Mandela (2021) Movie Script

Hey, I'm sitting here!
This won't work.
It's got to be Digital India.
There's a spot.
Turn off those headlights!
I'm taking a dump here!
Grab him!
He's shitting in the woods!
-You can't teach an old dog new tricks!
-What do you care where I poop?
-Just come with us!
-Let go!
-Get in the truck.
-Let me go!
-Let me go!
-Get in!
Marudu, round them up.
Don't spare anyone.
There is someone over there
as well. Get him!
-Hey! Where are you taking me?
-Come on!
-But I'm not done!
-That's enough.
Trotting about with mugs!
Get down, all of you!
Get down, everyone.
-Go and stand with those men.
-Get down!
-Hurry up!
-Get down!
Get down.
Join them!
It's the first ever toilet in Soorangudi!
In North Soorangudi, no less.
What do you think?
Greetings, sir!
-Is everyone here?
Hey, turn that off!
We are opening a toilet
in North Soorangudi.
I thought the Northerners would throng
to celebrate our community's might.
But you went to
do your business in the bushes!
One toilet for an entire village
to shit in? That's great!
Sudalai, cut the crap!
This is not just about shitting.
We will lose our pride if the leader
finds out that you shat in the bushes.
It's not about shitting.
It's a matter of pride.
You can shit later.
Hey, turn off the damn music!
Here come the Southerners!
Now, I'll have to hold it in forever.
Come here, hold it
Lift it.
Place it there. Higher.
Fasten it at that end.
Come on, let's go
Mate, this is not even
a western water closet.
All this fuss for an Indian toilet!
Why are you here?
To offer our prayers.
Why would one come to a toilet?
Why would you bring
a crowbar to the toilet?
Mathi, the leader has
built this toilet for our people.
Your people can't be here.
-Leave before he arrives.
Only for your people?
What's written up there?
"Soorangudi Public Toilet."
Doesn't public mean common for all?
Oh, you have finally
understood what public means!
When a new school was built in the
South, didn't you keep our kids out?
Have you forgotten about that?
It's not like you let that slide.
You demolished the school overnight,
and ruined it for our kids as well.
Enough of that rubbish!
This toilet is in North Soorangudi,
which means it's only for us.
We will see!
Brother, they are here
just to provoke us.
There's no point in talking to them.
Perhaps a few slaps
will make them scram!
Yeah, right.
I dare you to touch me.
Kaalai, put your slippers back on!
Be patient.
Let's wait for the leader.
Let him decide who uses the toilet.
Till then, nobody moves.
Go and find the leader.
Well, then, we'll also wait here.
This ends today.
Sit down, all of you.
Nobody will leave
until the leader arrives.
-Sudalai, sit down.
Is anyone home?
-What is it?
-There's a stain on my veshti.
-I have to go to the opening ceremony.
-Right, the opening ceremony!
I'm supposed to be
the village president's wife.
Had my son Rathinam been
granted the toilet contract,
he would have made good money.
But you gave to it to
some random stranger.
You better grant the road building
contracts to my son Rathinam!
What about my son Mathi then?
My Southern folks tell me
that he works hard like you,
even though he is young.
My son Mathi should be
given the road contracts.
Despite being a follower of Periyar,
why do I wear the colors
of two caste-based parties?
By remaining neutral,
I hope people would listen to me.
If it weren't for me, they would
have beaten each other to death.
The reason I married two women
from different communities
is to avoid such conflicts.
I know they are both my sons.
But if I grant the contract to Rathinam,
the Southerners will get angry.
And If the contract goes to Mathi,
the Northerners will storm into our house.
I'm caught between
a rock and a hard place.
I don't care!
I want Mathi to get the road contract.
Or else, I'll get my people
to stage a blockade.
Then you will have to lay
the roads over my dead body.
He is only fond of his eldest!
If my son Rathinam doesn't get
the road building contract,
I will ensure that no good
ever happens to this village.
Turn up the volume.
Hey! Can't you drive slower?
Both your sons are
at the opening ceremony.
If we don't hurry,
there could be a clash between them.
They will never learn.
This ends today.
It's either us or them.
The leader is here.
Greetings, sir.
Won't you let anything good
happen in this village?
That's not true, sir.
Public toilet is open to all, right?
Is it fair to stop
the Southerners from using it?
It has been built in the North,
it's for the Northerners.
But the Southerners
are causing trouble!
What's a toilet got to do with
North and South? It's a public toilet.
But we only have one toilet.
I built just one hoping you both
would come together at least for this.
Hand me the scissors.
Wonderful! The dog
inaugurated the toilet already!
That ribbon has gone to waste.
Hey, go and clean it up.
-He's asking us to clean it up.
-Stay put, let them do it.
Sir, our people
don't do such chores.
It's your butthole that shits,
but you expect others to clean it?
I'll clean it.
-Sir, how can you
What do we do now?
There is a way.
Murugesan, go and find Jackass.
-We are not kings who rule over countries
-We are not!
-Yet we are busy working with the crown
-The crown!
Even monarchs must hold their heads still
When we say the word
Hey, wake up!
The leader has sent for Jackass.
Wake up!
-What is it?
-The leader has called for you. Hurry up.
Hurry up!
Come on.
Let's go.
Get down!
Don't you know your caste?
Have you no shame?
How dare you get in the car?
You said it was urgent, so
Does that mean
you get in the car as an equal?
-Just follow me!
These pests are forbidden from using front
doors and they want to ride in a car!
Come, let's go.
If he didn't want us in the car,
then why did he bring the car?
Maybe he doesn't know
how to ride pillion. Keep going.
How can you ride pillion in a car?
He's here.
Greetings, sir.
Had you sent a word,
I would have come home.
We didn't call you for a shave!
Go and clean up the toilet.
You didn't call us for a shave?
Cleaning toilets is not our job.
Do you consider it
beneath you to clean toilets?
Don't force him.
I'll do it myself.
Why would you do that?
Please be seated.
Are you going to stand there
and let the leader clean the toilet?
There's no way
the leader will clean it.
Sir, I'll do it.
Hold this.
It's done, sir.
At least pay him for his services.
-Step aside.
-Make way.
Keep walking.
-Sir, my money?
-No, thanks.
Hand me the scissors.
Pass the scissors.
Give it to him.
It's that simple!
There's no reason to fight over this.
-Make way.
-Step aside.
What are you waiting for?
Get started!
Esaki, you go first.
-Shall I?
Why does he get to go first?
Aren't we Northerners queued up?
Sudalai, you go first.
Why me?
Esaki is waiting here.
I said, go!
Get that billhook.
If any of you steps foot in there,
I will chop your legs off!
I can't go in confined spaces.
I'll go out in the open,
where it's breezy.
Shut up, man!
Mathi, we've agreed that
it's common to both our villages.
So many of our people are waiting.
Let them go first.
You can go later.
Get in there!
Stop! Why so?
So that it goes down in history that the
Southerners shat after the Northerners?
Our caste is nothing less than yours.
Why the hell should we go second?
Our caste is no less important!
You have brought caste
into shitting as well!
You have a problem over
who gets to shit first, right?
I'll go first.
-Sir, you don't have to--
-Shut up!
Wow! The leader shitting first is like
adorning the walls with sandal paste.
This doesn't count.
What matters is who gets to go next.
Here we go again!
It is obvious.
It has to be a Southerner.
Yeah, right!
People who don't wipe their asses
want to use toilets now!
Who the hell was that?
Look at him.
Hey! Don't fight! Stop it!
Come on, let's go in the fields now.
We are fighting for our pride
and you still want to shit?
Give me that mug!
Get out of here!
They are fighting over
who gets to use the toilet first.
Nobody even bothered to
check if there is water supply.
Out of my way!
How dare you lay a hand on me?
Your Southern asses want to
shit in the North? Bloody pests!
He is beating me up!
Brother, help me!
How dare you hit him!
-Mathi, lift his legs.
-Watch the steps.
-Make way.
Mind his head.
