March or Die (1977) Movie Script

French Foreign Legion, move out!
Present arms!
Right turn!
Sling arms!
Arise, children of the Fatherland
The day of glory has arrived!
Against us tyranny's
Bloody banner is raised
Bloody banner is raised
Do you hear, in the countryside
The roar of those ferocious soldiers?
They're coming right into your arms
To cut the throats of your sons, your women!
To arms, citizens
Form your battalions
Let's march!
Let's march!
Let an impure blood
Soak our fields!
If you're join the French Foreign Legion,
remember, there are no questions ask.
Come, join the Legion.
You're free to go with us now.
What do you think?
Why not? We've lost.
We've nothing to go home too.
Dumb off!
What did he do?
He's a jewel thief.
In Riviera, this cat burglar is famous.
Is not right, gypsy?
It took us three years to
catch up with him, but we got him.
Do I look like a criminal?
Not to me. Maurice,
does he look like a criminal to you?
Not to me.
- And you?
- No.
- And you?
- No.
- And you?
- No.
- And you?
- No.
He looks like a general to me.
All right.
Don't let him escape! Gendarme!
For he's a jolly good fellow
For he's a jolly good fellow
For he's a jolly good fellow
Which nobody can deny
Which nobody can deny
Which nobody can deny
For he's a jolly good fellow
For he's a jolly good fellow
For he's a jolly good fellow
Which nobody can deny
Which nobody can deny
Which nobody can deny
Who is this, sweetheart?
I thought there were not questions asked.
Your jokes with your friends, not with me.
He's a Russian. He has a special
desire to join the Legion.
After he doing what?
After getting drunk,
brake two cafes in Montmartre,
and sending four men to hospital.
It's that all?
And the only other commanding officer
alive beside yourself, who...
served in Morocco, Major Fresson,
already on his way to Martinique.
There is no other choice.
With his respect, Minister,
may I introduce, Major Foster.
Colonel. How do you do?
Major Foster, this is Monsieur Marneau,
who is charges of the North Africa
Department of the Louvre.
Messieurs, coming along. Sit down, please.
Did you brief Major Foster, Colonel?
Yes, sir.
Minister, the excavations at Erfoud...
have been closed at start of the war.
May I ask why we took
to reopen onself to resume?
Already in September I could
sense the end of the war.
Interesting you could sense
the end of the war in September.
My men in their trenches...
They never could.
Major Foster, please.
Your Excellency, I have devoted my life
to enhancing France's prestige...
as the cultural center of the world.
Not only for our pleasure or education,
but also for the vast sums
of money these treasures create.
At the cost of a Legion company.
And two archaeologists.
That's the price, Major.
The treasure at Erfoud is priceless.
Not to me.
Monsieur Marneau,
exactly what was there at Erfoud?
A city,
which has been covered by the desert
sands for almost three thousand years.
Where the Berber "Joan of Arc" is buried.
They call her, "The Angel of the Desert."
And legend has it, that entombed with her...
is an incalculable fortune
in gold and jewels,
which is most certainly worth far
more than what France just spent...
to win the war.
Excuse me.
But are you certain the treasure is there?
Finding is just the matter
pains digging excavation,
and proper protection.
Major Foster,
you know the Arab leader?
- El Krim?
- Yes.
At the beginning of the war, Minister,
I was one of the officers that...
give him France, his word,
that the excavation would not
resume without his consent.
Do you think you can control him?
I could reason with him.
I could try to kill him.
But no body can control him.
Perhaps Monsieur Marneau acted he's steal it.
That can not be undone.
His objectives are solid.
Let the excavations continue.
After all, we fought for four terrible years,
finally humiliating the German empire.
Minister, I'm sorry.
Would you please excuse me?
- Monsieur.
- Colonel.
Good day, Colonel.
Sit down.
We can certainly risk a few legionnaires...
for benefit of France.
After all, they are mostly foreigners.
Don't do that.
Sit down.
Are you Moroccan?
I was in Morocco for 12 years.
Do you know what the trenches?
I dug trenches all over Europe.
I ate in them, and I slept in them.
I should have been a general in the US Army.
I was named after a general, William Sherman.
Slap it off the lamp?
Do you please, sir?
Yes, that's right.
