Man Without a Star (1955) Movie Script

Who knows, who knows
Who knows which way is the right way goes
The night is dark and the way is far
for a man without a star.
Who knows, who knows
Who knows which way a whirlwind blows
Or where the trail of tomorrow goes
For a man without a star
It's just no sense to build and fence
Not if you like to wander.
Each hill I see is colony
Go yonder, yonder, yonder
Who knows, who knows?
Was I right, was I wrong the way I chose
The night is dark the way is far
for a man without a star.
The night is dark and the way is far
for a man without a star.
For a man without a star.
Come on, out of there!
Come on, hurry it up!
Now, hit the road.
- Road? What road?
- That's for you to worry about.
Well, a man could starve
before he ever found a house.
Well, that's something else
you gonna worry about.
- Now come on, move along.
- Don't do that.
Why you...!
Hmm, that's on me.
Wrong man, kid.
- Thanks.
- For what?
- I was under the wheel.
- You asked for it.
When you throw a punch
don't turn your back.
Hey, that's a good looking
saddle you got there.
Single rigging?
Yep, California style.
Me, I ride a Brazos double.
Double rig is better for rope.
That's why I do most of the rope.
- That's why I use a Brazos double rig.
- This is a Brazos double rig.
- Are you saying I'm a liar?
- You're saying it, kid. I ain't.
Alright, I was talking big.
I never did rope,
I never got the chance.
Always wanted to work cattle,
folks wouldn't let me go west.
Went off on your own, huh?
- You work cattle?
- Uh huh.
Why ain't you on a horse?
Ever tried riding from
Kansas City to Wyoming?
Ayy, good old Kansas City.
Good food, good liquor
and good looking women.
- Have you been to Kansas City?
- I was born there.
With all them good looking
women, why did you leave?
Why did you leave?
- I ran out of money.
- You still got your saddle.
Never sell that, kid.
Sitting another man's leather is
like wearing another man's boots.
Never sell your saddle.
Come up out of there!
- Come down and get me!
- Or maybe you think I won't?
All right, bud,
just hold your temper.
- Have you got the makin's?
- I got the what?
You answered me.
What are we doing, now?
Let's get some sleep, kid.
Look. Don't call me "kid",
my name's Jeff.
All right.
Get some sleep, Jeffrey.
Real pretty name, Jeffrey,
Real pretty.
Wake up, kid, Time to go.
- Thanks for the loan of the coat.
- What coat?
The one you got on.
- I woke up last night.
- You sure dream pretty dreams.
- Canter through light rug.
- Do what?
Do like I do.
Now watch me!
- Stay right where you are.
- I didn't do nothing.
Anybody say you did?
Why don't you lower the hammer?
We got no guns.
Tom, bring them down here!
- Is that all of them?
- Looks like.
All right, line up here.
Line up.
All right boys,
which one of you did it?
Did what?
- How did you get that?
- At a fight.
Who with?
With the brakeman. He
wanted to put me off back there.
And so you killed him.
And I collect the reward because
I'm the one that turned him out.
Now ain't you the lucky one.
Never hanged a man as young as
you son, I hope I'd never have to.
- Bring him in.
- Now, wait a minute.
- I didn't do it.
- Who did?
- I don't know.
- I do.
They wired ahead about the killing, huh?
They happen to say the
brakeman got caught up.
Come to think of it, they did.
The kid's got no knife.
He threw it away.
You ought to know better
a knife and never does that.
- Ask him.
- Why me?
Come on, you did
the cut and I saw it.
So did he. Now he's stupid enough to
hang for something another man done.
You had your gun clear
the leather all the time.
Take him to the jailhouse.
And notify the railroad. We're claiming
that hundred dollars reward.
Now you boys either get
jobs or get out of town.
Without my hundred dollars?
Make it 50, you got a deal.
- The rest goes to the deputies.
- Okay.
It takes a day or two to collect.
- I wouldn't wait for that 50.
- No?
I'd ride this out
of town if I was you.
You ain't me.
Well I, guess I got
to thank you again.
- For what?
- Well, you kept me from getting hung.
You can get hung
any day you want.
As long as you don't stop
me from getting my $ 50.
Now don't you do like the man said
and ride that train out of town. Huh?
Hey what do you think you trying
to do, breaking up my piano?
Well, it's worth $ 50.
- It's worth a whole lot more than that.
- I was talking about the saddle.
I don't care what you are talking about,
just haul that saddle out of here.
- Dempsey Rae!
- Idonee!
You're a pretty as an Indian
blanket and twice as comfortable.
- Especially on a cold night.
- Breaking up my piano.
Another stray cat
that needs a bowl of milk.
- "Meow".
- Forget those cats.
- What are you doing here in Wyoming?
- Just drifting through.
Now just drifting, hmm?
You haven't changed a bit.
Hey, strong man,
don't I know you?
