Man tam (2013) Movie Script

A third case of a bottle of sulfuric acid...
...being dropped from
heights took place in...
...Mongkok's pedestrian zone last week.
Over 100 injuries were caused so far.
The serious nature of the offence...
...has prompted the police
to offer a reward of...
...$900K for anyone with any information...
...on such cases.
- Please dial direct... 27711777
- May I help you, miss?
Three cups of lychee juice with honey...
More lychee, less bees.
No. I mean less honey. Also get me
a yogurt, chocalate and apple...
...Mango, blueberries and watermelon
sorbet. All's mine. Thank you.
- Hello.
- Johnston?
- Where are you?
- On a case.
Can you spare a sec?
Can you talk?
- I'm on a case!
- Sorry.
Do you copy? Ho?
Yes. Mission accomplished.
I've got everything, on my way.
Wait a sec.
Saw the blind man behind you?
At your 7 o'clock.
The one in a dark blue suit.
Yes, got him... what's up?
Follow him.
Follow him?
Officer Szeto, The sorbet will melt.
You have to drink it cold...
Follow him!
Find out what he's messing with.
Got that.
I'm off duty, hon.
I'll go buy some dishes for dinner.
Are you coming back for dinner?
You haven't come back for two days.
Return my call.
Officer Szeto, The blind man
is following someone.
A fat guy in a white-striped shirt...
You think I knew nothing
between you and the driver?
You fucked him in a truck.
You seduced him?
Go to hell! Don't ever
come back. We're finished.
What is he looking at?
Check it out!
Hon, forgive me.
You may fuck him in the truck.
Remember to roll down the window.
It's dangerous to inhale the fumes.
Hon, I'll wait for you.
Do come home. Bye.
Want a plastic bag?
The fat guy is the suspect. Don't
lose him. We'll be right there.
Action for everyone.
Call for backup.
Yes, sir.
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
Is this orange juice, gorgeous?
It's sulfuric acid.
Thank you, gorgeous.
The blind man has followed
the fat guy into Wing Mansion.
I'll keep track.
Team A, disperse the crowd.
Team B, shut down all exits.
Team C, follow me.
Evacuate! Danger!
Organised Crime Triad Bureau.
I have very reliable sources.
My name's Johnston.
ID Card no. G1962...62...
I'm Szeto Fatbo, Chief Inspector of OCTB.
It hurts.
Watch out for my face.
Look counts most for cute guys like me.
Got that.
A lady cop?
You're under arrest.
You have the right to remain
silent. Anything you'll say...
...may be used as statement in court.
Good martial arts... better than Susan.
Szeto Fatbo!
Officer Szeto, what accounts for
the unexpected outcome of the case?
Our team joined CIB to set up...
...surveillance in the pedestrian zone.
On this evening, we spotted a suspect.
I promptly sent a teamate to follow him.
He succeeded to find him.
As soon as he went to the roof...
...I took action.
Dispersing the crows on one hand...
...and enclosing him on the other.
We finally arrested him.
Was there any resistance...
...during the arrest?
Hello. So you're Johnston
the super detective?
My name's Ho.
Are you alright?
Do you realise how dangerous it
was? Lucky we arrived in time.
Tell me, who was the suspect?
Pick up the shoe for me.
Who was the suspect?
I was the suspect.
You followed me
and found that fat guy.
I cracked the case, right?
Yes... No
I cracked it.
Because I'm smart
I'm smart in knowing you're smart.
Cut that crap.
How about the reward?
You called the Bureau at 7:40 p.m.
But I issued my order at 7:30 p.m.
We took action before
you reported the case.
Also, you didn't give any details
on the phone except your name.
You fucked up everything.
- Don't do that.
- It hurts.
My juniors are all looking.
I spent 9 full months in Mongkok.
It all came down to nothing.
You'll get a good citizen award.
Award your ass!
You're being paid $80K a month.
A disabled person like me,
makes a living on reward monies.
This way. Alright.
I'll treat you to dinner.
I promise it'll be a good meal.
Let's go.
It has to worth at least $100K.
I'm earning only $80K per month.
I have to feed my family.
I don't care.
I'll eat $100K worth of it.
OK, my treat.
- Call that a celebration.
- What?
How are you, John?
I'm Ho.
Thank you.
- Put it here.
- Sure.
Do you drive? Your glass, here.
Very few female cops are as good as you.
- Good physique?
- Yes.
I stationed at the airport
You run fast?
2.4km in 9' 17"
How about shooting and combat?
I'm good. I practiced
Close Quarters Battle
Why did you put down your silverware?
I'm actually a bit scared of you.
I'm no good at all in investigation.
I lacked a detective's mind.
I'm envious of my colleagues.
They'd just think for a minute...
...and crack a case instantly.
You're absolutely brilliant.
And yet you're blind.
I admire you so much.
No doubt you're my idol.
I secretly called you.
The God of detectives.
Very agile.
One more bottle.
Do you live here?
Nice environment.
It's quiet.
Over there.
First floor across the street.
Are you OK?
Sure. I'm sober.
Tell me.
Minnie is my junior.
3 years younger, she was in Grade 7.
She was living in a foster family.
She's a bit weird.
Low self-esteem, unsociable, friendless...
The boys always bullied her.
I'd always defend her.
Maybe that's why we became good friends.
She used to follow me home after school.
We played and did everything together.
Get to the point.
One day...
...she told me in tears...
...that she was afraid she'd be like...
...her grandma and mom
who killed for love.
