Maraviglioso Boccaccio (2015) Movie Script

Florence 1348
the time of the plague
I am leaving...
just like that, without having
ever really enjoyed anything.
I lost my daughter, but the
plague will not take these two!
Stay back, you touched her!
- Take them away. - Stay back!
And do not look for us!
I shall go with them, Lauretta.
I will not leave them alone.
We have finished here, let's go.
Not like that! You will not treat
my people like that! Go and help him.
I want them together,
one next to the other!
No, no, no!
- What are you doing?
Get away from there!
- Come back up!
We are in a hurry, they pay us to work.
Get out of there!
We shall bury you, too!
He's not the only one to behave this way.
You saw the others, didn't you?
At least two of them.
Shame on you! - Who are we harming?
The smell of flowers keeps the plague away.
I have the plague, little flower!
Why shouldn't you have it, too?
Wait, Paola! Paola!
Are we all here?
- No, not Elisabetta.
I'm here, I'm here.
I will not come!
- Elisabetta! Together, remember?
We will save ourselves together,
we shall leave this place.
I will not come.
If you have doubts, I do not.
Tomorrow, I shall leave this place.
Leaving you to count the dead
every evening.
I will climb the hill to open skies, if
death wishes to take me up there, he may.
What sways you, Fiammetta?
You were most certain of all.
To abandon everything...
- We have been abandoned.
I know this, as do you.
- We must not turn back.
We've been searching for days, where
were you? We had begun to expect...
Dioneo, Filostrato, Panfilo...
tomorrow, we are leaving Florence.
Come with us.
You are not serious?
- We are determined to find some peace.
For us, these days have been...
have been...
Come with us.
Very well!
In 2 hours, at Ponte Santa Trinita.
Come, come!
How wonderful!
- Over there!
Friends, what are you doing?
What are we doing?
Ladies, your wits have brought us here.
I now not what you intend to do now.
But I have left my worries down there.
As have you, Fiammetta, yes?
We must find the will to live together
these days, or we return to Florence.
Stay, Dioneo, for our friendship.
We are all so very tired.
Dioneo, I too want that which you seek,
as do all of us.
Let us give ourselves rules,
for the days will be long.
Neifile and Filomena have had an idea.
A good idea, I believe.
Tell them, Neifile.
- Yes.
Every day we will tell a story,
each their own, but good ones!
Many you will have heard of,
being a hundred years old.
Goodness, I can think of nothing,
what will I do now?
I have many, but are we free
in terms of subject, yes?
No, Dioneo!
Do not get upset, but there is a
final rule we must give ourselves.
No love.
Because those who are without
must not be made to feel envy.
Very well, as you wish.
Right now, no one will stop me kissing
my woman. Then I swear, no more.
But we can make it so. Do you not miss it?
- I miss it, too, very much.
You know, we are always so close,
even in silence. - Even in silence.
And all the things that happened in
Florence, we must not think of them.
We must not think of them.
Filomena, are you sleeping?
Then, yes...
I'm overjoyed to be the first to tell
story, about love and a resurrection.
This is about the plague, too.
Forgive me.
But you will see that she,
and also he...
The story is thus: she is Catalina,
bride of great beauty and honesty.
But she has fallen ill, very ill.
With a malady that is unknown.
And this is her husband, Nicoluccio.
A good husband, an able merchant.
Living under the rule, as all in that
house, of the mother, Madonna Lucrezia...
who is ordering the servant and doctor
to take Catalina far away from here...
to their house in the country.
She has given orders to the coachman.
And this is Messer Gentile Carisendi,
young and handsome and desperate.
The plague touched him,
but did not take him.
For days he stands under the window where
the woman he loves, has always loved...
perhaps lays dying.
If she does not leave,
she will take all of us.
During the journey that took
Catalina far from home...
the doctor and servant
would witness her death.
They stopped, but did not turn back.
They left her in the crypt
of an abandoned church.
Doctor, will I not get in trouble?
These days, the quicker the burial the
more they are thankful: relatives, friends.
How did you leave her?
- On the slab, as best I could.
I put a hand on her heart...
and felt she was alive.
- Yes, I brought her here.
You love her so dearly?
Look at me.
Yes, I know you. It is so.
No! You will see her again soon.
Now, return to your room and wait.