The Legion is my army now.
Not the vaunted army of America.
Those bastards threw me out.
All I did was tell them
what I thought of them.
I should've been there actually.
I join the legion because I miss the war.
I exactly told my parents I
was going on a holiday to see...
the battlefields. And they'll
be furious when they find out.
This is the first time I
haven't travels first class.
You look like a man who
travels first class.
Not truly.
Hey, Triand,
how's Foster?
Doesn't he know?
Foster saved Triand from a life
sentence in the criminal colony.
Triand struck an officer who
killed a legionare for no reason.
Let me, Sergeant.
Major Foster,
Monsieur Marneau, Monsieur Mollard,
may I introduce you to Madame Picard.
An American in the French Foreign Legion?
That's why they call it
the Foreign Legion, Captain.
Major Foster is a hero of the war.
I'm afraid there are no heroes in war,
only survivors.
Come on, Major, remained be modest with us.
I took 8,000 men with me.
I came back with 200.
I think I've earned my modesty.
No, thank you.
Are you ill, madame?
You are going to excavate in Morocco,
is that correct?
Grave-robbing, actually.
That's what I call it where I'm from.
We are in the grave business, aren't we?
I mean, you dig them up, and I fill them in.
What you call "grave-robbring," Major,
is the search of our classical heritage.
That is the secrets of our forefathers.
I am much more interested in
the living rather than the dead.
Life isn't easy thing to make, isn't it?
Any Arab peasant girl can do it.
But to created a piece of art
that enriches life is difficult.
Interesting substitution.
I would like to see you to porpose
that to the widows of my battalion.
Excuse me.
I could use a drink.
God, I wish we could
traveling first class.
Excuse me, I'll be right back.
May I've the drink, please?
Yes, of course.
Thank you.
This way, monsieur.
May I've this dance, madame?
I don't dance with strangers.
- I'm not stranger.
- No?
I'm Marco.
I'll be happy if you accept this.
They were my mother's.
- Please.
- Hey, gypsy, another bottle.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Catch up!
Hold it!
I like an explanation, mister.
What do you doing in the first class section?
I was thirsty.
I thought I get myself something to drink.
I seeing.
What's your name?
They call me "the Gypsy."
Marco, the Gypsy.
What this stuff?
- Sure.
- I see.
Sergeant, get Mr. Marco a drink, please.
What do you think of the Legion, Mr. Marco?
I don't know much about it.
Thank you.
Sergeant, Mr. Marco's glass is empty.
The Legion...
is the most disciplined army in the world!
In the world, Mr. Marco.
Have another drink.
And giving you a lesson in discipline,
Mr. Marco.
That's it enough, Major.
That's okay.
Drink, Mr. Marco.
That's an order.
My pearls, Henri.
Where are my pearls?
All right, Sybil, their's somewhere.
Are these yours? I found them on the deck.
Thank you, madame. Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Why aren't you wearing my mother's pearls?
Your mother claimed them on the boat.
What else can you do besides
steal and climb like a monkey?
I read palms. I'm part gypsy.
So, what do you read?
A drastic change in your way of living.
For the better, of course.
You could've say that to anyone.
Yeah, but could I tell you,
should we meet again?
Where did you see that?
I didn't see it.
I felt it.
Now I'm certain.
Keep them.
For good luck.
I did not think to see
you in the desert again.
Soldier must go where's he sent.
I'm surprised you're not wearing
the medal for your great triumph at Erfoud.
That was not much even a battle.
Hardly worth with your time.
Get to seems to have much
time than I anticipated.
You said to me once: "Foster,
my mission in life is to unite
all the tribes of Morocco."
Let you have time to come and greet me.
How could I ignore
the arrival of an old friend?
Now I have gift for the Premier of France.
Your archaeologists from Erfoud.
It's Marchant! Delacorte!
They blinded and cut off their tongues.
I see you've learned to...
enjoy watching men suffer.
My God!
I've orders to continue
the excavations at Erfoud.
And I have orders from higher
authority to stop you.
From Allah!
I marvel at the audacity of the French.
They think they have the right
to divide up other lands, peoples.
You can bring 10,000 trains of legionaries.
You still will not to take
anything from our homeland.
The desert welcomes you, Foster.