Turned out her father
had an affair shortly after her birth.
Her mother was so angry...
...that she murdered him.
And preserved his body in salt.
She was raised by her grandma.
When she was in elementary school,
her grandma became some guy's mistress.
The guy was a creep. He refused to
divorce his wife and dumped grandma.
Infuriated, grandma murdered the guy.
She even deep-fried his body.
You were shocked by the story...
...and distanced yourself from Minnie?
It's only natural.
I avoided her.
But she came and waited for me.
Right where you're standing.
She waited for the whole night.
I was absolutely horrified.
I hid myself behind the window.
On thinking back...
...she must have been heart-broken.
But I was really scared.
I dared not come down.
I never did.
After standing there for 5 nights...
...on June 20...
...she disappeared.
She's just a little girl.
Where could she go?
She's been missing for over a decade.
The truth can be very harsh.
You sure wanna find out?
Yes. I want to look for her.
No problem.
Half a million dolllars.
- The plastic bag.
- Here you are.
Where's the toilet?
Shit, this place is huge.
- What are you doing?
- I wanna pee...
- I'm taking a bath!
- Where's the toilet?
- I'm taking a bath!
- Toilet! Where is it?
There's a toilet in your room.
- Tell me where it is.
- Over there.
- Which direction?
- Your 9 o'clock
I'm blind. I can't see a thing.
I'm not blind, though.
Don't look.
Why am I here?
You were drunk last night.
I brought you here.
Thank you.
Are you totally blind?
Yes. Pitch black.
You can't see a thing?
3,000 square feet?
On what street?
Durham Road.
Kowloon Tong... low density housing.
Costs more than $20K per sq. ft.
Worth $70M?
- Are you on the take?
- What'd you mean?
I inherited the money from my parents.
I'm now the only member in the family.
It'll be my dowry.
You'll help find Minnie for me, won't you?
...but it'll be costly.
- I thought you said half a mil.
- Are you kidding? No way.
I'm God of detectives.
- Any problem?
- No.
Apply for your leave.
- Why would I do that?
- You can learn from me.
I'll teach you a few masterstrokes.
Free of charge.
- Thank you, thank you.
- My pleasure.
Listen to this case.
Homicide case.
Wednesday night.
Kowloon public morgue.
You'll be Uncle Kao. I'll be Tak.
- Yell at me.
- How?
Brainless! Moron!
Use your imagination.
Brainless! Moron!
Brainless! Moron!
- Brainless!
- Do you think with your ass?
Do you think with your ass? Pig!
Again, More fierce.
Uncle Kao is from Chiuchow.
Use the dialect.
You know nothing.
You aren't human.
As stupid as a pig.
You know nothing.
Moron! Have you left your brain at home?
I've told you. Imbecile!
Let me tell you.
You're worse than a pig.
As stupid as a pig.
Your brain is full of shit.
Asshole, have you finished?
It doesn't break.
Let's swap roles. I'll play
Tak, and you, Uncle Kao.
Asshole, have you finished?
- How is that?
- Doesn't look right.
Forget it.
Let's start again.
Asshole, have you finished?
Did you bring your brain to work?
Wait! Wait a sec.
You hit too hard. Let's swap.
But you can't see.
It's ok. I'll manage.
Crawl! Quick!
Tak is coming from behind, like mad.
He hit him nine times.
One, two...
Uncle Kao was seriously injured.
He couldn't have crawled so fast.
Back to the original position.
Act slowly this time.
You're injured badly.
You're doomed.
Keep crawling.
You're a piece of dead meat now.
Stop! Stop!
You're emotionally inconsistent.
You were very mad
Why did you behave like this?
It's not right for you to strike him...
...and then waited before you
hit him nine more times outside.
What happened in between?
The takeaway?
Who ordered takeaway?
What's more urgent than killing a person?
To kill another person.
There's a third person.
A third person entered into the scene...
...after Tak had hit Uncle Kao once.
Tak had to leave Uncle Kao behind...
...and chased after that third person.
- I need a third person.
- Here. Let me play him.
The police didn't find any bloodstain
at the scene of the crime.
Tak didn't kill with a hammer.
The victim was strangled to death.
The timing fits. Get one
of them to play Uncle Kao.
- Me
- Me
You! You raised your hand faster.
When I start strangling, crawl.
Can I struggle?
Of course. This is normal.
It hurts!
You can't strangle me like this.
Let's swap.
You're blind.
You're blind.
I know. One, two, three.
Sorry. I played it for real.
After him.
The time matches.
Who's the one being strangled?
The police didn't find his body.
That means you've fixed it.
Why did you fix him...
...but not him?
Where have you been in the last two decades?
Higher. Ready? Drop it.
Right. That's the way it was smashed.
But why smash the TV set?
What triggered such behaviour?
What program was aired on
Wednesday nights 20 years ago?
Enjoy Yourself Tonight.
The other channel?
It's horse-racing on live.
Now I know.
Let's go and eat.
We won't need these. Thank you.
- Here's $2 change
- Thanks
Two noodles.
Long time no see. I thought you were dead.
This is super-delicious.
I used to come here with Szeto.
Did you see that?
The Dance School on the
second floor behind you.
- See that?
- Yup. Tango Blue, right?
Go check if she's in.
- What's the case about?
- A big case. Go.
- Don't fuck it up.
- Yes.
She coming down.
The lady, what shall we do?
Don't look. Pretend eating.
Seems like you're the
nervous one. Who's she?
A wanted criminal?
She 's got on a car. Shall we follow her?
