Mardaani 2 (2019) Movie Script

More than 2000 rape crimes are committed by
boys under 18 years in India every year - NCRB.
And these are just registered cases.
Kota, Rajasthan.
Welcome to Tora Tora Booking.
Ticket 50 rupees.
Spare a few coins
in the name of God!
- You wanna eat?
- Yes, I'm hungry.
If you happen to overeat...'ll feel you won't be hungry
for the rest of the day.
But that's not how it is.
An hour or two later than usual,
your belly starts rumbling.
Appetite is like a bottomless pit.
Satisfying it is also pointless.
Next time the belly aches even more,
rumbles louder.
Some people's appetite is stronger
than their hunger.
Take me!
You can give me anything to eat,
I'm not fussy.
But when... comes to girls...
...I have a particular choice.
I'm hard to please.
You're always busy, Monty.
- What were you doing yesterday?
- I told you. I was in class.
So why didn't you take my call
today then?
Am I crazy to keep calling you?
You don't understand me.
Think I'm stupid?
Find yourself some brainy girl.
This one.
I have a particular taste
for brazen girls like her.
I've done a PhD on them.
I'm off. Don't follow me.
Go to hell!
- Watch it, you blind fool!
- Sorry.
Monty, I said I don't wanna talk
to you.
Hello, madam.
The owner of this phone
has had an accident.
Yours was the last number dialed.
That's why I'm calling.
Hurt his head, did he? Tell him
to call me if he has the guts.
Madam, I don't understand
what you're saying.
Here I'm trying to help you...
If you want his phone, tell me.
Or else I'm hanging up.
OK. Can you bring the phone to me?
Where are you?
Madam, I'm on a road near the
Nagar Nigam building.
I'm right there. Can you see me?
Yes, I see you, madam.
You have a red bag, right?
I see you.
I'll blow the horn for you.
Your friend's phone.
Oh my God!
What's happened to him?
- Madam, does he have a white bike?
- Yes, white.
He was speeding and a truck
hit him from behind.
He has a bad head injury.
Where is he?
Madam, they said they'd take him
to the Kota General Hospital.
- The Kota General Hospital?
- Yes.
OK. Thank you.
Madam, I can drop you there
if you want.
No. I'll find my own way.
Excuse me. If you're going that way,
please can you drop me?
I won't find an auto or a bus easily
at this time.
That's why I offered you a ride.
Madam, get in.
This isn't the way to the hospital.
Stop the car, please.
It's the right way. The other road
is blocked with Dusshera traffic.
Are you going to stop the car?
Child trafficking case breakthrough. Mumbai
crime branch officer nabs child trafficking kingpin.
March 2015.
UPSC Toppers: 2015
Meet the young guns of India.
Hyderabad 2015.
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
National Police Academy.
Shivani Shivaji Rao.
Juvenile criminal cases
rise in the nation.
Time has now to take action.
Rape free India.
Nationwide protests against
Violence on women.
Missing girl found dead.
Dead body recovered from nearby lake.
Cops unable to nab criminal.
IPS yearbook 2012-16.
Cops nab dacoits in Bharatpur - ASP Shivani Shivaji
Roy on a mission to make India safe again.
Kota welcome new SP:
Shivani Shivaji Roy.
Shivani ma'am...
Now what's in store for me today!
You'll get the official statement
The enquiry is on.
We have some leads.
Jai Hind!
Jai Hind. What's going on, Vinay?
- Everything's under control.
- You call this 'under control?
Is Mr Shekhawat here to give a press
conference or do his job?
He loves the spotlight, madam.
One question, madam.
Mr Shekhawat has told you everything.
Please go home.
One question, madam.
Do you think there's a political angle
to this murder?
You cover sports, don't you?
- The editor's given you crime?
- Our crime reporter's on holiday.
You'll get the official statement
Officer Rawat!
Vinay, tell Sagar in forensics
to write up the report.
- Jai Hind! SP, ma'am.
- Jai Hind.
- Is your wife's jaundice any better?
- Yes, madam.
- She was discharged yesterday.
- Very good.
Tell you what, cook her meals
from now on.
- Yes, madam.
- I'm not joking. Go home.
- Now, madam?
- I'm suspending you.
- What did I do, madam?
- Guess.
Did you ask the press to stay
to catch a glimpse of me?
DySP Shekhawat summoned them, madam.
What's up, DySP?
Rearing reporters these days?
Careful. They'll turn around
and bite you one day.
He must have dragged her
from here to over there.
You got scared of her?
So you pinned it on me?
What choice, sir?
I'm forever caught between
the two of you.
Look at the fuss she's making.
That's the problem with women.
They work less, playact more.
And don't even get me started
on her caste.
I've solved the case
while she's wasting time.
- You know who did it?
- I've even arrested the killer.
Once he's thrashed,
he'll sing like a bird.
He's left-handed. And short.
Come. Let's examine the girl.
- He took out his rage on her.
- Let me handle her now.
Madam, if you're satisfied now,
may I say something?
The missing persons list
was made recently.
- She looks like the girl who...
- ...went missing on Dusshera.
She was last seen arguing with
her 19-year-old boyfriend.
Madam, I've picked up her boyfriend
from his hostel.
You'll have his confession
in a few hours.
We're the police, not the media
to pronounce a verdict without proof.
Her boyfriend plays cricket at a club.
He's right-handed.
Did you see the rope marks
on her feet?
A left hand did that.
Her back has deep belt marks,
made with the left hand.
Madam, those are the marks
I'm talking about.
It's a hate crime.
