Mapado 2 (2007) Movie Script

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Why's my life always tangled up
with an island?
Hey, are you going the right way?
Say it, CAPTAIN.
Dongbek Island
Do you really know
where Dongbek Island is?
I'm a human navigator.
Been a sailor for thirty years.
I'll say it again.
My boat is the only boat in Korea
that goes to Dongbek Island.
This course is pretty tough, though.
What's that?
- What?
- Hey!
I don't know, either.
He's a strange one.
He gave me 100,000 won
and asked me to drop him anywhere.
Hey, you charged me 300,000 won.
Be careful!
Easy does it, old man!
Can I ask you a question?
How could you possibly
get seasick?
This ride is a piece of cake.
You must've eaten a hell of a lot.
Why'd you stop?
We're here already?
We still have a long way to go.
We've run out of gas.
Dammit, I stocked up on liquor
but I forgot the gas.
So what are you going to do,
you old lunatic!
What'll you do?
Are you Detective Na Choong-su?
I'm not a detective any more.
First floor
It's not a hard job,
but it must
be done swiftly and quietly.
It involves an inheritance.
I heard that you're very good
at finding people.
One moment.
One thing you must
keep in mind is that
he needs absolute rest.
So Detective, I mean,
Mr. Na, just say
Yes and that'll be enough.
No unnecessary questions, okay?
And this money is to get you started.
Cash, $50000
Captain! Captain!
Do something!
What're you going to do?
You've wasted too much time!
On top of a storm, it's pitch dark!
You talk too much.
I'll get you
to Dongbek Island, okay?
Fuck. What are you going to do?
What? Fuck?
I'm the Captain of this boat, boy.
It's alright.
Men don't die that easily.
Hey, hold the steer.
Have you lost your mind, old man?
You're such an annoying little prick.
Why is there only one life vest?
I must've forgotten the rest
after I got the liquor.
Well, I hope the insurance covers a lot.
MAPADO2 (Back to the Island)
Sir, this gentleman will
find her for you.
My Kot-nim...
Based on the Chairman's description,
this is her portrait.
Her name is at the bottom.
The Chairman is from
South Jeolla Province.
Hey! Hey!
Are you okay?
Why can't anything go right for me?
I was on my way to being rich.
Pull yourself together.
I'm too busy
to take care of you now.
I have to survive no matter what.
The strong don't survive.
It's the surviors who are strong.
You're too weak to be a real man.
See what I'm doing?
Hey! Hey!
It's burning! It's burning!
Come on! Come on!
Yes! Yes! Come on!
Shit! You should've given me
the lighter earlier!
You idiot!
Yo, man.
What do you do?
You don't look like a fisherman.
I'm a writer.
I'm looking for something
to write about.
You have such an easy life.
You've got it made.
I risk my neck to make a living,
and you're looking for a story.
Anyway, got anything to eat
in your bag?
Think I'm some kind of thief?
Have a nice life on this island
after I starve to death.
I'm so hungry...
It's hot!
I'm burning!
It's hot!
Where did he go?
Well, it's a deserted island anyway.
Mr. Writer!
Mrs. Mayor!
What the hell?
What the hell are you doing?
It's me!
It's me, Na Choong-su!
Who gives a crap.
What are you doing here?
Are you joking with me?
Stop it. You're upsetting me.
Stay there, you bastard!
You've got no manners.
You're such a rude brat!
Don't you remember me?
How do you do, ma'am?
I got shipwrecked yesterday,
and I'm looking for help
on this island.
I'm very hungry,
and I have to make a call.
Shut up and follow me!
Yeo-su! Where are you?
Boy, I'm thirsty.
We have a guest.
You're so selfish.
You abandoned me to feed yourself?
Do you have any conscience?
You were sleeping like a log
and I was going to get you
right after I ate this.
Oh, yeah? Thanks a lot.
Chew it all down.
And don't vomit again.
Slow down.
You'll get a stomachache.
Mrs. Yeo-su!
What the hell are you doing here?
Mrs. Yeo-su.
You remember me, right?
This is Mapado Island, isn't it?
Of course, it is.
What's gotten into you?
Did you come with him?
Don't ask.
I'm starving to death.
Give me some food first.
Do I look like your wife?
I'd ask my wife for a baby, not food.
You're going to have a baby?
Who's the father?
Thank goodness.
I'm so happy to see you again,
even though I hated you before.
What do you do for a living?
I'm writing a novel.
A writer?
How wonderful.
Where's bad-mouth Jin-an?
She went to the mainland
to fetch some medicine for the Mayor.
And who's that?
Let me introduce you two.
This is Jin-an's cousin.
She was on the mainland
while you were here.
This is Choong-su.
You rotten bastard!
So you're the one who stole
my hemp and ate it all!
What are you going to
steal this time?
That's a bit uncalled for
at our first meeting.
Anyhow, if I catch you
stealing again...
You're dead meat. So watch out.
You should all be tired now,
so let's go to bed.
Come on, stand up.
She's too uptight.
Mrs. Yeo-Su.
The Mayor's been acting strange.
Is she sick?
Oh goodness, don't ask.
She started losing it last summer.
I thought it was just memory loss,
but it's getting worse.
She's herself one moment,
and then someone else the next.
