Mandy the Doll (2018) Movie Script

Somebody help me!
Somebody help me, help me!
Somebody help me!
So, definitely no parents
busting in on us today.
No parents are
busting in on us.
That's what I like to hear.
Tell me more about this
best babysitting job
in the world, then.
Yeah, it was freaky.
She booked me to
do another shift.
Well, that's great.
No, it's not.
It was weird.
Why is it weird?
I mean it was weird,
like it was crazy Mark.
I never saw the kid.
So what
was you babysitting?
I don't even know,
and when I asked her
anything about her,
she was really full on
about the rules of house,
there were monitors everywhere.
Okay, so let me
get this straight,
so there's monitors
in the house,
and you don't see the kid.
Doesn't sound like a
babysitting job to me.
I just heard it through
the monitors, I never saw it.
Heard what?
I don't know, the kid.
Put the
kid through what?
Just making
noises, I don't know,
that's what I mean, it
was weird, it's not funny,
it was kinda creepy.
Did it sound like a
old man heavy breathing?
Like ah, yes.
I'm not sure, actually.
Oh dear, how do you
get yourself in these
situations, seriously?
How have you even
survived this long?
That is a very good
question, I don't know.
Don't make me go
back there, please.
I thought you said your parents
weren't coming back today.
They aren't, it's probably
a neighbor, stay here.
Come on, last time your dad
caught us in shit like this.
Calm down.
I thought he
was gonna kill me.
Calm yourself, lie down.
God, every time.
What the hell?
Can you grab me a
bottle of wine, please?
Not the expensive stuff,
just get the cheap stuff.
- What's this?
- Oh my.
That is not funny.
Well, I thought
it was hilarious.
Someone left this.
Creepy fucker.
You know, that literally
looks like you as a doll.
How funny.
I hate you.
Look, he's even
got, you got a bit,
a bit of a scar there on you?
Okay, I'll stop.
Have you heard of the
Legend of Mandy the Doll?
Mandy the Doll?
Oh, isn't that
about that girl who,
she got left in a
church or something,
and some bullies killed
her, is that right?
No, she wasn't
killed by the bullies.
She was left there,
and she froze to death,
and her soul went into the doll
that she was clutching
onto, have you heard of it?
- The doll?
- Yeah.
Come on.
What, and you think
this is the same doll?
How do you know
it's the same one?
Look at this, it's
exactly the same part,
there, look at that.
Okay, so when was
the doll last seen?
Like, 10 years
ago, a pregnant lady
at a car boot sale bought it.
It's been 10 years.
I'm really freaking out
because the lady that
I was babysitting for,
she had loads of dolls.
Heaps of them.
Some people have dolls.
Yeah, but she cracked
it at me when I left,
so what if she sent me this?
Look, you're just letting
your imagination run wild, okay?
It's just the guys
trying to fuck with us.
It's not, think about
it, it makes sense,
she had creepy dolls in the
house, I never saw the kid,
she cracked it when I left,
and now this turns
up on our doorstep.
Oh my god, I'm telling
you this is literally
just a practical joke, okay?
Just chill out, like come on.
Oh yeah, it looks
like mad, don't it?
Ooh scary, it's
just a doll, okay?
You're being ridiculous.
Stop being ridiculous.
I said to stop calling me.
Look, I don't want to
babysit for you anymore.
Stop calling me.
If you don't stop, then
I'll call the police.
Mark, what's going on?
What are you doing?
You wanna get
steamy, do ya babe?
what's going on?
Mark, this isn't funny.
If you're trying
to freak me out,
you can seriously stay
somewhere else this weekend.
Oh my god!
Play with me.
Oh, you didn't think
we'd forget you, did you?
I didn't think
you were gonna show.
Oh, I'm sorry we're late.
Oh, this tastes amazing!
Holy shit.
Been a while, huh?
Do we have any more?
I'll fix you something when
we get back to the hideout.
It's complicated, I
mean it's not been easy
prepping for today.
How long have you
guys been back together?
Don't be like that, I mean,
he still likes to
drink, he's got clean,
we're getting there.
I just care about you.
It won't be like before.