When a man's ego is hurt,
he can go to any lengths.
And girls like her...
Girls like her? Meaning?
For these modern girls... boyfriend isn't enough.
If you ask me,
they're just asking for it.
You're well-trained in human behaviour!
It wasn't part of our studies.
I've been in the force for 18 years.
Some things don't need to be taught.
You're so right.
Instead of examining
the crime scene...
...some people worry about morality.
Her nose was broken.
We'll know the cause of death
after the post-mortem.
But I'd say she was strangled
to death.
Not by his hands.
He used a belt studded with nails.
Instead of judging the girl's
character, find the belt.
It might lead us to the murderer.
Doesn't look good, Shivani.
She's suffered a brutal sexual assault.
The rapist is no novice.
We found a small amount of
Isoflurane in her blood.
To make her unconscious.
Uneven abrasions on the back,
neck and torso.
Because she was dragged
some distance.
She has multiple contusions and deep
lacerations to the neck and back.
I've seen them.
She was hit with something sharp.
As there wasn't much Isoflurane
in her blood...
...she must've come around
while he was beating her.
Even so, the Isoflurane
did have an effect for a while.
When she regained consciousness,
she probably had no strength left.
She couldn't fight or run.
He beat her so badly...
...that she'd come around
so he could torture her some more.
Yes, you're right.
And this is the worst part.
Vulvar rupture, broken hymen,
multiple bite marks...
...on the face, neck and torso.
He bit a piece of flesh off her cheek
while raping her. Bloody monster!
Cause of death?
She has ligature marks on her neck.
Her hyoid bone was badly compressed.
Looks like he used his belt or
something similar to strangle her.
One semen sample? Or many?
Just one.
When will I get a detailed report?
Thank you, doctor.
Please, just get that bas!
I will.
Keep a watch out!
This is a city of students.
Every year students from all over
India come to study in this small town.
A crime like this not only impacts
the city, but all of India.
Right now thousands of parents
are protesting outside my office.
We have to catch a suspect soon.
Yes, sir. I need my own team.
Tell Shekhawat. He'll find you
a good team.
Sir, I'm leading the team,
not Shekhawat.
Choose whoever you want.
But arrest this scumbag without delay!
Right, sir.
And don't be emotional.
Use your head.
Yes, sir.
Was there anyone stalking her
at college?
Latika was outspoken.
And that might have attracted
the wrong types.
What are you implying?
This was waiting to happen?
No, no, of course not.
But one should be more careful.
My wife believed...
...I spoilt my daughter.
There were two boys who hounded us.
So one day Latika brought some eggs...
...and threw them at the boys.
I own a medical store in Keshavpura.
After class, Latika would
come straight there...
...and look after the store.
That day she returned home
from the store at 6pm... changed and went out.
She told me, "I'm going to the Dusshera
fair with Preeti and Monty."
I asked her to eat first.
She said...
"I'll eat when I'm back, Ma."
- Is Banwari back from the village?
- Yes, Pandit-ji.
The construction will continue
next month.
Tell Banwari to get his boys together.
- Yes, Pandit-ji.
- Did you meet the boy?
When did you come from Meerut?
A week ago.
Only now you find time to see me?
I was busy sightseeing.
I hear if a politician in Meerut
needs getting rid of, they pick you.
I'm giving you a break because
of Jogi.
If you screw up...
...I'll strangle you with my own hands.
Got it?
- Kunwar!
- Yes, Pandit-ji?
His photo.
Name: Kamal Parihar.
He's a journalist.
His address and phone number
are on the back.
Murder him but don't make it look
like murder.
Birju, give him the phone.
Keep it.
This heinous crime has shocked
the entire country.
He can't do it.
Shall I talk to Birju?
Let us now listen in to SP Roy's
press conference.
We hear the rapist is handicapped.
The CCTV footage shows
a man who is limping steal a car.
He's wearing a mask.
Where did you hear such rot?
He's not handicapped.
He's trying to make us
look like fools.
The footprints at the crime scene
are clear.
The CCTV footage shows him limping.
A minute later, he's fine.
The suspect thinks he's smart
but he is not.
In Mumbai, we usually call such idiots
I promise you.
I'll drag this lowlife by the collar
straight to court.
"I'll drag this lowlife by the collar
straight to court."
Shivani Shivaji Roy!
Jai Hind!
Did you call, madam?
What's this?
Madam, this...?
You gave Beniwal permission
to hold a rally?
- He's a young politician...
- Even though I said no?
Madam, I didn't think there'd be
a law and order problem.
Do you ever weigh up
the consequences, Shekhawat?
There'll be 10,000 people
in that rally.
A girls college and a hospital
are on that route.
What if some boys in the rally
harass the college girls?
What if it causes a traffic jam
near the hospital?
You're right.
But sometimes traffics jams
are caused by lady drivers.
We can't ban them from driving, right?
There are more rapes than traffic jams
in our country.
We can't ban men
from the streets, right?
Ban this pointless rally and let's
concentrate on work.
- May I come in, madam?
- Yes.
- This came for you, ma'am.
- Who sent it?
He's gone.
"Delighted to have met you.
"My collar is waiting for your touch..."
- Anyone see who delivered the flowers?
- No, madam.
Kishorepura - Police Station,
There's a saying
an itch attracts an itch.
A woman who acts like a man
and shows off... someone with that itch.
You must've seen a huge
"No entry" sign.
Two cops tried to stop you
but you just rammed through.
Madam, I'm in a big hurry.
Please cooperate with me.