No, but I know you
Moccasin Mary, from Tucumcari
just a rock exterior
with a heart of stone.
Find your own man.
How about a loan,
understand $ 25?
You sure haven't changed.
Here's your end, kid.
Be happy.
- Hey, that's hard earned money?
- Simmer down, honey.
- I got $ 50 coming real quick.
- Fifty dollars?
- You can drink that up in one night.
- Well, let's do.
- First things come first.
- Like what?
Like soap and water,
you smell like a goat.
- You decent?
- That's debatable.
Hey, thanks for washing my shirt.
How do I look?
Oh honey, you look real pretty.
But you I can't let you
go out of here half naked.
Try this for size.
- Where did you get it?
- A fella left it on account.
On account of what?
On account, the same
reason you left your saddle.
He was hungry.
- A bottle of good and two clean glasses.
- They gotta to be cleaned?
Don't try the impossible, Duckbill.
- Just set out the whiskey.
- Yes, ma'am.
Well hello, boy.
What brings you into town?
Just brought in 400 steers for shipment.
Finally got them loaded.
Here's your whiskey,
where's your money?
Put it on my tab.
- All right.
- Demp, hey Demp.
I want you to meet Strap Davis,
foreman down on the Triangle.
It's a big spread, used
to belong to old man Simpson.
Not anymore, it don't.
Can't you keep shut up till
I get these men introduced?
Have a drink, friend.
- What kind of a spread you got?
- Oh right about ten thousand heads.
Ten thousand heads?
I thought I was
doing good with 800.
You fellas on the Triangle ain't
leaving much grass for the rest of us.
It's open range.
Don't blame me.
I ain't blaming you, Strap.
But I am blaming your new owner.
Why don't he come out from
the east to look things over
before he builds up the herd?
From what I hear, he
ain't even seen the Triangle.
He's coming out as soon as
we get the ranch house rebuilt.
You know what we're putting in?
A bathroom... right in the house.
In the house?
Inside the house!
Well, that ain't decent.
Only someone from the
East could have think of that.
Mighty handy on a rainy night.
What is it?
Give me a stick and I'll kill it.
He is coming at me!
Why, it's my old
partner, the ropin' kid.
Come on in, kid.
Why, step up partner
and meet my friends.
- You know Idonee.
- Hi.
Strap Davis and this is...
Hey, we never did get to know one
another. I am Dempsey Rae, Los Pecos.
They are not worth knowing.
Tom Cassidy, owner of
Circle C upon Little Rae.
I am Mark Toliver, Ben Johnson and
me, we got small outfit over there too.
- Gooder and Jessep.
- Good to know all of you.
- And like I said, this is the ropin' kid.
- Hey, kid.
Here you are ropin' kid,
take it down.
- I want to get some whiskey.
- Not with me, you don't.
- Hallelujah!
- Here, drink this.
You keep away from whiskey and
you'll have no regrets in the morning.
Man's word is wisdom.
- Demp!
- Yeah?
- Look at here.
- Well I'll be.
I thought I told
you to get out of town.
- If I don't?
- I'll run you out.
Why you...
Stuff all over my new outfit.
Why, I'll kill you, you dirty...
You're mighty anxious with that gun.
Now I'm going to give
you a chance to use it.
Go ahead.
Make your play.
Alright boys, relax, both of you.
You fixing to kill my deputy?
Sheriff, this man of yours
is real gun crazy man when
he faces up a boy without a gun,
but somehow he ain't so anxious
when he meets a man who has one.
- She's telling you the truth.
- I know, it's a habit of hers.
You get on back to the office,
I wanna have a talk with you.
Here's your 50, if you haven't
got a job, get out of town.
- He's got a job.
- Where? In the Triangle?
Why not?
Strap is real partial to Texas men.
I'd rather have him with
me than against me.
Me too. Come on, sheriff,
step up and have a drink.
How about you, son,
got yourself a job?
Have I, mister?
I'm from Texas.
- What part of Texas?
- Down the Texas river.
Real pretty country on the
Texas river, I've been there.
Now he's my partner, Strap.
I can't work without him.
Okay, you're on.
$ 30 a month and found.
Let's all have a drink, everybody!
Lot's of whiskey and sarsaparilla.
Last time I'm gray wolf and
tonight's my night to howl.
He'll never get that saddle up...
Stay away from whiskey,
you will no regrets in the morning.
That is what the man said,
and them words of wisdom.
Don't give me no trouble, Texan,
it's the sarsaparilla that done it.
All these cattle
belong to the Triangle?
- All these and 8,000 more just like 'em.
- Gosh almighty.
Let's go, Demp.
Put them in there.
Hey Demp.
Last night a fella told me
to stay away from whiskey,
and have no regrets in the morning.
Them still words of
wisdom, believe me.
Let's eat, I'm hungry.
So is he, and he comes first.
Get over, boy.
Come and get it!
Hey, did Strap say that...?
- It's in the house?
