Manthrikan (2012) Movie Script

There are some mishaps seen
in the funeraI obsequies
performed for your younger brother
In the southern orchard where
the cremation took pIace, a crow has banged
Its head on the branch of
a dried up tree and cried aIoud
Pay the priest what he deserves
Hey, haut boy!
2 iII deaths have taken pIace
I intend to remind you that
the spirits of those whose funeraI rites
...have not been performed,
wiII be wandering around
Is there none here to Iight
the Iamp at the twiIight hour?
Where has everyone gone off to?
ShaII I Iight the Iamp?
Who is it?
Who is it?
Who is it, I ask!
Who is it over there?
PIease don't harm me
Ruku's spirit that is capabIe of utter
destruction has got embodied
and it has to be feared
What is the soIution to this?
A rituaI to untie it!
It has to be driven away
An armor of a very strong recitation is
of utter necessity to drive away Ruku's spirit
No ordinary priest can tie up her spirit
To my knowIedge, there is onIy
1 person who is capabIe of doing this
MadapiIIy Bhattathiri!
Greetings to you...
PIease, come in
You expected not to be traced
if you hide in water inside the weII!
- Come out!
- I wiII not!
You wiII come out!
I wiII bring you out...
I know how to get you here!
You, MadapiIIy Bhattathiri,
Iet me see how smart you are
You wish to chaIIenge me
But, you have no right to...
God has appointed me to ground you
and I am fuIfiIIing my task
This sorcerous pot is your ceII forever
I, order you to enter into it
Years Iater...a viIIage in Karnataka
Mukundan Unni and his friends are
Just Iook at the cuItivation!
Sir, they are reaI cunning ones
So, their crops wiII be the best too
They have taken the Iand on rent
and got it cuItivated
They had rented our Iand
and cuItivated it too
But, there is not even grass growing
That is because of their smartness
They cannot be trusted one bit
You trust them, don't you?
Yes sir, I do trust them!
Mukundan Unni, himseIf has stamped
on this white paper
Go ahead and boIdIy cut it down
I am there with you, isn't it!
That is aII we need
It is definiteIy more than the rent
that they have to pay us
He wiII take case of
any further probIems
Yes, I wiII handIe it
Cut it aII down!
Nice, ripe sugarcanes
You wiII definiteIy make
some good profits in this
Not just a good profit
An extremeIy good profit shouId be made
Laborers again!
We have enough aIready
With whose permission
are you cutting these?
What do they mean to say?
With whose permission
are you cutting the sugarcanes?
We have asked yourfathers
for the permission
Show them the paper
that Mukundan Unni has signed on
What are they saying?
- Why make a fuss?
- Get Iost
How dare you touch
the sugarcane in MaIIIaiah's fieId?
What is he saying?
Sir, ask him to get me down...
Is that why he has been
barking for so Iong!
Get him down!
They have understood what you've
spoken about their fathers
This Iand does not
beIong to Mukundan Unni
He has cheated us
Run for your Iife!
Big brother!
Mukundan Unni, I wiII not spare you
Let us do that Iater
We need to escape
from here right now
Or eIse, they wiII not spare us
Yes, we shouId not bow
our heads in front of anyone
You are right!
Run away!
Cold winds off cool rivers, come along with me
Sing a song to awaken the Koel deep in sleep
The soft missed has faded,
come out little woman
Let's step out of the mist to go to fields
We can adorn our hairwith jasmine flowers
Oh my girl, the sky yonder east
Reddened like vermilion vial splashed its dye
On the hill tops of Ambarathi, ahoy!
There's a light shining that's amazing
Oh lovely earth, one touch and it yields
My dear girl reap its rich harvests and come
Waiting in the fields to clap in rhythm
My girl, with the beating of drums, she sings
Celebration of festival of dreams
let's all get together
Come laughing and in joy,
don't tempt me my girl
Oh my girl, the sky yonder east
Reddened like vermilion vial splashed its dye
Thumping hooves of cattle in rhythm
Bronze bells in accompanying tinkle
Under shady tress of country side
sounds of breeze whispering sweet nothings
Our town gets ready with beating hearts
Resounding sounds of drums,
my curly haired girl
Howdah, on elephant,
umbrella swaying joyously
Town full of decorated umbrellas
unfolding in welcome
Celebration of festival of dreams
let's all get together
Come laughing and in joy,
don't tempt me my girl
Oh my girl, the sky yonder east
Reddened like vermilion vial splashed its dye
Oh look my girl,
the buds and flowers blossoming
Look how beautiful they are
in the valley and fields
Heaps of flowers plucked
into baskets and bowls
Adorning the festival-car
along the temple paths
Singing streams of rivulets crafted for you
Silver beaded ornament to adorn the waist
The summer sun too turns beautiful
Wearing her veil of woven gold
A beautiful veil of woven gold
To adorn the body of mist with red vermilion
l shall give you my girl with beautiful eyes
Stars yearned to tinkle
like bells of your anklets
Oh pretty girl with pretty flowers in hair
Celebration of festival of dreams
let's all get together
Come laughing and in joy,
don't tempt me my girl
Oh my girl, the sky yonder east
Reddened like vermilion vial splashed its dye
On the hill tops of Ambarathi, ahoy!
There's a light shining that's amazing
Oh lovely earth, one touch and it yields
My dear girl reap its rich harvests and come
Waiting in the fields to clap in rhythm
My girl, with the beating of drums, she sings
Celebration of festival of dreams
let's all get together
Come laughing and in joy,
don't tempt me my girl
What is this?
What eIse do you need?
Legs of Ramba (a South Indian actress)
Legs of Ramba...
Here it is!
Check it out
Eyes of Kareena Kapoor
(a North Indian actress)
Take this
Use the gum
Why can't I stick it Iike this?
It is such a sweet thing
But, it wiII get spoiIed if a dog Iicks it
Dog is your...
Where is Ramba's other Ieg?
Isn't this the other Ieg?
Can't you recognize it?
Isn't this the one?
Yes, it is aIright now
Mukundan Unni, there are
some more bits to be found
This is not a porn movie
So, Iet it be...
Why is Aishwarya Rai's nose cut off?
I've been cutting this aII night
My fingers have got cut and
you are not bothered about it
- Get Iost!
- You, get Iost!
So, our Damayanti (a woman Iike a queen)
is ready
It was a fake story but this is
what they got fIattered with
Why did you make up
a character Iike this?
Otherwise, I had to pay
a sum of 1.5 Iakhs
To the queen? those peopIe coming now!
Run away...
- Why?
- Just run
Oh no!
Stop it
Hey, don't Iet them go
Catch hoId of them
Don't run away...
You tried to escape?
No, I did not mean to escape
Why did you run away from us?
I did not run away...
Why did we see you run?
ShaII I teII you the truth?
- Can you pIease speak the truth?
- I wiII!
PIease do
Can you aII move away?
I want to taIk to the oIder brother
Go away
What is it?
Do not be surprised
Damayanti sent her picture yesterday
Subramaniam chased me
to get hoId of the picture
MeanwhiIe, the picture
got torn amidst the chaos
Have you grown big enough
to tear Damayanti's picture?
Why caII your grandmother?!
My mother is no more...
Stop weeping and go inside
Get Iost, you idiot!
Sir, pIease adjust with this nose
OnIy the nose?
Damayanti, herseIf wiII be coming here
WiII she not have a nose?
She wiII have it
It wiII bIoom in 2 days
What is it?
He was asking me about the right
manure for the sugarcanes
Damayanti had caIIed up yesterday
She was reaIIy impressed
when I spoke about you
What did she say?
Mukundan Unni, is my little boss
doing fine?
I am getting aII those goose-bumps...
Don't finish of aII the goose-bumps now
Leave some of it to be used when she,
herseIf is here finaIIy
What is it?
'Nandini' (the cow), has started
getting her uterine contractions
So, I was consuIting with him whether
to treat her with home remedies or
...take her to the veterinary doctor
for the injections
What do you suggest?
You are the Iuckiest man
in the whoIe worId
- Why is it so?
- Damayanti has never seen you
What is it that you have,
that has impressed her so much?
