Manasanamaha (2020) Movie Script

The season of Seetha
Anything else ma'am?
Yeah. I would like to have a double
scoop of honey almond please.
Ah... No No.
Actually, change it to butterscotch
with chocolate on top of it.
Ah... Sorry Sorry Sorry.
Can you change it to vanilla
with crunchy nuts on top of it?
Is that it, ma'am?
-Yes, that's it.
Hmm... Do you know what the
problem with these girls is?
They want everything to happen
according to their will.
But, the twist here is...
...they have no clarity on what
they really want for themselves.
The season of Chaitra
[SURYA]: Hi!
I told you that I have
dance class at 6, didn't I?
Yeah... I'm just a little late!
I said 6. Now it's 6:10
[SURYA]: Hello!
What! I said 6 and you
are here by 5:30 itself?
I am not even ready yet.
If she's speaking angrily,
it means she is hungry
[SURYA]: So tell me, where
shall we go for dinner?
Anything is fine with me.
You decide. I am ok with anything.
Hmm... OK, Olive Bistro?
We went there just day
before yesterday, right?
Hmm... How about Talappakatti?
No no! I've been putting on
weight with all the biryani. No.
Ah... So, you suggest a place then.
Hmm... Your wish. You decide.
[SURYA]: Hi Chaitra!
My parents are here for a visit.
I can't talk to you for 3 days, OK?
Yeah! That's OK. No Problem.
Of course, you are OK with it.
You are always OK with not talking. The
other way around is the problem for you.
It's my mistake that I expect
you to understand my feelings.
-How are you feeling now?
-[Surya coughs]
[SURYA]: Still feeling sick!
Hmm... Take care then. Bye!
Disconnect the call.
-Ok. Bye
-Hey just bowl dude...
-He feels he's Tendulkar!
Hey, stay close to him. He always
gives a catch very easily.
Hey, wait wait.
[phone vibrating]
Why are you even coming to play man?
Damn you! I am walking out.
He behaves as if he is the
only one who's in love!
Need to buy a saree for mom. Let's go to
South India shopping mall. Go straight.
[SURYA]: Why South India shopping mall?
Saravana Stores is close by...
Ok Ok. We'll go to
South India Shopping mall.
Here it is... Take a right. Right!
[chuckles] That's left. Not right.
[Surya gasping]
[SURYA]: Hey... Fix the bloody lift first.
It's too difficult to use stairs!
Damn... I forgot my ID card.
[calling on phone]
-Ha Surya, tell me.
-Yeah, Chaitu...
I forgot my ID card. Can you
throw it down? Lift isn't working.
-Tell me where it is. I'll throw it.
When you enter my
room, turn to your left...
You'll find it on the first shelf
of the right side cupboard.
Is it? But I don't know the difference
between left and right. Right, Surya?
Come take it yourself.
[Surya scoffs]
That's when I realized,
whether she says 'Left' or 'Right'..
'Right' or 'Wrong'...
I should always agree with her.
You know how hard it
is to walk in a saree!
[SURYA]: Yeah, right.
I don't like this job anymore. I just
want to leave everything and sit at home.
[SURYA]: Yeah, right.
Hey...Vijay is looking younger
by the day, doesn't he?
[SURYA]: Ya ya, right.
Damn! There is no other girl in this
whole world, who's as stupid as I am.
[SURYA]: Yeah, right.
Good or bad, everything should
start at some point, isn't it?
For you, me or that little girl...
We all want to acheive something in life.
But we never know how our life changes.
But our life gets ruined
in just that one moment.
No one knows until it actually happens
But once it's there... Changing
it is beyond our heart's capacity.
By the way...
They say that present tastes
bitter and future look scary.
But the only thing that is
sweet forever is... our past!
[SURYA]: Do you know how
much I have loved her?
More than the lipstick
that girl has put on
More than the air present
in that Lays packet.
More than the revenge
of Mahendra Bahubali.
A building even made up of
cards might stand strong...
But no one knows how or when the
walls of love kingdom will collapse.
Even If you scold me, hit me,
or say that you don't need me...
I always feel like following you.
Because of this idiot's mistake... entire story has
Anyway, what's the point in scolding him?
A string that is meant to snap...
...whether it's a small rain or a huge
cyclone... it will break anyway.
A conscious mistake is always wrong..
...but a wrong you are unaware
of, is just a mistake.
But the punishment for
both... is the same.
"Even if my heart breaks
it still runs after you"
"My eyes filled with tears,
are desperate for you"
"How can I sleep, when there
are thorns in my vision?"
"My beautiful cloud, please don't
strike thunder and leave me"
"My dear, please look at me once again"
"Run towards me with
your arms outstretched"
"Please talk to me whole heartedly"
"And I will listen,
never leaving your side"
chorus repeats
"I ask time to rewind..."
"For that is what brought you to me"
"What can I do to lessen
the distance between us?"
"Without you, even the
brightest days are dark to me"
"I am nobody without you"
"Without you... there is
no tomorrow in my life."
"My dear, please look at me once again"
"Run towards me with
your arms outstretched"
"Please talk to me whole heartedly"
"And I will listen,
never leaving your side"
"My dear..."
"My love..."
chorus repeats
[heart pounding]
Having trouble biting your lips?
You want me to help you?
[SURYA]: If someone is
narrating a love story...
Everyone would ask whether
it has a happy or a sad ending.
But no one would ask
about its beginning.
Because love always
starts with happiness.
Hey, wait wait!
Do you guys think there will only
one such bitter moment in life?
The season of Varsha
[SURYA]: Everyone's life keeps
moving ahead...
But mine got stuck in her dimple.
[cricket commentary]
Hey Surya, how do I look?
-Is it? Elaborate...
-Your top looks good.
Is it? Thank you!
Oh no! I forgot to wear any pants.
Oh! You draped a saree!
-Looking good?
-Really nice!
[cricket commentary continues]
Don't you see any other difference?
Wearing a saree for the first time, right?
You look great!
Didn't you notice my new earrings?
Got my eyebrows done!
Or the sticker?
Didn't you notice my make-up?
You asked me if you were
looking good and I said yes.
-You didn't ask me about anything else.
So, should I ask you to notice all these?
When I ask you how do I look,
you have to observe these.
Don't be so dumb, Surya!
I expect you to read in between my lines.
Makeup makes only a little
difference, isn't it?
Oh, is it? Just a little?
-Ok. What do you call this?
-Like well done, whatever!
And what do you call this?
I think there is only one
meaning for that finger.
What's the difference
between these two fingers?
Just a little.
Just a little difference has changed
the entire situation. Isn't it?
[SURYA]: No matter how badly we
want to, we can't live in the past
Just because it's bitter,
we can't let go of our present, right?
Surya, please don't be sad.
I know you have been
through a lot of pain in the past.
But our future will be great.
[Surya scoffs]
I will take care of you. Trust Me.
Your vanilla with crunchy nuts.
I don't want it.
Why? But you wanted it
and ordered, right?
I felt like having it a while ago.
Not now.
I don't want it now.
[scoffs] Do you see that?
They say 'Remove a thorn with a thorn'.
But if we carry the other thorn in
our pocket just because it helped us...
One day, it will hurt you in the heart.
Shall we order something?
Needless to say, someday, this
present would also become past.
Wait wait...
Like a defense lawyer...
He presented himself well,
supporting his own cause.
[BOY]: Hey, sorry I am late!
-Yeah, no problem.
-[BOY]: Can I taste it?
Want to hear our side as well?