My God, who are you?
Am I alive, or dead?
- Alive, dazed but alive.
You are among friends,
do not be afraid.
Yes, you have seen the worst of it.
My doctor has looked at you and says that
you are still sick, but will get better.
And we will help you.
I shall not touch you,
if you do not with me to.
The pestilence has been kind,
it passed far away from our valley.
And everyone says that it
is leaving Florence, too.
Good morning, Catalina.
Forgive me for intruding.
I will not look at you,
but allow me to speak.
You know why you are here in our house,
my mother told you everything.
And my love for you,
you've known of for some time.
But that God has restored you to life
on account of this love, well, it...
it amazes me.
And I am grateful to him.
As am I. - But I must ask
one favour of you: stay here.
Stay here until you are fully cured.
But, why...
Your kinsfolk believe you to be dead,
no one in your house expects you.
I don't understand.
Because I wish to make a precious
gift to your husband.
A gift of you...
No, I shall not come closer.
I shall propose a formal ceremony,
here outside my house.
I will invite your friends
and mine, from Florence.
They seem strong,
but are in fact very fragile.
- Yes.
And this one is a wild pine.
Which do you prefer?
- Peaches.
Let's try this game, too.
Go ahead.
Well done!
Leave us.
Friend, you have honored my ceremony...
and now I intend to honour you.
I shall show you he most precious
person I have in the entire world.
But first you must help me
to dispel a certain doubt.
Here it is.
A gentleman has in his house
a good and most loyal servant...
who suddenly falls seriously ill.
The gentlemen, without waiting for the end,
abandons him in the middle of the street.
A stranger, moved to compassion, takes
him home and restores him to health.
Now, if the first gentleman
wishes to take the servant back...
and the second refuses this request...
who do you think is in the right?
My fellow guests have given me the
job of recounting a response...
because according to them,
and you are mistaken, my friend...
I am best suited to such discussion.
It's Nicoluccio!
I will never have the courage
to go out there.
All of us are in agreement.
The first gentleman, who abandoned his
sick servant in the middle of the road...
is in the wrong.
For the charity shown, the servant
must stay with the second gentleman.
Good, then the time has come for
me to fulfill my promise.
Friends, this is the woman
I cherish above all.
See for yourselves
if I have good cause.
It's the dead, it's the dead!
It's Catalina!
Friends, wait! - It's Catalina!
- Wait, allow me to explain.
This lady is the loyal servant to whom
I was referring before.
It is Catalina, yes.
I found her and saved her from death.
Now she is mine, and no one
can take her away from me.
But she must decide.
You've come from hell.
I've come from paradise.
Well done! - Yes!
- Such a wonderful story!
That was nice, but I don't
want to be like Catalina...
Look me in the eyes and listen.
If I go before you...
If I go before you, do not come near
my body, do not touch my cold breast.
Cover me with a nice white sheet,
linen would be better, and farewell.
You, my love, must flee. Seek a place
far from everyone, and think only of me.
Now come home.
Hot today, isn't it?
I shall cheer you up with
a pleasant tale.
Yesterday, we told a gloomy story,
today we travel to a brighter Florence.
Think, then, of one of our
artist's workshops.
This is where Calandrino worked.
He was a rough sort of man, foolish!
Unaware of the world beyond his nose.
Often, he fell victim to the jokes of 2
shrewd painters: Bruno and Buffalmacco.
Bruno, look at Calandrino.
- The simpleton?
See how clumsy he is?
What is he doing over there?
He should be sent away. - But he
adores you, calls you his master.
What must go on in that head of his,
I do not understand it!
What are you doing?
This won't do at all.
These scribbles you did before,
they won't do.
Look, your pupil and Mastro Andrea.
He will take to his knees soon enough.
There you go.
Please, enough!
Get back to work, go on.
What did you say that stone is called?
- The heliotrope, Bruno.
The name is derived from the sun,
the magic power comes from its rays.
And he who finds it?
- Would become invisible.
Invisible? No!
I don't believe it, Buffalmacco.
Invisible? They are mocking you!
Perhaps, but the mason working in...
- Monte Morello? - Monte Morello.
I know him, he's an honest fellow,
says they found it with the other rocks.
Who found it, him?
- No, a friend of his.
He was happy, showing it to one and all...
