Mardaani (2014) Movie Script

Wireless crackling
with instructions.
Patil, don't move from there.
Be alert.
Yes, Sir. Okay. Out.
It's always crowded here.
Its okay, Morey.
We have to go straight.
Look at that... you scum!
You get awesome chicken
on the left here.
Don't just pay lip service, Morey.
Get it tomorrow.
Morey, stop here. Ma'am...
Jai Hind, Ma'am.
Yes, Sir.
Yes, Sir. Jai Hind, Sir.
Boss is in a bad mood today.
He's pissed with everyone.
His wife must've screamt at him
Ma'am, his PA was telling me,
he forgot to take his wife
shopping for their anniversary.
She got so upset she cancelled
their dinner reservations.
We can handle the
toughest of criminals easily...
...but when it comes to handling
family, we goof up.
So true, Ma'am.
That's why Morey is
taking the day off tomorrow.
Oh yes. It's your sister-in-law's
wedding on Sunday, right?
Yes, Ma'am.
How is your younger
one studying?
Wonder when she studies!
She's always glued
to the TV or the computer.
That reminds me...
- Hello, Meera.
- Yes, Aunty.
- Done with your revision?
- Of course.
I can hear the TV.
- When are you coming?
- Soon.
- Have you got it?
- What?
Yes, Ma'am.
I was speaking to Jafar.
O kaY-
Better get done with
your revision till I am back.
O Kay; bye'
Have you fed them?
They are getting a royal treatment.
Morey, is feeding them
cheese since the afternoon.
Who told you mice eat cheese, Morey?
I saw it on Tom & Jerry.
These guys love cheese.
Our surveillance team
is already there, right?
I'll confirm, Ma'am.
The baby's crying...
oh my God!
You son of a...
Get up!
Bloody rascal!
Only a mouse can get
another mouse out of his hole.
Ma'am, please don't shoot me.
Please, Ma'am.
We are not going to shoot you.
Please, Ma'am...
I don't have orders to shoot you,
you scum.
I have to take you in alive.
- Jafar...
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Send the rest of the unit inside.
- Yes, Ma'am.
God knows who else is hiding
inside for a threesome.
Get him!
You son of a...
You have dodged us
four times before.
You think we'll let
you escape so easily?
Ma'am, I am warning you.
Ali Bhai will ruin you.
Take him away!
Giving refuge to
rats spreads plague.
Rehman, you should be
thankful to me.
You could at least
make love one last time.
Jafar was all set
to spoil it for you.
You are ragging me,
aren't you, Ma'am?
Sir's call.
- Yes, Sir.
- You got Rehman?
Yes, we are taking
him to the station.
I had ordered you to
get him out and nab him...
...not barge right inside the chawl.
You know how sly Rehman is, Sir.
If we had let him come out
he would definitely have escaped.
We would have arrested
him again if he escaped.
But who would be responsible...
...if a civilian was
killed in a shootout?
We had taken precautions, Sir.
Taking rats along
was your precaution?
Oh, for God's sake, Shivani!
It was a calculated risk, Sir.
Your job is to take orders,
not risks. You understand?
Someone please take
Sir's wife for shopping.
Go home, Ma'am.
Meera has asked you
to come early, right?
If we don't get this
rascal's paperwork right...
...he'll find a loophole
to escape from the law.
No chance, Ma'am.
We'll keep the papers
ready by morning.
You have a look at it.
O kaY-
Sorry, I am late again.
It's okay.
Meera, wake up.
Your Aunty is home.
Happy birthday, sweetheart!
Aunty! You are so late.
Happy birthday, Aunty!
For me?
No, Aunty. I stood first
in the orange belt category.
Wow! Did you show it to mom and dad?
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday dear Shivani...
Happy birthday m you.
This is for Meera.
And for me? Come on...
Fast, fast, fast.
And this is for you.
Wow! It looks great on you, Ma'am.
Just like John Abraham
(Indian film star).
Wear these goggles
and ride a bike in style...
Hey, hey!
If I look like John Abraham,
then girls will chase me.
Show me something else.
Of course, Ma'am.
I'll show you something else.
I have a lot of variety.
Try this one.
Chulbul style.
Dabang (Indian film).
He was a cop just like you.
Roam around in style with these.
That one Chulbul Pandey is enough.
We don't need another.
Ma'am, I also have
a Sunny Leone style goggle.
But that one doesn't have a glass.
It's a see through.
That's why I am not offering it.
But don't worry Ma'am.
I know exactly
what you are looking for.
Hang on a second.
I have a lot of variety...
What the hell is going on there?
Go check Morey.
Ignore it, Ma'am.
We are from the crime branch.
Why do we need to get into it?
Morey, we are from
the crime branch later.
We are cops first. Let's go.
Let's go.
Ma'am, goggles...
How dare they celebrate
Valentine's Day!
Enough! Enough of this destruction!
Ma'am, please don't come in our way.
Let us do ourjob.
Get lost!
Only one of us can
do ourjob right now.
And right now, I am on duty.
So, you stop working
and let me work.
Don't act smart.
Shut up and get lost.
You guys keep going!
Last warning.
You and your bloody last warning!
I will screw your happiness!
Stan counting, Morey.
Section 143 - unlawful assembly.
Section 147 - rioting.
Section 132 - abetment of mutiny.
Section 504 - intentional
insult with intent... provoke breach of peace.
Section 506 - criminal intimidation.
Get up!
Two more sections left. Get up!
Section 188 - disobedience
to order given by public servant.
And Section 353 - assault
or criminal force... deter public servant
from discharge of duty.
Anybody else wants a lesson in law?
Jafar, did you get
record the video?
Yes, Ma'am.
Make sure your boss
gets my name right.
Shivani Shivaji Roy.
Senior Inspector, Crime Branch,
Unit 3.
Do whatever the hell you want!
Get lost!
Aunty, it's only for fifty bucks.
- How much?
- Aunty, fifty bucks.
No, no. Give it for thirty.
No, Aunty. Take it for fifty.
Okay, let's settle
at thirty-five. Okay?
O kaY-
Pyaari! Come here!
Hang on. Aunty, please hurry.
Here's a twenty... thirty...
Pyaari, come quickly!
Keep the change.
Pyaari, get in.
How are you?
There it is.
Read later, Pyaari. Eat first.
lam going to treat
both of you this Friday.
Really? Why?
It's my birthday.
- Really?
- No.
I thought I'll celebrate my birthday
along with Ganpati's (Hindu God).
The whole of India
will celebrate it then.
Very smart.
If the whole of India
will celebrate...
...then even we must too, right?
Right. I'll get the cake.
Which flavour do you like?
Aunty, kaalakhatta...
No problem.
If that's what Miss Pyaari wants.
