Mardock Scramble: The Third Exhaust (2012) Movie Script

I'll survive!
You have an affinity for clubs.
You won in poker with them.
I'll hit.
Player busts.
What should I have done?
The first order of business
is to learn that.
I'm doing nothing but losing.
It's according to plan.
Don't worry.
You'll win.
I'll back you up.
I'll display the basic strategy.
Ten-value cards are the most
common type in this game.
When the Dealer's upcard is a 5,
his probability of busting is 43% .
Sit tight, and wait for your opponent
to self-destruct.
Double down.
That man is amazing.
He isn't winning.
He's being allowed to win.
- It's dealer manipulation.
- Manipulation?
Right. Watch closely.
All the players are going to
start leaving one at a time.
Starting with that man.
He's winning hands, but look at
how much money he's losing.
That's what manipulation is.
Throw off all
the players' decisions...
...and make them take actions
they'd never take otherwise.
I didn't play very well, did I?
To go with the flow,
one has to pay the price.
His losing was inevitable.
He was manipulated into losing his entire
bankroll for the sake of momentary victories.
I didn't see it at all.
If you're aware of what's going on,
you can avoid the manipulation.
Mine and the Doctor's , as well.
I want to believe in you two.
Is that a bad thing?
When all is said and done,
I'm a tool.
I can only prove my usefulness
by having you use me.
You're giving me more things I can do
by myself even when you aren't around.
I want to use you.
I'll never betray you again.
I found myself a fine partner.
Even money.
When you have 2 1, it's a tie and there's
no payout if the dealer also gets 2 1.
It's the sixth of this game's basic strategic
options, and is meant to prevent that.
But the payout is a measly 1 to 1.
It's the option to throw away
your hard-earned victory.
It's not something that you
should choose right now.
I'll begin a running count.
That's amazing!
Have a wonderful evening, everyone.
This dealer is making some kind
of pattern with the cards.
You think he's manipulating
the card order?
I can sense it.
He's doing something.
All right. I'll read the cards with
calculations and the scent of our opponents.
You read them with your senses.
This is the true count. I'll log every card
and spot the right time to go all in.
Until then, we'll manipulate
the dealer.
Give him a taste of your mystique.
Cross your legs.
Look to the side so your cards
are to the left of your field of view.
When people think of something
they like, they turn to the left.
When they're nervous about something,
they look down and to the right.
Once you know the patterns,
you can read someone's mind.
He was reading me
like that?
That's right.
And we'll use that against him.
Look, they're like birds!
Gosh, it's so sharp
and pointy!
It seems really soft
for some reason.
Still, hit me.
So I'll stay.
Hit me for sure.
Wow, you're one of those people
with a gift for talking to the cards.
I'm the middle of an important deal!
What's the big idea, calling me away?
You called him?
Ashley? Chief?
Special Consultant?
Which of this high rollers making lots
of money has your panties in a twist?
This flashy guy with the girl.
According to the floor report,
they're uncle and niece.
He's trying to insert 1 0 cards into
the portion not used in the game.
How many?
3 2.
So, he's set aside the 1 0-value cards
from two decks.
The nerve of this guy...
Hang on.
He hasn't put them all in.
Deal with these two, Ashley!
Wipe out their luck your way!
Acquaintances of yours, sir?
They're trying to completely
waste my time.
I'm doing anything and everything
I can to escape time's curse.
Don't you understand?!
Yes, sir.
I'm in the middle of some incredibly
important business.
Don't let them get
any closer to me, got it?!
Go in with the Doctor.
Do it.
You'll never beat me
if you don't bet a lot.
All right, challenge accepted!
We're within spitting distance now.
Where the hell are you, Boiled?!
Searching for them.
What's wrong?
It's them! They're here
right now!
- Just as I thought...
- What?
Answer me.
Is whatever is involved in your
business deal there with you?
This is where my first Show was.
It all began here.
I'll prove that you made the best choice.
That's my usefulness.
I wanted to use you.
That's all I wanted,
to use you.
Come back to me, Oeufcocque.
Isn't it a little early
to be leaving, Bell Wing?
Go for it. Bet it all.
When the remaining cards are two sevens
and more than four eights,
...the odds of the player winning
are 1 00%.
That's the magic
of sevens and eights.
Because the dealer stuck in
all the tens at the very end,
...I was able to predict
the remaining cards.
