Manasaare (2009) Movie Script

One dream..
..for nothing.
I just want to keep running.
Forget about the rest.
I want a thought to keep
troubling me.
I'm not a puppet.
I don't need a rope.
I would choose my own role in my
I can change the scene in a
I'm invincible.
One dream..
..for nothing.
I just want to keep running.
Troubles one after the other.
Shadows on my heart.
It is not how you think.
There's no one who understand
your grief.
One dream..
..for nothing.
I just want to keep running.
Great actors become speechless
seeing my acting.
Just my smile would drive
everyone crazy.
Love without a reason is what
I'm known for.
Even the moon whistles for me.
I want everyone to mesmerize
watching me
Be seated.
There's joy all around.
Children busy playing.
Elders busy with given away the
Let's wait and watch what happens
Happy married life. - Thank you
very much.
Thank you. - Happy married life.
Diwakar, when are you going to
There's nothing much I can earn
You are smarter than your brother.
Not brother, but his cousin.
What is his name? - Manohar.
Quit education. Unemployed.
Just wasting time.
Don't try to find a girl for me,
she will be ruined.
They've been planning since
yesterday.. to avoid you at the wedding.
She actually hates you. She also
fears you.
Manu, stop it.
Me? - Go away.
I hope you don't mind.
He's such a useless guy.
I'm tired of him.
I spared him since he's an orphan.
Take him to a psychiatrist.
Satish, I'm sorry about your love.
Why don't you commit suicide?
Hi. - Hi.
He's my neighbor.
Finally, Bhamini is getting
As neighbors let's discuss about
her future.
Look, her husband is Kartik.
So called software engineer.
I wonder who recruited him.
He's getting married
to a nice girl.
He must've booked a flat with
three bedrooms.
Thirty thousand EMI, conditions
First, they'd keep the computer
in their master bedroom.
For the computer to watch what
they do.
A new bedspread on the cot.
Two red heart shaped pillows.
They will lie on that cot.
Forget that.
Let's go to the hall.
A white color fridge in one
corner of the hall.
Fridge with double door.
Ice cubes in the freezer.
Quarter kilo radish below.
Four withered carrots.
Six onions. Eight potatoes.
Ginger and cold drink besides.
In the end, there will be a poly
thin cover..
..which they wouldn't have seen.
What would be in it if at all
they check?
They find withered coriander
leaves in it.
Their life will be rosy for few
Then one day he will yell at her
..why didn't she turn off the
geyser switch.
And then she too will
react to him.
In the morning, he'd complain
about his underwear.
And she'd ask him to go with it.
During the dinner, they will
quarrel for yogurt.
And then, she will crywhile on
the bed..
..and he would deliberately snore.
How romantic, isn't it?
One day, he would leave to foreign
after quarrelling with her.
Bhamini will return to her
parents' house.
After sometime, Bhamini
becomes pregnant.
She also delivers the baby.
After 10 years, both husband and
wife will..
..become useless like the couple
sitting beside me.
Hi. - Say 'hi' to uncle. - Hi.
After 20 years, Bhamini's family..
..will become like my uncle and
aunt's family.
Nothing new takes place in life.
Falling in love is not new.
Being betrayed in love is not new.
Getting married is not new.
Giving birth to babies is not new.
Even breathing is not new.
Life is so boring.
Get up.
Now, you are safe and he's into
Let's congratulate him.
I got this rose for free.
Congratulations. - Thank you.
If possible place those roses on
your ears.. would suit you both. -
What's he saying?
He doesn't know Kannada, right?
I can abuse him Kannada. Shall I?
I want to talk to you.
Will you wait for me in the first
floor? - Okay.
I'll be back in a minute.
Okay. - Okay?
Say it again.
I love you.
But I can't live with you.
Remember, today's your wedding.
I wanted to propose you long
back, but I couldn't.
As you are not serious about life.
What do you mean? - Just shut up.
You are such a useless guy.
Your life is meaningless.
Do you know how difficult it is
to propose a guy like you?
This is what all the girls say.
And you are one of them.
Reform yourself.
Manu, you will never understand.
Do you want me to take you away
from here?
Tell me?
And do what after eloping with
You don't have money for the
..if you want to take me away
from here.
That's why you are getting
married to a rich guy, right?
Then go and stand beside him.
Your life will be wonderful.
After sometime, I will be going
away to foreign.
I will not be able to see you
So, thought I'd share my feelings
with you.
I'm now relaxed. - Good.
You girls are unbelievable.
Manu, if possible, do something
in life.
Don't ruin your life.
Is this your last wish?
Yes. Bye.
I'm sorry. Am I late?
Is all okay? - Yes. - Good.
Satish, if the flowers are
underneath us..
..then it first night
(commutation night).
And if it is on us, then it is
our last night (death).
Let's go from here.
I'm very much hurt since I
couldn't propose her.
What? - You will not understand.
I'm an ordinary cable operator
and he's software.
I'm poor and he's rich.
I'm a common man and he's from
I will prove myself to her.
Prove yourself?
I will prove myself becoming rich.
I will appoint her husband as my
I will teach her.
Let's go.
Give me also a job.
She will leave day after
..before that, we must prove
Let's plot against them.
We must teach them a lesson.
Why did power go off?
What's going on?
Give me the matchstick.
My life has become dark.
There will be brightness in our
Let's invent electricity. -
Yes. Electricity.
Two guys by the name Manohar and
Satish.. Banawanannagudi have
invented electricity..
Is there everything ready?
- Yes, uncle.
Sir, this is road. - I've
dedicated my life for the party.
We've fixed a cable 2 meters high
from the surface.
I will talk to him in the party
Why? - When any vehicle
goes over it..
..the cable starts moving.
Like this.
When the cable starts moving..
..the freewheel starts rotating.
When the freewheel starts
..the entire machine starts
Look, I'd faced problem in the
previous elections.
We need to careful.. - When the
cable starts moving..
Hang up.
What is it?
They are called wheel.
In Kannada is it called 'chakra'.
What about the wheel?
There's a belt fixed to the wheel.
And the belt is connected to the
As you know, the generator
produces electricity.
And when the generator starts
working the bulbs glow.
So this machine produces
You've done a great job.
You are really intelligent.
This isjust a sample. Ours is a
big project.
There are so many vehicles moving
cross our country.
We can produce plenty of
electricity with their help.
According to you, our country
will progress rapidly.
Being a corporator of our area..