No need. Mission accomplished.
Two more to take away, please.
Take off your shoes.
I've just washed the floor.
What's up?
Why so excited?
She's back.
This is nice, who are you talking about?
What're you eating?
What am I doing?
Your future wife?
Right. My future wife.
Don't you remember?
You helped me find her at that time.
But she went away.
I've never thought
I'd run into her four years later.
I'm destined to marry her.
Have you ever thought...
...your future wife might have married.
You have a foul mouth.
She's most probably someone's wife.
Touch wood!
- It's been a long time and
she's 30 already.- Touch wood!
- It's perfectly normal to get married.
- Touch wood!
A beautiful woman like her
must have lots of suitors.
Touch wood!
Touch wood!
It's all mold and rot.
One can't live here anymore.
I'm not used to work out of home.
But this is a complicated case.
I'd like to move in and feel things.
No additional charge.
Sure. Many thanks.
My pleasure.
Where's my room?
What do you think? Is that OK?
It'll do.
I'd like my wardrobe be set up
just like the way at home.
Suits on the left, shirts on the right.
Casual wear and pajamas in the bottom.
Let's watch TV together, goldie.
I'm contemplating.
Excuse me.
You were looking at Minnie from here?
She was standing across the street.
Go down and shout to me.
I'd like to feel it.
Johnston, over here.
Did Minnie behave strangely...
...while she was waiting for you?
She came here right after school.
It was the same for several nights.
But I did remember...
...she was raising her hand at me.
I didn't know what that meant.
She slit her wrist.
She wanted me to know she was very unhappy.
Why didn't I realise that?
And yet you knew right away.
I'm blind, but I can read people's mind.
Why are you blind?
I was on a case...
...four years ago.
I was waiting for the suspect
to show his face.
I started to see dark patches...
...on the seventh day.
But I didn't pay any attention to that.
The next day, the suspect showed up.
I chased frentically after
him until I caught him.
But I became blind after that.
Retinal detachment...
...the doctor said it's too late.
Which one is Minnie?
Check whose feet will fit the sneaker.
Minnie's feet have grown so much?
I gave her a pair of red shoes.
This is the police. Line up.
Take off your shoes, one by one.
Left foot, please.
What's up?
Coach, it's the police.
We're on a case. Step aside.
What's wrong? What happened?
The coach has run away.
Chase after her.
After her.
Bingo. I can't believe it.
Take a break. More policemen are coming.
I told you, Szeto.
That big-foot who cleaned out
five jewellery shops... a row three years ago was a woman.
Come quickly.
Minnie, Minnie.
Are you OK, miss?
I lost her. I only picked up a shoe.
Why do you give it to me?
I thought you're a sprinter?
She was much taller than me.
She doubled my strides.
I even broke my heels.
Why didn't you shoot her? You
also mentioned your marksmanship.
I can't shoot at Minnie.
She's not Minnie?
Who said she is?
Just guessing.
I'm Chief Inspector Szeto Fabo.
Where's the suspect?
Go check him out. Get a police dog.
Send someone.
We're talking about $1M bounty.
You're actually investigating
into your own case.
You're not looking for Minnie.
Well, I'm doing both.
You cheated me to help you get your bounty.
What do you mean by cheat?
Who do you think I am?
Who do you think Johnston is?
- Me cheating you?
- Come on, her feet are all swollen
How do I cheat you?
What do you mean?
I'm teaching you to be a cop,
to help you improve.
What's that?
They're like roasted pig knuckles.
My parents didn't want me to be a cop.
But I didn't care.
Because I really wanted to find Minnie.
I felt I was my responsible...
...for her disappearance.
I've applied for ten days' leave.
I still have a week's time.
You're a madcap, aren't you?
I was raised in a broken family.
Is Minnie's mother still in jail?
She killed herself in prison.
How about her grandma?
She was released a few years ago.
I asked her about Minnie. She's clueless.
Bring me to her.
Watch out!
Granny! Granny!
I'm Ho.
Are you there?
- Excuse me...
- I don't know.
I don't know her.
Never saw her.
Don't ask me.
Call Granny.
Granny's here.
The perfume's intoxicating.
Come out. Out!
Come out, you nymph.
You can't desert me like that.
I helped you change the
light bulb out of kindness
But it turned out I
have to run for my life.
I don't like you at all.
But I do. I've fallen in love with you.
For God's sake.
Leave him alone.
Leave my father alone.
Leave my father-in-law alone.
Shut up!
Pang, my love for you is genuine.
But you've treated me like trash.
You've dumped me.
I'll make your life miserable.
You're out of your mind.
- Let's go!
- Don't look!
Close the door.
I won't let go of you.
Granny went down by the back stairs.
After her.
Help to put everything onto the truck.
Forget everything. Leave them behind.
Let's get into the truck.
- Let's go!
- Where's she?
This way
...wait for me!
Granny is getting a taxi.
Follow her.
Let's go. Quick.
Quick, after the truck.
Go after it.
I can't live without him.
Granny, this is Johnston.
He's looking for Minnie.
We've some questions for you.
I know nothing.
Leave me alone.
Drive faster!
Granny, Minnie is your granddaughter.
She has nothing to do with me,
dead or alive.
Leave me alone, or I'll fix you.
This woman is intoxicated with love.
Leave her alone.
It'll expire very soon.
- What?
- The reward money.
Even if I crack the case,
I won't get paid.
Granny has got onto the truck.
She's shut herself in the closet.
What shall we do?
We'll go to Macau.
