Man on High Heels (2014) Movie Script

A JANGCHA production
High Heel
When I first saw YOON,
he was butt naked.
He sat like a lump of muscle
in the sauna.
He had scars whipped all over
as if he'd come from a battle.
They call him six-million-dollar-man
cuz he's like a cyborg.
He looked at me and smirked.
Asked me my name, so I said
"Who the hell are you?"
Then he got up.
He stood in front of
where I was sitting.
What do you think I saw?
he slapped me like mad.
Looking at his dick,
I got battered...
If I were the president, I would
either medal or execute him.
Apparently YOON never needs bullets
or handcuffs to get his suspect.
It's the corner room on the first floor.
Those bullets won't be enough
I won't be back in the country
til they drop the search.
Hope YOON's changed his job
when I come back
I've been talking about you, bro.
He won't shoot!
I told you he doesn't shoot!
You're alone again.
I'd be in prison for 10 years.
You expect me to rot in jail
til I'm sixty?
No way in hell I'm going with you.
My boys will get you regardless
of flying bullets and blades.
Even after your six bullets, they'll
make sure you're dead.
Still want me?
Damn it!
a fork...
Directed by JANG JIN
This is where you moved?
It's quiet and cheap.
I lucked out!
Good work.
Must be hard to get enough sleep
cuz of your job.
- Are you off?
- I'm done for the day.
I'll take you home.
You're under medication.
That's your prescription.
It'll help you to sleep.
Let me know if you need more.
I booked you an appointment
in two weeks.
I won't be going to
the hospital anymore.
I'm quitting work.
I'm sorry...
Are you gonna get the surgery?
Thanks for everything...
Are you fucking deaf?
Go and see the site yourself!
Detectives aren't a saint!
Persuasion doesn't work for
gangs with knives.
It's hard to control them!
YOON never even shot a bullet!
He fought barehanded!
That's not excessive confrontation.
He shot 2 bullets for 11 men.
He saved your tax money!
YOON's totally beat up too!
He can't even remember his own name.
I'm sure he didn't mean to
punch the ladies.
What were those bitches doing there?
I'm sure they're all druggies
The prosecutor's not saying anything
so what's the problem?
If you keep on making this a problem,
I'll tell the press and
disclose everything.
Hang up!
You should've at least broken a bone
fighting eleven guys!
My arm and shoulder hurt...
You think you're independence army,
fighting by yourself?
And why the hell did you call 911?
Everyone there knows your voice!
Team work means nothing to you!
What's this?
You already submitted your
resignation letter.
That was last quarter.
Severance pay is different.
You little smart Alec!
Sorry, sir.
You have one more mission, YOON.
Go cut off Gang-dol's dick!
Why should he cut off his dick?
That's not his specialty.
There is no specialty in teamwork.
You his underling or lawyer or something?
You told me to follow him like one.
He's not a cop anymore.
Let him go!
Let me make you a drink
if you're not leaving.
Are you free tomorrow night?
For a date?
For work.
Did I tell you I sing here?
Three times a day, $20 each time.
Sometimes I sing one song,
sometimes three.
So that's $60...
plus $56 for 8 hours.
That's $116 per day.
$116 times twenty days per month.
How much is that?
Over two grand!
Good for you!
It's the first time I see you smile
I didn't smile.
This arm is battered. Change arms!
No, just shoot in this arm...
I have a steel pin on this arm.
We got a cyborg here.
- Honey?
- Yes.
Did you build a castle?
Your muscles are not dissolving.
The boobs should've formed by now.
Don't lift weights!
I don't these days...
Don't fight, swear, smoke, drink
or eat too much.
The shots don't work
if you live like a guy.
We can't put in the silicon
until it's softer.
Look up!
Look at that Adam's Apple!
Go to US to chisel that.
Don't go to Thailand.
It'll cost you a house to
get you fixed up.
The person I told you about
originally runs a business.
She'll meet you only
cuz I begged her.
Thank you...
How long will he be in the hospital?
The cops say two months
but I don't think that's enough.
They'll never give him two months.
YOON did this to you?
I'll do as you say, bro.
Should I wait
or go cut his head off?
We lost all this?
Your brother was careless.
The cops took all, from company account
to statements and collaterals.
- And the Russian bond?
- That too...
I told him to leave it to me!
Or he should've kept it somewhere safe.
I even bought him an expensive German one!
The old son-of-a-bitch loved it!
Who the hell puts a safe in the balcony?
It's not a fucking orchid!
I even wrote down the password and
begged him to use the safe.
The confiscated documents were
in his desk drawers.
Then what was in the safe?
