Manucharitra (2023) Movie Script

All these days we have worked
together like brothers,
how can you even think of killing me?
Dawood, at least you tell him
to not kill me...
Orders are to kill you.
- Don't kill me, leave me.
We can't...
Hey, stop!
Brother... It's my fault,
I made a mistake.
It's my fault, I made a mistake...
spare me this one time.
Will move away to Surat or Dubai
along with my wife and kids.
Won't even face you hereafter,
even if I am dead.
Shekar, I would have spared you
if you had cheated me,
but you betrayed me,
being my person,
how dare you join hands with
Muthireddy and plan to kill Janardhan Kaka.
Guys, if ever anyone of you
tries to betray me,
then you will have to face Rudra's stab.
- Sir.
Throw his dead body in Vaddepalli Lake,
no one should even come to know
his whereabouts.
Ok, sir.
- Kaka.
Shekar is no more.
Orugallu village is the fort of
Rudra Pratap,
no one here has enough courage here
to touch you, until I am here.
Rudra will meet tomorrow at the event.
Ok Kaka.
Pull him down soon.
Make it fast.
'Breaking news.'
'Warangal district,
Mayor Janardhan Rao is missing.'
The investigation is on,
will soon find out the Mayor's details.
Amid our presence in Orugallu,
how dare someone hurts Kaka.
Who the hell is he?
Where does he live?
Ticket, ticket.
Hey you, when there is enough
space inside, why are you hanging out?
Didn't you read what's written here?
When we don't even read our class notes,
why will we read this?
As per the rule,
foot boarding is an offense.
We just break the rules.
- Take care, you might fall.
He has come again.
These boys have become idiots.
How dare you try to flirt with my sister.
- Sister?
Goddam person.
How dare you tease girls.
Brother, enough.
If ever again you follow my sister or
if I see you near the college surroundings,
then I will rip you off.
I will take care of him, you leave.
Let's go.
Start the vehicle.
Vodka full.
Brother, give me a beer.
- Ok.
Shravya! Shravya!
- Who are you?
What's this nuisance on the campus?
- Get lost.
He is here again.
Sir, there is a drunkard at the gate
and is creating a lot of nuisance.
Shall we complain?
- You stay away, I will handle it.
He seems to be a thug,
it's better to call the police.
Its name is Manu, was once
the College topper,
and my favorite student too,
nothing to worry about.
Just because your brother hit me
doesn't mean that I will forget you.
I am ready to get hit by your brother
number of times,
your brother can kill me,
but not the love which I have for you.
My love won't die that easily.
Moreover, death is for people,
not for their love.
I know that you too love me.
The reason is your eyes,
I can find the same love in them
which I had for you
when I saw you for the first time.
Don't hide them.
You may hide your feelings
but your eyes cannot.
I love you, Shravya.
"Are you the arrow that has
hit the girl's heart"
He will never change.
"Love starts when lips start smiling..."
"Did your eyes like me
and your heart felt me?"
"Did my love cross your path?"
"Hold onto my hands
and listen to my words"
"From here on we are Radhe Shyam..."
"Come on my love."
"Come on my love, let's stay together..."
"Come on my love..."
"Come on my love..."
Hey stupid! Can't you see?
Sorry ma'am, sorry sir.
You don't even have sense.
Are you okay?
Did it hurt you?
I have told my brother about our relationship.
What did you say?
Told him that, I like Manu,
we both are in love.
And I would like to marry him,
is it ok for you?
Why are you so tense?
My brother won't harm you.
He is not a beast like you think,
he likes me a lot,
I will make him understand.
Don't get tensed.
Is it tension, my dear?
I know how to relax you.
Shravya, what is this?
This is...kiss..on cheeks...
What's wrong with this, my dear?
We are anyways going to get married.
Did I tell you that I will marry you?
Manu, what happened?
Did I tell you that I will marry you?
But you said that you love me,
how come you are speaking like this now.
This won't workout for me. Breakup.
Manu, are you joking?
I am not joking, we are not in sync,
we have lot many differences in our thought
process, I am not the right person for you.
Manu, what are you saying?
Manu, what the hell,
why are you walking away?
"Even Ramanujan cannot divide
a number by zero..."
Appreciate your work mister,
take your salary.
I am quitting this job, sir.
- Isn't this salary enough?
I didn't like the work brother.
"He is just like a puzzle
which has no answers"
"And which has taken human form"
"Come on my love..."
"Let's stay together"
What? It's time, let's go soon.
- What?
All the best.
- Ok.
"Come on my love..."
"Did your eyes like me
and your heartfelt me?"
Thank you, sir.
Manu, did you see it?
- Congrats Naveena.
Thank you.
- Breakup.
This looks nice.
Wow Manu, thank you so much.
I love you.
Who the hell are you? Is this a joke?
I love you, Priya.
"Where does such a different mind
belongs to?"
Let's leave all this and start a fresh life.
"Come on my love."
I am not the right person for you.
Let's breakup.
Breakup? Manu! Manu!
Breakup.. Breakup...
Oh my heavenly lord,
I have sinned,
and am very much aware of its punishment.
Where are you?
- What's the matter?
Why don't you answer mom's call?
I am going to Sunil place,
to pay the monthly scheme amount,
he asked me to get you also.
Let me know where are you,
will come and pick you up.
I am in the church...
- I am coming.
14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22.
What's up, Nandu?
- Yes bro...
Is everything fine?
- Yes.
Good that you got settled
with this Internet cafe
and paying your monthly interest promptly.
I am unable to settle this guy,
no matter which job I place him in,
he works delicately until he gets paid
and later quits on top of it.
I get scolded for placing him on the job.
I can't handle him anymore
and more over my reputation
is at stake because of him.
The reason why he quit is he didn't
find the job satisfaction, bro.
Even you know that he won't do
any work if he doesn't like it.
See if you can find a job for him
at sir place,
he might work there with due respect
and fear on sir.
Just look at him,
we are so much worried about him,
and he doesn't even give heed to us.
Will such a person do the job?
Please, brother.
Let's see, take this.
What does he think this is,
buttermilk or toddy?
This is the last time, don't come to me
hereafter with his issues.
Please, don't beat me.
- Ok brother.
Greetings brother.
- Greetings.
I don't need that land,
it's all yours, take it.
Just take care while beating,
make sure you won't kill him in front
of a police officer.
Everyone in Warangal is aware of your
several illegal businesses
which include, granite mining, land grabbing,
liquor, rowdyism, with Mayor Janardhan,
even though people know this,
until now there hasn't been a
single proof against you.
Sir, this is a bit urgent.
Sekhar, the only person who turned
the approver is missing.
Muthireddy might have done
something to Shekar.
It's Muthireddy who filed
a missing complaint.
Are you trying to blame me?
Shekar is one among us, indeed
I should be the one to file a complaint.
That's not my intention.
- Look, Inspector,
just by relying on some unknown sources,
if you try to blame me
then it won't be good
for you and your job.
You can go now.
- Sir.
Just get lost.
Get up!
Drink buttermilk and go.
If this repeats,
even Muthireddy will go missing,
and don't come to me for proof.
Mr. Inspector,
don't always focus on pending files,
at times also focus on knowing
more about trending people like me,
it will benefit you.
You are yet to face the right cop.
At any cost, we need to get that land.
- Sir, he is our person,
came here to seek a job.
- What is your name?
Catch him.
Catch him.
Don't leave him.
Prabhakar, start the vehicle.
- He got away.
Come on start.
- Ok.