I've got a high bIood pressure
So, don't tense me...teII me what it is
Damayanti wiII be soon
coming to Iive with you
When wiII she come?
Whenever you want herto
But, I need to go fetch her
I do not have money for the bus fare
How can I go, get her?
Okay, so, that is the issue right now
You expected me to be
the same as my brothers...
This ring weighs a sovereign
SeII this and go, get her
Take care of aII her needs
My brothers shouId not
know about this
I wiII not teII them even
if I'm threatened to be kiIIed
I wiII kiII you if they come to know
- Come here and get into the vehicIe
- Carry on...
Start the vehicIe
Go on, swinging your hands...
He, who came Iike a tiger
went off Iike a rat
Did you see that?
I got this one sovereign ring
without much hassIe
This can fetch me 25,000
I know of aII your hardships
PIease don't think that I'm teIIing you this
onIy because you have got money now
- What is it?
- My grandmother is not weII
The major has recommended
a commando operation in her eye
PIease give me this ring...
- If not, I aIso know how to steaI it
- What's wrong?
You were in need of money
for your sister's coIIege fees, isn't it?
- Take this
- What about your needs?
Life is easy when we have peopIe Iike
the Nettikadan brothers in our viIIage
Don't fiII your tummy with aII these
There is yam and other tubers too
Yam is too itchy
You, corpse...
The crops are not too great this time
You are sounding Iike as though
...the cuItivation was extremeIy
good during the past 2 years
Why is it that, the vegetabIes in our farm
...are getting thinner by the day,
Iike the peopIe in SomaIia?
You shouId buy some good,
nutritionaI manure for the crops
I had asked you to drop
some cow dung there
Am I a cow to drop dung?
Don't give me that Iook
It is not enough if you dress up
in denims and waIk in styIe
You shouId go to the fieIds
and toiI there too
Do you consider yourseIf a hero?
I am reaIIy tensed right now
ShouId I be thinking of
the cuItivation or my hunger?
AppIy the brakes!
You are crying
as if you have been hit
Go, get the first aid box from the car
The car does not have
the proper registration papers
How wiII it have a first aid box?
What do we do now?
Let us abscond if no one has seen us
But, they have seen us
Why are they running away?
They do not want to be witnesses
to this murder
- Murder?....
- Yes, here it is
Let us take her to the hospitaI
The hospitaI authorities
wiII hand us over to the poIice
Let us take her
to the poIice station, instead
The poIice wiII beat us up
and take us to the hospitaI
- What for?
- First is, abuse
SecondIy, if she regains consciousness
and cIaims that you attempted
to rape her, you wiII get caught no doubt
But, I have not attempted it
These days, it is a trend to cIaim
that rape has been attempted
You wiII get caught!
What do we do now?
Let us take herto ourfarm house now
What is that for?
When she gets conscious,
we can find out what the probIem is
We can take money from her, cIaiming
that the jeep has to be repaired
- What if she does not Ieave then?
- We can abduct her then
We wiII scare her and force herto go away
Lift her!
How can you park the car
in the middIe of the road?
Where do you Iook whiIe you drive?
- Move away!
- Where are you off to?
- What do you want?
- I wiII show you what I want
Who are you and what do you want?
I asked you to move away
Take this to the car
I wiII not aIIow you to take it
I have toiIed hard to grow these VegetabIes
It is aII organic
What are you fighting for?
Get into the vehicIe
There is bIood on your face!
Is it tomato paste on yours'?
Come, Iet us fight them...
He has faIIen down
What do we do now?
Let us Ieave
We have reached our pIace
Hope it was a comfortabIe journey
Yes, shaII we go on another ride?
I wiII smash you now
Carry her down
What are you doing?
You can hoId the Iegs
and I wiII come that way
Be carefuI, don't drop her down
HoId that part!
Isn't this the Ieg?
No, it is not the Ieg
HoId herfeet
Chicken Iegs for him
and girIs' Iegs for me
- They wiII easiIy break at this age
- Where is south for us?
Are you going to bury her here?
I want to keep her head
towards the south
You have staIked a girI from some
good famiIy, taken her to some guest house
...promising to marry her,
raped her to make her pregnant and
...somehow brought her here
on the way to getting her kiIIed
I wiII not stand by you forthis
- I wish to teII you aII...
- Go and get some water
Okay, there is Iiquortoo!
I wiII preferthe soda in my drink
Go, get some water
to sprinkIe on her face
Oh, is that it?
Is she dead?
No, the thing inside is beating hard
You are Iying...
- No, I mean it!
- Let me check too
That is not necessary,
you can hear it through my ears
I don't want to hear it
No fun when I hear it
through your ear
- Don't rub it too much, Ieave it...
- Here's the water
SprinkIe it
Is it stuck?
PuII it...
Pour it through the space
Turn it and pour it out
Who is it over there?
Who are you?
This poor souI can't be seen
This is his face
Turn off the torch
before she faints again
Who are you aII?
What a reIief!
I am Mukundan Unni
- What is your name?
- Name...
Sindhu, Reshma,
Maria, Santha, ViIasini?
Can you pIease keep quiet?
What is there in a name?
- Where do you Iive?
- My house...
This is my house
TeII me what you are here for and Ieave
Come on, Iet us go
Are you acting this out?
Get out and Ieave
Where do I go to?
Isn't this my house?
- No!
- Why have you kidnapped me?
We have not kidnapped you
We brought you here after a jeep hit you
You tried to kiII me
by hitting me with a jeep?
I had warned you
not to bring her here
- Madness!
- She is mad!
Can pretty girIs Iike this go mad?
Madness doesn't Iook at
how pretty the person is
Narayanan used to Iook Iike
Aamir Khan (a BoIIywood hero)
Is it so?
So, are you Aamir Khan?
If Aamir Khan was to hearthis,
he wouId have shot you dead
Stop there!
Stop there!
I wiII kiII you
if you make a noise
Sit down!
If we had not rescued you, those guys
wouId have destroyed you by now
Learn to be gratefuI
The Nettikadans are here
If they get hoId of her,
she wiII be dead soon
- We must keep her in hiding
- Where do we keep her?.
Open the Iarge chest
Get in faster
Go inside
I wiII aIso give her company
I wiII give you company too
- Not necessary
- ShaII I come in?
It is aIready too dark inside
Stop there!
Where is Mukundan Unni?
He wiII get back by the train
that comes at 10:30
- Which train is that?
- I do not know about that
He wiII come on the Jayanti
He toId us about Damayanti
Is there a Jayanthi too?
Jayanti is the name of a train
I don't mind seeing even the train
It's a nice name
Whose bedroom is this?
This is not a bedroom
It is a wedding auditorium
In the evening,
they serve food for 2000 peopIe
We need to get out before that
Is it our marriage?
What was that noise?
That's Mukundan's cat,
trying to catch a mouse
I have never seen
a cat catch a mouse
- Can I see it now?
- No, the cat wiII not Iike that
We are not Ieaving this pIace
tiII we see Mukundan
- Don't we have to see the bank manager?
-Ask the bank manager to get Iost
- That Iady wiII be upset, sir!
- Lady?...
Come on, Iet's go
They have gone
Come out
Thank goodness, they have gone
Come out
Why are you Iooking guiIty?
Did something happen
inside the chest?
- With my right hand in this pot
- Did your Ieft hand go, pIucking mangoes?
This dog hugged me tight
- I had expected this
- Why is it so?
WiII a famined dog eat mutton biryani
served to it orthrow it off?
Throw it off...
Not the biryani, but this specimen!
Look at him
Was this journey comfortabIe too?
WouId have been nice to have
more of the guttered roads
Lift her up
You can taIk Ioud
She wiII not wake up
Wake up... you pretty queen
I made her steamed rice cakes using
50 sIeeping piIIs
She wiII sIeep continuousIy
forthe next 8 to 10 hours
Go, check if it's safe up there
- You have to come too
- Why so?
She wiII not be safe aIone with you
She might even have a baby soon
There is no man or animaI in a diameter
of 26km around this pIace
That is the reason I chose this pIace
It is safe here too
How wiII she go from here?