It's not for personal work,
I'm doing a public service.
You first break the law, then talk
of being a patriot?
Sharma, why are you feeling shy?
Give him a ticket.
Yes, madam.
Do you know which Party
I belong to?
I'm unlikely to win a million-rupee
cheque for guessing.
Pay the fine and get going!
Stop wasting our time.
Her attitude reminds me of a story
I heard when I was a kid.
When I was 8, a newly-wed, Mrs Gupta,
moved into the house facing ours.
Next day she came into my Dad's shop
and caught him cheating.
She said, "I'll call the police."
Being a typical woman...
...she wanted her cakes
weighed without the box.
The idea of the police did not scare
my father...
...but he preferred to end it there,
so he apologised to Mrs Troublemaker.
He told her to take an extra kilo
of whatever she was buying.
She refused and started lecturing him.
She said: "You've been cheating
our neighbourhood for years."
Hey, doll! What's up?
Wanna ride in my car?
Wanna go for a ride?
Give them two hard slaps!
Charge them with IPC 354!
You louts! Harassing young girls.
Mrs Troublemaker then filed
a police report.
My father ended up in jail
for two nights.
That was not his first time.
But this time he was jailed
because of a woman's itch.
Mrs Troublemaker had her itch.
But so did I.
She owned a dog.
So one night I fed rat poison
to her dog.
Lakhawat enterprises.
The lady went nuts.
She cried blue murder and filed
another report against father.
My father went stir crazy.
Hurry up!
Take it inside.
Careful with that!
Go easy.
Thanks to Mrs Troublemaker's itch,
my father got enraged.
So one day...
...he went to her house
and taught her a proper lesson.
Don't ask what it was.
The moral of the story?
A heroine should stay a heroine...
...not try to become a hero.
Now I'll have to teach this madam...
...a proper lesson.
This may be the first time
Kota's has a female SP.
Vikram, I'll call you back.
A saree, a make-up kit, two pairs
of sandals and a bag are missing.
He wants to challenge me.
He seems mad, madam.
Imagine challenging an SP!
What are you thinking?
I'll supervise the case from this office.
I don't want to leave any loose ends.
Besides you're handling the case,
communication will be easier. Right?
Pandit-ji's on the line.
Why are you spinning aimlessly
in the galaxy like Pluto?
Spying on me? I'm on it.
Why chase the SP instead
of fixing the journalist?
I have my ways!
Your job will be done in a few days.
I'm glad you called.
I need a car and some stuff. OK?
Here, brother.
Get me my stuff fast,
your job will be done fast.
Don't stare at me. Go!
I have work to do.
You're flying too high.
I'll clip your wings someday.
- Really?
- Really.
Hey! Take the glass away.
- The tea's great. You made it?
- Yes.
I make great tea too.
- What's your name?
- Pravin.
So, Pravin, listen...
...if I pay you 50,000 rupees a month,
will you work for me?
Journalist - Kamal Parihar.
Your phone number...
What's wrong? You all right?
I fast on Fridays... sometimes I feel faint.
Can I have a glass of water?
Of course. Come with me.
Sorry... sorry.
I won't harm you.
Swear on my mother!
Aabha Parihar?
Talk to your husband.
Hello, Aabha!
- Beniwal's men?
- Maybe...
Must we do all the talking
on the phone?
Let my boy bring you here.
My name's Kamal Parihar.
I'm going to commit suicide.
Because of my wife.
She's been having
an affair for 6 months.
I felt so enraged.
I was so disturbed...
...that I had my wife
and her lover killed.
Now I'm ending my life.
That's all you had to do.
He made this video before
he had them killed.
Apparently his wife was having
an affair.
So he got his wife
and her lover murdered...
...and then committed suicide.
- All make-believe.
- Pardon?
Remember that saree stolen
from my house?
- This is the same saree.
- What?
We may never have linked Latika
and Parihar's case...
...if that lowlife hadn't used my saree
to hang Kamal Parihar.
Guys, what we're dealing with here
is the new age criminal.
Being famous carries more weight
than being rich now.
And our killer, Mr Lowlife,
is an egoist.
If you guys remember...
...I called him an idiot at Latika's
press conference.
Maybe that hurt him.
Now he's trying to show me
how daring he is.
He has no fear of being caught.
He just doesn't want an ordinary life.
You're right, ma'am.
Killing for the sake of one's ego
is no big deal.
When I catch this scum
I'll shove his ego up his a!
- Madam, the tea-boy.
- Call him in.
Let's take a break.
Then we'll examine the crime scene
in detail.
I'm sure we'll find something.
Good idea, ma'am.
The forensic report will take
a week anyway.
As soon as you get it,
match it with Latika's report.
OK, ma'am.
Sagar, make sure you follow up.
Who's he? A new guy?
Bhanwar Singh's new tea-boy.
Poor kid is mute.
What happened to the other kid?
Bhanwar Singh told me Pravin
left some days ago.
This is so dry.
Didn't you bring any chutney?
- Want some tea?
- Sure.
Bajrang! Serve mister your finest tea.
Go easy on the sugar.
Not too sweet.
Madam and her pet Vinay
can't tolerate being apart.
Madam is smart. She keeps
hanging around Vinay's office.
Never mind about all that...
...nowadays she's gallivanting
about alone.
She must've found another man.
I can tell her type by her face.
That's why I didn't let her bully me.
She maybe an SP, but I can get her
transferred whenever I want.
No doubt you can.
Not too sweet?
You have Kota in your control.
But how is this saree
and Kamal Parihar's case linked?
