Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi (2019) Movie Script

a civilization... rich in culture
and with an innate zest for life.
A prosperous country...
always welcoming visitors
with open arms.
But, those visitors
harbored cruel intentions.
While violence and suffering
brewed in the dark of the night...
the Motherland gave birth to...
It's rare to see such lines of fate.
She's a blessed soul.
What shall we call her?
Like the eternal flame on the sacred
mountain pass of Manikarnika...
her name will smolder
in the heart of every Indian.
There's none more befitting.
Manikarnika... jewel of the Gods.
Will my daughter live a long life?
That... I don't know.
But, her name will surely
go down in history.
Like Lord Rama.
She will be steadfast.
Tiger... run!
I don't see anything.
Just your beaded sweat trickling down.
To tell you the truth,
my legs are trembling, too.
Give me the potion.
Here, Manu.
Oh! You've only sedated him.
Why didn't you kill him?
I never meant to kill him,
just wanted to save the village.
Release him deep in the jungle.
So that he's happy in his home
while the villagers feel safe in theirs.
Thank you!
You've saved our livestock.
And our children are safe, too.
Sir, please come here.
Stop here.
Who's this brave girl?
Bithoor's Chief Minister has raised her.
She's Moropant's daughter.
She isn't from the warrior clan
but has the qualities of a great soldier.
She isn't married, is she?
No, sir.
Lord Shiva, bejeweled
with a snake garland
Purified by the water
trickling down his locks
Dancing fiercely, the Tandava
to the beat of the drum.
Bless us, Oh Lord!
Queen, there's important news.
Tell me.
Where's the prince?
What can I say?
You know his world... the arts...
literature and music.
Queen Mother, that's true, but...
it's all an excuse.
We've received several letters
from the British.
They are eyeing Jhansi like hawks.
Dixit-ji, if Jhansi doesn't get
an heir soon...
it will be usurped
like Berar and Awadh.
Don't worry.
I've found a girl who's the solution
to our problems.
But Dixit-ji, is this girl of the right stature
for the Navalkar family?
I don't know about her family.
But I do know that
she's perfect for Jhansi.
Also mention,
we never get our pension on time.
It's embarrassing to ask
British personnel for it.
And Chief, we must bring
to their notice...
that British personnel
harass our people.
Also, the Company has legally accepted
my adopted son, Nana-sahib
but the local personnel don't
consult him in government affairs.
Where's Nana-sahib?
He needs to sign this letter, too.
Tatya is teaching swordsmanship
to Nana-sahib and Rao-sahib.
Don't move your sword like a girl.
If you fight like this,
the enemy will kill you.
Dixit-ji, it's a pleasure to meet you.
But, what brings you here?
Chief Minister, I've come to ask you
for something precious.
Dixit-ji, the Company has seized Pune.
My palace, my treasury,
even my title has been taken away.
Instead, they've given
me the small village of Bithoor.
What could Jhansi possibly
want from us?
Have you met Manu?
Chief, this union is beyond you and me...
it's for our Motherland.
The British have their eyes
on Jhansi, too.
Brother, I'll show you how girls fight.
I am Manu's father only by birth, Dixit-ji.
It's you who has raised her.
Your decision is mine.
I beg your pardon.
Had we known you were coming,
we would've dressed her appropriately.
Moropant, this is the best way
to introduce Manu.
Dixit-ji, this is my girl.
One in a million.
Why... did you get into
a contest with all three?
Chief, would you like to try you luck?
Father, you too...
Tatya, Nana, Rao...
whoever gets me her sword,
wins my elephant.
Here, my darling.
My elephant is yours.
It was never for the elephant, sir.
I was fighting for your blessings.
Dixit-ji, there's no one like my Manu.
I accept your proposal.
But, let me check with Manu first.
Jhansi awaits her Manikarnika.
You didn't get the book
I wanted this time either.
Did you forget?
The day you get Harshcharitra
will be memorable.
Usually the books come to me.
This time, I had to come to them.
What's the matter?
There's a proposal for you.
From Jhansi?
Am I so bothersome
that you want to send me off?
Your affection has made
her forget her manners, Chief.
What's the matter?
Chief, you've brought me up
like a warrior.
Never deprived me of anything.
But that doesn't mean that
I know your ways.
I won't know how to be a queen.
My child, that's not important.
Remember one thing...
give your Motherland
unconditional love.
You always tell me that.
Remember, remember
Love your Motherland
Whether I live or die,
My country prevails
Shout out your love
For your Motherland, hail!
Whether I live or die,
My country prevails
Forever, live
In glory in many-a-tales
Whether I live or die,
My country prevails
Take every drop of my blood
And let it rain
Drench me head to toe
For my country,
I will bleed again
This love for my country,
a steady gaze
Whether I live or die,
My country prevails
Isn't Jhansi beautiful?
Once you're Queen,
are you going to forget us?
Kashi, could I ever?
Chief has sent you with me.
You're like my shadow.
Greetings, Manikarnika-ji.
This is Sundar and I'm Mundar.
