Marcus (2020) Movie Script

[rain pattering]
[raindrops thrumming]
[children] Trick or treat.
[slow, dramatic music]
[windshield wipers thumping]
[rain drumming harder]

[music continues]
I've been
married 50 years,
[speaking indistinctly]
[Hoffman sighing]
[belt jingling]
[Hoffman groaning]
[Hoffman exhaling]

I didn't expect you, buddy.
you had Tuesdays off.
Yeah. Overtime.
Trying to get
as much as I can.
I hear you on that.
It's nasty out there.
[Marcus] You're telling me.
[Hoffman sighing]
You know,
I have to get a new belt.
You know,
I was 60 pounds lighter
when I started this job.
Were you two feet
shorter as well?
[Hoffman chuckling] It all
went to my waist and hips.
Hey, good luck.
It's Taco Tuesday, you know.
[sorrowful violin]

[music continues]

[Hoffman] All done?
For the night, at least.
[Hoffman chuckling]
[Marcus] Well,
see you tomorrow, Gus.
[Hoffman] Take care.
Looks pretty bad
out there.
-[rain pounding]
-[Marcus] Thanks, man.
[Hoffman] You bet.
-[bartender] The usual?
-[Marcus] Please.
[music playing faintly]
-[bartender] Here you go.
-Thank you.
[bartender] You're welcome.
[Marcus sighing]

How you holding up?
What kind of
question is that?
Just seeing
how you're doing is all.
The same
as any other night,
but that'll change.
planning something again?
Well, we have talked
about this before.
That was fast.
Yeah? Who's timing me?
Another one?
You sure?
Now, who are you
to ask me that?
If I remember correctly,
you're the one
who started me drinking.
Can I get you
anything else?
-I guess not.
-You got it.
-[Marcus] Thank you.
-You're welcome.
[car engine rumbling]
[rain drumming]
[engine roars then stops]
[rain thrumming loudly]
You know
what day it is, right?
How can I not?
You told me
what day today was yesterday.
And the day before that,
and every damn day
prior to that for weeks now.
[speaking Spanish]
I need something
from you by tomorrow, Marcus.
If not,
I have to get you out of here.
[key clicking in lock]
[door slams shut]
[contemplative music]
[Marcus sighing]
[knocking at door]
What do you want?
Oh. Hey, kid.
Hey, Marcus.
It's kind of late.
What have you got there?

Not bad.
Why a shuttle?
Well, I used
to have one just like it.
Until Tommy broke it.
Oh, yeah, that pain
in the ass from school, right?
I'd forgotten about him.
Let me see that.
Turn around.
So, you are missing
some important things.
The details.
That's what
separates the doodlers
from the true artists.
Why don't you work
on that for me, okay?

[door slams shut]


[raindrops thumping]
[key clicking in lock]
[train horn blaring distantly]
[dog barking]
[train horn blaring]
Hey, man.
You going to work?
So, what's
with the scruff?
I mean, I think
it's pretty cool.
Well, it's not
going to be really cool
until it's
fully grown in.
And that's not going to happen
until your late twenties.
I should be hearing
back soon, you know.
About what?
[scoffs] Come on.
Don't act
like you forgot.
All the schools
I applied to?
Oh, yeah.
Gonna get
out of town, are you?
Make something of yourself.
I've worked
really hard, Marcus.
It's not going to be
what you're expecting.
And you should shave that.
[rain pattering]
[coat rustling]
-Come in.
Oh, Marcus.
Did something
happen last night?
No, I can't.
Not again.
Come on, man.
I need it.
I mean,
of course you do.
Is there anything
at all that can be done?
Anything you can
let me have?
-Like, now?
-No, not right now.
Oh. When can you?
Let's see.
About next Friday?
Come on.
That's my regular payday.
Oh, and Marcus.
Lemon-lime wipes
when you hit those countertops.
I get one more complaint
about the smell over there--
[brooding instrumental]
[rain pounding]

[men speaking indistinctly]
[man] Look who it is.
I need some cash, man.
Anything for work?
Anything at all?
Look around, man.
It's raining.
Nothing going on.
No one comes down
in weather like this.
Thanks anyway.
[men speaking indistinctly]

[inaudible speech]

[inaudible speech]

[inaudible speech]

[phone keys clacking]
[notification chiming]
[movie on tablet playing]
[woman] Wake up, Henry.
[Gus] You done already?
No, I'm not feeling well.
Called it in.
They're going to send somebody
else over to finish up.
You know,
you're probably coming down
with something
with all this rain.
Yeah, probably.
Can I ask you
something, man?
Are you the one
that's always complaining
about the scent
in the bathrooms?
They're not giving you
any grief over that, are they?
I mean, look, Marcus,
I'm not trying to get you
in trouble or nothing.
You know,
I just can't stand the smell
of that flowery stuff.
I can promise you, man,
the lemon-lime scent
is not covering the odor
you're leaving inside there.
Fair enough.
What's the film tonight?
You're definitely
not feeling well, are you?
Why is that?
This is the most
you've talked to me in months.
I'm binge-watching
A Star is Born.
How do you
binge-watch a movie?
Well, I have
four different variations.
I watch
all four in a row
and then I compare them
to each other.
You seriously have
too much time on your hands.
Yeah. Probably so.
I could use some aspirins, man.
Do you happen to have any?
Uh, yeah,
I think I got some.
-[pills clattering in bottle]
-How many?
Um, three.
Never figured you
for a musical guy.
Oh, I'm a cinephile.
Doesn't matter what genre.
You want some water?
No, I'm good.
Got some in the car.
You're welcome.
[moody instrumental]
[rain drumming]
What a night, huh?
Hopefully it lets
up soon, right?
We're really
doing it this time, huh?
What choice do we have?
You know
what happened today?
I made
Employee of the Month.
Yeah? Good for you.
That's three times.
What does that
do for you, huh?
What-- what
do you mean?
I mean, it's-- it's
Employee of the Month.
It's a big deal.
I mean, like--
I mean,
what does that get you?
I mean, I imagine your career
is going to take off now.
I mean, how could
they possibly overlook you
now that you've been Employee
of the Month three times?
[chuckling sardonically]
Now, we should
probably drink to that.
So this is the answer? Hm?
After we do this,
am I going to be better off?
Can't imagine
it getting much worse.
You really believe that.
You really think
that-- that this is going
to solve everything?
[door slams shut]

