandhi, thankyou
Hello Guys
-Hai Sir...
are you all ready?
-Yes Sir
we have given Audition to many projects
after Auditions they never call us for shoot
can we hope you will call us for a role?
neither will call you nor give you a role
once I call you,
then will send you after the shoot
because even I am an ARTISWow...thankyou Sir
I don't need your thanks now
Just do what I say
later, I will thank you all
okay sir
-Tell us what to do Sir
assume you all are from one village
great Sir
Sir, the village's name?!
just for the mood I asked Sir
why Man won't you do
anything without Mood?
Mr. Ajay...
place that drum here
Mr. Gandhi sit on the drum
guys this is Gandhinagar
the drum represents Gandhi Circle
Now, you all divide into two teams
please help Mr. Gandhi
Sridhara Go and help Gandhi
wait I am coming
I have seen auditioning
with one Artist at a time
what is this crazy thought?
a Group Audition
dude, sit down, cool
just look what is to be done now
-divide into two teams
you come this side, you come here
maintain distance
please listen to the Director
they know, they will perform
the group to my left is from the elite class
to my right is from the needy class
Sir, what is this?
don't feel bad guys
you have a beautiful girl in your family
-yes sir, thankyou sir
on this side also there is a smart guy
the elite class boy
is in love with this poor girl
didn't we fall in the eyes of the elite boy?
I can see you
okay, both hate each other to the core
hardcore enemies
you have to scold each other
-Okay Sir
okay, Cameras...
Ramanna, have you heard this news?
yes, heard our elite family
is in search of an alliance to their boy
that is the news of family
hey, about which family
you are talking about?
you stupid
let me see who will be
the bride of the house
the people in the family
have no humanity in them
hey, who has no humanity...?
hey, a big salute to your humanity,
keep quiet
Mr. Gandhi this is the current state
of this Country
A girl can't fall in love
with a boy freely here
very well said
Sir, please watch Camera No.5
it looks very interesting, over
Camera Five please
who is this "Cutout" dude?!
dude you are super...
for your heroics...
you will also prosper like this "Cutout"
send him in
okay Sir?
done, okay
-your name?
Sir, I haven't decided my screen name yet
what about that "Cutout"?
Sir, I had heard a story in my childhood
for many years a village was drought hit
So, the entire village assembled
at a place to pray God
but one boy came to the prayer gathering
with an Umbrella
sir, it was his confidence
that it will surely rain
the same way, it's my confidence...
that I will become a HERO
this is not confidence dear...
it's overconfidence
is your family confident
that you will become a HERO?
Sir, never thought about family till date
to me achievement is more important
than relationship
is this your first Audition?!
yes Sir
that is why so much excitement
sir even in my last Audition
you can see me with the same excitement
the boy is over enthusiastic
if he is ready to do it free, I am okay
if he is okay with you give him a chance
will the excitement continue or not...?
at least try to stay till the end
yes, sure Sir why not
Sir, Mr.Sunder & Mrs.Veena Sunder are here
send them in
okay Sir
Thankyou dear
Oh God...
Audition in such a big floor?!
Nata, you have booked
such a big floor for Audition?
Sir for Publicity we are doing Audition
in this big floor
but the budget is small
it's okay leave it...
I will not demand a big remuneration
don't brood
-thankyou Sir
above that take your remuneration
after the film's release
-very cunning, you will never be paid
Hai, how are you Nata?
super Ma'am
Dharmanna How about you?
you know about me Ma'am
hey, how will my wife know
about your wellbeing?
true, sorry Sir
very happy to see you both here,
didn't expect you both here Sir
Nata is debuting as a director
just came to see the Audition
Hello Sir
-Hello Madam
very happy that you have come
welcome Sir
All the best Nata, be successful
-Thankyou Ma'am
Dharmanna God bless you
be seated
-wait outside, I will call you later
wait outside
Ma'am Superb... your acting Ma'am
Oh Acting, thankyou dear
wait outside...
come in when I call you
thankyou Sir
-dude come with me
come fast dude
-bye Ma'am
God bless you
come fast dude
what is the subject?
In Dharmanna's Production
completing the project itself is a challenge
you are talking about subject Sir
what, you don't have a subject ready?!
dude, it is ready sit down, relax
narrate it, you listen Sir
I have planned a subject in a realistic way
I mean, shoot the scenes
in as and where condition
that's why we are shooting
the Auditions too Sir
Good, this is your first film...
this much of preparation is required
Madam, the Producer
has to survive, isn't it?
isn't it Nata?!
crazy guy
send the next Artist in
Hai Sir
Hello guys...
divide into two teams
Nata, why you have called so many people?
are you Auditioning in a group?
yes Sir, as I told you earlier
Sir this is not Audition, it's a group clash
wait and watch
Excuse me Sir...
yes proceed
excuse me you move aside.
I said move to the side
Sorry...Sorry Sir
Sir, I am not an Artist...
she is my fiance
she wants to act in a film before Marriage...
So, I brought her here
I am a Software Engineer
Namaste Sir...
you are big hearted
Not a big-hearted Sir
I am supporting her passion
that's fine
she will give the Audition,
what are doing here?
Sir, Moral support
will you extend financial support too?!
Dharma you crazy
Mr. Software, if I come with my family
for an interview to your office...
...will you let me in?
-will you allow?
Sorry Sir
wait outside
Sridhara, take him outside
don't mind please
okay, don't worry
come let's go out
bye baby
she will perform you come with me
all the best
are you experienced?
I mean experienced in acting
no Sir
then Director will speak to you
how is you partner, is he supportive?
yes Sir, he is very supportive
follow that guy
Sir, that camera...
okay wait a while, I will speak to you
-okay Sir
where is the Audition Sir?
it's happening here, you are for Audition.
-yes Sir
park your vehicle, wait I will be back
come with me
follow him
Sir, why are you following me?
Sir, you look like a Hero,
so, we are following
Sir are you Mr. Gandhi?!
it's very tough to become Gandhi...
I have just donned his role
I am working in the Direction Department
some crazy guy has put out a "Cutout" here
earlier we had to fight to put up a Statue
now people die to put up a Statue
very true sir
-I can't see all these...
okay fine, I have an assignment,
see you later...
okay, bye
Oh, are you the Hero?
by the time this cutout is raised,
I will be a HERO
and you
here for Audition?
my fiance is very passionate about films
so, I have brought her
Super Dude
dude, does Women have respect here?
Dude, a respected guy
will never ask this kind of question
because relationship and dating
between artists happen very often here
hence Just asked you
-where is your fiance?
will you really marry her?
of course, we are marrying
on 15th of next month
I am very lucky to have her
you know
you have to grace the occasion
sure, will do
may I help you?
Sir, I am a HERO
will grow myself
I think you are lucky to have him
by the way when is the marriage?
Sir, on 15th of next month
Che... it's your bad luck
I feel the Priest
hasn't picked the right date
I had a good character
Sir, I will act
we are beginning the shoot on the same day
Nata, have you fixed the Date?
just sit down
it's really okay Sir
Sure Sir
in my film you fall in love with a boy
by the way did you see the boy
who came with a "Cutout?
while coming I saw him Sir
yes, a boy like him
he is a self-centric boy
keep thinking how you will
impress a boy like him
I will give the scene later
before that, check whether your partner
will agree to all this and let me know
he can understand Sir
he is very supportive
if needed I will ask him to postpone
the wedding by two days Sir
for the sake of shooting,
will you postpone the wedding?!
you are an Artist
let's congratulate her gesture
what is so great in that Madam?
I have postponed my parenthood
for the sake of films
that's why even we are cooperating
in being a parent?
to do a neat film
-you naughty
I am not so great Ma'am
if I express that this is my desire
he will definitely postpone the wedding
you are really lucky dear
of course, Ma'am
and you are very beautiful
you perform very well too
you are more beautiful than me
Madam what is this?
and you should act much better than me
okay Ma'am
okay, go check once with your partner
you can go now
okay Sir
-go now
all the best to you
all the best
send the "Cutout" inside
and follow this girl
Dude, Director has called you
me, really
true dude
-I will be back
dude, did he say that
Am I doing the lead character?
yes Man
dude, I am feeling very happy
why are you torturing me dude?
once again if you speak ill of my sister
I will kill you
what is this disturbance?
will you stop it?
Oh, they are all acting right?
don't speak just go in
don't tell me all these
listen don't talk ill about my family
I know about your family, shut up
do you know about my sister?
she is an...
Santhu didn't you teach her
about how a girl should behave?
hey, you are a girl
how dare you talk ill about another girl?
aren't you ashamed?
she is speaking right
from which planet you all are from?
and you too lead a life
-Dude what is this?!
hey, Santhu...
if my sister had done this heinous act...