Get your butt out of there!
Mr. Writer.
You better hide yourself in a cave
as soon as the sun rises.
This is a horrible island.
You'll find out why
if you stay long enough.
Get some sleep.
It's the best thing you can do here.
The yellow one is Choong-su,
and the black one is Jae-cheol.
Why did you name a cow after me?
You know, it's weird how their names
shaped their characters.
Jae-cheol works very hard,
but Choong-su is useless.
Why are you suddenly whispering?
Nobody likes to hear
anyone insult him.
You're such a saint!
Jae-cheol is a male.
Choong-su is a female.
I wish they'd make a lot of babies.
Why didn't you give the yellow one
a girl's name like 'Kut-sun'?
Are you crazy?
How could you name a cow
after a person?
Besides, they already recognize
their names.
So you mean Jae-cheol and I
aren't human?
Does that make sense?
Blondie, you stupid cow!
Hey! Stop scaring them!
It's a beautiful day!
Are you drying the peppers?
Beautiful peppers!
May I use your phone?
Who are you?
Not again.
Nice to meet you, ma'am.
May I use your phone?
Who are you to come
barging into my home
and ask to you use my phone?
- She's driving me crazy.
- What? Crazy?
My boat got wrecked in a storm.
I passed out and woke up
on an island.
I kept shouting,
but no one answered.
Feeling cold and hungry,
I fell asleep.
I woke up again and I wandered into
a forest to find food.
While wandering,
I met an old woman.
Surprisingly, she was one of
the women I met on Mapado Island.
- Really?
- But she pretended to not know me.
- What a bad woman!
- I think so.
I thought the same thing, but then I had
no choice but to follow her.
Entering a village, the other women
recognized me
and I was so glad.
They gave me food and water.
But there's another island
I need to hurry to.
I need to make a call,
but my cellphone got wet, it's dead.
I really have to call.
So what?
So I'm asking you now
if I could use your phone.
- Of course, go ahead!
- Thank you.
But I don't have a phone in my house.
- You have one inside.
- No, I don't.
I'll find it, so don't worry.
- I don't have a phone.
- Please go back to work.
There's no phone in my house.
No phone.
How did that get there?
- Don't worry and go back to work.
- I see.
Go ahead and take your time.
Did a bee sting you?
What's wrong?
Hold her! Hold her!
She's gone. She's gone.
He's not convincing enough.
- It's over.
- Why does it always end like this?
Give us food! We're hungry!
It's right that they break up.
I've never seen a couple become happy
when they disobey their parents.
But they love each other so much.
You don't understand
since you haven't had a baby.
At least I know how a woman
has a baby.
Yeong-gwang is still a virgin.
What the hell are you talking about?
Then why haven't you had
a husband until now?
You must've had a lot of sex,
but none must've worked out.
- What did you say?
- So what?
Are you upset?
A modern person shoul
watch the news.
A modern person should
go to the toilet, too.
I'll go piss and come back.
We're starving to death!
You cheap bastard!
Nothing's free here.
Shut up. I need to watch the news.
Go to the kitchen and
you'll find some potatoes.
They look delicious.,
It's hot!
Find some chopsticks.
- Where are they?
- Just find them!
What's the matter with the economy?
My candidate, 'Mr. Doctor',
should win the election this time.
Eung-sam is driving
the economy into the ground.
Not that 'Mr. Doctor' again.
For someone who didn't go to college,
why do you call him 'Mr. Doctor'?
And your 'Mr. Doctor' was
already president once.
He even retired from the presidency.
What are you talking about?
He shook hands with Kim Jong-il
in the North,
and won some prize for it.
- Kim Jong-il?
- Yeah.
Are you kidding me?
Just because I tend to
forget lately?
The current president is Mr. Roh.
Don't butt in!
We're not talking about Roh Tae-woo.
That's right.
You're just acting like
you don't know, right?
What's wrong with his face?
Sit down. Sit down.
He must've caused trouble
in the kitchen again.
Everyone teased Geum-dong so much
Since he was so quiet and
shy like a girl.
But who could be more handsome
than my boy Geum-dong?
Yeo-su, this boy's name is Gi-yeong.
- What did you say?
- Don't you know Gi-yeong?
He came here with Choong-su.
Of course, I know Gi-yeong.
Are you making fun of me?
Just because I've had
a bad memory lately?
Let's go. Let's go to bed.
So we're not playing
'go-stop' tonight?
It's the best Alzheimer's
prevention going...
What did you say?
She said that she saw a person
named Alzheimer on TV.
Let's go.
You should go to bed now, too.
No, let's play 'go-stop'
to prevent Alzheimer's.
Hold on.
Start the game when I come back.
What is it?
What's wrong with her?
And who's Geum-dong?
Geum-dong is the name of her son
who died when he was a boy.
Even though she's aged a lot,
she can never erase his name.
It's a merciless disease.
- So you all 'go'?
- Of course.
Then I'll sell you the jokers.
One and two. 20won.
How could you have so many?
Give me 20won.
- I'll give it to you after this game.
- It's against the rules.
- Don't talk about it.
- Advance payment.
Give me won now.
Can I join the game
to kill some time?
Do you have money?
If you have some, join us.
The money we play with goes around
and comes around anyway.
What a fool.