So, we really doing this?
he's too young for this.
He's just a kid.
Excuse me.
I'm about to graduate,
and I just turned 18.
So technically
I'm not a kid anymore.
And, uh, I just got my
acceptance letter from Cornell.
My girl is going
to Ithaca College,
which is really close,
so we'll be able to stay--
All right, that's enough.
You think
you got it all figured out
back there, don't you?
Going to your
fancy college--
With your little girlfriend--
Actually, she's my fiance.
you cut me off
one more time.
One more time.
18 years old.
Think that means
something, don't you?
it don't mean shit.
It just means
that you're a dumb kid
who knows
nothing about life
or what it has
in store for you.
Don't go around thinking
that everything is great
and life is going
to be perfect.
-I was just trying to--
What did I say
about cutting me off, huh?
-You see, that's your problem.
You don't listen.
You kids
just don't seem
to comprehend
the severity of it all.
You're going around
making your big plans.
You're going to Cornell.
Oh, and you're going
to get married.
And all that big plan
go to shit real fast.
You won't even
see it coming.
Come on, Marcus.

[door slams shut]
Did I miss something?
Nothing at all.
You know, I-- I'm wondering why
we haven't started on this yet.
I mean,
we doing this or what?
you can't be considering this.
And it's no longer
just a consideration.
It's going to happen.
And what makes
you so sure?
What makes me so sure?
Look at him.
Look at us.
Who's in control
of this car, hm?
Who's panicked, worried
that this may
finally actually happen?
He's been pushed
towards the edge
each and every time,
a little closer,
every single blow,
every single defeat,
day after day, being let down
by everything and everyone
that really mattered to him.
Every job he has ever had.
Getting that prestigious
Employee of the Month award.
Every semester, bringing it
home to his neglectful parents,
those overachieving grades.
And that special girl.
Oh yeah.
Got her, too.
Year after year wasted on her.
That's enough!
Worked hard
to nurture that relationship,
but that
too was a waste.
You know, Marcus,
there'll never be
another woman like her.
You know
what that means for you?
heartbreak and failure.
Yeah, failure.
Like that which
you were to your mother.
The ultimate
embarrassment of a son.
Shut your mouth.
Marcus, do not listen to him.
Your dad, hell,
the man couldn't even
bring himself
to make eye contact with you.
Not even when he was
closing his own eyes in death.
Do you want
to know why, Marcus?
don't listen to this.
-Don't listen to this.
-It's because you're pathetic.
You're a waste of human flesh.
You cannot pay your bills.
You can't satisfy
a woman, for God's sake.
You can't even get a damn
erection anymore, can you?
When was the last time
you spoke with someone,
anyone, that was not
inside your head?
Just do us all a favor
and just end it already.
I mean, why do you want
to continue this?
Just do it, Marcus.
Don't listen to this guy.
Let's talk about this.
-Do it.
-It isn't that bad.
It-- it
isn't that bad.
Do it now, Marcus.
[breathing heavily]
Do it!
No! no!
Put the gun down, Marcus!
Put it down!
-Do it!
-[shrill ringing sound]
[emotional music swelling]
It's a girl.
Baby girl, Gaby.
Eighteen inches,
eight pounds, three ounces.
Does she look
like her mother?
To the tee.
When was the last time
you saw Gaby?
Do you know
where she is?
Do you know
what life has done to her?
Would she even
know about this
and if she did would she--
would she even care?
Marcus, remember
that father daughter dance?
The one where she said
she was afraid.
What was
she afraid of, Marcus?
She was afraid of, um...
She was afraid
of something happening to me,
that would prevent us
from ever seeing
each other again.
That was 20 years ago.
Check out Gaby's page.
[sniffling and crying]
[rain pattering slows]
Hey, it's finally
starting to let up.
Not today.
[engine rumbling]

[crickets chirping]
[key clicking in lock]
[papers rustling]
-[box snapping shut]
[crickets chirping distantly]
What are you doing?
Gaby has
already moved on.
She's got
her own family now.
You showing up
just like this
is going to serve
as an interruption.
[cars rushing by]
Why don't you
let me be, huh?
You're the one
that left her.
And yet you've been
on me ever since.
Just a voice
of reason, Marcus.
The only one telling you
exactly what you're feeling,
what you should feel.
Out of all of you...
you're the one
that upsets me the most.
Well, that can't be right.
Even more
than that dumb ass kid?
You just can't let me
have a moment of joy
or escape, can you?
[speaking Spanish]
You see the notice
on the door, right?
Why don't you
just do us all a favor
and be quiet
for a while?
Yeah, well, that's never
going to happen, Marcus.
Not going
to go away like that.
I'm going to be around
for a very, very long time.
[despondent instrumental]
I told you, Marcus, I had
to do something, you know?
Oi, man,
where are you going, bro?
You delivering packages
now por la Amazon?
Marcus! Come back!
-[speaking Spanish]
-[trunk thudding shut]
[engine rumbling]

[Antonio] Marcus!
[Antonio shouting faintly]
[buzzer whirring]
[buzzer whirring]
[siren wailing in distance]

[engine revving]
You ready for this?
Just saying.
It's a long drive, all right.
Don't let your mind
get the better of you.
Yeah, okay, yeah. Ignore us.
It's probably for the best.
[older Marcus]
You can't ignore me.
Well, you definitely
should not ignore me.
Can I?
'Cause I would really
just love to [indistinct].
Marcus, you should
just focus on Gaby.
[country-rock music
playing on radio]
["Swamp Stomp" by Ricky Valido]
Call up my buddies
Every Friday night
Girls are...
[older Marcus]
So what do you really think
she's going to say
when you get there, huh?
You going to tell her
what a disaster life has been?
[teen Marcus]
Oh, my God.
How the past
seven years has been nothing
but loneliness
and heartbreak and failure.
Do we really have
to hear your whole tirade
over and over again?
[young Marcus]
Remember Gaby's favorite toy?
Why don't we stop
and get one for the baby?
Now, how would you
have me do that?
How would you have me
find that 20-year-old toy
in today's world, huh?

