Manorama: Six Feet Under (2007) Movie Script

Maybe the name sounds familiar.
It is in the news at least twice a year.
In summer,
when about a 100 people are
dead because of the scorching heat wave.
And then in winter, when the cold wave
claims another 100 lives.
It's a small town located
in the desert
which has a world of its own.
Who would have thought
that everything here was about to change.
It is said that creation
is preceded by destruction.
It hasn't rained for
the past three years.
This town resembled my life.
Dry, withered,
dull and thirsty.
And just like my life
the construction of the new canal
had been discontinued.
Maybe, that's how deserts are born.
Here's a truth about the desert.
Many things are hidden
under the surface here.
Often what seems like an
illusion turns out to be real,
and what seems real turns
out to be an illusion.
Like under the Grey, cloudy sky
right in the middle of the road
Yana Gupta is seducing me.
Mr. Satyaveer.
Yes, Mr. Bihari.
Do you need something?
New motorcycle?
What do you think?
Did you buy it with
a loan or with installments?
Single payment.
-Single payment?
Single payment! I thought the same!
Hey, Babloo pooped his pants again!
-Come and help me.
What was Mr. Bihari Lal saying?
Nothing important.
Where's Raju?
He's gone for Geeta's birthday party.
I closed the parlor early today.
Will you have some tea?
Your editor had called and
was talking about a deadline.
your press card has arrived.
Did they publish your story?
Yes, it's on page number 22.
Are you happy?
Come, have a seat.
What happened?
Did the suspension order come through?
This afternoon.
For how long?
Investigation is pending.
You are so gullible.
The entire department accepts bribe.
But you are the only idiot who got caught.
Where's the remote control?
Mom had warned me that
I should've married that boy
from Jaipur who own four stores.
But I had to get stuck with
a junior engineer in the PWD department.
Why does your press card say,
"Surendra Mohan Upadhyay"?
It's my pen name.
Pen name?
Why do you need a pen name?
And please go easy on the water.
Your in-laws aren't
gifting us a water tanker.
There comes a time in everyone's life,
when you can't recognize yourself
in the mirror.
As a kid, I thought I'd be
really famous someday.
Not a famous movie star
or a detective.
Just a famous writer.
And Manorama is one
of my great creation.
My last novel, my first attempt
and my last hope had failed.
It was the biggest washout in
the history of writing.
Only 200 copies were sold.
Where am I a year later?
Neither here nor there.
In the middle of this godforsaken desert
leading a petty, nameless existence
with petty problems and
by taking petty bribes.
Are we going to Rohtak for Diwali or not?
Brij can't go either
all because of the canal issue.
You know I think that
astrologer was right about you.
What did he say, Papa?
Quiet. Who are you talking about?
Your mother had taken me to see him.
He said that you've been
pursuing me since the past life.
Don't try to change the subject.
Are we going to Rohtak or not?
We'll have to wait till
the inquiry is over.
That means we won't be going.
You promised we'd play snakes and ladders.
I didn't promise you.
Yes, you did.
It must have been Ludo.
Snakes and ladders.
-Okay. Ludo.
-How about tomorrow?
-No, that's not fair.
Dear, nothing is fair in life.
We will play tomorrow, okay?
It's all because of
your new motorcycle.
It just drew unwanted attention.
And you are acting like a rich man.
Do you ever listen to anybody?
Can we go for a ride on the motorcycle?
Come on, Raju. It's time for bed.
My TV show is about to begin.
Do you know what she said?
If Iravati was so bothered,
she wouldn't have gone to Delhi.
I agree.
This house has become a hermitage.
Please see it.
-Why don't you write something?
-I don't feel like it.
You never feel like it these days.
So you are here, Iravati.
I was talking about your writing.
Is Mr. Satyaveer Randhawa home?
Mr. Satyaveer?
I need to talk to you
in private.
It's very important.
Okay. Please come in.
This way, please.
Please have a seat.
-No! Please, it's okay.
Excuse me.
Yes, tell me?
Nimmi, keep your voice down.
She'll hear you.
I don't care about all that.
Who is she? What does she want?
Nimmi! I don't know.
She's a stranger.
She's waiting. I'm going back in.
Please go!
Do you need my permission?
-I'm going!
-Please go!
I can't see your book anywhere.
I don't have a copy of it.
Not a single copy for yourself?
Please, sit.
Your photo is on the back cover
of your book.
You look just the same.
Manorama is one of my favorite books.
The protagonist, detective Raghu
he must be inspired by you, right?
Anyway, he's just a character.
And one can't hire a character
but maybe the creator.
I'm sorry but I don't get it.
Have you heard of P. P. Rathore?
Are you talking about
the Irrigation Minister?
The erstwhile king of Lakhot?
Have you even met his wife?
I'm Mrs. P. P. Rathore.
And I need your help.
What can I do for you?
It's a sensitive matter.
Please keep that in mind.
I think my husband is having an affair.
I need a proof and I want
you to get this proof for me.
I want you to follow my husband.
You will catch him red-handed
and click his photos.
But, why me?
It's obvious.
It's difficult to find a private detective
in this town.
The only person I could think of
is the creator of detective Raghu.
That's you.
I will pay you for your services.
10,000 rupees.
Once the job is done,
I'll pay 10,000 rupees more.
Is 20,000 rupees enough, Mr. Satyaveer?
I've noted down all the relevant details.