But I don't have any coins now.
If you put me on a tab, I'll play.
You cheap bastard.
We're playing point for 10won.
Dumb fool.
For you, instead of money,
how about 1 hour of labor by point?
If you win, we'll take off
points, okay?
Nice deal.
And don't change your mind later.
Deal the cards.
One condition is that you have to
play one-on-one with Je-ju.
Come on out Je-ju!
Come on! One-on-one!
Come over here!
You bastard!
What should I put out this time?
Check me out!
I'm playing with my toes.
Tada. Nice play!
And another one.
Oh! It's a joker!
This is the last game, okay?
You first!
Cool! Awesome!
If you take that,
you'll be in trouble.
What are you talking about?
Shut up.
You lost! You lost!
You brought me bad luck.
She took them all.
Don't bother me.
Go away!
Oh my goodness!
Six times fifteen. Times two twice,
and another four times...
Is that possible?
Count it again! Count it again!
So 8hours a day for 2,190days.
Exactly six years with no holidays.
Hurry up! The sun's going down!
No food for a lazy slave!
But you have the cows.
Jae-cheol and Nu-reong.
Have you ever seen a cow
pick up a shovel?
Why do you want to dig
a harvest hole this early?
Eight hours a day for six years.
I could reduce it
based on how hard you work.
Are you kidding me?
I could report you to the police
for swindling, you know.
If you feel that cheated,
play again tonight.
Damn it!
Ma'am, is this okay?
You're such a great worker.
Yeah, that's enough.
Ma'am, is this okay?
You idiot, you call that shoveling?
- Here we go!
- You only eat kimchi everyday?
Are you going to live in the jars?
You just keep working.
You're an absolutely
terrible worker.
I'd shovel faster with a spoon.
Then why don't you show me?
Wow! So that's real shoveling!
It's so efficient.
Of course, you moron!
That's why we all have brains.
- Hey! Hey!
- Huh?
Why don't you dig there?
- There?
- Here?
- No, over there.
- I see.
Now watch carefully, got it?
This is so easy.
So easy.
How about shoveling there?
- Here.
- Ok.
Watch carefully.
You're amazing.
- So this is real shoveling?
- Yeah, I'm a good shoveler.
If I need to dig later,
will you shovel for me instead?
What did you say?
You son of a bitch!
Stay where you are.
Don'tjust stand there.
Give me your hand.
Hey! Hey! If you make beef stew
for me tonight, I'll help you out.
You rotten bastard!
We'll see who wins.
Not there.
My hands are right here.
- Are you all pushing?
- Sure we are!
Then why is it so heavy?
You're too much of a weakling
to be a real man!
That's right!
Okay. Hard. One more time!
It's so heavy.
It's downhill from here!
Hold it tight!
We'll hold it real tight!
- Here we go!
- Yeah, let's go!
We should've held it tight.
Holy shit!
Damn it, I shouldn't waste time
like this. This is nuts.
I'm going crazy.
Don't you have a walkie talkie?
What are you talking about?
I thought detectives usually
carried walkie talkies.
When did I ever tell you
that I was a detective?
Oh yeah, the Mayor mentioned it.
She only remembers useless things.
- She might be pretending.
- Save water!
Give me a hand, you idiot.
Hey! Why'd you bring water
when you have a pump right here?
Is that mineral water?
Did you wash yourself
with the water from the pump?
- Wash yourself again.
- Why?
Wash with this water right now!
Oh my goodness!
What happened to your poor face?
- It's heartbreaking.
- I'm all right.
Don't move.
My hands will cure you.
Let me see if your back is okay.
He said he's okay,
so why are you so worried?
He can't check his back by himself.
Let me see your back.
How about your rear?
Oh goodness! His rear is
as white as a full moon.
You're such a bad girl.
How come the water did
this only to my boy?
What's wrong with the water?
The water from Yeo-su's house
is too rotten to use.
I drank some, and it was fine.
You're overreacting.
Since you're dirtier than the water,
you'd pollute it.
This is all due to the bad luck
You brought from the mainland.
It's time to watch the soap opera.
Turn on the TV.
It already started.
I wasn't the only one here
three years ago.
Shut up. I can't hear the TV.
The picture is bad.
It's screwing up again.
Whose turn is it this time?
Your turn! Go up!
Oh goodness, Mr. Doctor has to be
president this time.
You always pretend to be senile
at times like these.
Okay! I'll go up!
Why does my stomach hurt so much?
- He's too weak.
- That; s right.
You bastard!
If you shake it once more,
you'll sleep between the cows!
Hold it right!
Damn, and it was the climax!
What the hell!
My goodness!
What's wrong?
- What is it?
- What the hell's he doing?
My goodness!
- He pooed.
- It's broken.
- He pooed in his pants!
- I don't believe it.
Damn it, I'm a patient.
Think it's fair to make a sick man
work this hard?
Shut up!
Clean it up by today!
Look at the mess you're making.
Damn it.
You're spilling crap everywhere,
you idiot!
Don't call me 'idiot'!
I'm pretty smart, you know!
Is the cigarette good?
- Why? Want to smoke?
- No thanks.
It stinks.
Why isn't it rubbing off?
Don't look at me.
You bastard.
What the hell are you doing?