- That's what he said.
Hey Strap.
- When do I get to see it?
- After we eat.
Inside the house, I wonder what
kind of people live back East.
What, ain't this
good enough for you?
Emma like said he'll look at my
pony, I think he dropped a shoe.
- A couple of new hands, men.
- You'll be sorry!
You got no manners!
I ain't took yet.
You could have
spoke without hitting.
What do you think you're...?
Stand up!
- Why you little...
- Do that outside.
All right.
Oh no, you don't!
Eat it or leave it, sit down!
- 2 dollars says Lodagal comes in first.
- You got a bet.
Any other big spreads
like this around here?
No, Cassidy, Toliver Johnson,
you met them last night.
They run a thousand head or less.
They're up north on Little River.
- Real nice country, eh.
- You gonna see more of it tomorrow.
We got a small herd up there.
I want you drive them
over towards Blue Lake.
Now that's two bucks you owe me.
Hey, wrong man, Texas.
Abut them cattle, you'll find them
scattered all over the low ground.
Tomorrow drift them over toward
Blue Lake, it's over this way.
We don't want to meet
in over Cassidy's grass.
Cassidy's grass.
I thought this is open range.
It is. But we like
to keep it friendly.
Hey ya.
Could we get to see it?
Come on.
You better stay here.
Ah, ah.
On the paper.
In there.
There's another door there
that goes to the bedroom.
That's right handy.
So now you've seen it, satisfied?
Now, I don't want to
see the man that uses it.
Hey Tex, bring that
old gal down here.
No running Tex, took a lot of
good grass to make that beef.
Mostly, if you let the
horse alone, he'll do it right.
Make up your rope,
could be you want to use it.
When do I get use it?
- Soon as we spot a maverick.
- A what?
A maverick,
a calf with no mother.
- No brand either.
- Why not?
One in the county was
misted around at that time,
outgrew its mother and wandered off.
Sort of like you.
That's better,
Hey there, come on.
Hey Demp!
Cassidy's place, I guess.
- Then maybe we can stop by and eat.
- Think they'll feed us?
- Man, am I hungry.
- You're the hungriest fella I know!
Never step down till you're asked.
Howdy, driftin' a
few toward Blue Lake.
- Didn't mean to butt in.
- Glad to have you stop by.
Step down and visit.
Hey, Tess!
- That's my kid.
- Yeah, real pretty.
Come here and say
howdy to the folks.
This is Dempsey Rae, honey.
- How do you do?
- How do you do?
Say, never seen anyone
handle a two year old any better.
Thanks, usually I don't work broncs,
but we're a little short handed.
This here is the ropin' kid.
- I'm Jeff Jimson.
- Pleased to meet you.
I'd better get
some food on the table.
Make yourself at home,
Brick and me will be back directly.
Thank you.
- Could be she likes you.
- Who likes me?
- Tess.
- Aaahh.
Yeah, she got real embarrassed
when you caught her in her pants.
She is just a kid.
Strap tells me you're running as
high as 15% on your winter loss.
- That's heavy, isn't it?
- Too heavy.
What with overgrazing on the range,
we gotta cut our losses or go broke.
Now, Toliver thinks
he's got a way to do it.
How's that.
Winter feed. We've got good grass
down here in the river bottom
that we can cut to stack,
and feed through the heavy snow.
I was trying we gonna
winter feed 10,000 heads.
We ain't got 10,000 heads.
And we cut enough grass for our few.
How you gonna the cattles
off to you to get ready to cut?
Toliver has got that figured, in fact
he had the answer with him last night.
Ever see any of this?
Yes, I've seen it.
Looks like it ought to
keep the cattle off the grass,
once they tangle with
that stuff they learn better.
Yeah, them barbs are sharp, feel 'em.
- I have felt it
- What's wrong?
I don't like it, and I don't
like anyone that uses it.
Well, I aim to use it,
does that go for me?
It does.
I can't knock you down,
cause you're in my house.
But I can tell you to leave.
Get out.
- Why did you get upset?
- Leave it alone.
- Yeah, but those people...
- Leave it alone.
- I'm sorry it went so badly.
- So am I.
- Why did he act that way about the wire?
- I don't know.
I just don't know.
Hey, Demps which way we heading?
- Straight north.
- How do you know?
Just take a star and follow it.
Of course, you gotta be
sure it's the right one.
Oh, I guess I'll never
learn to pick the right one.
Yes, you will.
- Everybodys got a star to follow.
- Which one's yours?
Never got around to
picking one from the south.
Guess, I'm sort of like the cattle,
drifting north where the grass is.
What makes you drift north?
Isn't there anymore grass in Texas?
Lots of it, kid.
Tall, sweet and it's real good.
Stretching out from
the Pecos to the Sabine.
Then they brought in the wire.
You know it was all open
ranges far as you can see.
As far as a man could ride a horse
or drive cattle, there
was nothing to stop you.