I would have chocked her to death
go ahead and kill
don't tell me all that?
hey, talk with respect...
speak right got it
hey, you how dare you talk like this
-hey leave me
dad, please come with me
don't start another scene here
hey, leave me
-Dad, please
Dad, stop...
move, you stupid rogue
I got you an Auto to make a living,
what are you doing here?
Dad, don't beat him please
-hey you move away
you are enjoying here?
-Dad why are behaving like an insane
Dad beat me
-Stupid I am feeding you in my earnings
and you are here to act?
you want to act
-Dad, cool why don't you understand?
you move now
why are you reprimanding my sister?
she is my daughter,
I will do as I wish
I will kill you too
at least once let me be a Hero Dad
you Idiot
-I am born to be a Hero Dad
what happened, get up
cut it
is this a scene?!
-oh shit
well, performed, isn't it?
Madam even her fall was natural
what Man...
were you waiting for the girls to fall?!
I was clueless, Sorry Sir
are you an Actor?
are you an Actor?!
yes Sir
Mr. Swamy...
please come forward
you are in love with this girl...
Mr. Swamy is her father...
you are not in good terms with him,
now you have to scold him
this is the scene,
now you scold him
you don't like him
act now
I am confused, not sure how to react
when you are in love
you will never know what to do
I can understand your situation
dude, sit down
in every small gap
he tries to fit his dialogues
no spontaneity at all
and so much attitude
wait outside
Sir, give me two minutes time
I said wait outside, get out
sorry Sir
Sorry again
sorry Mr. Gandhi
Sir, I will rehearse Sir
Sir, was my performance, okay?
Sir, how did we act?
what about the spontaneity of the auto guy?
I trained him
is it?!
-yes Sir
okay Guys, you all wait outside
I will inform you all later
Mr. Gandhi, you can take your Guys outside
okay Sir
okay Sir Thankyou
-okay Sir, we will wait outside
Sir can I see the visuals
of the Boy and Girl?
Hai Mr. Swamy
How are you?
I am fine Madam
how about you?
ha, doing fine
Swamy and I had gone
for an Audition and that was...
...the first Audition for you two
Oh, then he is Mr. Swamy?!
Hello Sir
she has spoken a lot about you
you have to give him a chance
you can leave me, but not Mr. Swamy
you are the king of sacrifice Sir
Nata and you should give
the girl a chance too
your name?
Ma'am I am Mayuri
your performance was very natural dear
Thankyou Ma'am
my family doesn't approve acting
and they aren't aware that
I have come for the Audition
the scene coincides with my real life
hence my acting was natural I feel
okay, now you have come for the Audition
assume in case you are selected...
what will you do?
if your family doesn't agree?
isn't this Audition a waste?
there will always be a doubt
until we achieve something isn't it, Sir?
I want to do a powerful character
and surprise my parents
that's my ambition
keep trying, you will get the opportunity
sure Ma'am, will try till the end
all the very best
you have a good future
Mr. Swamy...
you have a very good past
Your director often loves
to meddle it in others' life !?
Sir, this is the job of the Art Director
not the Director
Bhushan, you haven't answered
my question yet?
what should I answer?
what it means postponing the wedding?
it means
let's wed at a later date
I am more important to you
than the wedding, right?
yes, you are important
but the cards are printed
would you wish to see my name
only in the invitation card?
won't you love to see my name
in the paper, social media and in a film?
I would love too
he has been shooting our conversation
like an insane come let's move
they don't even allow us to talk personally
hey Bhushan wait a minute
I think they are observing
our Mannerism, Style etc...
why are you overacting?!
you believed it right?
they are all very professional
I have to do this film Bhushan
who has stopped you,
but do it after Marriage
try to understand
I have attended many Auditions
Stupid people, none offered me a role
but here, they have given me
a good character
please, let me do this film
the entire Industry will grace our Marriage
Bhushan, this will take our Marriage
to the next level
I hope you will support me
okay, can I speak to your director?
about what?
will ask him for two days time,
I will marry and then bring her
to act in your film
and you have to bless us on the wedding day
you are so sweet, I love you baby
love you too baby
should I include this to the timeline?
of course, Sir
these shots are very important to us
so, you need it?!
-yes Sir
hey, in the name of Audition
you are spying on two lives
Sir, at least you should advise him
he doesn't heed to the producer's word
will he heed to my advice?
idiot, never listens to anybody,
let me relieve and come back
Dharma wait I will join you
-Idiot, doesn't allow some me-time
Nata, everything you want is here,
will be back soon
Sir, will be back
anyway, where is Veena Madam heading?!
Mr. Swamy, I was very happy to see you here
what's your problem man?
Sir, Director has asked for your interviews
our interview?!
-yes Madam
Madam you can interview Mr. Swamy
Mr. Swamy how are you?
doing fine Madam
how about you Madam?
-I am fine
I am meeting you after a long time
but I see you every day Madam
you are there in
one of the channels everyday
so, watching TV is daily job
then, where are you working?
attending Auditions is my job
I am still trying Madam
No, I didn't marry Madam
but one happy news is that...
after 25 years into this industry
for the first I am acting with Veena Madam
I am contended sir
same here Mr. Swamy
I got the opportunity to share screen
with you at least in my last film
Madam what are you saying?!
Last film, why?!
I feel I am done
bur he says don't stop, keep acting
I am tired on acting in front
of the Camera everyday
I want to be myself hereafter
so, I have decided to retire
now she will not retire, you know why?
because she has met him here
Oh God, Munna...
who asked to shoot even in the loo?
it's the Director's instruction
to shoot everything Sir
to hell with your director
did you relieve yourself
-yes, Sir twice
hey, Mr. Gandhi is up to something
turn your camera that side
do you have change for 500 Rupees?
no Sir
-even I don't have it
Mr. Gandhi, what are you
doing amidst the Angels
Sir, they are done with the Auditions,
can you spare 200 Rupees?
keep this 500 Rupees,
I will collect the change later
if there is any profit from this film
it is only these 300 rupees from you
take this reach home safely
okay Sir
-I will call you again for another project
thankyou Sir
-message once you reach home
message me, okay?!
we will leave Sir
Sir, unnecessarily you are paying the girls
No Sir, you know the problems of girls
to help them I just pay them
their conveyance, that's it
not on my account, right?
-No sir this is my account
you are in high spirts
I know how hard it is to make a film
so just paid this as a small token
to your production
forget the film, he doesn't know
how to conduct an Audition
Have you ever seen an Audition like this?
no, I haven't seen one like this
but the director
has some new concept I feel
is it?!
-Let's support him
you are often saying
you are an Associate Director
why haven't you turned a director?
Sir, being an Associate Director
we can work with all the directors
once you turn a director
you can't be associated with anybody
and I am not interested too
this is a very good Dialogue
let me use it in my next film
okay fine
first change your getup and costume
Sir, director has allotted me
the Gandhi's statue role
I will change it once the shoot is done
in my view work is more important
shall I take leave?
-see you later Sir
dude, have you rehearsed?
yes, just a minute, ready
hey you...
had the parents worldwide
understood real love
Laila Majnu, Romeo Juliet
wouldn't have been famous like this
they would have married
and extended their families
you try to understand our love
hey, why are you shouting?
Sir, I am acting
hey, have you ever seen anybody happy
after marriage and having children?
you mean No?!
no chance
just a minute
I will take another chance Sir
hey you
I don't need your daughter
once we marry, we will have children
once you have children life is risky
superb Dialogue
-thankyou dude
it is fixed, my Auto will have your Poster
dude my only ambition is...
childrens book should have my name,
or my poster in the auto they commute
Dude, super thank you so much
hey, don't mistake us, we are friends
why did you help me?
what is your intention?
I saw you falling,
hence helped you that's it
that's it?
-that's all
after seeing your act, you know
what people inside are talking about?
what did they say?!
they are assuming that we love
and admire each other
look, people talk several things
why do you bother?
first mind the job you have come for
dude, please help me.
-yes sure
listen, my father hates Film industry Guys
so, I am just warning you
if your father hates film guys
I hate all the girls fathers
just go now
can I ask you something?
what's it?
they all are talking about us
don't you feel we should make it happen?
why should I feel that?
but I feel we should give a thought about it
anyways think about it once
did she propose dude?!
hey, you I supported you
saying my sister is a gem in front of all
now you have faked my trust
do you think I will not understand?
if you propose uniquely
I am your brother
You seem to be very happy
did she propose you?
you are happy because she proposed you,
Yes Sir
no Sir, I am not sure
I told her to propose to you
I wanted to see you reaction
then how was my reaction Sir?
very fine
Mayuri, you are a natural actor
you acted well, didn't give space
for any doubts to anyone
Thankyou Ma'am
even our Boy is no less than her
in our teen we assumed, we were Heroes,
and would put up Cutout in our Hearts
but this guy
he put out his own Cutout in Public
I am very impressed I Say
thankyou Sir
listen, she is not really in love with you
I am aware Sir
even then you have to act
as if you are in love with her,
will you act?
sure sir, I have come here to do that
what, to fall in love?1
No Sir, I am here to act
but now, you have to fall in love
Now you will express your love to him
saying I LOVE YOU
you have to chase her saying
why she took so long to express it
okay Sir
your performance should be so natural
people outside should think
you both are real lovers
sir, people will believe Sir, you just see
are you ready?