- And then, what happened to him?
Who knows? - What do you mean, who knows?
- No one knows because he disappeared.
Disappeared?! - Yes. - What is this stone
like? - All I know is that it is black.
Forgive me, forgive me for
sticking my nose in.
This stone, this stone...
This stone?
- This stone, what is it like?
There are many of them, all black.
You find them only in Monte Morello?
- No, even here, in our contrada.
Where? Where, exactly?
- It seems they found one by the Mugnone.
The Mugnone!
Buffalmacco, let's go for a walk
to the Mugnone. - No, it's too hot.
All the better, to stones will be cooked,
you can see the black ones right away.
Let's go and find this stone,
the Helephant... what's it called?
Heliotrope. - Heliotrope, yes.
We shall become the richest in Florence!
- Calandrino, we've found nothing!
Bruno, where's Calandrino got to?
Who knows, Buffalmacco?
He was here a moment ago.
There are the bells, Buffalmacco.
It's time for dinner.
That's where Calandrino is, at dinner.
You're right, he must have
left us here to go half mad.
Come on, let's go.
- Yes, I'm coming.
If that stinker were here right now,
I'd give him this black stone. There!
Look how pretty this stone is,
I'd throw it at his back!
What's going on?
- Calandrino thinks he's invisible.
Make as though you don't see him!
He will come this way, you must
not even glance at him!
Miss! Calandrino is coming this way
and we are playing a prank on him.
Pretend you don't see him.
No, it's just a prank!
Inside! Mastro Andrea...
Bruno! Buffalmacco! Is Calandrino
coming this way? - Yes! - I'm in!
Yes, I will take this.
- Very well.
"Cupid, the beauteous light, that
shines forth from my mistress' eyne..."
"Cupid, the beauteous light..."
"Cupid, the beauteous light, that
shines forth from my mistress' eyne..."
"Cupid, the beauteous light..."
Calandrino, is that you?
You must have lost your way. Everyone
has eaten dinner and now you show up?
You can see me!
You can see me! - Of course.
You're here, why shouldn't I see you?
You've ruined me...
Blast you, woman...
A witch...
You are a witch...
You've removed the spell...
I'll show you!
Blasted woman!
Blasted daughter of the devil!
Tessa, have you eaten?
I know what you may have done,
but it didn't happen this way!
Bruno and Buffalmacco got there
in time, saved Calandrino...
and with a great effort
reconciled husband and wife.
The story is nice, Filostrato,
but the finale is not.
Here is our finale!
Quite right!
For every ending,
one needs a finale.
Friends, have you forgotten?
This morning we are to make bread.
- Yes, I'm here!
I wanted to say, the crafts of
the country I know a little.
My grandparents were farmers,
as a child I'd watch them make bread.
If you trust me, I can help.
- Yes, Elissa, lend us a hand.
Thank you.
You, Pampinea, Neifile, Lauretta,
take the flour and spread it on the tables.
Filomena, Emilia, you bring the water.
Fiammetta, you know the kitchen,
find us some yeast.
Filostrato is the strongest
and will chop the wood.
While Dioneo and Panfilo,
you light the furnace.
Let's begin!
Look at them!
It is as though they have
been farmers all their lives.
Just the first letters will do.
- Of our names, or surnames?
As you wish.
If only that were you and I!
- We have fasted for too long!
Eating without drinking is like
building a wall with dry stone.
Listen to mine: "When one drinks,
one's worries do surely shrink!"
Perhaps, Emilia. But even when I drink,
the terrible thoughts don't leave me.
Mine neither, Lauretta.
It seems I've said something foolish,
forgive me.
May the devil teach us a
proverb perfect for us...
"He who eats and drinks well,
shits strong and lives long!"
The Duke Tancredi had but
a single daughter, Ghismunda.
He was so fond of her that
he refused to marry her off.
But then, for the usual reasons of caste,
her hand is given to a noble old man.
From that day on, Tancredi
fell into deep melancholy.
But today, after 7 years,
Ghismunda the widow returns to him.
In those 7 years, the only
consolation for Tancredi...
was his fondness for Guiscardo,
a young man of humble origins...
but a master when working with
iron, silver and gold.
You allowed me to win.
But I'm not so useless, you know?
I'm not so old, after all.
