Manmadhudu 2 (2019) Movie Script

It's too difficult, boss!
Our target is nearby...
and he seems very angry.
You have to come here, boss.
He won't let us go.
What do we do, sir?
-There is only one way out. -What?
-I'll count to three. -Okay.
-You must run that way. -No.
I'll stay with you. He's dangerous, boss.
Once you start running, I'll run the other way.
Then he will chase me.
Then what about you, boss?
You are young. You have a bright future.
You haven't even used your gun yet.
But I don't have one...
You are right, boss.
I can't let you do this. I'll sacrifice my life for you.
Kishore, this is not the time to be sentimental.
One, two, three.
Run the other way. Over.
You still didn't get it, right?
God, have mercy! Oh, no!
He doesn't give a damn about my safety.
I've been his PA for two years and I still fall for his tricks!
I'm sure you're wondering why he put my life at risk just for a flower.
"Fragrance" is his job.
This is where he lives.
He has a perfume lab inside his house.
My boss is the most famous perfumer in Europe.
He has made some of the best-selling perfumes.
I need a banana.
I ate the last one.
There's one in the kitchen.
Impossible. There are no bananas in the house.
His talent is my misfortune.
He has an amazing sense of smell!
It's in the dustbin.
It's a rotten banana, sir.
-Oh! -What is it, boss?
-I forgot something. -What?
Give me that mask.
You should have warned me.
His special talent sometimes leads to special problems.
He catches every bad smell in the area.
What happened, sir?
Someone is cooking fish.
But there's no house nearby.
The smell might be from another district.
-I can't stand it. -Bloody powerful nose!
I'll bring the mask.
Moreover, my boss also has OCD.
Nothing in his house should be moved.
Everything should stay in its place.
He's obsessed with cleanliness.
He fears the plates might not be washed properly.
So, everything he uses is disposable.
Everything is "use-and-throw" for my boss. Except me.
He's weird but he has a heart of gold.
To continue with his story,
I first need to tell you a little about his grandfather.
In 1928, the British had ordered some Indian laborers
to construct a useless bridge in Coventry.
My boss' grandfather was one of them.
The ship's captain James passed away during the voyage.
But, he kind of deserved it.
Anyway, after that all the Indians pushed the remaining Britishers off the ship.
The ship was then taken to Portugal instead of England.
The same ship was then handed over to the local government as bribe.
They bought freedom 20 years earlier than the others.
The Indians were gifted a land called Cassandra.
They settled over there and started living lavishly.
With no smartphones and a pleasant climate...
they started mass-producing.
They also asked all their relatives in India to move to Cassandra.
Thus the population of 752 increased to 36,000.
Though the land was named "Cassandra,"
we call it "Cass-Andhra."
Back then, they spoke old-world Telugu.
For example, they called "breakfast" as "morning meal."
Wished "Good afternoon" as "Good mid-morning."
Said "Thanks" with the word...
Basically, they used a very confusing language.
I came here from India two years ago to work as my boss' PA.
But I still don't understand some of their words.
My boss' story would have been completely different,
if his grandfather was not on that ship.
But... that's how it happened.
I have decided, sir.
I will marry a Portuguese girl.
The Indian girls in this country are very foolish.
I've been here for two years
and I have blended so well with the locals.
Blending is a fine art, sir.
-Hi, James. -Not everyone gets it.
-She looks like an Indian girl, right? -Yes, sir.
I've never seen her before.
I've also never seen you eyeing one before.
Nice perfume.
I made that perfume.
I can tell exactly the kind of girl you are.
You are clever as well as creative.
But people around you have no idea about your talents.
However, you don't care about what they think.
You don't need their approval.
Every Saturday he takes me out for drinks
and then tells me to get lost.
What does he think I am, an idiot?
One second.
He doesn't even let me sleep.
-Yes, sir? -Actually...
the match is about to start and I need a helmet.
How sweet of you to remind me about the match, sir.
I'll watch the highlights.
Hey... I need condoms.
This is ridiculous!
Am I his assistant or...
I can't even think of a joke right now!
Oh, God!
Oh, my God! It's back!
This way seems better.
Enough of the foreplay.
You can switch to power play.
Please take this, sir.
You shouldn't do it without the helmet.
-Sorry-- -She had one with her.
Now do not disturb us.
"Do not disturb us"?
Does he have no shame?
You woke me up in the middle of the night--
I wanted to ask you about this tattoo.
It's a girl I thought I loved.
She was my last.
Shall we meet again?
I get it. Let's not.
Take her home. It's late.
Really, sir?
Go to sleep once you're back.
Fine. I'll be in bed for two days!
Well, here's a brief history about my boss' tattoo.
She was the biggest turning point in my boss's life and his first crush.
-Bro, I like her a lot. -Really?
What do you do, Bhuma?
It's not "Bhuma."
What do you do?
I am studying medicine.
It's my dream to be a neurosurgeon.
A surgeon?
Then you won't have the time to take care of my brother.
I... didn't get you.
Do you know how to cook?
Uma, I hope you know how to do the laundry.
It's not "Uma."
I can neither cook nor do the laundry.
And I haven't thought about marriage yet.
-You are just using Sam, aren't you? -You are just using Sam, aren't you?
Please don't go, Suma. Please!
It's not "Uma" or "Upma."
Don't they get it?
It's not that, Bhuma.
Shit! I am sorry!
Why didn't you say anything?
Why didn't you defend me?
You know what? Go back to them!
Because we are done!
-I am breaking up with you! -No! Please, don't!
Suma left him and he was left with her scarf.
You guys are monsters!
She was the one for me!
-How could you? -Shut up.
You can't marry a girl that doesn't know how to cook.
Shut up, Sangeetha.
I wasn't looking for a cook.
I was looking for my life partner.
You think women are only supposed to cook and clean?
Women are women's worst enemies. Not men!
Yeah, right!
You think we have another option?
-Have you ever cooked? -Have you ever cleaned?
Have you ever done the laundry?
So the woman you marry has to do it all, right?
Otherwise your house will become a dump.
Do not preach about social ethics!
I'll hire someone for that.
It's not that easy in Portugal.
Here, no one works for free.
I'll learn to do it myself.
Enough is enough! I'm moving out!
You don't have to live among these monsters.
If you want, you can come with me.
-Hey! Finish your lunch! -Continue.
Well, this is my boss' family.
She's the first elder one.
She nags about everything.
She's the second elder sister.
She's the kind one.
But they are equally brutal.
She's the youngest. My boss loves her the most.
You see that stylish man next to my boss's grandfather?
That's his father.
He died when my boss was only 12.
Since then, his mother became the head of the family.
She switches her roles as per the situation.
She is both the good and the bad cop.
My boss moved out...
But not on that exact day.
Because it was raining.
My boss went into depression.
Look what he's doing in the chemistry lab.
That day he discovered his talent and became a perfumer.
