Manjunath (2014) Movie Script

Hi, I'm Manjunath
1978 to 2005
Here's my story..
Maybe it's great..
Or maybe it's stupid..
I don't know
I did what I felt I should..
They say I didn't see the dangers..
I did..
But I still did what I did..
I don't know why..
So I'll start with
When I was being..
A pain..
As usual.
I am not scared.. machan!
Come out you b
I am not scared.. I am not scared..
Come out you b
Call him in.. go..
This is Sahani here.. from Lakhimpur..
Manju's landlord..
there's a problem here..
I'll.. I'll call you back later..
- Papa.. papa..
He's gone..
I don't know.
Should I go and look?
No not now.. too risky..
So that was our ongoing projects..
Now as you can see..
the projection of the
consumption of the last five years..
..starting from '98 to '03..
Gautam I'm busy. I'll
call you back.. bye..
Starting from the year '98
to '03, you can see as in..
Sujata.. Take it.. please!
I'm so sorry.. Excuse me!
Just hold on..
Yeah Gautam.. what is it?
Sujata, is Manju with you?
Manju? No.. Why? What happened?
We can't trace him anywhere
Can't trace him, meaning?
Yeah.. he's been missing for two days..
Two days?
No, no Gautam. He works with you.
He must be somewhere on field..
Yeah, he's not there and
no one knows where he is..
Sujata.. can you find out
from the llM if he came there?
He won't be at the llM..
Because if he was going to the llM,
he would've called me..
But still find out, please..
Of course.. you don't
have to tell me what to do..
In the next four years,
the growth will be 46%
The refineries at Haldia and Mathura need
to meet product specification requirements.. line with the
environmental regulations..
..and the remaining refineries to meet product
specification requirements by June 2005..
Now, we will look at our sales
figures in Lucknow and Bareilly.. this year they
received the highest figures..
Excuse me.. sorry..
excuse me.. sorry.. sorry..
Sujata.. what happened?
Hi, I'm Manju.. Manjunath
What happened?
You got low marks?
Oh, so Rajesh turned you down?
Or Rakesh?
John? That's why you're upset..
Ok.. OK.. OK.. I got it..
Your cat eloped with someone..
So we can either go look
for your cat.. or your marks
Can I borrow your book, please?
Machan.. then that's double
reason for a huge tea party..
Urgent meeting in
the canteen right now..
No thanks
Which subject?
Management of Human Resources..
tough, right?
You know how much I got in HRM?
Mani.. two cups of tea.. quick!
I'll get the tea..
You like Rajni?
You know.. the way he walks..
How is it?
Cheers.. cheers!
Ok sir..
Wait.. my phone..
Oh.. Come on, let's go.. Let's go..
Leave me alone.. Leave me alone..
Go away all of you..
please leave me alone..
What's happening here? Hmm?
I beg you go away..
Can't you understand?
Just leave me alone..
What's happening?
What happened? Excuse me..
Out of the way..
Gautam those people are behind me..
- Manju? Manju?
They won't spare me, Gautam..
Who is after you?
- Whom are you talking about?
They.. They're..
Relax, relax, relax..
Come on, get up.. come with me..
Manju get up.. come with me.. relax!
Nothing's going to
happen to you. You're safe.
You're absolutely safe.. Come with me
Nothing will happen to you.
I'm there, don't worry.
It's OK.. it's OK..
everybody please leave..
carry on with your work, please..
You come with me..
Manju, you come with me.. come on..
Nothing will happen.. nothing
will happen.. come with me..
What happened?
It's the loneliness.. nothing else..
But sir..- It happens.. he
can't handle staying away from home
But sir.. he has been in a
hostel before this.. for years..
Job is different.. more stressful..
And what about these
threats he's claiming?
Maybe what he's talking about is true
- Hmm?
Sir.. I mean..
Maybe there's some
truth in what he's saying..
Gautam, we're a big and
respected organization
Do you think it runs just like that?
And then.. these caste of people
always have a big complex also, no?
Everyone's discriminating against us..
we've always been exploited, wronged..
for thousands of years..
and all that nonsense..
He's fine now
He's absolutely fine now
You take him home..
And take care of him.
If there's anything,
let me know, I'm there..
Yes sir
You had called?
Yes sir.. sir, anything on Manju?
No, nothing yet..
what about you?
No sir, nothing.
I've called almost
everyone in Lucknow.. and here..
Hmm. Keep trying..
Well, you're in his area sir, not me..
Sir, OK..
any idea who he was shouting at
outside his house, that night?
Who could it be? Him only..
along with his imagination.. again..
as usual..
Sir, it could also be that
there was really someone?
Don't you think we
should file some complaint?
No, let's wait..
Let's wait for what, sir?
Look Gautam.. no need to
escalate matters right now..
we're trying aren't we?
It's been two days sir...
Listen, I know he is your friend, but..
Hello? Gautam?
Hello sir..
You're worrying unnecessarily..
It's not that sir..
I keep thinking that if I was missing..
instead of him.. then to find me..
by now Manju would have..
We'll find your Manjunath..
Please ya, Manju!
Relax ya, Gau..
You know you're
missing something in life..
I know.. a job.. you'll give me one?
I would if I had one..
We'll all get a job eventually..
Right now.. here.. you
need music in your heart..
you know
- rhythm.. passion.. comp.. - Bharat Oil
Come.. come..
Gautam Sharma
So? Got it, didn't you?
Congrats buddy! Didn't I tell you?
But there's a problem.
Now I'll have to put up with
your music for a long time.
You also got the damn job..
We got the job man!
I got the job..
Sujata.. Did you speak to aunty?
No.. not yet..
