Manmadhudu (2002) Movie Script

He's a male.
His servant is a male.
His cook is a male.
Plants in his lawn are males.
So, they don't bear flowers.
Spray only a little amount of pesticides.
- Okay sir.
A sign of bad omen
early in the morning.
Give it to me.
Excuse me.- Yes.
Do you know where Sai Baba temple is?
Yes, I know. - Where is it?
I won't tell you.
Is he mad?- No he hates women.
Good morning Subba Rao.
- Good morning sir.
When so many of us are greeting him,
he won't care about us.
But wishes him good morning.
Tell me, what's he has
and we don't have?
Never raise such doubts
early morning.
The other day I shook
hands with him.
He washed his hands with
soap in front of me.
Was it a Iifebouy soap?
- How do you know that?
Because there's boy in Iifebouy.
So, he would've used it.
Yes, coming...right away.
Just because I'm a B.A. graduate,
I'm working as his P.A.
Or else I would've resigned
my job long back.
You had wished me earlier.
You scoundrel!
Tell me today's program.
A new Asst. Manager is
joining duty by 11 am.
A meeting with Marketing M.D,
Amul India at 12.15.
Lunch at 1.15 with
Himalayan Executives.
I must meet someone in
Begumpet at 12.15.
And go for lunch in
Banjara hills at 1.15.
It takes 30 mins to travel.
What am I to talk to them then?
You don't know how to plan
a 8 hour work schedule.
But you marry, bear children
and change their lives.
If you had spent half the time spent
on your make-up on my schedule.
Such mistakes wouldn't
have had happened.
I'am allergic to ambulance
siren & crying women.
Stop it.
What's the name of new
the Asst. Manager? - Harika.
What? Another girl?
Yes sir.
Who appointed her?- Chairman.
Looks like you're shouting.
- Yes, I'm.
A very good caption.
But your selection is not good.
Are you talking about your aunt?
There is no point is discussing
about that now.
You're talking clever.
I'm talking in Telugu.
Why are you looking so dull?
Aren't you feeling well?
Your husbands behaviour is not good.
What did he do?
There're so many girls in our office.
Now he has appointed another girl.
You dismiss her.
Then what should I do?
- Have your breakfast.
You please shut up.
You don't know about that girl.
She was working in Mudra Ad agency
with Rs 25000 as salary.
I somehow convinced her for
Rs.30000 to join our company.
We can get boys who're sharper
than knives for Rs.3000.
We aren't a communist party
office to keep knives and daggers.
Our's is an Ad agency.
But still, do we've to
pay her so much?
Such people work for the
growth of the company.
Didn't I do it?
- Yes you did.
You brought the company from the
ground floor to the first floor.
I don't care about that.
Remove that girl right now.
- Impossible.
We do Ads for lipsticks,
snow, face powders...
Only girls know well about it.
Then, why're men being hired
as salesmen in silk sari shop?
Stop your stupid logic.
Don't change the topic.
Will you remove that girl or not?
Once I sign an appointment order,
it means she'll be paid
salary for 10 years,
Loose hair looks good on you.
And you?
Newly appointed Asst. Manager.
We thought the Asst. Manager
would be very old woman.
Do you know about this office?
- No, but why're asking me that?
You can write a book
about our Manager.
Is he such a great man?
Unbearable. - Really!
He looks like Mr. Cupid.
But actually, he's a demon.
His name?- Abhiram.
Chairman is his Paternal uncle.
He's the only son.
He treats women as criminals.
Manager, I've kept the files
in your room.
You're doing too much,
sit down, P.A.
Trying to give her a hint that
I am the manager.- No sir.
You're very good at such things.
Are you Harika?
As soon as you joined office,
a gossip meeting with all girls.
I am new to this office,
introducing myself to them.
As you work, they'll get
introduced by themselves.
You don't have to stop work
to get introduced.
Where were you working earlier?
Mudra Ad agency.
Mudra is a very good company.
Why did you resign the job?
Were you thrown out for
sleeping in office?
I joined this office
on Chairman's request.
Will you go out if the watchman
asks you to go out?
This isn't a function to come
as and when you're invited.
Ask her where your seat is.
Ask me what your job is.
Don't use your brain.
He'll never reform.
Mom, coffee please.
How is your office?- Very big.
I didn't ask about it's size.
I asked about your work.
She came just now from the office.
Why do you pester her?
Why're looking so dull?
My car broke down
on the way.- Oh No!
I stepped into the office
in an inauspicious time.
My Manager is more foolish than him.
As this guy is allergic to dust.
My Manager is allergic to women.
He's showing hell.
Is it nice?- What?
The hell.
Your coffee.
Mom, why did you give him birth?
Because she didn't like you.
Hey, go inside and study.
She is very tired.
Why do you want to work?
Instead you can marry.
She went to office for one day
and you're asking her to resign.
I go to school all the year.
But you never ask me to take
leave from school even for a day.
What are you looking at?
I'm thinking if you
really love me or not?
It's been so many days.
Since we fell in love.
But, you never took me
to YOUR house even once.
Oh My god! To my house?
My father will kill me.
I am afraid of my father.
I love you.
I feel like talking to
you all the time.
I want to be with you always.
If not I wish to die.
Murthy, did you both come
to have coffee?- Yes sir.
Had your coffee?- Yes sir.
Who paid the bill?- Myself.
Did you promise her to drop
at her house?
No, to the bus stop.
Who paid for the petrol?- I did.
This is the problem
if we go out with girls.
But if you go out with a boy.
If you pay for petrol.
He'll pay for coffee.
If you take him to a movie.
He'll buy you cool drinks.
Buy him dinner and
he'll buy you ice creams.
If you go out with girls,
we pay the bill,
they'll enjoy the thrill.
We must give her a lift,
as well as gift.
But finally, they'll leave
you in Iurch.
Murthy, I am advising you
because you're very young.
Far you're away from transformers
and girls, the better it is.
Why do you want to play
with live electric wires?
You'll be burnt to ashes.
Subba Rao, in my house at this hour?
Need some cash?
I want your blessings.
Is it your birthday today?
Tomorrow is my marriage.
Marriage...- What for?
Generally people ask,
when is your marriage?
But you're asking me the
reason for the marriage.
Yes tell me, why?
Cooking food is difficult.
- Hire a cook.
There is no one to
take care of my house.
Buy a dog.
Where can I find a dog
which gives dowry?
If I do that I know
I'll lose my job.
Whatever it is, I don't like
you getting married.
That's why, I'm not inviting
YOU to my marriage.
It's enough if you
come to my reception.
You people can never reform.
Get lost and get ruined.
One guy says he's in love.
You say you're getting married.
Someone else will say he is
going on honey moon.
I didn't invite anyone
for my honey moon.
Bear one thing in mind.
Marriage is not a 100 year bond,
it's an everyday wound.
Is our boss coming
to the marriage?
I invited him for name sake.
I didn't compel him.
Then, definitely he'll not come.
You're right.
Greetings sir.
The bride's name is Hymavathy.
But she looks like a primate.
The bride's name is on the top
and your name is below.
So, the domination starts
right from now.
Okay, whatever has
happened is happened.
I'll arrange for your divorce
in 2-3 months time.
Don't worry!
Did you accept or did they force you
to accept this marriage?
Hubby... - Yes coming.
What's her qualification?
Intermediate discontinued.
- Why?
Someone ragged her in college
and she hit him.
He got seriously hurt.
To avoid unnecessary fight...
Anyway, be careful.
Go! Who knows how she might
call you the next time!
That's why I'm against marriage.
Wife means problems.
Drink? - Yes sir.
I generally don't drink.
But occasionally.
Tastes bad. very light,
make it strong, I won't feel bad.
What was I saying...
You were saying
wife means problems.
How do you tie the auspicious thread?
Is it strong? - Yes sir.
Good. Get me another one.
I generally don't drink.
What was I saying?
The auspicious thread.
- How do we tie it?
We bend down & tie it.
That's it. We start to bend
from that moment onwards.
The bride sits like a lord.
We bend down like coolies and we've
to tie 3 knots, not just 1 or 2.
Can you explain us in detail?
No boy...
My friend....marriage is
a 100 year irritation. hurts.
Don't fall into a pit.
No... my friend,
marriage is a 100 year irritation. hurts.
Don't fall into a pit.
O Bachelors, don't get spoiled.
Don't slip.
Don't tie the auspicious thread.
Wife means devil.
Marriage is jail.
