Mapado (2005) Movie Script

Yes. Yes.
Let's eat.
Crazy bastards.
Why put cigarette butts in here?
You really like him, don't you?
Are you crazy?
That loser?
I know you like him.
Look! I can live with a player...
But never with a beggar.
I won't rot my life away
sitting in this damn place.
What's wrong with this place?
I rather like it.
The noodles are ready.
It looks great.
Wait. Let's say grace first.
The noodles are getting soggy.
Amen. Now, eat.
So eat.
Hey, Jongbo.
What's that on my desk?
It's a warning letter
from the tax office.
They said something about
property seizure.
Some bank people came by too.
About putting stuff up for auction.
Don't worry. We can make
the money somehow, can't we?
Where did all the money go?
It was easy to make money
when I was into extortion.
You're all in this mess
because you followed me.
Stop eating and make some coffee.
I'm still eating.
You've had enough.
Go make the coffee!
Wait I'm come.
Aren't you buying a lotto ticket?
Is today Saturday?
If your earlobes were thicker...
You'd already been married.
But the way your lips are shaped
will bring you a fortune.
Go and buy a ticket
before the noodles go soggy.
So quick.
Make sure you get these numbers...
I'm not an idiot. I remember.
I've done this so many times.
Hi there. This is Park
with this week's lottery.
Let's see who's today's big winner.
And the big prize.
It's sixteen millions dollars.
Board Committee is checking
the ball of winning prize.
And now it be start to make
the winning prize of lottery in this week.
The ball round mixing.
The first ball is... 22.
What's the next number ball?
The next is 17
and the next is coming.
What's number?
It's 37 and the next is...
the last is 16
who is the winning?
Good luck for everyone of
the lottery winning.
And see you next week.
Mapado: Island of Fortunes
bye... bye
and see you on
the next same time on Saturday...
Sit down.
Jangmi didn't just take off
with $16 million
she took our whole lives.
I'll find her.
Find her?
You're going to find a girl on the lam
with a fake ID card?
Do you even know her real name?
What's going on here?
Don't move! Don't move!
Don't move!
Who the hell are you?
You people were gambling here!
We know everything.
Do you know how little I get
for sewing on each eye?
You're just making me feel worse.
And keep your heads down.
I think we've screwed up.
Move out.
Move. Move out.
Oh, that was close!
How come you slapped me
so hard, bastard?
What, should I do it like this?
We're professionals, aren't we?
See you later.
Yeah. Okay, so now you know
that a crackdown is coming.
Yes, hide the girls.
How's business these days?
Oh, hello.
Mr. Shin, what's up?
Right now?
Got a stiff neck?
When you greet your elders,
shouldn't you bow?
Rude bastard.
You're beyond rehabilitation.
Hello, Inspector Na Chung-su.
I'll give you a good reward.
Good reward?
Can't we be more specific?
You're too vague.
How much do you want?
How much do you think I make?
After 10 years as a cop,
barely enough to live on.
$3 million
3 million?
But there's one condition.
Take Jae-cheol with you.
3 million?
She didn't leave a single clue.
Let's go.
Let's see what she listens to.
I have to find Jangmi
before she goes too far.
You've dispatched officers to
the airport and harbor, right?
You said she'd worked in Garibong
before. Where in Garibong?
Hey, Jae-cheol.
Why the long face?
Don't you want to catch her?
And what's more.
You're so damn rude to me
all the time.
You're still upset about the past?
Listen, you!
The law comes from smartasses.
So you can't just interpret it
any way you want.
Say that again! The law what?
I'm going to kill you, you shit!
I'm a shit, am I?
You said I only had to serve 3 months.
I rotted there for 4 years!
Shut up, dickhead!
That request was for
Jang Ggeut-sun in Garibong...
Jang Ggeut-sun.
That's her name.
Detective Park? It's me.
Can you check something?
just shut up and follow me.
You don't have to think,
just move fast.
Whatever you do,
don't get any funny ideas.
Yes, Inspector Park.
Wait a moment.
Okay, Jang Ggeut-sun.
25 years old?
She's old.
Jeonnam province, Goheung district.
Yeah. Mapa Island?