Rejuvenated! Joy is the best medicine,
it is seen all over your face.
Besides, I was testing out my new sword.
Nice, eh?
Light, maneuverable...
With this, I would have surely won.
And that?
My gift for your Ghismunda.
It is beautiful.
Well done, Guiscardo.
Worth your salt, eh?
A good swordsman and a good sculptor.
Ghismunda will drink the milk I
shall give her from your chalice.
Thank you, Father.
- Come, sit and reason with me.
Do you remember?
- Do I remember?
How often I thought of our little
corner of confidence, from afar.
But not today.
Do not be upset, today I wish to be
alone. My husband is not long dead.
But he was old, and you did not love him.
Is that not so?
It is true, but now that he is
gone he seems dearer to me.
He was good to me, and I respect him.
I shall mourn him, and remain
closed in my room for a month.
Have patience.
Patience is for the old. I am not
that old to you, am I, Ghismunda?
Then allow me to stay here.
I must leave? Truly?
- Oh, yes?
Oh, yes?
One Month Later
Look at me, am I beautiful?
- Yes, yes.
But, truly beautiful?
- Yes.
There she is.
I'd die of envy if I saw a father
with a daughter such as she.
And now, Tancredi, a nice marriage!
- No marriage! She stays here.
She doesn't want to put out!
She's a naughty one, that swallow.
She won't put out!
He likes the swallows, eh? Your protege.
- Yes, that is Guiscardo.
Make me happy: go and thank him
for the chalice he gifted you.
Very clever, but such a lout.
- A lout, why?
The way he speaks. You heard him
this morning in the town square.
The love life of the swallows.
He is a lout. - You're right,
often he tests my patience.
Though, he has such imagination.
You should see the work he is
doing on our coat of arms.
A shame that I must lose
him one of these days.
Why must you lose him? - He is talented.
Word gets around, all workshops want him.
I don't understand. You raised him,
taught him and now you let him go?
I don't know you anymore.
- I'm happy for him, he deserves it.
May Florence admire him!
I was expecting you.
Why? - Why? There is no why,
you are here and that's all.
Is this the coat of arms?
My father has spoken of it.
He is right, it's beautiful.
- No, I find it ugly.
I've drawn it 100 times. There's too
much, no central idea, I hate it.
No, I think there is imagination.
You shouldn't have looked at it,
it's shit!
Why must an artist be such a lout?
You made this with love, yes?
Yes, Ghismunda, I'd like
to act aloof, but...
This horse was born out of angst.
I'd make mistakes, not sleep at night.
But from it comes a brighter day.
Do not leave for Florence.
Come with me.
It's my room!
I see it with your eyes, Guiscardo,
and it seems much more beautiful.
Don't go!
Don't go.
- I won't go.
Don't play the naughty swallow.
- I cannot live without you.
And I, was not truly alive until that
day I saw you in the town square.
I felt it, too.
Why? Are you afraid?
Of whom, of what?
Of nothing, if I am here with you.
I, too, have no other will than
to be here with you.
But, your father? - I don't know.
I love no one, except for you.
No, actually I love everyone more.
Why have you done this to me?
I know what awaits me.
But Sir, we...
if it is love, does that not count?
Nothing? Nothing!
If you harm him, Sir, you will
do more harm to yourself.
What am to do with you? You know
how fond I have always been of you.
A father can do no more,
must do no more.
You know of my blood: those who
offend me must be wiped out.
He must be wiped out!
But before it is done,
I must hear it from you.
I will not contradict nor
implore your forgiveness.
I loved Guiscardo, and while
I am alive I shall love him.
And if love exists after death...
I will love him still.
You are of flesh and have fathered
a daughter of flesh, not stone.
You cannot have forgotten
the pleasures of your youth.
I learned them in my bridal bed.
I looked for them once again
and you showed them to me.
You told me of Guiscardo,
of his merit and virtues.
I found them again, Tancredi.
I do not wish to show disrespect
in calling you by name.
But may continue to love a
father who now wishes to...
How did you put it?
Wipe out his young favourite.
You know not what to do with me?
Dismiss such thoughts.
Unless you do the same to me
as you intend to do to him...
these hands of mine will
do it for you.
you will not do it.
She is a woman. He will disappear
from sight and she will forget him.
Strangle him and bring me his heart.