Queen Mother's orders.
We are at your service.
So that you don't miss
Bithoor at all.
This is Baadal.
He's a stubborn stud.
Who knows why the Maharaja
has kept him.
No one will be able to ride him ever.
Live long, child.
Remove them... It's your wedding day.
All of Jhansi will be looking at you.
Don't wear these bangles today.
We can live in India,
thanks to people like you.
Else, the nationalists would have
thrown us out long ago.
You will be rewarded handsomely.
Everybody gains!
The loot will be distributed equally.
I only wanted to give you your due.
Gangadhar got both,
money as well as the lady.
In spite of being the outsider,
you think of my benefit.
On the other hand,
my own people don't care for me.
Keep me happy and
I promise you the throne.
Prince, look at what's happening.
It's the stubborn horse...
Who's riding it?
She's Jhansi's new daughter-in-law,
Looks like she's going to make
a man out of Gangadhar.
You're surely going to need us.
Manikarnika-ji, what are you doing?
Drying my henna.
She'll have to learn
the ways of the palace.
Well, with her new title,
the winds will change.
No, mother.
Let's welcome the change.
Let a new, fresh breeze
waft into the palace.
Stand still... we can't see
the royal couple.
-How can we if you move so much?
Who are you?
How did you get here?
How can he tell us off?
She won't say anything now.
Am I walking very slowly?
You love to fly...
dry your henna in the winds.
Did you see me?
I'm marrying no ordinary woman.
Shall we walk faster?
Priest, what a loose knot you've tied.
We want a knot
that'll last a lifetime.
Lord... Manu spares no one.
Our little girl isn't going to change.
Now Jhansi will.
withholding Jhansi's tradition,
I request you to bestow
your wife with a new name.
In celebration is every speck...
as Jhansi rejoices
the tread of Goddess Laxmi.
Jhansi is thus blessed...
From now on
Maharaja Gangadhar Rao's wife...
will be known as... Laxmibai.
The Queen of Jhansi...
Queen Laxmibai.
Long live!
O, my King
Maharaja, my King
These eyes play imp
Maharaja, my King
These eyes play imp
The heart goes a-flutter
The eyes converse in dance
The magic of this night
Lit up with romance
The sun gleams a path
The sun gleams a path
The heart chants with joy
O, my King
-For you.
-So many books!
I know of your love for books.
I think the King's
secret service is quite nifty.
You enter my heart
And make it your own
A frolicking river
Spills the beans
The wind whispers
In my ear a groan
The agile river stops, a pause
I've wanted this book for so long.
O, my King
Maharaja, my King
O, my King
These eyes play imp
These eyes play imp
O, these mischievous eyes
Please sit.
This is your place.
Aren't you my better half?
What's mine is yours.
Still... this throne is only yours.
In spite of having everything,
I have nothing.
Captain Gordon from the Company
is coming to wish us for our wedding.
I know.
What should we do?
What's right for Jhansi... for now.
Flowers for sale.
Ma, can I buy these?
No... wait.
Son, will you have one?
No, sir.
Brother, one please.
Go on... eat it, child.
Captain Gordon's arriving.
Bow down.
Bow your head.
Sir, it's the British.
Sir, hurry! Bow down.
I'm trying, son.
But, my knee...
Hush, child.
-They're coming!
Bow down.
We break the knees
of those who do not bow!
Captain Gordon is arriving in court
with his battalion.
All rise.
Welcome, Captain Gordon.
This is my wife, Laxmi.
Sir, the Queen is naive.
She doesn't know that everyone
must bow before the Captain.
We've seen how naive she is.
Her husband's donned
bangles in fear.
This fear will always rule over Jhansi...
and force them to bow before me.
Tell her...
to bow her head.
Neither does this head bow in fear
nor is held higher in vain.
It'll meet you eye-to-eye,
brimming with self-respect.
Laxmibai, I never forget the eyes
that dare to challenge me.
I promise you...
this head will bow.
Battalion... move!
what are you doing here?
Laxmibai, I was going
with my grains to pay as tax...
when the dacoit
Sangram Singh robbed me.
I am the Chief Officer here.
I tried to nab him
and Sangram Singh did this to me...
Where is he?
He mustn't have gone far.
Sangram Singh...
Who are you?
You will be imprisoned
for your crimes.
Laxmibai-ji, he isn't a dacoit.
You misunderstand him.
Our village used to be self-sufficient.
But the Company has destroyed us
by burdening us with taxation.
When we refused to pay...
they seized our land
and burnt our homes.
Since then,
Sangram has been providing for us.
Queen, please don't kill Sangram.
So you are Queen Laxmibai...
whose known for her fervor.
But, what's the use?
If you were courageous enough,
we wouldn't have to resort to our sword.
The day you decide to
rebel against the British...
I will consider you as my Queen.
Yes, mother.
What are you trying to do?
What do you mean?
You were roaming Jhansi,
neither undercover nor with protection.
It is important to know
that part of Jhansi.
They are our people.
And had I not gone there today
how would I see...
that passion for independence that's
simmering in the hearts of our people.