But Sujata, someone
will have to tell her..
I'm on my way to llM right now..
Who were you singing for,
with so much passion?
No one..
Ya right!
The lady from Bangalore..
Did she call you finally?
So what did she say?
She found someone else..
When did you speak to her?
Just a while back..
But how can she do this
to you.. after four years?
All girls are the same.. aren't they?
Technical point, da..
Won't get a hangover now!
You're back?
Where were you?
I checked with the 'Sexy Six' also..
We'll talk tomorrow morning..
No.. talk now..
One sonnet from this beautiful bonnet..
Awesome.. Too good..
Excellent Mr. Undy.. excellent!
- Oh, please spare me..
Put your beauteous lips on this,
and make it nectar.. my love..
Wow.. too good!
Not in the mood, Umrao
jaan (famous courtesan)
Manju, it's OK now.. have it, no?
No, it's not..
No.. it's not?
What's cooking here? What's wrong?
Can smell something in the air..
something's cooking..
- Ya.. ya..
Your brain is cooking..
that's the smell..
Mr. Undy?
- Yes sir?
Everybody can smell..
but something else..
Ok guys.. listen up!
Here's the secret of Undy's smell..
Early morning.. there's
a knock on Undy's door
"Knock Knock.."
Who's there?
- Milkman..
A girl? Mansi!
Must be my sidey..
Oh, so now you have a sidey?
- No idiots..
the laundry guy..
- Laundry guy?
So Undy runs to the cupboard..
opens it..
This shirt is dirty..
Ugh.. yuck..
- What a catch, man!
This one seems clean..
This one.. worn for a day..
but clean enough..
Yuck.. you keep your dirty
and clean clothes together?
You're a dirty pig, Undy!
- So what, man? I'm a busy guy..
Of course..
you're the president of the
United States of America.. - No, no
wait.. wait.. wait.. it's not over yet
What's this?
Guess.. guess..
- No, no, not me..
Manju.. what is this?
Here.. catch..
- Yuck!
But what is this?
Nothing.. it's just a breath
of fresh air.. let it go..
Breath of fresh air, meaning?
- Sujata.. who is this?
This is Undy..
Eww! Yuck!
You wait.. dirty..
Now you wait..
Now you see..
Sorry.. sorry..
Now you see what I do to you..
Then have it..
- No..
- Never!
My glasses..
Do you think.. he's..
Nothing will happen to him
Chaturvedi sir used to say..
"We drink and drive at high speed..
..take a risk..
for what?
Some cheap thrills?
So what's a bit of risk..
for what we believe in.."
I want to fly
Everyone's been looking for you,
you're here? Everyone's been worried..
I want to fly
Chaturvedi sir.. I don't
think his job is the problem.
I've also worked in the same company..
Ok, so tell me why your
company doesn't provide security.. its sales officers,
when they go on field?
Mr. Deepak try to understand..
How is it possible to
provide security for everybody?
Why don't you explain to him sir?
All this company-shompany is nonsense!
People like you can shut their eyes..
But Manju will not..
He has to react
When he reacts,
others will react to him..
It's a chain reaction
Take him to the doctor tomorrow morning
Who's going to stay with him tonight?
I will..
Manju.. only if you remain alright..
Can you set things right..
Manju, come on!
He's been very disturbed since
he came to the llM yesterday..
Nobody has seen him like this before..
Yes.. He hasn't
behaved like this before..
Tell me.. since when did he stop eating?
Just recently sir..
Just recently.. actually he's been
stressed after joining this job..
He was absolutely fine in college..
Stop it.. Stop..
Can't you understand? Stop it.. go!
This is diesel, right?
Where did you get it from?
This is illegal.. you know that..
Which pump did you get it from?
Sir.. let us go, sir..
You're new here, aren't you..
That doesn't matter
One complaint and you will
unnecessarily get into trouble..
Should I complain?
Come, let's go..
Are you going to set
him on fire as well now?
Come.. come on!
Hallucinations and
delusions are likely in this case..
.. mainly because of stress..
I'm prescribing some medicines..
Manju.. have the medicines..
everything will be alright..
And what about all those thieves..
I saw, even on the first day at work..
Think of your brother.. your sister..
what would they do without you?
And if there is any problem,
why are you getting into it?
What about the first
pump that I checked..
where they were cheating openly..
Like there was nothing to fear..
But what about his job?
Don't worry uncle..
we've told them for leave..
convince him to find
another job, in Bangalore..
He'll get one easily
In Bangalore?
Yes uncle..
- Why not here?
Any affair?
No uncle
- No?
No uncle.. sure..
And then you see the same thing..
in the next one..
..and the next one.. after the other.. everywhere..
The train was blowing its
whistle just like this..
so he asked me 'daddy
where is the train's mouth?'
And what about these people.. my folks..
who had such high hopes from me..
Me.. who was just doing his job..
And when I did it well..
..everyone had a problem..
Manju.. how are you?
- Oh, uncle?
I'm good uncle.. how are you?
All fine at home?
Everyone's fine..
- Ok..
You know.. Jayant is
in Delhi these days..
- Working there..
I see..
He's quite a fighter..
it's tough you know..
I've even told him, if the job
is too stressful, come back home..
Manju.. Manju.. your case is
different.. your dad told me..
this job in Bangalore is good..
stick to this one, OK?
Oh, dad told you, is it?
I met him yesterday..
he's so worried about you..
Do one thing..
You take proper rest..
then join your job quickly..
remember you have to
lift your dad's burden.. OK?
You told Sharma uncle l
got a job in Bangalore?
I haven't got
So, you'll get it
It is just to shut their mouth..
nothing else..
You worry only about your job..