What? Mapa Island?
Well, a local ferry goes there
just once a week.
There was one today.
So you have to wait until next week.
Is there no other way?
Oh. You're one of us.
Why do you want to go
to Mapa Island?
I see.
Wait a moment, please.
I won't be long.
Mr. Kim! I have a detective
from Seoul.
The fish will get full today.
How long have we been here?
Is it far to Mapa?
Mapa? That's over there.
We came the wrong way.
Oh, shit!
Turn! Turn!
Turn around and go back!
Turn! Turn!
Oh, shit!
Hey! We're at Mapa Island.
Be careful.
Your stomachs must be empty.
Eat something.
You're out it.
Wait it!
Does anyone actually live here?
That asshole just dropped us off
in the middle of nowhere.
This is really great.
Where are we going to find people?
No cell phone reception, either.
Did you see that?
You saw it, right.
A woman in white with long hair
gliding past.
Where are you going?
To call my boss. Why?
Come back quickly.
I know it's you, Jae-cheol.
Don't mess with me, you jerk.
I'm not scared at all.
Don't do that.
They must have been frightened.
Are they going to be okay?
Don't push me.
At least they didn't die.
You're actually
quite scary at nighttime.
Don't look at me like that.
When was the last time we saw
any young, single men?
How do you know whether
they're single or not?
It's as clear as
telling shit from Shinola.
Feel this tight butt.
Hey, you.
But... What did they come this far for?
Look at their fishing gear.
They came to go fishing.
What a dickhead!
Why do you need fancy threads?
I bet he wears that even when
he's screwing.
Oh, shit!
What's so funny?
Who else lives here?
We're it.
Young folks don't like living on an island.
They all left to the mainland.
That's right.
These hunks are
the first visitors in a long time.
Everyone should be nice to them.
Hang on, where can they stay?
Stick them in the men's room.
They can stay at my place.
My room is quite big.
All together in your room?
Hang on... Mrs. Yeosu!
Isn't Ggeut-sun's room empty?
Yes, it is.
Then they can stay there.
Let's do that, shall we?
Good night.
Thank you for the meal.
What's this?
Good night.
This is my home.
This is your room.
That's the toilet.
You can piss...
Anywhere is okay.
What's going on here?
Oh, this is just great!
What is this?
Don't you know that these peppers
can rot overnight from the dew?
Clear them up quickly
and clean Ggeut-sun's room.
Goodness me!
Does a girl live here?
Is that your daughter or hers?
It's a big problem.
Young folks always
leave home for the mainland.
Without them, it must
be hard for the grandmothers.
So you've heard nothing
from your daughter, then?
Gee. There's nothing
wrong with replying.
Hey fuck you.
Why the hell are you
so curious about her?
Okay. That's my daughter.
So what?
But where is she?
Don't even mention her!
She's no child of mine.
By the way, wear this.
It's made of hemp cloth.
It allows air to circulate around
your balls so they'll stay cool.
Do you have a phone here?
There's one at
the chairwoman's house.
Are you going
to wipe the floor all night?
Come out!
Take a break.
Her voice is like a freight train.
I knew it. You've
brought us here for nothing.
Didn't you say that she's here?
Don't act too suspiciously
in front of them.
Don't act like a cop, okay?
Hey, hey!
Don't waste water.
We're surrounded by water here...
But it's the most precious thing
at the same time.
It's a hot day.
We'd better start working early.
- Why are you so slow?
- They have to learn how to value things.
Well, well, look at you.
You look... just right.
It's a hot day.
Why does a farm girl need
a hat like that?
You are insane.
Mrs. Chairwoman.
Do you know what the
boys are doing today?
Just going fishing.
Why? Do you want to get
hooked by them?
I can't say anything to you.
Never trust
a man from the mainland.
They are all bastards.
It's too hot.
Let's finish work for now.
Mrs. Jeju's roof is leaking.
Everyone, come and help fix it!
Take this.
Her roof is always leaking.
Hey you!
Are you a fortuneteller?
Or a shaman?
You didn't
come here to fish, did you?
Well, do you think we
came to see you grannies?
Did you assholes come
here for...
You especially!