-ready Sir
look the chase should be like the chase
between chetah and deer in discovery Channel
right, I am right Sir?!
I will play a Music bit
Hey Cutout
Just move a few steps back
is this okay
to say this, you made me wait for years?!
baby run the bush and meet your goal soon
sprint using the legs gifted to you by God
are they LOVERS?!
are they LOVERS?!
-should be true
baby run the bush and meet your goal soon
sprint using the legs gifted to you by God
okay, Hello Boys
Hello Sir
let us do a super scene now
okay Sir
Sir give me the writing pad
as per our storyline
the city you live in is called Gandhinagar
in this city
you will find people
who have won or lost in their love life?
and also, people who are confused
in their life live here
the scene now is...
wanted to meet the Director
no problem you can meet him Sir
now you all together you have to...?!
excuse me... way please
sorry...sorry again...
why have come now?!
by the way who they both are?!
Sir came to place a request to you
okay proceed
heard your shoot
coincides with our Marriage date
Sir, you have to attend the event
after our wedding, I will personally
drop her to the shooting spot Sir
instead, why don't you directly tell us
to postpone our shooting dates.
very well said
is it okay with you?
Sir, if its okay to you
I am fine with it
as the dates are with you
we will postpone our wedding date
why are you giving a commitment?
they will postpone the shooting dates
you just shut up now
Software, its okay...
we will postpone the shooting dates
by the way what's your name?
Bhavna Sir
Bhavna, I haven't seen your performance
will you give an Audition?
sure Sir
Sir, you can Audition however you wish
she is very excited she will perform
oh, is it, super...
by the way the situation is...
Bhavna weds Bhushan...
their marriage is fixed
these two Sir?
you all should together try and break it
sure, sir we will break it
-Sir What is this?!
okay, few of speak for the boy
the rest speaks for the Girl
we will speak for the boy
-let's support the girl
sir yes, we are ready
Sir, what's all this?!
-hey, you come this side,
didn't you find any other girl than this one
why dude what happened?
-you didn't figure it yet?
everyone here calls him a slaver?
and you are behind him
-is it?!
-are you speaking the truth?!
what truth?!
dude, yes, it is true
do you know how many times
she has come with me?
hey you
-I am telling this, as you are my friend
hey dude, cool, now listen
you are to marry her,
so please don't trust her anymore
don't talk nonsense, I will slap you
-hey cool
look at his anger
after you marry him
will he really let you live?
do you need this marriage? think of it.
don't hurry you still have time
think of it
-I have never seen you like this before
dude, come here
you haven't seen anything
but we have seen everything dude
do you know who is taking her out?
I know
the cutout Hero
I will not tolerate this, will kill you all
hey, you idiots leave me
dude, cool, come here
why are you so tensed?
have you seen any of her moles?
do you know her history?
you all talk so dirty, shut up, leave me
hey you, what is this?
you are enjoying boys abusing a girl
in front of her would be husband?
aren't you ashamed?
to hell with your life
will you come now with me?
why should I send my friend
with a slaver like you?
you can leave
will you come or not?
hey, you stupid, let me go
okay, cut it...
he is coming
Sir, how was the Audition?
felt like booting everyone
Bhavna, you reacted very well,
you performed well too
Thank you, Sir, thank you so much
-she really acted well, right?
okay, will let you know, wait outside
Okay, thankyou
-okay, all the best
you finished a wedding
hey, you don't wish to see
people live happily.
a girl's curse will sure haunt you
hey boys...
people will provoke you,
you should have your head on your shoulders
you should know how to behave yourself
Sir, this was a character
I can't see and bear all these...
let me see what is up with the two outside
poor girl, I couldn't see her humiliation
even then she acted so well
Nata, don't repeat this again
Madam, yes, I thought of trying
something different...
but, never expected boys will speak so cheap
come let's see what is up with the two
Sir...Just a minute
Sir, what did they ask you inside?
they asked about my masculinity
what did you say Sir?
-hey, get lost
-Bhushan wait a while
I said stop
I said wait
how was my performance?
to hell with your performance
they spoke vulgar about you,
and you were standing still
when did they talk about me?
-then, about whom were they talking?!
they were talking about the character
I was playing
they were talking about the Cutout boy too
didn't you notice it?
so, your character in this film
is so mean right?
yes, truly a very bold character
the boys spoke so vulgar about a girl
Bhushan this is a very connecting character
the graph is very nice, isn't it?
all are watching us...
come let's go
Bhushan, what's your problem?
my parents will spit at you,
won't allow you to do this character
come let's go now
if my character is bad,
they should shout at me
if the character I play is bad
why should they shout at me?
Bhushan please try to understand
I am telling you from so long
don't you understand?
come let's go
Bhushan why are you ill-treating me so much?
where did I illtreat you?
you and that lunatic Director
are behaving insanely
no, you are behaving insanely
Bhushan you are behaving insanely,
shut up now
look don't call me insane
Hey Gentleman, you have misunderstood
the boys have erred
I am apologizing on their behalf
Sir, will you keep quiet for a while?
you are reason for all this tussle,
you only called all of them here
you be aside for a while they will decide
you take your call
why are you so angry?
even the Director was unaware
that the boys will speak so vulgar
if he was unaware,
what kind of a director is he?
hey, come let's go from here
hey, wait, first sit down,
calm yourself and then leave
if we sit for here a while,
they will lay us down Sir, come let's go
hey you...
leave her hand, let her go
hey, wait a minute
you shouldn't torture a girl like this
she will be humiliated before others
then what happened with me inside?
Dude, what happened inside?!
hey, you get lost,
you are the reason for all this
what did I do?!
everybody is saying that
you are in love with her
Bhushan, that's the character...
what is wrong in liking someone
as a character?
don't be so narrow minded
Madam, what do you know about my character,
that you fell in love with me?
Nata has briefed her about your character
you keep quiet for a while
what does he know about my character?!
hey just listen to me
there is some confusion
I will solve it, you all please move
Sir, listen to me, be cool
-hey, you go get lost I say
listen to my words
-not please leave me
listen, solve everything amicably
don't fight among yourselves
Madam...sir, please come
hey you go now, leave
hey you, move aside
move now
I said move now
-Dharmanna look how they are fighting
somehow nothing is right here
why are you torturing the boys,
who have come here for Audition?
Madam, Nata has gone insane
you please advise him
Dharma even you too,
you have made it in acting continue it...
with all these acts
you are spoiling the industry
hey, I will stone you
you have been shooting everything
you idiots
I didn't mean it to you Madam,
Sir you come
Keep your cool
come Sir
Hey, Sir is here
Sir, was the Audition fine Sir?
keep all the cameras rolling
what happened?!
I think there is no problem here.
which problem are you talking about?
don't you have self-respect
to help you I am producing this film
now I have to hear stupid words from others
I didn't mean it to you Madam
Sir, if this continues, I will send
everybody back home
Sir, Sorry,
I didn't do all this intentionally
Now everything is okay right?
Okay, are you aware
it would have been divorce before marriage
shall I go and apologize?
go ahead
-okay I will apologize
listen, they are amicably settling the issue
I feel pity seeing
the girl eagerness to act...
and the boy forcing her to quit
now if she agrees to the Director's words
her personnel life will be spoilt
and if she agrees to her would-bes words
her career will be spoilt...
at all times only girls face such situations
Madam, is it?!
oh, why all these complications...
let her marry on the fixed date...
I will postpone the shooting dates
let's give the girl
a powerful character Madam
right Sir?!
Sir, had you told this earlier
there wouldn't have been all these tussle
a director should know
how and when to take a right decision
sorry, please excuse me
Sir is my role fixed Sir?
hey, your situation is like the proverb
when Grandfather is worried about Wine
Granddaughter is worried about something
hey Dharma, what are you talking?
-hey you...
Sorry Sir, out of tension I said so
let's have some coffee, please
you all please relax,
let me finish my work and join you
Mr. Swamy, I will get you a sugarless coffee
don't enquire about your role
in the middle of a conversation
follow them I say
Sir, come here
-Come with me
leave me I say
what's your problem?
