Manmarziyaan (2018) Movie Script

'Neither black nor white, so they say,'
'Hue of our love, is in shades of grey!'
'Times have changed, so has love's trait'
'Old fashioned love stories, need an update'
'This bundled playful love Spices roving romantic flavour'
'This bundled playful love Is now called a mutual favour'
'This bundled playful love...'
'If we ever err to hurt another'
'Apologies wouldn't be needed'
'Blooming love shall be acceded Colours shall blossom unheeded !'
'Outsoaring love shall breathe !'
'Logic isn't her cup of tea Calm and restful she'll never be'
'Her heart sways, havocs wreak Newer tantrums as we speak'
'It's an unsettled craze,'
'Mood of our love unabashed in it's ways!'
'This bundled playful love Spices roving romantic flavour'
'This bundled playful love Is now called a mutual favour'
'This bundled playful love...'
'When our tug of war, is of sweetest flair'
'The tangy flavour, seeps in your care !'
'Blooming love shall be acceded'
'Colours shall blossom unheeded !'
'Blooming love shall be acceded'
'Colours shall blossom unheeded !'
Let me show you!
Do you think I forgot?
This is how it's done!
'Hue of our love, is in shades of grey!'
'Hue of our love, is in shades of grey!'
Like this...
...and fold here.
Open the door.
- Rumi! Open the -O Dear Lord!
Stop banging the door.
You just sit there to sunbathe!
Didn't you see them sneak inside?
Let it be, mom!
Don't get me riled up! Come here!
Are you guys deaf? Open the damn door!
Damn this old age!
The door isn't just latched, it's blocked by a chair!
It's that Sandhu's son from next door.
He's been terrace-hopping for a year!
Making fools of us! But not today!
But, child...
...she told me she'd be practicing her dance routine.
Or maybe the door is swollen!
Yeah right! No rain, nor sleet.
So how did the door swell up?
Because it's old and worn out.
Call.. - No one is calling anyone!
You better move aside! Today, I'm going to catch them red-handed.
Move aside both of you!
What are you doing?
Stop, you...!
There you go! Didn't I tell you?
This peacock sneaks in every day!
"Save yourself."
"Escape now."
"You heartthrob."
"Watch out."
Your t-shirt is inside-out.
"Do as it is said."
"Do as it is said."
"This youth.."
" to be blamed."
'Hey, mom! Did you hear?'
'That girl next door girl, eloped with her boyfriend...'
'...and had a love-marriage!'
'But then, within a month...'
'...he dumped her for another girl!'
'There's no guarantee of love in love-marriages.'
I should leave now.
'But we guarantee love in arranged-marriages!'
Leave like a gentleman.
Through the front door.
Call today
And our next song for our young friends.
'This next song goes out to all the young lovers!'
'Who want "Fyaar" over love.'
'F for Fyaar!'
F for Fyaar.
F for Fyaar.
So what!
F for Fyaar.
"Love is life."
Walk! - "Love is happiness."
"There's nothing without love."
"Love is permanent."
"There's nothing without love."
"Love is punishment."
"Love is fun."
"There's nothing without love."
Oye! Vicky!
Bike is parked on the other side! Should I bring it around?
Hello, uncle!
Tell him to bring your bike to the front!
"There's nothing without love."
Hello, grandfather!
Bring my bike to the front!
The shop front? Or the statue front?
Don't let me see you here again!
We're a hockey family!
We play off-the-field as well.
They've setup a court downstairs.
Your case should be heard any moment.
'Dad! Rumi's affair...'
' hurting our reputation!'
Rumi! Come down!
'She doesn't listen to us!'
'She only listens to you!'
Come down!
She's screwed this time!
Rumi, mom's coming upstairs.
They're going to beat the shit out of you!
You'll be screwed if they catch you again!
Please come out!
If my aunt catches us again, she's going to kill you!
That doesn't scare me!
Please leave! I promise twice the 'fyaar' next time!
You are just ...!
Rumi! What are you upto?
Not those dumbbells again! - 30.
I've called out to you so many times! - 31.
Her parents would've been ashamed if they were alive today.
The entire town is talking about these two.
They are the only weirdos here.
That peacock! And our Red Fairy!
Who'll want to marry into a dishonored family?
I have a daughter too!
Kimmy! Calm down.
She also made her quit hockey.
She'd be playing Nationals by now.
I had to pull this information out of Kiran ...
...that she ran away from the national camp with him.
Enough! It's time to get her married.
Let's call the wedding agent.
To find Rumi an alliance.
I'm only going to marry Vicky!
I won't even offer a cup of tea to anyone else.
He isn't interested in marrying you.
If he was, he wouldn't come through the terrace!
What else can he do!
You're always guarding the door.
Even a cat can't sneak inside, let alone a human!
Shut up for a minute!
Will his family come with a marriage proposal for you?
And if he doesn't ...
...then the wedding agent will find you a groom.
If Vicky doesn't come tomorrow to meet you ...
...then I'll marry the first idiot you find me!
And I didn't quit Hockey for him.
Some conservatives killed a woman hockey player.
That's why!
What are you thinking?
If my mom and dad were alive ...
...your mom wouldn't dare talk down to me like this.
It's all luck!
All these DJs making it to the billboards!
All you need is that one chartbuster.
And I'll be playing to packed stadiums and earning billions!
Check this out.
No, dude! It needs to be ...
It needs to be more ...!
I can't get over this fever.
F for Fyaar.
I want love.
Get ready now.
Don't make excuses.
My car's parked outside. We'll escape.
You are hot.
F for Fyaar.
F for Fyaar.
Hey! Rumi!
Will you marry me?
Why not?
Only a fool would say no to you!
I don't want to marry anyone else.
Will you marry me?
Of course, I will!
Get your dad to talk to my grandfather, tomorrow!
My dad?
Of course! Who else?
What's up?
But dad might be ...
That's alright. Bring your mom then.
You can jump over terraces for 'Fyaar'.
You can take a beating for it.
But you can't ask for my hand in marriage?!
But, Rumi!
This is so sudden - Yeah, it's sudden
I've given my word that you'll come with a proposal.
And that if you don't turn up ...
...I'll marry the first idiot they choose for me!
You know I've never gone back on my word.
Now you decide.
And listen!
Call me only if you're coming tomorrow!
If not ... delete my number!
Yonex is a brand for racquets.
Jonex is a brand for hockey sticks.
Don't mix "Y" with "J"!
J for Jalandar.
And the best brand for hockey is '"Rakshak"'.
But isn't Yonex the best international brand for hockey?
It's famous worldwide.
You're mixing "Y" and "J" again.
I've told you a million times already.
Best brands for hockey are Jonex and Vampire.
Quit hockey! Go play cricket!
Quit sports and do yoga!
Are you coming home?
Rumi! Atleast hear me out!
What did I get into!
Your attitude will cost us this business!
Save your business! I'll go.
I'm going to take a walk. I'll be back soon.
Sorry, madam.
Add more spice!
I've been eating here for years.
And you still don't know my taste!
If I make it spicier, your mouth will be on fire.
I want that fire!
I want to burn down your shop. I'm a dragon!
I'm not ready for marriage!
I need time.
I've just started as a DJ..
- You don't need time when you're aroused.
You fire your gun in under a minute.
You should join the army!
Atleast you'll be useful to the country!
Get lost! - What is this nonsense?
You know I love you!
If you did, you'd come home to talk.
But we never wanted marriage!
But I have to now!
You can't decide for both of us!
