Mandabi (1968) Movie Script

Is your husband in?
Who are you looking for?
Ibrahima Dieng.
He is the husband of you two.
I bring good news.
- A money order.
- Money order?
Yes, a money order...
and a letter.
They are from Paris.
Who does Ibrahima know in Paris?
How much is it for?
- 250 francs.
- 250 francs?
Don't delude us.
We are honest women.
This money order is for your husband.
Here's the letter. He can collect it today...
at the post office.
We'll find out if this is true.
Aram, let's go to the store.
Today we'll eat well.
What did I just eat?
Blessed are women.
Here is your favorite fruit.
Let me wash.
It's been some time
since I've eaten so well!
God doesn't abandon us.
Heaven helps those who help themselves.
How tired I am!
There's a beggar outside.
Is he old?
Give him the leftovers.
Massage my legs.
No, not the belly.
Did you tell him about the money order?
Don't worry.
Who wants water?
- Do you have 50 cents for water?
- No, not even one.
- Do you want water?
- Yes, but on credit.
- Until when?
- Until tomorrow.
Show him where to put it.
When your belly is full
you think only of sleeping!
My house is not
a house for the wicked.
Where do I get money to...
feed us?
It's been four years
I haven't had a job.
What would have become of us without God's help?
There is a proper time for prayer.
What happened?
I don't have a dime on me.
You received something in the mail.
It's not a bill.
It's a money order from Paris.
Who sent it?
Your nephew Abdou.
Don't talk money in the street.
Does anyone else know about this?
We went to the store.
So everyone knows.
The children wouldn't have had lunch today.
They borrow without telling me!
I'm the husband of both!
Good wives wait for their husband
before making a decision!
You went to spread the word
that I have a money order?
Your wives came to take
rice, oil...
You have done well to give it to them.
I'll pay. What do I owe?
Don't worry - I trust you.
I received some good rice.
The kind you ate for lunch.
It is neither American nor French.
It comes from Indochina.
It doesn't stick.
Look how good the grain is.
How much per kilo?
Why are you suspicious?
This rice...
Do you have rice?
No, my son.
Did you see?
If you weren't a friend,
I wouldn't sell it to you.
I'll keep 15 kilos for you, no more.
Come to get it when
you return from the post office.
If you see one of my wives,
give it to them.
And lend me 50 cents
to get to the post office.
How are your children?
Mbarka has rice.
He sells it under the counter.
I didn't know.
He doesn't want to sell
to me on credit.
- Where are you going?
- With you.
The letter is from Paris.
It's from your nephew Abdou.
"I am in Paris.
"Thanks to God I am fine.
"I think about you day and night.
"I didn't come to Paris
to be a vagabond...
"but to work...
"to make some money...
"and to learn a trade.
"In Dakar, there is no work.
"I couldn't spend my life...
"without work...
"waiting for handouts...
"or some used clothing.
"Now I have enough
to start a family.
"Don't listen to what others say.
"If someone becomes
a vagabond in Paris...
"it is because he wants to.
"I don't think of trying
even a drop of alcohol.
"Every day I go
to night school.
"From this money order of 250 francs,
save 200 for me.
"Give 30 to my mother...
"and you will be left with 20.
"I know you are without work.
"Tell my mother I'm doing well.
"When I return from working,
I do my five prayers.
"God willing, I will return home.
"Don't forget me in your prayers.
Your nephew Abdou."
50 cents.
I'll cash the money order and then I'll pay.
- Ibrahima Dieng.
- It is I.
Your form of identification.
I don't have one.
Any document with your photo?
Driver's license,
registration booklet...
I don't have any of those things.
Get an identification form.
I have mine.
Is the money order for you?
It's for my friend.
I have no identification.
Go to the police station
in your neighborhood.
The money order will be here for 15 days.
And my money, my 50 cents?
We couldn't exchange the money order.
No need to grab me.
I am a good believer,
not a thief.
Thief! Working for you,
you should pay me.
We'll return to pay you.
- Did my back get dirtied?
- No.
Come with me to
the police station.
Are you hoping I'll give you money?
It is so.
I need 50 francs.
(speaking French) This is the house.
It could work.
- Is it for sale?
- Leave that to me.
The guy is broke:
two wives, seven children;
an insatiable need
to keep up appearances.
What's happening inside?
It seems there is a party.
Ah, I didn't know!
Here comes his first wife.
Now we'll find out.
Good day, ma'am.