Done. Kaalakhatta cake.
How old will you be?
- How old are you?
- Twelve.
Me too.
You too? Same pinch.
What a stroke of luck
it was that I found you!
Remember how you were standing
at the railway station?
If it wouldn't have been for me,
your uncle would have sold you off.
Aunty, but you met me, right?
My Ganpati selected you for me.
And me?
You, I have selected myself!
Shivani, please put
these eye drops for me.
Just a second. I am on my last set.
Hurry up please.
I have to go to the clinic.
What happened?
Your Kaku never lets
me work out in peace.
Why are there so many
boxes of cake in the fridge?
There will be one more today.
These are Pyaari's birthday cakes.
Its been three days,
I just can't find her.
So a new cake every day?
We can't feed her a stale
cake on her birthday, can we?
Just you wait! I'll pull her ears
and get her home today.
Very good.
Yes, Jafar.
I'll handle that.
You keep the charge sheet ready.
I'll come in some time.
Yes, Jafar.
Ma'am, I want to meet Pyaari.
Who are you?
Tell Pyaari, Shivani Aunty is here.
Who is Shivani Aunty?
Shivani Shivaji Roy.
Crime Branch, Senior Inspector.
Did you find her?
- Who?
- Her.
Who's her?
You just asked for her.
Pyaari. Did you find her?
Find Pyaari? Where is she?
I thought since you are
a cop you might have found Pyaari.
Who let these kids inside?
What's wrong with her?
She's missing since
the last four days.
Usually we wait for two days
before we file a missing complaint.
These kids wander off sometimes.
But they come back
in a couple of days.
Pyaari didn't come
back till last evening... we filed a missing complaint.
Where? At the D. N.
Nagar Police Station?
This is D. N. Nagar... we'll obviously go to
D. N. Nagar Police Station, right?
When did you see her last?
Four days back.
I want to meet these kids.
Ma'am, please wait. Tambe!
She was with us
three days ago. And...
You fool! We even ate wadapaav.
Kids get lost but
they also come back.
You come after a few days.
You'll find her.
We played together at bed time.
Hide and seek.
I haven't seen her after that.
I saw her when I came
in the morning.
Don't know where she
disappeared later.
She was carrying her bag of books.
I even asked her
where she was going.
But she didn't say anything.
She just left.
Six months ago even Yashoda
Didi disappeared in the same way.
One cup of tea
Since when do you
have your stall here?
What's the matter Ma'am?
ls anything wrong?
Just answer my question.
I regularly bribe Mr. Pawar, Ma'am.
You won't have to pay,
if you work for me.
What's the job?
You have to keep an
eye on this shelter home.
Who comes in, who goes out.
You want me to be
an informer, right?
You are very smart, huh?
A girl called Pyaari
is missing from here.
Give me all the
information you can get.
Write my number down.
Meera, are you ready?
I have made your
favourite breakfast today.
Sharda Bai, one more
cup of tea please.
Yes, Sir.
Let me comb your hair today.
- Sir, tea.
- Clear this.
You need a good hair-cut.
We'll go to a posh salon
in Bandra this Sunday...
...and get you a nice haircut. Okay?
How can you be so normal, Aunty?
Pyaari is missing since five days.
And we are behaving
as if it never happened.
She has been kidnapped.
Wonder where Pyaari is now...
- Hello, Ma'am.
- Hello.
There's no network inside.
So he comes out to take his calls.
Something about dealings...
He bought a new cell
phone a few days ago.
He is obsessed with
clicking snaps on his phone.
He has clicked mine too.
Where would he be right now?
Ogling at girls outside
Chaaya restaurant.
What are you up to?
Nothing much.
I was just heading home.
Heading home? I'll drop you.
No, Ma'am, don't bother.
It's no bother. Come, sit.
Come sit.
Half our life is spent
waiting in this Mumbai traffic.
Whose call is it? Answer it.
It's from home.
lam going home anyway.
Your family is missing you, huh?
Well... my wife gets worried
if I don't reach home on time.
May I take a snap with you, Sir?
Yes, of course.
Take a good one.
Done? Show me.
What a phone you have there!
Ma'am, take a look.
Latest mobile.
Jafar, what did you earn in
so many years with the police force?
We should also quit
our jobs and join an NGO.
Pick little girls
from the shelter home...
...sell them and buy
expensive cell phones.
Get home on time and enjoy life.
Right, Kapil?
Don't play dumb. We know.
Jafar, let's start his
interrogation here itself.
If we wait for the traffic to
move Kapil won't get home on time.
Good idea, Ma'am.
Speak up. Who do you work for?
I don't understand what
you are talking about, Sir.
Why are you stretching it?
We are in an 'instant' era.
The quicker you answer,
the quicker you get home.
Come on speak up.
On whose instructions
did you kidnap Pyaari?
Where is she?
Speak up, you scum!
He's just pretending.
You are messing with my head now!
Are you done?
- He's been shot, Ma'am!
- What?!
There they are!
Morey, call the control
room and get reinforcement.
- Quick!
- Okay, Ma'am.
Morey keep his mobile.
Move aside!
The other shooter.
Jafar, this matter
is getting complicated.
Pyaari, where are you my child!
Come here.
Stop fooling around, guys!
Come on.
- Go there. Who's next?
- She.
What's the matter, baby?
Having fun, aren't you?
Will you rip it or should I?
- Come on.
- No, please no!
Come here.
Get her.
Come on. Stand straight, you!
lam telling you for the last time.
Don't do this to me.
Easy, Matt u!
Take it off!
Take a good look. She's a virgin!
In spite of you around?
Don't you find anyone
else to pick on!
Put her in No. 2.
Baby Doll!
Come here to Papa. Come.
Don't come near me rascals.
Don't come.
Are you insane?!
Who will you kill
with that splinter?
Myself. I will slash myself.
Don't slash your wrists.
It'll hurt more
and will take more time.
Loretta School, Kolkata, huh?
Her school is very famous.
I was in Hindu College.
Dropped out in the second year.
But that I can help you with.
No really.
If you really want to die
then cut this vein of your neck.
It'll be quick and
it'll be painless.
And if you still want to run
I really suggest you drop that idea.
Because you have seen me.
What's her name?
Mrunal, now it leaves
us with two options.
You either work for me...
Don't come, don't come.
Chill. It's okay.
Or I will have to kill you.
What were you about to do?
Yeah. I would have
also done the same.
Slash your wrist slightly from here.
It would have taken
5-7 days for you to die.
In front of all the girls.
ls that what you want?
But what to do?
A bit of drama is required
to control so many of you.
And that leaves us
with our last option.
If you want to stay alive...
...and lead a good life
I can help you with that too.
You are quite hot, you know.
I can get you the best clients.