Don't teach me.
I've seen it happen
since a long time.
Take charge of the royal kitchen.
That's where you belong.
What's the problem?
Let me go.
You are wasting your time
playing scarecrow.
That's why the rest have a family
and we're without child.
Because you're still one!
The birds will ruin the crop.
So make a scarecrow like the rest.
Do you have to become one?
Don't get angry.
And about children,
you say that Nandu is your child.
Go, he needs you.
Unrope the calf
and let him nurse.
I have a lot to do.
What is it?
Why are you mooing?
Pooran's no good.
I told him to release the calf.
We'll have a big feast today.
Where are you taking him?
He's mine.
Keep away!
Where are you taking him?
He's mine.
Let him go.
Leave me.
Leave me, I say.
I won't let you take him.
Get her off.
Let him go.
Jhalkari... Sir, please forgive her.
I can take anything I want.
Nandu... Pooran... my Nandu!
-They took my Nandu away.
-Jhalkari, listen...
They've taken away my Nandu.
What do you expect?
They don't even respect humans.
Pooran... my Nandu!
Let's have steak of the new-born calf
we got yesterday.
We'll have tender flesh...
Get the food.
Who is she?
You cannot come inside
without permission.
Didn't you see the board?
-Bloody Indians.
-Can't you read English?
I can read English.
It's a mere language.
Just words.
Words without culture
have no meaning.
The earth you stand on...
learn to respect
its people and their feelings.
The English language can be our skill,
never our mother tongue.
Our mother tongue is akin our mother...
and there can be just one.
She's the Queen.
From now on, all cattle and goats
are personal property of the King.
They've been lent
to the people for rearing.
Therefore, the Company
cannot touch them.
Your Majesty.
Jhalkari, see who's here?
Who is it?
We couldn't see her face...
She's got Nandu.
Your Highness... Nandu!
Who did you... ?
I... you... where can I seat you?
What should I do?
I can't understand what to do.
Sister Jhalkari, won't you give me
some milk from your cow?
Get it quickly.
Just a minute.
The Queen in our parts?
Put it down.
Just a minute.
Put it down.
Is this how you welcome a guest?
Jhalkari, if you won't offer it to me,
I won't accept it.
Happy and elated,
I dance in delight
I swirl, I twirl,
In the moonlight
Happy and elated,
I dance in delight
I swirl, I twirl,
In the moonlight
Is there a cure
For this furore?
Tell me a cure
I need something for this furore
A zingy jolt it gave
Through my body runs a wave
Lost sleep, no peace
Pray, save!
A zingy jolt it gave
Through my body runs a wave
A zingy jolt it gave
Through my body runs a wave
A walk down love lane
Swaying and forlorn
Never to return home
One drink of love's potion
Makes you sway
Like a balloon flying astray
You are my pride, my love
My one my only, my true love
A zingy jolt it gave
Through my body runs a wave
A zingy jolt it gave
Through my body runs a wave
Happy and elated,
I dance in delight
I swirl, I twirl,
In the moonlight
Happy and elated,
I dance in delight
I swirl, I twirl,
In the moonlight
Is there a cure
For this furore?
Tell me a cure
I need something for this furore
A zingy jolt it gave
Through my body runs a wave
Lost sleep, no peace
Pray, save!
A zingy jolt it gave
Through my body runs a wave
A zingy jolt it gave
Through my body runs a wave
Maharaja-ji, you will have to vacate
your throne soon.
The Queen is with child.
There's good news for Jhansi.
The Queen is with child!
There's a new ray of hope for Jhansi.
-Congratulations, Maharaja.
-Sir, congratulations.
Thank you so much.
Congratulations, Maharaja.
Oh, I see.
It's heartening to see you
play our game.
We just need to teach
our game to everyone.
Forget this.
I've lost the game of Jhansi's throne.
I hear the Queen is with child.
She's adamant to produce an heir.
What guarantee it'll be a boy?
The journey from the womb
to this world is a difficult one.
There are so many
sicknesses nowadays.
Mishaps, too.
Cheer up.
Let's track your lineage...
Damodar Rao,
Raghunath Rao, Shiva Rao and...
Hari-bhau, Ramchand Rao.
Gangadhar Rao...
And now...
Sadashiv Rao!
Long live,
Maharaja Sadashiv Rao!
If fate lines don't exist,
they need to be carved with a knife.
Celebrate one and all
This bright joyous dawn
The cherubic child so sweet
Revel! The patter of tiny feet
Celebrate one and all
This bright joyous dawn
The cherubic child so sweet
Revel! The patter of tiny feet
I pace to and fro...
I pace to and fro
Anxiously wait for you
Ready to welcome you
Wait with bated breath
You are mine, truly
Yet, my heart's in a spin
Losing precious sleep, I can't wait
Come soon, my muffin
Look, Maharaja,
what a beautiful son you have!
Come, hurry into my arms
Announce a celebration in honor
of the birth of my heir.
Both British and Jhansi's
armies will take part.