Madam doesn't tell us anything.
How can she? It's her saree.
Did she forget there? Or did someone
undrape it for her?
A sure case for enquiry.
Find out! That's your job.
The car was blown up.
And no one even saw it arrive?
- We are away all day.
- So there's no one here?
Yes. Our children are here.
Did you see anyone?
- Does your son have asthma?
- What?
Isn't that an inhaler?
This thing? He must have picked it up
If you remember anything, call me.
Tell them if you remember anything.
We found a witness who saw
the killer in the car park.
This is a major breakthrough, ma'am.
But what exactly did the kid see?
I've called Kumar to make a sketch.
Send him in when he gets here.
The kid saw a man in the car park
the day before.
Must be Kamal Parihar's killer.
And Latika.
Who is it?
Who's there?
What the hell are you doing?
Dropped a cup? No one was here.
So who were you serving?
Vinay, cool down.
Const. Jhakar sent him here.
Don't sneak around again.
There's a kid and his father outside.
Get them some tea.
And bring tea for us.
Vinay Jaiswal - Station House Officer.
Our killer has asthma.
Before leaving the car park, he used
his inhaler and then discarded it.
Lahanya picked it up.
I've called a sketch artist.
Lahanya will help him make
the killer's sketch.
We'll see how long he can escape.
- How long will the sketch take?
- A while more.
Lahanya, are you done?
Lahanya, are you done?
Lahanya, open the door!
This is ridiculous!
You were given one job, Anup.
What the hell's going on here?
Don't stare at me!
Go and find him!
Hello, sir.
Who is this?
Sir, a train ran over a kid
near the bypass.
Tragic! But what can I do?
File a police report yourself.
Sir, if I did that,
how will it benefit you?
He's the boy your SP called
as a witness in the murder enquiry.
Now the poor boy has killed himself.
If the press find out,
the boss will be in big trouble.
Your call, sir.
Hey, I think this man is making
a video of me.
I'll teach him a lesson.
Forget it! It's not worth it.
Wait! I'll fix him.
- Hello. Shooting a video?
- Sorry, madam?
You heard what I said.
Don't act smart.
Give me your phone!
Madam, what...?
Where are your manners?
I'm a respectable man.
Don't you teach me manners!
I'm a respectable man, madam.
I'll give you a slap
you'll never forget.
Give me your phone!
Don't play the heroine!
Would you dare film
your mother like this?
Filming your mother!
Acting smart!
Here's your phone. Now go!
Scram! Or I'll call the police.
Move it!
No breaking news these days,
so get ready for a big scoop.
Is it true the witness died
in police custody?
My son, Lahanya!
What have you done to my son?
My son!
Where's my son?
Fingers are being pointed at SP Roy
in a double murder case.
Are the police to blame for
an innocent boy's death?
Will the administration take
Shivani Roy to task?
You've been played, Shivani.
I can see that, sir.
Beniwal was a tough enemy,
now you have Shekhawat too.
I didn't make an enemy
of Brij Shekhawat.
He hates taking orders
from a woman.
True, but instead of managing him,
you turned him against you.
Sir, my job isn't managing egos.
You know your habit
of being outspoken... seen as arrogance.
When a woman is competent...
...and, God forbid, successful too...
...what's expected of her...
...since she's been given
the chance to be successful... that she behaves appropriately.
And that she's humble and polite.
If she ignores the rules,
city folk call her a bit...
...and to small towners she's
a snooty bit! Right?
Unfortunately you're right!
These are the rules of the world
we live in.
The police are not apart
from that world.
I get it, sir.
Now that my transfer order is here,
please WhatsApp it to me.
Thank you, sir.
Hello, Vikram.
Shivani, I'm with a patient.
Can I call you later?
Yeah, sure.
Fingers are being pointed
at SP Roy.
Where's my son?
I'll drag this lowlife by the collar
straight to court.
I've been transferred.
Tomorrow's Diwali.
The person who'll take charge
will come in two days.
You're aware just how diligently
I follow the rules.
So, for the next two days,
until my replacement arrives...
...I'll believe I'm still the city's SP.
And in these two days I have
a huge task before me.
To catch Latika's killer.
So no breaks and no sleep.
Kota's police force will work 24/7.
I know it's Diwali.
If anyone wants to celebrate Diwali,
opt out now.
- No one's forcing you to work.
- No, madam.
We're with you.
- Sure?
- Yes, madam!
We'll catch this vermin in two days.
- Any doubts?
- No, madam!
48 Hours.
So what do we have till now?
The suspect's inhaler.
Bharti, get a team to check
every medical store in Kota.
Find out when the inhaler was bought.
I need the batch number.
- Any questions?
- No, madam.
- Good. Get to work then.
- Yes, madam.
Where's everyone?
They've left for madam's office.
It's her last day in Kota.
God knows who we'll have
to put up with next.
Kamal Parihar had many enemies.
From the mining mafia to top
politicians. He was reckless.
Maybe he was murdered
by a contract killer.
That's evident.
At the Mumbai crime branch I learned
there's no smoke without fire.
And if someone took out
a contract on him...
...then some gangster or police
informant is bound to be in the know.
Your underworld contacts any good?
They're good. But getting information
out of them takes time and...
...we don't have time.
May I speak?
I hope it won't annoy you.
Mr Shekhawat has been here
for 18 years.
His network of informants
is very strong.
If he helps us, we can get
the information we need.
Fair enough.
In times of need one must embrace
idiots too.
I felt bad about your transfer, madam.
No one can last long
if they cross you.