The next day, a servant came...
and gave me the golden chalet that
my father had ordered to be made...
for my celebration, and which
Guiscardo had forged for me.
Inside it was his heart. I kissed
it and washed it with my tears.
I poured in the potion of poisonous
herbs I had gathered that morning.
I drank it.
I dried my eyes, would not go to
Guiscardo with a face full of tears.
Lied down on the bed without fear.
Then, I don't recall, at dawn,
I felt a hand touch my hair.
It was that of my father, he was there.
Forgive me.
Forgive you?
Forgive you...
Her face was relaxed as though smiling...
when she was interred beside Guiscardo.
Because this is what the people wished.
I've finished.
Where are you going?
- What are you doing?
Enough of this sadness! - What do you
mean? - Come, let us take a swim!
A swim? - Yes, there's a lake!
- Sorry?
There's "the lake of women",
that's how the farmers call it.
- Who knows, but it's a nice name!
First you cried, almost
made us feel guilty.
Now you will laugh, I hope.
You may know that not far from here,
perhaps that way...
there was a famous saintly monastery.
Few nuns were there for vocation,
most the wish of powerful families.
You must have heard, no?
All destined for a cloistered
life from a very young age.
Like Isabetta, unaware of the
strange future that awaited her.
Like Usimbalda, future Abbess.
And what an Abbess!
Isabetta was the most beautiful of
the convent, and the most unhappy.
One morning, Isabetta came to
to the grate to see relatives...
and fell in love with Leonetto,
the handsome Leonetto...
who was visiting with them.
- What's going on?
What is it, what's going on?
- We must call for the Abbess!
Isabetta, I can't believe it!
- Isabetta? - Come quick!
Make no noise, or they will flee!
Waking your Mother Abbess in the
middle of the night? How dare you?!
A man!
- Naked!
Where? - With Sister Isabetta.
- Naked!
Wait there.
Is that okay? Can you breath?
My breeches!
You have my breeches on your head!
Now keep your eyes down.
On your knees, damnable sinner!
Tremble, tremble...
Down in hell they are preparing
a place for your arrival.
Forgive me.
Yes, for what more shameful sin...
to risk disgracing this convent
that has been hallowed for centuries.
The convent that you honour with
your prayers, sisters, your purity.
And this sister of yours
sullies it with her shame.
And we must blush under the eyes
of God and the world for you?!
We can make you disappear,
you've no idea what we can do.
Now, look me in the eyes.
By the grace of God, Mother Abbess...
tie up your bonnet for
it is coming loose.
What bonnet?
What do you mean, sinful woman?
Please, tie up your bonnet...
then you my say whatever
you like to me.
Yes, sinful woman,
this is what I have to say to you.
Raise your eyes, sisters,
because I must tell all of you.
In a corner of your souls,
you are all sinful women.
Many of you know it...
and choose to hide it.
I do not, I do not hide it.
I am a sinful woman, because
this is how Our Lord made us.
The spirit...
and the flesh.
Faith and sin.
For this we must show grace
and glory to the Highest...
that his children are free to
know the beauties of faith...
and the arousal of the flesh.
Resisting such things is impossible...
because this is the clay
from which He made us.
Isabetta, this is your key, return
to your chamber where you are awaited.
Just as I will return to mine,
where someone awaits me.
I invite you to forget
envy and bitterness...
and to find that which
the two of us have found.
It will not be easy for all...
nature did not make us the same,
but it is not impossible.
Now, discreetly, try to give
yourselves the best time that you can.
It's the fable of the falcon.
I was told it many times as a child,
but I believe it, laughed and cried.
I loved that falcon and his
young master, they were friends.
Then I shall start with
cavalier Federico Alberighi.
Young, handsome, rich, and revered
for his skill with weapons...
but unhappily in love with Monna Giovanna,
a bride both beautiful and honest.
For her, he had scattered away
his fortune in parties and gifts...
but she took no notice,
and would not even turn her head.
Federico found himself poor,
the creditors took everything.
You will never take my friend.
He sought solitude in the only
house that he still owned.
Two Years Later
Beautiful, isn't she?
Do you know her?
- Yes.
She's been here with us for a year.
For the child.
- He is sick?
A strange malady, comes and goes.
But now he is well.
The air up here helps him.
