Mara (2013) Movie Script

I feared the nights...
Feared sleeping...
Night after night...
It got worse and worse.
Sometimes I was afraid
to close my eyes...
For that's when they came...
...the nightmares!
But new it's different...
Now it feels as if
the dreams become reality...
As if! never wake up.
Are you okay?
Are you quite sure
you're not hurt?
What, no...
That's not my blood!
Before you clean yourself
the technicians will take some samples.
I though we could balk a bit,
before they arrive.
Is that okay with you?
- Coffee?
- No thanks.
Okay Jenny, what actually
happened in the house?
I don't know...
We just needed to get away...
Actually I felt bad about leaving.
When we arrived on Friday
everything was normal, but...
It started on Saturday,
during the party.
The WW?
Enough, let's change the tune!
So you were five people
in the house?
There was Cissi...
...and Phillip
...and myself and Jakob.
Why is she dating such a flat tire?
Watching paint dry is more fun.
That's only four people,
who was the fifth?
I believe her name was Stina...
I'd never met her before.
She started a lame discussion -
- which completely killed the mood.
Life's too short for dead ends...
In a relationship it's important
to be free to experiment.
To?irt and see others.
You're talking about sex.
I don't agree with that.
You can't just jump
into bed with anybody!
It's different. For me,
sex and love belong together...
I could never accept
my boyfriend sleeping around.
Remember high school?
Nobody was faithful...
Everyone fucked everyone -
- but that was completely okay!
Certainly not in our class.
And Rickard from the other class?
He dated 2-3 girls at the same time.
Remember the prom where he danced
with Susanne, made out with Helena, -
- and went home with Annicka,
while he was engaged no Anette!
Had he been my boyfriend,
I'd have chopped off his dick.
Could we change the subject?
Well, anyone want a cigarette?
- Sure, why not..
Stupid cow, what dos
she know about real life?
Why were you provoked by Stina?
She irritated me...
I don't know, perhaps because
Jakob found her interesting...
And Jakob is your boyfriend?
Though I guess Cissi
hoped for that no happen.
That's probably why
she asked me along.
Well, Jakob is really nice,
but it didn't work between us.
But weren't you dating?
No, we never got that far...
Perhaps I misunderstood
the situation...
Why would Cissi
hook me up with Jakob -
- if her friend was that into him?
Are you sure you don't
want some coffee?
Are you and Cissi related?
Yes, we're cousins.
Philip, Stina and Jakob
are her old classmate.
You said earlier that you
didn't really want to he there...
No, I didn't want no return...
Return? What do you mean?
I once lived there...
in the house.
But as I understand it, the
house belongs no Cissi's family...
. Her mother,
In he exact.
Yes, but about ten years ago
we lived there...
all year round.
But then Cissi's mom
inherited it from her sister.
...And that's your mother?
After what happened
with my mom and dad...
I wasn't old enough
to take over the house.
And what happened, Jenny?
Is that you, dad?
And that happened
in the house, ten years ago?
No wonder you find
the place traumatic.
Why did you even return?
We've talked about it,
my psychiatrist and I...
In therapy...
Perhaps it was a good idea
to confront my demons...
But he was a bit skeptic.
So you're in psychotherapy?
Yes, but not so often anymore...
It doesn't feel like it's helping.
But you chose to return anyway?
I guess I felt forced...
Partly because of the thing
with Cissi - and Jakob.
But also, Cissi's mom wanted
my decision about the house.
Cissi's family had only used
the house in the summer.
The plan was for me no have
the house when I'm old enough.
It's a decision I've
delayed on purpose.
Had I taken it over,
I'd probably have sold it immediately.
Let's return to the party.
The intention was to
hook you up with Jakob?
But it didn't turn out
that way, you said.
No, other things distracted me.
I started feeling
we weren't alone out there.
Do you have a boyfriend?
"Oh, Why do you ask?
No reason. Just curious.
- What was that?
- What?
Hush, don't you hear?
Did you see that?
I think I saw someone!
You're imagining.
It's six miles to the nearest neighbor.
- Come back inside girls, we're missing you.
- Well, I'm going inside.
We'll be right back.
What's the matter with her?
She's acting real strange.
I KNOW, but she's
been having a tough time.
Frankly, why did she have no come?
I promised my mom,
it's a family thing.
Surely she's not your responsibility
just because she's your cousin?
It was the condition
for borrowing the house.
But what happened to her?
For many years,
her mom had a nervous condition.
No job, lots of pills.
It was complete hell.
Finally her dad got fed up.
He started an affair
with another woman.
Her mom found out.
When he came home from work,
she had a kitchen knife ready.
Fucking hell!
54 shah wounds.
Totally insane.
- Did Jenny see it?
- Vs, unfortunately.
Then what happened?
Her mom was locked up at an asylum,
where she still remains.
Jenny was placed in
psychiatric care.
And has refused to see
her mom since then.
What a terrifying story.
The situation makes sense now.
The patient unzipped his pants
and slammed his dick on the table.
The doctor put on
his glasses and examined it.
He then concluded:
You don't seem at all impotent, Sir.
Really? But my girlfriend
insists my dick is important!
So it was exactly like in your dreams?
