Mankatha (2011) Movie Script

That's no problem, sir
We've foisted a case on him
claiming he sold drugs seized by the cops
We won't be suspected
We have used local thugs to do the job
I'll take care, sir
Basheer, shoot this dog!
That's not fair! Thick as thieves
together, but he gets the blame
What do you get?
The Game Plan
Today is a black day
for our police department
Anti corruption head Mr Kamal Ekambaram
...killed himself at 9:45 A. M
in his office room
Asst. Commissioner
Kamal Ekambaram committed
...suicide due to heavy loss
in cricket- betting
His involvement for the past few years
in cricket betting has come to light now
In the recent Indian Premier League (IPL)
If an assistant commissioner
can be pressurized by bookies
...imagine the plight of ordinary people
We have to wait and see what measures
Central Government will take
A Special squad has been formed to eradicate
betting in cricket by our government
We shall wait and watch who this head
will be and his method of operating
Shall I dance?
Sing my debut song?
With a huge fanatic fan
shall I explore headlong?
Friend with an unusual name
Disciple who spreads my fame
Come, my knave
so brave
Play 'mankatha'
The card game 'in and out'
Our Goddess won't forsake you
No doubt
If you don't pretend
victory you can't befriend?!
Play 'mankatha'
The card game 'in and out'
Our Goddess won't forsake you
No doubt
If you don't pretend
victory you can't befriend?!
Change your mind
Happiness you'll find
Torpedo your trouble
Break all barriers to rubble
Sparks of fire within that toil
Reflexes that rise to boil
Re-define destiny
Shall I defy history?
Provoke me to tease
Touch me to please
Skip over sorrow, here after
Lord, You became my partner
Bump to incite
Be a messenger to ignite
Face with a halo-glow
Word-less shall I show?
Knowledge is power, a God-send
Realize that, my friend
Work with devotion, my dear
Success will be your volunteer
This offshoot of Valluvar's verse
if understood, hurdles are no remorse
Onus is on you
Face this challenge new
without digress!
Hold on to this flying kite
Seek within you, this find so right
Take my hand in yours so strong
Listen to your inner voice, to you I belong!
Play 'mankatha'
The card game 'in and out'
Our Goddess won't forsake you
No doubt
If you don't pretend
victory you can't befriend?!
Play 'mankatha'
The card game 'in and out'
Our Goddess won't forsake you
No doubt
If you don't pretend
victory you can't befriend?!
Awaken spirits that sleep
Refresh memories to leap
Make your dreams happen
At work, let your focus sharpen
Let your bonds strengthen
Let humility not slacken
Endorse truth as a commander
Be rated as 1st of the world's wonder
Play 'mankatha'
The card game 'in and out'
Our Goddess won't forsake you
No doubt
If you don't pretend
victory you can't befriend?!
Play 'mankatha'
The card game 'in and out'
Our Goddess won't forsake you
No doubt
If you don't pretend
victory you can't befriend?!
Why didn't you pick up the phone?
What were you doing?
- Tell me
- Haven't you got up?
Worked late last night
Did you drink?
Of course not
I've sworn on you that I won't
A small assignment
You've been suspended for 6 months
What is the assignment, then?
Old case
Are you at home?
I'll be there soon
I should never ever drink again!
Was that your girl friend?
Who is she?
From where did you get her?
Who are you?
Don't be funny
Let me sleep for half an hour more
I swear I don't know you
Who are you?
Did I do anything hanky-panky last night?
Not last night
Only now...
Don't ever drink again!
My girl friend will be here
You have to leave now
You promised to marry me
- When?
- Last night
You went into raptures about every
single feature of mine?!
You forgot all that?
I was too tanked and tipsy
Lady, here's your shoe
Leave now
Is she more beautiful than me?
Will you drink again?
I didn't mean you
You just leave
Sanjay Ramaswamy, amnesia guy!
He lives upstairs
When did you come?
My bag's inside
Who is she?
She came here by mistake
instead of going up to the next floor
- Didn't seem that way
- Then what?
Looked like she was 'hitting' on you
- Who?
- That girl
She and her dress sense, it didn't look
like she was visiting your neighbor
Are you implying I pushed her
out of here before your arrival?!
Are you suspecting me?
Not you
I don't trust girls
Even if guys are saints,
can't trust these girls!
Where the hell did you keep it?
What are you hunting for?
Me? Nothing
What happened to you?
You are acting so weird
My head is...
Shall I make coffee for you?
Thank you, honey
Dad wants to meet you this Friday
He thinks we are just friends
- What's this?
- You are dead meat!
You promised not to smoke
My friends who came last night
...must have left it here
Cut off your tobacco friends!
- You look irresistible?
- What?
Your hair
These cheeks
Your eyes
I feel like looking at you all day long
Looks like your lips are
asking for something?!
What are they asking?
- What?
- Shall I brush my teeth?
On ourway
From Mumbai?
Does it tally?
Give 5 from the big bag
Chettiyar is on the line
Will you talk to him?
How are you?
Your boys are here
Come this way
I am the officer who has been assigned
to prevent cricket betting
If there is chance of huge cash- flow into India
100% we've the means to track and confiscate it
We learnt that bookies escaped
when being arrested
One escaped, but we nabbed Rs 50 million
You didn't get that information?!
Good news never travels!!
What's next?
Pichumani, stop talking rubbish
Listen to what I'm saying
I am almost there
Why are you hassling me?
Which coach?