Nothing else
I mean.. lots of work no..
Appa did.. to Sharma uncle
Exactly.. I don't want to..
what is there to hide, ma?
Everyone is acting as if it's my fault..
I'm not the thief.. they are..
Ma, I can't run away like this..
We are not losers mama..
We're not, no?
We are..
No, no we're not.. we're not..
You don't want to be loser?
Ok.. go..
I'm coming with you..
No loser.. no talking..
Only packing..
My poor ma..
she had no idea why I was going back..
So, you're going?
Take care..
Go.. go.. go..
Bye pa..
Bye ma..
Nor did anybody else.. not even me..
All I knew was I could
not quit like that..
Just could not leave
the battle like that..
Namaste sister..
And it was a battle..
I realized that soon enough..
Fix this glass by evening,
make it as good as new..
Dad's coming you'll
have to fix it somehow..
These drunk people broke
the glass last night..
Damn it.. this guy's back?
Namaste Mr. Manju.. how are you?
Where were you all these days?
And how's your health now?
Give it to me..
What Mr. Manju,
you've started this again?
You told me to clean up
my act, so I did that..
This set up is clean now..
spotless like a glass..
Golu.. this doesn't seem right..
Will need to send it
to the lab as well..
Where's the log book?
Listen buddy..
You be ready with that
jar every time he calls..
What can I do, sir?
I swear by God.. you
suspect everything..
Namaste brother..
Lallan, how are you?
- Great sir
Keep this aside for the lab, please..
Ya lick his back side now..
See now..
See, you had complained
the last time as well, right?
Tell me what happened then?
Who got troubled? Who fell sick?
And who had to leave town and go?
Look my friend.. see, I know..'re not some two-bit crook to
run behind a piddly 100-200 rupees..
I understand your class.. Meaning..
you.. you just say it man..
We'll easily hike it up by a few
lakhs.. I'll tell everyone.. think about it?
He's asking to be paid for last time..
he'll fix the glass after that..
What are you staring at?
Huh? How dare you?
Look down.. look down!
Bloody scum.. talk to you nicely,
so you start piddling on my head?
You want to stay here in Gola, or not?
Tell me?
Bloody filth! My shit is enough.. feed your next seven generations..
Get him out of my sight.. out!
Uh.. come.. come..
Give these fellows a finger..
they take your hand..
these lower castes..
Listen Mr. Manju..
Where are you going? Wait..
Look now..
If you trouble us,
there will be trouble..
. if there's trouble,
then who will be troubled?
You only, right?
I mean your image
will only get affected..
people will think there's
something wrong with you..
whenever there's a
problem you're there..
Manju sir..
Your sample..
I should give it, right?
- Yeah, give it..
But let me tell you..
nothing will happen..
Manju.. my brother.. my life
is anyway an open gutter..
So live and let live, no?
Make life simple..
Why get into all this mess?
Pick up.. pick up.. pick up..
Manja? Hi.. How are you?
Why don't you answer the phone,
man? I mean it's important..
can't get through to Gautam either..
I'm in office actually..
These dealers.. you know..
they'll never change..
That Golu, I was telling you about..
He's just the way he was when I left..
Cheaters all of them!
- Manju?
You went back?
What man, you should've
waited to get better first..
I can't keep handling this..
Come on, Sujata, stop it!
I'm not imagining anything..
and I'm not mad..
You know amma is also here and.. hello?
You must be using
kerosene at home, right?
Yes.. use kerosene oil.. at home..
Oh, oil.. kerosene oil.. right..
In lanterns also..
In lanterns? Why?
There's no electricity?
There's never been..
How much do you buy it for?
- Thirty rupees a litre
But that's the same rate as diesel..
What are they doing?
What would you get by mixing..
30 rupees of kerosene
with 30 rupees of diesel?
Nothing, no?
Then why?
Shut up amma.. this is important..
I'll come. You go sleep.. go..
You are a child..
You are a child..
You are a child..
- No ma.. you're the child..
Stupid people amma these..
bloody parking in the road..
You are a child..
There that tanker..
See where it's parked..
No parking zone?
But see there's so much
shade under the tree..
he could've parked there..
but no he parks in the sun..
Stupid people
Actually they steal out some diesel
and then put the tanker in the sun..
Ma in the sun, the
quantity of diesel increases..
and decreases when it
cools down, you understand?
Amma in the sun, diesel expands and
the tanker looks full.. that's why..
Look mom
that guy..
he's staring.. blank at me..
he knows me.. and he's
looking back at me..
Just not bothered..
it's so blatant
Bloody thieves!
My boss?
Yeah, but don't say anything silly..
Don't worry, I will speak in English..
Hello sir..
good morning sir..
everything fine? Ok?
Ok ma.. OK fine..
You are a child..
Ma.. you are a child..
Ma'am if it wasn't for Manju sir..
this pump would have
never got sanctioned..
Can we discuss some more important
things now? Where are the papers?
But Manju sir has already checked them..
Is that so?
Can I also have a look?
Yes of course..
- Please come..
Oh, aunty?
You should have told me
your mother's here, Manju..
He's Golu.
- Say hello sweetheart..
say hello to granny.. oh ho..
he's shy.. one minute..
Namaste.. praise lord Krishna!
Come home sometime..
Get aunty home sometime..
His mother will also like that..
Anyway.. so where do we fill our tank?
Let's go, son? Ok..
Come here.. come..
- Go. - Come here.. come..
You know what I think?
I think she got a little
frightened seeing this..
You let her know all this
is normal in these parts..
you know.. nothing unusual..
You'll have a peg with me?
Come inside.. hmm..
Hmm.. sit please..
One minute, hmm..
very scary sir..