I don't want things to go
back to the way the were.
I want this to be a
start of a new life.
Everything's changed.
What's that face for?
What are you thinking?
Look, to get that new start
we just need to do
something first.
Take this.
Here we are.
Let's go.
I got out hours ago,
and you wanna set me up
on a job that could send
me straight back in?
Look, just come on.
Amber come
on, it's not a hard job.
You know what I mean?
Carly's done it before.
I swear, you go in there
and you don't even
have to do anything.
listen to me very carefully.
We set you up for
a babysitting job,
go up in there, like
you're little miss perfect,
soon as the house is
free, you call us.
We do the work.
Fuck sake, Amber.
Think about it, it's not
like you gotta do shit.
What about the kid?
You just call the parents,
you tell them something came up,
and then you get out of there.
It's nothing.
Oh hey, we stole
all your belongings,
kid's fine, catch ya later?
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
something like that.
Fuck you!
Seriously, can you
just give us a minute?
Fresh start, new beginnings,
I should have known
that you were full of shit.
Look, this is gonna
be a new start for us,
for all three of us.
Look, when we found
out you were coming out
we gave up everything
to start again.
We've paid off all the
dealers, the lenders,
I mean, Neil has
even sold his PMR30.
What are you saying?
- Boo hoo, Neil sold his gun.
- I'm saying.
- I went to jail!
- I'm saying we're broke.
Yeah you went to jail,
none of us wanted that.
I wished every day that
things had ended differently.
But look, you're out
now, you're in the clear,
everything's paid off.
Come on, you just do this
one final job for fast,
unmarked cash then we can go
wherever the hell you want.
Come on.
What's the worst
that could happen, huh?
Look, I'm not
gonna sugar coat it,
we rob some rich fucking family,
and then Neil's contact comes
in and buys it all off us.
We get unmarked cash, Amber.
We get 50% dollars, 50% Euros,
we get three new passports.
We can go wherever we want.
You always wanted to go to
Italy, we could go there.
Come on, you need this.
It's time for us to
take control of our lives,
can't change our past,
but we can change our future.
I want to give you
the life you deserve.
The life Mom
should've given you.
You know
I don't blame you
for anything that happened.
None of it was your fault.
Whoever our mom was,
she wasn't a mother to me.
You were.
You made me the
person I am today.
You're right,
maybe it is time we take control
Yo, yo, yo!
Rise and shine,
we have a target.
Time to suit up.
Alright so check it out,
some lady,
single parent I think,
nice sized house,
wants you to look after her kid.
it is
Quiet, little dusty
here and there,
bit of clutter,
but trust me,
hell of a lot of shit to sell.
This is for you,
it's got enough credit
to last you tonight,
remember to dash away
the phones after.
don't be trying to hold onto
this shit after tonight.
I can't have him having any way
of tracking this back to us.
Make sure you call us an
hour after she leaves,
and we're done by midnight.
The fuck, am I talking
to myself here?
She heard you.
Is that right?
I heard you.
your profile says Jessie.
So I'd use that name
unless you wanna risk
getting thrown back inside.
Alright, it's about that time.
Let's do this.
All right, so her name's
Dorothy O'Brien, okay?
She lives alone, and
she's got one child.
What kind of stuff do
you want me to look for?
All right, you just
leave that to us.
You just go in there,
and well do the rest.
You ready?
Let's get this over with.
Let's go!
Ms. O'Brien?
It's Jessie, the sitter.
You must be Jessie.
I'm sorry, I
shouldn't have just
walked into your
house like that.
I'm assuming it was
you who let me in.
Oh, that will be Mandy.
Just after I've
settled her to sleep.
You go in the dining room,
and I'll go up and check on
Mandy, I'll be right back.
it Mandy, that's it.
Look, I should be
back soon, okay?
I should be back soon,
a nice young girl is downstairs.
I know, I know.
Shush, shush,
it's fine Mandy.
All is going to be just fine.
That's it, sleep tight.
I've put together a little
list for you, house rules,
so we can get the
best of Mandy's moods.
The attic is
completely off limits,
that's Mandy's play area.