You're rubbing the shit
with the dish scrub.
I can'tjust use my hands
to wash it off.
Why'd you hit me?
Bend over so that I can rub it off.
You said it's only for the dishes.
I'm gonna clean your bowls with it,
so don't get on my case later.
Gently, gently.
Watch where you're rubbing!
- Your thing isn't so tempting.
- Stop it.
Look at all this dirt.
You could make soup with this.
- It's done.
- We lost it.
It's all over.
I'm dying to know how it ended.
You son of a bitch!
You're going to starve
from now on.
You should've told us
you didn't know how to fix it!
You bastard!
It's completely broken.
You better buy a new one.
- Oh no.
- You son of a bitch!
You jerk!
Hey, Ma-san!
Peel them right!
You didn't peel it all off,
and some of them are rotten.
Why are your hands
so clumsy for a woman?
My hands have never experienced
this kind of work before.
They were for putting on make-up
and wearing rings
until I came here.
Yeah? The rings must've been
for the hands of hookers.
Why don't you strip the garlic skin
like you stripped men's clothes?
I dare you to say that again.
Are you done talking?
Get those dirty hands
away from me, damn it.
What are you arguing about?
Stop it!
Why don't you two get along?
What were you going to do
with those damn fingers?
Please stop it.
This is all Choong-su's fault.
We could've been watching TV now
If he hadn't broken the antenna.
Hey, take it easy!
Hey! Mr. Writer!
She isn't confident yet.
She's hesitating on whether
to trust him or not.
Since he didn't show his love
to her sincerely.
Keep going, and then?
He can't express his love to her
Since he loves her more than himself.
He wants to cherish her
more than anything else in the world.
- That's right.
- What a sad yet romantic love!
- They love eachother so much, .
- Anyway, he's a coward.
Sleeping together is the best way
to keep their love.
- Wow...
- Oh my!
You've gotten very tough lately,
Mrs. Mayor.
She's right.
- And then what?
- But too much.
But it's too hard to treat
a woman like that.
You're right.
Just pushing a woman isn't enough.
You don't know about love.
Don't you know the saying,
Men stamp love on women?
Once a woman sleeps with a man,
She can never forget him.
Don't you know the song?
Put a name badge on my heart
Stamp a sealed proof of love
Put a name badge on me
You crazy bastard!
Go stamp your ass instead!
Only rotten men like you
think that way.
Everything has an order.
Can you cook rice only
by setting the fire?
You need to control the fire
to cook it right.
It takes too long. Think we're
still living in the th century?
You can buy cooked rice
in convenience stores.
There's one thing that
time can never change.
What is it?
- That's right.
- Sure.
A man could win a woman's body,
but he could never win her heart.
You can pick a flower,
but it will wither eventually.
That's right.
But if you truly love the flower,
You should give it water
and not pick it.
- What a sweet.
- It's so touching!
- What a great writer!
- He absolutely is.
How do you know
a woman's mind so well?
The mind follows the body anyway.
Shut up, you beast!
Still don't know why your wife
ran away from you?
What the hell is he doing there?
That wuss has too many
damn secrets.
He lost his parents at a young age,
So that's why he can't trust her.
- Now I get it.
- Right.
So she leaves her home for him
despite her parents' objections.
Oh goodness!
- Where'd she go?
- So?
He didn't trust her, but he's realizing
more and more of her true love.
That's good enough.
No parents can win over their kids.
But an opposed marriage
can never have a happy ending.
Because they have a reason.
Their love doesn't last very long.
- I knew that would happen.
- So then?
They are told that she has
an incurable disease.
That's terrible.
Why does this always happen?
I knew he was going
to put that part in.
Why don't you put in
a mean stepbrother?
And amnesia as well.
A perfect soap opera.
Good! Good!
I want to stop here for today.
You son of a bitch!
You made him stop telling the story.
Shut up and go to sleep!
I was just kidding.
All I said was, Good! Good!
- Don't interrupt the story.
- Right, go ahead.
We're the audience, so keep going.
No, I mean I really better
stop here for today.
Geum-dong, have some of this.
His story is way more exciting
than the TV show.
I agree.
And we can ask him questions
in the middle of the story.
Eat the sweet potatoes
and tell the story.
Eat it nice and slow.
Oh, I forgot to feed Choong-su.
Go feed Choong-su and Jae-cheol.
Does someone always
have to feed you?
Stuff your face with this!
I'm so hungry.
The sweet potatoes weren't enough.
They work me like a slave,
but give me crumbs.
When was the last time
I had some meat?
Hey! Hey!
I know you're awake, so get up.
What is it?
Let's go eat some meat.
Never eaten a farm chicken,
have you?
It tastes so much better
than the ones you buy in stores.
Not me.
Why not?
I don't want to steal
someone else's chicken.
Are you some thief?
And I don't even like chicken.
Don't ask for any later.
You won't get a single bite.
You want to die, don't you?
How much is it?
I'll pay you for it!
It's an egg-laying hen!
It's not for sale!
Stop it!
Here you go!
Let's eat.
It's well done.
If you wanted to eat meat,
you should've told me.
It's so hot! Here you go.
It's so big. Go ahead!
Eat now!
You like meat that much
and cause a fuss late at night?
Go ahead and eat.