I welcome you to Rajiv and Stella's wedding.
This song is dedicated to the couple's friends.
A glass of wine please.
Hey, Sam.
This was the next turning point in his life.
I am Isabella.
Hold on.
Let me translate that for you.
"Hello, Sam. My name is Isabella.
I am Sireesha's best friend.
She told me that you are a really sweet person.
I think we should go for a coffee sometime."
"This is the coffee I was talking about.
Don't overthink about it, Sam."
You are so beautiful!
At that moment... my boss came to the conclusion
that relationships are bullshit.
One should never fall in love.
And from that day... every night has been a party for him.
Hello, Sofia.
How do you entrap them, sir?
"Entrap"? That's a terrible thing to say.
Look who's talking!
Well, I saw how you grabbed her attention, sir.
But how did you break down her character?
I guess you weren't listening.
I said that she's clever and creative,
but people around her have no idea about it.
And that she doesn't care about what they think.
Everybody falls for that kind of crap.
If you have so much clarity,
why don't you just settle down with someone?
I am having the time of my life.
Why would I ruin it?
Check her out. She's so damn hot.
-Go ask her name. -Do it, man!
You should.
-Who the hell are you? -Get out of here!
Why the fuck are you even here?
Listen to me!
Walk away!
Give me the bill.
Those boys are checking you out.
-Come on! -Man up, buddy!
-Do it! -Don't be a pussy!
I like your hairstyle. It's sexy.
That's it? Give her more!
-A twenty? -Yes.
She likes you. She was totally flirting with you!
There she is!
Go to her, buddy!
Go ask for her number.
You are very beautiful!
Can you give me your phone number, please?
I don't date boys.
But you said you like my hair.
Get lost.
Alright. I am sorry.
I told you she's mine.
-What did the doctor say, Mom? -Nothing new.
"You have high blood pressure. You should avoid sugar..."
You never say anything straight.
These doctors should stop giving me medication.
I know my time is up.
I've seen everything in life.
I want nothing more.
You sure about that?
He's a foolish man!
He doesn't know how to cherish things in life.
I know he doesn't value me...
or my love for him.
He will, Mom.
Eventually, he will.
That's what I'm afraid of.
What if I die before that?
It will be very difficult for him.
The day he finds someone who loves him like I do...
I'll die a happy woman.
I must talk to him!
It's Sunday! Mom's waiting!
Give me a minute, sir.
-Hurry up! We are late. -Coming, sir.
Why do we eat gourd every Sunday?
I mean, let's try something new.
I can make curry and mashed potatoes.
I used to cook in India, before I got married.
You don't need to.
Sadha Shiva Rao loves gourd.
It's a tradition to have gourd for lunch on Sunday.
He's not here anymore, is he?
So what?
Till the time Sadha Shiva Rao is dead...
we shall continue with this tradition.
Please take these for me. Thank you.
Are you done cooking the gourd?
Until he remains dead?
Uncle's here!
Kids, get inside.
Put her down.
Ma'am, sir brought some ice cream.
What's this? Why do you bring him here every Sunday?
Don't you know that it's a family thing?
That's what I told him, ma'am.
I'm sorry. I'll take your leave.
No! Kishore, stay!
Yes, I bring him here every Sunday. What's the problem?
Your husband is also here, right?
What do you mean? Are you both...
You are not married yet, he lives with you.
And you bring him here every Sunday.
What's going on?
-What do you think? -Sir, please tell her the truth!
Actually, ma'am...
We aren't so fluent in English.
We didn't opt for it in school.
What were you talking about, Kishore?
Nothing, sir.
-Do you want "Lavanam"? -Why are you using bad words, sir?
What's bad about it?
Sir, this is salt...
I'll never understand this bloody language.
Take this "Lavanam," sir.
Sangeetha, pass the salad.
I want to discuss something important.
Look, Sam.
As a mother, I have some duties that I need to fulfill.
And as my son, it's your duty to accept my decisions.
How long are you going to stay single?
You have to get married in the next three months.
At this age?
Watering a withered plant is pointless, isn't it?
What a waste!
You can't force me, Mom.
In fact, no parent should force their children to do something.
Did you ask us before you gave birth?
We didn't have a choice.
Raising me was your only duty as a mother.
You don't need to do anything more.
From the moment we were born, it was about school, college, job, marriage and kids.
And then to those kids, it will be about
school, college, job, marriage, and kids again.
That's why I don't want to get married.
My life is my only responsibility.
Oh! What the hell are you even talking about?
A long time ago...
you moved out saying that you'll learn and take care of yourself.
But then...
we used to be a your place to clean up thrice a week.
You can't even switch on the washing machine, can you?
You've been dependent on us since the day you were born.
It's high time you get married.
That's fine. I'll do my own laundry.
I don't need to get married for that.
You've been saying this for the past 20 years.
You ask us not to help you and then struggle doing your chores.
But we give in because we can't see you struggling.
-That's how it has always been. -But not anymore.
You have to get married. That's it!
-You too? -Of course!
I want to see you get married and play with your kids.
Calm down.
Let's do this our way.
This is pure lunacy!
-Is that Portuguese, sir? -Telugu.
From which era?
Samba Shiva Rao will get married in three months.
Raise your hand, if you don't want it to happen.
All in favor, raise your hands.
That's it!
Sam will get married in the next three months!
All of you, go to hell!
Was that Telugu?
I didn't want to waste the food.
-Mom, he left. -What do we do?
Don't worry.
I know how to deal with him.
I'll talk to him.
Excuse me.
I am here to see Mrs. Janani.
-She's in. -Thank you.
All good?
When will you take me home, Aunt?
Hi, Janani.
I'm here to inquire about my file.
Did I get the approval?
Your file hasn't been checked yet.
I hope you don't mind me saying this
but you might not get the approval.
You live alone. You have a smoking habit.
You don't have a steady job.
No substantial bank balance either.
I'm trying to get my poems published. Remember?
Once they do, I'll have loads of money.
What if they don't get published?
He's my sister's son.
That makes me his guardian.
Nobody else can take him.
This is not India.
Here, the child becomes the government's responsibility.
Only the approved people can adopt.
Doesn't matter if you are a blood relative.
I can't help you.
You've been kind to me.
Only you can help me now.
You want bank balance, right?
You'll see it soon.
This is you, right?
We chatted on Facebook last night.
I don't use Facebok.
I'm not the one you chatted with.
-It was someone from my family. -No, it was you!
You said you have to get married in the next three months.
I even sent you a blushing emoji, remember?
I don't want to get married.
But how about we go for a honeymoon?
-Are you serious? -I am!
Thank you!
Such a rascal!
We sent him a cute girl and look what he did!
-I'll... -No!
-I'll kill him. -Let's go.
My boss' sisters didn't stop there.
They looked for every single Telugu girl in Cassandra,
and sent her to him.