[older Marcus]
What are you doing, Marcus?
You think you're the right
person to help this man?
[cars whooshing by]
Hey, what are you doing, man?
Get away from me.
What's your name, man?
[man] Stay back,
I'm serious, do not take
another step towards me.
-[Marcus] You know what?
-[man] What are you doing?
I spent the last decade
of my life in your shoes,
looking for the highest, the
best place from which to jump.
-What is this?
-I walked out of stores
with pockets full of pills.
You know, the kind you think
will get the job done?
I even tried the old toaster
in the bathtub routine.
Sir, I'm kind of in the middle
of something here,
if you don't mind.
I have a child--
a daughter-- and a wife.
I had it all.
You know what?
It didn't take much, though.
I was being selfish
and it cost me everything.
I-- I-- I'm--
I need to do this.
So if you could just get
the fuck away from me.
I-- I-- I-- I get it,
I get it, I get it.
Just give me a minute and I'll
let you get back to it, okay?
There's a feeling
you get deep down inside.
Inside, it's like
a process.
I know you know
what I'm talking about.
When that feeling
got the better of me,
my daughter was, like,
10 years old at the time.
My wife,
she thought I was the world.
All the reasons why I should
have left it well enough alone
but I didn't.
I should have kept it
bottled up inside, I didn't.
Now, you would think after all
those years of being together,
she would have
been there for me.
In sickness and in health,
for better or for worse,
'til death tear us part.
On my way to find
my daughter now.
She's pregnant, you know.
Because I'm going
to be a grandpa.
Me, a grandpa.
Imagine that.
You know, I don't know
how she's going to react
when she sees me, though.
It's been a long time.
-A long time.
-Are you done?
I have no idea what I'm going
to say when I see her.
The only thing
I was really good at,
I'll tell you this,
was being a father.
But that was
until I went in.
Oh, what a mistake that was.
So damn foolish
and it cost me everything.
But I'm on my way now
to get some of it back.
At least,
I'm going to try.
I'm going to try.
Thanks for listening, man.
I hope you go quickly,
and without too much pain.
[engine idling]
[door slams shut]
It actually worked.
[cars whooshing]
[cars roaring]
Not today. Not today.
[birds chirping]
Holy shit.
[woman] Who's there?
Uh, no one.
Uh, I'll be right back.
How are you, man?
How are you?
I'm good, man.
I mean, uh...
a couple grays lately
'cause of the kids,
but I can't complain.
[Marcus laughing]
Wow. Hey.
Look at her.
Are they talking yet?
Hey, it's been a while,
my friend.
There's a strange man
at the door.
-Oh, damn. Uh. Just-- give--
-[Becka] What strange man?
-Oh. Look. Look, hon.
-[Becka groaning]
-Look who's here.
It's Marcus.
Of course,
I know who he is.
Do you think
I'm going to forget him?
-What do you want?
I-- Becka, come on.
We haven't seen him in, like--
Not like, Matt.
Seven years.
Hey, there you are!
Come on,
I want to introduce you guys.
My name is Jackson.
Hi, Jackson.
So we met
when you were just a baby.
You were just born,
and I was
the third person to hold you,
after your mom and dad.
What brings you
back here, Marcus?
And you, Bella.
Last time I saw you,
you were just
learning how to walk.
So, did you guys know
that Gaby is pregnant?
Of course we do.
I'm surprised you do.
I was hoping
to see her.
Marcus, you can't just come
back around here like this.
Okay, just--
excuse us, Marcus, just--
Come on, guys.
Let's go back inside.
[door slams shut]
Hey, you want to come inside?
Have you eaten?
So, um,
what was that all about?
she's still
a little bitter, man.
Yeah, clearly.
What did you say to her?
Look, don't worry about that.
Join us for dinner.
I'm sure
there's a lot to catch up on.
[video game
clicking and whirring]
Oh, sorry, man, I--
I forget that's even there.
How does she seem?
What do you mean?
She happy with him?
You talking about Rich?
Yeah. Rich.
Well, he's just that. Rich.
Babe, come on.
Is that really necessary?
Ugh. Come on, kids.
Time for dinner.
Come, Marcus, sit down.
We can't eat
until everybody's sitting.
You know, I'm not going to
hide things from you anymore.
I couldn't care
less about your feelings.
You sure that's a good idea?
You know,
with your "condition."
-[Becka] Yeah.
-[kids giggling]
She did it again.
[both] "Condition! Condition!"
[kids laughing]
-Did she do it to again?
-Uh-huh! Uh-huh!
-Did I miss it?
Okay, okay.
Can we eat now?
"Okay, okay.
Can we eat now?"
[kids laughing]
[Becka] All right, settle down.
Start eating.
Babe, you can't blame them.
You did
the air quotes again.
Uh, yeah.
You were still at Parkman
& Taylor's then, right?
Yeah. [chuckling]
What wasted years.
-Goodnight, Dad.
Goodnight, sweetie.
-Goodnight, Dad.
-Night, bud.
Do you know
who Denzel is?
Do you know
who Denzel is?
Of course, "King Kong
ain't got nothing on me!"
-All right, all right.
Just get
to your room.
Doesn't he remind you
of Denzel, Dad?
Would you-- j--
Go, go. [laughing]
I'm sorry.
I'm sure that came off
a little racist. [chuckling]
No, no, no, not at all.
I actually get that a lot.
What blows
my mind, though,
is that a-- a 7-year-old knows
anything about Training Day.
Oh, yeah, no,
he loves going through my DVDs
and sneaking off
films here and there.
I'm just glad he didn't
put the "shit" part in.
[both laughing]
Yeah. He's pretty good.
Animated, too.
You're blessed, man.
You've got amazing kids.
Ah, so where are
you staying tonight?
Yeah, that'll be
at the old Dodge Estates.
Um, down the block
at the supermarket parking lot.
What? No, man.
No, you're staying in the--
in the office tonight.
There's still
a bed in there.
No, no, no, I-- I don't want
to intrude any further.
Oh, stop it.
Stop what?
Uh, no, I was
just offering Marcus
the office
for the night.
He just-- he doesn't
have any place to stay, so.
Why don't you
call the Budget Inn?
They probably
have hourly rates.
A clear sign
I've overstayed my welcome.
No, stop. Stop!
It's just for a night.
All right?
All he's trying
to do is see Gaby.
-What's the big deal?
-If Sheila finds out,
you know the trouble
that's going to cause me?
How often
do you speak to her?
Not as much as before,
now that she's
always on the move
with her new family
and everything.
But considering,
a few times a month.
You know, Marcus,
Sheila and I have been
friends since I was a kid.
We've always
protected each other.
She was the one to stand up
and walk me down the aisle
when my dad
was a no show at our wedding.
There's no way you
or you are going to convince me
to stand against her here.
When was the last time
you spoke with Gaby?
Just last week.
And she's fine,
no thanks to you.
When's the last time
Sheila spoke with Gaby?
I don't know.
I'm willing to guess
that it's before
my last conversation with her.
Look, I'm not saying that what
Sheila did to Gaby was okay.
Us, Becka. Us.
What she did to us.
Now, I understand
that she's your friend.
And you have this overwhelming
desire to defend her.
But at some point,
you have to realize
that what she did
was indefensible.
Okay, guys.
This is going
to get out of hand.
So can we please--
like, let's just
call it a night.
Well, thank you both
for the dinner.
And for the distraction.
The distraction.
It's the thing I look for
every damn minute of every day.
It's what stops my mind
from wandering
into places I hate being.
You know
what the downfall
of my relationship
with Sheila was?
The thing
that singlehandedly
destroyed my life,
ruined everything.
[machine beeping]
She looked at me
like I was a head case.
All I wanted
was some medication
to help me...
deal with the anxiety.
Get some sleep.
Why didn't you just go
see a shrink?
It was almost midnight.
Not many of them
available then.
All I tried to do
is to get myself some help.
The doctor felt
I was a danger to myself
and had me