Is 8 points a sure win?
There's no sure win in gambling.
Give me a three-lines.
Three-lines (6, 7 or 8)
Come on...
Come on...
Are you making a fool of me, Szeto?
I've checked all the casinos.
You sure he's in Macau?
Cut the crap. It's all your fault.
The reward money for
the morgue murder will soon expire.
Extend it for me.
I don't care how you'd do that.
You came here on the
pretext of Minnie's case.
But in fact you're after your own case.
You never wanted to help me.
Minnie is human.
Hers is a human life.
How about the other victims?
How about Uncle Kao? Are they humans?
Are theirs human lives?
What kind of a cop are you?
After I went blind, I kept thinking.
Why on earth did God make me blind?
Then I understood.
I became blind... look into old files
which no one cares... go after those murderers
who have evaded capture...
...and to return justice to the victims.
Sorry about that.
It's fine, as long as you
understand. Let's find him.
- I've got him.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- Where?
- He's playing baccarat.
The one who sneezed.
He's leaving.
Follow him.
Wasn't Tak the murderer in the morgue case?
What has it to do with this fat guy?
Don't tell me he is Tak.
He's gained that much weight?
Wanna be the Goddess of detectives?
To crack a case, one must
have an imaginative mind.
You must learn to employ.
Brodmann Areas 37, 39,
40 of the cerebral cortex.
What areas? Where are they?
Here, here and here.
Here, here and here?
Close your eyes.
- Where are you?
- In a restaurant.
Want me to beat you up?
Imagine yourself...
...being in the office of the morgue.
The time was Wednesday, April 17, 1992.
There's a live broadcast of
the last horse race on TV.
The commentator was very exhilarating.
Heading in the final round... Warlord, followed
closely by More Treasures.
Uncle Kao and Tak betted
on a Six-up jackpot.
They had won five races in a row.
This was the decisive one.
But there was a third person at the scene.
Imagine it was yourself.
No. 8, hang on.
You used to chip in on their bets.
But not this time.
Damn! Everytime I chipped in, you'd lose.
When I didn't, you'd win.
Well, this proves that you have bad luck.
Why complained?
We had asked you to chip in. Jerk.
The Six-up jackpot is a record-breaking...
What a fortune. Hurrah! Over $2M for
each. Uncle Kao, we can quit our job.
You simply couldn't
reconcile yourself to this.
Fury has overwhelmed your rationale.
I see. Tak was the victim, not the killer.
He's Lee, a day-shift colleague of
Tak and Uncle Kao.
After Uncle Kao's death and
the disappearance of Tak.
Lee collected the $5M
jackpot from Jockey Club...
...and started his own business.
But he soon lost all of the money.
Once a murderer, he wouldn't mind
committing more crimes.
In recent years, many gamblers
in Macau were hit on the head...
...and robbed. It must be him.
- Shall we arrest him?
- Of course. But how?
- Do you have a credit card?
- Yes.
- Do you have a credit line of $300K?
- Yes.
Bet against him.
I'll pretend to join.
Ensnare him. Make him mad.
Make him so hate you
that he wants to kill you.
All on my own?
Of course. Just be confident.
Find a Nosey Parker as your model.
In real life there's always
a Nosey Parker around.
- Three-lines
- 7
- There!
- Shit!
King or Jack.
$30K on Banker.
$100K on Player.
I can't see. Please place
my bet on Player for me.
No more bets.
No. 5 for Player, 7 for Banker.
Give me cards.
- Player... Banker.
- I'll kill you!
- Player... Banker.
- I'll kill you!
- I'll slice you into pieces!
- Pieces!
7. Sure win.
7 your ass!
7 for Player. Show your hand.
I'll kill you!
- 8
- TV screens (meaning pictures)
Kill! Kill!
Three-lines (6, 7 or 8)
TV screens.
Right. Two TV screens.
One for TVB. One for i-Cable.
One more card.
Banker draws.
TV screens.
Go to hell!
Come on.
One more TV screen for NOW TV.
7 for Player. 0 for Banker. Player wins.
I've won.
- Player!
- Player!
- Banker!
- Fuck off!
Player! Better follow the winner.
I'll bet on Player.
9. Sure win!
4. Gimme a two-lines (4 or 5)
Beat it.
Beat it.
Blow it.
- Want that?
- No
What was that? Wanna hit me?
Come and see.
This guy is gonna beat up a woman.
Thank you. I've won again.
- I'd like a bite.
- Which flavour?
A little bit of each.
- Hello?
- Johnston?
I don't think he's following me.
Impossible! I'm sure he will.
Don't look back, though.
Better find a more remote place.
More remote.
More remote?
Believe me.
You were just loathsome.
And you made him lose all his money.
Plus being a woman.
He'll surely beat the hell out of you.
Just call me after it's over.
Curry Restaurant, Taipa Village.
Let me try the egg rolls.
You found him?
What'd you think?
Positive. You're blind.
It's easier to follow you.
I told you he didn't come after me.
Very smart. Now what?
You're in great danger.
He'll attack you.
What shall I do?
Where are you?
I'll come to your rescue.
That's nice. Hurry, then.
Thank you.
Arrived? How much?
MOP $68.
Help! Murder!
Help! Where the hell are you, Ho?
Come down, blind man. You haven't paid yet.
I'm just a cab driver.
You think I'm a jerk?
You're holding a hammer.
All these recent murders in
Macau were committed by you.
Help arrest this murderer, Ho!
Who's Ho?
Who are you?