..we request you to talk about it
to the government.
I will surely do that.
This is what I'm here for. -
Thank you, sir.
Turn on the bulb for once.
Uncle, are the bikes ready?
Ready? - Yes.
Here she comes.
Look at the bike.
Make an announcement saying..
..the financier for this project
is me and it was your concept.
Take it.
Announce that we will provide
electricity to entire India.
If I do so, will she come to you?
Come on, announce.
Stay quiet.
Sir, everything is ready.
Friends. - Yes?
There's shortage of electricity
in our country.
There's load shedding
everywhere and..
Say something. - Darkness.
Darkness. - Dark everywhere.
So Mr. Manohar has found this
concept of producing electricity.
Nice, isn't it?
I invested all the money on
this project.
You are such a fool.
I'm like a.. I'm like a..
I'm like a lamp
I want to serve my nation.
- Clap everybody.
My friend..
..get started. - Okay.
Sir, we are ready.
Go ahead. - Move back.
Send everyone back.
Move back.
I will provide electricity.
I bet everything will be
Move back.
Your father is supporting
such a fool.
Uncle, are you ready?
Come on, uncle.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Look at the bulbs. - Incredible.
That's great.
Very interesting.
We are proud of you.
Get him! We must nab him.
I see a machine. - Come on.
Everything got destroyed.
Ladies and gentlemen..
..don't get surprised if you hear
that it was I who..
..produced electricity for our
Who's responsible for all this?
Not I.
Neither my friend Satish.
You the nation, my aunt,
my cousin.. neighbor Bhamini and people
belonging to my area.
Had they not underestimated is
all the time..
..I wouldn't have invented the
Just shut up.
Are you out of your mind?
You are in the police station.
They will thrash us.
You don't worry.
Come here, idiots.
Wear your clothes. Sir is calling.
Shall we go without wearing
shirt? - We better wear it.
Do you deserve this?
People are laughing at us on
the street.
I guess they are laughing after a
long time.
Manu.. - Who brought the letter
from corporator?
Sir is calling you. Go there.
Hello, sir.
What do you eat to survive?
Tell me. - Healthy food.
Keep quiet.
Sorry, sir. - 'Sorry'?
I will not release them.
I will put them behind the bars
for few days.
Please don't do that.
We would've lost four constables
because of their machine.
You want to invent electricity?
Moreover on the public road.
This is what happens if your mind
is idle.
All the youngsters have become
You are right, sir.
I see many youngsters.
I'd arrested a boy who stole
a computer.
He was sent back from America.
Saying he would invent a machine
which washes..
..children's backs,
he dumped a kid..
..into the washing machine.
Do you know what happened? - What
do you know?
The kid's back is completely
Where can I find that great
He has been taken to
the mental asylum.
Do you want to go to mental
Don't be so cruel towards me.
- Shut up.
Shut up. He seems to be little
Close his file and send him out. -
Okay, sir.
You may go. - Thank you, sir.
Come on.
Yes, aunt. - We've seen a girl
for you.
Why? - To get you married off.
Usually, parents bid adieu to
their daughters..
..but in my case, you are bidding
me adieu, right?
You are right.
What wrong did I do for getting
me off?
We cannot tolerate you anymore.
You got rusticated from the
Today, you are arrested by the
I wonder what you would do
I will thrash you.
What? - Get out.
Father.. - Stop it.
Let's go, mother. - Go inside.
I will talk to him. - Your father
always favors him.
Let's not talk to him. - Your
father too is adamant.
Manu, please listen to me.
She's a nice girl. Get married to
her. - Uncle..
Please. I beg of you.
You are lucky.
Big house, three master bedrooms.
Big car, free fridges.
I guess my wife will dump me
inside the fridge.
You will turn into coriander
Take good care of her. - You are
sold out.
Your rate has been finalized.
You are such a useless friend.
I will talk to your
..I might find a girl
for myself too.
What do you want?
My new relative.
Look, you are boy, better be
You are still a baby.
Be happy all the time.
Stop hitting me. You will grow up
This world will ruin you.
Growing up in a big problem.
Remain baby forever.
My clothes.
He's exited about the fact I told
He must be insane.
Why are you laughing so much?
I was thinking about the
constructor of this road.
It was constructed by the nice
This way is Bangalore and that is
way is Mangalore.
This is road.
It leads to some village, go
The wind will blow. Breathe in if
you want to live.
These are clothes. Cover
..if you want to save your honor.
This is steamed cake. Have it.
This is money. Enjoy with this
That's a girl. Get married and
settle down in life.
This is liquor. Go high by
drinking it.
This is earth.
You will die someday, so bury
Everything has a meaning in
My friend turned into philosopher
drinking beer.
Satish? - Tell me?
Who am I and who are you in this
big world?
You are cable operator Satish.
And you are mental case Manohar.
Looking at your behavior, I'm
sure you are insane.
Manu, what are you doing? - Die.
What's the matter with you?
You want to live like a normal
..whereas I'm abnormal.
Okays, sir. Get in.
What is new about this car and
the road?
Take a walk. You might find
something new.
I made a mistake coming here. -
Get out.
'Looking at your behavior, I'm
sure you are insane.'
He must be an insane.
'He seems to be an insane.
Be careful.'
'Do you know how difficult it is
to propose a guy like you?'
My shirt. - Quiet.
Let go.
No. - Clothes.
What do you want?
Who are you? What do you want?
What do you want?
Why do you want my clothes?
Why do you want my clothes?
My ring.
Let go. Come on. - Who are you?
Clothes. - Let go.
Clothes. - Let go.
Get in. - Let go.
Get in. - Let go.
Where are you..? - Clothes.
Did you count them? Is everybody
22 of them.
One is missing.
Didn't you find him?
Give the dose to everybody.
We are getting late. - Come here.
Drink it. - Clothes.
Unlike the rainbow, your youth
also disappears.
I will never forget the help that
I received from the government.
20 years ago, they not only got this
place which was a prison earlier..
..they also have faith in my trust
that needy will be taken care of.
My respects for the chief guests
present here.
I request the government to always
support our Rainbow mentalasylum.
I welcome all the new children
who're just been brought.
I request them to maintain
I request our chief guest to
hoist the flag.
Form a line. Stand right there.
Come on, move.
Samantha from ward number 4.
Come here.
Sit down. - I don't have clothes.
Indarjeet.. - I'm the owner of a
garment factory.