Nothing to drag it out.
That's why you came up here?
Now the wire's
catching up with me again.
You know, kid? You and I
may just wind up in Canada.
Well I've put the herd up
on the lake, like you said,
but have you seen the
grass in that section, lately?
- No.
- Just about it all.
- Anything wrong?
- Not exactly.
- Something more we can do?
- Yeah.
Stick around till the
rest of the boys come in.
You're going to
meet the new owner.
Oh, he's here, huh?
- Say, did he use it yet?
- I wouldn't know.
- Put him up for me, will you?
- Sure, Demps. Come on.
- You're going to a wedding or a funeral?
- Neither.
- What you all prettied up for?
- Oh, personal reasons.
Going to the ranch house.
Gotta cook for the boss.
Hey, you got that thing I sent for?
Oh, inside.
Right by the door, real pretty.
Don't you know a man can
get himself killed doing that?
Got on him, kid.
Better wear this.
- It's for me?
- Well, it ain't for me. I got one.
Put it on.
No, you're a lefty ain't you?
Oh, thanks.
- You shouldn't have done it.
- Why not?
Like Idonee said, a man
can't walk around here naked.
Say, looks pretty good.
Come on.
Let's learn how to use it.
Here, load.
Alright kid, break it up.
I meant the bottle.
Well, I shot at the bottle.
Look, when you were a kid, I mean,
even younger than when you are now,
your mother ever tell you,
it was rude to point?
Well, when you're using a gun,
you're down right rude. So point.
- You get the idea?
- Hey.
Ready? Try it on this.
Hey! Wait till I get clear!
No, no.
This time from the draw.
I'll call it.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Don't be, that's a good, fast draw.
Let's try it again, and this time
slow down. Now, watch me, look.
As the gun clears the leather, you
thumb back the hammer and point.
- Get it?
- Uh huh.
Do it.
This time you gonna hit
that can plumb centre.
Ten dollar says he doesn't.
- I can use that.
- What did you say?
I can use that ten dollars.
Start shooting kid.
- You've just lost ten dollars.
- From where I see it, it's worth it.
Do you shoot as cleverly as you talk?
Then why not win back your ten.
Okay boys, whoa.
Settle down you
boys, settle down.
Keep away, I can handle him.
Whoa boys, settle down there.
Not bad with horses.
I'm not bad with anything.
Say, who are you?
I'm Reed Bowman
and you're impolite.
You're the owner.
Now I know why Strap
said he never seen you use it.
Use what?
If you're looking over
the ranch, I'll drive you.
I've already looked it over.
From what I've seen, I
don't like. Including you.
That's a lot of woman,
wouldn't you say?
I was taught not
to say about women.
What's the matter with you?
You didn't have to make such
a fool out of me in front of her.
Nobody can make a fool out of you,
kid. You got to do that to yourself.
Why don't you give that gun to
cool off, and you do the same, huh?
- Encie Joe Toole.
- How are you, Joe?
- Little Waco.
- A pleasure, ma'am.
- From Waco?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Baldy Lewis.
- Baldy.
My top hand, Ladigo.
- Pleased to meet you, Ladigo.
- Howdy, ma'am.
- Dempsey Rae.
- We know each other.
- Do we?
- The Texas kid.
How do you do, Texas?
- Chuck King.
- Chuck.
- Hammer, my blacksmith.
- Glad to meet you ma'am.
Nice to know you.
The rest of the men
are out on the ranch.
They're riding the line camp, I figured
you wouldn't want to call them in.
No, not if they're busy.
I have only one thing to say.
I bought this ranch to make money.
I pay good wages but expect good work.
Any questions?
You gonna be a
working boss, or absentee?
Say that again.
All over Wyoming and Montana
we got absentee owners.
Folks that live in the East but
make their money on the West.
I was wondering which
one you're gonna be.
Well, stop wondering,
I'll be here.
And there may be times
that when you wish I weren't.
Well, I guess that's about all.
Strap, you gonna have dinner with me
tonight. I have some things to talk over.
And you too, Ladigo.
Thank you, ma'am.
Anybody else?
How does it feel to
be put in your place?
I wouldn't know.
Why don't you try putting it there?
Now you're in your place,
I'm gonna keep you there.
Oh, you're asking for it.
Say, pardon ma'am,
didn't mean to block you.
See what I mean kid?
Never turn your back.
You're short of one man for dinner.
Well, in that case, be my guest.
- Some wine?
- Why not? I can't get whiskey.
- Strap?
- Thank you, no.
To the new boss of
Triangle and the cows.
- All ten thousand of 'em.
- Fifteen thousand.
The count was ten. If you paid
for more, you got cheated.
I didn't. There's a new
rig coming up from Texas,
they should be here within one month.
A lot of beef, how much
they charge you for?
The price was right.
I know cattle.
Then you know you're bringing in
too many. The grass won't hold 'em.