But my King, tomorrow is Sunday.
According to the rules of the Company,
we don't work on Sundays.
Why should they be absent?
Make it compulsory for the
British soldiers to be present for the show.
I beg your pardon, Maharaja.
The Company rules can't be broken.
Sunday is a holiday.
20th June, 1756 - the British went
into battle with Siraj-ud-daula...
on a Sunday.
2nd January, 1757, the British captured Calcutta...
what day was it, Major?
That too, was a Sunday.
Your Majesty, those were
emergencies for battle.
But celebrations...
When is Queen Victoria's birthday?
24th May.
24th May, 1840...
your Queen's birthday celebrations...
included not only
your army but navy, too.
And Major,
that day was a Sunday, too.
Captain Gordon,
the message is clear.
Instruct your army
to join the festivities.
Yes, your Majesty.
Battalion, forward march.
Maharaja Dheeraj Rajeshwara
Narendra Shiromani,
Mr. Gangadhar Rao Navalkar...
and Jhansi's heir,
Prince Damodar Rao Navalkar...
and Jhansi's heir,
Prince Damodar Rao Navalkar...
Company, present arms.
Gaus-baba's face was a sight
when the cannon ball was stuck...
-Manu... no!
I wait to hear your footsteps
Every blossom echoes your giggles
You will be back
To shower us with joy
Why then, is this day so dark?
You are mine, truly
Yet, my heart's in a spin
Come back, my child
He's showing the same symptoms
that took the Prince.
Maharaja isn't responding
to any medication either.
Is everything okay, Dixit-ji?
Don't worry.
I'll take your leave.
What happened?
I have to make some decisions
for Jhansi while I have the time.
Please don't say such things.
They're waiting like hawks.
Laxmi, we must adopt a child
and give Jhansi her heir immediately.
Or they'll cunningly seize Jhansi.
According to His Highness
King Gangadhar Rao's will...
for the benefit
of the kingdom of Jhansi...
he adopts a son
of Sadashiv Rao, to be the heir...
of the Kingdom of Jhansi.
He would be renamed and until he comes of age...
Nicholas, wait.
I beg your pardon, Maharaja.
My son Anand Rao is very mischievous.
He was looking for his mother
and unknowingly caught the Queen's hand.
I beg your pardon, Maharaja.
It isn't a mistake, Vasudev Rao.
Children are God-like.
And it is the will of the Gods...
the child has chosen his mother.
Make the announcement.
We officially adopt Vasudev Rao's son,
Anand Rao.
I hereby announce that according
to Maharaja Gangadhar Rao's will,
he officially adopts Vasudev Rao's son,
Anand Rao making him Jhansi's legal heir.
Anand Rao is now to be called
Damodar Rao.
Till he is of legal age
to take over the throne...
the Queen will manage affairs.
Queen Laxmibai.
This is trickery!
A crafty plan!
My family and I are the rightful
successors of this throne.
No woman can snatch
the throne away from me.
I won't let it happen.
Only the brave deserve Jhansi's throne...
not the greedy.
Bow your head, Sadashiv.
Respect this sword
and bow down your head, Sadashiv.
Come on.
Now, bow your head
in front of your Queen.
My head won't bow down
in front of a woman.
You are banished from Jhansi...
You shouldn't be seen here, Sadashiv.
The sun rises in the east
and sets in the west.
It's often said that the sun doesn't set
on the Company.
But, the sun hasn't risen
in Jhansi since the past 50 years.
You need to rest.
Don't you pity me!
Forget that I'm Jhansi's King.
Think of me as her enemy.
Show me what you've got.
Has Manikarnika lost her spirit
to the comforts of the palace?
Stop, Maharaja!
Manu, fight...
Maharaja, your health will suffer...
How much worse can it get?
Strike back, Laxmi.
Don't worry, Manu.
I'm fine.
you must have wondered
about my bangles.
But, you chose silence.
When I see the wicked
British roaming freely in my Jhansi...
and I'm unable to do
anything about it...
I feel less of a man.
I wore these shackles
as a reminder.
But today...
you broke them.
Manu, free Jhansi of her shackles, too.
I want you to be yourself...
the Manikarnika with unbridled fervor
for her country.
Won't you, Manu?
I want you to be yourself...
the Manikarnika with unbridled fervor
for her country.
Won't you, Manu?
Manu, free Jhansi of her shackles, too.
It is unfortunate!
But, you are now a widow.
First, your hair will be cut.
In a few days, you will have to go
to Kashi to scatter the King's ashes.
Summon the barber.
No need.
What are you doing, Laxmi?
It's tradition.
From now on,
you will lead a widow's life.
At this moment,
what's my duty, Queen Mother?
That's not the point.
Forgive me.
You won't understand.
It's time to fulfil
one of my wedding vows.
This is a catastrophic mistake.
Please remember, Queen Mother...
you're speaking to the
Queen of Jhansi.
Laxmi may be widowed
but my Jhansi still has a protector.
Kashi, call for an urgent meeting.
Such behaviour! I should leave
for my final journey to Kashi instead.