Until we came here, we had no problem
once we came in, problems started
the Director is Auditioning very cheaply
don't talk so cheap, he is a director
hey, how do you say you like me
in front of your would-be?
will he not feel bad?
hey, Director said that my character
is in love with your character
and I am doing the same here
then, I am selected...
hey, I am a HERO now, thankyou Madam
-what a physic guy he is?!
Sir, Congratulations...
-Leave me I say
-I don't wish to see you among these lunatics
come let's go from here
She might have been selected too
first take confirmation and then leave
even if it is confirmed, she can't act
the director has fixed the shooting
on our wedding date
I think he has said so
to check her passion, I feel
relax Sir
I am the Hero...
my job is to repair the wrong doers
and unite lovers
Sir, please apologizes
Mister, you leave now
if you are the Hero,
postpone the shooting and come to me
Dude, first apologize
did you get what I told?
Madam at least you apologize
unnecessarily I shouted at you
Sorry Baby...
I think, I overacted
super, you go ahead with
the Marriage preparations
I will see that the shoot is postponed, okay
all the best guys
I am coming
cutout come in, you will have it now
Nata, don't prolong this issue
I think Marriage is on the verge of breakup
Marriages are decided in Heaven
Not at the Auditions, right?!
Sir, Dharmanna and Mr. Gandhi
are coming inside, over
Sridhara, if he comes in
he will not allow us to do what we want
first remove the Gandhi seat
Sir, how many are still due for Auditions?
that's it. Sir
I don't feel like calling anyone now
even if you feel too, don't call
-done Sir
Guys, have anyone in your group
are engaged or due to Marry?
No Sir
very good, else this lunatic
will spoil your life too
Sir, another troupe is here for audition
Hello guys...
Hai Sir
let's do a super scene now
yes sir
the place you are standing
is called Gandhinagar
and this is Gandhi Circle
here...Gandhi Statue...
hey you,
where is the Gandhi's seat I say?
oh God...
people don't spare even Gandhi's seat
Sorry Mr. Gandhi Don't mind
please be outside for a while
okay Sir
Mr. Gandhi... Thankyou Sir
because of you all the work is happening
Sir, let your work progress well
but don't hurt the boys
they have come here trusting me
whether they trust you are not...
but its great you have trusted
the boys of this generation
Mr. Gandhi...
Sir, I trust you too
that's why he has cast you as a statue
continue trusting him
Sir, wait outside, will call you later
boys, give your best in the Auditions
-yes Mr. Gandhiji
so, you had coffee with everyone
yes man
are you all ready?
yes Sir
-ready Sir
now it is....
Sir, excuse me
check why he has come in now
Sir, Thankyou Sir
why thanks?!
Sir, heard I got selected for a character,
so, thank you so much Sir
Nata, you have selected him?!
without my knowledge
you fixed his payment too?!
then I have a matter...
look guys...
he is here to tell us a matter
even I don't know what the matter is
so, whatever he tells,
few have to debate for it
the rest debate against it
Nata, don't worry they will
-yes Sir
I have already briefed them
okay sir we will debate
okay, this is the scene for your Audition
are you all ready?
-ready Sir
what is our character Sir?
assume you all are his friends
oh Friends...
Hey Nata, I will be his best friend
okay Sir, done
okay go ahead
you proceed
Sir, heard that the shoot coincides
with the Marriage date of the girl...
Sir, please can we postpone
the shoot for two days?
poor guy, the boy is very upset Sir
Bro, he is not upset
because of the shoot date...
then why?!
come here, he is upset because
she has proposed to you
hey, nobody has proposed to me
she has indeed proposed to you Dude
though she is already engaged,
even then she has proposed you
be careful dude
bro what are you talking?!
nobody knows how fate takes its turns
I don't understand your words bro
why not?
there is nothing wrong if the bride
falls for the purohit at the wedding hall
you don't have to be surprised too
sister okay done
my friend is already hooked
come what may...
she is the oxygen of his life
am I right friend?
-Sir but, I haven't liked her
I mean the girl you chased right?
-yes, you are right
she is beautiful, congrats dude
Sir, they have believed the scene
and acting here Sir
dude, why are explaining all this to them?
you don't worry, enjoy, I will support you
-right here in this Gandhi Circle...
I will solemnize your wedding, okay?
hey friends
hey dude give your consent I say
Sir... I don't know what's happening here
I have told you the matter
if they both end up in a breakup,
you are the reason for it
hey bro, accept it man
-Leave me, let me go
what to accept you crazy guys
cut it
he has already left
Nata, don't feel bad, let me tell you
even if you feel bad, never mind
are you angry with me? or
with the guys who have come for Audition?
why are you torturing everyone I say?
okay fine, come with me
add this to the timeline
chase is on...
in the meantime, ...
sir, is my character fixed?
hey move aside
-what did the Director say?
hey you...
-Sir, what did the director say?
hey you, move now
Sir, we just missed them
sir, please turn this side
yes, what is it man?
Sir, I will give you a good performance
show it to the Director
let his cast me in a role in this film
okay you are pestering me
go ahead show your talent Man
Nata, is the issue with boys solved?
Madam, forget about it
come here let me show you a performance
whose performance, is it?!
performance of your boyfriend Mr. Swamy
Mr. Swamy's performance?
yes, come soon
-Mr. Devadas Swamy, right?
is he performing fine?
hey super sir
-come let's see too
hey Hero, looks like
you are in some tension?
nothing sir, I had gone to settle
the pairs wedding issue
Director confused me
so, you think you are a big hero?
when you can't settle your own issue
you want to settle someones issue
look the camera is here now
Director had given us a task...
let's perform together
okay Sir
-have you rehearsed
100 percent I have rehearsed Sir
will you now scold me?
-yes Sir, sure to the core
in this scene I am playing
the girl's father character...
he is playing my daughter lover's character
now, we both will give a performance
hey you listen...
-yes, tell me
do you know the real value of LOVE?
hey, I don't know
you don't know
how much I love your daughter
hey, you get out I say
maybe the relationship of parents
with the kids through the umbilical cord
but a relationship between
a boy and a girl are tied by hearts
sir, we are tied by the hearts
sir, accept our love, please accept it
hey how dare you...
please Sir
you idiot you really love that girl?
Sir yes really...
what do you mean?
I am aware you are not acting here
how do you know it Sir?!
you have a mustache at the time
when mine is turning grey
let me tell you one thing listen carefully
if you fall in love
don't keep it in for long
you should reveal it very soon
-is it Sir?!
yes man
camera is there sir,
Sir, excuse us for a minute
a bit personnel between us
I have to express my personnel tale
-Sir, please leave us this is personnel
please leave us Sir
Sir, thank you very much
hey carry on recording
-Sir what is issue?
I am talking about Artist Veena
you mean Veena Madam?!
yes, the same Veena Madam
we had met 25 years ago in an audition
that was our first Audition
-Oh okay
I fell for her in the first sight itself
like me, what a coincidence?!
then what happened Sir?
then what...
I thought to express it after turning a Hero
from that day I have been auditioning
but never got selected even once
what is this Sir? her career progressed
she became an actress
but you are still the same
what to do dear?
had she entered my life then...
maybe my life would have changed I think
if at all I get selected in this project
it would be my luck that
I am acting beside Veena Madam
that's why I am advising you
if you are in love, don't prolong
express it very soon
hey reduce the volume
Sunder Sir is listening
hey Dharma, Veena has already
told me about this I say
if you doubt the person
you should reduce the volume
but our lives are an open book...
You know it right?
-yes, Sir I got know it now
you both are the ideal couple
be an ideal couple in future too Sir
don't regret, thinking you should
have expressed it then in future
else you too will be like me
Sir, why are you dull?
Sir, cheer up
sir, sure you will be selected
sir, please give the other angle
cheer up
Cutout Hero loves Mayuri
Cutout Hero loves Mayuri
Swamy loves Veena
Swamy loves Veena
apart from our Marriage invitation...
our names didn't appear together
anywhere like this in public
Swamy is lucky, isn't it Vee?!
seeing my name tagged with Swamy
are you jealous?!
yes, I am jealous
let's go and see it
what all they have written
isn't it Nata?!
yes Sir, sure go ahead
-come back soon Sir
they are the ideal couple
else it would have come to my head
even you go out
vent your anger and come back
you are the Producer, right?
isn't it, wait let me show them what I am
Swamy loves Veena
Somy Veena...