I'm here to arrest you, Lee.
You killed Tak and Uncle Kao.
You thought no one would find out.
The cold-blooded killer's here, Ho!
Who's Ho?
What else do you know?
You dismembered Tak, mix the
body parts with other corpses... create the fact
that he was on the run.
He's absolutely ruthless, Ho!
Who's Ho?
There's no way you'd have known.
I was the only one there.
What's that in your hand?
There's no way you'd have known.
I was the only one there.
You son of a bitch! You'll die!
He wants to silence me, Ho!
Stop! Go back a bit.
He wants to silence me, Ho!
Call the police.
I'm dialing.
He wants to silence me, Ho!
Where are you? I'm dying.
Ho, help me!
I am dying, Ho!
Hit him.
What happened?
He passed out.
Thank you.
You're in a very good mood.
Yup. Because I'm one
step closer to my dream.
What dream?
To see again.
There are reseraches on using
stem cells for retinal implant...
...and tests on electronic eyes.
Although chances are still remote...
...there's no harm in
start saving money now.
Johnston, how do I look... your imagination?
Maybe similar to Officer Susan.
Officer Susan?
Who's she?
She works in West Kowloon District.
You have improved much.
Thanks to your patience.
Are you free this Saturday?
Well, yes or no?
Let's go.
You've grown taller.
A little bit.
How much is a little bit?
Watch out.
Where are we going, Johnston?
Tango Blue.
The dance studio opposite to
the food vendor last time.
Got that.
Bring me to her...
...and you may leave.
Me, leave? Who is she?
You may leave upon bringing me there.
You wanna catch the perp by yourself?
- No, you mustn't...
- What perp?
She's my dream lady.
I had fallen for her
before I became blind.
I dreamt of seeing her again.
What do you think of her? Pretty, right?
Isn't she's gorgeous?
A good match for me, right?
The picture is upside down.
What a perfect match.
Only a great beauty like her...
...deserves a handsome man like me.
We're born for each other.
Did I do my tie well?
Well? Did you see her?
She's dancing. At your 12 o'clock.
Go over.
- I'll wait for you here?
- No need.
- I can pick you up when you're over.
- No need.
Shall I wait for you? Will you be
back for the night? Shall I lock up?
Go away.
Where do I go?
How are you? I'm Johnston.
Hi, I'm Ding Ding.
May I dance with you?
Easy. I won't step on you.
Is that OK?
Yes, you're great.
I'm been waiting for this
moment for four years.
My friend and I used to eat
intestines downstairs.
I fell in love with you...
...the first time I set my eyes on you.
I fell in love with you right away.
Isn't the girl dancing up there exquisite?
Not bad looking. Small boops, though.
She's gonna be my future wife.
I'm sorry.
I was thinking to introduce myself
after I finished my case.
Never thought that I'd go blind.
- Sorry to hear that
- No problem
I asked my friend to
look for you afterwards.
But he failed.
I'm so lucky to see you again.
Excuse me.
No problem.
I understand I'm being rude.
...please grant me the opportunity
to start a relationship.
Am I too late?
Yes. I'm married.
Sorry for disturbing.
Johnston, brace yourself...
...keep calm and listen.
What's the bad news?
The reward money is gone.
You didn't extend it for me?
Or have you forgotten?
It's not my fault. The
Treasury declined it.
I'm not the boss.
I'm just Chief Inspector Szeto Fabo.
You think I can play magic?
- Hubby.
- Darling.
Have some intestines.
Sorry, my boss is looking for me.
I'll go first. Bye.
You got married?
You and her? You married her?
I tried tell you in your home last time.
I asked you to be a go-between...
...and you married her.
You called that loyalty?
I'm sorry. Let me explain...
Come closer and I'll beat you.
Wrong direction, 3 o'clock.
Spare your sympathy!
Excuse me, buddy.
Is Officer Susan here?
I'm Susan...
...but I'm no buddy
What's the matter, Johnston?
I figured it out.
When I was walking on
the street, heartbroken.
I suddenly recalled a case about
a missing woman in 1996.
She was dumped by her boyfriend...
...and disappeared on the same night.
What has that to do with Minnie?
Wasn't Minnie kind of heartbroken
before she disappeared?
There lies the similarity.
Heartbroken and disappeared...
heartbroken and disappeared.
You mean there might be
a psychotic serial killer...
...who targeted at heartbroken women?
I'm almost certain.
Szeto Fabo!
This is not a truce.
I won't listen to any of your explanation.
You wanna go on? I'll hang up.
Listen! Find...
...all missing females'
files in the last decade.
Check out those who had been jilted
before they disappeared.
Bring these files to me. Quick.
What's going on?
Let's go.
I heard you were heartbroken?
Walking on the street alone.
That son-of-a-bitch betrayed me.
He stole the love of my life
and married her.
Forget it, maybe you'll
find a better lady.
It's no easy job.
A top woman is rare to come by.
You can't see her anyway...
...even if she looks like Susan.
She'll make me lose face
in front of my friends.
Johnston, I'm here.
You ordered so many dishes.
Thank you.
And shark's fin soup, too.
Try some.
- Just rice will do
- OK
Here are the files you wanted.
They are hard to come by.
I've spent several nights in compiling them.
These are classified.
It took a lot of strings to get them.
Give them to me.
They're heavy.
I know it's all my fault.
You've every right to be mad.
But please listen to my explanation.
I don't love you. Go to hell.
How does that feel?
Come up.
Are you making a movie? So many pads.
I'll get hurt.