If we must share it with the Southerners,
we don't want a toilet at all.
Demolish it.
Let's go.
Demolish the toilet!
Come on.
Wreck it!
-Destroy it!
-Raze it to the ground!
Wreck it!
-Wreck every last brick.
-Come on!
Smash it up!
Break down the other wall!
Bring it down.
There is one ancient code
That divides us into many castes
Hear ye, our story
Our village is a paradise
Where the river runs free
Hear ye, our rivalry
Where brothers fight with each other
Our village is a bed of roses
There's nothing quite like it
Jackass! Come in through
the back porch.
No job, no wages
-Yes, ma'am?
-The old man needs a shave.
We spin tall tales
All talk and no trousers
We spin tall tales
Is there anyone so pure
Who hasn't heard of caste?
Side Burn
Is there a way to defy the code?
Ten rupees.
You want ten rupees
for shaving a couple of hairs?
I was hoping for some money.
But porridge works just fine.
-Do the dishes on your way out.
We guard our liquor store
By binge drinking all day
Smile, you need to
give someone a shave.
He has thorns for a back door!
We have a hundred divisions
But we claim to be one
We won't keep quiet
When there's an inter-caste romance
We sing glorious ballads
And we always walk tall
We love freebies
For your 100 rupees, should I turn
on the lights at six o'clock? Get lost!
We forget our woes with TV
Cheering for our superstars
At the movie theaters
Although we have to skip a meal
We forget our woes watching TV
Cheering for our superstars
At the movie theaters
You demolished our only school
in the name of caste.
All the other kids go to school,
while my son just watches them.
Why won't you shut up?
Don't annoy me
early in the morning!
Even when there's an inflation
Even when there's an inflation
We'll remain tight-lipped
Preening like we're well-stocked
Proud as a peacock
I'm off.
I have dug up a 700 feet borewell.
Oh, shut up!
You won't find good water
anywhere else in this village.
Don't try to haggle with me.
Forever in debt
Even when we earn some clout
We shall remain meek as a mouse
-Take it.
-Just give me one can.
You already owe me 240 rupees.
You always have money for liquor, right?
We are educated fools
Who spend their time on Facebook
Are you doing good?
We are nationalists indeed
No friction with anyone
That's our fiction
There's no one at the counter!
I'm going.
He's busy putting up posters!
They destroyed government property.
Ten people are injured.
One of them broke his neck.
Just say the word,
and I will file a case.
This is an internal dispute.
We'll resolve it among ourselves.
You may leave.
-Where to?
Give me two more rupees.
-No, thanks.
No one's giving you a choice.
Pay up.
This seat is vacant.
Why don't you sit?
Mind your own business.
At least you could sit!
No. He only sits in cars.
Sit, I dare you.
These people are all crazy.
Soorangudi. Get down!
Why can't you
drop us off at the village?
At my age,
I find it very hard to walk.
So that your village roads
can damage the axles?
Please get off, lady.
Cheering for our superstars
At the movie theaters
There is one ancient code
That divides us into many castes
Southerner to Southerner,
help me out.
I'm sorry.
No money, no booze.
Do you want to share a quarter?
Do you want to share a quarter?
Where the river runs free
Where brothers fight with each other
Our village is a bed of roses
There's nothing quite like it
We guard our liquor store
By binge drinking all day
We have a hundred divisions
But we claim to be one
Isn't he a Northerner?
Yeah, mate.
No friction with anyone
That's our fiction
No citizen shall protest
Or I will take out my gun
What was the name of the village?
I'll take your leave, ma'am.
They won't let you in their homes.
But they eat the rice you buy.
Do you see the irony?
I see the tamarind under the scale.
"Even when we must skip a meal"
Thank you!
Cheering for our superstars
At the movie theaters
Even when we must skip a meal
We forget our woes watching TV
Cheering for our superstars
At the movie theaters
No, thanks.
Everyone makes us work for free!
If you don't ask them for money,
I will.
No. Don't do that.
We have jobs only as long as
the villagers grow hair.
Some job this is!
He slapped you
for getting into his car.
Do you feel no pain or shame?
My father had a dream.
I want to open up a big salon
under this banyan tree.
I'm saving money for it.
I can't let go of my livelihood
in the name of dignity.
I know it hurts,
but we must carry on.
Give me two rupees.
But I gave you all that lice!
Pay up, girl!
Screw you, Jackass!
Tell me.
Is it there?
Esaki was loitering here yesterday.
Don't you buy the liquor?
So, someone stole your money.
Why have you come to me?
You were the only one
creeping around the tree yesterday.
I saw you.
Are you calling me a thief?
I borrowed money
at an interest to buy alcohol.
No, sir.
I worked hard to save money
for opening a salon.
Have you seen it?
Had I seen it,
I would have given it to you.
If you wanted to open a salon,
you should have deposited it
in the bank or the post office.
You can take a loan
from them to open a salon.
That's how I got
a loan for my tractor.
You bought a tractor?
No, I just took the loan.
I will deposit my money
in the post office.
But you have lost all your money.
What's left to deposit?
I only lost my money.
I had kept Side Burn's
4,000 rupees tucked in at my waist.
Four thousand rupees?
Tucked in at your waist?
There is no back entrance here.
How do we enter?
So, have you got the total?
When you deposit it
in the account three weeks later
What do you want?
Doesn't this place
have a back entrance?
No. Please come in.
Please give me an account
to put my money in.
An account isn't some object
that you put your money in.
We will safely keep
your money here in your name.
-That's called an account.
Go and get your Aadhaar card.
You need it for the registration.
But you don't have any identity card.
Why did you just nod to her?
I'll just say, "I'm a man who
resides under a banyan tree."
They will give me an
Aadhaar card. Let's go.
That's how the door is.
Put it back on your way out.
Looks like this place might crumble.
Should we really put our money here?
Still better than hiding it
in the bark of the tree.
You need a ration card
to apply for an Aadhaar card.
-Do you have a ration card?
-You want a ration card?
Do you have a voter ID?
We can get you a voter ID.
Show me your Aadhaar card.
-You don't have any identity card?
If you don't have any identification,
how do I believe that
you are an Indian citizen?
Well, does he look like
an American to you?
Believe me, he is an Indian citizen.
It's fine.
You can't open an account
without an identity card.
We need your birth certificate.
We can look for your name
in the records.
What's your name?
What sort of a name is that?
My mouth doesn't shut properly.
It looks like I'm smiling all the time.
So, everyone calls me
Smile or Jackass.
Are these your only names?
Don't you have any other name?
He does!
Bushy Hair, Dung Picker, Rice Sack,
and several other names.
These are not real names!
Didn't your parents
give you a name?
They must have.
But I don't remember it.
People kept calling me so many names
that I eventually forgot my actual name.
You can't just give up your
real name because of these people.
Here's what you can do.
Go to the villagers and
find out your real name.
I'm sure someone would know.
What could they have named you?
They still give us names
like Ramesh or Suresh.
I'm sure they didn't
name you Virat Kohli.
My kid knows it!
Girl, what's his name?
-Say it!
You should have come straight to me.
I was the one
who named you at birth.
What was it?
It's a beautiful name.
It's on the tip of my tongue,
but I can't recall it
You got a beedi?
Get him a beedi.
Your father named you Smile.
He could hardly manage Tamil,
and he gave me an English name?
Yes, I remember.
Your name is
Your name
It's on the tip of my tongue.
You got a beedi?
-Hand me the sample.
-The site limits end with the river.
Hey, go away!
Sir, coffee?
-No. I'm on a diet.
Are you eating well?
The local body elections are
just two months away.
You chose the wrong time to fall sick!
There's no need to worry.
I will contest the elections.
What? You will contest it?
You can barely sit upright.
The approval for the quartz factory
is still pending.
Why don't you just take a look
at it and approve it?
What is it?
A factory in the village
is a sign of development.
There will be better roads,
and water supply.
All the villagers will get jobs.
They will build a new school.
They will build a hospital
for their employees.