Cross me, madam?
I have nothing against you.
I meant it as a compliment.
As a senior colleague, I should've
shown you more respect.
Why are you saying all this?
Let's put it behind us.
Diwali is soon.
Then someone else will take charge.
Before I leave, I want to make
progress in the Latika case.
Without you, it's unlikely.
Maybe that's why my parents
named me "Brij."
You know what the name means.
'A bridge connecting two shores.'
Without me no one makes it across.
Help us cross over to the other side.
I'll be gone in two days... you'll be seen as the hero
who solved the case.
My contact works in Mohan Jewellers
in Rampura market.
He will take you to the right guy.
Who took out a contract on Parihar?
And who was the hitman?
- You really cut to the chase!
- No time to waste.
So I'll cut to the chase too.
If I start giving free information,
there'd be a contract in my name.
Hello, sir. Shivani here.
Yes, sir. All good.
I need a favour, sir.
A friend has a consignment stuck
at customs for over 3 months.
Nothing illegal.
Just paperwork missing.
But, sir, I need it now.
I'll message you the details.
Thank you so much.
Your homework's first-rate.
So is your network. Now talk.
I've spoken to the top guy,
you'll get a message soon.
No, madam.
My network stays out of range
till he texts.
How come you're so clued in?
I deal only in pricey goods.
And I don't mean diamonds.
Mr Mukesh said in today's world
information fetches the most. Data!
See for yourself.
You got my goods worth 20 million
cleared in return for information.
My diamonds would not
get me as much.
Viplav Beniwal.
Viplav Beniwal paid a hitman
to get Parihar.
Without proof you can't touch him.
Or all hell will break loose.
Talk to Kunwar.
Sir, do you have a match?
Hit the scoundrel! Talk!
Talk! Who's the hitman?
Dip him in.
- Dip him in.
- Pull him out.
Talk! What's his name?
His name is Sunny.
He works for Pandit.
Pandit sent for him from Meerut.
You know the building
under construction near Kunhadi?
He's living there.
Because I got a tip-off in time
so you were saved.
Get out of town for a few days.
No more messing around.
Get it?
Yes, Bharti?
We've made a major breakthrough,
The killer bought his inhaler
at Jeevan Medical Stores.
And madam, the store belongs
to Latika's father.
- What?
- Yes, madam.
We're checking the CCTV footage.
- I'm sure we'll find something.
- I'll join you in half an hour.
Once we find a shot of him on CCTV,
he won't escape us.
Anup, seal the crime scene.
And take the girl to the hospital.
All the beggars are my friends.
I take care of them.
That's why they help me
when I need them.
Step up the security, Shivani.
And track that boy down.
Yes, sir, we're keeping
a close watch.
I'll keep you posted. Yes, sir.
What happened to you?
Bajrang, get up!
I'll take you to the hospital.
Bajrang, stay awake!
Don't doze off.
The hospital's not far.
Hang in there, please.
Stay awake, please.
That's it.
Good, Bajrang.
How did this happen?
Who hit you?
Talk to me, Bajrang.
Sunny. That's your name, right?
I saw your belt when you were getting
into the car, you monster!
You rapist!
Hit me. Hit me, madam.
I'm crazy. I need treatment, madam.
Sure, I'll get you treated
at the police station.
I know I've been evil.
I deserve to be thrashed.
Hit me.
Yes, Vinay. I've got Sunny.
Forgive me.
Hurry to the station near the bridge.
I'll see you there.
- Jai Hind.
- Jai Hind, Anup.
Any news?
Sunny nearly drowned, but a fisherman
managed to save him.
Before Vinay could get to
the fisherman's hut, he was gone.
- Is the fisherman in custody?
- Yes.
Good. Get a detailed statement
from him.
And the girl we saw at Sunny's?
How is she?
Better but she's still in shock.
He made her suffer like Latika.
Kota City Police - Rajasthan.
Latika's friend told us
about an incident on a bus.
A passenger filmed a guy
getting beaten up on the bus.
In 34 seconds, you'll see the guy
who teased Latika.
Latika didn't see Sunny. But we can
see him clearly in this video.
Good job, guys. Let this clip
go viral on WhatsApp.
Upload a video message from me.
I want this video on every phone
in Kota within the hour.
Oh, I gotta take this.
Happy Diwali!
- Happy Diwali!
- Happy Diwali, aunty!
Why are you wearing
such shabby clothes on Diwali?
It's style! You won't get it!
Look at your Diwali clothes!
They're shabbier than mine.
Come on, guys!
Don't fight today.
Meera, you made a Rangoli
for the first time.
- Won't you show it to your aunt?
- Just a minute.
It took me two hours to draw.
It's not bad.
But I think it can be better.
My social media queen, do you
ever study? Or only chatting?
Yes! I'm studying hard...
- Hey, where is she?
- She's gone.
Vikram, she has her college
submission next week.
I hope she's prepared.
Yeah, don't worry.
By the way, how's the pain?
I've taken my painkillers, doctor!
I think I'm gonna be good to go
for a few hours.
A video from Vigyan Nagar
in Kota has gone viral.
The clip shows a boy teasing a girl.
He's seen running from the bus.
When the other passengers tried
to catch him, the culprit fled.
The city SP has filmed a message
for everyone in Kota.
See how he ran when challenged
by an angry crowd.
This is the boy who brutally raped
and murdered Latika Agarwal.
Look carefully at his face.
The time has come for us all
to flush this rat from its sewer.
Anyone with any information,
please contact the police.
Greetings, Pandit-ji.
