Mantostaan (2016) Movie Script

Ram Singh..
Catch them! - Catch them..
Catch them and beat them up!
Catch them and beat them up..
Catch them..
Beat them up..
Catch them..
Sakina.. Run!
'Long years ago,
we made a tryst with destiny'
'Long years ago,
we made a tryst with destiny'
'and now, the time comes when
we shall redeem our pledge'
'not wholly or in full measure,
but very substantially.'
'At the stroke of the midnight hour,
when the world sleeps'
'India will awake
to life and freedom.'
I swear! I have seen many women,
but none were like you.
Do you look at women?
- Hey!
Why shouldn't I?
You are my wife!
I am no wife! Do you want me
as your wife to cook you food?
My love!
I will take care of you
like you are my queen.
You didn't bring me even
a pair of earrings till date
You didn't bring me even
a pair of earrings till date
and you speak of looking
after me like your queen.
Forget earrings.
I will bring you loads of jewels.
What happened, dear?
- Where is Sakina? Hold this.
Let's go from here.
Move quickly.
Sakina.. Come on.
Let's go this way.
Let's go..
Come on..
Come on..
Come on.
Get up!
Fathima! Come on!
- Dear!
Please.. Please leave with Sakina.
No. - Get up. - I can't make it.
- Listen to me.
- Go..
- No.. Fathima.. - Mom!
Fathima, try to get up.
- Mom!
- Mom..
Mom! - Get up!
- Mom!
Let's go..
Let's go.. - Get them!
- Hurry up!
Kill them..
- Kill them..
Come, dear. Come with me.
You make me wait for so long!
What did you bring?
I have to wash my hands.
See for yourself.
Are these for me?
- Of course it's for you, love.
Stop it! You are so bad!
Help me wear this.
Wow! Look at this necklace!
Ishar! Bring me earrings.
"A bulbul does not chirp"
"all the time in the garden."
"all the time in the garden."
"Neither is a garden always green."
- Get them.. Kill them..
Kill them!
"A bulbul does not chirp.."
Your veil.. I'll get it for you.
Wait here.
- No, Dad..
No! Dad!
Dad! - "Neither is a garden
always green."
"Nobody stays"
"young forever."
"Neither does one's companionship
last long."
Run.. Let's go..
I got the store open
and got some groceries.
Keep it inside, dear.
Dad, I wonder how long
this will continue for.
Ms. Sakina said two days ago
that things would get horrible
and that they are leaving
this place. - Dad.
and that they are leaving
this place. - Dad.
Shall we also leave from here?
We are going nowhere, dear.
Why are you scared?
I have lived all my life
with the people here.
These are good people.
Nothing will happen.
Everything will be fine.
It's a matter of a few days.
Listen, lock the door properly.
Everything will be fine, dear.
Why are you so scared?
Go and make me some tea.
Rab Nawaz,
what are you thinking about?
I was wondering if these are the
humans who were created by God
or are they something else?
At times,
I come before people I know.
I go through a weird state of mind.
Don't think so much. A soldier
must have a strong mind-set.
A person with a strong mind
makes a good soldier.
You are right.
Not to think a lot is a good thing.
But it is something to think about.
There are so many revolutions
happening all at once.
It was India's independence first
and Pakistan's establishment.
Now, it's the war of Kashmir.
Now, it's the war of Kashmir.
Pal, I sometimes think
if we are really fighting
for the religion.
If it is so
I wonder why we don't
fight for the Muslims
in Hyderabad and Junagarh.
There are so many countries
with Muslims.
Why don't they participate
in this war?
I was a part of one military team.
Now they are split into
so many other teams.
There was only Indian
military first.
Now there are Pakistanis too.
I am defending the country
that I have never been a part of.
I could not even settle
down properly
I could not even settle
down properly
and now this is my country.
Rab Nawaz, what did the
Muslim army that came from India..
- Pakistan even get there?
Don't you abuse, you dog!
- What did they get here either?
- Just a few guns
of the same kind and calibre.
Nothing else.
You are right!
The soldiers in 2/9 regiment
were my friends.
I have to sometimes fight
against them in this war.
I forget that I am a soldier
when such a situation arises.
Didn't I tell you not to overthink?
Yes, a soldier must have
a strong mind-set.
Stronger the mind,
better the soldier is.
Stronger the mind,
better the soldier is.
You are right.
- Sir.
Tell me. What happened?
They are shouting abuses.
- Is it? Let's check.
Cowards, we will kill you all.
How long will you hide up there?
You won't live.