Your people can use it too.
Your village will turn into a city.
I'm sure it will.
But our villagers won't be alive
to enjoy the facilities of a city.
They are willing to pay crores
for the president's signature.
It's about time you made some money.
I will not give my signature for a project
that will bring harm to the village.
We took a good look
at everything you've accomplished.
You used lakhs from the funds
to build a school and a toilet.
But what was the outcome?
They lay in ruins!
This village has been
rotting for many years.
A factory won't make it any worse.
Here's an idea.
Don't contest the elections.
Give someone else a chance.
Let your son contest instead.
My sons fight over a toilet!
They will end up
splitting the village in two.
Of course not.
You have a lot of clout.
Whoever you point to
will become the next president.
No one will argue over your decision.
So, just go ahead and
point to your successor.
Hopefully the new president
will accomplish something.
I'll see you later.
See you, ma'am.
Sir, is the president's signature
all we need?
You said they will pay us in crores.
What's the ballpark figure?
About five large ones.
Five crore rupees?
Let's go.
Their jaws dropped
at five crore rupees.
If we reveal that
it's actually 30 crore rupees,
they might even sell the village!
I don't care what they do.
I just want my commission,
which is ten percent flat.
Drive carefully, please!
I can't help it.
These roads are terrible.
Well, nobody knows my
name in the village.
Let's just go with Smile.
Keep my money safe.
Let's give you a new name.
A new name?
Is that possible?
All you need is a signature
from the village president.
We can use that to get you
an Aadhaar card, voter ID, etc.
Tell me.
What kind of a name do you want?
Any name that suits me.
It doesn't suit him.
Rohit Sharma!
Turn back.
Ajith Kumar.
Don't you dare turn!
Try another name.
Jagapathi Babu?
Ganapathi Iyer?
Hussain Bhai?
Sounds good!
-Who is he?
-He was just like you!
Was he a barber like me?
Just like you are
fighting for your identity,
he was a revolutionary who fought
for the identity of black people.
I have no clue
what he fought for
but he has curly hair
and dark skin just like me.
And he looks really smart.
This is your new name!
If anyone calls you
Jackass ever again,
you will tell them,
"My name is Nelson Mandela."
Say the name again.
Nelson Mandela.
What a great name!
Sounds like an upper-caste name.
Do you like the name?
Then it's yours to keep.
How about a new name
for you as well?
Why? What's wrong with Side Burn?
Maybe we should add "Khan" to it.
Side Burn Khan.
Side Burn Khan.
It has a nice ring to it.
Side Burn Khan.
Let's go to the town.
We need to click a photo.
Look here.
Ready? Smile!
-Nelson Mandela.
-That's me.
Here. Keep this safe.
I've used this to apply
for all your ID cards.
If Esaki asks for my money,
don't give it to him, ma'am.
The money is in your account.
No one else can take it.
And stop calling me "ma'am."
It makes me feel old.
You went all the way to town
just to help me.
But I have nothing to give you.
There's no need for that.
Maybe I could
dye your Grey hairs?
I just wanted to
call you by your name.
Calling out your name, handsome!
There she goes
Like a beautiful blossomed flower
She's raising a roof over your head
She's barging into your heart
Playing the wedding drums
Sends a message to the skies
Watch the shaving blade glint!
-Who's on his mind?
-Hop on.
-Get down.
-Come, Grandma.
Take her basket.
Are these people disabled?
Why can't they collect their own ration?
I live at their mercy.
I must do as they say.
You don't need anybody's mercy.
You toil to make your own money.
You need not do all this!
-Let's go.
-This fragrant blossom has spoken
She is straightforward and outspoken
The wafting wind delivered a message
Carrying away the painful past with it
The blossoms in the wind sing me a story
Like a lovely melody
A pearl harvest from
The freshwater of Courtallam
A surge of water in scorched lands
Serenading a cactus blossom
Song and dance and nuptial drums!
Calling out your name, handsome!
There she goes, a fresh bloom!
Like a hailstorm, like a bridge
Here she arrives, like a solace
This is just like drawing.
Try it out.
The scorching summer sun is sizzling cold
This small anchovy is losing its sleep
These pliant scissors turn into earrings
The clear skies burst into showers
In this roofless castle
Even the Sun seems to giggle
Watch the shaving blade glint!
Watch the Sun giggle!
What is it?
As the MLA said,
both of them want to
contest in the elections.
So, I said, whomever the leader points to
will be the one who contests the election.
Now, go ahead
and point to one of them.
What will you do if you win?
If I win
I'll throw a party for the boys.
They have been wanting to go to Goa.
I'll take them on a trip!
He meant,
what will you do for the village?
Oh, the village!
I will upgrade the bar
and make it air-conditioned.
What do you say?
And to celebrate my victory,
I will screen a movie.
Throw a feast.
It will be like a carnival.
What do you say?
It will be a grand affair.
That's how you people think.
When asked about people's welfare,
he only thinks of booze.
You need more exposure to politics.
If I get elected
I will deposit fifteen thousand
rupees in every villager's account.
How much liquor can we buy
with that kind of money?
These people have never even heard
of bank accounts.
And he plans to deposit money!
These people will perish
before they see any progress.
Are you serious?
It's not like they will remember.
Don't underestimate my ability!
I'll deposit twenty thousand rupees!
Twenty thousand!
Twenty-five thousand.
-Stop it!
If you keep going at it,
this will never end.
Look, they are both itching
to serve the village.
The decision is yours.
Neither of you shall contest.
Get out!
Why not?
This will end in communal riots.
You worry about
conflicts all the time.
When you had to get the toilet built,
you made a third party do it out of fear!
When you had to get the road built,
you made a third party do it out of fear!
We won't let you off the hook this time.
You need to pick a side.
Choose one of them.
This won't work out.
Rathinam, you should contest.
Our people will vote for you
and make you win.
-What do you say?
-Yes, we will!
Did you hear that?
Our caste isn't inferior to theirs!
We Southerners must show them!
Mathi, you should contest!
Let's see whether
the North wins or the South!
Sure, we will.
We will win!
Oh, we'll see!
Guys, make some noise!
-Mathi, warrior of the South!
-Rathinam, our champion!
-Mathi is one of our own!
-Hail Rathinam!
Rathinam for the village president!
Mathi for the President of India!
-Long live
-Long live
Long live
Rathinam is the light of the North!
-Long live
Make some noise.
-Long live
-Hail our brother!
-Hail Mathi!
-Hail our son!
-Hail Mathi!
-Hail our leader
What symbol did they choose?
-Our symbol is
-Our symbol is
-Vote for
-The coconut
-Is our symbol.
-Our symbol is
-Our symbol!
-Vote for
-Road Roller!
-Our symbol
-Road Roller!
A total of 687 votes.
Leaving out the dead and
the errors in paperwork, it's 682.
I stand to gain nothing
from winning this election.
In fact, I'll be losing money.
And yet, I am contesting.
Don't think I'm contesting
the elections for power or money.
I'm contesting for our people.
If we lose against a Northerner,
they will keep rubbing it in forever.
We cannot lose to
a Southerner at any cost.
We must win this election.
-Our symbol is
-Road Roller!
-Our symbol is
-Road Roller!
Make a list of all Northeners' votes.
Strike out the Northerners' names.
Do you even need to ask?
They broke my son's leg
for setting foot in their playground!
I am just waiting for payback.
You've got my vote.
All the Southerners will back you.
Go for it!
-I'm glad. See you.
-So long.
Give me that.
Our men have
a separate booth in the grove.
Give this to them
and collect 2000 rupees.
Note down the serial number.
He said he will be voting for us.
Why are you wasting money?
What if they don't turn up
on the voting day?
With the serial numbers, we will know
who voted, and who didn't show up.
And then, we can drag
the no-shows to the polling booth.
That's right!
Even our people are talking about
their 20 rupee tokens.
Then let's give out 50 rupee tokens.
There's no need for that.
What, then?
Welcome, sister.
Take the money.