I didn't see anything
- What are you doing here?
- I came to drop my friend
This is my friend Prem from Chennai
This is Sona
Long time since we met, Mahat
I'll call you
Sendhil, park the car
Now, tell me
Why did you ask me to come here?
Let's go in and talk
What an awesome bar!
Drinks 'on the house' for me
If so many people drink during the day
how will our country prosper?
Don't antagonize them
They are the reason for your friend's
career-graph sky rocketing
Is that so?
Why did you want me here?
To make me a drunkard like them?!
No, to make you a millionaire
Wait a minute, buddy!
I'm joining a new job from Monday
Are you playing the fool with me?
Sub-inspector sir
One month flew so fast?!
What to do, Mahat?
You know how ourjob is
Who is that noodle-head?
That's Prem
- Where next?
- Theater, dude
Why are you taking so much time?
Sumanth, are you busy?
I'd like to see Chettiyar
He is upstairs
Someone's with him, I think
I need to collect cash from him
Will you get it for me?
Get that ready soon
Sub-inspector Ganesh has come
Come in
This is Sumanth
He's been with me from childhood
Trust-worthy chap
He is Sanjana's friend
How is Suchi?
Ask her to call me
- What?
- Nothing, dad
- What?
- Nothing, sir
This generation is beyond me!!!
Ask Faizal to come up
Bribe, sir?
As if you don't know
Only if we give your due
you will let us work in peace
Can't take like before
How old are you, Vinayak?
Only girls' age shouldn't be asked
Even if a girl is present
you shouldn't ask!
I will be 40 this May
Did you call me, sir?
Go see Nasser
What are you doing here?
- How are you, bro?
- I am fine
I'm working with 'sir'
How do you know Faizal?
He was the reason for my suspension!
Knowingly or unknowingly
you have helped me immensely
How considerate and helpful you are
This is how I can reciprocate your goodness
You lost yourjob because of us!
Suspended, not sent home for good!
How will I ever repay you?
I am confused
Illegal cricket betting confirmed
as reason behind Kamal Ekambaram's demise
2 months ago he passed away!
Our Government orchestrated it
Tell them why you died!
All because of this betting, sir
Some become overnight millionaires
Some end up taking their lives
unable to cope with the pressure
To bring the black money out and create
public awareness,
I pretended to commit suicide
I don't understand
If a V.I. P kills himself due to betting
it is camouflaged and case is closed
If a cop does the same
a huge hype is created
Bookies are like ghosts
We should trap their network first
Prithviraj appointed to stop cricket betting
has taken drastic measures
Bookies have been taken for interrogation
by the Special Squad
Most bookies will be influential
We'll definitely be pressurized
Don't worry about that
Please let me go
Forgive me
He is our latest team member
Isn't he already dead?
Common knowledge, then how?
Police department has established
to the whole world that Kamal is dead
Same department has created
a Praveen in our team
This is that Praveen
You have tightened security
Seized betting money
Arrested bookies
What are you doing?
It is in Central Government's hands
We don't have any control
I am not bothered
You have to attend to this
Prithviraj has given an assurance that illegal
cricket betting will be completely eradicated
We have arrested many bookies from
metropolitan cities through out India
We have seized money in millions
They have fallen in love
We should unite them
Please don't interfere
in both my daughters' lives
Do you like him?
I love him
Do you believe he'll take care of you
till the very end?
Will you take good care of him?
I will
Then why hesitate?
Bring her home
I'll take leave
You are my looking glass
I am your eye-contact, lass
You are my interior
I'm your view to the exterior
You are my search
I am your requisite
You are my song
I'm your word to express it
You are my equal half
I am your 50-50
You are my heart beat
I am your anatomy
You are my vision
I'm your perfect hue
You are my soul
I'm your 'point of view'
Come with me, my dear
Let's rhythmize to our desire
Sky and clouds not in sync, today
They diverge, each a separate way
You are my body
I am your dress
You are my speech
I am your dais
You are my path
I am your feet
You are my breeze
I'm your scented sweet
I realized you as me
I perceived you in me continuously
With unexpressed sentiment
I stood still... reticent
...only to spread my wings to fly
exceed the endless sky
Your eyes ceaselessly capsize
setting my heart ablaze to rise
You are my looking glass
I am your eye-contact
You are my home
I am your vision intact
You are my search
I am your requisite
You are my song
I am your word to express it
What happened?
I dreamt some rowdies shot you
It was so real
My heart stopped beating for a minute
Only after I woke up
my heart resumed its beat!
Being the heroine
why do you dream like the villain's wife?
Shouldn't your dream have...
Why are you scared of losing your life?
Whose ever life it may be, it is precious!
This city is making me dream this way
Don't know what will happen
Distance! No barrier, bridge the gap
Passion! Roll on us to love- wrap
Love conquers, fulfilling mutual desire
Droplets fall down to re- kindle the fire
You wage a war within me
Endlessly... triumphantly!
You are my body
I am your dress
You are my speech
I am your dais
You are my path
I am your feet
You are my fresh breeze
I am your scented sweet
- Where is the rest room?
- Over there
Tell me
You are?
Got a call about an impending raid
I'll leave
- Who called you?
- Unknown number
I'll come with you
You go
I'll take care
Clear all the stuff from the theatre
I'll be there now
Start the car soon
Just a minute, sir
- What a run-down car this is
- Will start right now
Are you leaving, sir?
I have a small job to do
Some problem with my car
Can you take me?