I agree.
Please make arrangements
for Queen Mother's journey.
Announcing... the arrival of Queen of Jhansi
with Prince Damodar Rao.
Queen, what are you doing?
I, Laxmibai... wife of Maharaja Gangadhar Rao,
a Navalkar bride,
Till there's blood in my veins...
till the last beat of my heart,
till my soul leaves my body,
I will serve Jhansi with utmost loyalty.
I will not let Jhansi lose
her self-respect.
I will not let her bow her head down.
Victory to Laxmibai!
Victory to Laxmibai!
-To Jhansi!
Victory, victory, Queen Laxmibai!
Victory, victory, Queen Laxmibai!
Dixit-ji, please call Gopal-ji.
I will inform Governor General Dalhousie
of Maharaja Divangat's decision.
Dear Members of Parliament...
we're certain that the British
will understand our situation.
And Maharaja Divangat will uphold
Maharaja Gangadhar Rao's honor.
I know we said Indian women
go straight to Kashi when they become widows.
But, this one has sat herself down
on the bloody throne!
That too, on one of the richest
states in the land.
We've to put her in her place
or it could embolden the people.
Do you think
I would let that happen?
Queen, Gaus-baba wants
to meet you urgently.
What happened, Gaus-baba?
The Company has replied.
You expect justice from the unjust.
And I thought you were valiant....
understood the language of swords.
You have a retort to every move
the enemy makes.
Instead, you're speaking
your husband's language.
You wrote a reconciliation letter
to Governor General Dalhousie?
The one Britisher
who is India's biggest enemy.
How many soldiers do we have,
With the horsemen...
a total of 2,526.
And the British?
At best... 40,000.
-How many cannons do we have?
-And they?
-More than 80.
Even our neighboring towns of Orchha
and Datia have joined forces with them.
I feel your rage.
While fighting injustice,
reasoning often gets distorted.
They're fighting to rule over us.
We're fighting for self-respect.
I want to be a martyr,
But, I want to see the rising sun
in free India even more.
I always thought
you were fighting for the present.
I just realized that
you are fighting for the future.
My apologies.
Tell me... what next.
Wait for the right moment.
Then Kansa turned Bakasur into a bird.
But, Lord Krishna held
its beak tightly and...
The Company troops
are marching towards us.
As per the powers vested
in him by Her Majesty, the Queen...
Lord Dalhousie,
the Supreme Commander
of the British East India Company
hereby announces that the province...
Using the law to loot me, Gordon?
The last time you challenged me,
I made a promise to myself that
I would throw you out of this palace.
The day has arrived.
You will bow your head and leave.
No throne.
No jewels.
No palace.
Sir Gordon, this is India.
One who is able to renounce
worldly assets, is truly the winner.
This throne doesn't
make me a Queen.
It's the love and faith
of Jhansi's people that does.
You want Jhansi...
and so do I.
The only difference is
you want to rule it...
whereas I want to serve
my people.
As for me, bowing my head...
I did not bow that day,
neither will I today.
Your arrogance will crumble
when you have to sleep on stones
and ward off snakes.
Your head will bow!
Victory to Laxmibai!
the Queen is arriving.
Announcing... the Queen!
Announcing... the Queen!
Here comes the Queen!
Here comes the Queen!
When will you avenge yourself?
Freedom or death... Victory is yours!
Your conscience questions you
How long will you bear oppression?
Your conscience questions you
How long will you bear oppression?
Tell me!
When will you avenge yourself?
When will you avenge yourself?
Freedom or death... Victory is yours!
Your passion is dying
Your youth, slipping through crying
Everyone's losing faith, dwindling is your might
When will you concede your right?
Tell me!
When will you avenge yourself?
Freedom or death... Victory is yours!
The poor are your voice
Don't sell short your pride
Will you now succumb to fear?
Tell me!
When will you avenge yourself?
Queen, the revolution that Mangal Pandey
started at Barrackpore has reached Jhansi.
And the revolutionaries
have killed Captain Gordon.
But Queen...
there were some children, too...
your battle isn't against
these innocent children and women.
What about decades of oppression
the British have subject us to?
Did they ever think before harming
our women and children?
You're either with, or against us.
Queen, why are you being merciful?
These people threw
you out of your palace.
Why the sympathy?
There's a difference between
rebellion and carnage.
Their innocent blood will stain
Jhansi's chaste land forever.
It's acts like these that make
the enemy think we are weak.
And that's why Jhansi is orphaned.
That's not true of my Jhansi,
Sangram Singh.
There is a time for everything.
And the time has come
to give this revolt direction.
Mundar, prepare to return
to the palace.
Jhansi's flag will fly high again.
-To Queen Laxmibai...
Jhansi is now your responsibility.
We are heading towards Delhi
to help Sultan Bahadur Shah Zafar.
We'll take your leave.
Baksheesh Ali, get these women
and children to a safe place.
I hope you win this freedom struggle.
Sir, soldiers have looted weapons
in Barrackpore.
And what about Meerut?