Go, go, go.
By the way, who are you?
He is one among us, sir,
came here in search of a job.
Why somewhere else,
ask him to work here.
Ok sir, greet him.
- Even we need people like him.
I won't work for you,
I don't do rowdyism.
How dare you say that?
Let's go to Kaka place.
Is this how you speak to sir?
I am what I say,
I won't do rowdyism...
- What the hell are you saying?
I already told you
what sort of a fool he is.
No worries.
Greetings, sir.
May you live a hundred years.
I was just speaking to the party people
and here you are.
Sir, Muthireddy people have
attacked him.
When he decided to kill you
in your house,
then it seems as though your enemy is
observing your movements, just like a CCTV,
on a safer note,
be careful for a few days.
It's not me who should be
on the safer side, it's him,
I will go and kill him.
Came to say you a word and...
- Rudra!
Elections are around the corner,
in about 6 to 7 months,
everything will get screwed up
if you do anything silly.
Listen to me and stay silent for a few days.
Will let you the right time
with the right plan...
- Sir.
Will meet once I am back from Hyderabad...
Our people could find answers to each
and every question on this planet,
no one could ever find out
the answers for
why, what, and when a person
will fall in love.
So true it is,
some say that the invention of fire
took millions of years
to reach from Africa to Asia,
but for love to reach a person from
one heart to another
it hardly takes an iota of a second.
Even I don't know why and how popular
my blog on love has become,
but what gives me immense
happiness is the fact
that you are in my life
because of that blog.
Oh my god, it's unbelievable
that you have come from
such a long distance for me.
I am so happy, very happy.
This is a great day in my Life,
thank you, Manu,
thank you so much for coming into my life.
I am very happy,
wish this happiness stays with me forever.
It will stay, I know.
I don't have life.
What happened Ayesha?
Leave it Manu, I am happy.
I am very happy.
Tell me what happened?
Just tell me.
I have a brain tumor, Manu.
Anything might happen at any moment.
I don't even know how long will I survive.
Treatment cost is 25 lakhs it seems.
My father doesn't have that much money,
also, I never felt sad that
I am going to die,
but I am scared of it only
after you entered my life.
I want to live in Manu.
I want to live a hundred years with you.
25 lakhs?
Do you guys have an idea about
what you are speaking,
have you gone crazy?
What do you guys have and why will
someone lends you such a huge amount?
no matter what, I shall return
your money at any cost.
I need to save Ayesha.
Still have the image of her eyes
requesting me to help and save her.
Please, brother, help me.
I can understand your problem, Manu,
but 25 lakhs is out of my league,
the max I can arrange is 2 or 3 lakhs.
I will give the assurance bro,
somehow adjust the money.
To get that amount even I have to go
and rob a bank now.
Won't you give bro...?
- I don't have that much money.
Hey. Hey.
Where are you going?
Will save my Ayesha even if I have
to get that money by robbing a bank.
Has he gone nuts?
No one wants to listen these days.
Meet me in the morning.
You need 25 lakhs.
Sir, he is not a faithful person.
He broke up with my sister.
Prabhakar, when you feel
he is not a worthy guy,
do you think he is apt for your sister?
These days breakup has
become a common word,
just like the anchors
on TV announcing a break, leave it.
He saved my life,
he is like my brother now.
It's like scolding me
if you say anything to him.
Ok, I will give the required amount.
But what will you do?
Will do whatever you say.
You should work under me,
will you?
I will.
You have to do rowdyism, will you?
I want to live, Manu,
'want to live with you happily
for 100 years...'
Will you do that?
Will you do that?
- I will.
- Sir.
Take this.
Giving it with a lot of trust.
- Thanks, sir.
God, please.
My Ayesha has to survive at any cost.
Kindly bless her with life.
Please, God.
Ok Sridhar we will catch up.
Call me if you need anything.
- Ok sir. Thank you.
Sridhar bro.
Nothing will happen to her right,
she is going to survive, isn't she?
she will get cured right...tell me.
Just leave it.
Why are you talking like this?
If this money is not sufficient, then I'll
get how much ever money is required.
Just make sure she lives.
If it's not possible, then I will
figure out a different hospital.
She doesn't have any tumors to die.
Is it!!
Guys, Ayesha is going to live.
I lied to know how much love
you have for me,
you love me so much.
Do I look like a mad guy to you,
the moment I got to know about your tumor,
I was so scared and went all around
to arrange money for your treatment.
How could you cheat me?
What made you do this?
Is it for money?
This money?
Take it.
Hello, the most serious and sincere lover.
If this is cheating,
then what is it that you are doing?
How does it feel like playing with
the emotions of girls in the name of love,
have planned this just to make you realize
how it feels when someone plays
with our emotions.
Are you even a human?
Why are you walking away?
Don't you have the guts to face reality?
I should scold your parents
for giving birth to a jerk like you.
Don't scold without knowing
him completely.
What else should I know?
Isn't he cheating girls
in the name of love,
moreover, what do you know about him?
Only I know about him,
I am his best friend.
And I am the one responsible
for what he is today.
I am the one who ruined his life.
It's me.
Do you know how Manu used to be?
"Did my breathe take a pause"
"Did she stop by breath with her sight"
"Did a new goddess forget her path"
"My heartbeat had a reverb"
"Did my life just stopped
and got converted into one single second"
Hello yellow chudidar.
It's a goddess temple...
I am a Christian.
Then how come you are here...
Jesus is not against other religions,
even then, religion is just for humans,
not God.
Hello, what's your name?
Hey you!
Jessica, Julie, Jacquelin.
Until this moment you are the only
the beautiful girl whom I have seen.
It's pop singer Jennifer Lopez.
Hello, Ms. Yellow Chudidar.
Just tell me if I guessed your name right.
Buddy, I am just thinking of Jennie.
I doubt if you wrote the exams well,
at least write the ICET properly,
or else this year also gets wasted.
I will do it.
Dude, I know how hard you prepared
for the exam,
don't think of anything else,
whoever gives his best in the next
3 hours of the exam is going to top the rank,
will break your jaws
if you think of that girl again...
This is not a movie where
I can see her time and again,
who knows where she is writing the exam?
Who knows, even her center might be
the same as yours...
"Did my breathe take a pause"
"Did she stop by breath with her sight"
"Did a new goddess forget her path"
"My heartbeat had a reverb"
Bro, it's Jennifer...
All the best...
- Thank you.
Bye, bro.
- Bye.
Nandu, you have marks
on your tongue, thanks, buddy...
Marks on my tongue?
Hey. Hey.
Hello yellow churidar, Jennifer.
Did you recognize me from
REC college, temple...
I did guess your name, Jennifer.
- I don't know.
Sir, done...
It's not about you being done,
there is a time limit too.
Need to go urgently, sir.
Even if it's an emergency,
I cannot send you.
Sir, please.
- Sit down.
Enough of what you wrote.
Just give me the paper and leave.
- Thank you, sir.
All answers wrote.
Hello yellow chudidar.
How can you think that I will speak
when my brother is around.
The thing is...
What is it, I need to go.
How was your exam?
Had to write because I paid the fees for it.
I already have a seat in Calicut NIT.
I am the topper of my college.
How did your exam go...?
- Was ok.
Don't worry,
don't feel bad.
You will get a seat in some local college.
Not everyone can get
a seat like me in NIT.
See you then, bye.
When we met for the first time in
an entrance exam, it must be accidental,
but now when we met here
for the second time. what if we meet again?
God must be trying to build a long
lasting magical relation between us.