Life imprisonment.
She'll ruin your life.
This feeling is unstoppable.
Shiva, a close friend of mine.
He fell in love and got married.
In college, he was alike
a Greek warrior.
Before marriage,
he was a Prince.
After a month of his marriage,
He had completely changed,
and couldn't be recognised.
He became thin, lost his vigour,
and looked dull and lost hair.
I asked him the reason.
He said it's because of his marriage.
He cried, wiped his nose, had a drink
and told his flashback.
He must admire her beauty,
while getting up in the morning.
He must often say,
'I Love You' to her.
Her desires must be
fulfilled immediately.
My life has become
a pool of fire.
Marriage is an unpardonable sin.
I'll tell you about Malli.
There was no one like him
in our village.
He's a natural born hooligan.
After marriage,
he lost his pride.
His wife was a devil.
Unable to bear her tortures,
he lost the verve of life.
She can't keep quiet without chewing
his brain at least once a day.
She not only scolds him,
She goes after him with
a spadle to beat him.
She turned a cobra like man
into a water snake.
She's a Anaconda
and not a woman.
Because of her tortures,
he took to devotion.
Because of his wife,
he found the path to salvation.
Giving up family life, he renounced
the world and took to Sanyasa
Wearing saffron clothes,
he went to Kasi.
He drank and was creating
a scene all the night.
What will they talk?
In office, bus stop, phone, canteen,
they keep talking always.
Yes sir! Since they're not able
to talk during lunch hours,
they skipped their lunch.
Really? - Yes sir.
Can't wait...l must find out
what they discuss about.
He's the Marketing Manager
of Revlon Cosmetics India Ltd.,
His name is Sundar.
Is he from Bunder(Machilipatnam)?
He worked in Revlon's head office
in Paris for 10 years.
And now has come to India.
They're planning to launch
lip-stick in India.
We've been given the opportunity
to make their ads.
Getting the Revlon ad
offer is like...
Presenting a toddler
with a foreign car.
Didn't you understand? Okay!
Now Mr. Sundar will brief you
about their products.
I thought of greeting you,
but you all are younger to me.
I thought of wishing you good morning,
but it's not morning now.
I wish good evening
only when I booze.
So, let me come to the point.
Woman needs to be beautiful.
His coat needs to be ironed.
The word 'beauty' reminds us
of woman's face
Eyes & lips are the most important ones.
To be frank, I married
my wife for her lips.
She would've married him
without seeing him.
I don't know what you'll do.
But after watching your ad.
Women must feel that
Revlon lip-stick is...
I hope, you'll live up
to my expectations.
Next time I'll come to see
your concept for the ad.
Harika, you heard him, right?
You're going to do this ad.
It'll be the worst.
Why're you staring at me?
Are you angry?
No, vengeance.
You are never short of this.
Counters for me & concepts for her.
Lipsticks are used by women.
Who will know about it?
You or them?
Did you ever see a lipstick
in your life time?
Oh No! It smells like petrol.
How do they apply it?
Why should this be applied
only on the lips?
What if I apply it to my eyes?
Revlon Lipsticks.
Not only to your lips,
it gives color to your eyes also.
This will make your world red.
Abhi, you're too good.
Sir, shall I bring your breakfast?
Not now.
He must have got shocked
looking at the lipstick.
Oh No! It's burning.
I don't know how it's
looking on my eyes.
But I'm sure to go blind.
But I've found out an important thing
from this experiment.
Lipsticks are not
for eyes or legs.
It's only for the lips.
There's no one who's not
familiar with this name.
I'm there. make waves
using secret mikes.
The electronic support was
given by a Telugu man.
And that makes us feel proud.
Now, let's meet Prof. Balasubramanyam,
who invented these mikes.
Mr. Balasubramanyam....
- Greetings to all.
How did you get the thought of
inventing such mikes?
Was there any inspiration
or did you do it on your own?
Did you've such interest
from your childhood?
Or did you invent it
because you were unemployed.
Why're you keeping quiet?
I think you're feeling shy.
This silence is not
because of my shyness.
I was waiting for you
to stop talking.
Actually, every man is curious to
know what others think about him.
First, I used to arrange
mike sets for marriage.
Since I didn't take my
2 wives to a movie,
They were planning how to kill me,
and hoodwink the police.
They were looking very
beautiful in day time.
But very dangerous at night.
First I felt sad,
then I got scared.
After that, I felt ashamed of myself.
Me too!
Then I got an idea.
If I keep a mike in Begumpet,
I could hear it in Ameerpet.
If I keep a mike a home,
Can't I hear them talking
sitting in my office?
That inspired me to invent
this secret mike.
This can be kept in the bedroom,
bathroom, office or anywhere.
The sky is red.
- It's normal.
Code word.
I informed you on phone.
It's red because of treason.
Why do we need code words?
- For our safety.- You mean?
Look up once...
What for?
Someone might hear us
from the flight...
Have you brought the mike?
- Have you brought the cash?
Men are curious to know what others
think about them? - It's natural.
I listened to all this trash
last night on the T.V.
It's my habit to repeat
from the first to anyone.
This is the mike and
this is the receiver.
This is the antenna.
This set is from Japan.
Will it work in India?
Joke.- Mike.
Last night, you said you invented it.
I also have that.
You could've shown me that.
But it's not working. Want to test?
- No! Keep it with yourself.
Then buy this.
- How will this work?
If you want to listen anyone's talk,
Fix this mike under his table.
Keep the antenna under your table.
Place the receiver in your ears.
I've 20 tables in my office.
No problem. Buy 20 mikes.
Can I manage it with one?
It will.
Keep this under one table,
And ask your staff to come to
that table and talk.
Joke.- Mike.
Can I test it?
It's made in Japan.
I doubt you and not this mike.
Please come.
Hello Prem, I'm Sweety
calling from Koti.
My parents are going
out of station tonight.
I'm alone at home.
I'll wait keeping the
door of my heart open.
Please keep the doors of
your house also open.
I want to talk to you
for some more time.
But a rogue is staring at me
for quite sometime.
I'll call you later.
What's this?
It looks good!
Concept will be better than this.
What's the concept?
A girl is waiting for her
boy friend in a park bench.
We'll show the girl
in different moods,
with a voice over.
If girls lips are closed,
it means she's sad.
The same lips, if they are open,
it means she's happy.
If her teeth are
biting the same lips.
It means she's angry.
But if a girl's lips
are beautiful,
it means she's using Revlon lipstick.
What have you done?
Can't you be little careful?
Look what has happened now?
All my work has gone waste.
Coming sir.
Are you ready with the
lipstick ad concept?
It's ready sir.
Show me.
That is...I've completed it sir...
Then, bring it here.
Just now...on it...
Did ink bottle fell on it?
Ink smudged it, chutney fell
on it while eating idli,
don't cite silly childish reasons.
Really ink fell on it sir.
Are you working with ink bottles and
coffee cups on a 10 crore project?
I don't mind if you
don't know to work,
but I hate anyone who doesn't
have respect for the work they do.
You are taking you salary
on first day of every month.
Can't you at least work on
31st day of every month?
I had really finished it.
If you've any stories,
narrate it to film makers.
I want just the concept.
Do you know what's the time now?
I've an important meeting
tomorrow in office.
I've an important thing
to discuss with you dear.
What's it?
You know Ramaraju, don't you?
He's from Narasapuram.
He's seeking your hand in
marriage for his eldest son.
Tomorrow they are coming to see you.
What's your opinion?
Very early to...marry.
Look dear, children up to 10,
don't know about time in play.
Upto 20 years, time is
lost in studies.
Upto 30 years,
they lose time in work.
If you still remain alone by then,
you would lose yourself.
As you wish, daddy.
Sleep early.
Anyway it's late tonight.
At least sleep well
in office tomorrow.
You'll look fresh in the evening
when they come to see you.
Isn't this your office?
My office just 2 kms
away from here.
What happened?
In another 5 minutes inauspicious
time will get over.
If you wait for 10 minutes
meeting will also get over.
No, it'll not. You carry on.
I'll follow you.
Shall we start?
Wher's Harika?
- She'll be here any moment.
Open the door.
Where's Harika?
Shall I go & check?
Can't you say something
till she comes?
You don't like it, do you?
- He should like it, not me.
Our creative director
hasn't turned up yet.
It seems Abhi has a concept.
Where did you go away?
A girl is waiting for her
boy friend on a park bench.
If a girl's lips are closed,
it means she's sad.