Go on.
Apply some vermilion.
On your nuptial chain, girl.
Apply it on your nuptial chain, girl!
Now, use the same hand
to take the money.
You have sworn your husband's life
on this money.
Vote for us without fail.
Let's go.
-Murugesan, I'll see you.
-Okay, brother.
Coconut symbol. Don't forget.
That's how it's done.
Instead, those idiots are
going around giving tokens!
Make some noise, boys.
-Our symbol
-Vote for
-Coconut symbol!
Vote for us!
-Don't forget to vote for us.
-Of course.
-Vote for
-Coconut symbol!
-Our symbol
-Coconut symbol!
-Our symbol
-Coconut symbol!
-Vote for
-Our symbol
-Coconut symbol!
-Vote for
-Vote for
Vote for
Coconut symbol!
Stop, little ones.
We have 317 votes from the village.
Just 317?
Including new voters?
What about women
who married into our families?
I have taken account of everyone.
Some voters have moved out
and settled elsewhere.
And none of them
has come back to the village.
But I've spoken to them over phone.
They will definitely be here.
I'm working hard to ensure
we don't lose a single vote,
and you blindly trust them
to come here to vote for us?
-Let's drive down there.
-Vote for
-Road Roller!
They've brought back voters from the city!
Don't we have voters
from outside the village?
No, we don't.
Votes from outside the country?
Outside the country
-Is everyone here?
-Yes. He's the last one.
Welcome, mate!
Are you doing well?
You have come from
miles away to vote for me!
Vote for you?
You told me that my father was ill!
Well, he was in a critical condition
but when he got to know
that you'd be here to vote
-he bounced back.
-What are you blabbering?
Nothing. Come on.
It's been ages since we met!
Let's go, buddy!
Hey, Jackass!
What took you so long? Hurry up!
My name is not Jackass anymore.
It has been changed.
My name is Mandela.
Look at this.
He doesn't like being called Jackass.
Why? Is the name Jackass
beneath you?
Don't tell me what to call you.
Buzz off, Jackass!
That's okay.
Since I have a foreign name,
she couldn't pronounce it.
Be right there, Grandma!
Hey, buddy!
Let's go and put up some posters.
Don't bother him.
He is upset because
his father was in a critical condition.
Take good care of him.
His vote is important!
Don't give me that look.
There are two voters in my family as well.
What if I forget to vote?
This will help me remember.
Am I right?
-What's the count?
-It's 340 for us.
-Their count is 341.
-What are you saying?
The Southerners are
leading by one vote.
Don't worry, alright?
It's just one vote!
If we butcher a couple of Southerners,
we will take the lead.
Let's go, guys.
Do you think you'll kill their people
and they'll let it slide?
They'll kill four of our people!
We'll end up killing each other!
Don't you want us
to do anything about it?
There is a way.
The old hag's name is Mookaayi.
She's 90 years old.
Her life is hanging by a thread.
If we do away with her,
no one would doubt us.
-Who is at home with her?
-Just her grandson.
-What's that for?
-To kill the old lady.
Put that away.
A loud yelp would finish her off.
Tighten it.
It keeps coming undone.
Catch him!
Don't let him get away!
-Don't spare him!
Where did he go?
He got away!
Did you see that, old lady?
Your vote is in demand.
The pride of the Southerners
lies in your hands.
The election is just 28 days away.
Just hold onto your dear life
until then.
If you manage to cast your vote
we will put up an idol of yours
next to our village deity.
Will you keep this in mind?
Will you vote correctly?
Tell me.
Who will you vote for?
You old hag, it's been 30 years
since M.G.R. died!
M.G.R. is dead?
Old lady?
Old lady?
Old lady?
What happened?
We lost a vote.
You've left me, Grandma!
I have no one left!
Grandma, I have nobody!
You were always by my side
We need to find a vote.
Find a vote?
Where will we find a vote?
Take me with you, Grandma!
Take me along!
It's bad enough
that we lost one vote
-and you want her to take you with her!
Calm down!
We lost the lead, mate!
Now, we can win only if some
Northerner votes for us out of pity!
Hey, oldies! If any of you
bites the dust before the election,
there will be hell to pay.
So, you're one vote short.
Couldn't you find someone else?
There are other people in the village.
You are the only centrist
in North Soorangudi.
-Yeah, so?
-We appreciate your risk.
Just tell us your price.
We have come prepared.
Please keep your money
and leave immediately.
If Kaalai sees me talking to
a Northerner during election time
You wretched jerks!
If you are short on votes,
then go die!
Why have you come here to beg?
Who is begging?
We are paying him for his vote,
just like you.
Paying him?
No Northerner will vote for you
even if you write off all your assets.
Says who?
He agreed to vote
for us for 400 rupees.
But then you came and
spoiled the party. Let's go.
See you, brother.
We are working our asses off
to secure every single vote,
and you dared to sell
your vote for 400 rupees!
This is a warning to every Northerner!
If anybody among you dares
to vote for the Southerner,
you will be dead meat!
If we let this slide,
they will try to buy everyone off.
We need to gain a lead at any cost.
What can we do?
There is a way.
A single vote is all they need.
Your vote is going to waste anyway.
Just give it to one of them.
You shameless oafs
are begging for votes!
No, thanks!
We need only one vote.
Why should you beg him?
I'll cast one fake vote.
Would you let them cast fake votes?
No way!
I will scrutinize every vote.
Won't they do the same, you moron?
You, Northerners!
I'll pay one lakh for a vote.
Is there a real man among you
who'd vote for the Road Roller?
I'll give away half my wealth.
Is any Southerner brave enough
to vote for the Coconut?
What is this?
Half his wealth, my ass!
My mother shares a side
of her bed with your poor mother.
Won't I give half my wealth?
-You scumbag!
There's no point in talking
to these scoundrels!
Had we just killed some of them,
we would have been up by a few votes now!
Just say the word.
Go ahead. I dare you
to lay a hand on me.
-Is that a challenge?
-I dare you
Only the ones alive
will have to vote.
All you people have gathered here!
Is there a festival in town?
You'll be beaten to death.
Just go away!
That was uncalled for!
I just came here to deliver
a new voter ID issued to your villager.
-Voter ID?
Here it is.
Is he a Northerner or a Southerner?
He is neither.
He's sort of neutral.
How many such
neutral votes are left?
We chased them all
out of the village.
He is the only one left.
His name was not
on the voter list you provided.
Yes, but it's there
on the new voter list.
I was on a pilgrimage,
so I couldn't give it to you sooner.
Do you know what we went through
for this one vote?
-Just doing what I can to help.
Wake him up.
This is the only voter left.
Don't stone him to death.
Drop it.
-Hey, Jackass!
-His name is Mandela.
He doesn't like being called Jackass.
Hey, shut up!
Hey, Jackass!
Mr. Mandela!
-Shut up.
-Mr. Mandela!
-Mandela! Mandela!
-Mr. Mandela!
-Mr. Mandela!
Mr. Mandela!
-Mr. Mandela!
Mr. Mandela!
-Mr. Mandela!
Mr. Mandela!
-Mandela, get down.
-Mr. Mandela!
-Get down.
What are you doing?
Jumping down.
If you end up breaking your leg,
how will you vote?
Make way for the car!
Keep going.
Mandela, step on the car
and get down.
That's okay, sir. I'll just jump
off the tree, like I always do.
Just do as we say.
Get on the car.
Be careful, man!
It's okay. It's just a car.
Get down, son.
Are you okay?
Did you apply for a voter ID?
Why do you look dumbfounded?
This is you, right?
-That's not me.
-It's not you?
This is your photo.
The name says Nelson Mandela.
This isn't you?
It's someone else who looks like me.
-Someone else?
-What is he saying?
It is him.
Sir, I swear I just wanted to
deposit some money in the post office.
It was Thenmozhi
who applied for these things.
I have nothing to do with this card.
What's going on?
Don't you believe me?
I will tear it--
-No, don't do that!
Get your hands off me!
