Mandroid (1993) Movie Script

Okay, Doc, show me your
Grand Prix maneuvers!
Keep watching the hand-eye coordination.
Benjamin, you're my warning signal.
Punch it!
If we're gonna do it, let's do this right!
Dr. Drago, Zanna, watch out!
That's great, Dad!
Benjamin, I'm easing off.
No, you're doin' great!
The coordination is perfect!
What was that?
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Look out!
Benjamin, it's Karl.
Try to stand up.
God, Ben, what happened?
Oh, just a shattered
spine and a broken head.
It's all for the good of science.
Hold still.
I think you'll survive.
You know, you really scared me.
Tilt your head back.
My life flashed before my
eyes for a second or two.
You can tell Dr. Drago that I'm fine.
Karl, not a scratch on the outer chassis.
I designed it even more
than it was supposed to.
Good, but it seems I've lost an eye.
Because the optical feed
system you insisted we use
was not durable enough.
It was only a test, Ivan.
The optical system is easily
replaced, you know that.
Come back to the lab.
Let's celebrate a good test.
To Mandroid!
Ivan, have a drink with us.
Let us make a toast.
To your double-cross.
You're giving my life away, Karl.
My life!
Ivan, we can't keep this
to ourselves any longer.
When we discovered the Superconn,
we didn't know what we had.
We still don't.
Perhaps the most powerful
element known to man,
and you are just handing
it over to the westerners.
The Superconn has great
healing capability, Ivan.
We should be concerned
with helping the world,
nothing else.
And my Mandroid?
Mandroid is my creation.
Your design has worked beautifully!
Much better than if I
had done it on my own,
but it's still only a
tool, like a tractor,
to help us do a much larger work.
The United States has
offered us everything we need
to continue that work.
You're a traitor,
Karl, and you're a thief,
and I'm gonna make you pay for it.
Hey, hey, hey...
Do you hear me?
Hey, hey, hey!
Take it easy.
Don't you worry.
I won't hurt him.
But I'll be here tomorrow.
If you're handing the Mandroid
Unit to the United States,
I'll make sure they know
who really built it.
You can continue your celebration.
That guy is trouble.
Father, if he shows up tomorrow,
he's gonna try to ruin the deal.
No, no, no, no, no, he's just upset.
In a way, I understand him.
We go back so many years.
He was always obsessed by power.
Oh my God.
Is this Booftaka?
Great, great.
What are you doing?
That's my camera you got there.
Who are you?
Where did you get that?
You pulled it out of my bag, huh?
Oh, yeah, tell you what, let's find Mommy.
Mama, huh?
Uh, Mama?
Mama, okay, there you go.
Uh, doors?
Yeah, okay?
Here you go.
Oh, it's a turkey!
Okay, great.
Okay, uh, excuse me?
I'm getting off here, Bouftea, Bouftea.
I need to come through.
Dr. Franklin, I presume?
Joe Smith.
Nice to meet you, Joe.
What, did you bring your whole lab?
I'm a scientist.
I like to be prepared.
Car's over here.
I'm sorry about the change of plans.
I have a fear of flying.
I got to ride on the
Orient Express, though.
That was interesting.
So, you're with CIA, right?
CIA through Interpol.
You guys must have your hands pretty busy
with all those eastern European countries
selling their military secrets.
Uh, Dr. Zimmer's ours, though, right?
And the Superconn, as long
as no one else beats us to him.
Did you happen to read his treatment
on virtual reality and
cellular structure movement?
Not yet.
How much of the tech stuff
have you been briefed on?
Well, the tech is your job, Franklin.
I couldn't explain how a flashlight works.
Well, what exactly do you do, Joe?
If Zimmer's were real,
I'd write the check.
Dad, listen to me.
Can you listen to me?
I'm listening.
Didn't you make some notes
the last time we processed the Superconn?
I wanna know when
you're handing Ivan Drago
over to the security police.
I'm not.
What about last night?
That's between us.
Ivan is going to be here
for the demonstration.
Half the work is his.
He should benefit from it.
And afterwards, are you still partners?
I should hope so.
Um, could you slow down a little bit?
I was trying to get a picture here.
I take it you've never traveled
in eastern Europe before.
Well, no, I...
Watch out, watch...
I haven't really been
east of MIT, actually.
Coming from Boston,
this'll be quite a
little adventure for you.
Yeah, I feel like I've gone back in time
about 100 years.
My father's demonstrating
the Mandroid unit himself, Doctor.
Just checking that
everything is in order, Doctor.
We wouldn't want anything
to go wrong, would we?
What's with the chewing gum?
Well, I'm trying to quit smoking.
Oh, really?
