Mandrake (2010) Movie Script

Hey, where's mine?
Where is McCall? They should
have landed 10 minutes ago.
Well, I...
What are you waiting for?
Call him.
Please hold
for Mrs. Manning.
Hey, where are you?
How many
assistants do you have?
Not enough.
Please tell me you landed.
I'm on the tarmac now.
Change of plans.
Don't come to base camp.
We found better access three
miles downriver from here.
Lin's got Mr. Vargas' maps.
Santiago's got the boats.
He'll take care
of whatever you need.
That sounds too easy.
You always this prepared?
That's why I need
more assistants.
Help's on the way.
Yeah, I'm a doctor.
An anthropologist.
He's an archaeologist.
What's he saying?
He thinks
you're a terrorist.
What was it,
three tours?
That's a lot of
Middle East stamps.
Hey, Shugie!
Hey, what's the problem?
Pardon me.
These are my people.
Vargas expedition, huh?
You disrespect me again?
Sorry. I apologize.
My friend.
Okay, come. Vamonos.
We have a long journey.
I hope you got A/C.
Of course.
Of course. Three kind.
So our good boss,
Mr. Vargas,
he's sure going through a lot of
trouble for a rusty old knife, no?
It's not the dagger.
It's the pedigree.
The Quayin Dagger once belonged
to Pedro Arias Alvarado,
one of the most decorated
conquistadors of all time.
By "decorated"
he means "ruthless. "
Tomato, "tomato. "
Harry fancies himself
a modern-day conqueror,
so he squanders millions
combing the world
for any vestige
of Spanish imperialism.
If it's so distasteful, why
lower yourself for a paycheck?
Hey, his money is as
good as anybody's, no?
Look out!
Are they junta?
No junta this far north.
They're guerrillas.
General Gomez' men.
Don't worry.
We're like brothers. He
divorced my cousin last year.
So who exactly is winning
this little war of theirs?
How American of you to believe
someone actually wins in war.
If they didn't,
we'd all be British.
Put it on.
What's this?
Little gift from Carla,
so she can keep tabs on us.
Looks like it came
out of a cereal box.
What's wrong with it?
It's called a hidden
treasure for a reason.
There's no maps.
There's a million acres
of uncharted land out there.
Without that map, we'd
wander around for 10 lifetimes
and never see
the same tree twice.
Where does Harry
get his intel?
Harry never
reveals his sources.
But trust me,
they're reliable.
Hey, Lin, what's at the
bottom of this Yamballi stele?
It's calendrics.
Or glyphs.
of some kind.
No, they're
astrological symbols.
The ones at the top, but these
glyphs are non-sequential.
All right. Should I be
taking notes or what?
What's a glyph?
Tribal writing, like
Egyptian hieroglyphics.
That's how they
passed down stories.
Boring details like grain
inventories, birthdays.
Tribal customs
or warnings.
Yes. Ancient secrets,
mysterious curses. Ooh!
It's been well documented. He'd
know if he bothered to read.
What's that
supposed to mean?
Figure it out.
It's on the quiz.
Get down, get down,
get down.
Get down.
I said get down.
Get down.
All right, let's go.
Don't you think all the
whistles and clenched fists
might be a bit
over the top?
You want to go toe to toe
with heavily armed guerrillas,
you be my guest.
Just watch out
for the jaguars.
And don't forget
the one-armed monkeys.
I thought you said we had a
guaranteed perimeter for Gomez.
We do.
What's that?
Tracks like that wouldn't
survive a strong rain.
You, come here!
Where is Makai?
You tell him to
pick up his mess.
Where am I
supposed to look?
So, Doc, what kind of warning
signs should we look out for?
It's okay, Captain. You
don't need to placate me.
I look like the kind of
guy who placates people?
And it's Sergeant.
It could be
pretty much anything.
Invocation of deities
to ward off theft,
keep explorers from
trampling on their graves.
You mean like curses?
Something like that.
Would they have
devised defenses?
You mean
like booby traps?
Something like that.
It's only in the movies.
Nobody asked you.
Hey, check this out.
No, thank you.
No, no. I'm serious.
Come here.
When I pull my zipper
down, I usually get lucky,
but never like this.