It'll get greasy when it gets cold.
Eat it!
Think that meat will go down easy?
What do you live for?
Bastards like you don't deserve meat.
You made such a fuss over meat,
so why don't you eat it?
Why don't you eat?
Eat it now!
Ignore what I said and just eat.
Was your mother happy
when you were born?
- If I were her, I'd kill myself.
- Stop it!
How dare you get angry at me?
You get upset over nothing.
Hurry and eat.
It'll get greasy when it gets cold.
Eat it now!
It's the only brood hen I had.
Know how many eggs you're
eating up at once, you pig?
Damn it.
I won't eat it!
You bastard.
You should be grateful!
If I were cousin Jin-an, you'd be dead!
Go ahead and eat.
If you need salt, there it is.
I thought you hated chicken.
It's too much for you to eat alone.
I'm helping you.
Who said it was too much for me?
I'll eat this all by myself,
so don't touch it.
I paved the road
and you just walk on it.
I do all the work
and you stuff your face?
You're such a greedy bastard.
It's hot!
So hot!
Here they are!
Eat them together.
Why do you always blame me?
- Yeo-su!
- What?
Which man do you think
Sun-yeong will choose?
If I were her, I'd choose Young-kee.
Young-kee wouldn't take you in.
Look at your face in the mirror.
You bastard!
Men must have endurance.
- Right.
- As long as he has it,
He can do anything he wants
in the whole world.
Hey ladies!
I'll go catch octopus with Gi-young,
So look after things here.
Go catch octopus?
I got one!
Eat this.
This is the best food for men.
Go ahead. It's delicious.
Good boy. Delicious, huh?
It goes into the mouth all by itself.
Good boy.
By the way, I hope Sun-young
picks Young-kee.
Even though her parents
are against it.
They love each other
so that's good enough.
I got one again.
Here you go. One more.
Good boy.
I caught another one!
That's the story for today.
You're teasing us.
Can't you make a two-part
special edition each day?
I don't know what will happen next yet.
I have to think about it.
Come on.
Young-gwang, tell us your story.
She knows a lot of horror stories.
No, it's nothing.
My story is nothing
compared to Gi-young's.
But the genres are different.
Please tell us.
Regardless of genre,
my story isn't that exciting.
Turn off the light.
It was autumn like now.
You know how soybean malts and
peppers float in soy sauce jars, right?
I thought it was a soybean malt, but...
I'm thirsty.
Go bring some kimchi juice.
Why? Are you scared?
You're such a coward.
- Get up!
- Damn it!
Watch out!
The ghost will chop off your balls!
Don't give me that crap.
There's no such thing as ghosts.
Why are there so many graves here?
Aren't you scared?
How could I be scared of them?
They're all my family.
That is my father-in-law's grave.
And that's my husband's.
And the one next to it is mine.
I prepared it in advance to make
it easy for the others
To bury me when I die.
I'll comfortably lie down
next to my husband
and talk to him about all we haven't
been able to share since he died.
Even if you're lonesome
please wait a little longer,
Till I finish the rest of my job.
I have to marry off Kut-sun first.
Yeo-su! Yeo-su!
- There's something behind me.
- Huh?
What are you talking about?
How could you have been a cop
being the coward you are?
What are you doing here?
On my way to take a bath.
Why is he sleeping here anyway?
He's so weak.
You should cover him with something.
He's shivering.
Stop hitting me!
How are you doing, ladies?
Oh my goodness!
Look who we have here.
I was worried that you
might've become 'Whale Prey.'
'Whale Prey' is the name of a snack.
Who'd dare eat me?
The great man of the ocean!
A sailor's life isv tougher
than a whale's.
Those boys are still alive.
You old bastard!
I almost died because of you!
The outcome is what's important.
You're on Dongbek Island now.
You mean Mapado Island
is Dongbek Island?
Then why didn't you tell me
that on the boat?
I wasn't so well then,
and you didn't give me the chance.
So our island was called Dongbek?
I didn't know that
all the time I was here.
It's been fifty years.
Only the natives would know.
That idiot.
Does he have an emotional problem,
or a mental one?
I bought them in Gwangju City,
So find anything you want.
Brassieres, scarfs, aspirin,
whatever you want.
Everything except a young virgin.
Anyway, what's this for?
Can't you tell right away?
Young kids put this
on their heads like this.
What are you doing?
It's a G-string.
Panties? Really?
How can you wear this?
Hey, what did you
put in your pocket?
What? Where?
What are you stealing this for?
I bought it for Mrs. Je-ju.
I might be a little bit old and thin,
but I'm a C-cup.
It's perfect for me. Give it here.
Your breasts are berries,
but Mrs. Je-ju's are melons.
Try it, Mrs. Je-ju.
It'll lift yours up.
This one suits me perfectly.
What do yo think?
This one is larger.
- This is mine.
- This color is nice!
Even if you iron,
you can't find the stain!
Now it's time to change my life.
So now you're not going to leave?
Of course not.
The game just started.
Kot-nim is one of those five women.
Gi-young, help me, okay?
Gi-young is going to write a script.
- Really?
- A script for TV?
How wonderful!
The story is about
a beautiful old woman
Who recalls her first love
and longs for him.
Sounds fun.
- Just hearing it is touching, isn't it?