She absolutely hates
being left alone,
so you're not to leave the
house under any circumstances,
you don't go in the garden,
- you don't answer the door,
- Of course.
you don't have a cigarette.
Of course,
I won't.
You see, Mandy
tends to cry a lot,
and if Mandy is to waken,
there's no getting
her back to sleep.
I've provided a monitor for you,
so you can hear everything
that's happening in the room.
I've also provided
this visual monitor,
which registers any
movement in the room.
After all, we don't
want Mandy out of bed
running around, do we?
Or anyone else in the room.
She tends to sleep
quite well at night,
and as I've managed to
get her off to sleep,
she should be fine
for the night.
If there is any problem,
you are to call me immediately.
You see, if Mandy were
to wake, she is to cry.
If she is to cry, I shall
have to return home.
There is no stopping her
once Mandy starts to cry,
do you understand?
Sure, I got it.
Don't go in her room,
and if she's to wake
or cry, to give you call.
You make it sound so much
simpler than it truly is.
She's just a kid, right?
She is a special girl.
Anyway, must go.
Tonight, where are you going?
A gathering.
I shouldn't be home much after
midnight, I shouldn't think.
Time to go.
Just checking, Mandy, she
does know I'm here right?
Of course she knows.
She knows all about you Jessie.
How old is she?
I thought it was rather
rude to ask a woman's age.
Oh, right.
You have my number on
the information sheet,
I shall have my phone
by my side all evening.
Don't hesitate to
call, if necessary.
Of course.
Have a nice nice, Ms. O'Brien.
See you soon.
Don't go in the
attic, remember,
don't go in the attic.
Come up
and play with me.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god, oh my god.
Hey babe, what'd I tell you
about trying to put your
fucking toes up my ass.
What are you talking about?
Fuck off, I didn't say shit.
Why is fucking Amber ringing us?
The child, the child's gone.
Someone's been in the house.
Amber, calm down, calm down,
what do you mean she's gone?
I heard a voice, a lady's
voice on the monitor,
someone must've sneaked
in when I was asleep,
and taken her.
Carly, fuck, I'm gonna have
to call Ms. O'Brien, Carly,
Okay right away,
call her straight away,
we'll be there in 20 minutes.
What the fuck's going on?
Please go, go, go, go.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Hi Jessie,
how's it going there?
Ms. O'Brien,
I think you need to come home.
- What's happened?
- Oh my god.
It's Mandy,
I think that someone
must have taken her.
I'm so, so sorry Ms. O'Brien.
What do
you mean Mandy is gone?
She can't have just gone.
Haven't you checked the house?
Yeah, she's not in her bed.
All that's in her
bed is just this,
just this doll.
should be in the bed.
She has strawberry blonde hair,
and a pretty white dress.
She should be in the bed.
Are you sure she
isn't in bed, Jess?
Strawberry blonde hair.
White dress.
She's the girl in
the photo with you
by the side of her bed?
yes, that's her,
that's my Mandy.
Ms. O'Brien, I see the photo,
I see Mandy.
She's in the bed,
and she's sleeping.
I'm so sorry, Ms. O'Brien,
I messed up, have a great night.
me if you need me,
and try not to scare me
half to death again, please.
Come on!
It's fine, it's fine.
The child,
it's not a child.
Oh my god, this is creepy.
Check out the photo.
The fuck is this?
You taking the piss?
This crazy bitch
ain't gonna realize
none of her shit's missing.
This is perfect!
I mean, this is
something else.
Something else?
Babe, this is
fucking incredible.
Let's do this, honestly.
Come on, we never had
it this perfect before.
Let's just get what we
need and get out of here.
Yeah, yeah, we gotta
wait for Diane though.
Oh, she's the contact
from the network,
she's the one who's
gonna buy all this shit.
Are you serious?
What time is she coming?
Ms. O'Brien said she was
gonna be back my midnight,
it's already like nine!
Alright, chill with
that shit, alright?
She'll be here
before then, okay?
She's gonna keep me updated.
Let us go and investigate
the shit out of this place.
Come on.
I'm gonna be so loaded.
Never thought she'd have
this much shit, you know?
Label that as high priority.