When there is no assembly session,
my husband spends his weekends alone
at our ancestral home here in Lakhot.
That's the only time
for him to continue with
his clandestine activities.
Can I ask you a question?
How come you don't have
a copy of your own book?
It's just that
it reminds me of my failure.
Will you spy on people now?
Are you nuts?
I want to go to Rohtak and
not the loony bin in Agra.
You know, I got some
great marriage proposals as well.
Great! At least, we'll get
to see the Taj Mahal in Agra.
-Down with the
-Irrigation Minister!
-Down with
-P. P. Rathore!
-Long live
-The People's United Party.
-The canal
-Is a death trap.
Down with the canal.
The canal will kill all of us.
-Down with the
-Irrigation Minister!
-Long live
-The People's United Party.
We agree that the region needs water.
But what will they gain
by fleecing poor farmers?
When we all know that
there will be no water,
then, why are they taking away
our land?
These feudal lords just want
to reign over us again.
They want to reign over us again.
Oh, no!
I've clicked some photos
of your husband and a woman.
They were having some sort of argument.
I was too far and that's why
I couldn't hear them.
Well, then
I'm leaving.
I need to tell you something more.
Did you notice something else?
The photo studio was shut,
so, I couldn't get the
photos developed. Sorry.
That's alright.
Don't worry about me! I'm just the maid!
-Can I get 250 grams of carrots?
And 500 grams of peas as well.
Even if the whole world unites,
the wife's brother always wins.
It's said that there was
a time when the people of Lakhot
believed in love and not war.
The world may have changed
but there's one man who has
kept the tradition alive.
He eats a sweet pancake every morning.
And then, some sweet words
will spill out of his mouth.
Are you trying to feed me the leftovers
from your father's wedding?
What are you saying, sir?
You know the pancakes are
best-selling items on my menu.
There's no question of them being stale.
The question has already been raised.
Are you calling me a liar,
a cheat and a fraud?
Why don't I just arrest myself?
Come on, sir.
Please try one more.
So, this is sub-inspector, Brij Mohan.
He is my brother-in-law
and my best friend.
Hey, brother-in-law!
Are we on for tonight?
That's the issue with wives!
If they can't snare a good husband,
they'll cry for a lifetime.
But if they are lucky
enough to get a good one
they'll make him cry for a lifetime.
Do you know
why didn't I get married?
So that I could savor the
sweet pancakes of life!
No woman, no problems.
Single and happy.
Nimmi's not that bad.
Really? You've married a demon.
That makes you
a demon as well, right?
Have I ever claimed to be a God?
Did I ever say it? Never.
She's just been under a lot of stress.
I am going through a bad phase as well.
Take a weekend off with Nimmi.
Take her for a second-hand honeymoon.
-You mean, a second honeymoon.
-Yeah, that's what I meant.
It will make a lot of difference.
I'll take care of Raju.
Did the astrologer really say that?
Astrologer? About our past lives?
He did. Your mom told you, right?
So, have we been together
at least since two lives?
He said you were pursuing me
in the last one.
You only managed to get me
this time around.
Can I see the blue one?
This is a very unique sari.
I'm just going outside.
-Okay, and don't smoke.
Show me that one, please.
-Give me a pack of cigarettes.
Ma'am! Ms. Meenakshi.
See! I bought the blue one.
-The color suits me, right?
Were you smoking?
I just had one cigarette.
Naughty boy! You promised you wouldn't.
Reshma will be so envious!
It's so soft!
He has been considered for the
-The bus will stop for 15 minutes.
-post of the president.
Now we have to see who will be
appointed as the president of India.
In Rajasthan's Lakhot district,
the construction of a new
water-sports complex for
children commenced today.
The state minister for irrigation,
Mr. P. P. Rathore graced
this occasion as a chief guest.
The foundation stone was laid by the
minister's wife Mrs. Meenakshi Rathore.
Mrs. Rathore is rarely seen in
public due to her health issues.
However, she said that
any development efforts
for children must be
supported in every way.
Mom and dad will be so happy if we
give them this tea set for Diwali.
I wonder what Brij must be
feeding Raju
or teaching him.
He himself barely scraped
through school by cheating.
Listen, now that everything is over
and the lady has paid you for
your services,
the matter should be closed.
I suggest that
you should forget about this.
I need to tell you something.
I think someone saw me that night.
Raju! Come here.
How are you?
Brij. Not in front of the kid.
On the contrary, I am of the opinion that
children should be exposed
to the realities of life
as early as possible.
Right, Raju?
Yes, Uncle!
But, who was she?
What do they say in English?
Curiosity kills the cat.
Is there another bottle
or did you finish it all?
-Can I ask you a question?
Do you remember that condom ad?
A little bit of caution
-can create a better future!
-can create a better future!
A little bit of caution
Can create a better future.
Mr. Satyaveer!
Mr. Satyaveer, please stop!
-My life is in danger. If--
-Just a minute.
I was just making sure that you are real.
I've been imagining
all sorts of things lately.
If something happens to me--
You know, there's this girl.
No, it's a woman.
No, a girl. I always see her.
I need you to remember my name.
My real name is Manorama.
Just like your book.
Hold on.
Sorry for interruption but
did you really like my book?
-Did you even read it?
Listen, I am Manorama and I am 32
years old. Please remember this.
Please remember this if anything
happens to me.
32? Is that your age or your waist size?
Nimmi, I'm going out.
Do you need anything?
The same name again.