Oh God,
which Kannada professor wrote this?
it's not Somy... it's Swamy...
looking at the Kannada language's state
I feel pity
Sir, don't you feel pity
looking at my Situation?
what happened with you again?
what do you expect to happen Madam?
the fool went inside saying
he will postpone the shoot date
Now here he is linked with another girl
and got his name on the wall Madam
so should she act with such a person,
tell me Madam
some time ago you advised me
listen now...
if someone gets his name tagged
with another girl, why are you tensed
he is like that Madam
he unnecessarily gets tensed for all issues
Madam don't mistake him, sorry
one more issue Madam, had my name
been on the wall instead of that girl
the focus would have been on me, right?!
unnecessarily the focus was shifted,
didn't you feel it Madam?
whether the focus was on you are not...
if your name was on the wall,
he would have smashed his head to the wall
Very Sorry dear
I tarnished you name by calling you here
How are you responsible
in tarnishing my name?
why do you apologize?
which idiot wrote this on the wall?
why are you asking me?
I don't know which -------- did it
oh God, why are you so angry?
what to do apart from getting angry?
they have badly written my name on the wall
even then I am not able to do anything
I am scared wondering how I will survive
in this Big Industry?!
you shouldn't be scared for all these dear
you should be brave
if you are brave
you can achieve anything here
look if someone uploads this video
in the social media
what will I tell my parents?
how will I convince them?
you don't worry about it
if things go wrong,
I will come and speak to your parents
after all this, what will you talk?
whatever you speak is waste
Mayuri, anger is not good for your health
wait, let me come back
and see that you do a good deed
Mr. Gandhi, console her, I will be back
-Okay sure
hey, you idiots come aside
will anyone write
dirty like this on the wall?
Sir and Madam might feel bad
we aren't feeling bad
moreover, Swamy is happy too
is it?!
then, let's all be happy
this game is very good
should anybody's name
be written on this wall?
Correct Sir, look had my name been there
instead of her name...
I would have had the attention of all here
I would have got full Publicity
Mr. Bhat for what are they fighting now?
she wants her name
to be written on this wall
you want your names here, right?
why fight such small issue
what should I write now?!
bhavana loves Bhushan
Bhavana loves only Bhushan
look how indecently they all are behaving
okay fine
Madam you come now
-where should I come?!
let me write my fiancs name myself
okay dude, come on
here the wall is yours, go ahead
very good
Bhushan loves...
who is that idiot?!
your throw was superb,
but the names still exist
Now see how I will pour
hey, you idiot, this is the limit
will not spare you now
hey guys don't fight, listen to me
hey, come let us go and thrash him
don't leave him
why are you going there?
-as the producer let me handle it
Sir, hold this, wait I am coming you idiots
hey leave me
you stupid...
have you come to act or fight?
hey, don't hit him on the head I say
hey how dare you beat me?
what is this unruly behavior?
what Nonsense
Munna come Let's go and speak to Nata
Nata, why are they fighting so rudely?
Sir, a very good commercial fight
let's keep it in the film
sure, you want it?!
-sure sir, keep it
Director Sir...
what are you up to?
I am into Audition
what sort of an Audition is this?
the boys are fighting among themselves
then see and enjoy the fight
Sir, what are you talking?!
you are doing a mistake
I am not doing any mistake
it's the boys you have called
who are doing the mistake?
had he not called the Boys,
the Audition wouldn't have happened
you would have lost your rapport
Super Madam
You are the only one who judged it right
because he has called so many guys
we are doing such a beautiful scene
and everyone is giving
their best performance
Sir, will anyone call this acting?!
I can't believe this Sir
why Mr. Gandhi
even you shifted your views?!
trust me Sir
what should we believe Nata?
I am scared, seeing the boys fight
I can't believe this is a scene
if something untoward happens
first go and stop the fight
Oh Madam...
this is what I meant, a realistic approach
nothing untoward is happening
they all are just acting
Nata, this is too much
Sir, you too
-what is next now?
you are too serious Sir
you don't worry...
hey, call for cut
ask them to stop at once
hey, you, now you saw me the producer
-Sir sorry excuse me
okay come on, let me who is ready
to fight with me
come... let me see...
if he is the producer,
how does it matter to me?
please you come this side
I beg you come away
why did you come here? you go out
hey you, come now
will break your heads today
hey you idiots,
do you know what is a Cinema?
how dare you beat up the Producer?!
hey, side please
Dharma take this, a Memorabilia
Sridhara, you fought very well I say
it was very realistic
-Nata thankyou
hey sit down
assumes himself to be Jackie Chan
you have to thank me,
I am the one who fought and damaged my head
each of you had it
where is the guy
who broke the bottle on my head?
Dharma, he has left already
he left and saved himself
had he been here, he had it from me
Bhushan, wait a while
hey, you, are you conducting Audition
or harassing people here?
Sorry Sir, don't mistake him
I apologize on behalf of Bhushan
hey, you, why do you apologize...
keeping such Rogues and idiots
he should apologize for all the stupid acts
you shut up now
what did I do? you came in between
hey who came in between
shut up now
what kind of a director you are?
I thought you wanted erase
Bhavana's name from my life
but you don't tolerate her name
with me even on the wall?
Sir, I poured water to erase my name
but this stupid was there
writing his name...
I didn't pour water intentionally
whether intentional or unintentional
you have done a mistake...
write his name again and come back
-Sir I will not write
hey, obey the Director I say
-hey, go write his name again
I will not Sir
Nata, leave it, he is my friend,
I will write down on his behalf
hey, who are you?
how can you be my friend?
hey, just because he erased the name
from the wall, you all are fighting here
you all together wanted to erase
my name from my family
hey, who tied the bandage with my goggles?
where is the Assistant director?
I will kick you out of the set
Dharma, cool, calm down
why are raising your BP?
If I stay here, I feel I will die...
please return the money I have invested
will give it to my family & leave this earth
Nata... please...
hey, will you write it or not?
will not write Sir
if you can't, then leave at once
okay will leave
hey, why are you going alone,
wait I will join you
Nata, if you don't return my money
I will defame you on FB Live & other medias
let me see how you finish this film?
you haven't seen the other side of my face
I am not good at times
-Dharma door is on the other side
Thankyou Sir
Just a small hit on my head
I don't know where I am heading
wondering if I have gone mad or what?!
-Will you write it or not?!
No Sir...
hey, why are you replying to this idiot
you are the only gentleman here,
come let's go
hey, your auto is here?
-Yes Sir...
then even you are a gentleman,
come let's go together
why are you going?
-hey leave me
hey let him go
Sir, it's not his mistake, it's mine
I poured water on the wall
poor guy he will spoil his career...
is it...?!
then go and bring him back
Sir, me...?!
you just said that you spoilt his career
yes, think this too a scene
assume you boyfriend has left
fighting with you
go pacify and bring him back
but dont forget, this is Audition
But Sir...
-it's one's career question
what do you know about a career?
you go home
both are hardcore insane
it's okay if you can't do it
hey, it's impossible I say
hey, you tell him it's impossible
tell him it's impossible
-Sir, it's possible
I will bring him
hey, everyone has gone insane here
come here...
hey, how many lives you want to sacrifice?
-Bhushan keep quiet
what are you up to? hey leave me
who made you a director? your anger
Sridhara, look at him Sir...
you are too much disturbed, relax
okay, you both marry as per the scheduled date
I will postpone the shooting date
hey, open the door
Hello, please wait...
will not spare anyone
where are you going?
will go to a Bar, I am disturbed,
Sir, you aren't disturbed
you have hurt your head
-Sir I will go home, not to a Bar
did you come here from home to head back?
well said
we head out to a Bar once we leave home
please advise him
this director is a Sadist
he is irritating me, don't force me
I know you are angry with me
because I fought with you
I am the reason for all this,
please you don't go
it's okay no problem
I am doing what I feel is right
listen to me
-Dude, it has come to the Hand...
It has come to my mouth,
shut up and mind your job
if you leave now, it means you have failed
the Audition isn't yet over
nor the director has rejected your talent
why should he certify
yes, if he says I am not the Producer
will I not be the producer?
Hey, you advise him
if you go, I will also leave
hey why will you go, stay back
look, I can't live pretending in life
please don't stop me
you should have been a scientist
to lead a practical life
we have come here to act and live
I beg you please don't go now
-why are you begging?
don't irritate me
please don't go, listen to me
-let me go now
please listen to me
-hey why don't you understand, leave me
let's leave after the auditions
I will not let you to go now
hey, what's going on here?!
cancel the Bar Program
Bring the Drinks here
I will trash everyone one who have come,
and the one who called them too
hey, you have shot all the incidents
and made it into a film
even if I had wished to act,
I wouldn't have done much better than this
if they all come to know about this?
No problem, sir, let them learn of it
Nata, though you have spoiled few families
you have made a film which earns money
now a days people watch for free
the lives of others on Mobile
Sir, they are used to it, won't feel Bad
yes, they are used to it
Sir, on spot your editing is superb
can I see the 2nd half?!
wonder what superb editing?!