There was only the note
with the password on it.
Is YOON a detective?
You wouldn't know,
but he's a character.
I like him,
cuz he's a real man!
It was a rainy day.
I just had to see him for myself.
It rained so much...
that you'd be drenched without an umbrella.
He had mind-blowing kicks
and his fists moved so fast
you couldn't see them.
He never even flicked a badge,
gun or handcuffs.
He was completely absorbed.
His clothes never got wet in the rain.
The crimes took place at a supermarket,
the gym across the street,
and a store parking lot
two blocks down.
Four similar crimes took place in
two and half months.
He'd crash into the victims in alleys
and parking lots and stab them.
In all the cases, the victims were
young women with expensive cars,
and they were all dressed in tight clothes.
The suspect might have a fetish
or just be sexually perverted.
The victims are traumatized by his
perverted sexual behavior.
We can't identify him because of
his motorcycle helmet.
We know where you'll be.
We'll be there, and we'll do four
rounds tonight.
She drives pretty well!
Will you be okay?
I'll be behind you,
so don't worry.
- You'll get in the car?
- No.
I'll follow you in another car.
There will be other cars following
you too, so don't worry.
If something happens,
don't scream. Just run.
We'll take care of it.
Don't worry.
Mr. YOON Ji-wook?
I thought you'd be a wacko
when I heard about you.
But you seem normal.
You a marine?
Isn't that your car outside?
What class are you?
I'm 477.
I'm 670.
Stop that! Sit!
Whose idea was it
for us to meet here?
Was it Dr. JIN?
Would you like to go somewhere else?
How many of us actually go to church?
I mean we completely
disgraced Genesis.
God made male and female!
Not she-male!
It angers God when his creatures
change what he's created.
That's our fate...
We live at the gate of hell.
What we did is different from
reclaiming land in the ocean.
He's probably forgotten
cuz there are too many of us.
He can't care for all, especially
those behind him.
Like you...
I couldn't take it at first.
I was turning into something weird.
I felt like going crazy.
It was disgusting.
So that's why you
became more man.
Destroying, using violence,
cussing and fighting!
And enlisting in the Marines.
And when all failed,
you just wanted to kill that bitch?
Surgery won't turn you
into a woman.
You become a woman
to get the surgery.
Look at her!
Pretty, huh?
But she's still a tucker!
It means she tucks it between the legs.
She fixed just the upper half of herself.
What about the one next to you?
She's a real dumb bitch!
She's an ex Mr. Rodeo.
She fixed just the lower half of herself.
Freaky, huh?
I'm really a woman.
I really am a woman!
I'm just doomed with an ugly face.
I can't make a living with this face,
so I'm just pretending to be
a transgender.
I'm different down there.
I don't tuck it in or take pills.
Feel it!
It's okay.
Feel it!
It feels different.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Feel it!
I'm sorry...
Hi! Dodo.
He's a rookie.
Deck him out.
Find his size and give him style.
Ever tried on women's clothing?
- Only at home, right?
- Yes...
- At home, right?
- Right.
Have a seat.
Your skin's soft.
Nice eyebrows.
You have long eyelashes.
You're pretty.
I'll make you over.
And we'll go out together.
No way!
Not yet...
Hello, this is J.B. from Beauty Friends.
Nail art is perfect for your ugly nails.
Don't hide those stubby fingernails.
Change them!
Everyone will stare at you.
Take in those stares.
When you become numb to them,
you're a real woman.
What the!
It's open!
- Say good-bye.
- Where're my slippers?
Thank you so much.
We'll call you later.
- You could stay over.
- It's so late.
That's why you should stay over.
I'm sorry.
- Where you going so late?
- For a jog.
You're so healthy.
We had guests tonight.
He's our community rep.
Hello. Yikes!
What the?
Weren't you on that TV show?
We got Gang-dol.
We lured him in from the supermarket
and got him.
But your friend got a little hurt.
Hurry over!
- Hey.
- Where're they?
He's in interrogation.
Not him!
The girl
Where's Jang-mi?
In the meeting room...
She wouldn't go to the hospital
before seeing you.
It hurts.
Is your jaw okay?
Let me know if it still hurts
Let me see.
There's a sparkle...
Why weren't you there?
Were you busy?
I'm sorry.
Get me my lawyer.
You're wasting your time.
My blood and DNA...
When I see women carrying something
or just after exercise.
I feel like bursting thinking about
the sweat on their body.
I wanna lick and suck it all.
Don't pretend to be a psycho!
I jerk off thinking about women's sweat.
It doesn't matter if it's a young
girl or a granny.