The name I was trying to forget,
was back to haunt me.
This time not as a protagonist in a novel
but a living woman.
But she betrayed me once again.
Raju, do you want
some jam on your toast?
Mom had called me.
Are you listening to me?
Manorama Shukla, who was
a part of an organization
campaigning against the
Rajasthan Development Canal,
was killed in an accident on the highway.
Preliminary investigations
haven't indicated any foul play
though the police suspect
that it could be a suicide.
It's her. She committed suicide.
Nimmi, if you were to commit suicide,
would you kill yourself by
jumping in front of a truck?
My death is not going to benefit you
in any manner.
Brij is the legal heir
of my property and money.
IN A ROAD ACCIDENWhat's wrong with you?
The newspaper says it's a suicide.
Do you believe everything
that's written in the newspaper?
Did you lie about your education?
A social worker, Manorama Shukla
-If anything happens to me
-died last night.
-I want you to remember me.
-Campaigning against the canal--
My name is Manorama and
I'm thirty-two years old.
Why would someone
go against this campaign?
But we believe that Rathore
is taking advantage of this
to earn more votes.
The 1981 agreement for water
between Punjab,
Haryana and Rajasthan is still in dispute.
And the other states are
refusing to release water.
-I'm sure I'll find all that in here.
So, was Manorama Shukla
a part of this protest?
Was Manorama Shukla working
in your organization?
I'm sorry, but I'm confused.
What's your article about?
It's about your organization,
but we need to have
a human-interest story as well.
If there are suicide stories
then people will like to read about them.
This will foster a wide
and engaged readership
and your ideologies will reach out
to the people as well.
So was Manorama
living with her family?
She came from Jaipur.
She lived here with a roommate.
What was the roommate's name?
Roommate's name
Maybe you have it written somewhere.
Thank you.
Here it is. Sheetal.
Sheetal. What's her address?
Don't you want your ideologies
to reach the people?
Yes, absolutely.
House number 105,
first floor, Talati mansion.
Are you Ms. Sheetal?
And you?
I am sorry but I need to talk to you.
I am sorry I can't attend you
if you're here to sell something.
I have a bus to catch.
No. It's about Manorama.
She was a client of mine.
I'm sorry but I don't get
what you're saying.
Look, I can't disclose
more than this right now.
Ms. Manorama came to meet me
the night she died.
She was in a panic state.
What do you mean?
Manorama's suicide is not what it seems.
I'm sorry, but I'm really
getting really late.
My bus is here.
Did you notice something unusual off late?
Did she say anything?
Please try to recollect.
This is my landline number.
If you remember anything
at all, then please call me.
It's very important.
Satyaveer Randhawa the writer?
Your stop is here, get down.
Come on, get in. Let's go.
Yes. That's right. I'm her father.
Gyanchand Shukla.
The year of graduation is 1990.
That's correct.
Are you sure?
There's no Manorama Shukla
in your records.
Could you check the register
of the year 1989 or 1991?
I see.
There seems to be some confusion.
I'll call you back. Thank you.
Mrs. P. P. Rathore.
Meenakshi Rathore.
Manorama Shukla.
Apparently, there's no Manorama Shukla
in records.
Who the hell was she, Nimmi?
BUT DEVELOPMENTake this. Let's go.
Catch hold of him. Rascal!
Get him!
You you scoundrel!
Hey, wait! Stop there.
You will not be able to escape,
you scoundrel.
-Shoot him.
-Hey, wait or I'll shoot you.
-Stop right there.
-I am telling you to stop!
Get him!
I'll kill you.
I'll fire all the six bullets in you.
Yes, tell me.
You know these peanuts can worsen
your asthma, right?
Yeah, I know.
What did that woman tell you that night?
Speak the truth.
What did that woman tell you?
Which woman are you talking about?
-Do you remember now?
-Not so easily.
You can't hide anything from me, you jerk.
-You rascal!
-Tell us!
Tell us right now!
Was she telling you a joke?
We want to hear it as well!
-Yeah, we want to hear it.
-Tell us!
-Speak up.
-She didn't say anything.
Really? Spill it!
You scoundrel!
What did she say? Tell me!
Speak up!
It's your turn now. Interrogate him.
Just move.
I don't know anything.
-Can I shoot him?
-Are you nuts?
-Please listen to me.
-Just once! Please!
-Are you mad?
Let me fire three bullets.
You moron, how will we find out anything
if you kill him?
Here, break his fingers instead.
Snap them in two.
I don't want to do it. You can do it.
I always get the lowly job.
Do your own dirty work.
-You're just scared.
-Leave it.
What did she say?
She just
all she said was
her name was Manorama.
and that her age was 32.
That's all. I swear!
-Thirty two.
-Thirty two.
Why would the bitch tell you her age?
You weren't filling in a damn
application form for her.
How would I know?
I told you what she said!
Give me your right hand.
Come on!
I don't know anything else.
I think, he's telling the truth.
Shut up! You bird-brained moron!
What do you have?
What do you have there?
Hey. Take the motorcycle keys.
Mind your own business
from now onward. Okay?
And with complete honesty.
Let's go and water the canal.
What did you call me?
A bird-brained moron?
Yes, a bird-brained moron.
Come on, let's go.
Did you have a wild night?
Do you know why the tourists
go to Jaipur?
It's because it's called, "the Pink City."
That's what we need, a pink city.
Nimmi kept calling all night long.