Dharma, be patient,
you will see the rest of the film too
hey, you have showed me only a part
how can be contended with it?
I will trash you now
-sit down, we will show you
Mr. Gandhi is pestering me to let him in
is he still here?!
Mr. Gandhi....
come sit down
send him in I say
Sir, thank you for letting me in
who in this world can stop you?
can I speak?!
you can speak
can you wait?!
yes Sir, I will wait
hey, listen, Get a Chair to Mr. Gandhi
Nata, I will give the chair to Mr. Gandhi
what a performer dude
Sorry Mr. Gandhi
I had earlier shooed your chair
now you can sit on this chair
you began this story, let it end on you
Sir continue
-come here sit down
Sir, play the rest
Bhushan, I am sorry
come let's go from here
without showing him his way,
I will not come from here
whatever has happened is over now,
no one did it intentionally
come let's go
Look, it was me who was trashed
why are talking for him?
I brought you here because,
I thought you were very supportive
I should have come alone for the audition
then all these wouldn't happened right?
should have done it
you could have gone around with the person
whom the director suggested
don't talk nonsense Bhushan
yes, I will act according
to the Director's advice
because I am Artist
oh, a Great Artist, lady superstar
Had you men had the heart to make a girl
lady superstar
I wouldn't have pleaded
for such a small role
Bhushan, for your EGO, don't spoil my career
I am not spoiling your career
listen, I will get you a good job
just work hard in it
then people will accept your character
everyone in this world is eager
to give character certificate to Girls
Bhushan, you have a handsome job, right?
and your behavior is so cheap,
is this called the respect you have earned?
I don't mind,
if you think my behavior cheap...
without showing him a way
I will not come from here
so, you mean achievement is
beating someone black and blue
think whatever you want Bhushan
you give me whatever certificate you wish
I will live the way I want
I will act
Bhavana try to understand
people will not respect you
first you try to understand
what it means by Respect
then I will speak to you
Sir...My bag...
check it once...
it's okay Sir
thank you very much
because you persuaded me to stay back
Director asked me to do, hence I did it
even then you convinced
me very well to stay back
you were leaving because you fought for me
what will I do, other than stopping you?
henceforth I will not go anywhere
as you wish
nothing is happening here as per my wish
everything is happening here
as per your wish, isn't it?
no, nothing has happened as per my wish
whatever the Director has conceived,
it's happening here, that's it
whatever happened is just the scene
nothing is for real here
even then...
Director has written some wonderful scenes
had there been two more scenes like this
you would always be beside me I think
hey what are you signaling?!
speak out
nothing Sir
Oh trapped?!
you are finished
see what Gandhi's boys have done to me
I will not leave him Sir
hey, calm, cool down
tell me, which station should I
lodge the complaint
will you keep quiet for a while?
you have your lunch first
No sir, I am not hungry now
very good, get used to it,
anyways you will be ------------ shortly
hey cancel one meal
sir, your glasses
hey, fool it is goggles
if you wish to lodge a complaint
you have to lodge against Nata too
why will you accuse only Mr. Gandhi?!
how will he accuse Nata?
both are Blossom friends you know
we came as we know both of you
you are playing a game and he another,
are you both misleading us?!
don't you respect us as senior Artists?
after all this we feel sorry for you
that is our mistake
above that if you want to
lodge complaint against him...
I will lodge a complaint against you
saying what
-that you called us here and insulted us
Sir, what shall I do now?
will listen to your advice
I will stop this production
I will remain an actor
sir will you stop the production?!
No Sir, please
please try to understand Sir,
I have got a chance now
Please Sir, don't stop
-hey you keep quiet
Sir, the director has played with us
now let us play with him
Sir, since morning he has misled us
now let us mislead him
I am right Sir?
correct Sir, he has brainwashed you
now let us brainwash him
yes, let's brainwash him now
hey, sit down
correct, let's reverse play
let's brainwash him
let us spoil his plan
we all together let's teach him a lesson
I can't reverse play with him
after a longtime I have got a chance
if I reverse play, he will leave me
out of the project
look he has given you a powerful role
this is the reason I lose my cool
Sir, somehow, I am not convinced by this idea
if a person errs, we should hate is mistake
and not the person himself
if you err like him
where is the difference between you two?
whatever you say
we are happy reverse playing
Sir, I will not lodge the police complaint
ask him to keep quiet Sir
-Just a minute
none of them are in a mood to listen to you
everybody is in a revenge mood
okay just for fun let this happen too
okay, do whatever you feel right
hey, you, sit still in a place
these people will never learn from the acts
until they are not given a fair treatment
none will understand your words
just two hits on one's back
everyone will listen to Grandpa's words
isn't it dude?!
madam, you are an experienced Artist
try to understand my pain,
please reverse play
Dharma, okay
for your sake let me do it
but, only for fun
by the way how is your love progressing?
Sir, we are truly in love
-Sir as a character
Nata, two eyes are not enough
to see their love
let's do a scene
sure Sir, let's do
hey you...
whatever you do in anger
will alway be an act of regret
think once before you agree his words
if you accept blindly
you will regret later
don't worry
Sir, we will do it, just tell us what to do
is it?!
you are in high spirits
-will always be Sir
hello, are you okay with it?
okay Sir
hey, why are repeating
the same again and again?
they are all good Artists
give them a scene
they will stun you for sure
thankyou Sir
lsiten, you both are in love
and your neighbours are aware of it
but your neighbours are in doubt
whether you two will unite for life or not
will you make your neighbours
believe in your love?
Sir, as we both are in love
why should we convince our neighbours?
we both know how pure is our love
we don't need to convince someone
hey, super
your reverse play is superb
I mean, a good counter attack
sir, he played well
Nata, he did well right?!
Dude, you trust your faith...
you might have already got a character
don't we need to show our performance?
just simply support us
Now I am telling you...
Sir, ask him to perform
- yes sir tell him to perform
Sir,these days I don't trust boys...
they will come close to an average
looking girl touch her & satisfy their urge
and prefix the love label to it
even we don't see true love
in their performance too Sir
yes sir, very true
-he doesn't know to perform
dude, I doubt this girl too
the boys seems to be from a decent family
maybe she has thought,
being with him will settle her life
isn't it Sir?!
maybe you are right dude
dude, even during your grandfather period
they said the same dailogue to the lovers
dude, even during your grandfathers
period too, anyone who fell in love
said it was purely only love
you are right dude, well said
hello, we are truly in love
that's what the Director wants
you try and convince him
Sir, tell me what should I do
to convince them?
tell me...
Kiss her
yes sir it will be fun
Sir tell him to kiss her
hey go ahead kiss her
-sir tell him to kiss her
Sir, what a performance
dude, super, they all performed well
you can cast them Sir
but, you couldn't perform to their range
go out
-get out
Sir, no I will convince him
you mean, you will allow him
to kiss you before everyone?!
your counter attack was superb
sir, no... I didn't expect this
we are acting here right
what is wrong in giving me a kiss?
Sir, shall I Kiss him?
you will kiss him?!
I can't kiss her in public
not in front of Mr. Gandhi too
it will be a blunder
so, you just remembered Mr.Gandhi now right?
Mr.Gandhi advised people to love,
and not to hate others
Wow, super Dialogue sir
Super sir, wah what a dialogue
when did he say so?!
look, don't create a scene
in front of others
if you kiss me once the scene will end
be practical, kiss me
are you ready?!
-yes I am ready
I am ready Sir
even we are ready Sir
okay boys, move a few feet back
hey Cutout...
Sir, Okay?!
you mean?!
hey go ahead kiss her
okay kiss me this is a scene right
-if you kiss the scene will end, go ahead
hey what are you doing?
you scoundrel
don't you have any respect left in you
are you a human or a demon?
what are you planning
to do with my daughter?
Sir, actually it's like...
hey you, you all are enjoying his act?
-Sir, he is deeply involved in the character
dad please it's not his mistake
-you shut up
I shouldn't have let him scotfree
-hey you...
how dare you love my daughter
I don't mind going behind bars too
Dad why are behaving like this?
-Sir please understand, I love her
dad please
-come out...
come I will teach you now
okay done, please stop Sir
Camera is here, people are watching
let's give a memorable performance
don't you have any shame in life?
I have reared her with love,
as she is a motherless child
you soundrels will not leave her I feel
to hell with your life
in future if I see you touch or kiss her
that will be your end
No will not do it
-will kill you get out now
Dad, I told you I love him
even then you are reprimanding him?
come dear you will not understand all this
hey you , did you see
you want to work amidst such people?
Bhushan try to understand
it's a scene, they are all acting
I think more than me,
you have understood them better!