- Give me the binoculars.
You will all die.
Leave Kashmir and go away.
Kashmir is ours.
We will kill all of you.
Show yourselves!
Attack them!
My child..
Give them some water to drink.
It's okay.
Oh, God!
How did this happen?
My child!
My child..
We checked everything.
- Greetings.
Move forward!
Rafeeq, what happened?
What happened?
How many of their men are dead?
Many! I think only a few are alive.
Is the base ours now?
- Yes..
Is the base ours now?
- Yes..
Let's go..
Okay, let's go.
- Let's go..
We don't know where aunt..
That happens.. - I couldn't do
anything when he was killed..
They killed my child.
Yes? Did you say something?
My daughter, Sakina..
- No..
Come on.
'Even we have done that,
haven't we?'
'We have kept
Muslim women with us..'
'And since we have done that'
'no matter who says it..'
'Whether it is regarding
East Punjab or..'
'Or is it regarding
the interim..'
'This is.. If you
pay me Rs. 1 Lakh'
'This is.. If you
pay me Rs. 1 Lakh'
'I will let you have
custody of all of them.'
'Can the people at
the helm of power do this?'
'And they will indulge in
business of this sort? I say..'
'Such people should
not be tolerated.'
'But I will not
give them a penny!'
They have done
a despicable act!
And if they are ready to
accept responsibility for it'
'they need to
plead before me..'
And they must also
give us their custody..
I have got tea for you.
Where is Meshrath?
Make sure that he does not
go out to play.
He seems afraid.
It looks like he has
forgotten how to play lately.
Tell him that he needn't
fear so much.
It's not happening
for the first time.
Yes, but it never got extended
for so many days.
We are not getting
power supply anymore.
We haven't got water in four days.
Dad. Dad.
Why don't we go to Shareefapur
for a few days?
All Muslims in the locality
have left.
Don't entertain such fear
in your mind.
Nothing will happen.
We won't go anywhere.
Living here is better and safer
than living in a camp, dear.
Where will you go?
Go. Find him and explain it to him.
No, send him to me.
I will help him overcome his fear.
And don't you dare
have such fear henceforth.
I was stupid, sir!
I made her stand in the corner.
I hid her.
I went to get her veil.
I got what I ran for.
When I got the veil,
I don't know what had happened.
I fell unconscious.
I regained my consciousness
only after I reached here.
I don't know.. I have been
searching for my daughter.
Drink water..
- I don't know where she is
and in what plight she is in
or how she is doing.
Allah, please safeguard her!
Kill him..
Kill him..
Kill him..
It's so cold this year.
Come, have some tea.
- Give me some.
The winter has begun
sooner this time.
I am sure people in Amritsar
are sweating.
It starts a little soon
in the hilly areas.
Sir, something looks fishy
down there. - Where?
Down there.
- Is it? Give me the binoculars.
Hold this.
Who's there?
You moron!
- Don't abuse us, brother!
Nobody is your brother here.
Come before us and we will
beat you black and blue.
Rab Nawaz!
Who called out my name?
Who is it?
Hey, idiot! Did you forget already?
It's me, Ram Singh..
Ram Singh? Ram Singh!
Where are you?
You idiot!
Didn't you recognise my voice,
you idiot?
You nincompoop, show yourself.
Hold this.
- Moron, you will kill me
if I come before you!
No, I won't.
Come forward.
Dad! Dad, what happened?
Dad, what happened..
Dad, what happened?
Sir, what happened?
- Dad.. - What happened..
- Dad, please wake up.. - Sir..
Dad, what happened?
Dad, please wake up.
- Dad, what happened? - Wake up.
Mr. Akbar! Dad! - Get up!
- Bring some water.
- Sir..
Please wake up, Dad.
- Get a grip on yourself.
Dad! Mr. Akbar, look at dad.
Dad, wake up..
- What happened? - Sir..
Sir, what happened?
- Please wake up. - Sir.. - Dad..
What happened to you, sir?
What happened?
- Dad..
What happened?
- Dad..
He is paralysed.
Mr. Akbar,
dad's condition is deteriorating.
We must do something.
Please bring the doctor.
- There's a riot out there.
How can I go?
You have to do something.
I know that this task is dangerous.
But dad's condition
is getting worse.
There's a doctor who lives
in the adjacent street.
Please go and get the doctor.
Don't worry, Sister.
I will get the doctor.
Please be quick.
- All right, Sister.
Sister! - What happened?
- There's a corpse outside!
There are scary men
on the streets!
- Calm down..