Will think about it when we meet again.
When will that next time be,
I haven't applied for any other
entrance exams.
Even I haven't.
Can I have your phone number?
- I don't have one.
At least tell me your address.
You were telling about god, magic,
so will give you a clue,
I stay in the lane of
lord Vinayaka temple...
This one clue is enough.
Every temple will have lord Vinayaka.
Every street in this city has a temple,
which lane and temple will you look out for?
Some people have crossed
seven oceans for their love,
will filter the streets
and find out jennies house.
"Where does she live?
Which place she might be in?"
"Which lane is her house,
what street it must be?"
"Whom should we ask her address
and which path should we walk?"
"When shall we get to know her place
and when will his heart feel happy?"
"Let's filter the whole Orugallu area."
"Let's round up the whole area of Khajipet."
"Let's search every bit
of Hanumakonda."
"Let's find out where the beauty lives."
"Jennie is my life, Jennie is my world"
"and let this journey's aim be
to know about Jennie."
"Does the girl who stole my heart
stay in Mandibazar?"
"The girl who changed my life,
does she belong to the Battalabazar area?"
"Or the cute little angle of lord Brahma
lives in Brahmanavaada?"
"Is it Nakkalagutta where she resides,
who is making me go crazy!"
"Oh my lord of 1000 pillars temple"
"Kindly show us the house of that girl
which is a temple for me"
"Where does she live?
Which place she might be in?"
"Which lane is her house,
what street it must be?"
Usually, we like girls by our eye-sight,
how come my heart liked Jennie?
Hey Nandu,
this Manu has fallen in love.
Sit properly...
You will fall.
"Does this goddess of love live in
Pocham Maidan area.."
"Is it Raganna Darwaaza street
where the Princesses walk around."
"Is the girl with glowing beauty living in
Mulugu road."
"Is she in Vaddepally whose glamour
is growing with compound interest..."
"Goddess Bhadrakali kindly
show me her place,"
"will name our baby after you"
"Where does she live?
Which place she might be in?"
"Which lane is her house,
what street it must be."
"Jennie is my life"
"Jennie is my world"
"and let this journey's aim be
to know about Jennie"
I give up...
Already half-converted.
God, Manu is torturing us
in this scorching heat.
Help us in getting Jennifer's address.
Will offer my prayers to you, I swear...
- Finally...
Bonalu festival.
Jennie, where are you off to?
To watch Bonalu.
Okay, be careful.
Got to know how big Warangal is only
when I searched for you.
I love you Jennie.
Just because we met three times,
how can you say it's love.
Love means knowing one another.
Need to travel together, moreover
I don't even know your name, village,
also, I don't like all of these.
My brothers have sacrificed a lot for me.
I need to study MCA at NIand then get a job in an MNC
and need to take good care of them.
So, firstly, you need to know about me,
that will happen in our journey,
let's meet at Calicut NIT.
My name is Manu Durgaraju,
Thorroor is my native place.
Have a good stay in Calicut.
- Ok...ok...
Thanks, buddy.
- Take this.
Jagadish is calling.
Tell me.
Said she is the topper of
Koti women's college.
Got a seat in Calicut NIT.
Did she join some other NIT college?
She didn't even qualify.
Jagdish, just recheck once again,
I did, she joined Ballikonda Vagdevi
College through ICET.
My intuition was right,
her words are sharp, not her work...
What happened?
Will you get down now?
The train is moving.
I have changed my journey
for the sake of Jennie.
Actually, I am the topper of my college.
Oh, is it!
Do you know something?
- What?
Lecturers explain the classes
looking at me.
Wow, great...
- Hello yellow chudidar.
- Oh Jesus! What is he doing here?
Hello madam, is this the NIT of Calicut?
What's this Jennie?
- You are great madam.
You just brought Calicut NIto our Ballikonda.
You prayed to so many gods,
not even one of them helped you.
She was just boasting.
She wrote the exam just in time to pass
and got a good rank,
that too fancy number 27999 only.
Hey you, stop it.
We say a hundred things,
will everything happen or what?
Even though you said let's meet in Calicut NIT,
as though you got a seat there
and sacrificed it for me.
Go and sit.
- Ok, move aside.
- Hello.
Hi, I am Manu Durgaraju.
Oh, Jesus, I should bear him
for three years.
ICET state rank holder
joined our college.
Yes sir.
- Interesting.
Shall we meet him once?
- Sure sir.
So, passing is having a counter,
which can execute.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, sit down.
Mr. Manu Durgaraj.
Who is Mr. Manu Durgaraj?
- Yes sir.
What's the reason to join this college
inspite of being the Top ranker in ICET.
Not just that,
you got 16th Rank in NIMCET...
The girl whom I love joined
this college sir.
That's the reason why I joined here.
You have joined this college
just for the sake of your love?
Do you know how big a mistake is this?
If you finish your MCA from NIT,
any MNC will offer you a job
with a 6-digit salary,
you will have a luxurious life,
are you aware?
Of course I know sir.
MNC job, 6-digit salary, luxury life,
but no matter what heights
we reach in life,
if we don't have the loved one next to us,
then there won't be any happiness sir.
His is the biggest problem
with you guys,
you get hold of trash called love
thinking it as life and spoiling your career.
Love is a scrap...
Sir, you can say anything to me,
but don't talk low of my love.
Sir, with your permission,
we are all computer students, isn't it?
Who invented Google?
Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
- Only one, thank you.
What is the name of Devdas lover?
- Parvati.
We might not know the name of the person
who invented Google,
but everyone knows the name of the ANR lover
Parvati in the film Devdas,
That's the strength
and power of love sir.
Lord Rama built a bridge for Sita,
Shahjahan built the Taj Mahal for Mumtaz,
I just left an NIT seat...
In this world everything is
surrounded by love sir,
be it a rose worth one rupee to
crores of rupees of turnover.
The blackboards in classrooms
might not have formulas,
but all the benches will have
love symbols etched on them.
Without love, there is no life
and there is no creation.
You said a lot about love and
also told me that the girl is here.
May I know her name?
Tell me.
Why are you silent now?
Don't you have an answer?
He doesn't have the courage
to tell his girl's name
and was telling us love stories.
Look, Manu, love is scrap,
you should clear it and remove
the thought that it's your life.
Sir, I am Jennifer.
- What's your love story?
Manu loved me...
I love you, Manu.
"Hey, life is so strange"
"At times we are jumping in clouds"
"Palms holding stars"
"Words filled with colors"
"Feels as though breath is
filled with a glow"
"Just got introduced
to the world of love"
"This new introduction to the joy
seems to be like a festival"
"Life is so strange"
"At times we are jumping in clouds"
"There are many rainbows around us"
"Rivers with silver shine flowing
like streams"
"Taste filled with a rainbow of honey"
"Filled with golden mines of fragrance"
"Sparkles of snowy flowers"
"The air filled with beautiful smiles
is talking too"
"Just got introduced to the world of love"
"This new introduction to the joy
seems to be like a festival"
"Life is so strange"
Nandu, say something...
"It feels like jumping in the clouds"
- Sorry.
It's okay.
"Mornings happen if you come across"
"Meeting you makes my evening"
"Romance blossoms if you hold me"
"It's pain if you part away"
"Its life if spent with you"
"Moments shared are precious"
"It's so magical"
Do you know, according to our religion,
if we exchange rings like these,
then it's called marriage...
But these are just the memories
of our love.
We will only get married
if my brother agree to it,
even though you promised that you will
convince them.