Let's go
What are you still doing over there?
Do I have to tell you also?
Clear it up fast
- It's okay
- Let me help
Don't stop the car anywhere
midway at night... keep driving
What am I paying you for?
Shouldn't you warn me before hand?
I didn't get any such information
Even I enquired in my department
No such news
Special squad is probing into illegal betting
and gambling... we have to watch our back
Our boys will take care
Don't worry
- Ganesh, take care
- Definitely
Let us close all activities for 2-3 days
Let the danger ease
Thanks a gallon, Vinayak
You went out of the way to help me
I am indebted to you more and more
Plenty of foreign investors
Indian players are also involved
They too gamble for foreign funds
Maximum transaction happens through phone
If a player bets with a bookie,
he transfers it to a bigger bookie
It goes up in hierarchy like that
This is how the network travels
If I bet Rs 500,000 and I win
within 2 days I will get double the amount
If I lose, someone else will get that cash
Huge amount of money will be hauled out
due to the pressure we have given
We'll amass close to 4 or 5 billion!
Oh my gosh!! Awwwwww!!!
Total amount will get distributed
to the bookies, from Mumbai
Indian Premier League match is on Sunday
Previous Saturday will be 'cash inflow'
in our Golden theatre
If we raid Golden theatre
the entire loot can be seized
We can control a huge network
If we plan this well, smash-hit!
We can live life like royalty
If we mess it up and get caught
sure-shot death
Just hearing this, his tummy
starts somersaulting!
He is such a wimp
Are you kidding?
He will be useful to us
He is brilliant and a brave-heart
Don't worry
I want to go back to my city
I was happy with my '65000 per month' job
Why are you so formal?
3rd month since we connected
and we are still doing good
Especially no cigarettes, no alcohol
That's why I thanked you
You insist only for my good
Ages since I left all those vices
- I'm glad my dad likes you very much
- Very soon we can...
Don't be in a hurry
He who is patient, will be
Lord of all He surveys!
I've got my car
I'll go
I was being so good
Why did you have to remind me?
We met at Sumanth's wedding
- How are you?
- I'm good
- Are you here for a drink?
- Do I look a drunkard to you?
I didn't mean it that way
Chennai Super Kings won
No one is celebrating in Mumbai
So I thought maybe you wanted to
rejoice all alone in solitude, like me
You think so?
How long can I pretend to be good?
Poor you!
This is why I don't have a girl friend
Even if you want to, you can't!
Were you born this way?
I didn't mean to offend you
You are a handsome guy
You tease me
Even those 3 morons mock at me
One more, please
I want to drink... dot!
Close the shop
Go... go... go
He means me!
Police... go
I am caught red-handed
What will I do?
No one is in, sir
- You think you are 'Vasanth & co'!
- Liquor sold out
Will you open or shall I seal you
along with your shop?
I've seen you somewhere
- Boss
- Not me
There's only brandy
Long may you live!
We drank whisky
We can't mix the 2
We'll get a hangover
We should mix and drink
Do you have water?
After 10:00 P. M if we sell liquor you catch us
If we don't, you threaten to seal our shop
Are you DrJekyll or Mr Hyde?!!
Let me pull the shutter down
before he comes back
Man has created 2 good things
One is liquor
The other is twisted crispy
That's chips, dude
Shopkeeper swindled us!
- I'll tell you a 'haiku' poem
- Tell
With pair of lights on, be a driver
If couple of pegs down
sit back as passenger
Wow wooowwwow
That's why I never drive
What about you?
I didn't drive light but tight
Continue your creative flow
You got a job here?
Or going back to your city?
Why should I go back?
If I want, I can have 100 people
working under me
Won't it be expensive?
What are you looking at?
You will zip your lips?
We are planning to rake in a sweepstake
- From where?
- Golden theatre
Arumugam Chettiyar
Me too, same pinch!
Why are we whispering?
Are you also planning the same?
Day of the final match
of Indian Premier League
We are also planning
on that very same day
Why don't you do it 2 days later?
'We' means?
Me, wine- shop owner Mahat, Chettiyar's
employee Sumanth and sub-inspector Ganesh
All 4 are morons!!!!
I should never drink again
I swear
Whom did I bring today?
I swear I won't drink ever!
What are you doing here?
I remember clearly
I drove the car
I drove the car
Do you know where we went afterthat?
In between we got the Liquor
I bought the Liquor
I opened the shutter
Do you know that?
Then we came home
What happened, bro?
Do you still not remember?
After we got the liquor I blanked out
Let me take leave
We should maintain same brand
if we ever drink again
Not mix the two
A secret to share!
Do you know how brilliant we are?
Traffic signal is what we need
to pay attention in Mumbai
All signals have to favor us
after we grab the loot for us to escape
You have to accompany me
My bro has come from the village
He wanted to become a cop from childhood
His name is Alex Pandian
Alias Shikari Shambu
Take care
It may break
Match box can be struck only on 2 sides
But if you strike anywhere on Alex Pandian
it will be a total blast!!
This area's entire traffic control is here
If you mess with it
there will be a major problem
This uncle's wife has deserted him
He has enough hassles to cope with
Don't you worry
This Alex Pandian will find her for you
whichever nook and corner she is in
I found a vehicle similar to the one
used by Sanjana charitable trust
We can fix it tomorrow
Is it same size? Make sure
We have printed the stickers already
I'll take care
You tell us the plan
I'll create the traffic jam
At that time vehicle with money will go in
You should ensure your car is next to it
This is the go-down we have identified
We will share our loot here
- It is safe, I hope
- Don't worry
Not even a fly can fly in!!