The dealer brought this defeat
down on himself.
It'll be too hard to carry
all these chips around.
Let's just have them give us a big
container to carry everything in.
A million-dollar chip, please.
I'll see to it at once, sir.
If you're there as the checker,
it'll convince the Association.
If she has a system that can
net a million-dollar chip, can bet
there will be copycats.
So if the Association decides
to adopt my countermeasure,'ll mean
a big payday for us.
If that happens, you and I won't have to
work under that nutjob owner anymore.
I thought you liked this place.
That was before I found out that
the owner was a rabid dog...
...who went around burning
fifteen year old girls to death.
It's beyond me why the Association
still lets that man have a job.
Fifteen... Oh, I see.
So that's why she's here.
You standing in her way is a test
given to her by the Holy Spirit.
You've given up being a spinner
and are a prophet now?
Have a little faith. I'm thankful
that I've been led to this place.
By the way, how much do you
know about those two?
Just the girl's name.
Rune-Balot. What a sad name.
Found it. The storage medium that
Shell's memories are recorded on.
This is the first.
Marlowe John Fever, you're fired.
I signed a letter of
reference for you.
Leave before the owner
spots you.
This troublemaker wanted to keep
playing, but we have rules here.
I'm going to swap this for a fresh shoe.
Is that all right?
Of course.
Just as I thought, you had
your sights set on a big target here.
Bell Wing...
This is Ashley Harvest.
Our industry's idea of hired muscle.
I'm here to observe how well
you can stand up to him.
This man's luck
never runs counterclockwise.
He has no weak spots.
I suggest you remember that.
I will.
This table is now reserved
for you two.
A little thank-you for getting
the cheat in the poker room,
...Bell Wing here,
and a talented dealer fired.
Our own private table!
A bit extravagant, isn't it?
It's easier to win this way,
don't you think?
I've never heard
of a dealer like you...
Here's hoping that looks
aren't deceiving.
We have a draw.
We have a draw.
Sixteen draws in a row.
You don't see that every day...
A sign that your luck is an
even match for the casino's .
You're formidable opponents, indeed.
What is this man after?
I don't know.
What's he thinking?
What's this scent I'm smelling?
What should I do?
For now, we'll hold him off
using the optimal strategies.
It's not as if my card counting
is being blocked.
We have a draw.
He precisely ordered
over 300 cards while shuffling.
His skill is hard to believe.
Every single hand
ends in a draw...
You two have magnificent luck.
Or perhaps there is some third party
who is giving you your luck?
Perhaps it's time
for a change in strategy.
Hit me.
Player busts.
What should I do?
Stick with the optimal strategy.
Let the Doctor handle the frontal assault.
We have a draw.
It'll take more than one card
to get you to budge, huh?
Hit me.
Player stays, I assume?
We have a draw.
That's some countermeasure. Who else
besides you could possibly do that?
It's simply a matter of practice.
For someone who shot down
every ball I threw,'re putting on
a boring show.
Chips don't mean anything
to you, right?
So who are you
holding back for?
Restraint is like a pile of shit.
During a big match,
the stink distracts you.
Concentrate on the game. Don't forget
that she works for the casino, too.
You're you. You don't need
to hold back for anyone.
Hit me.
Player loses, player draws.
One can lose his luck
over the slightest thing.
No one can laugh at someone
who's been abandoned by luck.
I'll hand off my good luck to her,
and my bad luck to you.
Feel free to rejoin the fight
whenever you like.
Player loses.
I made a mistake.
I'm sorry.
Stop it.
He's manipulating you.
He's trying to implant
a sense of defeat in you.
But if I had done as you taught me
and not asked for that hit earlier,
...I would have had blackjack.
It's my own fault for not being
able to read this man.
My condolences, miss.
By the way, you can't hear someone's voice
through that left glove of yours, can you?
How did you--
You aren't speaking with the cards,
you're speaking with your left hand.
I'm sorry, Oeufcocque...
I'm sorry.
It's all right. Stay calm. He isn't
allowed to touch a guest's clothing.
They don't have any means
of separating us.
Player loses.
I have a question for you.
What is it?
It's just a little icebreaker.
It's no fun to play when the atmosphere
is this tense, don't you agree?
Let's say that you're driving down
a long road in your car.
But the engine breaks down.
Around you is nothing but desert.
What do you do?
I wait for help to arrive.