The case sheet is torn.
Why don't you believe me?
Admit him. - My factory is on
I don't have clothes.
Next. - I don't have clothes.
Come on. - Sit down.
Leave me. - Sit down.
Excuse me. My name is not
Mahendra, Manohar.
Multiple personality disorder.
Leave me.
Where is the photo?
They tore all the forms, sir.
You bring twenty every week..
..not for once you bring the case
sheet safely.
Sir, excuse me. - Prepare a new
case sheet right away.
Oaky, sir. - Ward number 6.
Listen to me, sir.
Next. - Sir.
My name is not Mahendra, Manohar.
Come on. - Take him away.
Which hospital is this? Which
place is this?
Who is your head? Leave me.
Come on.
Sit down. Quiet.
My ring.
My ring.
Give it me to me.
Good morning, partnership.
We heartily welcome you.
Ward number 6 is quite a big ward.
Join hands to us.
I'm Shakarappa.
It's been 20 years since I got
admitted in this hospital.
I'm happy here.
He's Dollar.
Dollars don't work.
He's foreign return.
He's here to invent a washing
He's here and his kids are in
He wanted to become a hero.
So, he was brought here straight.
So, you will stay with us
Where are you from?
You want sleep?
Stay away from us..
You must do as I say.
The one who has the ability to
mend this world..
..has brought to mental asylum.
The one who doesn't know will
stay outside.
You will be alright.
Those who come here temporarily
Sit quietly.
Quiet. - Okay. Bye.
The doctor is here.
What happened? - He's been
troubling a lot.
What does he say?
He says that he's not Mahendra..
..but Monohar who has been
forcefully brought here.
I'm confused. - Go out.
Call me if you need help.
Are you following the old
We are from the different ward.
Useless people. - I'm not a
I've been trying to tell you
since morning.
Sir, my name is Mahohar.
I was walking on Bangalore
highway.. - Do as I say.
Why did you bring me? - Stop him.
I'm not a patient. - Let go.
I've been trying to tell you
since morning.
Let go. - Leave me.
Leave me. - Hold him.
Put him down.
You mess with the doctor?
- Hold his hand.
Give him the sedative.
Hold him tight.
Dollar, don't put yourself into
Am I a kid? Are you taking me to
the bathroom?
Shut up. I'm going to escape
from here.
Act like a patient.
You are patient, not I.
I will inform the security guard
that you are trying to escape.
Just shut up, okay?
Hello? Open the emergency gate?
My family will be here to take me.
You idiot.
Sit on the chair. - Let go.
Sit on the chair. - He's a
patient. He's trying to escape.
Go inside. - Let go.
Last week, he wore the doctor's
Today, he's wearing ward boy
Hello? Done? - Yes.
Then run.
I'm tired of him.
He's coming here for the sixth
Not sixth, but eighth time.
You may go. - Thanks.
Hold him.
First, remove his shirt. - Obama.
Come on. - Obama.
This place looks like a mental
I will find out.
Diwi, ask the drier to wait.
Don't push.
Were they trying to escape? - Yes.
He was trying to escape in the
Wear your clothes.
What was the speed of your
machine? - 396 rpm.
It wasn't a motor problem, the
position of the child was wrong.
He's facing serious problems.
Why was he shifted late from
He's actually normal.
Can I meet him, please?
He's quite violent.
Visitors are not allowed.
What do you mean?
I think you've mistaken.
Can I meet him?
Where is he?
He's put inside the cell since he
was trying to escape in the morning.
He can see him from a distance.
Take him. - Okay, sir.
I too will invent a washing
machine after I get released.
Released? How?
My uncle is coming.
There's a case against you.
You will not be released even if
God comes.
Case? - Yes.
It must be Mahendra not I.
I might be in trouble.
Ask doctors in Bangalore why you
are sent here.
What is the case? Quiet.
I don't have clothes. - The
police case..
I don't have clothes. - You want
Take it.
I'm here because of you. Take it.
Come on. Take it.
You want clothes? Come.
Take it.
You want clothes?
I will kill you. - There he is.
You are an insane. You idiot.
I will teach you. - Hey you.
Take it. - Stop fighting.
Manu. - You will get hurt.
Stop fighting.
An insane is hitting him.
An insane is hitting him.
I will kill you.
Look properly, it is he who's
hitting the insane.
I wonderwhat the matter
with him is.
He's fine. - I will kill you.
Nobody telling me the reason why
he's here.
Look, please open the door.
I want to talk to him.
Open the door. - Dear..
Please open the door.
Stay quiet.
You are watching what's going on.
Hey you. - How dare you hit me?
You will never prosper.
What's the point talking to him?
Let's pay the money for his
Are you out of your mind?
You brother's son is really wise.
Stop it.
You will never understand
if I'm polite.
You decide who is
important to you.
Listen to what mother says.
We will take him back when he's
alright. Let's go.
I will meet you in the evening. -
I want clothes.
Uncle, here I am.
My family left thinking I've
become insane.
This is how people are.
They take everyone to be insane.
They are right.
But I'm not an insane.
This is what an insane thinks.
He thinks he's the only wise man
on this earth.
I'm right. - Who is wise here?
I don't understand who is wise
and who is insane.
Gopal Rao has built this mental
asylum to find it out.
Rainbow has seven colors.
That's why we've given uniforms..
..with seven different colors to
the inmates.
He gave us and we wore it.
Now what's your problem?
I don't want to stay here.
Everyone says that.
I will escape from here.
Please, help me.
There's a department by the name
escape department.
And he's the manager.
Dollar, he wants to escape
from here.
Why is he standing like this
instead of giving me an idea?
That's how he is.
He never misses his target.
There's nothing to see there.
I see patients licking the wall.
Look on the stop.
There's a hole in the wall.
And they are seeing through that
There's a precious place on the
other side of the wall.
What's there?
The women's ward is on the other
You will not know until you peep
through the hole.
What do I do now?
If you jump on the other side you
will find women.
But don't mess with him.
If you go further, you will see
the main gate.
There will be many vehicles
standing outside the gate.
Get into one of the vehicles and
Okay. I'm ready.
When are we going to escape?
Whenever Dollar puts his hand
Dollars don't work.
Wait for the night.
Wait for the night? Okay, sir.
Let's go.
Your hand is very precious.
Come on, Shakarappa.
You carry on. This is my palace
and I'm the king.
I bless you.
This ladder is in great demand.