After Meerut, the uprising
has spread to Lucknow, too.
Sir, there's more bad news.
Many British women and children
are stuck between Delhi and Meerut.
Why did you do this?
The Queen never wanted this.
You will go down
in history as an infidel.
Who's to tell?
The dead can't speak.
I will write history.
At the soldier's uprising,
Gordon and his family were killed.
Massacred innocent British lives...
and she's back on throne.
How dare she?
This is beyond
the Company's jurisdiction.
Now, the British government
must intervene.
And they must send their best.
Major General Sir Hugh Rose.
We are gathered here today,
to bury our brothers who fought so gallantly.
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Ghost.
May their souls rest in peace.
Dear Father, please take your brothers
into your Kingdom.
Into Your arms, so that they can receive
the Heavenly Light.
Welcome to India.
Your prowess in the Syrian
and Crimean campaigns...
has been nothing
less than inspirational.
And what a splendid way to start.
Our good friend Sadashiv
has already narrated the entire episode
of cold-blooded killing by Queen Laxmibai.
Can we do something about it?
The blood bath
was caused by Sadashiv himself.
Mind you, it works better that way
that he blames the Queen.
Otherwise she would
have escaped after the mutiny.
Lets use these dead bodies
to fire up our troops.
That's why you are Sir Hugh Rose...
and that is exactly why
the government has sent you here.
Send her a message to evacuate
the fort immediately...
or face imminent consequences.
The heartless British have burned
Kanpur and Bitthoor.
Where Nana-sahib?
I don't know.
Some say he's made
his way to Nepal.
While others say he's dead.
But he surely isn't in Kanpur.
Tatya and Rao?
There no news...
Only Jhansi remains.
Your Majesty, Major Nicholas would
like to meet you.
Send him.
I have a message for the Queen.
The Company has successfully
contained the revolution.
The Company believes that
Queen Laxmibai is...
an opportunist
and has acquired Jhansi immorally.
The Company warns
Laxmibai to relinquish the palace.
The last time
we were respectful.
This time we will
vandalize the palace.
Our culture gives prime
importance to peace.
Revolution comes after.
But, the British have made us realize...
some people don't
understand kindness.
Jhansi is ready for any situation.
You want to fight a war?
Without money.
Without resources.
I won't betray my Jhansi!
If war is the only solution...
so be it.
Queen, this is the strength of our army.
6,000 soldiers only.
Not enough to even cover
the perimeter of the fort.
And the women-folk of Jhansi?
Your Majesty,
will the women fight?
Bravado is fine, but can we trust
the women to fight?
The Lord has blessed a woman
with the biggest power on earth...
the gift of child-bearing.
Can there be anything greater?
Why differentiate between a daughter
and son to lay down life for the country?
When the daughter steps in,
victory is sweeter.
We will fight till our last breath
and unto victory!
-We will embrace death...
-Till death!
-Until we are victorious.
-Victory is ours!
-Jhansi is ours.
-Our Jhansi!
Victory is ours!
Ever since women
and farmers have joined the army...
our numbers have increased.
But we lack arms.
Announce the turmeric-
vermillion ceremony.
Let people give me
all their metal objects.
I will show my respect
towards them.
Let's start the preparations
with a celebration.
It'll dispel all fears and doubts.
Take this.
The metal can be used
to make two swords.
She's a widow.
So am I.
Come here.
Who was the first one
to put vermillion on you?
My mother.
No one can take away
what your mother has given you.
We built with love
Our haven, our home...
Our country before our eyes
Our country before our eyes
We vow to protect her
And the heavens shower
us with blessings
Victory be yours!
Victory be yours!
The heavens say
"Victory be yours!"
What's your name?
Our passion
Turns to fury
Unleashing a storm
Hear hear!
Every eye dreams of freedom
Every heart becomes a weapon
Every step marches towards freedom
Resonates through every man
Carrying the torch of freedom
The darkness of the night
is waiting to break into a dawn
The heavens say
"Victory be yours!"
Your Majesty, we fought
with the Moguls in Delhi.
But, they no longer rule there.
You are the only one remaining
in these parts that is fighting the British.
Please let us join forces with you.
There can be nothing better than
the Pathans fervor strengthening Jhansi's army.
We welcome you to join Jhansi's army.
Mother Earth sent out
A plea for help
Your land demands of you
Our country before our eyes
Our country before our eyes
We vow to protect her
We march forth...
60,000... that means
three troops of 20,000 each.
They can attack us from three sides.
And together,
we are just 20,000.
That means that each one of us
has to only kill three of them.
Listen up!
Each one of you brave people has to kill
three from the enemy side.
Victory is ours!
The heavens say
"Victory be yours!"
Yes, sir.
Move the troops into position.
Prepare to attack.
Brave ones, prepare the cannons!
Launch the attack.
Reload the cannon balls.
Fire the cannons!
Aim the cannons lower.
Tempt them to move in.
Point the cannons lower!
Cannons ready... fire!
Victory is ours!
Sir, it's very difficult
to breach the walls.