- Yeah.
- So give him your real stories.
- What story?
A memory of your first love.
Tell him.
We had no freedom to love
like young people these days.
We got married
without anything like first love.
I remember those days.
When Yeo-su came to this island,
all the young men went crazy.
Yes, they did.
People called her 'Yeo-su the Great'.
Although she's fat now,
her waist was as slim as an arm.
And she was so kind and friendly.
Even though she was so slim,
She was strong back then, too.
She worked better than
any of the men.
Wait, Miss!
Let me help you.
I don't need any help.
So you're not a native
of this island.
No, I came here to get married,
So I'm not a native.
How about Mrs. Mayor?
Had a lot of wrinkles back then, too?
You bastard!
She was beautiful
and behaved very gracefully.
So all the people called her
The Great Virgin.
It was like she was from
a noble family.
Since most of the people
were illiterate,
She learned Korean and how to paint.
She was the best pick for marriage.
Her husband proposed to her
Since he loved her painting
and her beauty.
So Mrs. Mayor was
an intellectual, huh?
Everybody was a big shot once
when they were young.
For a great number of nights
I've been heartbroken
You might consider me
a bad girl or something.
But my heart was so pure once.
I don't believe it.
Once I was a well-known singer.
Nothing like what I am now.
Whenever I appeared at a bar,
it was always crowded with men.
I gave him everything
my love, my body,
and even money for
his college tuition.
When he graduated from college,
he asked me to go up to Seoul.
I planned to go after
making some more money.
After he left, he never called.
I kept waiting for him to come back,
But all I did was age.
You should've followed him then.
A woman living in a man's shadow
is the best life.
You'd be better off than now.
I've met a lot of men since then,
but I've loved none of them.
You're a real pro.
Your heart didn't follow your body.
I'm going to bed.
Take your time and see you tomorrow.
Where are you going?
You haven't told him your story yet.
You're such a moron.
Don't you know the saying,
Every love is a first love?
Look up at the stars in the sky.
Both the first star and the last one
twinkle the same,
together in the sky.
Don't you know that?
I can't figure out who Kot-nim is.
Damn it!
Would it be easier to look
at their old pictures?
Why do you have
someone else's picture?
This is mine, idiot!
No it's not.
It looks like someone else's.
She looked like that
when she came here.
- That's right.
- Are you sure?
Then what happened to you?
How old are you?
I was born in 1940.
- 40?
- Yeah.
You were born in?
Yeah, why?
But you told me you were
born in 1937.
The official record is 1943,
but I was actually born in 1940.
So we're the same age.
Why'd you lie to me?
Lie to you?
Yeah, lie to me!
Until never mentioned my age.
You just guessed it by yourself.
Look at your face.
How could your old wrinkled face
be the same age as mine?
Do you want to fight?
I won't fight a fat old woman!
- You bitch!
- Watch your mouth!
Stop! Don't move!
Look at this!
Do you know what this is?
Listen carefully about
what I'm going to say.
I came from Seoul...
That story can't match Gi-young's.
First of all, it has no structure.
And it's too short.
It's like some one-act drama.
Come on.
Why would a rich and powerful man
look for an old woman like one of us?
- That's right.
- It's no big deal.
It's so romantic.
He's looking for
his first love before he dies.
You're right.
So tell me your stories.
Your big eyes kind of match
the ones in the picture.
- Really?
- She had plastic surgery!
But since it was done cheap,
Her eyelids didn't cover her eyes.
I had big eyes at birth.
I just tried to make them prettier,
although it failed.
I don't know which one of you
he's looking for.
But if one of you is Kot-nim,
your life will change forever.
That rich man is on his deathbed.
So just say to him, Yes, yes,
and it'll change your life forever.
You idiot!
What's the use for old women like us?
We don't have much time to live,
so we don't need to be greedy.
That's for sure.
At our age, it's better to live
modestly than to expand.
You bastard.
How can I knock some sense
into all of you?
Damn it!
Go away!
This is our special service,
the potato massage.
What the hell are you
doing with food?
You don't want the massage?
More potatoes for your big face.
Get up.
Just do it, you bastard!
Just do it, you bastard!
Don't move.
It's boring just lying still.
Why don't you tell a story?
It was a long long time ago...
Don't want the massage?
In a warm southern country...
Shut up!
You bastard!
You asked us to tell a story.
Mrs. Yeong-gwang, you went to bed
without telling your story.
- Please tell yours.
- I don't have a story.
She's got nothing to talk about.
How could a widow have a story?
So didn't you ever want to
get married after that?
You truly must've loved your husband.
Ma'am, tell us your story, please?
Give me a cigarette.
I didn't know if it was love or not.
Since I was so young.
I missed him all the time.
Did you know how to kiss then?
Shut up and just listen to me!
Love is unceasing like a fire with
gas thrown on it all the time.
So you had sex with him once?
Shut up.
It seems to be the climax.
If you ask me why I loved a slave,
I don't know how to answer.
Because if I could control my emotions
then it wasn't love.
If he had gotten caught,
he'd have been killed immediately.
So to save him, I had no choice
but to let him leave me.
If I could go back to that time,
there's no doubt in my mind
that I'd run away with him.
- Hurry up and go!
- Get up!
You'll be killed so hurry!