There's enough grass in Wyoming to
hold a million head, perhaps more.
True, but it ain't all yours.
- I'm afraid he's right.
- Why be afraid? It open range.
Yeah, but who's gonna
tell Cassidy and other owners?
- Aren't you?
- They are friends of mine, ma'am.
I got no quarrel with them.
Neither have I, as long
as they let me alone.
Yeah, but you ain't
leaving them alone.
Ten thousand head on the ranch
now, and five more coming in.
It just ain't right.
Suppose you let me worry about that.
Shall we go to the living room?
But where you gonna find
the men to work these cattle?
You gonna worry about that too?
- We'll find the men when we need them.
- Where?
Then why not hire the men to
bring the cattle up from Texas?
That seems like a good idea.
Well, that depends on the men.
There are two kinds
that drive the trail.
Them that knows cows
and them that knows trouble.
He means men that
are handy with a gun.
I know what he means.
That might not be a bad idea
to have a few of those around.
Not while I'm foreman.
We'll see about that later.
Thank you, Ma'am.
Good night.
It doesn't look like Strap is
going to be quite strong enough
for my type of operation.
Just what is your type of operation?
Before winter I intend to
have 30,000 head on the grass.
This is open range and I'm going
to make the most of it while it last.
At that rate it won't last long,
2 maybe 3 years and grass will be gone.
So will I.
Like you say, it's open
range and I suppose
if a man's might, gets in,
gets what he wants and
gets out in a hurry.
Only this time it
happens to be a woman.
I know.
How much do you want to take over it?
- As foreman?
- Yes
- Not interested.
- Why not?
- Cause it means trouble.
- Trouble?
Sure, Cassidy, Toliver and the others
ain't gonna take this lying down.
You keep crowding and
sooner or later, they will fight.
- And if they do?
- Well, they ain't gonna fight with me.
Why not?
Because I'm not
interested in fighting.
Not at thirty a month.
- Possible to make it fifty?
- Mm Mm.
- I'm gonna need you, Dempsey.
- Are you?
What do you want?
- Thank you.
- Well...
It's nothing.
I wouldn't say that.
- To my new foreman.
- Come on now, wait a minute.
A lot of way to taking a man's job,
this is not one of them.
What shall I call you then?
Well, let's say I'm... top hand.
- What did you write?
- A nice figure.
Not the one I want.
I don't believe in overpaying help.
I'll have a lot of trouble with you.
You're so right.
Let me have that branding iron.
- Slap it up.
- Who, me?
Sure, it's time you learned
how to brand a maverick.
Say, that's real pretty.
About another 10 years,
you'll be a top hand
10 years after
an expert job like that?
Come on, go on.
Want to try it once for a dollar?
- You call it.
- Okay.
You're gonna win
my whole months pay.
Listen, for what you're
learning, you're buying it cheap.
This time, next month you'll be
helping me to sell my saddle.
Is this what you're trying to do?
Well, how about this?
Holy smoke!
Or would you rather do this?
- Oh Demps, when do I learn that?
- You don't.
That's all a lot of hogwash, kid.
Look know this.
Twirling a gun never
saved a man's life.
There's only one
thing you gotta learn.
Get it out fast.
And then put it away slow.
Get what I mean, kid?
All right.
Let's go to work, children.
- The herd's in.
- Good.
- Where about?
- Over on the flats.
And Demps, all 5,000 of them are
strung out from here and Texas.
Come my lady.
There they be!
Who brought them in?
- Steve Miles, from the Sabine.
- Steve Miles?
Yeah, you know him?
Yeah, I know him.
Who's he got with him?
Well, there's
Tom Quitman, Concho Perez.
He's got Yaqui Neal and Mublin, right
in point. But I don't know the others.
- You will.
- Yeah?
Hey, the boss lady gets around.
Miss Bowman,
Steve Miles, trail boss.
- How do you do?
- Says he'll need some cash for his men.
Alright, Strap talked to you
about working at the Triangle?
- Nope.
- Why not?
Well, I just don't think Steve
such a good hand with cattle.
Well, they managed to bring
this out from Texas, didn't he?
Come on in to the ranch,
we'll talk it over.
What about my men?
You think they'd mind
waiting for you in town?
That's it, boys.
Head for town!
Is there any other orders or
shall I put the herd upon Blue Lake?
What about Little River? I thought
I told you to put some over there.
Why, Dempsey Rae.
Howdy, Steve.
Did Texas get too small for you?
Hey Dempsey, ride back to
the ranch with Miles and me.
You and Texas take a few hundred.
When you get your tally,
drift them north along the Little River.
Hey, wait a minute. Cassidy has
been saving that grass along the river.
They gonna use it this winter,
you gonna crowd them?
I'm gonna do what I was told,
like to have you do the same thing.
- Just don't have any trouble.
- Trouble, I don't want any trouble.
Come on, Texas, let's cut them out.
Hey, Tex, there's a loose one,
I'll go on at it!
