Manta Ray (2018) Movie Script

Nurse Sun!
Who's this?
Arms up.
Hey, let me sleep here too.
What's your name?
Did you hear me?
I said, what's your name?
Are you mute?
Can you hear me?
If you have nowhere else to go,
you can stay here with me.
I live alone here.
Are you done?
You okay? Sit.
Let's see all these pills.
Is your wound still in pain?
Take one of each.
This one's for the inflammation.
Drink some water.
One more pill.
If you don't have a name.
Let me call you...
Like the singer,
Bird Thongchai?
He's like, the biggest superstar.
You heard of him?
Ever heard of this song?:
Only the beach, the sea,
the wind and the two of us.
You know it?
Press tight.
Keep your wound dry.
You know, I used to have a wife.
Her name's Saijai.
She lived with me in this house.
She worked at the big factory
near the fish pier.
We lived together for 3-4 years...
...and then she ran off
with another man.
Her new guy is a navy soldier.
I was pissed...
so pissed.
On the day she left...
...that guy drove right here
to pick her up.
And I was hiding in the room...
...couldn't do a thing.
Bitch and bastard
deserve each other.
I think I'm better-looking
than him though.
Loosen the rope!
You at the back, pull!
Thongchai, close the window.
Close it!
Let's wait for tonight.
...grab the shovel.
I used to...
...make a bracelet for Saijai
with these gemstones...
...just picked the good ones.
And when she left...
...she took it with her too.
It's quite a shame.
The forest here... filled with dead bodies
from God knows where.
Nobody in their right mind dares
coming around here now.
People say that...
...on a clear night...
...with full moon...
...the gems will sparkle
under moonlight...
...and shine brightly
all over the forest.
But nobody really dares
entering at night.
It's so scary.
Even me, I'm scared too.
See, I'm getting goosebumps...
Giant manta rays.
They have black fins.
They're attracted by the colored stones.
During the monsoon season, they'll
hide from the storm around the cape.
And once the sea is calm again,
they'll leave.
Yes, boss.
You know, boss...
I don't want to do it anymore.
If you're scared,
just close your eyes.
Do it again. One, two, three.
You have to breathe like this.
See, like this.
Let's do it again.
One, two, three.
Hey, mute.
Looking for your friend?
No need, you won't ever find him.
Last night when the boat was out...
...the tide was very high.
He got pulled under the sea.
I looked all over for him...
...but he never came out
from the water.
I don't have anywhere else to go.
Can you let me stay here for a while?
I'll go to the factory...
...where I used to work
to try to get a job there.
Isn't this nice?
Let me buy it for you.
This one is new.
It comes in two colors.
How much is this one?
This one's on sale, just 120 Baht.
I'll take it.
Wait for me here.
Don't go inside.
Can you see the baby?
You should eat egg at every meal.
It's good for the mother.
Would you be able to buy eggs?
Take one egg per meal.
It will be good for the baby's health.
Put your shirt down.
Just leave it here.
Come on down...
...legs first.
Go ahead.
How is it? Hot?
Get down here.
Come on.
Is it nice?
Hot spring is good for you.
Good for your skin...
...and your blood flow.
And helps relax your muscles.
My love... where are you?
My love... where are you?
My love...
We used to be together,
just you next to me.
Just the two of us, side by side.
But what have now caused...
this heart of yours...
to change tune?
Where are you now...?
I've been waiting for you here...
...under the bright full moon.
We were once so intimate...
...but where have you been now?
Come back, please...
Come back by my side...
The sun is setting,
and I've prepared dinner for you.
Do I have to eat...
...all alone...
But why...
Looking good, huh?
I'll get the door fixed later.
I couldn't get in the house.
How are you, my dear?
I didn't think that you'd return.
I'm sorry.
Why did you come back, Saijai?
That bastard kicked me out.
I had nowhere else to go.
You should've returned earlier.
I'll move out.
Where would you go?
This is your house.
I can't stay here.