Manta, Manta (1991) Movie Script

Hello, this is Radio 88, your good mood station.
And now back to our friends
who have a roll bar for brains.
Could you please change the station.
But he plays the best music!
Two Manta drivers meet, says one I bought myself a book
Says the other and, did it fit in you car?.
Did you get that?
Well then, let's race!
Oh no, Manta drivers
Move over you piece of shit!
Stupid bastard
He is doing that on purpose!
Dumb animal!
I dont belive this!
Youre finished!
Nice car, but the nerves.. the nerves...
You were just lucky.. otherwise I would have won the race.
Hey you, do you have shit for brains? Cant you practice somewhere else? And stop grinning, Bertie.
Watch it! - No you watch it...
And.. are you proud of your junk yard?
Calm down Nicky Lauda, whats your problem?
He just wanted to compete too in the race!
But you just forgot to sign up
He doesnt want to risk it anyways in his yuppie wagon.
What? Me driving in your race, thats funny.
That would be something, or are you scared?
Boy, you are way out of my league.
Big mouth, a Mercedes star is not good enough to win!
Youre telling me that driving abilities are required too?
Well, are we racing or not?
Why should we, whats in it for me?
Then we know who is the better driver.
I already know who is best!
Well then, if you already know, come to the chemical plant tomorrow and we wil find out.
What do I get when i win?
Kid, you have nothing, forget it Bertie.
Here Axel, 5000.
OK, Bertie, now we you are talking! See you tomorrow then.
Are you crazy? What about the downpayment on our house?
Oh, dont you worry about that, I will take care of that.
But you will have to put in a lot of effort.
This is madness!
Why are you so negative?
Ushi, dont give up so fast. That slick bastard doesnt stand a change against me.
I am the best in town, and you know it!
What when we dont get the house because of this?
Hold on, you saw how I blew away that GTI..
You know how long we haved saved for those 5.000.
yes, but if i win, we have 10.000.
And we do need decoration for the house.
Hey Angie, hows it going? - Super
By yourself today? -Yep.
Hi Angie oh, sorry
How did you end up here? Good that we meet!
One portion chips please!
Tomorrow is my birthday.
Well then, best wishes!
You forget your chips... wait up
I was thinking about throwing a party... if it werent for my folks. .
But tomorrow I am buying drinks.
I mean, if you want to join...
200 is not good enough, I need a 345 ...
I am racing today!
With the camshaft?
9.30!!! I am late again.
Why did you not wake me?
The cog wheels are 284 degrees sharpened?
Stop the Latin blabbering.
Speak German.
I would have to ask Gerd that.
Gertie, breakfast is ready
Are you calling? Who is that?
Mam, you are bugging me!
No, no, not you.. I was talking to my mum.
Ok, make sure it works. Ciao.
Man o man, I will never win like this.
You are not serious about racing, are you?
Shhhh, my mum...
She can know we do more than holding hands.
She is such a strict Catholic
even stricter than the Pope.
I cant take it much longer
we should have a place for ourselves.
Baby, not again!
When i get my new tires,
there is no problem at all.
And when not?
Speed up a bit.
You look good.
Bertie, I am getting tired of this game.
Could you not reconsider the race?
But why?
He doesnt stand a chance against me.
He has a Merc.
You think Im scared?
I have a reputation to think about
Yes, as an idiot.
Look at that...
Any day now.
First to the car wash.
are you nuts?
I am already an hour too late.
You think I drive into town like this?
So that people can have a laugh?
What is more important to you?
Me or your stupid car?
The manta doesnt talk back like you!
Ushi, come back now!
Stupid cow.
How much?
Excuse me?
How much? Is 100 ok?
Blow me!
Is that included?
Just kidding.
Are you going into town?
Sure, get in.
Did you really think I am a hooker?
Beautiful girls like you dont stand in the streets.
You seem to know your business.
I get around.
Wow, this car is fast.
For 300.000 you can expect something.
300 000? You can get a house for that.
True, but they are not as fast.