Promise me that you will
convince them, Manu.
Promise me.
Have you gone mad?
I have promised hundreds of times
until now,
how many more times
should I promise?
Divert this topic now.
As shown in movies,
after exchanging rings,
they kiss each other.
Oh my lord...
Mom, she is Jennie, we both are in love
and would like to get married.
Brother, I am in love with a classmate,
named Manu.
Would like to marry him
if you agree.
What the hell are you talking about?
Is this what you are doing
in college instead of studying.
Inspite of knowing the hardships of
your brothers,
how can you talk about love?
Mom, wait.
- You handle her.
Manu what the hell are you talking about,
she neither belongs to
our community nor our religion,
how can you get a Christian
and tell them that you want to marry her,
what will happen to our family prestige?
Mom, how can talk about the cast,
religion in today's generation.
If that's bothering you, then irrespective
of your wish, I will marry Jennie.
Love at this age feels good
for the time being
but it won't remain for lifelong, think.
Manu is a nice person brother.
Ok, are you confident that
you will be happy if you be with him.
Like how I feel happy and
secured when I am with you,
it's the same feeling
when I am with him too.
Ok then, uncle is coming
from Dubai in a week,
so let's call Manu home and discuss.
Thanks, brother.
In another two months, you will be done with
your exams, isn't it?
Will come and speak to elders then...
"Just got introduced to the world of love"
"This new introduction to the joy
seems to be like a festival"
"Life is so strange"
"As though we are jumping in clouds"
Life is just like a colorful rainbow,
right from the day when I saw Jennie,
our love,
both families agreeing for our marriage,
all this seems so happy.
Hope there is no evil eye.
I am also submitting my project
to the principal tomorrow.
I'll take care of it.
When did you come from Hyderabad?
- This morning.
What happened?
How did you get hurt?
- Nothing.
Then you should have bruises
on hands or legs, not here.
What happened?
Nothing buddy
- Sit.
Who is he? Who's that?
- Leave it.
Ok Nandu, bye.
- Ok then, bye.
- Bye.
Hey, who are you?
What made you come to our area?
Came here to meet a friend.
To flirt with girls?
You bugger.
Leave it, Manu.
It's Gita's brother.
Get up.
- Leave it, please.
Just get up.
Come on, let's go.
- Let's not fight.
Gita will get upset.
Umesh comes.
Will sort out things with them.
- Please.
This house.
Guys stop it.
Come out, hey you, come out.
- Who is that?
Whom do you want?
He is my friend Nandu,
he and your daughter love each other.
You go inside.
How dare you directly come home
when I warned you to not
even come into our area, damn it.
Call our people, how dare you beat us.
Hello...these guys are beating Nandu,
come to the fort.
Kalyan is being beaten up,
come soon.
Guys, come soon.
- What's this nuisance in our street?
Come on guys.
Come on guys.
Come here.
Who entered our fort?
- Find them.
Don't spare anyone.
Find them.
Don't spare them.
- This way.
Michael gave me the rod.
You bloody.
How dare you beat Nandu!
Stop it!
He is my friend,
and do you know who am I,
Rudra sir friend.
He has beaten me in my area,
especially this guy.
Stop the nonsense.
If Rudra sir gets to know this,
then no one will go home.
So just forget what has happened
and go to your respective houses.
Move on, come on, go.
You also leave from here.
- Go away.
Go away.
So the blockchain is very very fast
and growing in India right now.
You know,
it is being used for so many factors.
Cryptocurrency and everything.
And my project deal with
agriculture and blockchain.
So this is my idea, sir.
Thank you.
Well done, Manu.
Your idea is technically very brilliant.
With this project both you and
our college shall get good recognition.
I have seen many people who have
spoiled their careers in the name of love,
but you proved me wrong.
Very soon we will have meetings
with corporate companies.
Be ready and prepared.
- Thank you, sir.
Hey Jennie, good news,
the principal liked our project...
- Manu.
Why are you crying? What happened?
Why are you crying, Jennie?
Please tell me and where are you?
In Samrakshana Hospital...
Wait, I am coming,
and you stop crying.
Jennie, what happened?
Is it an accident?
- No.
My brother...
- Where is he?
- Come, let's go.
Madam, one minute.
- That's the room, Manu.
Michael, slowly...
Hey you, why are you here?
This guy, brother.
He is the one who beat me...
Hit him...
- Hit him...
Is he Manu, did you love this guy?
He is a thug,
the one who beat Michael.
Is it with him that you said
will be happy...
I didn't beat him wontedly.
And I was unaware that
he is your brother.
Get lost.
Get lost.
Sir, I didn't hit him on purpose.
Jennie, at least you tell them.
'The customer you are trying to call
is unreachable at this moment.'
- Manu, it's me, Jennie.
Where have you been Jennie?
Do you how many times I called you
in the last couple of days.
It was switched off.
They took away my phone Manu.
Situations at home are not good.
Right now I am at the church.
- Wait I am coming...
Why did you do that?
Why did you do it?
I told you many times,
how much I love my brothers.
Why did you beat my brother?
Jennie, I didn't know that
he was your brother.
It was because of the Nandu issue...
- What's this thing with Nandu?
Tell me who is important to you,
is it Nandu or me?
Of course, he is very important to me,
and by the way, he is my friend
and you are my girlfriend.
You are just talking like a thug.
If this is the case, then how do you think
my brothers will agree to our marriage?
Who are they to accept, we both are majors,
come, let's go and get married.
I have told you many times,
we will only get married
if my brothers agree.
Even though you promised to convince them,
and now you are talking about something else.
The mistake is mine,
I should be blamed...
Don't cry, Jennie.
I cannot see you cry.
Ok, now I have to come
and ask for an apology, isn't it?
Will do it, for your sake I am ready
to fall onto their feet as well.
Now they are very angry.
Will inform you once things settle down
situations are not good at home.
They will have doubts if I am out
for too long, will go home.
I love you, Manu.
I love you so much.
I am really scared Manu,
don't know what to do.
I don't want to leave you and go.
Don't worry Jennie,
I will convince your brothers,
no one can separate us.
Don't call me unless I call you,
or it will be another issue.
'Hello Warangal, you are listening
to FM and FM means 91.1FM'
'with RJ Sunitha,'
'Heavy rains all over Warangal district'
'and in the coming 4 days too
it's expected to rain heavily,'
'so stay at home and listen
to the songs and enjoy.'
'Stay tuned.'
So blockchain technology improves
the following areas in the agricultural sector.
It's the optimization of the food supply chain.
Which reduces the time of food origin.
Racing it down to.
- I'm so sorry.
Excuse me.
So, blockchain technology enables...
I am so sorry.
- Carry on.
Manu, where are you?
- I will call you later, please.
Jennifer is getting married
in Fatima Nagar church.
What the hell are you speaking,
did you see it by yourself?
I am at the church.
- Coming in 10 minutes.
Manu, stop!
I said don't go.
This is not fair.
"Did my breathe stop"
"Am I left with agony now"
"A fact has now turned
into a dream worth one second"
"Is my love asking me to leave"
"Is my love heading towards a closure"
Why are you here?
Come aside, move on.
"Is it hurting my life"
Mr. Ronson Joseph,
are you willing to marry her?
Yes, Father.
And Jennifer, you?
Jennie, say it.
- Say it.
Are you willing to marry?
"Am I left with agony now"
"A fact has now turned into a dream"
Come back.
Close the door.
"Is my love asking me to leave"
"Is my love heading towards a closure"
- Jennie.