Look at me.
Look into my eyes.
What for?
Look at me.
You are fated to run after
people your whole life.
What the hell are you
investigating all the time?
Your wife ran away from you
because of what you do, right?
What do you know about me?
It's going to pour,
so don't go fishing.
Go home quickly.
Rain on a day like this?
The rain's all stopped.
My joints are aching.
When it's rainy,
my joints always ache.
Did you tell the other ladies
to prepare for rain?
Yes, I did.
Didn't you tell them, too?
Oh goodness, I forgot.
You're out of your mind.
Why are they going to the
mountain with fishing rods?
Hey, there!
It's not that way. It's this way.
She's saying something...
Annoying old bat.
Those stupid... Mrs. Chairwoman!
I think I should go talk to them.
Hey, there!
My husband used
to come here often.
It's the best spot for fishing.
About your daughter...
Does she ever come home?
You little shits...
Why are you so curious
about my daughter?
Because she was so pretty
in the photo. That's why.
Who does she take after?
Your husband, maybe.
Stop it.
It hurts to talk about her.
If only I knew whether she was
alive or not,
I wouldn't worry so.
Enjoy your fishing.
Come down for lunch later.
All right.
Good job!
"Does she ever come home?"
Do you want everyone to know
you're here to get her?
If we just threaten them all,
wouldn't they tell us everything?
If they don't...
Are you going to beat them up?
And if they still don't tell you,
you'll slice open their stomachs?
See? You're a gangster.
You asshole!
All right. You want to hit me.
You probably miss being in jail.
Then hit me,
just like you did last time.
Hit me, if you can.
No one's watching you.
Look! I'm ready.
Hit me. Hit me
You can't do it? Like this!
Hit me. Hit me
Shit! Fucking you asshole.
Stop messing around
and look for her!
If she came here with the money,
she must be nuts.
Ggeut-sun! It's mom.
Are you there?
Mom's here.
What am I doing here?
This pepper is so hot.
Right. Eat one and feel the pain.
Really hot.
Very hot.
It's hot.
You numbnuts have ruined
this year's bee farming.
That's enough.
Look at how he's been stung.
You're lucky. You could have died.
Have you caught any fish at all?
All day you've just run around
everywhere shaking your balls.
Be careful not to lose them,
or the goat will take them.
How much longer are you
going to stay here?
The ferry comes in five days.
We'll be here for a while.
It's lovely and the air is fresh.
You're right.
There's no place like Mapa Island.
That's right.
How would you know?
You've never left this island before.
You're the same.
I used to sing for a traveling
musical troupe around Korea.
So why did you give up that
great life and come down here?
How can we know if you really sang
or if you just worked the streets?
What did you say?
You want a piece of me?
Take back what you just said!
No, I won't. What are you
going to do about it?
What are you doing
in front of company?
Let's all go fix Mrs. Jeju's roof.
Then what are you going to do?
More fishing?
If you help us, we'll fix it faster.
You owe us a lot of honey.
Man, it's so hot.
A strong wind would be nice.
Hurry up, fix it faster.
Lazy shit.
Look at him up there!
Just try to do half as much.
Look at me.
I'm not that kind of person.
Leave him. He's useless anyway.
Oh my goodness!
You want to burn the place down?
Put that out now, numbnuts!
Stub it out! Moron!
Who're got it?
Go and work!
What's wrong with him?
Why is he wearing his jacket
and sweating a lot? It's hot!
It's his mojo.
That's what guys like him have.
See Mrs. Masan over there?
See how she wears thick makeup
even while working in the field?
She's a crazy bitch.
Jae-cheol's doing
exactly the same thing she does.
By the way, Ggeut-sun or whatever.
Mrs. Yeosu's daughter.
When did she stop calling?
None of your business.
Give me more straw! Hurry up!
He's out of straw! Send up more!
Hey, Mrs. Masan!
Sing for us.
That's a good idea.
I'll sing one from
my days in the singing troupe.
Hey, you bastard!
Let's take a rest for a minute!
Okay, let's go.
Well this it.
You lazy son of a bitch!
You lazy so much.
The gourd is broken.
No! No!