Now I understand why you charge
10 Mark for a coke in your pub.
You have to look at that from another perspective
Think about the costs of decoration
The lights and the lasershow
salary of staff etc. etc..
By the way, we hold a beauty contest this evening
You want to partipate?
Did dan elephant piss on your roof or something?
Man that smells bad.
But a beauty, I have a Porsche too.
Whoa, that was fast.
Whats this then? A school?
thanks for the drive.
See you at the Westside pub this evening.
Im buying.
Hey Klausy, do you have to go far?
15 minutes.
Do you want to take the car?
Its your birthday.
Man, Klausy.
Make sure the car is at the pub at 12, ok?
And no scratches.
You know me, Gertie.
Hairstudio Edith,
you do a quick perm?
If you want to freshen up your high lights...
Maybe another time.
All right, We'll see eachother at the Miss contest?
I have not said 'yes' yet.
Wasn't that the guy from Westside?
Yes, why?
Don't knaw at your finger nails.
Oh, no. the urine test. completely forgot.
That's so typical
How am I oing to do the pregnancy test?
Come on, let's go inside.
Was about time that you came!
Do you like the haircut?
Would it work with this?
You just have to aim properly.
How do you know the Westside guy?
He invited me to a Miss contest.
You are not going to do that, are you?
Of course not
Although, a week Ibiza...
With Manta dude..
How is he going to get
his Manta in the plane?
Hey guys, how's it hanging??
Hi Klausy,hey ... brandnew Manta booties.
Super hip. respect!
Not bad, huh?
bad? There so hot, you should build
glass doors in your Manta.
So that people can see it while you ride.
That's not possible, it's not my car.
The boots are still ... a bit, huh?
yeah, a bit.
Before you put the boots on for the first time
You have to pee in them.
Are you joking, or what?
Klausy, honest! It's the oldest trick in the book.
It's what our soldiers in Stalingrad used to do.
Sure. Just...
And they will fit like a glove.
Say Klausy, are you o.k.?
What is that for?
That's obvious, isn't it?
Peeing in your boots.
I don't get it.
Well, the soldiers in Russia did it too.
But Klausy, they lost the war...
So, and the last one is Gerd Honawitz.
Congratulations mister Honawitz.
Your friends and colleagues,
will be amazed that one of you made it, huh?
Yes, I think so too.
Hello my friends, this is Radio 88.
Why are Manta drivers allowed to smoke in 4th grade?
Because they are already 18 by then.
Say Klausy, why are you tanking lead free gasoline?
Because of the environment.
so that the trees don't die.
But with lead your car would have better ..wegligging.
Lead is heavy, it would lower your car
by approximately 10 centimeters.
But good that you are going eco.
Hey Klausy.
Hey Turk. You're transporting pickles again?
Yep, your girl friend ordered one,
so that she has something worthwhile in her hands again.
Hey, before she would her hands on your produce
she'd rather go to a quality supermarket.
And, troubles?
Hey Bertie, why not leave that 5000 here,
than you can spare yourself the embarresment.
I was just about to make you the same offer.
Let's get out of here!
Klausy, all the best wishes for your birthday.
Congratulations Klausy.
And, what are you up to this honorouble day?
Hunting for game. No compromises.
I'll count to three, and if they are not gone
then they are mine.
He's never going to hook up like this.
We will have to help him out.
Man, I have no time for that.
I will take care of that.
(Radio) Have you heard the newest Manta joke?...
... A Manta is parked in front of the university ...
Thank you.
So Klausy, happy birthday again.
Thanks, Hakan.
Pump 7.
64 Mark.
And a chewing gum...lighter...and a fox tail
What about a ice scratcher for the car windows?
That's it.
69,50. Can you pick me up after work, to go swimming?
If you want to pick me up after work
to go swimming.
Yeah, super,will do that.
It's ok.
See you then, ciao.
It is 23,50.
Here you go
Took you long enough.
Can you pee on command.
Would it be enough?
Ah, you really did your best.
He thinks he is all that.
Who, Hakan?
He is all right.