That's why ...I'm not holding you at gunpoint!
I was confident of your love, is why I gave my word...
...that you'll marry me.
If we hadn't been caught, I wouldn't have insisted.
But we did get caught.
That's why I need you to bail me out!
Before I get a life-sentence with someone else.
I don't get it!
You never get it. Dumb idiot!
You're being unfair to me!
Oh and you're not? Get lost!
I won't!
Leave or I'll send you home in a wheelchair!
I won't budge until you talk some sense!
As you wish!
What the...! - We've a thief in the shop!
What are you doing?
Who is it?
Don't you mess with me!
Get lost.
Hello, uncle!
I'll marry...
...whoever you chose!
This one!
So you've short-listed three girls.
It's a best of three then.
Sadly you can marry only one of them.
Say hello to my missus.
Ours was an arranged marriage too.
Yeah, he had a sweet shop ...
Fed sweets to my parents and now I'm stuck!
Yes, sir?
For whom?
Groom for our Rumi?
That's wonderful.
Send me some photos for her profile.
I'll find her the perfect match.
Sir! So far...
I have arranged 99 marriages successfully.
Our Rumi will complete my century!
I want a divorce!
Feed me 'Kofte' and I might consider it.
I won't even call my lawyer after eating this Gourd!
Hey Robbie!
Let's tie his turban.
There he is!
See! He's still wearing his turban.
How are you, son?
Had a good flight? - Give me a hug.
The Agent has lined up so many girls for you.
You get to pick and choose your bride.
We'll take all the time in the world...
...and shortlist a dozen prospective brides.
I don't need a dozen.
One is enough.
If you didn't want choices then why ask us to arrange it?!
Even your dad had shortlisted about ten before he chose me!
The girl should feel like the "chosen one".
Don't worry.
Arranged marriages, these days ...
... are quite modern.
Once the proposal is confirmed...
... the society allows them to watch adult films together.
Okay! Let's settle.
We'll shortlist around 4-5 girls?
Haven't met a single girl, yet ...
... and you've already started your soap opera.
What soap opera?
You don't get into this!
Please put those dumbbells aside?
She'll seem like a wrestler!
Even you! Move out of the frame!
Do you want to change your sneakers?
Is he going to marry me ... or my shoes?
Maybe something more feminine?
Get it.
'Let the wind flow, Let the storm bellow'
'Knead the feelings like a dough -Take the ball and just throw !'
'Shouts from the rooftops Dances as the beat drops'
'Take positions atop Her goal's a drag flick shop'
'Pretty face, Shiny shoes'
'Whatch'a lookin' at, Dhyanchand (Hockey Legend)?'
'Blackest eyes, sexy view Whatch'a lookin' at, Dhyanchand?'
Whatch'a lookin' at, Dhyanchand?'
Whatch'a lookin' at, Dhyanchand?'
'Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, this girl's crazy Footloose, free and easy !'
'Angry and not-so-gaiety She's confused and dazey.'
'Her heart goes round n round It takes a plunge and drowns'
'In this ocean of love Time's on merry-go-round!'
'Whatch'a looking at, Dhyanchand ?'
'Whatch'a looking at, Dhyanchand ?'
'Whatch'a looking at, Dhyanchand ?'
'Whatch'a looking at, Dhyanchand ?'
'She'd be whimsy, She'd be kooky'
'If she's in the mood She'd kick your ass !'
'Don't go near her Just step aside and run'
'She'll shoot you point blank A pump-action shotgun'
'Her soul is pure, talks like a saint Whatch'a looking at, Dhyanchand?'
'Pretty face, devil's acquaint Whatch'a looking at, Dhyanchand?'
'Whatch'a looking at, Dhyanchand ?'
'Whatch'a looking at, Dhyanchand ?'
State level hockey player, and owns a sports shop!
Her parents played hockey too.
One of the most respectable sports families of town!
Her grandfather is a coach too.
And this is Lovely Singh.
'Whatch'a looking at, Dhyanchand ?'
She's my relative.
A dentist!
She put this gold cap for me!
She's pretty!
One of the most respectable dentist families in Amritsar!
'Wherever she goes, insanity's embossed'
'If she kickstarts, won't stop at any cost.'
'Don't ask me, why's she so awesome? She enjoys a century, the pole position.'
'Tangy talks, fickle moves Whatch'a looking' at Dhyanchand'
'Pretty face, Shiny shoes Whatch'a looking' at Dhyanchand'
'Whatch'a looking at, Dhyanchand ?'
'Whatch'a looking at, Dhyanchand ?'
No, bro!
I'm sorry! Please let it go!
'Whatch'a looking at, Dhyanchand ?'
Get lost!
Go die! - I'm leaving!
Get lost! - Fine, I'll go.
Damn these two lovebirds!
I'm the one sandwiched between them.
Vicky, please!
This guy is giving me a headache.
Vicky is slitting his wrist.
Here! Talk to him.
See for yourself.
Can you see it?
Vicky, stop! Oh my God, blood!
You call that slitting?
Ask him to learn from a Youtube tutorial.
Or I'll come slit his throat.
Tell her to turn down the proposal or...
... this blade goes deeper!
Why should I turn it down?
He'll never come with a proposal.
Trying to ruin my potential wedding!
I'll come!
You will?
Yes. I will.
'Listen to me.'
'That hockey-girl suits you!'
Shut up!
Chop those vegetables.
I'm doing that!
The other girl, Lovely ...
...she's quite homely!
And this Rumi ...
... she's got a bad reputation.
That Lovely has cat eyes!
She'll claw you.
'It was on Crime Show, just last night ...'
A girl stabbed and robbed her mother-in-law.
Even she had cat eyes. - Stop your nonsense!
Fine. Don't listen to me!
Ignore the truth.
Did I ask for your opinion?
But I - - I'll beat you!
But I'm family too!
Can you ever shut up?
If nonsense was taxable, you'd pay the most!
For that, you need to pay me first!
Here! Take the peas.
Pass it.
You need to peel more peas.
Why? You cooking for entire colony?
You alone eat for a hundred people!
Damn you! Want to jinx my good health now?
Don't be so dramatic. - I'll beat you!
If you want to marry that troublemaker...
'...then book me a room at an 'ashram'!'
You.. - Don't you dare say a word!
How did you deduce...
...that she's trouble?
I can count the feathers on a flying dove!
She's just a girl.
Look at her hair!
And her eyes.
Trouble written all over.
Just let me choose.
Let me choose...
... and you'll see!
Are you going to live with her or am I?
For God's sake!
Don't impose your daughter-in-law fantasies on me!
Just because you were rejected by five families...
...when you were getting married...
...doesn't mean I need to reject five!
I agreed to an arranged marriage.
I didn't agree to window shop for brides.
I don't want a maid...
...neither an escort ... nor a nurse.
I want my life-partner!
So let me decide!
Chant loudly.
Hail Goddess!
Hello, Mrs. Bhatia!
He is stuck on that hockey-girl.
None of the others?
The dentist?
He's hooked on to the hockey-girl!
Rumi, that hockey player...
...did you do her background check?
Everyone knows...? What?
Sandhu's son?
Her DJ affair is over.
Rumi, herself, asked us to find a husband.
Kakaji ...
I trust my granddaughter.
She'll never dishonour the family.
You know how it is...
The market trusts me.
A marriage arranged by Kakaji ... unbreakable!
I wanted to kill you ...
...when you agreed to an arranged marriage!
When I had to go to the abortion clinic ...
