Manmadhaleelai (2022) Movie Script

'Manmadha Leelai'
"Today I love you
more than I usually do"
"Whenever you feel so
time to make out you know"
"My Lord emerged to merge with me"
"Show me your prowess in reality"
"The inauspicious time
passed into hours sublime"
"This night jasmine is waiting
Parched with thirst wilting"
"This cat on the wall
Wonder which side will it fall?"
"You are my lucky mascot in love
I am the new tune you've got now"
[song from 'Chinna Veedu']
"My secret boon"
Shop opening is a real torture, dude
That dress shop, right?
Designer boutique, man
What will you showcase?
Only dresses, right?
- Then textile shop
- That's what I said
Take a dig at me all you want
I'll pledge my farm house
And open a fancy boutique
I'll design dresses for celebrities
'Then you will be dying to
click a picture with the heroine'
I'll get even then
We will deal with it
when that day dawns
He is giving his farm house
as collateral in the bank it seems
If you fail to repay
Where will you take
the girls you lure?
Rinse your mouth with some beer
Who is the latest conquest?
Nothing like that
Just share your secret
A girl by name Poorni
I'm trying to hook her in Orkut
Slippery as an eel
Not falling for YOUR charm?
- Wasted effort!
- Did you see her photo?
Good looking, dude
Check if it's an original photo
Nowadays so-so looking girls
take everyone for a ride with fake photos
I know a boy named Rinku
He uses all the glam-dolls as his DP
And fools all the boys!
You be careful
You keep quiet
Dude, what happened?
Have you got your promotion?
You bet they did
They gave it to Rekha
Then Rekha would have
given something
- Hey
- 'Fact, man'
You mean that Rekha who is
vertically challenged and squid-eyed
Cheers to Rekhs
- Cheers!
- Rekhs, huh?
What happened to your matter?
Everything is settled for me
Australia is waiting for me
- I'll leave within a year
- Soooper!
Australia's cold beer
is also waiting for me
- Jolly, dude
- Another level!
Job in Australia, foreign bride
You will soon settle down there
What more do you want?
Cheers to Australia
Australia didn't suit me, machi
I am trying to settle down
in London now
More than Australian dollars
I heard London pound has more value
Plus don't miss London chicks
London beer and drinks
Then what's up?
- When is your wedding?
- Marriage is not on the cards now
Only after I settle abroad
I heard there was
Some marriage in your family
My brother's daughter
Oho! Okay...okay
Taking a dig at me?
Then what?
For the last 10 years
you have listed 6 countries
As far as I know, you haven't
even crossed Madhya Kailash
What can I do?
That cheat of a friend
I introduced him to
the Australian chick
Claiming he'll get me a job
He swept her off her feet
and settled down in Australia
He even married her
Lured by her Green card
It's all my fate
What more can I say or do?
- God's will
- Forget it
How is your Anna Nagar branch?
Sooper, going great guns
You have 3 outlets in Chennai
1 in Bangalore
Hmmmm...1 in Pune
I think, more than Vasanth & Co
you'll open maximum branches in Chennai
- Don't cast your evil eye
- Why this sudden string of cuss words!
- Touch wood
- Wig...wig
Franchising is my focus now
If all goes well
Dubai, huh?
Much more than London pound
I heard Dubai dirham
has more value
If you offer me a job
in your dress shop
I'll work night and day 24x7
without sleeping a wink, you know
Dude, we'll think of something
Can we?
We'll manage
Call the chap who ruined your life
It will be early morning
and he will be asleep
He has ruined your life totally
Why can't you ruin
his goddamn sleep?
- Call him
- Okay
I have been trying to
get a good job for you
Even last night I met someone
We spoke well past midnight
Past 2 years you've been saying this
like a broken record
'Don't check my WhatsApp'
Hey! How are you, da?
Booze night, huh?
I haven't even got up from bed
Hey fibber, who is near you?
No one, da, I slept alone
after a long, long time
I heard you got married
to the girl he introduced
No, we got divorced 4 months ago
- 'Met a new girl from Ukraine'
- Whatever!
'Swore not to hit me'
Forget all that
How is your wife, kid?
All good, da
Any new attachment?
Dude, no time
for such pastime
Don't fib, machi, I know you
from 'Soodhu Kavvum' days
Hey! Don't start
See you, bye
'What are you doing?
Busy, huh?'
'Hi Poorni'
'Yes, small work'
'If you are busy, it's okay'
'We can talk later'
'Hey! Doesn't matter'
'More than my work
my Poorni is priority'
'Okay, shall we meet today?'
'Why are you in a tearing hurry?'
'Isn't today Valentine's Day?'
'All the more reason
I feel like seeing you'
'You have my photo'
'Keep looking at it!'
'I want to see how you look today'
'I look the same as I did yesterday'
'Send me your photo now
or agree to meet me today'
'Was that a 'yes' for us to meet?'
'No, da, that was 'okay'
just for the photo'
'But just not what I expected'
'Something else
Something special?'
'Nothing special'
'Send me your photo'
'Happy Valentine's Day'
'Happy Valentine's Day'
'How much longer do I wait?'