Hmm? Oh, all this is
the usual around here..
That's why you should explain to Manju..
not to get too friendly
with these dealer types..
Hmm.. oh yes come.. come..
What is this, Manju?
Why bring your poor mother all
the way from Karnataka to here?
We're here to take care of you..
If you don't mind.. can
you please transfer him..
- in Bangalore or..
No wait.. wait..
.. near me sir..
Yes.. She's right..
She's a mother after all.. my oh my..
How did I not think of this before?
You don't worry..
Please sir, she does not
mean what she's saying..
I don't want a transfer..
Running away isn't going to
change anything.. at least not now..
I know you feel that like other people,
I also feel that you are the problem.
But I know.. there is
no problem with you..
it is these people..
Who are greedy..
they're weak.. and scared..
You are the strong one..
the only one who is
speaking the truth without fear..
.. but after coming here I realized..
.. how no one can really
hold a candle to you..
I am proud to be your mother
..what can I do if I am a mother?
I can't sleep in night thinking..
..something bad these
people will do to you..
If you still feel you do
not want to talk to me..
I will not blame you..
Take care..
Love.. Amma..
More girls?
Ma ticket..
Take it...
Good.. good one.. good one..
Come on, come on, come on.. mine.. mine
Lovely.. good one.. yay..
Manju brother.. your phone..
Time out guys.. time out,
time out.. sorry time out..
Tell me..
You're sure, right?
Yeah.. don't worry..
Stop the car
That was a kerosene tanker, wasn't it?
Where have you hidden it.. tell me..
- What are you saying, sir?
Come in the morning
when the owners are there
What do you get by
mixing diesel with kerosene!
Hey blackie.. you getting
too big for your scum boots?
Look buddy..
..don't try to get too deeply
entangled in this business, understand?
Where these tangles lead to..
..would not have been taught
to you, at your llT college..
So don't interfere in our work,
and we won't interfere with you..
Look mister.. I.. This
is UP understand.. UP..
We'll break your bones and send you back
to have your South
Indian snacks, understand?
They were scared..
I had spotted something that
troubled them, Something very big.
What was it, that was right in
front of me, but I was not seeing..
What had I disturbed?
Whose money?
Why were they mixing kerosene, which
was of the same price, in diesel..
Unless the kerosene they were mixing..
Was from somewhere else..
..somewhere cheaper..
Hello, Chaurasiya?
Who is it?
Sorry it was urgent..
- Yes sir?
Your brother-in-law
has a ration shop, right?
Yes.. yes..
Ok.. can you ask him at what
rate do they sell kerosene there?
One minute sir..
Eleven rupees a litre sir..
Are you.. are you sure?
Yes sir.. sure..
What is it Manju? At this time?
Needed to meet you.. should I come?
Yeah now..
I have a flight today boss..
.. and I need to go to
the market before that..
Which one?
Uhh.. Chowk..
Will see you there.. done..
So they're mixing ration shop kerosene..
..that's the only
way they can make money
Imagine it's eleven bucks per litre..
And this is not just in UP,
it's happening everywhere..
Meaning this is worth
20000 crores a year..
Ok.. got to go..
Meaning, I have a flight to take..
Call me, OK..
.. bye
You knew about all
this already, didn't you?
What happened? Got scared?
Where are you going?
Another job interview?
You're leaving right?
You coward, stop!
What do you want from me, Manju?
Can't you see how much
money is involved in this?
Just think how powerful the
people involved in this are.
We are nothing..
I can't risk my life on this Manju..
Come on man.. I've got parents..
I've to make a career.. get married..
I don't have parents or what?
I don't have a career?
I also want to get
married and have kids..
But now we know where this
kerosene is coming from..
..and who it is meant for..
Think man..
They don't have food to eat..
No electricity in their houses..
What about their kids?
And now that we know, if we
still don't do anything about it..
then we're also thieves..
I am no thief..
No one else is doing anything..
It's been going on forever..
..everyone in the trade
knows this, Manju.. everyone..
Then why us?
Why me?
Because.. because we can, Gautam..
We are from the llM.
- Oh yes! Yeah..
The top five percent of the country..
If we don't do something, who will?
We got the seat!
Ya, I got the seat.. not to die..
And I slogged for my seat..
didn't get it for free like you did!
Sorry Manju..
But aren't you also
looking for a transfer?
It's good..
Get out of this hell hole..
I got a job..
Just going to look for a place to stay..
Bye Manju..
Just in case we don't
meet before I leave..
Gautam was right..
I was also running away..
What a bloody, holy mess
No kerosene in ration shops.. No
kerosene.. so buy it in black..
But no money to buy in black..
So, they're screwed..
And so are all of us..
Oh man, what a circus!
And we were all quitting
How does one see
everything and do nothing..
How does one live with
that and keep life simple..
I felt that either I should run away..
But I had already tried that..
Or stay quiet and watch it all..
That, I could not do..
Or then..
Just listen to my heart..
Are you sure?
Sir.. He is the owner of the pump..
.. his son Golu runs it..
Sir.. they have apologised..
I feel they should be
given another chance..
He took me as a friend..
But I had created problems for him..
What else could I do?
What's wrong is wrong after all..
But for Golu, things had gone
far beyond right and wrong..
I was like that glass fixer..
Whose family for generations wouldn't
have dared doing something like this..
As for me?
I was on top of the world..
Finally.. I was flying..
And frankly.. I cared a damn..
Good morning sir..
Where are you today?
- Sir, Gola...
The sales have been
dipping here lately..
Isn't that expected now?
You need to think
about the company also..
That's what I'm doing sir..
Ok, listen.. hello?
Yes sir.. I'm listening..