Baker Acted.
At first she was...
upset, mostly because
I didn't tell her.
I didn't tell her because
I was mostly embarrassed.
Of what?
I don't know
what was wrong with me.
There I was
with the perfect relationship,
an amazing job
and a phenomenal daughter.
And then I learned
that my insurance did not cover
mental health conditions.
Have any idea what it costs
for a four day stay
in a mental health hospital,
especially after you factor in
the daily meds and bloodwork?
It's an insane
amount of money.
It's not something
you just pay,
even if you have
a great job.
For months, I fought
with the insurance company
in my job over this.
At the end of which,
they saw the need to let me go.
What followed
were collection, bills,
The loss of our home.
And our vehicles.
And then her.
She'd had enough.
So she left.
All because
I tried to get some help.
Ever wonder why
more people don't seek help,
why so many
people just end it?
It's because it's harder
than calling the 800 number.
It takes a hell
of a lot more than that.
I determined that I would
never try to get help again.
I find
distractions to be...
More helpful.
And the last few hours
here with your family
has been
a wonderful distraction
for which
I am most grateful.
I know this
may sound selfish...
but it's not
meant that way.
Finding Gaby.
And doing everything
that I can to help her...
would be
the ultimate distraction.
just take the office.
I got to tell you,
if you hurt that girl again,
I'm going to make your
battle a little bit easier.
Thank you.
Thank you both.
Why didn't you
come to me, man?
I really
didn't know any of that.
I just knew you were
going through some stuff.
Seriously, if you ever
get to that point again...
please call me.
Thank you, my friend.
I appreciate it.
[Matt sighing]
[sorrowful instrumental]
I know, I know.
What would you have me do?
I barely got here.
I only got, like,
about $10 to my name.
[sighing] Thinking
about selling the truck.
I don't know.
The bus.
Maybe I'd pick up a bike.
Of course I do!
You don't forget
that sort of stuff.
Wait a minute.
[Marcus] Hey, man.
[Jackson] Hi, do you have
imaginary friends, too?
So you heard all that, huh?
Yeah, well,
I suppose I do.
You have voices
talking to you, too?
Sometimes, they get me
in trouble a lot.
Really? How so?
Well, they told me
to come out here
and find out
who you're talking to.
They did, did they?
I know how to ride a bike.
Want me to teach you?
Yeah, well, thanks, buddy,
but I don't think I'll need
to ride one just yet.
I have some money
you can borrow.
You have been listening
for a while, huh?
Well, the walls
are pretty thin, but I do.
I have $10
just like you.
Well, listen, buddy,
thanks a lot,
but you go ahead
and hold on to that, all right?
But I'll tell you this:
That's the nicest thing
that anyone has tried to do
for me in a--
a very long time.
It just seemed
like you're having a problem.
Well, I am. I am.
The kind of problem
I'm having, though,
is not the kind
that money can fix.
Having good people like
you and your family around,
that helps
an awful lot.
Well, we're here for you,
but not right now,
because I'm going
to get "busted."
[Marcus laughing]
[sighing happily]
[birds chirping]
[kids talking distantly]
[Jackson] You went yesterday!
[Bella] You went yesterday!
-[Jackson] No, you did!
-[Matt] All right, quiet down.
Jackson's going
to go first.
[Bella] Aw, that's not fair!
Do the shoe.
Do the hike.
Do the dab.
Do the worm.
Do the--
take the L.
Oh, man.
[exhaling heavily]
Hey, there he is!
Did the kids wake you?
You know how long it's been
since I've been awakened
by the voices of kids
screaming and yelling?
I'm sorry, man.
I kept telling them
to quiet down!
No, no, no.
It's been quite refreshing.
It's actually something
I've really missed.
Where's Becka?
Oh, she's working today.
Here-- why don't you
get some coffee?
There's mugs
on the rack there.
-Thanks, man. Appreciate it.
-[Bella] Ride the donkey.
I have not slept
that much in ages.
You only got,
like, five or six hours.
Yeah, well,
it's usually two, three tops.
Whoa, black, huh?
There is cream
and sugar, you know.
What, do you think
I'm one of those guys
who would violate
his coffee like that?
-[both chuckling]
-No, not anymore.
So what are they
doing back there?
I believe that specific
move is the shoe.
-[Marcus] Hmm.
-I don't know.
What's that
one called, Jax?
This one's
called the hike.
What's a shoe?
That's not
what it's called.
Sorry that I'm not up
to speed on the latest moves.
See, to me,
this was the best.
The best part
of my life.
Watching my little girl
being a little girl.
Totally oblivious
to the negativity of the world.
Look, man,
I don't want to cross any lines
or make you feel
any worse,
but don't you think
you were a major part
of Gaby's introduction
to that negativity?
I need to find her, Matt.
Any chance you know
where I should be looking?
Come on, man,
Becka will-- will not know
that I found out
through you.
All right.
-You know, she still plays.
Are you surprised?
She's quite good.
Yeah, I know.
Yeah, well,
she may be playing a few sets
up at the T-Bird Lounge
every Tuesday night.
But you did not
hear that from me.
Got my word.
-Didn't hear what?
-[gagging] Jackson!
What did I tell you
about listening
to people's conversations?
He sure seems to have
a knack for doing that.
-[Marcus laughing]
-I'm s-- ugh.
You better not tell Mommy
about any of this!
You hear me?
[gentle acoustic guitar]
[guitar speeds up]
Be with you in a minute.
Why can't you be anything
Anything but amazing
I could try hard
To replace you
Each time I think
I'm walking free
But it just turns out
That I'm crazy
It just turns out
That I'm crazy
It just turns out
That I'm crazy
[audience applauding]
Thank you, guys, so much.
We wrote that
a few months ago.
As you know,
I've been going through a lot.
Uh, I decided
to cover this next song
because of it all.
We even recorded it.
If you guys
want to support us
we have CDs
and shirts in the back.
[soft guitar]
I will not give in
I will make it
All the way to the end
I won't let them win
I won't stop trying
All over again
Truth be told
It's never easy trying
To carry this load
I must remain bold
And I pray
To never lose control
I will not turn around
When this world tries hard
To bring me down
Both feet on the ground,
But by your chains
I will never be bound
Yeah, I'll carry on
Obstacles were made
To be overcome
It may take long
Nothing comes easy
How much are they, CDs?
I won't let myself fall
Even when my back's
Against the wall
When it's all
Said and done
It doesn't matter
Who's right or who's wrong
Thank you.
Have a good night.
Who's right
Or who's wrong
Who's right
Or who's wrong
[exhales] Okay.
[car door creaking]
-[soft knocking at door]
[exasperated groaning]
Well, I wasn't expecting
a warm welcome, but...
I wasn't expecting
anything quite that bad either.
No, the baby just
kicked me so damn hard.
Almost as if she sensed
the presence
of something completely evil.
Evil? Wow.
So it's a "she."
Yeah, "she" is all
you'll ever know about her.
How'd you find me?
I saw your performance
last night.
And you followed me home?
Yes, seriously, Gaby.
I came here to see you.
Then why didn't you?
Last night at the lounge.
Instead of hiding
like you always do?
Okay, I'm sorry.
-I just--
-No. You have no idea
what I've been
dealing with over the years.
Why are you here?
Why now?
Is it because
I'm pregnant?
How'd you find out anyway?
Social media.
-Oh, so you're stalking me now?
it's not considered stalking
when it's your own daughter.
It's more like I'm...
checking up on you.
Well, I don't need
you checking up on me.
Gaby, Gaby. Wait.
What do you need?
A place to stay?
Are you dying?
a bit of all of that.
Dad, are you dying?
technically not now.
[door slams, lock clicks]
Yeah. Well done.
[sentimental music]
[car door slams shut]
[engine sputtering]