The same lips if they are open,
it means she's happy.
If her teeth are
biting the same lips,
it means she's angry.
But if a girl's lips
are beautiful,
it means she's using,
Revlon lipstick.
Now, hear Harika's concept.
My concept is also similar to it.
But his concept is
better than mine.
Take all the material
and reach our office.
Thanks. You saved my day.
How did you prepare this concept?
- Using a sketch pen.
Isn't your ball point pen writing?
I got anxious,
finding you not here.
But my man saved the day for me.
He has imbibed all my characters.
Did you see this line?
Don't think like me,
think something of your own.
It's good for you
and the company.
Madam, did you see that concept?
As it is what you said
a day before.
Did he come to your cabin?
Oh No! Nothing like that.
He would've got the same thought.
No madam, I feel something fishy.
Abhi may not be a gentleman.
But he's not a bad man either.
Why did you bring me
so far away?
Nobody will come here,
not even OUT boss.
I knew this time you'll
change the meeting place. Come.
Is it your birthday?
No, my marriage is fixed.
Marriage is fixed?
Oh My god!
Why are you scared?
The man marrying me should
get scared not you.
Did you tell our boss?
- To him?
Fixing of marriage,
India winning cricket match,
such good news are
not for such people.
If you tell?
If you tell him,
he'll cry.
He'll not cry.
He can only make others cry.
How could you judge
me so right?
What is this?
Why are you doubtful about it?
Is this office or
Pulla Reddy sweet shop?
You are paid Rs.30000 a month.
Rs.1000 day.
If you spend a hour
distributing sweets,
and spend another hour
discussing about it's taste,
if you waste your time,
you'll get your salary.
But we'll incur huge losses.
As a bonus on the losses,
you are cracking jokes & satires on us.
I don't know what you are here for,
to work or to gossip?
If given a project to handle,
ink bottle fell on it,
pencil lead got broken,
pen's nib got broken.
You'll cite silly reasons.
If a meeting is arranged,
Madam will not reach at least
an hour after the start.
There's no use in accusing you.
I must curse my uncle for hiring
such people like you.
Till now I thought
you didn't know to work.
Now, I've understood
You are as useful to this
office as this dustbin.
I'll call you later. Bye.
Please sit down.
What is this?
- My resignation letter.
I got it. I'm asking, why?
What happened?
What is the problem?
Your nephew.
First when he was scolding me,
I thought he didn't like my work.
But, he doesn't like me.
If I talk it's nonsense,
if I laugh it's nuisance.
If I do any mistakes he's free
to scold me. I can take it.
If he finds everything wrong that I do.
I can't take it.
Just for the salary
I get paid every month.
If he scolds me every hour,
I can't take it.
Actually I thought of quitting
without telling you anything.
But I'm telling you because,
I don't want any other to
suffer joining after me.
Please relieve me sir.
You said you are quitting
because of his behaviour.
But, you didn't tell me,
why he's behaving like that?
I don't know sir.
- I know.
You know him for
just 2 months only.
But I know him from
the age of 2 months,
When my brother and
sister-in-law died,
I brought him up.
His problem is he has too
much of everything.
Property, wealth, anger,
Iove meverything.
So much so that once as
a kid he had a puppy.
He loved it very much.
It died when Abhi was 10.
That's all.
He never let any other
puppy come near him.
He was angry on it
for leaving him alone.
What you now see is
not the real Abhi.
He was totally a different man.
His anger is cyclone.
His love is sea.
His generosity is rain.
You and my father in Bangalore,
we stay in Hyderabad.
Why in two places?
Can't we live in
one place together?
I too feel the same uncle.
You come over to Bangalore.
But you'll not come to
Hyderabad, will you?
Day after tomorrow is his birthday,
don't scold him.
His birthday is still
a day away,
but why are you stopping me
from scolding him now itself?
Look at this car.
How beautiful it is!
Aunty, that's a sports car.
This car is your uncle's
birthday gift.
That one? Thank god! You didn't
tum the next page.- Why?
There is a plane ad.
You promise him such things.
Total is correct.
I've verified it already sir.
What's this?
He's coming without shirt.
New fashion?
- No, sheer madness.
He saw a boy without shirt on the way.
He gave it to him.
Isn't it enough if
he gives him money?
He gave him money too.
Stop mocking at him.
Father-in-law, he saw a boy getting
wet in rain without shirt.
Feeling pity on him,
he gave his shirt to him.
Is it wrong? You tell me.
Father, she's spoiling by
pampering him like this.
Just now I asked what he
wants for his birthday.
Couldn't she tell him to
buy clothes or shoes?
She shows this ad and wants me
to buy this car for him.
Look at it, father-in-law.
How cute the car is.
Did he like it?
Why not?
We'll not like the rate.
How much does it cost?
- Rs.25 Iakhs.
Rs.25 Iakhs!
That too. You can't
get it immediately.
If you book it now,
it'll take time for delivery.
I don't know when
you'll book it.
I want the car at doorstep
on his birthday. That's all.
Who do you want to meet?
I want a small information.
Who are you?
- Who are you?
I'm Mohan Rao's niece.
I've come from Eluru.
I'm Mohan Rao's boss's grandson.
I live here only.
Is he there? - No.
What is your name?
- Mahesvvari.
Ugh! Not good.
Very old fashion.
Do you know it's not good to
slam door on someone's face?
Do you know it's not good to say
someones name is not good?
I don't know.
You are good in smiles.
I May you be blessed with
along & happy life.
At least this year stop
going around with girls,
and come to office
to look after business.
Bless him to come
good in business.
I did what your uncle
is now saying.
I never knew when my youth
came & went away.
Don't take him seriously.
Enjoy my share of happiness also.
Thanks grandpa.
Bye uncle.
Lights are not burning there.
Go & check.- Okay.
You too go.
Make it fast.
He'll be here any moment.
Uncle, what does Abhi do?
He's free isn't it?
He roams in cars.
And dances with
any girl he meets.
I'm not what I was
just a few days go.
I'm living in imaginations.
What's all this?
Suddenly I feel like
I was born right now here.
Like a flower plant shaking,
like I've reached milky way.
A smile has engulfed my life.
Like honey spilled out
from it's comb,
a piece played on Veena.
My heart is slipping away.
Who are you?
The sky that has charmed and
taken away my heart,
no one else can see it whatsoever.
Though there are many
people around me,
I'm not able to
I'b,COgFIiZb, recognise anyone.
All are appearing like one.
Though when I said,
it's not my mistake.
Not a soul is accepting
the truth,
I can't tell them the truth.
it's strange for me too.
A lightning struck my eyes
and is refusing to leave it.
Won't the eyelids
say if it can talk?
I'm going out to shop, uncle.
Come quickly dear.
Boys here are really bad.
Yes, you are right uncle.
- What?
You've a long life.
Just now uncle was telling
about you. Sit down.
Who is that?
A guest from your boss's house.
I asked, who is it?
That's uncle, when I asked
last night, what does he do?
You said he's free and dances
with all the girls he sees,
he's here.
You go and get a coffee
for him.- Okay.
What's it? Money?
How much you need?
What is it? - Coffee.
I don't drink. - Why?
I don't like coffee.
You'll know if you like it or not
only if you drink it, isn't it?
Take it.
Be careful with money.
That's why uncle. Fearing I may lose it,
I spend it immediately.
Excuse me. That's my bag.
I know. I'm also going out
on shopping. Come.
With you? - Why?
It may not look good.
Only if you come once, you'll know
whether it is good or not, isn't it?
Do shops in Bangalore
close early? - Why?
You are going so fast.
If you don't mind,
can I ask a question? - What?
Are you going to marry the girl
you danced with last night?
That's...that girl...
You said, I'm free.
That's why these dances.
Not to marry.
Though you don't appear, but there's
a good sense of humour in you.
Do you know that boy?
He's my friend.
I'm not going to marry
that girl also.
Show latest dresses to her.
Bill is here.
Where are the clothes?
You spent time for me
leaving your work.
Shall I tell you truth?
I don't have any work.
If such a beautiful girl
goes alone to shop.
Fearing someone may ogle you,
I came with you.
Why are you going away?
I've brought you back to home.
Won't you say good night to me?
Not like that.
Like this.
Are you waiting for me?
It didn't dry
No tales please.
I too once ogled at a girl
like this only.
So you too...just thought...
What are you doing?
- Cooking.
Looks like it too hot.