Why he bring so few?
He bring more men kill us all here now.
Major Foster, I think you should know...
that one of the men you just killed,
was Madame Picard's father.
- Your name?
- Hastings, Frederick.
- Your occupation?
- Ex-student.
Your number is 26891. Never forget it.
- You call this clean?
- No, sir.
Don't move!
- Name?
- Franois Gilbert.
Give me that.
Where do you think you are?
Are you crazy?
- Occupation?
- Musician.
Your number is 26892.
Never forget it.
- Name?
- Marco Segrain.
Premier of France.
Your number is 26893.
Never forget it.
Yes, sir.
Now that you got your uniforms,
you think you're legionaries.
You're not.
You're nothing.
Fall out!
Madame Picard!
Madame Picard!
- Just on my way over to see you.
- Oh, what is it, Major?
I won't take long, I...
You've come to apologize,
you're wasting your time.
No, I don't apologize.
I don't care.
My father was an art history land.
He looked at the beauty with his eyes
and explained it with his tongue.
When you shot him, he had neither.
I don't think he would be wanted to live.
I made arrangements for
you to go back to Paris.
There's nothing for me in Paris.
Would sure nothing for you here.
It doesn't matter.
Good afternoon, Major Foster.
I'm afraid I can't even hit the target.
If they saw me used it, they make me a cook,
cook give me some other of awful job.
I got it, bulls eye! I can't believe it!
Looks I missed it this time.
Keep moving.
Come on, keep moving.
Keep moving, come on.
Keep going.
Company, halt!
Ten minutes.
Lieutenant Fontaine,
excuse me, sir. I can't march with these boots.
They're too small for me.
Then march without them.
Who's he?
He's a swine, but a rich one.
He buy and sell anything.
Jewels, women, anything.
Good evening. Are you alone?
Is quite obviously, isn't it?
Yes, but it's also quite unusual to see
such a beautiful woman alone with these...
legionaries around. Please, join with me.
I'm your host, Leon. And you are...?
This is my private table, for...
special guests.
Always nice to know that one is a special.
Allow me to buy you,
your first drink in Leon's cafe.
- Champagne!
- Oh, champagne.
For a woman such as you,
champagne is the only drink.
I prefer whiskey.
But since you being so charming,
I force myself.
To you, and our friendship.
Expect a lot who buys some champagne.
- Maybe you and I can do some business.
- Not now.
Why not?
Are they beautiful?
Allow me to make gift of them to you.
40 francs.
I had a pair like those once.
I'll give you 60.
These're special earrings.
They once belonged to the most
beautiful woman in the world.
And I became very attached to them.
I want them.
150 francs.
I'm sorry, madame,
they're not for sale.
I know how you can get them though.
Good evening, Madame Picard.
Would you care to have dinner with me?
I'm sorry, we were just leaving.
Good night.
Don't waste your time, Marco.
You're still alive.
You see I waited for a soldier to come home,
and he never did.
And now I'm as dead as his.
Everything I love dies.
Keep up the pace!
Don't go back!
Come on, keep moving!
Come on!
Keep going!
Keep up the pace!
Head up!
Keep moving!
Keep moving!
Come on! Keep moving!
Keep moving!
Come on!
Keep going!
- Head up!
- Come on, keep going!
Keep going! Come on! Come on! Keep going!
40 legionaries nearby.
Do nothing.
observe them.
Leave that man alone!
In the Legion, you march or die!
Get his pack, and rifle,
and rejoin the column.
Leave, please, Marco.
Company, march!
Excuse me, Professor.
Madame Picard is coming.
- Who?
- Madame Picard.
- She's here?
- Out side.
Just a second.
Come, Madame Picard, how good you to coming.
I'm sorry, I sure you know my assistant,
Monsieur Mollard.
- Hello?
- Hello, missus?
Do sit down.
Excuse me, could you leave us for a second?
Yes, sir.
Do sit down. May I offer you a drink?
You mentioned my father's belongings.
Yes, of course.
They are.
I'm afraid it isn't very much.
Kept almost all his
personal possessions at Erfoud.
Your father was a good man.
I don't think my mother
would be agree with you.
He contributed a numerous to
the knowledge of history.
And the cost of his life and family.