You had a close shave.
I'm not the type to die so easily.
You know that.
I told you to get out of town
and not mess around.
I don't leave without repaying
a debt.
Is that so? Then die.
You said you had another job
for me.
A job? For you?
Son, your face is plastered
all over Kota. You're famous.
Give me another chance.
I can do it.
You don't get it.
Hang up and get out of town.
Pandit-ji, you're ditching me when
I'm in trouble. I won't forget.
- Threatening me?
- No, giving you a chance.
You scoundrel!
You tease girls on buses
and get beaten up...
...and you have the audacity
to offer me another chance?
I'm no saint.
But I'll have nothing to do with a man
who rapes and murders young girls.
Now listen!
If you dare call me again,
I'll track you down...
...and shove a bomb up your...
Got it?
"Shove a bomb up it?"
- Hello.
- Yes?
The boy's still alive.
He called me asking for work.
I said no.
He's unbalanced.
I'll get someone else.
Pandit-ji, make it quick.
I'm running out of time.
When I make up my mind,
that's it.
People waste time thinking,
I just act.
One minute.
Yes, brother?
The owner of this phone has
had an accident.
I was near the junction. I saw
the accident with my own eyes.
- He has a blue car, right?
- Yes.
- Are you related to him?
- I'm his sister.
- Where are you?
- Mehta Nagar. And you?
Nearby. At KGK Classes.
I'll be there in two minutes.
How will I recognise you?
I'm wearing a yellow top.
Mom, please. Pick up!
Your's his phone.
That's his phone.
He's badly hurt.
They've rushed him to
Kota General Hospital.
Should I drop you there?
Pandit, got your granddaughter's photo?
Is it clear?
What do you want?
Look at your watch.
It's 5.10.
In two hours, at 7.10 sharp, the bomb
hanging round her neck will explode.
The explosives you gave me
to kill Kamal's wife...remember?
Sunny, this is between you and me.
Why drag her into this?
Now you listen!
You tell that damn SP to apologise
to me on TV.
Until I get her video on my phone...
...I won't tell you where your
grandchild is. So do as you please!
Why nurture rats you can't control!
- He's made life a living hell.
- Tell Pandit I'll fix it.
Get the CCTV footage from
the KGK Classes. I'm coming.
Rest assured, sir.
We're on the case.
I'm leading the investigation
personally. Yes, sir.
Madam, the Councillor was trying
to call you.
I have no time for such calls.
I have a job to do.
A child's life is at stake.
Just say you're sorry...
You think my apologising
will stop him?
If you don't, he'll kill her for sure.
Stop. Zoom in.
They stopped at the Talwandi
Do they turn left or right?
- Where's the other footage?
- One minute.
Ma'am, the other CCTV cameras
aren't working.
How's that possible?
Check again, Kanan.
The camera was on.
Here's the footage from
the previous hour.
You lout!
Three roads lead off that roundabout.
Where do we find him?
Show me the Talwandi footage.
Maybe he didn't go any further.
Your hunch was right.
They made a U-turn and headed back
to Rawatbhata.
This is five minutes later.
- The girl is with him.
- Follow him.
He's heading to Janta Industrial.
There are no CCTV cameras there.
No problem. We'll head there.
Shekhawat, get your team
and come with us.
Bharti, check if the bomb squad
has left Jaipur. Quick!
Restricted Area. Do not enter.
Authorized personnel only.
Trespassers will be prosecuted.
Dead end, madam.
There's no one here.
Please take my advice...
...just apologise.
Trespassers will be prosecuted.
There's so many cars about.
How come the watchman is asleep?
Search the place!
Where's the SP?
Brij, I don't want to talk to you.
Hey, SP!
I've been calling you for half an hour.
Why aren't you picking up?
- Vinay, escort him out.
- Hey, SP!
I've brought cash.
Name your price and say sorry
on camera.
Govind Mishra, do you want your
grandchild or my apology?
- Please. Let the police do their job.
- I don't trust the police.
And a woman even less.
You're being transferred, right?
I'll get it cancelled.
It's too late.
Look at your watch.
Only ten minutes to go.
Please. Let me do my job.
If anything happens to my grandchild,
I won't spare you.
Pandit-ji, come with me.
Madam, these boxes are full
of mannequins.
He must've hidden Priyanka
in one of these boxes.
Check them all. Anup, upstairs.
Madam, four minutes to go.
It'll be impossible to find her in time.
It wasn't easy calming Pandit down.
If we don't find Priyanka,
we'll all be fired.
If Sunny wanted to kill Priyanka,
he would've done it hours ago.
He doesn't just kill,
he wants to stage a spectacle.
He won't hide Priyanka in some box.
He'll keep her in a place
where she can be seen by everyone.
"If you hadn't humiliated me
in public...
"...I would not have to do this.
"Think carefully about your next step.
"Your lover, Sunny."
One second.
- Viplav Beniwal?
- Yes, speaking.
What a terrible thing has happened
to Pandit's grandchild!
Who is this?
Hear me out.
Pandit isn't of any use right now.
So who'll do your dirty work?
You want to?
Sure. It'll be done tomorrow.
- Know what the job is?
- I can guess.
You have two obstacles
to get the election ticket.
Kamal Parihar. I got rid of him.
But the second one is alive.
You can't win the ticket
while she lives.
If you help me skip town,
I'll do your job.
Think it over.
Even if I get caught,
the trail won't lead to you.
People think I'm nuts anyway.
Haven't seen you lately.
I'm right here. I've no intention
of going anywhere.