It's good for everyone. It would
have been good for the owner, too.
He is dead?
- Yes, the loss was very sad.
It's Giovanna, go and give
her our regards.
Ah, you're here.
He's my best friend,
and now yours, too.
That means that you and I
are now friends as well.
Only if you promise to bring him every
morning and teach me how to hold him.
The falcon that...
What is he saying?
What did he say, Bellindia?
Bellindia, I do not understand.
What do you mean, what are you saying?
Mother, look! The falcon!
If you arrange for me to have it,
I shall soon get better, promise.
He's a hunting dog too, you know?
Just like your falcon.
But I want to stroke the falcon.
But, this little puppy!
I have come...
My Ranuccio.
Excuse me, I must sit down.
It's hot today, is it not?
I have come, Federico...
to make amends for the harm that
your love for me has caused.
What harm, Giovanna?
Only good, and much of it.
I am what I am today thanks
to the love I have for you.
I have come to have dinner
together, Federico, in friendship.
Here, at my house?
- Yes.
At my house...
- What is it?
No, nothing.
- Nothing? You are white as a sheet.
It's just that I live here alone.
- This, I knew.
And I prepare dinner with my own hands.
- Yes, the game your falcon catches.
I knew of this, too. And you are good...
- Yes, but this isn't the season!
I shall help you.
- No, thank you. Stay here, please.
Or there, for the view is more beautiful.
I shall go and prepare something.
Help me, what will I do?
She came here, to my house...
she asks something so small, and I...
She will never return.
You will be astonished, Federico,
when you know that my child...
But when shall I ask him?
Before dinner, or after?
Do not look at me so.
This linen is beautiful,
as is the tablecloth.
Is it linen from Gubbio?
Why did you not eat?
Do you not feel well?
Federico, I am sure you will be
astonished when I tell you why I am here.
It pleases me, of course, but I am
also here to ask you for a gift.
A gift?
I am a poor man, but if
it would make you happy...
What gift?
A gift that is dear to you.
Your only consolation in such misfortune.
It is the falcon.
- Sorry?!
The falcon, Federico.
My son is so fixated, I am afraid that if
I do not take it to him, he will get worse.
The falcon!
- Yes.
There is no falcon here.
You do not wish it?
I see, Federico.
Here is my falcon.
Federico degli Alberighi!
We are the three brothers
of Monna Giovanna.
No, we can speak here.
I am Ricciardo, the eldest,
therefore I must speak first.
You should know that we
come here unwillingly.
Since the death of the child,
Giovanna has not left the house.
A year has passed, she must marry again.
You cannot imagine how many times we have
come from Florence with a list of suitors.
The best in the city, but for nothing!
One day, Giovanna calls for us.
"I will marry as you ask, but I shall
take only one: Federico degli Alberighi."
"That Federico owns not a piece of land
under the sun." - "I know", she says.
"He is poor, but you know not of
the riches in his soul. I do."
A silly, silly woman!
And you, Federico, just standing
there all alone and in silence.
What say you, yes or no?
Friends, I found the spring.
Come, the water is fresh!
Filostrato, come, there are blackberries!
Here, a basket!
I shall see I can find more!
No, what are you doing?
Later, Dioneo is about to start.
Neifile, you too should sit down.
Do not worry, I am not about to
tell you a story.
Since this morning,
I've had another thought.
I know not if you have counted,
but it is 15 days since we left Florence.
Only 10 fools would hope to forget such
things and rediscover the will to live.
Though perhaps we have, with our rules...
Though, perhaps chastity was going too far.
But now...
I must ask you a question.
We must realise that 15 nights are many...
and that even good things must end.
Perhaps we will get bored, you mean?
No! It's just that, it's time to
return from whence we came.
No one knows what we might find
there, not even you, Dioneo.
I know not, but who does?
Very well, Neifile.
- Tomorrow. - Friends!
It is raining.
Listen to those raindrops!
Filostrato, Pampinea, Filomena,
Lauretta, friends! Come here!
Let us say goodbye here and now,
under this beautiful rain!
Shall we see one another again?
I do hope so!
And if we do, we can tell on
another of our days here, together.
Tomorrow, you shall be free to
choose the hour of your departure.
But I will stay with some of you
to put the house in order.
Freely inspired by The Decameron
by Giovanni Boccaccio