And he looks good too.
Mr. Popular.
Come on, you fancy him.
Would he notice? For him I'm probably just air.
Take the initiative.
That's so not me.
Stop rationalizing,
Make a first move.
Ushi, could you wash the young man's hair.
Let's go, that's your chance.
Are you crazy?
The first contact is very important.
How come you are here,
I thought you only work on appointment.
Yes.. No, I'm here for omscholing/bijscholing.
Head down.
Ai, that's hot
Take it easy.
Somewhere between boiling hot, and ice cold is good.
Great, you preheated the shampoo.
But why is it so fluid?
It's a pure natural product.
Completely biological.
I can tell.
Shouldn't you massage it in?
No, I don't think so.
It just has to soak a bit.
Just has to soak.
I don't sell luxurious cars
for 10.000, not for 8.000, not for 6.000.
But for a ridiculous 4.000!
This beautiful Kadet LS
build in 1974.
Hi Eckardt.
You're looking sharp today.
Is Gertie in?
May I use your phone?
In the office.
The commercial will be aired on monday
Hasn't Gert been here at all?
He is already an hour too late,
and there are 2 cars,
Waiting to be finished.
Good morning.
At last!
Sharp too.
Where were you, we have to finetune the car.
That is not going to be easy.
The spoilers are ok...
Where have you been all morning?
It took a bit longer.
Good grip, but a little big.
For a couple of additional inches.
How important is penis size? Question mark!
Gert, I am not into your jokes.
Let's check the Manta.
And get out of the car before the owner returns.
We first have to settle,
whether penis size really matters
It can't be all about length?
But instead?...
Yes, because?
Nice car.
I'm Gert.
Good for you.
I am Bertie.
Hey, and you?
Who was that?
Forget her. Look,
I made a list of parts needed fir the race
No racing.
I am still the boss around here...
Now chang your cloths, in the garage still 2 cars...
Man, who is she?
No one cares. Now look at the list.
We have to go, now!
Are you crazy?
I'm going after her.
If you go now,
don't bother to return.
Bertie, come on?
Did you loose your mind?
What are you waiting for?
If you're leaving ...
...then you'll fire me. Send me the papers!
He doesn't mean it. I will fix it.
Have you gone nuts?.
Hey, there she is.
Now we lost her.
And that's your biggest problem?
Did you even get the part where you got fired?
I don't care.
Of course we can't use the garage now.
Hey, there she is
step on it!
Nuclear power? No thanks.
Those people I like
100 km per hour is fast enough? man, the car can't even make 99.
Hey there, Mickey Mouse
Green pickles should use the left lane!
Do you have similar suspension like your car?
My friend here,
with the nice jacket, is totally into you.
The least you can do it look over,
He doesn't look that bad at all!
Who do you think you are, you stupid goose.
Watch out!
You, cow!
Sabine, what are you doing?
I forgot to finish something.
Ah,a pregnancy test.
I thought you didn't have a boyfriend.
And what's this?
Your friend the hairdresser? does she want a baby?
I guess so.
Then you have bad news... it's negative.
Whoa, it's a big grenade.
Gert, look here.
Ja, where do you want to leave that thing?
Gert, it's just a joke.
You have to make a grill, so that the idiots don't get in.
Haha, that the idiots can't get in...
Bertie, we don't have to for boy toys on your car...
The car must go fast.
doesn't matter how it looks.
Man, are you negative.
Let me see the list.
Reife Zeugnis? What is that nonsense?
Bertie, It's a Reifen Zeugnis.
So i noticed, do you think i'm daft?
You graduated high school?
Yes, I went to the evening academy
And did my graduation studies, basta?
Where is the problem?
You graduated?
Yes, I graduated.
And you never told me!
What would have happened?
You would have been pissed, as you are now.
I'm not insulted. I don't need to graduate.
It's a luxury anyway.
Man, get a grip.
You're going to college now too, right?
That's is going to be fun.
Eating muesli, bicycle riding..
I could not care less.
You are making it look like I graduated
just to get on your nerves.