That's the point.
I want you to feel their pain.
Do away with these.
- Can you do it?
- OK
- You sure?
- I'm fine
Hold on.
Dickhead, did you dump me for her?
Needless to say.
I'm prettier than you,
my boops are bigger.
Go on!
You're not jumping? Let's go get a room.
Watch out! Easy!
Can you get into character?
I'll play it right.
What's wrong?
I can't get into character
if I restrain myself.
Let's play it for real. Just once?
Why did two people so much in love...
...would end up like this?
Breaking up is always ugly and nasty.
The opposite of love is hate.
But Susan and the likes of you...
...won't understand this...
...because you have never been in love.
I'm full.
That's right
Maintain this kind of emptiness.
Let me finish it.
You sure I have to do the tatoo?
Does it have to be "Forever Valentino"?
The statement said the missing girl
had such a tatoo.
It's awful. I don't know any Valentino.
And I don't love Valentino.
Even the tatooist
reminded me to think twice.
I'll be stuck with it.
Then forget it.
We'll stop investigating.
Vinci Lai.
Where did you go after you did the tatoo?
May Wong, where did you go?
Kay Yeung, where did you go?
Karen Man, where did you go?
And Sylvia Choi, where were you?
...did all of you go?
The murderer is a cab driver.
- Where're you going?
- Find the taxi driver.
- Find the taxi driver.
- How do you do that?
Tell me once more the date of missing.
Hannah Leung, missing in February, 1995.
Speak clearly.
In these few days...
...I was dumped and heartbroken
by you for 10 times.
I'm trying my best.
Hannah Leung, February 7, 1995.
May Wong, October 11, 1996.
Karen Man, May 22, 1997.
Lilian Lee, December 28, 1998.
Haley Cheung, September 9, 1999.
Fanny Chan, February 14, 2002.
Kay Yeung, March 19, 2003.
Hilda Ko, August 25, 2004.
Vinci Lai, November 30, 2005.
Sylvia Choi, January 12, 2006.
And Minnie, June 20, 1997.
The muderer didn't commit
any crime in 2000 and 2001.
And no more such cases after 2006.
What happened to the murderer?
Did I have enough money for the taxi?
You're heartbroken,
this didn't come across your mind.
Why was I heartbroken?
These other girls broke up
with their boyfriends.
I'm unlike them.
You're intimate friends.
You're heartbroken
because she avoided you.
You waited for her until
midnight and took a taxi.
You must have fallen for her secretly.
You're a lesbian.
Not uncommon for an
adolescent girl like you.
You must be.
Hello, Szeto Fabo?
This is not a truce.
Listen. Go find out a taxi driver...
...who quit driving in 2000 and 2001.
Bastard! He dares not come.
I volunteered to come
myself. May I sit down?
Szeto is very unhappy.
I don't want him to be like that.
Things were not quite like you thought.
There were things even Szeto didn't know.
The truth is, when I
first saw both of you...
...Szeto was the one
who attracted me, deeply.
I fell for him immediately.
1, 2, 3, 4...
I planned to go after him
after the dance contest.
But both of you didn't show up...
...until that day.
Sir, who are you looking for?
You're not allowed into
the ladies' changing room.
The man is quite well built...
...wears a leather jacket, smokes a cigar...
...and behaves arrogantly.
Dunno what he's after?
Are you alright?
It's not my fault.
- She suddenly dashed out.
- Call the ambulance.
Don't be afraid.
I'm Senior Inspector.
Szeto Fabo.
Don't be afraid.
It turned out the man I admired was...
...a Dirty Harry type cop.
At that moment...
...I decided to be with that man...
...for the rest of my life.
He's my one life, one love.
That's enough.
I get the picture.
But may I ask one question?
You said when you first set eyes on us...
...the one who attracted you...
...was him. But why?
He's cool.
Tell me, who's more cute?
She must be blind.
She told you she's infatuated with Szeto.
It's you who thought otherwise.
Just your wishful thinking.
Stand still, eye on the window.
Imagine yourself to be Minnie.
Slit your wrist.
That's a real knife.
Nothing to lose with a look like Susan.
There'll be scars.
Scars are bad for pretty girls, not Susan.
How was that?
How did that feel?
A bit overact, I must say.
Not heartbroken enough.
A bit forced.
Got that.
Once more.
Just imagine.
Minnie took after her grandma...
...totally infected by
the notion of love, OK?
You're Minnie. At school...
You had no friends, but it's alright...
...because you only cared for a boy.
You secretly loved him.
Finally you got to know him,
and started... each other.
You're in love.
But soon he grew tired of you.
He decided to break up with you.
He dumped you, you were deeply hurt.
It hurt so much you
started mutilate yourself.
Stop, Ho!
Stop, Stop!
Minnie wasn't waiting for you.
Was someone living upstairs?
It's been vacated for a long time.
I mean the time when Minnie came.
Was it a boy of similar age as Minnie?
Studying in the same school? Cute?
Where is he?
Grilled Jumbo Prawn. Please enjoy.
Thank you.
This way.
- Thank you
- You're welcome.
Something to drink?
- Iced sake, please.
- Sure.
Thank you.
Did you live in Hong Kong?
Durham Street in Kowloon Tong?
Are you Joe?
You are...
Ho, I lived downstairs.
Please enjoy, sir.
You looked completely different.
Much fairer skin now.
Almost not recognisable.
What are you up to?
Still picking fights?
No, I tripped
Are you still going
after cats with air guns?
Of course not. That's kid stuff.