...alone in a rickshaw ...
I wanted to kill you, too!
I was stuck somewhere that day!
You're always stuck somewhere! - Yes, I am!
Either you're stuck with your family...
...or your crappy gigs!
Or you're buying groceries for your mum!
I want to be glued to you...
We don't need to be married for that.
Fine by me.
When do I move in?
Let's elope.
I'll go wherever with you.
I can't be without you.
I don't want to make love in bits and pieces.
I want to make love under the stars...
drenched in sweat!
Keep going on for...
two... three... four or-
I swear...
...then we don't need to leave the bedroom ever!
Let's elope!
Right now?
Not now!
My mom's cooking for me today.
...we can elope tomorrow.
Where are you going?
Take care of yourself!
Oh man!
Atleast turn the lights off!
'Sweet n Spicy she's zesty She's tango, she's charlie'
'Woo her now or be nasty She won't concur nor parley'
'She's destruction personified Argues like a suicide squad.'
'Save yourself, just run and hide Here comes the thunder god.'
"Here comes the thunder god."
Did you bring money?
I have some.
You didn't bring any?
I forgot my wallet!
'Calls to the battalion'
'Airforces or stallions'
'She fires away... like a nuke-missile'
'Calls to the battalion'
Where are we going?
I asked, where are we going?
Who knows! We'll see!
'Like a nuke-missile'
What will we do?
We'll figure!
How will we live?
We'll manage.
I'm a DJ and you can sell hockey sticks.
We'll manage!
Stop the jeep.
Stop what?
The damn jeep!
What are you doing?
What do you mean?
We're eloping!
How much gas does your jeep have?
There's enough.
It was filled just the day before ... yours truly!
And where are you taking me "yours truly"?
Wherever you want!
Take me to Mumbai. Got enough gas for that?
Why not Birmingham?
We can either make it to Shimla or Delhi.
Shimla or Delhi? - What?
Shimla? Or Delhi?
I guess Delhi!
And if... maybe we reach Delhi ...
How'll we survive?
You bloody imposter DJ!
With your borrowed hairstyle!
Have you ever made one original track?
Always stealing other people's music!
Do you see me carrying hockey sticks to sell?
All I'm asking is...
...if we reach Delhi will we survive?
We'll find something to sell!
Why not your organs?
Your kidney and liver on discount!
Why are you yelling?
Didn't you ask to elope!
Yes, I did!
To run away with you!
No matter where!
Because I thought you had it planned!
Where we'll live! What we'll eat or do!
And if you had no clue then you should have...
...asked me to plan!
Then I could've decided for us!
Either you take all the responsibility...
...or leave it to me...
...else, we can share it!
Vicky, you're potentially a great guy...
...but you shit in the name of responsibility.
For once make me believe...
..that I can...
...count on you!
Rumi, you can count on me!
I did what you asked!
I don't understand responsibility!
I didn't have time to think through!
And all those awful things that you said ... shouldn't have.
Even if it's the truth!
Especially about my music!
You totally destroyed me!
I've always been the same guy. Why pick on it now!
I didn't get it then!
And I still don't get it!
Does that make me the bad guy?
I'm not ready to take responsibility...
And that's why I can't marry you!
That doesn't mean I don't love you!
The love that I give ...
...and the love that we make, Rumi ...
No one can beat that!
Go marry your responsible guy.
He'll keep you safe, like a doll... his showcase!
But won't jump terraces to make love to you....
...when you're aroused!!
And if we don't do it twice a day ...'ll burn down the city!
That's who you are!
'She won't submit or concede Break-failed Jeep in top speed'
'21 gun salute, fired for her Equals to infantry's breed.'
'People often do complain Her demented likeness to a clown'
'Do not underestimate her ! She's a lunatic from our hometown !'
'Dulcet, vibrant like our films,'
'Singers singing our folk songs'
'She comes in laughter, smiles and her frowns'
Who's there?
Go back to work!
Go away!
Stop, you dog!
Now tell me!
Who'll take this responsibilty?
So what should I do?
Fight for us.
With what weapon?
Ask me!
Come home and meet my family!
We can marry whenever you're ready!
But...let's get engaged!
You dog.
Leave me, you dog.
You dog!
Get off.
Somebody get this bull off me!
Hello! Please have some sweets!
Here! Distribute it.
He's coming home to talk of marriage!
Where were you? - I'd run away!
With your bags? - Weightlifting.
Tomorrow, the groom's family...
...will be here at 4 pm!
I was about to... you!
I'm slightly ashamed but I'll be honest.
Rumi has agreed to another proposal.
So... we have to turn down your client!
You've really embarrassed the whole family.
Especially your grandfather.
That man has never gone back on his word.
It's okay!
There's always a first time for everything!
Do you have no shame?
I chose my happiness over shame!
And do you know that....
..."Shame" is often what leads to suicide.
If my father were alive - Don't dare manipulate me!
You know that friend of Rumi's...
...he wants to marry her.
And ...even Rumi wants to marry him.
You gave me your word.
And I took you for it.
And what should I tell my client?
That you've backed out?
I gave them a guarantee!
My credibility is at stake!
Why can't you just decide for once!
And when I do, should I call or text?
Eight years ago, another client had gone back on his word.
I've been limping since.
Now, my other leg is your responsibility.
I need to talk to you.
I can't today. I've to get my hair done.
You can do that later.
Meet me!
I'm not doing it for you!
My friend is getting engaged tonight.
'Hi-class, hip, rad - kinda like a wiz Eight packs tight abs hoodlum he is'
'A free soul, keeps flying like a jail bird College dropout..'
', spoilt brat he is'
'Well-cultured and mannered...'
'...a perfect beget Kinda like a dirty drink and a game of roulette'
'Go, now, go, Get me my beau !'
'Mr. Priest, align our stars under a mistletoe,'
'Go now go, get me a ring aglow'
'Mr. Priest, align our stars under a mistletoe !'
I'd also go for the Hockey player.
Good-looking, simple girls are aplenty.
Tell that to mom!
Life gets boring with an easy-going girl.
This one's a roller-coaster!
She'll pull you slow...
... and drop you fast.
Throw you in a spiral!
Safety's not guaranteed!
In banking...
...even we don't guarantee safe returns!
'For my criminal beau, dowry's a crime'
'For my criminal beau, dowry's a crime'
'Except a mansion, a fancy car, a briefcase full of cash.'
'Except a mansion, a fancy car, a briefcase full of cash.'
'Simple and naive, like a wind-chime'
'Simple and naive, like a wind-chime'
'Divorced only thrice, Ends marriage in a flash!'
'Divorced only thrice, Ends marriage in a flash!'
'But he's soft-spoken! Honest, ethical and open!'
'Often a gangster at heart, A SOB that's woken !'
'Go, now, go, Get me my beau !'
Was mum the roller coaster? Or easy one?
Your mum definitely wasn't the easy one.
What do you think?
Those five guys wanted to reject her?
I made them do that!
Kiran, listen! - Yes?
Dust that sofa and change the covers!
That corner too! Kiran.
Don't miss any spots!
Madam, money? - Yes.
Just a second.
Make sure the veggies are fresh.
Or I'll take my money back!
Pick up that bucket. And you leave for the market.
I'm getting ready! You guys get ready and make sure Rumi is too!
'Go, now, go, Get me my beau !'
'Mr. Priest, align our stars under a mistletoe.'
'Go, now, go, Get me my beau !'
'Mr. Priest, align our stars under a mistletoe.'