Was it worth it, Monsieur Marneau?
Would you make such that sacrifice?
I believe I could.
And you're as big fool as my father was.
Madame, how about your father's things then?
Put them in the Louvre
with the rest of the past.
Fall out!
Two men lost, sir.
One fell out.
And the Gypsy went back to help him.
How about tomorrow?
Manual training, fields stripping.
Two legionaries!
Keep that gate close!
So when they want to go back in the morning,
that's fine.
If not, that's fine too.
26893 and 26892, reporting, sir!
On a march, a man dies where he falls.
We don't go back for stragglers.
I'll remember that, sir.
Will he be attach?
Attach him!
I think you will remember.
How many more hours?
They say eight.
I don't think he will make it.
Release the Gypsy.
The legionaries march to
Erfoud in the morning.
What did they say?
They asked me to get 30 workers.
Take them.
And each day I wished to be
inform to their progress.
That will be done.
Thank you.
The pleasure of love...
lasts only a moment
The grief of love lasts a lifetime
I gave up everything for ungrateful Sylvia
Cheer up, Professor.
Tomorrow we start to work at Erfoud.
Let just hope El Krim and his
men won't be there wait for us.
They're all feels this may be their last night.
I thought this should my night for years.
lasts a lifetime
Don't be sad.
- Now let me return the smile on you in bedroom, okay?
- Come on!
- Come on!
- Come on! Come on!
- Here you are.
- Come on!
You don't belong here.
Why not you leave with me?
Well, your friend is untouchtable man.
He couldn't do it. He couldn't do anything.
Excuse me.
Madame Picard?
May I escord you?
They say she came from Europe many years ago.
Followed her lover here.
They also say she was very beautiful.
He was a legionare, of course.
He died in the desert.
She never left.
What did she do?
She did what ever she had
to do in order to survive.
I seems to fit in perfectly.
May I come in?
Could you offer me a drink?
Help yourself.
You see, my husband was a soldier.
But he was dead long before
he went to the front.
His loving me kill him.
That's why I came here,
because I don't want to kill Marco.
I don't want him to love me.
I would like to be like you, Major.
It was very difficult to be like me.
I mean it takes more than
just two weeks in Morocco.
Ah, yes, it takes a life
time in the trenches and...
in the desert.
I had my share, Major.
Not here, but...
I had my share.
Are you sure you won't
to have drink with me?
I suppose if you find me very amusing,
my coming here to you.
I find you very amusing.
Yeah? We laugh.
Why don't you laugh, Major?
Don't you know how?
No, I don't suppose you do.
Not a man like you.
- Go now.
- I don't want.
Do you want that girl, will any whore do?
No, no!
No, no, no!
No, no, no!
No, no!
No, no!
No, no, no!
Number one platoon,
all present and accounted, sir!
Number two platoon,
one man missing, sir!
Where is he?
He's inside, sir.
Some of you will try to quit.
Others also try to run away.
No men on my command is ever succeeded.
If the desert doesn't get you,
the Arabs will.
If the Arabs don't get you, the Legion will.
If the Legion doesn't get you...
then I will.
I don't know which is worse.
Bury that man inside. In his uniform.
Lieutenant Fontaine,
- company is at your order.
- Yes, sir.
At my command!
Left turn!
Sling arms!
Madame Picard, how nice to see you.
What will be cost to leave Morocco?
Depends on who's going.
A legionare.
That would be very expensive.
What do I have to do to get him out?
I don't see many European women here,
certainly not beautiful...
European women.
Lieutenant Fontaine,
why didn't Captain Lanier
properly fortify this place?
He didn't think it was necessary.
That was not threat of an attack,
Obviously he's wrong.
Yes, sir.
I have to go on guard. It's my first duty.
Hold it, mister.
You have them?
Dismiss, Legionare.
We lost one man last night, sir.
It's time we pay off El Krim visit.
Calls up first platoon.
First platoon, prepare to march out.
Start it!
One man is missing.
Soon will be ten times one.
And ten times up.
You tell me it's worth it.
You can not compare
treasures of antiquity...
- to be people's lives today, Major.
- Why not?
You asking my men to risk
their life to your antiquities!
The Legion is that to take risk, isn't it?