Boss character, you have to understand it
she has liked me a lot
I will see that you will repent
that why she liked you
I will show you that
Oh God...
Bhavana, take him away at once
you can do a film whenever you wish
if he stays here for long
surely he will go insane
he is not ready to come
he is here not because of love
only because of his anger towards me
why should I be angry with you?
I will not leave him
will teach him a lesson
Bhushan, I beg you, come let's go from here
I will not come
saying you will postpone the dates
how dare you hit me?
you are a Hero?
-yes I am one
I will show you a way
you will suffer for your deeds
unnecessarly you are suffering
first repair your life
later you can teach me a lesson
I will leave, I have a job to do now
Bhushan, keep quiet
Sir, are you wondering
when all this will end?
if something has started,
it should end for sure
I have tha habit of waiting
I will wait
Sir, you should have entered a bit late
we all missed a romantic kiss Sir
dude,heard that she was ready,
but the boy hesistated it seems
hey, aren't you all ashamed?
Sir, come let's go
Mayuri, please wait
hey, what are you all talking about?
she just did a character I say
she acted in front of the camera
Oh no, even I said about the same acting Sir
even then, she is a very hot girl
talk with respect, otherwise...
come here
Madam, look how cheap they are talking
Mayuri that is the culture of their talk
in their view only Men are actors
a girl is always a GIRL
that's why you find Romantic Heroes
but can't find a Romanitc heroine
in their view a Girl is always hot
don't bother for all this, leave it
then how do we make them understand
its waste of time
we should just keep doing our job, come
hey do you have any
respect or culture in you?
you have come here to become Actors
first learn to repect Women
now you can leave
okay sir, we will leave
Mr. swamy, thank you so much
he came in at the right moment & helped me
is it!
hey, I knew this before the scene
I guessed the Director will play mischief
so I entered the scene at the right time
so, you entered at the right time...
what did you achieve so great Mr. Swamy?
-Sir, you know what...
poor guys, these two were
on the verge of kissing eachother
at that moment as a character
I entered and spoilt his plans
you know how i brought him out?
hey, do you have any regard or respect?
why Sir?!
dude, come here
listen Mr. Swamy is deprived
of everything in life
somehow these guys had a chance
he ruined it too
listen, take a note,let me tell you
Not only in this life
even in his future life too...
not only my wife,
he will never find anyone
Mr. Swamy, don't feel bad
that is the way he speaks
so he is the Producer?
yes Sir
what sort a Producer is he?!
he looks much thinner than a 500 Rupee Note
Sir, he is on diet to maintain his physic
ask him to see me
-Sir, he is here
Sir, he has come,
the one who is in tension
Sir, what did the Director say about me?
has he fixed my character Sir?
Sir, will you...!
Oh... what is your story man?!
will anyone come in the costume for Audition
don't you have sense?
in the end if you come to me
for costume rent will trash you
will you really beat us?
so you will beat even the real Police?
Real Police?!
Oh you are the Producer Sir?
give me a character in your film Sir
you too a Police?
I am a Rowdy
Sir, the scoundrel we were searching
is now there
Sir, come
dude you too come
who is it dude?
-Sir, come
hey... you are still on the same issue?
whether he is celebrating his wedding
or performing our Last rites...
above that he has called the Police
wonder what will happen nex?!
Sir, is my role fixed?
please come
sir he is scoundrel who is playing
with my fiance's life
is he the guy?
he is playing with my Daughter's life too,
please reprimand him Sir
I beg you, don't act here too,
please keep quiet for a while
Sir, the director is watching everything
so I am acting here
Sir enquire him
hey, what is your plan with the girls?
hey, keep aside all your plays
and be cordial with everyone
sir, ask this girl,
whether I have done any mistake
you have come here listening
to this idiot's words
Bhushan, this is too much
what are you doing?
Sir, he hasn't done any mistake,
please you can leave Sir
Look, I am the Producer of this film...
without my permission
you shouldn't visit my set
Sir, since a longtime I am begging you
to give me a character
give me a character Sir
hey, you should have come in the Morning...
I would have given
you the character of beating Nata
you look like a pailwan
Sir, there is no problem here...
he is a Good boy
do you know this boy for a longtime?
No Sir, I met him here on the set
but, he is a good boy
just like me, a very good boy
Madam, you are too Good and kind
so everyone here seems good to your eyes
these guys will live till the end
making merry of life...
you have to be careful with them Madam
Sir, please talk with respect
shoudl I respect you
hey, how dare you warn a Policeman?
you said you were a Rowdy?!
Sir, come, look here...
he has come with a Cutout
-hey Bhushan...
look at his arrogance Sir
-look at his style
yes.. he has a good presence
you can't take care of your fiance...
how dare you talk about me?
then, will you take care of his fiance?
I didn't mean it Sir
hey what is your problem?
-come on tell me I say
hey you move aside
-will you all keep quiet?
Sir, what is this?!
being a Police, you are behaving like a goon
Sorry Madam
if I recieve another complaint from here
I will arrest you
if I see you meddling with the girl again,
you had it
if it happens, you can come,
now you can leave this place
Please Sir, leave, you too go now
-If anybody plays mischief call me
Hey you go man, he will call you
-okay go now
this is the worst behaviour
I have ever seen Bhushan
you should be ashamed of yourself
for behaving so cheap
all this is because of you
-hey.. keep quite Man
hey, come with me
-you are behaving like a fool
where are you taking me?
- you too go with him
move now
-hey come with me
You are an Engineer,
wonder what sort of an Engineer you are
hey all of go away from here
all together will bring the issue
to my neck I feel
Sir, will this film complete the shoot?
hey, I have my own doubt about it
you better go from here
Sir, please don't say so
-hey let us talk about it later, you go now
I am tired of this production
even about the fight too
Sir, what happened?
why did the Police come here?
if I tell you what happened here
you will start a ----- here
will see you later
hey, is this the Gateway of india?
you close and open it often
you idiot open the door
why are you stopping me?
Director has instructed us not to let you in
what is happening here?
after witnessing everything outside,
you are asking the question again?!
some rogue has come in and
beating this boy here, what does it mean
Though Bhushan is nowhere
connected with the Auditon
even then, Police come into the scene
even rowdies come in
how did they come in?
Sir, I will call anyone as per I wish
who are you to question me?
will break your teeth and throw you out
don't test my patience
-even you too don't interfere in this
Bhushan this is not your house
to do whatever you wish
Sir, it's Bhushan's mistake..
on his behalf, I will apologise...
very sorry sir
you are my fiance, and you are begging
excuse to such stupids here
are you Mad?!
-yes I am Mad, so what now?
I knew it
-stop it
will you both really marry?!
I had decided, but now I need to think
so you both are not getting married
needs to think of it
when you came in you were to marry,
Now you are not getting hooked
and they say, you are the reason
for all these developments
what to do now?
what shall we do?!
let's do a scene
you convince both of them
bring them together
you will be the Hero of my film
Sir, he is my film's Hero
A girl's life is in stake,
you talk about a scene
are you a human?!
to hell with you
I never expected you will behave so cheaply
Hello Madam...
I am saying this to bring them together
not to seperate them
Sir what do you think?
hey, you all are accusing a innocent man
is it?
-Now you bring them together
if he doesn't cast you as hero
I will kill him right here
if you are silent or violent,
we feel pity on you Sir
why are you like this Sir?
-hey, shut up I say
you convince them, I said do it
sir, he has played
with the life of two girls
Oh God
-I will not give my Daughter's hand to him
hey come this side
-I beg you please keep quiet
dad why are you behaving like this?
hey you convince them I say
-speak to them
Bhavana, you came her to act...
But your wouldbe is against it...
he is not a bad person
please accept him Bhavana
Bhavana if you accept him
My life will settle
Bhavana, I will turn a Hero...
Bhavana please accept him...
I hope you understand my plight...
Bhavana...please... accept him
fine, I will marry him
- but ask him will he allow me to act
Thankyou Bhavana
Thankyou so much
dude give your consent
dude, please allow her to act...
please dude
-let her act or do whatever she wants...
because... I am leaving her from my life
Oh No, dude don't say so
dude, I am really sorry
please listen to me
I am confident,
if you both marry you life will be beautiful
Dude, her only wish is
she wants to act that's it
if you are a little supportive
she will be happy with you in life
dude, I beg you, please, allow her to act
- you insulted me...
now just to turn a Hero
you are ready to do anything?
the guilt of seperating two lives
should haunt you forever...
go to hell
Bhushan...listen to me
-hey go and bring him back
Hello Hero...
did you bring him?!
Sir, No he left from here
Hey Bhavana...
control yourself
are you not guilty Nata?
what is all this?
reality Madam
Madam, even if they married
they wouldn't be together for long
who are you to decide it?
where did I decide?
they have decided mutually and left
isn't it Sir?!