You owe me one, brother-in-law.
Doctor, can we hurry up?
The entire state machinery
is waiting for you.
-Are you done, doctor?
Thank you.
Do you know what's the icing on the cake?
I missed my pancake today because of you.
Why don't you find out who
those two men work for?
What's the point?
The maximum charge would
be of assault.
They'd be walking free in 15 minutes.
Brij, we're not talking
about an extra pancake here.
A woman has been murdered!
Really? What proof do you have?
Any evidence? Anything?
As of now, the only provable
crime is trespassing.
Sneaking into the minister's
house illegally and spying.
Should I register a case?
We cremated her body yesterday.
None of the family members
inquired about the same.
Brij, I'm telling you that
it was a murder.
I'm still telling you,
that this is stupidity.
Please go and write a novel
and stop playing a detective.
And for your kind information
we released the truck driver
involved in the accident.
It was a simple case of accident.
She ran out in the middle of the road.
It was dark.
He didn't see her and
ran over the girl.
Sir, the commissioner is on air
on the wireless line.
What does he want now?
I'm coming.
I'll be right back.
Jayesh Pathak.
LIC and general insurance agent.
In today's times, one needs
adequate insurance coverage.
Life is so unpredictable.
It's full of happiness and sadness.
Anything can happen.
That's why I say,
a little bit of caution can create
a better future.
Brother-in-law, what are you doing?
What do you want?
You could have asked me.
What do you want?
The truck driver's name? His address?
I'll give it to you.
But this is the last time.
Hereafter, forget about this nonsense.
I'll file a report for
the stolen motorcycle. Okay?
You won't even have to
come to the police station.
No, thank you.
Come on now. Don't sulk.
It's not that.
What is it then?
The thing is
it was a gift from Sima Construction.
It's still registered in their name.
And now I have to go through
this inquiry.
Listen to me!
This isn't for people like us.
Do you understand?
These politicians are the big shots.
And don't you know
what the big shots like?
They like people like us.
That's right.
Tell Nimmi that she owes me this one.
Do you know what my mom told me
when we were getting married?
Keep your man close
by keeping him happy in bed.
Is this true?
Is that ceiling fan more
interesting than me?
What have you
got yourself involved into?
Okay. Whatever it is, it has to stop.
They could have killed you.
Or me.
Or Raju.
I'm going to Rohtak with Raju.
I don't care if you come with me or not.
Anyway, it's not like
you're here for us.
You should go.
I am not going.
Are you going to ride
this bucket of bolts?
I thought you were going to Rohtak.
How does it matter to you?
I called the insurance company
office a million times, Mr. Pathak.
We work 26 hours a day.
We have a tight security here.
You, come here!
Yes, I'm talking to you.
You, scoundrel! Do you think
you're paid for smoking?
You are not allowed to smoke
near those drums!
What's your salary?
800 rupees.
800 rupees.
Here! Keep it.
I don't want people like you
in my company!
Go! Get lost!
How long has that boy
been working here?
He doesn't work here.
He just brought lunch for Fateh Singh.
Shyam lorry!
This is
He is Mr. Pathak from
the insurance company.
Tell him about the accident. Okay?
We were returning after a delivery
from the old Jaipur highway.
A woman came running
out of the dark all of a sudden
towards my truck.
I jammed the brakes, but it was too late.
Everything happened so quickly.
My cleaner, Bhura and I got out to check.
We checked her pulse. She was still alive.
We put her on the truck and
took her to the hospital.
But she died on the way.
Was there anyone else?
-Where exactly did it happen?
-Just before Sobara village.
Near the canal site?
-This means we are not safe as well.
-This is astonishing.
-He is here.
-Mr. Satyaveer!
-What's wrong?
Some men were trying to
break into your house.
-Luckily, I noticed and raised an alarm.
-Nimmi and Raju?
Nimmi had gone to the market with Raju.
Aren't they back yet?
Nimmi said that
she was leaving for Rohtak.
You weren't at home, so
she left a note for you.
Men realize the truth
about marriage quite late.
It's a whole lot of a trouble.
You know what happens to nosy fellas?
Want to guess?
They lose their noses.
Next time, you will lose the whole thing.
Cut it off and feed it to my goldfish.
Hello, Nimmi?
Hello, sir.
Yes, sir. The story is almost ready.
I just need a few days more.
No, it won't take too long.
Without fail. Sure.
-Mr. Satyaveer?
This is Manorama's roommate, Sheetal.
I'm sorry for calling you so late,
but I'm really scared.
Someone just tried to kill me.
What happened?
I came home early from work
and someone was
already inside the apartment.
I opened the door and
someone hit me on the head.
When I woke up
Did you know Manorama well?
Just as a roommate.
It had been only a year since
she come from Jaipur.
I've never met a writer before.
Where do you get the ideas
for your stories?
Are these from your past experiences?
I'm not a detective. It's just that
That looks pretty nasty.
But it will be fine.
Maybe, you should see a doctor.
No. I'll be fine.
Shakuntala! Where's Shakuntala?
Did they take anything else?
No, but all my documents from work,
my college certificates are ruined.
Is this your first case?
Somebody may have seen something.
It was just Manorama and me here.
The rest of the rooms are empty.
Where do you work?
At the Rathore Orphanage.
I teach the kids.
Any connection to the minister?
It's a part of the royal trust.
Mr. Rathore is our chief
donor and the head trustee.
You were saying something
the other day about Manorama.