5 star hotels, fine dining,
beaches, clubs, foreign trips.
Think about it.
But the way I look at it, you don't
really have a choice. Do you?
Mattu, keep her for Hong Kong.
Come on, Charlie's Angel.
Put her in No. 1
The shooter has been identified.
He's Hanif Hatela's man.
- Hanif, the hired assassin?
- Yes, Ma'am.
You are quite hot, you know.
We found a treasure in Kapil's phone.
All the notorious ones together?
Ma'am most of them are
members of the Ali Gang.
This one is Balu Kotian...
...and this one is Dhapna Khalid.
Go back.
Just a moment.
Who's this?
I have never seen him before.
Kapil loved to flaunt
his connections.
He's surely a member of some gang.
This is definitely a huge syndicate.
To pick up a girl so smoothly,
and then shoot him...
Only an organized gang
can operate with such finesse.
There is one man,
who keeps track of such things.
ls this a new style
of interrogation?
Feed meat and extract information?
Tell me, Rehman,
is anything free in life?
If everything was without a price...
...then would you
have become a gangster?
You are right.
Do you know him?
Are you kidding me?
You want me to be an
informer at my stature?
You idiot!
When I had come to arrest you... were begging
me not to shoot you.
And now you talk about stature?
Don't waste my time.
I have loads of other work.
He is Sunny Katyal.
He's not from Mumbai.
He started operating here
around three years ago.
He has fifteen car showrooms now.
But the real dough comes from
drugs and trafficking.
Whenever a girl between
8 to 18 years disappears...
more often than
not he is involved.
You can call him
the wholesaler of trafficking.
No matter where a girl disappears
from, she ends up in his net.
Why is he not on our radar yet?
Your radar? He is not
even on our radar yet.
It's impossible to crack
how he smuggles drugs and girls.
How do the other
gangs let him operate?
He is a very smart man.
Keeps everyone happy.
Has no enemies.
But I have a strong doubt that
he is not the brain behind all this.
There is someone
bigger supporting him.
You gave me a lot of information
in return for a Mutton Kolhapuri.
I did it for the girl.
Not for the food.
Thanks for the meat.
Sunny Katyal.
I want to know about
every message...
...every call that's
made from his cell phone.
What time he wakes up in the morning
to who he bangs in the night!
I want to know everything.
Got it?
Yes, Ma'am.
- Check the angle of the video.
- Yes, Sir.
I want it clear.
Hello, Vakil Sir.
It's a mess here.
The crime branch people
have made my life hell.
I think they'll very soon
monitor me in the loo!
How did they get to know about you?
How do I know that Vakil Sir?
I just know that they are
behind my life with a vengeance.
What will you do now?
lam thinking of talking
to the commissioner.
Why inform the commissioner about
things that he doesn't know yet!
Then please tell
me what I should do.
Find out the price of the inspector
who's leading this operation.
Throw some money at him.
That's the problem, Vakil Sir.
It's some woman.
She has a track record
of not accepting bribes.
Woman? Tell me her name.
Shivani Shivaji Roy.
From the crime branch.
Do one thing.
Get me her number.
I'll call her tomorrow.
Get me the number!
Like it's a piece of cake.
Where the hell am I sitting!
Just when some money
was on its way...
...this moron has made plans
to ruin it.
I have a feeling this inspector
is going to ask for a huge price.
Has Mr. Singh's payment come?
The batch of girls
this time is superb.
What did he say?
He signed a 200,000 deal.
The foreigners loved the
service that our girls gave.
What is the status of the girls
from Bangladesh?
It's getting delayed.
The security at the border
has become very stringent.
It will take a week more.
You are very lenient with them,
Vakil Sir.
They are very prompt
at collecting their payments.
But when it comes to delivery,
a week's delay?
Not done.
What was her name?
Shivani Roy.
Wow! She's hot.
Let it be, Vakil sir.
You are too old to
deal with women like her.
I'll talk to her.
Tell Katyal to get
all information on her.
A week has passed
and no leads yet.
Either he is smart
or our information is wrong.
Yeah, Mr. Sinha (Boss) too
is getting impatient.
Let's wait for a few more days.
lam sure he will
commit some mistake.
Come on. I have got dinner.
You reached home, Ma'am?
Who's this?
Doesn't matter.
How come you picked dinner
from Aaswaad tonight?
Sharda bai didn't
come to work today?
Yes. Aaswaad has lovely food.
- Want to join us for dinner?
- I had heard right about you.
Aunty, what have you got?
Someone else would
have been rattled.
Set the plates.
lam very hungry. Call Kaku.
Go, quick, quick.
Tell me.
Why are you watching me?
If you keep a watch on my men then
I will have to watch you, right?
Oh! So you are Katyal's daddy!
You sound like his son though.
How does it matter?
It's the same family.
The whole family seems twisted.
You are calling me from VOIP
so I can't trace your call?
To deal with a sharp
officer like you... needs to be prepared, right?
No point tracing the IP address...
You won't find anything.
Enough bragging-
Get to the point.
My food is getting cold.
Stop watching my people
and quote your price.
I want my daughter back.
You have a daughter?
The girl you picked up
from the Andheri shelter home... like my daughter.
Oh! That's why you
are behind my life.
It might have been possible
if you had asked earlier.
It's difficult now.
Fine. Then the surveillance
will continue.
You are stretching this
a bit too much.
She was like your daughter,
but not your real daughter, right?
Let's do one thing.
There's a 35 story skyscraper
coming up in Wadala.
The top floor is yours.
No thanks. If the elevator
breaks down, who'll climb 35 floors!
Then tell me what you want.
I told you I want Pyaari back.
Shivani ji, you
aren't listening to me.
That girl has seen too much.
I don't take such
a risk in my business.
It's too late now.
Aunty, hurry UP!
Listen, kid.
I'll come hunting to
your house to rescue Pyaari.
But rescue I will.
That's a lot of anger Ma'am.
Chill. Don't get worked up.
It doesn't suit you.
Anything else?
Don't do this.
Think about it please.
You need to think about it Junior.
I won't take too
long to reach Pyaari...
...but the day I reach her you
won't be capable of even thinking.
Okay, Ma'am.
You do your job and I'll do mine.
Let's just both do
what's best for business.
But I have to admit
it was fun talking to you.
Bye Ma'am.
Hello. Mattu, put that
girl Pyaari in tonight's lot.
Jafar, pick Katyal from his house.
I'll finish dinner and come.
Yes, right now.
How dare you touch me?
You can't harass a responsible
and innocent citizen this way.
Please, please, Sir, speak in Hindi.
I do not understand.
I will speak to the Human Rights
...and feed you to the dogs.
- Jaiar?
- Pam?
You feed us to the dogs
and we will feed you jalebis.