Now I get it why you are after that student chick.
Shut up, you ruined everything!
You are not the only one with problems.
You already got your love pearl
Its a lot of hassle
That's all.
All the time she talks about houses
why all the rush.
I have to change cloths.
Yould you please wait?
Nope, have to take care of something.
We meet at my place later.
Ushi, we have to talk.
I'm listening.
Because of the race we have an extra 5000
We could drive to the furniture store.
Are you dreaming?
5000? That's a lot of dough.
Mind your own business, right?
I'm off.
What do you want from him?
Helmut invited me
to enter in the Miss contest
Ciao, see you later.
You are not participating, are you?
And why not?
Because it's totally stupid.
As stupid as your race.
That's totally different.
We'll talk about it later, ok?
If you are racing,
than I am going to the beauty contest.
You are not blackmailing me.
Think again carefully.
Ushi, this is a dissapointment.
I'm racing for your furniture
and you are pulling off this shit.
You are all trying to drive me crazy.
You'll be amazed.
Heavy shit... Heavy shit.
What's up. nose?
What about a little race?
Or are you to scared
in your tuned taxi?
Try your best, shorty...
It is 13.30, you are listening to
the saturday afternoon journal
Why these lousy tools?
You were expecting a fully equiped garage...
We could have had that at Eckhard's.
Don't start with that.
Hand me the wrench size 8.
This is a 10, Bertie.
If it says 10, it's a 10.
a 12, is a size 12.
a 6, is a 6..
And when there is a 8, it's a size 8.
Alright allright, no need to act so...
academic to me.
And now of to the stadium.
Bertie, could you please come to your dad.
What does he want?
Come on.
Dad, can't you drive the bird yourself?
No, I just polished the car.
But we want to go to the football match.
Please it for me
It's not more than 10 minutes
Or do you want your mother to know,
that Ushi spend the night here.
That's just brilliant.
Shut it!
12 needles.704,size 48mm,
Steel, nickel.
I'll open it, so that you can check.
Don't talk back like that.
plastic gloves?
Why would I need those?
AIDS protection.
Are the gloves in your
first aid kit, or not??
You probably never heard of these?
At the pigeonshow in Gelsenkirchen
breeders from the former east came
Such a beautiful birdy.
My little beautiful pigeon.
... and for the first time a silver medal
for a wattled pigeon from a member of our club.
Would you like to know more?
I have sufficient information now.
Thanks very much.
Sweet pigeon, would you let me caress you?
Wat are you doing here?
I am looking for bird voices.
Could you please repeat what you just said?
Come on..
What? You think so, now?
I can't do it
Respect, sounds like a professional.
Hey Gert, come on, we have to get to the stadium.
Hello Mannie.
'Mannie', what's with Mannie?
How is your crap car?
You better hush, i almost damaged it
because of you.
And you can't get it up now?
She wondered if
you had potence problems.
Potence problems? Me?
Do I look like a student?
Bertie, get lost!
Did you ever drive faster than 50?
You have no idea what it's like
to drive in a car that can go 190.
No, no idea.
Then don't blabber about it,
if you have no clue.
Bertie, don't you have a call to make
or something?
Let him.
Yea, let me. -I'm letting.
It's awesome, when you in the perfect ride, Not the
wreck that you drive, but the perfect car ...
Driving through town, windows down
...sounds system loud. That's more than driving...
The feeling is great. Total freedom
it's...I can't describe it
Why am I even talking to you?
My sound system cost more than you care.
Bertie, stop talking rubbish.
What got into you, it's not rubbish,
It's the truth.
Bertie, you're an idiot ...
Hey, dummass, what did you do to the case?
There, there she is!
Bertie, I think we have to go.
Hey sweetie.
Hi babe.
Wow, you're looking sharp.
I'm here to pick you up.
Well, here I am.
Wassup, I thought we were going to the lake.
Of course. so where's your gear?
I swimm without.
I'm here.
Oh no, I'm pregnant.
Negative, means that you are not pregnant.