You said that it wasn't a suicide.
I don't think they came here to kill you.
They were probably searching for
something and you just walked in on them.
You have a sharp mind like
Detective Raghu.
What if something bad
happened to Shakuntala?
What if they come back?
Do you have friends or family here?
I I grew up in the orphanage.
Can I stay at your place?
I'm sure you have a family.
It wouldn't be right to trouble them.
Let me take that.
It looks like a writer's home.
-New friend.
This belongs to my son, Raju.
He's in Rohtak with my wife,
at his grandparents'.
How old is he?
That's my wife, Nimmi.
And that's Brij Mohan, her brother.
Your mustache was quite splendid.
Your wife is very pretty.
I'm sorry for putting you in a spot.
What will your wife think?
What about your neighbors?
A strange, single women is in the house.
Snakes and ladders!
I love this game! How about you?
I play with Raju all the time.
I think, Manorama was
trying to blackmail the minister
with those photos clicked by you.
And those people must have come
looking for those photos.
But what was there in those photos?
Was it something illegal?
I'm sorry. I can't tell you that.
Professional ethics.
Hey, Fauji!
People enjoy their night in the bedroom
and this moron here is playing Ludo.
And we are watching a dull reality show.
Chhaila, let's not disturb them.
Learn the difference
between Ludo and snakes and ladders.
I see!
I'm sorry for doing that.
I love watching cartoons.
What are you doing?
You don't have to do this.
It's not a big deal.
I do this at home as well.
Did you sleep well?
I was a little scared.
You're safe here.
I know.
Breakfast is ready.
You didn't call me before leaving,
I'm sorry for leaving all of a sudden.
When are you coming back?
Why don't you come here for Diwali?
I can't come there.
I have spoken to Mr. Sharma.
He said that you can leave the town
during suspension.
At that time
I couldn't bear the thought
of telling your parents
and all the things they would
say about my suspension.
Okay, forget that.
Come here soon.
You remember the tea set
we bought from Jaipur for my mom?
Please get that as well.
I said that I can't come.
You can't come, or you don't want to come?
You just want to prove her murder, right?
No, Nimmi.
So that I can prove myself.
It's the first time I've
made a decision in my life.
My uncle chose my vocation.
He chose my life partner as well.
You decided to have a baby.
Really? Was that my decision?
Raju was born nine months after
our wedding. Was that my decision?
Have you ever asked me how I feel about
running that stupid beauty parlor
or running after Raju?
Have you ever thought about
my dreams and ambitions?
Why will you think about me?
Women are not allowed to have ambitions.
Having a baby was my decision, it seems!
My foot!
You should have used
a condom that night!
I am sorry I broke your tea set.
Was it very expensive?
It's okay.
Today we have the annual Diwali
function at the orphanage.
That is why I will go late for work.
What time will you leave for work?
I'm on leave for Diwali.
I don't have to go.
Why didn't you go
to Rohtak with your wife?
I had some writing to do
and this case came up.
The breakfast was delicious.
I ate too much.
Let it be.
Shall we play ludo now?
I need to get the scooter repaired.
Mr. Satyaveer!
Where's your new motorcycle?
It's in the shop.
Nimmi left all of a sudden
and that too without informing you.
Is everything alright at home?
Her father wasn't feeling well.
But he's better now.
This is
Sheetal. His cousin from Jaipur.
Let's go.
Last night there were
some men outside your house.
Check, mic. Hello!
One, two, three
Thank you.
Are you sure you'll be safe?
Yes, of course.
Please don't worry. Bye.
My esteemed friends in
the opposition forget
that we live in a democracy.
And in a democracy, the real power
lies not with the ruling party
or the opposition but with the people.
Our government is here
because of the people.
I remember an old song.
If you listen to the poor,
God will listen to you
If you give a little,
He will give you in abundance
Due to my wife's unfortunate accident
she could not conceive.
We don't have a child of our own.
Considering this as God's will,
we tried to immerse ourselves in the
community work for our people.
But God, in his infinite
wisdom, has blessed us
with the love of these innocent children.
This gave us the strength to start
working on the Rajasthan Rural
Development Canal project.
So that not just these children,
but every single child in this state,
can have a brighter future.
Thank you, sir for sparing
your valuable time for us,
and for your inspiring words.
We are very fortunate and honored
to have you as our patron.
As you know, Mr. Rathore has
created a place for these little children,
not just in his heart
but also at his residence.
Now, if I could request all of you
to pray for little Deepti,
who is missing for some days.
The prayers are
Coming out as my desires
The prayers are
Coming out as my desires
We hope to burn like the candle
Which gives light to others
We hope to burn like the candle
which gives light to others
The prayers are
Coming out as my desires
The prayers are
Coming out as my desires
You were supposed to do something, right?
What about the journalist?
Wasn't he supposed to come this morning?
I called him, but that fool was hungover.
But he said that
he'd come in the afternoon.
Please wait outside.
What was she doing here?
I told you to stay away from her.
What do you want?
I need to get my dressing changed.
Please come tomorrow.
Dr. Poddar?
He's at the orphanage clinic.
I know, ma'am.
Actually, he has asked me to speak to you.
Are you the journalist?
You came early.
I need media's help.
I want to be recognized
as a daughter
-by my father--
-Your father?
My name is Sameera Rathore.
P. P. Rathore is my father.
But as far as I know
he doesn't have any children.
Well, I didn't know until
a few months ago.