You will eat the jalebis, feel Very
sleepy but we won't let you sleep.
I don't eat jalebis.
Shut up and eat! Or I'll...
Eat it. He hits very hard. Eat it.
I will eat it. Hang on a second.
Gentlemen, please key in your
bids on your iPad screens now.
For the sweet and spicy No. 104.
She looks grown
but is just a child.
100% virgin. 100% pure. Guaranteed.
I thought I'll celebrate
my birthday with Ganpati.
The whole of India
will celebrate it then.
How are you?
- How old will you be?
- How old are you?
- Twelve.
- Me too.
You too?
Pyaari, come quickly.
You met me, right, Aunty?
My Ganpati selected you for me.
What will you become
when you grow up?
An airplane driver.
It's called a pilot,
not a driver, you fool!
Same thing.
I'll fly the plane very high,
right in the middle of clouds.
Ma'am, have your ginger
tea and fix your mood.
Thank you, Jafar.
He's a seasoned player.
We stuffed him with
a kilo ofjalebis...
...didn't give him
even a drop of water...
...but he still
didn't open his mouth.
Ma'am I'll continue for the
next four hours. You go on home.
Ask Morey and Pawaskar
to continue later.
Don't let him sleep
even for a second.
Yes, Ma'am.
Thank you.
lam coming. Two minutes.
Aunty, you are so late!
Sorry. But I think
we'll soon find Pyaari.
Really, Aunty? You are the best,
Aunty. You are the best.
It won't hurt after
a couple of times.
For both of you.
Every girl gets it
after her first night.
Have it.
I too blew my past away
after my first night.
That's the only way to survive here.
Otherwise your life will be hell.
Come on, now blow the candle
and move on.
Come on.
It's a great idea to teach
that nosy cop a lesson.
But we'll have to
pay a fat price for it.
This guy will do our job for free.
Call Riyaz.
Tell him that this job must be done.
Performance bonus guaranteed.
Shivani ji, you will
stop nosing around after this.
Sometimes... I feel scared of you.
It's good that way.
Fear gets work done faster.
Morey... 21 missed calls!
Ma'am, come quickly.
Ma'am, come quickly please.
Get the pervert doctor!
In a shocking incident in Mumbai...
...a female patient
accused a doctor...
...of inappropriate behaviour.
Runa, that's my Kaku!
What's going on?
A few hours after the allegations...
...the members of
Maharashtra Seva Mandal...
mattacked the dispensary
and defamed the doctor.
We had no intentions of
taking the law in our hands.
But the people are
fuming with anger...
...because of the growing
exploitation of women.
The anger found its vent this way.
That doctor must be punished.
Please eat.
It's the 'kid' speaking, Ma'am.
lam genuinely sorry
for what's happened.
In fact I even had tears
when I heard the news.
But I hope this doesn't
change things between us.
Because I am just
starting to like you.
There was nothing personal
about this, Ma'am.
It's just business.
Please don't harbour
any misunderstanding.
You know what, Junior,
I grew up in a village.
There was a dense
forest near my house.
That's why from early on
in life I knew animals very well.
Maybe that's the reason why Kamat
Sir took me in the crime branch.
To trap a mouse you
have to act like one.
To catch a dog you
have to think like one.
To hunt a tiger you
have to become one.
You know what you are?
You are that poisonous
snake near the river...
...who can't be seen but bites
oblivious kids swimming in the river.
You should have been with
the Discovery Channel, Ma'am.
What are you doing
in the police force?
You are the one who's
about to be discovered, kid.
I don't know what your name is.
I don't know
where you are speaking from.
Who your boss is
or where you have kept Pyaari.
But I've figured your type
No matter how far you
try to stay away...
...your nature will compel you
to come closer to me.
30 days.
I will hunt you down in 30 days.
And then with a lot of love and
patience I'll squish you to pulp.
Mark my words. 30 days.
Tandon Sir, I have heard there's
a high command meeting next week.
You hear everything, Mattu.
But you do nothing.
Sir, first you don't give
me an opportunity to work...
...and then you call me useless.
This is unfair, Sir.
Big announcements are to be made
in the party meeting this time.
Now you are making me drool.
Mr. Taneja is coming this time.
Really? That means
it's going to be huge.
That's awesome, Sir.
The contract for Taneja's
personal party must come to us.
Why should I get you the contract?
Name the drug and you'll get it,
Sir. Indian, South American.
And as far as girls go,
look at the choice, Sir.
Film star or porn star.
You are still not getting me, Mattu.
Why should I get you the contract?
Oh! I have been
blabbering like a fool.
The list will obviously
begin with you, Sir.
And shame on me if you
have to tell me your list.
Hey, Jennifer! Come here, baby.
Come here. Take Sir...
Oh! Good choice, Sir.
Hey, Julia Roberts!
Darling, baby, come here.
Don't be shy. Come here.
Good girl.
Keep the tray here and
take Sir to the washroom.
Call me on Monday.
Maybe this time you'll get lucky.
Don't forget, Sir!
Come, baby...
Hey, Mattu.
You really do appear out of nowhere!
I have been watching you.
How long does it
take to crack a deal?
lam not selling water purifiers.
lam trying to crack a deal
worth crores. It takes time.
If he doesn't call on Monday...
I swear I'll go to Katra
and sell religious CDs.
If this deal doesn't come through...
I won't even leave you capable
of selling porn CDs at Palika.
I am at it.
Please don't threaten unnecessarily.
Okay. You crack this deal.
I'll send you to Mumbai
to look after our set up there.
But Katyal is looking
after Mumbai, right?
Left... left... Very good.
Good Job.
You fool! Be careful.
The packet will break.
Be careful.
Guggu, will the car
be fixed by evening?
Yes, Sir. It'll be ready.
Hello, Vakil Sir.
This time the consignment is superb!
Forget the consignment.
Listen to me.
That cop chick has lost it.
She will pick you up again.
Vakil Sir, she is after my life!
Should I fix her?
Don't be stupid, Katyal.
You want the entire Mumbai
Police force to come behind you?
What should I do then?
Go underground for a few days.
One of my men will
come in the evening.
Go with him to the safe house.
He will make arrangements
for you there.
What nonsense is this, Vakil Sir?
Don't crib so much!
Pack your bag and
be ready in the evening.
Go with my man.
Pour it in my mouth!
Get lost!
lam surrounded by duck heads!
What's going on?
Vakil Sir has sent
such an atrocious car!
Good bye, Sir!
Hello? Hello?
The network conks off
at the slightest disturbance.
Nobody cheats the people more
than these cell phone companies.
Hello? Hello? Can you hear me, Sir?
What's wrong?
Why did you stop the car?
Everything is bloody jinxed!
Get out of the car.
Get out.
Vakil Sir!