Why don't we talk about Proheba?
I looked on the maps, and I
haven't been able to find it.
Well, that's because Proheba's
been more myth than reality
the last 50 years.
The commoners quardened off
a small town in the mountains
to be used as a scientific
research center.
All the doctors, their families, wives,
everything is completely contained.
So, what's it like?
you'll soon see for yourself.
Dr. Franklin, Mr. Smith,
Dr. Drago and I are very happy
to have you with us here today.
What you are holding in your hand
is the last word in organic research.
It will cure many of
the diseases of mankind,
and it can be used as the most powerful
and cleanest fuel ever known.
But, as you will see,
the Superconn element starts its life
as one of Mother Nature's own.
That's some kinda mushroom, isn't it?
Very good, Mr. Smith, very good.
So, essentially, it begins
its life as a plant spore?
Exactly, but first, it must be processed.
The Superconn formula we are adding
will have an immediate effect.
To open the tank now would release
a dangerous chemical reaction.
So, for that, we need some assistance.
Gentlemen, meet the Mandroid unit.
Powerful, indestructible,
with only one purpose,
to make our work in the lab easier.
Gentlemen, what we cannot do,
the Mandroid unit can.
He is the ultimate tool.
The Mandroid unit operates as an extension
to the person wearing the helmet.
We can see through its eyes,
make its arms and legs
do anything we would do.
At this moment, Benjamin's
mind is in this metal body
more than in his own,
which is a good thing,
since the radiation chamber
is a little hot for us.
Goggles, gentlemen.
Be prepared.
The Superconn.
You look tired, Benjamin!
He's the one who dragged us here,
Mr. all talk, no action.
All talk and no action?
You just give me a minute
to catch my breath here.
Come on, Wade, dance with me.
Oh, no, no, wrong guy.
This is a dance I
learned as a little girl.
You have to dance with me!
Come on!
Go, go, be brave!
Well, hard for me to say no now.
Be right back.
I'll be right back.
Order another bottle of wine
and put it on the new expense account.
Mr. Smith, I want to talk to you.
This is between us.
You know the Mandroid is my creation.
There are modification possibilities
that even Zimmer doesn't know about.
Are you proposing a deal, Doctor?
The unit can be transformed
into a fighting machine
of incredible power.
I thought the prototype might
be worth something to you.
Say, financing my private
laboratory in this area?
And how many Mandroid units
would your research require?
If I stay out of the
way of the United States,
does it matter what my goals are?
It might.
I think you've made similar
deals in South America,
and your government did not
care about repercussions,
as long as it got what it wanted.
Dr. Drago, you're asking me
to buy something I already own.
Now, the Superconn and the Mandroid unit
are no longer for sale.
But you must...
Excuse me.
Doctor, thank you so much.
I had a wonderful time tonight.
You can thank me by showing
me one of your favorite,
what do you say, watering holes in Boston?
It would be my pleasure.
Thank you very much, very nice.
Good night.
I'm sorry I was so clumsy.
I hope I didn't bruise your feet.
A few more lessons
and you'll be just fine.
I'm gonna hold you to that.
I'll see you tomorrow?
I look forward to it.
I, uh,
think he likes you.
Don't be impatient.
You pay, you tell me when.
Benjamin, you think you're too tired
to finish up in the lab?
No problem, sir.
Ah, it's been a big day.
Good night, everyone.
Good night, Father.
Where's Benjamin?
The professor's
daughter with all the answers.
What are you doing here?
You want us all dead, don't
you, you son of a bitch?
I don't know what you are talking about.
I'm taking what's mine,
and you stay out of my way.
Don't move.
Zanna, you were such a
bore when you were little,
and you have not changed at all.
We need to take him to the hospital.
No hospitals, Doctor.
I hope you understand.
If his condition worsens,
I'll have no choice, Mr. Smith.
We need to dispose of the body.
What about the authorities?
Right now, I am the authorities.
Grab his feet.
Are you kidding?
I'm not touching this guy.
You have no choice.
The CIA's paying you to do a job.
Now, this happens to be a part of it.
Does the CIA bargain with the Devil, Joe?
Who's there?
Where are you running, to the police?
Answer me, or I'll cut your throat.
Stop ranting and answer me!
You have no voice.
You live here?
I approve.
Are you afraid of me?
Very good.
That's very good.
Dr. Kierst?
This is Karl Zimmer.
Could you come right away, please?
I have a burn patient who
requires immediate treatment.
Thank you.
You can have all my money, please.
Please, I'm a doctor, and
I have an emergency call.
Dr. Kierst.
I thank you for coming.
What is this?
I am the one who used Zimmer's name
to bring you here.