If she wakes up, she wiII have to waIk
30km down the mountain to catch a bus
If this was your motive,
why did you bring her home?
We didn't go searching for it
It just happened to us
We can be sure that, there is
nothing wrong with her body
But, there is something wrong
with her brains
That might be a congenitaI defect
It need not be caused by the accident
It is evident that, she is a girI who
has gone through severaI probIems
Amidst aII our current probIems, do we
have to entertain another one Iike this?
- Not necessary!
- You can, if you want to
No, not at aII...
There is a car going...
- Where?
- Down there
Looks simiIarto ours', isn't it?
You toId there are no cars
passing by this pIace
See for yourseIf, now
- Is that our vehicIe?
- Yes, it might be ours'
She's going away with our vehicIe
Stop there!...
Stop the car, you donkey!
You ride weII
There is another person
who rides weII too
- Who is that?
- Your father!
That's her
Isn't she dead yet?
But, I wiII kiII her now
Mukundan, she's got water with her
So, be carefuI
I'II thrash you
We took care of you Iike goId
and you abandoned us Iike grass
I know who wanted to abandon whom
You are aII tired
ShaII I serve you those rice cakes
made with sIeeping piIIs?
Get the knife and not the rice cakes
Who gave you the permission
to wear my cIothes?
He asked me to get ready and so I did
- Who asked you to get ready?
- Kovur!
- Which Kovur?
- Oh... Kovur!...
- He asked me if I am Damayanti
- What did you teII him?
I admitted that I am Damayanti
He toId he wiII come
in the morning with his bosses
What do we teII the Nettikadans tomorrow?
What is there to teII them
She has owned up that she is Damayanti
Let it remain that way
She is Damayanti for the Nettikadans
WiII that be aIright?
Yes, it wiII be aIright
Or eIse, we wiII set it right
She wiII set it right
BIack bangIes...
or Iotus Ieaves...
I wiII gift Damayanti,
a goId bangIe today
I Iook so mascuIine
Damayanti wiII faII forthis
WiII something happen today?
The 3rd Nettikadan brother is on his way...
to see you, Damayanti
- Where are you off to?
- Yes, where are you off to?
I am asking you
Where are you off to, big brother?
I am going to get some bangIes
I mean...Kovur caIIed up saying
that the manure has come
So, I am going for it
Where are you off to?
- I am going to get some insecticides
- How about you?
Where am I going to?
To the workshop...
The tractor engine is making a noise
So, have to change the oiI
Both of you are going aIone
Do get back as soon as your works are done
You too, big brother!
- It was not on purpose
- You don't have to teII me anything
It was reaIIy cheap of us to have taken
5 Iakhs from the Nettikadans quoting
Damayanti as the excuse
I am feeIing guiIty about it
I wiII avoid it now
I wiII kiII you
if you avoid it now
Why do you take 5 or 6?
Can't you take 10 or 20 at once?
I wiII do that the next time
With so much of money invoIved,
wiII she act weII?
In the 7th grade, she won the first pIace,
acting as a witch
She need not act Iike a witch
She can just Iive it
The Nettikadans have come
He's running towards us
He's not running,
he has come in his jeep
Have you gone bIind?
You are bIind...
Has he come too?
- He is the one who has come
- What about this one?
Oh no, big brother is aIso here
Didn't you go for the insecticides?
I decided to come and get
the interest money from them, before I go
I wiII get the interest
You can Ieave
You can Ieave, big brother
I am asking you to Ieave
I've decided that I'II not Ieave this pIace
before I get the interest from them
Get Iost!
Don't try to boss over me
You are bossing over me
There comes the next one too
Why have you come here?
- Why are you here, brothers?
- We have come for the interest
I have aIso come for the same
Their aim is not the interest
It is the weaIth that is inside the house
The 3 of them are here together,
It wiII be sheer Iuck if at Ieast
her teeth and naiIs are Ieft behind
It wiII be difficuIt
What a weaIth this is!
I wiII take even
the interest for this one
Mukundan, this is not just a queen
She is a goddess!
- Cough syrup?...
- Get Iost!
- I Iike aII the 3 of you
- Me too!
I want to marry too
But, there is a probIem
What is the probIem?
The Indian government does not aIIow it
- Who made that ruIe?
We don't care who has made the ruIe
This charm and boIdness has
got me reaI confused
I wouId suggest we keep a competition
Yes, a competition is the best aIternate
when many stand an equaI chance
According to mythoIogy, Raman got
married to Sita by breaking an arrow
I wiII break their bones
So, he who wins the competition,
wiII get married to Damayanti
Let us have an eating competition
That is for you to stand
a chance to win, isn't it?
Get Iost!
I can forego anything
to make Damayanti mine
Me too...
I am your big brother
So, go back home, I say
You, get Iost, you dog!
- What did you caII me?
- Don't you dare to touch me!
PIease, hoId this
Damayanti, I can give up anything for you
Go there, wiII you?
Misty eyes turn happy with your beauty
Offering comfort to a burning heart
You came like a cool breeze
To a barren land longing relief
Can't finish loving you this lifetime
Misty eyes turn happy with your beauty
Your mischiefs are a relief too
Drawing crossroads in me
Among dreams aplenty
You emerged like a shining pot
You made me longing for love
Like life in golden town
Misty eyes turn happy with your beauty
Shattering all my thoughts
You came like water droplets galore
My thoughts fill with your nuances
Renewed beside me by the day
l accepted it with all my heart
To be forever
Misty eyes turn happy with your beauty
Who are you actuaIIy?
That is a question
I have not found the answerto
I do not know
I can't remember anything
Why are you acting in front of us?
I am not acting...
MaaIu, the name that you have
given me, is aII I know
I can't even remember my reaI name
Can I ask you something?
WiII you give me off to those fat men?
I couId have thrown you or given you away
Iong back, if I wanted to
Leave me aIone!
Catch hoId of him!
l am letting you go only
because of his recommendation
Otherwise, l would have
taught you a lesson
Did you hear that?
It hurts you if we raise our hands
against a poIice-man, isn't it?
If you speak anymore
I'II break your bones
These are common diaIogues
at the poIice-stations back home
Hey, get Iost!
Is she fine?
I had gone to the hospitaI
What's next?
She is not there
Where has she gone?
Her reIatives have come
and taken her away
Where to?
No cIue about that!
Why did she come into our Iives?
The initiaI fights, Iots of Iove after
that and now, she has gone off somewhere
She might not come back
Otherwise, she wouId have come
back by now
No, she wiII not come back ever
She can forget aII that has happened
But, how can I?
- Yes, he is here
- Who is it?
Your mother
What is it, mother?
I wiII Ieave immediateIy
What is it?
My father is seriousIy iII
I need to go home soon
I have to go back soon
I cannot be here for Iong
I'm feeIing bad to Ieave you here aIone
Do as you wish
You have never stood by your
parents' wishes
Your father had high hopes that,
you wiII foIIow his footsteps
Don't you know that I don't beIieve in
aII these magic chants?
No matter what we pIan, it is
onIy god's wish that happens finaIIy
Bungalow of a Haut Monde in Coorg
The canopy for the wedding
ceIebrations, shouId be a reaI grand one
It is not just a wedding
The girI is from this bungaIow
l know, sir
It is not enough if you say
that you have understood
You shouId understand
The reIatives, friends and VIPs are
coming from America, London, Bombay
If there is a fIaw in what you taken up,
you know how these men here wiII react
It wiII be fine, sir
I know that you wiII do a good job
But, I'm saying this for my satisfaction
Around 20 days more for the wedding
Start with the canopy works tomorrow
Did you sprain your Ieg?
Not my Ieg... you sprained yourtongue
Uff, I got scared!
Take this away
Speed up!
WiII it get ready before the wedding?
Don't open those bottIes
I know the count
There was a caII
from the chartered accountant office
Can I teII you something, sir?
The caterer and the person deaIing
with the canopies, were here
Unniadhiri, pIease wait out
I wiII come and meet you there
Did you hear what Unniadhiri just toId?
The preparations are gearing up
I cannot marry someone whom
I don't Iike and that is not a mistake
What is it that, Giridhar Iacks?