Get out of the car
or I'll shoot you.
lam getting out!
Listen to me.
Why are you doing this? For money?
I'll give you double.
Listen to me once.
I'll give you all the money
you want right away.
Your life will be made.
What's happening with me!
Isn't there a chance?
Vakil, what a way
to repay my loyalty!
Let me tell you one
thing before I die.
Don't ever be overtly
loyal to anybody in life.
It screws you.
Look at me.
Fifteen years...
The Hanif you hired to kill Kapil...
...eventually took the contract
to kill you.
What a business you guys run!
May I ask you something?
How did you know about this?
lam beginning to know
your boss a little bit.
He knew that if he didn't
pick you up I would have.
You would always remain a risk
to him even if he saved you.
When you sat in the car,
Morey recognized that
your driver was Hanif's man.
Hanif has a brick factory
here in Kharegaon.
It makes it easier
to dispose bodies.
I won't leave that rascal.
Nor will I.
So tell me. Where does the kid stay?
Kid? Which kid?
Your boss.
He sounds like a kid on the phone.
What are you saying, Ma'am.
Vakil is at least
50 - 55 years old.
He is not a kid.
You scum!
If you waste our time again...
...I'll make you a eunuch
and sell you off.
I swear by God I am not lying.
If I am lying...
...then do whatever
you want to do with me.
Vakil got me to
Mumbai four years ago.
lam working with him since then.
Keep talking.
I know Vakil very well.
He stays in Delhi.
Damn! Katyal escaped.
H ow?
Hanif's man was found dead.
How did he die?
He was shot.
Tell me, where was Hanif shot?
On the body.
Where on the body?
Front? Behind? Where?
He was shot in the head from behind.
Where did they find the dead body?
Near Kharegaon in a brick factory.
Hang up the other phone.
Hung UP-
Someone saved Katyal exactly
where he was supposed to be killed.
But who saved him?
Who else?
Shivani Shivaji Roy.
It's time to send her another gift.
Congrats Ma'am.
Someone has dared to point
a finger at me for the first time.
Every time you point
a finger at me... will get this gift from me.
Your Kid.
Hunt this guy down.
No matter what.
I have left from the hotel.
lam going to office now.
Be calm. You are the most
dangerous when you are calm.
Me and Sinha go back a long way.
He was my senior in the institute.
We used to have
fun times those days.
He praises you very highly.
He is my teacher and guide
otherwise I behave like awild bull.
You know what.
Good officers like you...
- May I?
-Yes, come in.
- Sir...
- Take a seat.
Meet Sub-Inspector
Balvinder Singh Sodhi.
A very efficient officer.
Shivani Roy.
- Ma'am... - Senior Inspector,
Mumbai Crime Branch.
She has come with information
on a huge child...
...and drug trafficking
syndicate in Delhi.
You guys have my full support
to go the whole yard on this, okay?
Thank you, Sir.
- Where are we going?
- To meet my source.
Your source? Here?
I have got him here
with Sinha Sir's help.
- Mind if we take my motorcycle?
- Sure.
Ditto! This is exactly how he looks.
The same curls, light eyes.
He is the one.
The whole world knows him as Vakil.
But nobody knows his real name.
He sometimes deals
as Devinder Pasricha.
Or opens an office
in the name of Aakash Pandey.
But he keeps no name
or office for more than six months.
We haven't heard of him ever.
He takes pride in that.
He always boasts that
he will never get arrested.
Isn't there a way of reaching him?
Of course there is.
One is drugs and the other is girls.
And that too because
he is getting senile with age.
We can't go posing
as customers for girls.
He will be expecting me
to do something like this.
We'll have to play him
in such away...
...that lures him to us
instead of us approaching him.
Usually drug suppliers
deal only in one kind of drug...
...but he deals
in all kinds of drugs.
If he has his way he'll sell
cough syrup as drugs.
He is that greedy.
As far as I know, Sodhi...
...South American drug
is hard to get, right?
Right. And even if you get it,
its very expensive.
That means a higher profit margin.
He will do anything for business.
If we can get this news to Vakil
that we are not buyers...
...but suppliers of such high-end
cocaine, he's bound to approach us.
Bob. There's a guy called Bob.
If he comes to know
then it is sure to reach Vakil.
But our drug supplier
should look genuine.
Why should we do it?
Because it's a question
of somebody's life Mbangwa.
But it's a matter of our life too.
And what if we get killed?
Who will kill you?
We are here to protect you. Relax.
Stupid policeman.
Listen to me Mboso.
Don't forget
you don't have any passport.
So either I will make
papers to deport you back...
...or I will arrange
for your stay in Tihar Jail.
You decide.
- Where's Bob?
- What?
- Where Bob? Bob?
- Bob? Down there.
O kaY-
Hail Almighty!
Mindblowing stuff!
Very good, very good.
' Hey. Bob!
- Baby!
- Having fun?
- Yeah!
Go enjoy!
So, big guy, how much do you have?
Five what?
Five kilos.
Are you crazy?
I want 100 grams only.
Hey listen.
It's either full or nothing.
Let's go.
Listen, come here.
I will tell you one thing. I have
one customer who will take it all.
The whole material. Okay?
How much longer? Please hurry.
What should I tell Bob?
Who's Bob?
Our Bob. Bobby Kukreja.
He met those Nigerians.
- How much is he demanding?
- 50 lakhs.
Give me some onions.
The material will be
good if Bob has checked it.
Besides the cricket season
is beginning from next month.
How much longer?
It's been a long time now.
Tell all our people that
if someone demands girls...
...especially young girls,
then don't entertain.
Our cop chick will surely
send someone as a customer.
Not to take any new customers?
I said no.
This is the limit now!
How much longer?
Taste from my plate
if you are in such a rush.
What else to say!
Call the Nigerian.
But in our manner.
Yeah, Bob.
The call has come. I am leaving.
O kaY-
Mathur, I'll wait at Babur Road.
Tell me the position
of Mboso's car later.
Let's go.
- Auto!
- Lajpat Nagar, please.
Ma'am, what are you doing?
We called for it first.
Shut up! Or I'll call the police.
Ma'am we are the police.
We are going to raid a place.
Want to come along?
Ma'am, let's go.
Sit. Quick.
I am leaving. Have patience.
Let me take my bag.
The cops are riding autos
these days.
- Please hurry.
- Auto!
- Tell Sodhi Mboso's location.
- Right away Ma'am.
We have got a biker
who's asking us to follow.
Follow him.
Sodhi, a biker is guiding Mboso.
Be alert.
Sod h I, stop.
Stop following Mboso.
They are watching.
Come, Sodhi. They have left.
- Mathur...
- Yes, Ma'am.
Track the car on
GPS and let me know.
- Okay?
- Right, Ma'am.