They are looting the stores!
- Calm down..
They are burning everything, Sister!
- Calm down.
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Your cough will be your end.
I hope you die over here.
You can't even help your brother.
You are useless, Mr. Akbar.
My father is dying
in front of you.
Mr. Akbar,
he has taken care of you.
Don't you have the gratitude
to go out and get a doctor?
I am a girl and I can't go outside.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself,
Mr. Akbar?
Rab Nawaz!
Ram Singh!
We want to drink tea!
Drink the tea and enjoy!
We aren't able to enjoy!
We have left our
supplies over there!
Where is it?
The place where you
can easily fire us!
What do you want?
Allow us to go and get our supplies!
Don't shoot them.
You might shoot us, rascal!
Stop blabbering, swine!
Make a promise!
Whom do I make a promise to?
You can make a promise to anyone!
Enough of your nonsense!
Swine, you can go and get it.
Swine, you can go and get it.
Go ahead.
Do you have all the supplies?
Make strong tea for everyone.
Thank you!
No mention!
Wait for it, rascal.
Be careful, don't shoot anyone.
Mr. Akbar?
Mr. Akbar?
Where did he go?
Mr. Akbar?
Mr. Akbar?
Oh, God! Where did he go?
He has left the door ajar.
Mr. Akbar?
What's wrong, Sister?
Mr. Akbar is not in the house.
He might have gone out
to fetch the doctor.
He might have gone out
to fetch the doctor.
It's going to be dark in a while.
He should have returned by now.
I scolded Mr. Akbar for no reason.
I shouldn't have scolded him.
Mister, I was looking for you.
Please don't lose hope.
Some of our men often
go over to Amritsar.
They will surely find your daughter.
Come on, I will take you to them.
Come with me.
- Come on..
When do we leave tomorrow?
Did you check the water?
Yes, I have checked everything.
- What do you want me to do?
Everything is taken care of.
Just take care of yourself.
How's it going?
- Greetings.
He is my friend.
He is very distressed.
Please help him.
What's wrong?
D-Don't cry..
E-Everything is going to be fine.
How many days to go until Eid?
Maybe two days.
I-I am sorry.
I-I couldn't buy new
clothes for you.
We don't want anything, Dad.
We just want you to get better.
- Greetings, how have you been?
Are you doing fine?
No, I am not. Did you find out
anything about my daughter?
Mister, we couldn't find her.
We are really sorry.
We couldn't find her.
We will surely find her very soon.
Don't worry.
Please be patient..
- I wonder how she is!
Mister, please clam down.
Please stop. Listen to me.
Mister, we will find her.
- I wonder how she is.
We will look for her.
Don't worry.
We will surely find her.
- I don't know how..
We will find her for sure.
- I wonder where she would be.
How would she survive alone?
- Don't worry..
How would she survive alone?
- Don't worry..
Be patient.
We will surely find her.
Who's that girl?
Stop, ma'am! Stop..
- Stop..
- Stop running!
Hey, stop!
Are you Sirajuddin's daughter?
- You're Sirajuddin's daughter?
You're Sakina, aren't you?
- Listen..
You had lost your veil
and your dad went to bring it.
He has sent us to find you.
There's danger here. Come with us.
We're here to take you.
We'll take you to your dad.
Your dad is waiting for you.
- Come on..
You want to go to your dad, right?
Come with us.
Hey, Ram Singh!
Is the tea ready?
Not yet, you moron!
He keeps talking nonsense.
Had someone else said that
I would have shot him right away.
But I'm helpless
as he's my childhood friend.
Hold on, you idiot!
What nonsense are you saying?
He is my friend.
I think I have to show him
my face once.
I think I have to show him
my face once.
Ram Singh..
Oh, Lord!
Someone get the first aid kit.
Ram Singh!
Ram Singh!
- Hold on, Rab Nawaz.
You'll get shot.
Ram Singh!
- Rab Nawaz, stop.
Ram Singh!
- Rab Nawaz, stop.
Ram Singh has been shot.
- Leave me.
I don't need the bandage.
He's been shot.
Ram Singh!
Ram Singh!
Ram Singh!
Ram Singh!
Ram Singh..
Oh, Lord! Ram Singh..
Where were you all these days?
I'm asking you,
where were you all these days?
I have no idea.
You don't know?
What do you mean?
Ram Singh..
The end..
What happened, dear? Tell me.
You seem to have gone crazy.
where were you all these days?
- I swear upon God.
Tell me,
where were you all these days?
Don't ask me anything.