You assisted me 10 years ago,
when a local worker at
the chemical factory
was burned in Osno.
Very good.
And now, I need your surgical skills.
Did you bring your instruments?
But I can't operate here.
Doctor, you have no idea
what you can do under pressure.
But don't you worry.
I will guide your every move.
I will tell you where to cut.
Please, Doctor, do only as
I say, or he will kill you.
Relax, Doctor.
It's just a house call.
Now please, prepare for
your first incision.
I have ether in my bag, eh?
My nerve ends are destroyed.
I feel nothing.
Now, please cut, from the right temple,
all the way down to the edge
of the jaw, above the chin.
And then, fold back the dead tissue.
Doing fine, Doctor.
Just fine.
The Superconn's fine.
One of Drago's bullets may have hit,
but that shouldn't have made a difference.
Now try.
You said this damn
thing was indestructible.
It is, but this is only a prototype.
So, how do you like it?
Well, it's strange.
It's kind of exciting.
Hey, Joe, high five.
When do I get to the mine?
Right away, if Dr. Franklin's up to it.
Absolutely, absolutely.
But you're gonna have to guide
me through it, that's all.
I'll guide you through every detail,
but I must warn you, it's very strenuous.
You'll find the Mandroid
consumes your mental energy, as well.
No, don't turn on the light.
Are you in pain, Ben?
I'm fine.
I was just drifting off to sleep.
I feel a hell of a lot
better than I did yesterday.
We're going to the mine.
I'll come check on you in a few hours.
Who's controlling the Mandroid?
Don't worry, Wade's handling it.
Get some rest.
I'll give you complete
instructions as we go along.
I wish I could be there with you.
You are.
How far away can we be
from your command center
and still get that thing to function?
About 50 miles.
That wouldn't be much good in the field.
Actually, Ivan Drago
has solved the problem.
The plan is to modify the control helmet
so one wouldn't need all
the equipment in the lab.
With the improved helmet,
the Mandroid can be
controlled by thought alone.
If it works out, I guess
I owe Dr. Drago something.
You know, my friend,
I think this is a little crude.
I think, with your talent, you
should make me a metal mask.
But first, get rid of him.
Let me see what you brought.
Now we have work to do.
Okay, Mandroid.
Ready to go to work?
Do me a favor, would ya?
Call me Wadedroid.
Okay, Wade, let's go.
Let's not stay too long.
I'm worried about Ben,
and I really don't wanna push Wade.
Thank you!
You're welcome.
One group of spores will be enough.
Just make sure we get what we need.
Go ahead, take your position.
Now, all you have to do is punch the air.
Aim directly in front of you.
You mind if I think about the guy
who recruited me for this job?
Wow, he must really hate that guy.
Keep it up, Wade.
That's good, excellent!
You hold in your hand the
beginning of the Superconn's life.
Get out of my way.
Come on!
Wade, Wade!
What the hell are you doing?
Wait, wait, wait, no, no!
You think this is acceptable?
I'm gonna call
for an ambulance immediately.
No, no ambulance.
We're okay, just get us outta here.
This falls under the jurisdiction
of the Security Forces.
You should let us handle it.
This operation is CIA sanctioned.
I'm impressed.
Turn right up here.
There you go, easy.
Oh my God.
Who did this?
We must check on Benjamin.
Ben, how do you feel?
Please help me.
Oh my God!
I'm coming with you, Benjamin.
Please, Doctor, you must
tell me what happened here.
Not now.
The man needs medical attention.
It's Soviet issue.
Probably stolen from the
Security Force arsenal.
Maybe from Kolchak's own footlocker.
Are you sure you saw Dr. Drago?
It had to be Drago.
He's the only one who knows
about the Superconn program,
and now he has it all.
Not everything.
My father has a special
set of Superconn specs.
He never wanted Dr. Drago to have access.
Is your father holding out?
The formula takes the crystals
to their ultimate level of power.
My father knows how governments work.
He just wanted to sure.
Excuse me.
My friend, come over here.
You are about to witness a miracle.
Stop it, imbecile.
There is nothing to be afraid of.
Stop sniveling!
Shut up!
This is great.
I can control Mandroid by thought alone!
No hook-ups, no wire!
Complete freedom, do you understand?
Miserable creature, I'll show you.
Sit down and finish my mask.
I'm tired of that goddamn veil!
You gonna be able to get some sleep?
I hope so.
Sorry to break up the tender moment.
Washington's okayed it for
me to complete the sale
with your father, provided
he turns over everything.
No secrets.
I can't answer for my father, Joe.
Think you can handle this?
Tell Karl if he doesn't
hand the Superconn formula
over to me, he'll be
washing his daughter's blood
from the walls.