The number you're trying to call is not reachable.
Please call again later.
He's two hours late. And his phone is switched off !
He should've atleast called to cancel!
Kiran, turn off the stove!
'Our first option is slightly busy !'
This one ...
We can meet her. Lovely Singh Kriplani.
She's pretty !
Let's meet the available girl now
And we'll see about...
She did a root canal for me! Twice !
Ah yes!
Both her parents are dentists.
Wow! - And they own a hospital.
Most respectable dentist family in town !
You never know when things might change ...
So I'm always ready with three options.
You shouldn't complain later that I didn't give you options!
Oh! Cm'on!
Personally ...
... the first one plays hockey all day.
Rides a bike like boys.
And is disrespectful.
For real? - Yes!
This one is pretty.
A doctor!
Lovely !
She made pickles for my wife.
Oh wow !
What do hockey players...
... know about pickles!
Anyday I'd choose this one!
Where is he?
He went towards your house!
The number you're trying to call is not reachable.
Do come to my wedding, all of you!
I'll whatsapp you the invites!
Let him know!
I'll marry anyone you choose!
Call them over.
Do you have a house in London?
You own it?
Yes! - Offer them first!
Do you also own a gas station?
No! Not yet.
We don't intend to.
My aunt there owns a gas station.
And also a franchise of Dunkin' Donuts!
She even runs two 7-Elevens!
Yes .
There are no 7-Elevens in London!
Oh, there aren't?
As if we'd know!
Do you own a car?
Yes, but...
...the subway is just round the block.
And Sainsbury is right across.
Like a supermarket! - Okay!
Only much bigger!
Oh okay!
Do you keep the turban even in London?
You keep the turban?
You keep the turban?
Sometimes ... - That's alright. Please have this!
How long have you been playing hockey?
We had sticks lying around the house ...
... so I picked it up.
My parents used to play.
You played for the state?
I was selected for the camp.
But not the team.
What do you do?
I work in a bank.
Cashier? - Security Guard.
Are you ready for marriage?
Take it. I don't mind!
You don't want a love-marriage?
Nowadays, everyone - It's all bullshit!
And if I think too much, I might not marry at all.
Whatever will be, will be.
Eventually, the donkey will be led to the slaughter ...
You mean the lamb!
Lambs are led to slaughter.
Yeah. So?
You said "Donkeys will be led to slaughter."
The saying is, "Lamb to the slaughter!"
But donkey works too.
You don't want to ask me anything?
All your information was in your bio-data!
Your favourite color too.
Blue! Right?
No, look that...
Mom and uncle.
So it's not blue?
I mean, Yes!
It is! But...
You ask me!
Are you on Tinder?
Just got back from London ...
...and you've already scored a bride!
Do you have a photo?
Show us! Oh wow! - Damn! She's hot!
Bro, chose an Indian over an english girl.
Who needs an english girl?
Remember the guy from our village...
...who married the English girl!
She's feeds his cattle now!
I saw it on her Facebook.
That's my Rumi. - Who are you?
Return the phone.
Why do you have her picture on your phone?
This is my Rumil. Who the hell are you?
I'll tell you who I am.
Return the phone. - Going to kill me?
I will!
Go on, bro. Pull that trigger!
Robbie, tell me to shoot.
Make sure when you shoot you kill me.
Because if I don't die...
...she isn't getting married to anyone else.
And if I die, she'll definitely kill herself.
Go on. Shoot me.
Robbie, say yes!
Why ask him? Pull the trigger.
Robbie, just nod ... I'll do it!
"Even I want love."
"Even I want love."
Kakaji just shared her pictures.
"I want love."
I haven't met her yet.
"My car is waiting outside."
'Who was that guy?'
Vicky a.k.a DJ Sandzz.
Rumi's Boyfriend.
You knew about him?
He's all over her Facebook.
I'm not sure.
Why would Rumi agree to marry me if she loves Vicky?
She won't tell me. I won't ask her.
You should've said no to the alliance.
You should meet Rumi, someday.
You'll know why I couldn't say no.
If Vicky's love has any substance ...
...then no one can take Rumi away from him.
That doesn't mean I don't put in my chips.
Bro is a real banker.
The true gambler.
Kakaji? - Bloody marriage bureau.
Easy, brother!
Where's the doorbell?!
Anal Sachdeva...
...this is not the name we're looking for.
The name is Kakaji.
Could be his father's name!
Vicky! Are you crazy?
You're my bro, right?
You're my bro, right? Move aside.
Open the door already! Hello, Kakaji?
Don't break the door!
Who's Kakaji?
What do you want? - Greetings Ma'am !
Looking for Kakaji.
Stand back and talk!
Where's Kakaji? - He'll be here soon.
Where is Kakaji? - What do you want?
- Where's he? -You'll find him.
- Where? Where is Kakaji?
- Aunty, please tell us. -Why are you looking for him?
Stand back and talk! Stay back.
We just need to ask him some questions.
Stop screaming! He'll come.
Come out. Where did you go?
Where is Kakaji?
Where is Kakaji?
Are you Kakaji?
Don't hit him Come here!
What did I do? - Get here.
Are you Kakaji?
Vicky, please!
Vicky ! Don't hit him!
If you take Rumi away from me...
... I'll chop you to pieces!
If Rumi is going to marry anyone ... then it'll be me!
Understood? - Yes!
Who will she marry? - You!
What's my name?
Vicky Sandhu! Now repeat it!
You're Sandhu's son? - Yes. Say my name?
Vicky Sandhu.
Vicky Sandhu.
Got this to beat me?
Vicky Sandhu.
Vicky Sandhu.
Get me a knife! No! No, Vicky!
Where is the knife?
No, no, no.
What does he want?
How dare you try to marry her off?
How dare you !
Running a Marriage Bureau
to kill the lovers of the world!
He won't share her pictures anymore.
He won't.
Please lock the door from inside.
Let's go!
Wait! Open the door!
Tell him who'll marry Rumi? - Please don't open.
Ask him!
You will marry her.
'Are you trying to make matches or get us killed?'
Are you trying to make matches or get us killed?
How dare he enter our house and break bottles?
He dares!
What can I say?
I dare you to do the same at his house, tomorrow!
And break his legs.
I'm not a wrestler!
I'll complain!
He won't bother you again.
What if he creates a scene again?
Don't worry. Our son...
... will guard your home.
Just don't let him break this proposal.
You take care of the groom's family.
We'll take care of Vicky.
We'll report him to the police.
And Babloo will guard you.
This is exactly why I went to university.
To hell with your MBA ...
... if you can't help your family.
You guard their house ...
...and get your sister married.
Come join the party.
Hello! - Call Vicky.
Are you his friend?
Yes. I'm his "friend"!
Your son isn't letting me get married.
But turns up for the honeymoon anyway.
Come inside!
Neither is he marrying me...
...nor letting me marry the other person.
I told him ...
... let's get engaged.
He agreed... but didn't turn up.
Makes me look like a fool.
He doesn't value my word.
Oye! Listen!
This time, I saved you!
Next time if you create a scene...
... I'll be the first to report you to the police!
What's going on?
I don't know, mummy.
I'll tell you.
I'm getting engaged tomorrow.
Either sit tight at home or leave town!
I don't want to see your ugly face again.
Here, your shawl. He stole it to gift it to me!
It's dry cleaned.
Will someone tell me what's going on?
Aunty, your son has lost it.
You get lost. - Why should I?
I'll tell you.
She's marrying someone else...
...because your boy won't grow up.