I did not say that, he Iacks something
I don't want to marry him
Look at the way she's taIking!
Isn't Giri rich, good Iooking
and the both of you grew up together
He is our reIative too
What's in your mind?
I'm in Iove with someone, Niranjan
We have decided to Iive together
- What?
- Stop it!...
The women in this bungaIow can make their
own decisions onIy when I'm no more
Jagannath, Iock her up tiII the wedding
- Move away
-Ask him to Ieave me aIone
- I won't come
- Come...!
Come this way
Leave me, UncIe
Keep waIking
Come here
In the fixed date..
We wiII get you married as per the pIans
That wiII be with my corpse
Go inside
Who is that?
Who is that?
- It's me...
- You...
Open it...
Get the bag
Come in...
This is the house
Come in...
This is Mukundan Unni Bhattathiri
It isjust now that I came to know
your father has passed away
He was happy when I toId him that
the son is way better than the father
- Come on, Iet us Ieave now
- Where to?
To the bungaIow in Coorg...
An eviI spirit that your father had
rooted has been freed again
It is showing aII its power now
Since your father is no more,
he wants you to root her
I ground her back
My father's deeds have
got over with his time
Has he given you a guarantee card
for any ''after services'' after that?
Carry on...pIease Ieave
Is he angry because he is not happy
with the advance amount?
With divine thoughts,
bring a beteI Ieaf and 50,000...
1 Iakh!
Yes, 1 Iakh and 1 rupee
PIease wait
I wiII set things right
There he is...
You proud one in debt...
Do you know who that man is?
He is the one who suppIies goId
to aII the jeweIIery shops in South India
Oh, he's a jeweIer!
Yes, Iet us snatch it from him
It is either our Iuck or their bad Iuck
that, the ghost had to come out now
If we root it back, we can get
the money that we demand
We have paid off the drummers
and others waiting outside...
with the advance money
we got from him
Who asked you to do aII this
without my permission?
It is no kids pIay to deaI
with ghosts and spirits
It is done by risking one's Iife
I have gone with my father
and seen it as a kid
I, do fear aII this
Who is going to do it?
We wiII just go,
take them on a ride and get back
That is it!
He has agreed!...
Here they come...
He has agreed to come
We forced him to
Here's the offering
Which is east facing?
Let us not fight forthat
Give it to me
Ask her to get ready with her bags
She wiII have to Ieave once
Mukundan Unni reaches there
- Whom are you taIking about?
- The ghost!...
- Mukundan, open the door
- What is it?
She just heId me
Did she?
Let me see her
It's the ghost!
Ii just saw a dream now
EarIy morning dreams do come true
For the past 4 years, he has been dreaming
of getting married to Aishwarya Rai
Did it happen? Abhishek Bachchan
has married her, isn't it
What has gone, is gone
Let us taIk of what we can get right now
Get ready to Ieave now
Be the exorcist
I am not wiIIing to do something
that I do not know of
I have bought these ghost movies
for you to Iearn from
Are aII these ghost movies?
Some porn too, to reIax in between
Whatever you say, I am not wiIIing
to die in an unknown Iand
- Give me that porn
- No way...
Mukundan Unni, your father died being
hurt with aII the debts made
because of you
What shouId I do forthat?
Yourfather's spirit wiII be at peace
...onIy if no one comes here
asking for money because of you
These braceIets, made by
...had kept your father
safe from aII dangers
You wiII be safe as Iong as
you have these with you
Wear this chain
No eviI force can harm you
I was born after 9 years
of hoping for a chiId after your marriage
- Do I have to do this?
- Yes, you have to
Your mother wants you to
You have to go!
Did you hear what mom said?
Mothers, normaIIy wish
onIy good fortheir kids
This is the first time
I'm seeing a mother
...intentionaIIy pIunging her son
into troubIe
- ShaII we go?
- Hmmm...
Niranjan, where are you?
I am waiting outside the gate
Wait there, in the car
I wiII be there soon
- Who are you?
- It's me...
You are eIoping away with your Iover!
I had attempted this once
But, the men foIks of this house,
did not aIIow me to
What are you taIking about?
You have no cIue, isn't it?
Then you need not know about it
But, no one shouId get
anything that I couIdn't
That appIies to you too
- Why are you so Iate?
- Nothing at aII
Come on...
The tyre has to be changed
No, not necessary
Just escape soon
Where are you off to?
I'm asking you to just come with me
- What are you doing?
- Come on...
Let me go
- Come on...
- Let's go away from here
Come with me!
- Have you got any information?
- No, nothing at aII
They have gone
I wiII Iet you know
- What happened?
- We have searched everywhere
No information at aII?
We have checked with the hospitaIs,
raiIway station and bus stand
- But, no information at aII
- Let us compIain to the poIice
- Can you come here?
- What is it?
I know that I wiII not be forgiven
But, I need to go with Niranjan,
the man I Ioved...
Do not search for me
She has betrayed us!...
What do we teII
Rajendran and Subhadra?
They are busy with
the wedding preparations
I do not know
Why do you worry so much?
You have another daughter, Chandana,
who is aIso oId enough to get married
We need to find out if she is
wiIIing to get married
We do not know what she thinks
They are right
CaII Chandana and ask her
to come here tomorrow
- I scared you...
- You dog!
Take this bag
- Yes, how much is it?
- 200 and something
What is that, 'something'?
Give him the 200 for now
We wiII give him the 'something' Iater on
Nothing, swamiji
l just wanted to see your face
That's why l called you again
What does that mean?
I wanted to see your face
for the Iast time
I am going back
He meant to say that I wiII die
He couId aIso mean that,
he wiII die soon
Come on...
- That was the gate...
- Get Iost!
This is an oId bungaIow
Can there be a ghost over here?
WiII the ghost Iook for a fIat
at the marine drive and go stay there?
- She wiII sureIy be here
- See you back home
Wait there!
PIease stop scaring him unnecessariIy
There is no ghost here
In case it is there, it is something god
has shown us after seeing our sufferings
We wiII enjoy here
That buII is heading towards us
Keep running...
- Escape...
- Don't Ieave me aIone
Did you get a Ioan from the buII?
I beIieve it is coming to kiII us
Keep running...
The buII can even tear out our underwears
- Escape
- Do not Ieave me aIone
Why does the buII hate the coIor, 'red'?
I guess, it beIong to the congress party
Oh my mom!
They are coming
Get up
They are coming
Don't spoiI it
The buII stung me on my ass
They have reached
Start the chants
- Greetings to you aII
- Get up...
The Iand rituaIs are over
Oh god, pIease take care of this bungaIow
The soiI over here, smeIIs of bIood
As soon as I entered, I heard the cries
of the wandering spirits
We, heard it too
- PIease come in
- We too!
I have heard when my father
taIking about this bungaIow
We are aII frightened
It's unnecessary
I have come now, isn't it!...
This is my uncIe, my wife...MaIini
Subhadra, Sangeetha and Sumithra
Lot of women around
Looks Iike they wiII have
a crime story to write about me
Teach them some chants
when you are free of work
Betterthan that is..
What did you just say?
That's the name of my grandmother's oiI
What is it?
Can't you do it?
Yes, we can
Unniathiri, pIease show them to their rooms
Come with me
Can you smeII something burnt?
This is where Manavendar was burnt to death
- By whom?
- By Ruku
What was it for?
There is a Iong road
Ieading towards the north
That was where Gangadhar
was bitten on the neck and kiIIed
- By whom?...
- By Ruku...
Why wasn't the poIice informed
of aII these murders?
- What can the poIice do to the ghost?
- Ghost?!...
Yes, that's Ruku...
Wait there!
ShouId we proceed further?
Yes, we have to
Keep waIking
- Come on...
- We are...
A sorcerer, MuthuveIan, from
TamiI Nadu had rooted her once
- Rooted whom?
- Ruku...
Guess what we saw
the next morning after that...
What was it?
MuthuveIan was torn to pieces
and thrown around the courtyard
- What is it?
- Now, you are here...
That outhouse, where
the buriaI ground is for you
I meant your stay!...
I did not reaIize it's so Iate
I need to get back before she comes out
Come here...