If we share the loot in comfort
in a 5 star hotel won't it be?!
You scared the hell out of me
How did you come in?
You should not ask how I came in
But why!
Now why did you come in?
- Are you drunk?
- Yessssss!
Do they know at home?
Why should my home know?
Only my mom and dad should know
Irrespective of the gender how are all
drunken dialogs so moronic?!
You told me not to drink
and you booze from head to toe?!
Friend's birthday party
Why are you here?
I drank just half a quarter
lmages of you flowed in 'full'!
What are you going to do now?
What am I going to do?
What are we going to do!!
Hey! Don't hide Mr Baddie,
I'm your twin tower, 'hit' on me!
Russia's vodka or Japan's haikai
Find inside me which I can supply!
Of its own accord my dress wants to slide
Only you can stroke a fire inside
Without a touch you arouse me
I move to collide voluntarily!
Hey! Don't hide Mr Baddie,
I'm your twin tower, 'hit' on me!
Russia's vodka or Japan's haikai
Find inside me which I can supply!
You take me, like a churner to yoghurt
Oh! How you ravage me, 'lovexpert'!
Like swine flu pandemic, it's adolescence-sway!
Lips apply fomentation, full body asks a replay
Shared intimacy in bed, koel moved to ecstacy
Silver moon's artery kindled desires easily
Bull stood aside, while dairy cow wanted encore
Mind got corrupted, as I fell hook, line & sinker
Oh! Sexy lady! You invade me totally
Cricket is match- fixing, love is 2 hearts mixing
On this bed, let's bet to our heart's content
Catch the ball for winning sake
Shall I bat to keep you awake?
Proud of my pitch, I want to kiss you
Spring-time fever, will 20 overs do?
Like cricketer Dhoni, play on my passion
Desire is hellish, this lass wants action
One, just 1, only one
Lavish this girl with all the fun
Satisfy my every whim, your bottom line
Ravish me lady, wine and dine
Just like that, simply, take me
Loot me, get wild my booty
Of its own accord my dress wants to slide
Only you can stroke a fire inside
Without a touch you arouse me
I move to collide voluntarily!
We are at your place
I am getting better
More sober
How much ever anyone has drunk
when they reach home, they'll feel this way
Go brush yourteeth
No one will know you got drunk
I am not going in alone
You come with me
Come in
Please be seated
- How are you?
- I am fine
Shall I get you something to eat?
No, thank you
Any drink?
Just now
You are always very formal
I'll call my husband
Vinayak is here to see you
Hello Vinayak
- How are you?
- I am good
A small meeting
What's news?
I came to drop Sanjana
I assumed he had come to see you
Don't go away
I'll finish the meeting
We can have dinner together
- How was it?
- What?
My acting skill
No one found out?!
You are such a talented actress
Should you be taught how to act!?
- Did dad bug you?
- He asked me to stay for dinner
I'll go help mom
I don't reek of alcohol, do I?
Where's the restroom?
Don't use the gun unless we are caught
Whoever gets caught shouldn't squeal
If we go according to plan we are safe
Otherwise we are all dead
Why be so morbid?
Let's talk of money
Ganesh is right
If we get caught by 'old man',
we won't have descendants for our family!
What you say scares even me
What will he do... poor soul?
Start the car
Our plan should work without hassles
Even I am apprehensive of that
Where are you all off to?
To loot?
Swear we don't know what you are implying
Where are you going?
- Theatre?
- Yes
Why do you need Sub-inspectorfor the theatre?
To help you escape from the case
You are trying to entertain us?
Am I Santhanam?
(popular comedian)
I was on the way to work
Hey bro!
Are you also with us?
Wondered if you are drinking with us
I know you are going to loot
I swear I don't know...
Good act, Ganesh!
I know everything
Your plan, your share,
where you are off to now
We have to download liquor
from the vehicle, bro
I know it has no liquor
We don't know what you are saying
I know everything
Prem told me everything
I swear I didn't
I didn't
We don't have time to discuss
That money hasn't gone to the theatre
like the way you are assuming
Money didn't go to the theatre?
Are you wondering how I know?
That's why I befriended Sanjana and her dad
Police problem is way too much
Even I am aware
Don't bring the money to the theatre
This is what I told you before
Where is it going instead?
I'll give you 'guarantee'
You don't worry
Theatre being the venue
was a drama to divert the cops
Sanjana's dad doesn't know
that the theatre is surrounded by cops
If you still don't believe me...
Look at the tea shop
Must be special squad
What are you thinking?
I should be the one to think!
1l5 or 4l5
What do you prefer?
Tell me
What do we do now?
Money truck will come tomorrow afternoon
It will be followed by an escort car
Prem, this is what you have to do
Dear Goddess, be with me
I have gone in
Everything is under my control
All aces are ours, dude
Ready forthe next signal?
We can split them
No worries, I'll take care
It's moving
Go fast
Can't you see?
There's a car in front
Move... move aside
Mahat, I am opening signal, be ready
I am ready from the day I was born
Security is missing?
Both vehicles have been separated
Unable to reach him
Let's keep going, not stop in between
- Try again
- I did, still not reachable
Mahat, are you ready?
Keep our papers ready
Go over there
Show your papers
It's all in order
What's the problem?