(speaking Wolof) We came to see Uncle.
Uncle went to the post office.
What's going on in your house?
You know how it is in this country.
When they hear "money" everyone shows up.
Mety, when Ibrahima returns
tell him to come see me.
I'll tell him.
Come in to wait for him.
Tell Uncle I stopped by
to see how he's doing.
- Can I help you?
- I need an identification form.
Birth certificate, 3 photos...
and 50-cent stamp.
Look, I need to cash
a money order.
I have my tax bill
and my voting card.
My friend, I need your
birth certificate...
photos, and a stamp.
Here I have a paper
that proves my identity.
I can't do anything,
go to the municipality.
Go in, Imam, he is there.
I came yesterday.
My wives told me.
Life is difficult
for people like us.
I haven't yet changed the money order,
God as my witness.
I need 50 francs.
Then I'll leave.
I couldn't cash the money order.
Maybe tomorrow.
Let's talk about life.
I came to see Ibrahima for
a loan of 10 kilos of rice.
I just told the Imam:
I haven't yet changed the money order.
I don't want money,
but rather the rice...
that you got two days aog.
You know me, Ibrahima.
I'm counting on you.
You can count on me.
Ibrahima... help me.
Give 3 kilos of rice
to Madiague.
We don't have any more rice.
What did you say?
Mety, you are a mother, you must
understand, the children are hungry.
Everyone thinks we have rice.
Give some rice to Madiague.
Tell him that there's no more.
- This is all the rice we have left.
- Give Ibrahima the sack.
He could give all of it away.
This is the rice we have left.
Take it.
I hope to cash
the money order today.
It's better than nothing.
What did he give you?
They say he has at least
100 kilos of rice.
It's Mety who refuses.
God save us
from the power of women.
Does one of you
have 25 cents to loan me?
I have nothing.
Maybe Aram.
Are you more well-off than the rest of us?
I don't have a penny.
Here we go.
It works for me.
20% is not deadly.
Credit has never killed anyone.
Answer, damn it.
20%? We're helping you out.
Yes, I know, (switching to Wolof) but it's hard.
Ask your creditor,
I'll find some way.
(in Wolof) You should be grateful that I offer this to you.
Six months without salary,
to pull through that? Come on!
(in Wolof) You know, many can't get
credit. I'm on my third.
(in French) You know how I do it?
I change banks.
That's your trick?
- In this case, I'll do it.
- It's to help you out.
I'm sick of working!
(in French) How are you?
(in Wolof) What do you want?
A birth certificate.
What date?
I can't read.
What date were you born?
- (in Wolof) What's up?
- (in French) Get in line.
Tell me, I can help.
Name: Ibrahima Dieng.
Born in Dakar around 1900.
I know you're intelligent,
tell me the month!
- About 1900!
- In a year, how many months are there?
In which month was he born,
your Ibrahima Dieng?
(switching to Wolof) When you know
your date of birth...
come back to see me.
Hurry it up!
- Step back. If not...
- If not, what?
Who to turn to?
Someone influential.
What will I say
to people in the neighborhood?
- My name is not Amath.
- Sorry, I mistook you for my nephew.
He is a very good boy.
I'm sure he would have given me 20 cents for the bus.
I'm dry, my friend.
What a coincidence!
The fact is that the world is upside down.
I'll go see Amath.
You did well to come see us.
Say hello to Uncle!
I saw someone on the street; as if he was your twin brother.
I came to see you...
because I have a money order to cash at the post office.
But to exchange it, I need an identification card.
For that, I need
a birth certificate.
I have nobody...
to help me get it.
Look, here is the money order.
Take this.
And here, here's a check...
You can cash it in a bank.
For the rest, I have
a friend at the municipality.
Let's go see him.
Uncle, it's done.
Come to see him tomorrow.
(in French) Here's the information:
born around 1900 in Dakar.
- This will do.
- Thank you, my friend.
See you.
Sir, help me.
I don't have 20 cents
to return home...
and my children are waiting.
May God bless you.
What a disgrace!
I didn't even ask her name.
May all of my misfortunes...
follow that coin.
What do you need?
I have a check.
Do you have identification?
This can be sorted out.
You will ask for one franc bills?
Did everything go well?
It was thanks to my friend.
He only wants 3 francs.
How much?
Life is hard these days.
I come to you, a good believer.
I'm a foreigner.
I've eaten nothing all day.
You just...
asked me for 20 cents...
and I gave it to you!