19, 20, 21!
We sent him 21 girls and he rejected all of them!
He also made fun of them!
We can't do this anymore.
We're tired of dealing with your nonsense!
Hey, I am talking to you!
I am talking to you, you fool!
Oh, God!
Mom, talk to him!
Why are you doing this?
Kishore, I'll kill you.
-What did I do, sir? -Nothing. Take it easy.
They're gone.
-They miscalculated. -Yes, sir.
The total's 25.
They think it's a matchmaking contest!
As if you're so handsome that women are dying to be with you.
You are handsome, sir. From their perspective...
I'm being respective their perspective.
Shut up!
Sir, she's here.
Your mom!
Mom, what are you doing?
Give that to me.
What am I supposed to do?
First, have a seat.
You too.
-Sit. -Okay.
You too.
You said that raising you was my only duty.
But... you are my son. I worry about you all the time.
How long will your sisters look out for you?
Mom, trust me. I can take care of myself.
No, you can't.
I can never quit my job as a mother.
everything should happen at the right age.
What's that word...
You're still a virgin, right?
I thought so.
Mom, happiness is more important than pleasure.
Are you a virgin, sir?
How can you lie so confidently, without any hesitation?
Oh, my God!
What happened, Kishore?
-An ant bit me. -Where?
Don't worry about me, ma'am.
You should take a look.
-Should I? -No, I'll be fine.
How sad!
Poor kid. I hope he's okay.
Look, Sam.
This is not just about marriage.
It's about companionship.
I feel happy when I am with you guys.
But once I go to my room and close the door...
my eyes fill with tears.
I miss your father so much.
You have no idea what loneliness feels like.
It might feel good to live alone.
But slowly, it will turn into loneliness.
Try to understand.
What will you do when I am gone?
You won't be able to bear it.
If you don't get married before I die...
I will die knowing that I left you alone.
Mom, please don't do this.
-What happened, boss? -It's Mom.
She's really worried.
She says I need a companion.
But it's me who has to get married, right?
And I don't want to.
Not everyone who aspires to be a doctor can study medicine, right?
I want Mom to be happy.
But I don't want to get married.
They need to understand this and stop pressurizing me.
I need a plan.
Some people come into our lives unexpectedly.
And before we realize their purpose, they change it forever.
Please don't jump.
Don't come near me.
Or else, I'll jump.
I wanted to see you one last time.
That's why I called you here.
Please listen to me.
-Stop. -Why, boss?
-Stop! -Why here, boss?
-Dad! -No, please!
I don't have another option, Dad.
Hey, menina.
Don't jump, menina.
Let go of me.
Hold her...
Have you lost your mind?
I know you wanted me to follow in your footsteps
and become a successful architect.
And that's why I joined an architecture institute.
But soon, I realized...
that I just can't do it!
I'm sorry, Dad.
I thought I'd rather die than disappoint you.
Nothing is worth losing you, my love.
You are my life!
Look... it's your mom.
What were you doing, miss?
One should not give up so easily.
Who the hell are you?
And stop overreacting.
I'm doing this so I can join an acting institute.
Don't mess up my plans. Get lost!
Let's go.
Thank you, sir.
This girl doesn't need an acting course.
-She'll be a great actress. -She already is.
Sir, take care of her.
Or else, she'll jump again.
Come on, boss.
That girl has given me a great idea. I need coffee right now.
-We need to plan this. -Okay, sir.
But not in Cassandra.
I don't want to meet those girls sent by my sisters!
Take me far away from here.
Far away?
I know just the place for you!
I'll take you there. But you must help me in return.
We need to hire a girl.
She'll have to pretend to be my girlfriend
and impress my family.
I know a waitress there, boss. She's really beautiful!
Then my family will fix a wedding date.
I go there thrice a month, just to get a glimpse of her.
In your language, I go there to flirt with her.
A few days before the wedding...
No! On the day of the wedding...
I'll wait for her at the alter.
She will send me a letter saying that she's leaving me.
I get it. But, sir...
Then I'll pretend to be in depression.
My family will never force me to marry again!
I love your style, sir.
If you guide me and give me a boost...
I'll propose her today.
Even God would've never thought of something like this.
Your enthusiasm is giving me a lot of courage!
-Yes! -The lion inside me has woken up!
-Careful! -Yeah.
Here you go.
Good morning.
He's already working on my plan.
One espresso in a disposable cup, please.
We don't have coffee. Perhaps, a beer?
Why did you bring me here? I said I want coffee.
I've seen him here before.
You know you won't get coffee here, right?
You're Telugu?
You're Telugu!
What's your problem?
Have you never seen a Telugu girl before?
What's your name?
So sweet!
If you don't mind, may I propose something?
A proposal? Go on, sir.
-Do it. -I'll give you a huge compensation.
You'll have to be my girlfriend for two weeks.
Please don't misunderstand me.
I'm not that kind of a man. Tell her, Kishore.
Can we please talk somewhere else?
I'll have to pretend to be your girlfriend,
impress your family...
and abscond on the day of the wedding.
Isn't that wrong?
There's no other way out.
I don't allow other people into my house.
How can I allow someone into my life?
If one's hungry, one doesn't need to cook.
It's none of your business.
Just tell me, will you do it?
I'll pay you good.
If I wanted a hooker, I wouldn't be talking to you.
If I agree...
You tell me.
Means... 14 days.
Let's assume I spend two hours with you every day.
Give me that money, sir.
I'll turn myself into a woman.
I'll do everything for you.
I'll give you 15,000 euros.
Tell me if you are okay with it.
Otherwise, Kishore can drop you home.
If that's not okay, I'll leave on my own.
I don't need him to drop me off.
Let me drop you off.
I'll do it.
-Where's the tamarind? -Need any help?
I have good news.
I've been in love with a girl for two years.
Why didn't you tell us?
I'm sure she knew. Why didn't you tell us?
Bro, you should have told me!
Why would I do that?
You voted against me!
I never told you because you'd have forced me to marry her.
And we both needed some time.
But... I am telling you now.
Which means...
You said it's been two years.
-I hope it's a girl and not Kishore. -God!
Shut up, Swarna. She's Telugu, right?
-How does she look? -Where did you meet her?
-When are we meeting her? -Tell me, brother.
Hey, don't throw sugar in the curry!
Stop it!
My silly kids!
Avantika, come here.
Come here!
Come on!
Here's the contract.
God! You really made a contract for this?
You said you're name is Sam.
"Sam" is short for "Samba Shiva Rao"?
When I was born, Samba Shiva Rao was a fashionable name.
Now read the contract.
Sir Samba Shiva Rao...
You won't pay me if your family rejects me in the first meeting?
You should be grateful that I agreed to meet them.
You planned the whole thing.
I will not be held responsible for anything!
Before I meet your family, I need a 40% non-refundable advance.
I don't care if it works out or not.