Uncle, he can't even make up his mind.
Why can't he just talk to her family?
She's ready to wait for him... long as he commits.
Uncle, tell me...
She's not asking him to marry right away... least get engaged!
So that her family isn't shamed.
Vicky, the girl was right.
If you can't sit tight, leave town.
Let's invite...
...only close friends and family.
Robbie wants a small wedding.
Limited guests.
I disagree. A wedding should be big.
Yes, indeed.
It's no fun...
...if it's not a grand reception!
'For you I left the world behind,'
We'll chill there, bro.
"I've chosen you. - Party hard.
"I've chosen you.
"I've chosen you.
'I tried to to stop myself, But my heart's made up its mind'
Dude, what happened?
Why are you turning back towards the city?
Don't go to her.
Get down!
'Now the tears flow, Like a river that winds'
'Crying out for you, My screams echo through time'
'I feel dead even when I'm alive'
'Now the tears flow, Like a river that winds'
Keep Rumi away from him.
What happened?
Get lost!
I need to talk to Rumi.
She won't meet you. Just leave!
'I feel dead even when I'm alive'
Do you want me to kick you out?
You can do whatever you want.
I won't leave.
Unless Rumi comes and talks to me...
I'll stand here in protest.
'Twisting and turning hour after hour'
'Oh, why do we doubt this love of ours,'
'Twisting and turning hour after hour'
'Twisting and turning hour after hour'
'You are my spirit, You are my being'
Come back.
'You are my spirit, You are my being'
'You are everything.'
'Yet you forget me, almost like I'm nothing'
'Yet you forget me, almost like I'm nothing'
'Now the tears flow, Like a river that winds'
He's been standing there all day.
What is he trying to prove?
'Crying out for you, My screams echo through time'
'I feel dead even when I'm alive'
'Now the tears flow, Like a river that winds'
She's locked herself in.
Get rid of this trouble.
People will talk.
What do you want?
Leave. - I want to marry you!
I'm engaged and getting married tomorrow.
Now get lost!
I know that.
But you aren't married yet.
And you think I'll call it off for you?
I don't like your face anymore.
Leave! - I know you love me.
Then you're delusional.
I know I made a mistake but I'll make it up to you.
Rumi, our love - Screw love.
Stop this nonsense and listen.
Whether you like it or not...
I know how to get love and make love!
I'll fix everything. Please forgive me!
You think I'm here... keep forgiving you.
Think, before you marry someone else.
Just leave!
Stop pushing. I'm leaving alright.
You're treating me like a beggar.
That's exactly what you are!
And a thief too!
Even your haircut is a copy!
Why are you always insulting me?
Beggar or thief, we're meant to be.
... we have but, one life!
I'm here to marry you! I'll do anything.
I'd die for you.
Are you dumb?
It's too late. I've moved on.
Get out.
Let's run away!
Is this a joke for you?
We eloped once, right?
What happened then?
Look around! Everything is set.
Guests, food, stage ... everything!
DJ Sandzz, bring your music...
... and dance at my wedding!
When you're crying alone after your wedding... the caterers, the decorators to cry on their shoulders!
Tell them "I got married because your arrangements were done... come wipe my tears."
Fine. I will!
When you wanted to elope...
... I came without thinking twice!
This time, I'm asking.
You can count on me now.
I can't live without you!
Die then!
He has realized his mistakes.
So...'ll run away?
I don't know anymore...
...but I don't want to lose him.
Whatever I decide today...
... will become the rest of my life.
And what about grandpa?
And family? - I know they'll be upset.
They won't talk to me.
Are you even listening to yourself?
Whatever you're planning ...
... it's just wrong, Rumi!
It's selfish!
I don't understand what kind of love is this.
It's the kind of love where ...
..its never enough!
And what about the groom...
...who's expecting you there tomorrow?
He'll find someone better.
But does he deserve to find out at the altar...
...that God has someone better planned for him?
You run away. That's fine.
Bro! If mom...
...catches her daughter-in-law, at this hour...
... there's going to be drama!
I wanted to talk to you!
Yeah, sure.
Wanna come in.
I ...
I don't want to get married.
I can't come to the Gurudwara tomorrow.
Is tomorrow a problem?
I mean I don't want to get married.
He's screwed.
I thought I'd let you know so you don't wait for me.
I don't suit you anyway.
You deserve someone better!
That's all!
I'll leave now.
Are you on facebook?
I'll add you!
Can you please help me kickstart the bike?
'She walks like fire, blazing funeral pyre'
'World's on mute but she's an amplifier'
'Tined tongue talks smack ! Never spares a needed whack'
'Carries a mean stick Mind your words or feel the sick burn'
'She'll brass hard on your manhood, Dare belittle, any sister from the hood.'
'Watch out ! She roars like a lioness'
'Pride in her gait, Shine on her face,'
'Foxy mind, shrewd in her trait, A fiery gaze'
'Now move to the side She's not your Jekyll, She's Mr. Hyde.'
'Do you defy? She'll eat you alive...'
'She is chaos Go ahead and try.'
'She's not your Jekyll, She's Mr. Hyde.'
"Try and say."
"Try and crate.."
"..the uproar."
"Try and do it."
This month's..
..30th is final.
Excuse me.
Tell me, Mr. Robbie.
This guy...
This DJ... - Sandhu's son?
If his name is Sandhu, then he's obviously Sandhu's son!
What does he do? - Nothing much ...
Earns a little money as a DJ.
What kind of life can he offer Rumi?
His love won't pay the bills or rent!
Did Rumi say something?
She's changed her mind?
You can't reason with those two!
Rumi is especially difficult!
Rumi might be difficult.
The guy might be too.
But the boy's parents...
...might be easy to talk to?
They must be practical.
What should I tell them?
Are you mad?
You'll take her away on her wedding day?
It's my mistake that I didn't do this earlier.
No son, that wasn't a mistake.
When you paid your way into engineering college ...
...that was a mistake.
Then one day, on Facebook... saw your banker friend's lifestyle.
So you decided to pursue the same.
And I paid for it.
That was a mistake.
And then you went and got your hair cut.
Defying our religion...
Thinks he'll become a DJ...
' changing his name from Sandhu to Sandzz!'
You've never understood the difference ...
...between wanting and doing.
You don't value anything...
...because I gave it to you on a platter.
This time I'm doing something!
Yeah, I can see that!
Eloping with a bride on her wedding day.
Very responsible!
Good job, son!
Running away is easy...
...but building a home is tough!.
Why are you ruining her life?
Papa, I... I can't live without Rumi!
Then you should have done this before!
Now she's marrying someone else ... you've woken up.
If you respected her...
...she wouldn't be pleading with us yesterday.
You don't want to marry her.
You just want to own her...
... like all your other toys.
You cried for this yo-yo.
Threw it away, when you couldn't figure it out.
One day you wanted to be a boxer ...
The next day, a cricketer!
Son, you can never make up your mind.
Please spare Rumi!
She's not your toy.
'I will meet you yet again.'
'Perhaps as a figment of your imagination.'
'spreading myself'
'A mysterious line, on your canvas,'
'I will keep gazing at you.'
'I will meet you yet again.'
'How and where?'
'I know not.'
'I will meet you yet again.'
So welcome Mr. and Mrs. Bhatia.
Enjoy your stay with us.
Thank you.
One stuffed bread. With butter.
Send extra curry.
Why don't you make yourself...
Compliment from the house, sir.
Thanks very much.
Thank you.