See, if you're going to seal pumps
left, right and centre like this..
our customers are going to
think something is wrong..
Or they could be assured that this
company is concerned about quality..
takes action..
Anyway.. I got your email..
..this time the
sealing will be permanent..
..just think about it once more..
they've been our dealers for years now..
Sir, what I'm saying is that..
I was a sales officer..
not a sales reducer..
It's my job sir.. will
have to take it seriously..
Take action and it's a problem..
Don't.. then I have a problem..
Looks like I was the root
cause of all the trouble..
Your samples are faulty.. again..
So what do you want me to do?
You take the samples from me..
.. then between that and the lab,
what you do with it, and what not.. should I know?
Can't this report be false?
Bloody nonsense.. why
are you picking on me only?
LD's pump was also sealed..
LD's changed now..
Balls, he's changed!
- I'm talking about you Golu..
Stop this adulteration..
Maybe I'll sanction
another pump for you..
You listen to me..
I'm not that desperate
That I have to start begging
from someone like you now..
Whatever I take.. I take
because I deserve it..
And whatever I want to do, I'm
going to do.. go.. do what you want!
All the best
If you can do that
You think if I want to do anything,
I will do it in front of you?
You will do it sometime, won't you?
I've already given him
one chance before.. OK..
What am I going to do with you?
When are you going to learn?
What happened now?
Who have you been speaking to?
- I know everything..
This pump has been running since 1976..
Why are you adamant on
ruining the business?
What's the matter? Can you
tell me something at least..
If children are not a blessing..
At least they should not be a curse..
Come on, it's getting late..
Not in the mood.. you go..
Do you feed him as well, or
you've got yourself a free watch dog?
If he would take something.. I would..
The rascal..
You go..
Yeah, Golu?
Yeah Devendra..
Tell me, what's the problem?
Nothing man.. the same shit..
Go on tell me
He's just screwed up my business man..
Golu, he must be looking for money.
Throw some cash at him..
He's been at me like a rabid dog, man..
Really? Seems like an honest dog!
It's OK, come here, we'll see..
Ok.. I'm coming..
Sir.. looks like the match is stuck..
No sir.. India will win.. definitely!
Sir.. cricket is a matter of chance..
Really? You seem to
know a lot about cricket..
Sir.. my father forced
me into this business..
..otherwise I would easily
made it into the Ranji team..
Two minutes..
Hello, Manju brother..
Really sorry, man..
Actually my mind's been
off the hook since morning..
..just very stressed so..
not thinking straight..
Sorry man
You are not angry, are you?
No.. I know.. Today
got a little too heated..
Yeah man..
You've left behind your
instrument here, actually..
So you will come to pick it up, no?
Right now?
Yeah.. let me see.. OK..
Yes or no?
Mr. Golu.. Manju sir is here..
Hold him there.. I'm on the way..
But how should I hold him back?
Just do what you're told.. go quick..
Hey, Lallan..
Yes.. oh.. Namaste brother..
Where's Golu?
Here.. nearby.. gone somewhere..
must be on his way back..
Ok.. where's my instrument?
Give it quick, I've to leave..
Must be inside.. come.. come in..
Ok.. so, what else? Why
are you looking so tense?
No.. no.. every thing's fine..
All well at home?
- Yes.. yes..
So when are you planning
to become a daddy, huh?
No sir.. not so soon..
Why not? Make it quick..
we'll celebrate with sweets..
Sure sir.. should I call for tea?
No, no.. just look for it quickly..
it's freezing out there..
Left my jacket in the car..
I.. I don't know where..
where he has kept it.. where..
Golu brother has taken the
keys with him, I think..
You have.. have a seat..
No, no.. come on, hurry..
- He.. he must be on his way.
The spare keys are in.. in the
other room. Let me go check..
Ok, OK. Check, go check..
- You sit down, please..
Well, well.. Your highness, Mr.
Manjunath.. Namaste.. Here he is..
- Oh, Devendra?
How are you?
Where were you all these days?
At my in-laws.. in jail!
Anyway.. Golu, it's getting late..
Can I get my instrument back, please..
You'll get it don't worry..
So what were you saying before..
that you'll shut down my pump.. Hmm?
We'll talk tomorrow..
- No, no tell me now..
wait.. tell me..
Oh, brother..
where are you going?
What's there to talk? Why
are you spoiling his image?
Image? Respect? He
won't understand that..
we all know what he
was born into.. right?
He's going to talk to me
about respect? Him? To me?
Let me talk to him..
I'll handle it. Tell me one thing..
Which god-damn pump dealer doesn't do a
little adulteration here.. tell me..
Maybe. But not in my area..
Oh ho, ho, ho.. Mahatma Gandhi speaks!
Gandhi had to take the bullet..
tell me.. are you ready to?
Are you ready to
take a bullet, tell me..
Look.. he's offered
you five million already.
How much more do you want?
Don't be shy.. whatever is
in your heart, you demand..
No more adulteration, that's it.
Look, I can give you a
month's time to reform.
You'll give me time to reform? You?
He's a stuck up freak man!
We don't drink water from the
hands of people like you and.. want to give me grace time? Me?
Lallan.. turn off the generator!
Go quick..
Go now!
You'll give me grace time, huh?
Now you listen to me..
From now on, all adulteration
will happen in front of you..
And you will sign that
it is all OK.. clean..
right here.. right now..
do you understand that?
You can forget about that sign, Golu..
Look Golu.. you're my friend..
So next time, don't do all this..
..or else, a complaint will
go right to the top guys..
Right to the top..
- Golu.. Golu.. Golu..
Golu.. listen Golu, I'm telling you..