- What is it?
- There is something with this tree
TeII us whatever, it may be...
- Do you know what tree it is?
- Coconut?
- No, do you know what is on it?
- OwI?
The ghost dweIIs on top of it
The peopIe here, have faIIen
for our Iooks and taIks
Yes, that's true
We wiII have to take money from them
By taIking about the rituaIs that,
we know wiII never happen
That, depends pureIy
on your performance
The first day itseIf, has been a fiasco
- Don't finish off our food too
- Is it over?
I cannot adjust to the food
outside KeraIa
I am worried if the cIimate wiII suit me
I am worried if we wiII get possessed
Where is the pickIe that,
my mom had given us?
Her water-appIe pickIes can
entice you to eat a kiIo of rice
Why eat a kiIo?
You need to eatjust right
- Here is the pickIe
- Give me some
Tastes Iike soiI
Let me taste that
Yes, you are right
Who brought this here?
I took it from that cemetery and
carried it for the spooky effect
- What is it?
- It resembIes someone we know, isn't it?
- Show me
- Okay
This Iooks Iike Raman Chettiar,
who had died heart-broken
...because you did not pay back the debts
Is it?
Give back the money, you idiot!
This dog has been crying ever since
we have reached this pIace
What is it?
The beIief is that, dogs can see
the spirits that humans cannot see
Why do you fear?
The ghost wiII not harm us tiII we try
to do something to root it
- We wiII not be doing that!
- Yes, you are right
Where is this noise from?
What is that overthere?
Mukundan Unni, do not fear, be boId
My friend is an inspector
What is it?
What happened?
This is terribIe
What was the noise?
Why did you scare away the maid
who came to cIear the dishes?
She got reaIIy scared!
Come forward
Did she come here?
We did not reaIize that
We were busy with the chants
Some chants have to be toId aIoud
and some onIy in the mind
Is that why they are asIeep Iike this?
Wake up...
They are tired after the journey
Fast asIeep...
They have to start the chants earIy
in the morning tomorrow
My trademark rituaIs with
the traditionaI fIoor patterns
...using rice powder, cinnamon sticks
and the horns of a bIack deer,
...wiII aII start off earIy,
tomorrow morning
- So, you can carry on...
- Let's go
Which famiIy does this dark skinned
priest beIong to?
He is from Travancore, from some famiIy
that's not there at aII
Here's yourtea
He was reaIIy upset,
as if he were unconscious,
when we heard of Devangini,
having eIoped away
Yes, I feIt paraIysed
Right now, I feeI I did not have
a daughter Iike that
Did you taIk to Giri about it?
He has absoIuteIy no objections and
has Ieft everything to his parents to decide
Did you taIk to Chandana?
Yes, we did mention to her about it
She has totaIIy agreed to it too
She feeIs she is Iucky to be
getting married to Giri
AII god's bIessings!
So, Iet us proceed with the wedding
as it has been pIanned
Swamiji (priest)
Who are you?
Why are you here at midnight?
It is earIy morning aIready
Ranganathan got scared
seeing something
I was asked to come,
get you for heIp
I have not seen you here before
I am Rukmani, Madhavan Unni's daughter
I came here yesterday, with my father
- PIease, do not deIay
- Yes...
Someone in the bungaIow has got scared,
seeing something
I am not coming
Me too...
Has she gone away?
Are you there?
Is there anyone around?
Her name...
Wake up...
We have to Ieave immediateIy
Why are you waking us up in the middIe
of the night and saying we have to Ieave?
Why are you saying this now?
Come on, we have to...
Our Iives are at risk
Come on, Iet's Ieave!...
He must have dreamt of something
Let's sIeep
He's gone mad
It is not dream
Come on...
You have been saying this
right from the day after we came here
TeII us where can we go to!
We can decide that Iater
Be quick now
You Ieave everything haIf way
and choose to be in a fix aIways
In between of aII our probIems,
god, himseIf, has shown us this house
and we are not Ieaving this pIace
We can soIve that
once we Ieave this pIace
How wiII we soIve it?
We can't even go back to the pIaces
we have been with you before
You worked on 8 to 10 acres of Iand
and onIy ended up with debts
amounting to 30 Iakhs
What can we earn
after Ieaving from here?
- I am asking you to just come with me
- We are not coming with you!...
It is my responsibiIity
to take care of both of you
Enough of the trust
and responsibiIities
Let us end it aII, right here
PIease, Iisten to me...
Once we get out of this pIace,
we can decide whetherto end it aII or not
I am teIIing you this for your own good
PIease, trust me...
- Isn't that, MaIu?
- Yes...
Why is she here?
Go on
- Was the journey comfortabIe?
- Yes, it was
Give me Chandana's bag
Give me a hand
Be carefuI
- Why didn't you caII me in the night?
- Diya, who is it?
That's her boy-friend,
John Kurakaran, isn't it?
Let us take the phone away from her
Come on
Chandana, do not come this side
AIIow me to taIk
PIease, do not disturb me
AIong with the pot and camphor that,
we have brought,
- we shouId have carried a binocuIar too
- What is that for?.
For a cIearer view of them
- Do you have any other intentions?
- No...
You can Iook at the 4 other girIs
I wiII poke your eyes for you,
if you Iook at my MaIu
First and foremost, confirm
whether it is your MaIu or not
I wiII confirm it
PIease, waIk forward now
Hey, stop there
John, why don't you take me
to BangaIore with you?
She is waiting impatientIy over here
What is wrong with you?
You have started this, right from the time
I got here yesterday
I am not MaIu
I am Chandana
Don't come, taIking to me
about this hereafter
Looks Iike everything is aIright now
- What did she teII you?
- Nothing...
Same story again
She is not MaIu!
You shouId not appear
in front of her again
- I wiII prove that it is MaIu
- How wiII you prove it?
- Do you remember...
- What?
In the farmhouse, that day,
do you remember
she had danced standing on top of my jeep,
wearing my t-shirt and dhothi?
Yes, we do...
That day, I had seen
a bIack moIe on her right thigh
If I am a man,
I wiII prove that bIack moIe
Yes, the bIack moIe...
That sounds Iike a good proof
Don't you know me?
Don't you remember the days you stayed
with us, fought with us and we were in Iove?
Get out!...
Don't taIk nonsense
You are mad
I wiII prove who is mad
I know that you act weII
But, you can't pIay the fooI
with me, anymore
Get out, right now
Or eIse, I wiII caII for peopIe
- Yes, caI...
- Father...
- What is happening here?
- Unniadri, he is...
Don't get frightened hearing what
I am going to teII you now
- Ruku's ghost has possessed her...
- Oh no!...
- She wiII destroy this house
- You...
Everybody in the house
shouId be warned that
...tiII the rituaIs get over,
interactions with her shouId be very minimaI
- I wiII...
- Escape!
I wiII treat you
I wiII not Ieave tiII I root the ghost,
Chandana who has possessed my MaIu
-Are you there?
- Yes, I am just coming
What did you tell her?
I stopped her from taIking
I did not touch her
I mean to ask,
what did you teII her?
We, sorcerers have a way
to taIk to these ghosts
You wiII not understand that Ianguage
The ghost that was outside the house,
is now dweIIing in Chandana's body
The peopIe in the bungaIow
have to be warned that,
I might need to enter her room
at midnights for the rituaI purposes
- They shouId not misunderstand me
- Okay, you can...
Hereafter, you have to stop waIking
outside her room, caIIing out for her
She wiII drink your off...
There are fat masters in the bungaIow
How can my 50 miIIiIiters of bIood,
suffice for the ghost?
Did you not know
that the ghost is on a diet?
She is not on the Iookout
for the fat masters
She Iikes a Iean one Iike you
- Unniadri...
- Yes
Can you get me
something hot to drink?
Take it off
Once we see the moIe on the thigh,
we can proceed further
- What?
- I mean, proceed further with the proof
Got scared?
- Look at her sIeeping...
- Yes, I saw it...
Sit down
I'II see it and keep updating you
Keep quiet...
- What's happening?
- Nothing at aII
Did you see the moIe?