It's quite convenient to run an orphanage
where he can hide all his mistakes.
Please wait in the doctor's office.
I'll get the tea.
Where is your mother?
She died when I was three.
My mother was his mistress.
Please excuse the crude word.
You have good taste in books.
Books and me?
They belong to Anil.
I mean Dr. Poddar.
Give it to me.
I noticed that he had hurt himself.
Was it an accident?
Nothing major as such.
Please have a seat.
He injured his hand at work.
And his leg?
He has polio since childhood.
I'm sorry.
Perhaps, I'm probing too much.
No. It's your job.
That's how journalists are.
-One teaspoon of sugar.
So, when did you find out?
When I fell in love.
-With Anil.
My father had brought Anil from
Jaipur about five years ago.
He is my father's personal physician.
He also manages
the clinic at the orphanage.
He told me the truth.
And how did he know?
He stumbled upon
the records in the orphanage.
Anil's family members
are very conservative.
They didn't approve the match
because I am an orphan.
That's why I approached my father.
-But my father--
-He's worried about a scandal.
Not just that.
My mother was a Muslim.
My father is one of the star politicians
of a right-wing Hindu party.
What did he say?
What would he say?
He's refused to accept me.
He rejected me.
He didn't even let me address him
as father.
The very next day the records
at the orphanage were destroyed.
Now, let the public decide
if I deserve the right to
my father's name.
Will you do that for me, Mr. Upadhyay?
Sameera? She grew up
in the orphanage as well.
I know her but I wasn't aware
of her connection with Rathore.
Sameera herself found out recently.
But Manorama had nothing
to do with the orphanage.
I'm sure she didn't know Sameera
or her connection with Rathore.
In any case, why would
Rathore kill Manorama
for some photos of him
arguing with his alleged
illegitimate daughter?
Are you sure there was nothing
else in the photographs?
Do you realize
What my eyes are trying to tell you?
My eyes are speaking
I know you are aware of it
My life is incomplete without you
I can't live without you
The desires are melting
They are here for a few moments
Let the fire of love
Illuminate the eyes
Shakuntala will miss her new friends
when she returns home.
My Diwali vacations start today.
So, the next time when you go out
for investigation,
I will go with you.
You'll get bored.
Really? I think it would be exciting.
I get it.
You're worried.
What if someone sees us together?
The sickening small
mentality of small towns!
Either bother about a woman's life or
her death.
Nobody cares about that.
They only care about whom she may or may
not be sleeping with.
Sir, tell me.
The canal work is going
to start again soon.
I can guarantee that.
They've released two new land
blocks for auction today.
The prices will get
doubled just in two weeks!
The canal will change the
whole look of the city.
Sir, you don't have to worry.
Do you want me to book
a plot for you?
Sir, where are you going?
Give me my money!
Where are we going?
I got a tip.
A tip? Are you a waiter?
Sorry, bad joke.
Gentlemen, plot number 302/4
is now open for bidding.
The reserve price for this plot
is two lakh rupees.
Whoever will bid more than
two lakh rupees,
will get the plot.
2,10,000 rupees.
2,10,000 rupees going once!
2,10,000 rupees going twice!
3,00,000 rupees!
3,00,000 rupees!
3,00,000 rupees going once!
3,00,000 rupees going twice!
3,25,000 rupees!
3,25,000 rupees going once!
3,25,000 rupees going twice!
3,25,000 rupees going thrice!
And now plot number 302/5.
This plot is of two acres.
The reserve price for this plot
is 5,00,000 rupees.
So, bid for the plot.
Whoever will bid 5,00,000 rupees,
will get the plot.
Where are you headed, uncle?
What can I say?
We are just moving along.
We'll go where our hunger takes us.
We have lost our land.
What happened to your land?
I'm just a peasant, son.
All this land belongs to Rathore.
Our families worked on this
land for many generations.
Eked out a living from this dry soil.
Now because of the canal,
the king's barren land will yield gold.
Now, there's no room for us
or our hunger.
May God have mercy on us!
Shut up, old man!
Don't talk too much.
Shut up!
I told you that it would be boring.
Who said that I got bored?
I was just passing by,
so I thought of dropping by your home.
This is Sheetal. My cousin from Jaipur.
She's here for a few days.
From Jaipur?
You have forgotten me already!
But I remember you!
You were wearing a
pink turban at his wedding.
You looked like the handsome groom.
I don't remember.
It's been many years.
And anyway, weddings are
never remembered.
Am I right?
I was just going to get a haircut done.
I'll come along and
get some trimming done.
Brother-in-law, lose your hair.
Just don't lose your pants.
Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
Hey! Hey, wait!
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
-Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
Wait! Else I will shoot you.
Hey, wait.
-You let the scoundrel escape!
-What am I supposed to do?
Those goons were Rathore's men.
I saw them coming out of the party office.
Manorama knew that the
the canal project is a scam.
She could have tried to blackmail
the minister with those photographs.
So that the canal is not constructed.
It is clear that water will
not pass through the canal.
Or the canal wouldn't
be constructed at all.
It will just build hope among people.
If there is hope, then the land price
around the canal will increase.
Most of the land is in minister's name.
He will sell all of it
and move away from here.
Manorama knew everything about this.
So, she was a threat to them.
Rathore got rid of her.
Yes, but the truck driver said
that nobody was present there.
I think, you are right.
You need to think this
over with a clear mind.