-Don't tear it.
-Don't stop me!
-We are glad you got a voter ID!
-Don't tear it!
What's with him?
You get to vote in this election.
We are here to know
whom you'd be voting for.
Who would stand in a queue
under the hot sun to cast a vote!
How can you say that?
Every citizen must vote.
And you are a native of this village.
You must vote!
-Is that so?
My symbol is Road Roller.
My symbol is Coconut.
Whom are you going to vote for?
What a question to ask!
If I vote for one of you,
won't the other person feel bad?
I'll cast one vote each.
You can vote for only one person.
This is exactly why I said
I'm not going to vote!
Let me rip that card to pieces.
Don't get angry.
Vote for whomever you think
will make a good leader.
What does a good leader mean?
A good leader
Well, a leader is
A good leader is someone
who understands your needs.
You tell me.
What are your needs?
My needs are simple.
I just want all of you
to grow a lot of hair
so that I can always give you a haircut.
That's all I need.
How is that enough?
When are you going to make it big?
Come here.
-Where he is taking him?
-This is our salon!
Look at this mirror.
The mercury has completely worn off.
How will you make it big
with a mirror like this?
Step aside.
Make way.
A brand new mirror just for just shaving?
It's the least I could do for you.
Do you get it now?
A good leader understands your needs.
I get it.
So, will you vote for me?
I will definitely
Make way!
Take that away.
You look speechless.
Being able to see
their faces is not enough.
A customer should have
a comfortable experience.
-Try it out.
-It's okay, sir.
Just sit!
-Come on! Sit.
Come on, sit.
How is it?
It's so comfortable!
Tell us now,
who are you going to vote for?
I can't decide.
Stop treating him like an equal!
He will vote as he is told.
Our symbol is the Coconut.
You will vote for it.
-If you vote for someone else
Did you just threaten him?
Do you think
no one will stand up for him?
Don't run your mouth!
Who do you think he is?
Do you have any idea?
He is the one who toils
for the village.
Should any harm befall him,
the Southerners will not spare you!
This is his vote.
He should decide
whom he wants to vote for.
You fool!
Is that how you speak to him?
He is one of our own.
Who else would he vote for if not us?
Mandela, you need not
decide right away.
The election is a month away.
Take your time
and think this through.
Let's go.
You must wear this on you
at all times.
Keep it safe.
How could he slap
his own brother-in-law?
What did you expect?
The fate of this election
lies in Mandela's hands now.
This vote is a real godsend.
We must not let it go.
One of our men should always
keep an eye on Smile.
Whatever those people do,
we need to match them.
Hey, look over there.
His name is Mandela
His name is Mandela
His name is Mandela
His name is Mandela
Here comes the boss
Bearing bounty for a hobo
Will you vote for Coconut?
Your shop under the tree
Is now a salon with a seat
You'll vote for Road Roller, right?
I can't decide.
It's okay. Take your time.
Let's go.
His name is Mandela
Cutting and shaving!
Cutting and shaving!
Hey, Jackass! Get me groceries
from the ration store.
Who are you ordering around?
Give it to him.
Side Burn, do you want to eat?
I'd rather beg for alms than eat that.
I'll take it.
I've not made up my mind yet.
Let's go.
Yesterday, he was just Jackass
But now, he bathes and he is kickass
I couldn't decide.
I couldn't decide.
When he gives you a shave
Pay him in gold
He's got the power
Show him your voter's card
Are you a voting God?
Use the front door.
-Haircut or a shave?
-As you please.
Here comes the chief
One must make his effigy
Hoist the flag
Light up the fireworks!
Greet him with applause
Sing laurels in his praise
He's descended upon us
To save our nation's pride
He can't read!
No, sir. It's not like that.
I'm trying to connect the call,
but I can't get a signal.
Yes, sir. I'm on the way
Where are you going?
If I don't attend this conference call,
they will fire me.
Do it after the elections.
-Go back.
Go on!
Mandela just won't
arrive at a decision.
I heard he listens to you.
Make him vote for us.
And I will give you your cut.
What is all this?
I got these for my vote.
Did you work to earn this?
These are just freebies.
Return all of it.
Why should I?
Everyone takes freebies.
I'm doing the same.
I'm not giving it back.
Side Burn, turn on the TV.
Get lost.
I'm not touching your freebies.
Come, let's go to work.
I won't ask for much.
It's just 10 rupees.
With one vote,
you entered through the front door.
Next, you'll make
your bed in my house.
It's okay.
I can do it myself.
Hey, Mandela!
The leader needs a shave.
Come home.
I don't need it.
You can leave.
Then wash it off yourself.
Where are you girls going?
We came to relieve ourselves.
Not at this time.
Go back home.
-This is Southern booze.
-This is Northern booze.
Get drunk and make a sober decision!
I've decided.
I've decided to drink only
imported booze from now.
We're all scoundrels here!
Hold tight!
No matter what we give him,
he says he can't decide.
He knows everyone gets these freebies.
He will be able to decide
only if we give him what he really needs.
Find out what he needs
and give it to him.
Sir, do you need a shave?
They will get it done on time.
From cutting and shaving under the tree
To a salon with a stylish chair
The small fish who went after the meat
Is now trapped in the net
Where are you going?
I'm talking to you.
What do you care?
Go on! You will end up
coming back to me.
Hey, Mandela!
His name is Mandela
Promise me that
you will vote for Coconut.
-I promise--
-So, you have built a salon!
Bring it in. Come on.
Watch it!
Don't hit the gentleman.
Come on.
I swear, I can't decide.
His name is Mandela
Cutting and shaving!
Do you want a haircut?
How about an oil massage?
No, thanks.
No one is coming!
Esaki, at least you come.
I've opened a new salon.
No one has turned up all day.
My hands are itching to work.
You need not pay. It's free.
Come out, Mandela!
You think you're the only one
who gets to vote? Some vote!
Do our votes not count?
What's your problem?
We get a pittance of 20 rupees
for our votes
but he gets a new salon!
A new watch.
He gets to eat
meat and rice every single day.
I'm not going to vote either.
I want all these things as well.
I can't decide either.
Our people are working so hard
to win the election,
and you are causing trouble
instead of helping them?
Go home!
You talk rubbish when you are drunk.
Thenmozhi, only you are ignoring me.
Did you see how these people
stood up for me?
You named me Mandela,
and it's gotten me so much respect.
Oh! You thought this respect
was meant for you?
It's meant for your vote.
They will discard you
after the elections.
So what?
I will earn as much as I can
with my vote.
Do you know the value of a vote?
I know!
It's worth a salon.
You are taking money from both sides.
Who are you going to vote for?
You are too naive to know
how things work these days.
I will take handouts
from both the parties,
and on the voting day,
I'll blindly vote for some party.
How many times have you voted, sir?
Do you even know how to vote?
I don't know.
You don't know how to vote.
But you know everything
about making money with that vote!
A fully grown adult, who doesn't
know to vote, sucking on a lollipop.
At least he told us now
that he doesn't know how to vote.
Mandela, come here.
-Let's say he is the presiding officer.
-Hello, sir.
If you show him your voter ID,
he will verify your
name in the voter list,
and send you ahead.
He applies the ink.
Show him your hand.
The other side up!
This is the most important stage.
He will give you four chits of paper.
Only one of these chits
is for the president.
You apply this seal on the symbol
you want to vote for
fold it up,
and drop it into that box.
-Is that all?
Do people feel lazy just to do this?
Indeed. What can I say?
Here, have a go.
Are you trying to fool me?
Why do you say that?
-You say only two people are contesting.
But there is a third person.
He didn't give me any money!
A third person?
That is NOTA!
I don't care who he is,
I'll vote only if I get paid.
He can't come begging
to me on election day.
Of course.
Go ahead.
Who will he vote for?
Road Roller, of course.
Yeah, right!
He is naive.
And you are trying to trick him
into voting for Road Roller!
Drag him in here.
Why would we trick him?
After all that we have done,
he will definitely vote for us.