Coming soon
Coming soon
You ask him, sweety
Only then your dad
will bring it soon
- How is it?
- Wait, da
I haven't tasted
even a spoonful
- You tell me how it tastes, baby
- Simply sooooper!
Like father like daughter
Open your mouth
Lies flow full stream
J for jealousy!
Shall I tell you the truth?
I love you
Happy Valentine's day
Happy Valentine's day
Happy Valentine's day
Poorni, can you see me?
- Poorni?
- Hey...hey
Don't shout, da
I can hear you loud and clear
How long do we keep chatting like this?
When can we meet?
I can't hear you
You asked me not to shout
How long do we keep chatting like this?
When can we meet?
Meeting is out of question
'Really tough'
Pccht! Why is it tough?
You are in 3rd year, undergrad
Tell your dad, college project
and come out
You don't know my father, da
He won't agree that easily
It will literally be
a 'rapid round'
You don't want to meet me, right?
Don't get me wrong, da
Why drag your dad as excuse?
It's cool
No problem
Hey Sathya
Sathya, listen to-
Hey Sathya
Make it fast, double quick
I'm in the midst of some work
Don't get angry at me
Okay, let us meet
My dad is going out of town
in the next 2 days
We can meet then
- Where do we go?
- Where, huh?
We can't go out, no chance
If someone sees us
I'll be in a holy mess
Can we meet at home?
This is a bachelor's den
My landlord lives downstairs
Tough, no need
My friend...owns a farmhouse
If you don't mind
We can meet there
and spend time
Hey! No need farmhouse
You can come over to my place
After dad goes out of town
I'll be all alone at home
I will send the maids home
So it's safe
Let's meet at my place
Your place?
Are you sure?
- Hey
- Tell me
I want to ask you something
- When you come
- When I come
It's alright
Just say it
Me, after all
Actually, I've never
tasted beer in my whole life
I like to taste it once
Will you buy a bottle of beer
when you come here?
Beer, right?
No problem
Wine, whiskey, brandy
Anything else?
Do I look like an alcoholic case?
By the way
When you buy beer
pick up lager for me
Not strong
You seem to know lager isn't strong
but you don't drink, eh?
Not like that
I've heard my friends tell me
That's all
Not to worry
When should I come?
I'm not coming
I have work to do
Why do you have to go?
Just 2 days, da
Won't my parents also want to
spend time with the baby?
Which baby?
Both the babies
Just like your daughter is your princess
same way I am my dad's princess
They live so close and
I'm not able to meet them
I feel really guilty
You can go and
come back same night
Why stay for 2 days?
I'm asking you to come and
you are preventing me from going
Hey! I really have pending work
You know about this franchise meeting
Next step for our business to grow
- Understand my plight, Anu
- One track mind about business always
When did you see your parents last?
2-3 years ago?
When our baby was born
I can't be like you
I have to go meet my parents
You sit here glued to your business
Whom am I working my butt off for?
Only for the two of you
Can you come or not?
Emotional blackmail?
I have work to do, dear
I have an idea
You go ahead
I'll join you later, okay?
Hey! Pcccht!
Hey Anu
Hey Anu
What is this?
What if our daughter sees this?
You have a separate bar
Why don't you store this over there?
Freezer isn't working
I'll take it away
after my work
Are you really planning to work?
Or host a party
after sending me off?
Hey! Honest to God
I have work to do
Am I jobless to call the boys over
and get sozzled with them?
Don't you know me?
Something fishy
Can't you go to bed early just once?
Planning to drink?
I swear, I won't drink
Listen, baby
Plan something and come back soon
- Take care of amma
- Okay, daddy
- Bye, take care
- Bye
Come as soon as the meeting is over
Take care
- Bye
- Bye
Come in
Come inside
Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you too I doing justice
to my photo, face to face?
'Check if it's an original photo'
'Nowadays so-so chicks take everyone
for a ride with fake photos'
You tricked me
Why? What happened?
More than the photo, in person
First time you've come home
- Coffee or tea?
- Hey!
Coffee or tea, huh?
You asked me to get you beer
I went to great lengths
to get chilled beer
Bought just for you
Why have you bought
the whole store?
All I wanted was just 1
Only 1 for you
Rest is for me
How will you drink so much
and drive home safe?
Who is going home?!
Where is the fridge?
Why is it so bitter?
If you don't toast
with a 'cheers' it will be bitter
Bring the glass
What is this?
- Glass
- Are we drinking 'filter' coffee?
Your father will have
a tall glass, go bring that
My father doesn't drink
Your father doesn't drink
What if we drink in this?
Whatever has to be done
whichever way has to be done that way
There is a procedure for everything
[mobile ringing]
- Yeah
- 'Hi, Sathya bro'
I was waiting for your call
The meeting is confirmed
Keep your proposal ready
Tomorrow morning
I'll share the time and location
Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow
Why don't you use a phone?