You need to pay the entire balance. Okay?
First, I'll pay you the advance.
If you get rejected... I won't pay the remaining 60%.
There are no negotiations here.
-What? -No bargaining discussions.
It's Telugu. It's a little difficult to understand.
You're from the 1928 batch, right?
The way you guys speak Telugu sounds very sweet.
I don't know how Telugu is spoken anymore.
You'll have to dress traditionally.
My family is a little... What's the word?
Why? Do you wear a dhoti for lunch?
If I dress traditionally, they will think I'm faking it.
So, leave the dressing up to me.
I'll take care of it.
Okay. As you wish!
Wait a minute!
What are you looking at?
If this deal doesn't work out...
I'll think about it.
You should have waited outside. Why did you come in?
You look good!
I always look good.
Coloring your hair was a good move.
Because you have to pay the bill.
-Why should I? -Should I color it back to red?
Fine, I'll pay.
Do you like my dress?
What's the word?
You have to pay for this as well.
Sir, the deal is off, right?
It's on?
You need to know a few things about me.
Otherwise we'll get busted.
I like Ilaiyaraaja's music a lot.
And I like Dravid more than Sachin.
You like Dravid more than Sachin?
I like The Beatles too.
Of course!
It was the most happening band in your time, right?
You're a perfumer, right? What's your favorite fragrance?
If I have to choose...
The fusion of sandalwood and a flower you only find in the Amazon.
If someone asks you that question,
you should say that you love my fragrance the most.
Got it?
You're intelligent!
Thank you.
Now let me tell you about myself.
-You don't need to. -Why?
My family has no idea about you.
If they ask me anything about you, I'll give them random answers.
All you have to do is nod in agreement.
Okay, My Lord.
-I hope she likes spicy food. -Don't worry, Mom.
-Mom? -Yeah, I know--
She's here!
Come in, my dear.
-Welcome. -Avantika. This is--
No, let me.
You are Sangeetha, right?
You take care of the family business finances.
And you are her husband, right?
You are...
Swarna Latha, right?
And you are her husband. Correct?
And you must be Sam's darling sister, Swetha.
And you must be her husband.
-She's so intelligent. -Come in, dear.
-Come on. -Let's go.
How did you know all this?
Mr. Samba Shiva Rao...
my generation has this thing called Facebook,
where I can search and get to know people.
Come here, Avantika.
My mother...
You look so young. I thought you were a family friend.
Sometimes people think that I am his elder sister.
Really? In fact, Sam looks like your elder brother.
Oh, God!
She's come home for the first time. She should've worn a sari.
But I like it this way.
She's being herself.
It's good I didn't dress traditionally.
What do you do, dear?
Well, I work as a waitress to make ends meet.
I'm trying to get my book published.
She writes poems!
Despite the age gap, they make a really nice couple, right?
He's finally brought a nice girl home!
Do your parents know that you both are together?
I am asking because...
Well... my son is a lot older than you. That's why.
My parents live in India.
It's been almost nine years since I last spoke to them.
So, they have no problem, right?
That's not the case.
For them, I am the problem.
That's why, when I look at your family...
May I tell you something?
I used to have a small confusion about Sam.
But if I get to eat this food all the time... I'm convinced.
You can visit us anytime.
I'll be more than happy to cook for you.
But I doubt if he's right for you.
I think we should discuss about it.
I was apprehensive about being here.
But all of you are so sweet!
They might get us married right away.
By the way, it's been two hours and ten minutes.
So I'll charge you for the third hour.
So, do you like her?
We love her!
She's going to India in two weeks.
And won't be back for six months.
Which means...
You are getting married in two weeks!
Why are you dressed like that?
What's your problem?
It's better than your "chessboard" shirt.
I have no problem. You look nice, but...
My mom wants to meet you.
I don't know why.
Give me your credit card.
-Mom, what's going on? -Come in.
-Hi. -Hi.
-The tailor is here. -Hello.
What for?
You need to wear something traditional for the wedding.
No way!
Do you plan on wearing a tux?
-Go ahead. -Stand straight.
Hey! The sleeves need to be shorter!
He's a tailor. He knows what he's doing.
Shut up. A little higher.
Such a bad smell!
What's that smell?
It's not me, sir.
Is it in our house?
No, it's somewhere else.
Are you Kishore?
Yes, sir. And you're Sam's uncle?
You look strange.
Yeah, yeah... You're just a butler in pants.
And I'm not...
What's that smell?
It's nice, right?
Homemade rose perfume.
It is so bloody strong... You can smell it from a kilometer.
Don't use it. My boss has a sensitive nose.
Take a whiff.
-I can't bear the smell. -It's nothing. Please sit.
Don't panic. Calm down.
-It's horrible. -We can't smell anything.
What's happening to you?
What's this?
It's much needed right now.
Damn! Such cheap quality!
Nothing can beat homemade stuff.
How's the business? Is Samba doing well?
What do you do?
What! Samba didn't tell you?
I am a world-famous perfumer in my village!
He's got a powerful nose from his mother's ancestors.
Mom, I can't breathe!
Don't worry, the doctor will be here.
My boss is an original.
As they say, a shouting donkey came to...
I mean, disturb an eating donkey.
You fancy folks are the reason we're out of business.
And what's so special about these perfume bottles, anyway?
It's just false marketing!
That shit doesn't last for more than an hour.
This here, is the real stuff!
A little lasts for hours!
Anyway, your boss should be retiring at this age.
Why is he getting married?
Old is gold, sir.
It's your age to be a coach, not play in the field.
It's okay, son. Calm down.
Who's this girl?
She's Avantika.
Sam's fiance.
You're so pretty.
Why are you marrying him?
Which caste do you belong to?
Do you belong to the 18th century?
You will be fine.
She seems young.
Do you really like him?
Sir, tell me what you want to say.
-You want his perfume? -What?
Calm down!
That's great!
I am glad you haven't forgotten your roots!
That perfume stole your heart? Oh, God!
Alright, sir. I am sorry.
Sir, please be clear.
Kishore, your' not helping him.
Don't panic, Sam.
The doctor will be here soon, sir.
Come with me.
-Careful, Avantika. -He'll be okay. Don't worry.
Let's go.
Something's amiss!
As they say, "When a fish is dying, the eagle comes to..."
Finish it! "An eagle comes to?"
Go figure!
-Sis! -Yes?
Is she even in her thirties?
Why is she marrying him?
Perhaps, for money.
She's not that kind of a girl.
Why aren't you ready? We've got loads to do.
-Swarna, where are the kids? -You look excited!
Your family is getting emotionally attached to me.
That's exactly what I want.
-Do we need all this? -Put it back.
Why are we spending so much?
It's just a wedding!
"Just a wedding"?
It's your wedding!
Avantika, you need to return all the clothes I bought you.
Even the ones you're wearing.
I don't need them either!
Such a stylish move!
Pick it up.