I haven't seen
such an ass in a long time.
I missed it.
Are you going to sleep
on the bare floor?
What am I going to do?
Where the hell is that bitch?
Damn! This was a bad idea
from the start.
Why would she
come here with that money?
I was stupid to listen to you.
Hey, be positive.
And let me tell you this...
My clothes! Where are they?
The mute lady took them.
You can't wash this in water!
Who asked you to do this?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Damn, that's great.
You look cool!
What are you going to do now?
We haven't searched
even half of the island.
We need to do a minute
and scientific investigation.
Today we'll go look
around the north of island.
Drat, we've been seen.
Don't look!
Go that way.
Come here you!
Where are you going, boys?
Hey, we didn't come here to work.
You'd better hurry up.
Come here.
Hurry up.
Hey you! What are you going?
Go. Go.
We' re not working.
Hurry up.
Otherwise when are you going
to work in the rice field?
Rice field?
Look over there.
No way!
- I'm bleeding.
- Stop.
A storm is coming.
Is it? Then let's take a rest.
My nose is bleeding.
Let's go slowly.
Hurry up.
Come on, quickly.
Are you hurt badly?
Are you okay?
Boss, I think she's not here.
We're turning the country
upside down to find her.
Just wait there a little bit more.
You should come and see
what this island is like.
Jangmi wouldn't come here with
the money unless she was a fool.
But when she has nowhere to go
that's the place she'll go.
Just wait until the next ferry arrives.
Then we'll think about it again.
You should come here and see.
The skin on my face
and back has peeled off.
I've never worked in the heat
more than 15 hours in my life.
I can't even lie down on my back.
What are you talking about now?
Okay, boss.
Where are you going?
Not eating with us?
You should eat before working.
I have some fried fish for you.
I don't want to eat.
Look at his temper.
Mrs. Yeosu! Mrs. Yeosu!
Shit, what is it?
Hurry up! Mrs. Jeju is dying.
Hurry up! Help!
Mrs. Yeosu!
- What?
- Yeosu! Yeosu!
Come out! Get her out!
What the matter?
Get her out!
Come out! Get her out!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
Everyone get out right now!
What's with you?
All my life you cause me problems!
Look at you! Are you okay?
I think I got a splinter
in my back. It stings.
Don't make a big fuss.
Let me have look.
Look it.
Oh, god.
- It's so hurt.
- Jae-cheol
Oh shit, baby.
He got hurt because of us.
Make sure you all
look after him, okay?
- Mrs. Yeosu!
- Yes.
Mrs. Yeosu! Can you bring us
some bakjae tree roots?
Yes, all right.
And you boil some water.
Are you okay?
I feel a little chilly.
Should I heat up this cola?
All right.
- This is my day.
- Eat all yourself.
Oh, so good luck.
Each of you gives me 16 cents.
Oh shit.
You've got the big one this time.
I'm short 1 cent.
What are you talking about?
I gave you 16 coins.
Then count these. Two, six, ten.
I said I gave them all!
- Hey, This here.
- Please, calm down.
Calm down.
You always give 1 cent less!
That's not a good habit.
- I may be not play with you.
- Hey,
Can I ask you something?
No one's nice after losing money.
You're arguing over 1 cent,
- not 1 billion. Am I right?
- Don't say that.
I already lost 90 cents. Shit!
If you have some money, join us.
To day got it, a little bit.
It's me.
Ggeut-sun is not here.
So I'm leaving here
tomorrow by ferry. Okay?
Dammit! I said she's not here!
Gotta go!
What are you upset about?
Because of Ggeut-sun?
No worries. I'll get her.
She went to school in Yeosu.
If I rough up some people there,
I'll find out something.
Are you drinking?
I heard you're leaving tomorrow.
You sure?
If we go where's your fun in life?
Do you think life
is all about having fun?
How did you ladies end up
living alone on this island?
Everyone's got a story.
A long time ago, there was
a lot of people living here.
Our chairwoman
came here to get married.
But 15 days later, her husband
died in the sea.
What about Mrs. Masan?
Her husband was
the worst of the worst.
He should have gone to jail.
Whenever he was drunk, he hit her.