Jennie, get up...
Manu, are you ok?
Now you are fine.
Don't worry.
Doctor, my son...?
He is fine now, you can go and see him.
Oh no, Manu!
Manu, please talk.
Jennie has come here right,
she didn't get married too, isn't it?
You saw her also.
Let's go and meet her.
Jennie got married and flew to Dubai,
even her family got shifted.
Just leave it...
"All of a sudden"
"It feels as though someone
has crushed my heart"
"All of a sudden"
"It feels as though
my life got evaporated"
"I feel separated from myself"
"All of a sudden"
"All of a sudden"
Buddy, why do you want her memories
when she has left you.
It's been 4 months since she got married
and you are still living with
her memories like a mad person.
Forget her or at least try to forget her.
"Feels as though an inner fire
has been burning me"
"Time stopped by and is hitting me
hard to death"
"My breathe and my wish both have stopped"
"My breathe and my wish both have stopped"
"All of a sudden"
Why don't you speak when I call,
first hand over the phone to Jennie.
Wrong number, idiot.
"It's as though someone has stabbed me
and torn away my nerves"
"The pain is unbearable"
I made a mistake.
Forgive me, Manu.
You tried to kill me only once,
but that girl left me to live
with a lot of pain every day.
Just like a dead body with life and
a lifeless body which can't be burnt.
"I have lost my life"
"My life just left me"
"Just all of a sudden"
What do you want to drink?
- I don't need anything.
Sorry Nandu.
Be careful.
Don't sleep, I will get food.
"Breathe left me in search of her"
"Darkness has surrounded me
so that her light won't leave me"
"My daughter, my own yourself,
has left me now"
"Has left me now"
"My peace, my life, and my friendship
has left me"
"Feels as though an inner fire
has been burning me"
"Time stopped by and is hitting me
hard to death"
"My breathe and my wish
both have stopped"
I tried a lot to know about Jennie,
she even deleted her Facebook account.
Shwetha, please.
You are the only one who can
help me to find out about Jennie,
try somehow...
If it's only for Jennie,
then don't call me hereafter...
Please, Shwetha...
"Just all of a sudden"
So, condensation is the process
where water vapor becomes liquid.
It's the reverse of evaporation.
Okay? Take it down.
Why don't you look at me?
- Yes.
As I said, vaporization is the opposite
of condensation. Did you get it?
Okay, teacher.
- Alright.
Okay, students, that's all for today.
You all may leave now.
Okay, bye.
- Bye, teacher.
Bye, teacher.
- Bye, teacher.
How should I start a conversation with him?
Hello, hello.
Mister, ball.
Ball.. Ball..
Why is he like this?
What happened?
- Hey.
Gita prepared your favorite
chicken curry today.
You are spitting out blood,
can't you understand?
Doesn't matter to me.
Get out.
Nandu, check the phone once.
It's right in front of you.
- Hello.
It's me, Stella.
Wrong number.
- Hello...please, please.
Two minutes, don't disconnect the call.
Manu, I like you a lot.
And been trying to say this
for a very long time,
but you always seem to be
in an alcohol trance.
Might have loved Jennie to the core,
that's why you are drinking like this.
What are you deprived of?
You look good, also a well-educated person.
It should be she who must be feeling sad
for losing you.
They say one should be fortunate enough
to have someone who loves us.
I am in love with you Manu.
How long will you live in the past
by remembering her?
At least look at the future for my sake
who loves you.
Will be waiting for you at the bus stop
tomorrow at 10 am.
If you don't turn up,
then it will be the last day for me.
I hope you won't repeat
the same mistake which Jennie did.
That tuition teacher likes you
a lot it seems.
Gave your number as she has been
asking for a long time.
It's been 2 years since Jennie got married.
She is leading a happy life
with her husband
and here you are living like
a mad person.
How much will you drink?
- Am I drinking on purpose?
I don't have another way
to stop thinking about Jennie.
A cigarette gives you a dizzy feel
for 5 minutes.
Alcohol for a few hours.
And if you take drugs,
then the maximum for a day.
But the next day will be a regular one.
Instead of living this hell of a life,
why don't you die by committing suicide?
Only a girl's love has the power to let go
off the past feelings related to love.
Be it the love of parents, friends, etc,
so if you have to forget
your ex-girlfriend love,
then you have to fall in love again.
Love is the only medicine
which heals the pain of love.
Stella might be the medicine
for Jennie's pain.
Love is not something that will
make you die everyday.
It's something which makes you discover
a newer version of yourself everyday.
You should understand this.
'I will be waiting for you in
the bus stop tomorrow at 10 am.'
'If you don't turn up,
then it will be the last day for me.'
'I hope you won't repeat the same mistake
which Jennie did.'
'Love is the only medicine which
heals the pain of love.'
'Stella might be the medicine
for the pain caused by Jennie.'
"Did your eyes like me
and heart felt for me, my love"
"Hold onto my hands and listen to my words"
"From here on we are Radhe Shyam"
"Come on my dear"
"Come on my dear, let's go together"
"Come on my dear"
"Come on my dear"
- Will you go to tuition, I will...
Manu, my boyfriend.
- Hello.
"Did your eyes like me
and heartfelt for me, my love"
You look like a thug with this beard.
Won't you forget her?
Go and die.
All these days I thought of cheating
my eyes by imaging you as Jennie,
but unable to cheat my heart,
I am not the right person for you,
lets breakup.
I'm sorry.
Manu, what are you saying?
Leave all this and come
with me, Priya.
Hey Priya, come.
He will satisfy you, go.
Go with him.
All these days he tried
to find Jennie in you,
not to cheat you.
If he wanted to cheat you,
then he wouldn't have gotten beaten up
by your brother.
He wouldn't have arranged
all the money only
to save you by putting his life at risk.
In the current times when boys
try to take advantage of girls.
Did he at least touch your hand?
Did he?
He never misbehaved with any girl.
All he was trying to do was seeking
the love so that he can forget Jennie.
He knows that
what he is doing is not correct,
but what to do,
he has no other option.
When Jennie left him,
he went through unbearable pain,
a pain that only god could listen to,
and something which humans
cannot understand.
If you still feel that he did a mistake,
then I seek an apology
on his behalf, forgive me.
One minute.
Bro, Manu is coming.
Sir, please check if it's the same amount.
Thanks a lot for believing and giving
the money when needed the most.
Manu won't be coming to work
from tomorrow onwards.
I am unable to see him like that.
Sorry sir.
You promised to work here.
I just said that he won't work here sir.
What do you say?
- I will work sir.
We paid him back his amount, what else?
We need to stick to our words,
sir believed us and gave us the money,
it takes a second to lose faith and love,
but to stick with it is very challenging.
I will work sir.
It's not how you handle it,
let me teach you.
Got to aim first, then see from here.
Very good Manu.
Very good.
Guys, just see how he is shooting.
Kudos Manu, kudos.
Stop it.
I am sorry. Please.
If this repeats.
Even what I did was a mistake.
At least stop
whatever you are doing now.
I couldn't stop it and became like this.
Please Manu.
Manu history,
a person's history starts right
from his or her birth,
but this history of Manu started...
the moment he saw Jennie.
They say death cannot stop love,
then can marriage be an obstacle
to stop the loved one,
please Jennie, comeback
and save Manu...
Please, Jennie.
Oh, Allah!
We both exchanged our rings
right in from of you, here,
you were the proof too.
Then why did you do this?
Why did you distance her from me?