Oh Tomato & pulses.
What's the girl's name?
- Which girl?
How many girls
did you ogle at?
Name is disgusting.
- Girl is wonderful.
With tomato and pulses,
if you add potato fries,
you can have a go at food.
- Next?
What next? Curd rice.
I was asking about the girl.
- Meenakshi?
After ogling at her for many days
once I pulled up my courage and...
Oh! India- Zimbabwe match
is coming live on T.V.?
Aren't you watching it?
What did you do pulling up
your courage?
I love you Meenakshi.
I told her boldly.
What did she say?
It went nicely for next few days.
She beat me once when
I failed in a subject.
I stopped talking
to her since then. - Beat you?
I was in VIII class then.
She was my social studies teacher.
After few days she ditched me
and married our principal.
Why are you asking all this?
- Just like that.
No, there's something.
- I've left something on stove.
No problem.
- It may get burnt.
Let it get burnt.
You tell me first.
Sachin won't get out if Zimbabwe
is batting. First tell me.
Match is very interesting.
Allow me to watch.
Replay will be telecast
again at night.
You tell me first.
- I just asked for fun.
For fun? I thought you'd asked
with interest in me.
Abhi Advertising Agency.
How is it?
Sean & Curtis is a big name
in American Ad Industry.
This is their office.
Even plan is a copy!
For any product promotion,
no need to goto
Bombay for publicity.
We'll design it here only.
Aren't we already having
too many businesses?
This is not for me, father.
it's for Abhi.
We are taking entire
ground floor in this complex.
What happened to this?
Maheswari, get a marker pen
from Abhi's room.
Okay, aunty.
Come son.
Look here. This is your office.
This is your cabin.
Copy writers will be here.
This is creative director's room.
This hall is for board meeting.
This entire area is reception
for meeting clients.
What do you say?
- It's good. Go ahead.
It's good.
Plan is okay, isn't it?
Shall we go ahead?
Maheswari, get some
coffee for all here.
Okay uncle.
What is this place for?
For urgent photo sessions,
this is a studio.
I'll have some water & come.
Is it okay, father?
Oh You? No...please leave me.
some one may SEE US.
Whats the budget for this?
Not much father,
just R.50 Iakhs.
Come to Hyderabad tomorrow
and sign few papers.
Tomorrow? No way.
I've lot of work here.
Go dear.
He's asking you, isn't he?
Okay, grandpa. I'll go.
He'll listen if he's told politely.
Take it.
When did you start having coffee?
Are you angry with me?
Do you know how scared I was
fearing someone may see us?
Do you know how much I got scared
fearing you're angry on me?
Please don't look at me like that.
I may end up in tears.
Is it the way to
polish your nails?
Do you've cotton at home?
Not like the thing in the
kitchen today morning.
Let's plan it carefully
next time. - What?
At midnight when all are asleep,
I'll give a signal,
you come to the garden.
- Why?
It's difficult to answer
if you ask me like that.
You are shameless.
Grandpa is waiting for you.
Come out.
Tomorrow morning,
I'm going to Hyderabad.
When are you coming back?
I'll come back in 3 days.
What shall I bring you
coming back from there?
- It's not for sale.
Listen fully.
Bangles are sold near Charminar.
it'll be very beautiful.
Okay, I'll bring it.
Call me back immediately
on reaching Hyderabad.
I'll definitely call.
What is it, uncle?
My salary is Rs.4000 a month.
I've been working here
for the past 35 years.
400 to 500 people like me
are working for him.
Abhi is the sole heir to
their property & family.
The money they spend on
Abhi's birthday bash,
A middle class family
can live for 10 years.
You can see the earth & sky
meeting at horizon.
But it is false.
When we see from our out-house,
their bungalow appears very near.
That's also false.
Though they are rich, it's their
goodness to be friendly with us.
It's our custom to know the
limitations of their friendship.
I think you've understood
why I'm telling you all this?
Go to sleep.
It seems you are very rich.
God blesses few.
He gave you beauty.
He gave me wealth.
No jokes please.
I'm asking you seriously.
I'm also telling you seriously.
Aren't you beautiful?
Didn't you see anyone more
beautiful than me?
I had seen, but never fell
in love with them.
I'll ask you a question.
Answer me truthfully.
When so many beautiful
girls are around you,
why did you like only me?
I can't tell you why I like you.
But I can tell you
how much I like you.
What's in heart,
eyes will reveal it.
Silence on my lips
is chanting your name.
My heart will not remain with me
if you stand before me.
Time refuses to move
without hearing you.
Is it anxiety or the first boon?
I'm unable to decide.
My heart...
What is not in a flower,
it's there in your smile.
What you said now is a compliment,
I never heard before.
Even moonbeam is getting
dejected on seeing you.
I feel like all my dreams
have come true.
Don't know what is it?
Everything is really like a dream.
Don't know why
I'm little anxious.
This is not a never
happened before wonder.
My legs are tripping
chasing the fragrance.
Friendship is asking companionship
leading up to marriage.
When will the distance shorten
and the D-day arrives?
Where is she?
Ramaiah, where has uncle gone?
I don't know sir. They left the place
after vacating the house.
All say he left the job
without informing boss.
My brother-in-law died
when she was a child.
My sister brought her up.
Last year she too died.
She stayed in a hostel to
study till recently.
She has grown up, so I've
brought her to stay with me.
She is my life.
She has only me.
We too are not much
interested in dowry.
The girl should be good.
We like her very much.
Okay, I'm happy to hear that.
We'll find an auspicious day...
What's happening here?
- Sir.
Sorry uncle, I'm little drunk.
What's all this?
- They have come to see Mahi...
Get up...get up. - Sir...
Sorry boss! I don't know
who you are.
Mahi and I love each other.
Why are you bowing your head?
Come on tell them.
You get up...
You please sit down.
- Go...go...go I say.
Sir, come little aside,
let's talk.
There's nothing to talk in secrecy.
I'm always open.
If you create trouble,
the proposal will get canceled.
Are you mad?
I'm ready to marry. Why are you
worried about that proposal?
You? Can we match your status?
Is it your doubt or opinion?
If your grand father
comes to know...
What will he do?
Will he kill me?
Come, let's settle it right now.
- Why right now?
It must be cleared right now.
You've got a doubt, haven't you?
Come, I'll clear your doubt.
How do I look to you?
Am I womanizer to roam with girls
and then ditch them?
I love her, I can die for her.
If she marries someone else
leaving me,
I'll kill her.
Mahi, come.
I know my grandpa
better than you.
You come...
- Please listen to me.
I'll not listen...
I'll not listen to anyone.
Everyone must listen to me.
Mahi, come.
I told before all of them,
I love you.
Couldn't you tell at least to
your uncle, you love me?
Don't you've courage?
Don't you really love me?
I never cried till now
after my mother's death.
If you think money
is your problem,
tell me, I'll give up
all my wealth.
But, please don't leave me.
Without you...
Sir, he has regained consciousness.
Doctors don't know the difficulties.
But they don't know how much
you love your grandpa.
Nothing will happen to you.
I don't have patience son...
I saw your father dying.
I saw your mother dying.
I can't bear if anything
happens to you.
How is Mahi, grandpa?
Let's talk about it later.
First get better.
How is Mahi?
She's healthy enough to
marry today evening.
I've been waiting eagerly 10 days
for you to regain consciousness.
You regained and are
asking about Mahi.
But I'm not angry for that.
You are in this condition and
she didn't even come to see you.
I'm sad because
you love such a girl.
You told everyone
that you love her.
But Mahi didn't even tell
uncle about her love for you.
Girls are like that only.
They fall in love easily
and forget quickly.
Even unknown people are
wishing you good health.
But, a man who worked
25 years for me,
gave this invitation & left.
They are like that only.
They'll work till
we pay salaries.
If we pay bonus
they'll love us.
If they find a better job,
they'll quit here.
If the girl really loves you,
will she agree to get married?
You got their address so you
could stop the engagement.
Today you regained consciousness
and may stop the marriage.
So, if you stop, she'll stop
or else it'll go on as scheduled.
Abhi, I only know to give,
I've never asked anyone anything.
I'll go and ask him for the
first time for your sake.
Will you give your niece's hand
in marriage to my grandson?
No, grandpa!
No, grandpa!
I lived all these years
without parents.
Can't I live rest of my
life without a woman?
We thought he forgot the girl.
Later we came to know
he forgot girls.
Do you know why I'm
telling you all this?