Go get her, Waco,
show 'em who's boss!
Texas, come here!
Quick, quick.
Come on baby.
Let's go.
Texas, come and help me!
- Come over here!
- Take it easy, Waco!
My foot...
It's in the stirrup.
Get me out of here.
- What happened, Waco?
- I don't know.
I rode into it, I didn't see it.
- I didn't even know it was there.
- Well, it won't be there much longer.
Come on!
Leave it alone.
Take off your gun belt.
Drop it!
Now step down.
This my wire, son.
And I want you to leave it alone.
We're saving this
grass for our winter feed.
We don't want our own cattle on it and
we don't want the Triangle cattle on it.
Now is that understood?
You heard what the man said.
Dad, dad. Little Waco has
been hurt. Come here, quick.
He could've put that
between your eyes, son.
Take his gun.
See what's wrong!
Now, step up you.
Your man got hung up on our wire.
His back would need some work.
Here, let me have that boy.
Step down, son.
I got just the thing to fix them cuts.
Who are you?
I'm Bill Cassidy, ma'am. I want you to
know we're sorry about little Waco.
And there's something
else we want you to know.
It might be a good idea to keep
your cows away from Little River.
- Why?
- Because we're stringing wire.
From them canyon
down across the river bed.
We figure to hold that grass
and keep it for winter feed.
Do you own that ground?
No, but we got there first.
- Is that the law?
- We figure it is.
- In other words, it's your law.
- We don't aim to be unfriendly, ma'am.
But with you bringing in the big herd,
we've got to do something about our few.
- That's why we are fencing that grass.
- Government grass, huh?
Call it that if you want,
but we're going to use it.
So am I, Mr. Cassidy.
We'll see about
that, Miss Bowman.
You got a wolf cub on your hands,
better teach him some manners.
Let me have my gun!
- Hold up your horse!
- Give me that gun!
I said put up your horse.
Jeff, what happened at Cassidy's?
Tell me!
I don't like wire.
I do not like anybody that uses it.
I've heard that before.
Haven't you?
You've got some men waiting
in town. Take 'em their money.
I usually take my
orders from a foreman.
You just took one
from your foreman.
Strap is through as of today.
He sent a boy on a man's job.
I want to talk to you later.
Looks like Dempsey got real soft.
You and your men have three
days to get drunk and sober up,
then report back to
the ranch ready for work.
- So how's the back?
- Oh, I'm going to all right, Demps.
Cookie smeared me with
some of that magic grease,
and the cuts close up so fast,
they almost caught his finger.
Hey Texas, why don't you let Cookie
smear you with some of his magic grease.
Kid, let me have
a look at that arm.
I thought I was only
supposed to drink sarsaparilla.
It's not for drinking.
At least, not for you.
She thinks I'm a boy.
I'll catch up with that guy,
and when I do, I'll kill him!
Shut up!
Well, that's easy for you to say.
It's not your arm,
you don't know how it feels!
I know how it feels.
And I'll tell you
something else I know.
It's about a kid with
a gun, who was with me
the first time I
met up with barb wire.
He was just about your age
when he got himself killed!
He looked a lot like you, too.
Except his tooth was
broken, about right here.
I was teaching him to twirl a gun,
the barrel came around and
hit him right across the mouth.
I laughed at him and
he took a punch at me.
He can punch good too.
Sit down.
- He was your brother, huh?
- Yeah.
You know, we had
a big spread in Texas.
It's all open range.
Then they brought in the wire.
When the wire comes in,
there's fighting and killing.
But this time we're going away.
You get the word back to pack,
taking my clean shirt up.
I'll collect our wages and
we'll have a big night in town,
and drift north in the morning.
Get it, kid.
Oh, one thing more.
Next time you hit me, use your fist.
No man ever slaps me.
- Anybody home?
- Who is it?
- Me, Dempsey!
- Come in.
- Where are you?
- In here.
I'll be with you in just a minute.
If you're embarrassed,
you can wait in the other room.
If I'm not?
It's still a good idea.
Go on, make yourself
comfortable. I won't be long.
Help yourself.
Later perhaps.
- Quite a bathtub you got there.
- You're welcomed to use it anytime.
Well, it better be quick,
I'm quitting.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Why? Is it because
you're afraid of Cassidy?
Yeah, I'm afraid.
- Of what?
- Of Cassidy.
Come on now,
you know that's a lie.
But you are afraid of something.
Now, I'm afraid of you.
Now, can I have my wages?
If that's the way you feel about it,
how much do I have coming to you?
Why don't you look in the book?
I don't have to look in the book,
I can still remember what you wrote.
So you came here to collect.
Just how far would
you go to keep a foreman?
Well, I might even marry him.
Oh, slap the trying lion, on his rump.
By the way, when you see Strap,
when you tell him
he's no longer foreman.
- I'm not gonna do that.
- Why?