I'll handle it
We have reached
Have we reached?
Hand it over to me
You pulled it off
Brilliant planning
How well he rides a bike, dude
He's too good!
My intestines were trembling
- What are you doing?
- Counting to make sure it's okay
Where did you get hold of him?
He can't be got, has to be ordered,
still there's a manufacture defect
Let the money be here
Let's not split it now
- Why?
- It is safe that way
There's big trouble outside
If we change dollars we'll get caught
Let 2-3 days pass
Let things come to normalcy
I don't agree
Give me my share, I'm leaving
He is right
Too much pressure on my side
'Old man' is bugging me with calls
12 missed calls
I don't know how to handle him
You are saying a couple of days
Before that... one of us...
...can escape easily
with the entire loot
That's why I have a super idea
How's my technology?
We'll all be alerted through text message
if even 1 of us tries to back-stab
You are a brain-box to reckon with!
Money for your brain
Otherwise why would you be part of our team?
We are all multi-millionaires
whatever you may say
This is the place forthe haul
This is the money
5000 million bucks
Oh wow!
We all go in to share the loot
Now my entry
that is... the hero
As soon as they see the money...
...everyone will rejoice
without realizing head or tail
At that time I will take my gun
Over confidence is not good
for health, King maker!
Ganesh is a cop
He'll be armed with a gun for sure
So first I should shoot Ganesh
Remaining will be these 2 morons
They'll run and fall at my feet
Spare us, bro
We don't want money
Only our life
They will plead
Poor fellows!
I'll let them off
Prem and Mahat will run away happily
What if they go out and tell tales?
Mahat, let's double-cross him
Yeah, let's inform the cops
I'll take my gun
What, bro?
Doesn't matter, bro
Prem is street-smart
Must check if he is really dead
All credits goes to Him!
Thank God I'm not dead!
Bro, I am innocent
He brought me here
He won't say this dialog
What will you tell?
What the hell, sir?
You have achieved so much
Spare me
What to do then?
We should pile up
all the corpses in one place
Must scatter some notes over them
Tomorrow's headlines
Cricket betting money looted
Division of spoils
led to internal feud and death
Since the looters died,
Rs 100 million seized by the cops
Where's the remaining amount?
No, we didn't notice the guy
Security vehicle was also taken
We knew only after we went to 'Quality hotel'
- What?
- Container was changed
- Who are these guys?
- Drivers
- Your men?
- Yes
This is 'black money'
Can't go to the cops
You know best
I am already pressurized with too many calls
I don't think professionals have done this
Only small time gangsters
We can find out
We have to
Chettiyar, people shouldn't think
you helped yourself to this money
And that you enacted a drama
I know you, but others
should share my faith in you
I don't know what you will do
You have to arrange the funds
Otherwise you'll be in a soup
- Start the car
- Yes, sir
I am myself feeling bad, don't know
what you will do, but do something
- Save our friendship
- Okay
Check Andheri
See if Chetan Bai's boys
know anything about this
Money has reached Dharavi
But not the theatre
What about the news we got
that money will reach the theatre?
That was true
Someone planned and looted it midway
When we were watching the theatre,
traffic signal at Dharavi was hacked
It was under their control for an hour
They diverted the money truck
Hit the security guards
They've transported the money to another
Local cops were aware
- Can it be a drama staged by Chettiyar?
- Even I thought that, but it isn't so
Chettiyar, are you playing a game?
10 or 20 million
5000 million
We trusted you and sent you
I swear, I didn't get the money
Someone has looted it in between
I don't know
I need the money by tomorrow
Give me some time
Do you have any idea who'll be caught?
I'll somehow find it
Don't give us excuses
What is our plan, sir?
Why do you keep asking me for more
when I have already given you?
Problem with Airport customs
But you are my regular customer, right?
- Get me some cold water
- Yes, sir
We can't split the loot
We will get caught
Cops are checking all around Dharavi
Mumbai is on full alert
Is the 'Old man' suspecting you?
Then why would he ask me to search?
Do the cops have a...
They are unsure if the money was sent or not
Local cops didn't get any news
They just want huge vehicles to be checked
- Anything else, sir?
- Nothing
Looks like pressure is from a higher level
So we can't split now
What's the option?
Let's wait
We are stuck like a diabetic
who can't gorge on sweets!
Can't live it up
despite being a millionaire
What else to do?
Let's just remove a few notes and host a party
After we split up we won't see each other
Each to his own... way
Let's have a small party
I thought you are a popular comedian
But you are a Sam Anderson!!!
You want to
Let's do it
Dude... open the bottle
This is the Ambani clan
of 5-6 generation
Like the moon that waxes
we radiate happiness
If we ordered, won't money shower
not once but rain many times over?
To run ahead, our step-up ticket
in our life is the game cricket
All 9 planets are swell aligned
Our horoscope is well defined
Without playing... clean sweep story
Without wilting... grand slam victory
With ease we scored runs easily
We won 'hand over fist' effortlessly
This is the Ambani pedigree
5-6 generation of ancestry
...that expresses delight
like the earth's satellite!
If we ordered, won't money shower
not once but rain many times over?
1 look at you, my desires multiply
My 'heart cooler' from Madurai!
If you agree to roll in the hay, quickly
like a bee I'll feast on the flower, quicky!