They're very thick.
Out of here!
Sir, the walls are too thick.
Our cannons have no effect.
Get those cannons hooked up
and place them right in front of the temple.
But... yes, sir!
Position the cannons.
Prepare the cannons!
Move those horses.
Ready, men?
Light the fuses.
Fire the cannons.
This will do.
Sahib, I can't...
Sahib, we can't fire at the temple.
Pooran Singh... what's the update?
The British have placed their cannons
at the back of the temple.
They know we won't fire
at the temple, Gaus-baba.
Ready with the cannons.
Light... fire!
The firing's from behind the temple.
If we retaliate,
the temple will get destroyed.
We have to silence those
cannons immediately.
Or the fort walls will be breached
in the next few hours.
We've no option.
There's one way...
This is our land!
Victory is ours!
What's this woman doing?
Tell them to keep firing.
Positions... fire!
You there... shoot!
Gul Mohammed, watch out!
Move the cannons.
Turn all cannons.
Aim... fire!
Victory is ours!
Watch out, your Majesty.
Careful, Queen.
Go back.
Your Majesty!
Let's go.
Everyone, follow me.
May victory be yours!
Dixit-ji, the Queen snipped
that soldier's horse's harness so swiftly,
as though it were thread.
The British General's
sullen face was a sight!
Allah, tomorrow is a significant day.
Please don't let the Queen's
courage weaken due to my injury.
We lose, you lose, Sadashiv.
Think about your rights.
That's what we're fighting for.
I will show you a breach
they'll never expect you to know.
I know Jhansi like
the back of my hand.
Sir, fresh water for you.
I will avenge this humiliation
with her blood.
Sir, I have a message for you.
Bring in the master cannon.
Prepare the master cannon.
Light the fuse. Fire!
Aim lower.
Queen, who could've disclosed
the fort's weakest wall to our enemy?
When one of our own is a traitor,
how do we save you, O Motherland?
Soldiers, forward.
Close in on them.
Kill the Queen's loyals.
Through the gates.
Gaus-baba, you didn't recognise Pir Ali.
You have not only betrayed Jhansi
but your community, as well.
There's only one place
for a traitor like you... Hell!
Forgive me, Your Majesty.
I won't be able to join
you in the victory celebration.
Please bury me
in Jhansi's chaste earth.
May victory be yours!
Push forward.
Where's the Queen?
Kill her.
Kill that woman.
Queen Mother!
Manu, the enemy shouldn't get
hold of the prince at any cost.
He's Jhansi's last hope.
Do you need more ammunition?
No, this should suffice.
Jhalkari, the Lord has answered
our prayer after so many years.
You are with child.
I don't think you're doing
the right thing.
We can still leave.
We may not see a free India
but we will live.
Our country is in shackles.
No mother would want
her son to live the life of a slave.
And my unborn child... we are lucky
at this chance to martyrdom.
She's over here.
Get the Queen!
Well, well...
We meet again.
Queen of Jhansi.
This is not the Queen!
This is our land.
Get out of here!
Where's the Queen?
In your anguish.
In your suffering!
Shut up!
Victory is ours!
Queen Laxmibai...
Queen Laxmibai...
The British have turned Jhansi
into a graveyard.
Our fort has been burning
since six days, Manu.
They've spared no one.
Everything's destroyed.
Not a single one, brother Tatya.
Everything's ruined.
Who are we fighting for?
Tell me, Manu.
Nana's missing.
And they've taken
Delhi's Maharaja hostage.
And you were planning an attack?
When I came to Bithoor after losing
my mother at age four,
without thinking
I barraged Chief with questions.
About the Company
and our country being slave to them.
We will fight so that no child
has to ask those questions.
We will fight so that future generations
don't grieve their existence
but celebrate their freedom.
We will fight and reawaken
Shivaji's dream of self-rule!
Our people, our land, our pride...
forever and always.
A unified India!
Victory is ours!
Victory is ours!
Where did she go?
Where's she hiding?
Heaven or hell?
I want her alive.
I want to display
her severed head in Jhansi.
Get me a drink.
We won the war
but everything's destroyed.
What will I rule over now?
You have to keep your promise.
We haven't fully won yet.
You promised to deliver
that woman to me.
You missed the chance.
I have always supported the Company.
I am loyal to you.
It's time for you to reciprocate.
The Company has so many kingdoms.
Give me any one.
Loyal? Look who's talking.
You cannot be faithful to your own people,
your own land...
what allegiance can we expect?
You can't do this to me.
You are of no use to us.
Lock him away.
I'll find her and kill her
wherever she's hiding.
We won't fight guerrilla with the enemy.
We will live and die with honor.
We start building
the Maratha empire with Gwalior.
Who's going to help us there?
King Scindia is in alliance
with the British like the others.
There's no commitment
for freedom there, Manu.
That's why, Gwalior.
What good is triumph
over the enemy...
if our own people don't care?
We have to ignite the desire for freedom
in every Indian heart.
We will eventually attain freedom.
But first, we have to awaken
our people.