You call that stylish?
I was always doing it differently till now.
I've seen you before--
I waited 17 years to say that!
What are you doing here?
She's going to marry my brother.
It will definitely help you get the approval.
Why don't we talk about it later?
Hold on.
You're her friend, right? You must attend the wedding.
I'll come see you at the office. Bye.
I don't like such fancy jewelry.
I prefer simple stuff. Something like that.
I don't want her necklace.
Sam's grandfather gave it to his wife, and she gave it to me.
As tradition, it now belongs to you.
Is this for your mother?
This is for you.
It's lovely!
I'll wear it for the wedding.
-Ouch! -Come with me!
He's finally getting married.
My happiness knows no bounds.
Everything's going according to the plan?
Yes, boss.
But the sky looks a little bluer.
What about the delivery man?
Is there a pillar at the altar?
Yes, there are four small pillars.
You look really nice, boss.
Keep it! I don't want it!
Sir, take off your glasses.
-It's not our tradition. -Fine.
-Please repeat after me. -Why?
Fine, I will!
-Two minutes! -Why is he late?
Yeah, okay.
-Where are you? -Swarna!
-Come here. -I want you here in ten minutes!
Be quick. I am busy.
-What is it? -Come here.
Look at him.
I can't believe he's getting married!
He looks so handsome.
-That's true. -He looks dashing!
We made a Facebook account for him, right?
-Let's post a picture of him. -Sure.
Sam, stand up.
-Come on, stand up. -Give us a pose.
Look here. Now smile.
Pose like a hero.
Come on, smile.
Good one!
-This one's good. -Let's upload it.
-He looks so good! -I think so too!
"You said you never wanted to marry!
How could you do this to me?
I would've married you!"
You're late! We've been waiting for you!
Do you remember everything?
-Yes, sir. -Say your line.
There is an emergency courier for Mr. Samba Shiva Rao.
Now go do it inside. And be loud!
Here we go! Action!
Be loud!
There is an emergency courier for Mr. Samba Shiva Rao.
Who are you? What do you want? Say it louder.
There is an emergency courier for Mr. Samba Shiva Rao!
Oh, Samba Siva Rao?
That's me.
He's my boss. It's his wedding.
Sir, you've got an emergency courier. Get out!
I guess this must be really important.
-Bring it here. -Who would've sent it?
Let's open it.
Who is it from, sir?
A love letter before the wedding?
Sir, can you please read it for us?
It's only a love letter, right? Everybody should listen.
-"My love..." -My love...
-"Don't want to marry you." -What the...
My only intention was to insult you in front of your family.
Has she written "Ha, ha, ha"?
Yes, she's laughing at me.
-"How does it feel?" -How will it feel, sir?
"I hope you die of depression."
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Oh, God!
The pillar's there, sir.
Oh, no!
Who will marry him now?
This is such a disaster!
He will be a virgin forever!
He's going to die a bachelor!
-Oh, God! -Oh, God!
Was it a mistake loving you?
You did nothing wrong, sir.
I'll never be able to love again.
I'll never be able to trust anyone.
I always said I didn't want to marry.
But you forced me!
Be loud, sir.
Look what happened.
Such an embarrassment!
This is so unfortunate.
If the hunter is incapable...
the bird will show how smart it is.
Something's definitely wrong.
If you only wanted me to suffer...
I mean, if you wanted my boss to suffer,
why did you say you loved him, Avantika?
Oh, God!
Why did you do this?
All of this is pointless now!
-What did you do, you idiot? -Why are you hitting me?
You should die!
-Please stop her. -How could you do this?
How could you cheat on her?
-I didn't do anything. -We saw everything.
-Yes! -Why are you hitting me?
We saw everything on Facebook!
-You cheat! -Stop them.
Ma'am, stop hitting him!
What else should I do?
-Mother! -Sis!
-Mom! -Mom?
Go get some water! Mom!
This is all because of you!
-Don't worry, she'll be fine. -Thank you.
What did he say?
It was a powerful shock, she almost went into a coma.
But it is psychosomatic.
What does that mean?
She's stable, but it's serious.
-Can we go see her? -Yes.
Let's go.
This is all because of you!
Go bring Avantika right now!
I don't care how you do it. I just want her here!
She's the only one who can save Mom.
Do not come back without her!
You wanted to see me?
How was the wedding?
-Mom is in the hospital. -Oh, God!
I need your help.
Yes, tell me.
She's been saying your name.
I've thought of a new plan and prepared a new contract as well.
Your mom is in the hospital and you came up with a new contract?
She's not exactly in a coma. It's psychosomatic.
I made the contract for Mom's sake.
I can't do this.
Avantika, wait. Listen to me.
Damn these clothes!
I'll pay you more.
Hey, what's your problem?
Are you afraid you'll fall for me?
It's you who should worry about that.
You can't afford to fall in love at this age.
You're not my type!
Really? What do you mean?
What's your type?
I prefer heavier women.
And I am not heavy?
How would I know? You don't look like it.
So go get a heavier woman for yourself!
Avantika, listen to me.
I'll pay you more.
Now do you understand why I like being single?
I am sorry I missed your wedding.
What's this? Where's your wedding ring?
The wedding's canceled.
What are you saying?
I thought it'd be easier to get the adoption approved after you got married.
In fact, I've fixed you an appointment with an inspection officer next week.
Why did you do this, Avantika?
What's the problem, ma'am?
You said I need to have money in my account, right?
I got 25,000 euros credited into my account yesterday.
I have 37,000 euros in total!
It's enough, right?
No, it isn't.
You're neither married nor do you have a job.
They'll expect at least 75,000 euros.
I need to cancel your appointment.
I didn't say the wedding's literally "canceled."
Sam's mom fell ill just before the wedding.
She's in the hospital.
His family wanted to continue with the wedding.
But I said that I didn't want to do so.
So I suggested that the wedding should be postponed.
In fact, I've already moved into Sam's house.
We're practically married.
Please confirm the inspection.
You'll see what I mean.
I'll do it.
I'm not doing this for your mother, not you.
Tell me the new plan and get the contract ready.
Thank you! You're a godsend.
I mentioned something about paying you more, right?
But I'll pay you the same amount. Is that okay?
Your mother's ill and you are bargaining with me?
Oh! If you're so "kindhearted" why don't you do it for free?
Hey, wait!
Fine! I guess my karma's getting back at me.
Let me explain the plan.
Tell them that you forgave me
and decided to give me another chance.
She'll be discharged in a couple of days anyway.
Then, once she recovers...
you'll have to pick one family member at a time...
and make them hate you.
You'll have to give them hell!
You'll have to make them say...
"Sam, if you want Avantika, you'll have to forget about us."
And I will say, "My family means the world to me.
And I'll sacrifice my love for the sake of my family!"
It will be a happy ending.
How's my idea?
It sucks!
You know what?