We can forgive if we say our mistakes,
even you did a mistake by
separating me and Jennie.
To whom will you say this...
You are not there,
it's my fault to believe that
you were here all these days...
You are not here...
You are not here?
Janu, come fast.
Why did you pray for such a long time,
when you didn't even know what to pray for?
Is there any particular rule
as to how to pray,
it's all about conveying the matter.
By the way, what's the matter?
It won't happen if we say it out.
I love you.
Lord might have conveyed it immediately.
Hello, since how long have
you've been following...
It's just been five minutes,
liked the way she was praying to god,
so came and proposed to her.
What? Say it again?
I love you, Janu...
- Hello, are you a Romeo?
How can it be love when you propose
just immediately after you have seen it.
This is just attraction.
Love means we should know each other.
Even if I don't know about you,
then at least you must be
aware of my details,
like who am I, what's my background,
am I committed or not.
Should know them,
I don't even know your name.
What's your name? Stupid guy...
Crazy idiot.
Excuse me, Final year CSE classroom?
Go straight and take a left.
Right side, first building.
Thank you.
- It's okay.
Hey Janu... Superb.
Hey Janu...
- Come on Janu.
Hi everyone, my name is Manu Durgaraju.
I am here to teach as
a guest lecturer today.
What? Why is he here?
Ok, students.
First, let's introduce ourselves.
Yeah. You?
I am Sahitya from Vijayanagaram.
First-time young lecturer,
with a beard look, looking handsome.
Hi sir, I am Kareena from Trivandrum.
Excuse me.
As per the schedule, this is my hour.
Sorry sir, I didn't notice.
- Thank you.
I haven't seen you before.
Which department?
Love department.
I need this classroom for five minutes,
get up and go back.
Who are you?
- Sir, please sit.
Don't you understand
what I am saying?
What should I understand?
- Don't you understand what I am saying?
What's your problem,
Do you have to finish the class?
Which subject?
What's the topic?
Cloud computing.
- Wait.
So yeah guys like we discuss
skilling primary refers to
the sharing of the load on a server-based
on the query type.
It can be either horizontal
or vertical based on
the kind of things that are generated
in that particular query.
Sir, hope your duty is finished.
Now it's my turn, only 5 minutes.
to introduce yourself is routine.
For a change, let me introduce you.
Your full name is Janani Patel,
father's name is Sham Patel,
mother name is Shobha Patel, you also
have an elder brother named Karthik.
David is your friend.
People assume you both to be lovers,
but he is your best friend.
Your father gifted you a crystal doll
when you were child.
You like it very much.
And one day when it fell and broke.
You cried your heart out.
And to buy it again,
your father is no more.
But I have tried very hard Janu.
Don't mind even if it's not close
to the original.
You blow whistles for Salman Khan's movie
on the first day of the first show,
your percentages, your likes,
dislikes, angry moments, etc,
I know all of these.
You drank vodka on your friend's birthday
party when all the others forced you.
You were down with a fever
for the next two days.
Never mind, next time when you drink vodka,
let me know.
Will mix it properly with the right
amount of soda
Is this enough for Janu to know about you?
If knowing one another is what love means,
then we can know every detail
about them in a week.
Love is not knowing about one another,
it's about building the trust that we can
do anything for them.
The fact that I am in REC College,
standing here right now
and talking to you
is to build that trust and prove
that I can do anything for you.
I love you, Janu.
Sorry sir...
Leave me.
- Bloody idiot.
I love you Janu.
- How dare he got a gun to the college?
Leave me.
I love you, Janu.
Do you think of yourself as a hero?
How dare you do rowdyism in college,
you bugger.
This is not Rudra's place
to show your power.
I'll break your bones.
If this repeats then I will arrest you
and encounter in the cell. - Hello. Yes.
Rudra sir is on the call.
Damn, this guy.
- Inspector.
How can you arrest my person,
what the hell do you think of yourself?
Are you a hero?
Do you want to live in Warangal or not?
Sir, didn't know that he belongs
to your group.
Got a complaint from the college,
so arrested, will leave him right away.
- Sir.
Send that guy.
- Okay sir.
You like me that much.
How else should I prove you?
Come on.. friends.
"Fallen in love with you who is searching
for me without my knowledge"
"Started to love you"
"As your heart initiated me
to take those steps for you"
"Lips which don't know the language"
"Now know the only language called love"
"The atmosphere of my heart
is filled with sheer happiness"
"Oh my love"
"Forever, forever, forever"
"It's a feeling worth a spectacle"
"Forever, forever, forever"
"It's a feeling worth a spectacle"
"Fallen in love with you who is searching
for me without my knowledge"
"Started to love you"
"As your heart initiated me
to take those steps for you"
"Though we meet often,
he never touches me"
"Never lets his hand have a feel of mine"
"Filled with a lot of craziness"
"Pride which can never be altered"
That's more...
"Are you the prince
who walks along with me"
"Like you so much that you have
become my breath"
How many times should I call you,
been trying to reach you since morning.
Where should I search for you?
Janu is very angry on you.
It's ok, you might be in some tension,
or else why won't you answer Janu's call?
Tell me buddy, what's the problem?
I told you we are friends.
Nothing, just leave it.
- Are you angry?
You look so handsome
even when you are angry.
Answer the call.
Mother, let me speak to her.
- Janu, no.
Hello, Mother.
- Manu?
This is Janu speaking, Manu's friend.
Is Manu fine dear?
He is doing good.
It's been a while since Manu visited us.
It will be nice if he comes home
this Deepawali.
For the last 2 years we haven't
celebrated festivals.
I will bring Manu...
Is it?
For sure, will celebrate
the festival together.
"Forever and ever"
"Let this remain as a spectacle"
"Forever and ever"
"Let this remain as a spectacle"
My mobile battery is getting drained,
will call you from another mobile.
Manu, start the vehicle.
- Yes sir.
Move aside.
- Let's go.
"Fallen in love with you who is searching
for me without my knowledge" - Salman!
"Started to love you as your heart
initiated me to take those steps for you"
What happened?
- Need to submit the project.
Got only two days.
Don't worry, I will do it.
- Yes.
"The atmosphere of my heart
is filled with sheer happiness"
What did you study?
The other day you came as a lecturer
and now the project...
MCA discontinued.
"Forever and ever"
"This is a new beginning"
"Forever and ever "
"This seems to be a spectacle"
What's up... Is it Janu?
- Yes sir...
Carry on...
- Great applause for the project.
Everyone liked it...
And it is all because of you.
I like you.
Say it again.
- I like you.
I like you.
One minute.
- Okay.
Hey Dhana, make it fast.
Tell me.
You were rocking as a lecturer,
why don't you try...
Start the vehicle...
Hello. Manu.
- I will call you later.
Muthireddy went to London
to see his daughter,
this is the right time
to wipe off his men.
All the time you just want to get
into those issues.
First, eat. Lakshmi.
Serve food to Rudra...
- Ok.
Got a call from the Hyderabad party office,
you are confirmed as
District youth leader.
From here on you are politician Rudra.
But I don't need all these Kaka.
After me, it's you.
After me.
Serve him the head curry.
It's very tasty, eat.
You will die if you smoke these many,
come, let's go.
Yes, sir.
Why sad songs all the time.
I will be the first.
You didn't come inside,
but had you, then you would have
tasted the curry that Aunty cooked.
The gravy was delicious.
If Aunty served good food,
then Kaka said some good news too.
From here on this Rudra
is politician Rudra.