I don't mind if you
don't respect him.
But I can't bear
if you hate him.
He's my brother's son,
I brought him up.
Sir, Harika is in Chairman's
cabin for over 2 hours.
I'm tensed about the matter
they are discussing.
By this time she would've
come to know.
What'll happen if she
crosses swords with me?
Will she get dismissed?
Mad man! Just for putting a
spoon of sugar less in my milk.
My uncle discussed a maid
when I was a boy.
She's coming sir.
Look, how dejected she is.
My uncle would've whacked
her left & right.
Subba Rao, I feel pity
for that girl.
You don't feel sir.
What can we do sir?
Is she not talented?
She has great talent.
It's useful to do small ads.
I'm not able to see this disaster.
Calm down sir. I'm notable
to see you sad.
Please settle the account yourself.
- Okay sir.
Send a recommendation letter also.
I'll sign it. It'll help her
to find a new job.
Anyway YOU are 3
man of generous heart.
You know, don't you?
How much I respect women?
What is this?
I've been promoted.
Didn't uncle suspend you?
No, he has promoted me
as the Manager.
Manager? What about me then?
You've been suspended.
Me? What are you saying?
Don't get shocked.
Read the letter.
You're suspended.
You buffalo, why're standing
in the middle of the road.
Yes, this is a buffalo.
I meant you and not that.
Pack your luggage,
let's get out of the house.
What happened?
I can't get along well
with your husband.
Let's goto my house.
What did he do again?
- He has dismissed me.
Dismissed you? - Yes.
Like a waste paper thrown into dust bin,
he threw me out of the office.
For working 24 hours
like the office table,
this is the respect
he gives me.
No...can't take it anymore.
I can't came here even
to see you.
Because one scabbard
can't hold 2 swords.
Either uncle or I must be here.
Then, let's throw out uncle.
What? Will you leave me for him?
When Lord Rama left Seetha
for a washerman's words,
can't I leave you for my son?
Kantham, cool down.
He's here for a long time.
Get him a coffee please.
Do you consider yourself
to be a great rowdy?
Should girls shiver on seeing you?
Who else do we've
other than you?
If you leave us, who's there
for us to live for?
I'm like your father.
Don't I've a right to scold you?
I'll scold for your good only.
Will I scold to hurt you?
Don't know when he ate?
Don't bring the upma
prepared morning,
prepare freshly & bring it.
Will you come here to
complain immediately?
My wish.
- My foot!
I can't bear to see
YOU in tears, son.
Shall I prepare from
white flour or red flour?
Make it looking like upma.
Aunty! Don't go.
Where will we go leaving you?
You go dear.
This is not your grandfather's time.
If you over do things,
I'll lock you up in room.
Anyway office is yours,
do you need a job?
If you want occupy my seat.
He's not at anyone's mercy to
occupy other's seat.
Give him a place of his own.
How can it be possible?
Only Asst. Manager's
position is vacant.
Asst. Manager?
I'll never take that job.
Sir, Manager is calling you.
Phone for you. - You?
Not for me, it's for you.
Sir, it's me Balasubramanyam.
Hello Subba Rao, I've
dispatched your letter.
Sir, it's me Balasubramanyam.
Oh! Is it you Gopal Rao?
Call me as you wish but,
I've a problem here.
I sold a microphone to
a lady like you.
Later I came to know
she's SP's wife.
What happened next?
I don't know.
They're taking me just now.
Come...come...- Don't pull me.
...don't pull me.
You don't worry.
God is there for everything.
Aren't you there for me, then?
What? - Nothing.
Till now I was waiting for you.
I was just leaving
thinking you'll not come.
Why are you so late?
Fax machine wasn't working there.
If you'd told me I would've
faxed it from here.
I didn't get the idea.
Fax these two immediately to Paris.
- Okay madam.
Next time come to
office in shoes.
To check whether you are
wearing shoes or not,
why did he get under the table?
Couldn't he have asked you to
put your leg on the table?
He's not that clever.
There's something fishy
behind this.
What happened, madam?
Just checked to see whether
there's anyone under the table.
Good morning uncle.
- Good morning.
I called to tell you
an important matter.
Waiter, get me an onion dosa.
Don't put too many onions.
Cut the onion,
chop it into fine pieces,
add a green chilly
and roast it deep,
add little oil and more gravy.
The ad which we did....
It's mine my cell phone.
It's me, Balasubramanyam.
- Is it you?
You're not to be seen for
quite some days.
How are you? - Not fine.
Police took me and
whacked me black and blue.
If I die, my 2 wives are fighting
OVER my insurance money,
and have gone to the court.
They've fixed oxygen line to me.
Nurse is reading a novel.
Nothing wrong, if she reads a novel.
But she is eating an apple
for every page she reads.
Inspector will be coming for the 2nd
round of interrogation in an hour.
Tell me, what should I do?
With neck deep problems,
what are you going to
achieve by living?
Do you want me to remove
the oxygen line?
How can I say that?
Do as you like.
I was discussing about.
Waiter, get me my onion dosa.
- I will get it sir.
Won't you allow me to talk?
I wanted to tell you
a good news.
You never gave ME
the opportunity.
Revlon contract has been finalized.
They want us to meet
their Chairman in Paris.
If we discuss about the budget there,
we can kick start here.
- I can't go there immediately.
That's why, I'm sending her to Paris.
- What about me?
Anyway she needs an assistant.
If you don't mind.
- Assistant?
Won't you go with her?
Abhi, if we fight like school children.
It will look very bad.
Can't we be friends?
If you think I've done anything
wrong? I am sorry.
Are you the ones
who are from India?
What does it mean?
- Suryababu Lavangam.
This is called peck.
It's the way people greet
each other in Paris.
How is the new way of
greeting people? - Good.
If you had brushed your teeth,
it would've been much better.
This isn't India.
This is Paris.
Paris is 50 years
ahead of India.
You must be little careful.
This is known as escalator.
You wouldn't have see
this in India.
Stand on it and
it'll take you down.
Be careful.
I think you're used to all
these things. - Of course.
I'm here for the past 25 years.
You mean in airport?
Seems to be very proud
I meant in Paris.
Sorry. We didn't know that
we should get down like that.
We got down as usual.
Is it all right?
What is Mrs.Lavangam doing?
- She loves me.
Is it love marriage? - Yeah.
Is she also from India?
- No, she's from here.
When I came here from
India 25 years back.
We met accidentally.
You know Holiday lnn?
Hey, I haven't boarded the car yet.
Taxi drivers in Paris
are very fast.
Yes, give them the address.
They won't even wait for
us to get into the car.
Have you taken the room keys?
You've a meeting with Revlon
people at 10 am.
When the meeting is at 10,
you can't be at 11 like in India.
Here, time is precious.
To be there at 10, we must start
by 9 O'clock from here,
which means you must
come down by 8.50 am,
which means you must be in
the lift by 8.45 am.
For us to come on time,
YOU must leave US now.
Don't you know the manners to knock
the door before entering a room?
I thought it is my room.
Yes, you're Queen Elizabeth
to give you the entire hotel.
You are not to be blamed.
I should blame Lavangam for
giving us a connecting room.
You can blame him later.
First, wrap a towel.
it's disgusting to see you.
You generally talk too much.
But you were quiet
when the time came.
It's a Rs.25 crore contract.
If we lose the contract,
it would be a disgrace.
Just listen to me.- No need.
Oh God, we didn't come here to
have coffee & chat with Nancy.
What really happened is...
It's not enough
if you wear a suit,
do something which suits
your clothes.
At least sometimes.
Do you've any sense?
When such an important meeting is
going on...I couldn't even breathe.
Now do you understand why I
couldn't talk in the morning?
That's it...
Oh! She never listens,
just fell on me.
What did you say? Should we do
things that suits our clothes?
It isn't enough if you spray perfumes.
Try to behave decently.
Did the meeting go well?
- Yes, it did.
Where's he?
- A girl invited him for dinner.
Just because I went for a dinner,
I got stuck in Paris for 25 years.
How could you leave me like that?
If I goto dinner with her,
she'll eat my brain.
Let's go.
On the other side of the bridge,
there's Paris's biggest tourist attraction.
I & my wife met at this place,
25 years ago.
I want to see your wife once.
- No.
I just want to talk to her.
- I said no, didn't I?
You go, I won't come.
The real attraction is
on the other side.
No thanks, I am fine here.
- Here? What?
Those trees, this road, this traffic.