A real conquistador.
Flesh and bone.
This thing's got
to be 500 years old.
"Jungle of the dead. "
That's what
the Yamballi call it.
Don't you mean
"called it"?
They're extinct,
Why "jungle of the dead"?
Because it's cursed.
Has been for centuries.
A lot of Spanish explorers
came to this part of the world.
Not many left.
The name stuck.
Thought the world
was theirs to conquer.
It was 500 years ago,
man. Let it go, huh?
Lin claims it's authentic.
Sounds like
you're getting close.
Any reports of guerrilla
movement in the area?
Hold on.
Latest intel has them
40 miles east. Why?
Oh, nothing.
Just a hunch.
Let me know
if you hear anything.
Yes. Well, I don't care what
he thinks. I paid for results.
Look, if he can't do it, get the
money back and find someone who can.
Good news, Miss Manning,
that's all I have time for.
Happy to oblige.
I uploaded a photo the
team just sent through.
It's on the server, and I think
you'll find it very encouraging.
I'm boarding now,
so give me a minute.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Uh, Sergeant McCall is
concerned about the guerrillas,
but I assured him... No, I
thought we bought a window.
We did. 48 hours.
But General Gomez doesn't
exactly hand out receipts.
Oh, whoa!
There it is.
There it is.
You know, that brave man could
very well be one of my ancestors.
I think we're close.
With any luck we'll be out
of here in eight hours.
There's no such thing
as luck, Miss Manning.
Only determination
and perseverance.
I think this is it.
No, no, no. Hold on.
No one said anything
about robbing graves.
The Yamballi connected
everything to circadian rhythms,
so all the tombs
should face east.
Circadian rhythms?
Most tribal cultures
base their customs
off the patterns
of Mother Nature.
Moon, sun, planets.
Look for the one
that runs north-south.
You just said
they all face east.
Not the one
we're after.
Hey, wait.
Respect the dead or they
make trouble for you.
Relax, man.
We're not digging up
random graves.
All right? I'll know it when I see it.
Everybody just fan out.
What killed them off,
the Yamballi?
The usual suspects.
Germs, guns, steel.
White people, basically.
Yeah, next you'll be
blaming global warming.
I was going to add
multinational corporations,
but I know
you're a stockholder.
That's right, baby.
The next time you reach
for a life-saving drug,
remember it's
from a multinational.
Hey, guys?
This looks promising.
These are ideograms.
"One heart for all hearts. "
Come on. Let's get this
sucker off, huh? Shovel.
Hold on, hold on.
Let me read this first.
Why? You still working on your
dissertation? Come on, shovel!
Just give me a second.
You really think they're going to
warn us if this thing is cursed?
Come on, vamos! I don't
know, what if she's right?
You don't know
what's in there.
This isn't
an anthropology expedition.
It's about one thing
and one thing only.
And no one gets
paid till we deliver.
Help him out.
On three.
Back up, back up.
Come on.
Ready? One,
Good, good, good.
All right. Come on. Now push. Ready?
Okay, that's good,
that's good.
Aces over kings.
Hey, hey. Just keep
it in your pants.
Let me read this before
you do anything stupid.
Look, you don't have to
justify your paycheck.
Let's just get
this thing and...
Hey, this
doesn't make sense.
Why was a
European conqueror
formally buried
by his archenemies?
McCall, tell her.
Let her take a look.
"Chok. " That means
to put or keep.
"Muskob" is blade.
But the next word is too
worn down. I can't read it.
Or a warning.
Hey, no, no, no!
Relax, relax.
It's no big deal.
Oh, God!
What are you doing?
That word right there means
death. This is a warning.
Yeah. Well,
nobody's dead.
Lin, hold it up.
Ahead of schedule. I'm
impressed, Sergeant McCall.
Well, you gave us the map. I almost
feel guilty taking your money.
My goodness.
It's exquisite.
If you say so.
What's Lin think?
Hang on.
Lin. Carla.
Did you see it?
Is it the one?
Definitely. The blade is a
little older than I thought,
but the handle's
vintage 14th century.
Wait, hold on.
What is it?
It's the...
The stone on the hilt,
it's not obsidian. It's...