I'll wait for you.
Promise that you'll see me
again alive.
I swear.
I'll wait only for you.
Take this.
If you're hungry, sell it for food.
Go now. I'll follow you soon.
- Catch him!
- Get him!
- Get him!
- Freeze!
Stop there!
That was the last time I saw him.
So what happened?
Was he killed?
Look at this.
It's her, right?
Mrs. Ma-san!
Are you asleep?
I forgot to tell you this.
But the thought popped into my mind
as I was getting ready for bed.
Do you remember his name?
His name had 'Gu' at the end.
Yeong-gu? No, no.
Maeng-gu? No.
How about...
Right! Dal-gu!
Park Dal-gu!
Your life will change forever now.
Hurray! Hurray for Ma-san!
They say that 'Nobody knows
which cloud will bring rain.'
He was the one with rain.
He was the splendid one.
I had three more men besides him,
but I don't know where they are now.
Telephone! Telephone! Oh, shit!
I have to call him right now.
Go and ask Yeo-su.
She has a phone her doughter
Kut-sun sent to her.
Why didn't you tell me
that you had a phone?
Because you said
that you would fix yours.
It wasn't about the phone charges.
Hold it gently.
I haven't used it yet.
How about sending a text message?
It's cheaper than talking.
Lt'll charge so much.
It'll be expensive to call Seoul.
It's the same as calling America.
Yes, Mr. Secretary!
Yes, I found Kot-nim!
Is that bastard calling
someone in America?
Good morning.
What are you doing here?
I heard the news.
You finally found your fortune.
It's just my destiny.
Madam, let's go and have
breakfast first.
What did you call me? Madam?
Yes, you must get used it, Madam.
Oh my, it's too good to hear.
Please hold my hand
and put your shoes on.
Guess you have only a few days
left on this island.
Someone will be very happy
once I leave here.
Don't talk like that.
Stop arguing. We're all friends.
Let's go eat breakfast.
Just a second, Madam.
Back off! Back off!
Stay out of her way!
You damn boy.
Don't talk to them.
Please proceed.
You deserve it, you bastard!
You should've hit him harder.
- It's good.
- We did a good job.
So delicious.
Mrs. Mayor, why don't you
sing your favorite?
Her favorite?
- Sing it! Sing it!
- Sing it!
Put your name badge on my heart
Stamp it with your true love
Only if you love me
till the end of the world
Hold me tight now
lf you miss it,
lt'll break like a glass ball
So love is pain
Love each other with all our hearts
We can be no longer
unknown to each other
Put your name badge on my heart
full of love
For a great number of nights
I've had a heartbreaking pain
Wake up.
Open your eyes.
Why'd this happen to you just before
your fortune was found?
You're right.
You've gone through so much and
were going to live happily soon.
Ma-san, don't you think so?
Please open your eyes.
When you came here,
remember what you said to me?
You said you had nobody
to rely on in this world.
You said you would've been happy
if you had a sister.
I told you then
that I'd be your sister.
But since I've been busy
orjust plain bad,
I wasn't so good to you.
Kill her secretly and make it
look like a natural death.
There's a check for you on the table.
A detective will go there as well.
He will find her by himself.
So you just keep watching
and kill her.
Isn't it simple?
No! You come back!
Mrs. Mayor!
Mrs. Mayor! Mrs. Mayor!
Don't leave me alone!
Geum-dong, I can't live without you!
Baby, don't leave me!
Don't live mom...
Mrs. Mayor!
Mrs. Mayor!
Mrs. Mayor!
Mrs. Mayor! Mrs. Mayor!
Mrs. Mayor!
Get up, you son of a bitch!
Are you human, huh?
Think saving your girlfriend
with that money is love?
Mrs. Mayor nearly died
To save a bastard like you.
You know that?
Who is it?
Who the hell made you do that?
I don't know.
The boat is coming tomorrow.
I'll deal with you in Seoul.
You son of a bitch!
We were all shocked to
death yesterday.
Just thinking about yesterday
rips my heart apart.
Both you and Mrs. Mayor.
Both of you have a talent
for surprising people.
Are you okay, Mrs. Mayor?
I've experienced those things
lots of times before.
Hey, you're really all right now?
I think so.
I have a little headache, though.
I was going to kill myself
if you had died.
I realized yesterday
how much I loved you.
Don't forget about me, okay?
I won't ask much
just a building in Seoul.
Easy, huh?
Hey! Look!
I'm sorry, Madam.
The boat.
Madam! Look at the boat!
Who is Kot-nim?
I'll ask you once more.
Who is Mrs. Kot-nim?
It's me! I'm Kot-nim!
I'm Kot-nim!
What are you talking about?
Look here. I'm Kot-nim.
I'm the one you're looking for.
Are you sure?
From her appearance,
she is certainly Kot-nim.
Your inheritance of the Dal-gu Group,
that is, the DG Group...
Mr. Kim.
Forgive me.
This paper is to renounce your
of the Digital DG Group.
Please stamp your fingerprint.
Dongbek Island, Mapado Island
belongs to the DG Group.
What are you talking about?
I've been living on this island
all my life.
It used to be a desert island legally,
But our owner bought it
20 years ago.
And this document proves it.
What are you going to do now?
It's a copy.