I've had nightmares,
sometimes even by day.
But I was sure someone was there.
Someone who watched my every move.
And none of the others
saw or heard this uninvited visitor?
If we look further back...
How was your relationship with
your parents before this happened?
I loved my dad...
And my dad loved me...
More than anything.
...And your mother?
You're filthy.
Come here.
She was never there for me...
It was always dad.
He cooked...
...cleaned house and went to work.
For long periods
it was just him and me...
Mom was frequently
away at the psychiatric ward.
And when she was home,
she usually remained in bed.
So you mainly grew up
with your dad?
Yes, more or less.
It was probably no normal childhood.
Because of my mom,
I couldn't bring anyone home.
It would've been too embarrassing...
Yes, she was diagnosed
with a major depression, it says.
Yes, the depression started
after she gave birth.
They should've started
treating her a bit sooner.
A postpartum depression which
started when you were horn?
Did you know she was that sick?
I knew she never talked
with anyone...
...and the bathroom cabinet was
full of medicine with her name on it.
Did your parents argue a lot?
Yes, at the end they did.
But dad tried to shield me from it.
Sometimes it felt as if mom
was jealous of dad and me.
As if we weren't allowed
to he happy if she wasn't.
She was terrible
when that mood caught her.
We'd find out later
just hm terrible it could get.
Did you hate your mother?
I don't know...
Probably not, she was my mom.
But I didn't love her.
And your mother is still
locked up, for the tenth year?
And who told you that?
They bold me when they
put her away, everyone said it!
Then I have no inform you that
your mother was released two years ago.
What! Are you joking?
See for yourself,
it says so right here.
But where does she live?
It doesnt say, but we can find out
through the Citizens Registry.
I knew it! Then it
was her inside the house!
- Good Lord, why are you up?
- I needed a cigarette.
I just can't be bothered
going outside to smoke.
- No, please don't go outside!
- what do you mean?
Was that you trying
to open the bathroom door?
No, it wasn't me.
You seem upset?
I just had a strange feeling.
Ifs not easy being back, huh?
No. It was probably a bad idea.
Is it the house itself, or the memory?
Wasn't this the kitchen where...
Yes, but it locks
completely different now.
Frankly, I don't remember the house.
I've mentally blocked it out.
- Have you seen your old room?
- No, I'd rather not.
- That makes sense.
- It's actually not so bad...
I can hardly find my way
around here anymore.
- Should we clean up outside?
No, tomorrow, I'm too tired now.
Hey, by the way,
how'd it go with Jakob?
Nothing happened.
He's sweet and kind, but -
- he seems more into
your friend Stina.
Stina? No, that I can't imagine.
If you're interested
you have to make an effort.
I know for sure that
he thinks you're really nice.
Well, we'll see tomorrow.
It's about time you let yourself
off the hook and start enjoying life.
No, I'm tired, I'll go
upstairs to lie down.
Sweet dreams, then.
See you tomorrow.
They could've left the light on!
Don't wake up everybody!
Who left that hag there?
Those are my things!
Wait a moment.
Want something no drink?
- Let's split a beer.
- Okay.
What was that?
Outside the window...
like someone walking...
Probably just a bird.
A bird in the dead of night?
Go have and look!
I can't see anything.
Don't you think it's warm here?
What was that!?
- Wait here.
- I'm not going anywhere!
What's wrong?
Now the light doesn't work.
Can you close the door?
But then I can't see anything.
But it gets so cold.
It's not funny anymore!
Shop hiding,
it's not funny anymore!
Hi, it's Cissi,
leave a message if you...
Fucking shit!
What the hell?
What is happening!?
Hello, anyone there?
What the hell is happening!?
I hate you, mommy!
She's inside,
I think it's my mom!
Drop the knife!
Knife... what knife?
And your mother,
what's her role in all this?
I... I don't know.
And your cousin and her friends,
Cissi, Stina, Jakob and Philip?
You mean that you...
The problem with your story, Jenny -
- is that they aren't dead...
What? But I saw them die!
I don't know what you saw,
but all four are sitting outside.
They are alive and well.
They are a bit confused,
wondering what happened.
We'll be finished in a moment.
It was your friends who called us...
You were running madly
around the yard in those clothes, -
- holding a big knife.
They tried no reach you,
but you were like in a trance.
Reach me? But they were
all missing until I found them!
All witness accounts,
except yours, add up -
- all the way until
last night after the party.
Last night? But I was
alone in the house yesterday!
Yesterday was Saturday,
and that's when you had the party.
So let me try to sum up...
You are five kids,
partying in an isolated house.
Drinking way boo much booze.
Next morning your friends find you, -
- running around in bloody
clothes, swinging a big knife.
Thankfully, nobody's
been hurt or died.
Only one question remains
before we can go home...
The blood, Jenny,
where does the blood come from?
...Now it feels as if
the dreams are becoming reality.
...Your mother was
released two years ago.
...then it was her
inside the house!
...Did you hate your mother?
Mara: According co Nordic mythology,
a supernatural, female creature -
- who haunts you at night and
is the cause of all bad dreams.
Hence the word: Nightmare.
Translation: Nicolas Barbano