You chat only in Yahoo
I don't have a phone
When amma was alive
Appa was okay
But now he is very strict
I should not go out alone
I should not meet my friends
101 do's and dont's
Too many restrictions
But appa has got me a personal computer
With the help of that
I chat with everyone
I'll get you a phone
4 phones, huh?
iPhone 4
Just launched
I'll buy it for you
We can talk anytime
I don't want a phone
If my father finds out
I'm there for you, hmmm?
Where do I go to do wee-wee?
Over there
Go straight and turn right
Booze effect!
What is this?
That's right
What is this?
- Whose is it?
- Hey, don't act
No, Poorni
Where did you get it from?
I don't understand
Whose is it?
Did you plan to get me drunk?
And use me in the wrong way?
Found it in the ba-
You misunderstood me, Poorni
My friend had it in his bag
Don't give me excuses
- No, Poorni
- Get out
- Poorni, listen to me
- Get out of my house
Leave, Sathya
My friend was using it
- I swear I don't know
- Not another word
- Get out
- Listen to me
We can talk and sort it out, Poorni
Poorni, whatever it is
we can discuss it amicably
- Get out
- Listen
I've never visited anyone like this
This is my first time
- I've never visited anyone
- Get out
Poorni, I haven't visited
anyone like this
First time, Poorni
- Please understand
- Get lost!
[door bell ringing]
- Yes...?
- Hi, I'm Leela
I've here to attend
Madhan's birthday party
Sorry, I got delayed
because of the rain
I think you are at the wrong address
This is Spring Dale Avenue, right?, this is Spring Field Avenue
Spring Field?
Oh! I'm so sorry to
disturb you at this hour
- So sorry
-, it's okay
- Bye
- Cool, take care
What happened?
- I hurt myself
- Are you okay?
Busy looking at my phone I fell down
- Let's go in
- I just slipped
Come in, I have a First Aid box
- Come in
- I have to go
- Can you call a cab-
- Come in, I'll book a cab
Wait, I'll take it
Hold me
Watch your step
Poorni, it's raining cats and dogs
Whatever it is, let me in
we can talk it over
Poorni, it's a simple misunderstanding
Everything will be fine
once we talk it over
- Poorni?
- Just get lost!
I swear this isn't my bag, Poorni
It is that dog Sasi's bag
He is the one who chases girls
in Orkut, Facebook to chat and-
Digital skirt chaser-
I can't even spell it out, Poorni
Shut up!
Poorni, I went and bought beer
because you asked me specifically
Otherwise I wouldn't even have met him
Even jumped over the wall
just to see you
'First time'
'Why? Because I like you very much'
Give this serious thought
Have I ever asked you for
an indecent photo or video?
Hey! Don't lie to me
I'm such a good boy, Poorni
How could you suspect me?!
It's a burning feeling
all over, inside me, Poorni
One day you'll realize
I wasn't in the wrong
I won't be by your side then, Poorni
Only emptiness and air!
Please, Poorni
Hear me out
Do you know how much I love you?
'That much, Poorni'
Don't think I'm saying all this
just to get inside, Poorni
A good soul has been insulted
That's why I'm talking
through this door
I'm leaving now
I won't come even if you call me
I'm leaving
I've left
See you, Poorni
I have left
'I am going...going...bye'
'Poorni, final bye'
Where are you?
- It's raining
- Have you come?
It's raining, let us
go in and talk it over
Loo...look! You're suspecting me again
This won't work, Poorni
I'm leaving
- Okay, nothing wrong
- I'm going
Let's go in and talk
Let me go, Poorni
This won't work
- I am leaving
- Someone will see us here
Come in with me
I'll come only because
you are compellin-
Hey! I have a First Aid kit
Where did you get hurt?
Doesn't matter
No need
It's okay
Open wound can get infected if untreated
Actually, I grazed my knee
Okay, I have a Band-Aid here
Will you do it yourself?
You can...sit inside and-
Clean it yourself
- Okay
- Yeah?
In there?
Er...will you book a cab for me?
Sure, I...I'll book it
- You attend to your knee
- Okay
Hey! I booked the cab-
Is that...really your friend's bag?
You still don't believe me?
Pccht! This won't work, Poorni
I'm leaving
- Nice meeting you
- Hey!
Don't go overboard
You are drenched fully
Let me go and change and
get you a dry set of clothes
Poorni, in this...whole commotion
My kick is rock bottom
Let us drink a small peg of vodka
It will make us both feel good
No, it's okay
If you don't want, fine
Just according to this medical advice
they claim it is good at a time like this
No need, I'll drink
and blabber something
You'll suspect me all over again
Pccht! Forget I asked
Nothing of that sort, da
Suddenly I got a bit tense
when I saw that in your bag
That's all
It's okay
I have no problem
I'll go and get you a change of dress
Thank God!
I would like to thank the Academy,
the jury, the Grammy and next door lady!
How's your leg now?
It's a little better, thank you
By the way, Sathya
- Hello, I'm Leela
- Nice to meet you, Leela
So what do you do?
Actually I came to Chennai
just a few months ago
Yeah, I'm working in an I.T firm
Oh! I. Quite a boring life
Yeah, nothing much to say
I see, you are into
clothing related work?
How did you guess that?
Beauty with brains!