He says the real attraction
is on the other side.
If it is very beautiful.
I can't see that.
You were fine, till now.
What's wrong with you now
all of a sudden?- Nothing.
There is something.
Aren't you feeling well?
- I am fine.
Then, why aren't you coming with us?
- I am afraid of water.
I am afraid of water.
Even people in Paris
are afraid of water.
That's why, they built a bridge.
You don't know my past. If you did,
you wouldn't talk like this.
I am confused about my future.
Who wants your past?
What happened?
When I was kid,
I and my friend went on
an excursion to Gandipet.
We wanted to play,
robber and police game.
My best friend Sudhir got out.
He was robber and
I was the police.
A robber has to hide.
He didn't know where to hide.
So he hid himself in the river.
So you didn't find him.
Not only me, no one could find him.
He played well, didn't he?
From then onwards,
I am afraid of water.
My friend touched the heater to take
a bath, she got electrocuted & died.
Have I stopped taking bath?
- Your's is different from mine.
Boss, you're afraid to see water, right?
Then, don't see it.
Close your eyes and follow me.
I can't come. - Why not?
You're afraid of water,
and I am afraid of my wife.
Am I not sleeping with her
closing my eyes everyday?
Come with me. - No.
We're here...
We've crossed half the bridge.
Still half more.
- We've almost done.
Stand in front of the fountain.
I'll take a snap.
Like heroines leaving their
clothes wherever they like.
You're keeping the bag
wherever you like.
Why're you getting tensed?
This isn't India to lose bags
without your knowledge.
This is Paris. Leave the bag here
come back after one year.
You'll find the bag there.
You carry on.
The photo is here.
- The bag is gone.
Oh My bag!
Who will steal in Paris?
Come after one year,
you'll still find the bag.
You will find the bag
but not the money in it.
Why do you feel so bad?
You've our money, right?
Your money is also in that bag.
That's why, I am feeling so bad.
Someone said that it'll be great to
watch the other side of the bridge.
I must kill him. - Why?
Abhi, look at this dress.
Very nice?
Look at the price below
and not just the dress.
You'll get shocked.
If we hadn't lost the bag,
we could've bought it. - Yes.
We won't be able to buy it
even if we had the bag.
This isn't India to get
clothes at cheap rates.
This is Paris. Very costly.
Mr. Lavangam, if you say one
more word against India,
no part in your body
will function.
You like the dress? - Yes.
Let's go.
How can you buy the
dress without money?
You need money to buy things.
You don't need money to steal.
Are you going to publish
that in the newspaper.
Tie your lace. - Why?
After tying the lace,
we'Il ask them for a trial.
Then, I will count 1..2..3...
We'll run away.
Without knowing this technique,
I bought many shoes all these years.
Give me a hint,
I'll do great things.
Listening to your idea
itself is thrilling.
When you run, it'll be
more thrilling.
Abhi, what shall we do now?
The shoes are very good.
Very comfortable while running.
Where is he?
Oh My god, Police!
Why're they after me?
How could we come out like that?
- Why?
If we don't have money,
do you have to steal it?
The moment we lost our bag,
I've lost the respect on Paris.
Poor Mr. Lavangam.
I wonder what will be
his condition now?
He must be beaten
black and blue by now.
What are you looking at?
- Nothing.
This dress... - Isn't it good?
This dress will suit
you very well.
What happened?
- Don't you feel it?
What is it?
This is the first time you spoke
something positive about me.
We must definitely
have a party today.
Don't do too much.
You look good when you smile.
Shall we have coffee? - No.
Why? - I don't like coffee.
Only when you drink it, you'll know
whether you like it or not?
What is it? - Nothing.
Do you've to think so hard
to have a cup of coffee?
I am thinking about how to pay
the bill and not about coffee.
Mr.Lavangam... - Has he come?
I think you've decided that
I won't come for sure.
Nothing like that, sit down.
You look very tired.
The Paris is very long.
I didn't know this
since I go by car everyday.
Do you like to have coffee?
- Order anything.
I may die, if I don't
have anything now.
Are they still chasing you?
Yes, just now I came to know
I've such a huge fan following.
Excuse me...we'll be back soon.
Come back at anytime.
But ensure coffee comes fast.
I can remove the shoes,
relax and have coffee.
Oh my god!
Abhi, what shall we do now?
If you cheat him again,
he'll run away to India.
What's it? - Not this way?
Let's find out any other
alternate way. - No need.
Look into my eyes
and hold my hand.
Forget about water,
bridge and this place.
Just look into my eyes.
Let's go.
Never play on my heart, Oh my dear.
Don't cross my path, O spring!
You're a mischievous girl,
with musical smile.
How am I to float
from under the water?
Why this is happening to me?
Please tell me at least for once.
Welcome with flowers all the way
to the desires chasing you.
Falling as rain drops
and flooding me,
How am I to float
from under the water?
Without letting anything
into your heart,
how will the thirst of
your heart get satiated?
O love, don't tease me
with your overtures.
Your word of love expressed is
the sweetest music to my ears.
Your naughtiness is teasing
me in my dreams.
Your thoughts are part of my life and
giving me the thrill of life.
Into the darkness of my heart,
walk in like a new dawn.
Let the silence untouched
by sunrays get disturbed.
Don't charm & make me forget
myself, O love.
Why did you come here?
Our project was a grand success.
Just came to inform you.
You could've informed this on phone.
We're going to back to India tomorrow.
Just wanted to see you.
I would've come
if you had told me.
This is the problem
with Indians, darling.
They walk in uninvited.
We wanted to surprise you.
I don't like prizes
and surprises.
If you tell us early,
we'll make few arrangements.
We'll do it.
Not Dalda but Alda.
She's little fat,
please don't mind.
Photos are excellent.
Isn't tea good?
Tea is also good.
I've a doubt. - What?
Your wife is carrying you
in all the photos.
Didn't you ever lift her?
I tried but doctors
adviced not to try.
Why? Is she pregnant?
No, I'll become a patient
if I try to lift her.
We'll take leave sir. - Okay.
Come to Paris anytime. - Okay.
- But never come to my house.
Sir, I've to doubt.
- Don't hesitate, come out.
Your is love marriage, isn't it?
Did she love you first or you
fell in love with her first?
First she fell in love with me.
Later, I had to love her.
Let me try it.
You go.
I can't do it.
Do we've to leave so early?
I was tensed about spending
a week with you.
But time flew away
after coming here.
There's something in this place.
Not in the place, it's in you.
Shall we stay back?
What shall we do staying back?
Let's do anything.
Shall we sell popcorn?
What about perfumes?
Let's sell berries near
Eiffel Tower for change.
You like it?
We're leaving Paris without
seeing Eiffel tower.
People will laugh at us
if they hear it.
Let's not give them that chance.
There's a speciality about Paris.
- What is it?
In daytime, it is
like a perfume bottle.
At night it is Champagne bottle.
If I love someone, I'll express
it a place like this. - Why?
She can't refuse at this height.
What about you?
I don't have any chance.
- Why?
I am already engaged.
When are you giving sweets then?
You made a fuss that day
for distributing sweets.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
The topic never came up
between us.
Do you've to take pains to come here?
One phone call and
I would've come there.
Oh it's tradition to give you
the first invitation.
Where's your daughter?
- She has gone to office.
Don't she know me are coming?
She had an important meeting.
She couldn't avoid it.
Why're you at home?
Have you stopped studies?
I didn't go to school for you.
First ask your sister
to quit the job.
Moreover women in our homes
don't need to go to jobs.
She was having free time, $0...
Please don't mind for saying this.
Workers must stay in backyard,
cattle in cattle shed.
Men must be in farm and
women in house.
Moreover 500 acres of land,
a large bungalow,
two sons! If eldest
daughter-in-law goes out for work.
We'll lose our family honour.
Please don't mind me for saying this.
What's wrong in it? She'll quit.
- Job or marriage?
What's this?
Shall I read the invitation?
- Please.
Priest, nobody here can
understand Sanskrit.
Date, time and place.
That will be more than enough.
Next day of no moon day,
Friday at 11 AM.
In Narasimhaswamy Temple
at Antarvedi.
One minute.
Naming ceremony at Tirupathi,
and initiation into
studies at Annavaram,
and marriage at Antarvedi temple,
My wife made a vow
on my our son's birth.
So, let's do it like that only.
What do you say?
All right, as you say.
You don't worry, I'll send my
younger son in 2 days.