That's kind of you.
Left or right?
Always right.
In order to get in the pack...'s important to win...
'The mating sessions are short, but frequent.'
'Sometimes over 50 times, a day.'
'Now Prince and Ziggy have begun to court each other.'
'Another male lion coyly approaches the female.'
On our first night, I told him clearly...
...if you want some action, then take me to Switzerland.
Or else sleep on the couch.
You're lucky your husband isn't like mine.
If I give him that option...
...he'd definitely sleep on the couch!
Don't start again.
Breakfast? - Get some bread.
With butter?
Are you okay, child?
I'm not sure.
Haven't gotten over one relationship, and I'm already in another.
Take the bags from him!
Robbie is a strong man.
Rumi's here.
She seems nervous.
Great. Drive slowly.
It's raining.
Go quickly.
She got into the backseat!
Does she think my son is her driver?
Come, sit up front?
Drive safe.
'At obscure crossroads, fate stands'
'Blankly, those eyes staring at me.'
'A half-hearted life, solemnly hangs'
'As estranged happinesses flee'
'Flames of our eternal love'
'Flames of our eternal love Doused in an instant !'
'Flames of our eternal love'
'Flames of our eternal love Doused in an instant !'
'On bended knees and bowed head'
'I pray to you in god's stead'
'Miles that separate us'
'This damaged faith This remorse and regret'
'Everything said with words inefficient'
'Flames of our eternal love'
'Flames of our eternal love Doused in an instant !'
'Flames of our eternal love'
'Flames of our eternal love Doused in an instant !'
'Our bereft lives have halted'
'as our faintest hope died.'
'Like crimson flowers Nectarless inside'
'A windfall of woe Forsaken and alone'
'We could've been Us, but you nestled too distant.'
'Flames of our eternal love'
'Flames of our eternal love Doused in an instant !'
'Flames of our eternal love'
'Flames of our eternal love Doused in an instant !'
My aunt gifted it...
...for our first night.
Are you sure?
Waiting for a call?
Kashmiri tea, sir?
Sugar and..
What else?
You think you can mess with me?
I go overboard sometimes.
With what?
My sense of humor.
This is your sense of humor?
What do you do in anger then?
Hello, mom.
'How's the honeymoon?'
It's going well.
'Having fun?'
Yeah, it's fun.
'Here, talk to papa.'
Okay. Robbie.
Hi, papa!
'How's the honeymoon?'
It's going well.
'Having fun?'
Yes, it's quite fun!
'Good! Here, talk to Rumi's aunt.'
Rumi's here. I'll pass the phone.
Your aunt wants to talk.
Yes, aunty! - Rumi.
'How's the honeymoon?'
Honeymoon's going good!
'Having fun?'
No. Not so much!
Actually, he forgot to get condoms.
By the time he bought..
'There's some network issue!'
I have network here. I can hear you just fine!
What a ridiculous question! "How's the honeymoon?"
Have I ever asked them about their honeymoon?
'Say hi to my friend!'
'Who's that?'
'She's my friend.'
'Say hi to my girlfriend.'
'Tell her how many times we had fyaar!'
'Vicky, that's personal!'
'But wasn't it great?'
'Was what great? - Our fyaar!'
Will she hate me now?
That's the only way she'll move on.
Are you crazy? I don't want her to hate me!
You want her to move on.
But you don't want her to hate you.
Why don't you ever question me?
How was your run?
I didn't go for a run.
I'm not a virgin.
Maybe you were expecting one.
Most Indian men come back so they can marry virgins.
I'm not one either.
Don't you want to know who it was?
Are you okay?
Can we go back?
I'm done with this place.
It rains all day anyway.
Dear Lord!
Who is it?
'Came back so soon?'
'Take the keys.'
Bless you!
Is she alright?
Is everything okay?
Some tea?
They got back from their honeymoon so early.
The reservation was for two weeks. They left halfway.
Why don't you two go in their place?
You guys look like you need a honeymoon!
Or go alone.
'Like in that movie 'Queen'.'
Maybe on that holiday, you'll realize...
...that the man you've spent your life with...
...was never the one!
Do you charge to talk?
I'm sure you don't preach for free.
Ask your husband that question!
Is he getting paid to shut up?
It's like he's taken a vow of silence.
You don't get this in London.
These pickles.
Dried crisps...
Robbie takes it from home.
Once you learn to make these pickles...
I can retire.
I'm going to the market.
'For some marketing?'
No. Just to kill time.
With whom?
With myself!
Where are the keys to the scooter?
I'll come along. Where are you going?
Then how will I get time alone?
I'll go by myself.
Cousin has taken the scooter.
What is she!
An atom bomb!
Be careful... She might blow up on you.
I mean it.
Where is he? - He's asleep.
Wake up.
Wake up!
This is for standing me up, that night.
What's this one for? You guess.
Stop pretending to "move on" with Raja's girlfriend!
You're a loser! Understand?
A loser!
You're delusional if you think you let me go!
I dumped you!
You need to move on! I don't!
I got over you, a while ago.
And if you can't get that through your head...
...I'll write it down for you!
Read it aloud!
"Rumi... "
"went... "
"on her own!"
Went where?
First crossfit.
'Then keto diet at Kesar Dhabha!'
Keto is basically Punjabi food.
Have you ever seen a fat Punjabi..
Tell me something...
Have you always been a monk?
Tell me something...
Have you always been a witch?
Sometimes monks step out of their character.
But you are never out of character, you witch!
Ever yelled at the top of your lungs?
Like climbed the water tank, and just yelled "Motherf -"
Have you?
Village people!
What happened?
The kids are warming up to each other. You sleep.
Sorry! Again.
'Go for it!' - Yeah?
What's going on? - She's two drinks down.
'What!' two drinks.
And Robbie. He is four down!
Wait a minute.
Only one villager heard you. - You motherf-
Don't abuse...your mom.
Hello! He was calling out to you.
Once more.
Ready, 1, 2, 3...
Friends, Romans, countrymen!
Romeo and Juliet want to say something!
But no one's listening!
Go to sleep! The kids have exams.
Juliet wants to commit suicide...
...and you're worried about exams!
Shakespeare died ages ago!
These folks have no idea about Romeo or Juliet or suicides!
Yes. Go. Live your life.
Losers win even after losing the game.
Oh my!
I'll never let go, Jack. You won't understand.
Oh an airplane!
Bye, bye, plane.
City folks!
Let's go to London on that plane.
Let's go for a movie?
Just a month ago..
..male and female kids were born.
And they are going to be included in the group now.
Female child's name is Alisha.
Are you okay?
Male child's name is..
That is..
So you only open up when you're drunk?
I don't know you that well.
What do you mean?
I know you what you look like naked, but..
I still don't know if you like fritters or fries.
They proudly enquire..
'A female monkey is attracted to the strongest male.'
'During the mating season,..
'Do you like Kofte?'
...the males display their strength.'
Rainfall or snowfall?
Do you vote?
Do you scream when you're angry?
Do you have your National ID?
In the winters, do you keep the fan on?
Do you pay taxes?
Do you smoke secretly?
Why secretly?
I smoke openly.
With hot tea.
'I'll make you an offer you can't refuse!'
I never make a second offer, once you refuse the first.
'This blooming love, it teases me,'
'O' girl, your companionship appeases me'
'Like a colours of a prism, pleases me'
'The hopeful dance in my heart, seizes me'
'Oceans churn within a river, like a dance'
"Like a dance..."