I'll hope your man is alive.
But whether isn't that,
I shall go on digging.
Column, halt!
We exchanged visits like
the French bourgeoisie, Foster.
Is that your idea?
One of my men became restless.
El Krim, I can not intimidated.
I came to reason with you.
Let the French have what they want.
Let them build their roads and their schools.
Let them give you medicines and food.
Roads with French signs,
schools that teach French.
French food, medicines
from French doctors. That...
is a much more subtle
rape of our heritage, Foster.
The friendship of France has too high price.
Is the price too high to take your
people until the twentieth century?
The French twentieth century!
What is so glorious about that? Your...
Your twentieth century is
not even 20 years old...
and look what civilization
has brought into your world.
Devastation will come to Morocco.
Only you can prevent it.
No man can see that far.
Only the great Allah.
The great Allah!
The great Allah!
Don't shoot!
One of my men became restless.
Le Boudin!
Company! March!
I want you to analyze these texts,
Monsieur Mollard.
If we're lucky, this might well will
be the entrance of the corridors...
that lead to the barrier chamber.
I should have been there.
I was special guard for royal family.
I am way.
They take them.
I walk Russia.
I can not find them.
July... this year,
they kill them.
All of them.
All of them.
Get me a rope! I wants to go down.
The cabin. It may be the tomb.
They founded the tomb at Erfoud!
Sergeant Triand!
You men pull out the rope from bottom the hole.
Hey, we're ready to come up now.
Triand, give me six men.
Put that chest at ground to a camel, pull back to me.
let down the rope.
Can't be hear us?
From the French. A gift to your people.
How can you make gift of
something that is already ours?
The French wish to honor you.
And you, Foster, what do you wish?
I wish you accept this as a token of peace.
Get those men apart of the hole!
Tell the men, break camp.
Prepare to march to Bousaada.
Pack up! Break camp!
Ready going to home!
Major Foster,
where is she?
What have you done to her?
I give it back to the people who owner.
You mean you give her back?
You said the Legion is the most
disciplined army in the world.
In the world, Foster!
You hypocrite! Where's your discipline?
That all my life I works for this!
Your life may be over.
And this is a good spot for it.
Get my tunic, now!
Marneau, let me ask you something.
If you had choice right now,
the Angel of the Desert and your life,
what would you prefer?
Please, sir, the orders.
The men are waiting for your orders.
Are the men in their trenches?
There are no trenches, sir.
Why haven't the trenches been dug?
The men were building
a wall for protection, sir.
For protection?
For protect from what?
These are dead men!
They wanted to die!
That's why we joined the Legion!
Not to live, but to die!
We shall all die.
For what?
So that some fat overstuffed Frenchman...
can belch his lunch on
the sight of gold in the Louvre.
Sir, what are our orders?
Marneau, you wanted to be famous,
you shall be.
But not for finding the Angel of the Desert.
But accomplish what no Moroccan
leader has been able to do...
in the last twelve centuries:
Unite the Arab tribes.
Please, sir.
That's all about, right, El Krim?
You used us.
You waited for the moment
we cracked the tomb.
So you can rally your tribes on a holy war.
You didn't give a damn about
the Angel of the Desert.
You didn't bother to telling the tribes,
we brought her to you.
You used her.
You used her.
Just like you used me.
Please, sir,
the men are waiting for your orders.
Let the men take their position.
Take position!
- Fire!
- Fire!
Cover the left flank!
You men come to the right flank!
You men get off there!
Form a double line!
I call back!
Call back order!
You men retreat, retreat!
pick up riders on the hill.
I am sorry, old friend.
But it was the only way.
And now our tribes are together.
Bedouin, Berber, Rif.
We will resist all
foreigners until we prevail.
I let you live so that what happened
today could be known to the entire world.
Excuse me, Marco.
I had a aggrement with Madame Picard,
that I'd will like to honour.
I've arrange a passage for
you to leave Morocco.
They got me good luck.
Keep them. They'll do the same for you.
What do you see now?
Some of you men will try to quit.
Others will try to run away.
No men in this command is ever succeeded.
If the Legion doesn't get you,
the desert will.
If the desert doesn't,
the Arabs will.
If the Arabs don't,
then I will.
I don't know which is worse.