Quit your bullshit!
This is what's gonna happen.
This is the video of your arrested.
You fought back hard
when we were rounding you up.
You fell and
rolled around pretty hard.
Hard enough to have broken your
shoulder, neck, waist, or knees.
You're fine now but they'll look
at this video as evidence.
This means I'll break your bones
right now.
I'll crack your bone every 15 minutes,
starting with your neck.
I can break them all at once, but
I want you to feel the pain slowly.
Don't mind that camera over there.
It has a chewed-up tape in it.
I'll say it was broken
and they'll buy it.
I don't need your confession.
It won't change anything.
It would've been easier
if you were a gang
I wouldn't have to explain all this,
cuz you'd already know about me.
I'll write it.
I can't do it after I'm beat up.
Let me do it now.
Then you do what you want.
I'll be back in 10 minutes.
You know it's strange,
but I'm so hard down there
I'm getting so horny
listening to you preaching
like a pretty girl whispering in my ear.
Wish I could fuck something.
Guess I'm turning into a psycho.
What, asshole!
You're disgusting...
Stop it!
We're diseased...
We're sick!
Are you okay, bro?
What happened?
You hit the curb and turned over.
Don't you remember?
Anyone hurt?
- Am I broken anywhere?
- No.
Gimme my coat.
- Bro?
- Yeah?
I stopped them from taking
your blood test at the hospital.
Why? I wasn't drunk.
You had needle bruises on your arm.
- Jin-woo...
- I never saw anything.
So you better stop taking it.
It's not what you think.
I didn't see anything.
It's not drugs!
Damn it!
Is he obsessive-compulsive?
Or have several housekeepers?
He's living with someone.
I knew he was seeing a young girl
but didn't know he was living with her.
She's a glamorous one!
Thought he'd be more macho.
I guess all men need excuses.
I don't see any drugs, sir
I don't think he'd keep it at home.
By the way,
who told you YOON does drugs?
I heard it a long time ago.
One of our guys saw YOON's arms
when he was getting beat up.
He said it was covered
with needle bruises.
You can tell by looking at his eyes.
It's either he's high or wearing
circle contact lenses.
That's enough!
I don't think we should be searching
a cop house.
Clean up his house and go home.
Will you be okay, sir?
I wanna see him since I'm here.
- Call us later, sir.
- Rest well.
It's perfect for your business trips.
Why's he watching this shit?
Excuse me for letting myself in.
Get me a cup of coffee.
- Heard you're quitting.
- So?
You're leaving the police force
on your own.
You know Seoul's filled with guys
who wanna kill you as soon as you retire?
So you're here cuz you're so worried?
You can tell how much I like you,
I'd put posters of you on my wall
cuz I'm your fan.
I don't know what you're gonna do
when you quit,
but will you be my buddy?
I'll help you out.
Rest abroad for a few years, come back
and tell me good stories.
Whether it's drugs or girls,
you'll need money.
And I guarantee, you'll be dead even
before you pack up.
You did kill a lot of guys.
I'll protect you from them.
So you're telling me to quit and
become a gang?
It's called Privileges of Former Post.
Prosecutors and lawyers fight
in the court.
But when the prosecutors quit,
lawyers support them.
We're the same.
Brother YOON!
Form ties with me!
Enough bullshit.
What do you really want?
That's all.
To be buddies.
Tell me what you're gonna ask me
after bribing me.
There are sheets of paper from HUH's
confiscated documents
that are useless to the police
and prosecutors anyway.
They're Russian oil company bonds.
The Russian government will buy
that company next spring.
It's worth nothing much now,
but once it becomes a national bond
the price will skyrocket.
It would be mine
when my brother is jailed.
But since it's not in my hands,
I feel completely frustrated.
Real friends listen to each other
and help each other, right?
So you've gone insane
cuz you need a friend?
- You.
- Yes?
Did you smoke in here?
Did you smoke in here?
Damn it!
- Hello?
- Hi!
Where's Mr. YOON?
- He's got one more.
- Sorry?
He has work.
He might stop by later.
Always so busy!
- Would you like something?
- Beer...
Actually, people drink hard liquor
here, right?
You can have anything you want.
How did you meet Ji-wook?
He just came to me by chance.
That's weird!
Are you two dating?
Ji-wook doesn't talk much
but you two seem kinda close.
I don't even know his name.
He probably doesn't know mine either.
He does.
He called you Jang-mi that day
when you got hurt.
He called me Jang-mi?
It's time, Sunny.
I have to go sing now.