Kaka is offering us
power without even asking.
No matter what,
Janardan Kaka is great.
That day it was not Muthireddy
who attacked you and tried to kill you?
Then who is it?
Its Janardan Kaka...
What the heck? Stop the vehicle.
It's not starting.
I saw you somewhere...
Don't kill him.
You bloody.
Call him.
Call him.
And turn on the speaker.
Tell me.
- Sir.
We have killed Rudra.
Should we hide his body in the mill?
I need to see his dead body.
Okay, sir.
What are you doing?
- Nothing...tell me.
I can't sleep.
Are you a virgin?
What's that sound?
What else?
Treated me like your son and also
said I will be your political heir,
then what made you kill me?
What happened to you
when you tried to kill me?
Sunil, send one lakh rupees
to Shekar's wife,
was with us all these years.
Ok, sir.
You are thinking that you need political
support for your business
and that mayor is using you
for his business.
Kaka is a good person,
even we also need political support.
Why can't you be the Mayor,
then we don't even need him.
Becoming Mayor is not as easy as
killing people, got it?
Do I look like a thug to you?
Am I a thug?
Everyone thinks the same sir.
Is he a good human or what?
Long ago in Kumarapelli,
he used to be a street fighter.
Worked at Yadav Reddy place,
father of Muthireddy.
One fine day, he executed Yadav Reddy
and became the Mayor.
After that incident Muthireddy
has a lot of anger against him.
anything will happen if its destined to,
it's all about the right time
for things to fall in place,
then Janardan will be in the place
of Yadav Reddy.
We don't need him anymore.
These thoughts are dangerous,
that's the reason I planned your murder.
if I have to survive,
then you should die.
Likewise, Kaka has to die
so that I won't get killed.
Do you need the Position of Janardan?
I laid this path with a lot of
dead bodies to reach this position,
do you need it, tell me,
do you need this?
Come on...
Come on...
- Wait.
Manu, take the gun.
Don't do it.
- Shoot him...shoot...
Shoot him...
I cannot kill sir.
Don't do it...don't do...
Giving life is very difficult,
but killing is very easy.
'Breaking news.'
'The Mayor of Warangal,
Mr. Janardhan is missing.'
'Investigation is on,
will soon get hold of the criminals.'
'How dare someone can lay his hands
on Kaka amidst my presence.'
'Who is he?
Where does he live?'
'Those initial days of Manu and Jennie'
'Difficulties faced by him
to interact with her,'
'to see her without her knowledge,
signs to communicate.'
'Those fun-filled days'
'and archived messages.'
I love you.
How can you marry a person
who has hit your brother?
Manu didn't hit wontedly.
Shut up, what the hell are you talking about?
is he more than your brothers?
Enough Jennie.
Inspite of all these, if you still want him,
then kill us and leave this place.
Ashamed to say that you are my daughter.
I made a mistake Manu.
Forgive me.
I only thought of my brothers but never
imagined that you will become like this.
Whatever may happen,
let society think whatever it has to.
I will take care of you Manu.
I am coming.
Why don't you leave
all this rowdyism and that field.
Hey, stop here.
This is what happens when you spend
time with your loved ones.
I had a great time, thank you.
Even Janu liked your family a lot.
Don't miss me too much, bye.
We get so lost in our sadness that
we forget to enjoy
the goodness surrounding us.
God gives us what we deserve.
Not what we desire.
- Hi.
Bye Janu.
- Bye.
Hey Janu, did you read
the blog which my favorite
blogger Ayesha wrote,
titled Manu Charitra.
Interesting love story.
Lover turned into a rowdy.
The protagonist's name is Manu,
while I was reading I found
out so many interesting
and similar elements between that
Manu and your boyfriend Manu.
Once go through it.
Manu Charitra.
Love problem?
Don't worry.
Your love will succeed for sure.
All the best.
Thank you.
Why don't you speak when I call,
give the phone to Jennie.
Wrong number...idiot.
One person is torturing me since
two days by calling me Jennie.
Hey Janu, block the number.
- That's better.
My mobile battery is getting drained,
will call you from another mobile, wait.
Tell me.
- Nandu, did you see my wallet?
Haven't seen it here...
- Just find it.
There's Jennie's photo in it.
Will find it, don't worry.
Nandu, I only got one photo of Jennie.
Did you check with Janu?
- Please Nandu...
Hello Manu...
Hello Manu.
- One minute.
This is Janu speaking.
Did you love Jennie? forget her,
did you love all those girls?
Is it the same reason why you loved me?
Tell Manu?
What do you think of me?
Just to forget someone, how can
you use me like a medicine.
In ten days you can know
everything about a girl,
but you couldn't know her feelings.
Any girl will think that the person
who comes into her life belongs to her.
But you just made me one of those
who just came and went away
from your life.
How could you cheat me?
Instead of changing your mindset,
you changed the girls in your life.
Been waiting to say 'I love you'
to you for a long time,
but that sentence is not new to you.
That's the reason I hate you, I hate you.
Don't even show your face to me.
Love, well-being, lessons, pain,
but never thought it will give me
so much pain.
Let it go.
What happened?
Nandu, I want Janu.
I want Janu...
Janu, I love you.
How long will it take to know
the whereabouts of Kaka.
Let me know if you can't find out...
Sir, we are searching...
Will find out about Mayor soon...
I doubt Muthireddy, he must have
done something to Kaka...
Just ten days before this incident
Muthireddy went to London
to see his daughter...
So what, his men are here.
Even you belong to his group...
What are you speaking about?
Are you capable of finding Kaka?
Sir, the investigation is going on.
As early as possible,
we will find our mayor, sir.
I'll see you, sir.
Something is fishing.
This is the site location of K S Nandan.
- Is it?
What happened to you
for the last two days.
You were not even reachable it seems.
I went on a tour with Janu.
- Is she fine?
Yes sir.
Do you need money?
I am thinking of leaving this job.
How dare you!
Just stay calm...
Sir, Jennie left me in a lot of pain,
and now I can find the same pain
when Janu is leaving me.
Janu doesn't like all of these,
I need Janu...
I would like to live as she wants.
Please, I need her sir.
You want to start a new life for Janu.
Go happily.
You are like my brother.
- Thanks.
Manu, please.
- Please, try to listen to me.
Janu, kindly listen to me.
Janu, listen to me.
Janu, listen, I need to speak
to you once.
Just listen to me.
I love you, Janu.
To how many more girls
you will say this sentence.
What I did was a mistake.
To forget Jennie,
I did say I love you to many girls.
Also broke up with them.
Bloody life, from Devdas
to the current lovers,
just to forget the girl
we loved,
we get used to all sorts of bad habits,
smoking, drinking, drugs,
but they don't know
one important thing Janu,
the moment when the thought
of forgetting her hits their heart,
then from that same very moment,
the girl is not in their heart.
Even I didn't know until
you left me Janu.
I didn't come here to convince you
by saying something else.
Just came to tell you
how much I like you,
also one more thing,
even if you leave me and go,
I am not going to get into bad habits.
Because your love is my drug.
And I will never forget you until my death.
I love you, Janu.
"Have filled my whole heart
with your love"
"Every cell of mine
is filled with you"
"Living every moment
of my life with you"
"I wake up each day just for you"
"Whether you are with me or not,
I am always with you"
"You are the heartbeat of my life"
"Even if you don't want me"
"Or asking me to get lost"
"All I can do is love is my love"
'You look handsome in a beard look,
just like John Wick...'
- What happened, sir?