I don't care!
Whatever it is,
I don't care!

[trunk clicks open]
[trunk slams shut]

[chair thudding]
[street din]
[weary sigh]
[sighing] Hey.
Yeah, he's here.
Sitting outside
on my lawn.
why would I let him in?
He can sit outside
all night for all I care.
Did you tell him
how to find me?
Do you always
have to be like that?
Say "I told you so"
one more time.
One more time.

[crickets chirping]
I know.
I would have
been there already,
that's not the point.
And I'll be here.
Tomorrow night.
The night after that.
And the night after that.
[door slams]
I don't care.
[car engine rumbles]

[engine sounds receding]

[sprinklers hissing]
[car approaching]
[engine stops, car door slams]
[sentimental music continuing]
[front door slams]
[dishes clanking]
[tap water splashing]
-How we doing?
-All right.
Can you stand for me?
[sighing, groaning]
-You okay?
-I'm fine.
Sir, can you keep your hands
out of your pockets for me?
-[Gaby] Excuse me!
-Thank you.
You feeling okay?
-Sorry, officer. He's okay.
-Worn down, but, um, fine.
And you are?
-I live here, this is my house.
Are you aware this
gentleman has been out here
-for almost two days?
-Yeah, I know.
He's my father.
He's fine.
Your father?
What's he doing out here?
Got a call
about a strange man,
possibly homeless,
camping out here.
Wait a minute,
I might be homeless,
-but I'm certainly not--
Well, it might be
a bit strange to--
He just
popped up over here
and I didn't
want to let him in.
Okay, so he's here
without your permission.
Would you like me
to escort him off the premises?
No, no, no.
I'll-- I'll take care of it.
Can I speak
with you for a moment?
Now's the time
to tell me if this man
is a threat
to you or your baby.
He's not.
I just haven't seen him
in a really long time
and we didn't really
end off on good terms.
You know what I mean?
I was kind of surprised
that he popped
up here out of nowhere.
Man, he looks like shit.
Actually, looks better
than the last time I saw him.
[both chuckle]
All right, well,
get him off the street.
And please
don't put yourself at risk.
If you feel like
he's a danger to you,
you give us a call
No, he's no danger.
Usually he's in danger.
Right, you have yourself
a good night, ma'am.
-Have a good night, sir.
So can I, um--
can I come in now?
I don't care.
[engine sound receding]
I told you
it would work.
But whose idea was it
to call the cops?
[chair thudding]
[trunk slams]
[somber sigh]
That was six months ago.
-Gaby, I didn't know.
-How would you?
You haven't called me
in seven years.
Last I heard,
you were in Maitland
or Sanford,
or something.
You know I didn't...
leave because of you,
You left 'cause of you.
Or mom, or money,
or your friends
or lack thereof, or whatever.
But you left, Dad.
You left
at a time when a girl
needs her father the most.
You left me.
[he sniffles]
[he exhales sharply]
[Marcus sighs]
[exhales hard]
I'm sorry, Gaby.
I know
it doesn't mean an awful lot
to you right now,
but I am.
When your mother left...
a feeling
came over me.
A feeling unlike
anything I've ever
experienced before.
And you knew.
You knew
what I was going through.
I was angry.
It was angry at life,
the world...
anything, everything.
I was overwhelmed.
With voices in my head.
Voices yelling, screaming.
Trying to persuade me to do...
unimaginable things.
So I put myself
in a place.
A place where
the only person I could harm
would be me.
And not my little girl.
I was ashamed, Gaby.
I was ashamed
of who I was.
I was ashamed...
of what I'd become.
So you left me alone.
Two months after my--
What do you think
that does
to a 19-year-old girl?
[sobbing, exhaling]
Have I, uh,
congratulated you yet?
I would have, um,
I would have brought
something, a gift, but--
Yeah, I got it.
No worries.
Is this your second?
I saw--
-I saw the pictures.
-I lost it.
Like I said,
you have no idea
what I've been through.
[somber sigh]
I'm so damn stupid.
I keep making
these decisions,
thinking I'm doing
the right thing.
I tell myself that
the further away from you
that I place myself,
the better off you'll be.
[Gaby scoffs]
Once again,
I screwed it all up.
I'm sorry,
that's bullshit.
Excuse me?
You made the decision
to get help.
You did something
so many people
are afraid to do,
and it collapsed
on top of you.
Mom couldn't see it,
but I could.
Even as a teenager.
I just wanted
to help you fight through it.
Gaby, you were just a child.
[voice breaking]
Not a naive one, Dad.
Losing the house
was tough.
Having no power for nights,
it was tough.
If it wasn't
for Matt and Becka,
I don't know
how I would have made it
those few months.
And then I met James.
So sorry
you lost him.
I wish
I had known him.
He was you.
Exactly like you.
a later version, anyway.
Negative in every way
and always putting
everyone before himself.
He would protect me
the way you would,
and it kept me straight.
Sounded like a great guy.
I got to go to bed.
I have a doctor's
appointment in the morning.
[both groaning]
Hey, could you--
could you, um,
use some company?
Come on.
Came all this way and, um,
I really have
nothing else to do.
Besides, you should have
someone drive you.
And her.
I leave at nine.
-[she scoffs]
Thanks, baby.
'Night, Dad.
[footsteps departing]
Good night.
[exhausted sigh]