I am Iooking for it
You can sit now
Let us check it out
That's not necessary
Did you see the moIe?
She is wearing a pair
of shorts underneath
It is our curse
You wanted to see it aII yourseIf
- You deserve this
- What wiII you do now?
I have another idea
Did the sorcerer confirm that Chandana
has been possessed by Ruku's ghost?
Why shouId he confirm it?
I heard her shouting out Ioud when he
Iocked up the room to start the rituaIs
Oh, is it?
Are you scared to sIeep here because
your room is right next to hers'?
- No...
- That's good
If you are scared, can you
come with me tiII there?
I am not scared
You are... I know that
- Is it?
- Come on
I am not scared
I mean to teII you the truth
A truth, that is true to my knowIedge
Ruku's ghost has cast her eyes
on these 5 girIs
CIothed, un-cIothed rituaIs is
the onIy aIternative, I know of
What does that mean?
Haven't you read
the mythoIogicaI treatises?
- No, I haven't
- No point in reading it too
This is not mentioned in it
Bhattathiri, carry on...
You shouId wake up before dawn,
wearing a bust-cIoth,
dip thrice in the Iake and come,
sit in front of the fire for the rituaIs
- I am not forthis
- I cannot do this vuIgar act
It sounds so cheap
Sounds so boring...
ShouId I Ieave or stay back?
You can go aIone
We are not coming
tiII the rituaIs are done
I am not coming too
Can you make the girIs understand?
You have not been brought up here
You may not have beIief in aII this
You have to Iisten to him
It wiII do you good
Forget it, if they are not interested
But, it is you, who wiII have to suffer
the future repercussions of this
Come on, Iet us go
He is asking us to wait
Don't be adamant to Ieave
Don't say no to the rituaIs
PIease forgive us
For what?
They are not used to aII this
You mean, taking bath?
Taking a bath in the Iake!...
Wearing a bust-cIoth...
This is how you get
used to some things
Ruku can't be avoided Iike this
She has targeted them too
- I saw it Iast night
- What?
I saw a huge figure
in front of Chandana's room
- Oh, is it?...
- Yes, so you shouId agree to this!...
We are not for this fancy dress
I agree to this
They wiII be there too
You cannot say this for a revenge
You shouId be there!...
See you there...
The pot is ready
The oiI...
Don't pour that
- That's not the oiI
- What?
I have mixed a drink for us
to have afterthe rituaIs are over
Keep it there
We shouId have it with a pIantain
It tastes superb
- What did you say?
- Nothing
Hey, Iook there!...
My god...
Is it a piIgrimage?
I had mentioned that,
it is onIy forthe girIs
Why is the whoIe bungaIow coming here?
I cannot Iook for
that oId man's moIe
OnIy Iadies!
Go and bIock the others
Stop there
Where are you aII off to?
It is onIy the virgin girIs,
who are aIIowed to appear for this rituaI
Is that room
a compartment onIy for Iadies?
Are women aIIowed
to go to the 'SabarimaIa'?
Some practices are onIy for Iadies
You cannot say that
Unniadri, keep quiet, wiII you?
Waking up earIy, taking bath
and getting ready, was aII a waste of time
It is good to take a shower
Who gave you the right
to use my 'understand'?
Do not repeat this?
- My grandfather...
- Grandfather?...
UncIe, it is aIright
to have taken a shower
You can keep chanting this
PIease, keep chanting it
- How can you say this?
- Is everything ready?
Yes, it is...
You chanted aII your
teachers names, isn't it?
Keep quiet!
Come on
Keep waIking
- Wait there
- What for?
If aII of them waIk in together,
how wiII I...See?
Once the fire is Iit,
you can come in one by one
You wiII faII sick
if you stand here Iike this
Medicines can cure that
But, no medicines can cure it
if your name is spoiIt because of him
If you both remain here,
you wiII spoiI it aII
You can caII me a dog if I don't prove that
she is the MaIu who was in Iove with me
I wiII take off her mask with
which she is fooIing peopIe here too
I wiII get married to her
and make 5 to 8 babies too
Light the fire...
Did you keep the crackers here?
No, I did not
Let me teII you...
You need not taIk too much
- I wiII not beIieve you
- You have to
- No, I wiII not
- You have to
Leave that...where are you now?
I am in Chandana's oId bungaIow
I am just seeing around the pIace
-Are you aIone?
- Yes
ShaII I come too?
WiII he come in search of you?
Or wiII you go in search of him?
What is it?
Who are you?
I am Ruku
Do you want to see my actuaI seIf?.
You there...
The wedding is just 10 to 15 days away
WiII you be abIe to root Ruku by then?
This is not a cow to just
tie it up so easiIy
There is a time for everything
You wiII have powerfuI chants, isn't it
Why can't you use it?
I wiII use it...
But, she has to aIIow me to
She is fIying away Iike a untied kite
- How many days more for the wedding?
- 16 days
Let us do both the rituaIs together
Do you mean to say, my death?
No...the wedding and rooting the ghost!
This is Chandana's fiance, Giridhar
Greetings, dear!
He is the sorcerer who has come to free
the bungaIow from the ghost
He is a smart one!
Take the boxes inside
Why are you here?
I want to as you the same question...
Why are you here?
I am getting married to Chandana
I had aIready decided to get married
to her, before you
I know what your intentions are
You want to kidnap her, isn't it?
Sending peopIe to kidnap the girI
you are getting married to,
...was aIso a kind of kidnapping, isn't it?
Look who is here!
Come fast
I bought this to free us from the fears
But, Iooks Iike it wiII not be enough
Sometimes, the guts that we cannot get
from the chants, these drinks wiII...
- Let the ghost come now
- Yes...
Looks Iike Ruku is out
Go on...
Go, get her
This drink gives you
more powerthan the chants
You have the power in you now
So, go now
- You are Battathiri's son, isn't it?
- Yes, I am
So, you have to get
hoId of the ghost, isn't it?
- Yes, I wiII
- You are a boId one, isn't it?
- Yes, I am
- Come aIong with me
I am some, BaIakrishnan's son...
My father is no Bhattathiri
- you aIso can come
- So, why shouId I come?
- So, you can come with me
- ShouId I?
Come on...
Let me do the accounts
The noise came from this side
The bucket is shaking...
Why are you caIIing me that?
The bucket is shaking...
It seems some girI is inside
- It is her
- Who?
The ghost!
Let us puII her up
How did she go inside the weII?
We wiII find out from her
once she is out
You are so boId
It is because of the drink in me
Come on, puII...
The ghost is so heavy
- It is her
- Her?.
This is MaIu
Why did we take the troubIe
to Iife this one up?
Drop her back in
- PIease, don't do that!...
- Drop her...
I wiII faII too
She is unconscious now back is paining
What is happening here?
Why are you here at this hour?
We got drunk and came out
to find this girI in the weII
- You...
- We found her inside the weII
Oh god...Iet us carry her
I'II carry her
You don't have to carry her
I meant to say that,
she has to be taken inside the house
He wiII heIp, carry her in
HoId her...
It was past midnight
when my inner intuition,
...woke me up teIIing me that
there is danger near the weII
The fore-fathers have woken you up
See, in spite of Iacking basic
knowIedge, he has understood it
You have to get rid of this soon
There is an expensive rituaI to counter Ioss
which can actuaIIy soIve the issue
- Money is not the issue here
- For me too
- The girI's Iife is priority for us
- For me too
- Grandfather...
- I know what has to be done
What is it?
We require an abIe sorcerer
to root the ghost
I am right here!
This guy doesn't know anything
Have you been possessed
by an EngIish ghost?
Ustad Maanpuram Maayamkutty Sheikh,
is a person who can get rid of aII eviIs
He wiII onIy need a day ortwo
to parceI away the ghost
Is he running a courier company
to parceI away the ghost?
What is the need for it?
It is aIways good
to have a second opinion
The person whom the ghost
Iikes more can get rid of it
Yes, Iet anyone do it
But, you wiII see the repercussions too
Who did you say is coming?
Ustad Maampuram Maayankutty Sheikh
- Wife...
- Yes
Come on
Ustad, we were waiting for you
Come in
We can eat Iater on
There is pIenty of time for that
Let me finish my job first
Greetings to you aII!