You are young, you should climb
fast. Hurry up.
He doesn't even know who to climb
a wall.
Useless. - Let'sjump.
I'm scared to jump.
Come on, jump. - No.
Hurry up. - I can't.
Look at his style of sitting.
He's a Spiderman. - You idiot.
Get down.
Turn off the siren.
Turn off the siren.
Get down.
Get down.
How many patients are there in
this mental asylum?
1 carore. Why do you want to know?
Because only 15 toothpastes were
We eat it.
You are taking so much time for a
single receipt.
You are too lazy.
I will slap you.
What will mention in the report?
Mention Dollar was trying to
escape and we nabbed him.
Sir. - Rainbow?
You have your relative in the
Get back.
Ask him to get down. Come on.
Come on.
He left. Let's move.
Useless fellow. Move.
Shift him to the ward after the
He needs to rest.
I don't know why I did this.
He's fine, right?
Just a minor injury.
You take rest. Come.
Balaji, give her the dosage.
How did she get the scissors?
She somehow manages to steal it.
Don't give me excuses.
Everyone here is so
irresponsible. Go.
Sir, don't worry.
If you permit me, I will handle
this case myself.
You know she's suffering from
dementia, right?
She hates men.
I know. She's a dental student.
She's brought here since she
attacked her male lecturer.
She has already ruined her future.
I've read her report.
I will handle this case.
Okay. I have faith in you.
Okay, sir.
How did you go outside?
I'd escaped.
I'm back to become an immortal
He was a sage.
This is a 307 case.
When did he come here?
- 20 days back.
Why did you come back?
I want to stay here itself.
I'm in love.
In that case, you will have to
tell them.
Tell them what?
If you tell them you are not
..then they will keep you here.
And if you tell them you are an
..they will release you.
I didn't get you.
Watch me.
What's your problem?
Its 20 years and you are not
ready to release me.
I'm perfect now.
You will never find a handsome
guy like me.
You call me an insane.
Will you release me or not?
I want to know right away.
Take him away.
Hey. - This is nothing new to me.
I will teach you. - Come on.
Take me from here.
The doctors are the biggest
Mahendra. Multiple personality
Sir, I'm Mahendra not Manohar.
I'm normal now. Let me go.
We know when to release you.
Continue the treatment.
Sir, please. - Next.
Your single glimpse can drive
anyone crazy.
What should I do to become your
Your talks can leave everyone
What should I do to become your
There's rainbow in front of me.
I surrender myself for your
Your single glimpse can drive
anyone crazy.
What should I do to become your
I find you everywhere.
It's like you are back into my
Let's create a dream of our own.
You fill my heart with love.
Even the moon is like a junk in
front of you.
Even tornado takes your form.
You casted magic on me.
Your single glimpse can drive
anyone crazy.
What should I do to become your
I want to hear..
..those three magical words.
I want to be with you.
I want to be in your heart.
I want to see your stubbornness.
When I called you to blow the
dust in my eyes..
..I got mesmerized after seeing
your beautiful face.
Your single glimpse can drive
anyone crazy.
What should I do to become your
Your talks can leave everyone
What should I do to become your
Is it your finally decision?
So, none of you are coming?
Yes. You carry on.
Okay. My friends and
I will meet him.
He'll be fine soon.
I shall leave. - Padma, I too
want to meet him.
If you go, don't come back.
Stay with him right there.
What are you doing? - I'm not
able to sleep.
Take this, you will fall asleep.
Just here to meet you.
But why?
The doctor said
you will fine soon.
Get discharged and you will find
many changes.
Yes. You will be alright, Manu.
Right? - Yes.
Don't worry. You always have our
Have sweets.
I got engaged.
Who's the girl? - It's her.
Did you forget?
You'd a kid urinating in the tea
cup when you'd been to see her.
I somehow managed to entice her.
Good. All the best.
Thanks. - Manu, I'm glad that
you're being treated well.
You'll be fine soon.
So, you think I'm insane?
But let me tell you what I think
about everyone.
Then you may go from here.
You got married to her, right?
- Yes.
But she proposed me on her
wedding day.
She said, she's getting married
to you..
..since I'm irresponsible.
And this guy, my best friend..
..fell in love with you after he
touched your hand..
..when he came to your house to
fix the cable wire.
But he didn't propose you.
He loves me, but she got married
to him.
I wonder who he loves.
He loves her, but he's getting
married to her.
I wonder who she loves.
There so many cross connections
within ourselves.
You get married to somebody..
..but in love with someone else.
Aren't you ashamed to ruin your
partner's life?
Shame on you.
Not I, but you are insane.
Get out.
Do we deserve this?
He'sjust blabbering.
Let's go from here. - Hello?
This is India.
Can I talk to you?
Let's go. - Today is Shahrukh
Khan's birthday.
Let's have sweets. - Let's go.
Everybody in this world pretends.
Anyone can get married to anyone.
Not a single person gets married
to the loved ones.
Not a single human lives his or
her life in peace.
This is how life is.
Anyone can get married to anyone.
Even my story is quite similar. -
What's your story?
My wife didn't like me.
She was in love with someone else.
When I complained to the doctor
about the sleep..
..he sent me here.
Thought I will be staying here
only for a short while...
..but one day, my wife got
married to someone else..
..and was here to take my
signature on the divorce paper.
The day I signed the paper, I
turned into a sage.
This mental asylum is like a
monastery to me.
Even my story is quite similar.
I fear whether I'd become like
you if I don't get that girl.
No one should become like me.
I want to be one of a kind.
What do I do now?
How far is your story come?
I still couldn't propose her.
Don't delay.
How do I meet her? All the three
gates are closed.
There's another new way.
Look there.
What is it?
Dollar has found a new way.
Carefully listen to me.
The women's ward is close to the
electric shock room.
If you go there, you will find
your girl.
After going there, you need to
plan out things.
What should I do?
Dollar? You are really smart.
I don't have clothes.
Run, everybody.
What are you holding in your
hand? Give it to me.
Thanks for having faith in me.
You didn't stab anyone.
Sir, chaos in the first floor.
You go, I will come. - Yes, sir.
Hit him.
Hit him.
Why are you so restless?
- I'm fine.
Hit him.
Hit him.
Hit him.
Take this. You need rest. - I
need to go for the prayers.
That's alright if you don't
attend prayers for a day.
We are unable to control.
We need you.
I said I will come.
The situation is getting worse.
Please come.