If he didn't like the food,
he overturned the table.
She was beaten up every day.
She didn't want to die.
So she left her new baby behind
and ran away to here.
But why does Mrs. Yeosu
give Mrs. Jeju such a hard time?
Do you know why?
Are you that curious?
Is there any left?
Pour one for me.
On her husband's side,
sons were so rare.
But it didn't look like she
could have a baby.
So they brought
a second wife for a baby.
That's Mrs. Jeju.
She's dumb but so pretty.
Later she got pregnant...
but it was a daughter.
Mrs. Yeosu's husband got angry
and drank all day long.
And on the way home, sadly...
Aren't you going?
Nothing left to drink so I'm off.
What about you? No story to tell?
Life is just life.
It's like a piece of gum
stuck to the sole of your shoe.
About is longer.
Hey, you!
I'm not sure if it'll work or not.
Hang on.
It's okay.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
You can!
Got it.
Did you see the container
of paint thinner here?
I put it here before
to burn the rubbish.
Haven't you seen it?
Find it quickly.
Look what?
All the hairs got burnt off.
Didn't they?
He's lucky he's not hurt worse.
His thing is actually okay.
Go away! What the hell
are you looking at?
Nothing. It's too little to see.
It's not even half the size
of my husband's.
Close the door on your way out.
You've watched enough.
Go off now.
Let's go. Hurry.
Are you okay?
Do you think I look okay?
I feel so sorry for you.
I don't need your sympathy.
But what's with
your attitude toward me?
You should treat me like
an older brother.
Are you crazy?
No, I'm not. Call me "hyeong".
Don't laugh and call me
"hyeong". I'm your big brother.
Forget about it.
Okay I forget.
Yes. Call me "hyeong".
Come on. Say it.
I'm sorry
for all your troubles
while you were here.
That's it.
Chungsu, are you really okay?
What about you Jae-cheol?
Take this seafood.
Please cook and eat it.
What is it?
What are you going on?
Who... who's that?
Isn't that Ggeut-sun?
Who? Ggeut-sun?
You found her?
What about the ticket?
- Eat as much as you like.
- Yes.
- Eat much.
- Yes.
How come they didn't
take the ferry?
Jang Ggeut-sun.
How have you been?
What's going on here?
Hey, don't move!
So is this all about the 16 cents?
No problem.
I can get that money.
What's your problem?
Are you deaf now?
Didn't you hear that
they said $16 million?
Look. Can't we work it off?
Do you know
how much $16 million is?
You couldn't make that much money,
even if you sold the whole island.
Ggeut-sun stole that much money.
Got it?
I'm a cop here to arrest her.
Oh, shit. Shit!
So where is she?
You hide or help her to escape...
You'll also go to jail.
I'm watching you,
so be careful. Okay?
- We didn't do anything wrong.
- Stop. Stop.
- What is he want?
- How is we do go.
Wait he be not careful...
Eat! You bastard!
Did you add rat poison to this?
You asshole!
Who would do that?
If it is rat poison, I'm a rat.
You son of a bitch.
We can't just sit and
watch her get arrested.
- Oh, How this we do?
- Fix thinking.
Where's that dog? Here, Rex!
We don't have a dog here!
Stop making plans.
Just give her to me.
You're just like a Japanese cop
during colonization.
Are you threatening us?
Okay, take us all!
If you hide a criminal, do you
know what will happen to you?
You'll be sent to jail. To jail!
Stop your bullshitting...
Ah, you don't even understand.
Stop there!
Stop there!
Leave me alone!
- Oh, lord!
- Move!
So bad!
You're dead.
Let me go!
Hands off!
- Hands off!
- Touch him!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Do you want to get hurt?
Let me go!
Stop here.
Hey, untie me!
What the hell are you crying for?
Just give me the lottery ticket!
Then everything is square.
I'd never lie to you.
Okay, so give it back to me.
Oh, my lottery ticket!
My lottery ticket!
Hey, give it back!
Give it back!
My money!
Give it back!
Give it back!
Miss, come down! Miss!
Let me go!
My money!
- Let me go!
- Clam down! Miss!
Who do you think you're fooling?
Do you think I'm that stupid?