It's a ruby.
A ruby?
Are you sure?
Yeah. It's gorgeous.
It's got to be 30 carats.
Maybe more.
I've never seen
a stone this big.
Send me a picture.
Okay, hold on.
How much you think
that's worth?
More than you
or I could ever spend.
Lin, let me talk
to McCall again.
Listen to me
very carefully.
I don't want anyone
getting any crazy ideas
or renegotiating
their contracts.
So, you take that dagger
and you keep it safe.
Do it now.
Yes, ma'am.
Hand it over.
Boss's orders.
Got it.
Now turn around, head
straight back to camp.
Do not stop
for anything or anyone.
I want that dagger in my...
McCall, talk to me!
What's happening?
I don't know.
Uh... Guys?
Nobody move.
Wrap it up.
That way, let's go.
We can't just leave.
Yes, we can!
Stay together!
Hey! Hey!
find the release point!
You, stay with her.
Don't move!
Cut him down!
Cut him down!
Santiago, come here,
come here.
Give me a hand!
Give me a hand!
Lin, Lin. Relax. Relax.
Get Lin down!
What? No!
No! No! Santiago!
Help me! Help!
Get me down!
Wait! Wait!
Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Vargas.
We've got a slight problem.
The expedition was attacked
and we lost contact with them.
Attacked by whom?
We're eliminating
Gomez swears his men
are nowhere near our people.
Okay, hold on. Have
they found the dagger?
Yes, I'm uploading
an image now.
All right.
Where is the team now?
Last check had them
leaving the grave site.
When the fighting broke out,
we lost GPS tracking.
There it is.
They found it.
They really found it.
Yes. It's exquisite,
isn't it?
Wait a minute. Wait a
minute. What is that?
Is that a ruby?
Yes, sir. You forgot
to mention that before.
Wait. It isn't documented. I
didn't know anything about it.
Oh, my God!
This changes everything.
I'm sorry?
How do you know for sure
that the team was attacked?
I mean, how can
you be certain?
Well, I heard gunfire...
Whose gunfire?
I assume it was enemy fire.
I pay you for facts,
not assumptions!
They took it. They took it!
I can feel it.
I'm coming there!
No, Harry, wait.
Just give me a chance
to get some information.
You have had your chance.
You tell him to turn this
plane around right now!
Psst! Santiago.
Did you get it?
Who was it?
Where's Lin?
Call Carla, tell her
to get us out of here.
You just left him,
didn't you?
Call her.
Go back, cut him down.
I'll find Felicia.
Don't move till I get back.
What about the dagger?
What about it?
We don't get paid
till we deliver.
Maybe I should hold it, in
case you don't make it back.
I'll make it back.
What are you doing?
I'm getting us out of here.
Give me the phone!
You're never gonna find her!
She's probably dead already.
Give me the phone!
They knew what they signed
up for! We're all expendable.
You stupid...
No one goes anywhere till
we get our people back.
You hear me?
Well, I'm not
going back alone.
So you choose.
Lin or the girl.
Oh, man, this really blows.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Stay away!
Don't come any closer!
I'm armed!
Lock their last position
and run a simulation
to track their movements
based on time and terrain.
Where's my extraction team?
I could send my guys, but
then we'll be unprotected.
What about the locals?
They're spooked.
One of the workers
is missing.
Now they're convinced
something's out there.
I'll pay double, triple.
You just get me
some real men.
The locals
have legends about them.
That's why they stay away.
Who is "them"?
The beasts.
They're ruthless.
Shaped like men
but warped like animals.
It's got a heartbeat,
I can kill it.
And their claws, they
cut through the trees.
And they talk
with the jungle.
I don't speak jungle.
It doesn't translate
exactly, but...
"Dark ones
who speak with trees. "
Yeah? Well, I don't believe
in fairy tales, dude.
What is that?
You see anything?
What happened?
It grabbed me.
The tree,
one of its branches.
The tree grabbed you.
I'm telling you.
It grabbed my arm!
Get off me!
Felicia, are you injured?
Let me see. What was that thing?
Let me see.
We got to get out
of here. Please.
It's here.
Who are they?
I thought they were
supposed to be dead.