Rest well.
Oh my God.
I don't want clothes. - Idiot.
I don't want clothes.
Listen. You must wear clothes.
I don't want clothes. - You must
wear clothes.
I will not spare him today.
Hold him. Give me your shirt.
I don't want clothes.
Look, you don't know anything.
We haven't done anything wrong.
If you give us the shock
treatment, I will thrash you.
Bring them for the shock
Let's go.
Come on. - Don't drag us.
Take us with respect.
You must welcome us with honor.
Do we have girls to welcome us?
Don't drag me.
Take us with respect.
Take us. One after the other.
Come on.
I feel so good coming here.
It's like.. - Do the arrangements.
Send them inside.
Listen to me.
Will they really give us the
shock treatment?
Don't worry. It can
never harm you.
What do you mean? - Apply this on
your head.
It will protect you from
Will they allow us to apply this?
They will do it themselves.
Get up. Come on.
- Is everything ready?
Yes. Come in.
Quiet. They will now perform
veneration to us.
And we should bless them.
Quiet. - Clothes.
I don't want clothes.
- Stay quiet.
Hold him. - I don't want clothes.
See that it doesn't harm us.
Connect the wires straight
to our head.
No. - Hold him.
Don't do that.
I don't want clothes.
What's that? - Gel.
That's not sufficient. Apply more
gel. - Okay.
Apply more gel.
Don't wipe it.
I don't have clothes.
3.. 2.. 1..
You said the gel will protect
them? But I hear them screaming?
You too should scream.
3.. 2.. 1..
Get up. - Sure.
Come inside.
I'll be right back. - Okay.
Give it to me.
The gel is over.
Bring it. - Okay.
Please, don't bring it.
Don't give me the shock treatment.
There's a rule that the staff and
the patients..
..must be present in the ground
for the prayers, right?
Yes. - Then what
are you doing here?
I heard there was a chaos?
- You are right.
Where is Balaji?
He's treating the patient inside.
Bring him soon. - Okay, sir.
I will not spare those who miss
the prayers. - Okay, sir.
Ready? - Yes, sir.
3.. 2.. 1..
Shift them to the ward after
the prayers.
Hurry up.
Let's watch the girl during they
perform prayers.
What about him?
He's unconscious now.
Let's go.
Stand in the line.
Hurry up.
Where is her room? - There.
She's sleeping. - Let's talk
about marriage.
We are running short of time.
Manjula? Chandrakala? Ratnakala?
Ganapati? Sorry. Gauri?
Get up. - Don't scream.
She has consumed pill. She will
not get up now.
What do we do now?
I'm not able to find even a
single girl.
Hey, what are you doing?
Take her pills. Plan change.
I think he's turning insane.
Women are dangerous.
This way.
Come on.
Girls are weightless initially..
..Iater they become heavy.
God has given you the vehicle to
take your girl.
Take her in this vehicle.
That's the way I like it.
Take care. Leave now.
Goodbye. All the best.
This mental asylum would
proud of you.
He manufactures this gel by
stealing the chemicals from the lab.
It protects from the shock.
He has this with him all the time.
What were you doing for
all this while?
Where can we find
the boy and the girl?
Tell me. Where did they go?
I'm the best patient of this
mental asylum.
Whereas you are ill treating me.
How could he escape without
your support?
I did stop him, but he didn't
listen to me.
My hair got burnt due to the
electric shock.
Sir, the ambulance is near Altoor
check post.
They are heading towards
Follow and bring them.
Drive slowly.
We must get to them
as soon as possible.
Oh my God. Where are you going?
I don't see the road.
He has already crossed
the check post.
We will be able to nab them if we
take the shortcut.
Shut up. - Okay.
Let's see.
What are you doing? I've a family
to take care of.
If you are scared, then get down.
Do as you please.
God saves us.
Rainbow, security?
Rainbow, security?
Rainbow, security?
Rainbow, security?
Talk to us, Mahendra.
You cannot escape.
Talk to us, Mahendra.
Talk to us. Talk to us, Mahendra.
Talk to us.
It has rained somewhere.
There's cool breeze blowing.
It has rained somewhere.
There's cool breeze blowing.
I'm in love.
I've a desire.
One can never define love.
How could I not fall in love
after seeing you?
It has rained somewhere.
There's cool breeze blowing.
I have you in my eyes.
You are my sight.
I can never stay away from you..
..even for a moment.
I'm lost in you.
Is this how one feels when in
Even God cannot stop himself
from falling in love.
It has rained somewhere.
There's a cool breeze blowing.
It has rained somewhere.
There's a cool breeze blowing.
I'm in love.
I've a desire.
I will spread flowers on the way
you arrive.
I don't feel lonely anymore.
I can never stay away from you.
Come in my dream stealthily.
You can stay in my heart.
It has rained somewhere.
There's cool breeze blowing.
It has rained somewhere.
There's cool breeze blowing.
I'm in love.
I've a desire.
One can never define love.
How could I not fall in love
after seeing you?
It has rained somewhere.
There's cool breeze blowing.
Hello? Careful. You might fly
Your weight isjust 40 kilos.
I was the one who brought you
You must be wondering who am I,
I don't know who I myself am.
I'm unique.
I'm a good guy.
You need to be patient towards me.
I like rain and breeze very much.
I hate summer. Constipation.
I hate girls.
But I went crazy seeing your hair.
Your teeth are very neat.
But mine is ugly.
Your hand is like a child's hand.
I think you to be a child when I
hold your hand.
I fall asleep onlywhen I place
pillow underneath my legs.
I hate bathing everyday.
I often get itching.
But I love it at times.
I'm currently unemployed.
Hereafter, taking care of you
will be my job.
I will take good care of you.
This is about me.
Tell me about yourself.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I want to go back to the hospital.
I want to go back to the hospital.
I want to go back to the hospital.
Get inside the vehicle. I will
take you back.
I thought you'd thank me for
bringing you out.
And I thought you'd just yell at
me for proposing you.
But you tried to stab me.
You even apologize after trying
to stab me.
Do you like the song 'Kill me'?
Tell me about yourself.
Tell me your story.
Who are you?
Which place do you hail from?
Tell me?
My name is Devika.
This must be the name of a
Goddess, right?
You must be having the photo of
Kithoor Chennamma..
..Jhansirani Laksmibai,
Mahishasura Madini..
..Phoolandevi, right?
Did you learn to handle knife
ever since your childhood..