Complain to the top,
will you? You b
Why did you shoot? Finish this off now..
..if he remains alive, we'll
all be screwed.. shoot.. shoot!
Why kill him here in the market?
Shut up!
Ahh.. what a relief!
When it came to facing pace balls,
our batsmen.. never had the balls!
Isn't it?
- Why? What about Gavaskar?
And there was Vengsarkar also..
- There was only Gavaskar!
Vengsarkar was troubled
by lmran Khan.. royally..
And then there was Amarnath..
Golu brother, what are we doing here?
Hey, what are you doing?Have you
lost it? Please.. please give it..
Why? Mine's got dirty too..
So? I just have one pair..
My, my.. look, Golu brother
seems to be bulging away.. ahem!
This is not a time for jokes..
..gone batty.. bloody idiot!
And then, there's Kumble..
You know how he's fooled everyone?
Says he's going to bowl a spin ball..
..and then he bowls one.. fast..
straight as a poker. Isn't that Golu?
Out! Hee..
Come on.. come.. Let's go..
Mr. Goyal.. Can we leave?
Drop me off at Rajesh's place..
You're not going home?
Don't be stupid Golu..
No one knows about this..
not even Rajesh..
I just took the guns from him..
Come back and wash the car properly..
then go home.
And keep the keys with you..
It's better if we make it look normal..
.. not be out all night..
You saw his eyes? While he was dying?
Golu.. he's dead..
Game over!
Here.. India's opening batsman..
Mr. No-balls..
Let's go..
Wait, stop the car..
Mr. Gol? Where are you off to?
He's going to change his pants again..
Why Golu?
Why did you do this?
You're screwed now
No.. no..
I'm not screwed..
Nothing's going to happen to me..
They'll hang you..
Hang me bull shit!
This is India.. on top of that,
this is UP.. nothing happens here..
By now your body would
be floating in the river..
You know all my friends?
All at high places..
my batch mates.. you
think they leave you?
Oh.. your llM types?
They're all busy raking it in..
and on foreign trips..
They'll probably give some interviews..
and some armchair advice..
.. but they will do nothing..
You should have
taken that five million..
Imagine what that would
have meant for your folks..
would have been better for them.. you..
And for me also..
Bloody fool!
You'll never be able to
digest this and live happy..
Had you listened to me and changed..
If you would have listened to me.. wouldn't have
changed from living to dead!
Actually, you didn't
love your parents enough..
You would have thought about them,
had you loved them at all..
What have you given them?
Death of their young son?
A life of emptiness? That's all?
Now go tom-tom your honesty around..
No matter what one does
to bring you guys up.. end up showing
your true selves after all!
Let's get rid of him now. The
police patrol must have eased off
Why are you stopping?
Let's get some tea..
Hey.. get out the way..
Move the car, can't you hear?
Shit.. police..
You fools gotten high
early morning or something?
Stop! Where are you going.. stop!
Stop.. wait!
Where are you running.. huh?
Who killed him?
They have confessed sir
It seems he had taken money from them.. the promise that
he'll license them a pump
..but then back tracked
It's Lakhimpur's case, sir..
Al right.. inform them..
And where is the murder weapon?
They've thrown it away..
Ok.. recover it..
He's a very bad man sir.. He
refused to give back our money..
When we confronted him..
he started running away..
So we shot him sir..
Everybody stay back..
Sir, let me through..
I think I know him..
Sir.. there's been an incident..
he was shot dead last night..
I am so sorry, sir..
Hello, lnspector Shukla here..
This is Saxena here, from Sitapur..
Tell me..
There's been a
murder in your area, sir..
Where's that?
- In your market..
In our market?
Yes, he was a sales officer..
worked in Bharat Oil..
Would've been around 26-27 years old..
please cross-check this..
A 26-27 year old sales officer was
killed in the middle of our market..
..and I should cross-check it?
Let me send you all the information..
Got it.. Thank you..
Meaning sir.. how is it possible
that someone gets murdered in the..
.. middle of our market
and we have no idea?
But still look into it..
Already did that sir..
..when no shots were fired here,
what will anyone hear?
What do the guys in Sitapur say?
Hmph.. Sitapur..
Sir.. if young officers are
murdered in our area just like that..
..and we don't do anything then..
Peace be upon you
- Peace be upon you too..
.. please come in.. Come
Do we know anything else?
Yes sir.. I met his landlord, sir..
He had gone to Gola for two days..
Sir, whatever has happened,
has happened in Gola..
Sir.. There's not much
work I have here tomorrow..
..and it's the Sunday off as well..
..what can I do sir? Only
you can give the order..
Leave for Gola tomorrow morning..
I'll hold off Sitapur for you..
Thank you sir!
Where are all the hotels here?
A little ahead sir..
There's no number written here?
I'm sorry, but I don't know anything..
Do you know Manjunath?
Who are you?
Your big brother.. that's who..
- Excuse me?
Did he come here?
- He had..
Did anyone come to meet
him here? Any phones? - No..
On what day did he stay here?
This is your register? - Yes.. yes..
Yes sir, he always
stayed over at that hotel..
Did anyone else come there?
No sir.. The boy was a clean chit, sir..
Call me once you reach Agarwal pump
Yes sir.. we're on our way..
What time did he leave from here?
After the match.. around nine'o' clock..
Yes sir.. he had
forgotten his instrument there..
Yes sir.. He went to get it back,
and no one's seen him after that..
We're on our way there..
- Al right..
You also go get dressed..
- Hmm.. hmm..
Sir there were some numbers
to be put under surveillance..
There's a petrol pump in Gola, sir..
I'm sending across the papers..
But please sir, it's a little urgent..
It's a murder case, sir..