I did let her down.
I know she does.
I don't plan to.
Good night.
And how are we feeling today?
Excuse me, I didn't realize
that we had company.
Hey, Dr. Foster.
This is my father.
I'm Marcus.
-Nice to meet you.
-A pleasure.
This is an unexpected visit.
You can say that again.
He found out
about the baby.
So, then,
can I speak freely or...?
He's not really
up to speed on anything.
Up to speed on what?
What do you want me
to do here?
I mean,
at this point,
it doesn't matter,
it's whatever.
probably best if you told him.
T-- tell me what?
Uh, well, as far as
the ultrasound goes...
baby looks great.
So what do you say that
we schedule that C-section
-for two weeks from tomorrow?
-C-- C-section?
You're not
doing this naturally?
There are various reasons
why we have to
have a C-section.
I'll-- I'll fill you in
on a few, okay?
Sure, of course.
how's the 16th look for you?
[softly] It's good.
Great, sounds good.
Why don't we let her
get dressed
and, uh,
you can follow me.
Naturally, something
does have us concerned
with Gaby's pregnancy.
Otherwise, you wouldn't have
brought me in here.
Gaby has a condition
called placenta accreta.
Are you familiar with it?
No. No, I'm not.
Well, in short form,
it means that
Gaby's placenta
is too deeply attached
into her uterine wall.
And that's a concern
for the baby?
Our concern here
is for Gaby.
Of course.
Excuse me?
No, I'm sorry, um...
So, what are we
talking about here?
Well, we're going to
perform a C-section
and just be prepared
in case she hemorrhages.
-Okay, and we do that how?
-The hospital here,
we have an excellent
overhead trauma team
-that will be--
-A trauma team. Okay.
All right.
So, um, can she--
Look, this...
is a very serious
How did this happen?
It usually occurs
in older women.
Women who have had
multiple C-sections.
But in Gaby's case,
there's just
no explanation.
So you don't know.
Other than the cases
that I just mentioned,
no reason.
Besides this C-section,
we're also going to
be performing
a hysterectomy on Gaby.
[Marcus scoffs]
All right.
So what are we talking about,
chance wise?
Since I've been here
at the hospital,
we've lost
six mothers to this.
[softly] Six? Wow.
But that's why
we have to take precaution
and be prepared.
And Gaby has done
everything to prepare for this.
She's even chosen
-her adoptive parents, so--
-Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What has she done?
I think
it's best that Gaby
talk to you about this
personally, okay?
[chairs creaking]
I filled your father in,
but I know
he has more concerns.
I think it's best
if you take it from here?
Thank you, Doctor.
[softly] You're welcome.
-[door clicks shut]
Come here.
Gaby, what the heck?
I don't know.
I mean,
it is what it is.
How can you say that?
I've had months
to digest this, Dad.
I know
you just came back,
but it is what it is.
I mean,
am I overthinking this?
Doctors have
a tendency to make things
appear to be more serious
than they actually are.
It's a chance.
But I trust
Dr. Foster and her team.
That's all I can do
right now, right?
And you didn't
think about an abortion?
[Gaby exhales]
I told you last night
that James
is just like you, remember?
The only time I felt
a sense of happiness
coming from him
is when he found out
that I was pregnant.
So imagine what it was like
when we lost it.
Now imagine
what it was like
when he found out
I was pregnant again.
So getting rid of the only
thing he was ever proud of,
especially after he died,
wasn't even a consideration.
[softly] Okay.
[both sigh]
So what is this about...
possible adoptive parents?
-Oh, she told you about that?
It's just a precaution.
I asked Matt and Becka
-if they'd adopt the child--
--if something happened.
So you seriously
asked them?
What was I supposed to do?
I have no one else.
There is no one else.
Am I supposed to go
to a complete stranger?
-And I am...?
-A complete stranger!
I'm sorry.
Did I miss
the date on the calendar
where I was
supposed to be prepared
for you to make
a timely appearance
-back into my life?
-All right.
Do not get snooty
with me, young lady.
-Excuse me?
-You heard me.
You lost all privilege
to speak to me like that.
Even if you came back
a year ago, Dad,
how am I supposed
to be able to trust you
to be capable
of taking care of my child?
-[she sighs]
-[knocking at door]
I can check you out at front.
Sorry to rush you,
we just need the room.
No worries.
[machines beeping]
announcement over PA]
Gotta use the restroom.
-See you in the car.
[door clicks open]
[door slams shut]
[groans] Oh, God.
[breathing heavily]
Shut up!
All of you!
Oh, you think
you know her so well?
'Cause you were there the most?
What do you even know?
You were just a child then.
Do not think
for a minute
that you have a say
in what happens here.
[breathing heavily]
[glass shattering,
Marcus groaning in pain]
Oh, God.
[scoffs] Hey.
I'm the one
in control there.
So you stop
trying to tell me
what to do
or how to be.
That's not going to happen.
She's already
made up her mind.
You don't think
I want to be there?
I would give
anything in the world
to be there
for my little girl.
I'm the one
that should be dying.
Not her.
Not her!
[somber piano music]
How can this be happening?
[sniffling, sobbing]