So I run this brand called Sya
Have you heard of Sya?
The one in Adyar and
Khader Nawaz Khan road
- That Sya?
- Yeah, that and-
We've opened a new branch in Anna Nagar
Are you serious?
About the Anna Nagar branch?
Sya Sathya
Are you that Sya Sathya?
Hmmm...guilty as charged!
Oh god!
I'm your biggest fan you know
- Oh! Thank you
- All your designs are top notch
Our gang has a WhatsApp group
They will chat about your designs
Not just messages, pages of praise
We also follow you
in Instagram you know
And all your designs
are classy I must say
Well, thank you
You are so simple
Unlike what I imagined
What did you imagine? know
A huge gate, watchman
A lot of people working
To meet you, one must
get a prior appointment
Whatever you said just now
is under construction
We are building a new house
This is just temporary
Friend's house
To be honest
I just can't believe it
That I am talking to you now
What a strange night!
I wouldn't call it strange
I'm getting to know you
It's always good to
know new people, right?
True will anyway take time
for the cab to get here
So why don't you change
into some...something
Some fresh clothes?
You know warmer ones
It's okay
- Hey!
- No, thanks
Having come into
a fashion designer's residence
Imagine if I don't even
do this for you
Don't feel shy, come
It's okay, chill
Just come
I'll speak out of turn
and you'll throw me out
No need
I won't say anything, tell me
As your dress decreases
Your glamor keeps increasing
This is why I said
I won't tell you
Ho...hold this
It is my dad's trouser
Is your dad this tall?
A few inches less
This height?
A bit less
This much?
Is he your height?
If I wear this
it will tear
You got anything else?
You don't mind a 'dhoti'?
No problem
You have a showroom in your house
This isn't a showroom
Just my wife's collection
This is just 50%
Rest is in her mother's place
All these clothes are
designed by you, right?
Of course
Your wife is very lucky
I know
Wow! Beauuutiful
I set my heart on buying it
when I saw this in the shop
Why didn't you?
It's too expensive
Half the dresses
in Sya apparels
Over my budget
Premium products
Premium pricing
But your wife doesn't
have any restrictions?
Who will get a husband
with such good taste?
Even as I imagine
It feels like heaven!
Beautiful collections
Didn't you book the cab?, yeah...yeah, the cab
I think I left my phone behind there
Don't worry
I've already booked it
He must be on the way
In a few minutes, you know-
- Before that
- Sure
Your clothes are wet
Why don't you...
...change into something, you know?
- Are you sure?
- Yeah
Can I try anything here?
Your wife
Won't she say anything?
- Wife, huh?
- Wife
I'm married, right?
If I'm married
she is my wife, right?
Sh...she....she doesn't mind
She doesn't mind
Like anything?
Feel free
Okay, I'll try that one
How is this look?
Getting the appetizer ready
Hey! Haven't you drunk this as yet?
Uh...I don't want
I feel this burning sensation
Try this now
No need, da
Hey! I added water
It will be smooth now
Try...just a sip
Hey! Can't get a cab in this rain-
Does it look good on me?
Little bit...yeah
Looks as if it was made for you
Thank you
Do I look like
one of your models?
Better than my models
Thank you
Actually, thank you so much, Sathya
There's no necessity for you
to be so kind to a stranger
But you are
I don't know if even I would be so kind
That's okay, chill
Actually I had a horrible day
at work you know
It was a big issue
So I got delayed
By the time I came home
and got dressed
Everyone left me behind
So I came all by myself
by booking a cab
And you know the rest
of the story, right?
Actually all I wanted today
was to get sloshed, okay?
But I...I'm happy now
I think
I think I had a bad day
only to meet you
I think it's destiny
I think so too
What about a drink?
You wanted to get sloshed, right?
No, it's okay
No need
No, thank you
So what if you missed the party
Let's bring the party here
- You will have that reservation
- No, not like that
Hi, I'm Sathya
Fashion designer
And you...?
I'm Leela
Oh! Miss Leela
Can I buy you a drink?
- Okay
- Okay?
Sorry, da
I suspected you for no reason
Doesn't matter
Only you after all
What happened?
Just for fun
You know, the fact
I pushed you out
In a way it was good
Only because of that you are
'dhoti' clad in my drawing room
You are looking so cute
When I look at you
Images of my future
flash in my mind
If you guzzle 2 more rounds
Not only your future
Even your dead grandma
will flash before your eyes!
Leela wanted
to try on that lingerie
You can try it on
If you like, you know
Pccht! No chance
In your dreams only, okay?
No, I meant
If you try it on
I can tell you
if it's good or not on you
You know, as a fashion designer, I can
Tell you
You know
- Whaaat?
- Naughty boy
I'm not that high, okay?
That's all, right?
I'll fix you a drink
Here, hold
2 minutes
Take 5!
How many ice cubes do I add?
What did you say?
Not that, da
After we both get married
This is how we will cook and eat
in the future as husband and wife
You will be standing
in a 'dhoti' and shirt like this
You'll spend time with me
and be casual like this, right?
- Actually
- Actually...?
If you and I get married
If we get married?