Mr. Pandit?
- Yes sir..
Till what time do you
keep your shop open?
Seven o' clock, sir..
Once in a while it gets late..
but I usually shut it at...
And two days back you would have
surely shut it down early? Right?
Sir.. I..
Yeah.. I didn't see anything..
didn't hear anything..
Six bullets were fired..
..and no one heard them?
Did everyone suddenly go deaf?
Otherwise if there is even a cycle
accident, you people will pack the streets..
Let's go Lambu..
These people have no balls here..
Hey, wait!
Hey, wait!
What happened Mr. Sardar?
Not going to invite me in? Huh?
What happened? Tell me.. what happened?
Tell me!
I.. I didn't see anything..
Did I ask you anything?
He was just 27 years old, Mr. Sardar
Sir.. I heard.. b.. b.. bullet shots..
The owner of that pump is
not to be seen.. where is he?
I don't know sir..
I don't know.. really.. but one of his
men.. Lallan.. he stays here.. here..
You bloody..
When your balls are squashed..
they're squashed..
Mr. Big Balls should accept that..
Why strut around like Rambo?
- Let go.. let go!
You don't know who I am.. let me go!
You're under arrest!
Hands up!
Why did you murder Manjunath?
Would you like to say
something to the media?
Move, move.
IlM graduate Manjunath Shanmugam,
was killed..
Murdered in broad daylight..
in UP.. by the petrol mafia..
He was a carefree soul who went whistling
around in the corridors of llM Lucknow..
And he's turned into a
whistle-blower in his death..
The students at llM Lucknow..
and the rest of the students at llM
Are putting pressure on the government
to take action against the accused..
Even if some of us can get, even an iota
of what he was, it would be worth it..
The thought process has already
started.. slowly it's catching up..
You said nothing would happen..
so what's all this then?
Oh, this? You were from
a big famous college..
working in a big company..
can expect some noise..
Face it, Golu.. I was right..
Ha! You think there's a shortage of
people fighting corruption in the world?
But they either get suspended, or
transferred or demoted.. or end up dead..
So tell me why no one
is bothered about them?
You know why? Because
you're special now..
Upper caste!
Upper class!
You're getting the special
treatment now.. and you used to tell me..
But you know what?
I have to admire your courage..
Father earns five thousand,
shunned off five million!
I admire you..
Vande Mataram!
But my friend..
These guys don't have the eye
to realize your real fight..
You know what these
people think you are? A fool..
And that's why you will lose..
You just wait and watch..
just wait!
Good evening and
welcome to 'We The People'
Ever so often comes along
the extra-ordinary story..
of an ordinary person who
tries to battle the system..
The story of 27 year old Manjunath..
who was killed for taking on the
oil mafia, is one such story..
Yes, of course.. What?
- You're back?
I've been ringing the bell for so long..
Was watching this programme..
- No..
..tell them, if it's anything less than
two lakhs, I am totally not interested..
You should watch it.. it's
about this guy who was killed..
Ok fine, call me back
He was from your college..
Let's start with
Manjunath's parents.. who actually..
..join us now from Bangalore..
Do you believe that those who
killed him will be punished?
Or do you feel that
they'll never be caught?
I don't know..
We are poor people..
..middle class family..
And they are, very rich people,
who killed my son..
Some people are saying..
They will get free very soon..
But they should be punished..
Then only people will realize that..
.. it should never
happen in life with anybody..
As parents we believe that you often
told him, that he should leave his job..
..because you felt it was not safe..
In the beginning we were
not happy with.. that..
He was working there in a remote area..
It was very scary..
But last month when we went to
meet him.. he was very happy..
He was saying he
sealed one petrol pump..
Every time he was telling me..
Don't worry mama.. I'm happy..
Everything is fine..
He never told us
There were so many problems with him..
But they should be.. punished..
You know Jai.. we're llM guys.
Supposedly the cream of the country
If one of us gets killed,
and we can't do anything then..
..what about the others?
I mean, look at these parents..
.. it's almost as if they know
that they won't get any justice..
Yeah.. but what can we do?
Someone should do something..
You've actually been
also a sales officer
You were also Manjunath's friend.
What were some of the
difficulties you've faced?
Well, Barkha.. There were a
couple of threats but not serious..
But first, let's see
why we need to inspect..
Look, if you honestly sell diesel.. the
profit you get is 50.9 paisa per litre
If you have such ridiculous margins..
anybody is going to adulterate..
..and Manju..
- They don't have food to eat..
..what about their kids?
And now that we know, if we
still don't do anything about it..
..we're also thieves!
Namaste.. Namaste..
I'm very sorry to hear about this..
Excuse me.. Please accept the cheque..
Did you ever call him back after that?
I thought of calling him many times..
Then one day I switched on the
TV and saw that he was no more..
Did you call him?
He had called me.. I didn't pick up..
I could've saved him..
These were some of his belongings..
I had..
..asked for money..
Sir, my ears could have been ringing..
If any innocent man gets
hanged because of me.. will I face the Almighty,
after I die?
Just say that you got cold feet..
Why bring the Almighty into this?
What you're going to tell Him,
start thinking about that now..
Session day two, we'll
continue our training program..
concentrating on Wall St. to Main St.
strategy where in phase one..
we look at these points.. and in
phase two, we focus on those..
In phase three, we will look at
how to tie in a strategic partner..
The next day, that's day three, we
will continue our training session..
talking about dual
strategy in corporate banking..
Any questions on the same?
Yes.. ma'am.. earlier you had
mentioned about risk management.. can you please elaborate?
We'll talk about the same.. in our
training session, on day number six..
"Some people are saying..
they will get free very soon."
It's still haunting you?