You're amazing.
- Ishar
You're amazing.
- Ishar
where were you all this while?
Tell me.
You had been to the city, right?
- No.
You're lying.
You had been to the city.
You must have robbed
a plenty of gold
and you're hiding it from me.
I just can't hide anything from you.
What was wrong with you
the other day?
You were all fine.
You gifted me the robbed jewellery.
You lied down here with me.
What went wrong with you then?
You just woke up and walked away.
And you're coming back
after eight days?
Yes. We have to leave
in the morning for the prayers.
So, what happened..
- I went to the doctor there.
I've got the medicines along.
Listen, let's see..
We have to go again tomorrow.
He'll come..
Everything will be fine.
My child..
- Did you have food?
Food.. - My child..
- He'll be here..
Dear, did you find out anything
about my daughter?
we didn't find out anything yet.
We'll surely let you know
once we find out something.
It's been quite a few days.
I wonder what condition
my daughter is in.
Dear, please find her.
We'll let you know if we
find out anything. Let's go.
Let's go, guys. Let's go.
- Yes, come on.
It's going to rain now.
- Let's go.
Yes. You may take rest now.
Listen, how shall I take rest?
How shall I take rest?
Ishar, my darling.
I swear
there's something fishy.
I swear upon you,
there's no such thing.
what's the matter?
You're not the same
as you were eight days ago.
I'm still the same.
How about a hug?
You will believe me only then.
What happened that night?
- Just forget that!
Won't you say?
I can say only if something
had happened.
You can kill me, if I'm lying.
Get lost.
the moon is out.
put a bed for me
Let me make arrangements.
We found a girl on
the railway tracks.
Her condition is quite bad.
- Is it?
Come on, let's go and see.
- Let's go.
Now, we can't say that, can we?
Let's play a game of cards.
Distribute the cards.
Get lost!
Don't do that, Ishar.
It is hurting me.
Then, this is my ace move.
Then, this is my ace move.
I swear on God,
you are a sensual woman.
Ishar, you are a beast.
Let me be a beast tonight.
You have lied enough.
Show it in actions now.
A Sikh is standing outside.
- A Sikh!
What is he here for?
He was asking me to open the door.
dear, open it.
G-Gur.. It might be Gurumukh.
No! It isn't Mr. Gurumukh.
G-Gur.. Gur..
It might be Gurumukh.
G-Gur.. Gur..
It might be Gurumukh.
Open it.
'Greetings, sir.
- Greetings, dear. Greetings.'
'Greetings, sir.
- Greetings, my child.'
'How are you doing?
- I'm fine, sir.'
'Please come.
- Sir, greetings.'
'How are you doing?
- Fine, by God's grace.'
'Happy Eid.
Here are some sweets for you.'
why do you take so much trouble'
'on every Eid?'
'Whether the moon rises on
time or not during Eid'
'but you always bring
your sweets on time.'
'Sir, how can I forget?'
'When I was given capital sentence'
'it is you who saved me and gave
me a new lease of life.'
'My generations to come
will be indebted to you.'
'You are like an angel to me.'
'First of all, I get to enjoy
this sweet dish on the occasion'
'of this festival and secondly'
'I get to meet you.'
'What more do I need?'
'I always look forward
to this festival.'
'Whether I'm alive or not'
'my children will continue
this tradition.'
'On my behalf, these sweets will
be delivered to your house'
'On my behalf, these sweets will
be delivered to your house'
'every year, year after year.'
Open it.
Ram Singh!
Ram Singh!
Ram Singh!
No, Ram Singh!
Why did you do this
you stupid fellow?
I had fired for no reason.
Who had asked to you
to come in its way?
I myself had come front
to show you my face.
But you fired at me.
But you fired at me.
No, pal, no.
I swear by God
I had fired without any reason.
I had no idea that you would
come in its way.
Ram Singh!
No. No!
Hey, get a doctor.
- Let's go and get a doctor.
Let's go.
You! Who are you?
I am her father.
Ishar Singh
who is that witch
with whom you have
spent all these days?
Who is it who has rendered you weak?
I am asking you,
who is that woman?
Who is that witch?
Tell me.
No one, Kulwant.
No one.
Come what may,
I will find out the truth today.
Swear on God that there is
no other woman behind this.
Come on.
Before swearing, think again.
I am Sardar Nihal Singh's daughter.
I am Sardar Nihal Singh's daughter.
If you lie to me,
I will chop you into pieces!
Now swear on my life
and tell me that
there is no other woman!
Who is it?