- What I'll do to you is-
- Do to me
I won't let you wear even this
I'm so-
What do you think?
So dreams do come true
I was a bit too high and-
Wake up
Dad is here
Ask him to come back later
Hey Sathya! Appa is back
Your dad, huh?
Quick, get out of the bed
Wasn't he supposed to be back
only after 2 days?
- Why is he back so soon?
- That's it, I'm dead
Even I don't understand
He'll kill me
Aiyo! What to do now?
Oh gawd! What will I do?
- What to do now, da?
- Wait
Wait, just shut up for a minute
Allow me to think
[muttering under his breath]
Come with me
Why are you sprinkling water-
What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- Go and open the door casually
If your dad asks why
you opened the door so late
You were in the shower, okay?
Clear all the things downstairs
Somehow talk to him and
cover up, I'll escape quietly
Huh? All cool?
Will all this work out, da?
I don't know
We'll give it a shot, okay?
It will work out, go
Hey! Wait...wait
Senti feeling, huh?
A 'bindi' is normal
after you shower
Go down
[phone vibrating]
[door bell ringing]
Hey...hey! Wake up...wake up
Anu has come
Get out of the bed
Anu, huh?
Naughty fellow
Some other female
when I'm in your bed
Hey! Anu is my wife
Get up...get up
Your wife?
What do we do now?
Stay right here
1 minute, that's all
Oh god!
- Hello?
- 'Sathya, what are you doing?'
I'm in the shower, dear
I didn't hear it ring
I'll call after I shower
Hey! I'm standing outside the door
Didn't you hear the door bell ring?
Here...which door?
- 'Hey!'
- Outside our door?
What are you doing here?
First come and open the door
I'll tell you the rest later
I...I'm...I am in the shower
Shall I come down when done?
- Make it fast
- 5 minutes? just stay here
I'll somehow send her away
- You stay put here
- Okay
[door bell ringing]
How long will I keep ringing the bell?
What were you doing?
I was in the shower
I didn't hear the door bell
You said you'll be away for 2 days
and you come back all of a sudden
How did I know?
My meeting was cancelled
What will I achieve sitting there?
That's why I came back sooner
I left very early this morning, dear
Make me a hot cup of coffee
Hahn, I'll bring it
Oh gawd!
'Dead meat!'
What did you break?
- Nothing
- I'll come, wait
What happened?
Glass slipped and fell
from my hand, that's all
Your headache must be
due to lack of proper sleep
Why don't you rest up for a while?
- I'll make coffee later and come
- Okay
Aiyaiyo! God save me!
The air conditioner is not
working in this room
Why don't you go upstairs?
God help me!
Is the room clean?
- It's fine
- Okay, you sleep
Hi Anu
How long should I wait out!
Didn't you hear the door bell?
Er...I was in the shower
That's why I couldn't hear
I didn't know you would be back
So why did you come?
Remember what you told
your daughter last night?
What did I say?
Think about it
'Plan something
and come back soon'
Oh! That, huh?
Chee! Not this
What else?
Did you drink last night?
Too much work tension
I couldn't sleep
Just 2 pegs
Brush your teeth
Bad breath!
Teddy bear
She didn't sleep whole of
last night without this
I know this is her comfort teddy
I clean forgot about it
I would have brought it myself
Why this trouble
of coming all the way?
Take care
Drive safe
Drive safe, huh?
What is it?
What do you want?
Sudden lunch plan with
my dad's business partner
Do you have anything new?
That very messy
I was working all through the night
That's why messy and-
You have my designer wear
in 5 wardrobes at your place, baby
Not 5
But everything is used, da
Nothing fresh
That's all, dear?
What do you want?
Indian or western?
I'll send my staff
from the store room straight
Before you reach home
your dress will be waiting
No need all that trouble
I have one upstairs
- Even you?!
- Yes
I'll bowl them over showing off!
You already bowled me clean out!
What, da?
Why trouble you-
Yesterday you si...simply-
What happened?
You are behaving so weirdly
from when I came
This is just office tension
Fran...franchise opening stress
You won't have any problem
Don't worry, okay?
- What?
- Stay right there, okay?
[mobile ringing]
Tell me
I'm back home
'What about you?'
I'm coming
1 minute
Haven't slept yet?
A phone call woke me up
My head still aches
'Will you get me a balm?'
I'll bring it right away
Rub it on my forehead
I have a lot of work to finish
Got a splitting headache, dear
Rub a little bit on my temple
- What happened?
- Nothing
Press over there, dear
That should work
You take rest
- I will go-
- Hey
2 minutes
Head is throbbing
Just close your eyes and relax
Here...this spot
Press in the center, dear
- 'Come here
- Not now'
- Just sit here for a while
- I have some chores left
- Let me go
- What is that important now?
Come and sit here
Listen to me, Poorni
'Poorni, I am calling you'
'Not paying heed
you're walking away'
'Why do you make me beg you like this?'
What did I ask
for her to get so annoyed?
- What happened?
- What is this?
What is what?
Don't answer my question
with a question, just reply
What is your question, dear?