I have another idea for you.
This time, I'll move in with you.
There's an extra bedroom, right?
And, yeah... I'm not paying rent.
Your family won't like the idea of me moving in with you.
It will make them uncomfortable.
They will start hating me quicker.
No way!
I don't like anyone entering my house.
I only allow those women who will willingly leave in the morning.
There is no way I'll let you move in.
Let's go to the hospital.
I'm right here.
Mom loves Avantika.
I don't know if bringing her back will help the situation.
Am I getting into a deeper mess?
I need a drink.
Now you are talking, sir!
We don't need a reason to drink, right?
But your stress won't go away with a couple of pegs.
-Then? -Put on the seat belt.
Let's go to Laila.
Why the hell have you brought me here?
Look at her, sir. She will help you relieve your stress.
You should go dance with her.
-Sit here. -Where are you going?
-I'll be back. -Hurry up.
Hi, Sam.
Sam's behavior is totally unacceptable!
Avantika came to the hospital!
Sam brought her!
Mom regained consciousness and talked to her!
Oh, God! What a relief!
Such good news!
Thank God!
Samba brought Avantika back?
But how did he convince her?
Does it really matter? I'm just happy she's back.
I'm just curious.
Maybe she came there just to see your mother.
But we have no idea if she has forgiven Samba.
Is she capable of forgiving someone who cheated on her?
Something doesn't feel right.
It just doesn't.
Why is she calling me?
Where are you? I need to talk to Sam.
Should I bring him home?
No, just tell me where you are.
Let me send you the location.
-Hurry up -Yes, ma'am.
It's urgent.
-Done, ma'am. -Okay.
Your sister just called.
She called me too. I didn't answer it.
I did.
And I accidentally sent her our location.
You're such an idiot!
You seem like a nice woman.
Ma'am, please let me go.
She's in character, sir.
The more you resist, the more she'll get wild.
Catch her.
Come on.
Hey, Kishore, what were you thinking?
You fool!
-Sam, stop! -Where are you going?
Swarna! I didn't see you there!
Why are you not answering my calls?
I was about to call you back.
Let's go to the restaurant upstairs.
Let's just go sit there.
The food here is terrible.
-Come on. It is a restaurant, right? -Kishore, let's go.
-Sir! -You're busted!
Don't pretend to be so innocent!
Oh, God!
Come on!
What the...
I thought you guys only drink. When did you start this?
Oh, God!
-Oh, God! -Oh, God!
You shameless man!
You cheated on Avantika yet, she came back to you.
When will you learn your lesson?
No! I didn't come here on my own.
Kishore brought me here.
Kishore, have you no shame?
You're mistaken. It's about pure love.
Kishore is in love with a dancer here.
Who's that girl?
Who's that girl?
-You want me to tell them? -Of course!
There she is!
-That girl, sir? -Yes.
-That's the girl I'm in love with? -Yes.
What's going on?
Actually, we came here to ask her to quit.
So that she can become a part of our family.
-Whatever! -Bye, Swarna!
I'm here to talk to you.
Bye, sir.
Die, you idiot! Come on.
-Come with me. -What is it, Swarna?
Where is Uncle? Is he in there?
He doesn't like such places. Go get him.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
I hope he's not putting his perfume on somebody.
It's homemade perfume!
Tell me. Did Avantika forgive you?
Did she agree to marry you?
I don't know, Swarna. I didn't ask her.
I am just waiting for Mom to come back home.
-Mom! -Take her in.
-Let's go. -I'm alright.
You've helped us a lot.
We're so happy that you are giving Sam another chance.
It's okay.
Please tell me if you need anything else.
Go sing her a lullaby and put her to bed.
Will you please stick to the plan?
I don't trust Sam anymore.
To give him another chance...
I need to watch him 24-7.
I'm moving in with him tomorrow.
How could you all agree to this stupid idea?
Moving in before marriage is against our culture!
-It's bad! -Shut up!
We saw how "cultured" you are on Facebook.
Those pictures were fake! Not everything you saw is true.
Don't trust them, Swarna.
Everything's here!
Take care, my dear.
I'll deal with you later.
Hold on.
Now that Avantika is here...
...they need to spend some alone time.
What does that mean?
It means that they need...
Yes, they need privacy.
That's it? Okay, I'll stay in the outhouse, ma'am.
What nonsense!
Kishore will stay here.
Pack your stuff and move into my room.
I need security.
Kishore will stay at our place.
-In the kids' room. -Yes.
Ma'am, I love him. I can't leave him.
-Come with us. -He'll feel lonely.
Come on!
Sir, I'll stay in the trunk of your car!
Please stop them!
Do you know how much I paid for that? Why did you throw it away?
-I don't want you to stay here! -I'll charge you for it!
Shut up!
-Don't overreact. -This is why I don't like people.
This is not a public dorm!
Let me be very specific!
I don't like my stuff to be moved at all!
And smoking in this house is strictly prohibited!
My nose is very sensitive.
I'm a perfumer.
You can wear perfume only with my permission.
Chill, Sir Samboo!
Next time, I'll smoke outside.
And I don't wear perfume.
That's absurd!
What's that scent?
It's my natural fragrance.
Fine, don't believe me!
And why are you obsessed with the furniture?
It's my OCD.
I don't need to give you an explanation!
-What? -Sir Samboo...
It's good that you prefer to stay alone.
No one can live with you anyway.
Who are you to judge me?
Your parents left you and you snuck into my house without my permission.
-Hi. -Hi.
-Good morning. -Good morning.
Good morning.
What do you want?
Good afternoon, Avantika.
I'm here to apologize for my behavior.
I didn't mean it.
-Say it. -What?
As an act of repentance, can I take you out for dinner?
Just the two of us.
The chef will make whatever you want.
I guess... I'll think about it.
Pay the bill.
I thought we were going to a fancy restaurant!
I should've known.
Stingy Samboo!
This is the first time I am cooking for somebody!
That's what I'm worried about.
It tastes good when served hot.
Actually, it tastes good only when it's hot.
And don't be mad at me if it tastes bad.
Can we eat on the couch while watching TV?
How about we eat here and then watch some TV?
Sounds better, right?
Okay, Mr. OCD!
Let's sit here and dine in a boring, civilized manner.
Have some bread.
Thank you.
So, Avantika...
I don't know anything about you.
Tell me something about yourself.
Miss, please be careful!
I was born in Hyderabad.
When I was seven, my family moved here.
A year later, Amaira was born.
So you have an elder and a younger sister?
My elder sister's Ananya.
A year and a half ago, she and her husband died in a car crash.
But Amaira, my younger sister... She's my life!
After that, I joined college.
There, I met Amit and fell in love with him.
My parents didn't approve of him.
They said, "He's not right for you. You're ruining your life."
They also said that I wasn't mature enough to understand this.
So, I ran away with Amit to Lisbon.