They are.
There's something
else out there.
Something worse.
Come on,
we got to save Lin.
Come on, you can't do this.
I'm American!
Just put me down, now!
Let me go now!
Please, come on.
I'll give you cigarettes.
I'm telling you.
There's something out there that
even the Yamballi are afraid of.
It chased me
and grabbed one of them
and dragged him away
like a rag doll.
What did it look like?
It's gonna sound crazy,
but it was this swarm
of vines and roots,
like the jungle
itself was alive.
The legend.
I told you.
They're not creatures. They're
men in suits. Flesh and blood.
Not them.
It's the jungle.
It's like it's everywhere,
One of the trees
grabbed me, too.
Look at this.
Those markings on the tomb.
Those weren't calendrics.
It's a warning.
What's it say?
"The jungle feeds on the
blood of the invaders. "
Mr. Vargas, welcome.
We got your tent
all set up.
Have you located them?
We've narrowed
down their location
and are prepping
a team for extraction.
I brought my own men.
Just show me where they are.
I really think you
should let my men do this.
Well, that dagger is mine,
and I'm not gonna let some soldier
of fortune steal my birthright.
We don't know
that's what happened.
Sergeant McCall comes
highly recommended.
And I've seen better men
give up far more for far less.
it's too dangerous.
We don't know
what's out there.
Just give us some time.
Carla, where are they?
Last position's six
kilometers due east.
Quadrant 64-N.
Thank you.
Take this.
Hey, hey!
Look, I don't... I
don't mean you any harm.
Please just...
Just let me go and I promise
I will never come back, ever.
What'd they do to you?
What'd they do to you?
I don't have any water.
Did you come here
to rescue me?
Rescue you?
No, I'm a...
I'm an archaeologist.
I was sent here
on an expedition.
By Harry Vargas?
Did you find it?
The dagger?
Who the hell are you?
Dr. Emma Kirpatrick.
Two weeks ago,
Harry sent us here
to find his priceless
family heirloom.
Wait, wait, wait. "Us"?
Are there more?
Where are they?
I don't see him.
Wait here.
Do you think he's dead?
There's no blood, the rope's been
cut. My guess is they took him.
We can't just
leave him out here.
Base camp. Carla's got all our
watches locked into her GPS network.
Mr. Vargas,
you should rest.
I'll rest when I'm dead.
They came through here.
You hear that?
Hear what?
The silence.
No birds, no crickets.
The air, it's so thick.
You can taste it
in your mouth.
No, please.
Please, no.
What are you doing?
Hey, let her go.
Hey! Leave her alone.
Damn you!
What are they doing?
Please let me go.
What's he doing?
What's he doing?
Hey, you leave her alone.
Leave her alone!
Hey, where you going?
Where are you going?
Come back here.
Hey, hey.
You get her down.
Hey, hey!
Hey, hey!
Help her. Help her!
Hey, help her! Help her!
What is it?
What did this?
They know we're here.
Nick. Nick!
Hang on, Nick! Hang on!
Harry, get over here.
Hang on, buddy.
You're gonna be fine.
Give me your shirt. We need
to put some pressure on this.
He's not gonna make it.
Yes, he is!
We just need to
stop the bleeding.
Told you he's not
gonna make it.
Don't let your emotions
cloud your judgment.
You're a soldier.
Act like it.
I just don't see how the
Yamballi could survive
without anyone knowing.
They're not exactly letting
people go home to talk about it.
You blame them?
It's their territory.
We come in, disturb their
peace, trample their graves.
What is it?
This isn't Lin's.
Whose is it?
Harry, where are you?
We've just been attacked.
What? Are you all right?
Prepare the camp
for immediate evacuation.
No, this is crazy. I'm sending
in a team. We're pulling you out.
Go, now.
No, don't worry about me.
It's my job to worry.
Who attacked you?
Don't worry about me.
Harry, who attacked you?
Talk to me.
You ever notice
the air out here?
Is that blood on your face?
It's invigorating.
Harry. Harry!
You heard him.
Break it down. All of it.
Alert the choppers. We need
an airlift within the hour.
Let's go! Get up!
Look out!
Boats are trashed. How are
we gonna get out of here?