- Cause I won't be seeing him.
- Of course you will.
Well, you'll be putting their herd
down on Little River and when you...
Uh Mmm.
Well, I thought we agreed that you...
You agreed that I was going to
put your cattle on Cassidy's grass.
All I agreed to do was let
you make a fool of yourself.
How low can a man get.
I wouldn't know about a man.
But I've just seen how low a
woman will go to get what she wants.
Now, you don't look good.
- And you're leaving?
- Yeah, taking the kid with me, too.
You know, Steve Miles
is your kind of man.
You pay him the right wages
and he'll do your killing.
Speaking of wages,
you still haven't collected yours.
Haven't I?
Hey Tex!
Hey, where is Texas?
Well, he has been in and out
of here a couple of times.
Wonder where he can be?
Maybe he got tired of waiting
for you and rode into town.
Yeah, maybe he did.
Well, take care of
yourself, little Waco.
Yeah, same to you, Demps.
- Keep by the wire!
- Good riding!
So long, Boss!
Let's dance, Dempsey.
- I'm the happiest man in town!
- What are you so happy about?
- On account that I'm leaving tonight.
- And whose gonna pay for the whiskey?
Oh, set him up, Duckbill,
He's leaving without his saddle.
Oh, oh. New girl in town.
- That must be the one.
- Who?
That Triangle gal.
What would you like to drink?
I'll get it for you.
Anything you do.
- Tex, why did you bring her here?
- Any reason, why I shouldn't?
All right. Take her a drink
and let's get out of here.
I've waited for you,
now you can wait for me.
- Learns fast, huh.
- Two whiskeys.
You know we don't
serve ladies in here.
Duckbill, give me that again?
You know what I mean.
- Not them kind of ladies.
- What kind of ladies?
And don't you give me no
trouble, what was it you wanted?
- One whisky and a sarsaparilla.
- I said two whiskeys!
- Water on the side.
- Where am I supposed to get the water?
Duckbill, you get the water down
on Little River, they got plenty.
Don't send Dempsey.
He's scared of wire.
What did you say, pig face?
I said you're afraid of wire.
You're leaving tonight, remember?
She's right.
I don't want to fight you.
I was under the prairie moon,
whistling a lonesome tune
when my roving eye came to sight her
And my heart grow lighter and lighter
and the moon grow brighter and brighter.
When I told her that she was swell,
she said you're swell as well.
I just don't know who was politer.
Then my arms just seem to invite her
and the moon grew brighter and brighter.
So I rounded up some kisses to delight her
and she roped me tighter and tighter
and the moon grew brighter and brighter.
Talked about her eyes are blue,
talked about the preacher too.
Twas the preacher talk
that seem to dynamite me.
She said she could tie
the knot and tie it tightly.
And the moon grew brightly and brightly.
And brightly and brightly.
Another round again,
Duckbill, drinks for everybody!
You know honey, looks like you're
gonna leave town without your boots, too.
Come on, pretty girl, I'm going
to buy the next dance with you.
- Please.
- Let her alone.
What did you say, kid?
I said get your dirty
hands off the lady.
It's way past sonny's bedtime.
Get your hands off her!
He asked for it, Demps.
And you gave it to him.
Why you little killer.
Why, you...!
So you learned how to kill.
And you like it, huh.
He had good teacher.
We're leaving, you and me.
But you had to use a kid to square it.
Come on.
Dempsey, wait!
Who's playing with this?
It's mine.
- What's your story?
- Self-defense.
I'll go along with that.
He was one of my men.
All right, but don't
leave town till I tell you.
If you want him
he'll be out at the ranch.
- And I'll go with bail.
- All right, Miss Bowman.
Jeff, take me home.
Yeah, trot along with her, kid.
I'm not a kid.
Oh that's right, Texas.
You've grown real tall.
And tonight you killed two men.
The first time was on your own.
But you needed the help of
an alley cat to kill the second.
Take him up there and bury him.
- Who was it this time?
- Tom McCloud.
- We found him up on Caspers Ridge.
- Leave any signs?
The thugs never leave any signs.
Well, we're right back
where we were last week.
Except there's another man dead, and
they've torn down the rest of our wire.
- They, who's they?
- Steve Miles and his crowd.
Aren't you going to do anything?
Yes, I'm going to ride
out and have a talk.
Could be some of the decent boys
might know something about this.
You still got Little Waco and Fancy
Joe and some of the others out there.
- Not anymore, they ain't. They quit.
- Why not sign them on?
Well, they ain't gunfighters, John,
they're working collar hands.
Why they ain't no ten of them could
stand up to one of that bunch from Texas.
Besides I wouldn't ask them to.
You sign them on.
Let them start stringing wire.
I'll ride out and see
they don't get hurt.
John, your wife don't speak
to me, not that I blame her,
but I still wouldn't like to
see her be a widow woman.
Against that Miles bunch,
you ain't got a chance.