My parents were so hurt
that they moved back to India with Amaira.
And stopped talking to me.
They don't even know if I am dead or alive.
But Amaira is in touch with me.
My parents were right about Amit.
Amit and I didn't last long.
Three years later I came back to Portugal.
Since I had not completed my education
being a waitress was my only choice.
You never felt like going back to your parents?
I ran away with Amit without their consent.
I don't think I can go back.
Now it's up to them to decide.
-Is that a MIO mobile? -Yes.
There is no network. Use my phone.
-Baby, it's me. -Whose number is this?
My roommate's number.
Save it. You can call me on this number anytime.
I told you about him, right?
Samba Shiva Rao...
I've temporarily moved in with him.
Tell me.
Yeah, yeah...
Oh! Is he next to you?
Tell me, are you blushing?
I want to talk to him.
Okay, I'll talk to you later.
Talk to you later.
Let me go grab some tissues.
Chill, menina.
Very, very hot older men... don't care about such silly things.
You know how hot I am, but...
you don't know how cool I can be.
You should work out.
You like heavy girls, don't you?
Continue. Why did you stop?
Keep going.
Do it properly.
Tell me. What's the plan?
The entire plan is ready. Give me the remote.
First target... my sister Swetha.
-I didn't know! -Those papers were very important!
How would I know? I only take care of the diapers.
You never do anything right.
How can you be so irresponsible?
Damn! Where did he keep it?
Do you really have no job?
You always stay home?
What else can I do?
I was so happy knowing that I'd live abroad after getting married.
But when I came here,
I realized that my only job would be making babies.
Anyway, she is the man of the family, right?
Marrying such girls always ends up like this.
You should've checked before turning your life into a living hell.
Our second target... Sangeetha.
It's really nice!
No, Mom! I hate it!
You'll be braiding your hair anyway...
-She looks nice, right? -Yuck!
-What kind of haircut is this? -Exactly!
I don't like it either.
But Mom's not listening to me.
-No, dear-- -Your Mom's a fool!
If you listen to her...
you'll end up looking like her. Do you want that?
Let me tell you what will look good on you.
How about we cut it short?
What? Did she really do that?
What does she think of herself?
Such behavior is unacceptable!
Let me call her and break up with her!
Keep quiet. Don't overreact.
But what did I do?
She's still hurt.
I'm the one in pain, Sangeetha. Not her.
I can't tolerate the fact that she's misbehaving with my family.
Shut up.
That girl is not here for you, Sam. She's here for Mom.
Such a kindhearted girl!
Some other girl would've killed you by now.
your biological clock is ticking.
It would be such a waste of your good looks!
Please listen to us.
Swarna, you are next.
The first piece is Avantika's.
So many candles? You must be very old!
If I'm so old... How old would you be?
Your children are so old.
Your one foot must already be in the grave.
You just got out of a coma.
Have you even written your will?
You may not be around too long!
Is that the way you talk to my mother?
Hey... Calm down!
What she said is right...
Everybody tells me I'll live long...
She's being honest...
It takes courage to tell the truth.
I'll get my will written.
But this house...
It's for her...
Oh, God! I don't understand.
For all the nonsense you've said...
They still think your an angel!
Wait, Sam...
I have more tricks up my sleeve.
Let me go shock them now.
What do you mean?
Don't do that...
This is suppose to be a celebration.
I want to do it more since you said no.
How can I be sexy at this age?
My husband bought it for my birthday, so I wore it.
I thought it wouldn't look good. But if you say it does...
Not just good...
It's very hot!
Sam, you finally landed such a nice girl.
-Come inside once. -Wait, I'm speaking to them.
-Come on. -Hey, wait!
-What are you doing? -I'll explain.
Hey, what's going on?
Why are you dragging me?
What? You kissed Swarna?
Then what happened?
You saw, right? She dragged her husband into the bedroom.
And then?
Come on.
Okay, you leave. I have to go somewhere.
I'll be late. Okay?
-Where are you going? -Casa Saldo.
It's on my way. Come, I'll drop you.
-Kiss? -Come here.
Why does he call me such silly names? It's 'Kishore'.
-Whatever! -I need to use the loo.
Listen to me first.
I need a roll paper.
It's not 'roll paper'. It's a 'paper roll'.
This side is smooth... You won't get a rash.
Not that kind...
Something to roll.
Something to roll!
-Here... -What is this herb?
Pot... Enjoy!
Where and why did you buy it?
Why would I buy it here?
I got it from home.
In the flight?
Didn't the 3 level security get you?
I put it in my boxers.
So filthy!
Sir, drugs are illegal here.
You can get us all arrested.
How can you be so anti-social and irresponsible at this age?
Don't shout!
It's been so many days since I took a drag.
And we are celebrating...
-I'll go take a quick drag. -Stop...
It won't look good if someone sees you.
You will get insulted.
What does an insult mean to a bird 'flying high'?
Don't take it!
Listen to me, please. No, no, no.
That's it!
Now you've got it all out in the open. What fun!
I don't care. But please explain...
-You'll see. -I'll see.
Yeah. See...
This is the best thing to do. Meditation is good for every addiction.
Ah... Hey, Kishore...
What are you doing here? Turn off the stove!
Where is this smoke coming from? It's unbearable...
What... What, Kishore? What are you thinking?
I thought of doing something... But I can't remember what it is.
Why are you crying?
I forgot.
Then why crying?
Hoping I'll remember!
It's okay that you burnt it Kishore...
You got everyone high now.
Samba missed it!
I would've got the whole truth out.
Hey, bro... Why... Why do you keep hassling my son all the time?
What? I don't need to do anything. The truth always wins.
You may feel bad if I say this...
That girl...
When she was insulting you... Didn't you get even a little angry?
She's a nice girl!
And she's angry with him.
Why should she show that anger at you?
And why did you keep quiet?
Tell me this...
After everyone goes to bed...
And you are alone, don't you feel bad?
Tell me.
You should never let anyone take advantage of you.
If you allow this...
She'll take him away from you!
What will you do then?
Will you keep laughing?
Or will you cry?
Turn off the stove...
What? Why are you standing like a dog waiting to mate?
I just remembered when you said 'Dog'. ROFL!
I don't know. I thought of doing something.
But I don't remember.
Go take a leak, sir.
Such a shy fellow... Okay, I'll go.
Hey, why are you pushing me?
God! Why are his eyes so red?
He might have had some pot for sure.
Bloody addict! I have to deal with him carefully.
I just...
You go on, sir. I'll go after you.
Talk something, sir.
Don't talk while I'm talking. That's what I'm saying.
Okay, sir. I'll count to three. You go when I say three. Okay?
You moved!
Everyone comes here for the same reason.
-Tell me Amaira. -Hello? I just saw your message.
Why are you meeting Amit? Are you mad!
Some of my money was left with him in his account.
He suddenly called and said that he's in town...