Let's worry about that
after we get our people back.
Well, it's at least
a week by foot.
Why would anybody do this?
Santiago was right.
We invaded their territory,
robbed their grave.
more than that.
I've spent years
with indigenous tribes
and I've never seen
anything like this.
Attacking in disguise,
Merciless. It's got to have
something to do with folklore.
The creature.
Oh, come on!
We've been over that.
You didn't
see it. We did.
You were under attack. Your stress
level was off the charts, okay?
Battle alters perceptions,
especially if you're not used to it.
Trust me.
I've been there.
He's never gonna
believe us.
Not until he sees
it with his own eyes.
I'm telling you,
and I know what I saw.
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter
who's out there.
It doesn't matter
what I believe.
We're stuck.
So you want to survive?
We have to focus.
Work together.
Okay? Let's do it.
Let me go!
Put me down!
Put me down!
No! Let me go.
Hello? Hello?
Does anyone hear me?
Does anyone even
know we're out here?
I got it.
I need batteries or a
portable power supply.
How does it work?
The watches
Carla gave us.
They're all connected
to a master GPS network.
If I can get juice in this, we
can locate anyone wearing one.
Guys, look at this.
Looks like
Harry's been here.
How do you know?
Passport, laptop.
Great, he's probably
dead, too.
Oh, no. No.
No, no, no, no, no.
Matt Baker, linguist.
Dayton Riley,
military specialist.
Dr. Emma Kirpatrick?
There was another
expedition team.
That explains
the bloody T-shirt,
and the boot print
in the mud.
Why didn't they tell us?
Because they're
probably all dead.
What happened?
Are you all right?
Not really, no.
I thought the Yamballi
didn't exist.
Why didn't you tell me
about the other team?
Emma Kirpatrick,
She was here.
I watched her die.
What are you talking
about? Don't lie to me!
Just don't!
Those are her hands
over there!
You're sick.
You sent us all
in here to die.
Lin, please. Please
listen to me. Okay?
I swear.
I didn't know
anything about this.
You have to believe me.
I'm here just like you.
Well, then Harry
screwed us all.
This is it. This is where they found it.
"A great man lies here
with no limits but the sky. "
It's a funny thing, coming face
to face with your ancestors.
Yours is the glory.
Mr. Vargas, this is a
needle in a haystack.
We're never gonna
find them like this.
That dagger belongs to me.
I will find them.
Where did you go, huh?
There's fighting here.
And death.
McCall went that way.
Why is there such a struggle over here?
Take a guess,
Sergeant McCall
is smart enough
not to wave his
exit like a flag.
The jungle is trying
to tell us something.
It's angry.
makes two of us.
Can you feel that?
Feel that?
Feel what?
Help! Help!
Harry! Harry!
Harry, help me!
I should have seen it. It was
too easy and for too much money.
Vargas preys on weakness.
He set us all up.
We don't know that.
Those people could
be sipping margaritas
in Cabo right now
for all we know.
You believe that?
Harry's an opportunist.
He's not heartless.
His donations have kept my foundation
going for the last two years.
So why are you
defending him?
I'm not.
I just can't believe
he's that duplicitous.
Or we're that gullible.
It's like you said. He's a conquistador.
He'll do anything
for his treasure.
Well, he's not moving,
but that's Lin.
Cut me a piece.
Look, there's two more.
One's moving due
east by the graves.
If Harry's here, maybe that's
him out there looking for us.
If Harry's here, he's
only looking for one thing.
In case I don't
come back.
What? Where you going?
To find Lin and see
who else is out there.
I suggest you two start to
work on that two-way radio.
No, I'm going with you.
I can't ask you to do
that. That's too dangerous.
I'm not going anywhere.
Our best chance of getting
rescued is staying right here.
This mission isn't over until
we're all home, including Lin.
Truthfully, I suggest we all stay
together, but that's up to you.
What if you
were out there?
What would you
want us to do?
Lin. Lin, talk to me.
They're gonna
kill me now.
Don't say that.
Someone's gonna find us.
In a minute somebody's gonna
come over here and untie me.
And when he does, I'm gonna
shove him on top of you.
No, no, no.