'Cities swing enchanted, in a trance'
'Colours of a rainbow, that are spread amiss'
'Colours of a rainbow, that are spread amiss'
'You and I, entangled in a butterfly kiss.'
'I fly, fly away, a kite undeterred,'
'Painted in love with the colours stirred'
'Within my heart, Within my being,'
'are playing tunes unheard'
'O friends, I'm flying, a freebird'
'In this sweetest battles of glances blurred'
'For the shortest separation, now seems absurd !'
'This blooming love, it teases me,'
'O' girl, your companionship appeases me'
'Like a colours of a prism, pleases me'
'The hopeful dance in my heart, seizes me'
'Warriors abandon wars as they prance !'
'Seasons swing enchanted, in a trance'
'Colours of a rainbow, that are spread amiss'
'You and I, entangled in a butterfly kiss.'
Right now?
I've realized my mistake.
I didn't have the courage to face your family.
But today, I told Mr. Robbie about us.
I can't live without you.
We're meant to be together.
I want to stay in this marriage.
So do I.
I want to stay in this marriage too.
Then why are we discussing this?
Discussion is a good thing.
I don't want us to separate.
But what about Vicky?
What about him?
It's his problem!
This is your anger talking.
Vicky does what he does because...
You empower him.
I can ignore him.
Can you?
Until you learn to to ignore him...
I can't either.
Nor can I stop him. Because honestly...'s not my place.
So...think over it.
If you still want to be with him - I don't want to.
There's no rush.
What did he tell you?
Nothing I didn't already know.
He just...filled in some blanks.
I'd decided a while ago that I want to be with you.
Are you convincing me? Or yourself?
Take your time.
I don't need time.
I want to be with you.
Do you love me?
With time, I will!
I've already begun to like you.
I'll fall in love too.
Take your time.
I don't need to make a choice!
I made my decision when I married you.
Stop trying to be a martyr!
Sacrificing love!
If you're so eager to become a saint, then..
You know... can tell me anything, right?
Anything at all.
Okay stop your nonsense.
'It's making me want fyaar.'
Switch off the lights!
Either switch off the lights, or shut your eyes.
What do you want?
What is wrong with you?
Why did you tell him everything?
I won't back out this time!
I'll fight the world for you.
I live with him! - You don't have to!
Why can't you understand!
Listen! You'll find someone..
But I want you.
I can't get you out of my mind!
'There's no fyaar with anyone else.'
No matter where I try to escape to...
I only find my happiness on your terrace, your streets, with you!
Tell me, what do I do?
If you can't be with me, then kill me!
Kill me and get this over with!
I can't live like this!
Rumi, you can count on me.
I'm here this time. For good!
How will I face him?
You don't have to say anything.
No one will know if you don't tell.
What happened?
It's okay. Take your time.
It's okay.
'Look at me, My vexed heart, stupefied'
'I want to live this life, with you by my side'
'For slightest whim of yours, this world, I shall sacrifice.'
'It is only you, for whom I yearn'
'These colours of love, shan't fade or burn,'
'I'm adamant , you and I, live forever with love and laughter'
'This blooming love, it teases me,'
'O' boy, your companionship appeases me'
'Like a colours of a prism, pleases me'
'The hopeful dance in my heart, seizes me'
'This mystic heart swings, upon a single glance,'
'The poet within me, indulged in a platonic dance'
Why aren't you taking Vicky's calls?
Or replying to his texts?
He thought everything is resolved!
But you aren't talking to him again.
He's drinking night and day. Please talk to him once.
Who are you? Who's this man?
Murmuring in my ear constantly.
What do you need, sir?
Call me back! I'm dying here.
Please meet me once! I'm begging you.
I was thinking of stopping by our shop.
It's been awhile.
Should I drop you there?
It's okay. I'll take a rickshaw.
No one's home.
Why did you stop taking my calls?
I told you we're done.
Don't do it.
Don't do it!
Don't do it!
If you want me to stop, then ask me to stop.
I said stop!
Can't you hear me!
You wanted to talk, right? Then talk.
You keep pouncing on me!
Rumi, last time when - What last time?
Last time was my mistake!
If I hadn't married Robbie...
I wouldn't have stopped you. - As long as you stay married...'ll keep making this mistake!
Tell me something.
When your Robbie makes love to you... you close your eyes and imagine me?
Or do you look into his eyes?
'A wounded heart bleeding,'
'Crumbling homes of broken love.'
'As I fall into the abyss,'
'With teary eyes, I retreat.'
'This heart echoes with silent screams'
'Unrequited love, perched with shadows gleam'
'Love's pious and pure, though dirty it may seem,'
'A callous, wet hem, neither hope, nor a dream'
'While my heart echoes with silent screams'
'Unrequited love, perched with shadow gleams'
'Whose syllable fell, agape and unseen'
'Whose syllable fell, agape and unseen'
'This heart echoes with silent screams'
'Unrequited love, perched with shadows gleam'
'Love's pious and pure, though dirty it may seem,'
'A callous, wet hem, neither hope, nor a dream'
'While my heart whispers silent screams'
'Poems of love fell, agape and unseen'
'Those syllable fell, agape and unseen'
'Broken wings of murky night Forlorn, hurt with that sight'
'Rainbows jaded by this smite Laughters swayed by this slight'
'Broken wings of murky night Forlorn, hurt with that sight'
'Rainbows jaded by this smite Laughters swayed by this slight'
'My heart echoes with silent screams'
'Unrequited love, perched with shadow gleams'
"Unrequited love."
You could've told me you'll be late.
I was waiting for you.
I waited up, last night too.
You could've just told me...
You could've told me...
You still imagine him when you close your eyes.
You could've told me...
...that you still haven't forgotten his touch.
You deserve him.
You're perfect for each other.
He can't stand up for you, you can't stand up for yourself.
Neither of you have anything better to do...
...than keep going back and forth!
You feed off each other!
You make me sick.
You still have a choice.
I'd said that to you.
And I gave you that choice...
...because I love you.
Very-very much.
But your lies...
Destroyed everything!
I... - Don't.
Next time, when you need to go see him...
Take the car.
Don't go in a rickshaw or on a bike.
With your face hidden like a thief!
I'm sorry about last night.
I overstepped.
I don't want to stay in this marriage.
We haven't registered it yet.
So legally it shouldn't be a problem.
So, you want to end this?
This was never a marriage.
You don't have to worry.
You won't have to take the blame.
Anyway, there are many Indian men...
...who come from London or Canada to marry a virgin.
And disappear after the honeymoon.
They'll assume I'm one of them.
Have you lost your mind?
This is not a game.
Marry today, separate tomorrow!
You're not playing with your dollhouse.
This is a marriage.
That ...
Sandhus's son...
Is he the reason?
So what?
She is your wife.
These affairs are all forgotten in time.
You'll get over it.
I thought...'d pull through.
I tried, dad!
We tried our best to counsel them.
But they had already decided to separate.
It's their life.
Water purifier. Last one.
You had gifted 21 dresses.
20 of them are in the suitcase and she's wearing one.
This is embarrassing.
Annulment requires you to return the gifts.
I need to keep a paper trail for legal matters.
Should I make you some tea?
I can make some.
Some other time.
If I stay for tea now...
When your luggage comes back from London...
I'll bring it here.
Our girl has finally become a woman.
When will your boy become a man?
Don't worry, uncle. I'll get a proper look.
No more hair tattoos.
'...called the salon.'
'Robbie came home with your luggage.'
Get rid of the colors.