- I am Santokh Singh.
I am the son
of Sardar Gurumukh Singh.
What brings you here?
- I have brought some sweets.
Please come in.
Come with me.
Who is she!
Who is that witch!
Who is that foul woman!
Who is she?
The jewellery that you had stolen..
Whom did you give it to?
Tell me. Tell me!
Whom did you give it to?
Tell me. Tell me!
Whom did you give it to?
Leave it be. Kulwant.
Leave it be.
Once you know
the truth about the jewellery..
You will never wear them.
Tell me the name of that foul woman!
Do not abuse that poor woman!
That evil woman!
My love
you did not think over it.
You did
You did
the right thing.
- Who is she? Who is it?
That witch!
I will tell you.
These materialistic ties..
They are very strange..
Cut to the chase, Ishar.
Kulwant, I am..
My throat has been slit.
I can only speak like this.
Sir. Please send a doctor at once.
My friend, Ram Singh, has
been injured. - 'Ram Singh?'
Stop asking questions
and just send a doctor.
- 'We will send one.'
Ram Singh. Ram Singh! Do not worry.
The doctor will be here.
I am not worried, my friend.
Just tell me..
How many of my men
have you all killed?
Just one.
What about your losses?
- Six?
Hold your post.
Go back!
When I arrived
they were all scared.
I told them
to risk their lives
and fight them.
This is better.
This is better.
Greetings, sir.
I am Santokh Singh,
son of Gurumukh Singh.
Had my father been alive
he would have been sad
to see you in this state.
What.. What happened to Gurumukh?
He passed away.
When did that happen?
- It has been a month.
His last words
to us were
that the tradition that has been
running for a decade
that on every Eid,
sweets should be sent to you..
I was here for the same.
Rab Nawaz.
- Yes, my friend.
Remember the day..
In the morning..
Do you remember that?
Do you remember that ma'am?
Do you remember that ma'am?
Which one?
- The one from Italy.
What did we name her?
Oh, I get it.
Vinita Vinteceio.
'I am all out and the game is up.'
But she did entertain you.
Ram Singh. Ram Singh, stay quiet.
Stay quiet.
- I..
Take me back there.
Then we will run in our fields..
We will sleep in a barn.
Please stay quiet, my friend.
You have high fever.
Please stay quiet, my friend.
You have high fever.
Tell me
the truth.
Do you really want Kashmir?
I cannot accept it.
You must have been instigated.
I swear on the five rivers.
You all have been brainwashed.
- Don't swear.
You may be telling the truth.
Ram Singh. What can you see?
Ram Singh. What can you see?
I am checking the fuel
I have in the tank.
No, Ram Singh. No!
I will be leaving now.
Are you done?
- Yes.
Done with your work?
- Yes.
Kulwant, my love.
How can I tell you
what happened to me?
Human beings
are the most
astonishing creation created by God.
When things were being
stolen in the city
even I stole
a lot of things.
one thing
which I couldn't tell you..
What was it?
The house
which I targeted..
Break it open!
I'll get the door.
- Wait, Sadik.
I'll check.
Who could come at this hour?
Who is out there?
Hey! Who is it?
She was dead.
That was a corpse.
A lifeless piece of meat.
H-Hold my hand, Kulwant.
Open the curtains.
'We are saying politely, open it.
- Come on, do it.'
'Hey! Remove it.
- Remove it.'
'We are asking you to remove it.
- No..'
'It was done once, right?
- No..'
'Why are you feeling shy?
- No! - Remove it.'
'Remove it! Remove your clothes!'
'Take it off!'
That's it..
That's it, enough.
Shoot me
and run away.
Run away..
Is this Ram Singh?
He was in our patrol
before the partition.
Run away..
- Yes, sir.
Ram Singh..
Ram Singh..
Ram Singh..
You have forgotten.
The fear..
This war..
Ram Singh..
Ram Singh.
"Don't celebrate!"
"Don't celebrate if an enemy dies!"
"Even your beloved might die."
"The afternoon sun is"
"is soon going to set."
"The gardens which were blooming.."
"The gardens which were blooming"
"are pointless without my beloved."
"Even if you're grief-stricken"
"don't let the grief take you over."
"don't let the grief take you over."
"The gardener.."
"The gardener's job is
to water the plants.."
"The gardener.."
"The gardener's job"
"is to water the plants."
"With skin-bags of water."
"With skin-bags of water."
"The gardener's job is
to water the plants.."
"With skin-bags of water."
"It is up to the Lord to allow
fruits and flowers to grow."