And wants to give my money back.
I'm going to collect it.
Listen... Listen. We don't need this now.
You please go home.
I don't want you to meet him.
-Hey! -I'll talk later.
Don't go!
Please. No no no. Don't...
Just a formal hello?
Not even a hug?
Maybe you don't have any love left for me
But I'm still a friend, right?
-Come on. -Amit!
-Yeah, it's okay. -No problem.
Amit, give me the money. I have to leave.
Please sit.
We've met after so long... Let's talk.
It's your money. I'll give it to you.
I've changed a lot.
Hello, Sam. This is Amaira.
-Avantika's sister. -Hi Amaira. Avantika's out.
I called to talk to you, Sam.
Why did you let her go to meet Amit?
-Why did I let her? -I'm worried about what he'll do to her.
You know about him, right?
You haven't changed at all.
We are meeting after so many years...
And your phone keeps ringing since you got here!
Hey... Chill!
I won't. It's just a phone.
I'm talking to you, right?
Give me my phone.
I came to meet my ex and I thought I can talk to her without disturbance...
It's better I leave.
This is the limit!
Who is this. Who's he?
One minute.
Keep your voice down.
Tell me...
Sir, please calm down.
You want your phone?
Take it. You .
Sir, don't do it, please!
What are you doing here?
Sam, it's nothing.
I just slipped on something.
Let's go home.
So this is your 'Samba Siva Rao'?
Oh, God!
I thought you'll be a timid guy.
You're just an old man.
Sam... Sam please, let's go.
Hit him!
Sam, please. Let's go.
Hit that asshole!
Hit that asshole!
Here. This is yours.
Do you have any sense at all?
If someone ever raises a hand on you again, slap him across his face.
Or come tell me.
I'm here for you.
-What? -Seat belt.
How can he even think of it?
How can he hit you?
How can a woman of this generation tolerate abuse!
You should fight back.
Acertar aquele.
Come on...
Say that in Telugu.
I don't know any bad-language in Telugu.
I want to tell you something.
I'm making a perfume from the last few years.
Clients have found random reasons to reject it.
I made a perfume in just a few weeks now...
And they love it. Do you know what it is?
Your fragrance.
You like it?
Our contract ends tomorrow.
Insult my family somehow.
And then you can leave.
What, boss? Why did you ask me to come?
Just didn't feel like being alone.
You are telling me something that's meant for someone else.
It's Avantika, right?
I don't know if you understand it...
But I do.
Why don't you tell her?
What are you saying?
What's my age? And what's hers?
You never thought about that with other girls...
Why should it matter now?
What are you talking?
It matters because it's different from all that...
I'm not talking about spending a few hours together and leaving.
I am talking about sharing life.
I always thought that I can live alone.
But after she came...
Her smiles!
Her words!
Her anger!
All of them will leave with her.
Maybe I can't bear that silence.
I'm scared!
Mom always used to tell me...
Life is beautiful only when everything happens at the right age...
I never understood what she meant.
Having a companion for life...
Is so beautiful.
By the time I figured this out...
It's too late.
Wanting Avantika now...
Is only my selfishness.
How can it be selfishness?
We don't know if age is an issue for her.
You should ask her?
Her age is where she learns from mistakes...
And I'm at a place where I must say, 'this' is a mistake.
It's better for her to get angry with me and leave.
She won't be able to get over it.
Your son doesn't care about anyone except himself.
And you get worried about everyone except yourself.
I worry about you.
Whatever happens...
Remember, I'm always there for you.
Don't be silly!
You have to come back again once the date is fixed.
Take care of her.
-Okay, Uncle. -See you soon.
-I'll go drop him. -I'll get it.
He'll come again.
I have your final check as per our contract.
I'll give it to you once the work is done.
Your work will be done today.
-No, it tastes good. -Let Avantika come.
Mom, do you want some?
Mom, you want Bitter gourd?
Serve some to Avantika.
Avantika, you want Bitter gourd?
-Dear, do you want... -What?
Why is this nonsense about Bitter gourd?
Don't you eat anything else?
Bitter gourd!
Sam's dad liked Bitter gourd a lot.
He used to make it every Sunday.
We still cook it on Sundays...
Just to keep him here with us in a small way.
Remembering him.
It sounds like a crazy horror story.
He's dead!
Why do we have to go through this torture in his honor?
Who knows?
Maybe he died eating the same terrible stuff every Sunday.
After she dies, will you at least change this or continue this torture?
Don't you have anything to say?
Say something!
I don't know what I did wrong...
You always treat me and your sisters like your enemies.
You may be angry with him...
But what did we do to you?
I only care for you like you are my own...
We have given you so much love...
I kept thinking out loud, but these people...
They always think about you.
Is that our mistake?
You both hate us, right?
As you said I'll die soon...
Before that, I just wanted to see you both happy.
That's okay.
I can't take this anymore.
Please go away.
You get married or not...
We just want you to be happy.
Is this about the final payment?
What kind of person are you?
Don't you have any feelings?
Even after all this, your mom didn't say 'No' to us getting married...
She said go live happily!
That is who your mother is...
If you don't like marriage, tell them.
Tell them! Fight with them and let them fight back...
But don't cheat them. What are you going to get from this?
Why are you so scared of emotions?
There are so many people in this world who wish...
...they had one person to share their feeling with...
And here you are, with a whole family...
And their love...
And you don't even realize it.
Let me tell you now Sam.
But you haven't understood your mother's love in so many years...
How will you understand my love?
All you care about is your contract, right?
You only need this, isn't it?
You get irritated when your mother nags you?
One day, you'll cry your eyes out, hoping that...
Your mother was around, even if it is to nag you.
Keep quiet and sit down!
You should know this.
I'm not in love with Avantika for the past two years.
I asked her to put up an act...
And run away on the wedding day.
Even now... It's me...
I asked her to insult you all.
Poor thing!
She went away crying.
For hurting you all...
As much as she understood you in just a few days...
I failed to do so over the years.
How could I understand?
Whatever I did, you were always there for me.
For the very first time...
The girl I like...
Not just like...
The girl I love...
Is walking away from me...
And only then did I understand...
What my life would be without you all.
Now I'm telling you...
There is nothing more important to me in this world than my family.
It's fine even if you can't forgive me...
But if you can... try to forgive her.
Nothing will happen to you.
You should live a very long life.
I'll pray for you everyday.
-What are you waiting for? Go. -Go, go.
-Go. -Come on. Go, Sam.
I heard everything!
Don't begin another speech now.
So, you love me...
But you won't ask me what I want.
You decide for me.
Is that it?
Thank God!
You are such a Samboo...
So sweet, right?
Is this an act or do you both really want to get married?
-Avantika... -Come here...
Mom, you also.
Where are you taking me?
-Wait, wait. -Samboo I'm taking it off.
I'll kill you if you call me 'Samboo'.
Have a look...