You're confusing me with someone else.
I recognize you...
even with these clothes.
Sir, don't make these
propositions to me.
I am an honest woman.
Where is this country going if begging is a profession?
Shut your mouth...
Is this for an ID card?
Lift your chin.
The bird has flown.
- How much?
- Three francs.
When will it be ready?
Come tomorrow.
Aram, when are you going to pay me?
We haven't changed the money order.
Stop rushing me.
Come back tomorrow, I'll pay you.
- Has Ibrahima returned?
- Not yet.
Tell him we passed.
You see how many
have come asking for money?
How many? For what?
When they think of money...
they come to us.
We need rice.
Those 15 kilos won't last
more than three days.
And you were supposed to get three kilos more!
15 and 3 makes 18 kilos.
There are 5 liters of oil.
I bought 3 francs of water.
You have to add the bra.
Then there's the charcoal
and the waterboy.
You forget the tomatoes: 8 tins
We can't give or lend anything else.
If you come to the help of nine in need,
surely you will be the tenth.
You didn't do what I told you.
Yes I did, but Uncle is involved
in the matter of this money order.
It's okay. Tell him to come see me.
Who do I see?
Isn't that Astou?
It is her!
I repeat that I must
return with 30 francs.
Don't tell me you didn't get that money order.
Even the rice we served you was borrowed.
I don't want your rice.
I didn't come to beg.
You live like a gentleman...
with the money from my son.
Astou, calm down.
Come tomorrow. Ibrahima
will go to see his acquaintances.
You stand beside your husband.
But I want my money.
I'm tired of dressing in used clothing.
He hasn't gotten the money yet.
I'm not leaving empty-handed!
- Sell this.
- It's yours.
Goods protect us from disgrace,
but not from death.
I need you.
I need your help.
I want 50 francs,
not more, not less.
I'm sure to exchange the money order in a few days.
You think I have that much?
You know how much you owe?
I can't give you more credit.
I can leave it on consignment.
What do you want?
It's gold.
I'll take it three days for 20 francs.
I paid 150!
Here, have it back.
In two days I'll cash the money order.
Give me at least 40 francs.
To do you a favor...
I'll give you 20 francs,
and add 5 in interest.
You don't fear Allah.
20 francs, plus 5 in interest,
and for 3 days.
- Well?
- Okay.
If you don't come in three days, it's mine.
I told you I have a money order.
I came to your house.
I want you to loan me 50 francs.
You are my last hope.
With God as my witness, I cannot.
Money has no roots, but it takes root in the human heart.
Think of others.
This money belongs to my older sister.
Don't let yourself be influenced by your women.
I want to lend you that sum.
I wish I was able to help.
The money order is not mine.
The money you see is not mine.
It belongs to my sister.
That's why I can't help you.
Yesterday I saw bundles
of bills in front of me.
His wives run his house.
Solidarity is over.
If I don't have the rest in three days, I'll return.
You still owe me 15 francs.
Today I got the photos.
I repeat: if I don't have the rest
in three days, you will see me again.
Starting today,
I will write to Abdou.
It is I who will write.
A man like you,
going without identification!
It's the third time I come!
Your photos didn't come out. Go away!
I paid for them!
He's the one who broke the table, boss.
Go away, while you still have a head.
He took my money, I want my photos.
I'll kill kim!
Let me go, I'll kill him.
Give me the bottle.
One of these days you'll get locked up behind this kind of this.
In this country, only the dishonest get along.
They've killed him,
he's going to die!
What happened?
They robbed Ibrahima.
More than 1,000 francs!
It seems there were two of them.
They were four
and they jumped him!
The money was his nephew's.
Because of this money order
the whole neighborhood hates us!
Return to your homes,
it's time for prayer.
Why did you lie? Spreading
the word that I was robbed...
Now I too must lie.
The lie that weaves ties
and unites people is also truth.
What I mean to say is...
won't it be known that the
money order is still at the post office.
Forgive us.
We are not the only ones to falsify the truth.
This conduct is not in our nature.
We just wanted to keep away the gossip about you...
that they are encouraging.
It seems you've been robbed of the money order.
The second notice, the money order
is still at the post office.
I've been in my room for 3 days.
One day to the post office.
One day at the municipality.
Another at the home of Amath.
Another for the bank.
Two more days for the photos I didn't receive.
Nine days the money order has been here.
Six days left before it is returned to Paris.
Who can I ask for the three francs for the photo?