So you would hitchhike.
What would you do if you came across
someone who needed help?
If they look like they
can be trusted, I help them.
I see.
Both are 50% answers.
You're average.
There are other answers?
Did you stop to consider that it could be
a carjacker pretending to be a hitchhiker?
You're saying that I should
never help anyone?
By "50% answer," I mean that
your attitude changes...
...depending on which side
of the situation you're on.
For example, if no one helps you,
you won't go looking for help.
Or if you do help, you're prepared
to be killed by that person.
What would a 1 00% answer be?
If someone asks for help, you kill him.
That person is prey.
And if someone offers their help,
that person is also prey.
This is a place where we can
legally steal from others.
That is what gambling is.
What is a sweet young lady like you
doing in such a place?
Were you born mute?
Or did you lose your voice
because of someone?
While hitchhiking, perhaps?
Stay calm. I can't read his intentions.
Don't make any hasty moves.
This man is testing me.
To see whether or not
I'll play his game.
Stop what you're doing.
Please trust me.
I do. That's why I'm asking you
to please trust me.
Do I look like
I'm that easy to kill?
You're a formidable opponent.
We probably wouldn't find anything
even if we searched your body.
There might not have been
anything to begin with.
In any case, you took off your gloves
of your own accord.
Neither I nor the casino
forced you to do so.
When I say you're a formidable opponent,
I mean that you don't run or hide.
Player loses.
Oeufcocque, do you read me?
I still seem to be able to transmit.
What are you up to?
I'm sorry. I just thought
that I had to do it.
I have a favor to ask.
Do you mind?
If it's in my power.
Add the numbers to my senses.
Not the count?
That's too narrow.
Something's bothering me,
something besides the numbers.
I want to know what it is.
Understood. I'll have the numbers
reflect your visualization as best I can.
Manipulate them however you like.
Thank you.
Sure thing, Partner.
Player busts.
Player busts.
Player busts.
They're like birds flying...
Excuse me?
Player busts.
It's pointy, so I want
to round it off.
It's incredibly pointy.
Still, hit me.
It's getting pointier
and pointier.
A draw...
Do you know why I am looking forward
to this next card?
If it's a king, you lose.
Especially if it's a spade.
All that card plucking
would be for nothing.
You saw through my shuffle?
No. But the cards have been in
your favor this whole time.
Not very many, it seems.
I don't need to win much.
I want to bet on clubs.
They're going to be on my side.
You won!
Next hand.
She did it!
Did you see that? Say what
you like about this girl,
...but she knows what
it means to endure.
Bell Wing... And here I thought
that you were on MY side.
It's no fun if the game
is over quickly.
There's just one thing
that I want you to remember.
That thing I blurted out and tried to
teach you even if you already knew it.
About being ladylike?
Right. Be the person you ought to be.
Be who you're meant to be.
Otherwise, you'll never be
able to talk to the cards.
If you can't talk to the cards, you'll never
be able to beat this man. Right?
That's better. You're far more
beautiful now than before.
Thank you, Bell Wing.
I should have asked
someone else...
It's hard to believe...
You're beginning
to understand luck.
I've spent my whole life trying to do so,
and you've done it in a mere hour.
You're humble.
Such people take coincidence
and turn it into the inevitable.
Inevitability that will
allow them to survive.
Have you ever
thought about luck?
I used to think a lot
about how bad mine was.
There's more to that hitchhiking story
I was telling earlier. May I continue?
Of course.
I had an older brother.
Two brothers against the world.
He meant the world to me.
But one day, he picked up a hitchhiker
in his car and was killed by him.
He was forced into the trunk,
and was left out in the blazing sun.
He was ravaged by dehydration
and respiratory distress,
...and eventually died in the dark
when his strength gave out.
After the funeral, my father and I went to
where my brother had been found.
There, I climbed into the trunk my brother
had died in and had my father close it.
I wanted to know what
my brother had felt.
It was terrifying in there.
As I frantically struggled there in the
pitch blackness, I heard my father's voice.
"Pull the latch.
There's a latch inside."
I found the latch.
And I survived in my brother's place.
If only my brother
had known about that latch.
If only he had had someone
to tell him it was there.
If only he had been lucky enough
to save himself.
If he'd had any one of those three,
my brother wouldn't have died.
It's the people without those three
who lose first.
I don't know which
of the three you have.