..or use it whenever someone
proposes you?
Stop. - Why?
Take left.
Kamanabillu hospital is this way.
That's a different route.
Turn the vehicle. - Okay.
Girls are unpredictable.
They turn men insane.
We've travelled 90 kms, but we
couldn't find them.
You made a mistake taking a
Shut up.
Are you out of your mind?
Stop. - Okay.
Stop. - Okay.
Stop. - Okay.
Here you go.
Mother, the school is over.
Devika, don't run. - Okay.
The tears speak to the cheeks.
The desires are sitting..
..without saying a word.
It slowly pains.
My heart goes crazy when
memories are recalled.
The tears speak to the cheeks.
Dear, have food.
I will get you ice cream. Have
I don't want ice cream.
Why? - My teeth will get decayed.
Have little.
I said no.
Devika, you are dirtying the
My legs are clean.
For the last three months we
haven't paid her school fees.
What's the need for her to study?
You spend money on other women..
..can't you pay your daughter's
It my wish.
The tears speak to the cheeks.
The desires are sitting..
..without saying a word.
This is our house, remember that.
Why did you bring her?
Hey. Go outside.
Why should I go out? - Get out.
Get out. - Mother.
Leave me. - Get out.
Open the door.
Open the door.
Talk to me.
The tears speak to the cheeks.
The desires are sitting..
..without saying a word.
Take this.
I hate men. Don't follow me.
Every girl tells this.
Not even for once I've worn shoes.
He didn't even buy me a chocolate.
He didn't teach me even once.
I wanted to kill him. But I
That's why I stab everyone.
That's why I've become like this.
Why do you stab others since you
couldn't stab your father?
You girls kill men with your
Why do you waste your energy
Forget your old memories and
learn to smile.
Let's go to the hospital.
Oh. It's lunch time.
Sorry. Time for having pills.
Other than liquor, happiness is
the only toxic.
Why do you have medicines?
Do you have food orjust pills?
Speed limit, 40 kms.
Now, it is time to go to bed.
For further information, contact
me in your dream.
Mahendra and Devika, to Madikeri.
We are here in Bangalore, but we
couldn't find them.
Okay. Inform the police
And find out their addresses and
meet their families.
Okay, sir.
If any development, call me.
Okay, sir.
Mayday. June. July. August. I..
2.. 3.. 4..
I.. 2.. 3.. 4..
Someone talk to me.
We have no diesel in the vehicle.
You better send another vehicle.
Hello? Hello?
Always ladies first.
I'm finallyfortunate you make a
girl drink water.
Open your mouth.
I making you drink water, not
bathing you.
There's nothing to hurry about.
Just let go your hair.
It looks beautiful.
I fell in love with you seeing
your hair.
Why do you push your hair behind?
I'm a nice guy.
You girls adjust your hair and
dress even while asleep.
You are just unbelievable.
How much more should we men
Do you want it? Take it.
Only today I realized the value
of life.
This will be our memory.
Take it back. Do as you please.
Look, I will control myself if
you turn the other side.
But if you turn towards me, I
will be in trouble.
If you don't mind.
God, you've granted good sleep
for girls..
..grant some good sleep for we
guys too.
I'm in love.
Girls are unbelievable.
I cannot tolerate anymore.
Lonely heart in the jungle.
The heart still weeps in spite of
being with a girl.
Seeing us guys cry, the nature,
universe also cry.
Help me.
I will die.
Oh my God. Help!
I will die.
You are such a cruel girl.
To hell with girls.
They know nothing otherthan
To hell with them.
You didn't even try saving me?
Yesterday, you tried stabbing me.
And today, you are watching me
Aren't you concerned about me?
To hell you. - I don't..
You just cry.
You will not be bothered even if
I die.
How can I trust you?
To hell with you and the vehicle.
So, you finally smiled?
Let's go back.
I want to go to the hospital.
Hold on.
Take it. Wear the slippers.
I will buy you chocolates.
I'm not just a lover..
..I will do all that your father
Girls always don't like our
When we become grandparents.. will not complain about
anything to me.
Let's go back.
The world is so free.
Just two of us.
I will bring leaves.
Let's wear them like Adam and
..and talk sitting away from each
Like tribal.
What do you say?
I'm tired walking.
Let's not go back to the hospital.
Please, let's go back.
Let's go back.
The person I'm calling is not
answering my call.
Try after sometime.
Since your father didn't buy you
shoes in the year 1920.. stab men in the year 2009.
When I was a child, my mother
never bought me underwear.
Tell me, whom should I stab?
Talk to me.
Laughing within you, stabbing men
is not all.
What should a guy like me do when
he grows up?
It isn't funny.
You must cryfor me.
Let's go back.
Forget it.
One forgets time when with girls.
The dayjust passed so fast.
I don't see any progress in love.
Shall we go back?
We finally reached.
I'm saying for the last time,
let's go back.
The same uniform, the same walls,
the same room.
The same prayers, the same
doctor, the same medicines.
Let's go back.
Let's wander for few days.
Let's do at least that.
At least wait for 2 more hours..
..there's a forest at the
Let's light up a bonfire.
As it is, you have a knife.
Let's cut and have fruits. Sing
Just for two minutes.
God, pierce a thorn in her leg.
God is not concerned about guys.
I will not come.
I promised you that I will bring
I've done my duty.
To hell with you and the
hospital. Bye.
Will you not come?
Did you call me?
Come with me.
Of course. Open the door for us.
Open the door for us.
Doctor, give me your shirt. I
don't have clothes.
He's know, just stay quiet.
Their is a crazy love story.
There are marriages taking place
in the police station.
In the temple.
In the jail.
Why not in mental asylum?
Tell me?
I will accompany the groom.
And being a doctor, you accompany
the girl.
Let's get them married.
Oh, shut up.
I, being an old patient and you
being an old doctor..
..I thought we both will get them
..but you are getting upset.
That's unfair. - Take him out.
I don't have clothes. - You are
wearing underwear.
Let's go.
Balaji? - Sir?
Go with them and take the report
about the incident.
Let's go. The wedding has been
The elders in the hospital are
not respected.
The doctors here need to be
treated first.
How dare you escape from the
Moreover, with a female patient?
The circumstances were such that
I had to.
What's the matter with you?
You are provided everything here.
Food, clothing, shelter,
treatment are given for free.
Why did you still escape?
What's the reason? - She's the
Since when she's ill?
Oh, just shut up.