Yes, Math u r.
Sodhi, take a left.
Vakil sir, is everything fine?
Should I come up?
All okay. You can come up.
O kaY-
Sodhi, Stop. That's Mboso's car.
The cops are here.
Get out from the back door.
Sodhi, there'll be a back door.
Cover from there.
Bloody swine! You got the cops!
Ratan, they'll come
up if they hear a gun shot.
You leave from the back door.
Vakil Sir, leave!
The cops have surrounded us.
You've deceived Vakil!
Leave, Vakil Sir.
Hurry! The police is here.
Leave from the back door. Hurry!
Ratan, you escape from the roof.
- What about you?
- Don't worry about me.
O kaY-
Break it.
Yes, Vakil Sir?
Are you out of there?
Come, you...
You conned us!
In the Nehru Place office...
...there's a black diary
beneath my chair.
It has the numbers and
addresses of our clients.
Keep that carefully.
I don't have time.
If they arrest me they'll reach you.
And I won't ever let that happen.
What are you talking about,
Vakil Sir?
We'll get you out somehow.
You just leave now.
Okay, Tiger. I got to go. Bye.
Hello? Vakil Sir?
Vakil Sir?
Move, move. Sod h i.
You piece of trash!
- Hello?
- Good morning, Ma'am.
Did you sleep well?
You are up so early?
Do you work in a call centre?
What to do Ma'am!
I couldn't sleep wondering
how to kill you.
So have you decided
how you'll kill me?
I won't kill you.
You will kill yourself.
lam just going to
lie back and watch you.
Wow! That's some style you got kid!
Are you done wishing good morning...
...or is there anything
else you want to say?
What is there to say?
Now, I will show you what I can do.
You are sharp I must admit.
You killed Vakil Sir...
...hid your family safely.
But now you can't harm me anymore.
Because I am still alive.
And I am comfortably
sitting in my own house.
But you are in my territory.
Don't chew. Swallow!
Hey, Bengalan!
Don't you want to go to London?
You just have to eat this pellet.
Even the grapes are here.
Will you practice with grapes?
- I won't.
- What do you mean, I won't?
You better!
Open your mouth.
Give me some other work.
Enough of your nonsense.
Eat or I'll slap you!
Mattu is here.
Open your mouth and swallow it.
- Stop your drama.
- Why don't you ask her to swallow?
She got Ratan and Sunny arrested.
Rest of our men are hiding, right?
Yes, they are.
You worry too much.
By the way when are you
sending me to Mumbai?
I'll take care of our set up there.
Forget Mumbai.
What's the report here?
6 girls are leaving for London
and 3 for Texas.
Their domestic help visas
and documents are ready.
Last time on the way
to the airport...
...a pellet burst
in one girl's stomach.
ls anyone else
going to die this time?
No. This time Alka
has taken all precautions.
- Right, Alka?
- Yes, Sir.
This time I have used
the safest coatings.
The pellets won't burst.
Chill. Everything is under control.
Keep the No. 1 and 2 categories.
Get rid of the rest.
We must have only
the best in the party.
- Alka.
- Yes.
Have you sent our man
to the police headquarters?
Yes. He's been waiting
since the morning.
She will definitely go there.
You don't worry.
Dinesh will handle her.
That girl with dengue...
do something about her.
Angelina, baby...
...what's wrong with you?
- Nothing...
- Nothing!
She hasn't slept well last night.
ls your name Julia or Angelina?
Then let me talk to Angelina.
Look at your condition.
Why don't you do something about it?
I am just tired...
Tired, huh?
That's why you have this
strip of cloth on your forehead.
I understand.
Come on.
I'll take you to the doctor.
Dr. Brad Pitter for Angelina.
No, no, no...
Let it be, Mattu.
I'll take care of her. Let her go.
No, Alka.
The doctor is waiting. Hurry.
Please let her stay. Please.
- Come on.
- I am alright.
- Alka!
- Coming. Come...
No! Please let her stay. Please.
- Hurry.
Get her quickly!
Runa... No! Runa!
Take her away. Come on!
Please don't take her. Please stop!
Shivani, don't stretch
this case too much.
We have got the man
we were looking for.
But we didn't, Sir!
The mastermind of this
syndicate is still roaming free!
This is what you think, Shivani.
We don't know that for sure.
I know that for sure, Sir.
I have spoken to him myself.
And not just drugs...
...but he also is the kingpin
of sex trafficking.
Shivani, trafficking is
altogether a different matter.
We have a trafficking
department to investigate that.
There's a department to lodge
an FIR in every police station, Sir.
In spite of that why is just one out
of every twenty complaint registered?
Sir, you don't need
the law to do something.
You need intent.
And you are determined to find
that girl all by yourself, right?
She has a name too. Pyaari.
All these girls who need our
help just end up being 'that girl'.
No name, no ties.
It's very easy to give up on them.
You know what, Shivani. You
are being unnecessarily emotional.
So one should get emotional
only after girls are raped?
What's the point of holding a candle
march after every-thing's over?
After all these days, I don't know
what state I'll find Pyaari in.
I don't even know if I'll ever
find her. Or if she'll be alive.
But that doesn't mean that...
...l forget about all these
girls like the rest of us.
And that too after
being a police officer.
You know what, Sir...
The day our police force gets
emotional and works for these girls,
...nobody will dare
to harm them.
Enough, Shivani!
I agree that we have
arrested a drug dealer...
...and drugs worth lakhs
because of you.
But now allow us
to take over from here.
ls that clear?
Sir, why us all the time?
Shivani, please don't worry.
We'll take care of it.
I will see you soon in Mumbai.
Thank you, Sir.
- Since when do you drive an auto?
- What, Ma'am?
I asked since when do you
drive an auto.
Past four or five years.
- Can you see that guy there?
- Where?
- There, the white building.
- Where Ma'am?
She escaped!
Hello, I wanted to discuss an idea.
About what, Miss Shivani?
The case is shut.
- Hear me out.
- Okay.
We share the smallest
details of our life...
...with our girlfriend
boyfriend or spouse, right?
Yes, it's a natural human tendency.
So Vakil will also
have someone like this.
Nobody came to claim his body.
Because of fear of interrogation.
Tell me what's your point.
Vakil must surely have someone.
Maybe not a wife. But someone.
She will surely know
whom Vakil worked for.
It seems possible.
But how will we find her?
Whatever you found
on Vakil's body...
...gun, pant, shin,
wallet, anything.
Get everything.
We'll definitely find a clue.
But Miss Shivani this is evidence.
How can get it out of office?
Sodhi, you said you would help.
You will get me
in trouble Miss Shivani.
I was so worried getting
these things out of office.
Honestly whatever
we are doing is illegal.
Always by the book.