But you've been spared because you do.
You mustn't forget that.
I won't .
Player wins.
Player wins.
Sometimes it's more painful
to win than it is to lose.
The more you win, the greater
the weight you have to carry.
Next hand.
Player loses.
No one will laugh at you
if you decide to quit now.
Next hand.
Double down.
Congratulations. According to house rules,
trip sevens pay out 1 .5 to 1 .
Tactics and strategy
are the key to victory.
Tactics are the
individual decisions.
What's the first?
Stay. Don't take a card.
Hit. Take another card.
Double down. Take one, last extra card
and double your bet.
And the fourth?
Split. When you have
matching cards,
...set out more chips and play them
as separate wagers.
And surrender. Pay half your bet
and fold your hand.
Strategy is the accumulation
of these five tactics.
With timing and teamwork,
victory is assured.
Even money.
Even money?
But you're sure to win.
In spite of that, you're going to throw away
a double payout and maximum victory?
We're talking four million dollars. You're
really going to walk away from that payout?
I didn't think
you had it in you.
Just now, I saw courage.
And humility.
For the first time, I saw someone achieve
total victory with my own two eyes.
I once died the same way
your brother did.
But I had people who rescued me
from the locked car.
To think that my cards
were defeated...
I can't see the cards.
The cards don't matter anymore.
This is your victory.
Your perfect victory.
If you don't mind, would you tell me
what you hope to find in those chips?
I think I made a deal with someone.
I wanted to be able to do this on my own.
You're like a mermaid.
I just remembered a story about
a mermaid who gave her up voice... receive magic legs
that let her walk on land.
I bet that she was
just as brave as you.
The owner?
Precisely. Too bad, I'd hoped to continue
the cool act a while longer.
I'm really sorry, Bell Wing.
Oh, please. You've been head over heels
for this girl for a dozen hands now.
Please call the owner.
I want to return these chips to him.
You had me fooled. You weren't trying
to break the bank at all, were you?
The owner's days are numbered if you
have it out for him, young lady.
I just hope that the spell on you
lasts for a long time.
He's here.
Cleanwill John October.
Shell's business partner,
as well as the father of his fiancee.
Take those back.
You little whore that was born
in a garbage dump...
Take only the yolk. Don't touch
the shell or the white.
But if you do--
Return them at once.
A wise choice!
I gave you everything!
I'll keep spinning
the wheel somewhere.
If you're ever in the mood,
stop by and see me.
I will.
You sure you didn't
forget anything?
I smell murderous intent!
Crap! Boiled?!
Balot, use me!
Forget! This is as her primary physician!
Balot's already at her limit!
Thank goodness...
She's stabilized.
Abnormal skin fiber growth?
The data says something's wrong.
But given the situation she's in,
it's perfectly normal.
We've got some hard work
ahead of us.
After all, we have to pore over the
memories of a homicidal maniac.
Let's just pray
that it's for the best.
We'll use Shell's memories to establish
the process that led to his crimes.
You and Oeufcocque should
be able to do it in a day.
But are you really sure
you want to do this?
I want to know.
I want to know why me.
If I can find some answers,
any at all, it'll be enough.
Balot is perfectly rational
about this, Doctor.
Okay, let's scramble some eggs.
I'm begging you, I don't want
to go back to my father.
I'll make you beautiful.
We need to establish context.
There's no meaning.
Let's go back to the entrance.
Trouble will be knocking
on your door soon.
This deal
is for me alone.
You had misgivings about
what you were given...
A blue diamond.
That's my solution.
Keep it up. Shell's motive for committing
murder is being becoming clearer.
There's nowhere that I
want to go back to...
Why me?
Why am I so afraid of her?!
Hold yourself together.
That isn't your fear.
I can't possibly know why that is.
I've already forgotten everything.
There's nowhere that I
want to go back to...
I promise. Even if I lose my
memories, I'll remember you.
There's something that
I want you to hear.
I'll remember you,
no matter--
I was raped by my father.
Stop! Don't get drawn into it!
Calm down, Balot!
Stop it, Doctor!
Damn... Balot is stronger
than I expected.
I'll make you beautiful!
I'll make you
into something beautiful!
This is wrong...
He didn't kill the first girl.
We'll have to send her
all the way back to the very end.
The first person he killed was...
I had a processing specialist turn my
dead mother's ashes into a diamond.