Even to Lord Balaji
we'll lend money
Even Heaven's banker Kubera
compared to us, will be Kusela
'Peanuts'is Kubera's entire treasure
Compared to us, he can't measure
Within us rises a blazing temperature
You caused love-sickness to rupture
Spread me your delicious feast
Don't protest if I start to eat!
Whether Rama or Ravana is the king
I am least bothered about anything
I am the sole king of my mind and soul
Go on a spree, buy gold without control
Whatever you need I'll bestow
Ask... whatever your wish or vow
Why did you sing these lines so unconnected?
Don't know why? What magic this is?!
Listen to me!
If we are drunk and seeing double
only our Maestro's songs come to my mind
Our 'head' is on a high
Friend, fish to survive needs water
Buddy, all I need is a pitcher!
Wind seems to favor our way
Endorsing us forever and today
I'll sieve the grain while the wind blows
I'll fine-tune to the wind-vane's pose!
If I'm drunk as a skunk, I stagger
From my chosen path my feet won't wander
My songs are exclusively unique
My route is always a winning streak
Who I am, what I do, you'll know
I'll be 'talk of the town' tomorrow
This is the Ambani clan
of 5-6 generation
Like the moon that waxes
we radiate happiness
If we ordered, won't money shower
not once but rain many times over?
To run ahead, our step-up ticket
in our life is the game cricket
All 9 planets are swell aligned
Our horoscope is well defined
Without playing... clean sweep story
Without wilting... grand slam victory
With ease we scored runs easily
We won 'hand over fist' effortlessly
Are you home?
Why haven't you slept as yet?
- Do you want to eat?
- I ate... you sleep
Are you mad I came home late?
I won't, here after
This has become a habit
You don't talk to me properly these days
Suchi, few more days
Then we'll go abroad
I swear
We will live in a style
better than your wildest dreams
Do you really mean what you say?
Don't tell anyone
From tomorrow we start a new life
Don't lie just to pacify me
Why should I?
Money, new house, business
Everything's ready
Alagesh my friend in London
has sponsored our visa
Just a few days
You are my whole life
You should never cry again
Suchi, don't cry like a baby
Yes, Ganesh
Where are you?
Where's the money?
I don't know
I swear
Why are you torturing him this way?
That too, our boy
I know everything
You rejoiced that we have lost money?
You danced all night?
Leisure bar Mahat insisted I should
join their birthday party
I refused, they forced me
to join his birthday party
I am hunting high and low for the cash
I have given guarantee, that's missing
You are painting the town red
Who else danced with him?
Didn't notice, sir
I saw Sub-inspector Ganesh
I think he is guilty
I also went in search of money
I really don't know
When Faizal was bringing you here
why did you try to escape?
Kill him
Whom do you work for?
Chetan bai? Nasser?
Did they agree to give you a cut-in?
I treated you like my son, worthless wastrel!
Believe me
I don't know about the money
I went in search of the money
Don't let him go
Tell me
Your job is done
You will get your money in 2 hours time
Don't worry
Tell us
Who has the money?
I swear I don't know
Tell me
- Untie me
- Run... run
Don't let him go
Grab him
Start the car
- I'm glad my dad likes you very much
- Very soon we can...
Why did you betray me, my friend?
You became my sins I can't defend
In any city, far or near, in my view
there's no actor better than you
Who is Hyde the evil?
Who is Dr Jekyll?
Love happens, without influence
of its own accord
Whether sacred river or a mere mirage
what use is a delayed halo-record?!
My love, please realize
love is a royal dream
My quest for true love did not
fall into my color scheme
With a bangled-hand clasp
I fell for your trap
Led by your right hand
to take our vows I'd planned
I penned a poetry of intimacy
with accuracy
Why was it a total catastrophe
my love from A to Zee?
Because of you, my endless tears
cascade from my eyes as souvenirs
Is this fair to treat me this way?
Why wound my heart to just decay?
You tore our love's masterpiece
in your frame of mind
Has only 6 faces Muruga the deity
94 more... human faces are plenty
Is each of a different color or kind?
Why did you forsake me, my friend?
Call Prem
Ask him to come with Mahat
to the hide-out where the money is
Prem, come with Mahat to our hide-out
Do what I say
My friend, no one can be 100% sure
if love can forfeit to defeat or conquer
As our love is torn beyond repair
'this too will pass'so why despair?
Ganesh, boys aren't here?
Call them
- Not reachable
- Keep trying
Can't get through
Break the lock
Alarm will alert them
Alarmed they will be here in a jiffy
Not a bloody sound!
It's all over
- Where's the goddamn money?
- How will I know?
3 cheers to Chennai Super Kings
To our dear Chennai city
3 more cheers!
To our captain Dhoni
3 super cheers!
5 billion bucks
Why did you go out of the way
to save these idiots?!
Don't put on an act
Where's the money?
Let him go
You want to shoot me?
Why are you hesitating?
You thought of doing away with me
while sharing the spoils?
Drop your gun
My foot I will!
Whom are you trying to cheat?
I won't
I swear we don't know
He also came in between like you
It's a lie!
Your plan
Your place
Call those scum-bags in
I don't know
Call them
You are terrified?
What does it matterto you
if you use the money or lose it?
But I need that money
Call right now
Pick up your phone
On the dot!
Your friends have a long life line!
Answer that call
Not them
Call them
Don't look at me innocently
Tell me where the money is
Now we can't go beyond Mumbai
Everyone is aware we took the money
Chettiyar's men will be hounding us
Don't know where the money is
and where they are
We are stuck this way without money
Money is gone
Life is gone
We might as well die
Don't include me
We can still breathe, right?