He'll accompany to the place.
You just come with the bride.
We'll make all other arrangements.
No need send your son,
we will come on our own.
Not only for you, we've to
invite few guests here.
That's why, I am sending him here.
He's little short tempered.
Please don't take his anger seriously.
What's this sir?
Your son is like my son.
What are you watching?
Put a dot and give
them the invitation.
Your daughter knows to drape
a sari, doesn't she?
I want casual leave.
Why do you want casual leave?
I want to take my wife
to her parents house,
I want 2 days leave.
- Why 2 days?
One day to go and
one day to return.
Can't you go and
come back in one day?
What's this madam?
The distance from here to there is
same as from there to here.
How many days will it take
to reach from 30th to 1st?
One day.
Then, what about from 1st to 30th?
- 29 days.
Don't say out dated proverbs.
I'll sanction one day only.
If you like leave her there or
else stay back with her there.
Tell Abhi to come to my cabin.
- He hasn't come to the office.
Why didn't he come? - That is...
Revlon people have arranged a
party for successful Paris trip.
If you give me the tour details...
They aren't yet ready sir.
Abhi hasn't come yet.
This is routine for him.
If he's not in good mood, he'll not
meet anyone for few days.
Don't know when he will change.
Who do you want madam?
- Sir is there?
He'll be in office.
- I am coming from office.
Then, I don't know.
What is this? He's here and you
are saying he's not there.
It's not him.
Why're you barging inside?
She's strong.
She pushed me and barged inside.
Why didn't you come
to office today?
I felt like eating upma today.
Do you've to take leave
from office to eat upma?
I had to learn and prepare it.
It took so long to cook.
Are you coming to office tomorrow?
- I am not coming.
I am planning to eat Pesarattu
tomorrow.- Day after tomorrow?
It is my office,
my will and wish.
I don't owe any explanation to you.
No need to tell me the reason.
Couldn't you make a call saying
you're not coming?
My phone is dead.
It's as difficult to hide truth
as easy it is to tell a lie.
I am not hiding anything.
You are hiding.
Whats there between
us to hide anything?
Are we friends, partners or...?
I don't know whether you don't like to
tell truth or have courage to tell it.
But I never lie.
If I had committed any mistake.
I'll not say,
let's forget the past.
But one thing,
You must attend office as
you were coming earlier,
and be nice to all. That's all.
I don't mind if you take
this as an order.
I am preparing this for groom's
brother. You don't touch.
Will he eat everything alone?
Don't call him informally,
it is wrong.
Call him brother-in-law.
He's from a village and
they'll expect us to respect them.
It won't be nice if we don't
respect them properly,
as soon as they arrive, ask them
what they want? Tea, coffee or milk?
Got it?
See who it is?
Catch this. - How much?
Around one kg.
Greetings sir. - Greetings. I'm Ramaraju's
second son from Narasapuram.
Oh really!
You take them.
- Greetings.- Greetings.
When my brother came to see the bride,
I was busy. So I couldn't come.
My brother looks after fisheries.
I look after petrol bunks.
That's why, people call me
'Bunk' Seen...
Will you have some water?
I came by A/c car.
I am not thirsty.
I am Bunk Seenu speaking.
Who is this?
It's me boss.
- What is the matter?
Half tank petrol has arrived.
Mix half tank of kerosene
in it & sell it.
It might create some problem.
How will they know it?
They aren't going to taste it.
Mixing petrol and kerosene
will emit lot of smoke.
Those who are coming
behind you will know that,
and not the one who
drives the vehicle.
How is your father?
Very busy in making arrangements
for the marriage.
You would like to have coffee?
- No, thanks.
He sent me to bring you.
Would you like to have tea?
Do you've any sense?
How many times to tell you 'no'?
You were pestering me
for quite some time.
I had coffee in Godavari,
Vijayawada and Suryapet.
Coffee isn't tonic
to gain strength.
Have you booked a bus
for your relatives?
We've to distribute wedding
cards for more than 100 people.
After distributing the cards,
we will go together. - Okay.
Keep the pumpkin inside.
I am tensed,
it might fall and break.
Has sister-in-law
gone to office? - Yes.
Sister, your brother-in-law
is little mad.
What are you talking?
Won't he come to the dinner?
I invited him...
Here he comes...
Greetings.- Greetings.
Come and sit.
Sister-in-law, I am Bunk Seenu,
your husbands brother.
Hi.- Hello.
I saw you in the photo.
Are you fine?
I said enough, didn't I?
But you're still serving me more.
I am not a kid.
Don't I know how much I should eat?
Brother conveyed his
special regards to you.
Dhal. - Please.
He started loving you from the
moment he saw your photo.
Tastes good.
Did she prepare it?
She doesn't even know
to prepare coffee.
It is all right.
My brother never drinks coffee.
Only tea.
If he is like this.
I wonder how his brother would be.
Your eyes, teeth, lips and lipstick.
Everything is fine.
Reduce the size of the dot.
You will look gorgeous.
You shouldn't carry such
heavy weights, Kalyani.
Look at yourself,
you've grown very thin.
Hand over such work
to someone else, okay?
I wrote a poetry on you last night.
I will read that tomorrow morning.
Tell me, how was life in office
without me all these days?
We were feeling very dull.- Oh really?
You use to shout at us
if you were here.
But still it was very sweet.
Naughty girl.
You don't appear, but you too!
It would've been nice if I had
taken you all to Paris.
What to do?
I had to go with an aunt.
Sol bought a perfume for you.
What about me?
- A chain for you.
And for me?
I am here for you.
isn't that enough?
Give her a soda.
- Did you enjoy the tour?
Enjoyment with aunty?
Used to pester me talking
about files and rules.
I got sick with fever
doing all the work.
Hasn't it cured yet?
What were you chatting
with the girls?
Chatting! Oh My god!
Why bring god in between?
What are you doing here?
Go and work.
Hey? Whats that?
- Perfume, he gave me.
She's shouting at our future M.D.
Very jealousy.
She doesn't like Abhi talking to us.
Poor Abhi, he must have felt bad.
Poor Abhi.
Oh No! I am starting to feel bad.
How did you get hurt?
Invitations have been
distributed to everyone.
Guests have started to come.
I felt scared and told about
our love to my father.
He got angry...
Don't cry Swapna, please.
My marriage is on Thursday
at 11 O'clock.
Do something Murthy, please.
What should I do?
Will you at least come
to see my dead body?
Oh God!
Some people are like this only.
They cry at birth and
cry all their life.
Poor guys.
Whats that? - Paris budget file.
Whats this? - Paris budget file.
What are you doing?
I'll study the file in detail,
and bring good name to our company.
Why're you over acting?
You were cracking jokes and
laughing with the girls...
You told me to be
jovial with others.
I meant jovial and not romance...
Did you buy her perfume from Paris?
I lied, I bought it
in a near by market.
Will you come like this
to the party also?
No, I'll wear some other dress.
Don't act stupid and
try to behave decently.
Beautiful girls...
Are like tender lightning.
Beautiful girls...
are like tender lightning.
A touch will dirty the
tender beautiful girls.
Silk churidhars
and Kacheepuram saris.
Rake up the passion in us.
God! This damsel fascinates me.
God! She's killing me
with her beauty.
It's you who walked
in my dreams,
and pierced into my heart.
Shall I take you in
a chariot in my dreams?
Shall I imprison you
in my embrace?
Shall I make you go mad
with my kisses?
Shall I cross the limits
and get inside you?
Kalyani, I like your dress.
My youth wants to be with you.
Shall I go for your smooth
and lovely cheeks?
Shall I shoot an arrow
of love at your beauty?
Beautiful girls are
many in this world.
But you are unique among them.
Aunty, my throat has gone dry.
Oh My god! My head is
breaking into pieces.
My stomach is burning.
I am dying.
Do you want to drink anything?
What he drank last night,
isn't that enough?
Oh My god!
I feel like someone is
walking inside me.
He's none other Johnnie Walker.
Uncle, my head is splitting
into pieces.
It's called hang over.
How do you feel now?
- Very bad.
Sir, you're feeling better now.
What happened, aunty?
Did you chop onions?
Sorry, I won't drink hereafter.
You're angry with me, aunt?
I am worried about your future.
About me? You all are there for me.
After us...
- Why're you talking like that?
Listen to me, get married.
Don't ask me about that.
Will you be like this always
thinking about your past?
Not only in the past,
that is what going to
happen forever also.
I know about them very well.