Last night
I was taking reference and
doing my research on a new line-
Don't touch any of my dresses
without asking me hereafter
Am I not the designer, dear?
Hands off
That's all
Hey! What are you doing-
Hey! 1 coffee
Coffee, huh? want it now?
No need
- Correct
- Expresso
Double shot
Hey! It's been ages
since we had a coffee-chat
- Let's go down romantic-
- Go, I'm late for lunch
Make the coffee and bring it
I have to try this dress
Haven't I designed it real flowy?
Haven't you left?
I'm going
On the way down
Down the drain
I am done for
'My dad is going out of town'
'I don't want a phone'
'If my father finds out-'
'Wake is here'
Hey! This is okay, right?
Dai! Looks good on me, right?
Yes, it is
Nice dress
What's wrong, hmmm?
No, that is ju-
Just work related
I've never seen you so tense
Your charm will work out
only when you are always happy, no?
Like it did with me
Sathya, relax
Don't worry
You will ace it
More than you believe
in yourself, I trust you
Our baby and I are not
physically present here
But our thoughts and prayers
are always with you
You think I simply came
all the way here?
I missed you SO much
After sleeping in your arms every night
I couldn't sleep last night
That's why I thought
I'll see you and go
I love you
- What happened?
- Don't worry
You'll rock in your meeting
All the best
Drive carefully
I'll call you in the evening
I love you
Guess my charmer is back
I could've ground the chutney
if you had given me some time
This is more than enough
Let's go out for lunch
Why go out today?
Why don't you rest a bit?
Hey! What's wrong?
Are you unwell?
You seem to be off color, I'm alright
Finish your breakfast
[loud burp]
'Keep this always in mind'
'Whatever you opt for in this world
will be better than the other'
[excerpt from 'Johnny']
'We should not keep
seeking greener pastures'
Why are our photos missing in the hall?
Oh my god!
I have...kept them aside to clean
Where did you keep them?
'Can't you hear me?'
They are in the store room
'Aiyo! Why do you want to get
exposed to all that dust-'
'I can clean them myself'
What are you doing here?
Go down and attend
to your chores
Hey! What are you doing here?
Time to leave
Why? Your wife has anyway left
Let me sleep a little longer
Hey! First get out of the bed
Get up
Gently, you are hurting me
I'm sorry
Last night was a-
I's not right
We were drunk
And things happened
I feel guilty
I understand
I'm only an one night stand, right?
You used me and now
you're throwing me out
Not like that
That too here
In this bed
I have a meeting to go
Why don't we meet on Monday? And-
We...we'll sort this out
It's definitely not
an one time thing
I don't believe you
Get dressed now
I have to go
So...this is the end
You are chasing me out, right?
I told you we can meet on Monday
You know, we'll talk this out
We'll sort this out
Don't worry about it
Go get ready and I'll-
I'll be there in 10 minutes
I...I'll drop you
Hey! Your bag
I'm going to lie down
Aiyo! Hey!
Why are you yelling?
Come down
Get dressed, go
Wear your pant
What is it?
Hey! You're a damn good actress
Sssshhh! Don't shout
Daddy might hear us
Aiyo...oh gawd!
What is it?
We'll talk later
Dad may come here any min-
If you utter the word
'daddy' once more
I saw everything
Your wedding photo
I saw everything
Will you say, you married your dad?
Tell me
I'll believe you
I'm such a mad cap
Really mad!
I came to bond
as your boyfriend
You made me your secret lover
Where is my pant?
In your bag
- I didn't intend fooling you
- Serves me right
- Listen to me
- How could you do this to me?
Why did you do this?
- I wanted to tell you
- Bullshit!
They forced me to
get married to him
My family situation was such
I was in no position to object
Will anyone do this out of love?
I swear I love only you
I have never loved anyone
the way I love you
Understand how I feel please
I am truly in love with you, only you
I saw your acting performance last night
For a bloody rubber packet
'Aiyo! What is this?
Gawd! What are you doing?'
'Aiyo! Get outttt!'
What a performance!
Don't shout, da
- For your sake
- Don't raise your voice
I got drenched in the rain for your sake
I thought I hooked you
But in the end you had me
dangling like a bait on a hook
I'm sorry, da, please
Pull my hand out
Pull it out
Sathya, I'm sorry
Please understand my pli-
Aunty, no touch
My apology-
Please don't tell this to anyone
- Please, aunty
- What is-
Madam, I have fixed your computer
As long as you change
the cartridge, it will work
Hi, sir, how are you?
Scum bag!
Isn't the framing like a French film?
Very poetic
Who the hell are you?
What do you want?
Isn't it obvious?
I thought you're smart
Shut up, you witch!
You have the gall to come to my house
and fix a camera in my bedroom
Are you trying to
blackmail me?
Who the heck do you think you are?
Aaawww! So cute
Chill, dear
You don't have to give me anything
I'll talk to Anu
Your wife Anu
I can WhatsApp a copy
of our French film to her
I think I have her number
But only 2 minute videos
allowed in Twitter, right?
I'll strangle you
Who the hell are you?