We are not dead as yet
Think, you dunk head
Slipper you, head
Are you pulling a fast one?
Don't you want to see your wife alive?
She doesn't know anything
Don't do anything to her
Where is the money?
It was in the place I told you
But Mahat and Prem took it away
before we reached
Money hasn't gone anywhere
Loot is all in $ notes
They have to convert $ to rupees
Ask your department to enquire
if bulk $ notes are being exchanged
You lived on what I doled out to you!
Reprobate bums! Are you trying to
pull the rug off my feet?!
I'll give you 2 hours time
I want my money back
Otherwise your wife will be headless
You'll have to hunt for her head
in every nook and corner possible
I'll give the money in a while
Don't do anything to her
Put the phone down
Where are they?
Where is the money?
I swear I don't know
Where have you asked Prem and Mahat
to hide the money?
I swear I don't know
You don't know?
I don't know anything
How did you say then
you'll return the money?
On the phone
I had no other way
My wife is in Chettiyar's custody
If I don't say that
they'll kill her
You have to save me
Ganesh, tell him
I can't live without her
Save me
You betrayed us because of your wife
I didn't betray
For your wife, you'll even kill me
5000 million bucks
Will it come back?
My precious! My moppet!! My puppet!!!
5000 million bucks
If you had that money, you'll get
not one but 1000 wives!!!
Are you a human being?
What do you know about my wife?
I'll kill him today
You should die
I won't let you live
Are you mad?
He may know where the guys are
Let us run
Did you eat?
I don't want food
I am not angry with you
Only with your husband
Can't stand him stabbing me behind
my back after being hand in glove with us
55 years of hard work
Your husband wants to earn it in 1 day
Who suffers because of that?
Notjust him
My 55 years of toil
Paise, rupee, prestige, respect et al
You go that way
What about my daughter's happiness?
You are notjust my daughter's friend
You were like my own daughter!
Sumanth, stop
A checked-shirt guy is running near
Kamaraj school, block him right there
You won't harm him, will you?
How long can you escape from me?
Save me
I won't run anywhere
Save my wife
My wife is in their custody
He is the new special task force officer
to stop bookies from betting
That's it, we are done
He will blabber everything
Go find the 2 b
I will take care of the rest
What a heavenly life this is!!
Our lifestyle of the future
That is life
Isn't this wrong?
What's wrong?
Those 3 trust us
They don't trust you but your caliber
If there's any trouble tomorrow, they'll kill you
without hesitating for even a nano-second
Because it's 5000 million
We should be clever
What do you say?
We should keep changing the loot
into different cars
Not keep it in the same vehicle
Don't be scared
Your husband Sumanth is with us
He is fine, don't worry
Come with me
Zoom the camera
All data is displayed in this monitor
My wife?
She is fine
- Can I see her once?
- Sure, you Can
Before that, I need some information
Will you turn approver?
Yes, sir
How long have you known Arumugam
I've been working with him
from when I was 10
I know all the ins and outs of his trade
Match-stick maker to smuggler
He's thick as thieves with them
He got drawn towards gambling
So he changed his theatre
into a gambling den
He is a member in top clubs all over India
He has contacts with smugglers,
business men, politicians, actors
He owned Dharavi through them
He got information that betting money
was being routed here
He used it to his advantage
Due to heavy policing he decided to
share the betting money in his theatre
Using his influence he persuaded
kingpins to agree to his venue
I got that news
We decided to loot this
to settle once for all in life
We means who?
Me, Dharavi sub-inspector Ganesh
Leisure bar owner Mahat
and his friend Prem
- Vinayak joined us in the end
- Who is that?
Cop who got suspended
He knew that money was getting diverted
And that it won't reach the theatre
According to his plan, we looted
How much?
5000 million
Where is it now?
Mahat and Prem tricked us and grabbed it
You really don't know where the loot is?
I swear, I don't know
Vinayak and Ganesh are in search of them
Who is it?
Buddy, have you blurted all the truth?
They'd have asked you to
put the phone on speaker mode
No, I didn't
Have they started tracing my call?
Is he there?
Asst. Commissioner of police, are you fine?
I don't have to elaborate about me to you
You said something now
Tell me a new dialog
All Mumbai police stations
have your mug shot
You can't escape
I have all details about you
The game you started, I will complete
Where to start when to start
when to complete I'll tell you
Sumanth's love for his wife
has made him turn approver
Did I get too tensed?
What will you do for your wife?
How will you prove
you are a good husband?
What are you saying?
What should I do?
Bombay cops are so brilliant
One minute
Your wife wants to say something, listen
Save me
Do something
I am scared
- I don't know where I am
- He can't do anything to you
I'll tell you the Game plan now
If you want your wife alive...
Are you trying to scare me?
Kill Sumanth
Sir, don't sir
Do as he says
He will kill me
I can't do that
'Encounter' is not new to you or to me
Kill him
I can't do all that you ask
You think I'm mad?
He's holding a gun to me
No time for drama
Kill him
Kill him, it doesn't matter
You being a cop, say this
Aren't you ashamed?
We don't have time to think
Shoot him
How can I kill?
For a good person, if his life is sacrificed
it really doesn't matter
You said you'll let me go
if I turned approver
I'll fall at your feet
Let me go
Don't think
Shoot him
Stop blabbering
I can't do it
Don't shoot me
Lift him
What did you do?