Please pick your choice.
The Beef Set, please.
Thank you.
Did you emigrate to Brazil?
In 1997?
I returned three years ago.
Started this restaurant with a friend.
- OK
- Zhuhai is better for business.
At the time you left...
...Minnie also disappeared.
Did you know Minnie?
Minnie Lee?
She studied in our school,
in fact the same class with you.
Don't recall anything.
Not at all?
She used to hang out at my place.
No, didn't ring a bell.
Fried rice, Sir. Please enjoy.
Excuse me, one more Grilled Jumbo Prawn.
Of course.
Johnston, want any night snack?
Joe knew Minnie.
How do you know?
He was making the fried rice
when you mentioned Minnie.
I tasted it, it was too salty.
So I ordered two more dishes.
Grilled Jumbo Prawn. Please enjoy.
The prawn was too dry.
Scallop, please.
Right on.
The scallop finally tasted right.
Which means he was
disturbed by Minnie's name.
There must be something fishy.
Don't think I was enjoying the food.
- What shall we do?
- Keep an eye on him.
He's coming out, holding a rat cage.
He's drowning the mouse.
He's the one who killed Minnie.
He dismembered her and
threw the body into a trash bin.
We've been sitting here for hours
reading magazines.
Who is he waiting for?
He's waiting for someone to leave.
He's also watching somebody.
Joe's partner is coming down from
the opposite building.
He's settled the bill.
Let's do that too.
Check, please.
- Check, please.
- Right away.
Quick, give me the bill.
Excuse me, coming.
Joe went to his partner's
building. What now?
Let's go and see.
- What about the check?
- Leave the money on the table
He's after the manageress
of the restaurant.
Wow, they're kissing!
- What do you like to drink?
- Green tea.
He's fucking your wife.
Come back quickly.
Is that the girl who wanted the bill?
Yes, she's pregnant.
Is Joe's partner coming back?
He's running back.
The pregnant woman is Joe's wife.
Stupid! He's hiding in the balcony.
Stop fighting.
The pregnant woman ran away.
Stop fighting. Come down.
Joe has fallen down too.
My dear, are you alright?
I am scared.
I'm fine.
The pregnant woman has gone crazy.
Go help quickly.
Missus, you'll kill him.
"voc me trair,
eu vou perseguir voc atm morrermos"
Why did you lie?
You knew Minnie and had dated her.
You lied because you killed her.
Is that right? You killed Minnie.
No, I didn't.
- Are you crazy?
- Quiet!
You molested her, a minor.
I was a minor too.
We're both willing.
What are you looking at?
I didn't kill her.
I really didn't kill her.
We dated each other for a month.
I dumped her after I had my fun.
I was getting ready to emigrate.
She kept badgering me.
She waited outside my house every night.
And mutilated herself with a knife.
She's crazy.
The night I went to Brazil...
...she kept chasing after the bus.
There are five cab driver suspects.
Choi was jailed for injuring
a passenger in 2000.
He now lives in Wong Tai Sin.
Then there's Law.
He was in drug rehab in 2000.
He now lives in Tsing Yi.
Tsui went to work in
the mainland in 2000...
...lives in Shek Pai Wan.
Then there's Chan Kwong...
...stayed in a metal hospital in 2000... lives in Yuen Long.
The last one is Ng.
His licence was suspended
for reckless driving in 2000...
...lives in Kwun Tong.
So? Who should we pick first?
The one in Yuen Long.
Chan Kwong? Why?
Yuen Long has lots of good food.
Don't eat them all.
Leave some for me.
You're driving. Concentrate.
Try some.
Who's that?
Chan Kwong? Police!
Open the door.
Chan Kwong.
What's wrong?
He's naked.
He's only wearing a tennis skirt...
...and a pair of female sneakers.
Watch out.
Careful! There're many women's cloths.
Bras, panties, high heel shoes, handbags...
Where did you get all
these female clothings?
The pretty chics left them behind.
Do you remember picking
up a young girl...
...wearing a tennis
outfit on October 11, 1996?
1996? Tennis outfit?
Like the one you're wearing.
What happened?
She got into my car.
She was in tears and looked very sad.
But she's very pretty and attractive.
And then?
What did you do to her?
Did you drive her here and raped her?
And killed her when she resisted.
No, I only ate her eyes.
Where is she?
Where did you hide her?
There's a skeleton in the trunk of the cab.
Is that hers?
No, not this one.
I'll go up.
There's another one down there.
No, not this one either.
What did you see?
Many wine jars.
Not this one.
What nuisance!
I gave up. Go find it yourself.
They're all here.
Call for backup.
What's up?
Dinner's time.
You've killed many people.
Did you pick up Minnie?
On June 20, 1997...
...did you pick up a young
girl in school uniform...
...and a pair of red shoes
in Kowloon Tong?
The dishes have turned cold.
I'm very hungry.
Where's Minnie?
You have very beautiful eyes.
May Wong, help me.
You're indeed my idol.
You marksmanship is excellent
despite your blindness.
Thank you.
How are you?
Cut the crap.
Is it serious?
My waist... I feel dizzy...
I can't drive.
No signals.
I'll drive.
To you left.
Your right.
Hang on!
Don't fall asleep. Stay awake.
I've never thought I'd die in this way.
Do you have something to tell me?
Don't you like me?
You knew?
How embarrassing.
I'd better die fast.
Rubbish. There's nothing
to be embarrassed of.
I suddenly learn...
I... I suddenly learn...
...that I love you too.