[exhales heavily]
I know.
You're right.
You're right.
[groaning with effort]
Okay, not now.
Wha-- why do you
have to do this now?

I'm surprised.
It's been
quite some time since
we've all been
on the same page.
You're right.
She does need us.
All of us.
[door clicks open]
[car door clicks open]
[car door thuds shut]
Need a napkin?
Another reason why
I wouldn't feel confident
leaving my child
in your care.
Got it.
I gotta tell you, though...
I think
I need that child more
than she would
ever need me.
She'll be in your care.
And I'm here for you.
And to spoil
the heck out of her.
[both laugh gleefully]
Spoken like
a true grandpa.
[Gaby] Never thought
you'd see the day, huh?
[Marcus chuckles]
No, not really.
[Gaby] So I went
into your truck earlier.
[Marcus] And did what?
why would you do that?
[Gaby] It's not important.
But do you want
to talk about that box?

Why would you save
something like that?
Saving each note
became proof that I was...
still fighting.
Trophy suicide notes, Dad?
that's pretty sick.
[fire cackling]
Ready for this?
Hey, wait!
[paper crunching]
[Marcus exhales]
You kept that
all this time?
All I had left of you.
Wanna toss
the first note?
-[paper rustling]
December 12th, 2013.
[paper crunching]
[fire crackling]
August 11th, 2016.
[paper crunching]
July 6th,
[fire crackling]
December 25th, 2016.
[paper crunching]
[Marcus] April 7th, 2015.
[paper crunching]
[fire cracking fading]
[entrance bell clinks]
Take a seat
wherever you want.
Look at it.
[restaurant din]
what are you having?
Wait, I haven't
looked at the menu yet.
[chuckling] Right.
Like you actually
need to look
at the menu
of this place.
Yeah, James and I
used to come here a lot.
[server] Gaby.
aren't you about to pop!
[all chuckle]
Let me guess.
It's a boy, right?
-It is.
-[squealing, giggling]
Okay, so I'm assuming you want
chocolate chip pancakes, right?
-Of course.
-[server] And for you?
-I'll have the same.
So two waters
and a coffee?
-Just water for me, thanks.
-[Marcus] Coffee.
[server] Be right back.
Why did you tell her
it was a boy?
she's been guessing boy
for the past five months.
Makes no sense
to correct her now.
So you and James
came here a lot, huh?
You do realize
this is our place?
I hate
to break it to you, Dad,
but I've been here
with a lot of guys.
band mates, friends, Matt.
Matt brought you here?
Matt and the kids.
I'm sorry, Gaby, I...
I just
can't stand the thought
of something
happening tomorrow
and me not being able
to raise that child.
Now, listen.
A couple of nights ago,
before I showed back up,
I came
really close to ending it.
Go ahead and sell it, Dad.
No, no, that's not--
not what I'm doing.
I was at work,
and I--
reached out to your mom
to let her know
what I was about to do.
You spoke to Mom?
I sent her a text.
And she replied.
Mom replied? Really?
-She did.
-Well, what'd she say?
What's that?
That was her response.
A thumbs up.
One of those
cartoonish-looking thingies.
An emoji?
She sent an emoji.
She never believed
I was serious.
-[scoffs] What a bitch.
Don't use inappropriate
language like that.
Dad, seriously?
The point is...
I was sitting there
with a gun in my mouth.
You know what stopped me
from pulling the trigger?
reminded me of the...
the very first time
I held you.
That same something
made me look you up,
which was,
then I actually discovered
that you were--
and I dropped everything
and came looking for you.
I'm here, Gaby.
I'm alive.
Because of you...
and that baby.
-Her name is Mary.
Like your grandmother.
That's nice.
I'll be fine.
And you'll be here
with both of us.
And you can spoil her
the way you want to.
[both laughing warmly]
Uh, more than Becka?
[Gaby] More than Becka.
[satisfied sighing, laughing]
All right.
Where are those damn pancakes?
[both laughing]
By the way,
how are you paying for this?
Yeah, um.
Hey, about that...
Can't sleep?
-[Gaby] No chance.
-It's too late for that.
But I have an idea.
You ready for this?
Wait a minute.
[Marcus chuckling]
Is that what I think it is?
[record player
crackling softly]
["Angels Keep Watching
Over Me" by Kellin Watson]
I cannot believe
you still have this.
[Gaby] Well, it is how
I got started, you know.
[Marcus chuckles]
It sure is.
All, all night
All day
I know the angels
Keep watching
Over me
Oh, my Lord
All, all night
it's almost time.
In a few minutes,
they'll be
taking you to get ready, okay?
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, did you
want him to join you?
If he's allowed to.
I think
we can make that happen.
Thank you.
Hang tight.
I'll get you ready to go.
-All right?
-Thank you.
You look different
without it.
[Gaby chuckles]
It's like I'm seeing
my little girl again.
Hey. It's okay.
I just don't know
what to say.
Dad, you don't have to
explain anything to me.
Do you remember
the last thing you said
before you left
seven years ago?
You said
"I'll be right back."
-Did I really?
-[Gaby] Yeah.
And it took you
seven years to come back.
I am so sorry.
Dad, my point is,
is you came back.
How in the world
did you grow up
to be so amazing?
Well, you can thank
Matt and Becka.
Yeah, they really
are good parents, aren't they?
Yeah, they are.
Listen, you've got to
stop shaming this.
It's the only way
it'll ever get better.
But before
that can happen,
you've got to stop
being ashamed of yourself.
Do you know how many
people go through this?
There's nothing
embarrassing about it.
Get that out of your head,
Are you ready?
It's time.
[soft piano music]
I'll be right back.