Wait! Don't stamp it!
Don't believe her.
Choong-su, she's the one.
Please hide.
Stomp them!
Renouncement of Inheritance
You rotten wench.
Get out of my sight now!
Release them.
Let's go.
Sir, I've finally found the woman
you've been looking for.
I found Kot-nim. I found her.
Here she is.
What the hell is that?
She isn't here, either.
Isn't that the gold ring?
The gold ring you told us about.
That's right.
Isn't it the ring you gave him
when he left you?
Hey! Hey!
So are you Kot-nim?
Who? Me?
I told you that it was a gold ring?
I thought it was a gold pin.
That's what I heard.
- Come here, Do-ku.
- Your dog is dead.
Think I'm playing with you?
I could've gotten killed!
Think you're all safe?
I went through hell to find Kot-nim!
- But why?
- You son of a bitch!
Why'd you come back here,
you son of a bitch!
Fifteen days have passed already.
We forgot you were supposed
to come back today.
- Jin-an!
- Don't call my name!
Just seeing your face pisses me off.
What are you up to now,
with all these guys here?
Who are these bastards?
What's in their ears?
- I'm asking you!
- Please stop it!
And don't insult me while you hit me!
Are you talking back to me?
You always do, you bastard!
Are you glaring at me
with those teenie eyes?
You missed me hitting you, didn't you?
How dare you come back here!
- Stop hitting me!
- You son of a bitch!
Stop beating and insulting me.
How dare you stare at me like that?
Look down!
- Son of a bitch!
- What!
Shut up!
You son of a bitch!
You bastard!
Why are you here, you crazy idiot?
What the hell are you doing...
You deserve to be beaten.
Stop it!
- You deserve this.
- Stop hitting me!
What are you doing?
Why are you holding my leg?
Don't you recognize me?
It's me, Park Dal-gu.
Madam Kot-nim!
I'm too late.
I've come to find you old like this.
Please forgive me.
But believe in my heart, please.
I've never forgotten
what I swore to you.
When you left me,
I heard two gunshots.
Everyone said that you
drowned in the river then.
If I had known you hadn't died then,
I wouldn't have lived like this.
I can't believe you've kept
this until now!
Everything you gave me has been
most precious to me.
However I suffered or starved,
I overcame it all by looking
at your ring.
So did I.
I didn't realize it
until I faced death.
Please forgive me.
I also miss those days.
I miss those times very much.
The time I spent with you
was the happiest in my life.
Get up, please.
Get up.
Why don't you go with me?
I'll take care of you from now on.
No, I can't leave this island.
I have to live here.
They are my family.
I'd like to live here until I die.
Dal-gu, I can't believe
you're here now.
- Madam.
- I can't believe this.
Let me see your face.
Look at me.
That asshole Sam-yong
told me that
You were dead!
That son of a bitch!
I asked him if he saw your corpse.
He said that he didn't see it,
But he was sure of your death.
I can't believe this is happening.
I promise to come back again.
So why did you lie to me?
Think I wanted to?
I did it because you kept
begging me and begging me.
He always makes a mess of everything.
You stay out of it.
You conned us with Jin-an's story.
Why didn't you just write a novel?
You bastard, I didn't want to
tell that story.
Whenever I drank with Jin-an,
she always told it to me.
So I naturally came
to consider it as mine.
While I was telling it,
I was so into it I felt like crying.
I'm ashamed of it now, though.
- But wasn't it realistic and fun?
- Fun?
By the way
I'll give you some land
So come live here with your family.
No, thanks!
Why don't you build a house
and live here with your family?
I'm never coming to
this island again.
I'll never even pee
in this direction.
If I come back here again,
I'm no worse than an ant.
Shut up! You bastard!
Why don't you give the land
to Gi-young instead?
Yeah, how about it Gi-young?
Watch your mouth when you talk.
You spit too much.
I'm sorry, but so do you, Jin-an.
Even more than me.
Stop hitting me!
What are you going to do now?
I'm going to complete the script.
On this island?
Why not? I like it here.
Are you insane?
You'll be their slave.
Your land contract will be
a slave contract.
They'll give you some land and...
Oh no! Not my stomach again!
What's wrong with me?
Give me a cigaette.
Hey! Come on!
Gi-young! Water!
Oh no!
Hey! Get out of there!
It's hot!
Water! Water!
What are you waiting for?
It's a fire!
It's a fire!
An oil field was found on Mapado Island,
the site of the popular TV drama,
The Girls at Dongbek Island.
The oil deposits here For 70years...
Be educated!
Are enough for about a 70year supply.
DG Construction and Refininement
will do the mining.
We will now hear a comment from
DG Group Chariman Park Dal-gu.
- In TV...
- Get out of there.
- I'm a family.
- Come here.
She made me talk!
You're so uneducated!
I can't do anything with you guys!
Just shut up.
- Have some herbal medicine!
- Hey! Hey!
You haven't given me the rest
of the money yet.
So how about ten square yards of
land instead of the money?
I told you I'd sell you the land
for 200won a square yard.
You said that you'd play cards instead.
You even turned me down
when I offered it for free.
- I was wrong.
- You said that right in my face.
I won't go until you
give me some land!
I love Mapado Island!
I love it here,
so give me some of it!