I thought as much
'When I saw a bottle of beer in the fridge'
'You are doing something
hanky-panky behind my back'
'If I called you'
'Didn't appeal to you, huh?'
You'll invite a random stranger
into your bed, huh?
Hey! Tell me now, di
Is he the only one?
Or is there a list?
'Cough up the truth'
'Don't bug me'
'I swear, no'
'How hard hearted and conniving
can you be to bring him home, huh?!'
Hey! Tell me
Who is he?
I don't know
'How long has this been going on?'
'Tell me'
- 'I don't know
- Hey!'
Did you get another man's wife
to fall in love with?
I swear I didn't know
she is an 'aunty', sir
She told me she was a college student
Then who am I supposed to be?
She told me
you are her dad
Appa, huh?
Same feeling, sir
She must have said, 'you are my love,
my world and I have no one else but you'
She did, sir
This is what she told me too
As soon as my wife died
'How will you manage alone?
Who will take care of you?'
'I will be with you
and take good care of you'
She lied and tricked me
into marrying her
Because she was related to me
I fell for her lies
Do you think you are
the first man in her life?
Her list is very long, young man
She was caught in the most embarrassing way
in a theater in Trichy with a young man
I drove her out of my house,
'I will slipper you, get out, you witch!'
She fell at my feet
and begged pleading
'I won't do this again
I will turn over a new leaf'
I relocated from Trichy to Chennai
all because of this wretched female
And you land up in my house
Who are you?
Delivery boy?
College student, sir
- Net, sir
- Huh?
Internet, sir
Yahoo messenger
And now Facebook, a new-
Wonder how many more families will
go down the drain thanks to this damn net
I didn' him here
He scaled up the wall
and barged in like a thief
Sir...sir, that's a damn lie
She asked me to
buy her beer, sir
And she prefers
only lager it seems
Aiyo! I didn't ask for anything
He brought the beer
Shut up!
- I will even believe him
- 'Thank you, sir'
You open your mouth to lie
I will rip you to pieces
'Love you, sir!'
- Get lost!
No one saw me
entering your house
I scaled up your wall
If you untie me, I'll take
the same route and scoot, sir
I'll make sure
your reputation is intact
You'll get it from me
Indulging in
hanky-panky activities
And you dare tell me
about my tarnished image!
Instead of living, being a witness
to your dastardly, disgraceful acts
I'll kill both of you and
go to jail with dignity
You deserve to be-
Untie me, di
Untie before he returns
No, sir, don't
I'll beat you to a pulp
Hey! Don't try to escape
You think you can get away
I'll get you
- Don't, sir
- Let him go
You want my wife!
I didn't know
- I didn't know she was married
- You deserve to die...die
Let's talk it over
Don't hit me
- Let's discuss it
- Pushing me?
- How dare you push me!
- Don't, sir
How dare you take my wife!
I didn't know, man
- Sir
- Hey!
- You'll end up in your grave today
- I didn't know
I'm telling you
I didn't know anything, sir
I didn't know she's your wife
Listen to me, sir
Sathya, let go of him, please
Let's talk this over sensibly
- Sathya, let go
- I didn't know, sir
Pipe down, sir
Sathya, please
Let go of him
- Sathya
- Let go
Don't hit me
- Don't
- You remind me of my father
Don't hit me, sir
Please stop it
I didn't know, sir
I didn't know she's your wife
'Sathya, let go of him'
Whatever it is
let's talk it over, please
- Sir?
- Dai!
What did you do to him?
Is he de...dead?
Killed him?
- I didn't do anything
- 'Bloody fellow!'
'I told you to stop strangling him
Why did you do this?'
'What do we do now?'
He's really dead, da
Good morning
Meet Madhan
You thought you hooked her?
We baited you and you got hooked!
'The way you lure your models'
'How you juggle them
without your wife's knowledge'
'We know all your activities A to Z'
'We were waiting for the right time
and venue to trap you'
'When your wife left home last night'
'We decided your house
is the perfect venue'
'We executed our plan'
I'm following you for past 6 months
But I've been searching for you
for the past 10 years
What have you done, da?
We could have talked this over
You've killed him?
Have I killed him?
- Hey!
I don't know how this happened
I kept saying
'let's talk it over'
Without knowing
If I had let him go
he would've killed us both
I don't know all that
Aiyo! We are done for
We will be counting bars!
- Oh gawd!
- Hey!
Do you know the repercussions?
Press will upload your photo and mine
on social media and ruin our lives
All because of you
You lie through your teeth
- Hey!
- I was leading a peaceful life
You were the one
who killed him
Stupid to have trusted yo-
What did I do?
My business, whole life gone
What about my life?
'Oh gawd!'
'My life is ruined'
I shouldn't get caught
Shouldn't go to jail
Does your...your family know
he suspects you?
Do your people know
he suspects you?
They know
I'll dictate, just write what I say
Write a note
- What are you saying?
- Calm down
Do you want us to get caught?
Don't we have to
get out of this mess?
You trust me, right?
Write a letter exactly as I tell you
Nothing to worry
You won't get into trouble
Just obey implicitly
- I am terrified
- Don't be scared
I'll handle this
Trust me
Just write a note
Exactly what I dictate
- I'll take care of the rest
- 'Okay'
You don't recognize me, do you?