All you can think of is a seagull?
I didn't believe it at first,
but now I think it's true.
You were robbed of the ticket,
just like the others were by you.
That's right.
But it was a seagull
that stole the ticket.
The seagull thought it was food.
Yes, right.
Yes, right.
You should write a movie
screenplay, you thief.
Please, believe me.
I like your acting.
Why don't you become an actress?
Come here you.
Let's me go.
Don't hurt my daughter!
Let's me!
Hands off!
Let's me now!
It's all true, isn't it?
Some tough guys
are coming here tomorrow.
I'll take care of everything.
So you just act normal.
Will that be okay with you?
Anyway, I really appreciate
Thank you very much.
No worries.
Go away. I don't want to see you.
Seagull? Do you think
that makes any sense?
Shit. Can't you
just let it go this time?
I'm going to let her
run away tomorrow.
So we missed her here. Okay?
I got stung by bees.
I've had my head broken open.
And I've had my butt burnt.
Was this all a bad dream?
I thought I could do
anything if I wanted to.
I believed I could make
a lot of money quickly.
And then I was going to come and
take you away somewhere nice.
Mom, you know what?
From the first day I left you
I regretted it.
Because of you, poor mom!
How do you manage without me?
I know that all you have is me.
Mom, I'm so sorry.
I'm really sorry.
What are you doing here so early?
Where did you get this?
This? It's everywhere.
This is marijuana, isn't it?
Oh, is that what you call
dried hemp leaves?
Come with me.
Come with me.
What's wrong with you?
Just come with me.
Are we nearly there?
Stop whining.
Look! Here we are.
There are endless uses for this.
You can make cigarettes,
you can press oil out of it.
If I smoke it,
my back stops aching.
I'm used it.
Well It's so much.
Don't you want to go back now?
I'll look around here a bit more.
It's a nice view.
You can go back to work.
Do whatever you like.
See you.
Finally my time has come!
Sounds like bullshit to me.
Ah, you're here.
With all this, after a few years,
$16 million will seem like nothing.
Are you crazy?
You know this is a drug.
Don't care me.
Let's just go.
Go where? This is a goldmine.
Tell me the truth.
You like here, too.
Shit, man, listen to me.
Don't look at me like that.
Let me live as I want.
You son of a bitch.
What did I say wrong?
I said let's do this together.
Screw you, asshole.
You're totally out of your mind.
You're a cop, asshole.
What are you doing?
- Don't do that.
- Why do you do?
- You good talk to me.
- Where is Jang Ggeut-sun?
I told you, she left
for the mainland early this morning.
- Oh shit!
- Sir.
Ladies, I have nothing to lose...
because Ggeut-sun took
everything from me.
- No!
- Oh shit!
- No, burn.
- Oh god!
Fuck you!
- Stand up.
- Hit me again. Come on.
Hit me again.
So bad. So bad.
You lost it?
Yes. I'm sorry, boss.
Choose your answer carefully.
If you're lying, you'll live.
But if it's the truth, you're dead.
I'm sorry.
Did you say sorry?
You bastards.
Stop it.
I'll give you the money.
Can we pay you back
what Ggeut-sun owes with this?
Very nice.
Take them and lock them all up.
What do you mean?
I have to look after
what's mine now, don't I?
Take them.
What's this?
Get her!
What was that?
Mr. Shin. That's it. It's all over.
That's enough.
You louse.
I... just... my money...
I just want my money that
this little bitch stole from me.
Put it down.
Put it down.
Put it down.
Put it down, you son of a bitch.
Don't come near me.
If you come closer, then I'll...
Look at the sea!
Let's go.
Come on.
Here, I rolled this for you.
Okay, thanks.
The seagull story was bullshit,
wasn't it?
Don't laugh, asshole.
I lost my head for a moment.
All that money...
Is it far to Mapa?
Mapa? That's over there...
We came the wrong way.
Oh, shit!
You probably miss being in jail.
Then hit me.
Just like you did last time.
Hit me, if you can.
Look! I'm ready.
You can't do it? Like this!
Hit me. Hit me.
Hit me. Hit me.
Hit me you can.
Let's me go!