Hello, Nimmi.
Who? Brij?
Remember my aunt in Jaipur?
It's her daughter.
Wake up! It's the doctor on the call.
-Dr. Poddar, the one from the orphanage!
Why would he call me?
How did he get my number?
Dr. Poddar?
Ms. Sameera?
Dr. Poddar?
Is anybody home?
Dr. Poddar.
Take the queen, dear.
I'll not let you win.
You are a good player.
I heard about a murder.
A double murder! A doctor and his fiance.
-Happy Diwali!
-Happy Diwali, sir!
-Happy Diwali!
-Happy Diwali!
-Happy Diwali!
-And the maid saw the murderer.
That moron must have
been counting his loot.
What is this technique?
He also left his fingerprints all over!
And don't forget the motorcycle!
Yes! That idiot ran away on foot!
He panicked and
left his motorcycle behind.
That scoundrel must have
pissed his pants.
Then, what is the problem?
Please tell Brij Mohan that
I was here to meet him.
Excuse me, sir.
The office is closed for Diwali.
Please come after two days.
I need to meet Ms. Sheetal.
Can you tell me where can I find her?
-Ms. Sheetal?
Why do you need to see her?
I have some personal work with her.
Don't you know that she
She's dead.
When did this happen?
It's been eight to ten days.
She was such a happy girl
but she committed suicide.
There she is. Look at her smile.
Is this Sheetal?
Is there another girl named
Sheetal who works here?
It's all your fault.
I was sent to Manorama's
house to look for the photos.
If you hadn't mistaken me for Sheetal,
I wouldn't have to play this game.
You are pretty good at games.
You used me for your purpose.
Look Mr. Rathore just wants the photos.
You are in a big trouble.
But you can get out of all this,
if you just return the photos.
He has a proof.
They can prove that you tried
to blackmail the minister
with the photos for money.
You tried to involve
Sameera in your little scheme.
And when that didn't work,
you killed her and the doctor.
Your motorcycle was found
at the crime scene.
You're doing this for the money, right?
Not everything is done for money.
Happy Diwali.
Is something wrong?
Humpty and Dumpty are here as well!
Hey you--
Return those photographs.
I gave that to Manorama.
You know that!
You are fond of
playing a detective, right?
So, go and find the damn photos.
Otherwise, I'll put a memorial
photo of you on the wall.
Do you understand?
Hello. Nimmi.
Happy Diwali.
At least, you remembered me.
Happy Diwali.
I know it's late
but I just wanted to hear your voice.
What's wrong?
I think, I'm in a deep trouble.
I have told my father to have a word with
Mr. Sharma in the department.
No, Mr. Sharma can't do anything.
SV I'm missing you so much.
I wish I was there with you.
Do you remember our Jaipur trip?
Our second honeymoon?
Yes. SV, please come here.
Nimmi, I can't come now.
Please take care of yourself.
I'll call you later. Bye.
Do you understand, Jaipur?
Please check.
It's under the name of Manorama Shukla.
It must have happened on 1st November.
Yes, I remember.
The lady wanted to
process the rolls herself.
She said that the photos
were personal to her.
I loaded the rolls
and then I left the room.
That's 350 rupees for two rolls,
minus the advance.
So, 200 rupees.
Two rolls?
She took one with her.
Didn't your wife show them to you?
How was your Diwali?
Please sit.
I'm trying to quit.
Even I should quit.
It's a nasty habit.
Well, I heard that you're
a reputed writer. Awesome!
I like people who are
good at thinking.
I think for my people as well.
And for Sameera?
Any thoughts on her?
Sometimes, personal sacrifices
have to be made for the common good.
Like building a canal that
will never carry water?
You're an interesting person.
You are suspended from your job
for taking bribes.
Anyway, let's talk about other things.
How are Nimmi and Raju enjoying
their holiday in Rohtak?
Like I said,
I'm always thinking about my people.
You disgust me!
You just don't get it, Mr. Randhawa!
You're a small, petty man.
With petty dreams, taking petty
bribes and living a petty life.
The world is divided into two
halves, Mr. Randhawa.
The rulers and the one's being ruled.
The strong and the weak.
The hunter and the prey.
Now, you can close your
eyes and turn away from the truth.
That's the way it's always been
and that's how it always will be.
Call it natural selection
or the law of the jungle.
This is the natural order of things.
And who are you to try and change it?
And what gives you the moral
authority to preach me?
Frankly speaking
you were a part of the system,
as long as it served your interests!
Do you like her?
Do you want her?
All of this is about power and money.
Is this your idea of a joke?
These photos are certainly interesting.
But as a whole
I'm not too amused.
I don't understand.
Don't test my patience.
Stop messing with me
and get me those photos.
take some other pictures.
The photos in the second camera roll.
The one Manorama took
from the photo studio.
Those photos had a darker truth.
But what was that truth?
Where were those photos?
And what was she trying
to tell me that night?
My life is in danger.
My name is Manorama
and I'm 32 years old.
Please remember this if anything
happens to me.
She wasn't filling in an
application form.
-Manorama, just like your book.
-Wait a minute!
Page 32.
The hotel manager's lecherous eyes were
glued to Manorama's voluptuous body.
Grabbing the keys, Manorama darted
towards room 101.
But she didn't know that
this room of Hotel Natraz,
was going to be her deathbed.
This conference debated
about gas shortage and price rise.