Definitely! - Get a proper job.
Actually, we'd got this done together...
So yes, I mean, I'll get rid of the colors.
'For you I left the world behind,'
'For you I left the world behind,'
'For you I left the world behind,'
'I tried to to stop myself, But my heart's made up its mind'
'I tried to to stop myself, But my heart's made up its mind'
'Now the tears flow, Like a river that winds'
'If luck is not on your side, then call 564322 (TC apply).'
'Crying out for you, My screams echo through time'
'I feel dead even when I'm alive'
'Now the tears flow, Like a river that winds'
My cousin Tony lives in Sydney.
He runs a cab company. - Tony who?
Tony is my sister's son.
So you'll work as a cab driver?
No! Not a cab driver.
He has like 25 odd cabs.
- Serve them first. - He's managing it all alone.
I'll help him run his business.
And whenever I can, I'll DJ.
So you'll drive cabs.
No, uncle. A cab company!
We'll have cab drivers working for us!
Tony and I will supervise and manage the company.
But I won't sit idle.
That's the plan.
Can Vicky and I have our tea on the terrace?
Vicky you aren't ready for marriage.
You were right.
I was wrong.
You aren't ready to get married.
What happened?
You know, I hit the jackpot!
That you were my first love.
For me, there'll never be another... you.
If someone can't see how special you are...
Then they're blind.
But... aren't husband material.
"Husband material"?
What does this mean?
You want to go back to him.
If wanting was enough, life would be simple.
But I'm responsible now.
I'll work hard. I won't let you down this time.
You need to let me go.
Let go.
We're better off as friends.
What will marriage do for us?
You'll own me, I'll own you.
Why should we tie each other down?
You should go to Australia.
Find a new life.
I've just begun to understand myself.
Only God knows what's in store for me!
I'm not even sure if there's anything for me.
'Why do my eyes deceive me so?'
'Why am I unable to let you go?'
'Why am I unable to let you go?'
'Oh, why do we doubt this love of ours,'
'Twisting and turning hour after hour'
'Twisting and turning hour after hour'
'Twisting and turning hour after hour'
'You are my spirit, You are my being'
'You are everything.'
'You are everything.'
'You are everything.'
Tomorrow we get anulled.
Rumi and I.
Everyone's been saying...
"It was only an arranged marriage."
"Barely a couple of weeks in. Try again."
Settling down is very important.
I'm not promising that...
...we'll fall in love.
We really don't know.
I promise not to cheat on you.
I won't lie either.
Honestly, I just...
...wanted to tell you everything about Rumi.
Yeah, you've told me everything.
About Rumi.
Do you want to ask me anything?
What's my name?
There's no rush.
Take your time.
'Now the tears flow, Like a river that winds'
'Crying out for you, My screams echo through time'
'I feel dead even when I'm alive'
'Now the tears flow, Like a river that winds'
'Now the tears flow, Like a river that winds'
'Now the tears flow, Like a river that winds'
'Now the tears flow, Like a river that winds'
Sorry Kakaji! I'm late, I know.
This way ...
Kakaji got you another proposal already?
When's the wedding?
Why didn't Vicky come with you?
He moved to Australia.
Read it once.
Groom's family has to return the dowry.
They have to pay for the expenses incurred too.
That's also done.
Alright! Just sign and the marriage is annulled.
Does she play hockey?
Please sign! - Give them a minute.
Let them have a moment.
She's a doctor.
A dentist.
She did my root canal.
It didn't hurt at all!
They're the most respected dentist family in town.
Sir. Another case is her.
Does she ride a bike?
'Wait man! Can't you see?'
They're having a moment!
All the best.
How are you going home?
It's close by. I'll walk.
I'll walk you.
I've heard it rains quite a bit in London.
I like rainfall over snowfall.
I've voted in the last two elections.
Each time, I promise myself...
...that if we end up with a useless government...
...I won't vote ever again.
But I guess I will.
I have my National ID.
But I haven't linked it to my accounts yet.
They spam my inbox with reminders.
It pisses me off!
And whenever I get angry...
'I eat really spicy paani puris!'
In the winters ...
I keep the fan on, but get cozy under my blanket.
My parents died early.
So I manipulate everyone to get my way.
Later, I cry alone in my room.
I can be melodramatic!
'I don't like Kofte!'
But I can devour yogurt dumplings!
I'm the witch!
But when Grandpa says that my penalty hits are like dad's ...
...I melt completely.
In here.
I was the first guy in our group ... kiss a girl.
9th Grade! Behind the water cooler.
Her name was Kanika.
The day she was getting married ...
...she wanted a goodbye kiss.
I kissed her but ...
But her aunt saw us.
That was the day ...
I broke all the long jump records!
From her terrace to her neighbor's!
I was 24 when I had a car accident.
The car was totaled but I was safe.
Karan lost his leg.
He uses a prosthetic leg now.
Karan is my best friend.
Since then I've been a monk.
I step out of character when I'm around you.
He lives in London too?
He's already opened my Tinder account.
Vicky and I met on Tinder too.
You know how they suggest profiles based on proximity.
His profile popped up.
Swiped right as soon as I saw him.
Haven't used Tinder since that day.
We deleted the app from each other's phones.
Tell me something.
If you knew about Vicky, then why did you marry me?
When you already had Vicky in your life ...
Why did you agree?
Because I was angry.
I would've married anybody.
And I wanted to take advantage of that.
Because I liked you a lot.
Liked me or found me hot?
First, I found you hot.
Then I liked you.
It was the exact opposite for you.
First, I liked you.
What kind of girl were you looking for?
Someone who doesn't ride bikes, or play hockey.
But here you had bikes, hockey...
And a Vicky!
And you still married me.
Are you crazy?
Sorry. I mean you were crazy!
I still am.
So why did you break up?
I thought I could deal with Vicky.
I couldn't.
Was it when you saw us together?
He asked you a question...
...that you couldn't answer.
Which question?
"Do you..."
"...close your eyes and imagine him.."
"..or open them and look at me?"
What could I have said?
If I'd told him the truth, he wouldn't have let me go.
And I didn't want to lie.
So I kept quiet.
But now, when I close my eyes...
...I don't see him anymore.
The next time you're in town, I'll show you my penalty hit.
Did you deactivate your Facebook? Or block me?
Send me a friend request again.
I'll accept it.
By the way, we still have two complimentary breakfasts...
...pending in Kashmir.
'I am painted by your colors, now and forever'
'I am flying away with you, now and forever'
'I yield in to whims with you, As your heart desires'
'Take me wherever with you, As your heart desires'
'Share your dreams with me, As your heart desires'
'All your wishes flying free As your heart desires'
'Pockets of Love-prayers'
'Accepted, take me higher'
'Disobey the ways of this world'
'As this heart desires'
'As this heart desires'
"You're in my heart."
"You're in my thought."
"You've obliged me."
"I can never forget."
"I'm all yours."
"Your personality has impressed me."
"My desires.."
"..are linked with you."
"Desires are linked with you."
"Desires are linked with you."
"I will tolerate all your tantrums. As your heart desires."
"I will smile whenever you say. As your heart desires."
"I will feel proud of your love. As your heart desires."
"I will adorn as your heart desires."
'Pockets of Love-prayers'
'Accepted, take me higher'
'Disobey the ways of this world'
'As this heart desires'
'As this heart desires'
'As this heart desires'
'As this heart desires'
'As this heart desires'
'As this heart desires'
'As this heart desires'
'As this heart desires'
'As this heart desires'