Anyways, I thought you liked to have a baby.
But not from Bertie, he's such a child.
You should have seen him,
when I told him about the miss contest.
I can imagine.
If I look at a man
he looks away
I would give anything for your luck.
Man, we will never make it
on time for the kick off.
It runs pretty smooth, huh?
Only the clutch is a bit weak.
I'm such an idot!
I should have asked for her phone number.
Trust me, you will see her again.
Reaaly? You think so, where?
I don't know, at a radio station event.
Listen, there is something with the engine.
That's an idea!
We can check the radios tations.
Gert, we have a match to go to.
We seriously have to talk.
We are the champions!
- Of the forest!
What do we drink? Beer!
And the others? Water!
Pull all Bavarian lederhosen down...
Lederhosen down!!!
What do you car and a condom have in common?
They both block traffic...
When you car can't beat that BMW,
then the race will be a problem.
Hold on, there is still one gear to go.
There you go!
Bertie, don't overheat the engine!
Gert, it's a Manta engine.
This one's for you guys... bye bye!
Oh man, shit.
What's that? What?
Gert, say something, you're the mechanic.
Kohlenfresser, finished.
You have a nice car.
Nice? This car is hot!
Double vergaser,lowered bodywork,
and 215 km per hour...
What do you think of the sport seats.
It's the same as the gyneacologist chair.
It is so hot in here. Can't we go somewhere?
Yeah, ok.
I know a good ice cream shop.
Hey girls, Wassup?
With him I might have a change.
Stop complaining, we have to work on your image.
Let's change your hair color.
Save your energy.
I'm sorry, but you have to work on your hair!
I never acuially saw a pimp
But he fits the profile.
Here's your ice cream.
Vanille and lemon.
New brakes renn scheiben. Still a bit grumpy.
Oh shit!
He's toast.
Honey, you're in quite a hurry
to get to the pool.
I have to swim, it's so warm.
When it's too warm, just loose the shirt.
Shall I help you?
No no, not now.
[Radio: Soccer match]
We're winning for once,
And I am not there to see it.
Come on, save it.
Why am I pushing this pickle anyway?
I can forget about the race.
Stop Whining.
I know that sound...
That's my Manta!
[~The Manta Song~]
Oh crap!
In there, fast!
Damn, there he is again.
Oh no.
Brake, brake!
It's closed?
I am not a burglar.
What burglary, take it easy
I have a key.
Could you make more noise?!
You're looking mighty fine.
Anyone ever told you that?
Sure, but never as original as you.
Did you have a boyfriend?
Doesn't matter.
What do you think of me?
You show him who's boss!
But it's cool.
Hey, did you see a blue Manta?
No, no cars here.
Maybe in the lake
shall I have a look?
You're always swimming with clothes on?
Of course, we're no nudists.
What do you think?
Not sure.
Same as before, but red.
Rubbish, it's a big difference.
You would even have a chance
at the miss contest.
If you lend me your chest...
You really want to compete?
Of course not, I just wanted to make Bertie jealous.
You have to life up to your threats,
or you're the one who's screwed.
I'm not only competing to annoy Bertie.
Only when you compete too!
I should take part in such a meet contest?
If you're not going
I'm not doing it either
Ushie, I only attract idiots.
We'll have fun!
Did you forget anything?
Please excuse me,
but the hair conditioner you gave me...
... I think it went bad.
My daughter tried it for an hour
but it's not working.
Ok, that can happen
I'll give you something else.
Good weekend. You too.
Grab your bags, then we can go.
What are you doing?
Nothng. I forgot something
I'll have to get back to the practice.
Hakan, could you help me... ?????
Will you let me finish the spark plugs.
Hakan, we need a towing rope.
Got caught in the rain?
Nope, full in .
Better yet, 2 ropes
And do you have diving goggles?
Diving goggles?
Wow, the great white shark.
It's attached
You can pull it out now.
OK, I'll drive.
There it is, we did it!
Wow, it's like a wetland biotope.
Looks totally finished.
Gert will kill me when he sees his car.