No matter how much I ache for you
Nothing will change
I know it's cuz you have nothing
but tears
I'm standing on the crosswalk
holding still in time like a fool
Nothing will change
Should I turn back
Should I run to you
I'm standing on the crosswalk
holding still in time like a fool
in case you call for me.
Come before me please
When it's time.
What happened to your hand?
I was goofing around with a beer cap.
Looks like a ring, huh?
I'm moving to Seoul
I'm standing in time like a fool
in case you call for me
Come before me please
When it's time
When the lights turn
Expect about 20 grand for the tests
and surgery.
Use the money well
if you want good results.
It's better to get your boob job
and other surgeries within a year.
I'm worried about how you'll make
a living as a woman.
Gays survive cuz people think
they're creative and unique.
But not transgenders, especially
poor ones.
They're not the same as poor women.
That's the most tragic moment.
Know why?
Cuz that's when the world turns
against you, even family.
Is YOON really quitting?
I don't know what he's onto.
It's not like he's got
anything better to do.
Nice face!
How about you? You hurt?
Yes, my shoulder...
You should've complied
when he showed you his badge.
Look at that face.
It seems like there's a mistake.
My client never fought back or resisted.
Detective YOON
never gave an arrest warrant.
Are you broke, Mr. HUH?
You shouldn't skimp out on lawyer.
Prosecutor HONG, can we see you
Without the detectives too.
Mr. HUH can stay.
Gimme a sec.
Let me explain briefly.
First, who is executed these days
for something like this?
You just want the media highlight,
You think this is a joke?
We're talking gangs, fraud, drug
smuggling, dodging taxes,
and murder instigation.
What penalty should he get?
Murder instigation?
How can you verify that?
You're dumb as hell, old man.
- Excuse you!
- Continue.
Let me explain.
You're in for the long haul.
I know this isn't common.
Gangs don't instigate murder these days.
But you fucked up by instigating
the murder over the phone.
And by next week, I'll have that
recorded tape.
Come on!
You think it's invalid
cuz it's illegal wiretapping?
Well, he's shit outta luck.
One of the men you hired was
an illegal immigrant.
We made some deals with him.
He brought in a few cell phones
that have all the evidence.
One of them belonged to Mr. CHO.
It had recordings of all
the phone conversations.
This is why you use your own
men to get things done
and not hire externally
I'll be damned.
Split your sentence with your
brother HUH Gon.
What you need is reduced sentence
and me, news headline.
Nailing the HUH brothers is better
than executing just you.
We'll follow your decision.
- Good work.
- Welcome back.
Give them the documents
and pack up, Ji-wook.
- Come on, sir!
- He's leaving anyway
I processed your resignation
this afternoon.
You seemed like you wanted him forever.
Now you're kicking him out!
Cheers to almighty YOON's return
to ordinary life!
Remember when YOON disguised
as a woman and staked out?
I still wanna puke when I think
about him dressed like that.
I should've slept with him!
Now who's gonna be our woman?
You have the boobs!
- Me?
- He'll do it!
You better be damn happy!
If you live like a fool,
I'll put you in jail!
I'll be good...
- You sending your boyfriend away?
- I love you, man.
I have no more work for you.
Don't come here again.
I won't be here.
I quit my job.
Why did you come to me?
You know me, right?
Your sister has your eyes.
Since when?
Why did you come to me?
I love you.
It's a couple ring.
What a surprise.
I didn't think you'd really show up.
- Put the money in my car.
- No.
I deposited it to your account.
I went to the bank myself and
I even smiled at the security camera.
I can't have you saying that
someone else sent you that money.
That's a real man, right?
You'll have to wait for the bond.
I can't steal documents.
I'll get it out when
it's under investigation.
Let me ask you something.
Do you really need the money?
You that desperate to need
my money?
I like that guy.
He's so cool.
Buy why's he accepting my money?
He doesn't seem so cool anymore.
Something feels fucked up.
Your brother wants to see you.
It's late at night.
Let me ask you for a favor.
You gone senile, asshole?
You want me to go to jail
to save your pathetic life?
You little...
It's inevitable.
We're not real brothers.
Find YOON!
He knew about all this!
The motherfucker's a backstabber!
The fucking asshole!
Find YOON!
Stab him, shoot him and
fuck him up.
But bring him alive!
Kill everyone around him!
If I'm caught, do I share the
sentence with bro?
What about our money?
If your brother has made deals
with the prosecutor Mr. HONG
you might have nothing left.
Arrest warrant hasn't been issued yet.
You can still leave the country
so wait and see.
What is this?
What, you assholes?
Let's make a deal...
You and I...
You piece of shit!
- How dare you terrorize us?