We've reached
the emotional trauma.
Why... Why me?
Mother, stop! Mother!
23 hours.
That's how much time has passed
since you laid down in there.
Get some rest.
You won't have any bad dreams.
Oeufcocque is right there with you.
Good morning.
The trial date's been set.
I was a fool.
If only I'd told you more of
what you needed to know...
Please. Help me become a new person
one more time.
I'll erase everything.
Sexual molestation
by the mother.
When he was 1 8,
Shell killed his mother.
He rigged her car and burned her to death
inside, making it look like an accident.
Without that memory, it left him unable
to keep his emotions in check,
...and that became the root
of his homicidal urges.
Shell started to think what he
was doing made perfect sense.
And so Shell selected girls with a past
identical to his own, and sacrificed them.
I think it was after Shell's lover died.
A girl that Shell truly loved.
It seemed to come as a real shock when
he learned that they had identical pasts.
That the two of them
had chosen someone so similar.
Shell didn't kill that girl.
Despair resulting
from sympathy, huh?
In any event, this will cast doubt on
the usefulness of October Corp.
Anyway, the loss of his memory turned
Shell into a bloodthirsty killer.
Do you think Shell will stop killing
if he gets his memories back?
It's possible. But he would
probably refuse.
He didn't fight like you did.
He simply sought out victims.
You two saved me.
Thank you.
Well, I suppose
that closes your case.
It's from the public prosecutor.
A request for negotiations.
The name on it is October Corp's
representative director.
What does that mean?
He's the man who was next
to Shell at the casino.
He's requested negotiations
and information disclosure.
They're scared that we might exploit your
case to expose their criminal activity.
Well, it means that the chips you won
give us that kind of leverage.
What's this?
It says that the lead negotiator
for the case is Boiled.
Impossible. Boiled would
be working two contracts.
Where's Shell?
Out on bail.
The prosecutor has him under surveillance,
but I have a bad feeling about this.
- Balot.
- Forget it.
Do you want us to take the lead
and burn her even more?
What are you talking about?
Shell and his memories
are the only material we have.
October Corp might want to eliminate Shell.
We have to protect him.
I'm not sure I follow you. Does that mean
that I need to protect Shell?
- It does.
- Forget it.
She's closed her own case.
Her case belongs to her.
She chose this.
Her Life Support Program
has been extended indefinitely.
She's your user, so--
Don't try to manipulate her!
Thank you, Oeufcocque.
I want to learn to be able
to use you properly.
What lies ahead won't necessarily
be good for you.
Maybe, but this is what I chose.
To make it go even a little bit better,
teach me how you close cases.
Show me how I can do it, too.
Let's go.
Let's go close our case.
I don't like
the smell of this.
Damn! It's Shell's fiancee.
I still smell Shell's
murderous intent on her.
This must be part of some rite
to become a new person.
I smell murderous intent!
W-We're just hired guns!
Come on, cut me some slack!
Call your employer.
Wow, nicely done.
Yes. Yes, sir.
That was fascinating game
you played at the casino.
The game is over.
You're under arrest, Mr. Cleanwill.
Hardly. You have no proof that
I gave them their orders.
More importantly, you should
agree to the negotiations.
We're suing Shell, same as you.
Come again?
Shell-Septinos did undeserved
damage to our casino,
...damaged our corporate image, and even
demanded that I share my assets.
What a convenient excuse.
Sharing family assets is only natural
where marriages are concerned.
Marriage? Oh, right.
I'm amazed that some other man
would want that girl...
I'll make you beautiful...
We even have
an excellent case worker.
You children of 09 should fight
this out amongst yourselves.
That bastard! Is he going to
let Shell be killed by Boiled?
What are you doing? You'll be arrested
for hacking into a public system!
Stop it! Follow proper procedure!
Don't lose control!
No, Balot!
Please! Let me kill this man!
And Shell!
Let me kill them all!
I can die afterwards for all I care!
Balot? Are you angry?
Or are you sad?
That girl was also like me.
Like all the other girls
Shell killed.
The same?
You mean their fathers--
Please... I don't care if I die!
Please! Let me kill them!
I can smell your soul.
It makes me certain that if there's one
thing that I can believe in, it's you.
I give myself over to you.
To think you were in the same hotel...
This sort of hobby is frowned upon.
This is pretty blatantly illegal.
This is private property!