News of Priyanka's abduction
is spreading on social media.
I know. My phone
hasn't stopped ringing.
Here is the file you ordered
from Delhi.
He's in a jail in Meerut.
- Get an appointment.
- Yes, madam.
Bharti, go home.
Home? We have too much to do.
It's your first Diwali
as a newly-wed.
You're bound to miss it
next year too.
- Madam, you're too much!
- Dismissed.
- Jai Hind, madam.
- Jai Hind.
Ma'am, you need to watch TV.
Before the break
we were talking about...
...a game of chess being played
in the city of Kota.
The city's beautiful SP Shivani Roy
is being pursued... a two-time rapist
and murderer, Sunny.
In his attempt to express
his love for the SP...
...he worked as a tea-boy
in her office...
...but when Shivani uploaded
a video that went viral...
...showing him being thrashed
by a crowd... a fit of rage, he abducted
a young girl...
...and attempted to blow her up.
Wow! One should learn
how to use the press from you!
She wanted to make me
famous in Kota.
But I've made her infamous
all over India!
If a male officer were
in Shivani's place...
...could this crime have been
Or jackals like Sunny, who take
advantage of women, go scot-free?
Your friend and host, Amit Sharma,
will return...
...with questions for the SP.
Stay tuned.
Hello, sir.
Isn't this media circus getting
too much?
Along with you they're mocking
the entire police force.
And that too on Diwali!
I know, sir.
Amit Sharma is pestering me
to appear on his show.
You should've stopped working
on this case.
- You've been transferred anyway.
- I still have another day, sir.
Shall we end this ego trip, Shivani?
You're ruining the department's
name to prove a point.
Do you want me to catch the criminal?
Or handle the media?
You started this drama,
so deal with it.
Happy Diwali, Shivani.
I've called so many times.
Give me a chance to interview you.
Tomorrow at 10. In your studio.
Tomorrow? Madam, it's Diwali.
How about the day after?
Tomorrow or never.
My friend, then it's yes!
Happy Diwali to all my brothers
and sisters!
'Bitter Questions.'
Your host Amit Sharma presents your
favourite programme 'Bitter Questions.'
Today we have with us Kota's
famous SP, Shivani Shivaji Roy.
Shivani-ji, comfortable?
Let's start. I don't have much time.
So, friends, in today's programme
we'll start by asking 'Bitter questions.'
My first question.
A murdering rapist trying to impress you
or to take revenge on you...
...straps a time bomb
to an innocent girl.
Don't you think having a male officer
in your place...
...could have prevented
this disaster?
Is it not time for women
to introspect a little?
A bitter question.
Women alone don't need to introspect.
Our entire society should.
Whenever women work in any field,
the police force or in politics...
...why must their capabilities
always be questioned?
Because capabilities are not
the only concern.
It's about nature.
When Mother Nature has created
a difference between men and women...
...who are we to dispute it?
And when, in the name of modernity,
we set aside this difference...
...lessons of the Ramayana
come before us.
In the name of Mother Nature,
do you also believe...
...that Sita is the guilty one
and not the demon Ravan?
Are you comparing yourself
to Goddess Sita?
Goddess Sita is in every woman.
Because, like Her, every woman goes
through the test of fire each day.
Only women are doubted.
You're right, Shivani-ji,
women must endure many things.
But after years of struggle, a new era
of equality is approaching.
It's gradual but women have the chance
to become equal.
But every job is not meant
for women.
People once thought women were
unworthy of being educated.
Many still believe that.
By the way, what equality are you
talking about, sir?
Do you believe a woman's life
is equal to a man's?
Just because some women
get educated?
What do you know about being a woman?
We have to answer questions
a man is never asked. Such as...
"Are my clothes decent enough?"
Our moral character is questioned.
If we laugh too much,
some people get the wrong idea.
We work as hard as any man.
But when it comes to promotion?
"No! She's not up to the job."
When a woman comes home from work,
she must cook.
If husband and wife work,
it's still the wife who does the cooking.
If a man works all night, they say:
"Poor guy! He works so hard."
If a woman works all night,
they say, "All night? Why?"
We must think of things
only a woman can understand.
"Hope my bra strap isn't showing?"
"He's ogling me.
Hope he won't harass me."
In a crowd a man can touch a woman
anywhere he wants...
...because a woman in a public place
is public property.
Men dislike the fact women
have reserved seats on a bus.
"They want reserved seats
and equality!"
If every month blood poured
like water from your body...
...and you had a headache
or swollen feet...
...then let's talk about equality.
So, please don't waste your energy
by telling women what to do, sir.
Just make sure we get the opportunity
of doing what we'd like to do.
Equality is a long way off, sir.
It'll be a big thing if we got
our fair share.
You're a fine speaker!
You brought tears to my eyes.
If your actions were as effective... would've caught me by now.
Now listen to me.
There's this girl, a lot like you...
...who thinks she's smarter
than everyone else.
I'll abduct her today.
She'll be receiving the rage
I feel for you.
You'll find her floating
in a ditch like Latika.
- If you have the guts, stop me!
- Just you try!
I'll thrash you so badly, no one
will be able to tell your age.
You scum!
I think the pervert is keeping us busy
so he can skip town.
No, Vinay.
I told you he's not afraid
of being caught.
He wants to prove his point.
He'll abduct some celebrity in order
to humiliate me.
He said he'd abduct a woman like madam.
Maybe he's thinking of Ketki Sood,
the coaching class owner.
No. She has too many bodyguards.
Or it could be Mamta,
the sportswoman?