You know the thing is Jai..
Did Manju win? Or
those guys who killed him?
Come on, Anjali.. I spoke
to the alumni co-ordinator..
They're trying to rustle up some
support, there's a legal case to be filed..
.. it's a process.. takes time..
What's his mom's fault?
Look, I know, but what can be done?
Neither of us have
ever been inside a court..
..where does one even start?
The most rotten thing
is this feeling that..
.. it might all go waste..
There must be so many
people hinting to his mom..
..that her son was
really stupid to do all this..
She must be lying in bed
at night, thinking her son..
..what he did.. was stupid..
..that Manju was a failure?
Now, our director, Mr. Devi Singh,
will come on the stage..
and give a memento to Manjunath's father
He was..
He was as young.. as young as you..
When I look at you..
I am reminded of him..
Please help us
Relax, I understand..
what's happened, has happened..
It's OK, Mr. Gandhi
Well, you did want to
change things like him, right?
Vande Mataram!
Maybe, we need to wait a bit more, no?
Maybe, young people out there will
be inspired by you.. protest and say
'Long live
Manjunath..we are with you..' No!
They won't say that.. no one's going
to support you.. forget about it..
I'll give you a piece of advice..
Take your next birth as Golu Goyal.. and your family
will see some real fun
Everyone wants a Gandhi..
but next door..
.. in their own house, they
want a Golu Goyal only..
What say, Mr. Gandhi?
Tell me.. tell me..
We're going to lose, guys..
Should I focus on all
this only, and not my job?
Not because of those against us..
And not because of those with us..
You expect us to come from
Mysore to get the charge sheet?
And you can't do it from there?
And he was your batch mate!
It's those on the fence,
who are waiting..
Waiting, for the other guy to start..
Look at him.. he's saying who are we?
He's right...who are we?
What are you talking? If the charge
sheet is not filed in ninety days..
..those bastards will get out on bail..
I know..
You know so what? What
are all these people doing?
And what are we doing?
Waiting.. waiting..waiting..
..and then day turns to night..
Hmm.. very nice madam..
You are doing a very good
job by establishing a Trust..
In the name of..
Manjunath.. Shan.. mugam.. right?
Heh.. heh.. very nice..
You are related to him?
No.. is that necessary?
No, no.. just asking..
for my general knowledge..
And.. you want it done fast?
Yes.. actually, the
chargesheet is not yet filed and..
Oh.. yes, yes.. want fast..
everyone wants fast.. very good..
I can do it really
fast for you, today only..
Something to make it fast,
you should also do..
I mean to say.. you know
what I mean to say.. heh.. heh..
You want money?
Do you know, the boy on whose name
we are establishing this Trust..
..died because he didn't want
to get corrupt.. understand?
We are making the Trust
to carry on his work..
Do you get that? If you don't, I can
speak to your higher authorities..
Madam please..
What is this? They
want money for everything!
Let me talk!
Please.. I'm really sorry, madam..
You should be!
Oh.. you leave.. please leave..
your work will be done..
Don't worry, please go..
Uh.. I'll do the needful. Don't bother
And you should have
some shame, next time..
Thank you!
Good day..
That's not funny
He was actually..
Anyway, I spoke to Zaki Ahmad..
the chargesheet has been filed
But where will we get the
money to fight the case now?
..four thousand.. four thousand
..eight hundred.. five thousand..
and twenty..
So we only need about forty
nine lakhs, ninety four thousand..
.. nine hundred and twenty.. only..
- Very funny..
What's that? There..
I think.. It's a cheque..
Two thousand...
And it's from the same lady who had
sent us a thousand rupee cheque earlier..
..and we sent it back..
You should read this
You think only you have
a right over this boy?
Why did you send my money back?
I'm sending more this time..
..if you feel this is also too little..
I'll send more next time..
I really don't have a
lot of money, child..
I am an eighty year old woman..
I have come now to die
in an ashram in Haridwar..
I read about this boy in the paper..
At such a young age he
did something so big..
I felt like he was my son..
Like he fought for me..
He deserves justice
I know this is a very small amount..
But please accept this as an
auspicious beginning from an old woman..
Nothing can stop you..
this is my blessing
Got the entire battalion, Ms. Anjali?
This is l.B. sir.. our lawyer..
These are all llM students.
They were insisting that they
come along for every hearing..
We know this area very well, sir..
I know, I know..
That's good.. Let's go..
I'll never get convicted!
You think they're going to win this?
This case will go on for decades..
..but nothing will happen..
nothing happens to people like us..
Who cares about your conviction any more?
Golu, you're branded anyway now.. a murderer..
How do you think that
will make your father feel?
What did you get by doing this?
Are you happy?
My dad's proud of me now..
..people know him as my father..
Do you think your children would
be proud to have you as a father?
I'll tell you what..
You tell them to be
like me, not like you..
They'll be happy
It's a crime in which a person whose
duty was to check the petrol pumps..
..and to stop the
irregularities being committed..
..has been put to
death without provocation..
I don't know how to say this..
but thank you all very much..
It's OK.. I'm just doing my job..
Manju was also just doing his job..
The victim was unarmed when he
was put to death in a planned way..
The accused Golu Goyal, is
convicted and sentenced to death..
..for the crime
punishable under section 302..
.. read along with section 149 lPC..
..and the accused shall be
hanged by the neck, till he is dead..
The accused Devendra Agnihotri,
Sanjeev Anand, Rajesh Mishra..
Sanjay Sharma, Shiv Kumar alias Lallan,
Vijay Verma and Jitesh Kumar..
..are convicted and
sentenced to life imprisonment..
Shanmugam sir.. congratulations!
Namaste madam..