Don't make them angry.
They keep knives strapped
to their legs. Okay?
You just try and grab it.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
You just grab the knife.
No, no, no.
Just grab it, you grab it.
Wait, Lin. Lin, wait.
Carla, did you get it?
I got it!
Just let me go, please.
Please don't do this.
Just let me go.
Damn it!
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. Hey.
Wait! Don't go!
Wait. Just...
Just stay here. Wait.
Don't go!
Just stay here. Wait.
Get out here, you sick
bastards! Help him!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! No.
Please. Please,
just let me go.
Please, please.
I know you understand me!
You know this is wrong.
It's okay. Please. Please, just
let me go. Let me go. Please. Okay?
It's okay. It's okay.
This is crazy.
I feel like every branch is
gonna jump out and grab me.
What if it's not the jungle that's
cursed? What if it's that dagger?
Everything was calm till we
took that thing out of the tomb.
Why would the Yamballi care about
the weapon of a conquistador?
You tell me.
Hey, Santiago,
let me see that dagger.
It's definitely
Spanish in origin.
At least the hilt is.
What? So this isn't the original blade.
The handle came from Spain, but
the blade is from somewhere else.
Is that writing?
Looks like there's something
here underneath the hilt.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
What are you doing?
I'm trying to see if there is
something written under there.
Okay, I agreed to
help find Lin. Fine.
But we're not gonna
destroy this knife. Okay?
It's our ticket
out of here.
Hey, wait a second.
Someone's moving.
It's alive, the jungle.
It's a living,
breathing entity.
Just like you and me.
You knew.
You knew all along.
Sick son of a bitch.
Quiet, quiet, quiet.
You're disturbing it.
Let go!
Get off of me,
get off of me!
Carla, listen to me. Calm down. No!
No, no. I don't know you.
Vargas, hands up.
I said hands up.
Why so testy, Sergeant?
We're all on the same team.
Your weapon. Pull it out
slowly, throw it away.
You know, I was hoping to
meet your daughter one day.
And inspire her with
tales of your heroics.
What's happening
out here?
If I knew that,
I wouldn't need you.
Or the other team?
They all died,
didn't they?
An unfortunate necessity.
You bastard.
You sent us out here knowing full
well this was a suicide mission.
I didn't know. I swear. I
didn't know about the other team.
I never would have...
Doesn't matter.
There is
a monster out there.
And we're standing
around arguing.
Well said.
We're wasting time.
Give me my dagger.
Sat phone, hand it over. No.
The dagger first.
Then the phone.
How about I just shoot you and
take it from your dead hand?
Get on with it, then.
Shoot me!
Get back, get back.
Get back.
Help! Help!
Let's go. Let's go.
Go, go!
Come on!
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on!
No, wait, I can't, I can't!
Get up.
Is that the thing
you saw before?
Kind of.
Only 10 times bigger.
Well, let's see
if we can make it dead.
Harry pushed her. He
pushed her into that thing.
To save his own ass.
You believe us now? Huh?
I don't know
what to believe.
How do the Yamballi
survive out here
with that thing
running around?
Maybe they don't
just talk to the jungle.
Maybe they control it.
We gotta go back and get Harry's sat
phone. It's the only way out of here.
McCall, look out!
Get it off,
get it off!
Keep running!
Keep running!
Let's go!
You stupid bastard. Since
when are you the hero type?
I need to
stop the bleeding.
Give me a belt
or something.
Douse it in fresh water.
I always thought the doctor
title for anthropologist was BS.
You work in enough
third-world war-torn countries,
you learn how to
dress a wound.
Santiago, I'm gonna tie this
really tight. It's gonna hurt, okay?
I didn't know
you had a daughter.
A couple
of years ago,
an ex-girlfriend showed up on my
doorstep with a three-year-old girl.
She said, "I'm glad you're
alive. Now it's your turn. "
She has your eyes.
What's her name?
Amber Renee
Stardust McCall.
that's some name.
Well, I wasn't there when they
filled out the birth certificate.
Her mom's kind of...
I was gonna say psycho. But
yeah, unique's about right.
What are you doing?
Can't keep running
from that thing.
Whatever it is,
we've got to kill it.