I told them to be together till the end
Madam, my family is against cinema...
he brought me here saying
he will support my passion
now even he has left...
Sir, how will I go home,
and face my family?
we will convince you family dear
you have used us for a wrong cause
nothing good will happen to you
Madam, why unecessarily you scold him
anyway the Marriage is cancelled...
as I told earlier, the dates are with you...
please give me a chance to act Sir
I will give my best
please Sir...
for the first time I am seeing an artist
with such commitment in you
in all my productions, I will cast you
God bless you
all the best to you
Sir, I take leave
good luck
Oh no, please wait
-Bhavana wait ...
please don't go, wait...
-Madam..., just a minute
Sir, you seperated two lives in reality
and I too became a reason for it
Mr. Swamy, in this world
everybody and everything is interlinked...
you don't bother about all those
come here...
the play I played with Bhushan and Bhavana
had I played it with Veena and Sundar
you would have got Veena as your partner
Sir, remove you hand...
Sir, your thoughts are very dirty
for the past 25 years I dreamt
of being an actor and came here to act
but, I never imagined,
I will get such a dirty role
Please don't show me in your film
I beg you Sir
and don't repeat it to anyone in future
I take leave Sir
Hello...Mr. Swamy...!?
25 years of your struggle
in this film Industry...
Veena Sunder Madam's last Outing
and your first outing...
think about it
think well...
we came trusting you as our son
why is this hatred on us?
why did you ask us to do this heinous act?
Oh God, what did I do Madam?!
I just planned this assembly...
they fought among themselves and left
what is my fault in this?
why talk to him now
Hey Nata...
don't dare to confront me any day
I will never forget your cunning game
in the name of Audition
come let' go
Hello Madam...
the moment swamy left...
you are following his way
what's cooking Madam?!
Hey you...
for the first time
I am mouthing filthy language
you stupid...
Super sir
what a contrast character to your image
when you came in you were Simple Sunder
but now...
you are Rebel Sunder
Sir...Sorry Sir...
Sorry...Sorry Madam...
Don't mistake me...
if you are planning to lodge any complaint
don't include my name in it.
this Idiot is a Sadist
I have just begun earning in my career
if my image is tarnished
I might lose my earnings
please Sir...please...
Dharmanna, I don't have anything against you
stay away from this sadist
as a mother let me tell you one thing...
Don't leave this place
without teaching him a lesson
he doesn't believe in relationships,
achievement is important for him
hello... isn't it true?
go tell this to them, they are leaving
Thankyou Sir
Thankyou Madam
Sir...Sunder Sir abused me
with the filthy language at will
is the scene captured Sir?
it is very important Sir
only you two are left
let's do a Scene
He I didn't know you were so insane
as you didn't make any headway in life
you have decided to spoil their life too
I will not leave you today
Nata... today I will not spare you
Hey Dharma...
-Hey Sridhara, you keep quiet
I produced this for you with
my hard-earned Money
you Idiot has decided to
malign my reputation
Dharma don't behave like a fool
-Where are you going?!
come let's go from here
let them do as they wish
let's go from here
you stupid
don't interfere in their fight, let's go
-I will not leave him today
hey...leave me
-you don't interfere, let's go
you don't interfere in this
-don't you understand what I said
hey, leave me
-you are behaving like an insane person
can't you listen to me?
though this is not my scene
indeed, this was superb
Sorry...Sorry Mayuri...
you said achievement is important right?
No... now your vengeance is important
Sorry Mayuri
in the fit of rage, I slapped you
I never faced such disgrace in my life
Sir I wanted to surprise my dad
with a memorable character
but I never expected I would
face such a despicable surprise Sir
you are all unfit to be humans
how will you become
a Director, Producer...
forget being a Hero
you all go to hell
fight among yourselves and die
the intensity was very high, right sir?
wonder what was high?!
Mayuri...please stop don't go...
I am not a Cut out to stand as you wish
Mayuri... I behaved insanely in anger
-hey leave me
Mayuri I will not let you go
don't go...please...
I don't see any difference
in you and the Cutout
if you have any respect towards me...
please, don't block my way
on this Stage,
everything here is beautiful
even you assumed
everything is beautiful here
Now you are the real Hero
Sir, seeing all this game
I got a new line to write on my Rickshaw
one who installs a Cut out is not a Hero
the one who uninstalls it is a Hero
How is it Sir?!
very nice
you are a Rickshaw Poet
come I will drop you
I might gain some virtue
No, you take him along with you
Listen you brought this trash...
you have to take it back
then, what will you do?!
I have a some unfinished job
I will finish it and then come
what is the END?!
whatever we decide is the END
How is it?!
Sir... rewind a bit...
Sir...pause it
look now, the boy who came in for audition
becomes a HERO
if we END here
Sir, a little back Sir
Sir, pause here...
the boy and girl who came for Audition
fall in love and live together
this will be a LOVE story dude
what is shot is different and
what is shown is different...
I knew you were talented dude
that's the reason I backed your project
Nata, let's END this in a LOVE story
okay dude as you wish
Sir...let's end this in a LOVE Story
Sir, thank you so much
Sir, you are the foundation of this Film
Sir, what is this?!
you have shot all the event
and made it into a film?
yes Sir, he has given a readymade film
Nata, I have called the PRESS
is it?!
-let me call the distributor now, okay
Thank you
okay proceed
Sir, did you guess this?
who gave you the right to drag
others personnel life into public?
Mr. Gandhi...
Till this moment
even I was on the same street
when I learnt that if I drag others life
to the streets I can make money
So, I did this
what is wrong in it?!
do they know that you are making money
by dragging their lives into streets?
have you taken their permission?
Listen, it's my thought,
my camera and my execution
to execute my plan
why will I need someone's permission?
what you have done is not an assignment
this is treachery,
don't call it your achievement
Sir, listen...
Now this is happening everywhere
Audience is enjoying
real incidents across all platforms
you, don't talk about Audience
without permission you can't use
one's personnel life in reel
Mr. Director...
it is like snatching
their right of Independence
technology itself has given us permission
why will I need another
Sir, if we don't snatch it
we will be fools
Looking at you I feel pity
while handcuffing a culprit,
Police bind the other end to their wrist...
your situation is the same now
you will not understand now...
the day when others pull
your life to streets...
then you will realise the pain
you mean when others use
our life it's pain?
you mean, now your feel...
the way you are feeling the pain
you anticipate the same with me right
very truly said Nata
everyone was happy
after listening to the idea
Picture sold...
did you hear?
-Dharma Super...
congrats Sridhara...
Super Dude
Congratulations Sir
Sir, get ready with the final print
Sir, with your support we made this film...
and sold the film too, Thankyou
Mr. Producer you are erring
Now, there is nothing wrong or right...
hey, pay this gentleman and see him off
we will make good profits...
for this film I will take the Credits
very true as a Producer
you should take the Credit
you will be the producer
dude not as Producer, but as Director too
this film is mine...
It should be my name as DIRECTOR
has he gone insane,
what's wrong with you Dude?
Dharma are you joking?!
Sridhara you will not understand,
keep quiet
hey, come here...
Dharma...! why?!
-come here, listen
listen, I told this to the Distributor,
you know what he said?
Nobody knows about Nata
instead, you take the credit
you will do good business...
you both are in this Industry
for all these years...
both are dying for dearth of Money...
Am I right Sridhara?
no Dude, with all the
hardship and planning...
oh planning...
Dude, are we all three different?
-Business is important right?
once we get money let's all share it,
now I will take the credit
Sir, in the titles add as I say...
Producer, Director, Actor
Dharmanna kadur
what about Editing?!
Sir, you take the Credit
Hey, have you arranged everything outside?
Did the PRESS team arrive?
hey you...
-Nata you have performed well, Superb...
Sridhara come with me
-Dharma where are we going?
whatever happened here,
let it be among us,
don't disclose it to others
Sridhara, listen to my words carefully...
can't trust anyone now
hey, give me your shirt
and take care see that
Sir never speaks anything to the PRESS
just accept whatever I speak
got it?!
Mr. Director...
till now you listened to others speech
now the time has come for you
to listen to your own words...
I hope you will listen...
let all the cameras be on roll
don't stop it...
on this Stage,
everything here is beautiful
even you assumed
everything is beautiful here
on this Stage,
everything here is beautiful
even you assumed
everything is beautiful here
Gandhi's path was blocked pointing a GUN
Goons in the guise of monks
Here everyone is a butcher in life
this Company is here to make money
selling your pain and agony
one's problem is other's Money
Here problems are the mines of profit
this play is Scaring
here innocent is always a scapegoat
Now conspiracy has taken over the Good
hereafter don't advice good deeds often