Why did you escape?
Tell me that first?
It was because of her I escaped..
..I even came back because of her.
And she was one who brought me
What happened? - Something is
wrong with her.
Why are you laughing?
Do I look like a joker?
What's the matter with you?
What do you expect us to do?
I will tell you.
Why are you laughing? Do you like
electric shock?
I can't tolerate seeing both of
us lying besides each other.
Look, what happened to us.
I've invented electricity, but
never experienced shock.
Whereas, you've experienced shock.
Tell me, how does one feel?
Do we lose our memory power?
You will surely forget everything.
Every second of these two days
are important to me.
Make is more memorable.
Okay. Open your mouth.
Two days, remember.
I too want to remember these two
3.. 2.. 1..
Before I could smile.. brought happiness in me.
Before I could sing.. heart is beating quietly.
Before I could walk..
..this way is luring me towards
Before I could realize..
..there's a lamp burning inside
Tell me for once..
..what's your relation with me?
Before I could smile.. brought happiness in me.
Even without informing, I found
Enough of the pain I'm going
The heart is learning how to
Why did you meet me?
Before I could smile.. brought happiness in me.
My heart called out your name.. my dreams.
Why do I doubt myself?
Why only my dreams you become my
For once, tell me this is love.
Before I could smile.. brought happiness in me.
Before I could sing.. heart is beating quietly.
Before I could walk..
..this way is luring me towards
Before I could realize..
..there's a lamp burning inside
Tell me for once..
..what's your relation with me?
What's the matter with you?
Why are you staring at the sun?
He said if one stares at the sun
thrice a day..
..there is no need for electric
shock treatment.
How many more ideas do you have?
Dollars don't work.
None of my idea..
Don't worry.
Close your eyes. You might lose
your eye sight.
Shakarappa, look at Dollar.
He's gone to the gate.
Goodbye, Kamanabillu.
Gopal Rao built such a huge wall..
..but still a patient easily
managed to escape.
Though the size is small, it is
quite delicious.
Who prepared it?
Todaywas hisfather's death
anniversary. We'd called for a cook.
When I die, you must call the
same cook.
People must stand in queue for
Let me distribute to others. -
Manu, you like fritters, right?
I will talk to the doctor.
You cannot stay here for long.
Are you upset I didn't talk to
you the last time I was here?
What do I do? My wife and son
took me away.
I'm sorry.
Let's go.
I'm in love, uncle.
I will not come. - Love?
Yes. His is a big story.
The second chapter has just come
to an end.
Why don't you introduce her to
your uncle..
..and ask him to get you both
married before the winter?
Take me to her.
Fritters. - Be ready. You are the
uncle to the bride.
Sir, wear this dress.
I will explain to you. It is no
big deal.
What is it?
Allow us inside.
We are here to meet the yet-to-be
I don't see any kind of
It is a simple engagement.
Open the door.
Get going from here. - Stop
It's urgent. Open the door.
Didn't you understand what I
said? I will thrash you.
Hit me. Come on.
Listen to me. - Idiots.
Listen to me.
He's insane. Why talk to him?
I will give you another idea.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Look, we are from the groom's
We should be with respect.
We shouldn't climb up the wall
and see the bride's relatives.
Maintain your dignity.
Hey, call her. - Okay.
Devika! Devika! Devika! Here.
Here, on the wall. Look here.
Come. - No. - Come on. - No.
Devika! Here. Come here.
Nothing wrong, come with me.
Come. Come.
Leave me.
She's coming.
Uncle, she has a lot of friends.
Uncle, she looks insane.. doesn't
She's perfect match for you.
I feel she's shorter to you.
After wedding you can carry her
like a baby. - Isn't it?
He's my uncle! - Hello!
Uncle, be careful.
Do they provide with shampoo in
the hospital?
Her hair is so nice.
I got crazy seeing her hair, but
after seeing her eyes, I got ruined.
I feel, she's a little squint.
Who's she? The one behind her?
It is her friend. Uncle, do you
want to meet her? - Shut up.
I simply asked you.
Devika, how are you feeling?
Till where have you progressed in
seeing the girl?
Still going on.
If we get you married, our
children will be playing on this.
You should marry her first.
Her horoscope and her.. - I can't
tolerate his burden anymore.
Control yourself.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
The girl is very beautiful.
I'll make all the arrangements
after reaching the village.
Thanks, uncle. - Oh my back is
Devika! Uncle gave his consent.
I need to talk to you. No matter
how long, I'll wait for you here.
Will you come?
It is 12.30 am.. till when are
you planning to sit there?
Put a rug and go to sleep. Come.
You leave, I'll come later.
To hell with you. This is the
time for the devils to dance.
Listening to his love story, I
feel like committing suicide.
This side is Salim and on the
other is Anarkali.
It is as though I am watching
I am here. - I know.
What else do you know about me?
I don't know much, but I know
that you are insane.
If you prick me in our nuptial
night after wedding, what do I do?
If I know that you are a cheater,
I'll do the same to you.
What's rigorous punishment than
I don't want to hear all that.
You are not a cheater, isn't it?
You don't have cheap thinking,
isn't it?
Is that all or you want to..
Yes, I do.. I like your stubble.
Don't shave it.
I am always far from the blade.
I am scared of cockroaches.
I like cockroaches, but let's make
some other arrangements for that.
I often suffer from cold. - Okay.
I'll get angry if you make me
talk when I have cold.
Okay. I'll not make you talk. No
talks, but only romance.
One of my legs is longer than the
other I haven't told this to anyone.
Fine, I'll tell the cobbler to
fix some of rubber on your slipper.
I feel like sitting on somebody's
back and dancing when it rains.
I don't leave my house when it
What else do you wish for?
I become very emotional at times.
I don't know why.
Females first cry and then know
the reason.. no problem.
I feel like crying now.
It will be a little
difficult for me.
You didn't answer my questions.
Tell me. You are not a cheater,
isn't it?
You won't betray me, will you?
That is the only thing I've not
learnt in my life.
I don't know to cheat people.
Fine. Wipe tears from my eyes.
My job begins from today.
You take them all outside. -
Okay, sir.
How are you feeling now? - I am
feeling fine, sir.
These days you're smiling very
much. What's the reason?
Nothing like that, sir. - Come
on, madam.
I gave you medicine last time.
How are you feeling with it?
Sir, I don't remember.
You take this pill every night.
You'll feel better.