I'll jog your memory
Do you remember Poorni?
'To my dear husband Mohan'
'This note is written by
your loving wife Poorni'
'I loved you truly
from the bottom of my heart'
'I married you'
'Not even one day have I thought
of the age difference between us'
'But you are always suspicious of me'
'Even though you abuse me
physically and vocally'
'My life is only with you
and for you'
'I am leaving you'
'At least you lead a peaceful life'
'I will live in some corner of the world
thinking of you and what we shared'
'With love always
your Poorni'
This is good
But this is showcasing him
as the good husband
Shouldn't you be free?
You should escape, right?
Write a note to your parents
Verbatim what I say
'My dearest appa and amma'
'This is a note from Poorni
your beloved daughter'
'My husband Mohan is forever
suspicious of my activities'
'He tortures and abuses me daily'
'I cannot live with him
as his wife any longer'
'I am scared he may even kill me'
'So I have decided to leave him
and seek refuge in some peaceful place'
'Please do not search for me'
'With love always
your loving daughter, Poorni'
Hey! Come soon
Keep this inside
Wait outside, I'll go out
through the back door
Poorni and I were in love
from our school days
'My junior'
'Then we went to college'
'Her parents stopped her studies midway'
'And got her married
to some old fellow'
'Even then she continued to love me'
'One day we got caught'
'She shifted to Chennai
with her husband'
'I was in my final year of college'
'My plan was to finish undergrad
and shift to Chennai too'
'I went to meet her one day
when her husband was not in town'
'She asked me to come
and where is she going?'
'That was the last time I saw her'
'10 years ago'
'She ran away, her husband died
and I got blamed for his death'
'Police arrested me'
'I spent 3 months
in police custody'
Painting me out to be her 'secret lover'
Press and Media humiliated and insulted me
'I was dismissed from college
My family drove me out of my house'
'Without finishing my undergrad, unable to
secure a job, not knowing what to do'
'I was dying every moment of my life
I looked for her, couldn't find her'
'I took short cuts, started smuggling'
'I did all kinds of illegal activities
and now rotting in this rut'
'I saw you 6 months ago'
'That's when you became my target'
'The last face I saw with Poorni
was etched in my mind'
I can give you any amount you want
Delete that video and let me go
Money alone isn't enough, da
I want Poorni
She ruined 10 years of my life
Do you know where she is now?
I know
Hey Sathya
Where are you taking me now?
I have a farmhouse
No one will come there, only me
Farm house?
I'll stock up whatever you want
Every week I'll come and see you
You can be there
safe and sound, peacefully
He is dead
Won't the police come looking for me?
No, no one will suspect you
Super suspicious man
He tortured you
Haven't we written that?
'So the case will be closed
as suicide due to disgrace'
You don't have to worry about anything
You stay there for 4-5 months
Then call your mother
and meet your parents
If they probe into your absence
You can say you were disturbed
and you were in North India, okay?
Do you think
we can pull this through?
Whatever happens
I'll be there for you
'Trust me'
Whatever problem arises
I will handle it
Is she living in your farm house
for the past 10 years?
I thought only she ruined my life
Along with her, even you have crucified me
Seen the inside of a jail?
'I was blamed and arrested
for her husband's death'
I lost my life
I'm roaming around
incognito now
I'll pickle you both to pieces, da
Pccht! Hey Madhan
Chill, man
Don't blabber like a lunatic
with all this bottled up rage
He is our golden goose
You shouldn't twist its neck
in a moment of rage
Lifelong we can crucify him alive!
Sathya baby
You are definitely not
my one-night stand
We are for life
Hurting too much?
Oh! Sorry
Tell me the route
Next left
No one is here
I don't think Poorni heard me
I'll go by the back door
and open this for you
I know
You'll leak the video
if I try to escape, right?
What can I do?
Hey Poorni
You wait here
I'll get in through the back door
Definitely you are an one night stand
Sorry, Poorni
'If I let you live'
' will be trouble
brewing always in my life'
'You betrayed your own husband
You'll do the same to me one day'
Madhan, meet Poorni
Poorni, Madhan
Sorry, bro
Life is an itch
with a B in front!!
'A new twist has been found in
industrialist Mohan's suicide case'
'Wife walking out of his life'
'...drove a disgraced Mohan
into committing suicide'
'Poorni has written a note
to her parents'
'She has stated her fear
of being killed by her husband'
'Since she left with cash and jewelry
the police have initiated a witch-hunt'
'Wait outside, I'll go out
through the back door'
Dude, congrats
You said ECR land and
bank loan didn't work out
Then how come this boutique?
- She gave me, da
- 'She'?!
HE, the supreme force
God Almighty
Come along, dude
'A secret relationship between Poorni
and a college student in Trichy'
'The police have got wind of this'
'She was caught in an embarrassing way
in a theater in Trichy with a young man'
'Since a letter written by him
has been posted from Trichy'
'A police team has rushed to Trichy'
Coming soon
What are you doing?