"This is the reality of my life"
Give me a demo class, Manu.
I made a mistake, forgive me.
"It feels good to have you in my heart"
"Which makes every second a festival"
"I am just staring at the mirror"
- Wow!
"Started to like me more than
ever before"
"Whether you are with me or not"
"I am always with you"
"You are the heartbeat of my life"
"Even if you don't want me"
"Or asking me to get lost"
"All I can do is love is my love"
"This is the reality of my life"
"Have filled my whole heart
with your love"
He completely changed a person.
He likes you, Janu.
Please understand him.
I am sorry Nandu,
leaving for Gujarat soon.
You are an educated guy,
tell me the truth.
What's the reason behind
the missing case of Mayor Janardan?
I don't know sir.
- You know it.
"Did the past smile at you in a new way"
"Has the story changed in a better way"
"I am here only for you"
"This life is dedicated to you my dear"
"Whether you are with me or not"
"I am always with you"
"You are the heartbeat of my life"
"Even if you don't want me"
"Or asking me to get lost"
"All I can do is love you, my dear.
This is the reality of my life"
Janu is going to Gujarat today,
go and talk to her once,
she will be convinced.
Nandu, I am going to use
your bike for two more days.
Does this make any sense?
Manu, Janu is also thinking a lot.
Just go and speak to her once.
Leave it.
Hiding a fact is a much bigger crime
than murder, hope you are aware of it.
It's time for my class sir.
Can't he understand?
Thank you.
'Breaking news.'
'On the outskirts of Warangal
near Vaddepalli Lake...'
'some unidentified dead bodies
have been found.'
Yes sir, all dead bodies
have been recovered.
Look here.
'Move away.'
'C.I Ravi Kumar just stated that
out of those dead bodies,'
'one has been identified as the dead body
of missing Warangal Mayor,'
'the police department further went
onto state that it is Rudra'
'who has killed the mayor'
'and they do have substantial evidence
to prove the same.'
Mr. Rudrapratap,
we got the information from the Mayor,
will get the forensic reports sometime,
will come to arrest you with proof,
get ready to eat jail food,
by the way, it was one of your people
who revealed everything,
here will always be someone
who will give us tit for tat.
Who told him?
Who is that?
Who told him?
Who informed the police?
Who is he?
Who? Who told him?
Who told him?
Is it you?
Or you?
- Brother.
none of these people should be alive.
Why should we kill our people, sir?
I have been telling you regarding
the meetings between Manu and the inspector,
but you never believed.
Have a look at these images
of their meeting this morning.
Exactly after one hour of their meeting,
all the dead bodies came into light,
he is the proof.
How dare he backstabs me.
Kill him where ever he is..
- Ok sir.
- Nandu.
Sir told his men to kill Manu.
Where is he?
He is not answering calls,
somehow inform him urgently.
Sir is very angry.
What are you saying brother,
how can sir think of killing Manu?
I will go and speak to Rudra, sir.
Why do you want to go?
Just inform him.
Bro, what happened and where are you
going without food.
I know the reason behind your sadness,
it's because of distance yourself
from your loved one,
and I know it because I am that person
who is feeling sad for leaving him?
Came to India upon knowing that his life
has become like this because of me.
And I come here after knowing
how much he loves you
and how he might end up if you leave him,
it's very scary to imagine.
Manu likes me, Janu,
but he likes you even more.
No matter what heights we reach in life,
but if we don't have the person
whom we love the most next to us,
then that life is a waste, Janu.
Love is such a crazy thing,
it brings two hearts closer
and separates two people, don't know why.
As time passes by,
the anger of parents who have forced us
to marry someone else subsides.
Even the guilt of hiding our past from
our husband also subsides gradually.
What stays with us forever is the love
which we have on our loved ones.
And to live with that feeling
is the hardest one Janu.
That time unknowingly you gave
your phone which united us,
and now I shouldn't be the reason
for your break up.
Manu is a good person Janu.
His love is genuine.
He might have loved you to forget me,
but he loved you as what you are.
As of now, Manu might remember me,
but you are in his heart.
Kindly accept his love, Janu...
Sorry, Manu.
So make sure you check all your errors
before you submit it.
One second.
- Okay, sir.
Where are you?
I am at Khajipet railway station.
I am going to Gujarat.
The train will arrive in half an hour.
Would like to see you once before I leave.
Coming Janu.
What are you discussing?
No matter how much it costs.
No one should even touch me.
Orugallu is the fort of Rudra Pratap.
Sir, his friend has come.
Come here, where is Manu?
How much I trusted him.
How dare he betrays me.
Are you still believing that
he said about you to the cops.
Manu likes you a lot, sir.
This guy never liked Manu
right from the beginning,
he only must have revealed
what happened.
What is this nonsense?
Just look here.
Is it a fact that Manu and the police met?
These guys are not trustworthy sir.
Sir, you are very much aware of Manu.
No matter what it is,
I am going to kill him for sure.
If that's the case, then I will kill you, sir.
Nandu, no, wait.
- I will kill you.
Come, kill me.
Sir, it's my mistake, forgive me, sir.
Is life spoiled once because of me
and very recently he started to live
like the old normal Manu.
I beg you, sir, please leave him.
Sir, it happened accidentally...
forgive me.
At least you tell.
- They are just kids.
Don't know anything
- Sir...sir...
It's my fault.
Sunil brother.
- Brother.
Please, bro.
Sir, sir, sir...
Sunil bro, I was in class
when you called me.
Rudra killed our Nandu.
What are you saying?
How can Rudra kill Nandu?
You just run away to a different place,
he will even kill you.
I am coming, wait.
- No.
Manu, why did you come here
instead of going away?
They will kill you...
Main, wait.
Nandu, get up.
Nandu, I'm here.
Wake up.
'Why don't you die once and for all
instead of dying daily?'
Nandu, how can you die like this?
You came here to get killed
in my hands.
How dare you kill my friend?
What did he do to you?
Why did you kill him?
Guys, kill him.
No, just stop there.
How long will you keep
killing people for his sake.
Shekar, Vikram, and now this guy.
He even decided to kill you all.
He is a demon who will kill
his men for his selfishness.
At least realize now and change.
Prabhakar, kill him.
Thank you.
Guys, at least you kill him.
Come on.
What happened to you?
Rudra does not need any help.
'The customer you are trying to call
is unreachable at this moment.'
Beat him.
Rudra Pratap.
Order, order.
'After going through the case thoroughly
and listening to the arguments,'
'Mr. Manu Durgaraju is being sentenced
to 7 years of custody'
'along with a fine of rupees ten thousand
under IPC Act of 302'
'on the charges of
the murder of Rudrapratap'
Hi, I am Janani Patel,
Managing Director of MDR Solutions.
Came to receive our company
CEO Manu Durgaraju.
What are you looking at?
Thought I left you...
Will wait for you lifelong,
I like you so much, dude.
Tell me that you were thinking only
about me when you were in jail.
As I told you, Janu,
your love is my drug.
Whether you are close to me
or away from me,
your trance will remain forever.
I love you, Manu.
Say it again...
I love you.
I love you too Janu.
Your Project has paved
the path for MDR Solutions.
Shall we go to the office?
Let's go.
'Don't sacrifice your lives for
the sake of your lost love.'
'There will always be someone who will give
their life for you with a lot of love.'
'Love is the only medicine that heals
the pain caused by love.'
'You must be wondering who am I?'
'It's me Muthireddy, the person about
whom you heard throughout the Movie.'
'Let the entire world be happy'