The petroleum minister said that
the government is keeping an eye
on inflation and prices are
raised with the consumers in mind.
The government will soon
resolve the gas shortage issue.
However, the consumers are
not happy with the government.
The news will continue
after a short break.
The controversy over
the Rajasthan Development Canal
has come to an end.
The opposition parties have
reached on an agreement
with the ruling coalition over the
construction of the canal.
In a statement,
the leader of the opposition,
Mr. D. K. Saxena said,
that the construction would resume
considering the objections raised by
the opposition.
Everything started to become clear.
The real Sheetal who
was Manorama's roommate
used to work at the orphanage.
She noticed that the little
girls from the orphanage,
were being sent to Rathore's house.
Sheetal sensed that something was wrong.
Not just that, but the orphanage
was an accessory to this fact.
Sheetal voiced her suspicions
to Manorama,
who decided to use this information
to stop the construction of the canal.
She hired me, but I took
the wrong photographs.
The next day, she herself
clicked the photographs
of the minister with
that young girl, Deepti.
That night, something went horribly wrong,
and Deepti died at the minister's house.
She was buried in the safest place.
It was at the construction site
of the canal.
The truth was in front of me.
The construction had stalled.
Then, why was there a fresh
concrete block at the site?
Sheetal knew the truth.
So, they got rid of her.
Manorama tried to blackmail the
minister with the photographs.
But he was too smart for her.
And he set his thugs on her
to retrieve the photos.
They beat her mercilessly to acquire
the photographs.
But before they could
locate the photographs,
Manorama escaped and accidentally
died under the truck.
Meanwhile, Sameera was
threatening to go to the media.
And even I had become
a headache for Rathore.
The Minister killed two
birds with one stone.
The Minister may have
bought out the opposition
but if these photos reach the press,
he will be finished forever!
You're really slow on the
drinks today, brother-in-law.
Here, have one more.
There's just
one thing that doesn't fit.
How did Manorama
and Dr. Poddar
know each other?
How many times do I
have make you understand?
A little bit of caution
can create a better future.
But you just don't get it.
Hello, is this the Sacred Heart College?
Record department, please.
-Where do you want to go?
-I have to see the Minister.
You can't go inside.
Sir, there is somebody who
wants to see the minister.
I have something important
that belongs to him.
Let him through.
Nimmi had called me.
She's returning with Raju today.
I have saved your life, brother-in-law.
They would have killed you
and your family.
Try to understand.
I had to do this for all of us.
Welcome, Mr. Randhawa.
What can I do for you?
The safety catch is on.
Actually, do you even know
what a safety catch is?
You are forgetting something, Mr. Rathore.
I write detective stories.
Mr. Randhawa using your pen
and using a gun are two different things.
I don't need to use this.
Your fate is already sealed.
Please wait for me in my office.
I'll be there.
How's Shakuntala?
It is alive.
And you?
I am standing in front of you.
I was eight years old.
This is what I have gone through.
You could have left
anytime and started afresh.
Who else do I have to call my own
besides Mr. Rathore?
It wasn't ever about the canal, right?
Manorama and Dr. Poddar were siblings.
I called the college again.
Manorama Poddar.
Batch of 1990.
Manorama also worked for the minister.
He needs his men working for the NGOs.
But she became obsessed with getting
her brother and Sameera married.
Did you want to tell me that
she was Manorama Poddar
and not Manorama Shukla?
And that she didn't
really work for the NGO.
In fact, I was the one who--
Planted her there. I know it.
Neetu told me about it.
Sit down.
So, Neetu still takes care of you.
Neetu show me how you take care of him.
Come on, show me.
Show me!
Are you leaving already?
Let me know if you change your mind!
Hey, mister! Look, it's Superman!
You know that Manorama was
trying to blackmail you,
to make you acknowledge
Sameera as your daughter.
So that Dr. Poddar and
Sameera could get married.
You got Manorama beaten up
mercilessly for the photos.
But she still didn't tell you
that Dr. Poddar was also involved
in the blackmailing plan.
They knew something
about you which you didn't.
And what was that?
Your property.
Being the sole heir,
Sameera would get everything
and by default,
to the doctor and Manorama as well.
They were in a hurry
and the reason for their hurry was your
last health checkup.
You have been dying
for the last six months.
You have cancer. Lung cancer.
You should have quit smoking.
Dr. Poddar knew it but
he didn't tell you about it.
He told you that you were suffering
from a minor breathing disorder.
Those injections you were taking,
just covered up the
symptoms of the cancer.
They wanted to let you die.
You were right.
It's all about power and money.
The natural order of things.
And now?
It's already too late.
What is it?
Why? What happened?
Spit it. Come on!
Big fishes don't always win.
Sometimes the little fish gets away.
Or a bigger fish takes over.
The wheel of life just keeps spinning.
It just keeps spinning.
Fauji is dying!
And then I realized
that in this mess,
there was only one innocent person.
She was buried
under six feet of concrete.
But she had her god as well.
A god who's there for all of us.
All you need to do is,
call out to God and say
"Hello, is anybody home?"
It may take some time.
Sometimes a little longer.
But eventually,
somebody's going to answer.
Another wild night?
My eyes
Are parched
They are parched
It finally rained
Amid the downpour of tears
There is a story of joy
The flower of joy has bloomed
I've found my beloved
Who was lost in the crowd
This is a story of love
My beloved
Let me hold you
And weep my heart out
Nimmi, sometimes it rains
in November as well.