It's a total write off.
It might still run?
Let's push it back in.
Hey,hold you head up, we'll fix it.
What do you think?
So, first we'll drive it into town.
Then we can see further.
Come on, get behind the wheel.
Iew, smells like a fisg shop.
Man,I hate birthdays.
I should have stayed in bed.
Ok, what goes through the mind of a Manta driver,
when he drives into a wall with 180 km/h?
The tail wing.
Now back to Radio 88,a sound so powerful
it will knock the dents out of your bodywork.
And, did you get the clip?
And the interview? Yes.
And I have something else for you.
Yeah, what?
A Manta driver in the wild.
Whoa, sweet. Let's hear it.
It's awesome, when you in the perfect ride, Not the
wreck that you drive, but the perfect car...
Driving through town, windows down,
sounds system loud. That's more than driving...
The feeling is great. Total freedom.
Girl, that's exactly what we need
The voice of the common man.
The voice of the common man, raw and unfiltered
I must have the tape.
No problem Ralph,
but only when I can get on the show
Wow, you got it right
Let get it down.
Gert, this is stealing.
It's just borrowing, nothing more.
Tomorrow, I will swich back the engines
No one wil know. No problem.
Borrowing? We can't just go in
and steal an engine from a 100.000 car.
Are you talking to me?
Easy, easy!
Hold it!
That should fit!
Still feels wet.
Look at the relais.
It's like a small aquarium, so sweet.
Man, stop heating.
ok, the oil is replaced, new spark plugs,
and the rest is polished.
The electric parts are all ok.
Super Hakan, thanks.
You're welcome
it's not going to be cheap though.
Let's give it a try.
The ride works, but what about the wet car?
With this hand dryer, it will take 2 years.
You will need something bigger
I have an idea.
Ok, it's installed.
That will do.
What's going on here?
We're repairing stuff.
But you don't work here?
Don't you move!
I'm calling the police.
Mr Honawitz, working in the middle of the night?
Well it's an emergency.
Damage to a race car.
You know our slogan "Auto Eckhart supports the motor sport".
Also the touring class. Right?
That car must have a lot of power.
We'll have to get going!
Excuse me.
This is a construction trick,
with this you can dry a building in 2 days.
What a brilliant machine.
And now of to the disco.
You'll have to pay heavily for this.
Tequila all night long.
You caught a cold, loose the shirt.
What are you doing?
We will dry it rightaway.
Shall I strip too?
No thanks, no interest.
You can go ahead, we will come later.
So that is going on.
It was a wash out today, right?
You could say that.
I'm sorry about what happened.
What? Today was absolutely great.
You think so?
I had a great time.
Our cloths!
Bertie, easy, let the clutch come up slowly.
I know how to drive a car
I don't need an instructor.
Oh shit, this is a war machine.
I told you to take it easy!
The car now has 120 horse power.
You to The car is not designed for these forces.
Could you stop here! Why?
Need furniture for your house?
There's that big mouth again.
Found it.
What do you want with that junk?
We need the weight on the rear axle,
Grab on !
Open the trunk.
You have a sigarette? Yes
It's Manta night at radio 88.
So come on boys and girls
get a seat in ront of your radio.
OK. Who do manta drivers don't get aids?
...because virusses have their pride too.
And why are Manta drivers always buried on mondays?
Obvious, then the blond hairdesser girlfriends are free.
Hey Bertie. What is left when a Manta burns down?
A gold chain and a crying hairdresser.
Comedian, but will you still be laughing,
when you owe me that 5000.
You want a busted lip, right?
You won't stand a chance,
against my 16 valves.
So Bertie, did you come to see me win?
You're really going to participate?
Participate and win.
OK, but then you can
kiss your new kitchen goodbye.
I rather spend it here.
Do what you want!
All that beauty blinds me.
Ushie, if you continue this...
Hey, you don't want trouble, right?
Could you please mind your own business.
This concers us.
I get the feeling you are harassing my guests.
Is that right?
Go on in, I will follow later.