How will you arrest criminals
if you keep working by the law?
On a serious note, Ma'am, I can't
get involved in this any further.
I understand.
But what if we find something?
Please, Ma'am.
Okay, okay. We'll cross
the bridge when we get there.
What bridge? There's nothing here!
Modern Tailors, Chandani Chowk.
That's surprising.
In an era of readymade,
this guy wore stitched clothes!
Classic old school.
Someone who stitches his trousers
and shirt form the same tailor... most likely to get
all his clothes stitched from him.
Where is Modern Tailors?
- Modern Tailors... Liyaqat Ali?
- Yes.
Go straight and take a right.
First floor.
- From here?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- You are welcome.
I am a social worker.
I am attached with AIIMS.
I wanted to enquire about Mr. Vakil.
I know him for the past 23 years.
Was this an accident
or some police case?
I don't know that.
My job is to find out
if he has any relatives.
I don't know of any relatives.
But there is a lady with
whom he was acquainted with...
...for the past many years.
Minu Rastogi.
She was a prostitute in Paharganj.
Mr. Vakil's acquaintance
with her was still strong.
Then she should
know about his death.
Where does she stay?
- Where is D-40?
- The second house.
ls Minu Rastogi here?
Who are you?
Mumbai Police.
I want to speak with her.
Please come in.
- Hello!
- Hello! Please have a seat.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Come here.
Get this medicine.
Yes, Ma'am.
Please sit.
- Sugar?
- One spoon.
I have diabetes.
My doctor has completely
banned sugar for me.
You are young.
- Here...
- Thank you.
How did Mr. Vakil's
fame reach the Mumbai police?
It's a long story.
I have a lot of time.
- Got the medicine?
- No, Ma'am.
- Did you look properly?
- Yes, Ma'am.
If I find it later,
you know I'll shoot you, right?
I keep my servants on a tight leash.
Go do your work.
I hadn't sent Harish
to get medicine.
I had sent him to see
if there are cops outside.
No, no, I have come alone.
O God, strange are your ways!
The person my son is looking
for in the whole city... sitting right here in his
own house. And that too all alone!
That boy who calls you,
is my son. Karan.
What do you call him?
The kid.
This is his house.
What's happening to you?
Feeling dizzy?
Oh yeah... I put
sedatives in your tea.
Now you won't be capable
of doing anything.
And my Karan will
be back in some time.
You killed Vakil, right!
My Karan will torture you to death.
What fun it'll be!
Hello, Ma'am! How are you?
I am Walt.
Actually my name is Karan.
But I have changed it to Walt.
It's the name of the
hero in an English show.
So you did keep your promise.
You found me on the 27th day.
That's amazing.
I will keep my promise too.
I won't kill you.
I'll just bring you to a state...
...where you'll beg me
to kill you.
Mom, what's for lunch?
Are all the girls ready?
Alka, you are on what's app again!
- Sorry, Ma'am.
- They will be here soon.
I'll get them ready
in just five minutes.
How many times have I told you
that don't doll them up like kids?
Those rascals should see
their lovers in them not daughters.
Honey, please. Thank you.
Open your mouth...
Good girl!
That's good.
And don't behave like a fool there.
Be sexy!
Good girl!
Did you get what Ma'am is saying?
No, no, don't tie her hair.
Remove the pins. Quick. Quick.
Thank you.
Look at that.
Aren't you looking ravishing now!
- Go put on your shoes.
- Be careful.
- And put on a smile.
- Keep it down.
- Did you get that woman!
- Yes.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Very good.
She's very strong.
- Look how she's still fighting.
- Wait!
Who is she?
I don't know.
- Wait!
- Get back to work everybody!
ls everyone ready?
Alka, anyone left?
No, Ma'am, all are ready.
Should I take them downstairs?
No, no! I am going
to perform here now.
Everybody please wait and watch.
Come on. Get out and be ready.
- Off you go! Come on!
- Yes, go on.
Come on. You foreigner, come on.
Get out.
- Look at her desperate attempts!
- Let her try!
She's not asking you.
Julia, there's no movie
being shown here.
Go, or else I'll slap you! Go!
We still have to deck her up.
Get her out of the sack.
- Open it.
- Yes, Ma'am.
Ma'am, please co-operate.
Why are you fighting so much?
Hang on, hang on. There, it's open.
Hold it Madam. Cool down.
Get lost!
Listen girl!
I have been doing this since
before you were even born!
I know exactly how to
tame the likes of you!
Just untie my hands and see... won't have a tongue
left to speak or eyes to see!
Hit her!
There's no use talking to her!
Don't hit the face.
Au ntyl
' pvaari!
Hey! Wait!
- Aunty! Please!
- Pyaari!
Please, please! Let her go!
Let me meet her.
Once, just once.
I'll do whatever you say.
Do my make-up.
Saw Mattu!
That's how you fix such dames!
Get your make-up done.
' Pvaari!
I slapped her hard.
All this is because of me.
NO, Au nty!
I am alive because of you.
Enough of this nonsense!
Enough! Stop it!
Stop this emotional
melodrama. Come on!
Aunty, no!
- You have to get your make-up done.
- Take her away!
Now, it's looking beautiful.
Hi, darling!
Oh hi! Long time.
Take good care of them, sweety.
Please come, Sir!
The whole arrangement
is especially for you.
Thank you.
Everything is ready, Sir.
Hi, good evening.
Sir, when will Mr. Taneja come?
- He will come at his own time.
- Oh yes. Of course!
You first show me your arrangements.
- Please come, Sir.
- Sir, your phone...
Angie, baby, wait. Right
now he's just checking things out.
He'll come later.
Come, Sir.
Security is very tight.
It's for your benefit, Sir.
Only when there's no fear
of being photographed...
...can a person enjoy freely.
Julia, come, baby.
Come, come, for Sir.
Don't be shy. Sir...
Girls get abducted
in our cities for free...
In broad day light.
But when one guy sets up
a small organized business...
...and everyone gets upset!
Why did you do all of this?
What did you get?
You women get personal too soon.
I agree that you are a cop,
from the crime branch.
But to obsessively chase
just one criminal?
What kind of professionalism
is this?
Where did you learn this?
That's why we men climb on top and
you women just stare at the ceiling.
You know what I am saying,
Miss Shivani?
The night is young.
Stare at the ceiling
and scream your lungs out.
That's right.
There's no point.
Crime branch!
Sir has come.
Good evening, Sir. This is Mattu!
- Welcome, Sir!
- God bless you.
- How are you?
- All good.
Everything's ready for you.
Welcome, Sir!
- All well?
- With your blessings.
- Please come, Sir.
- Tandon...
Wait here.
Come, Sir.
Come, Sir.
Tandon, have you checked
everything personally?
Yes, Sir.