What now?
The money order is still at the post office.
I only have six more days before they return it.
Return it to Paris?
We will die of shame.
The assault you suffered is hard to believe.
Nowadays, bad people get away.
Is it a good idea to put all eggs in one basket?
A basket with all the eggs is still a single basket.
Nowadays, there aren't many half-way owners.
Maybe you're right.
But water never runs upstream.
So what are we going to do?
Wait another two days.
I need five francs.
Where would I get the money?
By the grace of Allah, help me.
You know you're not going to get that necklace back.
Lend me five francs,
I'll return them.
I have a message to give you...
Someone is interested in your house.
Never. Never!
Sell my house to pay you?
I'd rather die!
Being poor is well and good,
but being homeless? Never!
You're shameless!
Yesterday, when you crawled in for a handful of rice...
you didn't scream so much.
You trusted me, I will pay.
But sell my home, never!
Get out of my store, or I'll call the police!
You and your family can die!
When you have a debt, you pay it.
I'm tired of being the whole world's toy!
You say you were assaulted but it isn't true!
Yes, they robbed him, I am a witness.
Let me through!
We owe you money, but we won't be sacrificed for you!
I'm talking to your husband, it's none of your business.
That's exactly why it is my business.
Imam, tell them to leave.
It's true: when you have a debt, you must pay.
The mule driver is always beside the hay-seller.
Tell them to leave,
these women want to beat me up.
That's not true,
he wants me to sell my house.
(in French) Come now, madame, go outside.
OK, enough, you too, come one.
(Wolof) I want to talk to you about your money order. Come to the house in two hours.
(n French) He's back.
(in Wolof) Ah, Uncle - I'm sorry.
No, it was I who came early.
They stole your money order?
No, that's a lie that was started by my wives.
Sometimes women are ingenious.
(speaking French) I'm off.
Until this evening.
(speaking French) Hello?
This is he.
I've seen the place.
All is well.
Listen, don't push.
He's here.
I'm telling you he's here.
That's right. With my shop it can work.
Oh, I know it's for your seller.
You will have it, your house.
I'll call you tomorrow at the Minister's office. Okay?
Good, goodbye.
(speaking Wolof) Come on, Tonton.
Sign a declaration for me.
How much will he ask for a commission?
10 francs is very little
for a man like him.
30 francs?
The money order isn't mine.
If he asks me for 30 francs,
I'll accept.
I'll write to Abdou...
and explain that I had to pay a businessman...
to get my documents.
I'm his uncle.
Sign this paper, and let's be done with this.
Give me the notification.
Take this, for the taxi.
Come see me tomorrow.
I never drink coffee.
Only herbal tea.
Tonton, I'm going to tell you the truth.
I cashed the money order.
What I will say is true...
A pickpocket stole it.
I know you won't believe me, but God is my witness.
Along with your 250 francs
I had another 750.
Mbaye, that money was not mine.
I have a family to feed. The money order wasn't mine.
I know all of that.
I knew you wouldn't believe me.
I have no money.
Tomorrow I'll pay you.
Have mercy on me. The money order was not mine.
I have a family to feed.
Listen, I'll give you some rice to take home.
Put 10 kilos of rice in a bag and take it to my car.
Do you think I cheated you?
God is my witness.
Help me, I have a family to feed.
Get up, I'll take you to your home.
We too have children!
Leave him alone.
Can't you see he's not well?
What happened to you?
It was Mbaye!
He stole the money order and gave me this!
What will become of us?
And my necklace?
Shut up!
That money order wasn't mine!
Ibrahima, so you're distributing rice?
No, that's not true.
The truth is that here, being honest is a crime.
Me too, I'll become an opportunist, a thief, a liar!
Mbaye stole the money order.
Honesty is a crime among our people.
Here's a letter. It comes from Paris.
We will change our country.
You, your wives, your children...
All of us.
Sir, we've heard talk of your goodness.
For three days we haven't eaten.
I told you I would come after three days.
"I know you're out of work."
"Life is hard for people like us."
"Help me."
"You know what it's like to have a hungry child."
"Help me, I'm a foreigner...
and my children are waiting."
"My son...
he sent me this money."
"Goods protect us from disgrace,
but not from death."
"You know how much you owe me!"
"In this country, only rascals win."
"It seems you have been robbed of the money order."
It was Mbaye who robbed me!
I repeat that honesty is a crime in this country.
Based on the Spanish by Joao Paulo