Sir, the Governor General is very happy
with you and your assistance...
and wants to reward you with
a photograph in a London chronicle.
Queen of Jhansi, Lamxibai,
Tatya and Rao are heading towards
Gwalior without an army.
I guess she learned nothing
from Jhansi's defeat.
if we take her hostage
and present her to the Company...
it will be a feather in Gwalior's cap.
That lady is mad.
At least she's fled Jhansi
and is heading in the right direction.
She will make a good gift
to the Governor General.
Maharaja, our soldiers are empathetic
towards the patriots.
Fight for your Motherland!
Fight for your Motherland!
In a few minutes this crazy woman's
head will be at my feet.
Kill me.
What happened?
I am the voice of your soul.
Can you silence me?
I don't have weapons.
But I have faith...
this civilization exists
because we haven't sold our souls.
Victory is ours!
No, Hari Singh.
She's Queen Laxmibai...
incarnation of the Goddess.
Freedom or death...
Victory is ours!
Victory is ours!
Victory is ours!
What's happening, Dinkar Rao?
Why haven't we heard
the good news as yet?
Victory is ours!
I will hang you for this mistake.
I'm sorry, Maharaja.
you traitor, you coward.
Laxmibai, they are rumors
about me.
Who says I've formed
an alliance with the British?
You can keep my palace.
I will go to London till
these riots get over.
The Motherland is akin a mother.
He, who can trade his mother,
is dead inside.
And I don't bother with the dead.
Get out of here.
In the absence of Nana-sahib,
his representative,
Rao-sahib is announced
Chief of the Maratha empire.
My father Maharaja Divangat
will be very happy.
Inform every kingdom that Gwalior has been
reclaimed by the Maratha empire.
This land will now be free.
Justice will prevail.
Captain Clark, Captain Stewart,
Remington, Whitfield... now!
Just look at the nerve of that woman!
She has captured
the fort of Gwalior...
and now she's
empowered the Maratha empire.
If we don't stop her now,
we probably never will.
Sir, the government has sent us
ample ammunition to take them down.
Plus, she isn't getting any support
from the neighboring states.
Additionally, the King's Eighth
Royal Irish Cavalry has been sent for.
They are the best!
They've already shattered
the French foreign legion and now,
it's time for Laxmibai's turn.
It's only a matter of six months.
That's it.
She will not have her way out.
We will destroy her.
Erase her name
from the history of this country.
We will attack the British at dawn.
They won't expect us to
make the fist move.
We've invited the neighboring
empires to join the freedom struggle...
but no one has come forward, Manu.
This is stronger than Jhansi's fort.
It'll take them up to three months
to breach these walls.
You shouldn't even think of moving
out and fighting them.
And what will we achieve after that?
A cowardly death?
Since when do you care about
your life so much?
It's not my life I'm worried about.
The British want to
make an example of you.
They want to display
your severed head in Jhansi...
hands in Kalpi and
the rest of you in Gwalior...
so that no patriot
will ever stand up against them.
The freedom struggle
demands sacrifice.
It will be my honor if I can lay down
my life for this chaste land.
And about becoming an example...
Instead, I'll be the flame of freedom
that'll burn in every Indian's heart.
Battalion, forward march.
Company, hold.
Stand at ease.
Battalion 2: 12,000.
Battalion 3: 3,000.
Slight delay, sir.
They will be here in 72 hours.
72 hours?
Do you call that a slight delay?
I asked for a 100,000 men...
Pass the glass.
Prepare the cannons.
Prepare the cannons!
Our passion gains momentum
Mightier than your offering
Thousand branches of the Arjuna tree show direction
Fight like warriors of descendants of Krishna
For the love of our Motherland...
Victory is ours!
Send the troops at once.
Victory is ours!
Fire the cannons.
Isolate that woman.
Get the gunpowder.
I want that woman alive.
Victory is ours!
O Daughter of the mountains, greetings!
Your divine playground, the world, you fill with joy
You dwell in the mighty Vindhyas
Your brother Lord Vishnu, dotes on you
Companion to Lord Shiva,
Cosmic Mother and Creator galore.
Victory is yours, O destroyer of Demon Mahishasura,
One with beautiful locks, Daughter of the mountains
Victory is yours, O destroyer of Demon Mahishasura,
One with beautiful locks, Daughter of the mountains
Victory is yours, O destroyer of Demon Mahishasura,
One with beautiful locks, Daughter of the mountains
1860; In just two years
after Rani Laxmibai's demise,
Kashibai surrendered for
the sake of Damodar.
Damodar lived till 58.
He died due to prolonged illness and poverty.
In the year 1870, the British Raj
imposed a sentence of death on Sadashiv Rao.
Ghulam Ghaus Khan was buried
within the fort of Jhansi.
His shrine remains to be the center of attraction
for tourists, till date.
General Hugh Rose wrote in
"Sir Hugh Rose and the Central Indian Campaign 1858"
"Rani Laxmibai had been
the most dangerous of all rebel leaders,
best and bravest of all,
only man among mutineers".