- No, you don't.
No, you don't know aunty.
Girls have time to fall in love,
but won't have the courage to marry.
When in love, they forget
about their parents.
While marrying, they forget
about their lover.
Aunty, boys take little
time to fall in love.
But will take a life time
to forget it.
But girls take much time
to fall in love.
But they'll forget love
in no time.
No, actually...
- Why talk about someone else?
Take Mahi for example.
- Don't talk about Mahi.
She said she would die
if I don't marry her.
But when I was in
a critical condition.
She married someone else.
isn't that wrong?
No, forget it.
I couldn't forget her
the way she forgot me.
My blood starts to boil
if I think about her.
No my son, you shouldn't
talk like that.
There's nothing wrong
in talking about her.
There was a time when I was ready
to sacrifice my life for her.
Now, I feel like taking
her life if I see her.
No Abhi.
Shouldn't talk bad about the dead.
It's a great sin.
What did you say?
Tell me the truth, aunty.
Mahi died in that accident.
The marriage...invitation card...
Everything was a lie.
And uncle...
Why didn't you tell me
about Mahi's death?
Did you think I am not even
worth to shed tears for her?
You are angry..
You're angry on me because
I was responsible for everything.
I killed her.
I killed Mahi.
I killed her.
I didn't tell you because I know
that you'll feel guilty.
If you know about her death.
I was afraid that
you might also die.
When your grandfather inquired me,
I didn't have the guts
to tell the truth.
I lied to him also.
It's me who is to be
blamed and not you.
Even after knowing that
you aren't money minded.
I wanted Mahi to get
married to someone else.
I wanted to take her
away from you.
But she went so far even
I couldn't reach her.
The money your uncle sends
on first of every month.
Reminds me about how wrong was
my opinion about your family.
When he phones to inquire
about my health.
Your good culture makes me
feel ashamed of myself.
It's me who is to be
blamed and not you.
You could be the reason
for her to fall in love.
You could be the reason
for her to tum against me.
But you aren't responsible
for her death.
Definitely not.
Please sign on these.
What's this?
- Swapna's leave letter.
She gave it day before yesterday.
You were busy, $0...
Leave for what?
- Today is her marriage.
My marriage is on Thursday
at 11 O'clock.
Where is Murthy?
Where is the marriage taking place?
Where is the bride?
- Inside the room.
Swapna, open the door.
Swapna, what are you doing?
Have you gone mad?
Leave the knife.
Murthy, take care of her.
- What have you done?
Who are you?
They both are working
in my company.
So what?
She isn't interested
in this marriage.
I don't like her marrying him.
It's all right if you don't
like your son-in-law.
He'll come once in a blue moon.
But a husband will
be with her always.
If she doesn't like him,
life will become a hell.
Who're you to tell me
who my daughter should marry?
Boys, throw him out. It's getting
late for the auspicious hour.
Sir, please listen to me.
Get out.- Can't you see?
I am talking to him.
Get lost. Can't you see?
I am talking to him.
Why don't you listen to me,
she isn't interested in this marriage.
Who knows about my daughter?
Me or you?
What bloody you know?
Your daughter is dying inside.
But you were greeting guests outside.
What the hell do you know?
You can regain your lost honour
but not your daughter.
Definitely not.
What's wrong with him?
He earns Rs.5000 a month.
He loves your daughter.
Look at his tears.
Did you ever inquire your
daughter about how she is?
You always say that it's getting
late for the auspicious hour.
Your daughter is about to die.
Dying or getting separated or crying
for love is a story of past.
If you fall in love, convince your
parents or else stand by your love.
Whatever it is,
you must live together.
Now, this is right.
Murthy, take Swapna and
sit in the canopy.
Those who want to bless them,
come out.
If you want to stop them,
be here itself.
Because I will wait outside.
Now if anyone creates trouble,
I won't care who you are.
Hey, is everything okay?
Tank is full with diesel.
The tyres are filled with air.
The bus is in good condition.
But there is no driver
on the steering wheel, idiot.
First, find him.
The marriage is at
11 O'clock tomorrow.
If the bus doesn't reach Antarvedi
by 6, you'll die at 6.05
The marriage is in Antarvedi,
but have put the canopy in Hyderabad.
Bloody whimsical!
We can fry on a pan but can't eat
on a hot plate, can we?
Nice proverb.
Brother-in-law, phone for you.
Let's go.
Father, I am Bunk speaking.
We're about to start now.
Send the car to the station.
Heavy traffic over here.
I will call you later.
Shall we go?
No, let's stay here
for some more time.
We'll play cards once
the train leaves. Start!
It is getting late to the train.
- I am coming, daddy.
Get ready quickly.
Come fast. - Coming.
I have to invite a friend.
You could've posted it.
If it is so important we will
give it in person. Please sit.
Still eating, get into the bus.
We must feel sorrow for hiding the
truth & not for revealing it.
Some day or the other he must
know that Mahi is dead.
He knew that today.
What can you do for that?
Why these things are
happening to him alone?
His parents are dead, his grand father
who brought him up is dead,
his sweet heart is also dead.
What is his sin?
God deceives.
We feel happy for our eyes but he'll
make us remember it'll also shed tears.
My wedding invitation card.
The marriage is at
11 O'clock tomorrow.
This could be our
last meeting, Abhi.
They don't like me working.
What about you?
During separation even enemies
shed tears of separation.
But you?
How could you say that
you're leaving so simply?
Don't you feel anything.
What can I do, Abhi?
It would've been nice if you had
said this on the Eiffel tower.
I know that you're angry with me.
But not so angry.
I would've troubled you a lot.
Forgive me.
Please forgive me.
Sister-in-law, we're getting late.
Bye sir.
Please sit, I'll be back soon.
Greetings sir.
We've given the invitations card.
But tell your boss not to
come to the marriage.
Don't underestimate me,
just because I am a villager.
Just by looking at the smoke
emitted by the vehicle.
I can tell from which petrol
bunk the vehicle was filled.
I don't like his behaviour.
He's trying to act smart
just because they worked together.
Don't be surprised.
If someone looks at Seetha. It's natural
for Lakshmana to get angry.
Similarly, I'm also angry. Bye.
Tell him not to come.
Tell me, is he telling the truth?
You and her...
What are you still thinking about?
Once, you committed
a mistake in haste.
Now you're committing a mistake
reacting too late.
Tell me you love her.
I will stop that marriage.
Uncle, Harika must say
that and not me.
Ask her to say that...
Abhi, I don't know whether
I'm angry on you or love you.
But I tried to tell you many
times how much I love you.
You didn't come to office
for one day,
and I came to your house
looking for you.
When you were talking to
girls and having fun.
I got angry.
Didn't know how to
express my love, then?
But now I am telling you.
I love you.
I can't live without you.
Tell me not to marry.
I will leave everything
behind and come to you.
Tell me what's in your heart.
Harika! I can't hear you.
O sweet heart! Don't leave me.
O friend! Don't leave me alone.
Whether it's day or night.
I will be there like a tsunami.
Shall I reach you making
the separation as my path?
Like a wave, breaking
all the barriers.
I won't rest until
I touch you.
O love! You've moved
an immovable statue.
Don't disappear saying our
union is a day dream.
O love! You've saved a spark
of life in a died fire.
Don't become a unhealed
wound of my heart.
Silence, reverence, love
or affection.
Don't lose heart!
Don't give me up.
My eyes have become restless,
searching for you all over the place.
Time, stand still!
Don't chase away my love.
Waging war with love?
Getting tough with love?
O heart! Don't stop!
Don't stop even for a moment.
Trust me, love!
Why're you so suspicious?
A trick that separated us,
is it sin to come together?
O attacking distance!
Show me the way!
Let distance between us vanish
and ensure lovers union.
Father, I am Bunk speaking.
The bride has jumped into the river.
Still why do we delay it?
What? - Why should we kiss in an
inauspicious hour?
Do you believe in such things?
- Yes.
I know. Our thoughts and
beliefs are one.
The cot is also one.
Actually, when you told the concept
of lipstick Ad. I was shocked.
You said what I thought.
I understood then itself.
We think alike.
I must tell you a truth.
- What is it?
Actually, everyone will be curious know
what others think about them.
That is a natural instinct.
He used to hate women.
But you trapped him very well.
I didn't do anything,
he too didn't.
But she fell in love with him
and married him.
My boy will not go after girls.
Girls will be after him.
I will...
You cheat.
- I will never do this again.