You are bound to be happy
with the arrangements.
Come, Sir.
- Everything's ready.
- This way, Sir.
Sir, to your left.
The arrangements look great.
Yes. You are the one who gave
us the opportunity to serve you.
There's a special gift
for you in the suite upstairs.
You should check it
out if you are in the mood.
Everybody knows.
Be it the opposition or women...
...l am always in a mood to crush!
Spoken like a true leader!
Brilliant, brilliant, I say!
I have heard a lot about you.
Yes, I am who you think I am.
Everybody has their own hobbies.
lam sure even you do.
My hobby is this.
Have you really come to rape me?
I don't know how
one pretends to rape.
You fight with all your strength.
Only then it'll be fun.
You want to rape me!
Get up! Come on!
Stop this party!
Get out!
What is happening?
Walt, where the hell are you?
- Get out!
- What is going on, Mattu!
Where did she come from!
She has lost it!
Karan Rastogi, do you want
this minister alive or not?
Tandon! Do something, Tandon!
Mattu, wait!
Karan, if anything happens to Sir... and your mom
will die a miserable death.
One second, Ma'am. What do you want?
I want all the girls out.
What are you staring at, Alka?
Send all the girls out.
- Girls, go out.
- Come on!
Mattu, are you dead!
Come on, Julia.
Angie, baby, hurry up. Scarlett, go.
Hurry up!
Fast, girls! Fast!
Hurry up, Alka.
- Pyaari, wait.
- Au nty.
- Mattu!
- Yes?
Give the key of the
mobile locker to Pyaari.
Give her the damn key.
You got the girls.
What else do you want?
You will come with me.
Chill, Ma'am.
Chill. Chill, it's okay.
- Step back. Step back.
- Help!
- Help!
- Raise your hands.
Tell them that no one moves
from here till you get back.
Nobody moves from here.
Tandon, keep him in check.
You wait.
Everybody, we have got
a bit of a situation.
lam going to son
it out and be right back.
Raise your hands! Move!
Come on.
Move quickly! Look ahead.
Damn! She has locked the door!
Come on quickly.
Aunty, but the exit
is this side.
We are not going out.
Open it!
Open! Get in.
Come on, girls. Get in.
Be there.
Pyaari, close the door.
Lock the door. Lock it!
- Okay, okay.
- Get in!
Get in!
Not bad, Ma'am. Not bad at all.
You guys think we cops
are morons, right?
But how did you manage to do this?
When I got the address
to your place...
...l had no clue
that it is your house.
- Where is D-40?
- Second from the front.
In crime branch we are trained to...
...carefully scan a place
before entering.
- Does Minu Rastogi stay here?
- Yes, she does.
Who else stays with her?
Her son and a servant.
How old is the son?
Around 25-26.
I was wondering what to do next
when I heard a sound.
Maybe God was trying
to tell me something.
I had heard this Azaan before.
But where?
Then I remembered.
But you can't do any harm to me.
Because I am still alive.
And I am comfortably
sitting in my own house.
That is the first time I wondered
if you are Minu Rastogi's son.
But then who will take
a risk with you?
I began watching your house.
I spotted you the next day.
Although, I hadn't seen you before.
But one look at your sly face...
...and I knew it had to be you.
The first thing I did was
put a GPS tracker in your car.
48 hours went by... didn't go to any
of your hostels or warehouses.
I wanted to reach Pyaari...
...and also the other girls.
Even if we did arrest you,
what could we charge you with?
That's when I decided that
there's no point wasting time.
Now you yourself
will take me to Pyaari.
I entered your house
but I was fully prepared.
I just had to make the move
at the right time.
Now I just need to inform Sodhi.
He'll track us on the GPS
and come here with the police unit.
Pyaari, get the phone.
And what if I would have
killed you right then?
I had to take that risk.
Like I said,
I knew your type.
You wouldn't kill
me that easily.
You would want to exploit me
like other women.
I must give it to you. But what now?
Sodhi, come.
The police will take at
least 25 minutes to get here.
Your freedom lies behind that door.
And I am standing in
between you and your freedom.
Kill me and claim your freedom.
Women... women...
Take everything personally, right?
Come on.
Let me see how far
on top a man can climb.
As you wish.
Get up! Get up!
Hit me, Ma'am.
How much will you hit me?
You will me hit me a little
and then arrest me, right?
You are forgetting one thing, Ma'am.
This is India.
Over here,
if you have the right contacts...
...the biggest of scandals
can be buried.
This is trivial in comparison.
So till then you
hit me and have fun.
Hit me, Ma'am.
There is nothing else you can do.
This is India.
This one thing you are right about.
This is India.
'This' is what goes on here.
These people sitting outside
will bury your crime?
They can do it only if you
reach the police station.
But you won't reach the police
station because this is India.
Here, if you don't want
to bother the court too much...
...issues can be settled this way.
Get up!
Some people call it an 'Encounter'.
Some call it 'Teaching a lesson'.
Get up!
Some also call it the 'Lokpal Bill'.
What's your plan?
Are you going to murder me?
In front of everyone?
This is India.
In India, if 50 people
take the law in their hands...
...and kill someone, then
it's not called a murder.
It's called 'Public outrage'.
From right now, never again
will I let you crush my pride
You can have my body slain
but you can't have my soul tied
From right now, never again
will I let you crush my pride
You can have my body slain
but you can't have my soul tied
Touch my heart and I promise
you will mean the world to me
But if you ever mess with me
I'll teach you a lesson
you won't forget
I'll teach you a lesson
you won't forget
If you think being a man gives you
the right to sell me like cattle
I will in that same place
destroy your entire race
Hold my hand and walk with me
and I will never leave your side
But if you ever mess with me
I'll teach you a lesson
you won't forget
I'll teach you a lesson
you won't forget
In a skin or a saree, at day
or at night I will not walk afraid
I won't lead a life
full of fear and regret
In a world where mothers and sisters
are not a blessing but a curse
I will break all shackles of rules
belonging to this world
Change the way you look at me and
I will shield you from the evil eye
But if you ever mess with me
I'll teach you a lesson
you won't forget
Walt died on his way
to the hospital.
Mattu became a prosecution witness.
He revealed everything about Walt,
Minu and Vakil along with
Tandon's involvement to the court.
First, the girls made up
Minu's face.
And then God did.
Minu later suffered
a paralysis attack.
Taneja survived
and is now in Tiharjail.
His scarred face is an
amusement to most in the jail.
Today, we could bring back
the smile on Pyaari's face.
But there are many like Pyaari that
have to be rescued from this muck.
Many others like Karan Rastogi
who are still scat-free...
must be stopped.
The Mardaani (Fighter)
that's hidden within...
has to be discovered by
every woman, every girl herself.
The war is still on.