Is there a poIiticaI meet happening here?
Why is there a big crowd here?
These are the peopIe in this famiIy
Has there been no partition here?
They are friends of
my wouId-be daughter-in-Iaw
Oops! I just stamped a viper!...
Move away, aII of you...
- What happened?
- l can smell a gin (evil spirit) here
Nobody has gin or rum here
It is the smeII of a femaIe ghost
Not the drink
Don't get scared
I wiII give you the eggs
that I had chanted with
Your fears wiII aII be gone
Get me the eggs
I wiII give you aII the eggs
Open it...
So many peopIe and very few eggs
You deserve a...
No eggs forthe men
The Iadies can have it
Take this
I am getting the eggs
ready for the men
I wiII give it to you Iater
Who is this?
Oh god, aII vipers around here!
Take this
Do not fear anymore
- How oId are you?
- 20
Let us start with the rituaIs
Come on
This is a nationaI highway inside the house
Let me handIe him now
Come out...
We have come here for the rituaIs
That is the house
Go and beg there
I have not come here to beg
I am here to get rid of you beggars
Take your stuff and Ieave tonight
Don't make things difficuIt for me
It is sad that you have
come here to teII me this
Oh, god!...
Ghosts and spirits shiver in fright
when they hear of my name
Don't force me to start the rituaIs now
We have not been moved
by even biggerfears
So, why wouId we fear you?
You don't have to put up aII this drama
He is ManapiIIy Bhattathiri's son
I don't care whose son you are
If the father was a mahout, how wiII
the son have a wart on his ass
See it for yourseIf
Look for it...
This scar is a genitaI one
Your face shows that
you are a faIse sorcerer
Chant something and get rid of him...
See, it is impossibIe
If you are a reaI one,
answer to my question
My question is...
l will come every night
till my wish has been fulfilled
TeII me which ghost sang this
and in which movie
- Can you give us a cIue?
- Answer this, if you are a reaI sorcerer
- Can we have a cIue?
- Yes
- She drapes a white cIoth in it
- Is it a porn movie?
She waIks without cIothes
in that, isn't it?
I knew that you
were faIse sorcerers
Do you see this egg?
It was Iaid by a white hen
If I circIe it thrice Iike this,
around your head and break it,
...your head wiII break too
So, Ieave this house tonight itseIf
What if I don't?
I wiII break the egg
and your head wiII break too
Throw it...
Don't force me to do it
I wiII break it....
Break it...
Leave me aIone
I wiII have a headache
I wiII throw it now
You are Iucky now
This happened to be a boiIed egg
and not a raw one
I wiII come with a raw egg tomorrow
I am asking you for the Iast time
Can you get out of here?
I wiII not Ieave tiII the spirit
has been got rid of
Let us see who gets rid of the spirit
I am taking up this chaIIenge
Oh god...a ghost
Move away, you deviI
Who is this one?
I shouId have a protection myseIf
I took the egg, circIed it thrice above
his head and when I was about to break it,
They feII on my feet, crying aIoud
asking me not to kiII them
Are you sure?
Can I go the day after tomorrow?
I am too tired now
I am asking you
about those peopIe
There is no doubt about that
Otherwise, I wiII use the next trick
- Enough...
- ShaII I fry you an egg?
Someone wiII hear you
PIease, go now
No one shouId hear?
- Who are you?
- I am Biyatu
How can you be here
in this bungaIow?
I am waiting for my husband
My husband has come here to do
the massage treatment for the master, BeIIi
SuIaiman, you have Iost now!
I Iive there in the out-house
I am scared to waIk aIone
My husband wiII get Iate
I am tired of waiting for him
ShaII I give you company?
WiII it not be difficuIt for you?
No, not at aII!
Come on
Do you know why I am here?
It is for an egg rituaI
You are Iooking Iike an angeI
Don't mock me
Do not run away
PIease wait!
WiII your husband get back too Iate?
- ShaII I come into the house?
- What for?
Don't behave so innocent
- What do you want to drink?
- Get me whatever you Iike
Something coId or some bIood?
Anything wiII do...
Oh god...
It's a ghost...
You are there
Here too?...
Oh my god...she is again here?
Is this ghosts' procession?
Save me, God
I have escaped!
Get Iost...
There is a ghost
I am here to safeguard you aII
Don't worry
I wiII seep here tonight
Get up
PIease, don't throw me out
I am scared of the ghost
Poor souI is petrified
seeing something
- It is a Friday today
- Friday?
Is that why a haIf-fried creature
was chasing me?
You are a smart one, isn't it?
- Don't Iie!
- What?
I am PayaruvaIa Pappan
Who is that with you?
- That is my wife
- What?
Don't hit me
She is arranged too
Get out of here right now
I want to teII you something
I have reaIized how powerfuI you are
The ghost chased me tiII here
but has not come in
PIease do not throw me out
She wiII finish me off
I am frightened
Poor souI!
Do one thing
Give him 2 pegs of that drink
- No, thanks!
- Okay, forget it
I mean to say,
I don't want water in my drink
I am not used to
mixing my drink with water
I am not a great sorcerer, as you think
ManapiIIy Bhattathiri's son,
is aII I'm worthy of
I had decided to Ieave this pIace
But, I am not abIe to
- I need your heIp
- What for?
Let us be friends
Ruku's spirit dweIIs in her
Ever since I got home, I'm being
harassed using a spirits name
First, it was a sorcerer and now this one
- Daughter...
- Leave me aIone
I have seen the ghost
She wouId never Iose her temper
PIease, heIp her
There is one soIution I can think of
She has to be taken
to the mosque in Yervaadi
As you say
- She wiII not Iisten to anyone
- I wiII handIe that
Start the preparations
for the journey immediateIy
Come on, my heIpers...
My back hurts, bending Iike this
What is it?
She wiII be there as we have decided
Give me a hand
What is it?
He is back
Mukundan Unni
He is back with Damayanti
Take the tractors with the workers
We wiII teach him a Iesson
for having cheated us
How wiII you teach him a Iesson?
Come on, wiII you?
Why is he shouting at me?
Come on, wiII you?
A very famiIiar voice...
Come out with Damayanti
Who is it?
- The Nettikadans
- Oh no
Why has their madness not ended?
How did they know that we have come?
We wiII be trapped
I know we wiII be trapped
That is what I'm trying to soIve
We wiII have to show Damayanti to them
Let us introduce her as Damayanti
But, they have seen Damayanti before
We can teII them that
she matured in few days time
Ustad wiII teach you a Iesson
if we show away his wife
They have not come aIone
There are 20 peopIe aIong with them
carrying weapons too
Let me try to handIe this aIone
Don't you worry
I am there with you
Oh god, the Nettikadans are
better than this one
What about him?
Come here
I wiII be back soon
How are you aII?
Hope you aII are fine
We are not that fine
Do you want some?
Why did you abscond?
How can I get back if I've absconded?
We wiII get you back
if you don't, isn't it?
Don't Iift it too much
We had decided your marriages with her
But, herfiance kidnapped herthen
What is his name?
We have got her back now
with so much of efforts
These are Giridhar's peopIe
TeII them that they are Pereira's men
They are Pereira's men
They have come to take her again
This is your chance to prove yourseIves
in front of Damayanti
If we are abIe to prove?...
She wiII bow her head for you aII
Come on, Iet's go
Stop there!...
You have grown so much
You shouId use your brains
You have been so fooIish
Things have gone this bad,
onIy because I Iistened to you
If you get married to the oIder one,
you wiII onIy get haIf the property
That is why I had asked you
to kiII the younger one
But, what have you done?
Itjust happened that way
You shouId have handIed Chandana whiIe
she was on her excursions from coIIege
There were so many ways forthat
Chandana does not know
that you were invoIved in it
But, he does!...
Mukundan Unni does know it
He can do nothing...
Why did you want to see me?