What did you do to my wife?
The same act that you played there!
Kill him
He is a rogue
He'll die for someone else
Why can't he die for us
Don't think
Tracked the call
They are in Dharavi
- Did you find out?
- Yes, Vinayak
Goa highway tracked the boys
They exchanged $100,000 with a Muslim guy
What do we do now?
Hear our song, with a balalaika
Dude or dumb ass
It's our new way of celebration
We are floating on cloud # 09
Even God seems envious of us!
Let's paint the town a deep red
Help yourself to a bonus
Where's sanctity to a gamble?
Try your luck world-wide
with no preamble
Even wrong seems right to my ear
Yell a hurray for all to hear
Toe our line, amigo
Amass till your hands over flow
- Are those 2 guys mad?
- They'll make us mad!
Will happiness nestle in our palms?
Help yourself with no qualms
If you keep lamenting, dawn won't appear
Light the lamp for darkness to disappear
Nothing is impossible
Dude, that's the rule
What doesn't dawn is darkness
No more no less
Follow a game plan to the dot
you will hit the jackpot
Be the radius to your circle
All yours, lock stock and barrel
Hear our song, with a balalaika
Dude or dumb ass
It's our new way of celebration
We are floating on cloud # 09
Even God seems envious of us!
Let's paint the town a deep red
Help yourself to a bonus
Where's sanctity to a gamble?
Try your luck world-wide
with no preamble
Even wrong seems right to my ear
Yell a hurray for all to hear
Toe our line, amigo
Amass till your hands over flow
Mahat, our bro...
he's a good guy
It's wrong to betray him
Poor guy
Forgive me
Booze... I want to booze
Which place did you say?
Have you told Prem?
He'll be so thrilled
Why tell a non-traveler
who is not accompanying us?
We fooled 3
We'll kill him
You always prefer to play it safe
He is your friend
Yeah? Then why don't you kill him?
5000 million bucks
to be shared by just 2
Are you not ready?
We have to go a long way
Why is she pointing a gun at me?
5000 million if divided into 3 doesn't tally
That's why we decided to split it into 2
Why do we need her?
You and I can do that?
What do I get sharing it with you?
If she and I share... imagine the bonus!
I came only for this
leaving a lucrative job and my parents
I must send them money every month
You and your 'senty' dialogs
You are not good at that
I'll take care of your parents
I'm not that bad a villain
I don't want money
I'll go back home
Sona, why are you listening
to him blabber?
Shoot him, honey
When you planned to kill your best friend
I knew you would kill me one day
There is that noodle head
They are behind us
Speed up
He has a gun
Keep driving
Keep quiet
Just go
They are here
Let's run
They will kill us
Hurry up!
Money is not important to me
My life is!
We'll do it in the next IPL!!
Are you fit to call yourself a man?
I am a female and I am brave
I should have killed you instead of Mahat
Don't let him escape
He'll 'blow the whistle' if he gets out
How are you here?
All for you
Then why did you try to escape?
All because of Prem
I knew you would come
They planned to trick you
That's why I tricked them and got the loot
You don't believe me?
Van-load of cash
All for us
I swear I don't know
I'm innocent
It's me, Ganesh
Why did you do this?
Do you know what a mess this is
because of you
I don't know anything
Mahat and Sona's game plan
Trust me
It's not too late
Only I know where the money is
We can share
50 - 50
What do you say?
Where did he come from?
Why are you shooting me?
I have nothing to do with the money
You selfish s!
He isn't taking the money
Not letting me help myself to it
What a 'dog-in-the manger' life this is!!!
Villains all over the place
Come, my dear Bill Gates
Bro, 50 - 50
I don't want
You can have it all!
I know where the money is
50 - 50
What do you say?
Who are you?
Let's not haggle
60 - 40
What a bargain of a life this is!!
You gave me a run for the money
Usually you come when everything's over
I mean we come...
How is your wife?
Over confidence isn't good for health
Even now I should say it
Cricket betting money
worth Rs 5000 million was
...handled by Arumugam Chettiyar
in the recent IPL
Chettiyarwas arrested in Chennai
The entire loot in the fire accident got burnt
Vinayak Mahadevan was shot
and killed by Prithviraj
The other 'accused'Ganesh was
reportedly seen in South East Asia
Praveen Kumar has gone in search of Ganesh
We can look forward to good news very soon
Vinayak, I know it is you
Come with me without protest
You are trapped?!
What will you say now?
Cigarette is not good for health
Mocking me?
You do your villainous act
and then want forgiveness!
You thought you could get away with the loot?
You thought all cops are like you?
Vinayak Mahadev is still alive
- What are you saying?
- Yes, sir
He is right before my eyes
I shot him in front of your eyes
- Believe me
- How can I believe this?
Tell him that you are not dead
His name is Faizal
Chettiyar's hench man
Caught in narcotics case
If we save him it will be useful to our plan
We shall do so
I'll hook Chettiyar's daughter
If you save Faizal you will be suspended
I will take the blame and get suspended
I am IN
I am OU Money didn't come to the theatre
What shall we do now?
Those chaps are also planning
something criminal
My dear 'head'
I wanted to call you
But this half baked colleague of mine
called me! Height of diligence!
Our money is safe in London
Swiss accounts are dicey these days
Are you okay?
What is that James Bond doing?
Posing like a confused monkey that has
swallowed a cart-load of organic ginger!
Don't make him wait too long
He might get too senty!
It's getting late