Hey, what's up?
I would understand if you were 18.
You have been together for long?
None of your business.
Why are you so stressed?
No one wants anything from Ushie.
Just so you know, my girl isn't entering
this tittieshow. You got that?
Allright, no problem.
Listen carefully, Ushie is out
of your life from now, got that?
Now get in your loser car and get lost, you wanker.
That guy can't get in, ever
My mouth is watering.
Your boyfriend is a hot head.
Was there trouble? No,
I calmed him down...
Another one.
I'll put up the carton
you can help yourself.
I'm sorry if I interfere.
But don't you have to race?
It's the only thing on my mind.
You're not thinking about Ushie? No
Sounds convincing.
What is she thinking
I should not be treated like that.
...What's going on, when there's
a parking place, full of Manta's?
PTA meeting of a special school.
I have had it...
Let's go to the radio station
and kick the DJ in the nuts. Then he'll stop.
Brilliant Bertie, brilliant.
Mr. college boy is to good for that now?
I'm sorry gerd, really sorry.
Don't start with that again!
... Hallo Florentine, - Hallo Ralph.
I found the ultimate Manta driver.
Yeah? tell us...
...he told me all about his Manta philosophy...
Her name is florentine.
The stupid cow!...
Is this a life broadcast?
Life is not the point, she's making fun
of me! I don't like that.
Let's go there.
Good, at last you're back to your old self.
Ok,you drive, I drink.
Watch where you're going!
You can change here.
Change cloths? why?
It's not about the nicest dress.
So it's a tittie show after all.
Girls, come on. Put this on.
Are we supposed to wear these
boring shirts? How will we look?
No wonder, you forgot your push up bra
And you can wrap your hanging boobs
around your shoulders
Children, stop that, least until after the show.
Babe, everything is under control.
No worries. Just one word...
Ok, let's go. Showtime.
Empty as well.
Back to you florentine,
how does that Manta car look?
It's a dream car, really well equiped ....
Will you find your way before Christmas?
This guy will be amazed.
...with big rear spoilers and, how are they called...
oh yes, side wings.
The so called potency flaps...
Where are you going?
where's the guy who is making the Manta jokes?
Ralph? He is on the air now.
Do you have an appointment?
Yes, we are here to promote our new record.
What's the name of your band?
We are the Snappan duo.
How am I doing? Very well.
But don't expect applause, it's radio.
Yes, pity.
But you don't get hit by tomatoes.
Ok, 16 Manta drivers are waiting outside a cinema,
what's going on there?
They are waiting for two more,
the movie is for 18 and above
That's enough!
Here's Bertie.
What's the difference between a DJ and an Asshole?
There is none!
What's this then?
Do you want to go out?
When this is not a good time for you,
I can come back later
Shall I call the police?
No, no, just get them out of here.
Please child, don't
you're just messing it up.
Change your tune, please?
Take your friend and go!
It's not my...
Get out, both...
Or you can look for another job.
Say, what is this?
Get out.
What a nice public response.
Great friends you have!
There he lies, the great Opel .
Leave Bertie alone
It's your fault he went mad!
Who, me?
You tricked him.
Can I help it that he's talking trash?
Can he help it that you broadcast trash?
You know what? No?
Forget it!
I thought you were better than this.
What did you think then?
I thought you were decent.
I thought the same of you.
Thank you.
My friends, the last candidate for tonight,
please put your hands together for - Sabine.
Sabine, please tell the audience a bit about yourself.
Well, I'm Sabine and I work
as an assistent women therapist.
wow, I envy you for the views...
into the world of women.
Sabine, a final question...
How does it feel to stand here,
in front of such a great audience?
I don't know, but I never saw so many idots together.
Brilliant. Music!
She's so confident. Look at her!
What is the punishment for kidnapping?
You know why I came to the studio.
Where are we going?
Do you have a telephone?
Of course.
Could I have your number?
It's a seven digit number,
you'll never remember.
The speed limit here is 80.
I know!
Then drive more slowly!
That's because of the turtle speed
He's not used to that.