I'm gonna go get a drink.
Did you guys hear that?
How do I look?
Fucking hot.
Too much time inside,
I'm going crazy.
Why did you leave me?
I don't
like being alone.
Who is that?
I wanna play a game.
Will you play with me?
Who is that?
You know who it is.
Take this shit
downstairs for Diane.
I'm gonna go check
out the attic.
Fucking shit blood.
Are you there?
Are you guys
all right down there?
Yeah, yeah, we're fine.
Why are you freaking out,
this couldn't be any easier,
we're gonna be fine.
Cool, cool, cool.
Fucking joke, this man.
Fuck me!
Alright, alright, cool.
Dickhead doll.
Can you take this?
What is it?
We're not alone.
Fuck it man, I'm
taking this shit.
What do you mean
we're not alone?
I heard.
What are you talking about?
She's alive.
What do you mean
Mandy's alive?
I heard her.
I heard her earlier.
I spoke to her, just now.
Stop freaking out.
The first time I did this,
I was freaking out too,
but can't you see how
silly you're being?
Where's Neil?
He's upstairs in the attic.
Seriously Amber, what the hell
- is going on?
- Neil!
Amber, what the hell's going on?
You wouldn't
believe if I told you!
What the fuck?
Stop fucking around!
What the fuck is this shit?
- Neil?
- Carly!
Carly, please don't go up there.
What the hell is going on?
The doll, it's alive.
How much did
you have to drink?
Carly, please.
Seriously, go wait
for me downstairs.
- No!
- I said go.
That's blood.
Carly: Oh my god.
Neil, it's Diane,
I've got the cash!
What you got for me?
There's someone down there,
do you think it's
Neil or the contact?
It's fucking Mandy
waiting for us.
It's Diane.
Where's Neil?
I'm supposed to be
meeting him here.
Yeah, it's Carly,
his girlfriend,
we think we're in the house.
I'm the house, where are you?
upstairs, where are you?
Got ya.
In kid's room, right?
How did you know that?
Yeah, I can see you
on the baby monitor.
Who's there with you?
My sister.
Alright, well where's Neil?
Is he the third person there?
Carly, what is it?
There's someone in the room.
Oh my god!
What the hell is that?
It's the doll,
she's real.
I wanna play a game,
will you play with me?
I'll give you a clue.
What the bloody
hell is going on?
Right, I'm not one for games!
If its children
I'm dealing with,
I should just take
my money elsewhere!
We need to get out of here.
Wait here, I need
to get the cash.
Carly, no.
I got us into this
mess, wait here.
- Don't go.
- No I'll be fine.
Go upstairs.
She's not here.
Shit, shit, Amber,
Amber I've got the cash!
I've got the cash!
It is mine.
Oh my god, what
the fuck is this?
What the fuck?
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Why does everyone
try and run from me?
What's going on?
Is that you?
One step.
Two step.
Three step.
Four step.
Five step.
I'm coming for you.
I want to play.
I wanna play with you, sitter.
- Eight step.
- Please!
Come on, come on.
Nine step.
Ready or not,
here I come.
Oh my god, no, no!
Carly, Carly, Carly!
Thank god you're alive!
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
What the fuck is this!
My tea party.
Sorry if I made you jump.
What do you want from us?
I want you
to be my friends,
and I want you to have
fun at my tea party.
Your friends
were scared of me,
I had to silence them.
I don't like the
noises they make.
Why is everyone so
frightened of me?
No one ever wants
to be my friend.
I wanna be your friend.
You do?
That's why I took this job.
Then why did you lie?
I didn't lie.
You said
your name was Jessie.
You are a naughty babysitter.
I lied,
because I didn't wanna
scare you from what I've done
in my past.
I'm not
scared of you, Amber.
Now you're going to
be my friends forever.
What even are you!
Well, I am a girl.
You're a doll!
Where did she go?
We're sorry Mandy,
we didn't mean it.
We didn't mean it, we
know you're not a doll.
We know that you're
a little girl,
we know that, we know
we know that.
Time to play a game.
Okay, what game
do you wanna play?
Hide and seek.
Where am I, can you see me?
I can see you.