We have also done a lot for him!
His vote is ours.
We get his vote.
-Let go of him!
-Leave him!
Esaki, grab him.
Secure our vote.
How can you claim his vote?
Why, is it written?
Yes, it is written.
What can you do?
This vote is ours.
Don't let him go.
So, is he that "one vote"?
What is your name?
Nelson Mandela.
-Is he a foreigner?
-No, he is an Indian!
It's a long story.
You say he isn't going to budge.
You have decided to spend for the vote.
Why don't you conduct an auction?
An auction?
Yes, auction his vote.
Whoever wins the bid
becomes the next president.
The other person should
concede defeat, okay?
What do you say?
Do you agree?
Isn't it against the law
to auction a vote?
Sure! Like you are doing
everything else by the book.
What are you waiting for?
Get to work.
-We'll take your leave.
-See you.
-See you.
Hey, Africa!
Take the money from the auction,
and vote without causing any trouble.
Get going.
Why are you dragging this out?
Just tell one of them not to contest,
end of story.
You are only thinking
about the local election.
If we antagonize one group..
we will never get their community's votes
anywhere in the state.
But in this case, we will get
the factory irrespective of who wins.
Let them fight among themselves.
Did Shanmugam bring in money?
This should be enough.
I don't think they will bid higher.
Here, take this too.
What is this for?
We saved this for the baby.
But the baby will be born a millionaire.
I will invest whatever it takes
to get this done.
While we are still trying
to work out the figures,
she has it all figured out!
Why do you seem upset?
We will definitely win.
Even if we don't win,
we shouldn't let them win.
Despite that, if they end up
winning the auction--
They won't win!
Suppose if they win
chop off Mandela's arm
after the auction.
-Won't you do it for our caste?
I will!
-Really, an auction?
What's that bag for?
I brought it to take my winnings
from the auction.
Make way.
Is everyone here?
Hurry up, I need to go
to another auction after this.
Lay it out.
Let's get this over with.
Place the item on the table.
-I don't know
The item!
You grab the other side.
-The item for auction.
You can't auction a person!
We don't want to auction him,
but his vote.
-Auction his vote?
I'm here because the MLA wanted
a neutral party to hold the auction.
Are you trying to
land me in prison?
This is not right.
I'm leaving.
Boss, I've been here for four weeks now.
They won't even let me
set foot outside the village.
You've hardly been here for five minutes.
You think you can leave already?
Go on. Get the auction going!
I've never auctioned a vote till now.
Fine, name your price.
What is a good amount
for your vote?
Maybe 1000 rupees?
2000 rupees?
Maybe 10,000 rupees.
10,000 rupees?
People out there are desperate
to get 500 rupees for their votes,
and you want 10,000 rupees!
One lakh rupees!
One and a half lakh rupees!
Who are you?
I run a salon.
I can also give a good shave.
Go away.
One and a half lakhs
from the South.
Two lakhs.
Two lakhs from the North.
Two lakhs, anybody?
Two and a half lakhs.
They are going to
chop off your arm!
-Two and a half lakhs from the South.
-My watch?
-I'll give you later
-Three lakhs.
Three lakhs from the North.
The Northerners have
decided to chop off your arm
if they lose the auction.
-What are you saying?
-Look over there.
Four lakhs.
-Four lakhs from--
-Five lakhs!
These Northerners are despicable!
I'm voting for Road Roller.
It was their idea to
chop off your arm first.
Anyone raising?
Five lakhs from the South.
-Six lakhs!
-What do we do?
How would I know?
I will figure something out.
Just keep the auction going.
Or you will have to give a shave
with a single arm.
Seven lakhs from North.
Eight and a half lakh rupees.
Eight and a half lakh from the South.
North, are you going to raise?
Nine lakhs.
Nine lakhs from the North.
Hey! Where are you going?
To pee.
Wait till the auction is done.
What's the tearing hurry?
Take your time,
I'll be right here.
Be seated.
Fifteen lakhs.
Fifteen lakhs from the South.
Fifteen lakhs from the South.
Anyone raising?
Seventeen lakhs!
Seventeen lakhs from the North.
Seventeen lakhs from the North.
-Eighteen lakhs.
-Eighteen lakhs!
Eighteen lakhs from the South.
Eighteen lakhs from the South.
Hey! Why are you
dancing over there?
Grooving about when
an auction's underway!
He thinks I'm dancing?
-Eighteen lakhs from the South.
Eighteen lakhs from the South.
Twenty lakhs and eleven thousand.
Twenty lakhs and eleven
thousand from the North.
Anyone raising?
Mandela, get that bell.
Twenty lakhs and eleven thousand
from the North, calling once.
Sir, they are auctioning Smile's vote.
They will never learn.
Twenty lakhs and eleven thousand
from the North, calling twice.
Whoever loses the auction has decided
to chop off Smile's arm.
It will be over now.
Twenty lakhs and eleven thousand
It can't be over.
You took the Southerners for misers?
If they lose this auction,
how will the village respect them?
The Southerners aren't suckers
to be defeated by the Northerners.
-Am I right, bro?
-That's right.
Mathi, don't give up. Raise!
-Include that bungalow
Make way.
A bungalow?
A bungalow from the South.
Thirty-five lakhs!
Forty-five lakhs!
Forty-five lakhs from the North.
Sixty lakhs!
Sixty lakhs from the South.
Sixty lakhs, calling once.
Sixty lakhs, calling twice.
-Sixty lakhs--
-Sir, hold on.
Is that the best
the Northerners can do?
I was going to vote for the North.
If you want to save face,
raise the bid.
Our caste is not inferior to theirs!
Raise the bid.
The North is counting on you.
Raise it!
How much have you got
in your pockets?
Two rupees.
How much property has he declared?
Forty-five lakhs.
Think about why you don't have
the kind of money he does.
This is not the time to think!
Our caste needs a win.
Raise it!
Your vote is worth upwards of a crore?
When you filed your nominations,
you declared your assets as
50,000 rupees and a rickety old cycle!
But you are pouring in crores now!
Now, it's one crore
and ten lakhs from the North,
and one crore and
twenty-five lakhs from the South.
One crore and twenty-five lakhs
from the South, going once.
One crore and twenty-five lakhs
from the South, going twice.
One crore and twenty-five lakhs
from the South--
The leader
What happened?
He is dead.
He is dead?
What are you saying?
Oh, no!
Start the car!
Where are you going?
To see the leader.
-Sir, what happened?
-Sir, we are here!
-Sir, what happened?
They are telling something
-Are you okay?
He is still breathing.
-What did you say?
-I didn't understand.
This is our chance.
Let's escape.
I must pay my respects to the leader!
You fool! He isn't dead.
I just bluffed.
Come with me if you want!
You bluffed? Wait!
He is nagging you?
Can't understand, sir
Not me?
-Who is nagging?
What is he saying?
He wants to watch Naagini on TV.
Move aside.
-They tricked us!
-Start the car!
Don't let those scoundrels
leave the village!
Let's go.
Please wait for a moment, sir.
Hurry up, man! Run faster!
You thought you could run away
with all our money?
-It's my money!
-Spare him. He made a mistake.
-Mathi, don't spare him. Thrash him!
-Sir, please leave him.
Are you trying to flee the village?
He almost got away.
Beat him up!
-Lift him up.
-Beat him to death.
Sir, please stop them!
You are just a stray who eats our
leftovers. You made us touch your feet!
I'm going to vote for NOTA.
If you vote for NOTA,
we will have a re-election.
We will make one of our men
contest again.
You will be in the same situation.
How dare you take our money
and decide to vote for NOTA?
-Hit him!
-You'll vote for NOTA!
Hit him on the face!
Screw the auction.
We've given him enough.
I need to know right now
which one of us he will vote for.
Who will you vote for? Tell me.
-Answer me.
Answer me!
I can't decide.
Can't decide?
-Don't hit him.
-He has been saying this forever.
You gave him all those things
because you wanted his vote.