She's out of town right now.
So who?
Sunanda Chaudhury.
The Party will give the election ticket
to Sunanda not Beniwal.
Beniwal knows about it.
He won't let it happen.
You're right.
Beniwal asked Sunny
to get rid of Kamal Parihar.
Now he'll get Sunanda
out of the way.
In exchange Beniwal will protect
Sunny from the police.
Where's Sunanda now?
Lokvichar Party.
SP madam?
- Yes, madam?
- Get Sunanda on the line.
She's gone to the bathroom.
- I want to talk to her now.
- Yes, madam. I'll get her.
Ladies Toilet.
Swami, what's in the bag?
Coconuts from the prayer meeting.
I was asked to put them in the car.
Sunanda's not here.
Hey you, stop!
She's nowhere.
Her life's in danger. I'm sending you
a photo of a guy...
...look out for him.
I'm on my way.
Come on, fast!
Ma'am, he just left... a green Ambassador.
Number plate 5401.
Look for him.
I'll talk to the SP there.
It's Diwali. I don't have people.
I'll bring a team.
But please start tracking him.
- Where is he?
- Go!
- Move it.
- Girish, one minute.
Yes, sir. Wait!
That's the car!
He broke through a barricade
at Mandana.
- I'm following him. See you there.
- OK.
Bharti, head towards Mandana.
He's a decoy! Sunny paid him
10,000 rupees to drive this way.
- Sir.
- Any update, Keval?
A car with the same number plate
was spotted.
Must be him. The state border
is a few miles away.
If he crosses the border,
we can't arrest him.
Let's go.
What's wrong?
It's too simple. Something's not right.
This is no time for playing hunches.
The IG has called four times already.
I know.
Yes, Sharma?
Bundi? OK.
They've tracked Sunny's phone
near Bundi.
Could it be Sunny?
I doubt it's Sunny at all.
I've seen him run.
He has asthma.
He gets breathless easily.
Someone who gets breathless
when running will not run, he'll hide.
My hunch is he's near the temple.
Take Vinay and follow the car.
Anup, you track down the phone.
Bharti, you're coming with me.
Come on. Move it, guys.
He's hiding somewhere here.
We must find him
or Sunanda's had it.
So, is it clear to you now?
What's clear?
Your real status in the world.
You can talk big...
...but when it comes to action,
you amount to nothing.
What's wrong?
You got a thrashing. Wasn't it enough?
Want some more?
No! I want my mother.
Do you try things in life beyond
your limits?
Are you at college?
Do you plan to work?
Speak up! Will you ever work?
Yes, I will.
And then?
You think you're smarter
than the others?
Will you throw your weight around?
Don't make that mistake!
Or you'll end up like this madam.
Get it?
Well, Sunanda madam?
Having fun?
- What did I ever do to you?
- Nothing.
If I don't keep you in your place...'ll sit on my head.
It's written in our Holy books...
...the day a woman strays
from her limits...
...that day the world
will start to rot.
Don't you have a mother?
Of course I did!
I didn't spare her.
Nor did my father.
You're nothing to me!
Happy Wedding.
Why is the door closed on Diwali?
No lamps burning either.
SP Kota, Shivani Shivaji Roy.
I must talk urgently to you.
Seen this boy anywhere?
Ma'am, and you?
How odd! You haven't lit
any Diwali lamps.
I was about to.
Who else lives here?
My wife, a young son and daughter.
Where's your daughter?
At medical college in Jaipur.
She lives in a hostel.
If you ever see this boy,
call this number.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
My battery's dead.
Can I use your landline?
The line's dead.
And your mobile?
Sorry, madam.
Please try the neighbours.
I'm searching your house.
Excuse me.
Madam, you can't barge in.
You don't have a search warrant.
Please don't go any further.
Don't go inside.
Where is he?
My daughter is with him.
He took our phones away.
He said he'd kill her
if we called for help.
Please save her.
Why did you let him in?
We were expecting a temple offering.
We thought he was from the temple.
- Please save our child.
- Here's my phone. Charge it.
Call the last number dialled
and give this address to Bharti.
I'll take care of it.
Please don't worry.
The police is here.
I need a car.
Let go of her.
That's exactly how your father
killed your mother, right?
Wow. Miss Know-it-All!
That day your mother knew
your father had lost control.
To save herself she hid
on the roof terrace.
But your father found her...
...and throttled her to death.
And you stood quietly by.
You did nothing to save her.
My father was completely nuts.
If I had stopped him, he would've
killed me too. I saved myself.
You could've saved her
if you had wanted.
I told you I couldn't come
between them.
Your mother was hiding
on the roof terrace.
Your father was incapable
of finding her.
You told him where she was hiding,
didn't you?
Shut up, you witch!
Who told you this rubbish?
I went to Meerut.
I met your father in jail.
You used your father
to kill your mother.
Get lost! You witch!
He couldn't bear the guilt
of her murder...
...that's when he became
an asthmatic.
I'll show you!
Why did you get your mother killed?
She loved you.
She protected you from your father.
She talked rubbish!
She was the only woman in our
neighbourhood who raised her voice.
I was ashamed of her.
You women are an ungrateful breed.
You love talking too.
So, go join her.
You have asthma, don't you?
This paint will kill you!
India reported 338,954 crimes against women
including 38,947 rapes in 2016 - NCRB Reports.
India ranks 131st among 152 countries in Global
Ranking of women's inclusion and well being.
India's population is 48% female. But women hold
just under 12% of seats in the National Legislature.
It's time we changed this.