Then let's leave it to the police
to sort everything out.
Let's go. There's still something
that we need to do.
Cleanwill knew that his daughter would
be killed, and left her to her fate.
This would cost Shell
his right to a case worker,
...and he could contract Boiled
with no conflict of interest.
This guy is way more burnt
than we are.
I don't care what his reasons were!
That was his own daughter!
If their "suit against Shell" scenario is still
in play, he hasn't been eliminated yet.
We still have time to take him
into protective custody.
Will he trust us, though?
If Shell gets his memory back,
I'm sure that he won't kill anyone else.
I've gotten an offer
from October Corp.
Who gives a damn
about October Corp?
I can become
a new person again now.
I'm grateful to you. A little longer, and
I would've been killed by that woman.
You're a true friend. Let's stay
in touch after this, Boiled.
As part of the discovery process,
case workers are in your area.
If they find you,
the tables will be turned.
What are you talking about?
I'm saying that you're my savior,
someone who would never betray me.
I don't want to die.
But you killed me anyway.
What the hell was that, Boiled?!
So, you're here. You're listening in over
this line, aren't you, Oeufcocque?
What? I asked you
a question, Boiled!
What's the sense in us fighting?
Back off from this, Boiled.
You and I were created to bring as much
nothingness into the world as possible.
I suspect that your current user is itching
for a chance at justifiable homicide, too.
What good will come of killing Shell?
What will come of killing everyone?
Creating things isn't my job.
Boiled! Are you trying
to kill me?!
Mr. Shell. I think that we could have
been more than client and patron.
It's unfortunate, but the
situation has changed.
I'm Oeufcocque-Penteano,
the case worker assigned to you.
I'm taking you into protective--
I didn't want to die.
Give her your weapon, and the Life
Support Program will apply to you.
Where are you?!
Somewhere close.
Do you know what
I'm doing, then?
What's the point of that now?
This is your final chance.
Shut up!
I'm gonna show those idiots who sent
this woman after me how business is done!
My life is being threatened.
I'm returning what you lost.
No matter how rotten
the egg,
...if you warm it up,
it might come back to life.
Crap, low-altitude flight paths
have been shut down!
Boiled's behind this!
He hired a ton of aerial survey choppers
and packed the airspace with them!
I'm using special investigation authority
to move them, but it's taking time.
We fell into his trap.
How do you want to handle this?
Defense and retreat
are our only options.
Even if a police squad comes, if they're in
October Corp's pocket, he'll be eliminated.
I'll try to protect him.
How long will it take
for you to get here?
Two hours... No, one hour.
Have some faith in me.
I do.
I won't run away.
I WANT you to run away.
I'm begging you.
I will. Once I'm done.
I'll be there soon
to pick you up, okay?
What do you have in mind?
Bye-bye, Shell.
You're going for
a direct confrontation?
There were lots of people
I wanted to be loved by.
But you're the only one
I ever wanted to love.
We won't kill. We won't BE killed.
We won't let him kill, either.
Because the man who's coming
used to be your friend.
I'll try to find a way.
We won't kill. We won't be killed.
We won't let him kill.
That's going to be difficult.
But it's worth making
the attempt.
I've found myself a fine partner.
You've heard about
my methods?
That's enough, Boiled!
Twee and the others were happy to
find someone like himself in you.
So am I.
I'm going to seal away
those powers of yours.
It's a weapon that uses EM waves
to trigger pain in the skin!
Turn off the pain!
Snark your own body!
I don't want to die...
It'll take more than that
to stop me.
He's using his pseudogravity
as a makeshift leg...
Let's see you stop
the nothingness that is me.
She did well. You should be the one
to finish it, Oeufcocque.
Stop it, Boiled!
Your case is now concluded.
I'd say that we deserve any anger you have
over being put in danger, but, well...
The way this wrapped up
hit us pretty hard.
Would you mind
staying with Oeufcocque?
That's what he said, too.
Boiled said that?
Would it be okay if I went
for a drive for a bit?
There's something else that
I need to tell Oeufcocque.
Boiled said something else
to you?
"Now I can finally sleep."
I was involved
in developing that, too.
We made it so he'd never
have to sleep again.
There's a lot of work to do. So we ought
to save the grieving for later.
Would you mind holding me?
I want to be held
a little more... By you.
Let's cry together, Oeufcocque.
To make the sadness
go away, just a little bit.