-[nurse] You good?
-Yeah, I'm okay.
-Warm enough?
-I am, thank you.
All right, we're going to
get ready to wheel you in.
-All right.

[song moves
to a pleasant higher key]
[tragic melody resumes]
[rain pattering]
[thunder clapping]

[breathing heavily]
[rain pattering on car]
[glove compartment clicks]
[knocking at door]
[keys jangling,
lock clicks]
The hell, man?
[somber music continuing]
I knew
you took this.
What did you do?
What did you do?
Didn't want to be
around it anymore.
I didn't want to--
some kid...
to find it
on the street somewhere.
Do you know how much
shit I took over this?
I'm sorry, Gus.
I'm sorry.
Take care
of yourself, man.
[rain pattering]
You okay?
Hey, man. You okay?
[chalk scraping]
I'm sorry, Marcus.
You're not the only one
that can make mistakes.
I'm human, too.
if we're going to do this...
thank you.
For apologizing?
For stepping in for me...
and being there
for my little girl
all those years.
She was like
a daughter to me.
Just like
you were there
for my kids
when they were born,
I was there
when she was born.
I was there
for all the big moments.
Gonna miss
that beautiful girl.
[Marcus wheezing]
All right.
All changed
and ready to go!
[Marcus chuckling]
Oh, my.
[she chuckles]
Now, you know,
she's got two older siblings
that have been
waiting around for her.
We'll, come around. A lot.
Right, little Miss Mary?
-Yes. Yes.
You'd better.
[Marcus] Wow, guys.
That looks amazing.
Now, you know,
when I was your age,
I used to do
the exact same thing.
Only in my case,
it was my favorite toy.
Now, what I want you guys
to work on for me is...
Because that's
what separates the doodlers...
from the real
-[both] Cool!
[Marcus chuckles]
All right, guys.
I will see you soon.
You know
who Morgan Freeman is?
[chuckles] Do you?
All right.
Leave the impressions
for the next visit.
[Marcus] I just love 'em.
-[both laughing]
-[Matt] Sorry.
Yeah. Here we go.
[car seat latch clicks]
[whispering] Hey.
[car door slamming shut]
[Marcus exhales]
-Uh, thank you.
-[Becka] You're welcome.
Thank you so much.
[baby crying softly]
[car door clicks open]
[car door slams shut]
You sure you got this?
Don't make us come and take
that baby away from you.
Please call us
if you need us.
You're not alone, man.
-[baby cries softly]
Thank you guys.
For everything.
[Mary crying]
[engine rumbling]
[Mary crying]
Hey. Hey.
I got you, baby.
-[crying continues]
-I got you.
[Gaby's song intro]
I will not give in
I will make it
All the way to the end
I won't let them win
I won't stop trying
All over again
Truth be told
It's never easy
Trying to carry this load
It may take long
Nothing comes easy
And I must soldier on
When it's all
Said and done
It doesn't matter
Who's right or who's wrong
Who's right
Or who's wrong
Who's right
Or who's wrong
Who's right
Or who's wrong
Who's right
Or who's wrong
We will not give in
Why can't you be anything
Anything but amazing
I could try hard
To replace you
Each time I think
I'm walking free
But it just turns out
That I'm crazy
Every time
That I look at you
All I see are mirrors
You stand right beside me
Like you care
But I see
Right through it
I see the light
Every time in your eyes
I know the truth
Every time I look at you
I know everything
When you smile
It's all in vain
I know everything
Why can't you be anything
Anything but amazing
I could try hard
To replace you
Each time I think
I'm walking free
But it just turns out
That I'm crazy
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Every time
I come home to you
You look like
I'm not here
In bed
You lay right beside me
But I don't think I care
I see the light
Every time in your eyes
I know the truth
Every time I look at you
I know everything
When you smile
It's all in vain
I know everything
Why can't you be anything
Anything but amazing
I could try hard
To replace you
This time I think
I might be free
But maybe
Just maybe I'm crazy
Ooh, ooh, ooh
But it just turns out
that I'm crazy
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Why can't you be anything
Anything but amazing
I could try hard
To replace you
This time I think
I might be free
But it just turns out
That I'm crazy
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Yeah, I'm crazy
It just turns out
That I'm crazy
[somber orchestral music]

[music fades]