Gerd, I think I have to let things run through my head.
What does he mean by that?
He has to puke.
What's the use of that bucket?
I don't know, maybe it's for
when someone get's sick.
And now the highlight of the show...
Could the volunteers please come on stage.
Grab the buckets.
On my command... Attention
Could Klaus get Angie a cola?
Sure, a thousand.
Respect, it really is your day today.
You got that right.
I see Klausy gets the full progam.
But you can stop the baby sitting,
it's past midnight already.
Come on, stop the nonsense.
Babysitting? midnight?
How do you mean?
It was your birthday.
What has that got to do with my birthday?
Hold on. You have been
leading me on all day, or not?
No Klausy, you're getting it all wrong.
I'm such an idiot!
That's allright.
Klausy,hold on.
So you live here?.
Still here?
And you're not even blond.
Bertie, let's go see Ushie.
I thought you were bailing out.
Never...I will drive.. and I will win.
Ok, then I'll see you in 10 minutes.
Are you crazy?
What? He wants to race like that?
Bertie, that's dangerous.
Don't do it...
Give a big applause for
our new Miss Westside '91.
Ushie Ecker.
Let's party further at my place...
All for nothing, Bertie is not here.
But you still have Ibiza. -Well bravo.
In 5 months we meet again,
to support Ushie in the finals.
Not really...
I don't look that bad.
Right...but I don't know
if pregnant women can participate.
What? You told me it was positive.
I screwed up. Now it's positive.
So it's negative.
Ok, thanks very much.
Bertie is totally wasted. He wants to race.
Oh no, where is he?
To the chemical plant.
I'm coming with you.
I can't find my car.
where's Klausy?
I left something in the car.
Can I have the keys?
The Ferrari? Yes.
Don't lose them, ok?
Where did she go?
Who? Ushie.
Don't know.
You tell me where she is...
stop creaming!
Let her go!
What do you want to do?
She's to the race.
Where? The chemial plant.
Does it hurt?
You can talk?
Your .... gets dirty.
Don't talk so much.
I want to tell you something...
You can save you silly comments.
When I was in the jury,
you would have won.
Really? Really. it is...
Now this is a car! right?
What's that?
This is too much.
Is not mine, I swear.
Oh, it's you. did you see Klausy?
No, but we'll find him. Come get in.
You idiot.
So, Bertie?
You drank a lot, right?
I say we go.
Well then.... Bertie.
Oh no, not her.
Don't do it.
Get lost, you're disturbing.
Go back to your guy.
You can't drive in this state.
Are you tired of life?
What do you care?
Stop it, I need you.
Now you need me...
We need you
Who is we?
I'm pregnant.
By me?... Who else?!
Boy or girl?
Are you all nuts? What is this?
I'm going to be a dad! What? really?
You should enroll him in special school.
Where's Klausy?
Now who's racing?
I don't care who loses his car.
Hey Klausy!
Let's do this. Or are you scared?
At last!
Stop it, you can't handle this car.
Let him, he will do fine.
Klausy, be smart.
Are you staying here or what?
Shut it!
It is a race, not a tea party.
Stay out of it.
Come on, wave your flag. Let's go!
Total idiot. -he is killing the engine!
Shall I give you a push?.
Are you crazy? Did you loose your mind?
Bertie, stop it!
Ok, you're not getting in my disco.
You too! All of you, for ever!
You got that?
Oh shit!
You're bleeding!
Don't let it get on my suit.
Where's my Benz?
It's totally ruined. Such a nice Benz. Ruined!
Stop crying.
A bit of polish and she's all new.
I have a Manta for sale by the way...
You were great!
You were scared for me, yes?
I don't need a baby sitter.
But who is going to look after you?
What's this then?
WillI need it,
when you introduce me to your parents?
You promised... what?...
your phone number.
Well, don't mind the Manta.
I'm selling the car anyway? What!
Can't afford it anyway
when my study starts.
But i have gotten used to it now...
You we fit a child seat in here?
...or should I get a baby van...