Well, if he can't stop 'em,
who can?
You knew the answer to that before
you asked me, didn't you Cassidy.
Yeah, maybe I did.
By golly, I'm going to have
a talk with that wife of mine.
Seems like she don't know a
good woman once she sees one.
- Idonee?
- Mm hm.
- Did you get a bottle?
- Yup, two of 'em.
Give me a little drink.
Sure I will, honey.
- Not so much water in the second one.
- Call and I've got it.
Aye, it's just as bad.
Give me the bottle.
Anything you say, honey.
- Why did you do that for?
- Well, it's time to get up!
Why didn't you tell
me the train is here?
Honey, there's been eight
trains in, since you decided to leave.
- And you missed all of them.
- I'm going to make this train.
No you ain't making any train.
Demp, why don't you admit it?
You're stuck on that gal.
That's why you're letting her take
that kid and make a killer out of him.
- Don't blame her for that.
- No? Maybe you're right.
But who do I blame for that
Miles bunch killing two men
and then tearing up all
the wire on Little River?
What did you expect them to do?
Can anyone expect them to do the
count is what I expect you to do!
You know what I'm going to do?
- I'm taking the next train out.
- Ha, you're taking the next train out.
That's the story of your life, Demps.
No, I guess there's nothing a man
like you can do, except keep on running.
But no matter where you go,
you're gonna run
into that same fence,
and it always has wire on it.
You know them killings
is gonna go on and on
until the wires come here to stay.
And you know it better
than anybody in the world.
Forgot something.
It ain't rightly mine.
I'll be seeing you.
Come on Sachi, bring
the bottle with you.
Yeah, maybe he'll
drink that all by himself.
Cassidy, I'm moving the
Triangle cattle in on Little River.
If I find any wire up that way,
I'm gonna make you eat it.
What's the matter, Dempsey?
You look sick.
What I'm looking at
that making me sick.
Come on, let's see him dance.
That's the prettiest
wrapped package I ever saw.
You may be needing that, honey.
Pull up on it.
Get down!
- Ben?
- I've done worse for the razor.
Start down the hill
and move carefully.
- Demps, you mean you gonna stay here?
- Go on.
Hey, Concho, look!
Old man Cassidy.
I think we better dump him.
I don't.
- Don't shoot.
- I didn't intend to.
Step down, Concho.
I want you all in one piece.
Dempsey, you all right?
Couldn't be better!
- Cut off the other end of that wire.
- What for?
I got a package to deliver
and I don't want it to fall apart.
Looks like it's your play, kid.
Go get your boss, lady.
Did you hear me?
I got a package for you.
Thank you.
And the next time one of
your man touches our wire,
I'll wrap a strand of it
around your pretty neck.
Thinking of trying it
once for a dollar?
- If I do?
- Don't do it, Texas.
Afraid I might get hurt?
Either way it breaks.
That's real nice of you.
And you can tell Steve Miles from
now on I'm wrapping the packages.
Take it easy!
You better go in the house.
I'll take care of him.
- How did this happen?
- Dempsey.
- He was waiting at the wire.
- Dempsey brought you in?
You were here?
- Yes, I was here.
- And you didn't go for your gun.
- Would you have?
- Yeah.
If you were a man, I'd kill you.
Strange, I thought
you only shot at boys.
But Dempsey says to return
his call any time you feel like it.
That's not a bad idea.
Only this time we'll bring a few
thousand head of cattle with us.
Texas style.
He'll understand that.
Never step down till you're asked.
Take it easy, Jeff.
- Who won the dollar?
- Steve Miles.
He's coming here, now. Texas style.
Texas style, huh.
Everything is going
to be all right, Jeff.
- Can you handle him?
- Of course I can.
What does he mean, Texas style?
You'll learn, or you'll be
up to your armpit in beef.
Come on.
They're waiting at the wire.
Well, that sound disappointing, man.
Send him along!
They're not going to stop
until they reach the river!
And they'll take the wire with them.
They're not going to hit the
wire, we're going to turn 'em.
You mean you gonna turn a stampede,
when it's coming right at you?
- Got any better ideas?
- No.
Come on, it's your grass!
Head them north!
Keep heading them north!
...longer you save the grass. Seems
like you're entitled to use them up.
Yeah, we've been talking it over,
Demps, we're figuring around
setting up with a few hundred head.
Now there is a lot of good
range beyond Little River.
In no time at all, you'll
have a big place of your own.
Look, thanks, but I just
don't like barbed wire.
Well, I'll be seeing ya.
- What are you doing?
- I'm doing what you're doing.
Ain't you learn better?
Don't do like I do, do like I say.
Better yet,
do like she say.
I'll be seeing ya.
Who knows, who knows?
Who knows which way the right way goes
The night is dark the way is far
for a man without a star.
Who knows, who knows?
Who knows which way the whirlwind blows
Or where the trail of tomorrow goes
For a man without a star.