Unniadri toId me that you are going back
Yes, I have to
Since MaIu has reaIized the truth now,
I can go back peacefuIIy
Yes, when you get married and have kids,
you now have a story to entertain them with
You Ioved me a Iot, even
when I had Iost my memory
I, hurt you a Iot unintentionaIIy
It was not intentionaI
I know it aII now
I want someone who Ioves me
and not my property
Giridhar wanted to get married
to the Chandana, who has aII the Iuxuries
I preferto Iive as the MaIu,
whom you Ioved
Can I become that MaIu again?
Who are you?
You have decided and
finaIized it aII, isn't it?
Who are you?
You want Mukundan Unni,
but not Giridhar!
You have decided your marriage,
aII by yourseIf
I wiII not aIIow you
to Iive with anyone
You cannot escape from me
I wiII destroy everybody
TeII me, who you are...
You want to know
who I am, isn't it?
Let us go to a pub after shopping
Where are you off to?
Going out shopping with Giri
Do you want to join us?
I have a news for you
I have pressurized my uncIe from US
to come for the wedding
Is that why you are Iooking so happy!
You are Veerendran's darIing...
Memories when caressed gently
Streams born silently
Pair of eyes brimming in tears
Streaming slowly down the cheeks
ln a jungle so lovely, in a nest unseen
lives a distressed bird full of yearnings
Are you pIaying the fooI with me again?
I cannot understand this, MaIu
Why are you Iike this?
Don't come near me
I was ready to Ieave this pIace
But, you heId me back
What is it, MaIu?
What is the meaning of aII this?
- I want to know
- No...
I don't Iike you
I hate you coming near me
Go away!...
How can you hate me in a night's time?
What happened?
I want to know the reason
Get Iost
I wiII kiII you,
if you come near me
Who is MaIu?
I am no MaIu or Chandana
I am Ruku
I have come to destroy the bungaIow
I have possessed her, you are next
and then the bungaIow
You want to tie me up?
Yourfather did, Iong ago
I have taken a re-birth again
Come on, if you can tie me up
without any knowIedge of the rituaIs
Come and tie me up
I never beIieved in aII this
During my chiIdhood, I used to be
scared when my dad tried to teach me
I had forgotten aII
what my dad had taught me
But, right now, my heart is fuII of
gratitude for my dad
Keep thinking about your father
and carry on with it
You have it in you
through so many generations
You have to make use of it
There wiII be both,
the good and the eviI
You can tie her up
OnIy you can!
Lovely night of March-April
in a golden chariot came this way
Standing resplendent,
as a bride like me now
Lovely night of March-April
in a golden chariot came this way
Standing resplendent,
as a bride like me now
My friend, the flowers you braided for Cupid
What Radha, too created for her Lord Krishna
Were garlands of spring in varied hues
Suffused with overwhelming perfumes
Lovely night of March-April
in a golden chariot came this way
Standing resplendent,
as a bride like me now
Divine nymphs came to make me companions
The lovely swans of my imagination
Eyes lined with kohl,
musical stars in a row
Moonbeams like palms
offering sandal paste perfumed
Aroused and awakened the arena of game
As the drums within
the heart thundered and beat
As God of Love adorned you on him
My Lord too, merged in my everlasting beauty
Lovely night of March-April
in a golden chariot came this way
Standing resplendent,
as a bride like me now
As clouds created a stage
for lascivious dances
The nightingales orchestrated
musical pieces
As the edge of tender leaves
turned couches of past time
Romantic unions continued
captivating and erotic
Assembling a place like we dreamed
lnviting us were messengers of love
Savoring the sweetness of celestial Veena
Perform, sanctified in aisles of heaven,
an alluring dance
Lovely night of March-April
in a golden chariot came this way
Standing resplendent,
as a bride like me now
My friend, the flowers you braided for Cupid
What Radha, too created for her Lord Krishna
Were garlands of spring in varied hues
Suffused with overwhelming perfumes
You cannot do anything to me
Sit down
No, I wiII not
Your spirit is wandering
without freedom
Let go off her!
Obey me!
No, I wiII not Ieave her,
tiII my wiII is done
I wiII make you obey me
You, being a Iiving being, not matter
what you try, I wiII not Ieave tiII I take
...revenge on the peopIe who have
spoiIed my Iife that, I couId have Iived
Births and deaths are the wiII of god
Spirits do not have
the right to remain on earth
That is why my father
had rooted you once
That is how you have
become my enemy too
You do not know anything, nothing at aII
Do you know the fire burning in me,
...the sufferings I went through
Do you know it?
Memories when caressed gently
Streams born silently
Pair of eyes brimming in tears
Streaming slowly down the cheeks
We cannot Iive together in this horribIe
Iand where my oIder brothers are around too
We have to go off to a pIace
where they cannot find us
Won't you come with me?
What if your brothers come to know?
Nobody wiII get to know
We wiII be in another pIace
...before dawn tomorrow
Nobody can find us there
What is it?
- Where is your daughter?
- Why do you ask?
Move away...
Leave him
Get Iost...
My daughter...
You want to get married
to our younger brother, isn't it?
- I wiII kiII aII of you
- What is it?
PIease do not harm us
- Mother...
- Come here...
She is not around
What is it?
Let me go...
Take him away
The fire of revenge in me is more
powerfuI than the fire
for these rituaIs
You are dweIIing in a rented body now
She has a heart too
I wiII not aIIow you to behave seIfishIy
by being in her body
I am going to trap you
in this for your freedom
...and for the safety of aII
the peopIe in this famiIy
No, no...
Don't do this, Ieave me...
What is it?
What did you do to her?.
Ruku's spirit is there in her body
What is it, my dear?.
Get him out of the house
Get out
Giri, what is this?
Leave him
Don't you dare to touch me
We wiII go away
But, you aII have to
remember one thing
You have to fear him more than
Ruku's spirit in the bungaIow
Come on...
I wouId have come to the airport
if I had known that you are coming today
I wanted to surprise you aII
How are you, UncIe?
I am fine
- MaIathi, are you fine?
- Yes, I am fine
- Where is your fiance, Chandana?
- She is inside
Come on, Iet's go inside
UncIe, what is wrong?
What happened?
Someone tried to
suffocate me with a piIIow
- I couId not see the person
- I suppose, it was a dream
Get Iost, don't be fooIish
It was not a dream
Be carefuI, there is a spirit
wandering around here
Don't scare him
- What is it, uncIe?
- It was Iike a dream
Let us see around the pIace
It has been so Iong for you
Come on, uncIe
That's true
Go on...she is requesting you, isn't it?
Do not go near the bridge
What is this?
It has been so Iong
AII what we had dreamt of,
is finaIIy coming true tomorrow
Property worth crores of money,
for generations to Iive in Iuxury...
You wiII be the owner it aII
A week after the marriage and Chandana,
wiII be a cIosed chapter
An accident or a mistake
and she wiII not be there
Otherwise, what wiII I teII my wife,
EIsy and my kid in America?
There shouId not be any doubts
I wiII take care of it aII
You can be at peace
Chandana, why are you here?
Are you scared to die?
What madness are you taIking?
You want to get married
and Iive peacefuIIy?
I am not Chandana...Ruku
Open the door, Chandana
Why haven't you sIept?
Why is your face Iike this?
What is it?
You and your brothers
had burnt me up
What did you say?
I do not intend to kiII anyone
But, I have to, when it is my enemy
You cannot be Iiving in a worId
where we are not there
Come on
You, the great sorcerer, Mukundan Unni,
you fear death, don't you?
Me, fearing death?
I did not run to counter fear
I wanted to reach you here
You cannot go outside this ring
I wiII go...
Stand there, I say!
They did harm you
But, you have done aII that
you can to take revenge
You have to stop now
Do you remember this pIace?
This is where they had burnt you up
This is where your end is, once again
I wiII not go
These have been written through
so many generations
When it has aII burnt off,
you wiII end too
How can you go without accepting
any offering from us?
That is not necessary
How can you say that?
Ruku had been haunting us for ages now
and it is our Ioss if the sorcerer who has
tied her up, has to Ieave without
accepting anything from us
We, at ManapiIIy, do not do the rituaIs,
expecting anything
You need not go off Iike this
What if we are giving her to you?
Oh no, the Nettikadans!
Here they are!
Don't Iet him go
Catch hoId of him