Oh my god, she cut me!
No, Carly!
You're going
to find me, silly.
Bloody hell.
Ms. O'Brien!
- We're up here!
- We're upstairs!
Ms. O'Brien!
We're up here!
Ms. O'Brien!
- Ms. O'Brien, please!
- Please, please, please!
We're up here!
Please, Ms. O'Brien!
Oh my god Mandy,
what have you done!
I'm so sorry.
I told you,
I told you to call me
if she were to wake.
Oh Mandy, what have you done?
Please, please, we
won't tell anyone!
She doesn't realize that
what she's doing is bad.
I tried to change her ways,
I tried to change
her ways every time,
but after what happened.
What the fuck is going on?
The children locked
her in the church,
and left her there
for a week.
No one knew, because the
church was being repaired,
and froze to the
death in the church.
The priest found her.
I'm so sorry.
How did you even get her?
Mandy was passed down
my family from
generation to generation.
All of us knowing
that her soul was still
trapped inside the doll.
Look in the bag.
What bag?
On the floor.
Look what they were doing.
Please no, that's
not what you think.
Ms. O'Brien,
I'm so sorry,
I'm so sorry.
I let you into my house
to look after Mandy,
and you steal from me!
Truly Ms. O'Brien,
I'm so
Ms. O'Brien, truly.
Oh, thank you, thank you,
we won't say
anything, I promise.
Carly, Carly let's go,
- let's go.
- Go?
You're not going anywhere
now you know my secret.
Mandy, teach these girls some
real discipline, could you?
Can you see me?
Carly, no!
I can see you.
Let's get on with
this, shall we.
Let me go, please.
Let me in!
The door!
Open the door will you?
Open the door!
You're going to be like
Mandy's friends soon.
She wants to keep you.
Oh, you came back.
Of course I did.
I wouldn't leave
you like Mom did.
Where is she?
She's on the landing.
How are you gonna
get out of here?
We're gonna get out of
here, we're gonna fight.
Can you get up?
Yeah, yeah I think so.
Amber, I can't see.
- I can't see, Amber.
- You're okay.
Oh Mandy, where are you?
Help me.
She's gonna see
us, she's gonna see us.
- We have to go,
- Where are you Mandy?
we have to go.
It's okay, it's okay.
- It's okay, shh.
- She's gonna see us.
Don't look.
It's okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
Shh, shh, okay, okay, okay,
come on, come on, come on!
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
Oh Mandy!
Hey look, Carly,
it's the door.
We're gonna make it.
I wanna go, come on, come on.
Okay, okay.
- Amber.
- What?
- Have you got the cash?
- What?
Have you got the cash?
- Just come on.
- No, come on, shut up.
- Get the door, get the door.
- No.
Carly, Carly, Carly!
Carly, Carly!
Carly no, no, no, no,
no, no, no please!
No Carly!
Carly don't, stay
with me, please!
Carly, please, please, please,
please, please, please.
Carly, Carly, please,
please, please.
Please, please no.
I need you, I need you.
No, no, no!
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
You can't leave!
You can't leave me on my own!
You can't leave me!
Do you think you're
gonna be happy here?
Look at all this farmland,
all these animals
you can take care of.
It's gonna be great.
It's beautiful.
This is gonna be a new
start for both of us,
I think it's what
we need, don't you?
Yeah, it'd be good
to have a fresh outlook on
Look, loosing a baby
is very difficult.
We'll get you through it.
Just remember that
you're my baby,
and I wanna look after you.
Thanks, Mom.
Oh come on, you're
supposed to be helping me.
What have you got there?
Oh my god, what is that?
It's like when I got Rebecca.
Alright, you've got
to stop doing this,
relating everything
back to what's happened.
It's a new start,
leaving the past
behind, remember?
I hope you didn't get
her anything like this.
This is ghastly, look at it.
Why has grandad got that?
I don't know.
He used to give
dolls out, I think,
when we were younger,
but I don't remember this one.
It's creepy.
Best place for this.
The best place for
this, is the bin.
Come on, let's go
look somewhere else.
I think you need to
get this door sorted.
She's found a new home now.
Oh my god!