But I look like Susan.
I'm blind anyway.
You'll lose face in front of your friends.
I don't have any friend,
I've only got one...
...that Sezto bastard.
You love me...
...just because I am rich.
I love your wealth alright.
But I also love everything else about you.
Even if you're penniless.
I didn't tattoo "Forever
Valentino" on my shoulder.
I tattooed "I Love Johnston".
How gross. It'll be there for
the rest of your life.
That's nice.
Don't sleep!
It's for life!
Do you know how to drive?
Are you blind?
Can't you see all these cars?
Help! Call the police.
Is the operation over?
We didn't find the young girl you mentioned.
Minnie wasn't there?
We found ten skeleton bones
at the scene of the crime.
All victims were proved to be female adults.
That is to say, Minnie's not among them.
Did you search thoroughly?
We searched every corner.
Why are you so sure?
I told you I didn't have
any cash for the taxi.
Where did I go wrong?
It's not Chan Kwong.
How about Joe? Did he kill me?
- How is she?
- Doctor said the operation went well.
Thank you, nurse.
What's wrong?
I'm fucked up.
I was so desperate that I told her...
I loved her.
- She doesn't love you?
- Shut up!
She loves every inch of me
from the very beginning.
- Congratulations.
- Too bad she looks like Suzan.
Which Suzan?
Officer Suzan in West Kowloon District.
The woman who looks like a man.
You're blind, buddy!
What's the fuzz?
That's what I thought.
But you know, medical advancement...
...may one day cure my blindness.
How can I look at her?
Come here.
Touch her.
You're crazy! No!
I don't want to find out.
Trust me, bro.
I know where I went wrong.
I was wrong about you.
You didn't take a taxi.
You went on a ship.
You've finally worked it out.
Have you woken?
Does it still hurt?
A little bit. Where are you?
Sorry, I was on the wrong track.
Chan Kwong didn't kill Minnie.
But I have new clues.
I'm going to find Joe
and ask him something.
You going alone?
Don't worry.
Rest well.
I'll have good news for you.
I love you.
What did you say?
I'm going to find Joe.
Not that. I mean your last sentence.
I love you.
- Bye bye.
- Bye bye.
Ladies, gentlemen.
Welcome on board Cotai Water Jet.
We'll arrive Zhuhai in 75 minutes' time.
I've found out that you lied.
The truth is...
Minnie kept badgering you. You killed...
...and dismembered her. Right?
"Rat Poison"
Your call cannot be connected.
Mr. Johnston,
try some black pepper.
It'll taste more delicious.
Go ahead...
Oh my goodness!
It hurts.
It hurts.
But it really tastes good.
I'll die for it.
Get out of my way!
Anybody there?
Excuse me.
Anybody there?
Is Joe there?
How are you? My name's Johnston.
I'm looking for Joe. Is he in?
He's not here. I had a row with him.
He ran away with that woman.
I want to confirm something.
You can probably help me.
I'm in a bad mood.
Please leave.
In that case...
May I have a glass of water?
Sake is better. Thank you.
Thank you.
I studied a case by imagining myself to
be its characters...
...and made guesses.
Listen to this story...
...and see if I guessed right.
Minnie was afraid she'd
never see the boy again.
She didn't even know
where to look for him.
But she did not give up.
She told herself she must stay calm.
Stay calm...
She never thought...
...she'd hide in the closet for 27 days...
...and end up in Brazil.
But she knew if she
showed up to the boy...
...she'd only...
...scare him off.
So she left.
She got adopted by the
locals, changed her name.
But she always stayed near the boy.
She later changed her
look by plastic surgery...
...and succeeded in winning him back.
But all men are unfaithful.
He had many affairs with other women.
No matter how hard Minnie tried...
...the marriage still fell apart.
"voc me trair,
eu vou perseguir voc atm morrermos"
This is a Portugese saying.
I've checked.
This is what it means in Chinese:
"You betrayed me. I'll
make you suffer like hell."
These words were from your grandma.
But one mustn't be blinded
by one's stubborness.
It can drive one to kill.
Your mother was an example of that.
Same with your grandma.
You resemble your grandma too much.
I came not only for the truth...
...but to ask you to let go.
I guess I'm wrong again.
I'd better go home and do more study.
I'll go now. Thank you.
No need to see me off.
Thank you for the sake.
Thank you.
Help me!
She's lying.
Ignore her.
Help me!
My waters have broken. Help!
Easy... take a deep breath.
A deep breath.
Come on!
Murder! Ho?
- Murder!
- Coming
Help! Help!
Help me, Ho!
The baby...
Save the baby.
She's Minnie.
Hang in there, Minnie!
Hang in!
Get up!
Get up!
Minnie, push harder.
Say 1, 2, 3. Push!
Deep breath. Do it again.
1, 2, 3, push!
It's coming.
The baby's coming.
It's coming.
Is it a boy or girl?
Johnston! A girl.
A little Minnie.
I don't want strawberry.
I want mango.
Mango's sold out. Don't be stubborn.
I want mango! Mango!
Be a good girl, Little Minnie.
Mommy will buy you mango ice cream later.
Is that OK?
I'm teaching my daughter.
Big Foot!
Honey be careful.
Uncle Szeto.
I've found Big Foot.
Moody Road in Tsimshatsui East.
Say "Thank you"
Moody Road. Come quickly. Thanks.
If you don't eat it, Daddy will.
You mustn't eat other people's ice cream.
Then eat it.
No! I don't like strawberry!
I want mango! Mango!