You dogs!
Why are you hitting him now?
Let him go!
He won't respond to words.
I'll slaughter him right here.
Leave me
-Leave me!
-Calm down!
What about all the money
we have already spent?
Let's sort it out after the election.
Spare this scoundrel for now.
Hey! You have two days.
Decide and tell us
who you are voting for.
Didn't you say the leader died?
Ignore him.
Side Burn
Side Burn!
Side Burn!
Hey! Side Burn!
Side Burn!
-Sir, Side Burn is dying--
-Get off my stairs.
-Tell me.
-Side Burn is dying. Please save him.
Just come back inside!
It's easy for you.
You make miracles happen
with that vote.
I'm sure you know how to
use your vote to save him.
Mr. Rathinam!
Please help me.
Side Burn is dying.
We need to take him to a hospital.
Please help me, sir.
Who is that?
The kid who said that the leader died?
How old is he?
He's 15 years old.
So, he doesn't get to vote?
Then why on earth
should we save him?
Please don't say that.
I will do as you say.
Please save the kid, sir.
You would do anything I say?
I will, sir.
I will lay down my life for you.
I have no use for your life.
Will you vote for me?
I will.
Save the kid.
He can't be trusted.
He may go back on his word
and say he can't decide.
Will you swear upon
your shaving kit?
I swear
I dare you to do that!
Do you take us for idiots?
He is trying to cut a deal
in the middle of the night!
Sir, the boy is fighting for his life.
Can you take him to the hospital?
I will vote for you.
Taking him to the hospital
is no big deal.
But will you really vote for us?
I will!
Take him to the hospital.
-I can--
I feel sorry for you.
I will save his life.
You will vote for me?
Definitely, sir!
You wouldn't vote for
Road Roller, right?
-I won't.
Do I look like a fool to you?
Don't let this scoundrel
set foot outside the village.
If you promise to vote for them,
I'll make sure the boy doesn't live.
Let's go.
First, decide who gets your vote.
Then we can think about
saving a boy who can't even vote.
Sir, please help me.
Sir, I hope at least you will help us.
Sir, think of him like your son.
He is fighting for his life.
Side Burn!
Even when the days
Turn dark
Our dreams
Can never be dark
Even when the wings are clipped
Our hearts will never shatter
Come here, quick!
O Mandela!
Like a shining light on dark days
O Mandela!
Like a ray of hope for shattered hearts
O Mandela!
Like a rising tide
O Mandela!
Like a shift in direction
O Mandela!
Like a shining light on dark days
She won't help him for nothing.
He must have promised her a share.
Or why would anyone be
associated with someone like him?
What do we care?
O Mandela!
The rising tide
Thenmozhi, how is he?
Have you admitted him in a hospital?
What did the doctor say?
Will he be alright?
Thenmozhi, I am talking to you.
I'm talking to you,
why won't you answer?
Why should I answer?
You didn't just ruin your life
with your one vote.
You also ruined Side Burn's life!
I'm ashamed to have named
a man like you after Mandela!
Why are you even alive,
you wretched man?
Just go and die!
Rid us of that one vote.
Not just shaving.
I will do any work you give me.
The villagers have decided
not to give you any work.
I can't defy their orders.
-Give that to me.
-No, thanks.
I will get into trouble
if I'm seen taking your help.
I'll carry it myself.
I'm ashamed to have named
a man like you after Mandela!
Why are you alive,
you wretched man?
You should die!
Rid us of that one vote.
Who's there?
Who is it?
I'm talking to you.
Don't come any closer.
-Who are you?
-I am Vairamuthu, from the North.
-What are you doing here?
-I came here to relieve myself.
At this hour?
I can't come here after dawn
because the men would be here.
So, I wake up at 3 a.m.
to relieve myself.
But you shouldn't venture out
into the woods at this late hour.
It's not just me.
This is what all the women do.
They demolished that toilet as well.
Where else can we go?
With that vote of yours
could you prevent men
from coming here to drink at night?
What is it?
-Do you want my vote?
-I do.
I'm finding it hard
to go to the toilet in the woods.
Rebuild the toilet that you demolished,
and I will vote for you.
You think you are some hero
to order me around?
Don't mess with me. Go away.
Fine, forget it.
I will relieve myself in your house.
Don't hit him!
Mathi, don't hit him.
Get off him.
Listen to me.
Mathi, don't!
Stop hitting him!
Listen to me.
You are just a stray
who shits where you eat!
And you want to shit in my house?
Calm down!
Leave him alone!
He will die!
I ran behind this scoundrel
just for the five crores!
Don't talk nonsense now.
Go away.
Don't think you can order him around.
He will kill you!
Can't shit unless you have a toilet?
Don't give that pest any food or water.
Keep him locked up here
until the elections.
Let's give him some water at least.
He might die.
Did you beat up that African boy?
I stopped at Rathinam's place.
We just shoved him about.
Shoved him?
What happens if he dies
before the election?
Let him die.
What are you saying?
Whoever wins the elections
will get crores from the company.
I don't care about the five crores.
I can't beg that scoundrel.
They are willing to pay 30 crores!
-Thirty crores?
-Yes, thirty crores!
Beg that African, do whatever it takes,
and make him vote for you!
You can't lay a finger on him
till the elections.
That's a warning.
Let's go.
God, I hope he is not dead.
Son, pick that up.
It's worth 30 crores.
Take it, man.
Where were we?
-The toilet.
I'm finding it hard
to go in the woods.
Rebuild the toilet you demolished.
If you don't want to,
that's okay.
I have a vote.
Do you want it?
I'll rebuild it.
Everybody will get to use it.
Hurry up.
Grind the cement properly.
Or he will make us rebuild it.
He knows about the 30 crores.
That's why they are
dancing to his tunes.
If he knows we are in it
for the money,
he won't obey us anymore.
If he tries to walk over us,
we should walk over him.
Or he won't budge.
Is it burning?
A low-born who doesn't even
know his own name!
We burned on the inside
when you made us run behind you!
The Southerners have no pride,
so they just played along.
But don't try to get cocky
with a Northerner,
or you will get burnt!
It's very simple.
You will vote for us.
How will I vote now?
-My voter ID is inside.
Kaalai, get some water!
Quick, get some water.
Hurry up! It's burning.
Check the other side.
-Thirty crores!
-Pour some water from that side.
Pour some up there!
Look for the card.
Is it there?
I hope it's not burnt.
It's not in there.
Just kidding.
I got it right here.
Are you screwing with us?
I'll slit your throat!
I dare you to do it.
I dare you!
If you kill me, who will
cast that swing vote?
Tell me.
You want my vote, right?
Build me a swimming pool,
I'll vote for you.
A swimming pool?
People don't even have water
to wash their asses.
Build it, and you get my vote.
We can't build a swimming pool
in the village.
You know the old water tank
in the village?
Clean it up and fill it with water.
I'll take a dip in it.
If you don't
Get in! It's getting late.
-I'm not in the mood.
-Not in the mood?
We worked so hard
to fill the tank with water!
What do we do with the water now?
Open the pipeline.
Fill it up with water every day.
I'll shower when I feel like it.
Mic testing! One, two, three!
I have something to say to thee
It's happening, it's coming true
All our dreams are taking shape
Great! As though re-building the toilet
will make these people cultured.
Why should we pay to build
a toilet for the Northerners?
This is common property.
Southerners can also use it.
I would rather die than
use a Northerner's toilet.
He is a proud man.
Think before you cast your vote
Gotta make it happen
Let's wreak havoc
If it doesn't work out
We must set it right
There's a hullabaloo
Just for one man's vote
Everyone's dancing to his tunes
When the saboteurs come
Close the gates shut!
I've always wished
to study in a school.
You'll probably be dead in 20 days.
Do you plan on
becoming a scholar by then?
Don't give him ideas.
Or he will demand that we make him
a scholar, in exchange for his vote.
Make me a scholar.
I will vote for you.
Fix the school building.
What about the money you owe me?
No, thanks.