Do you know about the guy
Mahendra, who eloped with you?
No, sir. I don't know.
Come on, let's go for the
I'll come, sir. - Okay.
102 on line. - Okay here.
The ring. The ring.
The ring. The ring.
Sir, you told me to collect the
reports, didn't you?
I could know something from it.
This guy is Mahendra and not him.
- Call him.
Who are you? Why are you here?
What are you suffering from?
I am dying to see your hair, your
eyes, and I always dream about you.
He's calling you. - I want to see
your beauty and your smile.
What's this? - Come with me.
Ring. Ring. - Why are you going
there? Come here.
What's your name?
Come on, move. - Mahendra.
Sir, did you see that? - What's
the matter?
Are you giving me any special
Our patient named Mahendra had
escaped from here.
You are here using his name.
Don't you feel ashamed?
Idiot. Free food, free
accommodation, free treatment.. are leading your life
happily here.
Sir, I didn't do anything like
Sir, do you know what all he's
done other than having fun here?
He used to visit girls ward. - I
didn't do anything like that.
Spend time with them, misbehave
with them.. - Sir..
I didn't do anything like that. -
He's even eloped with them.
Sir, you saw it by yourself.
- Sir..
Who knows what all he's done. -
Sir, listen to me.
One of his kind is enough here.
Doctors will go insane.
Our society has got spoilt
because of people like him.
Sir, I am telling you. I am
warning you.
Such a cheater shouldn't live
here. - Shut up!
You dare not lie like this. Idiot!
What wrong have I done to you?
Why are you lying in front of
Doctor, tell him. - I haven't
done any mistake.
Hold him. - He's lying.
Balaji, don't make it a big
issue. Stop it right now.
Throw him out from here.
He's running away. Nab him!
Let go off me. - Whatever he said
was false.
Devika, I'll tell you the truth.
Devika, don't run. Listen to me
at least for a minute.
Devika, listen to me.
I am not lying, Devika.
I never cheated you, Devika.
Devika! Listen to me!
Devika! Devika!
What's your name?
Actually, I am..
Tell me! What's your name?
Ma.. Manohar.
Devika! - It proves that what
they told about you is true.
Get lost from here.
Devika, I am not lying. I did all
this for you.
My father cheated my mother
saying all these things.
You are a cheater. - Don't blame
me for other's mistake, Devika.
Scold me if you want, but I am
not a cheater.
I came here by mistake.
After seeing you, I didn't feel
like returning and stayed here.
Devika, whatever he said was lie.
You are lying to me.
You didn't stay back here for
love, but for something else.
You don't love me. - You are
talking like an insane.
Yes.. I am insane. You are not
I am living peacefully here.
Please, go away from here.
Go away. Go. Go!
My heart.. in pain.
How will I live without you?
My heart cries for you.
Heart, listen to me.
Don't go away from me.
You are leaving. You are leaving.
I thought you'll turn completely
insane, but you didn't.
You didn't become.
I'm wearing clothes.
I'm wearing clothes.
Hey, let go off him. Let go.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, stay there. Don't come
I heard your voice.
Your smile leaves me restless.
My heart calls out your name.
Your silence torments me.
I can never live without you.
I can never live without you.
The tears speak to the cheeks.
Nothing. There's nothing inside.
There's no one outside. No one.
No one. It is empty.
It is void. There's no one.
Rainbow, I am coming. I am
coming, rainbow.
Rainbow, I am coming.
The tears speak to the cheeks.
The desires are sitting..
..without saying a word.
It slowly pains.
Mother! - Hey Manu, Manu.
Manu, when did you come? Manu!
I lost my heart for you.
Sir, the ambulance people have
given some DVD to you.
Play it. - Okay, sir.
Who's it?
'Only today I could know that
this can give life if it misses.'
'Your energy will be wasted if
you stab this.'
'Forget all this and learn to
'Come on, let's go back.'
Devika, what happened to you?
Hey, let go off me!
You heard a patient and you are
arresting me.
Let go off me. I am doctor.
Open the lock soon.
- Let go off me!
Sir! Sir! Sir!
Lock him up soon.
Not one, but put 10 cases on me.
I know how to come out.
Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh Khan.
Son, there's only darkness inside.
Son, there's only darkness inside.
Sir, I found this banned tablet
in this girl's room.
Check all the rooms if you find
these kind of tablets. - Okay, sir.
Inform me as soon as the police
come. - Yes, sir. - Go.
Devika, I am sorry for whatever
happened here.
Let's do something about it.
Don't talk about it now.
What are you saying?
Diwakar has found a job in US
with great difficulty.
If you send him at the same time,
nothing will go right.
Ask him if he's alright now or he
escaped from the hospital.
If he's not well, send him back.
What will we do keeping him here?
Mother, don't worry. I'll give
you a cheque.
Open a mobile shop or a Xerox
shop for him.
It is good if we give him another
room to stay.
Even mother will feel safe. I'll
be in US.
Manu.. come have your food. Where
are you going?
Manu, where to..
Give me one plate of
steamed rice cakes.
I heard, this illness doesn't
cure soon.
Be careful. It is contagious I
Hit me with a bigger stone.
Didn't I tell you he's insane?
Give me the bet money now.
Everyone hit stones on insane
Do you think you won the bet by
hitting him?
Get lost! - Hey stop! Give me
Get lost!
Call him inside.
I am here.
Won't you talk to me?
What now? Do you want me to
apologize to you?
Why didn't you have your bath?
You can't keep quiet like this.
Speak up.
Look, I am not carrying the knife
in my hand. It is empty.
Why did you come here?
Doctor told me that you treated
me. So, I am here.
But the whole world is laughing
on me.
Let they laugh. Why are you
concerned about them?
Tell me. What's your problem?
Isn't it? Poor people.
Poor people. Poor people.
'Those people come to mental
asylum who can't reform this world.'
'The one who can reform the world
stays outside.'
'I think you are going to become
'But people outside won't become
'All the people here are
temporary insane.'
'The one who are out are
permanent insane.'
Poor people, let they laugh.
Let's go. - Where?
Even I don't know. Let's go.
Let's go.
I would remain an insane
I would sleep in your lap
I will laugh from the bottom of
my heart.
I would be very happy hereafter.
I would remain an insane
I would sleep in your lap
I will laugh from the bottom of
my heart.
I would be very happy hereafter.
I would remain an insane
I would tell the world in love
I would be a good man hereafter.