With what?
How do you kill a tree?
You chop it down.
Or you burn it.
But this isn't just
a tree. It's sentient.
It thinks like we do.
Well, good. Then it'll
feel pain like we do.
This thing's gonna get
infected out here.
There's a medical kit
at camp.
If we get back,
can you slow that down?
Can you walk?
Help me up.
I just don't see
how a giant killer plant
could wreak havoc like this
without anyone knowing about it.
Who knows?
Maybe he was
on a sick leaf.
Carnivorous plants are
rare, but nothing new.
I've seen a Nepenthes rajah
specimen over three feet tall.
It kills frogs,
birds and even rats.
This thing was a lot
bigger than three feet.
True. But the rainforest
is constantly evolving.
Half the species out here
haven't even been classified yet.
Well, someone should have
mentioned that in the briefing.
Stay here.
what's out there?
See anything?
light your torch.
Light it, light it! Give
it to me! Give it to me!
Oh, my God.
Get it off me.
Burn it! Burn it!
Get it off me!
Burn it! Burn it!
Get it off me!
Hold on!
Burn it!
You're okay.
You're okay.
do we do now?
What if it comes back?
Quiet. Quiet, quiet, quiet.
What if it comes back?
What is that?
Hey, where did
they come from?
Don't move.
Hey, you all right?
Everything is blurry.
Oh, no.
Lin's watch.
I don't think
I can do this.
Yes, you can.
Hey, look at me.
I'm gonna see
my daughter again.
And I'm gonna do
whatever it takes
to get you back
to saving the world.
But you gotta stay sharp,
you understand me?
No more doom
and gloom. Okay?
Leave him alone!
They understood you.
It's Quiche.
A Mayan dialect.
Maybe it's close
to their language.
What's he saying?
"Took the blade,
awoke the protector. "
They call that
thing a protector?
The warning is at the tomb.
So it's our fault? I
thought they controlled it.
In the past, invaders
attacked their land.
Tribal elders prayed.
Summoned a protector.
He fed on the blood
of the invader.
But he didn't stop.
He attacked them.
So they created a...
A talisman.
Part Yamballi.
Part invader.
To stop the beast.
The dagger.
We're supposed to fight
that thing with a knife?
He's pinned it to the earth
at the sacred place.
The tomb.
What is that? What is
that? It's inside me.
Get it out!
Get it out of me!
A heart for a heart.
I don't know.
Maybe he said,
"If the protector dies,
we can save Santiago. "
We have to kill it.
That sounds like
a really good plan.
I'll do it.
Give it to me.
The knife.
Give it to me. Heart for a
heart. I'll do it. Tell him!
Please, get it
out of me.
What is that?
Is that beating?
What are they saying?
Something about
heart of the invader.
Stand back.
What's happening?
I think
we pissed it off.
Maybe we should
take it out. Now.
Run! Run!
Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go!
I don't understand.
It should have worked.
We're missing something.
Let me see it.
There's something
written under here.
If I can just get
this thing apart. Here.
Come on!
Let me see it.
What does it say?
"One heart
"for all hearts. "
That's what the shaman said
what it said on the tomb.
No, he said,
"A heart for a heart. "
He wasn't talking
about saving Santiago.
He wanted to sacrifice him.
And I volunteered.
That's why the conquistador
is in the Yamballi grave.
They killed him
to imprison the creature.
Human sacrifice.
Give me that.
I gotta lead them away.
Get them off our scent.
Don't leave.
Stay here. Don't move, I'll be back.
That sucks.
This has got to end.
I'm sorry.
No. Don't!
I'm sorry. I tried.
Let her go.
I'll kill him.
I'll do it.
It won't work.
This sacrifice has to be an outsider.
That's what they kept saying.
You want me?
Do it!
Do it!
Hand it over, McCall.
you don't know...
Give me my dagger!
Don't do anything
stupid, Harry.
Harry, the creature and
the dagger are connected.
Be quiet!
Oh, you son of a bitch!
No. That dagger is rightfully mine.
Get away from it.
Don't tell me what to do.
I don't work for you anymore.
Time to die, Sergeant.
You first.
Is it over?
Tell me it's over.
It's over.