Fifty rupees.
Thirty rupees.
Only Side Burn's money is left.
No need.
Stop, it hurts. I'll walk.
At this rate, we may have to
shut down our company.
You don't get it?
He says he will vote for Road Roller
if you don't lay new roads.
There's a hullabaloo
Just for one man's vote
Everyone's dancing to his tunes
Are you sure we'll get 30 crores?
We must win at any cost!
Great! As though re-building the school
will turn these people into geniuses.
I've been watching you.
You just go around brushing your teeth
and passing comments.
Are you a Northerner or a Southerner?
I'm from the neighboring village.
I come here to kill time.
If I ever see you in Soorangudi again,
I will chop your nose off.
Now, scram!
The young ones have matured
And come together
Get in.
Don't stand near the door.
The old codes have been discarded
As invalid for our times
We will beg and plead for five years
When will we stand tall and survive?
Think for everyone
Fight for your descendants
Study well, son.
Gotta make it last
Gotta stay strong
You have to give them credit!
The roads are so shiny.
Thank God he didn't come to us!
Why would you stand
in the middle of the road?
What if a car had run you over?
You would have lost my vote.
Install streetlamps on all the roads.
Our things are being removed
from the bar.
Just need to hand over the keys.
A little higher.
You've been at it all day.
We have barely covered four streets.
Hurry up!
Give me two buns.
In 20 districts including
Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli and Madurai
village local body elections
begin tomorrow.
This is the last of my money.
We can use this
to pay for the votes.
But I have no money left.
If Mandela doesn't vote for us,
I will kill him
with my bare hands.
Go inside.
-Welcome, brother.
Is everything okay?
The leader hasn't come?
What are you doing?
I was just looking at it.
Keep it safe in your pocket.
2,000 rupees for a vote isn't nothing!
Hurry up.
Get in.
-Why are we stopping here?
Where are you going?
What's with this guy?
Hey, what are you doing?
Have you gone mad?
Every single person in the village
will bring their 20 rupee token.
We will be the only ones
turning up empty handed.
Have you made up your mind?
I will forgive everything
you have done.
Give me your word
that you'll vote for me.
I'll get you a good job in Singapore.
What do you say?
You don't need to go to Singapore.
Promise me that you will
vote for Coconut,
and you will become
a Northerner right away.
Mandela, your life and death
are in your own hands.
Tell me.
Who will you vote for?
Answer me!
It is my vote.
I get to decide
whom I want to vote for.
Get out of my way.
What is your name?
Nelson Mandela.
Sir, this ID looks suspicious.
His name on the card
is Nelson Mandela.
The man himself looks suspicious.
You have no idea about
the drama behind this one guy's vote.
If he doesn't vote,
there will be hell to pay.
-Can we send him ahead?
-Please do.
Sir, that finger is injured.
Apply the ink on the other finger.
Step aside, everyone.
Please don't stand at the door.
Come here.
You scoundrel!
Who did you vote for?
Answer me!
I voted for M.G.R.
Calm down!
You can see for yourself
when the results are out tomorrow.
Why are you crowding there?
You can't be here. Go away!
How do I know
that you actually voted?
I told you!
Everyone has brought
their 20 rupee token.
These are your people.
Tell them you lost the token,
and try to get 2,000 rupees.
One by one.
Shut up!
Are you coming or not?
-Have you voted?
-Yes, brother.
-I don't want it.
I voted for you.
Then why did you bring the token?
The 20 rupees belongs to you,
so I came to return it.
I'll see you.
My son is getting an education
because of this vote.
It feels wrong to take money.
Leave it there.
I have voted, brother.
But I don't want the money.
I have voted.
I don't want the money.
Here is your 20 rupees.
With 20 rupees, you got
the entire village to vote!
Are you happy now?
Go on.
Here's your 20 rupees.
-Your money?
-No, thanks.
Where is Rathinam's house?
The third street down this road.
Kill him only if we lose.
If we win,
they will take care of him.
No problem, brother.
We will keep it low-key.
No, make it loud.
I want every villager to witness it.
No one should consider
crossing us ever again.
What do you want me to do?
They are barbaric people!
If I try to interfere,
they'll say it's an internal issue.
I'm just waiting for someone
to die, to step in.
The vote count of the local body elections
is underway across Tamil Nadu.
Security measures have been tightened
at the vote counting stations.
Side Burn!
Are you doing well?
I'm doing just fine.
Thenmozhi took good care of me.
Why is the salon burned down?
Oh, that's nothing!
All our problems are over.
Look, I cast my vote.
The villagers have started talking to me,
just like before.
They also come to get haircuts!
The only issue is that Esaki steals
the powder bottle occasionally!
Side Burn, please forgive me.
Why do you have a long face?
It's your smile that
makes you the person you are.
I'll be back in two days.
Don't crowd here.
Only one person can accompany
the candidate.
The vote counting has begun.
First up, Kallikulam.
I haven't eaten for days.
I have no work either.
one word from you
gets new roads built.
You can get street lamps installed
and proper water supply for all.
Why can't you get
a meal for yourself?
I got all that for my vote.
I didn't earn it.
Eat this.
What is it?
You want to earn your meal.
Is that all?
M. Pakkiriswamy is leading by 140 votes
in Kallikulam local body elections.
The vote counting in
Kallikulam has concluded.
M. Pakkiriswamy wins by 180 votes.
Next up, the vote counting
of Soorangudi local body elections.
Next up, Soorangudi.
Take a good look.
I've asked the postal truck
to come here.
Just sneak into it.
If they stop us at the village border,
I will handle it.
You can't be here
when the result is announced.
It was my father's dream
that I earn my own money
and open a salon in this village.
So, I'm not leaving.
Let them do what they want.
-Aren't you a Southerner?
Shut down your shop and go home.
You shouldn't be here.
Please leave,
at least for Side Burn's sake.
If you can, make him get an education.
He can write his name, you know?
What are you looking at?
Rathinam is leading by 10 votes
in Soorangudi's local body elections.
-I hope you are ready.
Where is he?
I have him in sight.
What are you looking at?
Just go in.
Let's not get involved in this.
Rathinam is leading by 12 votes
in Soorangudi's local body elections.
At least we can make a living
selling water cans.
Those people have
even sold their bar off.
How will they feed themselves?
They will become barbers,
just like Mandela!
Kill him right now!
The result isn't out yet.
Just do as I say!
He has given the go-ahead.
Don't you want to continue
living in this village?
How many times must I tell you?
I told you, you can't be here.
Don't yell at her.
I asked her to bring me here.
Sir, I don't want anyone's help.
Please leave.
I can save myself.
Sir, I told you.
He won't listen to anyone.
Let's go.
Who is here to help you?
I want a shave.
A shave?
Right now?
-An old man?
-In a wheelchair.
-That's my father.
-Your father?
Let's do it another day?
Rathinam is maintaining his 12 vote lead
in Soorangudi's local body elections.
We will conclude
the vote count shortly.
It doesn't matter
even if my father gets hurt.
Kill him.
Kill him.
My son needs a haircut.
I just came here
to see if you were around.
I can only do it after I shave him.
That's okay.
I'll wait right here.
Someone else just turned up
with an iron rod.
I don't care
how many people turn up.
Just do away with him!
Can you dye my mustache?
My grandma wants a haircut.
Mandela, I need a haircut.
Do as I say.
Just kill them all!
The entire village is here!
The entire village?
I can't do this.
I am leaving.
Get back here!
What happened?
Come on.
What is it?
Are you here for a haircut or a shave?
Where are they going?
Pull over.
Guys, stop!
Mathialagan is the lead
in Soorangudi's local body elections.
Damn it!
Just repaying an old debt.
Want a log?
No, thanks.
I have my jug.
Go ahead and shave.
The final vote count of
Soorangudi elections has concluded.
Rathinam contested under Coconut symbol
and Mathialagan under Road Roller.
Indeed, this is a rare case.
We have a winner by a single vote!
And the winner is
none other than