I will call your father
in exactly one hour.
Tell him I have Joe Smith.
When will I speak to Benjamin Knight?
He's a very sick man.
You'll have no secret deals
for the United States, Karl.
I must know everything.
You know, this sounds
familiar to me, Bagdan,
but things have not changed very much.
Dr. Zimmer, your daughter just phoned.
She wants you to come home immediately.
It's very urgent.
I wish I'd killed Drago
when I had the chance.
You don't mean that.
Let's leave that kind of
talk to guys like Joe, okay?
What is it, Zanna?
What's happened?
Drago took Joe.
Oh my God.
Dad, how is Benjamin?
I can't explain it.
I don't understand it at all.
He's almost totally invisible.
Karl, you finally showed yourself
to be the thief I always knew you were.
I found out you were
working on the new formula
of the Superconn without telling me.
Right now, it's in your best interest
to give me the formula.
If you don't, I'll drop Mr.
Smith's head on your doorstep.
I'm sure his friends in the
CIA will be very impressed.
So, you see, it's quite simple.
Meet me tomorrow at the old paper mill,
and everything will be right again.
Did you hear what I said to him?
I thought that part about
my head on the doorstep
was rather colorful.
Now you can have both,
my new helmet and the Superconn.
And you'll be a rich man.
That's correct.
He does try to keep a clean house.
This thing will really
do what you want it to,
just by thinking the orders?
It brought you to me, didn't it?
Can you imagine 1,000 Mandroid units?
Yeah, I know.
I told you you've got a deal.
Very good.
So, since we're such good friends now,
how about giving me my gun back?
Do you think you need it?
I just don't want that
idiot to play with it.
He'll take good care of it, don't worry.
Don't you trust me?
I've been coming here all my life.
Did your family work in the mine, Doctor?
Not quite.
Aha, here!
When the Nazis invaded,
my father hid us down here for 10 weeks
before we were discovered.
It was an interesting time.
This is the only existing microfilm
of the new Superconn formula.
We have to be very careful with it.
It's my butt out there,
so let's make the
exchange for the formula,
and that's it, right?
Are you nervous, Mr. Secret Agent?
If I don't make my plane,
there'll be 1,000 operatives swarming
all over this godforsaken
place by morning.
I want it to be convincing.
Just remember what I said.
Don't you trust me?
It's loaded.
You wanted to be part of this, Bagdan.
Now you are.
I don't like being used, Dr. Zimmer,
but I have to do what I can.
We're going to make a straight exchange,
the microfilm for Agent Smith.
I'm going to make the exchange.
Oh, no, Doctor, that's
not what we agreed upon.
There's no reason to put
yourself in danger here.
No, no, I do this for me.
And when it is done,
I'll destroy all traces of the Superconn.
Then nobody can have it.
I do this for your future, Zanna.
Karl, are you there?
Don't worry, my child.
I'll be fine.
We'll be right behind you, Doctor.
Come, I'm waiting for you.
The new helmet seems
to work quite well, Ivan.
Sorry I couldn't help you with it.
I'm not.
You're hiding somewhere
with your control helmet.
Why don't you come out here
and talk to me face to face?
There is no need for that.
Just give me the microfilm.
First, you must release Mr. Smith.
Give me the film,
and I'll release him at the same time.
Take your time, Doctor.
I'm all right.
Very good.
Give me the film and come with me, Smith.
What's going on here?
No, no, Zanna, no!
Damn you, Smith, we had a deal.
An ambulance, immediately!
What kind of game were you playing here?
I had to gain Drago's confidence.
He has the goddamn unit and we need it.
This is bullshit.
It's all just business to you, isn't it?
This was not supposed to happen.
Get me a gun.
Let's go.
Hold on, Father.
The ambulance is on its way.
I'm sorry, Zanna.
I love you so much.
Come on, this way!
That's the bastard's little helper.
Yes, what is it?
I know, we're going.
You're just a liar!
Mr. American Scientist.
End of the road.
Say goodbye.
Wait, wait!
I'm sorry about your father.
Jesus, I thought I had
problems before this happened.
We have the Superconn,
and maybe one day we'll have the cure.
Working together like old times, huh?
Not exactly.
That's for sure.
What about Wade?
You got it working again!
No, you did it.
You reconstructed the Superconn valve,
then I attached it to the main database.
That's great!
Wish there were as simple
a solution for my situation.
There is.
You just have to keep working at it.
I know.
And I'll be with you each step of the way.
I know.
You're paying for the whole night,
so you can do whatever you want with me.
don't be shy.
Come on.
You are beautiful.
Yes, I know.
What's wrong?
Come on, kiss me!