- What are you talking about?
You better stop or I'll kill you.
What did I do?
You're done, asshole!
- Jin-woo!
- Yes?
- Put him in detention!
- Yes, sir!
- What did I do?
- Stay down!
Where's Ji-wook?
Can't reach him yet.
If you do, get someone
or you stay with him.
Yes, sir.
What the!
What was YOON doing here
with these faggots?
We're looking for your client.
I don't know anything!
Didn't ask anything yet.
You know the guy with steel pins
in his arms and legs?
Turn on the switch.
Open wide!
You treated the steel pins in this guy?
Now you remember him?
He's not a man...
There's something weird about YOON.
- I'm sorry to make you wait.
- That's okay.
Do you remember me?
I was here with Ji-wook.
Of course.
Where's Ji-wook?
We gotta find him.
I didn't know, but he's moved.
Do you know where he is?
I'm so pretty.
You're going for your surgery
early tomorrow morning?
HUH Gon killed HONG, right?
Guess you can't arrest without evidence.
Never mind!
You don't work with us anymore.
Just go and kill them anyway!
That's the only way.
That's not easy without you!
There's no one like you
in the world anymore.
I have voice mail from HUH and
record of bank deposit from him.
Request for arrest warrant with that.
Sorry you saw me like this.
I never touched that money.
Damn it, Ji-wook!
Is this worth it?
Worth everything you have?
That's enough...
He struggled for a long time.
Ji-wook agonized to hide
the woman in him.
Then one day, he told me that
he should just face it.
Bro, it's me Jin-woo.
I forgot to tell you something...
When I saw you,
I forgot the fact
that you are a man.
You looked so pretty.
Really truly pretty.
You're a lucky bastard!
You're living two lives.
I guess you were the biotic woman,
not six million dollar man.
Damn it!
Thank you, Jin-woo...
Hold on!
Oh my God!
I'm okay.
You gonna take him alone?
Do you know where he lives?
I'll take him to the police station.
I'm fine!
Where's your car key?
It was on the table.
I'll be right back.
What are you doing?
You like Ji-wook a lot, right?
What if we can't see him again?
You're really drunk...
I'll be back.
Good night!
He's probably on the plane, right?
I miss him...
Crazy bitch!
You thought I'd be shocked?
There are people like you.
Others scream and freak out.
You're lucky you came to me.
The opposition parties stressed on
a united voice to protect NLL
and emphasized on the importance of
peace-keeping for national security.
A police officer was murdered in
Seoul at around 2 a.m. this morning.
Detective KIM Jin-woo was found stabbed
a dozen times in his chest and stomach.
He was moved to a nearby hospital
where he passed away.
The gangbuster detective was seen
entering a building the night before
and police are investigating other
security cameras.
The police are investigating for
clues to KIM's death.
Thought you'd left by now.
Or will you come here?
Thought you might not change
your mind just cuz your friend's dead.
So I got a lil' lady with a flower
tattoo on her back.
But if you were just playing around
with her, I guess you won't come.
I don't know who I'm gonna kill next.
Why am I risking my life for this?
Guess I've seen too much of
the World, like you.
He went silent
when I mentioned you.
Take a nap.
Go wait, and I'll return YOON.
Give her a shot. Put her to sleep.
Pour the gasoline before he comes.
Then burn her crisp.
I promised your brother that
I'll protect you wherever you are.
Should I wait for you?
Cuz you're leaving your bag.
I'm here...
Going in.
You brought a knife?
He just wanted a word with you.
You smell nice!
It must be a good perfume.
Was anyone of you there last night?
When Detective KIM died?
He was so drunk.
It was easy killing him.
On my way.
You're a girl?
How can I fight a girl?
You call this a girl?
Guess you didn't like your welcome.
You'd be a perfect gangster.
Where is she?
How funny!
Why are you here?
You came all this way back
just for a girl?
I just don't get you.
Let her go...
What can I do?
What could I possibly want from you?
From a bitch
who threw away everything?
She's alive, right?
Please, buddy?
Guess you really loved her, huh?
I feel sorry now.
Our boss is fucked.
You think we can save him?
What a man you are!
Wrap it up!
He said send her home
if she's still alive.
Bro, that was his dying wish.
We're done, sir.
It was done with ease.
Don't worry, sir.
I'll take care of everything.
Good-bye, Reverend!
- The wedding was next month?
- Yes.
- Congratulations!
- Thank you.
- How is the preparation going?
- Good.
We're busy, but we're happy
we can get married here.
Thanks be to the Lord.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
My invitation card is ready
He likes it.
Make sure you come.
And please shave.